The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 24, 1944 · Page 2
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 24, 1944
Page 2
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CAPTURE WEST NEW BRITAIN Yanks Wipe Out All Enemy Resistance , Allied Headquarlers, Soulbwest Pacific, (JP)--American soldiers and marines have wiped out all enemy resistance in western New Britain, blasting out a broad gap in the Japanese south Pacific defense perimeter which a year ago was considered in some quarters to be almost impregnable. Gen. Douglas MacArthur announced Thursday that the marines from the Cape Gloucester sector on the north coast had joined with the soldiers who moved up from Arawe peninsula in the south, and that the western part o£ the island was completely jn American hands. The. victorious conclusion of a campaign which started Dec 15 with the landing at Arawe. and which took th* lives of 7,000 Japanese, meant that BfacArthur had m 200-mile wide opening in the enemy's defense arc from Java to K l^ a fc':i. Ne ,f Bri(3in ' through which the allies may drive north. The Japanese -. had almost 2 years in which to fortify this line. It was first cracked in the landing at Arawe on the south coast Eleven days later the marines swarmed, ashore at Cape Gloucester, on the northwestern coast. The 32nd American infantry division invaded northeastern New Guinea at Saidor, Jan. 2. From this point, across the Vitiaz Strait from New Britain, to Arawe is about 200 miles, all cleared of effective enemy lighting units. The juncture o£ the marines and soldiers meant that the Americans hold a, 50-mile lino through the jungle from Rottock Bay on the north coast southeast to Arawe The first contact between the troops was believed made near Itni river. American patrols are now O p- POWER PLANT RURAL TEACHER SHORTAGE ACUTE Situation to Be FeJt Even More Next Year Des Moines, W)_lowu's rural schools will feel .the teacher- shortage even moi-e acutely next year, Paul B. Norris, state rural «nn«..,.ir n .. p r e d i c t e d ----"··"»-··« *"«»nwi» iire Jioiv Op- ·rating east of this line and the SB? 1 !?* *^ Vf broken off conta ·witn them. If the enemy plans make a fight it probably will be in an alfempt to hold a line from Talasea on the north coast south ward 75 miles to Gasmata. It about 100 miles from Rottock Ba 1o Talasea and 85 from Arawe t Gasmata. Both Talasea and Gasmata hav been so badly beaten down from air attacks they probably are n longer capable of any serious of tensive threat. The distance from the American position across the jungle and rugged mountains to Babaul, the battered enemy base at the northeastern tip of New Britain, is about 2aO airline miles. Because of the terrain, it seems doubtful if * ·' ^" Walter Kriieger will send lus 6th .army, to-which the units m New, Britain, are attached on an ,^r3and -march -to 'Rabaul. , ~"" .".that Rabaul ^ «-..* 130 tons "of - an allied air raid which _--, ___ aerial interception. The planes bombed Lukunai and Ha- popo airdromes. t a t lack. spokesman said . may have '·caused the «nemy:s reluctance to do battle The allied blockade has kept tankers away from the enemy base for 3 weeks, he said. . ^e 3rd enemy convoy to be hit m the area north of. Rabaul in 8 days .was bombed by Mitchell medium bombers Monday near %?-\\** S ' ^ CW lrela nd- Two ireignter-transports and an escort ship were sunk and another escort vessel was left in flames. Thp 8- day score for allied aircraft is at Workers Return to Jobs After Seizure by F. R. Angeles, W)--striking em- . . - _ - - of the municipal depart- ETh ? P u we , r and J 'S ht returned to their jobs Wednesday after the army, on order of President Roosevelt, took over management of the system. Gathered in a mass-meeting th ±SSS v ^3 ul * 1 y' t »«d Air Carrier Shangri-La Is Launched Portsmouth. Va., (/Pj-Bearing a name symbolizing America's de obSTJ\. b '? st T°^° W -- ."-*L A u t ^ J U tne huge aircraft car gri-La plunged into th nvei- Thursday on he ..~.. t *.