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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
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Friday, May 29, 1818
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NUMBER 4979 JsMES D' WOLF, Junr. hat removed from 57 Kt - itreet to d South - street, and offers for ,a52ccroons south Amerfcan Tallow 2? Tl. at. Peteraburzh Hemp, few ...i.. c.snnnlit Russia Dock; Ger man Steel so boxes, entitled to draw - bat.. eTch1172plcceach 10 hhds pore apinis 1 cate Platillas. my 5 i vcru ... i Nr.. 40 William - street,) JJuonhUd lh. fbllowiog WISES and LIQUORS, selected wiUsjuugmeui o, w . . V l - on.l retail, iror - which be ouers ai wiiuib anwl pure, at imported 50 pip Madeira, from 3 to 13 100 nhds years in wood. . J?. ST.Sj - inhnttles. from S to 20 years CtamBursundy.ClaretandSauterue, - or very superior quo... .:u,tr I rhon. 7 years old 7 do Sherry, niue yean old, and free from Boraclia taste D in nirMi nod bottles Table wine, for iu quality, tbe cheapest in America T. ., - ; IT., in hhill. nn Rraul,. do. Rum. do. Cin. not reduced 500 demijohns, containing fire gallons each 50 roce wine bottles , v R. Those in the trade, and country deal en will Cod it to theiraccouat, to supply toera - ' . , i i: h lk ft....... rftUVH WlLa Wince aau wiuwa i . ww.w K.j,mpnL asthev will be certain to obtain arti ..iMnrihaflntauaiilr. at the lowest pricet, and . a. imoorted. my 9 4m TO ft' LEASED, r V favorable terms for a long term of year. J 4 lots of ground on Broadway, 200 feel deep, extending to Crusby - street, bclweeo Hea ter aaJ Uranu - sireeis. n i0tt in Water - street, near Catharine - market. I U in Water - street, between Fultou and Burling slip? Alio, KTeral other lots in the 5th, 6th, 8th and 10th ward For particulars, enquire at No. 30, Chatham - street. may u w f WHITE LEA U, Sic. Sic. OVJ V kega London White Lead in oil 30 barrels do Dry White Lead 0 Ions Red Lead 30 barrels Bristol Red Ochre SO do Venetian Red ; 3 toua fine Litharge 80 hosgheads Whiting CO casks Pari White ; t hhds. Verdigris SO tiercra t renrh Yellow Ochre 5 kegs Vermillion 4 casks Prussian Blue, 400lh. Crooie Yellow; Patent" Yeliow Spanish Brown, Venetian Red, Yellow, VlNOlL. black, V Lampblack ; Ivory Black ; Purple Drown Spirits Turpentine ; Lmtseed Oil 400 boxes Window Ulaaa, assorted Foraale on the lowest terms, for cash or at 'VeteWhermerhorn u sons, T1 43 Waler - strwt. JjlK.lljUUAM Si SHEFFIELD GOODS, n COHSI09MEMT. flHE subscriber have received by tho Hercu - J. lea, and other late arrivals, and ofler for sale LoflSrtniBgtiarn Hardware, consiating of most ortbe staple articles in the line. . 10 casks of files of every description - 1 0 1o ofKenvona warranted hand, pannel, feuant, sashj tec. aawa 0 cases of do. mill, pit, and crosscut taws. ALSO, 10 tons best London hoop L. bliatered Steel, Crowley do. And a consignment of warranted Halbacka German Steel, direct from the manufactory of J. oi C. Hal back St Son, of of Remscheid. B. W. ROGERS k Co. myjt 2.15 Pearl - street. Qf - Er and PORK. aO bbls prime Bcel 1J 30 do do Pork, for sale by PALMER tt SAIDLER, 104 Front - street. ray 20 WANTED, several young LADIES as ap prentices to the MANTUAMAKING - BUSIXESS. Enquire of MISS MARSHALL, mr 14 tf No. 7 Cedar - street. f pEA, TIN PLATE, BLUCK TIJi, tckc. X 40 cbestt hvton skin tea 100 boiet Tiu Plato, assorted 10000 lbs. India block tin 6000 lbs. Spanish do tioOO Ibt. iron wire 100 tiercet prime new tire 50 bblt. cider brandy. For sale hy ANSON G. PHELPS, my 16 183 Front street. OPPttlAS. 107 bhta. Copperas, landing, for sale by POTT M'KINNE, my t3 56 Souih strvet. HAVANA SUGAR, TALLOW, 4iC. 50 boxes brown Havana Sugar, entitled to drawback. 180 cerooos fconth American Tallow 54 boxes Roll brimstone, and 18 cases Tunihlrrs. Landing and for tale by JAMES D'WOLF, Junr. mv It ' 54 Soutli street. lOTTON. 131 bales prnue Cotton, landing J from ships Mary and savannah Packet, flora New - UrlcsBS, ir sale by DlVIl. br.THUNii tl CO. my 23 92 Coffee Houe slip. FAINTS, OIL, He. fcc 60 .hhds. Paris White and Whiting 60 bbls. Spanish Brown 20 do Yellow Ochre 16 casks Venetian Red 10 tons dry and ground White Lead 2 do Red Lead 500 lb. Prussian Bine 2000 lb. Blue Vitriol ; 3000 lb. Oil do 10 hhds. Copperas ; & do Panike Stone . 1000 Ibt. Gum Copal; 1500 do do Shellac 100 bblt. Ground Camwood 20 do do Logwood and Nicaragua 500 da do Tumeric 5 torn SL Domingo Logwood 2 do Large Nicaragua ; t do Red Wood 30 boxes Eastern Mould Candles Linseed, spermaceti and neats foot Oil Black and Bright Varnish 2500 feet 8 by 10 Glass ' 1500 do 7 by 9 do for sale by RIPLEY WELD, ' 14 192 Front, comer of Fultontt. PLAsTERUF PARIS 41ANUFAC1 OR , At the foot of Harrison - street, North - River. 