The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 26, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 26, 1818
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A MOST superb e Uthwbrk wis - ,(Mral Kosciusao, u HuJS fi'Soruble. may be and r ifcrti uiegricuilural Repository, tr , J.t - b.r. mar be had llL)W, cb cotter Harrows, Aliens, shoet of all kinds ;TJPn;r.ortu,t of aSricuUral ma chine and impXena" - ?0 casks rut nails 3 do. horse nil, and9 . , 7. a" .! wrouzht. 12 U 10J wrought .n",, first duality American gra. 0 doelrt steel sickle, No. 1 and 2 "l cask weight and aetts . v 1 1 . ..n un.l riddle wire. fttaloeiKS of machines &c. may be l.adat my a6 3t t!ie store.. 7" 81. CROIX fcUUAU. 14 Hhds. oi an excellent quality, laadm; 1 i ... .,1 .'lv.mnrktit wharf. I Sxo. - 6 ton Sumac, of a K1 1 fur sale by r.nMP.t A. I - Kroiit - street my 26 3t No. 165 "' ah 1 ir.i.KRYM EN 4 Jff Artillery Coat, ia good order (having A bceu worn only six time.) for rale, yer, rh an Enquire at lh.t omce. war .. .... .j . 1 Mil AVlli .Vi - . COO roll size Grindttones, (ported) on l.m do frODJ C to 1 J hundred Weight 100 ciatef Bristul Ware ; gallon halfgal.or. Wiles in Baskets, of 2 and 3 dozen each - aud ,U 164 Water - street. - LOS r. Uiis inotiiiiis, ia soutli street, or neighborhood cf Fir Market $305, in two par - ,, leHo d twenly dollar' bill of the New - wj - - - - - V..L The finder shall receive reward oi fifty nV.'ara on returning them to the owner, al K7 Hiiullisirrri. W miles from town, on Long - Island, a per - son of sober age, at a Seamstress, and who would also make herself useful in the business of the family. - Apply ar mis um. iT OR SALE, UANDSOJtE SADDLE HORSE. JVST arrived from thi country. To be teen at Mr. SLOWLEY'S livery stable, No. 29 John - street. my '.lb gt CITY COMMERCIAL. bCHOOL, 3 ROOSCVKLT STREET, n v ISAAC F. BRAGG. T.t loirhrrofcenmamhtD in the Adelphi school. rilHE apartments in this establishment are fit - a teu up witn a superior uegraa ui uure. The Younff Ladies' Room, completely distinct from the others, it is believed will not merely be found commodious but comfortable and eteant. A Drawing Master, of eminent qualifications, (recently from London.) is engaged to give instruction in that branch ti(0 in the week, tin elegant collectioD of specimtns, in rare lowers, velvet paintings, landscapes, kc. will gladly be eihibited to surh as may be pleased to call. - The terms wille very moderate, and the exertions to render landscape drawing, 4c. interesting, by the preparation of views npressly for thf school, ami occationul practice from Nature, .1..... :n. M.t Iha rule nf nenvect - Ue, it is believed will imure t ncourngement. In antbim Ijc, the piinripal is dettrmined to, span no pains to support the hitfh ihnracter which the recent examination of his pupils has given rise to. The facility with which complicated calculations were performed by many of his pupils, in the mind, without any aid to the memory, however it may have ioipressed with the idea of" g' - ttiog by rote," was the result of frequent practice alone, and proves tliat boys inaj Vie taught all the facilities which are ommonly the resultof long practice ia counting houses, before they leav school. . Applications for the admission of boys, will be receiieo on or after the Isf of June, against wtiirhUmu it is intended to increase the acrora - ramiali jr.. my 83 lm " W A.N Vf.U, A GENTLEMAN and lady, (without or with . a small family) or widow lady, to take charge nf a boarding rstaMUiiment of twenty fire main ymiths, from cihl to sixteen years oi age, on btaten Island, oppjtift tr.e riiy. The bouse is spacious and in rompltif icpair, witli a good garden and other conenii'.:.i - es, and tie markets near, various and abundant. The term will br. Iilieral and advantageous. A note, containing tlie nddrts and credentials of the appli cant, left at No. 92 Broadway, and directed t. W. I. will be immediately attended to. Th. srwinary for boarders will open on 'be 1st of EVV fERlOUlCAL. WORKS. La Belle Asemblee, for January, February and March Ackermau's Repository of Arts, Literature, fashion, tic. for January, February, March and April. The Literary Panorama and National Register lor January, February, March and April. The Monthly Review for January, February mm) March. , Mew Monthly Magazine for January, February, March nnd April. The ab - ve new periodical works received at the Mineiva CimilntiiK Library, No. 265 Broad way, opposite the Mneiim. my 56 II AN Y persons have been rrduceit from a IV A state of independence to ebiolute want, from the practice of entering into extensive and dangerous rpecalation, in which