The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 21, 1931 · Page 17
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 17

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 21, 1931
Page 17
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18 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MARCH 21 1931 HOG TRADING CLOSES ON DOWNGRADE AVER AGE PRICES LOWER FOR WEEK Feature of Cattle Market Rise of Lower Section · of Steer Trade. - CHICAGO, March 21. UB--Hog " trading closed an unsatisfactory week on the downgrade, as buying ;i today showed a weak to lOc lower trend. This marked the third consecutive day of decline and left the general average coat of hogs- 25-35c tinder.the previous Saturday. Of the 10,000 received at Chicago today 8,000 head went to packers direcf and the rest were offered^ with 4,000 Holdovers from Friday. Good to choice 180-210 Ib. weights sold only at $7.90@8 at the start of a slow Saturday session, but there were «· few loads held at around $8.20. The feature of this weeks cattta market*-was the rise to relatively liigh prices-of the lower section of the steer trade. Most of the runs each day this week contained better grades of steers from Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas, which were sold at ?8.75 up, but common SS.SO©" 1 7.25 kinds were in better demand and closed stronger. Monday's decline in cattle was nearly .all made up, ,but late trading was dull in the Beefy steers, as dressed, beef was rot active. Steer cuts dropped 50c@ $1 for the week. Cutter cows followed .in the steps of cheap steers and sold strong to 25s higher, whils fat cows were declining that much or more. Butcher heifers at $6.25© 7 were weak to 2Bc lower than last week-end, while yearling heifers at $7.25 g7.75 appeared to have lost midweek strength. In spite of the sharp break In fat lambs after they touched. the · sea; son's high point at .59.65, closing prices* for fat lambs were steady to 25c higher than last v^eek-end. Less than choice grades showed the best edvance, while top kinds were quoted at 59.35, as they were last Saturday. Nominal trading today in the'1,000 on sale after packers had taken 2,800 of the run of 4,000 on direct billing found no change in prices. weiEhls mostly Sa.75@7.25; plg« and light lights largely S7.CO; packing sows mostly 56; average coat Friday $7.28, weight 240. SHEEP 2,600; compared with week ago; Pat lambs 15-SSc higher; ewes steady to 2Sc higher; feeding lambs steady; closing top, fed western Iambs ?8.75r late bulk $8.2S@8.75; good to choice ewes eatable $3.50®4.75;·· feeding lambs 58.5007.50. OMAHA LIVESTOCK OMAHA, March 21. UPT-U. S. department of agriculture-HOGS 4,500; 150 direct,'steady to lOc higher; top J7.65; on sorted 170-190 Ib. lights; 170-230 Ib. weights J7.103S7.60; 230260 Ib. butchers $7.25fi7.40; 260-320 Ib. averages ?7S7.25; packing BOWS 56.15© 6.35; average Friday 57.09, weight 271. . CATTI,E 150; 25 calvea; compared with a week ago: Fed steers and yearlings uneven, weighty steers and medium weights 25-SOc lower; yearlings and light steers steady to 25c lower; she stock steady to 250 lower; heavy hellers oft most; medium bullb steady; heavy beef bulls fully 25c lower; vealern 51 lower; stockers and feeders weak to 25c lower; bulks for the week: Fed steers and yearlings ?T@8.7B; weighty steers $9.35; light steers 1,093 Ibs. 59.85; heifers 55.2507.75; few loads $S®8.25; beet cows 54,25@5.50i choice lots $5.75®8.3(l, cutter grades 53S3.75; medium bulls 53.75 0-4.25; heavy beef bulls 53.504; practical top vealers 57.50; choice lots 58 ©8.50; stocker and feeder steers 56.75®8; 1,008 Ib. Wyoming feeders, 58.15, few lots of stackers fS.25tffS.85. '' SHEEP 500; compared with a week ago: Kilting classes 10-15c higher; feeders 25-35C higher; dosing bulks follow^ Fed wooled lambs 58.50(5)8.90; closing top 59; week's top S9.25; fed clipped.lamba $7.50@8: good and choice ewes M.25®5; feeding lamba 53 ®8.35. KANSAS CITY UVESTOCK. KANSAS CITY, March 21. (/P--U. E. department of agriculture-BOGS 700; 225 direct; very slow, uneven, 10-20C lower than Friday's average; top "ST.75 on 180-210 Ibs.;-no strictly choice grades offered; desirable 170-240 Ibs. 57.50 ®T.Tu; a. few 250-260 Iba. 57.15'S7.40: odd sows 53.50^6.75. CATTLE 325; calvea 50; for the week; Better grades strong weight steers 25-50r. lower; other steers steady to-25c lower; light yearlings and flhe stock fully recovered the week's early, decline; bulls strong to 2!ic higher; vealers mostly 50c lower; stockers. nnd feeders steady to strong; weaft's tops: Medium weight steers 59.75; heavy weights 59.60; yearlings 59.25; vealera 58; bulk fed steers and yearlings S7®8.50; stackers and feeders ?6.5058; light yearling stockers up to S8.75. SHEEP 50; for the week: Wooled lambs 25-35C higher; clippers weak to 15e lower; sheep steady to 150 higher; top wooled Iambs $9.10; closing top 59; most sales S8.50@B; shorn lambs mostly $7.75®8.10: top 58.35; native spring lambs 510.75®12; · slaughter ewen largely .S4.25@4.60;. top 54.75; shear- Ing Iambs 57.85©8. GRAINS EASE IN CLOSING TRADE Prospects of Fresh Increase in U.S. Visible Wheat Supply Seen. CHICAGO, March 21. UFt--Pros- pects of a fresh increase of the Unifjid States wheat visible supply total on Monday eased grains late today. An increase of wheat supplies on ocean passage was also expected. Nothing was heard of any North American export business in breadstuffs, but selling pressure was checked by prevalent opinions that under any conditions "-prices were low enougft at present thruout the world. Wheat closed Irregular %©^ic lower to He higher; com «@lic off, May old Ql@ 64^4c; oats a shade to %c up, and provisions varying from 2c decline 'to 5c advance. Com' specialists had reports pointing .to-a slightly Increased .movement of corn I n ' t h e southeast next week. -Iowa advices Indicated that considerable com was back on farm?, but was being held for higher prices. Com primary receipts today totaJcd 705,000 hush- els, a week ago 440,000 and a year . 