The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 27, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 27, 1818
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FOR NUMBER 497? WEDNESDAY, MAY 27, IGIC. NO. 49 WILLIAM - STREET. from 57 Front swel to 54 bomh.Ureet, and ofc. " - V,, ...nil. American Tallow i tons clean St. PetcrshurghHciup ' . ... it - i'.u.ih I Mick : i. few tier - man Steel in boxes, entitled tod !iaw - OhcK. i(MVl liii. Green CcGee on . JC02V ;f.,in, i - iHr - rc - ttJ 172 pieces each 0 hhds pure fc'prit rov 5 v n' tUjYcl UOulio. case oi ucw and ilegnut fancy artic clcs. UdW work boxes and di esting casw, very cle - Writing dk, elegantly gilt and pl.iin . . . . l L l an racks (Jilt anu pauueu - n '" - "'i - . Fire and tandle screens, piiuted m - n 1 " . i.u . - ji ...l - .inrcJ handle! upcrior tnauner, wi.u - packgf moti lioards Maline and morocco work baskets (lontleuieo's shaving apparatus Pouches dressing cases, Morocco and mabogauy portable desks .Soma very elegaut portfolio! gdt locks sand ..0C.. n kAF.lAM m1 nlain. Morocrn. , Ru ' .,1 and roaa pocket books, of vanoui desc cri Sorin" wallett, of Rusiia and Morocco, with many other ar'.icles too numeroui to mention. For sale wholeiale and retail, by . N.SMITH DA VIES, n'p21 No. 131 Broad war. mUS PLATfc, kc. 178 boxes Tin l'late, a - ' lO.tH.o'l'te. India Block Tin a im lot. Iron Wise, assorted from No. I to IS Kte by ANSON G. PHELPS, , 1p3Q 133 Front street. TijHN ABRM. W1LLINK CO. offer lor J ile J Sn,c n Sscaies luprnur "'"i"1 . Several casks smalts, particularly dcsirah .le lor l) ner uiiu pi , 4 casks hardware ' A few balei cassimercs and ihalloon'i, ihawl l barrel!, laid to ie a very mperior 101, win be told Jiom the venel at the loweit market yrice. - to COKNEt lus DUB013j M'NCH, 0U. (al Io. 40 William - street,) . hatonbaod the followiuj WINES and LIQUOKS, lelected with judoient by hiuiftlf, iiliiLh he effen at wholesale and ruUiil, tear - anted pure, a imported ,L'i!'f I Madeira, from 3 to 10 100 hhdi .eariinwood. 40 qr caki J Old .Madeira, in botllei, from S to 20 yean Champaigne, llurguody, Claret and Sauleiue, of very superior quality 7 pipei dry Lisbon, 7 yearold 7 do Sherry, nine years old, and free from Boracha taste Port, in pipe nJ bottle! 'fable wine, for it! quality, the cheapest in America Tcneriffe, in Midi. Old Brandy, do. Rum, do. Gin, not reduced 500 demiji bns, coalmining fire gallon! each 50 roce winf! bottlci N B. Those in ihe trade, and country dealers, wUl mid it to their account, to mpply tliera - ttWet with wine and liquors at the above esta - biv'lmicnt, ai they will be certain to obtain articles of the firt quality, at the lowest prices, and pnre a imported my 0 2m TO UK LKASMi. ON favorable Urmtj for a km term of year?, 4 lots of ground on Broadway, 200 feet dep, ejten lin; to Crosby - street, between Hei - tcr and Grand - streeL". 2 loLs in Water - street, nearCatharine - market. 1 lot in Water - street, between Fulton and Eurlingflip. Also, leveral other loll in tho 5th, 6th, 8th and 10th warda. For particular!, enquire at 3Vo. 30, Chatham street. way 8 Richmond and l.ynelthtmf manufaclwid TOBACCO. 1 I a Kes1, now lanumg irem lunury tct - .1 U J O iel, of the following qualititi and brandi : 63 kcg, Shelton it Williamion, C hands, 1. 2, 3 46 do r. Miller a wo. 38 do J. P. Ege, 5 45 do George Fletcher, 103 do John Enders, 144 do D. R. Ross, 1,2,3 8 8 8 8 1,8 lit S3 do P. Molti 4c Co. 8 61 do Anderson. Blair k M'Keagre, 8, IS da Je Hare AC uo. o do R.Hughes & Co. 8 1,2 61 do R. Cantor, h .1,2 45 do F. G. Crea - haw, 8 1, 3 21 do R. Puttoo, 12 2 u7 do J.& P. Labbr, 8, It lady'i twist 81 do II. Starr, " 8, 1 halflb.rolls Mnstof the above brands are well known and approved of in this market, oc account of the quality, and uniformity of the difercnt number ly which the qualities are designated. For tale by CORNELIUS DU B013, p20 36 Front - street. Willi h LtAU, iic. iC. J J J kegs London White Lead in oil 30 barrels do Dry While Lead tont Re I Lead SO barrels Bristol Red Ochre SO do Venetian Red ; 2 torn line Litharge HO hosgheads Whiting 00 caika Paris Whit ; 1 hhdi. Verdigris 50 tiercus renrh Yellow Ochre 6 begs Vermillion 4 casks Prusiian Blue, 4001b. Crome Yellow; Patent Yellow lpaiiiih Brown, enetian Red, Yellow, VlNOIL. Blark, V Verdigris, J Lanipr.lack ; Ivory Blark ; Purple Crown Siriti Taroentine ; Lints U Oil 400 boxes Window Glasn, assorted For sale on t!ie lowest terms, for cash or at wort credit, by I'ETEft SCI iCHERMERHORN H SONS, mr I 21J Water - street. MiiULXGLl.iM Ai SHLtt'ltLO OOOUH, Olt COItSIGXMKJT. 