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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Friday, May 29, 1818
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- rtci.B4accordiiigl7decnMd the Vcn Uow. and ibe warld m ' "fb'l asaavediatecbasequeaca of ibis tight of proffered service wu, your hunpoooat in priiamea, jour epeccbet m the papert (I loraet where they TeU ; tet whether io ee or the other, were equally vmptvpmrt and opportune) : these, and other at - sails, man fully directed against those wboee for bearance wat Uie tola proiecuonoi your eu - a " V rr - of ilia in.rom snemonea of TOaf colleaiue, Prmut.fben, it was intended to reduce job to irretrievable humiliation, and to fit jon i for the lowett agency, bj making yoa the loode.t enco uut ol the nut looeirnuuie j whom you have reprobated at ,11 " niotiioca - pableof, the mo.tiep I. to, and bare lost but few opportunities of testi - im nave aiatea ine nun "'" fyieg your feigned repentance to him who com - laaodt roe from that eminence which you were diud?il ine.nahle tnoccoov. even Mai to save ' the few anoearancei renmred from ministerial manners. . Your submission to Lord Casttereagh, tncKea out,Mheaprar,iothoiedecoraticiollortiioe nets to wcceu. But it wa not expeced. from your condCKcnaion, that Uie ouu m nu inumpn, or you are anamiimeu vj m. - - . party, the agent of that department which had, Uon. Do not flatter youmlf that, by aecunn; een in theae timi of peace, with infinite ad - ih, connivance of parliament, you are wfe from . dreii. oootrived to make the Executive admin - ii ai CMMUra. parliament doei not re - - MtrKioo not only na aainiiter who bad ao bauiful but rtdicnlons, that the ao character for talroli, should be defended by him who bad shewn himself une - ual to the defence of his own. Your reply to those who spolw the laDRBSne of their - tuents, of unprejudiced Engli.hmen, of. human . Utare Itself, and who stepped forwards to rescue the parliament from indcUhie disgraie, v. as such as is seldom hiccupped up from the bacchanalian a t : :l UIubi)ii ui muuiiciiui uafunie. The paltrr subterfuge betitated between re - . fretted insolence and forced retraction, the baud obtruded BDon the obiect of vour uuult at the clgsa of the debate) but, more than all, the - rguism in un unuu uie usual prciuua vi your pouucai uwan,; migni wen m;ie uiai classes of society, was never so ucnuu.j .. - - entleman suspect that he was menaced by your as in the reception of your speech. If Air. Can - future intimacy. Some.uch apprehension, and aDg wjj, 00 a former occauou', applauded for the clamors of your party, may bave preveuted saying, that the constitution of that ai'cml'ly . him or bis friends from remarking the curioui not be bad, which "wotktdsotcdl inprae - r felicity with which, of all the indiscretions of the t,ctt u to adinit c - f the selection of such men opposing party, you chose to .elect credulity as u Mr. U'indliam and Air. Horner, I am sure the prominent feature. What, sir! one of the it is to be allowed me to say, that the assembly , present cabinet dare to accuse any intividual of CM bave no feelings or opinioos,iu common with too much faith in common rumor, or iu in prof - the rest of their countrymen, which would re - bred uiformalion? A member of that cabinet, ceire with bouts of approving laughter, such a . whose Ulieia Uie idle, malicioni falsehoods ol speech ai this of Mr. Canning. . spies, pimps, bullies, and all the abandoned bro - You cannot be far from the dote of your ca - . ken character, whom their promise, allured in - reeri for either we shall be so lost, that all your to perjury, hat been proved by the verdict of Author eflbi is will be superfluous, or you will juries bat been recorded in the courts; has be so resisted, as to disable you for ever at once . been the object of sacred indignation ; and after from all noxious exertion. This, then, may be havinr been the caue and excuse of a wanton I the time tor summinz tip the evidence, furnished ; attack on our liberties, has been Judged by that by the unbiassed, uncontradirtory witnesses of cabinet itseh, to little qualified (or examination, your life 1 and for enabling ydtr countrymen In . that believing parliament bos been instructed to pass the verdict. laeBuuy the rogues who told the lies, and the Let him speak, who ever knew you in posses - bob who believed them. What ! an apologist ,iou of any respectable reputation. The rag toe the galled, the gaping 51dmooth, to depre - J0a stole from Mr. Sheridan's mantlo was al way. Ct toe kiditcriminatinr reception of tales, and too icanty to cover your nakedness s like all mi - tale - bearers? A defender of him who put his mics, you cadght only the meaner characteristic's trust u Castle 1 who employed Oliver j and of your archetype ; oratorical, not orator po - Wbo, 00 the Cu'th of atrocious fabricaUons, of .taster, not poet witting, not wit. You were which he wat alike the encourager and the ntver u,e first or best in any one line of action. Jap has persecuted and imprisoned, his Istter - You might not have been altogether inept or ed and tractured, and might hare put to death, ,'.0w in playing second parts ; but on no ouo oc - . hi. Countrymen, even to decimation. raiinn hav ,n ar evinrul thnt ainmrilv. .i. , Yon tell 1 us 1 you should have thought yourself . - w uar ueucu tor a moment lo complaints against an agent of the home de - lartmssrt, a runner of Bow - etreet, a