The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 28, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 28, 1818
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IJ7"HEREA3 Jaaei Jamety of the town ftfi II f oathfielrl, county of Richmond, and Mie of New York, beiin indebted wU Henry Davie, of the taine plate, m ami by a certaia hood or ebhration. beariuc dale the tenth day of Decern - ber, u Um yea ot oar Lord, one thousand eight hundred aod seventeen, io the penal turn of twelve . haodrt d and ninety one dollar, lawful mooey of the United biates, conditioned lor the payment oil m hundred DJ forty nve dollnrt and Buy cent, ' lawful money aforeiaid, with lawful ioteieit for tbe uat, oo or before the tenth day of May. then, nrxtentuia) tbe date of said bond or obligation, for the better wearing and more tore pay ment ol inesaia mi or money mentioned in tbe tatd bond or obligation, according to the true intent and meaning thereof, did, together with Abigail hit wile, on Um taid faith day of December, in the year aforeiaid, (aorta; age te the taid Henry Davit, all that aiessuige, farm, plantation, salt meaaow ana premises, triune, lying ana ucuig - - in the town of 8outhfield, county nnd ttateafore - aid, and it butted and bounded at followi : beginning by the easte rmoit corner of the land , of Cornelius Van Butkirk, and running from thence bv dii line, nnrth forty wren del reel and " thirty niiWet, weit thirty five chamt and titty linktt tlnce by taid highway, north thiity - tlirea de2ri and twenty minutci, eart foorteea ehaina. to 11m corner of the land of Isaac Simon - aim ( lhmn hv the line of the taid liaac Simoo - i ton and Ptrroe, toulh forty term degreet and thirty puaiites, eatt Icrty one cnaint aou siy links, to the land of Jacob Vreeland j thence a - long taid Vreelaod't line, touth fifty one decreet and forty five uuuutet, wett twenty Wieecniini and uxty links, to (lie place or beginning ;con tainine within the boundi and limits thereof eieh ty eight acret and one half aa acre of land i . bounded soulhwetterly bv the taid Cornelius Van Kmkifk'i land t northwesterly bv the taid highway ; northeast by the laud of the taid Isaac limonson and ferine, and southeast by tlie land of i&ld Jacob Vreeland. Alto, a certain piece or parcel of talt meadow, lying in laid town, near a place called Ol - I Town i beginning at or . near tin: corner ol Uorneliul ttiaruno't nieaaow and ruuniwr from thence touth twenty nine de greet, east iouru en chaint and fifty links ; thence norm seventy lour degrees, call one chain lony three link i thence north twenty nine degrees, etit fourteen chnint and fifty liukt, to the j'ence s liiencc touth twenty lour decreet, weit one chain and lortv three linkt to Uie place of hegionmg i containing two acres of talt meadow bounded too I h writ bv Coneliui Marlilio't aulheast by tlie creek . northeast bv John Ket lietas. and northwest hv meadow of Stephen .Martina. , Alto, tliut certain piece 01 parrel of asit mr.aduw, tituate and lying m in town 01 - Northfield. county and ttate aforesaid, on (lie easterly tide of Tuoiion't creek (to called) and Cherry Tree Creek 5 bmmded westerly by tbe aid two creeks (northerly and easterly by meadow of Captain Richard Courson, and toutberly hy meadow of Joha Merrell ; containing two arret aad a half of talt meadow, be the tame more or leu ; togetlier with all and lingular, the edifices, building, rights, members. privileges and appurtenances, thereunto belonging or in any wise a - pertaining ; with a power ii (he taid mortgage contained, that if default tnowu ne maae in uic payment ol the taid tum 01 money nirutionea in the condition of the taid tiond or obligation, and the irterest which should accrue thereon, at the tine specified for the payment thereof, that then It tnouki re lawiui ror um sum nenry uavv, ou heirs, executors. adrDinittratars and atfisns, to tell and disjiota of the taid premitet at public auction, according to the act of the legislature Io'icd cases mane and provided 1 wnirn inouid be a perpetual bar, both in law and equity, a - gainst the taid James Jamrt and Abigail his wile, their heirs and anigns, nod all other persons claiming or to claim the said premises, by, from or under, them, or any of them. And whereas default has oeeu made in the priy roent ul the said principal sum of six hundred and forty five dollars and fifty cents, and Iht same with the inttreit theteon remains due and unpaid Notice it hereby given, that pursuant to the act in such cate made and provided, all and lingular the premitet above particularly mention d, with the hereditaments and appurtenances, will be told nt public auction or vendue, at the Tontine Cr.ffre House, in Iht' city of .New York, on Wednesday, the 4th day of November rest, at IS o'clock at noon. Dated the 14th dav of Mav. T1 in ed uin of by ny the from at mile G. in Iht year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred ami Hgmevo. myt5law6m HENRY DAVIS To Let fur one or mart ueari. The follnwins houses houe No. S94 Dmadway, two doors above Waihinston Hall with a coach house io the rear if required Also, a three story brick houte No. 415. iuaaid street. Alt'), a new and genteel two story brick bouse, 'corner of Lispenard arid Church - streets, the term moderate. For further particulars, apply at 4i.i iiroHowny. mnn v ljiilANUS M'GOWAN. No. 126 Fly Mar - IS kit. tentible of the very liberal encouriir incut he hat re' cived t.nce hit commencement in business, and feeling confident that no eiertiont An hi. n . Vm 1 1 V. Ia niaril m rnnllH - usncr, informs hit friends and the public that no paint or expence liat been avoided to obtain a .m . - pan hid I no v it i ttocx or the tst liquort ot every acicnpuou whi( b can be depended on lor tneir purny. Having made arrangements, while at Charlea ton, for a tout ant supply in their season, he will of GREEN TURTLE be enabled to furnitli toun of an excellent Quality. A book will be opened lot lubtcrihcn to an ORDINARY, tobeoo the table every day at stated hour. ... Rooms, for private parties, at a thort notice ' N. U. r?oup, Beef - Steakt, Oyitert, Mutton Chops and Relishes at ail timet. apt! PROSPECTUS roR rvBLiinmo by tvnstmrTioiv A .MAP OF MEXICO AND LOUISIANA. '1 IIE publication of this Map has been under - JL taken with the impresiion. that it will exhibit information, highly interesting at this eveul - ful crisis , and the valuable Maps which the au - thorhai procured, durint hittevernl toun tlimnh Mexico, in the yean 1806, 1807, 1812, 1KIJ, 1815, 1818, and 1817. induce him to bcleive that tho Map, with even all its imperfections, will be much the mott perfect which hat apjeared before tbe public. This Map will contain the latest and best in - formation iroru the discovcnet and possessions of the American, Spanish, Kusian, llritish and Fiench travellers and navigaton and repreten - ting Uie claimtot tlieir rrsective gnveromenti on the Northwestern coast of America. The Map will include that portion of North America, which lies between the Isthmiu of Da - rien, aod the48t)i degree ol North Latitude, and from tlie Miatittippi River westwardly to the Pacific Ocean. In size the Map will be about tlx hv five feet. and will be projected on n scale: of 40 miles to tbe inch, to be delivered to the subscribers at Cf - icen dorian i acn. Natches, Wnrch7. IftlfU np'tAul rmr.iit: lodulvu A SINGLE Gentleman can be accommodated, with a funiibhed or unfurnished room, with break fast and tea, in a tmall and genteel l.mily. Inquire at the ttore. No. 126 Broad wwr. mav al To Let ahjiloommedalt. Anv person desirous of a country resi deme, cm obtain one on mod rate terma, ait. tte. about six miles from town, on die pre - ue nre, a very commodioui house, coach - huv - se, A C. an exrellcnl garden, well stocked . wit'i fruit and pLnted ilu SnriniF ;ti. table of varkmt kiii.U , thev can either have it widi or without the ground! belonging; ,., uv - (irvieri cu, mere it also several nicies w iiiniuure, and other tliinira brkmir m w the p..ce, w hich will be either rented or oia it wi.t eu n.r. For further parttnilan, - rt.., it l eari - sireei. my 2!i 2w a rJif?W'?5 LASTED. - CV frlumiei(i,wd a large inmily, during ihe umme, cc.a fortuity lumiihed Lodging., (out ol U,e r.iy c New.Vork.) at Brooklyn, 5? within a conveniJnt dittance from Ue t it. lt.ii . WWId be allowed to provide o b;i own I t!e la et alooe, and wllere the Unu.'y wool U u;it, tu ti e cooking. ki.. A ParlourJ and at leiat thre Pert wiciu tie ie ... n itiired nerhain also a acrrai.t, Uiamber. l piit at 7t .lurry - ttreet. in 1 TO LIT. V 2 A dry Cellar, under the bouse No. 59 1'u.e - street. Enquire of MR. SV1EUE3, mylltf - - 134 Pearl - street. CUHLEU HAlll JUAfiUfAViVHX, 76 Chalham - strvaC v T' HE subscriber returns hit thanks to tbe public fat their former patronage in the Um of hit profession, and hopes for their future tnpuort. lie likewise tafonnt them that ha bat on hand a constant supiJy of carted hair, aninu factored espressly lor matrasses, on an improved orincirjle aad likewise marantees the hair told by him to be free from any impure tmsll, being J . . . . - I 1 L I I U 1 well acourcu, Douea auu wuicu, wu wui oia - oofacturad by machinery, has an advantage over aov other hair manaractnred ia America its very teiture and elasticity making it a saving of tweuty - nva per cent to uie purcnaser. WILLIAM JACKSON. N. B. Merchants and the trade in general will find it to their advantage to call ai above. 30 bales of hair in its rough ttate t 0 bales of long horse - tails 2000 lbs of long hair drawn 30 inches, clubbed j 600 dozen hair sieve bottoms. For tale as above. my 5 2m IMfOllTANT TO TUE f UBL1C rjlHE subscriber bega leave to inform his X friends aud tlie public that he bat taken i room at the corner of Frankfort and Chatham streets, near Tammany Hall, at an" INTEL l.IGENCK OfTICK." Where fftmilict may be supplied with servants of every dentition ; servants witn placet ; gentlemen waning servants, for travelling, supplied at the shortest notice ; merchants with clerks, and clerks with employ; wctnurses ith placet; mechanics witn lournevmen. r.verv information eivrn to stran gers ar.d others, in hit line, who will favor him witn a call. families, becoming subscribers, supplied with tm ants at one dollar er annum. Also, Hooks potted, Accounts auniteu, ra - pers of every description, copied with neatness, correctueis, and disatr.h. Perfjnal attendance, from 6 to 2 o'clock A. M. and from 3 to 9 o'clock P. M. fie