Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 10, 1937 · Page 3
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 3

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 10, 1937
Page 3
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 10 · 1937 THREET BOYS ARE TOLD OF HOBBY SHOW New Classifications for Entries. Explained at Schools. Paul Johnson, NYA foreman, and Evron M. Karges, director of boys' work of the Y. M. C. A., have been distributing the boys' hobby show classification lists in the schools. This classification list gives the boys some idea of a few of the hobbies which may be entered in the hobby show. In the list this year the boys will find a number of new hobbies classified in the handicraft art, airplane and model division. The hobbies are listed according to their valuation with constructive hobbies the highest and collective collections in the lower bracket. The constructive hobbies have a first point valuation of 5 points while the collective collections only have a first point value of 2 points. The committee has placed this point value on hobbies to encourage boys to work on hobbies that have a constructive value to them in their future life so their hobby will really be meanful to them and make them interesting to someone else. The eleventh annual show of the Kiwanis club and the Y. M. C. A. will be held April 7, 8, 9 and 10. The committee under the leadership oE Edgar Gage, Sr., is making plans for the greatest show in the history of boys' activities of the Kiwanis club. All boys are urged by the committee to start getting their hobbies ready for the show as the show is only three weeks away. ACTION ON BILLS IN STATE LEGISLATURE DES MOINES, (/P)--The following bills were introduced or passed in the Iowa house and senate: Introduced in the House: H. F. 331--By Wehling and Johnson--Repealing state aid to county farm bureaus. H. F. 332--By Peisen--Requir- ing foreign corporations to file yearly lists of stockholders. H. F. 333--By Hultman--Exempting petroleum dealers from chain store tax. H. F. 335--By Engel and Dietz --Giving Davenport title to banks o£ Mississippi river. H: F. 33C--By Peisen--Allow- ing courts to inquire into value of securities in mortgage foreclosures. H. F. 337--By Brown--Provid- mg'that any balance in emergency relief fund shall remain in that fund. H. F. 338--By Kenney--Providing that long distance companies and local companies shall furnish equal facilities. H. F. 339--By Elliott--To make personal property taxes a first lien for 10 years on personal property. H. F. 340--By SUmpson a n d C ivil Service Exams for Various Positions Announced by Prick The United Slates civil service commission has announced open competitive examinations as follows: Junior graduate nurse, $1,620. Graduate nurse, $1,800; optional branches; anesthesia, psychiatry, tuberculosis, trachoma, pediatrics, general staff nursing; public health service, veterans* administration, and the Panama canal service. Public health nurse, $2,000, graduate · nurse (general staff duly), $1,800, . nurse technician (bacteriology and roentgenology combined), $1.800, Indian field service (including Alaska), department of the interior. Junior forester, and junior range examiner, $2,000 a year, department of agriculture, department of interior. Mechanical engineer, (Diesel def f s l g n ) , yanous grades, $2,600 tp $3,^ s 800, navy department;'..-'.'.:'-:.':~ : '·"·{'. ? Full \inlormation may be ob- tained"froif"Ford E. Frick, member of the board of examiners, at the postoffice here. Were in Dubuqtie. HANLONTOWN--Mr. and Mrs. Byron Pierce spent the week-end in Dubuque. Mrs. Pierce cared for the Pierce children in their absence. / The Heiress Jacqueline Smith . know she had $1,500,000 until her mother had almost succeeded in marrying her to an ex-convict who posed as a wealthy young Englishman. Of a practical nature she disliked her mother's pretenses and was tired of moving from one European hotel to another when their funds ran low. Jim Asson was attractive and all things considered, he probably would have made quite a good husband, Jacqueline concluded, except for the fact that she was not in the least in love with him. What would you have done m Jacqueline's position in THE MOUTHPIECE BY EDGAR WALLACE Beginning Thursday, March 18 in The Globe-Gazette Roan--Eliminating provision for third class prison guards at Forl Madison, and designating them as second class with salary of $100. H. F. 341--Emergency legislation--Providing that judges may take jurisdiction of mortgage redemption applications whether during regular court term or in interim. H. F. 342--Emergency legislation--Legalizing orders on application for extension of redemption. H. F. 343--By Foster of Henry- Legalizing Henry county tramfel of $4,267 from general funds to treasurer to make up burglary losses. H. F. 344--By Keeney--Providing for the transportation of children to and from elementary schools. II. F. 345--by Lovrien, et al-Prohibiting the calling .of strikes except under certain conditions. H. F. 34G--By Johannes--Providing that driver's licenses shal not be issued to persons convictec of certain crimes. H. F. 347--By Keeney--Prohibiting optometrists from advertis ing. H. F. 348--By Dairy and Fooi committee--Defining adulteratioi as any article placed in food con taining ingredients injurious t health. H. F. 349--By Raiidall of Wort --Providing that increases sha not be made in interest. rates be cause of defaulted obligations. H. F. 350--By Burma--Provid ing sheriffs shall receive 5 cen a mile for travel outside their ow counties. ". ;' : :' '.