gaoler's larnkey, or a secretary's secretary. Mighty well, sir 1 out lei a runaway irom the hulks, a , convicted felon, tell you, that a bankrupt apo thecary, a.broken - down farmer, and a coblcr. are the centre of a widely spread conspiracy ; have formed and partially executed a plan for raking ths kinedom, and for taking the to wer ol I I I Loodoaj bave provided arms; have published you no diguity ; elevation has not made your manifestoes; let the same respectable evidence posture more erect. The decency of your cha - iaiprach the loyally of the nobles and gentry in racier conitls in its entire conformity to the ori - particular aluuicts, and of the lower classes in ginal conception formed of you In early lifo. It U ; let iam single reinn assert that be is honest, Md that the majority of his countrymen are rogues 1 you do not think yourself a dolt and idi - ell you do not think lord 6'ulmouth a dolt and toot, lor proceeding, cuteny upon such iniorma - tioa, to hang, draw, and quarter ine nrst incii. viduaU designated by this credible witness ! But whaieieryouor yoer colleagues thought, the jury U'J " secreiary 01 me Dome uepnn - ment a dolt and idiot, and shewed their opinion by Uieir verdicts. I will Uke leave to observe, that there is this tuusrenc between We credu - litrof tuch means Mr. Lambtoo, an 1 of such .mioistert at yourself and yonr colleagues the farmer may interpose to eave, but the conse - queuce of the Utter batieea to destroy. I shaU not underUke the ungrateful labour of following you through all your flippancies ; nor blow away the superficial froth, to arrive at the vile, rapid liquor beneath. It is suffinent for any purpose w jou, ui me general tone o your uiscourse ws sucn as wouionave uisgracoa the defence of wrtue. and wat intolerable in the AHoUgiat ana 'hler aeprav.ty. It was tuch as will not be borne so long as this people 7 IT, r v " "7 Tour pleasantries been as polite as they were rustic, had they been at humane as they were atrocione, they would still have been misapplied in a discussion professedly treating of the fundamental interests of your country ; 'even in your own view of the question, of delinqaencies arising confessedly from the distresses of your fellow subjects. - To brand with the names of " rebel and traitor" those whom yon have been unable to prove rebellious and traitorous, it but in the ordinary course of official peiseverance and incorrigible folly 1 but that you should presume to assail those unfortunate individuals, the victims of your own recorded credulity, by making a mockery of old age, and of the natural infirmities, which have been occasioned by your own injustice I tuck aa ontraga upon your audicuce ; bowls that to be accounted for? M The rover - ad and ruptured Ogdea !" This mad, this mon - e trees tally was applauded was received with roan of laughter ! and if there was a confession from tome mora candid lips, that tuch allusions war aot M quite in good taste," an excuse was drawn from the warmA of the debate ; clear as it was, to those accustomed to your patch - work, that the stopid alliteration wu one of the ill temperel weapons coolly selected from your or atorical armoury. The little knot of dependants, who were wil ling to make common stock and carry them selves to market with vou. have become asha used of the trifling, oscillating buffoon, whom they mistook for the bead of a party, and who accepted the first and lowest vacancy that could replace him in the precincts of power. Even the miserable chuck - fa rthins; Ward, who bat learnt from yon bow lo rua riot on bit apottacy, owns. 1ta1 ne oeniaies oeiween the discrace of serv log without wages, and of being dismissed with out a character." la the boose of commons alone toh fin.l ,nr. self takea on your word, with ao inquiries made; and when yoe drtplay Uie whole deformity of a heart de void of all jest, and generous, and gentle - tmaolr feeUncf. vou are beard. na ed. yoa are cheered ; your inhuman taants oo the rrooe, and Uie infir Allies of those who demand reparation (or the injuries they have eedured rvm ui yotKj j your nnieuie 01 the prisoner and the oppressed, are received utihthuuii ef Ofl i oa nr, I pray yon ; proceed with yoer plea aaoinet ; light ep the dangeon with the dashes of yoor merriment imakeut familiar, make us lcea wiuium anguish 01 the captive ; teach as bow to looktDoa tor - tart and ttrann . grecabkf trules I let whins and manacles become the playthings of pexiieosrnt ;1et patriotism and principle be preserved only at vain names, the tfr1f a jest ; and, at yea have disturbed the bed of sickness with your unhallowed mirth, - v" - afprepnaw mxxery, lot tosg fore told wmtchie Lwiktnan of ttt tiptoed constitution, . - . - ' ' ii Bat confine joar etroru w; where tbey bave been so fas ours bit, to thankf. - , It received. You will and aoatow heaen. - Ym re notling but withal stage, The clerks, ttit cud lei, the bested atmcepbera, the rut aad decorations, the twined, packed PP" aodieacs, confused, belated, Hd jaded into en .u. udiiiiiiii ubi these are tlx preparation wmpw. J , . r i '. . Km. however, the house of com , , it possible, ont J ... - - n, - proerets and - - , - fS - M, 11 be in this coan - F"""' - r?" ..TZ' - Li i - .. - k 3 . . ,.v. .7 - T - i.7rii .v i.k for the defence of their right and the punuftmeui 0f their oppressors, Believe me. ir, not an echo of those about nr anij,i. which hailed TOUr lestt UKOO rebtl' ,. . . ... tui imiinmiii diu - ix. not an echo bu been loit iu the w'ule circumferance of the . . . . . . VhlMm Aoa.. M rinr j0 0nr " Tu j - .war m looi lh d,! ,waT uulJ w fiua1.' ,1U.r,,aled - r, nt y,, fceY of British natiuu. It , . . - . - ...,1 - i.r of Ihu wou'u " " ,uu" V .,,e tbt their thi.gU.nou. people, U W" representative, were sent lo Uie bou moi com mi to encourage the pisyiui ierw.1.7 ened politician. The nobler portion ; tion are certainly not memDen the better educated, the more enlightened, and I . ... . . . 