569,000. Market Notes By TICKER TAPE CHICAGO CASH GRAIff CHICAGO, March 21. UP -- Wheat -- No. 1 hard 70 Vic; No. 2 hard 79c; No. 1 northern No. 1 milted 7B14C: No. 2 spring mixed 78c. . Corn -- No. 2 mixed 62^c; .No. 3 ralxed %@61ilc; No. 4 mixed 59W(8 : Kc: No. S Local Hogs LIVESTOCK FORECAST CHICAGO, March 21. ttll--Unofficial estimated receipts for Monday: Hogs, 50.000; cattle. 17,000:. sheep, 20,000: hogs, for all next week, 157,000. . mixed 6Sc; No. 2 yellow 63ilc; No. 3 yellow 60H@62c; No. 4 yellow 5S$l®60c: No. 5 yellow 57Kc: No. 2 white 63«c; No. 3 white 61^@62c; sample grade 53c. Oats-- No. 2 -white 32% Timothy seed S8. 5508.75. Clover seed 512.00^19.50. Lard 50.05. Ribs 511.00. Belfles $11.00. MASON CITY GRAIN MASON CITY, March 21.-Barley 30c Gate ...22c Shelled corn, No. 4 43c Bar corn 40c STOCKS DECLINE AS WEEK CLOSES Bulls Let Traders Collect Their Profits; Drop Moderate. While certain stocks were reflecting apprehension over the forthcoming dividend meeting, other Issues forged ahead Friday In response to new developments. Kadla corporation was a strong feature following the announcement of a merger of Graphophone, Ltd.. and Columbia Graphophone. National Surety shot up In response to the court ruling In favor of the company. Noranda Mines on the New York curb continued a strong spot, reflecting the discovery of gold announced by the company. -NTT^IXT vn-DW -nT n » A u 01 t ty\ t3,,n Standard Oil of New Jersey did little one NEW YORK, March 21. (/P)--Bull way or the other. Estimates are that the leaders were content to let their . followers .gather some of the fruits margin. The. dividends paid included 25 cents of their efforts today, and the regular and 25 cents extra quarterly., Otis stock market ended the week with Elevator is expected to report 53.40 a share , . ^ nn ^. n earned for last year and Associated Dry a moderate decline. Goods is estimated to have earned between Profit taking sales were to have STOCK UST {2 and 52.25 for last year. DIVIDEND APPREHENSION MO FACTOR NOW been expected at the end of a week of a persistent, if at times uncer- Weakness in Individual stocks 'during the tai n advance. Selling of that order strength. In tile general market Is traced en- ' -i--.,,,...!,!.. aoromnanipH riv tirtly to apprehension over dividend reduc- was presumably accompanied By tlons or omissions. Conspicuous among these hear pressure, as Shorts, despite has been National Cash Register, which has Air Red Allegheny 10 Al Ch i Dye 157 Allls dial Ufg 3751 Am Can 126','» Am Car Fdy 34 Am Coml Al 10 V4 Am For Pow 44% Am Int 20% Am Loco 28 Am P i L 58 '.i Am Had St San trial Alcohol and Liquid Carbonic, which position. Trading: was in moderate followed suit Friday. Cash Register, -which r,,.!,..-.- f- OT ,-f 0 -o v.»- tv.» ri»« linur meeU next week, cul the dividend .three volume, transfers for the two-nour months ago to S1.50 a shore .from $3 on session approximating 1,300,000 the B stock, the majority of which is owned chares by F. B. Patterson, president, and at the ' ,,. · .. -. ' .,,..,,__ same time declared the regular quarterly Westinghouse Drops dividend of 75 cents a share on the A stock Westingtiouse Electric and TJ. £J. ^S'Tc^r'm Oration'should ,,nd iBdustriaf Alcohol were depressed favorable reflection In earnings this year about 4 points. Westinghouse S it is doubtful whether the first quarter orders are reported to have picked of Uils year will show any improvement over i*f4.i« «,,,,,* 4.v,; CT «,,,««-£ t^,,f the recent trend. Under the parUelpatlne "P . a "" e , more this_ month, but provisions, $3 a class A share was earned In all of 1930 as against 55.25 a share In the preceding year, -while on the B stock earnings yere equal to 4 cents a -share as against $5.25 In 192B, after allowing for participating features of class A In the latter year. STONE AND WEBSTER SHOWS STRENGTH Pronounced strength- In Stone and Webster provided deep contrast to the general trend of the utilities, which, based on the averages, closed fractionally lower on the day. It was the first time. In several weeks that the utility average ran counter to the In- Ab Roll Mill Am sm Ret Am Steel Fdra Am Sug Ret A T 4 T Am Tob B Am Wat VVks Anaconda Arm of 111 B Atchlson All Ret Auburn Aviation Corp B O BarnsdaH A Bendlx Av Beth St Eorden Borg Warn NEW YORK STOCKS NEW YORK, March 21. Iftl-- Final Quotations. I T T 37 Johns Manv 78 Kelvlnalor 1411 Kennecolt 28'j Kresge tl-H Kroger 33 USB i My B 86H Loews r 59 ^. Loose Wiles 54 Lorlllard laft Mack " 40lt Math Alkali 26'.i 32% nay D S . 37'1 S2H K C K Rob' 13X 2» . Hex Seab Oil 18'A 6714 Mid Cont Pet 12Vi 104Vi M K T 20^i 119'.i Mont Ward 27 ' 73 Vi Worrell 55 38 U Nash 3»7» Hi Nat Bis Si'A lS Nat Ch Reg A 2Si IDVi Nat Dairy 48". 