117" HERE manufactured Plaster, for comity ces and other purposes, may be had, war - nutH of Use first quality, at one dollar and ttcen - V'lJjt caitiper InuM. The manufactory is conducted by Mr. Joha Tucker, who bas served a regular apprentice - P to tbe mason business. .h2l JOHN BYF.R3. 2 n C LKMONS, Sic. yJXJ Boxes fresh Meeina Lemons, in prime order 50 boxes .do do Oran jes Sow landing and for salo by BT 13 PETER REMSEN & CO. TjRY HIDES k COFFEE. 600 dry hides, avenge weight 171bs. each 0 do uo - 19 do J . 54 U . ,uuu t grcta coffee, for sale by . H. HENDRICKS m,yU 37 feayer - st. . DRY GOODS, FANCY plate Calicoes Saperfine calicoet and cbintzet 4 4, 9 - 8, 6.4 cambnc muslins Cambric jacooeta Plain tanibor'd at tewed mulls Plain and tambor'd book muslins 3 - 4, 4 - 4 and 6 - 4 cambric gingbams Black and coi'd cambrics Velvets and cords, beaver gloves Fancy cravti, twilled and plain , Madrast bdkfs, pint Hair cord cambrics, cotton balls White ic col'd threads Silk, kid, and cotton gloves Silk hose, silk floren - tinet s Black bemhazeent Florence silk, ribbons, ealloont Florences, plain and li - gured Virginia satins, plaid lustrings Fring'd black silk hkft Velvet bindings, tapes, bobbins Furniture calicoes, and chinttes Marseilles Quillings, royal ribbt White and printed sat - cent Cotton brown hotlandt Swansdown, toilaoetts, silkttripet Cotton aad wonted bo tierv Irish linens k sheetings Buttons, bed ticks Fine ami supertine cat iimeret Yorkshire fine and su perfine cloths London do do Superfine ladiet cloths Bombazetts, ratiuettt Imperial cords, vigo nia casiimeret Stockinetti, plain and noim Flannels, baiies Ferretts, worsted bind' ingt Shirt buttons, cotton lace Pari netta and souffle cauze Black and white thulle lace Lcno snawls, Ettopll las Sewing silk, assorted colors Linen cambrics Table cloths, 6 - 4, 7 - 4 H 8 - 4 Diapers Furniture Dimities 4 - 4, K 8, 6 - 4, Vf and Fancy Leno, k figured Muslins Cniubriu Trimmings, & Flounces Seenuckiir Gingbams Jiomall Htiktt. Silk Check Ginghams Si 3 col'd Cuinbric U - 4 printed cambric ibuwlt 7 - 4 tt 0 - 4 imitation lo. U - 4 cassimere do. Bandauuo, lonsree and - sistersoy hdk'ls. Pocket iidkfs. white and printed Hair cord and cambric dimiliet garments Oil Cloths Brown Linens Merino Shawls Cotton hawlnnnoe Jeans, cotton cassimere Striped Florentines Ulatk do Madapollum and steam 9 - 8 col'd strip'd jaco - netts loom shirtings India muslins, Ac. c. Received by the late arrivals and for sale by mh 34 dicJrn 167 I'earl - itrfpt. i DOMESTIC H OTHER WARES 'TJIK subscribers keep conatantlyon hand an a. exicntive aasorimeuioi me luiiowuig jjooiii, viz : Dutch and English Gunny Bas, J'o(fc Head Crumb Brushes Bellows, fancy and common 0 fur Blacksmiths Hall and Entry Mats Fails and Tubs Wheel - Barrows Fiue Wire Sieves Ho Hair do Whips of every de urnoma Duxtt - r. or Counter Brushes Hearth Brushes fan - cy and common ilari no do do Cloth do do do Weavers do White Wash do Shoo Si Scrubbibg do Paint Brushes and Sath Tools scription Scinn, sewing, wrapping, baiting and Lull Twine Kuii Lines Shoe k tiadlers Thread Dearborn's Bal lances, Ax. Clamps, 4, 7, R row Farnitore Brushes Horse da Bed Cords. Clothes Lines Sash Cords. Trace Rnpes Wrousht and Cut Nails and Brads Which thev will sell wholesale or retail on li beral terms. CEBRA & CUMING, ap 28 76 Pearl - street. HARDWARE, CUTLERY. Sic. 2 casks Scotch spring Locks 5 casks plate Locks, 1 do Steelyards 1 do chest handles. Uc. I do screw plates, scale beams, Ice. 1 do brass cocks, Sic. 1 do bell metal kettles and skillets 2 do tin'd pott and sauce pans 2 do fine padlocks 4 do Banbury locks, hinges, &c. 2 do hammers, pincers, locks, &c. 2 do HL hinges, tic. 4 do anvils 1 do hammers and sledges '2 do black k bright vices, 2 do files 4 do pocket, pen and double blade knives 4 do sham buck and bone table knives 3 do buttons 100 do cut nails and brads, from 3d. to SOd. Also, a large and general assortment of goods openoa the shelves, for sale at the most reduced pricet, by ADAMS H BLACKWELL, may 7 215 Pearl - tt. AARON SMITH bas removed ro 219 Broadway, 2d door above Vesey street, and of fers for sale on reasonable terms, Hiack, white and col'd satins Green levantine, louisine and florencs silk Black, white, green and light blue reps Superfine white chip flats, with bands and ex tra crowns Elegant crape and fig. tafata ribbons White, black and pink tulle lace Black Italian lutestrings Plaid, changeable and plain col'd do. Strip'd raarceline silks, Fioe black, white and col'd bombazine Do. tabinetsaud poplins Black aud col'd Canton crai)es fig'd Nankin do 7 - 4 and 8 - 4 Nankin crape shawls and scarfs Fig'd and plain India mull muslin Do's, mull and cauibric dresses and shawls Inserting and flounce trimming: Thread laces, edgings and footings French lawn, linen