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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 27, 1818
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. ' Stmilutrn District ofjtv - tls, BK'it retuemtiered, that oa the twenty ofln day of April, in tbeorty t econd year of the fodcHwwlence of the United Btatet of Africa, dcuM. Blunt, of OicaiddiiUit,haUi derailed ia thi offi the title of a chart, the right whereof be claims at author and proprietor, in lb? wonjf and 6ure4 following, - to wit : ' A New Chart of East Florida and the Bahama ' Banks, eifcndingfrom St. Simon's Island to Ha - i : ; ; aL.i I J .l. a a! IK. Tana, exuioiung uie irw.avs sou uuuuw w hio James and iloon Eiixa in 1810 i ihip Fran - cii. IKlitshin Albion. 1810: schooner Catha - line, 18 17 : anil schooner Retrieve, in 1818 ; to ' cvtlier with tel of currents, tide, Ac. and sailing direction lor crowing ue Hank, by rinona m , Kluflt - oslfhnr ftf th Anutriron 4iAft Pilot' "' 1 - In conformity to the net of lite congress of the - d Stah. nlillpil - an act for 1 1 m encour agement Ol learning, hf aeruring .the copies of inapt, chart and books to the authors ani ir - prietors U such, copies, during the time therein toentiuned." Aad also to an act, entitled " act, supplementary to aa act, entitled an act for the enco''niteintra oi learning, rry tcc - anu the enco' nneintrd of learning, try securm ine copies of Maps, Charts, and books (o the authni and proprietors otuch copies, during the times therein Mentioned, and extending lb benefit Co, ; awl tlrrnS to tba arts of dcsiznintV emrraviiif, Mid lehlnir hi.lnri. J and Oilier nrintt." . - - r - . JAM Kd DILL. Clerk of the southern diitrict of Ne w Vork, at, f - n t i (1 mwui Al court of chuoeery held lor Hie state , " orNew - York, at Uiecity or Ainaoy, on m sixteenth day of March, in the j ear ' V ' ol our Lord one thousand eight Lundred - ' .' nod eighteen. - rRKXRKT, - The honorable James Kent, Esquire, 1 .. Chancellor; ' , Tboumi Baser. u... f TiMAtJi Annhlniut Jnl,n ft!.. eti. 1 IT appcariiur by the affidavit of Samuel S. Gar - dinar, which is Died, that process oitubprena, to appear Had answer in the almve cause, hath been rcga'arlr inued against the above - named defendant, John Bitsell, hut that the said Johu Vissell teiides at LiuMeld, in the state of Con nectirut. out of the Jurisdiction of this court - On motion of S. W. Jones, Ktqnire, solicitor fur tbe complainant, it is ordered that the said John Uissel! do cause bis appearance to be entered and his answer to be filed in Uiis cause, within fonr months from tbe date of this order, or in default thereof lhat the complainant's bill ol cnmpliuiit h taken pro - conleno against hitn. Ana it is furtlu r ordered, that a coii of this order be pub lished, withiu twenty days from the date hereof, in one or more of tbe pu'ilic newapapers printed in inia state, lor tbe space or eigni weeks sacceS' MTely, once at least in every w - ek. - . A Copy - ' IdAAC 1.. KIP, ' mhgO Iaw8w Anistant Repiiler. WT" . l i CIlANCtKY. y Stale of New - Tork, u. . IN puriuance ofan order of thit honorable court, Ixmnnif dale the 10th dtf of Januarr. 18 III. willl loll at public auction, at Ibe Tontine Coffee Houie, in the city of New York, under the direction oi the sunsenner, a one oi uie m astir t this court, in stparale hit orparctli, on Thursday, the twenty third day of July Beit, at twelve o'clock at noon " All those certain pieces or parcels and tracts of land, known as I he orth east section of the tenth towuihip, in the twelve town in Tioga county, beiuc lots No. SS, 27, 8U, 29, 30, 32, and 38. lot No. aC contains about eighty acres ; ht No. S7, about one hundred and live acre ; lot No 28, 9, 30, and thirty two, each containing one hundred and lour ncrei, three fourths and 3o' rods of land ) lot No. 28 contniu 90 3 4 and nineteen rod. Also, west hall of lot No. 24, which hnlf contains 51 acre. And alio lots iVoi. 1, 3, 4, 0 nnd 7, on the gure lying weiterly and adjoining on said riortlieuit lection, nnd wan surveyed and added t ) said tpction to makeNip a "deficiency in laid lection, hy a mistake in a former iiirvey. ?aid lot Noi. 1, C, 3, 4 and ft, cnlmnins almut fifty cres each j and lot No. 7 about twenty five acres. YcgeUi' r with all and lingular, the lire - iniiei nnd uppiu'tennm e. Unted April 1U 10 JA.MKS A. HAMILTON, ap 18 lawtd Mauler in (Chancery. ?Tifliunu6urgi Turnpike iioad and Utidgt Lumpany. hT' The stockholders are requested to at tern! at the store of Miles Hitchcock, corner of Maiden Lane and Nuitau - ttriet, from 12 to 2 o'clock on Monday, Ihe 1 1th day ol may next, for the purp'ite of electing nine directors, to manage the atTairs of the cumpany for one year from thai jay. new - iota, prn uin, ii.iu. EAM. OoBOKN, Secretary, i ap9lair5w - I J Y order of John Garrelson. Esq. XJ of I f Ihe court of common blent of Richmond I county, and state of New - York, notice is hereby Riven io tin i ue creuuuis ui .lainanici ,,a, w. i me couniy arm sinie aiuicauiu, nn iuvji,kii, i debtor, to aPDrnr before the said iudec, ut the C'Urt house in tbe town of Southfield, in said county, on the thirteenth day of June next, at two o'clock in the afternoon of said dav, to shew cause, ii any they have, why on aisivjnment of the said insolvent's estate thnulu n it be made, f ir the benefit of all hit creditors, and he be dis charged, according to an act of the legislature d' the stale of New - York, entitled " an act fur giv ing relief in cases of insolvency," nnd Ihe acts amending the same. D.ited Richmond county, theSd ol Auru, a. u. miii. NATHANIEL MARTIN. ap27PlasvGwt - To l.ttt'iront or mure irurs, 5i?iJ The following houses - house No. 2!'4 ttndav. two door above Wattiinsloo Hall, with a coach house in tlie rear if required Also, a three story brick hou - e No. 415, in said street. jsiAo. a new lulu sen rei iwn viurr nricx iioiim - , rWcr of Uiponard and Church .trecls, the i . 