2l»U Nat Pow I, 42'A ·'" Nat Tea 23% 73« N Y Central lll'/i 12U N Y N H H 88X. BROTHERS'FATHER Brlggs Burr Add Can Dry Caa Pac Case Cerro de P.isco 27 63% 753i 29 Vi 22 28 li 37% 42 'A Ches O Chic Ot W Chic Gt W pf C R I t P Chrysler 41'fi 6% 25 SSV, 24VJ Nor W No Am No Pac' Oliver F Pac 'G E Packard." Pan Am Pet B Para Pub Pathe .Penick POM 44 S Penn 5S"4 Phil Pel Proc oam Pub Serv N J Pullman 107 87 »-, 52% 4-; 53 « 10%' 35 45% 211 12 69% 5114 Leo Brothers' father, Harry V. Brothers, above, has attended court sessions daily in Chicago, closely watching his son's battle to escape the electric chair for the murder of Alfred (Jake) tingle, Chicago reporter. dustrtals. Filing o f ' financing plans with the regu- Representative Sales CHICAGO, March 21. UP1--Kepresenti lales as selected by the United States partmcnt of agriculture . HOGS :atlve de- ll AS ON CITY, March 21.-sorted lights, 180 to 230 Ibs., $7.30; test medium weight butchers, 240 to 260 Ibs., §7.10; best heavy butcn- era, 270 to 300 Ibs., 56-90; best prime heavy butchers, 310 to 350 Ibs., 56.60; hest packing sows, 300 to 350 Ibs.; $6.00; hest heavy sows, ^. ,360 to,400 Ibs., $5-80. ''·".; ^ · ; ·' i CHICAGO LIVESTOCK ^CHICAGO, March 21. UFI--United States iepartment - of agriculture-- ·"· CATTLE 200; compared week ago: Ked ·leers moatly steady; 1 early downturn on good and choice offerings having' been rc- g^lned; closing undertone'on common and medium grades dull; fat cows 25c, or more lower; cutters strong to 25c higher: .butcher helfem weak to 25c lower; 'bulls steady and -vealers about r,0c down; stackers and feeders · strong to 25c higher; largely steer and yearling ' run with, liberal supplies well finished Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas fed steers here; * better grades predominated; selling mostly at 58.73 up; bulk for week ,57.25@ 9.65; common kinds relatively high at ?8.50 @7.25' compared: with offerings costinff 59.00 and better; extreme top 510-85 paid for ·weighty bullocks; best yearlings S10.25V hel- ler yearlings 59.35; most stockers and feeders 56.SOS17.50. . . . . . . SHEEP 4,000; for week 186 doubles from feeding stations, -18,700 'direct; today's mar ket nominal; compared week ago fat lambs steady, to 25c III gher; advance mostly o kinds grading below choice; yearlings prac tlcaHy absent; fat ewes strong; limited feed ex trade steady; fat lambs broke sharpl alter. reaching a seasonal high point, th top receding from 50.65 to ff.25; closln bulk: Good and choice lambs 05 Ibs. down S9.U009.10; a few- 50.25; heavier weights $8.503^8.75; clipped lambs' $8.00@8.25; on load 58.35; wooled native, bucks S7.oO@8.H throwouts S6.50@7.50: fat ewes S4.SO@5.0 HOGS 10,000: 8,000 direct; slow; stead ' to lOc lower than Friday; good 170-210 Ib S7.75S2i8.00; top 58.00; 220-320 Ibs. 57.15 7.75; few pigs S7.00®7.50; packing BOW around 56.50: shippers took 1,500; estimated holdovers 2,000: light lights? good and choice 140-160 Ibs. S7.75@8.00; light weights 160200 Ibs. S7.75Q)8.00; medium weights 200250 Ibs. S7.35@J8.00; heavy weights 250350 Ibs. 50.OOSi7.50; packing sows 275-500 Ibs. 56.25@6.75; pigs 100-130 Ibs. 57.25© 7.75. 33* 310 283 276 258 Mediums--· 27 247 51 233 22 223 JO · 211 11 203 Heavy Hogs-7.15 Light Weights-7.15 27 196 7.25 34 183 7.30 61 182 7.40 14 173 22 164 7.45 Light Lights-7.65 ft 152 7.70 28 143 7.85 11 133 7.95 8.00 8.00 7.90 7.80 7.75 7.75 7.50 7.25 Hog Markets GrainFutures SATURDAY GRAIN CLOSE. CHICAGO, March 21. LSI--Closing grain table: High By TIEE ASSOCIATED PRESS Hog prices at Iowa marKeta Saturday: CEDAR RArlDS--Prime hogs: Mediums $7® 7-15; .heavies SG.7fljfG.tiO; lights $7© 7.15; packers S5.50®0.10. DES MOINES--3,100; steady; prime lights 6.90®7.30; prime mediums ?6.V5@7.23: rime heavies S0.35SP7; good packers $5.6U UJ6.25. OTTUMWA--5c lower; 120-1SO Ibs. S5.1S; 50-170 IDS. 56.75; 170-220 Ibs. 57.10; 22050 Ibs. SG.'M; 2CO-3QO Ibs. SI1.G5; 300-350 bs. 50.35; over 300 Ibs. 56.05; good packers 5.60; fair packers 54.60. IVATERIXJO;--Prime hogs, 180-200 Ibs. S6.80S7.10: 120-250 Jbs. 56.70(5)7; 250-300 bs. 55.303)B.GO; 300-350 Ibs. 5.10@G.40; good packer^ CORN-Mar. old May old...... new July Sept. WHEAT-Mar. old new..... May old new..... July Sept. OATS Mar. old '. May -old new... . July Sept RYE-May old new Sept. · -LARD-Mar May July BELLIES-May July .64% .0514 .66% .79=4 .8151 .83 .62% -02% .32 ',4 .3214 .33% Low .64 .65 .66%' .66% .7914 · 81% .82% -62% .62 V4 .32% .32% .32% .33 .39% Close .62 .64 .05 .66% .66(4 .78% .6211 .31 .32 «i .32V, .32 tt .33 : " .39% .40 ii .42 te 9.05 9.07 9.22 11.10 11.25 lalory- body by the Consolidated Gas led to considerable speculation as to what the outcome of the financing will be. In well Informed quarters, opinion was held that this simultaneous action of the parent company and Its subsidiaries pressages the combining of its gas units in one organization and electric properties In another. CALL MONEY: LOWEST IN 10 VE.4.RS . Tna drop in call money to 1 per cent, the lowest ID 16 years, minimized the possible effect on the market of the. Increase In brokers' lonns, altho little significance was attached to cither by well Informed Interests. Money rates, have been low for a long time and Friday's development attracted less than ordinary interest. The street seemed to be agreed on the theory that the gain in brokers' loans was a reflection of withdrawals from trading \ accounts for Income tax purposes rather than distribution. LAMSON BROTHERS GRAIN LETTER SIOUX CITY LIVESTOCK. SIOUX ClTr, March 21. OP)--U. S; department of agriculture--. CATTLE. 