The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 9, 1937 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 9, 1937
Page 14
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FOURTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 9 · 1937 HOG PRICES DROP 10 TO 15 CENTS PRODUCERS STEP UP MARKETINGS Cattle Trade Active With Some Weighty Steers Up Shade. . CHICAGO,, (/P)--Hog producers stepped up the volume of market- ings Tuesday to take advantage o£ the past week's substantial upturn in prices but the increased supply caused a 10 to 15 cent drop in the market. ' Heeeipts totaled 21,000, or about '·4,000 head more than expected. The price decline was general throughout the market. Some light weights were oil more in spots and packing sows were 5 to 10 cents down. Top sank to $10.35. The cattle market was active and in some cases choice weighty steers commanded shade, higher prices. There was nothing on hand valued to sell at Monday's S15 peak, but some good steers sold up to $14.50.' Few, however, brought more than $12.50. Packers, 'after most meaty steers to fill ' requirements for numbers, look many animals suitable for further finish. . Traders said the plain 'quality of receipts indicates that the crop of stock fed for winter markets has been virtually exhausted. Hepoi\s irom some sources were that only isolated parts of the corn belt and far west have cattle finished enough to grade good or choice in the current market. The lamb market was slow but sellers were holding their best offerings /around $12.25,' or u changed to a shade higher. Livestock commission men announced ah increase of approximately 8 per cent in rates, they charge farmers for handling shipments, effective April 1. Local Livestock MASON CITV--For Tuesday. 11OCS Ten cents lower. · . Good light lights ...140-130 Good light lights ... 150-1CO Good lishts 160-170 Good lights 170-160 Good light butchers 180-2QD Good light butchers 200-220 Good me. wt. butch. 220-230 Coed me. wt. butch. 250-270 Good m?. wt.- butch. 270-200 Good heavy butchers 290-32a Good heavy butchers 325-350 Good heavy butchers 350-400 Good packing sows .'275-350 Good heavy sows ... 350-425 Good big heavy sows 415-500 Good bic heavy sows 500-550 $ 7.35- 7.63 S 7.35- 8.15 S 8.55- 8.85 S 3.009.30 S D.30- O.CO S 9.500.80 S 3.50- 3.BO 5 0,50- 9.80 S D.50- D.BO S 3.403.10 S 0.30- 3.1)0 S 3.155 3.05- 3.35 S 8.35- 9.15 S 8.6j- 8.S5 5 8.4D- 3.75 (The ,-ibove is a 10:30 truck hoe market fa- good and choice hogs. The difference . in. price is .for short and long haul hogs.) CATTLE Choice to prime steers .. Good to choice' steers . . Fair to good steers ..... Low grade steers :...*... Choice to prime-yearllnga Good to choice yearlings Fair to : good yearlings . Common to fair yearlings Good to choice heifers .. Fair to good heifers ..... Common, to fair heifers . Choice to prime cows . . Good to choice cows ... Fair to fiood cows ....... Fair to good cutters .... Common to fair, cutters . Fair to good canncrs ... Common to fair canners .... Goad to choice bulls ....... Llcht bulls ........ ......... Calves, Rd. to choice 130-130 Calves, Jticd. to good 130-190 Calves, infer, to Ed. 130-190 LAMBS Lambs, Ed. to' choice 70-80 Lambs, med. -to good 70-so Iamos, fr. to medium 70-90 Lambs, common .......... -. VearlliiES. gd. to ch. 70-90 Yearlings, medium to good SI 0.00711.50 JB.OO-W.OO S 6.00-.8.00 S 4.00-;, 6.00. S 9.00-10.00 S 7.00- 9.00 S 5.00- 7.00 S 4.00-5.00 S 7.00-- 3.00 'S5.00- 7.00 S 3.50- S.OO S 5.00- 0.00 S 4.50- 5.00 S 3.50- 4.25 S 3.50- 4.00 S 3.00- 3.50 S 2.13- 3.00 S 2.50-2.75 S 4.50- 5,50 $ 4.00 S 6.50- 7.50 - S 4.00- G.5'0 S 4.00d'vvn S 1.25-10.50 S 8.25- 9.25 S 5.25- 8.25 .S 5.25 d'wn S 0.00- 0.00 S 4.00- 5.00 MIDWEST HOGS Hog prices at midwest markets Tuesday: WATERLOO--Hoes 10 cents lower. Good to choice HO-150 Ibs. $7.55e7.85; 150-160 Ibs. 5B.05!aB.35: 160-170 Ibs. 58.65 K8.SS; 170-180 Ibs. $9.2060.50; 180-200 Ins. ?9.50SiS).00: 200-2SO Ibs S9.60ED.SO; 2BO- 325 Ibs. $3.5083.80: 325-350 Ibs. 53.40® 3.70; packing sows 375-350 Ibs. 53.1069.40; 350-425 lOS. $8.95@9.25; 425-550 Ibs. S8.BO CEDAR RAPIDS--Good hogs HO lo 150 Ibs. 57.o5fP7.6a; 150 (o 160 Ibs.'$8.0566.35; 160 to 170 !bs. S0.55®8.85: 170 to 180 Ibs. $9.15(119.45; 180 to 200 Ibs. $9.50i53.80; 200 to 323 Ibs. S9.60Si9.20; 325 to 350 Ibs. 59.45 OJ3.75; good packers 275 to 350 Ibs. S9.05 i!9.35; 350 to 425 Ibs. $8.90R9.20; 425 to iOQ Ibs. 58.7599.05: 500 to 550 Ibs. $8.GO@ 8.90.- OTTUMWA--Hogs lOc lower; 140 lo 150 Ibs. $7.60ii7.30; 150 lo 160 Ibs. $8.10«.8.40; ICO to 110 Mis. $8.60818.90; 170 to 180 Ibs. 53.20R0.50; 180 to 200 !bs. S3.40S-9.70; 200 to 290 Ibs. S9.GOIS9.90; 290 to 325 Ibs. $3.50{i9.80; 325 lo 350 Ibs. 59.40C9.70; 350 to 400 Ibs. 53.30^'9.60; packers 275 to 350 Ibs. 5359.30: 350 to 425 Ibs. SB.90B9.20; 425 lo 550 Ibs. $8.75ijJD.05. AUSTIN'--Hogs lOc lower; Rood to choice 180 lo 200 Ibs. 59.40K9.70; 200 to 290 Ibs. 59.55R3.85; 290 to 325 IBS. $3.45«; 9.75; 325 to 350 Ibs. $9.35'ii9.65; packing SOWS good 275 lo 550 Ibs. S8.83S0.45. COMBINED HOG RECEIPTS. DBS MO1NES. (/!"}--U. S. department ot agriculture-- ·: Combined hog receipts at 22 concentra- :ion yards and 9 .packing plants located in nterior Iowa and southern Minnesota for he 24 hour period ended at 0 a. m. Tuesday were 15,400 compared with 15,600 a veek ago and 8.900 a year ago. Mostly IOC lower than average Monday: inderlone moderately active: loading indicated some heavier. Quotations follow: Light lights 140 to 60 Ibs. good and choice $7.9047.8.90; light velghts 160 to 180 Ibs. S8.85519.GO; ISO lo 00 Ibs. $9.60^9.90; medium weights 200 a 220 Ibs. S9.70SH0.10: 220 to 250 Ibs. ?9.7D 10.10; heavy - weights 250 to 290 Ibs. 9.70Q10.10; 230 to 350 Ibs. S9.GOST'10; packing sows 275 to 350 Ibs. good $3.25® .45; 350 to 425 Ibs." $9.0569,35; 425 to-550 bs. S8.SO«?9.15. · ' ' · - ' - « Yearlings, fair to medium S 3.00- 4.00 Yearlings, culls S 2.00- 2.50 Native ewes, good to choice S 2.00- 4.0C Culls, ewes S 1.00- 1.50 Bucks S 1.00-2.00 "Wethers, 2 year olds ........ S 5.00- 6.00 ·Wethers, old ? 3-00- 5.00 Buck lambs £1 Iowa. Ko dock on lambfi. Quotations subject to market fluctuations. . ' OH:CAGO LIVESTOCK (Tuesday Market) CHICAGO, (ff*j--U. S. department o: agriculture-HOGS 2I,OflO; including. 6,500 direct market mostly 10®'15c lower than Mon day's average; weights u n d e r 180 Ibs off more in spots; packing sows SffllOc lower: top 510.35: bulk good and choice 3Uf to 300 Ibs. $IO,15(fil0.30: most 140 lo 160 Ibs, S8.75S10.10; packing sows ?9.liO® 'CATTLE 7,500; calves 2.000; Rencra market active and f i r m : Instances higher on good and choice weighty steers also on well-finished yearlings and rank and file cows and heifers; killing quality plain; best steers around 514.50; few loads $13.75?? 14.25 but comparatively little above $12.50; stockers scarce; killers taking most mealy steers equitable for further finish: all she stock in active oc- mand; bulls f i r m to lOc higher; vealers steady; weighty sausage bulls up to Sli.60; selected vcalcrs to S10; mostly $9 4r9.50 on good to choice offerings. SHEEP 7.000; none direct; fat Jambs supply around 75 per cent from Colorado; early trading confined to medium and good kinds at .$11311.75: practically nothing done on best kinds held arounc £12.25 or steady to unevenly higher: indications around steady with Monday's cldse: fat sheep very scarce: few choice lightweight ewes $6.50@7; strong to 25c higher. SODTJI ST. TAVti LIVESTOCK. (Tuesilay Mtrkcl) SOUTH ST. PAUL, f--U. S. depart ment of agriculture-CATTLE 2.700; less a'cllve: claughto steers about steady: bulk around best held towards $10.50; she stack steady to "weak: medium and good fad heifers Sfi.5057-8,50: plain, and .medium beef cow S4.85(E?.6: low cutters "and cutlers S3.50ft 4,75: bulls steady to weak: bulk salabl S5.25G5.a5: stockers and feeders steady caH-cs 3,200; strong to slightly higher most good and choice $7138.50; strict!; choice handywcights $9. IfOGS 6,500; steady to strong will Monday's opening or 5-lOc lower than t h e close: most good and choice 170 1 30ft Ibs. S9.15KUO: 140 to 155 Ibs. S8.8S4i 9.50; 120 lo 145 Ibs. 58.25ilO; bidding S9.4 or more on good sows: average cost Man day S3.EG: weight 213 Ibs. SIIEEP 2,000; early Indications on al classes about steady with Monday: 2ac (o mostly SOe hichcr market; hulk good ti choice lamhs $ll.25»f 11.50: fed ewes $6.7 .3T7; shearing lambs $10.25^10.65. sioux crrr LIVESTOCK. ( T u e s d a y M a r k e t ) SIOUX CITY, m--U. S. department o ttgricullure-- CATTLE 2,500: calves 200: slauctttc Fleers and yearlings fairly active, stron lo a shade higher; siockers and feeder icarce, f i r m ; fat she stock strong; loac choice 1,200 Ib. beeves S12.50; cholc heavy bullocks held around $13; tlllmcr mis sales short feds $7.25tfi9.2S: car goot J120 Ib. heifers $9.25: few loads around J8.50; mostly beef cows $5lj?fl.7, 1 ;: fc\i (ales S7O7.25; culler grades S3.75f4.50 Tew common and m e d i u m slocker steer current fitockor and feed call] INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION INDEX SOURCE-FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD-ADJUSTED FOR SEASONAL VARIATION I'SBS-ISES'lOO 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 '937 Hog Markets luotalions:' Steers 550 to 800 Ibs. good nd choice $G.50£F8.75; common and ine- lium S-l.75ftG.50; heifers good and choice 5.25ff6.25; common and medium $4ft' 25' cows good S4fH.50; common and medium S3.S01J-1; calves (steer) Rood and choice 56.50/115.50; medium SoftG.aO. U O G 5 3,500; rather slow, 10-15c lower; mostly lOc o f f : $9.95 bid on trader account; most sales Rood and choice 190 to 300 Ib bulchcrs S9.15ifl9.90: 100 to 190 Ibs. S9.35S9.75; 140 to 160 Ibs. SS.60CT.9.33; sows S9.40- feeder pigs scarce, few sales 56(5.8; staes largely $539.50. SIIEEP 2,500; no early fat lamb ulus: Indications steady; asking stronger; best fed wooled skins held above Sll. askinu above E7 for fed \vcstern ewes. LIVESTOCK 1 ORECAST. CHICAGO. Wi--Official estimated ceipts for Wednesday; Gallic 9.000; hogs 19,000; sheep 6,000. Representative Soles duesday Market) CHICAGO. W')-- U. S. department agriculture -- Representative sales; 1IOUS. I Li silts-10.2089 137 10.30 1025101 182 10.10 10.39J7B 174 10.35183 154 Heavy-33 34S 39 321 46 202 65 254 Mediums-11 2-18 82 23S 79 22B 87 207 Steers- 2(1 IS 20 2! 22 26 1204 U04 1017 1216 ins infio inin 970 [Light I-iBhls-- KUOJ76 U7 10.31)] 10.231 CATTLE. I Heifers-- I4.60]24 730 13.73] 20 13.50] 17 12.501 U 12.3 31II 12.00) Cows-10.5015 0.30) S 945 B2B 812 73B H H SHEET. Coorado Lambs-- |"Fed 1190 1208 109(1 10.50 9.00 H.25 7.50 ff.73 7.51) 5.25 4.75 4.00 23R 470 I!t5 210 89 01 94 93 12.25 12.101131 12.00,2011 11.85|437 217 123B 1217 85 B8 92 12.35 12.25 12.20 12.00 ll.BS 11.15 Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. SCHANKE CO. Tcleplinne 1300. Mason City Bid Asked Tuesday. in Coin St El B pet pld (S25 par) Cent StEl 7 pet pftl IS2S Pad Cent SI P Ac L 7 pet ptd ---- 16 17 Clinnvplin Tlcl la 7 pet pfd .. 100 _ Creamery Package com ...... 24U Z-T. Hearst Cons A .............. 2.1 23', Gco A Uortru:! A pld ........ in* 107 Gco A Hormcl com ........ .. 22 ~ 2 Interstate Power G pet pM . . 15 Interstate Power 7 pet pfd . . 1 7 Iowa Electric Co 6% pet pW 52 Iowa Electric Co 7 pet pfd . . - f i t Ta El Lt Pow 0 net pld . . 