The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 24, 1944 · Page 4
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 24, 1944
Page 4
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. 4 Thursday, Feb. 24 1944 MASON CITY OLOBE-GAZETj" Dewey Firm on Refusal to Campaign New York, /p)_Gov. Thomas E. Dewey of New York will accept a draft nomination lor the presidency but he will not alter in any way his determination not to become an active candidate before the republican convention in June. That was the interpretation placed Thursday by intimates of the governor on his action in telegraphing his "strongest disapproval" of the course taken by 24 candidates in filing petitions at Madison for election as supporters of Dewey in'the April 4 Wisconsin primary. Dewey apparently sealed the door against any exit from the position he has taken that he is not seeking the nomination, but Is not saying before hand what he would do if it came to him. His friends made is plain, however, that the 42 year old governor is willing--if the convention is willing--to take his chances on what he and most other republicans believe will be a battle to defeat President Roosevelt for a 4th term, _ There have been some predictions that Dewey might be forced to show his hand before the convention. These were based on the assumption 'that potential delegates who wished to be for the . New York governor might demand to know his attitude when laced with the choice of supporting some other avowed candidate or going to the convention to back a man they were not sure would accept the nomination. Dewey, who previously had contented himself with reitera- J · lion of the statement that he was not a candidate, went so far in his telegram to the Wisconsin group as io express the hope that they would withdraw the petitions which had been filed for them. At Madison, however, Fred R Zimmerman, secretary of state and a candidate at large pledged to Dewey, said he believed the governor's backers whose nomination papers have been filed would. continue In the race "Our~ being candidates is not Oovemor Dewey's choice but ours, Zimmerman said. "There is nothing in Governor Dewey's telegram that makes him less a candidate than he ever has been before and there is nothing in our nomination papers that makes him more of one." If the group carries out the determination to run, that would PJ ac ?. ^renounced Dewey slate in the field against a group of candidates pledged to support Wen- 1 " 11 T . \ViHkie, the 1940 nominee. Barkley-Roosevelt Break to Echo Right Through This Year's 4th Term Debates 'TRIANGLE" SLAYING--Kobert I. Miller, SI, above, prominent Washington criminal attorney, is being held for what Police term the "Jove triangle" slaying of Dr. John E. Lind, noted 58 year old psychiatrist Silting beside Dr. Lind when he was shot at the wheel of his car at a busy downtown Washington corner was Mrs. Mar. guerite Kane Miller, also shown above, ihe. attorney's 42 year old wife, who is being held as a witness. According to police. Miller admitted he shot Lind in self-defense although he earlier toW reporters he had warned Lind to "keep away from my -------I ·--*** J.UH/ iiuiijLujcc* expects to stump the .state ... - ^^ »ewey may feel.there the;first effects of his campaign of silence. · " ' i n New Jersey, Gov. Walter E. Kage, who is credited with being favorable to Dewey, signed a bill repealing the New Jersey election law's preferential primary provision. Dewey was alone in the primary 4 years ago. Some supporters of Dewey, who filed petitions to place his name on the ballot before the legislature acted, have threatened suit to force honoring of the petitions Dewey apparently said nothing in ITlTR ir»Q.T-ar«r»o r-in*..*. 41 ·, London Not Shocked by Nazi Raids b,b NOTE: take the new German raids in ?q7n VHf-l" 11 * the terrors of «« 1940-41 bhtz and knowing that this instance since soon got underway. the repealer Police Report Thefts by Flocks of Crows Port Washington, N. v (( Police Sgt. Michael Denton wasn't too worried about the flock of crows stealing clothespins from lines ^and pecking at those who would shoo them away. His worries didn't begin, he said, until one of the bolder birds swiped part of his windshield wiper As MV'^ t ?. 1 ? ed " fly awa y- others blitzed him with dive bomber attacks to the head - z an nowing that wnat tie Germans are able to deal them is only a token of the devastation allied bombers are heaping upon Germany. William R. Hie- ginbolham. late of Jefferson City Mo., and New Orleans, who just has arrived to join the United Press London staff sees them with Sf w i ! 