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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Thursday, May 28, 1818
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s, - i:u'.r.'iJC - Ers - wo pout, THURSDAY, MAT M. Law ease - In thit eveniog't paper will be looml tb termination of tha appeal in the court of KJng't, of Asbiord y. Thorntoo. The latter was triad and acquitted by the jury of the murder of Maty Ashford ; but the circumstantial evidence Wai to irreeutihly strong against him, and it appearing;, after the acquittal, that very Important testimony had been Irept back, toe nearest rehxtioo of the deceased instituted what , h called an action of appeal, a proceu to try him agiin, at provided by law. This action has been ' a lo'.e time pending before the learned judges, who, alter .teulayinz much black Utter reading of the dark ages, have decided that the guilty villain Shall be dimmed. It Would b a difficult matter to produce a stronger instance of war be. tweeu rommou sense and technical learning Every step that has been taken in this case, is - calculated to cover the whole proceeding won ridicule and contempt. , We learn from a passenger, lo the steam boat this morning (rem Albany, that the three tier cent United States stock owned by this state, and amounting to 840,000, was disposed of last Tuesday by the comptroller, agreeable to a Jate law. The porchBters were Le Roy, Bayard k Co., Prime, Wrd fc Sands, and John J. Astor ti Boa, f f this city. It was taken at 68 1 - t perceut. Other stock negociations to a large amount we perceive, by the Albany Daily Advertiser, were made at the same time. From th Albany Dnilg Advertiser, of May 57, The Manhattan Bauk have taken the state loan of one million dollars of six percent, stork, at 101 1 - 4 percent, being a premium of f 12,500, and 1750 more than was offered by the bauk of XVow - ioric. ine mauiiumm panic in consequence of having made the bct offer for the loan become entitled lo the trearury deposits in the city of New - York, which have heretofore been given to the Bank of New - York. The Albany City Loan of $205,000 of 7 per cent. ttocr, was taken by mme, vvara ana Sands, at 3 percent advance ; excepting 29,000 subscribed by creditors of Uie corporation, auu (KC0 subscribed by the commissioners towards creating a sinking I unu. Tendernessof conscience On Thursday the 14th current, fcoeneser weaver, esq. ana another geotlemao, were cboten by the town of Rox - bury representatives to me uenerai ioun. mr, Seaver immediately rose, and expressed his gratitude to the town for the honor they bad conferred upon him by electing him their representative, whose duties be never bad more leisure, and but for one circumstance nevor more inclination, to perform. Aerlong and deep research the Christian religion appearing to him the fabrication of impostors, necessity compelled him, however reluctrntly, to decline the office tendered him, because he could not, ronsnVn - iunuly, subscribe to the following declaration, required by the constitution, of every representative, fix: , , do declare, mat 1 Deiieve in we tV .,i;.,r tJ th Albany Rcff'uter stale the, political parties m the next boose of assembly as follows j Republicans, by which we onueru those who are friendly to the present state mam - oistration,81 federalist S7 ; Martting . 7 which is understood those woo are administration of Mr. Clinton, 18. Total m the heuM of assembly, 1J6. ' , . i Th stale senator chosen at the law election, n ... t Mirtlint - - man ; but as Mr. Crosbv has bis election in the southern district, J .ur. . r - nriwt there being two of the Utter cltst, (Mr. Crosby and Mr. Austin,) and 6 of the former. , Member e Cimgreu - M repliant, 5 fcd eralista, and 3 MarUiog - men. Total X7. Mr. Coleman, . ...... . a. ik. hi.tnr and ultimate object of the Aca demy of the Fin Arts in this city is little under - .11 and its utility, perhaps, not duly appreci - ated, you are requested to give a place in your valuable paper w me loiiowuig ciui. The first idea of this establishment originated here about the year 1801. Chancellor Living - too. beine then minister of the United States in Paris, was written to and entered warmly into (he views of the first subscribers to the plan. At their instance he procured the fine casts from the matter - pieces of Grecian sculpture, which, in all nations, are considered at standard of excel lence, and which form the basis of study in an the academies of Europe. He also, with lauda ble xeal, represented the subject in so lavoranie a lin - ht to the then emperor Napoleon, that his ma - iet ordered to be presented to the infant intti - . . . . . . i . .n..r - r lution, tn nit name, a vniuauie collection im uj - pies of the ancient paintings dicovered in Her - cutaneuni. of prints, drawings, and works on architecture. 