7 0 Ta F.1 Lt Sf Pow G [ /4 pet pfd 71 Ja El Lt Poiv 7 pet pld .. 7.1 Ta Power Light 5 pet pfd 102 la Power : LlRht 7 pet pfd 103 In Public Serv 6 pet pfd ---- 57 la Public Serv 6'.i pet pfd .. 83 la Public Serv 7 pet pfd ---- 09 la Soulh Utlt 6 pet pfd ...... 72 la South Utll 614 pet pfd .... 73 In South Util 7 pet pfd ...... 77 Minnesota P t. 6 pet pfd . . 9 2 Minnesota P L 7 pet pfd . . 98 Northern St Power R pet pfd 8S Northern St Power 7 pel pfd 34 N W Bell Tel 6Vi pet pfd .. 105 N W St Portland Ccm com . . 2 3 Rath Pnckinfi com .......... .13 SloiiK- City C El 7 pet pfd IDl United Lt Jlys B pel pfrt . . S 3 U n i t e d U Hys fi.36 pet pfd R4 U n i t e d Lt Rys 7 pet ptd . . 9 2 Western Grocer pfd ........ 9fi Western Grocer com .. ...... 19 17 19 54 55 72 73 7D 101 105 OD 100 101 74 15 13 04 100 00 9G 84 B5 !4 100 18 WHEAT RISES IN LATE DEALINGS Dust Storms and Argentine Buying by Germany Aid Market. CHICAGO, (/P) -- Renewal ot dust storm reports from Kansas and Nebraska did much to lilt wheat values l^i cents late Tuesday to the highest level recently attained. Another stimulus was word that Germany today purchased 2,000,DOO bushels of Argentine wheat. For the lirst time ill seven years, Canada's wheat visible supply dropped to below 90,000,000 bushels. At the close, wheat was %- IVt higher than Monday's finish, May $1.3.6%-%, July $1.19%-%,' corn %-!% up, May 51.09%-%, July Sl.0/4%-51-05, oats % to. 1 cent advanced, and provisions varying from 2 cents decline to 20 cents bulge. CHICAGO CASH GRAIN. (Tuesday market) CHICAGO, {.T5--Cash wheat: No sales eportcd. Corn: IVo. .1 mixed Jl.Nli; Ko, 3 yel- ow S1.144Z1.15; Wo. 4 yellow 51.1214STl.H; S'o. 5 yellow $1.11. Oats: No. 2 white 51!'«c: No. 3 white O'.!iij50!ic; sample grade 48',lc. Ko rye. Soybeans: £fo, 3 yellow ?1.55. Barley feed 73S87e; malting $1HI,36 lominal. ' . . Timothy seed $5.50(g5.75 cwt; new S5,23 05.50 cwt. · " · . Clover, seed $28^33 cwl. I-jrd, tierces 512.87; loose $12.25; bellies ilC.37. Mason CJty Groin MASON CITY--For Tuesday . 3 yellow shelled com..§1.05 i. 4 yellow shelled corn ..$1,03 i^arn corn 9§ c White oats, No. 3 !'.'.'. !44i/c Sarley 60-95c Soybeans, No. 2 yellow $1.37 TUESDAY-GRAIN- CLOSE. CHICAGO, «j-- High 1.05 V, 1.02U WHEAT-May July 3.1fl?i sept i.iev, CORN-May new .... l.lOVi May old . July new July old . Sept OATS-May July Sept SOYBEANS-May July HYE-M.-iy July Sept BARLEY-May LAUD-Mar May ...... July Sept BELLIES -May July Low 1.35\i . 1.02'i .97 V, 1.07 1.04- 1.01 .03 ..12.M ..13.25 ..13.47 ..13.70 .99'.; .91'.« , 13..15 13.60 .80 11.93 13.20 1.1.45 13.70 17, GO OMAHA GRAIN". (Tlieulay M a r k e t ) OMAHA, l/n--Wheat: Dark hard No 1. S1.37!i«I.30',x: No. 2. $1.35; "dark hard s m u t t y No. 2, $1.27; hard No. 1. $1.37',a@ Corn: Yellow No. 3. $l.l8',b!? I.13H; No 4. $l.I6jtl.I8; No. 5. $MSi/jOTI.19: sample SI.14Crl.lE: while No. 3. $1.21; mixed No. Oats: While No. 2, 53S55!ic; No. ' (Tuesday M a r k e t ) MINNEAPOLIS. (/T;-- Wheat 54 cars; '',c hlfiher: No. 1 heavy dark northern 60 Ibs SI.50 1 /,'? 1.59'/4; No. 1 dark northern 5! Ihs. $t.W,l.5t',: 58 Ibs. S1.48UW1.57'.,; fancy No. 1 hard Montana 14 per ccril protein, $M4'iift!.46'.'*: prarfe of No. 1 dark hard nr No. 1 hard Monlana ivlnlor SI. r.V/.ff 1.331'.: h a r d amber d u r u m : No 1. $!-47?irff l.Go',1; S 1.3431. Corn: No. 3 yellow er, ' Oals: No. 3 white 47 d u r u m $1 33'; 1,15r§ 1.20; Ic high- '«ff 4t'«c. K A N S A S CITV GRAIN'. ( T u e s d a y M a r k e t ) . KANSAS CITY. (,n--Wheat: 17 cars unchanged to I'/ac higher: No. 2 dark hard Sl.375Il.401i; No. 3, S1.29H: No. 2 hard SI.41: No. 3, SI.3414: No. 2 red nominally SI.3T/4 / (?1.41 1 /4; No. 3 nomlnalli S1.35V.91.39',:,. Corn: 8 cars; Uc lou-cr to ',ic higher, No. 2 white nominally S1.22fal.23! ; j; No 3 nominally Sl.lOliffi 1.23; No. 2 yellnv nominally 51,22^1.231^; No. 3 nominally $1.21)^1.2211; No. 2 mixed nominally SI.20 (fll.21 1 ^; No. 3 nominally $l.I8 l ,;,'fU.20!i. Oats: 1 car: !'jc lower In ll'«c hichcr No. 2 white nominally SO^i-if54','jc; No. 3 nominally -to^ifiiaa^c. G O V E R N M E N T BONDS. (Tuesday Q u n l a t l o n * ) NEW YORK. (,Fy--U. S. governmcn bonds closed: Treasury 4%s 47-52 Treasury 4s 44-54 Treasury 3^s 40-43 June Treasury 3=«s 4.7-47 Treasury 31' B S 4R-49 ..... Treasury 3s 51-55 1IJU m.i .... 107.7 10B.5 Meets at Taylor Home. SU'ALEDALE--The M. E. Mis sinn circle and Queen Esther meet Tuesday aTler school al the home of Mrs. Ralph Taylor. Stock List METALS LEAD IN STOCK MARKET Favored Issues Rally While Strike News Holds Other Shares Back. NEW YORK, (flp)--Metals led a selective rally in Tuesday's stock market but strike news dampened buying spirits to some extent and many issues were unable to push forward. ' Favored steels, oils, vails, farm implements and specialty stocks made headway from the start. Gains o£ fractions to 2 points were plentiful. There were several much wider upturns. i Activity, pronounced in the first hour, slowed considerably later. Dealings were faster in the last lap. Transfers were around 2,400,000 shares. In the sliding column were General Motors,' Chrysler, Briggs Mfg., Consolidated Edison, General Electric, American Tobacco "B," Liggett and Myers "B" and Douglas Aircraft. Miscellaneous NEW XOItK STOCKS. (Tuesday Final Quotations) 67 K 1 Ch Dye : m Can 11 Hi -m Sm R 101J/4 Am Sugar Ref 51 T T 178 Am Tob 3 84 ,' Am Wat Wks Anaconda A T S F 85=A "Uihurn Auto 31 AV:»tion Corp 8Va Jait Ohio 3j^a Sarnstlall 33% lendix Aviat -G 3 * Beth Steel 103% Sorden 27U Borg Warner litVa D G Ale 32 Jatlad Pac 16;n Case Chi N W Chi Gt West C M St P R 1 A: P Chrysler Col G It El r Sou Con Edison Con Oil Call · Can Cont Oil Del Wl Corn Prod 69% Curtlss Wright 7% Deere 4c Co 134 D'ro Co p£ 30'/i DuFont dc N 11.1V, Gen Elcc Sl'.i en Foods '13% Geu Mot 6.1 1 ,;. IHcltc J8Ii Good'r T U ^2^j fudson Motor 20'.a llinois Cent 32'i nt Harvest HO'.i nt Nick Can 71 !i nl Tel SL Tel 13% olms Manv 14B5a ircspc 2(i7« ,ib O r Gl 7Ut 162T'» a'., 3 3 .'» 