flatters hinmelf that his a.'iiduity and atten tion to business, will gain bin a share ol tlie pub lic patronaie. n i rrr PAR n DISSOLUTION Of COF.IUJ.yKHHJi'. ril H E copartnership of Thomas Stevenson X Deoit Louin, niider tfie firm of Thos. te - enson ii Co. was dissrdved oo tbe 1st instaut, consequence of Thos. Stsventou retiring fi om business. The black and white tmilln busioen will ne rained uo as usual at the old . - tablihed place, No. 1 Liberty - street, by Jlcnis Lonm, t'hilip Iteennn anil bteolien .Stephens, who have enter into partnership under the firm of Denis Lo k Co. who will be thankful for a continuance the favors received by the old firm, and punc tually attended to. Thomas Stevtuson sincerely and respectfully recommends the above persons to all his former customers, and hopes they will continue their favors to them. He assures them they will be served with punctuality and fidelity. The buiiuesi of the late firm will be settled tilber of the subscribers, or by Stephen Me - lienf, !io. 1 Liberty - street. THOMAS STEVENSON, DENIS LONIN. mnyS5 lw S TONE OUAKKV TO LEASE. UL tuMcriber will lease a ttone quarry, on reatonable terms, to any perion or compa who may he disposed to engage in a profitable concern. Thh quarry it within fifty yards of North lliver, and not more than nine nuiei tbe city. The quality of the ttone it excellent and not inferior to the Portland. Buildert and ttone rutlert would find it well adapted to their respective butinet. Enquire No. 17 Gold street, or nt Spring Garden, one above Bull's rcrrv. THOMAS STEVENSON. mvS5 lw fAU.MJbrva I'A I f..M UAUIt Si UOP. You tliat wish to thave with ease, buy ol sAONUKiii ii you please ; Hit Razor Strop's, pec uliar such, That sharps the Razor with a touch. S"1 HAUNDEKd restiectiullv solicits those Vj. who have not got dit 1'ati nt Raxur Strop, to furnish themselves with his new invented Ra - xr Strop, and Metallic Coiitposilion. No gen tleman who onre makes trial of one of the Strops now offe'ed, will ever try any others; and tuchi their lorniiiuon, that ever to much use will not live the ruiort that rokiidneu which renders the best of them useless, and which is well known al ways to lollow the application of all thoe hitherto invented. 1 he above strops are in general ue in New York, and are diitinguithed from all others. Bathers who have used them toy more their praise than I can myself. G. SAUNDERS, lii Wall - street. Also for sale, Razor, Soap, and every utensil fur Shaving, of the tir - t quality, with a superior assoitmiut ol Perfumery, (J air - Powder, Aic. from Smyth's, New bond itieet, London. N. Ii. The niott liberal allowance made to dealers my ii IHE Domestic Manufacturer's Astiitaoviuid . family directory, in the arts of weaving and dyeing ; conijuelirndirig a plain system of direc lions, applying to these arlt and other branches nearly tonun ted with thern in the manufacture nl i.olton and tVoollen Uocdi ; including many useful TabU - s and Draits, in calculating and forming various kinds and patterns of goods. Designed fur the improvement of Do neMic Manufacture It J. k R. Ii ronton, hnce t 50. iust re ceived and for tale by my221w tM Pearl - street. A country teaL foimeriv owned by Mr. UriX. A 'den, rnutainine about fifteen acres ol ground, silunteil on Uie Eatt River, short of four miles from the city. It is remurkable for itt pleasant situation and is a very desirable reii dence cither summer or winter; the huihlingr are good and comlorlalile ; the ground it in Inch order, and abundantly supplied with a choice collection of Iruit trees and shrubbery ; there nre several springs of excellent w ater on the premi set, and two quarries ol buildine stone, which mitht he worked to treat advanlnet. Purcha sers are invited to view this situation, and ar ply nt No. 13 Broadway lor terms, which will bv nnerai. T.ELLISON my 1 1 3w IM LET. For one or more yean, the following loupes at ItarN - nville.near Uie live mile ttone, Blooniintdulc road. A phasantli situated and convenient two sto ry House and Mable. witn a harden and four a. cret of land. Alio A pleasantly situated and convenient two story Houieand Stable, with a large Garden and three acret of land, both of tbe above places are well stocked with different kindt of choice Fruit - treei. Also A nleaiantlv situated and convenient two story House, with a Stable aod two acres of t l l t . I . : : r ana. tor luruier pariiruinrs muuireoi JACOB HARSEN, ap98 Ira Near the premises. tOfi SALK OH 21) LK.HK, Lots in the 5. 6. 8, and 10 Wards; many ol Mlucti are oo regulated and peved streets. .c money will be required under ten yean, if told. interest excepted. Several two and three ttory houses, on which great part of the money remain on mortgage. L..M1.U A I HtlJ HUUrk. Aa excellent stand for bnnnct. with ten acres oi land, pleasantly situated, with a wbarf, ttore noute ana nam. COTTON tnd WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Aear INew - iiaven, with 40 acret of land, and never Tallin: stream, upon which SO mills may be cicnu, mm muicirncy oi water lor eacn. Apply at No. 2 Greenwich - ttreet janUtf TO LET. I HUi A three - tterv brick h,w. Par m Daane, umI next to the nm., H.wl tou - rtreet. Emjuire al No. t Greeuwich - ttreet By ed, hie ins ol VALUABLE REKL ESTATE T6r SALE, l TBB CITt OF IKW - VOkK. I7IVE lots of ground on the west tide of Green' P with - st reet, between Veitnr awl Deabrot aeatreefa. IS bv 80.. Four do in the rear of the above, fronting on the east tide of Washingtoo - itreet, xa by ou. Eiehtdo in the block helow. between Wash ington and West - ttreett. In Montgomery County. ' AflM arm of Land in Lawrence's pnrchan near Eatt Canada Creek, on the north tide ol tbeJMobawk. ' In Franklin Connf V. 15.162 acret of Land, in the towni of Mount Morris and Dayton. In Essex Coantv, 7832 acret of Land in the town of Barrymore. In the Countv of Lewis. 