1 he exjiente u ine iiaiues wan defrayed from the sum originally subscribed The various articles which lorm the basis of the collection of the academy were soon received, and the statues were arranged and publicly exhibited in the old circus in Greenwich - street The circus was toon after taken down to make way lor privato building?, and the collection was removed to a room in tne cutiom - nouse, u bottom of Broadway, where it remained until that building was also taken down to make room for the nrcnent improvements. In the mean time, (ISth Feb. 1f!08) a charier was granted to K. K. Livingston ana ouiers, constituting them and their successors a body corporal h iha name of the Academy of tne Arts with power te create stock to the amount of 1000 shares or 25 eacn. 1 nis was to oe me pauui - a ry basis of the institution, which had no fundi but what were to be derived from this source ; and tbif, experience soon demonstrated to be utterly inadequate to the erection, purchase, or even hire of suitable apartments, and to other inJunensable exnences. The various articles competing the collection were, therefore, placed securely in a warehouse, to wait for more propitious terms. At length, at the conclution of the late war, when the buildinirs at Bcllevue were completed. and the poor removed to tliem, the corporation of the city, with a liberality highly honorable to tlienitelves, gave a lease for ten years, of the building which had been the alms - bousc, to various societies for literary purposes, and a pari was srraoted to tho academy. Still fuuds Were wautiug for making the ncrcsary alterations Tho academy was in debt. Commercial embar rassments had palsied the powers ol him who had always been foremost in promoting the interests of tho society. Otlmn betitated to hazard fur ther rxpenco, and the liberal intentions ol the corporation were iu danger of being defeated, when two gentlemen, whose names ought to be known to their country and to be forever respect Christian religion, and have a firm persuasion of Ld by :,n 0VCrs of the fino arts. Dr. D. Hojack its truth." Uarlford Courant, REMARK. The above is taken from another paper, but I cannot content to let it pass entirely unnoticed This Mr. Seaver has been several times a member of the legislature, and has never before had any difficulty in swallowing thit same oath that now causes such spasms. I knew him well t he aud Mr. John I'mlarl came forward, and bor rowed from the Mechanic's Dank, on their own pertonal security, 1500 ; and with this sum thiwe alterations were accompiibnea wwen prouueeu the present apartments. In the mean time llic principal artists rcsmem in the city were incorporated with the original members of the association ; and an alteration in the charter has been since obtain od, giving to resident artuts a participation in the directum ol wai one of your noisy patriots br the day ; loud the affairs of the academy the principal room and brawling in the cause of the people. It he ha. bn Jeyoted to the exhibition of work, of . . , art, particularly of the production! of firing art - h. LiMn ilnvnieil lo the exhibition of works of and I need hardly add, after the abova para - graph, he was coarse and rude in hit manocrs, and never better pleated than when he could shw ilia name insolence with impunity, which be had to fair an opportunity to do, by wautonly outraging his fellow towotmea in public. What he says about hit conscience, forcibly reminded me of the following passage in Sterne's sermon on the tame subject, in which ho lsyt down the following rules : First. Whenever a man talks loudly agr.insl religion, alwayt tuspect that it it not his reason, but his passions, which have got the better of his CREED. A bad life, aud a good belief, are disagreeable aud troublesome neighboi s ; and where they tej aiate, depend upon it, 'tis for no other causa ut quietness take. . Sixond'y. When a man, thut represented, tills you in any particular instauce, that such a tlu: g toe" ('t'Uiiuf us conteicrtce, always believe ho means exactly the same thing as when he tells you that such a thing goes against his stomach ; u pi cot want of oppetilo being generally the true cause of both. lo a word Truif that man in nothing, vho has not a CONSCIENCE in trtry thing. Store breaking. Several stores were broken cpeu last niht, aod robbed of goods and other property lo a tarje amount. Aciuug the nuin Vr w - ts tho store occupied by Samuel Good year, 81 Maiden - laue. It was mtered by fore ii.g open the ttreet door with a crow - bar, or tvnie other instrument, which wrenched off the paJU.k on the outride aud broke the inner lock oi th door. From this store are missing the lullowing good, vir. No. 2U739, 1 piece green floreuce, 64 ells. 2.626, t do do do 59 3 - 4 2;iOU2, 1 do do do 56 Vi'm, 1 do do do 54 2R607, 1 do blue do 62 1 - 3 20706, 1 do ro?e do 57 1 - 2 SQ273, 1 do do do 53 1 - 2 No. 7, 1 box satin fringed ribbous, containing i 8 pieces. For the recovery of Ihe goods and detection of hetbiees, a reward of one hundred lUlhrr will be given. Night be for o last an attempt was made te break iuto1 aylor & Iliucdale's jewellery ttore, ia Broadway, but the villains were uuablc to ac - Cbinp&h their pui - pme. Jreudfulaeeiilent Another instance it com - TminicU'.vl to us thib morning of one of those' that are