2',, 3'.; Via 42 17 Maytag McK Sc KOO Mid Cont Pet Monlg Ward Morrell' Co Wash Kelv Nat Biscuit Nat Casli 11 Nat Dairy Pr 23=k Nat Distill 31Vi Nat Pow i; U 12'.i N Y Central 5Hi Nortlicrn Pac 34T Oliver Farm Packard Mot Pa ram Pict Penney Pcnn R H- Phillips Pet Radio Rcy Tob B Scars Roeb Shell Union Soc Vacuum Sou Pac Stcl Brands Sic] Oil Cal Sid Oil Ind Sid.Oil N J 74^ Slewart Warn 1R^« Sludcbahei- 13=i Switt Co 28'.', Texas Corp ' 5 G ^ B Tex Gulf Sul 39 r u Timk Roll B 71 !i Un Carbide 108?i Un Pac ' 133',« Unit Air Corp 33 United Corp 6T» Unit JJrug Ijl^i U S Ind Alco Wj U S Rubber DXTa U S Steel 1241« Wnrncr Pict IS=i West Un Tel IS'/b West El «= M In.W Woolworth SS'A AVrigloy Jr 69 Sa 67"i» 30 'A 04 li 47 =6T 12 13 \\ 4 Mi CHICAGO STOCKS. (Tuesday Final Quotations) By 111 ft Associated-Press Cities Service 4ilN.-itl .Leather 1414 Northwest Bane l Jextcr Teilmann Brc lOVn Quaker Oats Cat?. Drug I5','« Swift .t Co Switch lir. Swift Inll Libby"MeNcil H'^jutillly i: Ind Midwest Corp Kl'.RlZenUh- 23'.'. 31V. 1 V'a 37i Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO., Mason City Ottice In Baglcy-Bcck BIdg. Telephone No. 7. Curb Market NEW YORK, WJ--Industrial specialties slirrcd buying interest in the c u r b market Tuesday resulting in numerous gains ranging from 1 to 2 points. Established, leaders moved indecisively, although nlilitics showed fairly uniform improvement wilhin fraclional limits. Higher prices u-ere paid for Aluminum Co. of America. Twin Coach, American Book, Hecla Mining and Thcw Shovel. In m i n i n g trading there were losses of fractions to around 2 in International Petroleum, Columbia Oil and Gasoline, Lake Shore Mines, Pepperell. Mueller Brass, and Sidney Blumcnthal Co. CU1CAGO POTATOES. (Tuesday M a r k e t ) CHICAGO, i r t'i~U. S. department of agriculture-Potatoes 66; on track 233; total U. S. shipments G7U; old stock steady, supplies moderate, demand slow for lable slock, fairly good for seed stock; sacked per cwt, Idaho Russet Burhanks u. S. No. 1. .0S£3.65 according to quality and. sue; Colorado Red McClures U. S. No. 1. very lew sales $3,12 '/·.·2.15; Maine Green Mountains U. S. No. 1, 52.60; Wisconsin Hound, Whites U. S. No. 1. few sales S2.35iS2.-lU: Bliss Triumphs U. S. No. 1, $2.70; Minnesola and North Dakota Cobblers partly graded 52.BO; Bliss Triumphs U. S. No. 1, $2.75(82.80; partly graded 52.60; North Dakota Early Ohios p a r t l y graded $2.92!b©2.95; new stock steady, supplies liberal, demand slow; track sales carlots bushel crates Florida BliKS T_ii- umphs U. S. No. 1, very few sales S2.1»(((! 2.20 a crate; less than carlots few sales 52.20 a crate. MINNEAPOLIS FLOUR. (Tuesday" M a r k e t ) MINNEAPOLIS, (.? -- Flour. carload lots, a barrel in 98 Ib. cotton sacks: Family patents, unchanged, $7.50(^7.10; standard patents, unchanged, ST.3oft7.53. NEW 1'OKK S U O A I l . (Tuesday M a r k e t ) NEW Y O R K . (J-J-- Raw sugar unchanged at 3.60c for spots. J u l y No. J. l.HQVic; September 1.3l'/3C to 1 point net higher; May No. 3, 2.55c; September 2.54c, one to two points net lower. Relined unchanged at 4.80C. LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF H E A R I N G ON PETITION FOB APPOINTMENT OF ADMINISTRATOR OF 'A'HE ESTATE OF LEE O. TREVETT, AN ABSENTEE Produce MASON CITY--For Tuesday Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse Eggs, current receipts Heavy hens, 5 Ibs. and over Under 5 Ibs Stags, 5 Ibs. and over .... Stags, under 5 Ibs Cocks , , All No. 2 poultry 4 cents less Merchants Quotations Eggs, in trade 18-19C* Eggs, cash 17-18c* Butter, Iowa State Brand 40c Butter, Corn Country . .. Butter, Kenyon's Butter, Very Best Butter, Brookfield Potatoes, russets, peck . Potatces, cobblers, peck 57c 'EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery stores.' ' "' · · · " 17c 12c 8c He 7c .Cc . ,38c . .38c .-40c , '.75c CHICAGO I'RODTTCE (Tuesday Markcl) CHICAGO. W}--Poultry, live, 25 trucks, stendy to f i r m ; hens over 5 Ibs. 18c. 5 11)5. and less 2flc: Leghorn hens 17c; colored fryers 24c; White Rock 25c; Plymouth 2Gc: colored broilers 24c: White Rock 24c; Plymouth Rock 25c; bareuacks 13c; roosters luc; Leghorn roosters 12c: turkey hens 21c. y o u n g toms 17c, old I6c; No. 2 turkeys 15c: ducks 4',4 Ihs. up white and colored 20c. small* while and colored 17c; neeso 14c; capons 7 Ibs. up 24c. less than 7 Ibs. 23c. Butter 11,674, steady; prices unchanRCd. Eggs 16,633, steady; extra firsts local 22c, cars 22}ic: fresh graded lirsts local ic. cars 22 J /ic; current receipts 21c; storage packed extras 23-!*c; slorage packed firsts 23',ic. In t h e District Cnurt of Zowa '"n and lor Cerro Ciordo County. In the Matter of the Estate o[ Lee O. Trevett. Absentee. To: Lcc 0. Trevelt, an Absentee, Vadl G. 1'BCht, Georsc A. Trevett. Jas L. Ttfcvctl, a n d AH Unknown Bci Ilciarie-i ol the Eslate ot the Said Absentee: You and each oE you arc hereby notified lhat there Is now on file in the oftice of the Clerk ot the District Court of Ccrro Gordo County, Iowa, a Petition of George A. Trevett asking that Letters of Administration upon the estate of the said Lee O. Trevett, an Absentee, he granted utilo him. That the hearing ou said Petition will be held at the Court House in Mason City. Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, on the 8th day of May, A. D. 1937, at ten tin) o'clock A. M.. and that unless you and each of you appear and object thereto on or before the said date, said Appointment will be granted as prayed in said Petition. Dated this 8lh day ot March. 1937. GEOKGE A. TREVETT, Petitioner. Eunn Mason, Attorneys for Petitioner, OIICE . O F I N C O R P O R A T I O N OF MVSON crrr CREAMERY co»i- PANY, INC. B O W JONES A V E R A G E S Inds. Kails Ulils. Close 193.23 62.59 34.37 Total Sales 2,300,000 C H I C A G O STOCKS Butler Bros 17A Marsh Fields 29=U Cord C u r p fi^a Walgreen Co 47'/a K St Wire ll'ib NEW YORK CURB Hud B ivr t S 3SVi Humb Oil Co H4'.2 NiaR Hurt P 14?i, Pennroad Cp 5i« S O Ky Co 19.i Un Gas Co 13l« Un Li P Co !)U "Ulil P U Co 1!« Am Cyan B Am S Pow Co Ark N Gas A l Asoc G El A Can Ind Alk Can Marconi El Bd t Sh 2 Mo ot Can 2 P Mo ol Ens N E W YORK STOCKS Alaska .Tun H% IIupp^Motors Allegheny 5 Am For P 12!a Am C Sue Co 20 ] .^i Am C it F Co 68V, Am Pow Li 13^4 Am H'K Mills 4311 Am R ; S Co 20V.I Am Tob Co 84 Armour : Co 12',4 Ar : Co pfd 98 As D Goods 24 All Ret 3YU Baldwin Loco 9*i BrigRs Ml Co Sl'.i Bendix 26=,', B u d d Mf Co 12?i Bycrs AM Co 32',i Caterpillar Tr 98 Cerro dc Pas B4-i Ches . Ohio 67'.'a C G W pfd IT/, CMSP P pfd 6»a Coca Cola 147 Com Solvents 19!'* Coni Molor y.n Cnrt-Wr Co A 22',i Dist Corp Sea 25^j, DoilBlns Airc 641b Eastman 168 Ealon Mf Co MK El AM to Lt 421i El Pow .t Lt 25'.i, Eric R R Co 19'. F'nc Ti R» 3D Foster-Wheel 47 Precport Tex 2R',S GCJI Am Tran SO Gliddcn Co 47', Gobel R Gold Dust M n Graham Paige a 7 « Gt Nor pfd 54% Halm Dc Stor 21 Houston Oil I5JJ, Hudson Molor 20',i . . ... 2'.i lull Carriers Indust Rayon 37',a J e w e l Tea Co 3fl Kelvinator Co '2-~.n Lohigh PI Ce 4aV, Liquid Cb Cp 50li Lorlllard 25V. Mack Truck 59=4 Mathieson Al 31V, ^TcL Stores 18 Minn, Mol Im la^« M 1C : T HT* Mo Pac r',i Mot Producls 34',i No Amer 30"'* No Am Avi 19',-B Otis Steel Co 23,b Owen 111 Gla 190 Packard Mot 11 Park U t a h Cop 7 Plymouth 25% Proc Gam G2 Pub S of N J 45 Pullman fi8?a Fure oil Co 22'/« Purily Bakery 21^« R K O 8% Rem Rand Rco Motors Simmons Co So Cal Edisoj Sperry Corp 22=« St G i: E 13T. Tide W A Oil 21 If S Ind Alch 33'.i If S Smeller 39 Ulil P S: Li A 3% Vanadium 38 Un Gas : Tin 147« Warren Bros fiT* Western Un 7aii Worth P u m p 43'.i Yellow Tnick 73'^ Youngs S s^ T 98}4 NEW YOKK PRODUCE (Tuesday Market) NEW YORK, I/Pi--Eggs 33.3B3. f i r m e r : mixed colors, standards 23 3 ,5i'y.24 t /4c; storage packed ilrsls 23%c: mediums 22W 22'Ac: dirties No. 1. 213422C; other mixed colors unchanged. Butter 14,737, f i r m ; prices unchanged; extra (92 scorel 35.'*c. Cheese 338,360, firm and unchanged. I.tvc poultry, by freight, n o m i n a l ; no quotations. ritonucE FUTURES. (Tuesday Slarkel) CHICAGO. dD--Butter f u t u r e s closed: Storage standards, March 32%c; November 30%c, Egg fulures: Storage packed, lirsts, March 23%c: April 23"ac; TClrigcralor standards, Oclober 2.i 1 ,9c, Potato futures: Idaho Russets. March No. I, s.1-50: March crado A 53.30; April grade A $3.55. O M A H A LIVESTOCK. (Tuesday M a r k e t ) OMAHA, C/T)--U. S. department of afi- ricutture-- H O G S 5,500: steady to 15c lower; lop S10: 190 lo 3oO Ibs. $0.85iriO; 160 to 190 Ibs. $9.405(9.85; 140 lo 160 Ibs. $8.75rfi9.40: 120 lo 140 Ibs. S7.50aa.75; sows 53.40® D.50. CATTLE 4,000: calves 500: strong to higher; steers and yearlings SS.1;5^13.75; heifers 88,50(811.50; cows $4.75ifT8; cutters S3.MiB4.75; bulls ?5.23®6.10; top vealers 59.50. SIIEEP 4,500: lambs steady, asking stronger; bulk $11.50f£ 11.75 and above. 38% fi'.i 52',i Hides QnaLaUona Farn(shei) by 'fYclf Bios*, lac., 30a F i f t h Street Soutbireit. HOESEI1IDES Florsehldcs ,· S4.00 ·GREEN BEEP 0IDES Up to 25 Ibs, ».»..,.;.,..10^c 2o Ibs, up , a c Bui] hides 6Vic ·Cured hides hair cent more n pound. Ion above prices a cent higher to wholesalo dealers ID wholesale lots.) woof, MARKET. BOSTON, 0?j--U. S. department of ag- r i c u l t u r e -- I.illlc business was done in t h o wool market Tuesday. Sale.* were closed only when mill buyers Is ad urgcni need to cover. RcporU from Australia J n d i c a l c d lirm prices there. MRS. CLEVELAND DIES OF ILLNESS Had Been a Resident of North Iowa Since She Was 14 Years. OSAGEr--Mrs. Myron Cleveland, 83, died Monday from pneumonia. She was born Nov. 11, 1853, in Philadelphia and came to Mitchell county when 14 years of age. In 1877 she was married and lived near the town of Mitchell until 13 years ago, when she came to Osagc. Her husband preceded tier in death. Surviving are three children, Mrs. Harry Zerdes of Milwaukee, Mrs. Oscar Gilbertson ot St. Ans- fiar and Ormal of Mitchell. Funeral services will be held at 2 o'clock Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Champion funeral home in charge of the Rev. Gilbert Chalice. The Ugly Possibility, disclosure that Roquefort cheese is now made in Pennsylvania mines may give a hint aboul the possibility of a coal strike.- New York Sun. "Notice is hereby given that under and by virtue oE the laws ot Ihc State of Iowa and Amendments thereto, a corporation for pecuniary pro£it has been organized and adopted the follo Arlicles of Incorporation. Article I. The name of this corporation shall be. Mason City Creamery Company, Inc.. and its principal place of business shall he in Mason City, Ccrro Gordo County. Iowa. Article II. The general nature of the business to be transacted by the corporation shall be as follows: 1. To conduct a n d ' carry on the business oc wholesale and retail ol dairy products, milk, cream, bulter, cheese, ice cream and any and all by-products of same, 2. To conduct and carry on the business oc \vholcsale and retail o£ poultry and eggs. 3. To butld, erect and lo operate * cold storage plant and to buy and set at wholesale and retail any and all products whicli may be kept in and used in a cold storage plant. " 4. To own, .operate and conduct a creamery for the sale at wholesale am retail, of butter, cheese and any and aJ articles and tilings which may be manufactured from dairy products. 