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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Wednesday, May 27, 1818
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. - r . t i . A1' !1 ji . yft f ntur to Nowameni the following ua - 'cwnwmJy written article to th gentlemen . of the houltj, - - - . - , Ed. E. I. i (Ai Virginia Patriot, Xay 18. HYDROPHOBIA. , Frcffl tbe Magazio or lot mouth, edited in this city by the IUv. J. H. Rice. ' on th 27lh Jay of March, Edward , Taylor, youngest too of Mn. BaraU Taylor, of Kichnsuauvagea about IZ years. . Th rircumstances of thu moamful cat are ' briefly tbes t Forty - fir days bibr death, E ' T. wai bitten by a mad dop, belooguig to the famdy. - I'rtf toutlr to this, lb dog bad mam fated an unusual degree of 111 natur but mo other symptom of madness. - At the tun woea the wound wm inflicted, ths subject of it was a . loosing hunself with experiment! oa tbe temper of tb animal i and there is reason to believe : that tbe dog seized bin without knowing pre - ' - ciaely what wm Mixed. Because the boy biog . . . . . . i r ii t. - Willi We OOg 0 in ouwm os m wtamti nuusv uwm ' at a kennel, kicked against the tide of tbe bouse, and ntteriof the customary founds, for encour - - aging dog, suddenly placed hi hand on a bole ia th koueL . Tbe dog sprang forward and in - . Aided t aerere woaad both ia the back of the baud, tad ia the palm next tlie thumb. 1 The do wa tooo alter lied and wbca the writer of , tins saw bus, wm entirely calm, eating; rreeiy, bowing' ao horror of water, without froth about ' the Mouth, recozniziof the member of tbe fami ly, and giving the usual iodicatioai of affection whea kiudir called. - Immediately after the Infliction of tbe wound. the part was well washed with strong brine ; ana tome other stmpi remedies were applied As tooo, however, as it waa tcriously appro - ' headed that tbe dor wm mad, recourse was had to the East lodiaa composition, usually called tb eetour iUmc This tton was applied 4 or 5 time to the wounded parts, and was said to have performed its office perfectly well. Tbe anxious '.'.; mother became entirely easy on the subject, fuuy believing, mat ty ths viitue of Uie stone, her too had been secured against the dreadful disease. It may he proper, however, to oh serve, that every direction given by the owuer of the stoa was punctually observed, and that tb wound was kept open lor several weeks. - At length, however, it was healed, and all wm thought to be well. on the lorty - MCond dav alter tbe bite was inflicted, E. T. began to complain. Tbe sysup. torn precisely resembled the appearance atUud - - tag diseases common to the season. 11 was ap prehended that be had taken cold, and that be wm bullous. A dose of calomel wm idmiau tared by the mother at night, which not operat ing sufficiently, it wm thought advisable to aid by glauber salts neat morning ; io attempting to , swallow the solution, such dilhcally wm Uis - eemed, that the writer of this article was imme - : dials! v sent for, and I found the sufferer lying in bed, with no symptoms that could in tbe least indicate disrase, except a cwitinutl sighing, for which no reason could be assigned. One or two experiments, however, with liquids, induced tbe suspicion that it was a cue of hydrophobia. In these, and in every other that was made, the difficulty was not in swallowing, but in getting the water into the mouth, and the lips closed upon it That once accoro - plisbed, tbe swallowing waa perfectly cany. This decided fact overthrows a hypothesis which has considerable currency, respecting ; the prominent symptom of the disease. E. T. . was a boy of uncommon resolution, and made Boat powerful efforts to resist tbe spasmodic ' motion produced by every attempt to receive liquids. On the approach of water, however, a working in his breut and shoulders took niece, which increased u the liquid approach ed hit lips and in every instance in which be succeeded in swallowing, there seemed to be a convulsive motion just a tbe mouth and cup came m contact t and tbe water was rstber thrown in the mouth than taken in the usual tray. At other times, the moment that the liquid touched the lips of the patient, his jaws were throw wide open, and his tongue thrust out of ihe mouth, as far as for its length, it eeuld be projected. fit deserves to be particularly remarked that neither previously, nor during the progress ol th disease, was any change discern able in the cicatrice. The wound, after having been kept open for several weeks, was healed; aod from the first symptom to tbe termination of tbe case, tb condition of th scar was th same it war recent, and of court red. The patent did uol complain of jtaxnt thootng from the cleat i ice to the bead ; nor was there any except a tenipora - r dneoalouratioa of the arm. Droduccd bv fric - tioD ; and 'this was used on account of some slight soreness and lUfliirn supposed to have been induced by taxing rold. Within a few hours after any strong vmptom. of the diseas had been developed, the spasms bad greatly increased iu violence and the alTec tiou which at first was produced only by at tempting to swallow liquids, wm brought on by almost any cause ; such as the patient's speak ing, opening the door of the renin, waving the band over bun, or any thing else that put the air about him in sudden motion; so that they might at lencth be raid to be continual. II complained chiefly, for the greator part of the lime, to us his own words, of (he beating of , As htart. Th beat ol the surface was cousi derable, but not extremely great. Tbe action f the puUe very rapid, but the stroke feeble One huodred drops of hudaaum, given iu the course of a few houw, seemed to increase the resUetsoew, and