'priE rohicriber have received by the Hercn - 1 lei, and other late arrivals, and oflcr for sale tf (he ti Ui: - e. 40 raiksol liirminsham Hardware, consisting or most ol the staple articles in Uie I in J. 10 caks of Gles of every description 6 do oi'Kcnyons warranted hand, pannel, tenant, sah," etc. saws 6 taii'i of do. mill, pit, and crosscut laws. ALSO. 10 tons best London hoop L. blistered Steel, Crowlev do. V"n Steel, .lirect from the manufactory of tC. II..IK. .1, . .fnf R.nU'lw.ilt. B. W. ROCiKKSA Co. y?I 2J5 PrVrl - Kreet. ' M and PUK K. M rbls I riwe Beef J 3d do dj Pork, for sale by PALMER JkAlDLER, 104 Front - street. . - .... - - .r I ..... Hmfllf d VA,,TF.I, wvrral yoong LADIES as ap m,L - ',rr,,lice to the MANTUAMAKJ5G - MSlXESa. Enouireof MiSS MARSHALL, y 14 - tf No. 7 Cfdar - street. DOMESTIC & OTHER WARES 'lHK subscribers keep constantly on band an L extensive assortment of the lolfuiring goods, viz : Julch and English Gunny BajrE, PoH.S Hl'Ull Crumb Brushes Brooms Duiter, or Counter Brushes Hearth Brushes, fan Bulluws, fancy and common Ixi (or Bhrksmit'lis Hall aim Ei.lry ilals cy and onnion tieail do oo . uo Cloth do do 1j Weavers do White Wash do Shoe & Scrubbing do Paint Brushes and Sath loot (.'lamps, 4,7, 8 row Furniture Brushes Horse do Bed Cords, Clothes Liies Sath Cords, Trace rails and 1 ulis Wboel - Barrows Fiue Wire Sieves lo Hair do Whips of every description Seine, sewing, wrapping, baleing and bail Twine Fish Lines Shoe li Sadlers Thread Dearborn's Ballau - ces, Sic. nopes VVronsht and Cul Nails and Brads Which they will sell w holesale or retail on li' beral terms. CElilU ic CUMI.VG, ap 2U 76 Pearl - street. 37 - ymaixiA ivbacco in flovh. hhds old Virginia tobacco 55 do new crop do do 66 Mils line flour IS do middling do. For rale by VASQUES, iM Eli RON Si CLEEMAN, Feb 7 tf No. 72 Wahiiislon - st. PLAsaifcltUr TAKls MANUFACTORY, At the foot of llarrison - rtreet, iorlh - River. lrHERE unnulactured Plaster, forcornt V V ics and other purposes, biay be had, warranted of the first quality, at one dollar and lu cn - ly fire cents per buthel. The manufactory it conducted by Mr. John Tucker, who lias icrved a regular apprentice - ihip to the mason business. mil SI .IOM Hi Kits. 'I 'IN PLATE, TEA i:c. 160 bolts Tin J. plate, assorted 12.000 pounds India Mock Tin 8,000 do Iron Wire, assorted 1,500 tin old Copper 40 chtits 11 son t kin Tea, for sale by ANSON G. PHELPS, my 6 133 Frout - street. HARDWARE, CUTLERY &c a caiks Scotch spring Lock! b casks plute Locks, ldo Steelyards 1 do chest handles, iic. . I do screw plates, scsle beams, Ac. I do brass cock, kc. 1 do bell metal kettles and skilled 2 do tin'd puts and sauce pans 2 do line padlocks 4 da Banbury locks, hinges, Sic. 2 do hammers, pincers, locks - , S.C. '1 do HL hinges, ic. 4 do anvils 1 1 do hammeis and slerlge 2 do black k bright vices, 2 do files 4 do pocket, pen and double blade knives 4 do sham but k and bone tuble knives 3 do buttons 100 do cut nails and brads, from 3d. to 20J. Also, a lare and general assortment of goods opcuoa the shelves, for sale at the ni"st reduced prices, by ADAMS & BLACKWELL, may 7 ?la Pe'irl - st. UU..I, fcUGAIC i AlOLASSEi. 62 puncheons Hum 65 hhds. Molaacs ' 64 barrels and 6 hlids. Sngar, Will be landed on Mondnv Irom the brie Ame lia from Antigua, lor sale by 112 Front strtct.o Who has also for sale. Ilavuua. Porto Ric and Jmnaica ColTe. my 2 CliDr.K BRANDY. 40 bbla Cider Brandy, J landing, lor sale lv ANSON G. PIIEI PS, my II 103 Front - street. VARON S.J 1 H bus removed ru ill Bioad - wav, 2d door above YVsey street, and oi - fers for sale ou reasonable tt:rms black, while and col'd satins Green levantine, louisineand florence lilk Black, white, green and light blue reps Superfine white chip flats, with bands and ex tra crowne Elegant crape and fig. tafnta ribbons While, black and pink tulle luce Black Italian lutestring! Plaid, changeable and plsin col'd do. Strip'd nian ehne silks, Fine black, white and col'd bombazine I) j. tabinetiand poplins Black and col'd Canton crapes fig'd Nankin do 7 - 4 and 8 - 4 Nankin crape shawls and scarfs Fic'd ami plain India mull muslin Do's, mull and cambric dnsscs and shawls Inserting and flounce trimming Thread luces, edging! and lootings French lawo, linen cambric and bdkfs Fine 4 - 4 Irish linen - Damask table cloths and napkins, all sizes Black, white and col'd English silk gloves Castor, kid and beaver do Beit fig'd and plain pearl buttons Blue, black, green and assorted sewing lilk Black, white and col'd raw silk shawls and scam Merino shnw's and drei'es Satin Jeans, black and col'd galloon Hatbands, with a ecnerul assortment of fancy and stable goods. my 16 2w f IDOI.LAKSTOLOANO.N LJ,JKJJ MORTCAGE,ofprojerty in