5. To purchase and sell any and al machinery used in and n b o u L a creamery, and also creamery supplies. 0. To buy. sell, manufacture, repair alter and exchange, let or hire, tmpor or export and deal in all kinds of articles and things which may be re quired for the purposes oE any oE th said business ot operating a creamer; and cold storage plant, or dealing ii dairy products and poultry/ or whicl may be capable of being profitably deal with in connection .with snid business 7. To tnke. acquire, buy, maintain, dc velop, seH, convey, Icaso, mortgage; ex change, improve and otherwise deal ir any and every kind of real estate anc personal property, or any rights or in tcrcst therein which may be necessary for t h e operation and conduct of said business. 8- To barrow and raise money for an; of the purposes of this corporation am to sccitre ihc same. To mortgage all o any parl of the property and rights c this company and to do any nnd a things herein enumerated and sot for!I as fully and as to the same extent as natural person might or could do. 9. Tills corporation may use and app! its surplus earnings and accumulate profits, authorized by law to be served, to the purchase or acquisitio of property, and lo the purchase acquisition ot ils own capital slock from lime lo time and to suu-h cxtci and hi such, manner, and upon sue lerms as its Bo.-ird of Directors sha determine, and neither such property no the capital stock so purchased and q u i r e d , or any of its capital stock take iti p a y m e n t or satlsfaclion ot any deb due the company, shall be regarded a profits for the purpose of tfccJaratio or payment of dividends, unless other wise determined by a majority ot tl~ Hoard of Directors, or by a majority the Sto-kholdcrs. 10. W i t h o u t in any particular Hmitin any of ihc objects oc purposes or pou ci'S of t h e corporation. Ihc business ( purposes of the company shall "cs, fron time to time, lo do any one or more, all of Ihc acts and things herein forth, and ?11 such otber acts, things an business or businesses in any mannc connected therewith, or necessary, inc dental, convenient or auxiliary there! or calculate directly or indirectly io pro mote Ihc interest of the corporation, c enhance the vatue of. or render profi able any 9! its p r o p e r t y or rights ; such a corporation, money lawfully due, and in carrying on its business or for the purpose of attending or f u r t h e r i n K ;]iy of Hi objects, to do any and p!l acts and things, and lo exercise any and all other powers which a n a t u r a l person could do and exercise, and which now or h e r e a f t e r may be authorized by law. and either as, or by and Uirouph principals, agents, attorneys, trustees, lessors, lessees or otherwise, cither alone or in conjunction with other, and in any part of the world; and in addition, lo '. _ and to exercise all Ihe rights, powers and privileges now or h e r e a f t e r belonging to. or conferred upon corpora t i o n s orfi.inized under the provisions of Hie law of the Stale of Iowa, a u t h o r i z - ing the formation of such corpora lion. Ariicle III- The authorised capital stock of t h i s corporalion shall be 510.- OOfl.flO, divided into 200 shares of $50.00 each, all of which shall he f u l l y paid when issued nnd shall be non-assessable. Article IV. This corporation shall com- imence business on Ihc date of Ihe Issuance of the CcrlifScale of Ihe Corporation by the Seer clary of the State of Iowa, nnd shall conlinue for a period of twenty years Ihercafler, and shall have the power of renewal. Said Corporation may, however, he dissolved nt any time at a regular meeting, or any special rnectint; called therefor, by the a f f i r m a - tive vote of two-thirds of the slock then outstanding. " . Article V. The affairs of this corporation shall be conducted by a Board of Directors not Jess ttian two, nor more than five directors, and until changed by the stockholders of this corporation, the Board of Directors shall consist of two directors, and Ihe directors shall be stockholders in the corporation and shall he elected by ballot at the a n n u a l meeting of t h e stockholders of the corporation, and said directors shall hold off i c e for one year, or u n l i l t h e i r successor. 1 ; a r c etc etc (I and q u a l i f i e d . The directors may elect from UicJr ou-n number a Prosirlcnl. Vice President. Secretary and Treasurer, anrl any t w o of said offices may be h r l d by one person. The Board of Directors may from time to t i m e elect or appoint such other officer* FORGET CHAPTER-40. The Paynters' departure from Hollywood was markedly diEfer- nt from their rii-sl arrival. They ad been two shy, hopeful young- ter3 four years before, proud of leir new clothes, their joint runk and their shining suitcases, 'hey had faced an unknown fu- ure that they litt'le dreamed was 0 carry them to a peak of riches nd fame. When they waved their depar- ure from the platform of the ast-bound Century they were no onger shy youngsters. They were icople of the world. They had 14 lieces of hand baggage and 12 runks. In her arrms Janet carried er jewel case. Over her arm here was a mink coat. There was 1 sable wrap, a silver fox cape