of almost daily occurrence The first exhibilion look place on tho 25th Oct. 1U1C, aud the tatte and liberality of the city haibrcu such that the sums already receiv ed from this source have lieen nimr.ieut nearly to extinguish the debt contracted with the bank, be titles UYI raying a variety of contingent ex penses. It must lie a source ol luiti gralillcation in an loviM of the Hue arts to observe iinother and must irupm'biiil result of tins plau; I mem the atril - .ing improvcnirnt in tlm worksol tho vaiious Htti"l, winch is so m:uilc - l in tuo present exni - bitiou; and which has breti tho natural couse - qtience of emulation, and 'of that rnmparison wlurli each is ty tins means enauion, aim nuicea compelled to make, of his own degree of merit with that ol other!. But these exhibition! have further demon strated that the present room is utterly unfit for its purpose, it being badly lighted, and encumbered with the pier of tho cliimnies in the centre'; so that no cne object can be advantageously view ed, aud Ihe elcgauce of general etlcct is totally destroyed. It is not to br doubted unit wlieneverluiun can he procured which will enable the acadoniy to construct a proper room, illuminated from the top, the exhibitions will be much more splendid, more attractive lo the public, and ol course more productive to the funds of tlm institution. I mutt here observe, however, that the ultimate object of the academy is not the accumulation of mo ney ; but the gratuitous tdiiralton if students in the stteralarts, nud the dilfusitn of knowledge and taste. It is indeed hoped that a fund may gradually bo acquired, sultiuc - nt to the payment of email annual tuuis lo disabled or uulortunaic arlUts their widews and orphans. Alllio' at first sight the line arts mav be con sidered as unimportant and superfluous orna ments of society, rather thau as eeulial to the dcvclopcmcnt of some of the mo't sublime pow ers of the human mind, and equally contributing to soma of its higlunt and most rational enjoy - mcnK yctno reasonable man cnu persist iu such an opinion after contemplating for a few moments the sublime group of the l.aocoou; the convulsive but fruitless lru;rgle of tho parent to protect his children from death in bis mot hit!ct in form ; the angui'h of the soul iniprcucd oa ctcry Ici - ture ; the agony of pain on everv limb and .ousels the children vainly supplicating that, aid which the father vainly strives to gic, are eloquent in the mot sublime semi! of the word. Tho' the stage be iioprcsii'f, lha poetry be fascinating, yet neither, nor even both united, ever eave a more resistlss. appeal to humau feelings : No poet nor actor ever displayed more wonderful powers of mind than the sculptor of this exquisitely palhttic group. Virgil it tuppoted to nave grounueu ms celebrated description of this subject upon the very original of this work, which was at Rome in hit time, aud 1 take Ihe liberty oi sutjoiniug nis imei as trantl.iled by Drydcn, one of the most eminent poets of our parent country, to thow how far poetry has fallen short of sculpture ia this admira ble subuxt. Af'.er twelve lines uevoica m a mere detcr'qitiou of the makes, the poet proceeds, " We Bed amazed, their dcstins l way they take, Ami to Laocodn and hit children make, Aud tii it around the lender boys they wind, i" this rity. Yesterday afternoon a child Of i Then with their sharencJ fangs thVir limbs and T ir K'.ik, 'irvin - j ia Pump - street, was run over !y auridin at full speed, and shockingly man - u 1; .iiurb feared it will totally lose use u his right arm. What a blesning it . l.TguUttd pwuef bsUtes grica. The wretched faOicr, retornuig to their aid With pious haste, but vain, they text invade ; Twice round his waist their winding volumes rolled, And twice about his gasping throat they told : The priest, thus doubly choked, their creitt di - Ard, towering o'er his head, in triumph ride, WiUi both his hands he labors at the knots, - His holy fillet the blue venom blots, , Hit roaring fills the flitting air arouud : , Thoe when an ox receives a glancing wound, lie breaks hi bands, the fatal altar wes, And with lood bcllowlugs breaks the yielding In short, the poor mail, after being "doubly choked," roars like a bull how stale, flat, and unprofitable is all lhi, wncn compare . v.M - .nta nf human distress, which lite artut hat found means to impress upon u - less, yet, almost, animated marble. J J. ' . 