The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 27, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 27, 1818
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r roaTVTOMGhTSOSIT.' 'vrLrnOV. from the Theatre Royal, MR. 9. j lr JJlASiCni TAYLOR, fro,m'teat royal, Haymarket. '..Si'iTi l V leave to announce to ? 'M5Kt Winston h'.II. they will have large roan i at" Miscellaneous pttform - WAi)KKI0 MINSTRELS. W.ittenbyG f ht " " Ink'e i anco," .c. Ac. . r !fMtiu oral mutter, embracing r f S IWruclor, to a nnm 1'" the btit lelecUd SONGS, composed by Mr. TAYLOR. . fflExordiuau - Stlbjecl propo - ,1Sm" K) Jocky to Jennr, 3. IUSliwayAcciaent.,i.fcrai., Irish Hospi - a8oynS, (Mr. Taylor.) Thine am I my faithful 4.' An Invitation, Bacon and E5Ef Md old F Srt.nt, (Mr. Incledon) Encompay'd In an i fee'r. Welcome and MWb,?rt. A Prisoner, a Hepneve and a Wedding Li. (Ton)P. Mr. Mullin. and M 7 Reflections - Poor JseU and more Company toog, (Mr. Incledrn) Tb? Bay o. Bucay O !' - - k. ue.tjt n Su'ftfVIAn . .w. fMr! tnereden) Blow hih, Blow low' 2. Wanderings, and a Yorkshiieinar, ?7 " u - I)... Vtarinni Fis's Gala. 3. 4 miller, a supper, the sports of the field 4. Stopping we way, wim au Cr6onc. (Mr. Taylor) Adii - n my nitive shore 5. Brother Jonathan and bignor bqua.lini Son - , (Mr. Brown) tberrefld of ao Israelite ft. Shadow and suhstnnce, a driver too cau Ijous id an old favourite. , "V.TU. i....i,(.'l Prof ode Bruce'l addreM to to army, or, Scots whaha's wi' Wal lace Bled. .. - ,,, i. Philadelphia, the quay, an old acquaintance Song, (Mr.lnciedon) i be sailor last vvni tie' g,.VMr.'Taylor) When the Rose Bud Summer of gone:. (Mr. Brown) John Hobbsor 1 a wife to Mtold' .. ' j , 4. An Altercation and a Quaker Song, (Mr. lodedoti) Quaker &ong, Dibdm 5. Mr. Frig, Law Terms, Definition of a JSoseese Victory! Washington V. ! Address of Thanks. To conclude with G. A. Stevens' celebrated description of a storm By Mr. Incledon Admittance 1 dollar ; ttckeU to te bad at the Washington Hall. - Doors to be opened at 7 o'clock, and brcin precisely at 0. my 27 (.LASS, CH1HA ARD PLATED WARE, ' . AT AUCTION. GAM AGE & COOPKR will sell tomorrow morning, at 10 o'clock, :.t the Lone, Room, SO Wall - street, a large aisortnoeut of rich cut glMi - wnre, consisting of . Sullad dishes, decanters tnmMers and wines Hated wore,t;at, brunclws, candlesticks Castors, snuffers and trays, Vc. 2 tasks ol faglifb China Tea sets, 57 ps. with rilt edgs India and Lit errool dining autl Hall lamps, looking Blas, c. c. At 14 o'clock, Handsome sideboard, Haw leet dinias; tables ; do card and tea, Kn - Dih bed'tead, wardriibos, sremarie . I Pans uatie piHOO forte, 3 extra mndles grand doseitctedbtPanshy Madam M reso; Ibarp, ic. Sc. N. B. Cool's intt ndi d for the sale will be received until 5 this evening. Goods are now rea - dv fr ci.iminaii ut my f7 H LNli, bEGARS 4w ) hhds and0qi. W casks L. P. Madeira Wu,e 150 cases aerville and rauian Claret, ol the vin'.aceot I0i2. ' SO do .till and sparkling Champaign of superior qualify 50 whole and 3U half boxes Havana Segars, for sale at 8 1 Pine - streW, by 1 my 7 HKHDKRSOW ft CAIRNS. LRESli TEA'S &c.0 chests fresh Hyson Jf Tea 10 chests Hyeon 6km 10 25 catty boxes Mowhea Souchong 5 quarter chest Bohea ' 111 boxes fresh rwret Oil. in betties 10 bags prime green Collee 5 Co Java do 1 pipe very superior Madeira Wins 30 boxes mould Candles 90 Demijohot ALSO, Cognac Brandy. Holland Gin 'White (s brown Sugar, Jamaica Rum Molasses and other groceries, for s ile cheap, y HALSEY U C03 1AN. yr7lw 31 Old - slip FLOUR 150 bbls. Richmond Flour, beat brands 700 do. Fredericksburg Mountain Flour, landing, tor sale by WALSH 8c G a.LLAGHKR, my 27 65 Eouth - street. DEMIJOHMt), &c 2UO lAfiiijoliin,ol5)(al Ions eai h, and 6 pair Mill bloues. Irom 4 ft. 3. to 5 feet. Received per brig Ohio, from Amsterdam, f'tr aierjy , u. vos, 73 Washingt Hi - slreet. . Alto, Watch Springs and Watch Chains mvt7 lw SPANISH DOLLARS wanted bv WM. SHOT WELL 'Si PON, my 57 tw Ho. 45 William street. I" E.NTLCKf TOBACCO. - 104 hhds. To XV bacco, of unusually line quality, selected in KentskKy, received by the brig Ciocionatus, ana tor saw oy WALSH k GALLAGHER, my (7 66 fco ilh street. KEM UCkt TOBACCO - 4 hhos prime Kentucky Tobacco, landin from scbr. renelon, west side Burlinj slip, for sale at 63 Wasbin't - ja - st. CHAS. L. OGDEN H y27 ABR. OGDE CJWEET ALMOiXUS. 