this city. Apply to Ci. OUUC & C. my 7 ' 4;l Wall - street. iOli.1U.O M.lAUt A CJOHi. TIIHE Subscribers beg leave to acquaint their JL friends aud the public, that they bare removed their Tobacco Manufactory into their firo - proof store, No. 62 Water - street, where Ihey intend carrying on the business on an extensive scale tliey have on hand a large supply of Pigtail rolls, made ol best Richmond tobacco Sweet scented N. Head Indies' twiit Long cut chewing, in 1, 4; 8, and 16 ounce pa - pers do - smoking do MacubasoulT, iu jars and bollles, by wholesale and retail . Scented Rappee, do do Strasburg snuff do do French, rappee do do Plain line do do do Scotch snuff io bottles and bladders Spaoi - h tegars, made of choice tobacco imported 2 years agn,and warranted genuine New - Orleans do. American do. Orders from the conutry will be punctually and carefally attended to. snav9 1m I. NA AR k SON. LOW WOOLUNb. )UST ree'd per Mercery asd Atlantic, a few trusses of low priced Cloth, and C'assi meres, for sale by JOS. S. II A RR1SON, ap n i rwe - sinTT. 200 LKMUAb, tic. Boxes freh Messina Lemons, in I'rime order 50 tsoxes do do Oranges Now landtag sod for sals br my 13 PETER REMSEN k CO. DRY HIDES k COFFEE. 600 dry hides, average weight 17lbt. each 300 do do - 19 de 200 do do 24 do . 25,000 wt. crcen Ctffee, for sal by H. II END RICK?, tyll S7 Bavr - t. 1ST ELLS t L'PSON, I5S Pe.irl street, have v f receive j by late arrivals, Fine ivory, self - lip and real buck - handle knives and forks , Fine peukuivcr, hohter pittols,, fine gun locks English silver watches, plated fponuf, ic. kc. ov nasrt, Roman vitriol, card wire Cart, hoop L, and shear steel 'With a large and general assortment of hardware, best Sbelheld bd - 1 Birmingham plated ware, for sale low. On consignment, receive j per Ann from Liver pool, 130 boxes tin plates. my 6 A I NTS, OIL, kc. 4ic. - - o0 hhds. Paris White and Whiting 60 bbls. Spanish Brown - 20 do Yellow Ochre 16 caiks Venetian Red 10 tons dry and ground While Lead 2 do Red Lead 500 lb. Prussian Blue 2000 lb. Blue Vitriol ; 3000 lb. Oi) do 10 hhds. Copperas; 5 do 1'unike Stone 1000 lbs. Gum Copal; 1500 do do Stiellac 100 bbli. Ground Camwood 20 do do Logwood and Nicaragua 500 d - j do Tumeric a tons St. Domingo Logwood 2 do Large Nicarugua ; 2 do Red Wood 30 boxes Eastern Mould Candles Linseed, spermaceti and neats foot Oil Black nnd Bright Varnish 2500 feet 8 by 10 Glass ' 1500 do 7 by 9 do for sale by RIPLEY it WELD, my 14 192 Front, corner of Fulton - it. L1IDh.ll bliANDl. JO baircls, Iviidiuj aud lor sale by ANSON G. PHELPS, my 5 183 Front street. '1'EA, IIS PLATE, BLOCK UN, kc. tic, X 40 rhests bviou skin tea 100 boxes Tin Plate, assorted 10000 lbs. India block tin U0U0 lbs. Spanish do l - OOO lbs. iron w ire - 100 tierces prime new rice 50 bbls. cidtr brandy. - For sale l.y ANaON G. PHELPS, my 16 1CJ Front street. ClOPPEKAo. 107 bids. Copperas, landing, J for sale by POTT i M'MNNE, my t3 50 South - street. AVANA bUGAK, TALLOW, Aic. bU lioxes urown iiavaua Qugnr, io arawoacK. 180 ceroons South American Tallow 64 boxes Roll Brimstone, and 10 cases Tumblers. Landing nnd for sale by ja.iiw irxi,r, junr. mv 12 54 Smith street. B.AXV.irlKD & FRAsERt' vo..r.ut and retail copper, pewter, tin andshrt - l irod kitchen furniture warehouse, No. 33 Maiden - Lane, New - York ; where may be had flam & plnn bhed blork - tm cotlee - pots Uo do uo b'ggens and ultcrers Do ' do do tea uud chocolate yols kt do donewet patteru'dibh coven Do do do sauce and stew' pans Do do da tea and toffee urns Do do ' do egg cups and boilers Do do do cheese plates anil Irasters With every other article in the copper, pewter, block - tin, and shevt - iron line, as manufactured and sold at their factory, No. 81 Fuitou - t'reot, four doors above Iheirold establishment, where, from their present convenience nnd acknowledged improvements in the nirth U of wirkiiiHii:hii, they are euabled to receive and execute all or ders in tho above line, on Ihe shortest notice and at the moft reduced wholesale prices. B. ic r. have received per late arnvalt an ex tensive assortment of first rate tulania metal, block - tin, and japanned goods, which, with a variety of hard and hollow wares, they offer for sale on reasonable terms. m 22 5w To SPOHT&MW k JdEUClLiATH. JOSEPH FINCH, gun - maker, respectfully informs his friends and the public, that he has commenced business in the store No. 3 Wall - street, near Broadway, where he has for sale a very handsome assortment of tingle and double - barrelled guns, fine rifle;, fusees, kc. ; also, hooting tackle generally. J. r . still retains his old stand, No. '261 Greenwich - street, for the working department and shipping basiorss. Orders left at eithejr place will be attended to with all possible expedition. - my 7 D&Clm ' jQPSl The subscriber oft era fur sale his rcsi - isi.i ! drnce in the town o: Fa'i field, state of Connecticut. It is pleasantly situated, on the Boston road, about hall a mile from Long Island Sound. 