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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Tuesday, May 26, 1818
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From thi Xtm (,Lmio) Mmlkly Xataxmt. ' V A traveller, who feu made mi obierrtioa on the state of society ia Edinburgh' give at the following particulars respecting some of tb most distiogatthad literary character of that city r . Prtfafr Playfov Protestor Playfair. who, 1 1 believe, goee w frtqoeoUy iuto company at any yooaf aua that lists according to the fashion, is Am in ha iMn hi tha coruar oft crowded draw - ioe - fWMtt. Ua is now about 60 yaara oi age, and ' hat ftothioK remarkable in hit appearance, ex eept a very intelligent, pay eve. Ua was at Brat in tha church, but resigned bit living and obtaioad a ttrofessort chair. Besides hM cnU , citau in tha Edinburgh Review, chiefly oa ma - tbansaiical work andtravels, ha published some yean tinea aa explanation of Huttou's geological system, Which wai very ravouramj raceivau. na a siyieu iniu iiituwn" and not without reason, thoug3 at great a com - . idiateut thu paid to D'Alewbert at U him What it pleasing m najuu, - peculiar simplicity and frankness of manner I aad it 1. imlv miifrui to witness the mildness aad . . a 1 - L'l t. Dla.. um tvoruiy iawiiu a......, - - - - - - j it a bachelor, aad bit uomarried titter at prefect lives wiua iuiu. . v fruiter 11 r . - tha jsoeft corner vou may occasionally Bud - frailer acott, luougn ae ia no. a irequcoc fwiw oftbese placet. ' 1 thou Id imagine that there U acarcely any other penoa ia the profane world who it to much talked of as Walter Bcoii, and L . . 11 - P.l:Hl.aaaaa4a Milluiit lyui lew un.vtmer wutw w i atnm i, - majHi inquiring whether he ba visible. In a email dark room wbera ooe of tba coartt it bald, ha it to be ice a every mornioc in term time, seated at a Mnall table, with the actt of tha court before II I like UtJ 1 t aaavi va uiuhp'muw.i4vivu) iv e m. ,kn4 K(wvaIallrltl,l acajI fin1 W. (her robust man, with light hair, eyes between - blue and grey, broad note, round lace, with an almost sleepy look, dressed in a shabby black cowa, hit lama leg concealed under the table, and the other extended in lucb a way at never ler, whelber lama or tound, ou?ht to be i a man, forsooth, to whoa you would twear that heaven bad given a good - natured, bonett tout jkot overburdened with intellect a jolly, loyal subject, who it food of port and porter, payt bit Lilts without grambliag, and can nog God tare the ktnx. Not a poetic leal u re, nor a ray oi re niui in hit (aca, eicept a inmewbat animated eye, dwtinguiihe the buit of the author of the Lay of ih ml JUtmlrel, from Uie itupid, vacant, and unlettered loon. Mr. cott ia about 47 years old, and it de scended from an obtcure family in LoUiian. in hit infancy, at be himself relates, the old people took him upon their knees, called him LiUlt fruity, and tuld him all torts of old ttoriet and Irseud. while his brother! were abroad at work, from which be wat exempted on account of hie lam cos. omeofthe phiMtojihers wbo atlacn a aural to all their tablet, will probably make the discovery that the world owed one more great poet to tne circumitance mat trailer aeon was born with one leg shorter than the other - Well I e'ea let thtm if they will! Scott has been tome sine snarried to a Guernsey lady, a natural daughter of the la; a duka ef De vonihiro, with whom he is said to have received a portion of JC 10,000. She was born in tha bland, and spoke wretched broken Englirh. To ber virtues beloug an ungovernable fury against all the unlucky wights who cenaure her huiband's works. It is reported, that when his Marmion was criliciied ia the Edinburgh Review, - the could acarcely be restrained from pulliog the ears of the editor when the met him tome time after at a dinner party. , ' Mr. Scott it ble.t with tome other good things that rarely fall to the lot of a poet, lie it ihe - riff - depule of a county, commits offenders to goal, and sends them to the gallows with great ability. He is also a clerk of the aboveraeution - ed court. These two i laces produce him from 800 to 1,000 per aunum. Though a great