150; calves 450; market for the week: Beef steers and yearlings 25-50c lower; she stock mostly 25c down; other classes lllUe changed; good medium weight beeves $9.25; big weights yearlings 59; bulk 57.25 @8.25; choice light heifers 58.65: most car- Jots 56.50@7.60; majority cows 54.25@5.25; choice yeaning stockers J8.50; heavy feeders up to 58.25; best stock steer calves 59. HOGS 3,000; 150 billed thru; fairly active, butchers steady to lOc higher with Friday's average; 150-190 !bs. largely 57.2ft @7.50; 260-290 Ibs. mostly*57©7.35; 300350 Ibs. 56.75@7.10; packing sows steady to strong, mainly ;e.25@8.40; few smooth lights S8.50S8. ' SHEEP 800; today's trade steady, 00-100 ]b,"wooled lambs 58.50^8.90; clippers 58.15: f o r - t h e week: Fat lambs-. 15-25c higher: some weighty offerings up more and sheep and feeders strong to, 25a higher; closing bulk fed wooled lambs' 80-94 Iba. $8.75{P 8.30; quotable, top 50; week's top $9.25; good lambs mainly 58.25: few $3.50: fat ·wobled ewes 54.50@5;' clipped ewes 54.40: feeding lambs salable 58.25 down. COMBINED HOQ RECEIPTS. DES MOINES, March 21. UP)--U. S. department of a?*»iulture-- Combined hog receipts at 23 concentration yards and 7. packing plants located in Interior Iowa nnd southern Minnesota for the 24 hour period ended at 10 a. m. today wen. 23,800, compared with 15,100 a week ago. Steady to IOC lower, mostly steady to weak; marketing fairly heavy; hulk 61 17i 230 Ib. weights S7.10®7.40; sorted 180-210 Ib. weights up to 57.55 at some stations 240-290. Ib. averages mostly' J6.65®7.15, I few loads at Inside weight ,ut S7.25@7.3o. Quotations for good and choice: Llfih lights. 140-100 Ibs. S0.25S7.40; light weights 160-180 Ibs. J7.10SS7.50: 180-200 Ibs. S7.1U4J 7 55; medium, weights 200-220 Ibs. 57.IOC 1 7.55; 220-250 Iba. S7®7.45; heavy weights 250-200 Ibs. S8.BO@7.20; 260-350 Ibs. ?G-3 OO.OO; tigs 100-130 Ibs., blank. Good packing sows, 275-350 Ibs. J5.80© 6.35; 350-425 Ibs. ?5.-60®5.00; 425-550 IDS. S5.35gi5.70. HOQ FUTURES. CHICAGO. March 21. jr--Hog futures: Bidding S7.75 for, light hogs. S7.50 for mediums and 57 for heavies to arrive Monday. Grade Offered LIGHTS-- OJIAIN OPEN CHICAGO, March 21. CORN-Mar. old hew... May old ' new... July Sept WHEAT-Mar. old new... May old new.. . July Sept OAT3-- Mar. old... new.. May old new:. July Sept.' RYE-May old... new. May Close Yr. Ago. .85% .86 W. 1.05% ' 1.08% , 1.07.% 1.0914 .43% .43% .42 Vi .81 '£ .641,4 Close Yes'd'y. .62% .62% .6051 .79% .79% .81% .82% i62Vl .82% .30% .32 'A .32-;.; .32% Open Today. .64% .65 W .0651 .79H .81% .82% .62H .32% .32*. .32 .69 V, Bid SOUTH. ST. PATH, LIVESTOCK. SOUTH ST. PAUL, March 21. UP)--U. S. department of agriculture-CATTLE 200; compared with week OKO: Matured steers 25-SOo lower; yearlings 25c down; she stock steady; bulls and better light stoclters 25c higher; week's prices: Top heavy steers 59; medium weights 58.75: mixed yearlings 58.50; bulk all weights short feds 56.5008.25; beef cows 54.25®5.50: fiutcher heifers 55.25«!6.50; yearlings to 58.50; cutters J3@3.75; bulls 54@4.25: fleshy feeders 57.50; thin stockers 55.50S 1 «.50; calves .100; vealers SOe or more lower for week; at close good grades 55.503j6: choice kinds $7..5I@S. HOGS 000; steady to around lOc lower than Friday: decline mostly on medium and heavy butchers; better grade 160-250 3b. ·weights 57.25©7.65; top 57.65; ZSO-350 Ib 8.25 MEDIUMS-May 8 -" 0 HEAVIES-May Sept. · · · · MISCELLANEOUS POTATO MARKET CHICAGO, March 21. (.-!-- United States department ot agriculture-.Potatoes 91: on track 185: total U. b. shipments 1.171; unsettled; very few sales at wide rMBe I" Prices; trading very limited- sacked, per cwt., Wisconsin round whites $1.'6Q81.90; mostly «.7061.7S; Idaho russets No. 1, S1.8061.00. LET US EXECUTE YOUR ORDERS for listed or unlisted SECURITIES on an; Stock Exr.bango Investment Department FIRST NATIONAL BANK Mason City Fi-OUR. MINNEAPOLIS, March 21. OD--FlourUnchanged: shipments 31,045; bran $19.51 020; standard middlings $19@)0.50. NEW YORK SUGAR. NEW YORK. March 2J. I/P)--Sugar on- changed at 3.30c. Raw futures 1 to 2 points net WEher. Refined reduced 5 points to 4.35C. Sarazen and Turnesa Lead in Florida Open MIAMI BEACH, Fla., March 21. fJrV-Gene Sarazen and Joe Turnesa led a reduced but hopeful guard of golfers over the La Gorce open championship battlefield Saturday to final assault on the $5,000 top prize of the $15,000 booty. Sarazen and Turnesa were in front with 36 hole scores of 139 two strokes ahead of their nearesl competitor. Joe Klrkwood follower with 141, Tommy Armour 142; Walter Kozack and Frank Walsh, each. Walter Hagren waa Bracketed in the next position with 144, along with Johnny Farrell and Harry Cooper. Craig Wood, Wiffy Cox and Willie MacFarlane were next with 145. old. new July Sept. .'