18 sacks fresh shelled Almonds, iuit received, and fr isle by HURD te bEWALL, my f7 5 gou'h - strect. IKOM. - PSIoidbable and Swedish flat and a square, lor sale oy CAMBRlXEiNG & PEARSON, ay 7 76 Sooth - street. PUR. Just receiv ed from Havre - de Grace, 440 pounds first quality Coney Hares Fur, or sate ny . m. liiimi. - , Mercantile Broker, my 29 3t No. '263 PearUt. LEGHORN H ATS Will be sold in lots, or bv the case, to ?uit dealers, by M. DITM1S, mercantle broker, y rt ft No. S63 PeaH - street. MAILS, ANVILS fic 30c&ksrine drawn iut a id fJiap ivails. assortca sues t casks Snitbs Vires do band and sd - nassaers Anvils, just received, mid for snle by HENDERSON U CAIRNS, 81 Pine - street. I STORE. " Casks annrtH UmrAmnr case 8tel and Brass tnosmted Fowling Fxes . 10 tons round and sonar Enslr Iron, assor. ted sues, en lit Wd to drawback uks deck Spikes, from 4 to 8 inches HAJJ3, LARD, fccYorkshire and WHt - ahire Hams, Bacon, Lard in bladders, Ghjucrstcr and Chtibire Clieese, all of a superior quslity, just Undeil from ship Chuuncey, from liristol, and lleienle? f. - om Liverpool, for '. by wholesule or rcl;.i!, on reasonable terms. ALSO, IJriflol bTown ware, glass and earthenware, Large battles, pipes aiiU deinijolins. With a general assortment of fresh Teas. Wines, Fish Sauces, wid Oroeerivs, of the first quality. K. BLACKFORD, 157 Ornniih - st. A few boxes Spanish fcegbrs, 1st u;iiitr, in quarter hotei. , iny$7l .if .1UCTOX, M C. G. FONT A I SB. WEDNESDAY, June 3, at 12 o'clock, in the T. C. H. the tlrc st - .ry substantial modern built brick House 71 Leonard street, handsomely finished, and well calculated for the residence of a genteel family A fee simple, and free from all incumbrances. Lot 25 by 100 feet. Terms ut sale. Thursday, 4ih June, X o'clock at No. 71 Iconaitl street, an elegant assortment of Furnitui c. Consoling of carpets, lookinir - classts. bu reaus i nd secretaries, tables, wardrobes, sofas, cut glass, plate, china ornaments, kc. Also, several very valuable books and maps anion which are, 1 on Naval Arch iter lure, with an Atlas; a set of Airowsmitu's Maps of the World framed prints, Ac. Also, bedsteads, bedilinir, blankets, kitchen furniture, and utensils, tliina tea sets, all kinds household furniture, English made chande lier, Kc. my 27 8t f V HK Picture of New. York and Strangers JL tuiue, containing a complete description of the curiosities, ptihlio buildings and histories! information, useful both to strangers and citizens, ornamented with plates, and a plan or the city puce fl 50 tor sale by A. T. GO01)Kli;iI ii CO. No. 124 Broadway, corner of Cedar - street, my 17 COOK W Aft TED. XX d fit ion i ui to CHpitility ud character, will bear of a i!are wneie eood wuzm will te given Kv - .no a Oil S vj uivjwsisii fiv S.UI9 III J .41 LIFE OF LUTHEIt. THE life, deed? and opinions of Dr. Martin Luther, faithfully translated from the German of John Frederick William Tischer, Superintendant at rlawen in oaxony by John tvartz wiin an appeiulK. " Every plant which my heavenly Father hath nut planted, shall be rooted up." Jesus Uirist, Mait. 15 and 13. Just received and for sale at 3 Wall - st by C. WILEY k CO, In press and will speedily be publistied by C. t ILr.Y & CO Women or Pour et Contre, a I ale, by the author of liertrani, kc. my 27 ALIV ItOKKS. T UST received, and will he immediately put V to press, uy MO&KM THOMAS, Pl.dadel pbia, l.ttlatfrom lhe f'tiiae famibi at Parii by I hemu Brown, the younger; iVuman, or I t Hone el Centre, by the author of Bertram, Sic Anecdotes of Hob Rem family, with the trials of his sons: juarriaet. a novel. mySvot 70 sKhy.ixrs ly ot..vb:n.iL. ALL such servants in tliis city, who can bring gnod recommrnJations, can get the bct ol places immediately, by applyiug at the City - Register otHi a, no. 52 Maiden - lane, where the highest wages is offered my 27 4t WB. G1LLEY, 92 Broadway, has just re. . ceived and will immediately put to press. The Fedg Family in Paris, in a saries of letters Irrm i 'hil Fauze, tq. Miss Biddr rudre, Mr. Boo Fude, kc edited by Thomas Brown Uic yonngr, kuthor of the Two Penny Post Bag, my z t: ALL brail's reenvrd and attended to lor lay - in' an I reiKium" th - Manhattan lead pipos auu unlerns or for iii.k pipes or leaI puoips, by sn hum. s I AKrvr. i, my 27 tf . 