number of travellers have letters of recommendation to Mr. 6'cott, yet hi parties are not numerous; be ronfiuo himself to a cturn fswof the ministerial mJf, and is warmly . i.: I.i . l L. if era are agreeable, untainted with vanity, and the only affectation to be perceived in him U, that he k solicitous not toappear at a poet, lie it very lively and full of anecdote; and though not brilliant in company, is always cheerful and aoastumiog. Frcm a kit English paper. Hayli.Ovt readers will nbtorve on the first page of our paper, the advertisement of a letter by the baron de Vailey, containing ohservatiunt on the blacks and whites, &c. The author is black, au inhabitant of tha new kingdom of Hay ti. It has afforded much amusement, and U highly iuterostine. as beins "perhaps Uie first work by a negro, on which tha energies of the miiid have been powsrfully excited, and have fciund a nroner icaim fnr trtmn. where tinLi menls favorably to freedom could be avowed without the immediate terror of the icdur ', the axe, or the jibbet, and' where in (act, this long oppressed race bare not been suffered to say a word iu defence." We have been gratified and surprised to find the authoi - . not only well ac quainted with the works oi Uuffon. St. I'iorre, and Montetquieu, but also in some degree with those of Homer, Tacitus, Milton, c. and posses ting a degreo of learning and classical knowledge, which we could not bv any means have expected in a country which Europeaus are in the habit of eontidertog as in a very uncivilised stale. 1 be baron snows a nmrit and eloquence trul v admira ble, though his language is characteristic of the efforts of a nation burilinz from obscurity. His principal object is, to rebut the arguments of those who anert thut the Africaus are au inferior degraded race of creatures, and we think our readers will te eraUfltd with a few extract from his work. To shew that there is no uatu ral inferiority, he deduces examples of the form ar barbarity ot tha Luropeans themselves, "Everv bodv knows fiavi our author (hat the Greeks, so celebrated tor tha polish of their taste, were in a slate of the grossest ignorance and barbarity, living like the beasts, upon berbs and acorns, till civilized by colonies from Egypt while the rest ef Europe was yet nnknown, and its lunaoiients were certainly as barbarous a ignorant, and as brutal as those of Benin. Zan gucbar, and of Mooomotapa cau possibly be at uie pieseni uay. " At a later period the Gauls, like other Eu ropeans, were still idolaters, plunged in the deepest abyw of iguorance, following barbarous and tuperstitiujc customs; yet tha world vm now Mart 1000 wars old. and tha nennla of l.u rone had not been able to ar quire a jingle spark of I """"5 ; m vain did a narrow border of ci - Vditatiou ikirt its southern shores, the light was smable to penetrate thr - dark fowls of Gaul, and Ua stupidity of the Iworuh inhabitants. The anTT S TiTV. CarthKgenians, Greekf - - uiiki me worm with the fame of while thVoaul 1 "nd lheir Pernoicnt ; ranee. lmJ&rmJ k. aa.:..l mumiptioool tHket and river., ihc rigor of ro'd .1 1Z , "V"'! W people, .mp,d - d Afric civ.lizatioo of Southern w ' A moor the Caul, th i . .. .. n - y:, " " ""nun Ol au I tie mfaletoe of the oak. an wvranouiep. mn the rathcrino thl I will nn va.l - ! . 1 - J r 1" maxims oi the druidi on thi, ,ub - Ject, as preserved by tradition, never bavtre tea CocamiUed to writing The mistrie should ba valK.rl :u . . 1 ; . - - - a.. aw mvic l tolemnrtr, aad always if possible on the tenth foV c t "00 5' Je ickl ,houU1 kePl liLOS - 'v . be by in a ed of the vil tne at ' has in by of to ed noi our in in cles the of our like not the oi ' I criiica a man Future treats mtv be predict from um falling of tht body, tha flowing of the blood, or Ibe opaoisg of Uie wouoo. - fruooers of War are either to be saeriDced upon tha altars, or Inclosed in wicker baskets, to burnt in honor of tha gods. - All fathers of families are kings in their own hoases, possessing power of life and death over their wives, children and slaves. u Such were the horrid maximi of the Gallic priests; they offered human sacrifices to Esut and Tectates : titer slew