1 I lU.I .11. f.l. I rw.rnlrull Irlltl. nr. 1Oltnnui, IU low - citixcns cannot be Insensible lo tne ciaim which this institution, founded in patriotifm, and destined lo such liberal and generous purjoses, has nimn their contiuued and encreating patron age. Let this institution but share with music aud the theatre, in the public protection, and its fondestwell - wiiherswillbe perlectiy saiuneu. CHaIvLESTO, May 20. (a a certainty, that Mr n..i.i..i. i'mr. i - nbinet - maker. a native of Portland. (Mass.) but last from Boston, was the seveuth person, who perished by the upettmg of the boat in Wando river on caiuruay iasi Nni withttandin? the treat exertions making, we lliee that but one of the seven bodies has yet been recovered. NEVVBURYPORT, May 26 From Cape - Henry A gentleman who arrived hero in 14 days from Cape Henry, informs us that emperor Christophe, attended witha splcn - ,i .nit urn, nrrfiirmiri" a tour, to examine the fortifications, public works. c. and it was said that he was endeavorine to effect a reconcile lion with Iho - e in the late I'etion's dominions! and coneelidate the wholo in one interest i him - Kelf of course to be the lioad. A free communi - cation was kept open between the two governments. Tho trade from the United Siates was nmsennlcd to irreat diradvantage, owing to the influx and low prices of American productions, ""BOSTON, May 20. JVitpnlrnn lonaparle.Cipt. Robbim, of the ship Columbus, which arrived yesterday from Calcutta, on the 7th of April, spoke two British company ships, three days from St. Helena for England. The officers informed, that Bonaparte remained somewhat indisposed and out of humour, as heretofore stated ; that all his suite had left him. except Bertram! and one other ; and that, with the permission of the governor, Napoleon was about to change his Residence lo another part of the island The Columbus left Cal cutta on the 19th of January. Jlfr. Incledon has recently arrived in this city from the southward, and has announced, for two nights only, an entcrtainmeut, at Washington - hall, in three parts, called the Wandering Min - ilrels, which has been received in the southern cities with uubouuded applause. Messrs. Tay lor and Drown, are conspicuous characters in this mitcellameout perfnrmrmcr, which consists ol mufh interesting oral matter, embracing a va riety of subjects, and introductory to a uuuiber of the best selected songs, comjKt u by the moat eminent masters, with some anc - ieut national Irith and Scotch melodies. The comic sougi and recitations, by Mr. Brown ; the miujs ac - coinpanied on the piano - forte by Mr. Taylor. The talents of these gentlemen arc spnicen very highly of by tho southern critics. The sweet tones of Mr. Incledon are not forgotten. Chron. A tingle remark. In our opinion the sons selected by Mr. Ir. - clcdon, aa mentioned in his bill for this eve - nine, are so admirably adapted to the powers of hia voice, and style of singing, that in tome of them he it unrivalled, and excellent in all, OOMNtmiCATIOiS, Ed. E. Pott The trrcat prize of 50.000 dollar, in the Stir I criciil Institution Lottery, of Baltimrre, was sold in I'hiladelpliu. ivo. liuu wnicn urew a nri.e of 5.000 dollar, wa told by Messrs. G & K Waite, who this day promptly paid the same. We frequently have to notice the tunishinjr success of tickets bought of those gentlemen, and of Robert Waite, jun. but in this instance, it is the more remaikable, as thry purchased only a very small number of tickets, in this lottery, ami those only at me solicitation of a few of their customers. FROM OUIl COlWESl'OKnF.XT. Office of the Freeman's Journal, Philadelphia, Miv27. S Arrived, British ship John & Sarali, Billon, 41 davt from Hull. Sloop Scourge, Parks, 3 days from X . York Below, ship Kensington, Stllimun, from Li vcrpool. Sch. Moririana. Lowth. 16 d:iys from St, Jatro. Ilrtqr Itichmond, Jarvis, 2l) days ffnm St. I'icrrcs, M.irt. Left blip's llorion, fr I'oitS' mouth in 10 days Svrrn, for Ntwburyport schr 'enus, for NYoikin a fVwduys Cala dou. do. do. ami several ollicrs. namcj not re collected. The bnjr L. I.ydia, Thonipson, of this ort sailed 2 days from St. lKiiiiino. Spoke lat .12, long'72, l'.ih inst. brijf El'ua Ann, 5 days from Bristol, It I. for Havana. The port of Mai tinico are conliniied open foi four uioir lis after the rxpirutiunnf the former pt'rmissiiiu. Ib irj Ki.ingSun,Vastoiious, I'ort - au - Prince, 1 1 davs. The Hornet sloop of war hud arrived at Port au - l'rince from (Jape Henry, landed Mr. Tavlor and Mr. Lewis, and sailed again on the 6th for the Spanish Maine. The chr James, sailed for N York 2 dysbifore theR. S. In the Kisnip; bun cnic Mr. lay lor, wlto went nut in the Hornet. FIIOM OUR COURF.SPOXDF.XT. Office of the Federal Republican, ) Baltimore, May 2d. Arrived, sloop Ccorge, Adams, 14 days from St. Thomas. Left at St. Carts, schr. Charlef, Henry, of Providence, R I j sloop Triumph, of N London. poke nothing. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. Steam Bout Hotel, Reading Si Newt Room, ) Norfolk, May .;. The U. S. schr Hornet, lieut. Ramage, arrived yesterday from Aunapolis, where the lelt the Nonsucli to wait fur the prcM Jont, who had not arrived, but was expected to be there the latter part of tins week. Capt. Roxby, supercargo of tho schooner La Florentine, from Martiuiquo, stales, that a few days before liny sailed, a privateer schr about HO tons burthen, under the patriot flag, bad put into SU Pierret for a tupply of water. Suspicion, however, as to her character, was excited, and an inveitigation look placo, in Uie course of which it was ascertained that she had three rem - missioned captains on board, vix. a Frenchman, a Spaniard, and an American, who were there - upon