13 Chamber - street. A Law to amend the Laie tit rrguUte Hackney toadies ana carnages russca May II. BE it ordained by the Mayor, Aldermen and Coui.nrnal'y of the city of New - York, in Jomraon Council convened. That Hackney Conches and Carriages may stand waiting for employment at all times, (, Sundays exec pied J on the crown or centre ol any of the streets in the suid city, which are at least sixty feet wide, ai such distances Irom each other as th street com - misioners or City Intendant may from time - to time direct. And he it further ordained. That the Mayor of th" said city, lor (lie lime bein;, shall nave lull power and authority, Irom time to t me, to issue Licenses under his hand and sea! to so many per sons as he may think proper, to drive Hackney Coaches and Carriages, und at pleasure to re voke ail or any ol sain licenses. Ana lurtlier, that if any person shall, after the eighteenth day of May instant, drive any Hackney Coach or Caniage, without being licensed as aloresaid, or H the owner ol any llacstney lacti or carriage shall employ any person to drive any uoi stcey Coach or Carriage who is not licensed hi More said, tlmt each and every such person shall for feit and pay for every such offence the surn of fire dollars. And be it further ordained, That each person who may l licensed us aforesaid, shall, on re ceiving his license, pay to toe Mayor lor toe use of the said city, the sum of one dollar. By order ol the Common council. J. MORTON, Clerk. my 27 I w TONTINE COFFEE HOUSE. TVTOTICK is hereby eiven to the proprietors i of the Tontine Cnitee House, that, an elec tii, n of a committee, Kir mannging tiie concerns ol lhe said establishment, will be held at the Coffee House, on the hist day of June next, between the hours of 1 1 and It o'clock, A. M. my 27 4t ChOb WELL'S KLEC IION SERMOX T'HIS day received by T. U J. SWORDS, X 160 Pearl street. Price 12 1 - 2 cents. A Sermon preached at the Anniversary Election, Hartford. May 14th, 1818 By the Rev Harry Croswell, A. M. rector of Trinity Church, New Haven. T 27 MULst. JO Le.1. The two storr house No. 80 Rivineton street, is pleasantly situated in n genteel neigh borhood and 20 minutes walk from the Tontine Coffee Honse. There are two room on the first floor, with pnntries ; the ssme on the second, and cellar kitchen, front cellar, cistern, Ac. in tne yard, to which mere is an alter at ine siae of the bouse. THOMAS SUFFERN. mrl7 lw No. 6 Drpeyster street. A COIItlST x semilynf la dies Beaver Hats, fresh from the ma nufactory, suita ble for the south era market, and packed at the shortest notice, at J. WILSON'S, 160 Broadway snar 57 1K1. - H LINEN, kc. rpHE rebsenber offers for sale, 43 packages X of Insh Linen Goods, isaported per ship DnMia Packet, and other late arrivals from Dublin, comprising a good assortment of 4 - 4 and 7 - 8 Liorns, low priced Do M idling and Fine 9 - 8, S - 4, and 6 - 4 Sheetings 6 - 4, 7 - 4.8 - 4. 10 - 4 Diaper and Damask 3 - 4 Browe Holland and 7 8 Drogbedas 3 4 and 7 - 8 Linen Bed Tick 1S t'otlnn Clieck AD cfwhieh he will dispose of oa liberal terms. JOHN KLLLIi 149 rean street. nyMiv f i ITS , , i ' . . v 1 Tl.e fine fast siling coppered brig JaUiANN Joint AshCrd, master i having tliegrete3tpart' f her cargo on boiird, will jiosiuvely rail, Svind ami weather permitting, in the course vf thia week. For freight, of few tflhj liht j,owd. - i, or passage, hav ny the cabin newly arranged and fitted up in the neatest style for the accommodation gf persoi - .il desirous to have tlieir comforts ou bu:ird. Apply to JOHN AHUM. MLLI.K St CO. my 26 4t 75 '.Va!,intnu.treet. The rejrular packet schooner lTX - nL'NTEH, N. K'ackman, master sails on Friday next, 29ui lost, wind and weather permitting. For freight or passage, sp - ply on board, west side C. II. slip, or to AN' - SON G. I'HKLt'S, mv C6 lt3 Front - street. tor JVHIt' - OHLKJffS, T,e bri HOPE, Lawrence, niartcr, snl iu a few days. She is a very sub stantial fust - tailing vessel, not two years old; will take whnt freight may immediately otfir, and can accoinmo late a few passengers. Apply on board, at Dover - street whart, or to J. II. LAWRENCE si CO. my 25 1w 45 Pine - slreet. for Unle. freight or Charter, 1 TKfl .lira fill 2 IK VV I - mua. sTvaf tcr. ii!) Ions burthen, will bo ready to take in a caro in u few days. The ship lies at pier no. 1 1 .V R. For terms, apply to G. It T. MEYER, my?5 lw 129 Washuiirton - slrei - t. torCiUHLLyru.Y, a. c. Tim fast sailin? nackct schr. MARIA. Peleg Latham, master; will sail oa the ilith uist. For freight or passage, having carrl - Irnt accoininod iti.m?, upply on board, west side FIv - iuarkelwhHrf, or to JONES k MEG RATH, mny 2J 91 South - t. . t'ur lilvk' - .lg, Mobile aud 47. btepheiis, vt4$ '' ue t"),cr,nT 'i4!'' sailiuj new packet ij - aischiKMier .MARIA - ANN, capt. Ltfling - weil, (a regulur trader) haviug part ol her car - goengaged, will met with immediate dispatch. For freight rr p.isige, havii g elegant accommodations, apply on bo:ird, cut side 01d - lip, or to PEl ERiii HERRICK, may 23 ! (?o - ntM' !ip. fit LIU Hi' Jar ULKXH A. i 250 toLB heavy liei;M - Wpplyto A.vsu. it., my ii li '. i, ' - street. A 6 l CKOiX bL' JMt. a X" Hhds. of an excellent qiti , landing from Lriiz Decater, at I'ly - markut v.h ir '. I: STons. 