The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 22, 1944 · Page 13
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 13

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 22, 1944
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

USE FERTILIZER FOR CORN YIELD Expert Says Fourth of Acres Can Be Treated Ames --Nearly one-fourth o lowas H"-i million acres of con should be treated with commer cial fertilizer to obtain maximuir production in 1944, A. J. Eng!e horn and H. II. Meldrum, Iowa State college agronomists, esti ordering I ,. Thov als ° advise use of ferti- i lizer on 32 per cent of the smal gram, 21 per cent of the winte 80 per cent of the u« Hl r, -yd 15 per cent of the permanen ',0v,asture land. Current farm income warrants :pense o£ fertilizing to increase , e soil fertility against the dav when margins of profit will no " be as largo as today, the asrono- DUsts declare in the Farm Sci enc-e Reporter, Iowa State college publication. Increase in intertilled crops and the decrease In small gram and rotation hay and pasture made "necessary by the war arc making heavy demands on soil fertility. _ The percentage of any crop to be fertilized should vary in different sections of the state depending upon the kind of soil and climatic conditions. Greatest response is generally obtained where rainfall is plentiful. Rates of appiication should vary depending on the soil fertility on the crop, on the grade of fertilizer and on the method of application. Larger amounts arc used when the soils are poorer when the conccntratipns are lower and when the fertilizer is drilled or broadcast rather than applied m the hill. Rates should be higher for small grain than for corn especially when legumes are seeded and should be still higher for alfalfa scedinffs, for pasture renovation and for hemp. It is important, accordin° to the agronomists, that the proper grade of fertilizer be used to that maximum production and the full use of each of the plant food elements added may be obtained. Says 1944 Chicks Rate Protein Priority ~~ r ith record egg production .s to meet, steps have been taken to make sure that the new chick crop will not suffer from lack of needed proteins, according to Jay Folsom, manager o£ the iolsom Auto company, local distributor of Cargill Feds. Available protein supplies are being utilized first in feeds and mashes where they will count the most in terms of future food One mash definitely rating such priority is the chick starter mash from which tmy baby chicks must derive all of their strength, vitality, disease resistance and growth. Sufficient supplies of chick- starter are on hand and on order assures Mr. Folsom, to take care of the needs of all nearby farm- eis. "Make sure of a good start" he says "and your egg quota is Jractically in the basket." Webster Town Women Sign Up for Farm Duty MASON CITY RENDERING CO. PHONE 1096 Call Us for Prompt Removal of AH Dead Slock We Pay All Phone Charges Dept. of Agriculture License No. 42 ?ARMJ5UREAy_NEWS HEMP CROP MUST CHANGE KITCHEN TO SAVE ENERGY Rearranging Storage, New Shelves Big Help Doubling kitchen storage space and halving cross-kitchen steps can/ be done by a carefully planned reorganization of work centers and kitchen shelves, Miss Lucile Buchanan, county home economist, advises. Adding shelves near stove, work table and sink will cut out waste steps in meal preparation by keeping kitchen utensils close at a t , th e various centers. Kitchen shelves analyzed critically wUl reveal large blocks of empty space, Miss ( Buchanan points out Using narrower, stair-step shelves in these spaces will give added room for small dishes. Building in a new shelf or two where possible will avoid stacking dishes with all the waste motions that piling and unpiling nests of kettles involves. Narrow sliding shelves will suit needs in some and ^wn women of r county may indicate their villingnea to help in farm e arm o « his summer -m a county-wide reg- stration to take place this week Registration in Fort Dodge will e at the consumer education cen- er, while women in other Web- ter county towns will be con- Members' Federalcd Women's club DK. SENIOR TO SPEAK The Mason township Farm Bu- au meet at the homo or the e Melvm Evans, Friday rt^nrr _____ _ - I * . . **"· ? au ueclo HOG AND BROODER HOUSES See these houses on exhibit at our yard: 1 10x12 Brooder House. 