scicd and rut in confinement. A sailor aim depoeed, that th privateer was from New - Orleans, and that on ber passage the had cap tured a French brig, out of which she took 8 passengers, men and women, and landed and left them on a desolate island near cayenne, i ne next day a government schr arrived from said bland, with the before mentioned passengers, and the consequence was, that the three cap tains and their crew were ordered into close confinement on shore, to await their trial, which wot rid come on in a few dayt after the La Flo rentine tailed. Arrived, British ship Princess Royal, Darren, enada. On Monday WSV"? Z T - Si . St of theGuir, tut. 3i,.z - . khj5 !,r heavy thumler sqoau, me ,mV - - - - ..JJ. u.:.. V. .hlrh 4. men were badly Wlin l5n.n...B, j ... r,t ruKe. . on was strma - - - - - - i s.,nB htivni and had bis arm broken, ining and another was xnociieu The liehtn ng entered me uera, - - "riuTpated down.biverl about lOfeetofth. ceAtoTaid escaped at th water l.n or larbord - :.t. Tk..rr;iUnt caused lit ship to leak con - .;Hmhlr but capt. D. succeeded in stoppmg it inabontSObours. British brie Le,raimer, iivriui, u ". ae d4 r f . - If a all . n I AVI m Con - April 16, lat, 40, 54, Ion. 42, 50, - poke ship rtitution, Seaward, hence for Liverpool, out 14 JarLt',wiJ T. TUn sline. Fabre. St.rierres, Mart. Spoke, May 13th, lat. 28, 14, Ion. 71, 42, schr. Argus, Chapman, heoce for St. Jago tie A1lvm. Welch. 4 dav from N. York. On Monday afternoon last while at anchor out - tide of Sandy Hook, duringablow which came on very suddenly, had to cut her cable to prevent the vetscl from going on shore, fiy h r linn. L Pollv. Mckersoo, 8 days from Harwich. Mass. put in in distress, very leaky. Took her cargo on board at Baltimore in tne ear i .. - - f i - .i mnnih. shiinied bv Nathaniel r Williams aud Wm. P. Lemmon, andconiigned to heir correspondents in Savannah ; but alter gei - n h idnnc winds the vessel was drove to the northward, the captain (Snow) was taken tick, and compelled to put into Harwick, his place ol residence, where he put on board the present matter and dispatched the vessel ajain for her original port of destination ; but on her oassaeeshe sprung aleak, and was compelled to put iu here, her she will have to discharge. Schr. Constitution, Lcforge, 3 days from New - Vr4r Schr. Bel videre. Johnson, from N.York, and CO hours from Aandy Hook. , , I.e. Knight. 18 days from Portland Sloon Maiv. Bourn. 22 dayt from Wells, Maine. , Schr. Unioo, Mersercau, 3 days from N orh. Sloop Alligator, le Hart, 3 do do ichr. Ontario, Disosway, 3 do co .SVhr. Uuion. Tirrell. 3 do do Came up, thip Talbot, Freeman, from Bona vnta. In Hampton Road?, shin Potomac, Bradioru, from Alexandria bound to Liverpool. MAKRIK1). fin Tnnilnl rnninf lt - t l)V the ReV. Mr i .i. Mr Iui.ip. r..n. In Mii Martha li.inKs, only daughter of Mr. Robt. Banks, all of this ci On Tmi'Iav venin1 Boric. Mr. last, by tho Rev. Mr John ratterton, to JVIisi Maty Angel Kfirl. hnth of thiicitV . . . . r W tr L,avt eveninp. by tne nevu ur. ivuvit:", Mr. John Ootliout, to Miss Maria Josephine Youle, daughter of Dr. Joseph oule, dec eased On the 2let instant, at r nends meeting uouse, Croton, Daniel Tallcot, (of the firm ol K. Si Talcott. ofScipio.) to Rebecca T. unuenuii, daughter of Robert Underbill, of the former plate. 1)1 H1J. f .ait pvpnini. nf a Imeerine illness John Eger ton, only son of Thomas Eaorlon, aged 13 years, w bote friends and acouainiance iiiumim mi Si hoolmates at Mr. Derry's Academy,) aro rts pectlully iuvited to attend his funeral to - morrow nft..rn,u,n at AnV.lnrk. from No. 505 Pearl street ... . .... . sit i. ' rtriik. ( At the Inland ol rortoia, vywi iiini". x April last. William M. lilover, ttq. ol lonoia, merchant, am d 2 J years . fiKfiVJVO POST MARINE LIST. CLEARED. Rrie - Bordeaux. Putman. Horde an n i r. : I . . . .. s aimer oi, iiaiiiiivjii fThnnre. Cnrninz. Antigua r o . .. ... n aru n iisin' Srbr C.en. A. Jackson. Christie. bavannali Marv Jane. Hickman. teutlolK Klizahcth. Tollev. Baltimore Sloop Betsey, Somen, uiciuuona Krave. Tirre . notion 'Elizabeth, basalt. Barnstable Hector, Palmer, Wilminglon, (Dei.) Traveller, Beaston, Alexanrtris Aiirnrn. S'ri. Hnrtfortl Imluslrv. Wild. Boston muil r.l) THIS rORF..VOOA. Ship Telegraph, Fanning, 6 days from Charles ton, with cottou, rice, kc. to Anson u. rtit lps, I Depau, Vandewuter, n necier ei vo. jvo,u - toii, Dicksoo I - Gray, SOo.xlyear, S Campbell k Son, S Dalglisb it Co A We yninn & Co J Cohen, P & S S Crarv, and Smith, ftl'Cull Hi Co. fatsengfrt, mrs. rtrraKcnnv ol laruny, I linn, Mits Grimble, Mrs. Stuart and family. Mrs Jolm Cuthhert and two rhildri n, Mf s Jam - s Cuthbert, Mis Cutiibert, Miss Barnwell, Miss Thompson, Mi - s Walluce, Dr. Stuart ami Lady, Vlis Campbell, Mr. Habersham, lady nnn two children, 'le;rs Campbell, G Gihhou, FMuart, N Stuart, M Stuart, Main - , rtcriiernoii, Van Nuttmr.d, Cuthbert and Flood. Schooner Charleston Pack!, Vail, arrived at Charleston the 20th intt. 7 leagues f aM ol t.nanesion nar, saw a schr supposed to be the Margaret, Cas - woll. beating up. . The pas'engers on board the ship 1 ele - grapb, from Chnrletton to New York, take this moihod of letuminz tlitir llianltt to Capt. Fan nin,., for his unbuunded attention to them du ring Ihn veWAW : and while tlicv f - el grateful for lot skilful management nf Ins ship John Hnhrrtlmin, John M. Flood i Jamoi Stuart, Edward Cuthbert Colin Campbell, T. S. Henilerson Henry W. lingers, mend. u. iibuc Brlir Com. Porter, Doan, 9 d:iys from St. Ma - rys, wi h live oak, to II Eckfiird Oo news. I'at ne;crs, Messrs. Demon, ..uncri, s.arpen - tcr, Moore anil llounleii. Sell Wm. Si Thomas, lallieton, i nays irom Folly landine;, with corn, feathers, Aic. to the captain. Sch Jane .Maris, lie iiart, 4i nours inim Norfolk, with flour and copperas, to Robertson : Kelso 16 passengers. Sailed in co. with sell R .nger, Wood, for N York. Sch Thomas Jefferson, Gray, 3 days from Snow Hill, with corn, to the master. Schr Dh:e Healy, Davis, 6 dnyt from Pcteit - biirgh with flour A wheat, to Hayii Wood. Schr Comtitulion, Creighton, 10 day from RiclMnond, with dour k tobacco, to Doorman li Jubnslon, '1'rokes, Davidson & Co. Been bi Woodhull, Thorn tc Hawxhurst. 2 passcnaers. Brilith Schr. Zaaga, Russell, 10 day iroru Nassau. N.P. with sugar & coffee, to Calderaic L' ; Co. t passengers. irhr.lntelopc, Path, 7 dayt from Savannah. Sloop Eliza - Ann, Babcock,3dayt from Norfolk, with cum, bound to Boston. BELOW, ship Geo. Jack - on, from Bristol, to P Schermerhorn & Son and B W Roger Si Co ; aud 1 ship and 1 schr unknown. AliRli t.U I1ST il'iJVlM, British brie John. Newbold, SI days from St. Vincents, with rum, molasses, &c. to Patrick, Avraar k. Co. Mav 2. in lat 37, lonff 71 30, spoke sch Susannah, from Alexandria for Bar - badocs. Passengers, Air. Hebert and family, of N London. Brie Ariadne, Haskell, 10 days trom St. An drews, with plaster, lo Ward ti Bishop. British brie Nassau. W ard, 1 day irom Antigua, with rum and molasses, tu Patrick, Avmar & Co. British sch Eliia, Mason, 11 dayt from with lignumvitte and turtle, to J. Scott. - - I he Zanga was to sail next day lor New - irK The tch Betsey, Grafton, of Providence, R. I. from Havana, was lost the 2d inst. on the Flo rid Reef crew and most of the cartyo saved. Sch Rebecca, Beers, 8ilayt from Newbern, with tugar, flaxseed, naval store and staves, to liver. Bremner Si Co. and lleycr ti Rankin. ich. Alert. Zuill. 15 days from St. Croix, with rum, tugar, coffee, molasses and hides, to Curtis, Crommclin ti Co. owners, Tho. Knox, F De Feeler and Sons, XV 11 Trine c, L Rue, Palmer & Co. and Abm. S nallett. Spoke, Ut Sr.lonirVl, brijr RitinjfSun, 1rom Port - au - Prince for Philadelphia. Same day, tchooner Jaroet Monroe, 4 day from Philadelphia for OoB aiPeilltntF. Xj - ft at St. Croix, bnir vvil - ism Smitli, M'Lellan, ot poruano, Wr n iui 19 day s Newbern Cushinfr, ior t una",. phialOi Mary - Ann, Walker, for rorusna i I . . . l r Tl r. in lfl At ten Fiwvter, uooawm, iur uuii , Thoma. tch Enterprize, ior r 8 dayt ; Cerent, Paddock, just arrived from h. WmHwoivl , hr re Ikiarv anu uiv .. a - ' . . Smith, of Philadelphia, Tor Porto kico in day tch Simington,Kinaldi,forNorlolktn4 . si. inmnll . Catharine and Jane, Halsted, of Philailelphia Echo, Sivarv, ot Savamudit Tom, Lowe, ot tiauimore , i'ry, M'Pherson. of Philadelphia s ana cn neoe. Harrison, of do. Taher. If) dav from Tort - ail Prince, with coffee, tc E Fisher, T C Butler, rd. C Colin, and J White Co. l - eft. May 8. britrs Mercury, to sail in 20 days rr Tln.tnn . Hisintr Sun. Pastorus. for Phila delphia in 3 days Jerome, Halbert, for New - York, in 14 days i sch uuty.matnert, inouaj. for N York ; ship Com ferry, kusscu, oi uu, fur France 2 sell Lanwinr. Drake, for Balti, mnr sch Ann Maria, for do. in 5 davt: ship Hornet, Reed, for Oronoxe, next, oay . senr Livelv, Smitli ; Neptune, Blackmore, for Charleston. Mav 24. lat 37. lone 74, spoe ship Protection, of N York, 34 dayt from Londonderry for Norfolk. Sch Messenger, Hall, 4 day from Philadel phia, with flour, to W r van Amringe. , Sch Rose in Bloom, Wheaton, 6 day from Savannah, with cotton, to Mr. Napier, on hoard. Sailed in CO sloop Favorite, for Nw York. Passengers, major Napier and family, Messrs. Neal and scott Desnatch Line sloon Scouree, De r.root, day from Philadelphia, with wine, whiskey, teas, flour, indipo, paints, dry goods, tie. to P t;r m. owner. March tc uenson, r care, jun W F Van Amrinire. Joseph Johnson, Collins & Co. II W Field, Hoffman & Glass, Smith and n 'i v - 1 f - ,1 11... I lnmm.Pil Sr I liauey, jacason a, nuuucj, i. nvniiu Brown, and others. Sloop Volusia, Sherman, 2 days trom Bridge port, in ballast, to the master. I Hostow, May Arrived, snip ivoiumuua, Robhins, from Calcutta, 114 days from the Sand Heads. Left, 19th Jan. ships C.entuo, Us - good, for Boston in 10 days t Friendship, Pi - nell, to sail in 6 weeks Essex jun. Henrnan, discharging i Braganza, NewcomO, from uata - via arrived a few days previous ; brig Naiad, Preston, for Boston in 10 days passed in the river 22d Jan at Faltah, brig Brarain, Hatchet der, long passage from