6 tons Sunac,ofa good quality, for sale by A. L. GOMEZ, my 26 3t No. 165 Froi't - street. PRUNELLA bHoTixTpaiilvimoira Sho.', of superior quality, jutt received uad for sale cheap t'V JEWET k HALSEY, No. S Maiden - laur, near Bioadway. may 25 3t l)R UOUhiiA.VD TlUMMlAGS. LANDING, per ship Independence, from Greenock, Rich srollop'd and straight sewed muslin trimmings do flounces, sowed, elegant patterns do (authored figured India book muslins do sewed figured leuoes do tambored sprigged mulls Fine plain iiconet muslin Drawing muslin for dresses Striped giughams, Black sewing silk Madras lulls, low priced Imitation cotton shawls Linen threads, assorted, fine numbers Stout linen bed ticks and dowlas Ravens duck Alto in store. 00 firkins pickled fiue herring, put up for fa mi ly use for sale on reasonable terms, at No. 2 bloat lane. mav 2". "t WM. TODD & CO. KF.NKWAL OF CAHTSW'S I.ICKNSES. C1AK I'MEN'S LICENSES will be renewed J nt the Mayor's cilice. City Hall, common - iuon Wfdnesday,the27thofMay inM. at 12 o'clock at noon four classes each day, antil Saturday, the 30lh inst. inclusive, and recommence ou Monday, the lotli day of June next, at the same hour und place, und continue four classes each day in succession, (Sundays excepted) un til lhe wl.olii ore renewed. 1st, 2d, 3d, 4lh classes, Wednesday, S7lh May 5. 6, 7, 8 do Thursday, Vhth do n ... a .i - S !a. UOik Ar. 10, I l,i 12 do Fiiday, 291 h do 13, 1 4, 15, It) go saiuruay, oum ao 18, 19, 20 do Monday, 15th June 22, 23, S4 do Tuesday, 16th do 27, 20 do Wednesday, 17th do 30. 31, 32 do Thursday, lfJIh do 17, 29, 33. and 34. do Friday. 19th do N. B. I'hrse r.ho noalert to report them - elves and have their Licences renewed as above, will be considered as having tc'inquished the same. By order, nit 35 to J5 J. StDELL, F. M. m - L U V EKl'OOL COAL. J Chaldrons from the coal pit, is now ready for delivery on beard ths ship Justin a, Andrew Tombs, master, from Liveryiool, and will be sold in lots to suit purchasers, at pier No. 10 E. River, may 19 SAlTUj,SON&CO. DOS TON BEEF.. - 70 bbls. mess and prim 1J Beel. of superior quality, just received and or sale by b. tl T. WHlTTEMORE. my 20 lw 110 Front - street. IVf OFFATT'S STOCK ALE For sale at 1TJ. No. 20 Fulton st. by my 23 3w ELLIS k FLECKNF.R. OMAN CEMENT. 60 casks Romau Ce aientjustrereived and lor sale by i triiDUCAU r. cui'ilirn my 20 131 Water - street. rpOi5C'CO, CO J 1JA k UEER - UKWS, X. 144 hhds prime Kentucky tobacco 103 bales prime New - Orleaus cotton, and 2917 lb, of deer - kins Will be landed oo Monday from the ship Ma'ry and schr Huntress, from New - Orlean - i for sale at No. 90 Coffee - Home slip, by LA1DLAW, GIRAULT k CO. my 23 lOt slO 'J IIACH CHsilJYS. i O Casks ten link trace chains, just received and for sal by ANDERSON ii EIIEARER, may 22 131 Water - street I 1IVIWIM I'lUTfi JUST opened, and lor sale at 23 John - street, a trunk of very elegant Dressacd Frock Ccats, among which is one Extra Trimmed Blue Co - hourr. my 14 2w 1VHXIMJ I - iTtiK. k MOST sunerb and elorant lathe, which was i sent as a present by lb emperor Paul of Russia to general josciusae, aoei cos in at. re - Uriburgh 6500 rabies, may he seen and is offered for sal at the A gricultoral Repository, 2 1 1 Front - street; where may be had Threshing machines, plough", horse ilioes Harrow, chaff colters, turnip drills Tnroip sheers, churns, shoes of all kinds And a general assortment of agricultural machines and implements. AL!0, 20 casks cut nails 1 An hone mil. 8 and 9 m . 2 do. do. wrought, 12 do. lOd wrought SO doien first quality American grass scythes 20 do cast steel sickles. No. 1 and 2 1 cask weights and setts 10 bundles screen and riddle wire. Catalogues of machines kc. may be had at the store. my 26 31 QT. CROIX RUM, SUGAR fc MOUSSES. O103&d,lT.S llur - eriB - W'iHSMoliM.. 