1250 acret of land in Catterlaod, Chassanis rurchate In Saratoga County. 2600 acres in Palmer's purchase. Enquire at the office of the subscriber, 34 Ce dar - itxeeL - ,. BLV. iVUUIi'OW.'. mhl7tf iil'ik i'iH (iKOCERV rJiOKE. Corner of Grand and Rynder - ttrrett, directly oppotite Leoire mamec TAMES P. ANUOfc retpectrully inlormt nit - I fr . mnd Uie duo lie in ceoerai ntnnif moved from comer ol Broadway and Reed - it. to hit present stand, wnere ne sohchs a cmmbm ol public patronage, mia "j"" ' - ted everiions to obtain the best fcf Liquors and other articles in bis line ol buriness, thereby to render the most rfect satiifaction. N IS J. r. A. Keeps conmnuy wr . . .. i 1'... lliitfip f'uf. rencral asionmenioi oi" , , fee, Spices, Liquors ol nil kinds, Sic 6ic. which will be all disposed of at a moderate advance. nivx lin JUST published, a Uiscourse delivered at the coniecration of tlie Synagogue of the Chil dren of Israel, in the city of Ntw - York, on Fri day, the 10th of Nisan, 5570, corresponding with the I7th of April, 1818, by Mordecai M. Noah, Esq. J"ft received and for tale by ELI A3 VA LENTINE, 04 Broadway, opposite Trinity Church jar J, where also may be had all the new publications. my 12 Amtncan stcadtmy oj tlie Jinr. Arti. TM1E Hoard of Directors give notice, that tlie fourth Exhibition of this Academy, it this day opened, and will continue rpen everyday tundayt excepted; from V in the morning till UflC. Admittance 25 roots. Cntalocuct 13 1 - 2. order, ALEX. ROBERT SON, Sec'ry. Memtitri and ExhibitinE Artists are inform that their cards of admission are left with tlie door - keeper. my 20 2w MRS stfK.NCr.R respettlul.'y iniorms ber friends, and tlie Indies in particular who recently calk don her, that her apartments nre now ready for the reception of pupils for the piano mne ; also, mat she is ilesiurut ol obtaining two or three more tmnilt. who the would nave no onjccnon to wmt upon at their own hou set, should it nc prclerrcn. 1 lie moat rcsicct:t refercr.eet cau be given. A gentleman and wue mny ue accommodated Willi imnrd. my it im Ubit.s - strfet, o. 3, TO Lt T, The eleumit 3 slory house No. 7 Hud sou - street, w I. kh commands a pleasant view of me raru and river. lor session may be had in a few days. Also lor tale, the furniture ofi. - uri houte. It is the best quality ; well lilted, and suitable to a genteel in mil y. Apply at above, my 1 1 tf BERGEN ORPHANS COURT. Of the Term of March, 1818. Catharine Schuyler, Admiiiiitratrix," Ac. f ol John A. Schuyler ? Rule, under Statute, deceased. fpi IE court order and direct. That Catharine JL Schuyler administratrix of the goods, chattels and credits of John A. Schuyler, deceased, give public notice to the creditors of the decedent to bring in their claims and demands against the eitate ol the taid dtcrdent, on or before the first day of May, in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and nineteen, by putting up noticet to that effect in five of the most public placet in tliu county of Bergen, for the spare of two months, and advertising the same for the like rpace of tune in a newspaper printed and published in the state of New - Jersey, and in anews - ?ar printed and puhliihed in the city of New - oik. A true transcript from tlie record. np SS ?m JOHN A. UOYD.Sur'gate. A COOK IVASTkD. A WOMAN who is a good plain conk, and can produce satisfactory reference! (none others need apply) will obtaiu a situation in a tmall family by calling at No. 49 Warren - strect. miy 30 ly WHKAIU.X k DAVIS, Fancy Chair Manufat - turert, no. J53 ruiton - st. opiMiite St. Pauls Churc h. oner for tale, wholesale am' retail,! large and elegant a snrtmerit of Curld Maple plain painted and ornament ed in gold fcc hronze.banihon, plain and tiilt Kails, Mocking, Sewing, and Converse tion Chairs. Solan, Settees Lnunzees, Mmic Stools, tc. Orders from any pnrt of the continent executes witn neatness and tii.pairb. dd Chain repaired, painted and ornamented my t'j CARRIAGES, i;c. KOR SALE, At thk Kbpositort, Walker itu,ket. Two hanJ - ome coaches. very little used ; one strong do. tutted fcr a rtage ; an elegant tilbery gig, very light ; ouo English tilbery do. ; a great variety of new tnd seroud - band wagroiii, leuin if; in io j juu ; alo, a ftw good family and sim ile noi ses. Persons, who wish to dispose of their horses er carnagct ol any kind, would do well to tend tbem now into this eHahlhhment, as the demand is considerable. 