rather agxrarate the symptom Towards th close great complaints were made of beat in the bead; and at Uie patient's request, cloths wet with cold vinegar, were con - taatlj applied. Th poor sufferer, during the whole tune, knew bis friends : and although naturally most affectionate child, he appeared. diiriiiL - th short period of his disease, to b much more so than usual. Th kindest terms wlm - h, lan guage affords were adopted to express liii feel iocs towards bis afflicted mother and other rtU lives. The only indications of an alienation ol reason, made by him, consisted in his once or twice entreating his surrounding rnends by name, to pull bim out of th water, and not suffer him to be drowned. Except this, be appeared to be m tbe full exercise of his reasoning powers His eyes, without any expression of fierceness, were so brilliant as lo require considerable effort to look him in the face. Th course of the dis ease, as has just been intimated, wm very short It was not more than SO hours after the first ap pearance of hydrophobia were exhibited, until 1 the agony was ever. Tb symptoms became wort m rapidly, that what wm thought of m a remedy one hour, wm seen to be totally unfit the next: and tbe very respectable physicians moo were cauen u, cqum only look on and ac knowledge tb imperfection of the science of medicine. We have thnneht Wooer to tiv the Cu - xmin case, because we think that it may be useful i or h srcnee appears, 1. last ft symptoms of madness In a dnr have not been well defined. Aa animal mav be fleeted with the disease that will both eat and k, aad tnei does not firth at th mouth. woald "em that tbe oesour stone ought T.tN. ' ft, Hit WsfeL. tkm MJ f - ..J ov thatVy be added that tbe ate of tbe stent - "r j srtw s HNeisMi N(ia iiiura. "unpe aUjae not kaowa m thoso parts of - "roar wX the fullest and most iutimat "" nrtber. Jtflia, in London for instance, PndH on, eru iX known, at least not de - !7M be history We has very lately ntry. L .? which usenrred in foarse wl,Z?. besour """""UHtinjanacalo I to to to To these remarks of our ewB w adJa quotation from OrStoen pessseu, the latest wet on that subject that has appeared in this couut.y. After enumerating the numerous remedies that have been celebrated, the author concludes wub beta words : - Tb facts lead as to conclude, that b tbe actual state of clonce we know no medicine which can conswtanUy cur hydrophobia when it is well ascertained ; and coneequent - ly that it is indispensable to cauterise tbe wooud with a lt iron io order to slop iu progress. Tlie road effects of this practice will depend upon the time at which His done. If delayed too loug, they waibenull.w XtW - YORK ZrEXlXQ POST. WEDNESDAY, MAY 27. Stain running ( large in our tlretl$ - a speaking yesterday oa this subject w confiaed oar objections to the single case of indecency, a flagrant instance of which had just been related us. In the coarse of tbe altera jua tbe following facts, showing tbe danger to th lives and limbs of the citisens from this specie of nui sance, cam lo our knowledge, and we lose no time in comeauuicating it to the public, in tbe hope of exciting such marks of universal disap probation, as shall compel those whose duty it is provide a suitable remedy. Yesterday, between II and ;2o1clocU, as Mr John SHdell and Mr. Wm. Harrison, were driving along Broome - street, near Elixabetli - ilreot, at a moderate pace, in a gig, suddenly, two of those enormous, long - legged, overgrown liogi, which, under the o'jnteuance of the authorities, have been introduced into our streets the pretcnt season, started up and ran directly under Ihe horse before they could stop or any way avoid them, and getting entangled in the wheel,lu the end upset the gig, aud pitched out both Mr. 8. and Mr. II. with great violence upon the pave ment. Mr. Slidcll was dreadfully cut over the right eye, bis face much torn, and it is feared from the excruciatiug pain lie suffers, that the bone of the great tone is broken. Mr. Harrison was picked up for dead and remained a considerable time quite seuseleir, the blood issuing in large quantities froai bis ears, li shea iug that the nternal parts of the bead were dangerously in jured. We have not heard how cither of them are this morning nor whether they are both alive. (.Ml week a similar accident happened in the upper part of Greenwich - street, except that the rider escaped much personal injury. Is it not shocking that the streets of this popu lous city should be thus rendered dangerous lo paw, and offensive to the eye of delicacy i Will be believed at a distance that this vile and abominable nuisauce b continued from year tc year, because those who are appointed to take charge of our affairs, are afraid of their popu larity, and e hive to consult the interests and pleasure of a certain class of voters, in ut ter disregard of the safety and convenience of the citixens at larjre ? I am of opinion that th owners ol the hogt who caused the mischief in the cas just relaUl would be liable in action on th cue, for all damages, if they could be found. But the diffi culty is to hud out the owners, for it is a well known fact that droves of swine are sent into tlie streets of th cily of New - York from th neigh boring towns, whence, at tbe proper time, they are withdrawn to be killed and served up at dcla - cies at our tables. Will no facts, no remonstrances avail .' Must we point out by name those who obiticately continue to lend their counleuance support this standing reproach to the police of this city i We hope it wiil not beconi e necessa ry. How many more limbs must be broke and lives endangered, perhaps lost, before it wiil be judged fit acd expedient to provide agaiuit thic diameful nuisance