1 mloriAn. Wat more Wealthy, hi lean ' r ... ha CmnJ without the walls of i'ar i4jjJ1CDt Yoq are (an J what minitterial man U L, i intarm. Uut vou slwll be tolJ, I .jr. that the extreme neteiniji of reform, and of I chOMUlf; our represeuia iivum ww. ther of prmciple or capacity, which the lowet amongst u. sire accustomed to require from fie pretenders to excellence. Yonr spirit was re - bukedin presence of thoso accomplished penons whom the followers ol all parties recognised as beings of a higher order, aud were willing tu yield even more deference to than their unnmbi - tiout merit required. The chances of survivor ship have left you a groat man in these days of little men 1 but vou keen true 1a the enic rula : ou ead as vou beran 1 rower has conforred nrmu bju borrowed nothing from station, nothing from experience It becomes yon, and would disgrace any other man. Humbled and trifling as you are, it it not, however, to be overlooked, that yim naT, the power of mischief. You belong to class of men who bave been adjudged most n.rnicious in a state. Ird Harnt.. mmmmii,, upon the aphorism of Solomon, " Homine$ den - lttTtl cmlatem prtdanlt," has these words : t mav aonear iiraii. thai : l.r - ril,i., thnM, who are M it were fathioued by nature. jj majt for ti,0 ruin of a .tate, Solomon sboiilJ Kav. !. cUm1 . j 11.. ..rnmi an.i th. - Bllt t tyrannical and the rroel; not the rash aa the violent; not the impioas and the wick - ,j, nol th, unjU,t au(I y,, orresior; not the batons and the turbulent; not the lustful and th, V0UptUHry ; aud, lastly, not the unwise and lha incapable, but the man given to nmkeru. jn, yet this Judgment is very worthy of the mMom of thjt kiu - wno kncw , Wb M lhat contribute, to the preservation and to the over throw of .(ales. For there is no creater nesti. ence in a monarchy or a common wealth, than ,,, u,, counsellors of the king or the member. of the senate, aud those intruded with the direc - tion of affairs, are, by nature, gttm lo mockr.ry." You tee then, sir, lhat we haae not quite so much to lear irom your colleague, as from your self. Look io this glass, and you will start back at your own iniaee. And yet this great man would have thought this " plague1' still more deadly, could he bave divined to what leurths a luture statesman, senator, and minuter of Kng land, would uaro to push tins pernicious mock ery. I shall overlook the nletent comparison he twten the present state nf r nirland and that of Itoioe after the bad lost her lilierties. I this, too, is one of your jokes, though I do not see me accusioinary loud lau - h " lhat accompr.n ies your waggeries. Out I will tell you, that you are no less ignorant man impertinent, in adopt ina - this illuslratinn. The Romans, after the In umpb of tyranny, did find it very much to the purpose 10 recur toin example of Uieir patriots, and "more man uvo Hundred years alter the es tablishaicot of the Imperial Government, the charac er of the younger Brutus was studied a ine peritcv men oi rvonian virtue." l nev sn read Cicero, they still admired that noble senti ment, which tauaht them, that Uie most truly f racelul. the most hen di in I. tie most clonoua boast - worthy act of an bone.t citizen, vraio Ji'cy a itrani i. 1 bey did more , they aspired some timet to im itate their glorious tyranuicides : and. nntwith standing the fear of annrchv. which wasran - ful ly instilled into uie tutijet ts ol the empire, and ... i fn ,k. .r i . .' . ... : . .. . i wn, .. aavi, wi.p.u vi .iivii rc - l,liuuf, UlCIT despots found lhat ihere wis still some limit to inrir tniempcruw iniuug who ine ru;riis anil letl inrs of human nature. Yon mar ant yet have for rot ton, that the liis lorian tells os, that the Unmans mithl hate borne the cruelty oflSero, hut were dnveo into revolt at last aiainst bis buffoontrv. At for the derlai mer, Caiisola, a brutal joke, too frequently tried. cost mm uis me. The Spartan oath. Idem Trccenti Jurarimot. concluded this letter. See motion for a new writ for th Borouth of u. .1 - t - .. "f. ui. !, mi u ruuus vi r rancis nornet, uq. necrased. t u Scornful men bring ruin npon a city." I u Quam sit re iMtlchriiin. bfiwCrio rnlum lama ciunncnm, lyrannom occidere " xiw - roHX Erucixa post. raiD.VY, MAY 19. Lew case In this evening's paper will be found the Urmiuatioa of Ihe appeal b the court of King's Beoch, of Ashford vs. Thorntoa. The latter was tried and acquitted by Uie jury of the mar Jer of Mary Aiuford ; but the circumitantial of of ed evident wai M .IrreaUiUv atroilj SM anJ u appearing, after tle acquittal, that very Important tertimocy bid been kept bade, tlie nearettrelaOoc) of the deceaeedlnMitPted what b calUd an action of oppd, Pwcaat to try him again, provided by law. Tail action ba. been . tMnJiii!? bflfere the learned Jo Jsea, who, after displaying rnncb blck letter reading of the dark agea, have decided thai me guu - , villain .hall be ditmueJ. It would