The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 28, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 28, 1818
Page 3
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r - 'is hid I' Ff new IlUD1, to - V nf 88 .... i ,. iUTKofU.e ofwff. very 11 ech) of ; H'ca5e or arse quantity, fcy j vii.' U J Pearl street. .an - . in ititA. no nave n'..f ' eqrc'aKy Wine, fit for family ose. rnT 2 r "j - I" - ""I bV ........ ,i lit q uality M x,!:a' ju'1 reCiveJ ami ' - .ja & I,AU WES, D)V 28 rrn r . aTZ - TTTTT - A carso fupermr Wheat, inline Ar:T,J.a;wnoat. and for.ale '"iV VTS i f WLANP. low. llV tx. vi. ... - : ; - .. - . 67 Wahlll!!iOII - ircr.. my su T - XcTSOY DAM. offer for s ..le - 2 cast u - J j pei netted and .'.ini - d Counterpane. 4 cases super, msrscills qt''. some vtTy lame ? "a Counterpane. a,!o Quilta, for cradle. hiulcribi iii, x Z do do do, cassiioere 5 do cambric Muslin, part u..dred 1 .la super Jackonet Lambnc 1 do X'' - d'rin - ,r;,cok.nn ? 1 do fine Scotch Liueo Bedtick 2 do lrih he eting do black Lioeni 1 do birds eye Diaper 1 bale Russia do 1 taie tuper 6 4 cambric Dimity Toeewer with o general assortment of Dry cJXW "'a'1' Ct"" !" r s - n; YlfilLINETTS. - 2casMll3 ps.No. 3,4 lVl 5 Miliinett., of a. very fuperior quality, ai for Hale by ju" i i IE CO M MISSION COMPANY, - ny2uD!tC 148 Pearl - street. TTraNDY t.r U'ny'a Brandy, 1st and J3 Ul. Ya'ckJ'oN N: VVOOLI.EY, mo if 7 '.Villi fUreet. M XlOEI. MOLASiEe. - FU bh - 's. WHPei IiIp for e - rori r. ian!inL' i' front ol - the .uhscribcr'. at .re, mid i hy aid,, at 67 Wathinetun St. G. '.. A S. MUWi,AU fFTTOLtSALU A, SO UhTAII. HUOK BE5JAMIN LEIAjVD, M Broatlway, forwlc, Kenfcral - nsiortinnt of Ladies' Kid Morocco, Frunelle and Lenthf - r Boot it i:Uw, o( all dereriptiout and tur.(it ; U ni'eiwiU linoti &ud Hioe", of didVretit kinds ; - .', Iloy'tai'd Children's do. dorill which coniprise ailarcnd prneri an assorlmfnt of rity aud eattetn made Shoe, r are to be found in any other tnre n the city, and will be lold m ac - coreroodatiBg termi. tuy n8 A YOL'NO IADY, wel acquainted with SM. Dre Mukniff and plain sewinj;, is uesi - rious of obtaininir a situation in a respectable family, or wiilie board in a rrputable private tmilv. A note left at thii oliice addressed to Miss'lV. will be attended to. 128 21' MOW HOL'1 1G Ci.Oi ilS. JM'CRACKAiM has jtH received direct from the ffianufactorie in IJol'.and, a larpe aston - ment of Roltina Cloths, warranted to c of the best oility ever made, for sale ot reduced pri - re, al2 1 - 2 Pearl - street. rny 28 It " DOAltWING. A FEW gentlemen can be nr.coinmodafed with board, in a healthy and central part ol the citv : terms reasonal'le. Apply at my 20 I w No. 64 Courtland street. O l ICF. is hereby given, that w the onder - iKndhave been aiip - 'intid byliis honor Richard Hiker, Recorder of the Ciy of New - York, according to the act for relief tRMtii ab - conding and absent debtors, trustees for all ths ctcditoi of the pereoos constitutin; the firm, copartnership or house of trade, of Prentiss & Carter, ol B - ibimore, debtors, who reside out of this state and are indebted within it t and all persons indebted to the snid persons cons'itutiog the said firm, copartnership or house nf trade, are required by the tenth d y of June neit to pay all debt and sural of money which thy owe to tbe aid penon constituting the said firm, copartnership or house of trade, and deliver all property of the same, which they hnve in possession, to u, the aid trustee. And all creditor of the said per - son constituting the aid brio, coparlnerhipor houe of trade, are desired, by the first ilay of Ausjust next, to deliver to us, or one of us, their respective demand against the lame. Dated the 27th day of May, liillt. ivir I 1M Mill I IP.AV. 1 W.M. PROCTOK, JOSEPH BATES, mygH dUlOtelawtAl 1 ruiicci. OR SALE. AN excellent gi and saddle Horse, 51 - 2 years old, M .rk grey trot fast. Ajiply at HILL'S Stable 45 Maiden - lane. my 28 lw UR3K WAM ED. A RESPECTABLE middle oped woman is wanted os an attendant and nurse to a sick lady. Apply at hit 2ft If No. 45 Roscttreet. FtVK DOl.JAUa REWARD. THE trunk of tl - .i: subscriber was broken on the fith inst. and a creen Morocco Pocket Book stolen, containing a variety of papers, of no use to any body out the owner. Among meiu was a warrant granted by the United States, to James Hoyt (a Canadian Volunteer) and a - isnedtothe subscrilicr for three hundred and lixty acre of land, to be located in the state of inaiana;somo small notes oi nann, iia - u uy David Young ; a letter written nt New Orleans by Mr. Wilcox, to a mend in taeuosee county, in tl.ii state ;and a v.iiiely of paper not rci ol - lecteri. The above reward will be paid for the delivery of the paper to Mr. C. JENMNOS, keeperof tbe City Hotel. niyJW It At id french and