a fortune muit often be risked in order to g'in ore i hut a prudent man will never upcculate beyond his means. The only way in vluch a speedy fortune may be made, at a very Hiflmg risk, is hv purchasing a ticket at WAKE'S, .o. 54 Maiden Lane, ia the hoad Lottery, now drawing, rnd in whir h tht first drawn, tomorrow nfteriioou,the holder of the ticket will be entitled to five thousand dollars. The other great prises of seventy thousand, of thirty five thousand, often thousand, ice. tic. be who "holds a ticket has also the cham - e of. This is a more favorable opportunity for adventurers than any thM ever preceded it. my SO M ILt'ORD iiOWEGO ROAD LOL'IE - Capital rntes, $70,000 35,000 510,000 0.000 lo.rxio 1,000 5th days drawing, Wednesday 27th lit drawn No. $5,000. 6th d i do do 3d June, rin do 500. ' 7vh do do Friday 6'h do do do $ lO.OOd. A few tickets. remaining on hand, for sale by ISAAC G. OGDEN, y261w 48 Well - strert. Five Thousand DoUart To - m:m - a. TO - morrow aficriioon at 4 o'clock. commen - cesthe 5th drawing of the Grand Road l)tterj - , and the 1st drawn n'imber will be en. titled to 5000 dollar. A floating prize of 1 10.000, and aeveral of 1000, : 00. A:c. may be urwn. siarranted undrawn licxets arid Shares, fur sale at my 26 CRACIF.?' 146 Broadway. CO 1 TO M 4 W HLA P. ?U6 bales of prime L'Lland C - tton 558 bnst.pts southern Wheat, junt received per uir atbnrinc Rogers, ami lor sale hy CEO. GlCBS, y22lw 7J South street. TOLASSES, SUGAR, Ac 50 Lhds. Ma - Uts ' hhds. Antigua Pa.u do choice Antigua Sugar S ill! "A mi. Kir 1 An Clink lit GOODHUE k. CO. my 21 44 South - street. pOPPKR BOTTOMS, He 2000 lb. Cop - ef Bo,l'm. 90 to .10 inrhes B fatks Wmn - h. Nailt.Eog. aod Am. 'W0 It,,. Londao Seiw Twioe, for sale by tt ' CEBRAtt CUMING, tt'1 76 feirt - itrcet. TVf.PLATE3, fRjiCE - CII.1I.VS, e. 200 boxes tin plates . 8 casks Traces Sheet Iron, single, double and treble " Brass Wire No. 9 - .. 60 casks Roman Cement, cow landing, and (or sale by ANDER&ON U bltEARER, 131 Water - it re t. ' JfVio hat e in time, Patent and couiioon Carclina and Virginia Hoes Sheet Brass of all sizes Brass and copper Wire London made pocket Books and Wallets Ludies work Boxes kc. my 35 MONEY TO LOAN. FROM 12,0(10 to tlu.OUO Dollars to loan, to be secured by Moi '(gage on Real Estate in litis city. Apply t ROBINSON, TOWN & ISEXSO.N, myg' 44 VVsll - slrHet, DRV (iUOUSAAD JHI.U.hlAUS. LANDING, per ship ludependvnee, from Greenock, Ricli s( ollop'd and straight tewed muslin trimmings do flounces, sewed, elrgnnt patterns do tambored fiuixd India book mucins do sewed figured Irooes do tambored 'prigged mulls Fine plain jaconet muslin Drawing niusliu fordrers Striped gihhani?, Black sewing tilk M:ulr.i talk?, low priced Imitation toll Jn shuwla Liuen threads, assorted, fine numbers Stout liuen bed ticks and dowlas Raveus duck Also in ilntr.. :i0 firkins pickled line hcrriii', put up for fami ly use lor sale on reasonable tern:. - , at No, Sloat - lanc. may 2 - i 7t VM. TODD k CO. K' LCKY '1UUACCO. 104 liluls. To bacro. of an uimsiullv iirime cuulitv, se leotcil in Iveiitiicky, receivtu per bug (Jincui nutus, tiorn ievv - tWeaiis, nnd tor sale bv WALSH ii GALLAGI1EK. mv 25 66 iouth - strcet. LOUM;r.i5 Tt;! - . - 4 cases ele sunt Muslin flounces and Irimmings, jin - t received per chip Independence from Greenock, ana lor sate oy BOORMAN & JOHNSTON, my 25 67 South - street I OAF SUGAR Ac 15 Mills und 100 bbls lJ Hand 2.1 quality loaf Sugar, in handsome shipping order :t bids and 20 bbls lump Sugar 20 do moluses Rum, in bright new rasks 15 bbls white Sng' r, lor tale by JACKsON Si WOOLI.EY, roy 25 75 WhII street. ,1.D itiUJV. T ri WENTY tons pig lead, of a superior quale JL ty, and 20 ton. assorted English iron, laud iug from ship Hercules, for tale by CAMBRELENG ii PEARSON, mry2J 67Sou:h - tt. O4 10KN MEAL. I0O hhds. I V'J bhis. Kiln dried Yellow Corn Meal, fresh from the mill, for sale by TUCKER & LAURIES, my ill, oiiui - tircc I. tJHILADELPHIA WHInKKY Si liluls. lau - 1 din; g at Old slip, for til! t.v JACKSUA K, my 25 75 Walbstrt - et. RU.LLL. SHOES. 4c0 pains I'runclla Shoes, nf superior quality, ju;t received aud for tale cheap by JEWLT K llALStr, No. SMaidcn - laue, near Broidway. may 55 3t ' Mi l l ON. A FEW hales of Upland Cotton, 57 boxes Mould Candies 200 qr. boxes Spanish Segars, for sale by S.SE. BLANCHARU, my 15 6t 35 Burling slip. RKR1WA1 OF tARTMKN'8 LICKNF. - 1. rAK I MEN'SLlCI - iNSES rei.ewed .J at the Mayor's office. City Hall, eoniiuen lea on Wtdnrsdav.Uic 27(h of May tost, at li o'clock, at noon four clasps each day, until Saturday, the LiOtli inst. inclusive, and recommence on Monday, the 15th dny of June next, at the me Hour ann, and coMinue rour classes acb day m succession, (unuiiys excepted ) un til the whole are renewed. 