- 731 LARD-Mar. 10.25 May 10.37 July 10.57 BELLIES-May 13.15 July 13.22 -39T4 .40% .39 Ti 9.00 0.05 B.20 11.10, 11.27 MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN MINNEAPOLIS, March 21. (_T-- Wheat 179 cars compared to 82 year nco; unchanged; cash No. 1 northern 74%@7Sttc; No 1 dark northern 12, 13, 11 and 15 per cent protein 75(37856c; No. 1 dark hard Montana 14 per cent protein 74 %c; to arrive 73'Ac: No. 1 amber durum 70®74c; No. 2 amber durum 08071cr No. 1 red durum 63c; May 76i4c; July 88«c; Sept. 81*Sc, Corn-- No. 3 yellow 54®5«c. Oats -- No. 3 -vhtte 28@28ic. Barley 32®52c. Hye-- No. 1, 33%®38Kc. Flax-- No. 1, S1.5554«pl.5S«. STOCK MARKET REVIEW Mercantile reviews indicated gradual betterment of conditions. News for the most part was favorable, but 'the market seemed more concerned with Its technical position and .with events In :the way of dividend meetings 'tor next week:- The motor shares,' still under the influence of favorable news from the Industry, were led to higher levels by General Motors, which made a new high for the year. The high priced Industrials and utilities did not make much progress, while short covering was effective In numerous special shares. There was some lightening of commitments by traders for the week-end. The close was Irregular, with the alls rather weak and best levels not held jy the rank and file of stocks. BONDS -- Syndicate on new Missouri Pa- flc 5s of '81 was terminated last night. he bonds opened at 03, off 2 points, and hen sold down to 92. International Match 5s C '41 continued their advance, selling up to 00. The general list was strong, with In- uatrtals the feature. Foreign bonds were trong, with strength shown, also in U. S. governments. CHAIN MARKET REVIEW WHEAT-- Statistical news and weather were main bearish factors, the market re- nalncd practically unchanged. There was no ncentlve at Winnipeg, and action there was confined to a narrow range. There was no pressure- on the new crop months while trans actions in the old crop months was con fined mostly evening up operations. Th trade was looking for liberal world ship ments to 'be shown Monday, with an In crease probable in stock on passage an our visible supply. Clearances fit domestl wheat are running light. A few scattere loads of Manitoba^ were reported sold fo export hut the demand generally continue disappointing. Liverpool closed fractional! higher, reports there -indicating that ther would be a substantial decrease In Aus trallan acreage. Statistics Monday may hav some effect on prices. CORN -- Com displayed stubborn rests tance to pressure until the late trading when some evening up for the Week-end caused fractional recession. Most Interests are awaiting some Incentive before taking a stand cither, way. Bookings to arrive were 18,000 and shipping sales 35,000. The coah market was steady. Think prices will be moderately higher Monday unless the declining run Is offset by bearish statistics. Liverpool Wall street expects first quarter earnings to fall, far short of the quarterly dividend of $1.25 a share. The company has cash and readily marketable securities amounting to about $10 a share, however, so it could easily continue payments at the current rate jf directors saw fit. A wide assortment of prominent issues declined a point or .two, including U. S. Steel, Bethlehem Steel, Consolidated Gas, .North American, Electric Power and Light. Sears Roebuck, Anaconda, du Pont, American Can, Radio, Baltimore and Ohio, Public Service of New Jersey and Byers. National Surety, which recently shot up 9 points, on a favorable judicial decision in a 53,000,000 suit, reacted 4. General Railway Signal declined as much, and Air Reduction, Allied Chemical and Eastman lost 3 or more. Move Against Trend A few specialties moved contrary to the trend. Auburn closed 5 points higher. Stone and Webster sold up 4 points and retained part of its gain. Houston Oil, Vanadium, Freeport Texas and Philadelphia and Reading Coal and Iron gained 2 or more. Announcement of a ?2 a ton increase in prices by Illinois Steel was encouraging. This brings the Chicago price into line with the $1 advance recently announced by Carnegie .Steel. Less cheering were estimates of mill operations in the Youngs town area for next week, showing little if any change from the rate of 51 per cent of capacity. , Motor production continues to gain. A report .that General Motors has bought large supplies of copper, cotton, zinc and other commodities was interpreted as indicating a belief that commodity irices were around bottom levels. Curb -Market , NEW YORK. March 21. -P) -- Curb market price movements were narrow and Irregular today. Week-end profit-taking claimed a smnll part ot the week's advances in the industrial and specialty shares and utilities likewise shaded o£f. Investment trusts, how- c ver, worked hi gher. Trading was rather quiet.' American Superpower turned over actively, climbing to 1914, a new high for the year, altho It closed under the top. Bond and Share; and Brazilian TractJon cased. Aluminum ot America found the market thin and tumbled 7 points putting the quotation below 100 In comparison with Wednesday's high of 204. Mead Johnson, Dreaser "B," Noronda Mines and Ford Limited were also reactionary. Great Atlantic and Pacific soared 20 points to the new high ot 250 OJXs were mostly firm, but very dull. United Founders and Shenancioah rallied uoca com its:* wnHin OR Col P I 26 iSS tr o Su. Col G . E 44 H^L w««^ it yt i A« t. -in HCHl JvQna 15 Col Graph ^ Reo ' 8r Com SolV 20 -o cm "v*!' Comwlth So 11*. 