55 miles from New York, and 20 from New Haven. The house and out - houses are in excellent repair. The Imit yard is well stockeit with a variety or peaches, apricots, rbernri, pean and slrawberries. There are in the vicinity academies lor the education of youth of both exes. From one to six teres of excellent land, at the option of the purchaser, can be had with the house, and the puithase - money, if desired,, ran remain on interest, for terms apply ISAAC M. ELY. F.q. 76 John street, N. York, or to the Hon. JONATHAN STUKGLS, Fairfield, Connecticut. my 0 ilicll UAtllJ IX). tYfi .. : ..... 4 mil A house and (arm on I hror'i iteck, in the town and count? of Wcilcliesler, fourteen miles from New - York. The farm contains a - heiut one hundred acres of excellent land in food fence, .a large barn and other convenient out - hu.blings, a good hnuse two stories high, with four rooms on each fl - mr, elegantly situated on the banks of the Eat River ; the situation uncommonly healthy; the neighbourhood the most reipertable ; abundance ol fruit of the best selection ; M - a!e and shell fi - h in great variety taken hrfoie the houe. r or further infsrmaCon apply lothe subse ril cron the premif f. ' my I Cm STEPHEN B. HOFFMAN. RAN awsy lrom the subscriber on Wednesday, 13th iust. a colored man, named Joe. it about thirty years of age, of small stature, dark color, arid down look ; had on when he went away, a bluejacket and corded vtlvrl inn - laloous Whoever will return said runaway, or lode him in Jail, so that the owner my obtain hiui, shall be liberally rewarded. Mailers of vecsels a:id others are forbid harboring or cm - pUying him under the penalty of the law. .. i . r liA.M.IA oKILLlA.v, may 19 Wallabout, Loeg - Islaml. A. 2 i7 H ltr - strctt, , Received by the ship Venus from London, a wv - rietyof Mathemutical Instruments, Charts and Beok. with sailing directions, spectacles of all torts at the lowest prices. N. B. G. offer likewise lor sale a hanclsome refit cling telescope, with 3 magnifying powers, rackwock and fioder, in complete ordfrt refracting telescopes oo brass stand', suitable ior country boases, betides other articles too nw - ta - rout to mention. may 23 3t riOTTON.131 balei prime Cotton, hndjng v xviuFnii'UTmry ami euvaiinnn racket, Horn Mvw - vrienitt, ior sine ty DIME LKTHUNE & CO. S2 Colli e Home slip. 'she Difecli.rsol Hie JNc icm loslilu - uou ior Hie instruction of the deul und dumb. announce, that it is now opto for tie reception ol puiils, at No. 56 Chatham, comer of Chamber ureei, unutr me suue nnteiidi.nee ol the Rev. A O. Staiisbury. I he termi of board re$i50 pel annum, incluJin' watlnnj; & mending ; pupiii to find the ir tin betii. '1 uition 40 ar ami. in ciuduig stationary. I hose who are unable to pay for the ir luiticn will make application to the superiutetidatit, tiiut the ir case may be laid be. fore the b.ard el directors. JOHN B. SCO I T, see'ry. my 15eod 2vc2iv liittiULVno.V UA' COP.IHljYUisHU'. TW II E cojinrtnmliip of Thomas Stevenson k JL Denis txioiu, under the firm of Thos. Ste. veunou k Co. was dissolved ou the lit instant. iu consequence of Thos. Stivensoti retiring from business. The black and white smiths basinets will be carried on us uual at the old established place, No. 1 Liberty - street, by Denis Lotiin, Philip lieenan ana Meonen dteimeni, who have enter ed into partnership under the firm of Denis Le nin k Co. who will be thankful tor a continuance of tho favors received by the old firm, and puuc tually attended to. Thomas Stevenson sincerely and respectfully recommend! the above persons to all bis former customers, and Lopes they witl continue their favors to them. He enures them they will be served with punctuality aud fidelity. The busiucse of ibe late Aral will bs milled by cither of the subscribers, or by Stephen Sit phens, No. I Libertv - streat. ' THOMAS STEVENSON, may 25 lw DENIS LONIN. NO 1 ICE. 1 fJT All persons indebted tr Waters Furman and cnanes uoiiiu, (int street manure; are re quested ti call and settle their accounts with ei titer of tl.eui, or with D. L. Mead, al the cor nerof Pump Ic E'drirlge - itreels, lornierly culled Third - f tret, on or before the first day i t July next All persons having demauds Against iliem will please to prcenl tntir aciouuls lor mltle meal. ' WATERS Fl - 'RMAN, and CHARLES DOB Lid. my 12 die lmt .iiitrruan Insurance Citiiwuny. 