and bo road their pri - annara af war in wicker ba - kets. Fathers of families posMssed the dreadful power of life and death over their wires, their children, and their lavas. This degradation into which the Gauls were sunk, is attested by Cesar, by Tacitus, aad Lucaa. It was ander the reign of Claudius, the 60th year of Christ, that these horrible customs were first abolished j nor was it till Christianity had completely triumphed over Gaullth superstition, that tha order of Druids bscssne extinct. H When a man wat to be sacrificed, be was laid Don a large stone, where he was either smother or crushed to death ; sometimes they were bled, and the impetuosity of tha stream wit one Uie most important omens. 1'he body was next opened to eonialt the entrails, and to read in heart the will of tha gods, and the good or e - fortune impending. . The sad remains were then either burned, or hung up in the sacred wood near the temple t Llood was sprinkled partly over Ilia people, and partly over the sacred wood ; and the ceremony closed with washing images or Uie gods, the altars, the benches, and tha walls of the temple within and without. Let the cx - colonista, Ma teres and Paliwot de Beauvois, study the history of their aucestors, woeoce, tha foregoing facts have been glean ed, and they will no longer have rearou to won der at the superstitious and barliarous itnior ante of tha Africans ; they will cease to wonder auabau, captain of Um king of Vennm's guardf, sacrificing three men at a feast. As then Europe which was out a so barbarous, has now attained to toivgna state or civilization, our author infers that Africa to its turn will rise to a distinguithed rank aaong the nations of the earth. We be hold, (says he,) the day of knowledge progressively extending ever the face of the earth, ruing upon some and setting to other nations. We see the most powerful empires rising to notice, again linking in oblivion; nations, subdued by nations, ana turn lining tbe most sinking examploofthe in stability of hum no affairs. According to the Septuagiot, Europe was still unknown 1658 years alter pan oi Asia and Africa had been tieopled ; nor was it till after the dclure that, from the three children of Noah proceeded the several nations wbo peopled the earth: Shem and his nostentv. Asia; Ham,' Africa; and Japhet, Europe; ac cording to me aunaii and traditions or all nations, Egypt was the country first civilized t and served tne cradle or science and art in their infancy, 1 hit - vat tha primitive focus. tavt Moos, l.e Safe, whence undoubtedly proceeded that ori ginal spark, which, kindling in the lapse of agn, ultimately produced the blaze of light which the present day illumines Europe. He then alludes to tha Drorress already made the blacks of Hay ti, in an eloquent apeal ; ' Hail, to thee, happy laud ! land of my choice ! Hail to thee, Hayti. mr countrr! soleasvlum liberty, where the black man can lift his head behold and participate in the bounties dispens by the universal father of man. Wa appeal to the testimony of strangers who frequent our parts, and visit the' interior, to decide whether we are not organized upon the model of the most civilized nalioos of Euroc ? nave we not a nrm monarchical rovernment. constitutional charter, law and regulations. Is justice impartially administered .' Are not troops numerous and orderly ; are they not pnim oi uiscipiuie equal to tne first in tne world .' Have we not built impregnable citadels constituted according to the strictest rules of art, inaccessible places, where the greatest obsta were to be surmounted, in completing works worthy of the Romans ? Have we not erected palaces and public edifices, which are at oucv glory of our country and the admiration of stranger. - I lave we not manufactures of salt pelre and gun powder? Is not the mass of our population devoted to agriculture and commerce.' re not our sailors able to cross the vast extent ocean, and do they not navigale with ease the largest mips along our coasts I " We write, we print; while yet in infancy nation cun already boat her writers, and her iioets, who have defended hcrraure, and cele brated her irlury. There will but