5!P ~' h B ?j ta ConBoleum lOVi jJ Q * Du tch 37S Cont°Ciin ttS " 69VI Sears R 6n .'f Cont Ing 43% sPmniims 18$ COQt MOt 4 V* C l n n l a l » 1 1 " Corn Prod 85K sinl:lalr 13V Cudahy 46 % |jj p' ' I0 jj '* Curtlsa Wr 5Vi |° Pr s _ j 3 ,/ Deere pf 21*Hi «. rt » v ·ss'sl Du Pont 105'u Stand Bras 20t* Eastman 168^* g£ oll^Cal 45V^ Ili/ptiU^Sw Ji_* |' t *',', ~ Jy f^ FOX Film. A 35^i o*ftn(» \V K *11 Freeport Tex 4 1 ~. "· XI? . Gen El - 32fi Stude ^ 25=^ Gen Foods 55 Jex Corp SOU Gen Motors 47*4 J-ex \_rmi aui o^Ttt Gen Pub s'er 21 ii JJin Roll B 57 cnieite an; -^JJ p accarb -^ GoTd Dust. 4lHi Un lt Alrc 3G% Goodrich 18-;i H nlt £ IE ".°' (l Goodyear 49 '-i U n l t Cor " ·!" Grah Paige 4'i U S Ind Ale 88% Granby 20 Vi ^ ^ Rub iJ-.-: Gt No Ry pf 62",ji U S Steel 147^4 Gt No I Ore ctf 21,1 Ut P L, A 29J, Grle Grun SVi Vanadium 71 Ham, S=t Wabash 17 (i Houslon 50fe Warn Ptx 13W Hudson 23^'i ·· Mary '- loiy Hupp · 12 ' West E MI 91 III Cent 74 a j Willys Ov 7W Ind Re f 4 Woqlwortb 6-1 V- Int Comb Eng 3^ Wrlgley 79 Int Har 57 Vi Yell Tr 14% Int Nick Can 19ii Young -.8 W 20% CHICAGO STOCKS CHICAGO, March 21. OP) -Beatrice Cream 79'.i M W U e p p£ 100 Cent Pub Ser A 19^ Midland Unit 20'^. CltUs Service 20^a Nat Stand 33 Or Lakes Atrc 4 N W Bane 32V5 Grleaby-Grunow 5Vj Swift Co 29V4 Insull Ut Inv 45V Swill Inl ,38^ Katz Drug 23Ms .Unit Gas 10% Kcll Siv-ltch 6 U S Gypsum 4S1i- Libby McNeil 1214 TJti! Ind S% Majestic H'llold "5 to Zenith *V* Midwest UUl 24% SUPPLEMENTARY LIST OF STOCK QUOTATIONS Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO. Mason City Office ID Bagley- Beck Building. Telephone No. 7 NEW YORK STOCKS AD P P Co 11 7k Hcrahey Ch Co 98^b Am Beet Sugar 4 Hous Oil (new) 12 1 ,*,' Am. BraUe Slioc 351* Indian Hef 4 Am Car Fdy 3-t KelvlnatOi* Corp 14Ti Am Mctnl 21% Lambert Co 8G-K Am Sum Tob 0 LJquIH Garb Cp 44Ji Am Tob 11744 Mathlcson Alk 2fly. Ar Co B (HO IV* McK Robb 13% Assoc Dry Gda 28^ Nev Cons Cop HI Baldwin Lo 27 N Y Air Brake 21 Brlggs Mfg Co 22 Pathe Exchange 2Vi Best Co 44 Vi -Pure Oil Co 9 ',-4 Burr Add Mach. 2SVi Rco Grande OH 7^. Buah Terminal 27 U, Reo Motors fi^, Butte 'Cop Zc 1'H St Joseph .Lead 24 Calif Packing 44^ Schulte Re Strs 10 Com Credit 21 tt So Calif EdlBOD 53% Coml Solvents 20 Standard Brds 20Vj Cont Motors 4 ',J( Tobacco Prod 3 Vi Cont Oil ~ 9^i U 3 Real Im 33^ Cream of Wht 33 1 ;; Vanadium 71 Cudahy Pack 48V, Wabash Ky 17^1 Curtfss Wr pfd 75s Western My(d I8»i Y ^ l n l r T » l l V i n v t'. t\Tf. a ta~~ T T n l n n 1 1 «t 1 / HOUSE PASSES BILL ON TRIALS Defendants May Waive Jury in AH Except Capital Punishment Cases. DES JMOINES, March 21.. UP-The house today passed, 70 to 4, a bill to permit defendants to ;\vaive jury trials in criminal actions except in capital punishment cases. The nieasure was sponsored by the judiciary committee, which said it was a proposal to save time and money in court procedure. Opposing the bill were Gissel, McCreary; Sours and Simmer. Making the speaker a steering committee of one, the house waded thru a score of bills, doing: more actual work toward clearing its calendar than in any one day this session. Bills passed included tha BANCORPORATION AREA IS AHEAD Business Conditions Better in Iowa, Minnesota and Adjacent States. The'states embraced in the Minneapolis trade territory, with 10.9 per cent of the population of the United States, show a better general business condition than does the country as a whole, says the Northwest Bancorporation's review for March. These states are Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and Wasn- ington. Income from crops in the 10 states, the review' points out, averages about 16 per cent of the country's total crop revenue, but cash returns from dairying, livestock and livestock products a g g r e g a t e s around 38 per cent of the United States income from those sources, the survey .points out. AVheat Production Compared. ."Relative to an erroneous idea somewhat prevalent in the east as to the factors affecting business in certain states of this area, a statement is made that Minnesota's production of wheat is exceeded by Pennsylvania, and Iowa's wheat production is smaller than that of Maryland or Virginia. Wisconsin produces about as much wheat as Delaware. In the east there has not been a full understanding of changing conditions in this part of the country, particularly with regard to diversification of agriculture. "In the 10 states named, livestock and livestock products are a far larger source of rural income than cash grains, and corn a more important crop than wheat. Another group of five northwestern states, South Dakota and Nebraska ap- is i ^ ) following; Bills Passed. By Garrett -- Reducing fur dealers' licenses from $25 to 55. By Tamisiea -- Authorizing county supervisors to abolish taxes on eroded lands. By Stiger -- Providing that sale of property in private partition sales must not be less than the face value. By judiciary committee -- Elimlna- . ting -numbered , districts , fet 'sehtattvea.'-' '·"';·'. '.,'--' : T : ' ·" ; ; ^ · By Helgason-- Requiring the . , KANSAS CITY GRAIN KANSAS CITY, March 21. m-- Wheat 84 cars; unchanged to We higher; 'No. 2 dark hard nominally 70\4®73#c; No. 3 nominally No. 2 hard 70%371c: No. 3, No, 2 red 73c; No. 3 nominally 70(B72c. Corn 77 cars; unchanged 50l4c lower; No. 2 white 58Wc; No. 3, a3Vj@5D«c; No. 2 yellow 58V4c; No. 3, 63«@55c: No. 2 mixed nominally 53®54c; No. 3, 52',4c. Oats 8 cars; unchanged; No. 2 white nominally 34®34Hc; -No. 3, 33Hc. OMAHA GRAIN OMAHA, March 21. tJf--Wheat--Hard No. 1, 71Kc; No. 2, 70%c; durum smutty No. 3, 62c: mixed smutty No. 3, 68c. . ' Corn--White No. 3, 52c; No. 4, 52c: yellow No. 2, 53}4c; No. 3. 