'TMIF. board of Directors have llnxluy derlar - J. ed a Dividend of fifteen per cent, on the Capital Stock, for the lat six ruontlis, pttyahle on or after the lint ilhy of June I ri', Ceiwen the hours of 10 and 'i o'clock. I'y order of the President and Directors. May li, 1KIII. my 16 P. II A VT, See'ry. OEN1LEMAN wishes to teach us a private tx family, Frenih, Druninguud Munc, provi ded it be in the morning. A( piy at my - ! Wall - slrrd. UK. I Ct.L Jiu.ihUfMi. FIVE or six gentlemen can be handsomely acrnnimodaled with ccnlccl board in a small reicctahlo fnenily, where there are no young children. J he tituation pleasant, within one miuute's walk of tho banks or custom house. They can be accommodated with separstc rooms, handsomely ftubhed, ou mod r rate terms, by ap plying at :i7 ruie - strcet. . may 21 lw LA.D. (Or STEPHEN B. MUNN, No. 220 Tearl street, New - Vnrk, purchases Lands in the lllin ois Territory, which has been set hpart for the late Army. Letters from Die country giving a description of the patent nnd the prico asked lor each lot, will he attended to, il rust paid, my 15 DA - Ctf A VKKV VALUABLE KSCATF roR SAI.K, fffL lJte the property of Benujuh Strunjr, ttpif, deceased, m me lownu.iii ol isiiii, lying on the great south road, bhoui 45 miles Iroru iNevv York ; containing by cornpiilulmns a - bnut 2500 acrci of land, more or l. 'j nearly IIHKJ acres oi nMt'Ii is uniler cu.ttvMmn. inclu ding about 2IK) acre! of s ilt and fresh meadows, which is conu etely emliaimed, ilitctutl nnd drained, for the urpoieof being rwlaimed.' The rcnihinder is in vaiiiahle wood limn, on which large quantities nu - .y he cut aunindly. t)n the preinisti is a jin nn.l convenient Mani:n House, witha lare ham, hovels crih, ttiible. carriage house, gardeiiri'i Iioiimu, Woik shop, iimwikhr.p, smoke, ice Iidu - c, and oilier out buildings, replr.tH with every convruitni c. I here is also on the premises; ahout a mile Irom Ihe mansion house, n new lanu house, with a harti adjoining. Near the house is a Inrge pond, with a privi lege oi a stream of water, on which ii n good sw mill, and water smlicicnt for a gritt mill. 1 he garden aud orcharus are extensive, in whi h there have been set out, w ithin a few years, a great number of young trees, of every species of ine oesi praur.u mm, mosny in Dearmg, ami an in the most tli.unshing condition. Alto, a large nursery ol Intit trees and plants, sufficient Io extend an orchard of 100 acres. There are few estates ollered for sale, so desirable for either nn extensive farmer, oi the resi dence of a gentleman. The farm is cnpahle nf supporting a la Tie ttock, and being hounded by the south bay, there it nn inexhaustible sourceol manure from sea weed. Boats piy from the neighbourhood, almost daily, to and from Die city. The bny also abounds with variety of game, fisls oysters and clams, nod the pond ami creek with the fine st trout. For tenrn nnd further p.irticulnrs, npp'y to A. H. LA WHENCE, No. 23 Park Place, or on the - premises. my 1 1 diictf HV SAMUEL HA V WARD M CO. on Ved - neiday evening, at 0 o'clock precisely, at Ihe L'jilie - s Auction Room, No. fe'J t'romlway, the most i alu ihle collection of rare English aii I A met i an piiblicatii'.us, ieihaps ever i Hi red at public sale in tlii city, land w ilt be found worthy ol partii ular atlention. 'j'hose 'rsons deiron nf improving Ibis opportunity for Hie disKisal of private Library's ic will ph as take notice th il Ihey cr.nnot he insetted iu the eatali gue, unlcw received previous to 1 o'clock, on Tuesday next. Particulars will be given oi the Books, in'lhc public paers, on the morning of salo, aud catalogues also ready at the Aueliou Room. mv25lt - 'v. .( i . ........ ..,. irJB ' Anv pcrMin desirous of a country resi dence, can obtain one on moil - rate terms, situated about six miles from town, on the pre mises art, a very commodious limine, coachhouse, A. e. an excellent garden, well stocked with fruit and pLnted this Spring with vegetables of various kind they cn either have it wiih or without the ground belonging - to it as m - v be preferred, there is alu several articles of furniture, and othc. tilings belonging to the place, which will be cither rented or sold if wished for. For further pu tiuilars. apply at No. It Pearl - street. my 22 2w MINERS Three men in the prime of lire, Juit arrived from Scotland., brought up toiii their infancy to the profession of miners, m wll its tran, soch as boring and sinking pits orioaU iron, and other smut rain excavating rocks cutting cr.cali, ic. being well versed in die theory and practice cf discovering Aiinerals, UoaJi, tic. i heir characters