* 6 A cau *U1 ur -- LoL Rufus W.' Putnam o tne army engineers. u TlT! ·'? no - a pers011 in th united feiates who would not fol low the dictates of the presiden in times like these," Bert Hot" TMectricai e w Pr SJ ' dent ° f * e AFL Colonel Putnam conferred with Mayor , Fletcher Bowron who asked fhe war department Tuesday night to take over the city's power and water system and put n end to the 9-day strike that '«(? caused a shut-down of about bu war feeder plants and thrown ^"{r./^.OOQ homes and business stabhshments into darkness. 3 hiladelphian at 71 Cuts Dash on Skates Philadelphia, (U.R) -- S p r e a d ^·figure 8's, airplane spins nd other various and sundry nip- 3 J ? re as ea ? y a ? Jumping off a Philadelphia. man ln m£e"rh ting ^ at Ws antics aUratt more than average attention, Wil- r.nm 1 C -, Bostwi ck, 71, hasn't bc- hv m ^ s l^°?5l, 0 " s f °* Ws hob- about town. Bost- Christened by the wife of army 77--" "tij i.u LUC cneers o than 75,000 spectators who a -nt earlier, heard Virginia's governor describe that first raid as "a portent of what is to come · Delivering the launcnin; ad- r ess, Gov. Colgate W. Darden Jr., expressed hope that "the hour" may come, as the enrolling thunder of aerial battle rolls moment say he h s a « s , when we shall be able to - - the planes that struck 0 Shangri-La.' uloim Gas Coupon Value in Midwest "·II Be Reduced i ADMITS KILLING MOTHER, SISTER Youth Captured After Hunt Lasting 2 Days Saginaw ( lanky, ------".· "win., iu.TM--A lanky, 16 j ear old former church academy student captured after a concentrated 2-day man hunt by state police and county officials, Thursday confessed the slaying of his mother and a year old sister. Sheriff Hugo A. Muehlenbeck said Edward Warrichait admitted w^ 'I'" 0 .paying °f Mrs. Blanch Warrichait, and her youngest daughter, Esther, as he was being returned here from Van Wert Ohio, where he was arrested late Wednesday. "The boy told me," Muehlenbeck- said, "that he intended to wipe out the whole family. He ·eadily admitted the slaying of his mother and sister, but refuses to go into detail other than to say he had a 'spell.' " y ^The youth's father, Welcome i, who discovered the bodies Monday This year (be problem was solved, to some extent, throurb the issuance of emergency certificates to former teachers and other qualified persons who volunteered «o help relieve the shortaie. Some of these persons--housewives, mothers with children--are finding it too hard to continue teaching a n d maintain t h e i r homes, too. "They feel their homes should come first, so they won't teach next year," Norris said. Meanwhile, other teachers arc going into industry, or leavins Iowa for better-paid teaching positions m other states, accentuating the shortage here. The larger school systems draw m teachers from the towns, and the towns, in turn; draw replacements from the rural-schools. The rural schools now have nowhere to go, since there are few qualified persons left to whom emergency certificates might be issued The number of teachers iu training in hijh schools haviq. normal school classes and in the col e«s has shrunk to a new low unly m Iowa high schools still offer teacher tralnlne courses, compared to 163 2 years ae». Fifty-six per cent of our rural school teachers received their training m these normal trainin" MacArthur said that the Japanese have lost approximately 1.000 supply and reinforcement barges in reccnf months, 242 ot them in t h n ' ^ J! i? Weeks ' and a emy s barge traffic had thoroughly disrupted. e en- been California Women Did Wo of 1943 Harvest Berkley, Cal., (U.PJ-- Women farm volunteers accounted for more than 10 per cent of Call aSUafe^ensfo'n^sittli 1 ^ T^ ^°, r - proiect has announced. In addition to the thousands of ±SS l du^^J 0111 " 1 "" Wio P urj "g the peak periods 10 weeks, nearly TOO "~ : '-d for -\ ,,,; , :;--» ««ou t tuwii. isost- wick a retired insurance company employe and ex-motorist, says that he is more concerned with avoiding automobiles than the stares and wisecracks of pedestrians. Un any fair day, Bbstwick can {£ seen swinging jauntily down ln,fw et lTM arket basl «t in hand Bostwick's real love is ice-skating. He is the oldest skating member of the Philadelphia Skatimr dub and Humane society Ard! more, Pa. Four days a weeks he goes out there, generally wlfer skating part of the way rom 3 -fo 2 gallons ^beUveel larch l and March 15" Moreover, no supplemental B °L C ^ U ?TM" m . be ?iven to off- · ---t-~.