5H4SlS2l4c; mixed No. 3, 51c; No. 4, 18',4350c; sample mixed 45c. OatR--White No. 4, TOLEDO SEEDS. TOLEDO, March 21. CJT]--Seed unchanged. HAY MARKET. CHICAGO, March 21. (JP)--Hay, 9 earn, unchanged. HIDES Quotations Furnished by Wolf Bros. SOS Fifth Street Southwest. Horse hides $1.50-52.00 Cured beef hides .-.4%c Green beef hides 3V4c due unchanged to lower. PRODUCE MASON CITY, March 21.-Cash Quotations by E. Q. Morse. EGGS Eggs (current receipts) ...... .I5c I3c 14c lie 9c I2c 7c Stags .-. . . Heavy hens, 4% Ibs Light hens ...... . Old cocks, heavy Ducks ........ : . Geese Merchants Quotations. Eggs, in trade ................ 18c Eggs, cash ................... 16e Butter, Plymouth ____ . ........ 36c Butter, Clear Lake ...... - ..... .33c Butter, State Brand .......... 36c Butter, dairy ................. 30c Potatoes . ^ ---- 35c and 40c a pecst CHICAGO POUI.TRV CHICAGO, March 21. (/n-- Poultry -- Alive, 1 truck, steady, unchanged. half a point each. Central States -Electric and Goldman Sachs Trading were steady. Bond Market NEW YORK, March -'21. (/PI--The bond market moved irregularly today In quiet trading typical of a short session. Sao Paulo 7s of 1940 were one of the weakest of the foreign group dropping about 1 point. French 7s and 7!£s, nnd German 7s lost fractions but the German 5%s of 1965 were lirin. In the .public utilities -American and Foreign Power 5a, Utility Power and Light debenture Tt\~a, International Hydroelectric 6s and Cincinnati Gas and Electric series A 4s made varying losses. Consolidated Gas of New York 5S were firm. Among the Industrial bonds Chile Copper S3 eased, off and Goodyear 5s were fractionally higher. Erin 5s of 10G7 were active and firm. Most other rail bonds were Quiet. Fluctuations among the stock, privilege Issues were principally, fractional. CLOSING BOND QUOTATIONS. NEW YORK, March 21. (JF--U. S. bonds closed: Fourth 4'/is 103.25. Flak ^Rubber General Mills 4914 Western Union 13341 Wrlgley Jr Co 70 32V, 22'A CHICAGO PRODUCE ' CHICAGO, March 21. tm--Butler 13,863; easy; creamery extras (92 score) 2Dc; standards (00 score carlots) 29c; extra firsts (60-91 score) 28®2814c; firsts (88-80 score) 26W®27V4c; seconds {86-S7 score) 24H® . Eggs 22,808; steady; unchanged. PRODUCE FUTURES. CHICAGO, March 21. ffn--Egg futures closed: Storgae packed Mrsti. March lie; April 21Mc; refrigerator standards, Nov. 25e. Butter futures: Storage standards, March 2B»c; Nov. 3014C, There's something 1 good in everything. Even in gangland there Is the mortality rate.--Cedar Knplds Gazette. . NEW VORK PRODUCE. NEW YORK, March 21. Ijn--Eggs 31,878; steady. Butter 3,787; steady. Cheese 140,122; steady. Poultry--Live and dressed, steady, unchanged. KANSAS CITV PRODUCT,. KANSAS CITY, March 21. (.1^--I'oullry-- Hens 115M7c; roosters 8@llc. Other produce unchanged. Rockford Father and Son Banquet Attended by 111 ROCKFORD, March 21.--The annual father and son banquet, sponsored by the men's class of Uia Methodist Sunday school, was held in the church basement Thursday evening and was well attended. One hundred and eleven -fathers an-1 sons were present. Dinner waa served by Circle A of the Ladies Aid society with decorations in green and white. The program opened with community singing )eU by Charles Vietmier, following the singing Dr. C. R. Heiney introduced the Rev. C. E. Luce, who spoke on "Sympathetic Understanding Between Father and Son." Games in charge of Jess Miller and William Kruse took up the remainder of the evening. Correct this sentence: "If I don't know the meaning of a word," said the flapper, "I always stop reading and look it up."--Kcsslngcr's Review. NEW YOBK CURB QUOTATIONS Amer For P Co 2S*u Hudson B M S Amer Gas t El 81-i Humble Oil 56 Am Sup Pow 18^i Ark Nat Caa A H A330C G El A ZZ\\ Can Marcom 3Ta Cons Auto Mdsc Vi Deforest Radio 5Ta Durant Motor 2^i Elsler El 6 VI El Bd 4: Sh E8VS Ford Mo of Can 29 Ford Mo of Ene 18% Fox Theaters A n% CHICAOO STOCKS Allied Ito Imlust 2U Horm o A Co 28 Aub Auto Co 2UVi Bendix Av Cp 23!!, Bor£Warn Cp 29% Cont Chicago Cp 9 Chicago Invest 3^ Cord Company 10';y Gt Lukes Alrc 4 Grigsb'y-Gninow , Nlag 13 ud No Amer Avlat 10 Pcnnroad Corp 7 S O Ind S O Ky Transcont Air T 7 United Gas · 10 'A- Un L P A 32*4 U S Dairy Pr A 6m Utll P L 12 (» Vacuum Oil 651^ Key St . Wire 12 Muncle Geer A 2'^ Natl Leather ',, Natl Standard Unit Corp U S Gypsum 6S Utll t Ind Corp 8V. _ U S Ra a Tele MINNEAPOLIS STOCK First Bk Sk Cp 22H MINNEAPOLIS DRAIN MARKET CASK SAI.KS Flax 155 V4 to 1501/ NUMSKUU. PEAS NOAH= is A OF CEMENT A MR? T.j ffilFFti. Pence SPRINGS, NOAH= DOE'S THE MAN IN THE MOON BUliSrt, WHEN TTAE OCEAM WAVES BATHE THE snoee? MES J.H. PClCE, OKt-IHPf.,-reHH PEARNOAH=COUU3 You So SI-SIGH RIDIN5 ON A O.B SAvAfie county auditor to keep special assessment tax lists. By Ellsworth--Requiring township trustees and local boards of health to meet the second Monday in September. By schools committee--Providing that towns of 10,000 or over with public libraries need- not maintain school libraries. By Brown--Requiring administrators of estates to be residents of Iowa. By Snyder--Fixing the legal weight of lemons, grapefruit ami oranges at 48 pounds a bushel. Senate Passes. The senate passed 18 bills during the forenoon, most of them with little debate. Most of them were code devision proposals sponsored by Senator E. J. Wenner of Black Hawk county, and others made minor changes in the present laws.