- -. -. , H.' F. 3 5 l^By, Moore-Elliott--Creating Iowa ' emergency reli commission o£ 9 members. H. F. 352--By Knudson--Pro viding for proper making of see corn. H. F. 353--By Knudson -- In eluding agricultural limestone a taxable property. H. F. 354--By Scott of; Sac- Taxing fire insurance policies a rate of 2/i per cent for upkeep o fire departments. H. F. 355--By Judd and Bulo --Providing that homesteads va ued at $1,500 shall not be exemp from special assessments. H. F. 356--By Nelson and Stev art--Providing that county fa premiums shall not be available to counties with no fairs. H. F. 357--By Odden--Providing for payment of high school tuition to out-of-state high schools. H. F. 358--By Latchaw--Providing for creation of board of trustees for management of utilities in special charter cities. H. F. 359--By Mercer--Authorizing cities and towns to regulate and license electricians and installation of oil burners. H. F. 360--By Mercer--Providing manner in which cities acciuir- ing real estate shall protect liens. H. F. 3G1--By Mercer--Relating to residential restricted areas. H. F. 362--By Strickler--Reducing c.i-operative association performance bonds. $25,000 to $5,000. H. F. 363--By Strickler--Providing for payment of general prevailing wage on public works projects. H. F. 364--By Strickler--Authorizing county boards to oil county roads and assess benefitted property. H. F. 365--By Strickler--Permitting county boards to make didn't contracts for dental care of poor, inherited H - F - 366--By Strickler--Reducing from 7 to 5 per cent the interest rate on public warrants. H. F. 367--By Strickler--Providing regular election registration for voters in townships of 4,000, not including 1 cities. H. F. 368--By Strickler--Permitting '/i mill levy for airport improvement in cities of 100,000 population. H. F. 369--By Rasmussen--Legalizing making of wines for home use. H. F. 370--By Rasmussen--limiting sale of draught beer to original containers. H. F. 371--By Rasmussen--A liquor anti-discrimination act. H. F. 372--By Rasmussen--Providing for the filing of notices on owners of property sold under tal: deed. H. F. 373--By Rasmussen--Providing for registration of certified architects upon payment of fees from $10 to $15. H. F. 374--By Benz and Johnson --Increasing from 5 to 10 per cent the tax on oleomargarine. H. F. 375--By Hoegh--Defining occupational diseases, and providing that ordinary diseases shall nol be eonipensable except where incident to occupational diseases. H. F. 376--By Davis and McNie --Providing for payment by counties ot general taxes against prop- ·ty on which county holds tax ale certificate. Passed by the House; H. F. 341--Defining jurisdiction £ courts. acting upon applications redemption extension. (86 to 2.) H. F. 342--Legalizing exemption xtensions granted outside of court erms. (87 to 0). Introduced in Senate: S. F. 309--By Bell of Denison-- rohibiting bottling of beer ex- ept by brewers. S. F. 310--By Bell of Denison nd Murray--Permitting home rewing of wines for home con- umption. S. F. 311--By judiciary--Permitting payment of legacies to atural guardians of minors. S. F. 312--By appropriations-/taking $7,000 appropriation for ayment of workmen's compensa- on cases. S. F. 313--By Breen--Frohibit- ng short wave radios in any but olice and patrol cars. S. F. 314--By Murray--Chang- ng provisions for appointment of arole officers. S. F. 315--By Berg_--Authoriz- ng examination of merchandise locks for tax purposes. S. J. R. 5--By Baldwin--Use motor vehicle and gas taxes only or highway purposes. S. F. 316--Tax revision-commit- ee--Reenacting and making permanent the two per cent retail ales tax. S. F. 317--Tax revision commit- ee--Imposing a "use" tax to sup- ilement the sales tax. S. F. 318--Tax revision eom- m'ttee--Permitting the stale tax joard to prosecute in out of stale courts suits to collect taxes "le;al!y due this state." S. F. 319--By Gillespie and lhaw--Permitting cities to ban outdoor toilets where water and iewage facilities are available. S. F. 320--By Gillespie and Shaw--Changing provisions on exemption from special tax assessments. S. F. 321--By Augustine and others--Requiring oil stations to post prices of gasoline and oil prohibiting deviation from posted "rices. S. F. 322--By Corwin--Prohib- ting gasoline tax refunds for gasoline used in highway construction or maintenance. S. J. R. 6--By Sliaw and others --Proposing a c o n s t i l u t i o n a amendment lo permit criminal de- JANUARY AUTO TOLL 33 LIVES Number of Injured Showed Increase in Iowa, Wallace Says. DES MOINES, OT--Lew Wallace, state motor vehicle department superintendent, reported \Vednesday that 33 lowans were killed and 609 injured in 1,004 lighway accidents during Janu- iry. This was a decrease of five in he number of fatalities as compared with the same month last ,'ear, but the number of injured ncreased 120 and the number of accidents, 179. Reflects Highway Condition. The report showed that 414 accidents occurred on icy highways, reflecting the slippery, hazardou: condition of the state's highways most of the winter. During the month, 10 pedestrians lost their lives and 127 were injured. Of these, 54 were struck while crossing streets or highways at intersections, 15 while crossing between intersections, 16 while walking along the highway and 25 while coasting. Three persons lost their lives a railroad grade crossings, while 30 were injured. 