lor moramv, sobriety, integrity nd alulity in tlit - ir profusion, are Wttestedby seme ofthe most repee fable gen - th - maa and luinistrrs in tle Kingdom of Gotland. Ihey may lie consul ird at (i. Trwrburn's Seed Store, XI Nassau street, at any hoar from 6 so the morning till 9 in the evening, or by letters (post psid) directed to Fllires A Ar InOsId, althealHive store. Tbey have no bjection'to go to fc - iv i;n aiter, ahere Kisocable tocourage - UK.M is siveo. my 25 34 . CCYTH 3. - 33 doirn. for sale t.v O J.D'WoLF.Jr my 14 54 South - street . JLlU'i, . - , Far one or more i ears. Iha followicr noutei at uaxenviii,Bear Uie live aula luiue, Bloomingdaie road. A plecsaptlv situted and convenient two story Iloiie nnd, Stable, with a Gaidcn and lour a - cres ct land. Also A pleasantly situated and convenient tn - o story Houseand Stable, with a large Garden and three acies of bind, both of the above places are well stocked with diflVrtnt kinds of choice Frnit - trcrs. i - Also A pleasantly sitnated and convenient two atory House, with a Stable aud two acrcsol land, r or fuither particulars enquire of JACOB HARSEN, ap23 1m Near lite premises. yjV t OH A. L K OU J O LKA At, I0Ja Lots in the 5, 6, 8, and 10 Wsrds; many ol which are on regulated and paved streets. No money will he required under tea years, if sold, interest excepted. HOUSES. Several two and tlirt e story houses, on which a great part cf the money remain on mortgage. LANDING AT RED HOOK? An excelH'ntstand for business, with ten acres oi mna, pieasanuy situated, with a wharr, store hnuse and barn. COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY. Near New - Haves, with 40 acres of land, and a never failing stream, upon which 20 nulls may be erected, with a sufficiency of water lor each. Apply at No. 2 CCreeuwich street. jai 13 if fSfX IO LET, IJi23 A three - itory brie k hou?e, opposite the paik in Duane, and next to the corner of Hud son - street. Enquire al No. 2 Greenwich - street. my 7 AtON J' - ALTA. ii rorsnie or io let, tno tieautilul place called ivioiil - Alta, seven miles from the City uail, ou the iNnrlh Kivrr, adjoining lord Cour teuay's. It conlaius 20 acres ol land under im - provement. wiih a large garden in good condition, a variety of fruit tie, and every convenience a fjmily oiav require, for terms which are rcaionahle, nnd if sold a long credit given if wieiierl, apply to N. k D. TALCOTT, np 20 64 ?oulh sl. A fnrm of between sixly and srvenfv acu - s, riluale on the west bank ol Lake Olsego, nnd one mile from ihe village nl C'ooiH.rtuHU. On it are - a ne w stone houe 54 fer.t square j a new farm bouse, barn, kc. It forms n (lemrahlo es lahlifchiiient hr g. uiihiitg Io retire into Ihe country, as its situation, as In pinsiiei t. convenience to market, tic. is not turpassed bv any iiiiiic niierinr oi irni sijie. ii win ne soiu low lor caOi, on a credit, or exchanged for properly in thM city, goods, Apily to il. U 6t li. I'l.LniVVlUK, , mv 7 tf Law lluililn g. itj'i. i.,SS. FORGE FORM AN, printer ftnd Booksel VJI ler, 201 t llllon - llrert, New - Yoik, nfTers lor sale the printing olliee. and a Io part of tho books and statii - nary ol Aaiuo For man, doceasrd (late of the firm of Smilh 4 Forinun, of this city.) The printing olfice consi. - ts of Brevier, Long Primer, Pica, Ureal 1 inner, Iioutle Tica, Dou - bio Ensluh, Cannon, 6 lines Pica, 12 lines do, and 19 linns do. .Abo, the Sheet Almaoar, in brevier, etunding. Flowers, Quotations, Cases, Ar. Ic The. above articles tire in good order, and will be sol J low, aud divided to suit pur chasers. G. F. continues the printing businrs. - iu all its variety, pei formed al the shot test notice, auduii the most rratonalile b rm.?. T he late revisrd edition ofthe reformed Piltrh C'hurih PsAlm Books nud Coiistitiitinu of raid C'liurc h, arc also ollered for sale as above, cither in sheets or bouiid, by Ihe 100 or single book iho sue are Ivmo. Ilimu. und v luio. may 1(1 cndlw t'lw CI O I TON l A UN. lOilOlh Col ion ) am t i - l and lillii'g, Iroin No. H to 9, Inr sale by the COMMISSION COMPANY, my 21 D&O 1411 Pearl - strei t. A. WSA.SWAJ' JLTOH HAXJkl, (S an academy near the city of New - Yoik . A single gentleman, of good mornls, and capable to tearb the rudiuieuts ol the Latin, with the higher English branches usually taught in academies. A graduate of a college in the United Slates will be preferred. Apply at the elfici oftbis paper.. rnyli DfcC'tl G. SAUNDEIC'rt PA I EN T KAZOK isi HOP. You that wih to shave with ease, Bny ol SacsuekS ii you please ; His Rai ir Strop's peculiar sui b, That sharps the Rfaior with a touch. G1 SAUNDERS respectfully solicits those f . v. ho have