cambric and hdkfs Fiue 4 - 4 Irish linen Damask table cloths and napkins, all sizes Biack, white and col'd Engluh silk gloves castor, sua ana ieaverio Best fig'd and plain pearl buttons Blue, black, areen and assorted sewinzsilk Black, white and col'd raw silk shawls and scans Merino shawls and dreses Satin Jeans, black and col'd galloons Hat bands, with a general assortment of fancy ana itawe goods. my in j TOBACCO MANUFACTORY. rfl H E Subscribers beg leave to acquaint their JL friends and tbe public, that tbey have re moved their Tobacco Manufactory into their fire - proof store, No. 62 Water - street, where they intend carrying on the business on an extensive scalethey have on ban J a large supply of Pigtail rolls, made of best Richmond tobacco S weet sceuted N. Head Ladies' twist Long cut chewing, in 1, 4, C, and 16 ounce papers do smoking do Macuba snuff, in jars and bottles, by wholesale and retail Scented Rappee, do do Strasburg snuff do do French rappee do do Plain fioe do do do Scotch snuff in bottles and bladders Spanish segart, made of choice tobacco Imported 2y ears ago, and warranted genuine New - Orleans do. American do. . Orders from the country will be punctually and carefully attended to. may 9 1m I. NAAR k SOS. GRINDSTONES, BRlS rOL - WARE,fcc 600 small size Grindstones, (assorted) 20 large do from 6 to 15 haodrtd Weight 100 crate Bristol Ware; gstloo It half gallon bottles in Baskets, of 2 and 3 dozen each aad ration k naif - gallon I fnijnhns, (or sale ty W1UJAAI COWi.KY. my XI I 164 Water street. FRIDAY, MAY 29, 181.8. UJVIOJV IfiTSURAJTCE CtWtP.lAT, umce ivo. 58 WsU - street, (H7a Will receive appUcatioosfcf mantis risks, and for iusurance on lives, annaitiu, kc. between the hours of 10 A. M. and 3 P. M. dally. SAMUEL A. LAWRENCE, president. WM. J. VAN WAGENEN, secretary. VIKICTOSUS. John Oothout Boormau Isaac G. Pearson, jr. Henry Major Henry Thomas Samuel A. Lawrence Charles King Robert Bonsoo, jun. James Boyd. jun. BalthazerP. Melick Joha fiithaad Charles Rhind James Rao wick P. Schermerhorn, jun. John Jones Joseph Smith James Strong my 19 Im THE ALBINO OT Presents hit compliments to the Ladiet and Gentlemen of New York, and informs them that he has taken rooms at Washington Hall, where he will be happy to receive their visits, i.ora v a. in. to 4 r. M. and from 4 r. m. tin 7 Tickets 50 cents each, to be had at the bar. my 20 1m Fbr England, via Huhjax (Aouo Heoiia.) ft7 Letters for bis Britannic Maiestv'a onck et Francia Freelinc will be received at the Pott Office till Wednesday afternoon, the 3d day of June. i . w. MUUllE, Ageut, my 18 .American Academy of Hit line jl rli. rilH E Board of Directors shve notice, that the X fourth Exhibition of this Academy, is Una aay opened, ana win continue 'open tvery a ay (Sundays excepted) from 9 in Uie morning till dusk. . i ' Admittance 25 cents. Cntalogact 12 1 - S. By order, ALEX. ROBERTO N, Sec'ry. Membcrt and Exhibitirnr Artists are inform' cd, tbat their cards of admission are left with the door - keeper. my 20 Jw 'PHE FRANKLIN FIRE iNbLRANCK L COMPANY have their Office at No. 41 Wall - street; where they are ready to receive iiDolicatiotis for lnsurnncp. the CAPITAL STOCK of Haifa Million of Dollars, is all subscribed and paid, or satitfacto rily secured - DIRECTORS. Elisha Tihbitf. Philip Brasher, ' Henry I. Wyclioff, George Griawold, Win. Bayard, Jr. John T. Lawrence. ThoniiH Franklin, James Walsh, Stephen Whitney, Jot. P. M'Kinhe, Perez Jones, John Adams, Thomns Bu kley. James Boorman, Benj. L. Swan, John 1. Palmer, ELISHA l Brill?, rresiuenr. J. WORTHINGTON, I may 6 1m TUJiM.SU LATHE. A MOST superb aud elegant lathe, which was sent as a present by the emperor Paul of Rusiia to general Kosciusko, and cost in St. Pe - tersburgh C500 ruble, may be seen and is offered fur 2Hlc at the Agricultural Repository, 211 Front - street; where may he had 1 hreslnng machine?, plough?, horse shoes Harrow, chaff cullers, turnip drills Turnip sheers, chums, t - hoes of all kinds Ami a general assortment of agricultural machines and implements. ALSO, 20 casks cut nails , 3 do. horse nails, 8 and 9 9 An At. U'rnncrlit 12 An IHt u.tiirrli, An tn fimt nuoiWu i. ..,,.. scythes 20 do et .teel .irklM. No 1 .ml 5 ' land 2 ' 1 cask weights and setts 10 bundles screen and riddle wire. Catalogues of machines &c. may be had at the store. my 26 at DRY GOODS AND TRIMMINGS. LANDING, per ship Independence, from Greenock, Rich scollop'd and straight sewed muslin trimmings do flounces, sewed, elegant patterns do tambored figured India book muslins do tewed figured lenoea do tambored iprizid mulls Fine plain jaconet muslin Drawing muslin for dresses Striped ginghams, Black sewing silk Madrass hdks, low priced Imitation cotton shawls Lineu threads, assorted, fine numbers Stout linen bed ticks aud dowlas Rayens duck Alio in tlore. 