1 hose who want an advance of cash, can have it on delivery of the articles ; and u li as iIi to tell and keep their hones. &c, eirewnr - e, can have them told by lcavm; their imirucuoiis at uie uepo;itory. mj 33 II jv:ir DnKssLvn room. A F RUM E.N TO, No. 1 Wall - street, lust re - 1 . turned from Italy, ban tbe honour to inform tbe gentlemen, that he cuts and drrses hair ia the latest ttyle, and in a manner to at to adopt ii io ne prutiognomy. tie bat lor sale a qaanti ty ol RAZORS of the Cnt oualitv. if tbev dr not please no trial, the purchasers aie at libtrtv to return them, and receive the money. He hat likewiv nmrurrrf . r.rv fiM hm mwm - mm. to restore razors to a very kern edge and hou Id tney ni rat be will receive no recompence. Those centlemen who may please to honor him with tlw - tr patronage, may depend ou tlie mosi particular and repertlul attendance. Frumento baa jut received a few tettt of the celebrated Manguim Fahe Back Raton, warranted nf Damascus steel of a iupen quality. Amateurs m.iy shave themselves luxuriously. N. B. Gentlemen who subscribe bytbeqoar ter will nave tlwir razors, 4c. kept exclusive!) for themselves. P. S. A geod joamryraaa wanted. Apply at above. wli 6 U POST COACH LINE r PHILADELPHIA bv wat or rowLxe - atooK a NEW Line of PostCoacbet withevery con - X venienre for passengcrt and baggage, on Springs TH ROUG H IN ONE DAY. Th! Pot Coach will ttart from the Coach of fice, No. 1 Courtland - ttrcet, N. Sork, every morning, f sundayt excepted; ai a oxiuta, "j way of Newark, Eliirabethtown, Brunswick, Priauinii. Trentaa and Rrittol. and arrive at Philadelphia tbe tame afternoon, at 4 o'clock. A second Line of oew Post Coachet will ttart rriun Nrw - Vnrk every morninc. fbiindayt ex cepted.) at 10 o'clock in the Steam Boat Atalan - ta, lodge at Trenton, aoo arnve ai riiimueinua, in a Steam Boat, next morning at 10 o'clock. Fare 5 dollars. P. S. Passeoc i rt are requetted to cull and take their teats at the office No. 1 Courtlundt - street, New - York. United States mail coacn, lor l liiianeiptna, Baltimore and Washington City, with every convenience for passengert and baggage, on springs. The U. 8. mail coach will start from tlie coach office. No. 1 Courtlandt - st. New - Vork, every day at 2 o'clock, P. M. and arrive at Phil - : adelplua next morning at b o'clock. Only b passengers admitted. For seats in the above named Lines, apply to iriuo. wni i r ikl,u. at the old estabiiined uoncn, and steam Boat omre, no. 1 Court Inndt - etieet, near the corner of Broadway, New. York ; or to A. T. GOODRICH Si CO. No. 124 Broadway, corner of Cedar - street, Nw - York. (fcj7"All goojls and baggage at the risk of Uie owner. JOSEPil LYON. SO3 Ai UO.. N. B Eiprestet tent to any pari of the Con liuent,by THOMAS WHITFIELD. my lb XftUITiOUS TH.'l ytA.l AG. W ankMsavaBHr . FOR FIIILiDEI.FIMA, Throurh in one dav. and b dv - liht ON Monday the 11th of Mav iuttaut,''a laic of post - roaches and steatii - boats between New - 1 ork and Philadelphia will be commenced. The pawngert will luave While - IUil in New - Yot k every day (Sundayi excepted) at 5 o'clock A. M. io hit excellency ice - president D. D. Tompkins' commodious and seedy tieam - boat NAUTILI'S, proceed to Bristol by the Statrn - lslaud and Woodhr ii!2e turmiike. aud tako the aicam - ooai ai t,ritoi at 2 o'cloulc, aud arrive in I'hiladelpbia at 4 o'chxk the same day. The roads on the land pert of this line are turnritcd and in excellent order ; the country and villages uirougn wiutn n.ey past is elevated, pleasant auuneanny, uie route is the nearest at present travelled between the two cities : the virion. aud extensive viewt which it gives of the ocean, the bays, sound and riven between New - York and Ncw - Bruntwick. maketthis the most expe ditious comfortable aud pleasant tour now exist ing between Iew - York and Philadelphia. A tecond pott chaise will leave New - York every day fSundav't excentedi at 10 oVInrk. m thetteam boat Atlanta, from W hite Hall, by way of Elirabothtown, Bridgetown, New Brunswick, Princeton, lodse at Trenton, take thp ttenin boat ntBrittol. and arrive in at 10 o'clock. Fare through A3. I or seats in the above hues apply at the oiTxe. No. 118 Broadway. All goodt aud baggage at the risk of the own - en. JOHN N. CUMMIN'G, Newark. J. GULICK. SONS it CO. Prinrcton. K I OCKTON 4: HOWELL, Philadelphia. tt Exiireiset tent to anv tmrt of 11, p llnilnl States, by L. BAKER, GULICK & CO. mv il NOTICE. (K7 - Steam Boat Omvk Branch will tail every Sunday, at 1 1 o'clock round - Platen Island, and occasion ally, il tbe wiu.l and tide will permit, to the hook. 'I his beautiful tail will contribute both to health and pleasure, and it at cheap a recreation at can be found. Parties who mean to partake of thii nmutenient will, if convenient. give in their names the day preceding, at the onice in niarketlield ttreet, north tide ol the Battery. Dinner and Ten on hoard, at the usual pricet. Passage 8s children hi If price. my 13tf SWIFT SURE MAIL COACHES, roR rniLADELrniA, wT - .js ICr Leave New - York eiHsir - s? r?Arve,y morning i,unuuy'iex . ,p , . i rive in Philadelphia next day to dinner. a he publick hoi et are cood. and reasonable in tneir charges, i be driven, nonet and coach et are not inferior to any others now running be tween tnete two cities, l be lieautilul country, and the excellence of the roads on this rout, con nected with the safety, comfort, and reasonable