1 1 i i , - term moderate. For further particulars, apply el 415 Itroadway. inn Xj " IRANCI - J M'UOWAN.. No. I2rl Fly Mar - ' kot. sensible of the very liberal cncnunire - lueot he hat re rived sioce Ins comnirncement in 1 business, and feeling confident lhat ni extrti .ns ou bii nnrt shall be wantine to merit a conlin uancr, informs his friend and Iho public that no l.aiui orexpence tins been avoided lo obtain a stock of the bett liquort or every description, which can be depended on for their puritpr. Having made arrangement, while at Charles ton, tor a cor, st an i supply l u ut.r.iX iuiiili. a tiie i r season, be will be enabled to furnish soup of an excellent quality. A txKik will be opened for subscribers to an ORDINARY, to be on Ibe table every day at a stated nour. - Roomt, for private pnrliet, at a short notice N. B. .Soup, Krcf - Steaki, Oysters, Mutton Chops and Relithet at ail timet. FROSl'ECTUS yon rvKMsniKO it 8CBcRirTiosr A MAP UF MEXICO AND LOUISIANA. ri MIE publication of this Map hl been under - j. taken Willi trie inipn - ision, that it will ex bibit information, highly interesting at event ful crisii, and the Valuable Maps which the au . tl.or has procured, durine hisiereral tours through Mexico, in the years lWlo, 1W7, liz, 11113, 1815, 1816, and 1817, induce him to beleive that the W;iii, wttheven all its imperfections, will le much the most jierrect whietihat appeared be foretl imiitic. I Ins M.ip wi'l cont - un the lati st and betl in - formation Imm Ihe discoveries and possessions! 01 live Amenean, bpniiuh, Rusiian, British and Fremh travellers and navigators and representing the claims ol tUir respective CQverumcnts on 'he NorUiwesUrn coh,i i.f A.n.. The Map will include that portion of North "'"""i wiih n im iHivveen tlie Isibmii of Da irrn, iiu .. r - sovo a. gree oi rsoilh lAlilude, and p r n. vv wtMwaraiy to the l aciii: is, ean. Inuzth. Mn.;ilk..k.,.:. t , ... 7 u L , uy uve leei, ul wul he projected on a Kale of 40 milrt to Uie inch, to be debvered to the subscribers at fif - vern uoiian , acn. natcbet, March 7, 1813. ap7tAul PRIVATE LOVCLVG A SINGLE Gentleman can be accommoda - ted, with a rumithed or unfurnished room, witii breakfjut and tea, in a small and genteel funily, Inquire at the itcre, No. 126 Broad wy, 46 or at es as per feet CO the lar feet SI leu, rev lit per C Icm, 56 lit lun & ject and and It r. lued Coffee eer, M which We rt - Dur hue on liy well first anv vtry long r the i. b - in I - ILJ , A dry Cellar, aoder the Iwn - eWo. 89 non - street. . oi - n. o.'ir - - ;, , , my Utf . . 134 Pari - sret nt'AI. ESTATE. IN porsnanee of u order of tiie honorable the court of chancery, dated the 24lh day oi April. 1818, we, tlie endenigued, truilte of the estate of Henry Uoter, deceawo. wm eeii .pumtv section, onhuriday, Ibe Sfllhday of hU) lu - stanU the following reai'elalet lxt Ho. 7 IJoyer street, nineteen feet front and r.. r. ADleetdeeD on soullieaterlv and 47 feet on northweiterly slcJe be the sflim more or less t ana as now w i"n' WiUiam Armstrong;; "uhjoct to a lase which willeipireonthe Ut May, 1826, at a ground rent of 60 dollars per annum. , . l.ot No. I i lkLt street. tfO feet front, 5? rear, reel 4 Inches dec poo southerly and 61 feet on northerly side, be Ore laine more or lei, as now late iii pociiooo(Col. Wm. Few, subject to aleaie, winch will expireon ttie 11 May, a gmund rent ol 411 dollar per annum. LMNo. 13Uoyerstrpet, 0 feet front nd 2i rear. 6 1 feet deep on snut herl y and 54 feet ti inch on the northerly side, he the tame more or leu, now in lheiHeionof Mr. David M union; luhjtf t to a lease which will expire on the lit may, iuz4, ai a grouoo rem oi uiiny an uuiiun annum, Lot No. 15 Dover street, 2j feet front and 33 rear, 64 feet 6 inches deep on Southerly and lect 3 inciiei on northerly siue, ie me tame mole or leu, ai now in poseiiion of Mr. William bhatcl ; luhject to a leuie which will eipire ou 1st May, 1B24, atagrouud rrotol toilydui ter nunum. l.ot ao luuoyer itrcet. soictt iront nna zy 8 inches rear, SI feet dee pun soutiierly and feet on northerly tides, be the same more or and as ni'W or late in posorinon ol toi. wm. : subieci ton Icaic which will expire on tiie of May, 1824, at aground rent of lodollais am. wm. Lot No. 13 fell street, ?9 fert front and 8 feet iiichti rear, 60 feet deep, be the same more or as now iuposeiion of the eitate of Wm. Gray, deceased ; subject to a leaie which will expire on the lit Ma;, lUStl, at a ground rent of thirty dollar er annum, Lot No. 21 fell street. 