50 firkins pickled fiue herrings, pnt up for fami ly use for tale on reasonable terms, at No. 2 Sloat - Iane, may 25 7t WM. TODD tl CO. INDIGO. ' Ceroons 1st quality flotaiit indigo, just receiv ed aud for sale by ROGERS Si POST, 51 South - street. IN STORE, 40 doz. scythes, approved brands 4 hoses screw augurs 270 boxes tin plates 1 3d IX 50 bags prime green Laguira coffee 100 bids ground camwood 84 bundles sugar loaf paper may 22 41 TO THE INHABITANTS OF NEW - YORK, AND ITS VICINITY. lirM. BRYAN, Dyer, to. from London, y gratefully acknowledges the liberal en couragement he hat received, from bit friends and the public, since his arrival Irom tngiaud. Anxious to merit a continuation or their patron - ace aud supiiort, he has taken those extensive premises Mos.37 and 39Spruce - street, (late Little George - street,) where he has at considerable expense erected machinery and every convenience to ensure their future favours. Piece Goods dy'd any fancy color and onished in superior style; L.adies dresses, silk, sattio, velvet, damask, moreen, crape, veils, shawls, mnntles, pelitset, liombszeens, Sic. cleaned and dy'd any fancy pattern, chip, straw, and leghorn Bonnets dy'd. Black, for mom nine on shortest notice : mo reen furnitures clean'd,dy'd and water - marked ; hot - pressing, kc. my 18 Ira DANK UNITED STA TES, May 12, 1818. ARCHITECTS of science and experience are invited te exhibit to tbe Board of Directors on, or before the 14 day of August next, appropriate designs and elevations for a Backing House to ba erected on the scile purchased for that purpose, bounded on the north by Chernut, and oa the south by Library - streets, containing oca hundred and fifty one feet in widlh east and west, and two hundred and twenty firs feet in depth, north and south. The ground plan will include an area of about ten or eleven thousand square feet in a rectangular Jignre of equal or uuequal aides, as may be bt adapted to tl interior arrangement. The building will be faced with marble, and have a portiow oa each front, resting upon a basement or platform of such altitude as will combine con venience ol asceut Willi due proportion aad ef fect. In this edifice, the directors are.deMrous of ex hibiting a chart imiUtsoo ol Ureuaa architec - tare k its simplest and least expensive form. Five buadred dollars will be paid for that de sign wiucd snail ne apprwea, ana two nuoaresi dollar (or the next beft specimen. By order of the board of directors, . JONA. BMITH, Cashier. Bay 14 2wtlA T. "EMPSTEAD ACADEMY, rbe Kev. TiasoTHir clowsjs, a.m. Principal HAVING purchased that large and comma - dious bsjlding in the village of Hempstead. Queens County, lately occapied by Mr. George Uowel, the subscriber proposes to open an Aca - demy therein, oa Monday, tbe 27th instant, tor boarding yosng gentlemen and instructing them in any of those branches of science and iitera - iu.b usuaiiy cosjiprchended in an academical course. That every icfcolarmay be under the constant and immediate superintendance of the Principal, none will be admitted into this academy as ttu - e 0 . !1 1 ow n0 ,M boarders. A very few students from the village, or its immediate if 1 7' we wnl7 ception to this rule. . ""ver, ine noiooer oi studenu should t cecd the nieaot bf accommodation in the acade my, ooard may be procured In private families in the neighbourhood. Should the public patronage be extended to una insiiiuuoBfvuicientiy to warrant the uiea' ture, additions! teacher, will h The year will be divided into two termt of tuition. J he summer terra will commence the last Monday in April, and will continue twenty - three weeki. The winter term will commence the last Monday in October, and will likewise continue twenty three weeks. This arrangement will leavu a vacation oi about three weeks alter each term. The price of boarding, tuition, candles and lueLboth In school andTooms. will be 100 do! larseach term. But, two or more scholars sent by the same person, the children of clergymen, or I'jose who are intended for the ministry (ol any urnnniinatioii; uu ue boarded and instructed for 490 each ter terns. In all cases, a dtduc tion of 5 per cunt, will be ruado fur payment in auiamc. uin, wusniii, lueuiiing, ana any necessary article of cloOjins. will bo furnish ed by the subscriber at the most reduced prices. n cut, iiinurassor otii. ana oeuiiinar. to be lur - nished by each ttudi nt. 1 ne patrons or this lnOfuUon may he assured that its system of discipline will be mild, yt exact. The rules of the acudeuiv iiiuat be stricllv complied with, by every scholar. fmm tit I If L'lf - J L li A .. F yy . ttijt uueiruus oi ucuirin a SiituNuuueui Knowieneoi ine tngnsn language, will be admitted as boarders into the Hempstead