Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 22, 1944 · Page 14
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 22, 1944
Page 14
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cnS 1 SS£Sfi B Carpenter --Pvt. Loren Oleso: left recently for Kelly Field, Tex after spending his furlough at the Sever Lee home and at. his horn in Bagley, Minn. fHADY- BEACH-/*? fioolh store. Clear ] DANCING EVERY NIGHT Come--Try Our Delicious Food Steaks - Fried Chicken Hgme Barbecued Ribs Fried Fish These Strenuous Days Demand Enlivening Recreation So Dance and Stay Youne -- at -- . DON STRICKLAND WED. MAMIE GERLACH FRI. A New Favorite Among Old Time Bands Features A SoJovox LYWN KERNS SAT. Members of Armed Forces, in uniform, are admitted free except for "name" bands. · RIDE THE BUS · Lile Bos Wed. . Frl. .Sit.-Son. Urges Diet Plus Will Power While Reducing Palo Alto, Cat., !U.R)--"The onlj way to trim off those surplu pounds is by {ollowing a strict die prescribed by your physician. Ana your biggest job is to'summon enough will power to get on thi diet and stick to it.' This advice came from Dr Horace Gray, clinical professor 0.1 the Stanford University School o Medicine, in an article entitler Obesity: Challenge to the PsyFRIENDS: We're mighty glad so many of you come here to eat that .·- o u like o u r food . - - that you enjoy our large variety . . . that you appreciate our fair prices. THE SODA GRILL '0111X6:00 -THEN o i c -Child. Ilk /TUBS. - WED. Monty roSuwrSEcffSSS in "HOLY MATRIMONY" chiatnst" in a recent issue of thet Stanford Medical Bulletin Urging psychiatrists to nav I more attention to problems of [ overeating, Dr. Gray said thatf many plump patients need their will supported by insight into their personal problems." ' New Slogan:'Join Army, See the Roosevelts' Miami Beach. Fla., (U.PJ--Every time Nubron L. Robertson of Hoi- comb, Mo went to Washington tie hoped that he would catch a glimpse of President and Mrs. Roosevelt. But Washington was a big city and Robertson a little man. The 23 year old Missourian, lowever, finally achieved his desire. He didn't see the Roosevelts ogether -- few people do these days--but he saw them, even if hey were at opposite sides of the Chicago Hog Prices Uneven *·_ ._...._ ·CARD AND ROOM Robertson, now an army lieu- enant, got his first look at the resident in North Africa last ·ear. He saw Mrs. Roosevelt in Australia a few months later ·ike the Roosevelts, Robertson Iso gets around. Buy War Savings Bonds and Stamps from your Globe-Gazelle amer boy. NOW ENDS WED. Z First Run Bits ALAN LADD Julie'Bishop "The Right Man" ECIL -- THE - JIG - SHOWS . PLAY STARTS WEDNESDAY I^^^^^^^^^^^H^^^^^^^^H^^I^^^^B^i^^^^i^K^^_« REPORT ACTIVE SWINE TRADE Best Cattle 10 to 15 Higher; Supply Small Chicago, (#)_Hogs were uneven Tuesday in active trading with shippers paying the highes prices. A small supply of cattle brought prices 10 to 15 cents higher for best stock. No early lamb sales were reported. The popular price paid by packers for swine in the 200 to 330 pound bracket remained $13.75, but several loads Weighing around 280 pounds and under sold for §13.85. The top of $13.90 however, was paid for 210-240 pound butchers. Weights over 330 pounds were scarce in the run of 21,000 fresh arriva/s. Packers haa an additional 10,500 head direct. All stock was expected to clear by the end of the--session. (WFA)--Salable hogs 21,000; total 31,500; active, butchers generally steady; sows strong to 10 cents higher; good and choice 200-330 Ibs. 'rnosttf $?3.75, but numerous loads around 280 Ibs down 513.85, the top §13.90 to shippers on around 210-240 Ibs · under 200 Ibs. about steady qual- l ,TM 9°" s d ercd: good and choice 170-190 Ibs. S13.25-13.7S: over 330 Ibs. scarce, mostly S13.40-13.GCl- most sows $13-13.15; choice light weights quotable $13.35; fairlv cpmplete clearance. Salable cattle 8,500; salable calves 1,000; meagre supply choice fed steers and yearlings- stron" instances 10-15 cents higher- all' other .slow, but, less desirable killing quality considered, steady e r e , s e a y fed heifers steady, cows and bulls' stea Midwest Livestock (TUESDAY'S PRICES) Trend Good Butchers-140-150 Ibs 150-1GO Ibs. . .' 