Jimtriran limtrding Huiut, ITO. 15 WARRKN - 8TKKRT, BY LAMBERT S I V A T T E. T AMBERT 61VATTE teize this oppnrtuui Ji ty to inform the public, that on Saturday next, 30th May, his Lonre will he opened for tbe reception of boarder, as well as f.T gentlemen trnvel ers, who will at ail times find, besides hU table d'hote at 3 o'clock, dinner terved on tht - shortest notice. His bill of fare, which will be daily varied, will contain the price of the differ rnt ditties, wine and Honor. He also informs hit friend, that he will undertake to dres din for private families io the Freni h or Amcri an taste. Soups of all kinds w ill lie kept in re a dinttt from 10 o'clock in the morning till five. ne hope;, ry his lure experience, hi assi duity in waiting on hi custuiuert, to merit the purooAgpof tbe public at large, mv 28 I0t ANl K.U to hire, a white woman, to do II the Cooking and Houie woi k of a smU family Apply at No. 6 Warren - ttreet. my 28 THE FLE A UTS. M0NG3T trie prcsert pumerou exhibitions i - X. or tun city, M. PAr F Batter tnmelf (bat tlie InVFni of ..rniiinn irni tlfl nf nA f.ihfttf - n. will fd kit GALLF.RY OF PAINTINGS. No. 20 vt sll ttreet, worthy tlieir attentioo. and preseot - Vri lliem at tbe smallest expense with the most nUitfive gratification. V B. Old paintings repaired and restored to ""it original lustre, or puichaied ot their utmost ne. a,v in u Ll.L.S List of Pnie in Milford k Owego Road Loiti ry. 5A day's drawing. t. snno dolls. 3CUI, 3X54, 5001558, 42 5738. 708,1. 100. Sold at Alleu. tie first drawn numlier on Wednesday next S"1 e entitled to a priieor 500 doll. and oo "day after to a capital priie of lO.lWO dollar. few Ticket and Share, warranted un - "rawo. may be Lad at Allea' Luckj OSce, 112 rodaj. my 23 ' FH1LMD0R pN CHESS. AN eary introduction to the g:uie of CHESS, r coitaimnf; one hundred example ofgnuitu, and great variety of critical situation and ron - clusitjic, including tlie whole nf Philidor' Aonly - m, Kith copious from Sturuuia, tin. Culalris,i'. arranged on n new plan, wiihiu - troctioiit . r Irarii.'i ; rendering a complete knowledge ol tliut tcieiitiQc game perr:ctly cay olattaioiiieut. 'J'o wl.ich are added, Cainsa, a poem, by Sir Win. Jon The Moral ot Che's, by Dr. Franklin Chen and Whiit comprcd Anecdote rctpecting Cln and Che Player, Ac. A oev edition price .JI 25, with a plate of the Cite Uoard. and a No. to eac h square, Tor aale by A. T. GOODRICH Si CO. No. 124 Broadway, corner of Cedar strert, opposite the City Hotel. A. T. G. &CO. have also for aleChcFs - Meii, in treat variety, from 1 50 to 821), together with diets Board ot'aH size; barki;ammiii Uoatd; Visiting Cards ; Playing Card ; Bitttledore ; Morocco l'ocket books ; AVallet ; B;ink - oti Cases ; Chiucie Puzzlt ; Dissected Maps nnd a great variety oi fancy urticic ; peukuivo, pencil ciiies, tic. my ill REAL ESTATE. IN pursuance of an order of the honorable the court oi'chancery, dated the 24ihdayuf April, 1818, we, the undersigned, trustee of the estate of Ileury Diyer, iltieaftd, wiil ad! at public auction, en j iiumuay, me sKthday ol May m taut, the following rial estate : Lot No. 1 Doyer street, nineteen feet front and eighteen feet rear, 56 feet deep on southeasterly aixl 47 leet on northwesterly aides, be the tame more or Its ; and us now in possesion of Mr. William Armstrong ; subject to a lease which will expire on the 1st May, 1826, at a ground rent of 50 dollars per annum. Lot No. 12 Doyer street, 20 feet front, 22 rear, 46 feet 4 inches deep on southerly and 51 feet on northerly tide, be the same more or less, a now or late in pofesionoiCol. Win. Few, subject to aiease, wincn win expireon ine ii may, mil at a crouud rer.t of 40 dollars per annum. LM No. 13D:.yer street, 20 feet front and 2z rear, 51 feet deep on southerly and 54 leet b inch es on the northerly tide, be the same more or less. as now io the possesion ol Mr. David Munson ; subject to ab use which will expire on the 1st .May, lU24,at a ground rent ol thirty six dollars per annum. Lot No. 15 Dover street, 25 feet front nod 33 feet rear, 54 fict b inches dH p nn Souli er!)' aud oti leel 4 inches on ft ortlierly side, he the same mole or linn, as now in posession of Mr. William cuaii I ; subject to a lease which will expire on t!ic la.ilav, at aground rent ol lotty dot Li t per Mmnm. Lut No lb Dryer Btreet. 