nenueii'v. i nvaie apHruneuls and separate tn blet will he forniiied on the most reasonable - terms, and every facility will be ntforded to a speeuy una inorougii acquaintance with the Ian guage. For Hi information of stmnzers it mav heitn ted, that Heuipitead is a pleasant village and post town, remarkable lor its heailhiueas. onlv twen ty one miles east of tbe city ul New - York : that it enjoys the advantage of public worship in the frtsiiyterian, Lpiscopa I. and Mcthoui.l lorms : and Hint a stage runs from the city threo tunta a week, on one ol'the best roads in America. Prtrents desirous of nlacint: their children nt school, or foreigners wishing to bet instructed in the English language, are refpectitiily requeated to visit the subscriber, lit lit nmtfeari. ul.f - re they will receive fuller iufoitualion respecting the proposed institution. TIMOTHY CLOWES. Heinjistead, April 3, 1UIU. ft7 'I hestihsrriber hereby declares his un - ouulifiedapprohaiionof theealahlisliiuent nroiio. ted bv .lie Kevd. Mr. tlowes. Convinced as be is of Mr. Clowes' ample qtmlilii ations. )iit of the head ard the heart, for s rinienduis; such an institntion, be dors not hesitate to revouiinend hmi to public ooulldonce, and bis scadeiny to 1 public uatrooace. 6t.lMHAIt.l, Hector olSt. Geo. Church, Hempstead "'l""u ,JO rtPr,, ft7 The, above nrosocclut meets with mv kAr:.. : . ircsnv cuueurrew e. CHARLES WEB3TF.R. Pastor of the Presbyterian Church, Hempstead. A hag lettered " Hempstead Academy" will be left at G. C. Langdon's Long - Island Sttam - Uoal noiei, lor communications with anv person at tached to the iottitution. A female iliiiiurtnient is connected will, the Academy. lounir Ladies to be hoarded in th - village. ap i rawuzawtr THE GREATEST DISCOVERY N the memory of man, is universally allowed to be the celcbratod cordial BALM OPGJLEAD. Which is a certain and effectual remedv for nervous disorders, juvenile indiscretions, low - ne;s of SDirits. IkuihIh eomi lHwit. Iari.nrh. dehility, loss of appetite, leUxations, indiges - uun, cougas ana corns, oiiunus cases, consumptions, gout in the stomach, impurities of the oiooa, weakness, nc ; prepared only by 8. SOLOMON. M. D. Author ol the Guide to Health, and other valua ble works, Gilead House, near Liverpool. Mr. A. Bradley, Middle New St. Gouch Square, London, will satisfy the most scrupulous inquirer, as to uie nuwienuciiy ol a mend ol ins deriving a great benefit irnm the Cordial Balm ofGilead, in a severe disorder of the nervous, billious and flatulent kind, with which be bud neeo long amicted. Mr. E. Piercy, High street, vouches for the surprising cure ol a gentleman long in a deep decline, having taken live bottles of the Cordis U - ilm ol Gilead. 1 he spirits, atrentrth and anna titeof the young; man were visibly and verv isia - lenaoy improved ; aon ny couiiiiiiiug the use of ii a ew weeas oncer, lie was. uiui lioii'i idea. sins, and to the ereat comfort and astonishment of fit family and friends, restored to perfect health. Mr. B. Boothroyd, of Pontefraaf. rerjorlt of a man in thai neighborhood, about the ae of thirty, who had the appearance of laboring uadci Hint most dangerous disease the Phthisis I'ulmo - nitlis, or Consumption. He bad a considerable degree of hectic lever, proluse night sweat", ex pectorated much, and was reduced to a state of extreme debility. Having had the best medical advice ne could procure, without obtaining re lici, im iau ictvumiu UK 1i'IIIIBI lHIID Ol Ull - ed ; persevering in the use of it. all the unfavo rable symptoms craduolly abated, and he has attained a vigorous state of health. The virtues of Uie Cordial Blm of Gilead, are daily demonstrated, in tradicatine the worst and most dangerous system ol nervous debility ; and nothing has tended so much to establish the fame of lliis medicine, at its ceituin success in those complaints which strike their roots so dcei in the constitution, and are so fatal to the happi ness oi manKiuu. For sale in bottles, price $ 3 each, by HULL buwflfc, l4urehrl street, iNew - York ; Sam uel Dexter, Alhany ; Corning Si Co. Troy ; J D. Bull Si Co. Hartford; HalTfc Weld, Boston itonn noe rs, i riiiaaeipina ; nnd by one or more venders in every city or town in the uuii my7eTL4t fcclaw2t FOR SALE, A house and farm on Throe's Neck, in tho town and county of Westchester, fourteen mnes irom .tew - iorx. rue farm contains a - libtit one bond red acres of excellent land in good loiice, a large barn and other convenient out - buddings, a good bouse two stories high, with four rooms ou each floor, elegantly situated on me nanus oi me bast uiver : ihe situation un commonly twalthy ; Uie neighbourhood the most respeciame ; aonudancj ol fruit ot the best stlec - lioo scale and shell fih in great variety taken before the house. For