exiencet, are heleived to be ttron inducement! to travellers in giving tins line a decided prefer ence. The strictest attention will be observed by the proprietors in eivins general satisfaction. All baggage and packages will go at the risk of tne owner unie's insured and receipted for by the ciera oi iniu omce. Stage fare only $3, with a generous allowanre of baggage. Partiet wishing to travel at their Ii isure, mny ensure the Coach on reasonable termt exclusively to themselves, by applying one uav previous to starting. For seats apply nt Northern Hotel, No. 79 Courtlamlt - ilrcet, Now - York. LYON, SONS, k CO. ftp 3 Proprieton, NOTICE. For the further nccommo nation of the public, the departure ol the Firefly from ew - York and Ncwbureh will be in lutuie n the following dajt : Leave New York on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, at 9 A. M. Leave Newburgh on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday at 8 A. M. The hbove nrranjement will commence by the Firefly leaving Ntwbur - h on Sunday, the SMlb May. l he Western Stage leavet Newburgh imme diately after the arrival of the Firefly, my ti IAN away iroui the subscriber on Wednes - JLV day, 13th iast. a colored man, named Joe. is Kbout thirty yean of age, of small stature, dnrk color, and down look ; had on when he went away, a blue jai ket and corded velvet pan - taloous Whoever will return said runaway, or lodge him in jail, so that the owner may obtain him, shall Le liberally rewarded. Mastrn of vessels and otlien are forbid harboring or em, ploying him under the penalty of the law. FRANCIS SKILLMA.V, may 19 Wallabout, Ixm - I!anJ. A PATENTED INVENTION, For the convenience and cmfort of ladies. IT it well known by all ladies that their tloal l pint, tat they are called) alias curtain pins, particularly large ones, in a very short time, from the weight ol tlie curtain, and from other causes, wear to large a hole in the wood in which tin y are innrted Uiat they become loose, insomuch that they draop ami look ill, and moreover ofteiitiwei dropout. To prevent this effectually, a person Iim invented that which will prevent the inconvenience alluded to ; and any lady, or erm a ttnlUman, chu lie convinced of the fact by applying at No. t Dey street, where Uw inventus i to be seen : the expense it a mere trifle, and croak pint already in use can, and will Be, readily altered to the proposed plan, ray 19 3w LOST, Uii morning, in South street, or neighborhood of Fly Market J.30S. 10 two parcels, in ten and twenty dollar 1.1,1. nr ,h v. York Bn The tiuder slmll receive a reward of 6fty dollan on rtturoin; them to the owner, at 01 souui street. my to 251 err. C.V70,Y LLE. n3 v iv . olLADELPiilA. Twenty - five milet laud carriage, via New - oruuwica ana j renton. In new post coacha $5 Do. good stages, 4 50 Do. forecastle or deck pasienrert 3 50 Connected by thetteam boattOLl VE BRANCH and PHILADELPHIA. Tbe steam - boat Olive Branch will leave New - York every day, Sun, dayt excepted, from the north tide of the Batt ry, at II o'clock A. M. Passengert will lodge at Trenton, and take the steam - boat Philadel phia, so as to arrive id Philadelphia at 10 o'clock the next morning, in time to take the Union Line Baltimore itesm - boats. This line hat a connection with the best boats on the Delaware and Chesapeake to Norfolk : at also those of the North River and Sound ; and their teveral arrivals are calculated to cause little, if any delay. Thit it a speedy and certainly the most con venient rout, at uie passengen will leave New York after the bankt open, and arrive io Phila delphia before the hours of basinets, without fatigue in travelling or want of sleep, the land carriage being much lest than by any other route between the two cities. or teatt in the above line apply to WILLIAM IS. JAtiUtS, At tlie Union Line Steam Boat Oihee. in Mar ketCeld - street, north tide of the Battery, be - tweeo Greenwich & Washinglon - ttreett, or to ihe CAPTAIN on board. 5" All goodt and baggage at the risk of the owner. ap 4 711 h OOUA'V i TEAM BOA T - LJJM. The proprietors, with view of accommodating the public. hvextendinK the line "An hi .'.htn Norwich, intend raaUins uie experiment wuti tne r ulton, unfit. law,iiri thit route (if found practicable) will be continued during the teason. ' The line will in future be from New York to Norwich, nt follows : The Connecticut, t'apt. Bunker, will leave New - York every Monday, n cdntsdity :nd friday, at Ii o'clock, in Ihe inorini,x, lor New - Haven. The Fulton, Capt Law, will leave JVnrwtrh at 6 o'clock in the morning of tbe vnnr. dayt, touch at A'tw - Londi.n ana depart irom thence lor A etc - 1 1 arm at 8 o'clock. The boats will meet nt Sew 1 1 aim, and depart Irom thence every Mnnduv. H'edrtci - day and Friday, at 7 o'clock in the evening the Connecticut lor .Wtp Tor, ami the Fulton for JYiw - London and Aoiuul, nih 17 AViTU K1VH.U STVAM - UOATS. frt - Ontlie 1 1th of M tne Hunts will commune ie Tiu runtime four timet a week. us billows : A Moat will leave New - York on Tuesdav. at 9 A. M ; Wednesday, at 5 P. M. : Friday, at 9 A. M. arid Saturday, at a P. M. of each week : and a boat will leave Albany on Monday, Wednesday, T hursday, and Saturday, nt 9 A. M 1 he above arrangement will commence hy the Chancellor'i leaving Albany on Monday, the 1 1th May, at 9 A. Al. and tbe RichmnnH lciri. New York on Tin tday. the 12th at 9 A M. The Fire - Fit - h av Nrw.Ynrk T.,. ,tar Thursday and Saturday, at 9 A. M. for New - hurgh, and retnrnson Mundiiy, Wednesday nnd Friday, at A.M. ,. a .Nehucri, ii and i an anhaioca mau. - taoK' TBRKK TIMKS A HF.EK. I EAVES Newhurgh evc - l.J ry Sunday. 