26 fect front and 29 Ifft b inclu i rr.ii, .'i cjel u - ep.on souiheiiy ami 21 feet on oorihrily ri.!..". b. the same im - re or le, i,nd as mw or late in v . - t 3,ion of Col. Win. Few; Kiil - i'i't to a li.use whicii will i xpiru cn the 1st of May, 1C21, at aground mil of IOJo!liirs per annum. Lot No. 13 P. II street, 2D feet fioi.t nnd 9 6 inches rear, 50 feet deep, be the same more or li s?, as now i;'Jpcfrses; - ioii of the lI.Himh Wm. Gray, deccuif d ; subject to a lease which will expiie on the 1st May, 1321, at a' ground rent ol U.irly per minimi. Lot No. 21 i'ell street, 21 fcrt frcnt nnd rrar, 56 feet 8 incl'e deep on easterly, and 5! feci 4 inches on westerly sides, be the same mcri or less, as now in possersiou oi j.r. ui. i. irai - dron s tuhject (o a iease. which will expire or. the 1st day ol May, 1824, at a ground rent ol 40 dollars peraniium. Lot No. 25 Pell strict, 31 feet fronf, f, feel S inclu s rear. GO leet dstp on easterly, and 66 leel 5 iiu h..s on wes'trly sides, tic the came more or Its.", at now ii t o'sinion John I liyer ;sul - lect to a lease whicti will expire on tiie 1st May, 1821, at a ground rent rl'30 dollars. House and lot No. 2.1 Pell street, 21 feet front and rrar, and 58 leet 4 i. - irhe deep on faster!), and t0 feet on westeily sides, be the same more or lets, as now in HascEsion of Mr. Joseph Butler. The improvements on the leaed lot to be va lued and paid for by the purchaser, at the expi - rution of the lease. Terms of sale, cash, on tlie delivery of the deeds. Any further information w hich may he required will be given by either of the subscribers. ISAAC S. DOUGLASS, ADRIAN H VAN BOKKELEN. Tbe above property will be sold tit the Tontine Coffee House, on the above - mentioned day, by Mtssrs. KrlANK.UN it Mlft'JUUN, Auction - ter. my tus fc7 - The aale of the above property is post poned to Thursday, tlie 1 1th oi'Junu. my .otil GRAND ROAD LOTTERY, now Diawing R. WAITL'S List of Prize. ' 5A dayU drawing. 446 fiOOO 3681,5854, 500 155C, 4285, 5738. 70nS UK) Ticket, and Sbare for sale bv R. WAITE Junr. 126 Broad - way, whrre two of the hishest rnxei vrt drawc, Dave oceu soi'i anu paiu, viz. 4658 Cm) dollars. 3077 lO(K) dollars. Iiesidu most of tlie Prizes in the luat Medical Srience Lottery. my 28 GRAND ROAD LOTTERY, now Drawing G. & R. WAITE'S Correct Litt of Prizes. 5A dny'i drawing. 4840 5000 3081, 3854 "jbO 703!), 1556, 4285, 3738 4100. Firt drawn. Floating Prize. Sold at Waitc'. my 28 NO. 48 16. the first drawn number yesterday, in the Grand Milford and Owego Lottery, entitled to 5,000, was sold one Quarter to a Lady, ol Newark, N. J. .ne Quarter to a Mechanic, of this citv, nnd onr Half remained unsold at GRACIE'S 146 Broadway. my 28 GRAC1ES 146 Uroadway, correct prize list, 5lli drawing or the Grand Milford and Owego Road Lottery. No - 4,84S S5000 3.3.50 200 3,681 203 One quarter aold to a lady of Newark, (X. J.) ; one quarter to a mechanic of this oily, and one half remained unsold at GRACIES, where the fortunate holders of the two quarters of uie aoov prize, may receive uieir casn on demand. mv 28 2t CO I t ON. A FEW bale of Upland Cotton,' 57 boxes Mould Candle 200 at. boxe Spani'h Segart, for sale by g.fiE. tJLANCHARD, mv ( nr. Ft tc Rnrlinr alin 1 1 WO furnished room to Let, within tin ee minutes walk otthedty llall. enquire at 302 Urnadwav my i5 1 w" SPERM OIL, WlNE, 4c. - 2li00 gsll. um - mer (trained Oil, in barrel, tierce and hbd 2000 galls, whale Oil in barrel 10 caik superior Bordeaux Claret, CI fur bottleiug 5000 lb. Whalebone, in slab 1'H) boxes new spermaceti Candle 20 reel Kentucky hempen yarn CO coil cordage. as..rted sues, for sale by HAYDOCK JENKINS my 26 lw 1 52 Sooth - street. IHJ6H LiALAH, SH&hTLiSVii dt(U Dl - BY the late arrivals from Dahlia and Belfat, HENRY M'VICKAK ii CO. hav. re ceived 4 - 4 47 - 8 linens 5 - 4 sheeting in half piece 7 - 8 lawns, 3 - 4 diaper 3 4 brown linens, in half piece ttutiia durk and t:.M i:oths. which the T offer Cor sale oo reasonable terra at No. 57 Fiue - st. mxv26 2w F IVE bale ofCassimere. ti.'bronable color, lost received and for rale by sny 62w 131 W ater street lJLACKsVHTtt'a COAL. 1j chaldron will Jj be sold low, if immediate application is made to SAL 1 US, SON Jf CO. No. 3 SouOi street. 30 chaldron LivcrDool New Pit. eelected for Um grate, fur sale as above. y 26. 3t Far AJISTERDAV, l The regular trading brig OHIO, E. L Carman, master ; has i - - .ri of hcrcurco eiie;ae;ed, and will be uispatcued u ithoilt tie - lay. For freight or parage, (having very good accommodations,) apply to the master on board, at pier no. 5 north river, or to J. C. ZIMMERMAN, my 27 tf No. 77 Wasl.inglon - st. H The rej - .ilar packet lri AMELIA, I. - Strrjf.Mntt. master, will pmilivelv tail oj Sun day niorniug next with what freight may offer t or freight or passage, having hauiLoiue accewn - modatious, apply ouloard, at Pioc - st. wf. or to THADDEU3 PHELPi' k CO. may 27 4t No. 66 South - st. for HAVItL, . The line fast sailing - copperetl briff jfeflk - ANN. John AslifurJ, muster; liavin(r tlie irri - iitest part of her cariro on board, wiil positively sail, wind and weather permitting, in the cmine nf this week. For freight of a few tons light goods, or passage, having the cabin new I) arranged and lilted up in the neatest style for the accommodation of persons desirous to have their comforts on board. Apply to JOHN AHUM. W 11, LINK &CO. my 26 4t 75 Washington - street. , for .S'tuH' - OlxLE. - iSSf vf Tn brig 11 OPE, Lawrence, master, jjji" sail in a lew Jays. She is a very sub - jlaulialfast - tailiDg venel, not two years old ; will take what iVeiht may immediately oner, aud can accommodate a lew passenjers. Apply on board, at Dover - street wht.ri, or to J. H.LAWRENCE & CO. my 25 1w 65 Pine - street. tor iali, freight or Charter, tJv The ship ORRIS, VV. G. Pease, mas - jS - ter, 249 tons burthen, will be ready to laKe iu a cargo in a lew days. The ship lies at picruo. 