1st, 2d, ad, 4th clastes, Wednesday, 27th May 5, . 6, 7, 0 do Thursday, tfilh do do Friday, 29th do do Saturday. 30th do 10, 14, I". 11, li 15, lti 19, 20 23, ti 13, 17, do Monday, : 16th June do Tuevlay. Irilh do do Wednesday, 17th do do Thursday, Iflth do It, 22, 26, 27, 211 JO, 31, 32 JJ. and HA, do Friday, 19th d. - r N. B. Those who neelect to report them selves and have their Licentet renewed at above, will be considered at having relinquished Ibe lime. by order, m y 25 to J5 J. S1DF.LUF. M. UPLAND CO ITON. 200 bales prime Up - laud Cotton, landing from brig Tybee, from savannah, lor sale by rOTT ti M'KINNE. 56 Soi'tli - street. my 25 OLD SABLE IRON. 25 tons PSlold sable Iron, landing from thip Venus, at Murray's wharf, for tale hy UKJS WOLUS ii LUA 1 1, mv 25 CD South street. 75 LIVERPOOL COAL. Chaldrons Irom the coal pit, is now ready for delivery on board the ship Juallna, Andrew Tomb;, master, from Liverpool, and will be sold in lots to suit purchasers, at pier No. 10 E. River. may 19 SAL I Cs, SU. Htlt. BOSTON BEEF. 70 bt ls. mest and prime Beet, of superior qualify , just reerivt d and or sale by B. A I. 111 1 I I.MUftb, me 2U lr lit) Front - street. MOFFAT I 'S STOCK ALE For ale No. 20 Fulton - st. by at mv 22 3w ELMS & FLrX'KNF.rt, UOMAis Ct.Mt.yi . - tiO casks Roinuu Ce - Rient,just received and for tale 1 v ANDERSON Sc SHEARER, my23 131 Water - street. r iiojwcco, coy ry, &. DkkH - sKiys. JL 144 hhds prime Kentucky tobacco 103 bales pri - we New - Orleans cotton, and 2917 lot. of deer - tkuis W ill be landed on Monday from lha ship Mary and schr Hi utrots, from New - Orleaai Ibr sale at No. 90 Coffee - House slip, by LAIDLAW, GIRAULT fc CO. my 23 lOt HIDES. REAVER, LEEK Ski.S, c. 500 hides 800 Ibi. deer skint 1200 do. do. do. trim'd. 100 do. bettver 500 fox and raccoon skins now landing from sloop Eastern Trader, and for ile by JOS. JOHNSON", mv 23 St 8 Governeur'i lane. U, ANTS a SI I UATION al W ET NUKsE, a young woman, with a good breast oi milk. Apply at mv 20 bt No. 30 Whitehall street. rUtSlER tVlt H.1LK. K Ktont plaler of paris, oa bwird the acbr. JJ Spartan, aod 32 tons 00 board the schr. Faonr, U - r re low if immediate application fc made en board, at piers no. 8 aD I 9 E. R. or at my 23 4t 70 BROAD - STREET. 110 !. An .S. Flhil hviIimm rS aiintfpiAr aualitv. now landing from brig Jaon, al pier No. 10 r . " r . ti 1 ptVIS roraieey u. 11. ui. my 22 Iw 78 SouOi - tL Q TRA CE CH.1 DYS. 0 Catir ten bbk trace chains, just received and for sal by - A.MJr - RSU.TI S cii..ivr.iv, ai?j ii 131 Water - street, pp. ' . fur LOXDn. . Tl'u regular tradiog copperta kip I.NL5, N. icovillc, jun. maJer; wfll be riU) t receive a cargo in a few days, and i intended to sail about lha lhjuue, bavingthe greatest part cf her cargo ready to go on board. For freight of the remainder, or paiar, having superior acccoimodalions, apply oil board, at Coflcc - liouse slip ; or, to LRI6 WOLDS &. COATrf, , CB iyutii - ttrect. Comignees who bare not yet seul Uirir permits ou board, are requested to scud them immediately. my 25 fur Satr, freight or Charter, 11.. .( - ,.., 1. UIDIU I'orl TS!an,'(er - burthen about 1000 hbls. is in rcduiets to proceed immediately to sea, is well louiiu, and her sails and riggin; in goad coo Jmon. For Urms, apply on board, at Pine - it. wharf, or to GUIS WOLDS Si C0ATF.5, mv 13 6!t Boutn - ft. tor ,'Zii'.UHLEsiJi, The brig HOi'E, Lawreucc, master, to sail in a few day a. She is a very sub stantial last - hailing vessel, not two years old j ill take what freight may immediately offer, and can accommodate a few pascngers. Apply ou board, at Dover - tired wharl, or to J. Ii. LAWRENCE ii CO. my 55 liv 45 Pine - street. . tor Sale, t'rttgiit or Charter, viSVi The ship ORRIS, W. G. Peae, mas - faster. 249 tous burthen, will be ready to take io a cargo in a few days. The thip lies at pier no. UN. R. For terms, apply to G. A T.MEYER, my 25 lw 129 Washingtou - strect. torCH.'iULElS'HW, i. C. The lat sailing packet tchr. MARIA, Peleg Latham, matter; will sail ou the olti iu. r or lrei"ht or passage, having r x'rl - Jent a eonnodd.itionf, apply ou board, west tide Flv - marset wharf, or to JONES k MEG RATH, may 23 91 Soiith - et. lor .s.ii:ij'j;w. The very fine srlir. GEN Kit AL A. aBJi.TACKi:0, Clninlic, tTiustct - i will conimence loading on Monday, '.'5th inst. and sail positively on Thursday next. For freight pajjASirc, apply ou board, at .lone' - wharf, ' POTT ii M'KINNK, mv 23 56 South - street. tor Htaktlir, Motiitr. and tt. iyt'phrns, I be superior last