indnrd be found amonzst them the pen of a Voltaire. Rousseau, or a De Lille ; but then we have not, ineir nation, been civilized upward: of thou sanu years. iiavowcnot, ttieu, every reason to despair f We have also mado cseays in fine arts, and are ronviurrd that proper mas ters are alone wauting to enable us shortly to produce our l.emu?in, our Lignarus, our Ra - meanx, and ourGrtry. Iu a word, experience has demonstrated to the world, by the a'tonkh - ing progress we have made iu learninr and in ci vilization, inai tno capacity or blacks and whites lor tne acquiring the arts and sciences is eoual, Read the History ol m .n ; never was a similar prodigy seen iu this world. Let the enemies of the Macks show a sinU instance of a peoplci situated as we found ourselves, who have achieved greater things, and tins ia in less than the Quarter a century, mot only have the Ilaytiaus ar. quired, along with their immortal ritrhtn. the ad miration of the univtrse and of posterity ; but they have arnuired still stronzer claim to srlorv. vj nusing menveirctirom ignorance and slavery to ine neigm oi splendor aud profpenty, which iney nave aireauy attaineu." . XEIV.)UK Kl'LXhVG POUT. TUESDAY, MAY SC. Carlt and gist. 1 he custom of driving carts aud gigs at full lilt through the thronged streeU of this city, has become a great and alarming nuisance, and demands the special notice of tha proper autlioritie?. Laws, we have in abun - dauce.fully adequate to meet the case, but those whose special duty it it to see them enforced, have become very censurably remios, and unless some measures be spei dily adopted to tee thore laws more respected, we have much rea. - on to apprrhend serious evils. Last Saturday a gig under full trot ran over a bd in the Dowerr, and rut open his head in a most shocking manner ; he was picked up senseless, while those who had done tho mist hief punned their way without ouce looking behind. On the same day another boy was run down in Chatham - street. And just at du,k ,wo cna"',i which, it seems, had set oul jto trot for a waSer from Cato's into town, came "ve into the upper end of Broadway, and ,hh ,iJ tae - small bri Jge, nearly opposite Frauk lin - ttreet, struck a yonng ma with one of the hubs of the wheel and a'mot deprived him of' life. The common answer of these descendants of Jehu, h 77 cili:ent wuyget out of the stay. ,r' trttt, There are now lying before B thre or tnnr a - mn.n..:a,: . . vyinriia.,uaj3) WaU HitM I1 1 ( 01 Uie siate of the streets in different parts of the city, aud s.11 trailing in ;he opinion, that the new 1 t r . I Hon oi tweepior by a nnmh.r f ' y 7 :X ot ,he Toion, will not answer. And certainly it must be adjntud I I in is at the of it some graohd fee Um oplnloi,for (be stmts were never in a worse state ; tome of our prin cipal ones, not having been cleaned, as I am in formed, for ten days; others, particularly the narrow cross streets, not at all this spring. Cut confess, f am against abandoning the project, without giving it a fair trial. Tba streeU of our city, it is said, have been estimated at aout 38 miles, and the number of hands at present employed, can easily go over and clean the whole distance within the lime prescribed by law ; that is one week ; but if the number is not sufficient, they may be increased We have not yet teen the ordinance, but lot the oew plan have a fair chance before it is discard d. In order, however, to render it effeclual, some additional regulation is necessary. In the first place, the brooms must always be preceded by a watering cart, thoroughly to sprinkle aud lay the dust. Second: Dirt - carts must speedily follow and remove every species of dirt and filth which the scavengers have collected together, both from the middle of the streets and from the gutters, before it is scattered about a' gain, aud to this there must be no exception ; no picking aud sorting, and taking oae half aad leaving the other. - if it is nccrstary to have double carts, to divide the kinds of dirt between them, let double carts be provided. And lastly, this cleaning the streets should be boun at d.y light in the morning, and fininhcd before the or dinary business hours. If