LaUtl arrival from EngLtni We have re ceived by the fast - failiug chip Ann - Maria, capt Waite, iu 30 days from Liverpool, London pa pers to the S3 1 ult. Kid Liverpool to the 34th, from which we have made such extracts as our ti mo would allow, and which will be found be low. Two of Ihe vessels IK - Ioncinz tnthe e infill linn for the Noithl'ole sailed front Shi'rrnes on the '.list, the other two were In follow urxt day. A motion for lli" repeat of the window tss in Ireland, as Inst in tlie II. ol Common, by a uiu jurtyoflG. .. ... A committer i nnpoiuicn nvuie iinuse ni y um ninna to consider the expedieuey of repeating the imirv Iriws. The only new nrrivalfrora ihe U. Slates in a Li verpool paper ol the iilh, ore the CuMmiij, Nov', from New - York, nndOood Return, sainl, from Savannah, sailed, X2d, Amelia, for INew M lean. American St ick at London, April SI, liana ?lian - s nolhin done ; seven per cents IIUJ ; ew hi set Krt urik - nt. Bnlj.h Slocks, April SI, Three Per Consols 79J. Orarsrini, Wjirifii. Sailed, Henry Clay, Thomas, for New York. I'emanct, Jlpril 13. Spoken y esterday by our pilot boat, Ihe Wcser, lluniilion, from New Voik lor firemen. Ceirr', .ltniX. Kr. Fisher Ames, Lewis, from Isle of t'rnni:e lor Copriihugm. fu, . - litre JO. Came down from the river and tailed. Albert. 8wnn, lor Boston. UrrrjwJl, Jtorit 23 Th Andrew, Ilntliaway, from lnlmlelplna lor Liverpool, at the i ove. The Othello, 6im.1I, front Liverpool lor Mivr York, at fcewry. The Oleutlnirn, SliUnian, from Nw Yoik, nt the Clyde. The liana, Clifford, from Boston, for Liverpool, at Iteanmaris. The John V inflow, Hodges, from Savannah for Liverpool, at llolvhead. LLOYD'S LISTS, April 19, and lUt. Off Do - ver, Dispatch, Warner, trom Bonton lor AtnUr - ilnru. Off Plymouth, the Henrico, Lucr, limn Boston for lUnibro. At Kalnvonih, Urare racket, from New - York; LeanoVr, Siniih, Bo.ton. At Bristol, Columbia, Curtis, Charlreton. At the Clyde, Hihemia, Charleston ; Cyrus, do. At Haiuliro, I3ih, Martha, Freeman, New - Y'mk. At Bremen, Mary ti Jane, Fetcrsoit. Chaileston ; Monroe, Boton. Can of Ul!tr from Cropper, fyxiem li Co daltJ LinrporJ, .Ifiril S.'. In romeuuem - e of the arrival of very larcr sup plies of Grain into fandon from various parts of the Continent, our markets nave Deen exxerainciy lull, aad wheat has lallen lull a snunng per DUtiiet. .inericaa cannot now be quoted at more thaa 12s 6d t.i 13s Gd per 70 lb. Flour is quite unsaleable unless at a conenlerame reduction o. snimnrs would be taken, but not more than 60 is offered. Notwithstanding this depression, our ports Will wnnoutoouot continue open. I nearer re returns of the past 3 weeks, being 87s I0d, aKJs lOd, a w Hi. Thrrmrhout (lie Drnnt wet V. but nr lil lie ha been doing in Cotton ; the nak - s of all descriptions lacing owy o - ow oars, ami I'nland mav be con - suleted a farthing lower. YV e quote them t SO to iiia, std to Ss 0,d Se Islands, as to 4s. Oor iinuortv durinr tin mk lo about 5900 bapr In Ahes or Rice, there is at proem out iruie aomg Aaval stores rather low er Batk dull ersin. Tot AjIics, 57 to bit Cd ; PtarU, 57s to Ms i Hie 44 M to43 J TurpenUne, Wsto I3s6d T 6e5 te 19s. Loaooa, April 51. The Chanerllor of the E - chequer last aifht prodocel bis naensclal plan lr Uie year, vuiganv caneo .sue suue" - - r ..JL i... ,im . - nir nf tlui vear eaceens UpOOjjCiOl. to meet which he has only Ways end Meant lathe amount of 9M0it)0l. Iraritie a defi - LriMi - of HMtlMHU to be provided lor. Themewo of producme mis latter sum we naieu " paper. ajMUjJWi. are wiuiinwi y a 31 per . Stock, nud remainder by adequate poition of tlie 7J0O,00oi. of Exchequer IldU fuu - ded. . . ....... Corn Zxdiangf, Lemilo, Jt,ril 30 VC nave nan a snoderate supply "f Knglish Wheat, and a very abundant one ol Foreign, whii h has caused a tle - elinein tlieprkesof Futtlish wheal of 3 per ur. and Forei - n Is per qr. from last Monday. IU.l UUv, ipni Admiralty liulanct Court .Ipril 21. Ilrtndn lirom. tommander.TM ship, sailing under tho flag of Buenos Ayref.and with a,ccmmistioii of war from the insurgent government, was seized, to the year IhlCs whilst under weigh iu Caih lo - lny, iu tiarnadnes, ly me Brazen, capt. btirlint, for a breach of th reve nue laws, and carried hi Antigua. A claim was given by Mt. unilty lor me snip, and by Mr. Brown for his own property on board, for the guns, arms and ammunition, m the property of the independent government of Ducoo Ay res ; and for the gold - dust and specie on board as the property of himself, officers aud crew. The cau wm heard at Antigua, and thq whole condemned to the seizors. - An appeal from that sentence has been given in the Hijrh Court of Admiralty, and a claim brought bv John Garcia, esq. on bctia'.f of his Catholic Majesty, Ferdinand VIL The seizor now refused to give an issue to the libel in this claim, until th'e question between him and Mr. Ilruwn wa disposed of, on the ground that the Kinp of Spain was no party to the original nroceedintrs. and it would only serve to em barrass the question ; that if the sentence of tit Court below should be reserved, the different claimants might settle their disputes inter or, with which the seizor could have nothing to do. Sir YV. Scott said it was impossible for Uie Court to receive any claim for the Independent Government of Buenos Ayres, which hail never been re cognized by this country and therefore there was no reason whatever for refuting to answer the claim on behalf of tlie Spanish Government r that be had no hetiut ion in directing an issue to be given to the libel as prayed. LIVEIU'OUL, April i!4. 