tailing uew packet schooner MARIA - ANN, cai.t. I.elluig well, (a regular trader) hav ing part ol lirr cur goengaged, will meet willi immediate dit - patrh. For freight or passage, havii g elegant accommo dations, apply ou board, caat side Old - . - lip, or to l'tl tlUK 1: i. II It IL K, may 2J 29 Coeuties - slip, h t m it rur cii.iRi.Eyj uy. 250 tons hcaw freight, .1 pply to ANSON G. I'HELC, 18 j Eroiit - street. '1 uty 21 For ANTWKKP, , Tiie ship ANGELICA, llarllett fche - - para master, lu !2 - jds ol In r cartoon hoard, and will sail within six days. Pur freight cf u part of the remainder or passage. hkvin(r good accommodations, apply on board, west side Burling slip, or to ' Is. L. ii li. f .KISWOI.ll, my 20 86 Soutli - street. ton, The fast tailing schr SPARTAN, r rr - burthen 1122 tons, will carry U00 bblt. a )ait old, was coppered last summer with heavy copper, aod has bad $ 1000 expended on her sail aod rigging within the last two months, and is well loutid in every respect j lies at pier no. V, East River. Apply onboard, or to U.IVin U. UllAAKS, my 18 2w 76 Broad - st. fUtl S.1LE, The s'aunch tchr FANN Y, fust am ved from Havre, 145 tons burthen, will carry I lOObbls., built at Norfolk in Iff 15 for a pa ket betweeu that port and this ; it well found aod can be sent to tea at a tnlltn; expence ; bet at pier No. H, Kat River. Apply on board, or to UAt ll) li. UlLUt.S, my 10 2 76 Broad - street, tor AMSTERDAM, The ship SILENUS, O'iJiien, mas ter, will be dispatched without delay - Fur iriighlof 50 toi.s apply at C7 !routh - it r - . . n o t - . 1 ( - i,r t n I I PLAM Cu t' roN. - .l0 bales very prune KJ Upland cotton, laudirg irom Khr U no nun - tud, west side t. It. slip, lor sale by GR1SWOLD3 4 COATES, my 25 6H South - street, "WrTON. b0 bales New Orleans Cotton, landing Irom brig Cinciunalus, from .NOr leans, lor sale by N. 4; D. TALCOTT. tny 25 64 Snnth - ttreet. 13 UM. 12 puncheon i'. E. Hum, lauding at . t . , 1 - i . t , . . a. v viun wiMn, irom noop juiio, lor taie oy GIUoVN OLD3 61 CO VTES, my 25 Cii South - stn et. f ON DON PARTICULAR MADEIRA U WINE. lOript - sol smie.rior flavour, sub - jeti 10 oeoemure. r or taie oy : a . j 1. r - JACOB A - iVM.ilA.MS, my 20 Iw 83 Pearl - street LONDON COATS. JUST ojvoed, and tor sale at 23 Jol.n - ttreet, a trunk of very elegant Drets and FrotkCoatt, . niong wnich is one txtra '1 rimmed Blue Co bourg. my 14 2w qOBACCO, HIDES aod FLOUR l 11 hhds Kentucky Tobacco, Jandin ; from Uie ship ftl iry, bom new Orleans lo3 salted Hides, lauding from the schr Ri sing Sun, from Pernaiuhueo 146 barrels Xirhinond Flour 20 hhds. old, and 40 do new Richmond To bacco, for sale by ROBERT GILLESPIE, my 23 1 12 Front street CMFTY - ONEceioons Indigo, 5;2 bags Cofiee, 12 do. Cecoa, 2i00 Hides, 130H florin, Lnndiog at pier No. rCaracai. 1 1 Eatt River, from brig Active, and for sale by JOI UN HEFFERNAN, 31 South street; In Store, Lisbon Wine, in pipes and hhds. Madeira do iu do do aod qr catkt my 19 2w I.VDIOO. J Ccroons 1st quality flotant indigo, jutreceiv. ed aud fdr tnle by ROGERS & rOST, 51 6outh - ttrtet. I.VSrORE, 40 doz. scythes, approved brands 4 boxes screw augurs 70 boxes tin plates 1 3d IX 50 bap prims green Laguira coffee 100 bei? ground camwood - bj bundles sugar loaf paper may 22 4t IR15H LINEN. Sic 'IMIE subscriber offers for sale, 43 packages X of lrih Linen Goo b, imjrted per thip Doiilin racket, and other late arrivals Iroia Dublin, crmpri;tng a god attorfroeot of 4 - 4 and 7 - 8 Linni, low priced Do M idling Siirt Fine 9 - 8, 5 - 4, and 6 - 4 heeing 6 - 4, 7 - 4.8 - 4, If 1 - 4 Diaper and Damask 3 - 4 Brown Holland aod T 8 Drogfteda 3 - 4 end 7 - 8 Linen Bed Tick 4 - 4 Cnttow Check AH of w'uikh he will rtispose of on Klieral terrot. JOHN KELLY, 149 Pearl street, By 14 Sw ir.VtTED TO FREIGHT, A goid VESF1h to carry about 450 to 500 bbls to Rermuda. Jt pply io 1 UCfcLK AC LAUKILS, bt Si . 9 gouth - st. r , r - i (tr ittlt, t'ntgM r C lutrlcr, Jtf; Tbo brig HOPE, PiU.bury, matter, wi i i iTi l J$ tons, one year oid, ttod a lii tl - i .te vewel is ready toieceiv a cargo. For terms apply to CAMBRELENG ii PEARSON, my 25 t7 Bnnih - tircat. Ir'AWiM j U Ctt.1ttrt.ti, vr1) " 800" vr.asti. roearry anoui uihi J&Sttblils. for a voys to Madeira. Appl v A . ... . . . to TLCKKR ii LAURlKlS, nay S2 29 South street. KL.M A; MOLA3cES - U puuclous very fine 11 rt ored 'i'ohitco Luiu ti bhds. and 17 tierces superior retiiiling Molasses, lui.diug from iI,h trin Resolution, ol pli.r No. 12, Ea t Rivvi, and lor Lv GOODHUE CO. my 25 44 Souln - s'ri et. ftS. WstXliA), St: s'l A boUH!, in a rvtpectaole neihU(rhofnl; rem uot to exceed 3)0 dollars One in the upper part of