170-180 180-200 ibs lbi \ Ibi Ibs! ".'.'.'.'.'.' 270-300 Ibj ' 300-330 Ihs 330-360 Ibs. Good Packing Soiv= 270-300 Ibj. 300-320 Ibs. . 330-300 ll)i. 360-100 Ibs. 400-150 450-500 500-550 . Ibs !bs. Ibs Albert Lea Mm,, Steady lo lOc higher $ 9.95 $10.85 S11.25 S11.S5 S12.35 S13.40 \ 913.40 S13.40 S13.40 S13.-W $12.85 SI1.M Sit.90 SU.OO 511.80 SH.70 ISH.60 M1.50 Austin Slirtn. Steady to S 9.GO S10.60 S11.10 Sll.CO Slti .20 SI 3.40 $13.40 S13.40 S13.40 SI3.40 512.90 SI 1.90 S11.90 S11.90 S11.90 SII.80 511.70 Waterloo Steady 511.65 912.15 $12.95 SJ3.15 513.45 513.45 S13.45 SI 3.45 SI 2.90 511.90 S1I.90 511.90 SI 1.80 SI 1.70 S11.60 "MADAME - CURIE 1 ' AT - LAST. IT'S - HERE! ALONE' THE RIFF SONG' ['DESERT SONG; steady- steady to easy;"Vealers largely steer run with killing Quality medium to goorl- -short- feds predominated in heifer crop- cow i-tin comparatively small! with cutters and medium grade beei cows predominating; bulk- fed steers $13.50-S16, top $1690- several loads S1G.25-16.75; most heifers S12.50-14.75: cutter cow- S/./o down, practical top wei«htv sausage bulls 511.50; outside 511.75; vealers steady at Slo TMT¥ medjum to'.choice stackers and feedersi $11-813, fully steadv Salable sheep 4,000: total 4000- no early sales, market retarded bv stronger asking prices: several good and choice fed wooled west sififinTM b !,- he!cl slightl - ab °TM ' ' ?^ dluin and g°° d grading -unbs held S15.7S-16.25: hardly classes here to make Local Livestock HOGS 1IASON CITY--For Tuesday Steady to 10 cents higher. Good light lifitits 140-15U s 890 Good light lights 150-160 S 990 Gooa ,ght ughts ...... ica-no sio.90 Good light lights Good light lights Good light lights Good med. u-t. butchers Good med. wt. butchers Good med wl. butchers Good med. wl. butchers Good med wt. butchers Goccl packing sov.-s .... Good sows .... Good sows ......"..' Qood soivs Good sov/s .... :ood sov.-s .....'..'.':::;:... « 0 . a u(j S ii/ Uuf to excessive run ot boi plejse eall tbt plan! b e f, re delicerins in. Hon. JACOB E. DECKER SONS. C.ATTiE SIASON CITY--For Tuesday , "·' .. SH.OO-15.M .. $12.50-13.50 ... S10.00-ll.50 .. i B.50- 9.W ... S 7.50- 8.00 .. S 9.00-10.00 .. 9 8.00- 9,00 .. S 7.00- 8.00 .. S 0.00- 7.00 . S .1.00- G.OO . S 4.00- 5.00 .-. 170-180 Sll.SO ... 180-200 SI2SO ... 200-220 JJ3.*n .. 220-2M »13.40 .. 240-270 SI3.41) .. 270-300 S13.40 .. 300-330 S 13.40 .. 3.10-360 S12.90 ... 270-300 SU.90 ... 300-330 SU.SO ... 330-360 SU.90 ... -SSO-400 $11.90 ... 400-450 Sllffi) , 450-50Q Turns Skill to Delicate Surgery Aids Fort BemiiDff, Ga., tl].K~ S»t Athin '. Practicing a trade wh '. cng which is practically a lost [iioice steers and heifers led. steers and heifers ,. Cows, dry fed "' Com. cows Butcher balls " " Bologna bulls Bologna bulb. Cutters Canners. heavy , . Canners.. light .."."" Fancy select calves Calves, gd to choice - *-' to good lisiii - , m Calves, cull Genuine sp . Common Bucks . S12.00-13.CO 130-190 Sll.00-1200 J30-1SO s 9.00-1000 to fair 3 7.50- 8.50 SHEEP e .. S 5.00- 6.00 S 1.00- 2.00 S .75- t.=0 Mason Cify Grain No. 1 white oats No. 2 shelled corn ( moisture) Wo. 2 ear corn ( I j c moisture) No. 2 soybeans Barley Atkin, a native of P 0 _-----. -Jiakes gouges, chisels and osteotons. instruments used by or thopedists, from old '^carded ww^a'U^TM wheejs " that dentists could m-d s and ,, Mechanics" magazine T h e mechanism, still in use here is compact cart equippad electric drill, spotlight? jor contains romnivt ments to hold the necessa struments and supplies eanns'JrS^for^fRlr^- cone, chief of the orth P ti ° n , a rl t ;n he f St P,' ion h °sP«at which! i cling to the major are impossible to obtain. ' . . . 