thwe, or similar re gulations, were adopted, I am inclined to think well of the new plail ; but it will necessarily take some time before wa can decide upon it. Sitine running ul arg; W a some time since produced authorities to shew that it has re peatedly decided, that for hogs to ruu at large in the paved streets of a city, It a nuitanre at com men lav, and that the owners may be indicted and puuishc - d. But since no one will make com plaint, fur the reaton that is in every body's mouth, irltaft every My't Inuinett it nobody t, beg leave to suggest to the corporation Uie ex pedieocy ofensctinj an ordinance ou tliissuhjcct furtherance of the common law. The custom a disgrace on our city beyond any terms I have command : It is a gross insult to every female wbo walks our public streets at mid - day. Xcrltantrol chimney - ttertp. - Wa understand the corporation last evening made an appropria. (ion to encourage the new plan of sweeping chimnirs by machinery the invention of Mr, Gruff. It coiiai - ts of a joiuled brass frame, to which scrapers and brushes are attached, and expanded by springs, calculated to suit any size flue, or turn, in the most crooked angle. An invention that, if sttccessful, will no doubt meet approbation of every friend of humanity. From the Arte - 1'orH: DaUyAiurtiatr. Exhibition of the academy of fine artt.k - mong the various sources of elegant amusement which our city offers, not only to its inhabitants, but to strangers, there is none more pore, rational, and unexceptionable, tliim this exhibition; and none which, in so sliort a time, has risen to such real respectability, by theefforltand taltntt our vtrn couarrvmen. Music, dancing, and theatrical entertainment! have long been favored, and have received the most liberal testimonies of public approbation. But for our hishost enjoyments derived from these sources, we have beea, and generally still are, indebted to tho talents of foreigners. In music, Mrs. French has been an almost solitary except iou - in theatrical and musical talent, though many are considered rcspeclablc, yet the lovers of these amusements look iu vain for any name or our own country possessing such powerful attractions as Cooke or Philippe. As it respects the fine arts architecture, sculp ture, and painting arts, which by their nature are calculated not merely to amuse an idle hour, but to embody and perpetuate the noblest conceptions of the human mind arts, from which Corinth and Athens in antiquity, and Home, Florence, Venice, Paris and Loudon, in more modern times, derive their proudest claim to the title of polished and refilled as it respects these arts, a e think we see a fairer and more honourable promise in Uie specimens of the talents of our living countrymen now exhibited. The name of West stands first among those of the present age, and second to but a few in any o'.her. The President of the Academy in this city, has lonir been known by his historical painting, and particularly those f which engravings have been for many years extensively circulated through the country, on sub jects connected with its great revolution from a colon i: I to an independent state Waldo, Jar vis. Jewetl, Ihinl ip. Melcalf. Dickerson, and Miss Hall all American born, will soon be known and admired, if they continue to im prove with the same rapidity that they have done the last year. The present exhibition, also, coiitain one very promising attempt in sculpture, (which hat hitherto been untrodden ground Willi us,) in a 6ns relief,, by Mr. Dixcy, tin. un looking round the exhibition - room, our fei lins were strongly exc ittd by the patriotic anticipation, that our country will, at no distant period, rank as high in exc ellence in tha Fiue Arts, as it does iu whlical and military science, or iu the useful and mechanical arts. ' It belongs to the opulent and the well educated, to those who poset leisure, taste, and wealth, to nurse the buds of native genius into full maturity, by substantial protection and patronage Rut there is also a thenp rticard of teniutKH' PROBATION a stimulant within the power of almost every individual to omr; and if once this Exhibition becomes a favourite