the city would be prelired EvUn t at this office. .. m.ty23 tf TO LEASE OR t OR SALE, That elegant modern built bouse, liluate at Die corner of sands aud V aslmigtiMi streets, Brooklyn Its site is thirty - one feet Iront by fifty feet dne, its rooms to arranged as to combine every convenience lor a geuteid residence. It will te sold with two or more lots of ground, at the option of the purchaser. Terms, one fourth (Rh, the rot in turn payments as will be uiot couvimuit to i uith.taci - . Apply on w pie itiise to C B ALL. m: - v 2J tf .tihtiunn liisttftlltce Cainiianu r"f MIE hourd nf Directors h ive this day drr .L d a Dividend of fiiteeu per cent, en the Capital Stm k, for the hist six months, payable on or alter lie; first ily of June next, between the hours of IO and 12 o'i lo k. Hy outer of the President and Difectoit. May Iz. luiit. my 16 P. HAYT, See'ry I 1 V bAiUl.L 11 A i " A RD A: CO. on vVul 13 netday evening, lit C o'clork preciiely, lit I he Ladies Auction Room, No. ti00 liroadwuy, tin most vulii'tl'le collet tion ol rare r.iightli and Aineiiuan ptlhlieali'Mit, pe'htipi eer offered at pubjic tale in tins city, land will be lound wor thy nf pnrlii ular al lent ion. tO" Those peiton dttirnus of improving this oppurtuiiity lor llm ois:ohl ol pi 1 vale Library's c. will pi nie take notice thry cnunnt be nifcrti.'U in ti e ratahgue, unless received pre vimis to 1 o'clock, on Tuesduv next. - I ;ntii ul.rt will lie given ol the Books, in the public pi pus, on the iiiorning of sale, aod cata logues also ready bt Ibe Auction Kooui. my 2 fait To Let ul HloomiHdulr., Anv person desirous of a country rcii - dcnci', can one on moderate terms, situated about six miles from town, on the premises are, a vcrv commodious hotibc, couch - liouse, ,Vc. an excellent garden, well stocked with fi - ti - t and pLnlcd this bluing with vege tables of various kinds they can either have it wi ll or without the ei ootids belonging to it as may be preferred, there is also several articles of furniture, and othe. things belonging to the place, uliirli will he either rented or sold if wished fr. For further particulars, apply at No. 1 1 Peat 1 - street. my 22 2v JOri'H. his en DELACROIX having returned to eitablithmeut of the VAUXIIALL, re spectfully informs the public, that the damages of the fire of last winter arc now perfectly repaired. The gardens art in excellent order ; luxuriantly rich in every variety oi .lowers. Nealnet and due attention will (he. hopn) de serve a eonintmion of the patronage with which he hua been honored. A n eejanf d itplay ,f FIRE WORKS, All new designs, under the direction nf CUmint J. Delacroix, with Mil - icaml Illumination, are in preparation for Tuesday Evening, May 2b', (weather permitting.; rfT Particulars on Monday. mar?2 4t rl WO furnished rooms to Let, within tin ee JL minutes walk of the City Hall Enquire st 302 Broadway. mv 25 lw 5000 i( j on tl Milncsday ami 10,000 dollart ne.vt veck: 11HE first drawn no. in the Milford and . Owego Hoad lottery on Wednesilav next, at 4 I'. M. will be entitled to g .000, and next ' week the first drawn on the 7th day of drawing, will he entitled to the capital prize of $10 0(0. For tickets and share, apply at GILLESPIE'S 114 Broadway, opposite City Hotel. ; niy 25 2t JVo. 2J7 n'altr - ttreel, Received by th ship Venu, from London, a variety of Mathematical Instruments, Charts aud Honks, with sailing directions, spectacles of all sorts at tli lowest prices. N, B. G. offers likewise for sale a handtome rcllecling tcltJcope, with 3 magnifying powers, rack work and Duder, in complete order ; re fracting telescopes ou brats stand, suitable for country homes, besides other articles too nunie rous to mention. may 25 3t STEAM IIOAT yOJIC'E. The anxiety which the owners of the NORFOLK felt to afford every facility aiHlouveuitiice to travellers, induced them to attempt "o run the boat four times a week be - twerm Newbern and F.lirabcth - City ; but, on trial, they find, that although the thing is possible, it would be attended with uncertainty, aud occasion disappointment. They have therefor concluded to alter the run of the NORFOLK as follow? ; Leave Newbern every Thursday morning, and arrive at Elizabeth on Friday ; leave Eliza - Dcto - cny every raiuruay eveniug, mm rnc at ISewhcrn on iviondny morni'tg. a I Atir.a at cacb end of the line wdl run to correspond with the arrival of the boat. This regulatioa, it is expected, will prevent any delay or disappointment iu future, and tra veller's are requested to make thur arrangements accordingly. The fare of passengers will be $1 5. Children and servants half price. 