adifficalt matter to produce a stronger uutanc of war between common mum and technical learn inf . . ... k..n taken in this caw. e rery itep " calculated to cover the whole proceeding w.tb ridicule and contempt. Jtnonyiiumi Utter lo Mr. Catmwg - Vfe pub - lith thi. evening the letter to Mr. Canning, which drew from him the angry answer which ha. lately appeared. The author remain, in concealment, and will pronaoiy preserve The letter is written with great bitterness, occa - 'sionally marked by a happy turn of expression, aud in one or two sentences rewinds us 01 jumu, to whom, it sieois, it has by some been ascribed ; but, it certaiuly wants the epigram, the precision, the irony, and the elegance of lhat extra - ordinurr writer. The cool manuer in which it openly threaten, private assassination, must excite the utmost horror and detestation of every reader. Oriinalion. - Oa Tuesday tl.e2Gth May, 1318, an ordination wat held at Stamford, Connecticut, by the right Rev. John 11. Uoburt, Dicbop (he Protestant Hiscopal Church, in the .tate New - York, when Mr. August. Fitch and Mr. Leierett Bush, were admitted to the Holy order of Deacons. Diviue service wat perform by the Rev. Kovaurl Kearney, of Wettcheitcr, ml on excellent discourse delivered by the Bish op, from the 61st chapter of haiali, verit s 1, 2, and 3. The Rev. Mr. Baldwin, Mr. Slieltoo, Mr. therwood. aud oilier, of the Clergy, were prcteut, and assisted in (he solemnities. .VcwYorLMaySU, l&Tu'. Mr. Colt - iuau, Sir It is presumed that, allhougb the honor able tho corporation are disposed to grant great indulgence to our swine, it is not consequently bound to protect them Complaints on this sub ject, from several individual, whom feelings have met with severe murtiucalion, in paising our streets, have been bumcrrus, but unavail - 1 he object therefore, of this communica tion, is, to give timely outice to the owners ol hogs, that meant have been devi - cJ for destroying all of these animal, that are found in our streets, without exception ; and a society is form ed in this city for that purpose, the members of which, will proceed to business after allowing the owners a reasonable time to remove this nuisance, or take the certain consequences... HOMO. Treasury Department, ) SClhMay, 1U10. During the last scsiion of congress, the house of representatives adopted a resolution, of v. uich the following is a copy, viz : In the House of Representative or the ' United States, March 30, 1818. Resolved, That the secretary of the treasury be requested to prepare and rrport lo this house. at their next session, a plan lor the niiiilicntion of such means as arc within the power of con - grcw, to tho purpose or opening an I improving roads, and making cnnals ; together with abate ment of Uie undertakings of lhat nature, which, as objects of puLhc improvement, may require and deserve the aid of government; 1 and also a statement of works, of the nature above men' tioucd, which have been commenced, Uie pro gress which has been made in Uieni, the means and pro'Dect of their being completed, Uie pub ic improvements carried on by states, or by companies, or incorporation, which have been associated for such purposes, to which it may be deemed expedient to subscribe, or afford assist' ance, the terms and conditions of tuch ajfocia - Uons, aud tho state of their funds; anil such in formation as, in the opinion of the secretary, shall he mr.terial, in rclaUon to Uie objects of this re solution. Attest, TH09. DOUGHERTY, Clerk House of Representatives. To enable the secretary of the treasury to comply with the important requisitions ol Uie loregoing resolution, all companies or incorporation, associated for opening roads and making canals, which they may respectively conceive, require and deserve Uie aid of Uie government, are iuvited to furuUh tins department wi'h such information concerning their respective undertaking, as is required by the resolution, aud which may be necessary to bring their claims to the patronage of the government, bclore the congress of the United suites, at the commence ment of their uext session. Where a canal or road hat been commenced, the communicaUen ought to state diatuictly the dimensions of the work ; the nature of the soil aud face of tho country through which it is to pass ; its greatest elevation and doprewion, and mean level ; the progress which has been ma le ; the expense incurred, and Die whole probable expense, estimated ii(ion the experirnce acquired iu the execution of Uie umUrtnkiug. In all cases ot canals, the number ami ili meusiont of the locks ; Uie mean quantity of earth to be removed p.r mile ; the nature and extent of the navigation to which they are to beconiKCtcil.klioiilil nedistinctlv nv.ile known. Iii every case, the facility of obtaining mate rials for the construction of roads, bridges and locks, should De staled. I lie act ot incorporation, or ai tides of association ; the by - laws tvlnch have been enacted i the amount or ine fund authorised or agreed to be tubscribed : the turn actually subscribed) the amount paid in ; the sum expended ; the amount remaining on hand ; and the meant and probability of cn - loiciug Hie payment ol tlic balance sliotiui invariably be stated in every communication And generally every kind of information which can shed light upon the undertaking. WM. II. CRAWFORD, Secretary of the Treasury. From the Albany Diiily Aihtrtitrr, of May 3 Some surprise