70c . - SI.02 .. 98c . 'Sl.80 75c-Sl Produce* 3,000 Absent Voter Applications Are Received by Ropes Des Moines, W) -- Ai orc 3.000 absent voter ballot a p - tions have been received by the secretary of state from lowanl serving in the armed forces \\ ayne Ropes, secretary 0 £ TM ' h f a - l d Mon day's first mai ha^th ln "I SUCh reclllests a "d that the number had been rtm- 2nd meeting of the T - t i - t T l t . LiH- ballot commission wi b^ Ut 2 WCekS a£ter l n ballot forms have been printed, Ropes said. He is ex-of" ficio chairman of the group. be loff "T^T--V v " 4 "' -"""en Smith n t Thursday night for Camp Roberts, Cal., after spending a 10 day leave with his wife an rt r^ r . f f , (Merchant Quotations) MASON 0 CITY-F 0 ?Tue7d Sae y tggs, current receipts . . 2 Dc springs, heavy breeds '·.,,. Leghorn springs. 2 Ibs over 5]r Heavy hens ^. r Hens, under 4 !bs. .'.'.'.'.'.["·""ji: Cocks, heavy \~l Cocks. Leghorns '.'. \£ .49c Butter, lowa State Brand Butter, Corn Country Butter. Brookfield CHICAGO roULTBV Market) --.aic things such as -h Cl !£±f h J?, P rad »ation fom ,n ! k Came to Am erica in 1Q1R md became a citizen in 194" HP va^s inducted into the army vays^s 0 k' happ " '" hls work. "is talent-; i'n"'- 1 ^ to ncl ~ By GENE AHERN AKD l-EAVE SPACE OM TtB BiLU FOB. FIVE BROKEN WINDOWS/ FORGET AUNT CUARA HAS THE BOMB-SIGHT OM YOU FOR. i2S SHE LOWED you / DEAR. MOW'- EWE/AY AIRPUWES SHCWED EEmtEN Us FROOT IMSTOW.CNE OF THE GUVS'aiD «£ SJE^ED THE/ LMX.. Eur WE 6OT EM RJOLED CRVPTOQUOTE-A cry,, (oran , quotation M T G L A J S A H K P G E S W J S A H E J S A _ C A W T C A Hides PALACE TIJE. ·~^- - ~-- "PIRED WIFE" ROBERT PAIGE "VICTORY THROUGH AIR-POWER" · STARTS WED. The Immortal Story of America's Plungers! sheep c E E E F From 15 Ibs. up From 15 Ibs. down - each tool is an of nrt ami not production. individual work ' result of n lass uc! 12c Also ic a BARGAIN PRICES MAT.,21o - EVE. 30c Tlus Tax fca^lSS.-^ Miscellaneous CHICAGO POTATOES Ch- 'Tuesday Martttl U. Hungry Birds Cause Damage to Livestock bird kla , h ° ma CWy ' """-Starving «tUe^a n S p ^} d OWah«»« a He? numerous S c !CUttUl;: '. repor * receivedTM 6 " an "TM"*"S were "The English sparrow known as .. t . ne Starling, attacks Tubs on cattle and frequently causes deep wounds, leading to irritation* in- lecaons and sometimes death"' ocott said. kilt ^ horla ? e uof ammunition o L '? ?, has madc t to . - Monday . Mmn--.Mr. and \ri-s ? l '° VO n returned ' home 5 ' from Rocheste a l j C-rovo is recuperating nicely s u \ t o a , n \ ajor Laird Moor o =: a fllrlough at ~ ih £ » parents here, , enjoyed a took f '°TM , WS ^^- Ulice! who G. I. Sled Dogs Form "Motor I a',-Pool" at Nome in nrl_ ». Aame. Alaska. (U.P.)--The armv's strangest "motor pool" is stalioued at this far north outpost, where 43 elpmg sled dogs arc quartered in its o V v« Ual d -° shouscs each with number like every other G.'f." 3 I r?? 0 . 55 ,? 5 of Vie canine raolor pool. jOff.c,aHy known as lnc Pr °" (Quartermaster) Kennels, a r e Cnl. Albert L. Warner of White iCIoud, Mich., who has worked with dog teams for more than ^ years, and Blackic. a veteran Icail nos slated for retirement this wln- ter. BlacJcie, 8 years old, battle- scarred and disfisurcd by a tumor on his face, came from the arctic area around Kotzebae north of Nome. Another pair of con b r o t h e r teoir Plan Would Tend to Take Art to People Armstrong--A. Q whPr» - H b ore tried an 'where in the country--is planned b.v the Chicago Art Institute. n° a ar?s -^th 0 " R ' Ch ' dire 9 tor of institute's world '- 'famo'us everv paintings will *bc sont to neighborhood of the city ,,-nerc they will hang in "branch museums housed chiefly i n ncigh . borhoocl centers-and settlement v 1 keep away thousands of · pe , care for the dogs, train them ancl drive the teams when they are sent out on various missions. The dogs usually.are worked in a team of 7, consisting of the lead nog and--paired off behind him-' ""ing dogs, 2 intermediates, and I g!