21 feet front and rear, feetO inchei deep on easterly, and 5 feet 4 inches on weiteily sides, be the mrue nforu or Icm, as now in ponemoo ol mr. win. i. wni - dron ; subject to a lease, which will expire on Ihe day of May, 1824, at a ground rent ol 4U dol - per annum. Lot No. 25 1'ell street, 31 feet front, 5 feet 3 inches rear, 60 feet deep on eaiteriy, anil to leei incbes on weiterly side, be the same more or less, as now in posemon oi John tieyer ;iod - to a leaie which will expire on the 1st May, Itft, at a ground reot oi ju dollars. House and lot No. 2.1 fell street, f I feet front rear, and SH feet 4 inches deep on easterly, GO feet on westerly side, be tbe ne more nrlesi, as now in possession of Mr. Joseph Hut - The improvement on Ihe leaied Jots to be va and paid for by the purchaier, at tbe expiration of the lease. Terms of sale, cash, on the delivery of the deed. Any furtlur information which tny be required will be given by either of the subscribers. ISAAC 8. DOUGLASF, ADRIAN II VAN BOKKELF.N. The above propertv will be sold at the Tontine llouie, on tbe above mentioned day, by Messrs. t KANKLLN ti 1MINTUKN, Auction my 7 tils MAXU.11 TAJ HUJOUL. ANHA T'MN Female School is at 194 148 Greenwich - street : Male richool,' Cbaaibcr - street. In Iheto ichools are (au;ht all Ihe linnchet cnnitilutea useful and finished education. forbear to deieeud to particulars ; to offer coiniiieudittioti?, or to ni ike great promife?. patron are lell to pule ol the niw of inalructiou both muml and scientific, by ttio ini - provemeul ol tlio scholars. JilMHRT PH.KF.T, ap 29 JUIIjY IV. HICKi.T. LUULEU H.HLi. M.1.VMCJ)M.; 70 Chalh'ini - ilrret. fSHF. suhfciibtr return his thanks to the JL public for their former patronage in the of h.s prolrsfioti, and hopes lor their future support. He likewise informs them that he ha hand a constant supply of curled hair, insnu factured cxpreily for uiatcase, on an improved principle anJ likewiie guaraiilen the hair sold him lo be free from any impure smell, being Kournl, buileU and baked, and Ix - ing ma. judgeloufactiiredby machinery, bus an adrantase over other hair manufactured in America it ie,ture and ela - lieity mailing it a saviui of wel,iy.UVe per ceul to the purchaser. W IL ILLIAM J ACKSON. N. B. Merchants and the trade in general ill find it to their advantage to call as above. 3!l bales of hair in its rough state ; C balei ol horse - tails ; 2000 lbs ol long hair drawn IK' inches, c'ubbed ; COO dole u batr sieve bottom. or sale as ibove. my 5 2m AVsr Vincy Gooilt, Uc. rrHF. subscribers, have JL just received bv the latest arrivals t.nm l - .ng - luiul, a handsonin assort meut of Lilies dressing cases with lock and ke) , some ol winch are of an entire new pattern jnd most fashionable colour, which are cream , , iie, morocco and brown, also, moroc.o and rose wood work bote and gentlemens shatintr caes, shaving boxes and brinhe. Smith ii Nephew Njple soap, lavender anil honev vvatcrt, essences, tiHilh powuer, soap UiL's'c oap, real Windsor do. hair powder, Immature frames, buttons, ixckel bni.ks, pcn - Uiivcs. scissors, razors in cases, do. single, ridicule glasses ana bsgi.caveliin, ru nenis. dcntriHce. fcc f4C Alio, I'J mr iilki imiiii i.iinr, mire cases of genuine perluuieiy, from the tirit houses 1 .... 11... 1 r.nm v . it... fan, consisting partly ol r.iu no esprfinn.eau tie ninoii i eneios, eau or men, e.,u ,n - 1 ihokki. eau Louis llilh, eau N.ipoleiB, eau de einieroi des R units, tic. ei. ; pinin niidaniher'd len der watcii, loaps, biuilie, cloth do (ver elegant) Aorentuie, silk and kid tiaiteri, purses, gloves, scent bolib'i in minia'ure, tpone ,, l utie work boxes, lortoiH' sbeil lii.xe - s, mounieii m silver nnd sold; 'Limbics, thread cases, fruit knives, tw ee.ers, pencil cases, pockri books. pocket lights, needle cases, of all kinds, rice box, crumb, anil all other kinds nt brushes, pardons silver eye - needles, barrel! cluspg, and a great va, icty of oilier articles in their line, which they will dispose ot, on tbe most rea sonable terms ut the r fancy and perfume ware house, No. 13S Broadway, beany opposite the City Hotel. AN I HUM W. IK.iI'l'Af Ailitl. may 19 lw IMPORTANT TO THE PUBLIC. rFMiE sulowlit - er begs leave to inlorrn bis A. Ii iends and the public that he liat taken a room at tbe corner oi Frankiurt and Cbnlham strei ts, near I anmiany Hall, a an " INTEL L1GENCL OFFICE." Wine laniilic may be supplied with servant ol every description ervanl w ith plnce gentlemen wislnng ser vants, lor travelling, Mipplitd al Uie diortcst m.liM , tnh - ltnMl, MfttK 1 LrL . nrl larL - a mrlt. employ ; wet nurses with places ; un - chamci with (ournejmen. Kvery inlormalini given lo tlran - nitu H . , .. . n t . i . - .7 ' """"" '"S '" with a call Famibcs, becoming subscriber, supplied witb servants at one dollar per annum. Aisn, lVo,.ks iMMtcL Accounts adioteL Pa per of every description, copied with ncatnees. Correctness, and dispatch Personal attendance, fm 4 8 ,c M. and from 3 to 9 o'clock ij.'n .. t. - . .. , - ' , i ,e"h";f that his assiduity and atten - uenl, WlUr - "aareofUiepub - I my tin. II. PADELFORD. VALUABLE RKAI. ESTATE FOB SALE , JM TBfc uiJ op SKW - tOaK. i?VE kt of ground ost the west sideofGreen - . V wich - treet, betweea Vestry 'and Desbroe - se - trecls, 25 try 80. ' " tout do in ibe rear of the above, fronting on the east lideof Waibington - street, IS by J. Ught do in the block below, between Wasb - ingluu and Weit - streets. In Montgomery County. 