77is Kale'dotcopt. Au optical instrument, ol the most fasciuatiuz and almost magical nature, has been recently invented by Dr. Brewster, for wliic It he has obtained a patent, under the name of the Kaleidoscope (u compound from theOrerk ipords "to se," "it ori." nna "beautiful.") From the extreme simplicity of the instrument, it is peculiarly liable to imilalioo ; and it is for tins reason that we take so early an opportunity to caution the public against any infringement of the patent, which will be equally injurious to the ingeuious inventor, and attended with considerable nk to the iuiitator and vender. YVe hardly dare tru - t ourselves to speak of the merits of this exquisite toy, lest we should be thought to have permitted our cnlhushsm to have blind ed our roller judgment. The public will soon find, however, that it is impossible to use auy de scriptive language of its beauties, which can deserve the epithet of hyperbolical. w e have corresponded with Dr. Brewster, upon the occaiion ; aud are in daily expectation of receiving a supply of genuine inttrumenlt, not bciug in the habit of vending or countenanc ing spurious mutations of any kind. 1 h pleasing effect ot the Kaleidoscope ari - io from a suc cession ol reflections, by which the objects, even jliould Uiey possess no individual beauty, by their arrangement in hexagonal, peulagonal, or oilier forms, acquire a most interesting limit tnstmblc, with a variety which may he regarded as infinite, as it is probable lb identical picture, in all it circumstances, wdl uever present ibelf to the eya a second time. When tbe shapeless or indifferent nature of lb materials is contrasted with their beauty in ordor, resulting from their successive reflections, it is a most striking illustration of u Order ouitf CAnes.'1 Aor is the Kaleidoscope without its uses. It will be of great service of architects, orna mental painters, plaisterrrs, jeweller, carvers and gilders, cabinet - makers, wire - makers, bookbinders, calico - printers, carpet - manufacturers, manufacturers of pottery, ami every profession in which fancy ornament. 1 pattern are sontrlit after. It is also proposed, as an endless source of amusement, by the creation ami display ol beautiful forms, as the car is delighted with musical combinations : and, in this view - , the Kaleidoscope more than realises the idea of the ocular harpsichord. from Lt .Itueal fs'atimiale. Monti - ur I'riatair, 1 beg you vil parle i id de belle dame in de Mowyoi k, that go to dc theatre, av - :c von grand chapeatl do very grand bonne L Farblcu I vill go to da spectacle to see raoniieur Fhilipp sing de pretty rhamon he fbaut bien; mais monsieur priulair, I do hear ver well, but no voir, I cannot sen mnujicur i'bilipp bell figure, eh pourqui no? Do ladies rear de largo cha - peau, and i!o fill de boxes, par example. Now, sair, de ladies have de beautiful iheyeu ver pretti haro. Vydc ladies vear be vilain bonnet? Vy no dress he har avec le fleur artificial ? (Ji ttu une niautaiso modet regarde de belle damu dn fa: is. Aha! uniuicitr priutnir, dere is l;o ion ! ilcre is de gout ! rofitivciueut two lady, avec de grand bonnet, do fill de boxc co me (a. iair, vil you write dis in voire papcir pour mot. - Moucieur priotatr, votre ti ei humble serviteur, LA BLOND, marchaiid de modes. From tht Columbian. By the 47th section of the new militia law, auy occupant or house bolder who refuses to give the names ot such perrons as are liable to do military duty to the enrolling officer, is made subject to a heavy penally. It is alio made the duty of every persoo liable to do military duty to retort themselves, their residence, tc. to the commanding officer of the regiment within who; bound lliey shall rende. Yv e understand that the militia officers in thu city have determiued to appoint a committee, to receive the namet ofsuch pcrsous as htve refu sed or neileclcd lo comply with Uie alove sec tion of the law. We deem it our duty, as the officers are now enrolling, to give this informa tion to our citizen", lest they should mcau'iou - lv render themselves liable to a heavy fine. For Ibis purpose we this day publiah the 4Clh and 4 1 th tecliou or (he law alluded to : 46. And be it further enacted, That all per sons who shall become subject to do duty in the infantry, in the cily of New - York, shall, witliin six months next and immediately after the time when utey snail becomo so subject, etimp them selves according to law, and make a report of their homes and residence In the commanding officer of the regimeut, within wliose bound they shall reside at th time of becoming so subject, or into whose bounds they sliall remove during the said six months, under the penalty of five dollars, and a turtner penalty ol bv dollars for each pa - rad of the company or recimeot which shall take place during his residence within tbe bounds thereof, and beiore such report shall be made : Aod that whenever any person ia the said city, liable lo da nulitiaduty, snalL be ins enroll ed, remove out of tbe boand of the company within which ha shall have beea enrolled, he shall forthwith giv information thereof and of his new residence, to one of the officers of sueh i company, Who shall, without delay, report Uie same to the adjutant of the regiment to which he shall beloog, who stall forthwith stall ' A. ' vi bv the commanrlaat ofi give nobca thereof to tbe . I tne company ions u" shall be made, if within th bounds of the same t .t atharwis to tb commandant or a. - juuntof the regimeot into whose bouadssuibj remoyal shall D maue : ana iu w - ", person shall neglect or unreasonably delay to give sock information, or shall give any false in - 1 formation lo tho premises, be shall be tubject and warned to do duty, aud iial - v to all fines and penalties, and may be summoned lo show cans why the same slwuld uot be levied in the same manuer as if he had not removed. 