nd an ermine uoat in one of the runks. Her bank books were in \ci- jewel box. But the figures in ler bank book were astonishingly ow compared to the sums that ad poured into the banks. There were a few thousand dol- ars and the $6,000-a-year inter- on the trust fund of $125,000 that Janet had made Joel salt away during the past year. There houW have been a quarter of a million. There should have been a great deal more than there was. They had sold the white house because Joel said when they re- urned he wanted to build a dif- erent type oE house. So they sold t to a newcomer, one Chris Gaynor, a rather prettyish type of 'ounff actor who had come to (he :creen direct from college. The louse had cost a great deal of mone3' and the sale price was a air amount but what profit there vas in it had gone to pay taxes. To Janet's great surprise, Joel did not really own his expensive car. It was mortgaged to a finance company. The town car was hers nnd Joel had insisted on sending t east. She parted with her furniture and appointments with less reluc- ance than she had expected. It vas silly of them to ship their furniture when they could sell it on the coast and get what they wanted to fit into their new place. The new place was a penthouse on the East river. Janet felt that if ever they had a chance to make a new start, heir return to New York should mark it. She demurred at the ex- the out pensive rental charge for penthouse but Joel pointed ,,,,. *hat they could well afford it even ;hoirgh his salary in the theater vas to be less than half what it lad been in pictures. "We 1 can't live cramped up in a dark apartment," Joel complained, 'after living an outdoor life. Besides, it will only be for the season and there'll be more money when we go back to the coast." They had planned to go to Europe the next summer when Joel's play closed. Janet began to have doubts about that long .awaited European trip when she saw the figures of the bank balance but she wouldn't say anything.about it to Joel because he was so happy in his anticipation of doing a play. Janet was happy about it, too, because it gave her back a feeling about Joel's integrity and she wouldn't have exchanged that for anything in the world. Perhaps it was because she was an easterner that she took more joy in getting ready for their new home than she ever had in any of them in California. They lived in a Park avenue hotel during their first month in New York and Janet shopped for the furnishings for their apartment, patiently superintended the painters and decorators while Joel was busy at rehearsals. Janet never went to rehearsals with him. He asked her once or twice if she would like to do so, but, remembering his dislike o£ having her on the set when he was working, she refused. She found that her own world of work kept her busy. She was happier that September than she had been in the last four years. She had time to renew old acquaintances, to run up to Chester and see the old friends who were dear to her. She spent hours in the .shops, buying nothing, but feasting her eyes oh things sl«e had not seen before. She often dismissed her car and rode in subways and on the buses just to feel herself of a part of something, she had never forgotten. One afternoon she stood at the corner- ot Fifth avenue and Sixtieth street and remembered the day that she had stood there with hot tears stinging her eyelids because heat and poverty had got her down, because she was sick with worry for Joel who had married her and therefore had to support the burden of a wife. She wouldn't let Joel even see the apartment until the last rug was down, the last chair in place, the last picture hung. She had brought on her own rugs and pictures, linens and silver. But she bought new furniture for the wainscotted_drawing room with fireplace that Jong windows the huge Tudor faced a wall of or agents as they may deem necessary Any officer or director at a regular meeting of the stockholders, or at a special meotini; called for that purpose may be removed and his-successor may )= elected by the aflirmative vote of two-thirds of all of the stock (hen outstanding. Article Vf. The annual meellng of the stockholders of this corporation shall be leld m the City or Mason City, Iowa, on he third Wednesday in J a n u a r y of each year. Special moelinc,s of the stockholders may be called at any time by the Board of Directors, or by Ihc President, or by Ihe holders OC at least forty pcr cent of the stock then issued and outstanding. At each stockholders mcet- U1B. each stockholder shall be entitled lo cast cither by person or by proxy in ivriuns, one v o t e for each share of stock tleld by him as shown by the books of the corporation, except in all elections For directors, eacli stockholder shall have the right lo vote the number of shares o[ slock owned by him (or as m a n y persons as there are directors to be elected or to cumulate sala votes and sivc to the candidate as many votes as the number of" directors multiplied by the number of his shares of stock shall equal, or to distribute them on the same pc'.n- ciplc. among as many candidates as he shall see f i t . Article VII. Uiilil the first annual meeting of the said corporation, and until the election and qualification of their successors respective the following named persons shall be and do consti- t u t e the Board of Directors of this Cor- noration, to-wit: Herman Hermansoti and M. W. Sprolc. or which Herman Hermanson shall be President, and M. W. Sprole, Secretary and Treasurer. Article VIII. The stockholders may. at any time, establish such by-laws ,-i.od make such rules and