11 N. R. For terms, apply to G. ic T. MEYER, my 25 1w t29 Washington - strett. tA l neidM caning iidvavi eetir. iL.iii.nt ifcPeleg Latham, Ulster; will sail oa llio .. - 1:. ...i. - .unit '2in iust. For frrijrht or parage, h'lvms exr r I lent accomcDodalion, apply on board, west tide t iv - maret wharf, or to JUN KS & MEG RATH, may 23 91 South - it. . ... for Htakeh, .'iJubile and Ht. Sl'ithcn.', s4fil The superior last failing new packet STAY srhnnner MARIA - ANN, enpt. Lelhog - well, (a regular trader) having partol her car - ro engaged, will tncit with immediate dispatch For Ireigbt or paa?r, Ii3 ii,g elegant accommo dations, apply on hoard, east side Old - dip, or to ri. l EK.5 iV 1 1 KURIL K, may 2.3 29 Coeutinr - slip. FHElUUTor KtlAiiJ.HmUjY. 200 tons heavy freight. .pply to ANfON O. PHELPS, myi.'l 183 Front - street. OT. CROIX RUM, t UGAR K MOLASSES. iw brr"'!" - "! - ' - 0 hogshead. undKelailjngMohs;c, 149 pum her.ns Rum. Received pi r lii William Henry, from St. Croix, landing this day nt pier No. 1 1 east River, nnd fcr side hy READE & DE rEYSTEH, wy26!w 3l01dSlip Cx ER MAN I ( ) Y e, fcc. SJcnsc. containing J 3703 piectt Toys, nnd I elegant Vienna - made i'lttno Forte, with 5 ttopa and a drum. l'l cases Tumblers. 60 boxc Roll Brimstone 100 boxes Steel, entitled to drawback, just landed nud for sale hy JAS. D'WOI.F, Jr. my zo no. oi aouui - sireei. GKINDSTONES, URIS lOL - WARE, 4tc 600 small size Grindstones, (assorted) 0 large do from 6 to 15 hundred Weight 100 crates Bristol - Ware ; gallon & half gallon bottles in Basket, of 2 and 3 dozen each and gallon ii hull - gallon I'emi icbns, for sale ly WILLIAM COWL L.r. i , my 261w 104 Water - slreel. rM,Y - rL.l J ft, 'HsiCt. - CU.IlJYS, lc JL 200 boxes tin 1 1 ite illi casks Trace Bras Wire No. 9 60 casks Roman Cement, now Itindin. and for sale by ANDERSON Si SHEARER, Ul wale r - nrcei. Who hair in Hurt, Patent and common C nrotina and Virginia Hoe. Sheet Brass of all size. Brass and copier W ne London made t U.l Books nnd Wallets Ladies work Boxes r. my 25 CO P TON t W HEAT. a!06 bale, ol prime Upland Cotton 56 bushel, southern Wheat, just received per schr Catharine Rogers, and tor sale by GEO. GIBBS, my 22 lw , 70 Soulh - strteL CHOPPER BOTTOMS, ic 2000 lb. Cop - J per Bottom, 20 to 30 inches CO casks Wrought Nails, Eng. and Am. ' 6 bales Italian Paper 7000 lb. Loudm Seine Twine, for alc by CEBRA U CUMING, my 21 76 Pearl - tlreet. FMFTY - ONErrioan ludigd, r 5i2 bag. Coffee, 102 do. Cocoa, C'araCul. 2100 Hide., V 1300 Horn., 3 Landing at pier No. 1 East River, from brig Active, and lor sale by John iiefff.rnan, 31 couth street In Hlor'. Lisbon Wine, in pipe and hhdi. Madeira do iu' u do and qr cask, my 19 ivr Ton English iron, assorted, io flat nnd square bar, a part of which is enti tled to debenture. 100 tons round iron, assorted, from 1 - 2 to I 1 - 2 inch 100 do Swede flat iron, from I Io 5 inche 50 do square, assorted from 1 - 2 to 3 inches 50 do each llat and square Ruisia iron 50 do country iron, assorted 20 do ploughshare mould 10 do axletree and crowbar mould 10 do horse - shoe mould 20 do brazier' rods, assorted, from 3 - 16 to 3 - H inch 30 do spike and nnil rod., a.iorted 10 do sheet and boiler plate iron 50 do English and American Iloopa 10 do English (L.) blistered atcel 10 do Swede steel 10 do Crawley do . 5 do German do 5 do (hear and cast steel 20 do Bristol and Nova tfcolia grind atone anchors 500 anchors, assorted, from 50 to 200011a 1 do about 90001b. 60 roll sheet lead, ass'd 3 to 6 lbs per foot 100 casks spike, as.'d from 4 to 9 inche 200 do cut nails, from 2d to 20d 50 do wrought nails, assorted 20 do slate and horse nailt ' 10 too iron pot and bake pans, as.'d from 1 to Id gallons, entitled to debenture 5 too I - ogUsh spelter 20 do American hollow ware, consisting of Pots, kettles, bake pans Skillets, spider, tea kettle Aodiroos, tic. 10 casks trace, oi and boit chain Anvil, vices and beak iron Forg, sledge and hand bummer Mill, cross - cut and pit (aw Cart, waggon and chair boxe Window gla, of different size Shovels, spades, hues, Vc. Together wild) a general assortment of hard ware and cutlery, for sale on reasonable