'Tuesday. aud T hursday mornings, at three o'clock, mm llirnii' - H .Montgomiry, Bloomingburgh, Monticello, by V hite Lake, Co.hecton, Mount Pleasant, Great Beud.Cbenanen Point. Oweiia. Ithirn. nnd He. neva, toCananduigua. - Retiirning leaves Canandaigtia every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at three uvkm.1., miu mi uvea i .n e Dure ii, tne uuru lay in time to take the Steam - boata which arrive in New - York the following1 moi - tunr;. fXj may bt txjmlrd thai al all ttmtt when Ihe ttram - bcati alter (heir dayt of running, lliat thit line trill alter to as lo meet them. The whole route will be Perfomed in three days, from the first of May, until the tint of November and from the tint of November until the fifteenth of December, and from tlie fifteenth of March until the first of May, in lour uay. and Irom the 15tli l)t ccmber, until the fifteenth of March the tame line will be continued to the city of New - York and run from thence to Lanandaigva in four days. Passengers travelling; from New - York to Canandaigtia, Niagara or Buffalo, can leave N. York in the evening steam - boats, and arrive in Canandaigtia in three days a distance of three hundred miles. The line is well furnished with good, new carriages s (rood hones, and careful and experienced drivers Every atten tion will be paid to render the passage of the traveller safe, easy and expeditious ; and it is believed that the accommodations on this line are equal to any line in the state. X.y FARE from evburgh to Canandaigua FOURTEEN DOLLARS. N. B. A branch of the same line runs three times a week from Ithaca to Auburn. Also, a line runs from Owego Tioga Point, thence through Newtown and Painted Post, to Bath, Uc. V BAGGAGE, as usual, at the risk of Uie owners. David Godfrey. Bloominehurgh,") E. C. St. John. Mount Pleasant. L. & R. Manning, Chenango, iProprie - miner i,ere, muc.a, I tort. rmnuel rireenlifl, Geneva, Oliver Phelps, Lansing, mh 14 dfim 4 126 WDU Bolrf, hegt leave toinmrm the public . that he has just received, tier brig Mac - chus, nnd ship George, from London, a general assortment of article! in Uie nimicul line, amongtt which are some very elegant unall Piano - Fortes and a particularly elegant rose - wood grand cabinet Piano - Foite. Also Uie new invented Metronome or nnffRt self - time hrater, with a large assortment of new Music, which he offers lor sale wholesale or re tail, 00 trie most reasonable terms, my 8 , IIAIfA'S AA'1 1 BILIOUS PILLS. T HICH have been attended with a degree of success highly grateful totU invent ors leeungs, in teveral parti or the Weit Indies, and the Southern and Middle States, particularly in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, &c. The operation of these pills are perfectly mild. to as to be used by penont in etery situation win 01 every nge. They are excellently adapted to carry of tu perfloui bile, and prevent its morbid secretions ; to restore and amtud the appetite; to produce a free perspiratioo, snd thereby prevent cold which are olten of fatal consequence. A dose fK - ver fails o remove a cold, if taken on its first rpjarance. They are an infallib'e preventive 01 Bili - .ui and 1alignant Fever, and should be procured tor uie, ny every seaman and traveller, Prep.irrd and told at LEl'S Medicine Store. No. 6 Maiden Lane. - Drnttt and country ttore acxjicri suppiieaea liberal termt. my 10 .r' M&lie knew" kow te diitiee . , tween thingt that differ ,JM DOCTOR HORNE.fonnrrl, of the city of londra member of tbm'tJJtttt. ". 'anduir.r.i j poyHl - n j uc,caeerjiiitiii4. ty to repeat tom?orafj0 d!T the abuie of MERCURY jwh, indiicriminate, and unooair T m in noire outchief tJ by the consequeotet ofone uaraal ofuf and by a diaae oot in JSSSSfS winch only proves so from Jli. ,at1, aa treatmenAg fJr"" tierit) now perfectiy hetttV" under phyncant of general practice '.ivlbee and repeated ytaUvatid: wtfp. ' ,lxyea, Dr. h! (by Wtni,of,2JK?2 were carioui, and bit flt.h dropPin7f'ro,D,, ilu hit fnends declared be could noVnof.lJ? ? - them I were canoua. and hi. a..i. j . " mi bonai 1 it r t wo montht longer. Thwitand. .T ' ,ur't know with what ease anT.aJetV Dreri?wtlly I housands and safety i. and conf catet the severest cases, and wnfirmYihr era,i' - tution. The Doctor's plan Tdv?vC? - cettary to guard the public u at - fi"8.?;0.. .sintt tor.;., r'1"')! lu ""leriatai Oeluiioni. held r,.ZtC " Persons, therefore, havine cjtJZ Jorth rate disorder, or tuspeX "tenT ' P"' admonished not to kfflrli?kTP0,wl rt tion, or conceal the disorder, till VL TU"' ry; others having the remaini of I5KV - or other impuriUet of the Wood ?L?il ca er complninU of a delicate nature fi a, ?.,b" sex. thould remember potteritr .? j" .'"' to their consciences by mlii AV9 to Dr. H. at hit old S J i ar!,uca'oa li'hment. No. 64 Water - st. r.''lLaule w,h - ol Old - tlip, to