14J pui.rtteons Rum. Received pt - r brig William Henry, from St. Croix, landing this Jay at No. 1 1 east River, and for sate t,y ULaDE b DE TEYSTER, my 20 1 w at Old Slip. G1 EH MAN I OYo, tie. - 2 - as - s nintHUiiag I 3703 piers Toys and I eicgiut Vitnua - mads Piano Forte, w'nn 5 stops and a drum. ALSO. 11 cases Tumblers. .r.O hoxrs Roll Brimstone 100 boxes 5 let I, rhtilV - l n drawback, just laudtd and for sale by J AS. !)H Ot F, Jr. mySC K'n. 64 Houi'i - slrft.' StCAR liOU;:E MULASaLa. U lilios liist quality, lor sale by Jackson & woolley, niy 26 1:, WhII - kiik t. SPERM OIL, W'iNE," Ac. - a'axT gal'.'s. moT - mer strainl Oil, in Imrr, j,iivre aiul I. lull 3000 galls, whale Oil iu barrels 10 casks iii(i:riur Bwidcaux Claiot, Ct fr bottleing 5000 lbs. Whulebone, iu slab 100 boxes new speriuareti Candles 2d reels Kentucky hempen yarns CO coils cordnge, assorted sixe. for sale by II AY DOCK U JENKINS, my2filw 15? .KMith trnt APr.HS. T Y tho Ittte arrivNln from Dnblin and Belfast, Jl HENRY M'VICKAR & CO. have re ceived 4 - 4 4 7 - 8 linen, 5 - 4 sheeting, in half pieces 7 (1 lawn - , .M diaper 3 4 brown lineus, in half pieces Riiisia duck and table cloths, which they offer for sale on reusouaMe terms nl No. 57 rine - st inav?0 Urn CASSIMEKLb. F IVF. hales of Cassimeres, fa'hionable colors, just received and lor sale by ArLr.n.o - iii oiir.nnj - .iv, my s:6 iw 131 Water street HLACKSMITH'b COAL loihaldinn will be sold low, if immediate application is . 1 . . il II '1 l!j L:fvvf issue id aiuiiio, ce. r en. No. 3'J South street. 30 chaldron Liverpool New Fit, selected for the grate, lor solo ns ahotv. inyxbot - s ItlNDb TON Kb, IJHI. - - rOL - WARF.,&c:. JI htJO small sire tiriiidstooes, (assorted) 2U la rue do from Clo 15 hundred Weight 100 trntr liriftol Ware ; aalln k half gallon bottles in Baskets, of 2 and 3 dozen each and gallon k hall - gallon liiniiiolins, mrsulti by WILLI AM COWLEY, my 26 1 n 161 Water - street, t'L.iSlt:R f OH HA LIC. K PI tons plaster of pari, on board the srhr, (J Spartan, and Si tons ou board the schr. Fanny, for sale low if iinmcJiate application is n.aJe on board, at piers no. 8 and 9 E. R. or at my 23 4t 76 BROAD - STREET. 110 JHULASdhii. Hhdi mola - irs. of superior quality. now Inndmg from brig Jaion, at pier No. 10 For sale by G. 3c II. LEWIS, mv22 lw 785oolhst. I Oi lON . VViiEAl UHi bideiol priimt Upland Cotton 556 bushels southern Wheat, just received per schr Catharine Rogers, and for sale by GEO. GIBB3, my 22 lw 70 South - street. ilOLASSES, SUGAR, Ac 50 hhds. Mo - t T L lasses li hhds. Antirua Rum 5 do choice Antigua Sugar 6 do 2d quality Culm do. for sale by GOODHUE At CO. my 21 44 South - street. fplOPPF.H, BOTTOMS. Ac 2000 lbs. Cop. per. bottoms, m to - ju mrne ,i 60 casks Wrought Nails, Eng. anil Am. 6 bales Italian Paper 7000 lbs. Loudon Seine Twine, ffr sale by CEBRA Ac CT.'.MINU. my 21 70 Pearl - street, JO la; That very pleasant situation at Green wich, in Asylum street, consislinzof a good and convenient dwelling liouse, 10 compleitt repair, a stable and out - kitchen, and other out - houses, n wellof excellent water, and 12 lots of ground, laid out in n hnndsomo garden ; containing a variety of Inn t trees and shrubbery ; formerly oc cupied by llio s - ibscriher, and lately by Mr. James oailey. r.nquirn ot WILiLilit.Yl V. UILOMII, my2icod2w Grei.'nwirh Lane. S, MACKE SON, opposite the Bank Coffee House, corner of fine k William - streets, offer for sale a g neral aC lortment of croceribs, (on as reasonable terms as any in New - iorui among which are tho fol - owing : Coznac Brandy Holland and Am. Gin. weet Oil : Jajiaica Spirits linnrrial. 1 llvson. f TEA of the latest Young Hyson, and importation. Souchong, ) Loal and Lump, ) Havana, SUGAR, Muscovndo, y Mnce, Cloves, Cinnamon, Nutmegs, Alspicc, Castile and Brown Soaps, kc. kc. 19 2w my 'I O ARTILLERYMEN. AN Artillery Coat, ia good order (having been worn only six times) for sale, very critap Enquire at this office. may 26 3t . A.N'l ED. in a rcfi ectuhle lamily, a lew tV miles from town, on Loug - lslund, a per son of sober oe, a a seamstress, ana ww wouio also make herself useful in the business of the family. Ady at this Office. . my 26 41 FOR SALE. A HAADSOME SADDLE HORSE, JUST arrived from the country. To be seen nt Mr. ALOWLEY'3 livery stable, No. 29 John - street. my 26 21 WANTED, A GENTLEMAN and lady, (without or with . a small family) or widow lady, to take charge of a boarding establishment of twenty five male youths, from eight to sixteen yesrs oi age, on Stnlen Island, opposite tlic city. The house is spacious and in complete repair, with a good garden nnd other cemseniences, and the markets near, various and aUwdant. The terms will be liberal and advuntngefMis. A note, con - tainite the aitdrtss and credentials of the appli cant, left at No. 92 Broadway, and directed to IV. . will be immediately auenuea to. i ne seminary lor otaratr win open on - iw ne ui June. my 26 tw ILFORD k OWEGO ROAD LOLTE RY, ' '. i Capital Pnxes, J70.0O0 ' I $10,000 ;V,,000 o,(m ioodo filh dr drawing, Wednesday STlu 1st drawn No. I5.UW. , 6th do io no Ja June, no oo j ". 7 Hi do do Friday 5th do do do $!0.O0d. A few tickets remaining on hand. r sale by ISAAC G. OGDEN, ray 23 lw 48 Wall - slreet. TJ PLAND COTTON. 