Leghorn; sailed from Uie Sand Heads 7th Jan. in co. wnn snip no - lofern, Scott, for Tranqnebar and the Isle ol France s lat 30 8. tone 33. spoke French ship Charles, from Calcutta for Havre; 7th tilt, lat 12. S.lonfrlO 30. W. Enrr. Company's slim Thos Greenville, ship Uarnatic in co iroin ecu rral t thev had touched at St. Helena, and sail . . . . t. , U.. .1... ed thence o days betore i were miormeu oy uk boarding officer and purser, that they had llfivitt rlo Aa t hrirr Potomac. Ally. Rio Grande, Newaiiavroar. May 23. Arrived, tch Ea gle, Mitchell, U dayt from Cape Henry, Hay ti Left. Mav 7. brie? Planter. Ripgs, ot Bos ton, for City Point, in 10 days ; sch Sally, Bowers, Wilmington, discharging; Hunter, Prrley, for Baltimore, do. Spoxe, ftlay io, lai jj, ion 7t rh H dav from Norfolk, bound to Boston. l.lth. lat 38. lonir 71. sloop Mary, of Wells, blow ing fresh, did not learn any further parti - n.ln. ! V.nnp V.nA heal in? W. S. W. 6 Im .r.Rlnnt. schOntario. Davis. 36 hours from Boston, bound to Oporto. Markets dull. No produce of the island of any quantity, to be boiurht, when capt. M, sailed. The account of the death of Christophe. was unfounded - He was well when capt. M. left. .Srh Chkritv. Pike. 4 dav from St Andrews TheC. has 16 passengers, principally Irish emigrants. Sch Duck, Thurlo, from .ortoiK, via ;e May 23. Arrived, brie Olive. Lunt. N Orleans. Sch Despatch. 1'olsum, from Savannah, via Boston. BatTiMoiiE,May 26. Arrived sch Franklin, Bates, 21 davs from Passamaquoddy. 26th inst 6 mils K. N. K. from Cape Henry, spoke sch Comet, Swain, of Baltimore, for Xurfolk from ll.iv ina. Iti - ii - 1'j.cifie. Hrcelv. from .St. Andrews, Ciiiiiir.vros, May 20 Arrived British ship Jolin - Littlr. Buchaium. Uinrston, Jam. 17 days. Frcurh brie Oscar - Eliza, Fournicr, Calais, (France) 10j davs. O. E. was miginally bound tn Savannah, but put into this port in distress. hcitiL' short of provisions and water. Cleared, ships William Savery, Barden, Liverpool ; Telegraph, l - 'annine, N York. Went to sea yesterday .ship Isabella, M'Xeal, for Iindon. Svakah, May 18. Arrived ship Science, Currie, Greenock, 52 davs. Ship Benjamin Rush, Wiltbcrger, Philadel - nhia l.t fbivil. Brig Patriot, Rich, Port - au - Prince, 16 days. Yessels left at Port - au - Prince, ship Com. Per ry, Russel, Bordeaux, to tail in Cu days ; sen Swifuure, , Baltimore 15 days , Active, f I lr Ir intuit:. M York , Piton. Ashdev. N. York Sailed in co with tch William ii Mary, Baker, for N York. Island produce high and scarce. All was tranquil under the new president - Cleared, brie America. Kenntro, nrk KINGSTON. (Jam.) April 27. Arrived brig Venerable, Clark, Dundee, 63 dayt; brig Cora, Arnold, 13 days Irom Philadelphia. H i. fn.Titp Svhile. of :'8 2iins. capt. Mai colin, from Charleslon, and last iroia NYotk, in 15 days came toauchorat rort uoyai on caiur On Ue VM inst. the uutcn irigaie r - urjuu - r, arnved at Curracoa Irom Ca Ouira. l. net in - loimntinu was received oi a Bntith schr. valna hly laden with specie and indigo, bound to that Island, having been run away wun oy inemaie, while the master was clearing her cut at La Gui ra. CHARLESTON, May 10. A - rived, sbi rn:h - lb. M'Intnh. 50 ilavs from Liverpool. Brig Mentor, Greenland, 20 days from New Orlenns. Schr Charleston Packet, Vail, 11 day from York. British ship John Little, Buchanan, 17 day from Kingston, Jam. French brig Oscar Llua, Fournier, 105 day fawn f.'slait. f France. i to SAVANNAH, May 18. Arrived, ship Science, St days from Greenock. THEATRE. On Friday evening. May 29, will be presented a tragic play, called THE BRYDE OK AB1D03. Giaffer, Mr. I'.olirrlcon sehm, I titt l.urd iuleika, Mrs. lit. rues To which will be added the mimical farce of the SPR1C3 OF LAUREL Nipperkin, Mr. Hilton ferforiuance to commence at half past sevca o'clock. A.VlbKlCAN MU. - KUiM, JVE W - 1 OHK LYSTlTUTIOSf. THIS Cvenirg, if the weather it pleasant, the MUSEUM BAND will perlorm a variety of pleasing and popular aits. 'I he .vluseum will be handsoaiely liKhbd. my 11 ItV A stated meetine of the Trustees of Co - In - unia College will be held on Monday ns it, the first of June, at 10 o'clock, A. M in the College. I'LEWU I L. ftlUUKU, Clerk. my 2 3t - NO IIC i.. fJT" The goods on board the ship General Hamilton, from Havre, nddrewed to those who do not sign the agreement to contribute and fur - the amnunts of their invoices, before twelve o'clock to - morrow, will bo liPtlled. It it intra ! - ed that Uie ship shall commence discharging early on AlnuJay mrriiing. Coni'.gDect will please attend at thn rtXi - e ol'Le Roy, Bayard and Co. on Saturday afteriioon, tojay the amoiiiits of their contribution. my 28 AH person having f!mitiii! i;uim.t (lie estate of Daniel Downing, lut. nf Uiit city, eart - man, are requested to present the ru, and tboe indebted will please to nukp payment to SAMUEL DOWNING, No. 