further information apply to the subscriber on the premises. my I Siu sifcriifc. u. Hurr.viA.v. MONT - ALT A. For tale or to let, the beautiful Uc called MonUAl'.a, seven milts froos the City Hall, on the North River, adjoiniog lord Cour Unay's. It cootams 20 acres ol land under improvement, with a large garden ia good condition, a variety of fruit lrses. and every conve - uience a family mav require. r or terms, wtucu are reasonable, and if sold a loot credU riven if 1 wished, appW to k D. TALCOTT, ap 20 61 gottlh - st. a l NO NOTirr. & All persona indebted to Waters Furraan and Charlet Dobbi, (for street manure) t' re - .jvccitra o caii ana settle their accounts witn ei - Uier of them, or with D. 4c L. Mtad, at tbe cor - vl - a "umP Eldridgc - ttreett, formerly called . DD or oeiore uie urtt dy ouuiy "'n A" Pron having demands against them will please to present their accounts for settlement. WATERS FURMAN, and CHARLES DOBBS. my!2dXclmt LAiNDe). ft STEPHEN B. MUNN, No. 226 Pearl - street, New - York, purchases Lands in tbe Illinois Territory, which has been set apart for the I'lteArmy. I.ettert frorn the country giving a description of the patent and tbe price asked Tor each lot, will be attended to, if Post paid. my 15 D&Ctf Wmeriron Ituurance Company. rTMlE board of Directors have this day declar. O. ed a Dividend c.f fifteen percent, on the Capital Stock, for the lust six months, payable on or alter the first day of June next, between the hours of 10 and 12 o'cloc k. By order of the President and Directors. May It, 1818. "y '0 P. HAYT.B - c'ry. tVR SALt. A farm of between sixty and seventy acres, situate on the west bank ol Lake Otsego, and one mile from the villaee of Connerttown. On it are a new stone house 64 feet square ; a nt w farm house, barn, Kc. It forms a desirable es tulilwliineiit lor a gtnllemau wishing to retire into the country, us its situation, as to prospect, convenience to market, Sir., is not surpassed by any in the interior oi the state. It will be sold low lor i ah, on a credit, or exchanged for pro' lierty in this city, goods, &c. Apply to 11. D U R. SEDGWICK, mv 7 tf Law Buildings. AN ASSISTANT TUTOR H'ANTF.D. IN ai academy near the city of New - York A siugle gtntlrnian, of good morals, and ca - pablo to teai li tho rudioieuu of the Latin, With ihe higher h.nli - h branches usually taught in acaiieuues. a graduate ot a college in the Uni ted States will be preferred. Apply at the office oiiins paper. my!5 D.VCtl in tl'OUTit.MKN 61 MERCHANTS. JOSEPH FINCH, gun - maker, respertftilly informs his friends and the public, that lit. has commenced biuness in the store Mo. 3 Wall street, near Broadway, where he has for sale a very haml - ome assortment of iugle and double - barrelled guns, fine riller, futrc k.c. i also. shooting tackle generally. J. r . still retains his old stand. No. 261 Green wich - street, for the working department and flipping business. Orders left at either place will ne attended, to witn all pofsible txpedition my 7 DiVClm rffi. The ul).,cnbor otters for sale hit resi - Jjjfidenre in (he town oi FaVfkld. state ol Coniiecliciit. It is pleasantly situated, on tlie liostun road, about hall a mile from Long Island Sound. 55 miles irom New York, and 20 from New Haven. The house and out - houses are in excellent repair. The Iruil yard is well stocked with a variety of waches, apricots, cherrlea, pcura aud strawberries. There are in the vicini ty academies Tor the education of youth of both texes. r rom one tosia acres ol excellent land. at the option of the putchaaer. can be had with the house, and the purchase money, if desired, can remain on interest. For terms apply to ISAAC M. ELY, Esq. '.6 John street. N. York or to the Hon. JONATHAN STURG'LS, Fair J field, Connecticut. my 6 w tt DAVID ELY. "lOTToN VAI1N lOOUIh Cotton tarntwis J nod filling, from No. 6 lo 9, tor sale by the my 21 H&iC 148 lVurl - strpt. 'CY i litlS. dozen, forsnle by ) J. D'WOLF, Jr. my 14 64 Sonlh - sirMft. MANUHITAN SCHOOL. ANHA'I'TiN Female fchool is At 194 Grcenwicli - strecl : Male cthool, 148 Chamber - street. In these schools are taught all tho branches which constitute a useful and finished education, We forbear to descend to particulars ; to offer recommendation;, or to make great promises. uur patrons are lell lo Judge or the modes of iusti'uctiou both moral and uwilific, by the im - provcmcutoi tue scholars. ap 20 JOHN W. HICK FT. aiUJIf ItJD it MlASEIl' skmsiI 13 and retail copper, pewur, tin and sheet iron kitchen furniture warehouse, No. 38 Mat - den - Lanr, New - York ; where may lie lad Plain & plan i.htvd block - tin colfee - pots Do . do do biggtnsaudfillersrs Do dti do lea aud chocolate pots Do do do newest pattern dl - h coven Do do do sauce and stew pans Do do do tea aud coffee urns . Do . do do egg cups and boilers Do .do do cheese plates and toasters v itli every other article in ths copper, pewter. block - fin, aud sheet - iron line, as manufactured and sold at their factory. No. CI Fulton - street, four doors above tbur old establishment, where, from their present convenience and acknowledg ed improvements in the mcUi' ds of workmanship, lliey are enabled to rectiive and execute all or ders it) the above line, oa the shortest notice and at the most reduced wholesale prices. B. k Y. have received per late arrivals an ex trn.ive assortment of flrat rate tutania metal, block - tin, and japaoued roods, which, with variety of bird and hollow wares, tbey offer for rale un reasonable terms. my 22 2w Furtlicr extracts from London papers, roceired at the office of tbe New - York Evening Poat by the ship Aim - Maria, captain Waits, f. cm Liverpool. LONDON, April 20. COUR TOF A7 G'S B f.NCIL " Asuronn vs. TaotsTost. This rate was finally decided this morning. and. as nii'ht be expected, great inlere.t wa; excited to learn ibe'result. TiWutoa and Ashford aparcd at an early hour a heretofore. Hoou alu r 10 o'clock, Uie judges haviDi taken their se - Ats ou tho to Ii, the ford chief justice, lEllenborouih,) called uiu Mr. Gurnry, a counsel for the apuclUut, to state whatever mo - iMm be might wish to make te the roort. - Mr. Gutuey. " Your hriHiip btrinr ap pointed this day for tbe parties in this plea,' to coo shier whether judgment should be pr.yi,M that deftodant be suffered to go at lrxs wiiisoui day, I have now lo state to the court, that 1 have no prayer to make." Mr. Reader. "Ou the part of the appellee. nave to asove, your lotu - nips, that he be dt charged from this plea without a day. 1 will not troable the court with detailing all the tii cutu - stance attendant upon tho original trud an J ac - quittal of the appellee tor tbe murder of Mary A:hford. His acquitu.1, 1 believe, is already kao wa to tlic court." ' 19 WILLIAM STREET. air. jniuce liavIeyThe course, I believe, is, tbat the appellee cannot be di - harged tintd ba be first arraigned by the crown.1' The atlorney - getieral having appeared, be Wat " asked by tbe court if he was aware of Ihe trial, and if he admitted the acquittal of Abraham Thornton for the murdtr of Mary Ashford. The attonify.genoral. "My lords, I admit the acquittal." Lord Ellsnboroueb. The ludrment of court then is, that the defendant be discharged from this plea, and that ha ba suffered to go at large without a day " Upon the judgment bein pronounced, there was a considerable sensation excited; and npou Thornton's removal from the court, an immn. crowd had collected, evidently for the purpose of expressing their displeasure townrds hm. 1 Re sensation, in fact, became a ferment, and tt was found necessary to eonceol him in a private reon "' aweniuiy nan aisparsed. April 23 Tkt late Dr. BumtvH libram. tee of the house of commons, Who were directed investigate ins propriety of pur basing the library of the late I)r. Burney, have made are. - I i , " ln r'jr recommend the acquisition of so important an addition to the pnb - ic tioca or ui.rature i they .tats, that th, value of the collection, aa estimated by the most :Zr i""l"'vt" " tlbs, Kaber, and . ., , oi nun museum, mr. Kichard He - br, the great collector, die rev. T. F. Dibdin, the rev. J. Ucaver Banks, aad messrs. - Payne and Evans. ih well known booksellers, I no U han 14,500, but that ths proprietor b content to take t, 13,500 : they, therefore. purchase to be reasonable, and such as parlia - ment should order to be madet at the tame time tuggsstmg, that the annual grant t'o the museum should for the time be suspended or re. duced, m consideration of this vslmbls acr - esslon to its trranurcs. The immin i. aworablo reasons for their recomji.n.lailnn .. . rat portion of the library is of a character and torin which ,t would be almost hopeless to pro CU.r' w ot room to euums - rate all these curiosities in detail i bit not omit to menUon two or three of the most Interesting. These - are, 1st, the manuscript copy ot Homer's Mail. Crarl. I..I : . . , .iwueiuk lo JTir. rownWy, supposed to be as old as Uie 14th century ; 2d, two beautiful gospels, of the 1 0th and 12th ctofuriesi 3d. a complete collectioti of the dramatic literature of Greece, includine every frasment n.l comment; 4lh, a series of Enclish n.snn.n.r. ainounUngto 700 volumes, from the year 1603. to the present lime ; 5th, a collectioa consisting ol between 300 aud 400 volume l.rn",S Ik lCiHl, bT ? hi,tor of lh m IC60 to ihe present time, aad particulars relatinr o actors and dramatists; and, lastly, a collec - 1 11 ttk nf tinMlrii '. S - af ... a " tiouof portraits, of acton, aathors. commenta - a?i?a'?r h Psrsoos, from tbe bMUr - i'"'"", s Bciors, aatnorsi