20. bales very prime Upland Cotton, lauding irom senr ted, west t tide C. H hP. - '"; "Z - v URISWOLUB 4 usiwi 68 bouth - strreL my 25 TOBACCO. 20 hhds. prime om nti. - v.. Tobacco, landing from sloop Alary, from New.Or.cans, for sW by & .s, LCOTT ,23 6 5'J' - tlh ti"et -'u.l.l.Vf k In HYSON I TEA I &. u REMOVALS. 6ir MRS.LEFEVRL'iAcacUmyforytwns La - u.ts, is rtmoveU te No. HFronkiui - iirecU nrysllw ltr - JUblAlt HEDDEN. Attorney and Counsi - .llcrat law, has tpened his office at No. 23 rranicrori - sueei. - ay 71 I Oy JOHN LORl.ViEH GKAHAl,attorcey at law, Las opeued his olcs at No. 43 Chamber - street, near Hmvlwcy. mayl6 4w G T JOHN t - ROC'J OK, juu. has reakoved front No. C2 I' - tkmnu to 106 Liberty - street, where he still olkrs liberal ai.ticipauoos on property cooigned to his friends iu lha Mediterra - For lurtlier particuhrs, apply as above, or to ABRAH AM BELL, my" lm corrirrof Clitf 1 - Fultou - sts. Ill MACKIE, M1LNL s. CO. hate ttmo vl to til PiinirFcr. may 4 1)t.i Lit. D. ltUcu i' iniorms his inends llit public in i;cnrra that l.e has removed his iipholsUry Vs. '.re Houm - from No. 85 to ,N. CJ laiden I .;. - when - l.e ot!e - rn (or sate iiiie tleg':u pat. cms oilnptr Hantirm just rr - eeived by the lftie - l arrivals from Fra: :"., on iieiuiist ri'aMimililii ir rms. my 'J lm , NOil'JE. (tt" The Rising Sun Sail Boat,, Nnnpr - iiel, and Industry, lioai ti e Ehxih, tls tovn Point, for New - Yoik, sails lioui.M.,rkel,ielu - atrit.(wtie re die Steam boat Atalunta!y came to,) ot 10 oVlock, oi each riav. l':ago 12 1 - 2 cents. Enquire, at the Stenm - botit llottll. of VANDF.IUOOLii PHILLIPS. my 21 If ti Ktl'iMLLI.7.H'i li.4..K. fCjF 'this celebrated painting is olli - rcd for raflle The terms and pnitirnhm mav lw known by bpplyuig to Mcwrs. tiOODRlCll &CO. No. 124 iiroway, corner of Cedar - slrt - el, opiite the ( ity - llutnl. my 71 NO I ICE. (Jj The Consignees per ship Cliattnrcy, from III intol, are e - nu - sted to send their per miu ou board, at pn r no. 12. Those goods not permitted will he sent to the public store in hvc (lays from this elate,'. luv 'io COUI'Or.AI'ION NO'liCE (tfrm Tlic owner or owners of tint inahouany aud oilier articles nt present mi iiiulierinx the ground at the Albany liasiit and its tii inily, hi,' hereby notiued, Ihat unless the said iik iimhiaii res shall he removed on or belore the 30tb inst they will tin n he sent lo tiie puli'ir yard, and f much of tin! same ill he sol I, us shall be sufli i itii t to defray n line ol five dullal; and will be socnnlinued to lm seld, to defiay a like fine, and the expcu'osul sale, agreeably to the ordinance ol me common council. J Ml. M'CO YIU, Street Comiiiistioner. Street - Commissioner's Ollicc, I May Si3. 1818. ( my 2.5 r Jl 11 IS is to Itirhid all persons Irom harboring JL or trusting niy wife llirhcl, as I will pay no del it of her coiilracling, she having left my bed auu board without any proeoeiilion. NICIIOLaJ F. I1AGERMAN may 2.1 3t sI'O.iE QUAUriV TO LEASE. 'HE subscriber will lease a stone quairy, on . reasonable terms, to any iH.rt.on or compa ny who may be disposed to rngi'K in a niolita hie concern. This pmrry is within lilty yards of Hie Aorth Kiver, and nut more than nine miles from the city. I'lie quality of tint stone is eki cl - ler t and not inferior to tfin Portland. Builders and stone utt r would find it well adapted to their resxi live beiin:ss. Enquire at No. 17 Gold street, or at Spring (inrdco, one mile above Bull's Ferrv. THOMAS .STEVENSON. my 25 lw aft.AM.liUAl Mi J ICE. The anxiety which the owners of the NO RFC LK felt to afford every facility audioutauieuco u travellers, induced tliain to attempt lo run the boat four times a week be tween Ncwbern and Elisabeth - City but, ou trial, they nnd, that although tho thing is ponsi hlc, it would be attended with uncertainty, and occasion disappoiutment. They have therefore com luded to alter tho run of the NOIlf OLK as follows : Leave Newborn every Thursday morning, and arrive at Elizabeth on Friday ; leave Eliz.i - beth - Cily every Saturday eveoinir, and arrive at Newbern on Monday morning. STAOES al each end of the line will run to correspond with (he arrival of the boat. This regulation, it is expected, will prevr lit any delay or disappointment in future, and tra vellers are requested to make their arrangements accordingly. The fare of passengers will be $15. Children and servants half price. There are good accommodations for horses, which will be roiTied al ths moderate charge of $7 50 each. 1'he public mny be sssured, that every alien lion will b paid to their comfort and accommo dation. DANIEL