6000 acres ol Land in Lawrence's purchase,' near rat Canada Creek, on tiie norlU side of tlie Mohawk. In franklin Connty. - 15,163 acre of Land, io lle towns of Mount Morris and Dayton. In Knex County. 7832 acres of Land in the town of Barry more. ' In tlie County of Lewis. 1250 acres of land in Ci'lerland, Cbaisacir Purchase. In Saratoga County. 2000 acres in Palmers purrhate. Knquire at the office of the luoscrihcr, 34 Cedar - street. - DEV. JIOEINSOS. mh7tf ' tJIKAl' CArli GKOCUlY 1 1 OK II Corner of Grand und Hyndcr itreett, directly Lnnosite Centre Market. JAMES P. ANIjOK reipeuruily informs lii friends and Uie public in general he ha re moved from comer ol Uroadu ay aud Ured - it. to his present stand, where buiulicits a coiilinunnce of public patronage, and hopes hy hit unremitted titrlioi.s to obtain tlie belt of Li(iurt nnd other articles in hi line of hu'ineii, thereby to render the uioit erlect tatiilaction. N. H. J. P. A. keeps conrtantly for ale a federal asiortment of first rate Tea. SJuear, Cof lee, Spice", Liquors of all kinds, Vc tic. which will be all dupoied ol at a moderate my 2 Im , . Ud'i' publUied, a Uucourm ilelivured at tbe tr contccratum ol the Synagogue ol Hie i nu - dren of Israel, iu tbe city of Nsw - Yoilr, on Friday, the lOthofNi - ao, 5571), correMi ling wilh the 17th of April, 1818, by Mordecai M. No:ih, Esq. Just received and fur sale by ELIA.S VA - LENTIXK, 04 Uroadway, oppoeito Trinity Church - Mitl, where alto may be had all Die new publicalinii. niy 12 , .lmeriran .icadimy f 1nJiiie Jlrlt. Uoard of Directors gue notice, Uiat tlie X foulh Exhibition ol this Academy, is thi day orened, and will continue cpen every day (Sundays excepted) fioin 8 in tlie morning till dutk. Admittance 25 cents. Cntalopucs 12 1 - 2. By order, ALEX. ROBEIl l 60S, Sec'ry. Members and Exhihitine Artists are inform ed, that their cardt of admitiion are left with the door - keeper. my 20 2w Ai its tf E.MJKK reipecttuily inioriui lier J. friends, and Ihe ladies in particular w ho recently called on ber, thai her apartments are now ready for Ihe reception of pupil for the piano forte ; alto, that the it desiorut of obtaining two or three more pupil, who the would have no objection to wait upon at their own houie, thould' it be preferred. The moil retiecta - ble references can be given. A gentleman and bis wife may be accommodated with board, my 12 Iru" White - treet, No. 3. 7U LKT, The eleeant 3 storv houie I?o. 7 Hud ion street, which commands a pleasant vies of the l ark and river. I'oitetiion may be bad in a few dayi. 9Alio (or sale, Ihe lurnit lire of said house. It is ol the best quality ; well litted, and suitable to a genteel futility.. Apply at above, my Hit BERGEN ORPHANS COURT, Of the Term of March, 1C18. Cntharine Schuyler, Adiuinistratiix, ic. r of John A. Schuyler Rule, under Statute. deceased. 1 'pHK court order and direct. That Catharine J. belmvli - r adininiHlralrix of the tooils, eh - t - telt and credits oi John A. Schuyler, deceased, Kive public nut ice to the creditors of Ihe decedent to bring in their claims and demand against the estate ol the mid decedent, on or helure the firet diiv of Alnv. in the year of our Lord eigh teen hundred and nineteen, by putting up notices to limit fleet, in five of Ihe mist public placet in the count V of lieteeli, fur the pce of two months, nml advertiiina; the sumo (or Ihe like space of time in a newspaper printed and pub lithed in tlx? state of New - Jersey, and in a news apt r printed and publtslwd in Uie city ol .iw oik. A true transcript from Ihe record. np2fi?m JOHN A. HOYD, Siir'uate. W COOK H AXThl). AWO.M A N wlio is a good plain cock, and can produce laticfactory reference (none others need apply) will obtain a situation in a small fjmilv by calling at No. 49 Varrn - lrecl. miy SO Irt - WIIEATO lA - VfSj Fancy Chair Manufacturers, No. 15J Fulton - tt. opKite 1st. Pauls Church, oiler for sale, wholesale anc retail,a large ond elegant as sortment of Curld Mnpit. plain painted and ornament ed in gold h bronie, bamboo, plain and (.,111 bans, rvuca ing, dewing, anil Converta. lion Chain, Sofas, Settees Loungces, Music Stools, tec, Orders from any part of thecontinentexecuter with net.lnest ami nispatrh. Old Chairs repaired, piicted and ornamented my Hi CARRIAGES, &c. FOR SALE, Ar the Kepositobt, Walkeh - staekt Two handsome coat he, very little used ; one strong do. suited tor a stage ; an iterant Ulbcry eie, very light ; one Engluh lilbery do. ; a gnat variety of new 1 10111 .0 j AW ; alo, a few good leuiily and saddle horses. Persons, who with to dispose of their hones ur c irriftes of any kind, would do well lo scud them now into this establishment, as the demand i lousiderable. 