~j .nu uc given 10 the one-third reduction" paper says. "The cut was the de- i , .-* A " c t u t was cic- manded by the petroleum admin- istiation for war and will be ef Actuated «y the office of prfce administration. The reasons given are 2-fold, increasing military needs.and black market on^ --. .. «·.«**n»_ u iviuiiuay m-i " - ie . War «chait farm home · miles south of St. Charles, told police his son had fallen from a porch swing when he was 6 and was unconscious for some time.J "We often wondered i f - t h e fall hurt him,"-the elder "" " said, "f don't know." i,i ,1. i , ": iiumidi training high schools," Norris pointed out The only alternative, where a teacher cannot be found, is to se " cl , the children to another school, Norris explained. A school board has authority tn do this, but f"' a ?.g e nents must be made with the district where the children are lo go and transportation must be "Inasmuch as many new directors will be elected in Slarch, each new director should be fully informed of the problems of obtain- for the THBEE DEAD IN BUS riding in rear se^t of this Slne"^ «*·"* ^"^ One of 3 were bound for FnA.£ t^fe.. The *TMer of the 2nd. bus was killed. The 2'bus^ wer bounTtof^tB JSrTlT'· ^ «"* ^ thTIndTus was £lhic£insionina heavy fog^S ^t^*S*^ v TMTM^ * the time* south of Hammond, indi Raid Dutch Airfields and French Coast ... (U.R)--American and bombers renewed theli assaults on Dutch airfields and uie .trench invasion coast Thursday following a light RAF nigh raid on western Germany and n STM "?' i TM- b ?=*l "ttaclt on a "' Craft Wed It lions." market opera- Another large group, not inclml- "With our farmers rilatiline Jfartim" crp°ps mlw""" Jn TM?enc Fagin, assistant stale supervisor of the project, declared -'we'll need more women volunteers than ever if this increased food production is to .be harvested to helo shorten the war." / P TO BUY BOX CARS , ratoad* has U 'b e I The R °° K: Island Federal Judge Michael L 'leoe in purchase 500 new 50-lon ,tS? box cars to accommodate the Loses 52,080 Book Dracut. Mass.. (U.R) _ Farmer Frank Brovv-,, fenows now that, his mo,t valuable possession was a dictionary. The fact was McNutt to Arrive in Des Moines Saturday for Jackson Dinner es Moines, Pau i v. Mc- a » the book in which bin bills , _ au v. Mc Wutt, war manpower commissioner, is scheduled to arrive in Des Moines Saturday morning for the annual Jackson day dinner ot Iowa democrats at which he will be the chier speaker that evening. State Democratic C h a i r m aTi £ lkc ,y°. re of Hanan said Hm . .'J Van Meter of Waterloo, as toastmaster. would introduce MciYuit More also said members of the T f f l n A u u ^ 1 . . . * ' I U Outbreaks of Scarlet Fever Reported in 74 '. Counties of State Oes Moines, (*)--Scarlet fever epidemics have broken out in at least i4 of Iowa's 99 counties and may be expected to reach the others before the outbreak runs its course, the state health department said Thursday. Physicians throughout the state the department said, are reporting cases at the fastest rate since 1938 The first G weeks of this year 801 cases were reported, more than were reported, for the corresponding period of any year since 1938. n,,^°h nUesf re P° rlin S the highest number of cases in the G-weeks ? n ? l t h l s year were Webster, 203; Story, 88; Polk, 57- Clinton |0; Des Moines, 48 and Dubuque,' The health department snid the high prevalence probably would rnntimio ,,.,*;! ; _ _ _ . ""»n . --- -- Y' 15 * to Contact every teacher to learn if she wants to teach next year, what salary she expects, and other information about plans." iVorris d e; i ared should be warned and'encou'ra^ed to hire their.teachers first and pay them a salary sufficient to hold them after they have signed contracts .Directors of s m a l l schools should be encouraged to close schools where possible Schools close to town or