3r *?V, Her * **·"* the latest German raid. ^" ^ ^ old-tune favorite * ' * enjoyable tang An aU-time favorite for delicious flavor # · ~ * It wHI b« «ni«r Io jupply you w i t h m o r « HIRES i f you return your «mpli«, Nftw booties arc scarce. Thc gfo» indottry i» hu«y l war pro- By WILLIAM HfGGINBOTHAM London, (J.R)--A blasting glare of light chops unp London's blackout into a jigsaw puzzle of light and shade as German bombs tou_ch off London's anti-aircraft Searchlight cones stab the sky. Ack-ack batteries roar into action and rockets.send steel up at the enemy pilots trying to exact revenge for the pulverizing punishment allied planes are inflictine upon Germany's industrial cities? This looks like war to me-what -I came over to cover. Nobody else seems very excited about I t 1 J can s *y is iha * tf something like this happened to Jefferson City, Mo., it would create Plenty of excitement. That's rood enough for me. I tear off looking for a -taxicab o take me over into the residential district where the bombs have fallen. Around me between the rolls of sheLLfire I hear the patter of feet as civilians head for shel- : "There's one/' a building warden cries out as a sudden flash illuminates the sky. Somebody over there under that stuff must be catching hell. I pant instructions breathlessly io tiie cabby. "Wot's the matter,'guv'nor" he asks, -ayent you never seen them bombs go orf before?" The all clear beats us to thc scene. We scoot through the streets heading for a glow that betokens a mounting fire. The place where Ihe bombs hive fallen is 3 modest apartment section similar to the Bronx section of ISew York or t ne R og ers Park section of Chicago. "' lick upwards through warm with family life only an hour ago. Firemen, laboring under walls weakened by the pvnlrvcinnp. r....... , J on the through this year's 4th term debate. Sen. Alben W. Barkley's break with the president is no minor fracture. It could start congress on a rampaging rebellion which would make 'recent uprisings seem feeble. It might cwry 4h»t rebellion right on to (he floor of Ihe democratic national convention. But while 'republican a n d plenty of democratic political hats stilt are in the air in celebration of major breach in, administration breastworks, it remains a fact that Barkley did NOT bolt the new deal nor 1 disavow its record Barfcley balked and bolted because President Roosevelt has been dealing roughly with congress. The division between the resigning senate democratic leader^and Mr. Roosevelt so far has not reached the question of a 4th term. What Barkley said Wednesday m protest against Mr. Roosevelt's veto of the 1944 tax bill is what congress has been telling itself for some months--that the president has become harsh and abrupt in dealing with congress when it failed to carry out his proposals. Nor does it impugn Barkley's motives in any way to recall that Kentucky last November swung sharply from its democratic mooring and, further, that this swing was interpreted as unfriendly to the Roosevelt administration. Barkley was last elected to the senate in 2938 with the active assistance of Mr. Roosevelt, who went into Kentucky Jo support his candidacy against that of A. M (Happy) Chandler in the democratic primary. Chandler subsequently got a senate seat. Now Barkley is up arain. He has not said so far whether he tvill be a candidate for re-election. But if he is, Wednesday's" challenge to Mr. Roosevelt scarcely could lose him any votes and might attract more than a few to the Barkley standard. Whether Barkiey dropped a blockbuster in resigning from the senate democratic leadership ' or merely a canister of political red fire will be determined as political events develop. He could become the rallying point for a congressional democratic effort to organize against the draft-Roosevelt movement, which is now far advanced. This congress has been moving rapidly toward a political explosion of protests against wUat some legislators regard as Mr. Koose- velt's effort to impose his will on the legislative branch. Last month the president indicted congress on charges of "fraud" in devising a soldier vote bill. This week he accused the house and senate of en- of acting tax legislation which would" impoverish the needy and enrich the greedy. Congress was lighting mad. But few expected the explosion to come on the leadership quarterdeck. Even fewer believed that Barkley will follow other notable bolt- ers into political opposition to the president's renominatlon. The list Is long--John N. Garner, James A. Farley, Harry H. Woodring, John L. Lewis, to name some who-were once white