1 hose who want an ad vatic e ol ca - li, can have it on delivery ol the artir:lrs; and (iichaswidi lo srll anJ keep their hoi - ses, &ir. tUewhere, can have (hem sold by leaving their iii - trurtuM.H at the Rep'iitnry. mv 2.1 tl - v nr n room. FRC.VlE.MO, No. I Wall - lrrtt.Jut re . I'irned Imm Italy, h" tbe bor.our to inforn. the eenlk'Hien, that be cuts and diesses hair ir, the utert st) le, and in a mat nrr to at to adopt it In the phisirx - uoniy. lie has for sale aoianti ly of RAZORS olio Gist quality, if lliey do not plcaso 00 trial, the purchaser aie at lis, r!) lo return litem, aud receive the money He has likewise procured a very fine hone, and engage lo I e store rmors to a very keeacdire and should thty not rut be will receive no recorarience. Those tent le men who nay please lo honor him with their patron gr, may depend on Ibe most pattirahir and respectful attendance. Frurn, ntn has.Ht received a few selll of the celebrated Mansuua r ali Back Rasor. war ranted of Damascus steel of a superior qtialiiy. Amateur may share thernselve luxuriously. N. K. Geatlcinen wh subscribe by the charter will have their raton, ic. kept exclaMvtlj for themselves. P. S. A gyod joiratyiaaa wanted. Apply a above. mk 6 U N rOST COACU LIKE r PiJILADELrHLi y vit ot rowLM - nooa A NEWLuwofPostCoachetwitbeverycwi - f vemenre for passeneer and baggage, on Springs TH ROL G H 1 ONE DAY. The Post Coach will start from the Coach office, No. I Courtland - lreet, N. Yoik, every ninrninir. fSundav eicenlelil at 5 o'clock, by wav of Newark. Eliabelbtown, Brunswick. Princeton, Trenton and Bristol, and arrive at HIiiLi.ll.ihia 11, i emu afternoon, at 4 o'clock. A second Line of new Post Coaches will start from New - York every morning, (fcundays excepted,) at 10 o'clock in the Bteaiu Boat Atalan - la, lodge nt Trenton, und arrive nt Philadelphia, in aSieamBoat, next morning ut 10 o'clock. 5 dollari. P. ri. I'atsengcrt are requested to call and take their seati at the cfTice Wo. 1 Ccurtlandl - slpet, New - York. ,. United State Mail Coach, for Philadclplja, Baltimore and Washington City, with every convenience for passenger 8iid baggage, ou springs. TI U. S. mail coach will ttarl from the coach ollice, No. 1 Courtiandt - tt. New - York, every day at 2 o'clock, P. M , and arrive at Philadelphia next morning at 6 o'clock. Only 0 passenger admitted. For stats in the above named Lines, apply to TIIOS. WHITFIELD, t the old established Ccaeb, and Bteain Boat oifice, No. 1 Court - hindl - stieet, near the corner of Broadway, New - York 5 or to A. T. GOODRICH & CO. No. 124 Bioadway, corner of Cedar - etreet, New - Yotk. (C5 - AII goo.1 and bngeiiee al : tbi 1 risk of the owner. JOSbrti I.Kurs, e. iN, II Expretae sent to any part 01 tne continent, by THOMAS WHITFIELD. my Ifi t.Xl'tUITIOUa 'Hist i KLiJMU. tun i - C UA HE k STKA M - li U.I I LLYt. H, FUR rniLAIIELMII A. Through in one day, and bv dnylieht. ON Monday (he 1 lUi of May iiMunt, a line of post - coaches and tteaui - boats between New - York and Pbiladcluhla will be commenced. The paengen will leare Wbitc - liall in New - ork every day (Sundays excepted) at 5 o'clock A. M. iu his excellency. vico - president I). D. Tompkins1 commodious and speedy iieam - hoal AU 1 ILUp, proceed lo Bristol by the Staten - Island and Wnodbridge turnpike, and take the steam - boat at Briitol at 2 o'clock, and arrive in Philadelphia at 4 o'clock the same day. The roads on the land pari of (hit line are turnp.kcd and in excellent order ; the country and villages through which they pass is elevated, pleasant aud healthy, the route is the nearest at present travelled between the two citiet ; tbe various and extensive viewt whkb it give of the ocean, the bays, sound and rivers between New - York and New - Brunswick, makes thit the most expeditious comfortable and pleasant tour now exist ing between New - York and Philadelphia. a second post cnaiie will leave New - York every day fcuudav'i excepted at 10 o'clock, in the iteaiu boat Atlanta, from White Hnll, hy way of F.lizahrthtown, Bridgetown, New Brunswick, Princeton, lodce at Trenton, take ihe steam Ix'st al Bristol, and arrive in Philadelphia nt ill, wl far. Il.rn.,l, U For seatt in the above lines apply at (he oifice. No. lib1 Broadway. All goods and baggage at the risk of the own ers. JOHN N.t.UMMIXG, Newark. J. Ol'UCK, SONS k CO. Princeton. OCKTO - N k HOWELL, Philadelphia tt Ex pi esses sent lo any part of the States, by L. BAKER, G CLICK & Cl United CO. HIV t I NOTICE. fCr Steam Boat Oi.ive Bhancii will sail every - nnd.iy, nt 1 1 o'clock round jatalen Island, and ot canon illy, 11 Ih, vviu.1 and tide will permit, lo tbe hvok. This beautiful tail will contribute both to health and pleasure, and is nt cheap a rc creation a can be found. Pal lid who mean lo partake ol this amusement will, if convenient, give in their names the day preceding, at the ttice 111 lYlarketliclil street, north tide ol the Bat - ry - . I inner and I ea on hoard, nt the usual prices. Passage 0s children lulf price. my Utl SWIFT SURE MAIL COACHES, von ruii.ADEi.rniA, ICT" Leave New - York v - v??i evei morning (Sunday's ex cepttilj at ilo'clocK, and arrive in Philadelphia next iv to uiiiner. The publick bouses are good, and reasonable in their charges. The drivers, horses and coaches are not inferior to any others now running be tween these two citntt. 