consoli- ''"'·"' schools, who have school . should be encouraged to contract with, the town or consolidated school for school purposes. Extension of bus routes can be arranged when necessary. Let "f tl -?? em P t : t ,° s^e the teacntr situation early.' Only a few hours after twin- engined RAF mosquito* returned from Germany. American 9th air force maurauders in daylight bombed airfields In occupied Holland from which German fi-ht- ers have bee,, takin E off to harass Hying fortresses and libera their forays into the reich. tish. Dominion and allied marau I Ierr 0rted ^ COvered the Simultaneously, B r i t i s h typhoon fighter-bombers raided the i'as dc Calais area of the French in Objectives of the British i raiders were not announced, 6a they w e r e presumed to lie ii Germany's -industrial Ruhr an, Rlunetanrl. A strong'force of 4-engined lib- eiators from the :5th U. S. air aircraft Carried lhe - c against German production through day with an assatilt Wcdnes- on the Daimler-Puch'Ag air- Pi,, co , m P° nent s factory and the Flugmotorcnfabrik W a 1 z J a gen sf£? oil" 81 -, 3 " c n B i n o workSTMt A u 7 t r i a 3 0 m l I e S W e S t o £ V i c » ' « . [·he liberators and their escort lightnings shot down 33 intercepting German planes in a run"' 'f a ' r b " ul -'. Naples dispatches said, boosting the toll of enemy .lanes shot down by British and Italian-based forces in the past fJays of :iliar-t, ou ai, cra r t G«£n ^^-.iStS^K- i^5Z" h .T^!^oT'TMTM''" ire. Some ,, '·it participating cribed as "flaming s dropped pilots de- balls'--ap- Decrease in Number of lowans Receiving Age Assistance Shown ,,, , JP)--The number of rowans receiving old age assistance dropped to 52,730 Ian month, a decrease of 382 Irom the month before, the state board of social welfare reported Thursday Total pension payments were up] nTco- 1 ? 0 "" 1 tom Pai'ed with si,-046,3:1 in December. The average January payment was S26 86 was S2648 Verage December *** Nazi Commander Is Killed in Berlin Raid Stockholm, UP,--Gen. F r i t z Kuehn, a German commander of armored forces, was killed in an elevator during the allied raid on Berlin on Feb. 16, Aftenbladet's Thur-d-". correspondent reported .Last of Quadruplets Born to Paratrooper's Wife Dies in Alabama Decatur, Ala., (JPj--Dia'nne rlut- to, last of the quadruplets born to the 23 year old wife of an army paratrooper Tuesday, died Thursday morning in Benevolent hos- Death, as in the cases of her · sisters and brother, resulted from ·T e ? "3f ss and P re maturit y ," hospital attaches said. Her mother, Mrs. Spencer Edmund Hutto, 23, was in good condition. The father, Pvt. Hutto '5 came here Wednesday from Fort Benning, Ga. enc invasion coast, where Prime Min, e n- ister Churchill reported the Ger- Buy War Savings Bonds anil e er- mans have been preparing rochets T^ ,INAH SHORE and her guest, G.nny iimms, serenade comedian Wally Brown ^^-- , when Ginny visits the KGLO- CBS "Dinah Shore Program" Thursday at 8:30 p. m The net result reduces Wally to unaccustomed wordless wonder. From New York, Cornelia Utis Skinner and Roland Young co-star in a new chap"Dl\--H" , ter of the whir nsical "Wil- thorpJ h M- c,' am and Mar V" series - Authored by Miss Skinner , _ Cross Program \vill be over KGLO .Thursday.of T.-'lsV'm KGLO C f- S Rq''' ndUdeS P ?.^ S J °h"son,, .of the rsijLU-UrJi program, "Vox Pop " and orhpr radio stars. her thW T R H JH £. r ° 9rom explains the story of how the Ked Cross is the link between the ser- vicemon and his home. Parks Johnson will interview a Home «"«' spring nncl ashed '·"· ·'," ···* .inn «i^Kec P«iems to keep children with Britain Will Go on Summer Time April 2 London, (ff)--Britain will go on double summer time beginning April 2 and continue until Aus 13, Herbert S. Morrison, minister ol home security, informed 'the house of commons Thursday. This will put Limdons clocks 7 hours ahead of Central War Time. 'you want it. Uncle T /l° t ..!!.. f . he .! nJ0 "? of the ^erica truck- refrain which runs the gram, presented Thursday at 6-45 n m C hambl" " 01 " 5 ' 0 "" 0 " w '" th the TM- ,,, " ^"'sa *^«1O," "How Ulanv i SSO.Wtt SUIT FILED nn?