47. And b it further enacted, Tliat every or - cepaut of a house or householder, iu the city of Mew - Tors, when thereunto required by aneurysm; officer of Uie beat wherein such occupant or hou bolder shall wide, fliall deliver to such officer verbally, or in writing, the name of every white wale person between eighteen and forty - five years of age, residing or boarding in hu or her hou?e, under the fienalty of teu dollars for every person between those ages, whose names such occupant or householder shall refuse or neglect to deliver as aforesaid, aad under the further penalty of five dollars for every such person, wliose name shall not be delivered m nforeaid, C.r each narade which shall, after such refusal or neL'lect. Inks ilace durins the refidenceof such pcrsou in tbe house of such occupant or house holder, until liis name shall b delivered as aforesaid : which penalties may be sued for in any court of record having coguizance thereof, liytlie adjutant of tho regiment withia vihose houud lurh occupant or householder shall reside : And if any person between the age of eighteen and forty - five yean, shall, when there - unto required, ncgltct or refuse to give such information with respect lo himself, to the occupant or householder of the bou?e where he shall reide, as may enable such occupant or householder to give the information hereby required, such person so neglecting or refusiug, shall be subject lo Ihe like penalties as are hereby imposed ou liouttholder ..r occupants, for their refusal or neglect in the premises. From the Georgia Journal, May 12. Hen. Jark?on, il is said, has notified tbe go - vet r or of I'eusacola of his wish lo transport to the head of the Cay of Escambia,' supply of provisions for the American troops in that quarter ; and that he shall regard hit refusal as an act of hostility. freia the Boston Commercial Gaxelte. Tho governor of Gnadaloupe, Count de Lnr - denoy, has issued a second onlontianre, announc - ine that after the 16th f July ensuing, all com mercial contracts, obligations, or transactions, made by foreigners, directly or indirectly, will bo declared null and void. Foreigners can hold and enjoy real estate, and may continue to re side iu the colony, without being engaged iu commerco, and enjoy all tlie prelection of the laws. JYom tU Alexandi M Iterold, Mtu25. Shtekiiiir Murder We are informed that on the 12th inst Dr. Robert Uerkely, of Frede rick county, Va. was inhumanly murdered by his nerroes, and his body burnt to ashes. Our informant was not acquainted with the partic ulars i but it appears f rom a hanuuiii we nave received from Winchester, that the principal murderer, a fellow by the name of Randolph, has made his escape. A reward (it 5JW is offered for his apprehension and delivery to the gaoler of Frederick county, lie is described as beintr about 24 years of age, 5 feet 8 or 9 inches hitrfa. very black, his head and face ra ther small when spoken to, appears bold and impudent t Ins shoulders broad and stout, Dis legs rather small than otherwise ; in walking his toes turn out t has lost the joint of his riirht hand fore nntrer. It is believed be bas a scar on one of his legs, occasioned by the kick of a horse. He was sold to Dr. lit rkely about 12 years ago, by John Hopkins, esq. formerly of this place. It is hoped that every good citixen will aid in bringing this monster in human shape to condign punishment. Some of his accomplices have been apprehended and committed, after confessing the fact. INDIAN WAR L THE SOUTH. Cony of a letter from C. Cassidy Esq. te a gentleman iu this city, politely communicated for the Mercantile Advertiser, dated Crugtort, Tennessee, April 29, IHI8. YVe have had no official accounts as yet, respecting the movements or fate of the Southern Army, under the command of old Mars : and I feel some appi el. envious of considerable difficulty being - nerieiKeit in the final reduction of the aciiiiiioiran Indians. These apprehensions are founded on in - lelligence, that flour is 50 dollars per barrel ai Head (jiiarters, as well as that those Indians are resolved never lo hasard a conclusive battle with General Jackson. It appears to be their determinations, to persist in perpetrating Jobberies and murders in small uctaenments, against wni'.n, owing lo the facility with which they can move from place to place, it appears to ine that nothing but Cavalry can be enVctive. In addition, they are perfectly acquainted with the fastnesses of the country which must finally be Ihe scat of war A country which 1 am informed (having never been as far south) is characterised iu numerous instances, bv aliuoul impassible morasses, at well as by rugged and sterile mountains. That they must eventually be overcome, there can be no doubt i and, trom my knowledge ol the man with whom they have to contend, every tiling that prudence, foresight, desperate courage and military skill ran achieve, will Le effected in ihe shortest possible time. War is always to he deprecated as a dread - ul calamity, both to Ihe victors and the vanquish ed ; but, in this particular instance il seems to be absolutely necessary; for, scarcely a week elapses which does uot bring us information of Ihe coulla - gi ation of some dwelling, and the butchery of its deieucele inhabitants by these deluded and miserable beings I say deluded, because it is ascertained that there are a number of foreigners a - inouil them Among whom, nodoubt, are the famous, or rather infamous Captuius ichels and vv. oouiime. tvtiether tnesr miscreants are in tne pay of some European government, grown old in political iniquity and sanguiuary outrage or whether thev are villains, under assumed names, at their own suggestion, time alone