'iU P. I! ttreet. New York, 2Klh May, 1818. GEORGE DOWNING,) . . ... , JOSEPH DUDGE, Jun. A!""Mtori my 2H 4t mv 28 tor FHhlUHT or ClUliTKH, a 1 cuit. SI very cujiwi iim - ujniri cu ciiii , uio - i mently expected from an eastern port. in ballast, and ran proceed immediately else where for a careo. Apply to G. G. & S. HOWLAND, my 28 67 Washington st. Far Sale, Freight or Charter, Schooner MORNING STAB, bur. then 90 tons, will stow 800 hbls. is a good vessel, and ready for a voyage, lies at Dover - street wharf. Applv to R. & C. W. DAVENPORT & CO. mv 23 For AVrWERP, The ship ANGELICA, BartlettShe - nard. master, will sail on Sunday next - , can take 50 bales cotton, and accommodate 3 more passengers, if immediate application it made on board, west side Burling - slip, or to N. L. bi G. GRI3WOLI), my ?S 8fi South - street. Fur SAllljV.YAir. Tlm re.nibir narket schooner UN - 1 he rr i . Vii i iTVTirri V lllut - .kmuti. master spoken an American ship, the name of which luvin lle Ciler part of her cargo engaged, thev had forirotten hivgentlemaiily conduct towards then., Ihcy ran - ; yjrk not from expresir.f tlir admiration of , IproDaniy xne sacnein, ' U m OI, f5atrday 50th inst. (wind and wea - Boston from Marseilles toruaicutta.oiuaoimi 70 days, in lat 6, 8. long 85 E. they had also spoken in the lat of the Isle of France, ship Ontario, from Canton for Philad ; 22d inst. lat 41 30, long 65, ship O'Cam, 30 hourttrom uos - ton for Gibraltar. The Columbus on the 1st March experienced a violent gale, which ended in a hurricane s blew away the mizen top mast, and all Uie sails that were set, aitnougn close reefed. Sch RelianceJJ Elwell, 25 days from Port Royal, Mart, via Gloucester. Spoke 8th inst. lat 26, Ion 66, brig; Jason, 6 days from Guadeloupe for N York. Sch New Packet, Ciosby, from Wilmington, N. C. via N York. Sch Romeo, Hedge, 27 days from N Orleans Sloop Geo Washington, Atwood, Com New - York. Sch Aurora, Hall, from X York. Sch Ar.tive. Waite. 16 days from Richmond. Via Quarantine Brijr Franklin, Lane, 33 days from Cuba; sclis Sally S: iletsey, nmcn - ins. 25 davs from Havana : Aldebaron, Clark. from do j "Mary. Morrison, do do; Meciiamc, tlier pcrmittinsr ) For remainder.orfi eight or passwge, apply on board, west side Coffeehouse - slip, or to ANSON C. PHELPS, mv oq 183 Front - street. rr UAV.iXA, The good sloop GEORGE WASHINGTON. Cant. Brethoff, now nearly oaded. and will tail on Friday, i!9th instant. For freight of the remainder, apply to the master, on board, opposite 41 ioutli - street, or GOODHUE & Co. WHEAT 4i H.OUH KjO buslit. prime Vir. wheat, in good order fur shipping 50 bhls. tupcrhoe dour 6 do fine do 27 X. midlines, on board schr Dodge, Ilealy, from Petersburg, Va. for aie by, MAY 01 YUKnju, 13 South - strtet. . , In Store, for sale. 300 bbls. New - York (tiperOne flnur 70 do Ricluiiond do do 40 do Alexandria do do 60 do Fredericktbg. mountain do SCO do Rye fl .ur 90 do Philadelphia d do S. P. Dug. my 23 4t SUGAR " hlidii. k 14 bins. Jamaica Sugar, of a very superior quality, landing from tim British schr. Lavina, lor sale ty CALDEK W'LhA a W. my 28 3t 59 Pine - street. HARDWARE, CUTLEKI, 6iC V'.aUii and tinned saddlery Kuil'in Puis, Iron and Steel Steelyui is, Sicklet Kniivs and forks, a great) anitr, f Pattern Cardt ItH - onS - 'ssors, Pen ondf of them lock"! Knives, Steel PUtf Saws, Cl.iircis . Plnne Irons, Drawing Kuivet Files. Rasps, Cord Wire, Frying Pan English blister'd 1 row Icy and Millington Steel, Sic. tic For sale by EDWARD LYDE, mv 2R tf No. 16 William ttreet WINE. 50 casts tjaret nine, containing 1 Hnzen each. 10 d i do 3 dozen earh, of lhf irrriwlh of Braunc Moutca. vintaae 1810, re ceived per brig South - America, from Bordeaux, and for sale by A. G RACIE tc SONS. my 3 ; MONEY TO LOAN ON MORTGAGE. - I fOAfl DOLLARS are to be hadonunin 'iUl'Vi quire of my S8 tf R cumbered property in the cily. In - a !V1 VV. STOCKHOLM. Stock and Exi banpe Broker, No. 68 William street. ICE, WINE, bic 30 tiercet prime ucw Rice ? nines sun. Fort Wine 6 finds. lOqr.caikt L. P. 3 qr. casks Lislion Wine P. Teneriffe do 5 do Malaga no 50 hose Claret do 10 chests Hyson Tea) Rola)i8ta car;o 50 events Skin daf 20 catks Double Gloucester Cheese 10 catkt Hihbertt Brown Stout, or l 6J PALMER & SAIULLR. m y 28 4t WOOLLENS. ROSE and Point Blankett lugrained Carpeting common and MP". Venetian do Willon and Brmselt Hearth Rugs Printed Table Covers green, blue, tcarlct, eve. mue uiouit ana c.ouuii5, . , Received ner Ann Maria, from I jverpool, ana . . , l L i for tale by ray wi u iwHl) l.YDE, No. 16 W illiam street. YTHIskLY bTARCU. - 10 una. " 70 keas whi"a Starch, landins at Old thp. tale at 75 Wall ttreet, by ,. , rv ruv28 J At KMJis K wwi.Z - SOITON, tc - 50 bull tpi - uiu votum. now landing from ichr Mary, from - avan nab. ... IN felOUt, 6 hhdt inferior Georgia lobacc 4 bales Sea lslaud Cottoa. - For ta - e : by HENRY THOMAS, mv g et No. 2 Jones Flemish sheeting's ecc. - bu ncc" t? flemish Sheetings, assorted 1 case fine Irith Linen remnant 500 pieces first quality blue Nankeen 100 do do do loms ytlh'W d J 5i) do trip'd Seersucker , - . Dark and lie.1.1 mixed Vigoma catirme tkinrg and brown mixed a Kmt quality bi ff and white. u" For saUy the piece or yyd. by

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