1 be neautiiul country, and Ihe excellence of the roadton thi rout, con nected with the safety, comfort, and reasonable expenccs, are beleived to be strong inducementi to traveller! in aivin tins line a decided prefer ence. The strictest attention will be observed hy the proprietori in tivinir e?neral satisfaction All baggage and packagst will go at the ritk of the owner unless insured and receipted for by Uie clerk of mid office. Stase tare only $5, with a gerrt rous allowance of baggnge. Partict wishing to travel at tbeir leisure, uiay enzage the Coach on reasonable terms exclusively to themselves, by applying one nay previou' 10 starting For teats apply at Northern Hotel, No. 79 Louruamll - itrett, iuw - iork. LYON, SONS, 4 CO. ap 2 Proprietors, HKW - yilRK BOTAISIO CARDKK. MICHAEL DENMSON, CURA I OR. HIS establishment is situated at Rose Hill, near the iu.irtion of the Bloominedale and llirrlem Roads. It comprehends about bve acres of excellent land capable of the highest improve ments. I'he proprietor of (his beautiful spot has obtain. rd a lcaeol Ihe land for the term of thirty years, Ho bus (besides the enclosures, shrubbery, and other inii rovemenl) erected one ol the loreesl and most convenient trees bouses io the Ugileu shites. ite solicits the c ituent to patronise bis ell it to lender l is garden couplet iu evury re iti i, 113 - a miMirraie annual sunscnpiinn. He projHiset that each contributor of five dol i:rs m. ,:i ne entitiea in receive tue value 111 seeds, ibuvrrs, plants, fruits, or any other produce nl the irnrdcu. By such an urrommoda - tiou to him on the part of the publir.. he will be , n ild.'d to procuie the greatest variety of foreigu ami iinmcuc vr;eiuiiies, anil to grainy thttatle and exprcta!ioiiifhii fnunds. P. rsmis im to enter tbeir names as en - rcur igi r - , ul the design, are invited to call at the garden, where the fullest information will be siven. my 21 lm A i'A TEN 1'ED IN V L.N I ION, For Ihe convenience and comfort ol ladies. IT i web known ry all lad - .es that their cloak pin - , fas they are railed) alias curtain pin. pnrticiilurly large oik s, in a very short time, bom tti - ; weight ol tbe. curtain, and from, ether ciiu - es, wear to large a bole in the wood in which tl.ey are inserted Uiat bey become loose, insomuch that they droop and look ill, and moreover niteiiti:nei drop out. To previ lit this ef - feclu vily, a peron has invented which will Cievent ihe inconvenience alluded tb ; and any idy, or ercn gctitttman, can be convinced ol the fact by applying at No. 2 Dey street, wher Ihe invention is to lie seea : the expense it a mere sriou, and cloak pins already 10 use can, and will be. readily altered to Uie proposed plan, my 10 3w WANTED. GOOD female servant, to do Ihe Cooki'ig a . and other work ol small family, wliere is to tic no clot r help. None need apply unless they ran rrrg a satisfactory recotmueiidalinn from their li st place ;tn such a owe grod wage will be pmJ. Apply at 18 Frabklin street. 9 I v3 CMO.Y LI.XE. f u iv 1' 11 I l A I) K b f it I A . Twenty - fire miles laud carriage, via Jvew - Brunswick and 1'rsiiton. In new post coat bee 5 Do. good stages, - 4 0 Do. loreeastle or deck pafsergers - 3 60 Connected by tbe steam boats OLIVE BRANCH and PHILADELPHIA. Tbe steam boat Olive liraoch will leaie New - York every day, Sundays excepted, from Ihe north side of Uie Halle - ry, ut II o'clock A. M. Passenger will lodge at Trenton, and take the steam - coal Philadelphia, so as to arrive 111 Philadelphia at 10 o'clock the next morning, in time to lake the Llioii Line Baltimore Ucam - boal. '' This line ha a connection with the best boat: on the Delaware and Chesapeake to Norfolk ; as ahto tho:e of the North River and sound ; aud their several arrival are calculated lo cause little, if any delay. This it a speedy and certainly - thn most convenient rout, as (be pasciigrit will leave New - ork after the baukt open, end arrive in Philadelphia before the hours of business, without fatigue in travelling or want of deep, the land carriage being much less than, by any other route between the two citiet. For scati in the above line apply to WILLIAM B JAQUE9. ' At the Onion Line Steam Bont Oifice, in Mar - ketfi - Id street, north side of the Battery, between Greenwich ii Washington - streets, or to The CAPTAIN on bourd. . 0 - All goods and baggage at the ruk of Ihe owner. np 4 TH. - . aUUA'O STKAM 1WAT - L1.VK. . The proprietors, wiln a view of accommodating the public, by extending the line to Norwich, intend makine Uie exieriiueni wiih the Fulton, Cupt. Law, and thit route (if found practicable) will be continued during Ihe season. Tbe line will in future be from New - York to Norwich, at follow : The Connecticut, Capt. Bunker, will leave New - ork every Monday, H'tdtuidaji and Friday, ut 8 o'clock, in tiie morning, lor New - Haven. Tbe Fulton, Capt Law, will leave AurutcA at ti o'clock in the morning of theiame dayi, touch niJS'tu - Landon and depart from thence for jVew Haven ut 8 o'cI'M - k. The boats will meet at JYeio - Haren, and depart from thence every Matiday, H tdnu - day and Friday, nt 7 o'clock in the evening tiie Connecticut for .Veto - For, and the Fulton for y tit" London JVotuich. Dihl7 AVHTU HIV Mi HTKAM - BOATS. frt - Onthe Uth of May, the Boats will commence rrf running four times a week, ili as follows : A Boat will ic - ave New - York on Tuetdar. at A. M ; Wednesday, at 5 P. M. ; Friday, at 9 A. M. and Saturday, at 5 I'. M. of each week ; and a boat will leave Albany on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 9 A. M. Tbe above arrangement will commence by tlie Chancellor's leaving Albany on Monday, the llth May, at 9 A. M. and tne Richmond leaving New York on Tuesday, Ihe 12th at 9 A.M. The Fire - Fly leaves New - York on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 