^ 5 Moin:s ' W--Suit for S30 000 damages was filed here Wednesday against Leo E. Kielly. 41 itale Center implement dealer by Mrs. Lena Anderson of DCS iwomes m connection wilh the h^ a ^ i d ? n t death ot her IHIS- Jan l Anderson, 32, l ast t Isolation is required for 21 days - . n e hasn-t seen the dictionary BEQUEATHED TO HOSPITAL Mount Pleasant, f£j--Bulk of Hie $100,000 estate of Andrew J Clark 72. who died recently at New London, Iowa, will go to the Burlington, Iowa, hospital following the death of his sister, Rebecca Clark or New London, who was becjueathcd a life income from the. estate. LEAPS FROM VIADUCT St. Louis, (1AR--Mrs. Grace llc- Nenly. 35, jumptd to her death Wednesday night from a 100-foot viaduct. She left a note, addressed lo her husband. Franklin, which explained simply: "I have just left iny husband at the federal building filling gut his income tax return." A T n - GRAM ORIGINATES FROM CLEVELAND. r h v , '' observing the World Day of Prayer," global de votional service held annually by. program. Observance of' the day by peoples of K;^ n ^^f? ns . at . sunrise *c Fi.ff THE KGLO FORUM will bring you T |,or Jensct r ° F acifi C, JUSt east of the inter- A Mason City Globe-Gazette.Farm editor Thnr^' natl0na ' "ate line, and continues around thp 2St 1 S? h th B t ^ p - n k M r - J e n s e n ^MI give a re! wo !' d Wlt!l dawn services in 51 countries ^.L h ,'£K. Fa TM -- »*'«" - -- ^^"v^^i**. ·'«"· . ce s a n , a the Pacific, just west of the date line W H O KCU I V K T W U K h 1040, THURSAV AFTERNOON" tarlrnic x..n* »-- ';« (Wor!l1 ·:» Cotf« Time w.Il:00 Sky High l Jerry Smith LEATHERNECK SHOE f right e '^^ · · '"^rAin ":-^ Farm Nciv «^3 Jerry. Zclda ' : O I N e w s ···1-i T i i n c t o S l i i n c '-3!' New.* ;:« Uncle Slan .1:00 E n Webber !:30 Help Mate 9:4o p'Jvb-.t lu:00 of'Life' ":lo Vic anrl Sailc 10:30 Brave T'rnV 10:4.-. David Hanini 11:00 Judy and Jnnc ":" ?.- », ^m KGLO-CBS DAILY PROGRAM SCHEDULES ' "" ""· "" = '" * * * * :'i ·: -i i ... Thursday P. M. A-M qulncj- Hoirt. CBS 5:1. Job N'otes 5:30 Sports Camera i: ^.I bt n ' otM T »"r- Gtner.l Elcelrtc, CBS 5:15 Meanlnt " lhe News. B. F. Good, «. " cb ^"»t«ij-. CBS «:0ff N«»» or Che .Villon, p. c . i E. 6:1., H.rrj- Jtraes ird Hi, Sl us j c M»k e r i ChetttrtMds. CBS ·«»«!, D:M KGLO Fonim 6:40 Hours Ahead 6:JJ War of Enlcrpriic 7.-00 irelodic Moods V:15 Red Cross Program i-M f. ti f'""- r r "°'- G«i" Belt «.00 Mijor Bowes- Amileur, C Corporallon. CBS Beer CBS E i. ~ **«-uucr 11:1.1 n M « « Jini ^£--~,:.v^ ' ". CBS 1:00 Xenj. CHS ' 1:0.1 Clevelandalres JS N^-C^ ° rehc ""- CBS 2:0j Sizn Oil FrHav A. M. «:l» .n«l-«l R n o n i f n p -' «:(.-, .Vlotjln, N - , W 1 R . o r d u l T j l ( l t r i City .Mcrchanti · :1KI llebror Chrj^lian Hour, lr. elson 1:31 Keep Time irjlh f* »:lr World Xews. Maso 8:31) Today In Osaee !l:UO Cltir Lak, en lb« Air J : l Tips and Tones. Tidj- ilooje PriMi. nets !'"il Son|r* or Omar. Omar Floor i! i! a*"H V °"' st »l |! " Brands. CBS 9... Bachelor', Children, Wonder Bread. I0;l!u News Oitesl. Jacob E. Decker and O'ij W»lu ! c "n 0 "c'' """° """" il-oilK,1 l n » ^"2 N f" s ' Ol ° l 't-G««le Kale amith Speaks, General Foadx. [Jl" ")'t«ry Melody Game 12:00 Job Kotos 13:05 Todays Markets 2:13 The Old Timers I.:.1I Front^ Paie N r « 5 . Osco Self Strr- 2:« Meet tn° ( Band l : « n _ V « j m , nr. M,lo,, r . General f o o d v re .Ionian. l. II C r n r r . l rt\. CBS " . Bemis, * Glass, 2:30 School of the Air. CBS o:0t) Droadway ^tatinee, On CBS S:M Bill CostEllo anil Ihr .·»,,,, C BS 3:30 Mallbap Request Program 4:00 Fun with Dunn. CBS J:jO Worlri Day of Prayer. CBS Cftf'"" V " m "'- Wri '"J- G-". S:»Qnincr Howe" and Ihe Xe ws . C Bs -·"cin-sr;, Ay 4 ««»-· sWb^ 3:30 Sports Camera 3:1,2 iJ'» rl1 ' Today. Oenetal Electric CBS -:,-. Mtnini of the N tW! , B . F Goo". «eh Company. CBS "ooo- a-m Xen j of the Xation, p. G t r 6:lo Dateline. CBS · « · * » · * . « . . -·00 J' 1 '"' 11 '" Time. Grain Belt Beer ' CDS H«nr._Ger,eral Foodi. ·--.V. firaln Belt \e«.. . M. r R o u n d u p . !.-.1l The s Oil TM~«*«BfC-Si.vt5C=s:

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