1 her are good accommodation (or liorvr which will h tan led at the moderate charge ol " 50 each. The public may be assured, that every alien lion will be paid to their comfort and accommo dation. DANIEL W. CROCKER. Newborn, May O.h, I'd 13. my 25 3t CARRIAGES, kc. FOR SALE, Attiir RjcrosiToar, W iruncT. Two haiilomo coar he, very little ii'd ; one utroug da. su'.ted for stage ; an ..lerant tilbery g', very one Engliri Ulbory tm.iliitf if Wfrit1 voad - lvinJ waoo', sadille harri. ... Persons, who terh odi'pns "r nanrt , carriage, of any kind, wo - dJ well io icnu Uiei not thwi ettaMi - nno.o., i' - is - oinider,He. Thof w'io t v n.ivw e o. cash, cor have it on uVh - ery of to" wtir! ; a - d ucias - wijh to sell and kcrpti ei - hor s, Mc. eUe - herc, c;x have Ihtm sciJ by leavire lb - i - instructioBS at the Reportory, my 23 U REMOVALS. MRS. LKKKV UI.N Academy for young Ladies, is removed to No,J4 Frauidiu - tlract. mv 11 Iw (O" JOclArl HELDt..M, Aitoruey and Couutcllcr at law, bus t K.iiea his oiice at No. Si Franklnrt - ttiret. my VI Iw ii lit fjy JOHN LORlVtf.UG:lAllAM,attoruey at l w, bus npetiel ln office at No. 43 Chaailer - street, ne:ir tiodwM. may 18 4 w 0" JoiiN I'lluO I OR, jun. ha removed from .No. Ct Uuekmaii to HH5 Liberty - street, where be still oilers liberal anticipatious ou pro - erty couL;ue,l to hi f. it n.lf ia tbo Moditerra - niau. For turthvr p;nicnir, applv M above, or to ABRAHAM BELL, n.y 7 lm corner of Cliff L Fulton - sts. U . CO. l.av it mo VtMl in .o. lit 1 ii.t iit. t. may 4 l )E I mT T Tl kTaiP iMiorms Ins friendt I nnd tlie public in i.eml ilat he b removed I i. I'plu lft.ry tl Ute from No. Ii5 to No. 6J Maiden LaifH where he otler for sale some eie - in patterns ofl'uper llargingt, just reeixe.l by the l:'ct arrivals from Fram e, on tl.lll'ift re iSoriNhlii lero.. IBV 2 lm ELcG. - VNT Fl'R.Ni'PURE A I' AUCllON. 'M II 'nlnttd'H,; iTtli '(. ,6V5 At 10 uVlock. mi tire Wuie Room of Clijih s t'liriitiiiii, Stl Fniioii street, who is with - dr uviiie I'roui the I a I nrnt Imsira, mi elegnut asMirtiiiuol oi CAIUNEI' FU KM TURK, the whole of which will be warranted by Mr. Christian the siime at if svfd by him at pnvalo sale The Itasaol ihv above i rtiniie fir sal or to a - t. my21dts NO I ICE. fttr The RiMnj fcun Nul Boats, Nonprtriel, and lixliittry, lituii the tli town Point, for .Ne - v - York. s:iiltlroiu M.nki ti;elil street, (where the Mehui - I.out Ataliiiits lorinerly tame to,) at Ittn'eliM k, ni each dxy. Passage It l - 2ceuU. Enquiie utthr Ic:iiii Inint Hotell, of vam)i:rpoolaj PuiLiirs. my 21 tf H'Enj.HCl.),i JtAA.i:. fly" 'I his celi biMtt il paintini; it etl' for a rnlUe I h. - . tcrou and pai ticiihut may be known by applying toi GOODRICH &CO. No. 124 liroadway, corner ol Ccdar - slrcet, opposite the Citv - I Intel. mv 22 P a R P I C li i, A U iy np i ii k R R I L L I A N T f I R E - W O R K S tjK!j T.i be displiiycrl (wealher penuittiiig) a( Viiiixhidl tfardiiisnii I n, s.lav Eve.iinu. Mav :,. with illiioiiiiatimis. I. rhe Fly in; Dingoii will return nnd illu minate (ho sei'Oiid pice;. ' z. A star ol il uiiiiiMfi'g firot, wi h n rlnnge. 3 A iiimv arr:irigeinentoi:hungei - VVr;itility 4. A lari;e coinhilied (liMilar of traiiMUilclu v and Fill's Pence to the Globe. 5. 'I he Union or' t - uns. 6. LniK new cont radii torv Fires." Dia mond Cut Diamond. ' 7. In a Krillicnt Star, changing to a Sun. 8. A new Piece. '1 he Uosase. 9 The nrangi Ti cc (new) the omr.gv.? change to Hones. 10. 1 he wheel or Colors red, blue Si white tl Fancy Piece. 12 A Ihwc piece of iMcchnnim, America. Europe Asia Aiiii a revolving round. Corn - men e - 13. The Fan Sun. 14. An elraant new piece The Flower Vaso. The tree in Chinete Fire. 15. A spliii'lid new dct - ign, in honor of the 'resident. Cuiiibiuiiis 'I'liiimparentes und Illu minations. IB. A grand tnlule of Air Fires, of ever) kind. The mufic will be select harinoov, and the il - luminalioiia ta.tolully displayed throughout the gardens. Admittance :v cents doors open al o, uiusir at 7, aud the fire - works at half past eight pre cisely Tickets may be had of Messrs. G. St Q.. Waile, Mauli n - lane, and at Uie gardens. m:iv 25 Bt NO I ICE. ( The Consignees per ship CliMincrv, Irom liriitol, are rtquenleu to send their per mils on board, at pit r no. 12. Those goods J not nermitleil will be Ment in the tmhlin u1irt I in five days from this date. my 25 ORIOKAI ION NUI ICL. (tr The owner or owners of the ni. - ilioicnnv iiud other urticlet at present incuinoerinic the ground hi lite Albany 1 i in and its vi imty, nre hereby notified, that uulett the said im iiniliun - cet shall be lemnved ou or beioin the 30th inst. they will then be sent to the public yard, and to much of the