and fashionable lounge, and criticism can be prevailed upon te Viuue her proper duty that is, to point out and commend beauties ; in decent aud kind language toobterve defects, and to suggest improve ments ; to lean towards youth aud youthful artists, and otrars our etrn country, with encou - rnfPnS arlialiy ; and to lay aside Uie caustic and odious style of fastidious aud general disapprobation, we shall soon see works prodinstJ here, of which our country need not be asliamed. Among many interesting articles composing this exhibition, are two unquestionable portraits by Sir Jofhua Reynolds, in the early period ol his splendid career ; aud cne by Sir Godfrey Kncller ; which serve to prove Uiat the greatest men were once young ! a fart, which may justly encourage the young to hope, that they may, in their turn, become great. Struck with the manifest improvement which the last year has produced hi the works of many of our native artists, we were desirons of call ing the public attention to the subject of thetx - tubition generally. Hereafter, we may proba bly endeavour to sptJc, from time to tine, of particular objects, as they may appear to deserve notice always endeavouring to bear in mind what w bare above remarked oa the true character of just criticism. From 'he PlattthurgK Republican (f Msj 18 An unfortunate family, from England, via Que.wt, are desirous of hearior from a near re lation of tha name of Thoma I'rr. - iov, who left HuB, in England, ia Apra 1816. fcllaiidJat New - York. Letter addressed to Richard Whit - well, in Cliesterfield, Erssx county. New - York, iuforoiiug theai where said Precious sw is, will confer a particular favour tin these uidortu - uate strangers. printers iu the U. S. are requested to insert lite above. ALEXANDRIA, M?y S2. Trtmtndmu hail - tturm Last evening, a little after six o'clock, our town was vi - sard by a oul tremendous hail - sturm, which came on froavN. E. awl continued about itO minutes, in wUth time lite earth was covered, tome of tlie stones measured full 3 1 - 2 inches in circumference Fortunately tbey did not drive much, otherwise the destruction in window glass must have beeo immense. The damage, however, was con.iUo - i able. CHARLESTON. May 13 It is said that the Buenos Ayrean ship li Union, which left bavanoah River on the 14th iuit. with her prite, a Spanish brig, went off under peculiar circumstances. The custom - house officer on tXK.rd the priw, informed the officer commanding the U. 8. revenue cntter, that a trunk or boa bad been removed from her without his permission ; a boat was immediately derputi'lird onboard the Ls Union, with an officer, to enquire into the particulars s but no satisfaction was obtained he, with his boat's rrew, weir forcibly put over the side into their boat, and the ship with her prise, immediately get under way and proceeded to sea. ' - PHILADELPHIA, May 23. EmbarkeJ on board the steam - boat jester - day, at Fort Mifflin, under a salute ol the guns of tho fort, a detachment of about two hundred recruits of the first batpiliou of artillery, destined for Detroit and Mackinac, under the command of capt. Farley, IT. 8. army. Melancholy ertnt In a London paper, it is silted, on the authority of a letter from a merchant of Palermo, dated March 2d, that the city of Catania, in Sicily, had been destroyed by an earthquake. JElan, it is added, was making a dreadful noise, but uo eruption bad taken place. Catania was from a similar cause, nearly destroyed in 161)3, when eleven thousand persons pe - ruhed in the ruius. " Extraordinary organ Account of the organ in the cathedral church of Hierlem, in Holland, reckoned Uie first in the world : it contains BOW) pipes, some of which are thirty - eight feet long anil sixteen inches in diameter, and has sixty - four stops, four separations, two shakes, two couplings and twelve bellows. The notes of this wonderful instrument can swell from the softest to the sublimest sounds' from the warbling pf a distant bird, to the awful tone of thunder, until the massy building trembles in all the aisles. II )is a stop railed the rox humana, which most admirably imitates the human voice. Handel, passing through