having been expressed on reading the paragraphs in yesterday'! paper, of ;lie sale of three per cent slock owned by thit stale, and Uie borrowing of a million of dollar by the Comptroller i we think it our duty to relieve the minds of those who areun easy on this subject, by stating, that by a law, passed by Uie legislature, at Uieir late session for improving the finances of the state, the 7 per cent stock, created during the late war, is directed to be paid off, by the tale of the three per cent stock, and a new loan of a million of dollars al 6 per cent redeemable after 5 yeart which hat now been ellectetl by Uie Comp troller, as mentioned in yesterday's paper. IJy this financial operation of changing the 7 per cent loan to 6 per cent, there it a clear saving lo the state or Sio.ouo per annum, be tides the premium obtained on the new loan of 12.500; and by the sale of the three pc rent stock, the mm of 38,800 it obtained more than the comparative value of Uie said tlock to that ot 6 per cent. The law above referred to, alto reduces to one mill on the dollar, the state tax of two mills pledged for ihe payment of the 7 per ecu i ttocx. The citT of Albany obtained k premium of 0000, on Uie city eloc or f - "w,uw ; m itock bearaao interest of I per cent, payable half yearly, and it irredeemable lor ten yeart. ' From the Antigua QateUMas 7. We are concerned to state the lots of the Jou - i.a Berkeley Mail Boat, captain Allitnn, which was unfortunately stranded about l o'clock in the night ol the 3d iott. on Sanay lfta&d Reef, while proceeding from St. Kilts to this place. The crew, and passengers, consisting of lour gentlemen with two servants, were safely lanoed here yesterday morning. The passengers were, Vr. Clifton, John Hart Rollins, esq. of the A r - inr, John Stewart, esq. of London, and C. II. Hammond, esq. of New - York. Whilst we feel happy at the preservation of those gentlemen, (with that of the other iersons) we are auUioris - rrt la slate, lhat the experienced no personal in jury, and no oUier loss than some trifling articles. I lie latter personage nat neen some io"uui m Uie West Indies, for Ihe benefit of his health; and as tins paper may possibly reach his friends, as well as thuee of hi. fellow passengers, it is deem ed necessary to make thit statement for their sat isfaction. From a St. Lemit paper of February 27. Minet tf MuiouriXVhea Mr. Branbury, the celebrated botanist and mineralogist, explored this territory (ic 1811) he discovered at the miner, iu Washington county, an immense body of ziuc ores mixed with the lead mineral. Mr. B. remarked to the editor of this paper, that the bases of riur, so abundant in this territory, were very little known, but would, at no distant peri od, became - ooeofthe staples of our country. Malleable zinc in sheets, calculated for cover ing houses, gutter leaders, lining ci.tenu or other vessei. is much ued in the eastern states it u not subject to corrosion by the weather, uor cracked by the tun, as has been experienced of copper and other metals. We hope to see the tiucof Musouri prepared, not only for domestic purposes, but for exportation. WASHINGTON, May 2G. Seventeen negroes, coucerued in the murder of Uieir master, Ur. Robert Berkeley, of Frederic county, Virginia, have been apprehended, and are now confined iu tho Winchester jail. I be principal m this horrid transaction is among the number. The late hail itorm.T mm the following it will be seen that the storm of Thursday last cm - raced a wider extent of country than was at first apprehended. Wo may expect accounts of it Ir om other quarters, and there is no doubt hut that the injury done is of a very serious na lure. Winclittler, I 'a. MauiS. On Thursday evening last a fall of hail was experienced here, which probably was as severe as any ever witnessed iu Ibis section of Uie conn try. The morning was unusually fine until a bout the turn of the day, when tome cloud, were observed to collect, which were soon succeeded by rain and a discharge of hail, of nearly the average size of a bulled walnut. These stones continued to descend, with Uie exception of a momentary cestabon, for from ten minutes to a quarter of an hour. The wind being calm few er windows were broken Uran might bave been xpected. In the neighborhood of this place. we are credibly informed, Ihe hail was of a much larger size than any observed here, tome of the stones being of Uie bigness of a ben's egg. rer sons who were exposed to Uie peltinxs of the storm bave teen made almost as sore as it they had been beaten rith a club. Forward wheal and rye, as well as vegetation generally, as might have been expected, bave sustained comiderablr jury. WINCHESTER, (Vir.) May 23. A murdor, accompanied with circumstance ifthemoul horrible and savage barbarity, was committed on the body of Dr. Robert Berkeley of this county, by bis slaves, on Tuesday ni - hi the 12th inst. I he following brief account ha been given us by different persons, and will, we believe, be found substantially correct. Ihe doctor wat called from his dwelling on the ev ning above mentioned, by a fellow, (now in coo hiiemcot.j nnd informed that Randolph, a fellow who had been some time run away, was returned aud then nt bis rabin. Ou arriving at Uie cabin he found the fellow at the door, having, iu his hand a large club which the doctor made an attempt to lake from him. This was, however, resisted, and Uie issue of the contest was, the