same will lie sold, as shall be suffi eienl to defray a fine of live dollw.s ; and will be so continued Io be Id, to defray like fine, and the expenses of ale, agreeably to the ordinance ol the common council. Ji0. M'COMB, Street Commiitinner, Streel - CorumiMioiwr't Ofhce, I IviayZJ, id IK. my 25 f jlllla is to lorbid all persons Irom barUmng JL orlmttiiVmy wile Rachtl, as I will pay uodubts of her contracting, she having left my bed aud board without any provocation. NICHOLAS F. HAGERMAN. may 25 3t l J INEKS 'lhree men lu ihe pimieol lile, LlL Just arrived irniu Scotland, brought up Irom their infnncy In the proiettion of miners, in all its branches, sue h at boring and sinking pits for coal, iron, and other minerals, excavating rock", tuttirig canals, Ac. bring well versed iu the theory and practice of discovering Minerals, Coalt,&c. Tlwir characters for morality, sobriety, integrity and ability iu their profession, are attested by tome of the moitretietta!ile gentleman and minuter in Uie Kingdom of Hcotland. They may be consulted at O. Thorburn' Seed Store, 21 Nassau street, at any hour Irom 6 in (he inorninz till in llm eveniur. or by letters (post paid) directed to Puttigrewt ti Archibald, at the above store. Thc - y have no objection to go to any quarter, where reasonable encourage ment it civen. my 25 3t 1)ISULU'J1US Of - CutAitiAEU&UIP, rflHEcoiiartnerkhip of Thomas Stovemou Si JL Denis Loom, under th flrmol 1 hot. fete venion Si Co. was disstdved on the 1st instant. iu consequence of Tbos. Stsveuson retiring from buiinesi. 1 he Mark and white smiths business will be carried on a usual at the old esbiblirhed place, No. 1 Liberty - street, by Denis Loom, Philip Heeoan and btcphen Mephenn, whohav entered partnership under the firm of Denis Ijo - mil a - Co. who will be tnnnKlul lor a continuance nf Ihe favors received by the old firm, and punctually at tended to. 1 homas Stevenon sincerely and resperlfullv rerooinundttho above penont to all his (rrur customers, and hopes they wid continue their faiors U '.hem. He retires them they will l e served with punctuality and fidelity. j The buiinr - sjof II, late linn will u uir by either of the tub - cribors, or by fctephcii its - pheni, No. 1 Liberty - ntrrel. r.,.v,,lU v THOVU.SSTF.VL.VrON, 2 - , iw PENH LOM V - TNE QUARRY TO LKA'E. . rfsHi: subsrrilier will lease a tlone quarry, on J reasonable terms. Io any perton or compa - ny'who may he d,.,t l i "A"K " prohta - h'e eonccr... i hn guarry it si .torn filty yards of the fSortb River, and not more nine miles ir m the city. The quality cf tlie stone is excul - - ...A nf.! n.l.'rior IO lllQ I UllltUHI. L'uililert and stone rollers wou.a ouu ii wen i.luiiici! to Heir lenpective buriiies. Enqoire .. A r I li No. 17 Oo!d itie - ji, or at trriu; Caxden, one mdu above Bull's n ny. THOMAS. STEVENSON, ray 25 Iw PR17.U K I O DHLS G AINGLF. utnMtn.aT can be uccorrirooda - U - d, with a furnished or ut'furnisi.eJ room, wi '. LreaVList and tea., in a mnd uhI frrntcel f. - nily. " Inquire at the storej Ko. 126 Broad - I wy. may 2i I t t c - , PUBLIC SALES. BjfMLLS, MIXTOXf k CO, Wednesday At 10 o'clock, at the attelioo - room, 148 Petu - r street, a quantity of elfjaat CABUNET FUR' l I crva.. At U o'clock, on the prem'iaet, Na. 6 Park place, a good frame House, built for A Stable, to be removed within six days after tht sale. Thursday, , . At 1 - 3 past 9 o'clock, at then auction room for approved enJorsed note at 4 month, age ns ral assortment of DRY GOODS. .VARULt. tUK HblLULSU, kc. Til 11 E preprietsrs of the southern marble qua ' JL rics, near King's - Bridge, glra noUce, that they hare on hand, ami are receiving, at the King1 Bridge Jtiarblt fvd Lime - lard, toot of beach - street, oa the HuiLoa river, an extensive stock of marble lor building, of lh following dt A Hilar c oping WaterlabU Foundation SI on Steps Chininry - Fiacc Platforms Facmgs f dl. Lintels Columns Attbes A1o Lime of the best quality, rr - A rviutant supply of the above materiafi miy bo calculated upon) and those desirous of purchasing, or making engagements, will apply to - , EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 11 At the Yaid. Mertkanli Hank, .Wuy 5, I til 8. fJV The annual ekiutiua tor Directon of this unlit ution will b held oa '1 uesday (lie 2l day , of June next, at the Ranking HuUir, betweew toe Hours ol io nnd So'clmk. By order ol Uie Board ul Directors, i, B, VROOM, Cash'r. msyfi tji . : '. - MLTUAL lySLRAACE CO,VtAtX Oi' THE CII Y OF STE If. I Of A. The President anil Directors pive no tire that a dividend of Jour and a Atper cent, on the capital stock of this Company, lor six mouths, will be made on the I Ith