9 A. M. for New - nirth, and returns on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 8 A.M. niy 2 Nkwbchoh and canamiaicua mail - stack' THREE TIMFS A Wl'tX. LEAVES Newburgh every Sunday, 'Tuesday, and Thursday oinrnins, at three o'clock, runs through .Ylontgoim ry, Bloomingbiirgb, Monticello, by Whitu L - .ike, Co'hevton, Mount Pleasant, Great Bend, Chenango Point, Owega, lthica, aud Geneva, loCuuandaigua. Returning - - leaves Cannndaicna every Mum - day, Wednesday and Friday morning's at three o'clock, and arrives at Newburgh, the third day in time to take the Steam - boats which arrive in New - York the follow ing morninp. fXj" r. - iiiy be e.rpeclid that al nil times irhen the sliam - bnali alter their dayi if running, that this line u ill aiti r so as to meet them. The whole route will be perfomed in three days, from the first of May, until tbe first of November and from the first of November until tbe fifteenth of December, and from the fifteenth of March until tbe first of May, in Lfour day and from the I5th December, un til the fifteenth of.Marcli the same line will be continued to tbe city of New - York and run frotn thence to Cauardaigua in four clays. l'assencers travelling from New - York to Cuiv.iniluigtia, Niagara or Buffalo, can leave N. oi k in the evening steam - boats, and arrive in Cannndaigua in three days a distance of three hundred mile. The line is well furnished with good, new carriages ; good horses, and careful and experienced drivers Every atten tion w ill be paid to render the passage ot Ihe traveller safe, easy and expeditious ; and it 1 believed that the accommodations on this line are equal to any line in the state. (T7 FAKE Irom Newhurgh to Canandaigua FOURTEEN DOLLARS. N. B. A branch of the same line runs three times a w eek from Itluca to Auburn. Also, a line runs from Owego Tioga I'ointi thence through Newtown and Painted Post, to Bath, Uc. BAGGAGE, as usual, at the risk of the ownt rs. David Godfrey, Rlooniingburgh, E. C. St. John. Mount FleaianL I L. Si R. Manning, Chenango, LProprie - Lutlier Uere, Itluca, I tun, Samuel Greeiiliff, Geneva, Oliver Phelps, Lansing, mh 14 dCin XlfJ ITIJBOIS, begs leave to inform the public Vl . that he bat just received, per brig Bacchus, ond ship George, from London, a general aisorttue nt of articles in the musical line, amongst which are tome very rlezant small Piano - Fortes. and a particularly elegaut rost - irood grand cabinet l'iaio - Forte. Also the new invented Metronome or patent si'll - liiiie beater, with a large assortment of new Music, which he olTert Inr tale wholesale or re tail, on Ihe most rcaiouable terms, my 8 MjV.V's JtXtl - BlLIOUS PILLS.' F HIGH havoheen attended with a decree ol tuccets highly gralelul to the insent - oi't feelings, in several parts of tbe West Indies, and the southern anri Middle Slates, particular ly in New York. Phi!adelhia, Baltimore, Ace. 1 tie operation ol these pills are perfectly mild, sn a to he ui. d by persons in every situation and of every age. They areexcellcntly adapted lo carry of o - perflout bile, and prevent its morbid tecretiont ; tn restor and amend theappptitetto produce a free rerspiralion, and thereby prevent colds which are often of faial ronw - queoce. A dose never fails to remove a cold, if taken On it first npjiearance. They are an inlailib'e, preventive 01 Bilious and Malignant Fever, and should be rrx'urcdioru - , by f verj seaman and traveller, repared and sold at LEE'S Medicine St vret No. 46 Maiden line. Druggists aod country store keepers supplied on liberal terms. niy 16 mr 1 irW 4r - 1 stiKirnlsg'pifth, trnrn bow to di.tW r . , twcn tlmgy thai dilr. nt i ' aWW - W . . - ' I jo tm rJOSE,foru,erl, 'i - r ft cf tie an dMfBery there, dee, LT. 'y to iei(t - ;it tonie tn,,.rvu tisi,. the ah:st? of MLRCUKi. rath, icuuci - minate, aod unquaL - V tire cf inCmte ibitcim - f. Th. be:t re annually sunn ,;,.i; Ja?. ' iimi a young mar, (ne hor. 1 of h tbe darling 01 p!ewt.s i10u,d ( by the consequences of cue uuii - jt countrr. ..' I mUcfctd enioyo - .tiu,ofh - sml by a disease not in itt .wTifaw" A - hlthon'y Prove n frnm " - V's saw Irrfvlmrrt'llV A " V I" ir hmn.. ...... n .11.1 in uo, ia rr.1i:, ti:,n ili 1,. . t . 1' M..y7.:JTlt.j hearty and wtil badV"' . . v , ,1a,,. Mir 1 ' a . r.rMi,JUi nolll geneiaj practice and ,el,;atedlyS,liva!,,d; . SienSSft Lr. II. (by a gcntlenma of this city) T, werf. carious, and his Utsh droppi,,Jini Vae hi. friend, declared he couM Z K"' 5 two .ion; h. longMr. .. Thousand, T know with what ease and siwet v Ur H ? J calet the severett cates, and coLiirn.,' iwl' "'" tuticn. The Doctor's plan (adveSV?B,,i - ccssary to guard the pu!,lic against fi U BeT iiiercry, and other fatal delulioa feSh ' Person, thrrefore, having contraj? rl . - vate rlisorder, or auspectira - lutem " P"" vluomtliedwSt to tamp I th tfr es 'rt lion, or conceal the disorder, til , ry ; oU.ertbavii.g (Jw remain of ? t ou or other impurities of the Wood caM er complaint, of a deirMe nlC sex. should remember rteritr .nfi' j e,Wlef lo tbeir con.cienctsym7kined,,0I - ,Ulic' to Dr. If. at bis old ind tMlC!i ,0,a lisbment, No. 64 Water - street . fot hJi ofOld - ilip,to "Main tbatmrt .J? WeM lone calr ulated it. pwWttJiK let isie claim your serious attenti - .Prnbe. a cjiiperficitil cureu no cure at