terms, by ibr.M JL' l'U.JtU.llD, no. joj vraiei sueri, corntr im auici . v. my 11 lw TVT OFPATT'S STOCK ALE For aale at IfJ. No. 20 FulUm - sU by 22 3w ELLIS k my FLFXKVF.R. JL 144 lilul H - ime Kentucky tobacco 103 bales prime New - Orleans coltou, and 2917 lbs. of deer - skins Will be lauded ou Monday from the ship Msry amische Huntrcw, fioiu Ntw - Hrltaui i'ur sale at No. 10 CoHc' - HiU!e slip, by LA1DLAW, G1RAULT ii CO. my 23 lot i O I 'liA tSt. Cii.l ;.va. O Casks teu link trace chains, just received aud for sale by ANDERSON & SHEARER, may : 131 Water - street. DEMIJOHNS, Slc SH) Demijohns, ol gallon each, and ii pair Mill ftones, from 4 ft. 3, to 5 feet. Received per brig Ohio, from Amstenla - u, for sale by II. Vtifc, 73 Washingl .n - strel. Al'o, Watch Sjiriiij; and Watch Ch.iim. mv 27 lw LjPANlcIl HOt. l.AKS wunle.l l) D W.d. SIR) 1 WELL K SON, my 57 2w No. 45 W illiam lreet. TZ ENTUC KY TOUAGCO 14 hhd prune JtV. Kentucky Tobacco, landing lioiu a. hr. Fenelou, w st side Burlitii; slip, lor ule at j3 Washin;tDu t. (.'II AS. L. OfiOEN li my 27 A BR. t)tilE. T EG HORN HATS. Will be sold in lot, or Jlj by the case, to suit ilralci s, by M. DITMIS, mercantile broker, my 27 2t No. 2,3 Pearl - street. iHMH LINEN, fcc. rpllE suhicrilier ofl"i:ra lor sale, 43 pae.kagei L of Irish Lineu (iuuds, immrled per rliii Dublin Packe'. aud other late arrival. Iroin Dublin, comprising a good asicn'tmenl ol 4 - 4 and 7 8 Linens, low priced Do Miilling and l ine 9 - 8, fi - 4, nnd 6 - 4 Shet - tiners 6 4, 7 - 4.8 - 4, 10 - 4 Diaper and Damnsk 3 - 4 Brown lb. Hand and 7 li Droghedaa 3 - 4 nnd 7 - 8 Linen lied 'Pick 4 - 4 Ctton Check All ofwh:'h he will i!ipn of nn liberal terms JOHN KELLY, 149 Pkiirl Unci. I inv 14 2w ' TVTAlLs. ANVILS iVc 3d casks line drawn Xy Roe nnd (,t.,sp Najis, aefortcd size 2 ( asks SinlU' Vice 5 lo hand nnd sl dge Hammers 50 AiivilB, just reieivi it, nndiorsale by HENDERSON Ar CAIRNS, 81 Pine si re t, I V STORE. 2 casks a sol ted Hardware I case SU el and Brass mounted Fowling t'ieres 10 ton. round and square English Iron, assor ted size", entitled todrawbnek 100 cask deck Spikes, from 4 toll indie my 27 IL'lt. Jast received from llavrt - 'e (.race, 440 pounds til'st quality Coney llarcn Fur, for sale by Al. LI I ' Mercantile Broker, mv 27 31 No. '.d:t Pearl - st. f is " MOI.A HK. a f llliiln mol:n. - p. of mierior ilualilv. now landing fiom brig Jason, at pier No. 10 tor sale ry ... ft: 11. l.r. i. - , my 22 ' lw 78 oulh - st. TU Khl .IjVJ'S .V ii LL fiuh servants in this city, who can brin? (rood recommendations, can git the best of placet immediately, by nppl)iri at the City - Rcjistcr olhce, no. 55 Mnideii - laue, wimre tur highcut wages is offerrd. my 27 41 WU. GILLEY, 92 Hivadway, has just rt - . ceivrd and will immediately put to press, The Fudge Familv in Pari!., in a teries of letters from Phil Fudze. Em. Mis Riddy i udge, Mr. Bob Fudee. Sic edited tr Thomas Brown the younger, aulhor of tho Two Penny Post Bag. my 27 tl A LL orders received am', mieuded to lor lay X ing and repairing the Manhattan load pipes aud cisterns or lor sink pipes or lead pumps, hy SAMUEL h I ARKET, my 27 tf No. 13 ('hnmbrr - treet. M' ILKOI.D ii OWEGO ROAD LOLTJv RV, Capital I rues, 70,000 - I $10,000 35,000 5.IHI0 10,000 I 1,0110 5th days drawing, Wednesday 2Tth 1ft drawn No. $5.00(1. Gtli do do do 3d June, do do f "t0. 7Hi do do Friday 5th do do do JflO.OOO. A few ticket remaining on h - md, lr sale hy ISAAC O.OGDKN, mv 20 lw 48 Wall - street. riftJUAUCO. 20 hbds. prime old Kentucky JL Tobacco, landing from sloop Mary, from New - Orleans, for aale by N. lit 1). TAIjCOTT, my 23 64 .Voiith - street. 14 S T. CROIX SUGAR. 1" Ilhcle. o( an excellent quality, landing from brig Decatcr, at Fly - market wharf. I Srona. 6 ton Sumac, off good quality, for ale by A L. GOMEZ, mv 2f 3t No. 165 Front - street. TO ARTILLERYMEN. A N Artillery Coal, in good order (having j been worn only six times) for sale, very ihcap Enquire at this office. mav 26 3t . f AN'TED, in a reipectahie lamily, a lew V miles Irom town, on Long - Island, a person of sobir nge, n a Seamtres, and who would also make herself useful in the business ol the lamily. Apply at this Office. my 26 41 For .sale, .1 HANDSOME SADDLE HORSE, Jl'iT arrived from the country. To be seen at Mr. SLOWLEY'S livery stable, No. 9 John - street. my 26 3l WANTED, A GENTLEMAN and lady, (without or with a small family) or widow lauy, to take charge of a boarding establishment of twenty five male youths, from eight lo sixteen year ol age, on Staten Island, opposite the city. The l. jiie it spacious nnd in complete repair, with a good garden and other conveniences. and the mnrkels near, various and abundant. The terms will be liberal and advantageous. A note, cou taming the address and credentials of the applicant, left