can determine : but, whether the former or the latter, we trust that internal Ju - tice will siugle out the real instigators of this war, and again make the arms of the United Slates in strumental to the overthrow of the disturbers of our domestic and national happiness. Were I to huxard a conjecture, as to the olicv which wdl be pursued by the commander in chief, both as resiecl provisioning his army and finally defeating the enemy, I would say, that he will open the navigation of the Apilachicola river through the Spanish dominions lo the Gulf of Mexico, uot - wiihtnding any protests against such a measure by the Spanish authorities' or any military force which may be marshalled to opuoe him. This movement ppears to be absolutely necessary, bc - rause of the difficulty and danger of supplying his troops by land from the popoiated parti of the slate of Georgia. After furnishing his army from Mew Orleans, be may, probably, if no oilier alternative presents itself, possess himself of F.asl Florida, lor Ihedouhle ptupnse of being adjacent to the fountain from which he miutdraw supplies and of being enabled to cut off the resources with which the Spaniards have uniformly supplied ihe Indians, ami do now no doubt a (lord them Thus, by passing in their rear, and making East Florida a prvmanent station for the main body of his army, he will he enabled to silence their ad sisers to slose every avenue through which they can obtain further accessions of loi eijru troops oi munitions of war bring thrsn lo terms of peace aad submission, without turUier blood - shed or cut the m un in di - tail. The pursuance of such a policy ran be productive of no serious conseiiuen cr la the government, should even an Executive sanction be extended to it. Indcuendenllv of the right to a temporary possession of East Florida, founded ou a 'breech ot treaty ou the art ol old Spain ; and, throwing not of cousiderallon every immunity dei liable from a violation, oo her pari, of the conventional lav of nations, how far would not the government be warranted, in making that PMsessioa eternal, under the natural law of na tioot, taVing into consideration the conduct of tlie Spaoisb government, from the period of the cone mencement of tbe late war untu this time f lit. luthe KturltlU, theie were lauded, from the best inform alios, within tbe Spanish province of fMl F,orid, enty:,wo thousand ,und of arms, and three hundred barrels of fixed a munition, intended f r the Creek Indians. - Some of these arms bore the tower - hill stamp were new, and were brought into the Americer. cam p. id. When (sen. Jackson invaded Pensarola, the fort called " The liurrankas" was garrisoned by English troops, who ou bis advance, evacuated and blew it up,tindcr anapprehemion that he would lake it by storm, and turn the gunsoii their ships of war, which Ui in Ihe harbour. 3d. It is very pooihle, and I iuiagiue that Gnn - aales Mnnrique, who was at that eriod governor of 1'i'iisiiroln, previously to thit invasion, avowed, in a written coimtiimiiation, llmt hu would supply the Creek Indians Willi every thins; in his (tower. Whether this iHler wnt the production of KnplUh policy npernlme, ou pauikh stupidity ; or whether il was the offspring of a m. - i nntile l.onr in I'eoncolii ; or whether it was ihe impotent fulnii - nation of un infatUHted adherent to puilluiiuou royalty, ciinnnt well he determined but, in any event, the neutrality of thit province was violated, ajaintt the int'i - rest of the United Slates, without even a protest aguiust it on the part ol Spain and, w ithout even a communication ol the Inci, to ihe officer eoininundint: ihe 7lh military district. 4ih. How far the tame spirit of covert hostility lo the United has been evinced from the same sources, since tlie roiiimenreioeut of the late " aflair," w ill probably lie made the subject of a lutiirerniiiiunicaliin in proper tune. Mil J uking into eonsiderallon lliu Ii tt wlucli Spain but incurred tor siiulialioiN nit our com miTCc durine, the late convulsion!', about live millions of dollar, combined with the forepnin,'; en - numeration of facts, how far, Sir, would not the United Mates be jusiiiied in taking, and holding bast i - mriila r With respect, I urn vour nnvt obed t servant. CH.YHLES CASSEDY. She is bound To restrain the Indians within her limits and. there is surely mote political tur - pituie, in atTordin; them directions aud supplies for offensive operations against u i CII.YIIE5TO.V, May IS. Meknrholv occurrence. A sjiall slooti rigjfe J boat, started from town on Saturday mo'ning last, at 10 o'clock, with 13 persons oo board, for the MethoJirt Cuaipin Ground, in Christ Chin cb f .insh. At 2 o'clock, when wilhin five miles ol the landing place, the boat, in the act of jibing, was struck by a heavy Daw of wind, and upset. Tho following: are the name of the persons who were picked up, (by one of the Ifland Packets, passing at the time,) some of them nearly exhausted : J. A. Baiter, John M. Hon, J. V. Holmes, C. .Uurdock, J. Sayle, J. W. Huck, J Hatch, Joseph Folker, J. Miles, an old black woman, bO j ears of age, and a boy belonging to iv;r. wiutbrop. 