not got his Patent lUn.r Strop, to lurnikh themselves with bis new invented Razor Strop, and Metallic Cotnpositi in. No gen tlemnn w Io nee makes trial of one el Ihe Sirups now offered, will ever try any others; and such is Uieir formation, thai ever Su ranch use will not give the razors thnt roundness which renders the best of Ihciu Uf.len, und which is well known always trt follow the npphchlion of all those hi'her - to invented, Ihe above strops are in gem ml ii sm in New York, and are distinguished Irom all others. Barbers who have ued them ay more intlieir piniic than I can myself. Ci. SAUNDERS, 18 Wnll - .lieet. Also for sale, r.nor, Soap, i.nd every u'.en - il tor Shaving, ol the first quality, wit) a superior iiS'Oitrm nt of Perfumery, Hair - I'owd'r, aic. from Smyth'" - , New Bond street, lir.d'i. N. B. 'Ibe most liberal allowance mndc to dealers. my 23 'I MIK 1'on.e - iic Mniiulnciuret's A.'tisiani, ami L family directory, in the arts of weaving; and dy ing ; comprehending a plain system of directions, applying to tliese arts and other branches nearly connei td with ll.eiu in the manaiflclure . . . i . i - . i ..i - Ol l..lllTOn nnu TO ntinc - l M uuu - i nn iuuhix innnj usi - lut Tuhlil nnd llra U. in cnkuliling and lor - mimr various binds and patterns of giois. Des igned for Ihe iinptoieuient of Do oeti: Manufac tme by J. & IC I! ronton, price $1 50, just re ceived and Io sale by COLLINS It H ANN AY, my?21w "t2li Pearl - stres - f. LtHXNG. - s WANTED. GEN I I. EM AN is desirous of procuring, r fr Inrnse;! and a hrge lanuly. during a imimer, cmf" rtat ly lurnislieH Lodgings f' of tberilyof N. - w - Vork.) at Bronklye, .r wilb - in a ronvnient distance troro the t Hy Had tin e - where Would be allwd to pro id i... Thtr loe.t ainrie. nnd where Uie fami'v woul.l attetid tothe e - ixiair ;. A I'ai rloar, and nt kasl ti re ue.. , om - , would be r.qiiir'.l - P'rtii '" chainhfr. Enquire nl 7i .Vlcrr - iy street. mySltf. X rruntry st. formerly owned by Mr. K U AruVn, C' litaiiiinj h'oi.t hIVeen acres ot erliund, silnled on 11 Lat River, sh - vi t of fooe miles from Ibe 'ity. It is run kaMe for its ' pleasant sstui ln u a is a 'rj iiiran,e r - "rf - denee cither si.n.nwrr or winter t the hiiil1n sregoo l aud eomlortabl' ; ttie ground is in bicli order, and abundantly in). i bed with u Uice coli tion oflruit trees idi.rul.Ltry there are ii Ttr. springs of excelleiit water on h premises, and two quarrii - s of bcildu g slooe, which Slight be worked to great advaatnge. - l'no h - seis are invited to view Out situation. erI p - ply nt No. 13 Broadway for trtms which will beliberal. - T. LLLlstN. uyr 12 3w JV efice Io Tavern Ketpen tmd Groetri. '17 Licenses to Tavern Kcrnn and Gro cers from the Mayor and Cosnailwiorer of Ex - cue, will be issued at the Mayor's Ofhee, in th City Hail, between the hours of hue end nn o'clock, oo the several days, and rr the differ ent wards in succession, iu t) older following, vis : - - v .1st ward on the 5th May 2d do . do 60i .' do , 3 - 1 do do 7ili da 4th' do do fithft 0th d 6th slo do ' llth& 12th do' " 6th do do 13lhil4thdo 7th do do 15th 1116th do fith do ' do 1Ulb:19lhdo 8ih do do SOih - do : 10th do do 21st &22d do All persons who know of any ohiectloni a - the granting of licenses to any of Inosn who now hold them, are reipectfullr requested to give information at Uie Mayor' Office, be fore the time for granting them ai above - mentioned ; and those gentlemen who hive taken pains to investigate tbii lubjecf, and consider it of sufficient moment, are particularly invited tn aunt in luiDishintf ail the information in inti power, . . i. .' By order, ' , J. SlDF.LL, F. M. - Ap27tl ' , UAIOA' IASUHsLVC& COMlL, r, Office No. 56 WalUtrstl, - ITT' Will receive apLlicat ions for marine risks. and for insurance, ou lives, annuities, kc. be tween the hours of 10 A. M. and 3 P. M. djily. - SAMUEL A. LAWRENCE, president. WM. J. VAN WAGENEN, sec Mary, 1IRR(T0R. John Oolhout Jmi Boormaa Isaac G. I canon, jr. Henry Msjor Henry 't houiai Samuel A. Lawrence Charles King Robert Benson, Jun. James Boyd, jun. Itnlthairr P. Melick John Hit baud Charles Rhind James Rinwick - ' ' P. Schermerhorn,' Jun, John Jones' Joseph Sniifh ' Janiei Strong my 19 Im IHE Al.ltl.NO OtT Pr seat! Ins roiiipiiimnts to Ihe Ladies ariiHict.tluoii n ol New V'.ik, and iulorui. I;ni that be has taken rooms jri V athingloa Hall, where he will be b.ippy to receive their visits, I om 9 A. M. to 3 P. M. and from 4 P. M. till 7. Tickets 50 ceuts each, to lie had at the bar. ' . m y 20 I in HHIG FRANCIS. fTj All persons are cautioned acainit cre diting any oftlic Crew of the Ilritih brig Francis, Cant. Tannant, an no