at No. 92 Broadway, and directed to W. I. will be immediately attended to. The r minary for hoarders will open on "he 1st of June. my xo iw - OLGAR HOUSE MOLASSES - 8 bhii J quality, for snle hy JACKSON Si WOOLLEY, 75 Wall - street. my 26 TONTINE COFFEE HOUSE. NOTICE i hereby given to 0 proprietors of tbe Tontine Coffee House, that an election of a committee, fur managing the concerns ot the said establishment, will lie held at the Coffee Houie, oo the first day of June next, le - tween the hour of II and 12 o'clock, A. M. my 17 4t TROSWELL'S ELECTION SERMON THI3 day received by T. :J. SWORDS, I IfiO Fearl treet. Price 12 1 - 2 cent. A Sermon preached at tlie Anniversary Elec tion, llarttord. May nth, iblil uy u.e iev. Harry Croswell, A.M. rector of Trinity Church, New'Haven. 2 DOUSE TO Lf.T. ifl The two story bouse No. 80 Rivington ..VTf. ;. r,l......niiv Tfuut - H in a ecnteel nei - rh - borhoil and 20 minute walk from the Ton'"' Coffje Hcese. Tlre are two room, on .i floor, wi - h pantrie ; the 3ine on the KD' front cellar, cistern, kr. in the yard, to which Vre 'TX J? - , d! i of lli hoa - s., THOMAS Sl'HERN. j m 57 lw ro. vrjTy REMOVALS fTT3 JOHN LOitniER GRAHAM, attorney at law, has opt ued his office at No. 43 Chamber - street, near Broadwwv. may IIS 4w JUn.M IROGTOR, jun. bu removed from No. 62 BctkoMU to 1 06 Liberty - street, here he still oilers liberal anticipations oo property cun - ipwJ to bis I'riends in th Mediterra - ntau. i or lurtlier pat ticiiiars, apply as aoove, or to ABRAHAM BELL, my 7 lui corner of Cliff ic Fulton - st. tit MAC h IE, .Vll.NE ii CO. hate rtmo mav 4 veil to No. 61 Pine - street. 1)ETER 1. TURCOT inlorms his friends nnd the public in eeneral that he bas remo ved his Upliol - lcry Ware House from No. 85 to No. 63 Muiden Lane where he offer fur .ale some elt ganl pMlem of Paper Hanging, just received by the laieit nrrivals from 1'rance, on the most reasnnahlc tfl iin. Inv2 lrn NO I ICE. fl7 The Slii Sail Boats. Nonpariel, and Indui'.ry, liomthe EbziU th town Point, lor New - York, tiiiltfroiii Marketiield ttreet, (wtiere thu Steuiu - boat Alal .Xx inriuerly aac to,) nt iu o ci.jcii, oi eaeli day. rniiage II l - Z ceul. Eiiipiiie ut the Steam tioat II. .tell, of VANDLRPJOLii PHILLIPS. my 21 tf (TEA TMULLiLICs D.iJY.E. (ty3 This cilebrated paiuting it offered for a raffle The terms and particulars may be knowo by applying toMc.M - s. GOODRICH &CO. No. 124 Broadway, corner of Cudar - street, opposite the Cilv - I Intel. my 22 Mi l ICE. (XT The Consignees per ship Chaunccy, t com nristnl, are requested to vend their per. inits ou board, at pier no. 12. Those goods not permitted will be sent lo the public store in five da)s this date. my 25 COUTORA HON NOTICE. Oti" The owner or owners of tlie mahogany and other articles at present iiic.iiiiihering the ground nt the Albany ll hiii and its vii imiy, are herehv notilied, ihi.t unless the sanl mi mnhran ci s M.:i!l he reiumeil onor bel.ue the .iillh inst. II, cy will then he sent to II t - puMie yril, ninl to mm h ol the tame mil lie si hi, as iliml he s i .111 - t ic.:l to deliay u line ol hve l il:i.s : will lie eocoiitiniied to be scl'l, to .1. 1 . ;. v like i.m , mid the exfcnsrsol ale, n ;rneah!ylo ol the cniiinion council. J.M). M'LOYIU, Street Comiiiiitioncr. Street - Coiuiiiltlioiier' Olii. tr, ) May 13, Ibl8. S my 25 FOR 'TWO .Rill IS (i.M.k MR. INCLEDON, flora the Theatre Royal, Gov. nt li ard. n, Mr. lilANl III 7 A 1 LOR, Irnui Uie King' Tl.eiiie, Mr. BROWN, lion, the theatre royal, Il.iyimuket, I) ESTEG'I t ULLY Ug lenvu to iiiinoiiucu to I t tl.e ladies and gentlemen tl New I ork, that TOMORROW EVENINti, Muy VH, in the Inrgc room at Washington II ill, they will havi the honor ! iirrkentini: a IMi'cellaueou. iieitoriu - mice, ( niiii ly new, in three parts i hll i the WA Mil.Rlftti Itl I A!" I IIEI. - I. Written by i. (Jolntnn, Esq. uuttmr ol the " Ir.i. Chest." " Inkle U Ynneo," .Vc. tic. Coiisi'ting .f intereatiug oiul matter, embracing a variety of subjects, nnd introductory lo n mini her of the best seh.cted SONGS, Coinpoted by the most eminent master with mine nucieiit national, Irish and Scots Melodic. 'The Kcii - tationt and Comic Son, by Mr. BROWN. Tho Song, accompanied on the Piano Foilu by Mr. TAYLOR. PART I. 1. Addresitolhe Audience Song, (Mr. lucledon) 'I ne lliitli of Liberty 2. Recitation. Exoidium. Subject propo - led, summer l our Song, (Mr. Brown) Jo. ky taul to Jenny, 3. 1 1 lull way Accident, a Ci rnili , l.lll IIOBl - i.:. i. .i.....: talitv hong, (.vir. j ajior,; . . ... ... . . 1'hine nm I my faithful Fuir' 4. An Invitation, Bacon and Egu aud old Pert Kong, (Mr. lucledon) Encompass' d in an au gel's liHine' 5. Soldier. Welcome nnd Misfortiinf. 