12x14 Hog House-^4 Pen s a vs. LA. MOORE LUMBER CO. J. M. ROBERTSON Pure Bred and Livestock Auctioneer, 40 YEARS EXPERIENCE Phone 2019 ,,--,, »*^^^ 0 J u aumtj cupboards. Spice racks and lid racks can be put on cupboard doors. Even hanging shelves sometimes take care of odd-sized utensils. Upright partitions also are used successfully to avoid stacking serving dishes. They are especially good for muffin pans, pie tins and cake pans. Miss Buchanan suggests investigating the possibility of usin crating material for all shelves j save scarce lumber supplies. 1 this way, the kitchen can be give plus efficiency at low cost. Large Yellow Ants Appearing in Homes Cerro Gordo county people vvh have been seeing large yellow in sects in their basements and nea their homes probably do not hav a termite infestation to. combat according to Harold Gundersor Iowa State college extension en tomologist, who states that thes insects probably are tommon large, yellow ants. ^ They have a brownish-yellow body which is % to 3/16 inch long and the wings are "dusty" in appearance. This is the swarming penod -for them, which accounts for their appearance at this time Control is accomplished by pouring kerosense, boiling water or carbon disulphide through the ci-acks and crevices from which the ants emerge. The opening then is sealed with asphalt. Gunderson FARM BUREAU OFFICERS Treasurer ...... «'»yn e Wottird, Ventura HOME FBOJECT OFFICERS :H 'Ciiii - f c t a l r f .............. Wiilard TOWNSHIP DIRECTOKS Grant ........ Lincoln ... ..... Lime Creek . . Falls Clear I*k f "'," Lake ____ Mabon ....... Portland ....... Union ....... Mount Vernon . Bath .... Owen ....... Grimes ____ Pleasant Valley Geneseo ....... Dougherty ..... County Extension Director Couniy Home ' .James P. Hansen. Jr Ernejt Katz -. Rusaell BUtllnt CJyni Corkowsw William Amend ...Robert P. Findson Melvin Evanz · .Wade Files Dewey Howell Harold Alleman Joe Cahlll ...Richard Thompson Richard James Carrol Rtce Melvin Kawke ...Tony Larson ' ° lV TM J'OlV.VSllir'' HOME PROJECT CHAIRMEN Jranl -incoln -line Creek falls Clear Lake . Lake 'ortland Inion Mount Vernon Jath Owen Grimes "Peasant Vallev ~ *" mi1 ^ ..Mrs. Roliln Luscomb ..Mrs.^ Ed\vln Duescher ...Mrs. Russell BislHue Mrs. J. H. McNitl .-..Mrs. Tom Spillman ......Miss Alma Toklc Mr5. Melvin Evans ....Mrs. HSillon Terrier ....Mrs. Dewty Howell Mra. Al Carstcns . Mrs, Ray Harris ...Mrs. Ben Hitzhusen Mrs. R. E. James Mrs. Bill Ames a s p a . underson adds the caution that kerosene or carbon disulphide /are inflammable and should not be used neai an open flame PHIL R. SHEIMO AUCTIONEER Livestock and selling experience for 20 year*. FEttTILE. IOWA PHONE 64S You Could'nt Choose If you reolly need o Range, we con help you apply for a Purchase Certificate from the Ration Bo"d for dlV^M ° W y ,°" he Ra " 9e W f f h a ^pu.alion -th f MljKTtr pPerf °r° ncc ^»«'3 generation, the MAJESTIC Range! Get a MAJESTIC-the Range you ve always Wanted-NOW! A 5 k US for details .. v .,. ^ iR Ui T Q r oe | a ,| Si BOOMHOWER HARDWARE We Pay HIGHEST PRICES for ·Poultry ·Eggs ZANIOS PRODUCE Phone 1210 704 6th St. S. W. WFA Advises Use of Low Point Foods To help make supplies of scarce foods stretch, the war food administration asks the nation's homemakers to purchase abundant foods which " require no points or few points this month and next. America has adequate supplies of scores of good things lo eat points out Miss Lucille Buchanan' county extension home economist. The "No-Point-Low-Point" program is being conducted to make people aware of those foods and show how they may be u*ed to best advantage. Many of the foods are especially suitable tor. the Lenten season which opens Wednesday. Topping the list of no-point roods are bread, flour, cereafs and soybean products such as Hour. grits and Hakes; also biscuits and crackers, macaroni, spaghetti and noodles. They can be used in a variety of ways. Citrus marmalade and peanut butter are on the list, too So are eggs and coffee and tea. Other foods, among them some that require a few points, are dried -oups, grapefruit juice, canned HAVE NITROGEN Experts Say Shortage . Cause of Poor Growth Ames-A luck of sufficient available nitrogen in the soil is considered the principal, cause of the sickly