reuulnUons as liicy may deem prnper and expedient to manage the a f f a i r s of the Corporation, and said Corporation does not adopt a corporate seal. Article IX. All deeds. and o t h e r instruments, i n t e r e s t in real estate, mcnts conveyances conveying any and all inslnt- coiitracts requiring the acknowledgment of the corporation, shall be signed by the president, or in his absence or inability to act. by the vice president, and slialt he atlestcd by tnc secretary, and all deeds and conveyances so executed shall be binding and conclusive upon t h e corporation. Article X. The private property of nil stockholders of this corporation shall he exempt from liability for any and all debts of this corporation. Article XI. These Arlicles may be changed, altered or amended at any regular meeting of the stockholders, or any special meeting called therefor, by Ihc " nf two (hirds of Ihe then issued, provided a f f i r m a t i v e vote cnrpornle slock however, no amendment shall he m a d e authorising the issuance of any stuck not fully paid or subject lo assessment. Dated this 12th day of December. A. D. 1936. ·TOHNNIE TiERMANKON. HERMAN HERMANSON M. IV. NOTICE OP A M E S I) M K N T TO ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION". Notice is hereby civen t h n l at a Spp- :iar Meeting of the Stockholders of MICHAEL DRUG COMPANY, d u l y called and held on the I G l l i day of D. of s t r i k i n s out A r t i c l e One the Articles of said company were February. A. Incorporation amended and i n s e r t i n g in lieu and instead thereof the following: ARTICLE ONE The name of Ihis corporation shall be ENC-LER DRUG COMPANY. That said Arllclcs of Incorporation were f u r l h e r amended by slrikma out Article Six of Sfiid Articles of Incorporation and i n s e r t i n g in lieu and instead thereof the following: ARTICLE SIX The af/atrs of this- corporation shall be c o n d u c t e d by a board of not less t h a n Iwo nor more than five directors, and u n t i l otherwise fixed by the slockhold- ers the board shall consist of two member.-?. The board of directors shall h a v e general charge of the business and affairs of the corporation and all of t h e powers of Ihe corporation arc vested in its hoard of directors, except as provided by Ia«*. or by the By-Laws of Ihc corporation, and subject to such action restricting s u c h - p o w e r s as may be lakcn from time to lime by t h e stockholders cither at ail a n n u a l m e e t i n g or .11 a special m e e t i n g duly called therefor. That I h i f i notice Is given u n d e r au- Ihnrily and by direction nf the slock- holdcrs nf said corporation. M I C H A E L DRUG COMPANY. By--E. A. Enslcr, Its President. ATTEST: Dorothy Enxler,- Ils Secretary. which let in the winter sun. Again it was one room and not two bedrooms as they had had in California. There was a room off the kitchen for "the maid. The cook came in by day. There was a "study" for Joel, a dining room and a small spare room. It was a spacious, gracious apartment but not large according to Hollywood standards. But Janet easily forgot her Holfrwood. standards and loved the place. She showed it proudly to Joel the night thai-it was finished when Joel had a brief respite from rehearsal's. He was working hard and looking tired, a little older, she noted with a troubled frown. Later she was lo wonder i£ she had done the right thing taking him from California. At least, California hsrl been healthful. But for a much longer time she ivas-»n know that she had done the one right thing of her .life. That, however, was much later. When she was established in her new home, she got around at last to tackling the mound o£ mail that had awaited her. She had tossed her letters into a bag and forgotten about them. Plumbers and painters to be seen, curtains to be matched, pots and pans to buy had been so much more interesting than hearing again the things she had heard so many times. Her trim, new little maid brought them to her one bright October day when she was lazily having her breakfast in bed. She threw away the printed ads, announcements and appeals: Then she settled down to reading her letters. She sighed. They were so exact-' ly what she had expected they would be. News about new clothes, servant problems, who was playing what part. Lisa had written: "The beautiful Gaynor boy who took your house is playing Paul in 'Head line Hunter.' What they see in him 1 do not know, but then who knows what the public will cotton to?" Janet thought: That was the part that Joel wanted to play. Jnel was, she knew, too old for the part but she would have cut her tongue out rather than say it. Joel was as handsome to her as. ever but she, who was so sensitive lo every change ill him, knew that the screen had made him look years older than he was. He had been a star for three years and the public expected him to look exactly the same as he always had. She put down the letter and picked up another. It was from Caroline Maynard and said, "I wrote Hussell that you were going east and he wired me to send your address. I didn't know what it was going to be so I think you'd better drop him a note yourself. He's a right person to know because he knows everyone in New York and in case you don't realize it, tic is an ardent admirer of yours." Janet thought about that letter for several minutes. Then she picked up the telephone directory and ran through the B's. She picked up her telephone and dialed Russell Bede's number. "I oughtn't to tin it," she .said aloud, "but il can't do any harm lo sec an old friend." (To Bo Continued)

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