6 A Prisoner, a Reprieve and a Wedding Song, (Mr. Brown) ' Mr. Midliiia and Mist Whack 7. Reflections Poor Jack and more Company Song, (Mr. Incledrji) The Bay o Biscay Ol' 1'AUI II. 1. Crossing the woter, s Seaman Son, (Mr. Incledoii) ' Blow high, Blow low' 2. Wanderings, and a I orksliiiriniin Soiiir. f Mr. Brown) Madam l ie's Gala.' 3. A miller, a supper, the sport ol lhefiild 4. Stopping the wuy, a itorui und a joviul crew. Song, (Mr. Taylor) Adieu my nitive shore 5. Brother Jonathan and Signor Squnllini Song, (Mr. Brown) the creed ol nn iiriiclilo 6. Shadow and, a driver too cau tion' and an old favourite. Son, f Mr. Inclr.don) Scot. Melody Bruce'. addres. to hi. army, or, Scot wha h'e wi' Wallace Bled. PART III. 1. Philadelphia, the quay, an old acquaintance Sons. (Mr.lacledon) 4 1 he Sailor' last Whit tle' 9. A parly, a eencral. a nunker. 4 c Song, f Mr. Taylor) When the Ro.e Bud of summer 3. An Irishman, a Bnntlice Song, (Mr. Brown) John Hobhsor ' a wife to he oiii' 4. An Altercation and a Quaker Song, (Mr. lurledoo) Quaker Song, Dibdin 5. Mr. Pric, Law Jerius, Dehmtion ol a Squeeze Victory : Washington : Addre.s of Thank. To conclude with G. A. Eleven' celebrated description of a storm Bv Mr. lucledon Admittance I dollar; uciien io oe nao at me Wathington lull. Door lo be opened at 7 o'clock, and hrcin precisely at 8. tnf 27 HA Ms, LAUD, tic Yoikshire and Will - shire Ham. Itscon, Lard in bladder, Gloucester and Cheshire Cheese, all nf a upe - rior finality, inst landed from ship Chaunccy, from Bristol, and llercule from Liverpool, for sale by wholesale or retail, on reasonable term. ACBU, Bristol brown ware, glas and earthenware, Large bottles, pipe and demijohns. With a creneral assortment of fresh Tea. Wines, Fish Sauce, and Groceries, of the firt quality. E. Bl.ACKr uriLS, liii ureenwicn - .i. A few boxe Spanish begars, 1st quality, in quarter boxes. my 27 I w AT AUVTI0X, BY C. G. FONTAINE. WEDNESDAY, June 3, at 12 o'clock, in tlie T. C. II. the three ktory nibslantiat modern built brick House 71 Ixronard - strcet, handsomely finihei, and well calculated for the residence of a genteel family A fee im - f.le. nnd free from all incumbrance. Lot 23 by 100 feet. Term at sale. Thursday, 4tn June, X o'clock at No. 71 Ionard trcet, ancle - rant Msortinent of Furiiiluie. . . ... , bm .I...M K.l. Consisting Ol carpcn, iuu'f, - B ond ecrrt:u - ii.table,wardrobM,w.fa., cut rlas., plate, china ornaments, k.c. Also, several very valuable book and maps among which arc, 1 on Naval Architecture, with an Atlai a set of Airowmiui .viaps oi me World framed prints, 4c. Also, bedsteads, bedding, blanketf, kitchen furnilure, and utensils, i hina tea seu. all kinds household furniture, KnglUh made chande - lier, &c. n.y 27 8t .Yhir ironies. JUST received, and will be immediately put to press, by MOSF.3 THOMAS, p JadcJ.. iJiia. lutlcrt from Ihe Fade'. faiAtlq at Parti hy Thouns Brown, tho Tiungtr; H'unuin, or i.e fnre 'f Crn're, by the author of CerL - amJ kc. Anetdottt of Rob ij - imiy, tri'A tUrlriilt rj hiswt; Jiarri;r, a novel, rnysTJ: Z PUBLIC SALES. BY S. PAXTON Si CO. Tomorrow, At II oMock. in front of the'T. C. II. 130' bairs juniper berries. - .V.iKHlsE tUH hlll.dtSiU, Ac, fT II E proprietor of the toulhern marble qua I - I ries, near King' - Bridge, give notice, that they have on hand, aud are receiving, al tlm Kms't - Bridgi Marb't ntirf I.ime - ard, foot of Beach - itroet, no the HucLoa river, an extrmivo tck of marb'.e lor building, of the tollowiiij d - - . KTipiUHlF, VIZ 1 Ahlar Coping louudation Stone Chimuty - lWtt Fac.ugi Column Watertablo Step Platform Sills, Lintel Arches Also Lime of the ic - 't quality. ttj A constant supply id the alove material may be calculated upon; nud those dirous of purcb:uiug, or waking engagement, will apply lo EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 11 At the Yard. 'Sj - A respectable lad 16 years id age, ol steady habits, wishes a lituatiou iu a countiu; house or wholesale dry good store Enquire at tin oUlce. may jl Mtrchanlt HatJc, May 5, IU18. ITT Tho annual election for Director of this institution will be held pa Tuesday tlie 2d day of June next, at the Banking lloure, between too boors ol 10 aud 2 o'clock. By order of the Hoard of Directors, G. B. VROOM, CathV. may 5 tj2 MUTUAL MYSVltAJVCE CUJUFAJil' UF the cm or ji Eir - i ouh'. , The President and Director give notice that a dividend of four uiul a ImlJ per cent, - on tho capital flock of this Company, for fix, month., will be made on the Mill inst. and paid on demand to the stockholder or their attornies, at No. 52 Wull - strcct. my 6 1m JOHN PI N'T A RI), Sec'ry. fJO The new FERRY BOA TS Irom the loot of Walnut street, New York, to the loot of Lit tie street, Brooklyn, near the Navy, will commence running on Sunday, the 17(hiut. i'erson crntiiug to Brooklyn from the upper purl nt the rity, will find the distance much short, ned