Harlscm, ceuld not, of course, l etiit the sight of the far - famed organ Ha procured the keys, kc. and amused himself for some time; at length he got into one of his rhapsodies, and rolled along the deep and thundering notes till the very steeple shook. FROM OUR COJtJtESPOJVDEXT. Office of the Boston Patriot, Sunday, May 24 noon. ( Arrived, sch Mechanic, Davis, 18 days from Havana, via Quarantine. Sch Mary, Morrison, 16 day from Havana. Brig Franklin, Lane, SI days from St. Jago. Sch Sally & Betsey, Hutchins, 22 days from Havana. Ship Thomas Gordon, Hobart, SI days from New - Orleans, 19 from the Balize. Left, at the City, May 1, ships Keaovery, Banjrs, Liverpool 5 days Liverpool - Packet, Tibbits, do. do ; Farmer, Salter, Havre 10 days ; schrs. Freetown, Pitts, for Lisbon ready , Urchin, Paul, N York 10 days ; Volant, .Sanborn, Ha vana i brigs Atlanta, Pratt, Cadiz few days ; sch Mary & Eliza, Stone, for Madeira, ready i ship Andrew Jackson, Richardson, Liverpool few days; Frederick, Davis, do 10 do ( brig Standard, Cook, N York 6 days ship Minerva, Snow, sailed 3 days befor for Falmouth and a market ; bng Abigail, Titcomb, about a week before for Havana. Came oer the Bar' in co. with brig Alliance, Hudson, for Liverpool Freights continued scarce and high Cotton to Liverpool 1 3 - 4d per lb. and expect d to be brighter. Spoke, 21st inst. Cape Ann W by N 40 leagues, brig Union, 24 hours from Mar - blehesd fir Copenhagen. Sch Aldeharon, Clark, 17 days from Havana. Sch Lively, Peirce, N York. Sch Mayflower, Lane, 22 days from Gape Henry, (Hayti) ar. at Gloucester this morning. 'Left, 1st inst brig Planter, ltigs, for Petersburg, Va. in 1 2 or 1 5 days, cpok e, .May 18ih, lat 38, long 71 SO, brig Rose, Prickle, from Philadelphia for Lisbon The United States sloop ol war Hornet, arrived April 22d at Cape Henry and sailed 28th for Port - au - Prince, without accomplished the object Tor which she touched at that place. Cleared, ship Union, Oxhard, Batavia ; ship Franklin, Ring, Calcutta. M abblehead. May 22 This day the first fisherman arrived wilh 4000 fish, the fourth of a share. She brings the most doleful tid - dings Irons all the fishermen that ever we heard. No fish poor Marblehead ; the Grand Bank has failed !" M II B. FROM OCR CORRESPONDENT. City Gaxette Oflice, Charles - ) ton. Mav 18 noon.. ( Arrived, british brig 'i6lh October, 1812," Ramsey, 13 davs from Port Maria, (Jam.) bclir. Comet, Anthony, 5 days from Havam uen snip Aurianna, i aie, irom cms pore, an - chareinc ; the brie Cathariue Welltoian, from this port, and brig Brutu, from Castioe, arrived tne day the cornet tailed. Schr General Macomb, Wright, 20 dayt from Baltimore and 10 from the Capes. The Gen. Macomb, after rettins as far as Cape Lookout, was driven back by stress of weather as far at Cape Henry, where she put in, and sailed cgain on Uie 7th inst. and has been 7 days to Uie southward of the Frying - Pan Shoalt. Since the G. M. left Baltimore the has had the wind 14 dayt from S. S. W. to W. S. W. and most of the time blew too heavy fo carry sail to advantage. Schr Hydfr Ali, Marshall, 3? davs from Bnlli more and it from Norfolk. On the 14tb inst. off Cape Henry, the H. A. was struck by a heavy tlaw oi wind and carried away ber foremast, a - bout 13 feet from the head, and was obliged to put into Norfolk to refit. Schr Sally, Hopkins, Yorktown. (V.) 13 dayt On Thurtdiy last, off Georgetown Bar, spoke hris Mentor, ofNsw - York from New Orleans, bound to this port. 1'he ship Portia, Silliman, for Bordeaux, went 10 sea inis morning. FROM OUR CORRESPO.VnEJfT. Office of the American, ) BaltimoreMay 24. ( Arrived, British brig Swift, Cobb, 55 days from Guernsey, wilh a few horned cattle and 140 passengers (mostly children ) Off the A - tore - i, spoke Uie 'Protectress, from Norfolk fiir Bristol. In lat 67, ship gen. Smith, nf Hal timore, from Havana for Antwerp. Ship Jackson, Ilarsin, 35 days from Bur deaux. Left there April 25th, Illinois, Funk, tor I York 2Crth, Concordia, Adams, N York The brigs Christopher, Hayes, for Charleston, and Helican, Barnard, of N York for St Petersburg, Bailed in co. April 17th, in the river, spoke brig Stoughton, Taylor, N York, 52 days from Port - au - Prince 27th, lat 43 45, Ion 25, came up with and spoke brig South America, Jewett, of Baltimore, bound to New York. May 1, lat 42, Ion 33, spoke brig Wilms, Williams, 14 days from Philadelphia for RotterdamSame day, ship Ocean, Burroughs, 15 days from N York for B istol. 