obtain that wSmrA '.' w1 lone cakiilated to Dreven7..L'M",anr. a - letme claim your serious attenUoulRX! a superficiid cure is oo cute at all - uniT. .iTf inetsit radically done. the .liiorder break out acai.. iVh 7 ."a" lignity, at tome future perio.1 : perhi.i. i m the ttrectt miserable, mutilated .f 1 yen a hit of note on their face Take'w.; 1 i Destern you. u"i Dr. Ii's. character for ikill on,i .1..1.1.. . eri;y being univenally knowu in thit chv l04.uarai.tee to thai nil !."y crecy hitherto tinknow n, end having confined hT. practice forpir past, exclusively to Zcurtoi culate on ilmil dwidSf "uvuf Gleeli enuliraffd intwe or three weeks stricture! removed without hniigiel0ranvoih er instfiiment : and all dehil.h, .. t;i. " y. mn:. old ulcerations, nMula't c",,e A plurality of ofhrct arc prorided, and w ted that paUents are not exnow - H tn.k ...L. - JT. hservation. Open till half past 9 iu the evening. All persons concerned ere invited to he free ia allins, and tprakius with Dr.H. bk .. ..." oft oit. Anil here the Doctor cnnnotf,rn..i h. expression of tratitude for nniiii.rul.i. ... mendationt, and for the decided preference fit it pre - imea with jutt cause) long given bini by a llllil - lf .11 llllili .... I ... . u. All letfen mutt be pott paid. Dr. Buchanan. Aug 17 Iv A LU II EH UUAChklii A OJi LVPosi. J1UAT. TVt. EVANS' luperiai JL - method of curing a le tain Disease, isnowuniver. tally ai knowledged in this city ; hit mode oftreatmtul penectiy mild, tafe, ez - peditious, and hit charm .. llB rr a 1 1 iv 1 1 Con, and will return tbe payifht doet not perform aereeab'a to contract. - - j 11 luiuw.. mirayi ooserved. T'here are many persons in Uiis tie nH it. wi. cinity, laboring under various chronic disease!, sum as, wiu uicii;iaiv Uicen, ICroiUll or kings evil, fistulas, diseases of the urethra, bladder and kidnies, old complicated conolainti of a certain nature, bilious aad other obstruction, rheumatism, ice. which they consider inct Grit Eurgennt and Physician! k tbe world, att made those obstinate diseases hit constant studs for 30 yean. Oct U The tubjcriber bavins recently relumed from England with an important improvement on tho artificial spring LEG, he takct thit melhoJ of informing bit friends and the public, that til those who are so unfortunate as to be In want of leg, or arm, they ran be accommodated by ar - lying at No. 77 Barilay - ttrcit, New. York. Jan 82 WM. PURVIS. HYDE - PARK INSTITUTION. A SELECT nnd private Clattical School it established at Hyde Park. Dutchess coun ty, state of New - York, under the direction and instruction of BENJAMIN ALLEN, L. L. D. 1 he institution is desisned to unite with a clas sical and English Education, the modem laogus - es. ! The classical course will comprise the I.atia and Greek Lansuai:es, Ancient History and Ge ography, Mythology, Roman and Grecian Anti quities. The Engliib course will comprise Eneliih Grammer, Elocution, Elements of lin - tory, Rhe - torick. Geography, Peuraanship, elementary and practical Mathematics, and tbe outlines of Nat ural Philosophy. Modern Languages will comprise the French, Spanish and Itulian. ' Moral and religious Instruction will be atten ded to, as youth is the most proper time to in culcate and lix those principles of virtue and pie ty, wiucn ouzht 10 direct and influence toe con dm t of future life. Th I'unilsof the Institution will be member! of the Principal'! family, aod under liit immedi ate care ana government. 1 articular aiuuuon will lie paid to their morals and mannen. The snveromeLt will be strict, but mild and paren tal 111 aim shall be to give babitt 01 oracr aau industry, aud inspire a generout emulation. The iattitution will he furnished with a Li only, Maps, Globes, and select Philosophical Apparatus, the use of which the pupils will be taught, and made familiar with the most important ar.d striking experiments in Natural Philoso phy. Thete will be contidered at reward! 01 good conduct Rnd attention to study, and con stitute one or the most interetting sources in muaeraent and recreation. It it known from experience that much useful knowledge may M thin incidentally communicated. T he termt are three hundred dollar! peT annum, payable quarterly washing included. i Classicnl ttudenti who ttudy Uie modern language!, will be charged 10 dollar! per quark extra for the tame. The student! find their bed! and bedding. 'The number of ttudenti it limited. Gentlemen therefore who are de.irout of placing their tont in the institution, will please to luake aa early application. 1 - All lettert relative to the institution, adttrers ed to the subscriber, Hyde Park Post Office, Dutcbest County N. Y. will he promptly "' ed to. BENJAMIN ALLEN. The summer terra wil! commence on the swn, of M ay, my 6 5w HOiiSE FOR SALE. rl.EASANT taddie Horse will be told cheap h. a geutlemua about lo leave town. Apply ut this ofl".(.e. m7 NEW - YORK : PRLYTKD AXD PVBLl&ULD MICHAEL BURyHAM k CO. No. 49 WiLuast - iTaiT - orroiiTB Bark Cofver - Hoosk. I I II ii fv IBs raote, sney ran ctnwui, uirea 1 in general by applvinyatDr. EVANS'S Medical Store, No, 9, Peck - tlip, having practised in extehtivt hoinitals in Europe If yean, under aom r ik 1

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