comment a?i?a'?r !ed Psrsoos, from tbe bMt part of Uuabslb's reiirn to the prssent dav i mouutingiuallto7,0tH) 6,000 of which re! a a - to the stage. These articles, as well as many others described ia tbe report, are not to be rot nl. i ' "t"'"r i leaai m (urn com - ' vouuiuou, sou some not at all. They are au wan wormy or being deposited in the national museum, partly as illustrious specimens of the taste, taltuls, and industry of one of the Vary first scholart which latter times at least hava producsd; but chiefly as documents of Ibe highest Interest and importance to the advancement or ancieut and rnddern literature. Frm IU London 0uie of April 15. i as UITBCUED Lima To Ml la Caisiso. Sir 1, hall address you lall aiLireaa nu a,;iv.i for you are dwerving of none. There i. noil,;.. in your station, 10 your abilitiaa. or in . i.. racier, which entitles you to respect. The first it too often tho reward of rmiiiv - ,.1 . - .i r . ly of pri ynte, crimes. Your talenia. .. k ,k. J are, you have abused ; and as for your character, I know uot an individual rn any class of society, who would not consider tho defence ol it a paradox, ; oinving in make an ugly deed look fair.' Low as public nrincinla ha. .....b ... juttl. apprec - iated, and no on7i, deceived 1 by QUalilie. which, aivon ;n n..: i . . . ' .r. , ;u,r.,t,', ."'T" - - i'P's exertion, ; w empioveu to conciliate esteem. Tbiuk you Uiat ihe rood.nMu,l tators, who suffered tbemsslves u b? tsckfed by the tricks, were seduced into one emotion of re. gard for Uie person of their mounUbank Not a Jot; though that mouutebank was a minister - You were sUII nottorgoiun for a moment : your jingling, aud chattenug, ami balaiaing, were all inimitably performed and admirably bsx - omior perhaps some of the yomigerseoators, iransiwrt - y . 7 'baio,' uedi one instant, your cap and bells; but neither young nor old envied yourself. In plain words, there was not a member in the bouts, not. a alranp. iw . ..b door keeper, wUo had a higher opinion of yon after than before your ape, h, er fort more Inclined to change characters with Mr. Georre C - uuig: not one. . ,.. 'i'o what a sUle of degradation are we sunk, when a defendant is ciiecred into being a plaiu - bfr ; to be applauded when he insults the suller - wgsof the oppressed, and aiTaigns the motives of meo of honour and of unsullied reputation ! 1 ou are yourself aware, sir, that in no other assembly in England would you have been allow. eu iu proceed, iur M uistaut, In so gross a vjls - lum of aU ths decencies ol Ufc, as was hazarded by that speech, which found a patient, a pi eased audience in the hom ofcommous. Can there exist In that body, composed as it andoubtedly is of men, who, iu the private relations of life, sre distinguished for many good qualities, an habit a - al disregard ofdeceocy, a contempt of public o - pinion, an aUurd cufilnca, either IndivuloaJly or ui mass, to which Absolving themselves frees the rules of common life, they look for protection agaiust ths censures of their fellow - citizens i Were it uot for such a crouudiess persnasioo. there is not a geuileman (kr such a beius ia not quite rxtinct in parliamrul) who would not have thought bimicll' compromised by listeouir Us vour msolent attacks upos ihe national character f awl to a flashy declamation, which, irons beeia. niug to end, supposd an audieace devoid Of all ' ui,juugBieui, spim, and humanity. ' I am at a loss, sir, lo account for the Intuiting (olkyofyourcolleaguMUoAce, who, thourt! tbey take their fuU share with von l tv. ..i.f hatred, tvre far from beir.g equal comnetilort foa - its ftititempt. Those worthies must have, bad - some motive, deeper than their avowed deigns, lor iotrustinr their defence - in urk t. JL. hand.." Were they afraid of your partially ri - deemmgyourcharwcbysileocer Were they reauived, that if yon were yet not enough known, some deriiive overt act sbootd reduce yon below the) ministerial La - 11..1 ,k ..... yea Were again willius; to rebel or to betray .' How was it, that you were selected for Use edj. oua and trer.cheroua ta.kof jostdjiuj Ihe.iier - uua saeaaurea 01 trie - unosc tiau out iiuie, lur SidimxiOi, direct J t:ot the aged, the iufiras. die powerless of hts owu rountrysseaf How Was it that you were required lo emergw frem your lurpecltd, though pinJcat ssien', ia bebatf of bun whom you bad first insetted by the offer of your alliance, Utrmby your coam hostility, Aiid, lastly, by the accepted tender of an uisidt - ous recouciliauoo.' Yoe know, "iir, and the world shouM know. that whea ynr sedecer, Pitt, was tired of yoo. yoe oflered youiae.i ut this siUy, vain man, who "C1 10" kecPin3 too dm at U propctsj i I I; Kit . . 1 ' M - : ;, . f 1 .: .tl V - I 1 1 i . r,

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