all; unless tivTr sincssi, radically done, you wilVcSly'l he ditorder break out again with redoubled ml i?r.ity, at tome future period frhan then 5l he too late for remedy. lXa.'t j cu oleo he street miserable, oiutilaten beine. will even a bit of note on their face . Take,i. I beseech you. 6 w&r,"g r. H't. character for .kill and ttubbora .,,. en 'y being universally known in thit citv .il. 1804, guarantee to patientt that d Jicacy aaet ' crecy hitherto unknown, and having confined' his practice for year past, clu.nel toUcureo, .liseaet of the blood sytl.m they inaytafelvcsll culate oo the most fUcided advaiitaees i.T - n - sultins Dr. II. Gleet eradicated io twe or three weeks. Stricture removed without bougies or an v ofH er instrument ; and all debilities : UkewLe i old ulceration!, fistula's in. ueB"e J A plurality of offices are pror - ided, and to sit, ated that patients are not exposed toeacb other', .observation. Open till half patt 9 in the eveaine A I! penoni concerned are invited to be free ia calling, and speaking with Dr. II. which ia irea of cott. And here the Doctor cannot avoid tbe txpresiion of gratitude for innumerable recommendations, and for the decided preference fit it presum - d with just cause) long given him by a )udicinus puhlic. N. B. All letter must be pott paid. Dr. Buchanan. Aug 27 Iv jYJTHEIt qUAlKFKr jVOJi lMt.Oal. DiR. EVANS' superior method ofcuring a certain Disease, isnowuniver - tally acknowledged in this city 1 hit mode of treatment is perfectly mild. safe. ei. pciiiuou. and tut charg, a reasonable. In every stance be warrants a core, ...A . - 111 ... ., . in 'i',oe, ')t perform agreeable ii2si0 co,lract. , t. & a,iu mil iLBmu H inviii.. - - . 1 ii 1 . - - ..v. aivvajB uuserveu, lliere are many persnnt in thit citv and its srl - II... ..... , .... I nf n.n . I. , cinity, laboriog uuder various chronic ditenies, such at cancers, old inveterate ulcrs, scrofula or k 1111:1 evil, fistulus, diseases of the nrrthrn. bladder and kidnict, old complicated complainte of a ceruun uature, uiuoos and otner obitruc - iwmi. rlirtimaUrm. Ac. which thevconiidar incu rable, they can certainly be cured fin general) 9, feck - slip, having practised in exteiaive Ii lint made tliuse obtiinate diseasei hit constant ttudt r CAT, . ..& lor Mt irsri. II rtr" The tubsrriber having recently returned from England with an importwut improvement on the artificial spring LEG, he take this method of informing hit friends and tbe public, that ail those who are to unfortunate at to be In want of a leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by ap plying at No. 77 Barclay - itreet, New - York. Jan 22 WM. FURVIS. H YDE - PARK INSTITUTION. A SELECT and private Classical School is 2x established nt Hyde Park. Dutchess coca - ty, state of New - York, under the direction and instruction ol ULNJAJUi AI.LLi"V, U. L.. U. 1 he institution is designed lo unite with a clas sical and English Education, tbe modern langua - os. The clatsical course will comprise the Latin and Greek Languages, Ancient History and Geography, Mythology, Roman and Grecian Antiquities. The English course will comprise English Grammes, Elocution, Elements of History, Khe - toricil. Geography, Penmanship, elementary aod practical niauienianca, aou tue outlines 01 ixai - ural fhilooihy. Modern Languages will comprise the Frencfcj" Spanish and Italian. Moral ami religious instruction win or - , atten ded to, ai ycutti ii tbe most proper time to inculcate and fix those principle of virtue and piety, which ought 10 direct and influence the conduct of future life. The Minils of the Institution will be members of Ihe Principal'i family, and under bit immedi ate care and Government, rarticuiar antnuuu will t e paid to their morals and maimer. 1 be government will be strict, but mild and paren tal its aim shall be to give habtu 01 oruer sira industry, and inspire a guicrout emulation, Tliv inatir ulinn Mill be furnished with a Libra ry, Maps, Globes, and select Philotopbical Apparatus, tlie use of which the pupil will be taught, and made familiar with Ihe mott important and striking experiments in Natural Fuuoio - phy.' These will be contidered at rewards 01 giviu couuuci uuu aueniion 10 tiuny, uu v - .. slitule one of Ihe mot interetting lourcct of a - mustincnt and recreation. It is known irom experience that much utelul knowledge may be thus incideatally rommuoiralrd. 'I'he termt are three bundrd dollar per annum, payable quarterly - waihing included. Classical st odea Is who ttudy tlie modern languages, will he charged 10 dollars per quarter extra for tlie same. " The itudeut find their beds and bedding. '1 he number of students is limited. Gentlemen therefore who are de.irous of placing their son in the Institution, will please to make an early application. All letters relative to the institution, addressed to the subtcriber. Hyde Park FostOflic, Dutchess County N. Y. will he promptly attended to. BENJAMIN aLLE.. The summer term wil' commence on tbe 20th, of May, - wiy 6 6W HORSE FOR SALE. - A PLEASANT saddle Horse will be sold cheap hy a gentleman about to leave town. Apply at Uiis'ofbce. , my NEW - YORK : PR1XTED ASD PUBLISHED MICHAEL BURNS AN k CO. No. 49 Willi AM - iTMETow'eiiT TH Back Corrce - Hoets - 1 m

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