yellowish green color I'h ID« ¥° 01 ' growth ° f much of tne 1943 Iowa hemp crop- by C P Wilsie and C. A. Black, Iowa Slate college agronomists. Their findings are reported in the current issue oE the Farm Science Reporter, official college publication. Fertilizer high in nitrogen paid good returns in increased yields in the few Iowa hemp fields where it was used. Most fields where the previous crops had been soybeans, corn, oats or sorghum, were nitrogen deficient. The agronomists recommend fertilizing hemp fields this year with 500 p o u n d s mi acre of 10-6-4 unless it is certain t h a t the availability of nitrogen in the soil is high. Eight fertilizer experiments of the Iowa agricultural experiment station pn important soils in fatory county and in 5 of the hemp producing counties Jess Alton Will Speak Here Wednesday to Farmers Union Box Social Planned at * Y. M. C. A. as Part of Evening's Program showed that best returns nitrogen gave the followed in order y p o s p a e and potash. Both of the latter gave little benefit so far as yields were concerned. Manure applications may be used, but the field should be cov- ?, l ;? d heavily and uniformly. Where manure additions or leguminous crops have raised the soil supply of available nitrogen to a high level, fertilizer nitrogen is not needed; In such cases the use of about 200 pounds of 0-20-0 pi- 4-1G-4 probably would «ive best results. Crop rotation, early seeding and drilling the seed, as well as selection of soils uniformly high in fertility and well drained were oilier recommendations for better hemp growth given by the aaron- nomists. Jess Alton, newly appointed dl- reclor of the federal land bank, wiU address the Farmers Union of Ccrro Gordo county at an open meeting scheduled for B o'clock Wednesday night at the Mason City Y. M. C. A. A former field- man for the Iowa AAA office and federal crop insurance supervisor ror the state, Mr. Alton will deal with the economic problems facing small farmers today and the measures which should be taken to prevent run-away inflation. J. H. Stover of Swaledale, president of the Cerro Gordo Farmers Union, announced that the Wednesday night meeting is the first in a series of open forums lo be sponsored by the Farmers Union in this county. '·The American people must make the choice now between a I peace based on the 4 freedoms and an economy of abundance or one dominated by selfish corporate interests through monopolies and cartels," he stated. "We' hope that through free discussion and the exchange of opinion small farmers all over the United Staxes will make clear their desire to maintain the family- tpe farm anad lo improve their economic and educational status alter the armistice." In order to ,. a ise money for the farmers Union educational lund, an auction and box social will be uai-t nf the nieht e c n e s d a y "'S ht Program. Loca! farmer-cooperatives, merchants and mem- , av . e cont ''it»ted livestock ' , . fl ' L4rlt ;, oil and °U*- articles of the Farmers Union loot skU P1 ' e / 6nt a Short »TMenm meeUng S °" gS to olen the aST 6 ', , b r' ng a box a n d enjoy good old fashioned box- social ' c a to W e d n e s d a y Tuesday, Feb. ZZ, 1944 i - » MASON CITY GLOBE GAZETTK Hammer Portrait Gift to ISC From Dairymen Ames--A portrait of Dr. B. W. Hammer, for 32 years a member of the dairy industry research and teaching staff of Iowa State college, was presented to the college at a dinner held in connection with the wartime dairy industry conference. Dr. Hammer, one of the outstanding dairy bacteriologists in the nation, left Iowa State recent- yt JS JO A",!, he reseai 'c" department The painting by Frank I. Johnson of Rockford, 111., was presented by H. A. Harmison o£ Dubuque, representing the dairy in- CARGILL spinach and frozen vegetables eif- £P' C0 TM- P e as and lima beans btill others are oranges ' a n d irapefruit, potatoes and fresh nuts and vegetables when they are available. r In addition, locally abundant ommodities will be designated as Victory food selections. For in- 11 CC ' because *he largest early abbase crop in history reaches marketing peak this month, new reen cabbage will be ·+ Victory oofl selection for Feb. 24 through ircn 4 These abundances help o take the strain off the purchas- "tr demand for foods which arc ircc, "There is enough food for veryone in the United States if 'e share it. One way lo do this is o buy no point low-point' foods .nd there's a wide selection of lem from which to choose " uchanan points out. ' Iowa is starling 19« wj( n 107 laying hens for every 100 of a year ago. HORSES WANTED for KILLING PURPOSES ThptAreOld, Blind, Lome or A. G. JORDAN 323 So. Kentucky, Mason City Phone Barn 3758 - Res. 4752W l/^OLUMN AIIENIIQN Ball Band Rubber Boots On Sole Wed., Fe!». 