^, 6r ~ to ~ home Salleries," R i c h Artists and educators will give lectures at branch museums sim- u n r to those now given at the Ar* Institute, he said. ; . The museum's art treasures, es- umated to be worth 575,000.000 £'" "IS" 1 TM 1 in exhibits to lit (o FILE FOR ELECTIO.V \cntura_Thc annual school h 6 / E w ," be helci March 13 at the schoolhouse. Max Dietrick is a candidate to fill the unexpirecl term of Ronald Luscomh^vho moved from the district. Frank Th«tl he ^ St ° f ,'""*'«·**- ·uamy--Mr. and Mrs Frmi R-» chut entertained at a dinner Sun! aay the guest of honor behV , mother Mrs. William R ac h»°°who was celebrating her 76th birth? Goldfield-Mrs. Orvel G r i f f i t h , £" Fiiciay to join her husband Pvt. Oi-vel Griffith, who is stationed at Springfield. Mo. She f Plans to spend 2 weeks there tasrlc Grove--C. R. Holt, a former manager of the Graham dc- armTM" St °- re h . ere ' 's now in "^e transportation unil°al ForY'sam Houston. Texas. M,s . Holt anTM son. Jim. make their home in Bioommgton, til., where the for-! mev is manager of the "Three Sisters dress shop. -McInlirc-IUr, nm i Mrs. Curl's Turaer have returned home after a w e e k s visit with their son. S 5 t the cultural and nationalistic compositions of each neighborhood he said. Exhibits of Spanish. It;,h an French, German: Russian ancl Dutch paintings will be sent to neighborhoods where those nationalities are predominant ' ~ t- ""O°i " lllLKi MlUl 2 wheel dogs, the later pair harnessed directly in front of the sled. Most of the Eskimos around here use a "free" lead dog. which travels unharnessed, but the anny hitches up the lead dot; so he works with the rest. , The kennels' fastest team is the f£vl ey tesm '',' "amecl after Al "'». Rich said,"because the'' co^t Caiey, a sourdough who came to 's '°o great. Alaska in '98 and became known I '.'We want to work will, and in as the "Speed King" of the Dew-I existing neighborhood c e n t e r s ' ard peninsula for his swift dog:-'n d make art an integral part of ieams. Members of this team. o r i t l l e neighborhood act'ivitiei" he aoublful ancestry and from a ; s a i f l strain bred by Carey, are similar ,. biggest worry of the corpor- SUEPS «TTH PILLOW Lincoln. Nebr., CU.R)_A der n " floor a company pillow un- his head. A fight ensued r , , ,^, claimcd in municipal cour that he had given his scat lo n elderly lady and that if he had J PHhe ^r I disturbing the peace. Armstrong--Mrs. Donald Covle fins returned to Mason City after a v, s ,t with her parents Mr and Mrs. A. Whitlow. Se.vloii--A farewell p; Mr. and Mrs. Herman^MscVncl family, who will move to a farm near Renwick soon Acklcy _ Mr. and Mrs. Ed Coordes relumed from Los An- Cal., where they visited in , _ Jiis. shassy brute who almost always starts a ffcht before Retting harnessed, is the worst trouble-maker. The dogs' life lias many G. I. aspects. Like others servicing in the armed forces, they receive shots from the medics regularlv -- for rabies and distemper. One advantase they have over other soldiers is that Ihcr do not have to listen to the articles of was i u ' ar bn( ' on the other hand, they . .-~.. are fed only once a day--a do? with a cereal base made from War News 'Straight Dope" Holdcnvillc, Okla.. (U.R)_p raise for the boys covering the war fronts is contained in a letter from Lt. Robert O. Bailey to his tare, air. and Mrs. R. E. I his overseas post, nee, oatmeal or cornmcal, with meat added when available From wrote: "You're getting the slraieh? -you're ""get'ilf- T bac "TMome' hHiil^i'ft^r horn a City. * Evens Score UR)_ T he i'^^ysesTcSon ^wW^s-sr.-SS I | £» e AuKves to "sort of evened .hc i - - regulalions reaardine hoc i Pens, oml asked for additional time ^answer as he was in San Fi _ . . _ . , 1*, ^%Z?^^?r,?^

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