- Time for payment of auto license fees is changed from January to February by the Stevens bill which received approval by . the upper house. A bill by Senator D. W. Kimberly of Scott county providing a JlOO'penalty for failure by public officers to purchase "goods made instate institutions for their departments also was passed. The form of the oath to be administered to jurors is provided in the Wenner bill adopted by the senate. It was pointed out that sections of the present law inferred that there is sueh an oath, but that none had been specifically provided. Issued Oftener. Issuance of code annotations every two years instead of four was provided in a bill passed. A bill by Senator E. W. Clark of Cerro Gordo county, permitting counties having only one probation officer to name a man for that position instead of a woman as now provided also received senate approval. The senate committee on horticulture introduced a bill providing for the licensing of peddlers of fruit and vegetables. The peddlers would be under $1,000 bond and would be required to pay a fee of 550 a year. The committee on public schools introduced a bill authorizing 1 county superintendents to carry out plans for improving instruction by holding additional teachers meetings. Others Passed. Other bills passed included: By senate Judiciary No. 2, fixing the time o£ the supreme court justice to six months instead of one year; by Kimberly, giving Da'venport the same right as other municipalities to issue anticipatory bonds for fire department equipment; by Knudson. exempting from the Iowa securities acf railroad securities under regulation by the interstate commerce commission; by Baird, extending from 1935 to 1949 the time in which Council Bluffs may make a one mill levy for park purposes. The house by unanimous vote refused permission to Representative W. M. Short of Woodbury county to pearing' in the group, produces 40 per cent of the nation's corn. Fresh Egg Supply Mounts "The unusually mild winter has bad many strange effects. One ir that egg production has been breaking all winter records with the re- / suit that since Jan. 1 in : four lead- / ing city markets of the country the! ,· supply of fresh eggs has exceeded/ v that of last year by 20 per cent." ] The review is generally optimistic about conditions and notes particularly that the number of commercial | failures and the aggregate liability involved make much smaller figures relatively than in the country as a whole. During February upturns were reported in a number of business lines. The review points to the remarkable oversubscription to the $1,400,000,000 offerings of United States treasury certificates in bonds, sub-, scriptions having been more than r two and a half times the amount offered. despite the fact ithatth?! rate _· on- SOOO.OOOjOOO six nionttjg-.---vtm- x- cates was fixed at 1% T : ? r ' annum, the lowest' rate r ever·made,;, on an offering of treasury certlfK-'. cates. The 10-state area generally is looking forward confidently to the opening of spring to . bring.; stimulus to general business. OF CAGING WINS All Four of State's Entries Squirm Into Loyola's Quarterfinals. By WILX.IAM WEEKES. Associated Press Sports Writer CHICAGO, March 21. W^-It waa Indiana basketball against the brand played in four other states Saturday in the quarter final round of Loyola university's annual Catholic prep championship tournament. Four Indiana teams entered' the tournament ,and all four of thettt Friday or last night romped or squirmed thru to the third round. Catholic of Washington, Ind., started it in the first second rounder, with a 34 to 21 victory over Central Catholic of Wheeling, W. Va. Central Catholic of Ft. Wayne made It two, but had considerable trouble in defeating Augustinian academy · of Carthage, N. Y., the midget team of the tournament, 28 to 25.; St. Patrick Defeated. Jasper academy, runner up for the national title last year, was far too much for little St. Patrick of Danbury,' Iowa, and turned in a 38 to 11 victory to qualify. Cathedral of Indianapolis wound up just one point in front of five scrappers from Duquesne university high, Pittsburgh, 25 to 24. Duquesne defeated De Paul of Chicago, 17 to 13, in the morning. ' Washington's adversary Saturday was De La Salle of Minneapolis which nipped St. Mel of Chicago 23 to 22, whUe Fort Wayne had J Father Ryan high of Nashville, ' Tenn., 28 to 19 victor over Gotten high of Winona, Minn., as its opponent 'Prairie Du Chien Strong. Jasper was paired up with a real tartar in Champion academy of Prairie du Chicn. The Wisconsin team, big, rangy and aharpshooting. defeated Neumann high of Williamsville, N. Y., 28 to 22 last night Cathedra! was paired with De La Salle of Joliet, HI., which displayed staying abilities, to come from behind to defeat Bishop England of Charleston, S. Car., 15 to 14 in the final seconds of play. To Broadcast Game. DES MOINES, March 21. (/P)_ The final game of the state high ^chool basketball tournament will be ^ oa _ dc ^ tnf TM". . the Drake field over print in the journal a legislative program which he outlined And advo cated. It touched on roari improvement, appropriation, the mqrislative State college, will describe* expense act, and other subjects. 1 test. v r t ,?,*X?, :30 °' clock r VHO-WOC. A^idy Wolfries, sports Announcer for Station WOI at Iowa

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