by uting thit ferry. my It. .iiiunemi .icademu of tht t tut Art. L." 1 he Hoard of Directors give notice, that the loiiith exhibition of thit academy, will be penrd ou Wednesday next, 20th instant, and continue oprn every day (Suuday excepted) from 9 in the morning till duik. Admittance 25 cenU. Calalogur 12 1 - 2. By order. ALEX. ROBERTSON, Sec'ry. Members mI exhibiting nrtut are informed, that their curd cf ailiimjieu are left with the diKir hripcr. my 14 2w TON J INE COFFEE HOUSE. lrj - The coininitti e lor innjuiKiiiR the a fair ol ii. e Tontine Coll. e House, give notice, that a Dividend ol b. venlei n per sliiiro, for the yeur fiiduig the 11 will be paid the proprietor, on or after (be I9lh iuU at 21 Broad - (reel. my 1.1 Im t ui tuhtjaxuurt JYflV Lolttij lijjtctt at tr(ll at vnr.i, fh7 Yesterday afternoon ticket No. B.T20in the Uwceo Rond Loftiry, now drawing in thi city, came up a prize ol 500, being the first diawn number. This ticket remained unsold at SMI TH'S newly eslnbluhcd Lottery nnd Ex - chnngo Officii, 170 Br.indwuy. and might bavu been purchased, lind nppliealion I ren made llie'e a lew minutes lie I ore the drawing cemmcn. ccd : a presage nf what it lo follow. Adventu rer, are advised to make early application to the above office, lo provido llieinsclve. with ticket or slmrei pieviou. to the next day' drawing, n it ispottihle thet the l.rst drawn number, wliich will be enlitli'd to 8 i00O, will remain unsold at aid cilice, unless purchased pieiiou. to that lime. !H7 20 Bt 11 MAR I IN WELLES and NA THAN C. SA i III., Attornies nt Law, have ojiered tlieir oilier nt No. 119 Pearl street. my '.'6 aw IO ' he coniigiiet - i ol ihe ling tllno, lioni An(enliini, will confer an cbliK - ii(ion on the owner l - y lending (heir pi rmils to the store of the siiliscriner as i(n ns possihle, o snid hrig will cninieiie - to loud (or the above port immediately alter the cargo bi ing ili" hnrued. J. C. XIMMERA1AN, my 20 No. 77 street. J O THE I IT L.IC. fjr - I T i presumed lht I aiu loo well known in ihti community to be d.euied i apitble of be coming a parly to any fi'iudulent convey nnie, nntwiih'tanding tbe asiertion l ootained in John w. l atlersnn's late caution to the puliiic. 1 he conveyance from R. D. Aid. n to me wa. a fair and hoc a hue transaction, una I am ready to nn ter into full covenant and warranty for the title that I may give. Piirclmer therefore need Im under no apprchrn.ioiiol Ihe firm diipntc. that are threatened by Mr. Patterson. I have been sometime absent from town, or I should bavu .ik ner noticed that gentleman's advertisement, which will probably invite more attention than be could have wished, lo i eitain circuirulanr es lately detailed in the Supreme Court of this stale. T. ELLISON, my 26 3t ORATORIO. THE .landing committee of (he New - York J. llundel nnd Haydn Society give ootice, that io consequence of the siibsrriplions not be nig equal to the expense of civing a splerdid oratorio, at the lime conlrinpl.itcd ; have rcsulre - J lo keep Ihe sulitciiplion op. n until Sntuiday (veiling, tlie 3blh inst. and units the subscription shall then warrant (be incurring Ihe ex pente, they will abandon giving tht Oratorio. Subscriptions led at Mr. Ri iy't music loc, Chaltiam slre.t; Mr. Ensthmi.' Book Store, Broadway; Messrs. (ioodrich U Co't do do; Mr. Duboit' Music Here, dj : Mr. Crib' do. Maiden Lane, Messrs. Kirk V Mercciu's Itook store. Wall street, and Mtisr. Sword' Book Store, Pearl street. N. B. Price of ticket to ubcriLcr l ; to non subscriber ft eai h. luy 27 41 3, - ' 'The bank notes of all the baukt between O.i city and Albany recrivr.l at our nffice al a discount of 3 - 4 per crnl. in sum over f M. LIVINGS TON ti TRACY, 9 WJ st. The highest price given for Dollars, tuay V7 jtti lvi.h.r. ; And immediate por - ei - inn given. Two oflic. ., in the basr mrnl tory of As.. 44 12 Pn.e - .(reet. 11 ' " rtW - JOEEAsEOR FOR fcALE, m"S modern built house, ritiiat .i ii. - corner of Sau ls an I Wa - 4iiugton strr' - U, Brooklyn It s zois thirty - one fret Iront by fifty feet dep, its room so arnned a to combiii every convenience for a genteel residence. It will he soIJ with twe or more lot. of ground, at the .t.on of Ihe pur liaser. - - Tmns, one fourth cob, (lie resl iu su b payments a Will be most convenient to puixhaM.r. Apply on the premise to C. BALL. my 21 tf COOK. WAN I ED. mao Cook, who can bring goid recrmo erv - V dation a to capibility snd il:.rHcter. will Irfiar of a place Wiere good watswill leiveei by enquiring t tin t - Hn:t. ' " rv c - 7 - ft A' COSITAST lipidy of : lies (leaver H - t, f.e - ti nont Ihe mv naa" y, suila I ic - r !! souther)! market, and pJitd at lb Isrtest noUce. j!,' J60 Broadway. ) ' r i 1 I; ! '.' sM; i ' K i. - 3 '.f: i t r, 1 :

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