W. CROCKER. Newbern, May 9th, 1310. my 25 3t LOST, tii is morning, in South street, or neigh - borlwod of Fly Market 305, in two parcels, in ten and twenty dollar hills of the New - York Bank. The tinder shall receive a reward of fifty dollars on returning them to the owner, nt 07 South street. my 26 hajvtku, A house, in a respectable neighborhood; reul not to exceed 300 dollar Ou in the upper part of the city would beprcfered Enquire at this office. may 23 tf if! TO LEASE OR FOR SALE, That blegant modern built bouse, situate at tho corner of Sands aud Washington streets, Brooklyn Its size is Ihirty - one feet trout by fifty feet deep, its rooms so arranged as lo combine every convenience for a genteel residtnc. It will be sold with two or more lot of ground, al tho option of the purchaser. Terms, one fourth cash, the rest in such payments as will be most convenient lo purchaser. Apply on tne pre mises to C. BALL, may 23 tf rflWO furnished rooms to Let. within three A. minutes walk of the City Hall. Encjui at 302 Broadway. my 25 lw CITY COMMERCIA L SCHOOL, 3 ROOSBVM.T - SrRKRT, BY ISAAC F. BRAGG. - liernl nenmunilnn in I fie Adelihi school, ril HE apartment in this establi - hmeni ire fil - ted up wilha suxnoruegreeoi uein. 1 he Young Ladies' Room, completiily disiK.I Iron. tl.eoli,efS. it i believed will not merely round commodious hs, sad elaol. A Drawing Master, olemineiil qnaulH alions, (rere nlly from Londui.) engaged lo five instruction in that bran h t'vice in lb eleeant collection of sperimrns, in '"'"',;, fLu.. nuintin - s. landicnrs, kc. will glndly be exhibited to such .1 may be lasrf to caH. - - w itn s ir assuw - v - a ill it is believed will inter rncooremeriu T; .r..hmet".tlse prmr.pal is dete - mioed to .p no pams'to JrPot tl high chapter whicn "he recent examination of hi pup.. ha t, ven rise te. Tlst f"l"y with which comphca - ?' i. nt.iinna were performed by many of hit pupils, in the mind, without any aid to th re. snory, However ii j ;a.. nf" rrttinc by role." was the rwuh of fre quent practice alone, and prows 11 at hs.s may iL. inufrht all the facilities which r i con.raonly the resultof long practice in counUn houses, be fore they teareeajnoi. . Amplications tor me aimisrioa o uui i, win ix ceived on or riter tii 1st ef Jane, against which time it it intended to increase tne com modation. 1 . ' my 28 lm m2 - i The terms wi I ne very mooring. - - - .rii -'""' .stine. bv the preparation of view expressly lor III...! rssf ttstii bl UMf tum - ! PUBLIC SALES. BTS. HAY WARD I CO. T This Evening, At the auction imoi, 300 Broadway, A most valuable collection of Books and stationary, among which are, Poslletbwaite's uoi., versal dictionary of commerce. 2v, 2to, Locke's works, 3v, shakspeare, 17v,hutory of England, 7v, Henry's (nine 2 tlo, brown's concordance and dict'y holy bible, Orton's exposition, fccotl'a family Ithle, PtutarUi's lives 8v, Nicholson's eB - cyclpKdia 7v elegantly calf, Scott oo ttstam't, and a gint variety of miscellaneous works. Cataloguts re&dy nt Ui auction room, my & UJ r . By MILLS, XLVTOX & CO. Thursday, At 1 - 2 past 9 o'clock, at their auction room, for approved endorsed notes at 4 months, a general assortment of DRY HOODS. Also, 2 easel Thula lace, in bands t do. superior satius ; 1 do. men's bearer hat ; 1 do. women's and children's do. ; 2 do, Cologne water ; 1 do. Cashmere shawls j . 1 bale seamen's shirts. AIAHHL& tVti JiULUIMJ, at.. TH E proprietors ol the southern marble qua ' ries, uear King's - Uriilge, give notice, (bat tlicy have on hand, aud at receiving, at the ntn i's - hndKe Mai bit and ime - iffrd, loot ol beach - street, on the Hudson river, an extensive slock of marble lor building, of the following de. tcripnoos, vis : Ashlar Copiny Foundation Stone Chimney - Pieces Facings Columns Wats rt able Staps Platforms Sills, Lintels Arches - Also Lima of the nest quality. . fX? A constant supply of tne above material Qiy be calculated upon i and thexs desirous of purchasing, or making engagements, v il' apply to EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 11 At the Urd. MtnlUinii Hunk. May . - , iBla. SZr" The annual ulcction (r Directo, - of this institution will be held .ou Tuesday hie 2d day of June next, at the Banking House, betwetn the hours of 10 and 2 o'clock. - By order of the Board of Directors, G. L VROOM, Cash'r. ' mny 5 tj2 ML'IVA L sJVSUHAJYCti COM f AM! Of nt;. aw or rtwoHK. The Presidcni and Directors give - notice a dividend of four a id a rWfncr cent. on the capital slock of this Company, for six months, will be made on the iiin mat; and pa d on demand to the stockholders