1 he remainder of the compa ny, 7 iu number, it is feared, hare all perished, as none of them have as yet been heard of. YVe forbear at present to mention their names, as some of them may possibly nave escaped a wate ry grave, several of them were valuable citi zens, and some of them respectable strangers. we understand that tho body of Mr. Kobert Alexander, on of the unfortunate persons in the boat, has been found. A pocket book, contain ing papers, c. was found about bis person, which led to tbe discovery of his name. Pittsbcro, Mav 15. Reported Murder. YVe learn that a murder has been committed on the Laurel Hill, some time in the course of last week, by a gang of turnpikera The particulars as far as we have heard them are as follows : A person of the name of Irwin, from the Cove, Kedford county, Pa. was travel liner westward with his family. On ascending the east side of Laurel Hill, he was stopt by a gang of tumpikers, and three dollars demanded of him for liberty to pass He paid the money, and had proceeded but I few rods, when he fell in with, another compa ny, who made a similar demand. Mr Irvin remonstrated against the imposition, alledging that he had already paid S3, and. that it he was to be subjected to demands of this kind, they might strip h im of all he was worth. Some alter - cation folloa ed, when one of the gang struck Mr. Irwin a violent blow on the head with club, and brought him to the ground; whilst another seizing a large hammer, with which he had been breaking stone, gave tbe deceased several blows with it on the shoulder blade and the back of his neck. After languishing a few days, the unfortunate man died ol his wounds. The sheriff and other civil officers, as weil as a company of citizens who have vo lunteered their services, are said to be in pur - su t of the perpetrators of this daring outrage. The frequent recurrence of crimes of the most. flagitious nature, is a stibjectnot only otoeep regret, but is truly alarming ; and loudly calls for the most prompt and vigorous exertions to bring their perpetrators to condign punish - mci - t. BALTIMORE, May 25. ! The hnn. Mr. Pinkoey, (late minister to Rus sia,) and family, arrived in this city yesterday in tne snip riato lrom Bremen. From I - aguira. Tbe Philadelphia papers contain a translation from the Caractas Gazette Cxtraordiuary of 29tli April, of a despatch from the royalist general Pla, dctailui' the particulars of an action with the patriot army uuder Boli var, ou the 17th of that month. It appoara by this, that, after a forced march, Pla, early that morning, reached near the plac where bolivar was stationed with " more than 700 cavalry and 360 infantry, and made prisoner of a servant, who informed where hi) master was sleeping," aud a small party was despatched to secure him. Bolivar narrowly escaped. Rising at the moment the were about to surprize him, he fled to Uie mountains ; his three companions, amoug whom was his priest, friar Prado, were killed. At day light, however, Bolivar presented himself at the head of bis forces, and the two armies were within gun shot of each other. A hard action ensued. Bolivar gave way, and was pursued in every direction, with great loss. Pla, complains of the badness of his bones" had he possessed 200 useful horses, that day would have ended th career of Bolivar and hi followers." " The result of this day's action, is, that the enemy have left on the field of battle more than 400 killed, and 150 prisoners ; among the former are said to be gen. Tomes, cols, fannigue, Galmdo, Ptuango, and Palacios, and maj. Flax. - Among the prisoners, It. col. Beesolari, majs. Francisco, aud Morales, capt. Tobar, Bolivar's aid, and surgeon Uuvares. Besides tnese, loll women huv fallen, into our hands. W'e have also taken 5 JO muskets, 305000 cartridges, 400 lances, 2 stands of colors, 3 ammunition chests, 3 drums, and all the officer's baggage, including Bolivars. Oa our side there was no more loss than col. Lopex, and 7 soldiers killed, and 6 officers aod i!l privates wout. Jed." , A A'ett - Orlraru hog Wo observe an advertisement in a New - Orleans paper, of a hog to be exbosrd to tbe public view, 50 cents admittance, u weighing from three to four hundred pounds ; its bo ly short, but as thick us a Hour barrel ; ils tail en tj back; its hinder parts similar to tho? nf a bear ; its eyes almost rearhiug lo its ears ; having si suet - , and a snout as loug as that of an alligator." Bull. pap. : Fortunate inlttd.We ag - tiu notice the singular god fortune of adventurers at ALLFN'S' truly lucky office. Ticket no. 4G2, which came up ou Monday to the floating prire of Jl!0,000, in the Surgical Lottery of Baltimore, was sold lo a gentleman iu this city. YVithin a ftr days there has been obtained at the same office, a prize of $50,000 ; two of 20,000, anj the cue of $10,000 remained unsold. For these rich prises, niessrs. Aliens, w uudorst&nd, paid the cash to the lucky holJers a soou as drawn thus placing the good fortune cf the possesion of their tickets beyond any hazard. frEN7A"Q POST XARIXE LIST CLKAUKD. SUip Crtne, Haley. Calcutta U laiei Di - einenj V Cahuone lliihoiGcd Hichmoud Aristomcnes, Iturkcr, K Um rlll & Schr Sally, YVcglon, lodiaa Hunter,, Slocp frovidi ucc, Ur - .itvu, JJUiif AH VfiA fOREMHiA. luviutaie Si hr. Laviuia, Darker. 1 1 J it j Irani N'uun N. P. with ft tiit, turtle, sugar, Lark, Axe. to j' IX Aymar, Cahlrr M'Kea H Co. YV. Atwell - - Passeurcro, J. J,.inton. YV. At wellLeft, sri. Zansa, for N.Yorlc, iiex(day, supposed below. j Schr Matv, Laha, 6 days trom havtnoah, vtjih cotton, to II Thomas, J fc C H.dton, T V Butler juo. Otis fc tw in, rassriiger, Mr. Bosworth. tsi.l.Uvv., ten James hum fct. Domingo, &nd one briir and two schooners. . - i may kh r i Extxn, BrilUh Packet Ladv Mary Pelhain. Till.. - o day from Fihiiontli, to Ihilifax, and 6 from t,m latter port, with the April Mail. l'asei,gPr, ,(.. Itev. Mr. fciulie, nlc.sri. I - re mnii, Wilhunnon and Carrol. Left at Halifax, the brig Skcene f 1 New York, in 2 lay. ' r Shit) Ami Maria', YY'aitc, 00 davs U. nmil. Mill, lrv fronds. tlr It. .Td,.". CI., i. J. J.k. If III otitis r - . if'ItTWtHrU, ley i Co. J J li Sum Major Si Gillespie: , uce, ltepelve It Co. E.l . Marsh, A. tV. Lev - aix k l.iuslcy, I.Kingslandb Cn II...I. bawru ry, M a: I rnice, it. milieu, if. o, uguen, v. Sterliug