20 Had Been Drinking 1 . Twenty-two ot the persons killed were between 25 and G5 years old, five were between IT and 24, three between 5 and 14 two more than 65 and one less than 5. Twenty persons involved in accidents had been drinking liquoi or beer, the report showed. Peak hour for accidents during the month was from 7 p. m. to 8 p. m. Accidents were most nu merous on Saturday. cases to waive trial by jury. S. F. 323--By Milhone an others--Imposing the state income tax on non-residents who deriv any income from property o business located in Iowa. Passed by Senate: S. F. 99--By Evans--AuUioriz ing park boards to lease parks t charitable, fraternal and patriot! fendants in other than capital organizations for celebrations. Coronation List Only 10, Lord Montague of Bcaulieu, above, is the youngest peer included on Hie invitation list io the coronation of KiA? George VI of Great Britain. The boy succeeded his father, the second baron, at the age of three His mother now is (lie lion. Mrs. Edward Flaydcll Bouvcrlc. Former lowan Free on Bond on Charge of Kentucky Murder MONTICELLO, Ky., (fP)--Hu- bert Burk, 29, former Kellogg, Iowa, factory worker charged with murdering Claude Shook in Wayne county, Kentucky, 10 years ago, Wednesday was free on a. 52,501) bond. Burk, released on bond after his jury disagreed here Tuesday, said he ptanned to leave for Iowa at once. His case is scheduled for retrial at the June court term here. Officers who returned Burk from Kellogg in January said he fled through the southern Kentucky mountains following Shook's death.. Burk's wife and his two children were here for the trial. "I shot him, but it was in self- defense," Burk told officers when they arrested him in Kellogg, they reported. Kellogg merchants and em- ployes in the factory where he worlfcd signed a petition asking leniency for him. Steel Wool Thought Cause of Car Blaze ALGONA--Carl Willason, local painter and decorator, lost a papering outfit and several brushes Tuesday afternoon about 2 o'clock y fire. Willason and his crew vere returning to town when steel vool vibrated against spilled turpentine and ignited on a drop cloth n the trunk on the rear end of his car. The men were unaware ol he blaze until another car hailed hem to stop. It happened three miles west of Sexton. High School Group Unhurt in Accident WESLEY--Coming home from the basketball tournament played at West Bend a group of high school students riding in the DeBoer car escaped injury in an accident. Paul Goslin driver of the car, lost control of the car when the lights on an on-coming car blinded him, causing the car to sway then land up-side-down i l l t h e d i t c h . T h e occupants scrambled ovit one b y o n e, discovering that no one w a s hurt, except for one boy receiving a bump 071 his forehead and a girl, a slight gash over the eye. Miss Stage, commercial teacher, was chaperoning the group, and others in the car were Goslin, the driver, Maurice DeBoer, Leonard A 1 n e, Irene Johnson, Charles Kraus and Jean Cruise. Miller Play to Be Given Two Evenings MILLER--"Two Days to Marry," a three act comedy will be given at the Miller school Thursday nnd Friday nights, March 11 and 12, aet 8 o'clock. The proceeds will be used to purchase equipment for the school. Members of the cast - include Merle Sorenson, Marvin Norland, Norman Juhl, Holand Clement, Irene Nonwciler, Frances Schulz anc Theono Kirby. Helen Nyhus anc Berneice Lein are the teachers. Bode Man's Parole Revoked at Algona ALGONA -- Roy McCpnnell Bode, who recently received a year's sentence in the county jai on charges of embezzlement o mortgaged farm property and par oiled to H. M. Miller, lost his par ole when it was revoked by Judgi George A. Heald of Spencer. The action brought the revoke becausi McConnell was also given a 2' day sentence on a bad checl charge. Two pardons were also grantei o Kossutli men. The first was to rthur Rosemeyer, St. Benedict vho was sentenced at Fort Madion on charges of entering with ntent to rob a bank at St. Benc- ;ict and Wesley. The second par- ion was granted. to Arthur Penon, Algona, who was sentenced m a plea of guilt of larceny ot an mto in 1935. Mo Jackets for 13 Pages in Iowa House DES MOINES, (/P)--The Iowa nouse of representatives squabbled 'or an hour today over a resolutioi to buy uniform jackets for K pages at a cost of $91, and wount up by doing.nothing. The jackets were to cost $7 apiece. Ureene Visitor Lost Home in High Waters GREENE--Mrs. E. B. Thomas of Evansville, Ind., came Monday to visit ..with relatives 4'/a miles northwest of Greene. She was one of those forced to leave her nome during the flood and is not able to find living quarters there as yet. 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