or their attornirs, at No. 5 J Wall - street. my 6 Jm JOHN PINTARD, Sec ry. The new FERRV HOA 1 S irom to loot of w alnut street, New York, to the (but of Lit tle street, Hrooklyn, near the Navy Yard, will commence running cn Sunday, the 17th inst. i ersons crossing to Brooklyn liom the upper part ol lhe city, will find the distance much shortened by using tins ferry. my I I American .tcaiiriinj vf the tint A r Is. 37" The Board of Direc tor give notice, that tho fourth exhibition of thisucudimy, will be - peiird on V'eduesday next, 20th instant, nnd continue open every day (Sunday excepted) liom 9 iu the mnniiug till dusk. Admittance 25 centSf Catalogues 12 1 - 1. Uy order. alla, uuiir.r. i f t), pee'ry. Member and axhilHling artisU sue 'nlc:md, tbat their card of admission aro leit wi'ti the doorkeeper. snv 14 ?w TONTINE COFFEE HOUbH. iStT The committee for managing the affairs of I lie T online Coffee House, give entice, that a Dividend of Seventeen Dollars per share, for the year ending the 1st inst. will be paid the proprietors on or after the 19th inst. at 24 Broad - .treet. my 13 lm NOTICE. ffj The Consignees per ship Canton, Capt. Roger, from LivrrHol, will please send their permits on boad the ship, ut pier No. H, K, K. All good not permitted in i days, must be sent to the public store. my 33 4t r 'ortunt favours AA7I Lottery Oflicts as well as fiiit (tfy Yesterday ni'rrnoon ticket No. 8320 In flits Owcgn Road Lottery, now drawing in this citT, came up a of $,V0, being the first Irawn mini orr. 1 his ticket remained unsold at SMITH'S newly rstahli.hed Lottery and Exchange Office, 170 Broadway, and might have tieeu purciiase.ii, nao application been nmde there a lew minutes licfore the ilrawinc commen ced : a presage of what is lo follow. Adventu rers are advised to make early application to tho aoove mice, to provide tl rmseives wim tickets or shares previous to the next day's drawing, as it if possible thet the fir si drawn number, which will be entitled to J50O0, will remain unsold at said office, unless purchased ptevious to that time my 20 8t fJV A respectable lad 16 years of age, ot steady habits, wishes a situation in a counting houiei or wholemle dry gd store Enquire at this office. may 26 21 Jt MARTIN WELLES and NATHAff C. SAYRE, Attornies at l aw, have nperid their olfire nt No. 119 Pearl Mreet. my 28 w fj Ths consignees of the brig Ohio, from Amsterdam, will confer an obligation on the owners by sending their permits to the store of the subscriber as soon as possible, as said brig will commence to load lor the above port immediately after the cargo being discharged. J. C .I.H.MbK.IVI Art, mv 26 No. 77 Washinctr street. AMERICAN MUSEUM, hew - tork ijsrntJTio." THIS Evening, if the wratlier is pleasant, the MUSEUM BAN D will perform a variety of pleasing and popular aiis. T ne 51 utevtn will Le handsomely lighted. ' TOMORROW AFTERNOON fjT" Th second (tutioaary prif of 5000 do. lars will be drawn.' Those who intend to obtain chances for it, are invited to apply to R. Wastr Junr. 136 Broadway, where the first capitalpru of 6000 dollars was sold and paid. ' my 2t TO THE IT'CLIC. ftT 1 1' Is presumed that I aw too well known in Hie community lobe deemed capable oi Incoming a party to any fraudaitet conveyance, notwilhstandiiii; 'a asseriio - contained in John W Patterson's l.t.: c uifion to Lit public. 1 he conveyance from K. D. Ard. a tVme was a fair and bona tide transaction, snd turn iiac'y tj enter mto fuli covenimtt and winsnty for the title tint I muv eiv . I'urch - uer uret ae need be uniUrM Mirehensiouoi tl.e f'rm dispute that are tbclel,et, by Mr. 1'atu.Tsoi. 1 rnive been soaietirre slisent from (own, or I shot Id have sooner noticed that (rinileman's advertisement, wbi'J' will rrobabiy invte more attention than couki have mi hei. to certain circumstances ,'aff;'y d tailed in tit, tuple me t,ooet of this stat.:. , . T. ELLISON, my Cfi 3t X'OTicr. For lhe further accoramo - is lion ol the public, the d - p' - ture ol Uid rin - ny irom New - York tind Newhneth Will t,. - Ui o.,tui ou the ftllowiirs; (iaj s : lsve New York on Mobd - tv, Wedoerdny and Ha'.urday, at9 A.M. Leave Newhur.h on Tuesday, Fnday ami Sunday nt C A. M. The above arrangement wiflconr.menea by th Firefly leaving Newburgh on bunday, the 24'h Trie Western Stage lenrts Newhurgh immediately aflei the arriviJ ol the F a ely. uiy ti JXJ LI T. Twe iil Ann immeoiat r - - - . , pj. - oXcL in the basement slory cf Ne. 44 1 L2 Pme - ., : - a: - .i rvi - innsjiven my lw streel. " , - ; t 1 I . f r: I t. i . ; . i i . .

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