J Ogden, J. Hi N. Hnijrfit, Bnggs, Thompson t fo .. - - ... . . L - V. , - J. l av lor ta Son. .1. Adams, liodfrcvfe TowiKrnil Hyde tc K inta, I. Scheruierhnrn, 11. K.Tolerk l o. I. a. Daaeweu, : SqiiireiiSii - iimaii, nicnarus, i av ior n vv liner, . nirournnv W W. fa T. L. Chester, Camhrelcng k Pearsnn ig S. 1 1 vile, IV Wilson. lto?ers. Winthron L Willi.. H. YV. Delavan ez Co. W. C. HoUv, J. It I r.,' J. A. Willink k Co. and thecaplain. Passeneers Messrs. K. ronler and lamtly, t.. rugtey It (am - I v. J. Tilder.T. Roleh. W. Rotch. S. NewknM i. dv and servant, J Hay ward, C. vandenhrwvel, J 1 1 : - u: r. - - 11 l ir : .1 .... uiiiit, ivii0n 1,,. ruiuiiiiiinidvin 1 nt, ".eersc. Sailed April 26th. Spoke nothing. The Courier, Bowne, would be ready to sail for New - York on the first of May, full of freight aud passengers. Brir Amelia, Mott, 7 days from Savannah, with dry - goods, skins and cotton, to T. Phelps k Co. owners, H. K. Toler k Co. Sturees and Sherman, D I. L - In...l A I C I 1. f. r - 1 . uot - ii nil., mini j r. v. . ...cue. WUHtetO, and Pott k M'Kinne. Passenjers, Messrs. J. P. M'Kinne and fnmilv, A Camfield k family. Stiles. and famiiv, B. Ames aod family, Harrison, Thomas, and Mrs. Gardner. Left brig Alonso, for N - Vork in S, aud schooner nose 10 Bloom, for do., next day. Schooner Renown, Etdridge, 4 days from Wilmington, D. with corn meal, to T Buckley and Son. British schr. Jane. Watson. 9 davs from R erm ti ll w, with molasses and copper, to Patrick, Aymar t o. Schr True - American, Rasscit, 5 days from Philadelphia, with merchandise, to L'Homniedieu L Brown (owners) and others. Schr William it Mary, Gray, 12 days fr. Richmond, wish coal, to A. Fraser. Sloop Catherine, Cole, 6 days from Suffolk, with shingles, to the captain. BALTIMORE, May 25. Arrived, ship Pal - lus, Henriette, 54 days from. Leghorn, and 46 from Gibraltar. - . Ship Flato, Smith, 40 days from Bremen May 7, spoke ship 1'annope, of New - Bedford, S3 days from Carmason for 5l York. BOSTON, May 24. Arrived, schr. Mary, Morrison, 16 days from Havanna. Brig Potomac, Ally, from a whaling voyaee, last from Rio Grande, 44 days, with 800 barrels sea elephant oil. NEWPORT, May 3. Arrived, stoop Geo. Si Mary, YValdeu, N York. Sloop Halcyon, Gardner, do. Cleared, sloop Rapid, VValden. New York; Lord Nelsoa, Mirier, do; Halcyon. Gardner, do. Nassao, (. r.) May 19. Cleared, sch Speculation, Hester, N York. THEATRE. On Wednesday evening. May 87, will be pre - seuiea a tragic piay, caiieu THE BftYDE OF ABYDOS. Giaffer, .Mr. Rohertsoa Selim, Pritcbard, Zuletka, Mrs. Barnes n f ..I - . l : 1 1 I j.i I a I. - e s M which win ue nuueu tun i w cc vi t YVE FLY BY NIGHT. Ferret, Mr. Ililsoa Performance to commence at "quarter past seven o'clock. ORATORIO. fpHE standing committee of tbe New - York X Handel and Haydn Society give notice, that in consequence of the subscriptions not being equal to tbe expense of giving a splendid oratorio, at the time contemplated ; have resolved to keep the subscription open until Saturday evening, the 30th inst. and unless the subscriptions shall then warrant tbe incurring the ex - pease, they will abandon giving the Oratorio. Subscriptions left at Mr. Riley's music store, Chatham street ; Mr. Eastburo's Book Store, Broadway ; Messrs. Goodrich ft Co's do do; Mr. Dubois' Music Store, dot Mr. Geib'sdo. Maiden Lane, Messrs. Kirk & Merceiu's book store, Wall street, and Messrs. Sword's Book U. I? - . .1 OIUIC, I trull lucci, N.B.Price of tickets to subscribers Sit to non subscribers c? each. my 27 4t fT3 The bank notes of all the banks between this city and Albany received at our otKc at a discount of 3 - 4 per cent in sums over 250. LlYTNGJfTON & TRACY, 29 Wall - it. The highest price given for Dollars. may 27 ' Gi - OCA' - S AAD WATCH OhASSHS, AT AUCTION. j HOFFMAN A GLAS5, will sell to morrow, at 10 o'clock, at their auction room 8 eight day English clocks, extra dials I spring, do do of lupcrior qualilj and workmanship 1 case asssorted watch glasses. . may t7 For AMSTERDAM. The reonlar trsdinc britr OIIIOl E. . o o V Piiih,ii. muster haa n - irt of hercaTRv engagel, and will be dispatched without de - luv Pnr fi - eiirht or nastao - e. ( hat inir very good j - - n , - 1 . o - " accommodations,) apply to tbe master en board, at pier uo. i norm river, or to j. u. -', my 27 tf No. 77 Wasbington - st For UAVAXA, ti. l .i..n rivnanv WA9H - - m i lie g'w .iwi uwi.. - ' - - VJE Viviitiiv. f?ant HrettinfT. now nearly Inaded, and will sail on Friday, S9th mstanu Vnr frel Tl.t nf the remainder. aDnlv to the master, on board, opposite 44 Aoutli - street, or to my 27 GOODHUE & Co. The regular packet brig AMELIA, J. Mutt. m:ttnr. trill nositively sail 00 S Un it - ly uexl For freight or passage, having elc - ant accomuio - .latioirs, apply to th captain on uourU, at Jones' a Uarl, or uv. THADDEL'S PHELP5 & CO. may 27 4t No. 66 iSvutn - st. A HUE LEAD, Xe. U0 c.k dry wuiie V Lead 3 t.hd d:y Ivory Blak, fi.rsale by . P. REMSEN K CO. mv27 8wiltl - stres. .'IllkEY i bTAKCH. - j blids. "Puiia .' .i..l: m'l.:.l. TjI lri.o - . trhifi Ihk1l. I ifiuin" fioin schr I rov American, at OM slip, for ..le ny my 27 75 wail - suwv W. orrililii liuniiain u aic!uiicios, u. Mieklev, (J. Gogoiit A. Thompson, D. Dunham, Laverty, tbelieuU Kin,J. Ditoii. jr.E. Lyde, E. Dudcshun ,Sj fieed S. Le - ett, H,.te U Nevins, It. H. 8a - er Wra - g, Smith, M'C!I k Co. I. Broil,, eerty K Austen, II. YV. AoVork Ji Co. Marsh 1 Brooks, H ver, bremner ii Co. 1. Scant, v w Woofccy t o. Mills, Purdy k Co R. Hallidayi K. Gore, J Gralinin fc to. 1. DnCn T k, W Proctor, B. Lord, K. Gill & C. s. jjrowi, V U ricli - V, J. Heard, Shinuianbl .irl ft K n :

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