doctor's being knocked down, and the blows in humanly repeated until he breathed his last : A large tire wa. then made in the cabin, on which the murdered body was thrown and con sumed uutil scarce a vestige of it remained 1 ! ! In this part of the tragedy several other negroes were acton hence it is concluded that the scheme was premeditated, and their object mo ney, of which ills believed they robbed the hnuat to a considerable amount, a. upward, nf one thousand dollar., which were concealed in a cabin, have sines been received. Mrs. Berke ley, it appears, was ignorant of Uie fate of her husband for several days ; Uie negroes having hatched up a storr, lhat when he was called from the home Randolph had a second lime made his escape, and that his master had pursu ed him. Fifteen of the negro't are now confined in the jail of this place, but we regret to state, that the principal perpetrator is not vet appre hended . dilligent pursuit it however making after mm ; he was teen on Thursday last at a firm near town ; hit pursuers were then pressing upon him ; hut he bat Uiut far eluded their vigilance. I'ntcript. Since our paper was put io press Uie Murderer has been taken, and committed to Jail, with another of his accomplices in the rohherv. More money has been found and other discoveries made, which will we hope lead to the recovery of the whole. CHARLESTON. May 21. The body of Mr. Jacob F. Team, one of the unfortunate persons drowned on Saturday last, wat yesterdiy brought to the city, over which an inqnest was held previous to interment. The body wat found floating, four miles from. Uie place where Ihe melancholy arctdeot happened. 1 be bodies ol cnnlain Joseph Wuioby, and Mr. Samuel Perkins Spear, two of the unfortunate sufferer", were aho fouud, and brought to town laiteveoinj. Sir You will confer a favor bv giving pnbli city to the fnllowitg facts, relative to a mutiny on hoard the brig rueyrredon, Jun. tender to the Buenos Ayres brig of war rueyrredon. On the 9th inst. at 3, A. M. in lat. 32, N. long. 73, the crew rose, and, after wounding every officer on board, succeeded m talcing possession ol said brig A few honrs alter, fell in with the brig Betsey, of London, capt. Doekin, bound to Petersburgh, f Russia.) who was compelled to take tit on board and whose kind humane treatment waa tuch is will be remembered with expressions of particular regard. The Betsey being short of provUiont, tnd in a leaky condition, ve weie accepted on board the ship Ceres, capt Callender, of Charleston : for whose Kind attention he will pleate to accept our thanks. JOS. C. SWAN, Commander. PHILADELPHIA, May 28. In the brig Rising - Sun, arrived at Uut port yesterday, fjroa Port - aa - prince, came paiteogen Mr. Taylor, who went out in the Hornet, and .Messrs. John Lynch, RikeoA, Kabo, and Merrill. NEW - BEDFORD, May 24. The ship Ricbstood, capt. Earl, arrived here thit evenisur frots. the coast of Brazil, with two thousand bolt, of whale oiL aad one hundred of spermaceti od. Alto, fifteen thousand pounds of whalebone. It it tea asoetnt and three days tntce she tailed from i!lsw - JJeUkij J ; the great est rojaja erer miU out of thit place for the! time . ;' . - : ' ; . '. 'j j Boundary commissioner The Burlington Sentinel, of the. 15th instant, says - - " Yesterday Uiehon. Thomas Barclay, hit Britannic majesty's commissioner under the 5th article of the treaty of Ghent, arrived here for the purpose of holding, wilh the bon. C. P. Van Nest, of thit placo, the commiuiooer of Use United Stales, a meeting of the board under the treaty. It is understood that the commissioners will meet thit day, and will be detained here several days in making some preparatory arrangements, after which they will proceed to St. Regis. The hon. W. U. tfraJJcy, the American agent. T. L. Tiarks, esq. aud Mr. Onie, the secretary of the board, are in town ; and we perceive by the public apert, that the hon. Ward Chipman, and Ward (.liipman, jr. esq. agents ol bis Britannic majesty, are bn Uieir way, and may be hourly expected. . t . II. Ilahcr, eq. the American astronomer, attached to Uie commi&ion, is also, as we under stand, proceeding lo thispktce uijou the business of hit appoiutment." FROM OUU COHnESPOJtDFMT. OUice nf the Union, I'luludel - ) phia. May 'J3 noon. Arrived, British sell Apxllo, Jones, 16 days from St. Kitts. In the ship F.Iectra, Todd, from London, (no ticed in our last) came 20 cabin and 49 steer age passengers. She left Land bud loth April. ISlli, spoke ttr.tisli ship - l Moira, from Kingstcii to lamdon. 20th, the Uritisli ship Kingston, Jamaica to Liverpool. May 8th, ial4y, brigKliza, S.ilem to llrazils, out 12 days. 20th, lat 3i. ship Mars. Savannah to Liverpool, out 5 (lays. 23d, brig Harriot, .1 days from Baltimore tn Leghorn. 