23rd WITHOUT RATION CERTIFICATES BY SPECIAL PERMISSION FROM O. P. A. Ail Sizes Now in Stock - 6 to 12. Buy Yours Now. FEDERAL CLOTHES SHOP I. GINDLER, Prep. '15 SO. FED. AVE MASON CITY, IOWA OMMENTS Contour listing of corn saved 5 ,,^l s * s , mucl l soil and watei ' as up-and-down hill li s ii ng during 7 years (1933-39) at the c"arirfda farm COnsevvation experimental U. S. department of agricultural h,',?K n erS s i atc t h a t a 100-watt bulb furnishes more liVht than four 25-watt bulbs, cort. the same to operate and the initial price is oniy about one-third as much. Mange spreads from affected hogs to healthy animals by direct contact and no doubt by other methods, according to Iowa State college animal husbandry special- Curing warm days of late sprin" summer and early fr.ll, the slot ventilator in the poultry layinc house should be opened wide and some of the windows should be , removed to permit more rapid removal of the heat from the house Soybeans a n d s u d a n grass seeded together make excellent torage. A combination of this sort aids in solving-the weed and erosion problems which exist when soybeans are seeded alone and provides a higher quality forage than surian grass alone. Lawns sown in the spring must be seeded as early as the ground can be properly worked. If planting is delayed too long in the spring, the benefits of sprin" moisture arc practically tost. In Iowa agricultural experiment station .tests, gains on umveaned lambs with their mothers on good pasture have been as rapid as when grain was fed on bluegrass or when a highly efficient grain ration was fed in the dry-Jo;. FARM BUREAU EXCHANGE BREEDER MASH Now is the time to lay the foundation for a sound, healthy flock of baby chicks that will develop into high-producing, profitable layers next fall and winter. "Too much cannot be said about the necessity of seeing that adequate amounts of all the essential elements, particularly the vitamins, are in the mashes fed to breeding flocks for it depends a great deal upon the amounts included in the feed as to number and quality of the baby chicks produced . . . Lack of a single feed nutrient in the hen's diet can decrease livability and growth of chicks."--Swing's Bankbook of Poultry Nutrition Page 129. · ' BIG GAIN S P E C I A L BREEDER EGG MASH is made to produce eggs higher in hatchability that will give you strong, vigorous chicks fully able to profit for you on their head start in life] Farmer's Inc. Coop. Society Hurley Hejlik, Feed Produce Rockwell J. A. Sutton, Plymouth PUBLIC SALE --^"··^^··^^^·^^^^^_ [r ^^^^^^ ^-- ""· ««»»i»ims S4 Head of Livestock some spring and winter calv's' y«r did steers Ulrulilnjr m.cliln,. I! ve.« o M - k ' aM "«l»r «n r u b h t r - c», r i-. · Sl.nd»rd ,11 ,,,,, TM 16 ,,·,,'"-"· dl " : "«"»» «'·*: I »..""«!, , « - ".'" HAGEN ESTATE Richland soybeans 88% germ. S2.25 bu. William P. Eno. Sheffield. 'OR SALE--Purebred Hoist, bull, serv. age. Chris Duholm, Rt 2 Keg. Polled Shorthorn bull 4 'Id. W. S. Fulghum, Kt', 1. F.rraer,,, B.nk ,,, Joice . (.,.,, LIVESTOCK AUCTION npi»««««_.»M . « .. Thursday, February GARNER, JOWA NOTICE: Sale will start promptly CATTLE -- 4 200 -- HOGS - 200 ALES FEED We Now Corry a Full Line of Feed for HOGS -- CATTLE -- POULTRY There Is No Feed Shortage ar the FOLSOM AUTO CO. GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING Across Street From Hartford Hotel · ----- · - - -- - -- · ' - ·· ii · i- Quality Baby Chicks ~ " -- '«s:^£ Breed to suit oil raisers. * Chick Starter * Chick Scratch * Ration Ayd for Baby Chicks * 'Chick Oyster Shell * Granite Grit * Peat Moss * Sani-F!ov Litter * Metal Founts and Feeders * Electric Brooders Iowa Master Breeders ^^^mi**. 26£oc0e J6-inch B E A R I N G SPOOLS DISC BOXING Pr , -K^25*2S£. Disc Extension Spool Pair BUMPER WASHER. E. STATE PHONE .103

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