house intimates. But there t is a whirlwind of speculation on the effect Barkley's defection may have within the new deal-democratic party where he has been a notable figure, "Sen. Barkley's speech places in jeopardy Mr. Roosevelt's re- nomination for president," said Sen. John H. Overton (D. La.) "It should have a salutary influence upon arresting the alarming increase of authority in ·the executive branch which rapidly is tending toward a dictatorship in the United States." "This is an anti-congress fight" said Rep. Wesley E. Disney, (D. Okla). "This was an anti-congress (veto) message designed for the 1944 campaign." Sen. Harry S. Truman said he w a s "backing Barkley io the limit." Former Secretary of War Woodring, a Kansan, is attempting to organize anti-new deal democrats against a 4th term. He said Barkley was moved by resentment against Mr. Roosevelt's · contemptuous" attitude toward congress. ,, Sen - Ellison D. "Cotton' Ed" Smith (D. S. Car.,) found Barkley's rebellion the occasion to propose a 3rd party coalition of real" democrats with republicans. But Smith warned, too, that southerners could NOT vote e a e n explosions, pour water on te flames and strive to clear the way " " S 100king victims"Bodies are being removed from whor Ull £ mg 5 ° feet from the P°cc where the nazi's stick of bombs the h^h^"'' haVC to be u "der GVe those who were for anyone with a label. Yet he was . remarked: "If we can get republican hopeful, and T 'Dear Alben' away from Roosevelt, we can get anybody away." There The stretcher bearers crunch across a street carpetea inch-deef with glass. Without ceremony they deposit their burlap-wrapped burden at the end of a row of similar TM b c k n t f back into the ruins for the next. Glass covers the streets lor 4 blocks around. Two heavy con- TM' {oPPled from tee roof r ,Y hre *-f Jwy apartment build- g, lie shattered in the street The center of the explosion is a solid mass of rubble, licked by S h M? a " Sl0rcs and apart- holdings were the military h o w V C S her °- Hcavcn h »TMs how many people are under that mass of plaster, slonc and ^ capitol hill some disposition to agree with that latter sentiment. These may be merely partisan, anti-Roosevelt statements. But there appeared to be something deeper than that when Barkley *£ ke , Wednesday. The chamber was full, with a standee line of house members against the walls Republicans sat relaxed and smiling. The democrats were Hold Rites Thursday for Mrs. Bertha Adams SUcyville -- FuneraJ services were held Thursday at Visitation church at Htacyville for Mrs Bertha Adams, 74, who died suddenly Monday at the home of her son, Ernest. The Rev. Father H !V. Manteraach officiated. Burial was in the- church cemetery Bertha Adams was a daughter of Martin Matson and Mary Peterson, born May f, 1869, west of Toeterville. She is survived by 3 sons, Clarence of Dyersville, Ernest of Stacyville, and Arthur of Water- iuTy lt r !905 USband ' JaC ° b ' " ied REPAIR POWER LINES IN LA, Service Is Restored for 90,000 Homes .Los Angeles, CU.R)--Electric ser- 'nJT rest 9 r «' to more than .UOO homes in the Los Anaeles area Thursday as work of repairing storm-battered power lines proceeded under the direction o£ nnn nn^ y Wh - ii . h Seized thc §500,- 000000 municipal power plant Saturday before complete facilities were restored to all residents Work of repairing the power lines was being carried out on a gTM" 1 * **! ' w i t h war plants *i\?L? 'o?, llst - Toi) Priority was given to 35 factories handling urgent work for the air forces and 33 other establishments workine on naval armament. Next in line were warehouses, markets and restaurants where tons ot food were threatened with spoilage by lack o£ refrigeration. Singing "We're in the Army Now,' repair crews turned out to w o r k Wednesday immediately after the army took over under presidential proclamation ' gravated by a storm which tore ' down power lines and cut of! current to 525,000 homes and bust- ness places and 150 war plants- Knitting was invented in the 15lh century. INCOME TAX Service Bureau 213 FIRST NATIONAL BANK BLDG. TELEPHONE 1026 ' With This Coupon BALM BARR Ntw Cotmelic Skin Softener Lanolin-rich _flb -- it soot hes ant/Smoothes lOc'size. Y O U R E A L W A Y S W E L C O M E A T W A L G R E E N S D R U G S T O R E S ON SALE THURSDAY FRIDAY W SATURDAY 101 SO. FEDERAL 60e DRENE SHAMPOO (Until 1} Five-Grain 200 PURE ASPIRIN Highest Quality Box of 12 FOUR-WAY Cold Tablets It's 4 Medicines! 17c XLi New Whirlpool Cleaning LISTERINE Tooth Powder We double · si«! It's economical. 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