inst. and paid on demand tit the stoc kholders or their aiUiriiiet, at No. 52 Wall - street. nv 6 lm JOHN P1NTAH1), fcee'ry. "(O '1 oe new FERRY BOA is irom the foot ol Vt nlnut street, New York, to the foot of Lit lie st rert, Lrookljn, near the Navy Yard, will eoiiiiiieiicr niiinjiig on Sunday, the 1 7th inst. I'eitorit crotiiig to Ilrookln from the upper part of the city, will find the dutuott much horteiii1 hytung tint ferry, mv 14 . .tun i trim strudtm - joj ihi tint Aril. H j - " The Board oi Din.ttnr. give notice, thai the loiirth exhibition ol this aivolemy, wili be penrd on Vi edneMlay next, 'JOth imlaut, and continue open every d:iy (Sunday excepted) bom 9 in the mornii'g till dutk. Admittance 25 tenui. Catalogues 12 1 - 2. fty o.dcr. ALEX. ROBERTfcON, Sec'ry. Mpmbert And exh. bitinj artitU are informed, I hut their card cfadourtion are loft with tha doorkeeper. my 14 2w I UM IN E COr FEE HOUSE, fcfr Tle coinimitee tor managing the nffaift n tne 1 on' ir e Colli e Home, give uotue, that a Dividend ol Seventeen Dollars per thare. for the year ending the lt int. will be paid the pro - prieturs on or aiitr tiie ttfiti lost, at x oroaa - treet. my Id lm NO I U K. car The Consignees per hip Cantor, Capt. Rogers, from LivcrHd, ill please send their permits on bouul the ship, at pier No. 8, E. R. All goods mi permitted in 5 u.ys, must bt sent to th public stot e. my 23 4t BRIG FRANCIS. fX All persons are cautioned xgsinit ere diting any of the Crew of the llutish lug Franc in, t apt. Tamtant, a no debts of their conn acting wilt be paid by'tlia master or consignees, may 16 fur Eniilund, rut Ualuax, I Anno Scotia.) l - llert lor bit Britannic Majetty' pack et Francis Fret - lma, will be received ul the Post Office fill Wednesday afternoon, the 3d day of June. T, W. AJOORE, AgeoL my 111 C'A tO.Y t. VSCHAjYCt: COMl'.LYr, Oifice No. 50 W'idl - ttreet, T.y Will receive applirnliont for marina ritkt, and lor iurui.uice ou lives, annuities, cc. be tween the hours of 10 A. M. and 3 P. M. daily, SAMUEL A. LAWRENCE, pretident. WM. J. VAN WAOENEN, secretary. I)IKKCTOHS. John Oothout Inane G. Pcanon, Jr. James Boormaa John Bichaud Charles Rhind James Reawick P. Scherucrborn, Jud, John Jones Joseph Smiih James Strong my 19 Io Henry Major Henry Thomas Sinnuel A. Lawrence Charles King Robert Benson, jun, James Boyd, juu, Balthazer P. Melirk THE VLbINO Present i hit cnmplimrnts lotlie Ladies nnducullemeiiof New York, and i'; forms them thai he has taken rooms at Washington Hall, where he will lie happy to receive their visits, cm 9 A. M. Io 3 P. Al. nnd from 4 P. Al. till 7. Tickets 50 ceu' each, to be had al Ihe bar. my 20 lm urtunejatjw JSEtV Lottery VJieei at veil al OLD ei. fjT Yesterday afternoon ticket Nt. D320ia (he Uwego Road Lottery, now drawing in Ibis city, came up a ymet ol being Ihe Grit drasvn numter 1 his ticket remained unsold at bMITH'3 newly etabtithed Lottery and Exchange Office, 170 Broadway, nnd might hare been purrhaiu. - d, applicuUou beta mnie Uiere lew minutes Kfore Ihe drawing n.mmea d : a presage of what is to follow. Adventurer are advised to moke early application to Ihe above ofhYe, to provide (heiotelvei with tickets or shares previous to the next day's drawing, st it ispottible thet Ihe first drawn nuinUr, which will br entitled to t jOtlO, will remain untold at said office, unlets purchased prtviuut Io that time. ! IX - 6tepheu P. Lcawuie and Cdbert Livingston Thomioo, have formed a cwinertion in their prolcssiouul butineit Offic No. 21 Wall - ttreet. 8. Jonet, junior, roumeljor at hw, keep but office at the same (l:ce. may 8:1 3t WILLI VI F.4X - ;0 ii Al.Lb'l 'I', at - toniey at law, ha opened hit r - lGc at No. 8 Betkmao - ttrett, two door from Pearl - street. nr 2J 31 . ' CEN I LEiV,it w.'iiirt tote.vh in a private i.i in. It. f rench, Urawmgbnd Tlusic, provl rlrd it be in the morning. At plf Lt' ir:y Ti lv No. 21 Wall street, 23 And irarrf diate possession gien. Two flu: - , in the bast ment story ofNe. 44 1 - 2 f me - ttrrel. , my ti lw MOPI'JK. r3' - 5 For the further accomsoo dntir of the pnblic Uie de - paitMreoltb rirrny Irom XorK - and newoorgn wid le it iiii on Uie lollowioe; dart : lae Nw Yort on Monday. Wednesday and fcaturdsy, at 9 A. M. Ieavc Newbergh oa . . . A A A., u ".ay, r nany - nE'i r - umrny n o . . This atiove arxioemer,t willcommerire rj the Fiofly leasuut Ncwburih oa, lb - 4.U 'f.T.'.. ci... i. - ,.. - Nrwher - h imme - diat - ly a:1tr the ainval .l the irefly. luT 22 . n"OICCO 20 hhds. prime oW Knitueky L Tbbacc... landing f" oo M - from New - Orleans, fr fle br my $l D - TAIX:OTT, Ci &ri'J - trC?t

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