debts of thru - contracting will be paid by the n. aster or con - Ninre. may 16 '' I' or Lntiluiiti, km iiahiitx. (Amu SiWia.) (lp - Li Iters lor his liril.tnmc ilaieslyVpaek r T'rancis Freehng, will I received althePoit OfTice till Wednesday afternoon, the 3d duy of June. T. W.MOORE, Agent. . my 18 TO LtA, Unrs A convenient two story frame hnuie with six lots ot ground, well adapted lor a hoard ing scnooi, siiurtieei in uroanway, ittsretn blescker aui 1'rioce - stretts r.niruireef - ELB. ANOERS4IN, - v my 13 lgl - No. 4 Bowum . (iten. i. . liLOliE INbOKANCE'cOMPANY. J , 'IHE President and Director give not ie, X that a dividend ol four per centuntha capi - lul stock of ihe company lor the last six months, will te paid to the stockholders nt tlieir Oria. No. 55 V all street, ou tad alter the IstilnyoC Jene next. The Traniler book will he clowu ou' the 2 lt iiistabt. fty order nf Ihe tKinnl of tlirrc - ton. IUCHARD DU.NN, Jnur. my 14 d Im ' Vt - e'rt.' BlMRDINt. r" I. "'OUK or five gentlemen with Iheir ftimilfes.' 1? or, fen or Alteen single gentlemen, rah air - hi commodaled with board mid lodging at Mount Vernon Hotel, about five miles fmm tho city of rVcw York, on fh bank of the East Rjver, nnd one ol Ibe most plo.inuit iluati"as oa ibe island. lie rooms are spacious and airy, having n lull vieiv of the river ; roach house and stables. Isrms liberal, and rvciy attention paid, by the public's humble servant. inv4lm r..K. L r.l.L. W HLA'lON'b ITCH OINTMENT. rT'HE long and succenlul use of Ibis ointment .1. is a sufficient recbronicnrintivn, s it h& iieen Inund to be a pleasant, sale nnd certain rsV niedy for that disagreeable disease in nil its Its - 5es. II ii Inr sale in the city of Ncw - Vork, by . A.6f W. R. Post, No. 41 W illiam - streelt I. k T. Clark, No. Ii6 Muid - a - Une t 11. II. Schiellt Im 4: Co. No. Ittli Pearl - iireett Lnw reucc u: Kitst, No, 195 Pearl - street Hull ic linwne, 1 10 Piarl - stiiet ; R. k L.Murrav. 313 Penrl - street ; J. M. Brailhurst, 314 Pearl - street i John Pcuiord, No 4 Flelrhi r - sfre ct ; Duryte k Poe, in IVnrl - street; Jnhn C Morrison, TWI Greenwich street; John P. Fisher, 106 Broad way i Walter Seeuian, cornet of Chamber - at. and Broadway, and aleu inCbutham - street ; aad in short it may he prix ured at most of lh Drue Mole! III fUll (ty Also III I'liUlilhrlpnia, oi o. Withe rell k Sum s George Harrell .North k Ro gen, and almost a'l the druggists m Ihe principal towns in the United States. i.ixkwhp, WH EATON'S JAUNDICE BITTERS mar be had nt the above places. jan 22 6ra 'I 'HE FRANKLIN FlKK RANCr; L COM PA MY have their Ofliee nt Nn. 41 Vall stieet ; where they are ready to receive npiihratHins for Insurance. ' . hit t L'rnr v e ii.i . : :n: .1 S IIQ rl ,11 u w' .t, n iiililli'H ui Dollars, is all subscribed and paid, or satisfactorily secured niRKCTORS. Elisha TiMst. I'hiliii Brasher, Henry I WyrhoiT, lliomnv Franklin, James Walsh, bleplien Whitney,'' Jus. P. M'Kinne, Pem Jones, John Adam, 1 homus tf'ickley. - (eorge Gin wold, Wm Bayard, Jr. John T. I.nwrence, James Rooruihn, Renj. L. Swan, John I. Palmer, ELlSIf A IIHBI IS, Pn - siitenf. J. WOHllilNG'lON.bec'r. mnyC Im ' Ul. LtE'd SELEC 1 . - ClliAil , f.OR the isistrtsctio o( a Ms c I. a clasi 0V r Buys, in every b nrtniial littraturo and steee.sary itm lit - criJ edueulioo, (tb dead langung'S excepted) a ill be opened on Mourfay, he 1st day of June next, ul No, U "i" K''''ri.e nrL'sniz.itinn of Ibe clan will 'ba. rompleted in (he first week of the quarter, after wi.i h no new aKmhwr can he ndmttled. 1 tfoi thrrclore who intend to a'f.m tlse - mstitotioti. axe re'urtledtgiv Mr. LEE aotiue Itjrreflt, - Iwlore Hie end ol May, at Nov t Dty Street, at, . 4J Hatrwin streeU j. - . u i" v ' Tun ion 12 dollars per quarter. . , , my 19 2w , . INHAU1TAN iVw'nEW - YORK, . ' ASt It VICIBtTT. ' WM. BRiA.S, Jiyer, sa. from London, . gratel'd.y a;kiowUotes the liberal en - couratweut U - lias reteive,!, from his friends aiwl ti.e pu'jlic, since Ins arrival Irom t.ngtand. Aexious ti merit a ccnlinuatinn of tin ir pat. - oo - nge and support, bft has Liken thoe exttrnsive pfriniM - No. 37 and 39Sjtoc e - eireel, (h,te Lfl lie tieorge - trtreet,) where l ass at rooer - esinse ertjrtrd snarbtuery and esery "ni , 'uie eo enswrr iikis smniv i"i" . - ix. Piece Gomia d'd uy farcy - bbi - twrd ib Bupert - iranle; Ladies iim veivtu u.iiun - . """ - - ,! ttraw, tials. SD - inlls. pel' - ses, elea.:.dinddyManyMncyr. ovJ and lhorn K - niwt. d, II lawtetl ...I.T - I rem for..ilirsirlt - 7 4 !bot - pr r .' y f 7 ' f. : i : VN ii m IV'. II , ' ( I 1 i ' I A " Ui! ! I ' 'l t ' J.1 r . 1

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