2 - itli, &ch Paragon, 14 days from St nerves to Uoston. Extract nf a letter from an fiCirer of the U. S. tlup florncl, tohis relation in tin. city, dated Cape Henry, April 2C, 1818. " We brrived here alter a pnsinge of twenty days, having had mostly head breezes the whole way We bad a equall or two. but no soriout blow. The appearance of the land in approaching Cae Henry it mountainous in the extreme, as you uiay suppose, from its being seen (on a clear day) at least seventy miles off. We anchored one nnd a half miles from the btarli, di rectly opposite the town ; and went the next day to view the curiosities of the place. We found it to be a most miserable hole, presenting the same appearance as the day after the revolution and massacre of Ihe French. Three fourths of the houses nre in ruins, nnd the rest inhabited by Uie most miserable set of beings th.H can well be conceived of, alino't naked, and eatinza parcel of roott, iiC which forms their principal food. in conjunction with the other officers, I wat invited to three or four dinner parties, and introdu ced to teveral American ladies, and black dukes and countt, Sic. tome ufLhristophe't ccurtiert: a great honour. wc are going irom here tomorrow morning lor Port au Prince, from Ibunce to Vera Crut, and then to Copenhagen, when we shall retrace our slept, and return either to New York or .Norfolk, most pronaniy the latter. I dare say we shall be back in Xoveiuber or December. The king of llavti lives about 16 miles fiom town, in a place called Suns 'Sour i, on the top of an immense hill and it is culled his strong hold with some reason, us lie bus three hundred pieces brass cannon constantly loaded, and also seven years provisions for ten thousand men (the number ot his body guard) add to winch, the mountain it inaccessible but from a narrow path, where twenty men with iwu eighteen pounders, might defend it against one hun dred thousand so that he is in pretty good security, should hit subjects ever attempt to rise upon him which is not at all improbable, as he is the greatest tyrant perhaps on the luce of the globe, he is suspicious in the highest degree, as he permits no strangers to see him, nor any of bis subjects, even his privy counsellors, without being searched, and being obliged to undergo a great many precautionary esam millions. On our arrival here, we tent on thore to know whether a talute would be returned i the answer was yes. Upon which we fired a salute of twenty one guns which wat answe - red by seventeen. Captain Reawas excessively angry at their impudence, and tent on thore lo demand the reason why his talute had not been returned. A Iter an explanation, we fired another talute ol twenty one, which was returned by an equal number." Extract of a tetter from Washington City, dated Alar 52d, 1818 Some of the hail which fell latt evening wat at large at nutmegs most of it as large as smail marbles, and a few scattering ones were seen at large at eggs. All the houses, except the President's, have suffered uoie or less, to the great io y ol the sinners. It i. observed that the hous es which, like the pricidcnl't, are glazed with Hon ten ela.s, the convex tide nut, have not sut - fered in the least. The cattle in the vicinity, and those covering our commons, were greatly distressed, ind some of them injured j thousands of little birds have been killed, and a bout half the Iruit and vegetables in the gardens have been de stroyed. It was amusing to see a nock of sheep which long nelnre ine tornado reached tneni, huddled together, turning their hinder parts to the storm, and running their heads under each o - thers bellies. Happily the squall lasted but a - bout 7 minutes, and only one house, and that a new one, wat blown down : the window, oi lorn - modore Rogers (Oi l Neptune, as we call him) most. Ite extent in width wat aDout a mile. DIED. La.t evening, in Ihe 80th year nf her ae. M ri Jessy Judub, relief of the late Samuel Judah, Esr). merchant of On the 22d of April, major Benjamin Aycrigg, of this city, in the 45th year of his age. He was knocked overboard and drowned during a squall, on h assage from SL Johns, (N. B.) to FreUe - ricktou. erexufo post marixe list. CLEARED, Shin Ariosto,TclTou Coast of Africa i uennaru Globe. Taine NOrleans Brig Tybee, Cobb, Savannah T. C. Butler, jun. Ilirbirnia, Graham, Dublin Francis Thompson El Constant!', Galiano, Porto Rico J J Labouit'e Rebecca, Reed, Baltimore Maria, Latham, Charleston Catharine, Gate, St. Andrews ARRIVED THIS FOR E.WOJ. Brijr Alonzo, Green, 7 davs from Savannah, with cotton, to Pott & M'Kinnie, 8 passengers. 26th inst. lat 35 23, long 75 21, spoke a ten from Trinidad bound to Norfolk, 19 days oul. Schr Union, Howard, 8 days from Frederick!' burg, with flour, to Clap & flicks, and Ileoder son ft Cairns. Schr Polly ft Sally, Trott, 8 day. from Fredericksburg, with flour, to Byrnes, Trimble & Co. Schr Dash, Griffin, 8 days from Fredericks - burr, with flour, to Wood ft Byrnes. Feb Thornton, Norri, C days from Boston, with plaster to order. Sloop Astrea, Prior, 7day from Richmond, with flour and tobacco, to Trokes, Davidson ft Co. Robert - on ft Gray, C K DtitTie, florman ft Johnston, Byrnes, Trimble b Co. Wilson Si Thompson, Thortson & Adams. Sloop Farmers Industry, Rickcti, 4 days from Norfolk, with shingles, to order. Sloop Hope, Owen, 5 day! Camden, (DeL) with com, to the master. BELOW, Ship Manchester Packet, 33 dayt from Dor deaux, to Mr. Bell. British brig Skcue, 9 weeks from Leitb,. with pasKOjert. Br5 Lorenzo, of Philadelphia, 7 dap tioe Savannah, to Polt ft M'Kioae. And schrt. unknown. ' A . vessel has arrived at Nantucket, tsbieh spoke, March 19, lat 19 N Ion 37 W brig Ocean Bond, of N York, 93 Jays from Eatavia for Asa? slerdam. - ' Signals for a ship ashore on the west bank ARRH r.l Ui&T KVlUfUfu, Ship Andrew Jackson, Morton, 53 days from Bristol, wilh a full cargo of bales goads, iron, lead, shot, tin plate, paints, hardware, tie. and 48 passengers, to Feter ?chennerlioni & Sons, and U W Rogers k Co. owners, W Cowley, W W Woolsey it Co. G Chance, H Hen. drickt, A S Norwood, WW 4 T L Chester, W S Jarroan, R M'Queen ft Co. W Isaacs, TJios Dixon, Willis ft White, P F Goclet, II c Rot. tetter, Anderson ft ehearer, Thot Richards I) Oakey, White, BroUiert 4 Cu. G EckJr - r L I. ft T ilaniersley, j B Dash ft Sons, Aheel Si I lunscoinh, Jones ft Clinch, Charles Willi, or Wilkes, T H Vennylia, John Ueed, Fcter Kern, hie, Dan'l. M'Cormick, and to oidec. Ap,,J 17, lat 29, long 25 55, spoke brig Protection Fairfax, 25 days from Virginia for IUsbon - 1 I'Jlh, lat 39 36, long 29 38, spoke tch Three .Sisters. Storer, 25 days from North Carol im fur Lisbon. May. 13, lat H 17, long 63 l1; spoke brig Eleanor, of Bath, 12 days f,uni Botl ton for Bermuda. Passengers, cait Coffin 0f the Baltic, capt Vermylia, Mr. imith, kni u ' in the ttcerage. ClIA KLErfTON, May $: - ArMved,.1ipCi. res, Callender, 6J days from Liverpool A ship, Ihe bng Sally i dByt from Fhiladtl phia, two other brigs, and u luop uukuown passed ihe bur yesterday, bound to fcavaanah ' I'ORI LAND, May !M.. - Arnved, ship Loyal Sum, Middleton,froni fcligo, (Ireland) with lad passengers ; she pat in here in distress. BOSTON, May 2d Arrived, sloop Lydia Nickersou, N. York. Tho brig Potomac, Allen, from Uie Coast of Patagonia, via Vineyard, with oil. Sch liecatnr, Cunning, Ballimoie fcch Elizabeth, Crosby, N York. Cleared, ship Canton, Haskell, Canton, S'AVtMRAH, May 19. Arrived sloop Yankee Lumner, N Orleans, 15 days. ' BALTIMORE, May 27Arriveri, Biienot Ayrenn gov. t':hr Alerta, Chay tor, 70 day. from Buenos Ay res. Mny 16, lat 24, long 6s, spoke achr Nancy, Stevens, from Baltimore for Hayti, out 8 davt. 8th, tchr Charles, Alallory, from Norfolk JorSt.Jngo. ispani - h srhr Antonio, n prize to the Buenos Avrean brig Puercjdon. "Brig Hope, fiom - Boston; and tchr Riling, from Portland. Steam Boat Virginia, Ferguson, 54 hours from Norfolk, passed the U. S. silir. Asp, off the Horse Shoe, hound to Norfolk A brig and tchr at anchor off Smith's Point bound up. ' Off Ja - mei Point, spoke brie Venus, irom Baltimore for New - Orleans, a brig at anchor off Annapolis, boumliipSthrreolo THEATRE. On Friday evening, May 29, will be presented a tragic play, called THE BRiDE OF ABVDOS. Giafler, Mr. Robertson Selnu, I'ritchard Zuleika, Mri. Barnes To which will be added the musical farce of the SPKIGS OF LAUREL Nipperkin, Mr. Hilton IVrloruiuoce to commence at half past seven o'clock NOTICE. ' 07 Whereat iu consequence of Uie past irregularities of my wife Jane Ann Delnplaine, now in or near the city of New York, 1 am determined toapply immediately for a divorce from the bonds of matrimony. I hereby forbid all persons whatsoever from trusting her lor money, or goods of any description, as 1 will aot discharge any debts which she may contract. J. IjEI.API JtlKC Philadelphia, May 28, 1818. . ' my 9 tod:n .WercAunl's 2fa,i' Dividend rXj - Notice is hereby given to the Stockhol. ders of the Merchanr'e Bank, that a Dividend of four per cent, or two dollars on each share for six months. Irom me nrst or vecemner last, will be paid at the Bank on Monday, the first of June next Bv order of the Board of Directors. my 291m G. B. VROOM, Cash'r. For SALE, The very lineDrig alaj.zaj, ureeo, . li matter, 163 tons, is in excellent order, and can be tent to sea at a small expence. Apply on board at Governeurt - wharf, or to run U XVTKINNE, mv 29 56 South - street. For HALE, The burinensume sen. x i KLurc, of 105 tons, lying at Janes - wharf. Apply to POTT ft ArKINNK, mv 29 oo soum - eireei. For Boston and Portland, The sloop FAVORITE, Trow, matter ; will have immediate dispatch. Fur freight or past age, having spacious accommodations, apply to run ft itrKiNNE, my 89 66 South - street. For FKUlUiW or CHAHTER, The tchr JANUS, capt. Taber, 108 tons, a first rate vessel of her clan, will be ready to receive cargo in five days. For sale, landing Irom said schooner, 120 bags prime St. Domingo coffee 2 tous logwood 2 pipes cognac brandy. Apply to E. FISHER, my 29 lw 5 1 South - st. For CJUJILLSTO.Y, The regular packet ship TELEGRAPH, Fanning, matter will meet with immediate dispatch. For freight or passage, apply on board,aet tide Burling - tlip, or to A.N SON G. PHELPS, my 29 - 183 Frorrt - tlreet. c OT'l ON and TOBACCO. In tlore and landine, , . iiw nam ueo. ipiana ioucn 2i)6 do New - Orleant do 20 bhds. Tobacco. For sale by POTT ft M'KINNE, m? 29 t6 South ttreet '. . ii r. ,1.1 r. it i ANCHORS. A CONSTANT tupply of Anchors from the Iron - Works of Messrs. Forbes ft Adam, in Canaan, Connecticut, made of Salisbury trot. with or without iron stocks, for sale by the tuo - senbers, agents lor the manufacturers, and who nre authorised to warrant tbe anchors if required - TUCKER ft CARTER, . my 29eodlm 69 South street. ANTIGUA RUM lUULASSfcS. lPa - cheoai Rum 15 do Molasses, landing Uiis day from brig, at pier Ao. y, for sale by TUCKER A LAURIES, my So South street. J 1CHMOND FLOUR ft lUBACCO - i bbls superfine flour, II a tail's brands 41Ti do do do couutry do o(i do fine do A - do 1 do X middlings . CI hhds prime old and uew tobacco 4 do do uew tobacco, fit for manoUC - lurert For sale by - - W. ft 5. CRAIG, may 29 84 Front - street. .. i .i l UH HMUMIi JA)UH. I U U Ebb branded Ampbitrite Mills, landing from the schr Constitution, and for sale by WALSH ft GALLAGHER, 'CI Sooth st. Who hare also in store, 150 bbls Richmond flour, Richmond tfldUi and other approved brands 800 do Fredericksburg ditto 89

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