4th, lat 3 25, long 35 10, ship Young Hero, Simmons, 13 days from Alexandria for Bremen. Ia lat 43 44., Inn 50, aaw a great quantity of ice for days. l3tD, king Ul St, SPOXe urnswi pacacv wrijf av m davs from Falmouth for Halifax. 15th, oa George', ship Augusta, from Gibraltar for Boston. 16th, brig & Hannah. Atkins, 41 cHys from V alencia for lioston. Sell Serpent, Andrews, H days from Maya - quez, Porto lftno American vessel. Sch Gleaner, Saunderson, 24 days from New Orleans Ituci.os Ayrean Gov. brig Pucreydon, Don Oirjo Barnes, from a cruise. I .eft llucnot Ayr'ca 57th Jan, Spoke nothing lately. Brig Ami Mai ia. Buck, 27 days N Orleans. Ship Edward, Chittenden, 34 days from Liverpool. May 0th, tit 41, long 4S. spoke ships Saturn, ami Unicorn, both of N ew York. Pas - scngvrs - , Robert Patterson, esq and lady. 'Ihealriial. Last evi - uing was presented, for the first time, 77ie tirult if . - Jbydvs, a new play by Diamond. We have not time to even sketcjl the fable of (be piece. Perhaps nothing that has been brought forward for years, is so well calculated to produce tcrnir effect. Tho concluding scene produced the must clamorous applauses that wo ever witnessed. It would lie neither fair nor generous to subject a first performance to criticism : we sh;dl, therefore, merely remark, that IVi'chard, in Selim, a character requiring no ordiuary powers, bore away the palm, beyond all competition, from every one of the drumalit persona. From some unknowu circumstance, however, he flagged very much in the last act. We predict it will be his greatest character. We cannot avoid saying that never did. we tee a more Lime and wholly deficient representation Uian in the personation ofllin tan. j The City Inspector reports the death of 41) persons from the I6ih day of May, to the SJd day of May, 1818, of the following diseases. Cancer 1 ; casualty 3 ; child bed I ; consumption 9 ; convulsions 3 ; dropsy 'i ; dropsy in the chest 2; drowned t; erysii - tdas I; lever I ; fever, typhut 6; hives or croup 2; inflammation oi the bladder 1 ; qiarasmus 1 , eripneu - nony 2 ; pleurisy 2 ; pneumonia typhodes I ; still born 4; tabes mesenterica 2 ; uo known I ; wbuoping coughs ; worms I. gTeORGE CUMING, City Inspector. MARRIED. Last evening by the Rev. Paschal N. Strong. Mr. Philo L. Mills, to Miss Elizabeth Caroline Kane, daughter of John K ane, Esq. Last evening, the Kevd. Mr. Creighton, Rector of St. Mark's Church, to Mi Jane Srber - mcrhorn, youngest daughter of Peter Schermer - hnrn, Esq. all of this city. Dlr.D. This morning Mr. George Austin, aged 37 years. His friends and acquaintance are invited to attend bis funeral, to - uiorrow afternoon, at 6 o'clock, from his late residence 56 Franklin - street Yesterday afternoon, in the 23d year of bit age Mr. Jeremiah Buker,student of Medicine, ton of W m. Baker, esq. of New Jersey. KJVJVW POST MA RWE LIST. CLEARED, Brig Messagcr, Billiard, La Koehelle De Kham & De Lessert Syren, Bracket, Oporto March il Benson Hartford Baltimore NewLondon Blakely Richmond New - Londrn, Newport Rochester Schr Fortitude, Swain, Leonidas, Turner, Douglass. Thomas, Hover, Chapman, Dauntless, '1 ravers, Sloop Gleaner Rogers, , Rapid, W.ildin, Aon, Luce Almira, Blin 6't. Jago Strong k Havens BELOW, British Parket Laity Mary Pelham, 33 days from Falmouth, via Halifax, 7 days Sch Wm.fc iVary, from Richmond. ARRIVED LAST EFEMMJ Sch Paragon, Higgins, 14 days from St. An drews, with plaster. Sch Four bisters, fcpurling, 14 days from c Andrews, with rdaster. to 1 hrraason and - - - - - - - - , Adams. S'ch Duke of Wellington. Cory, 6 days from St Johns, N. B. with grindstones, to P I Nevi - us 36 passengers. Sloop William, M'CalLBdavs from at. John, N. B. with grindstones, and 46 passengers, to Ward & Bishop. Sloop Susan, Ward, 1 day from !Mew Haven, w'uh cider brandy, to liliipman & Lord, and rum, to the master. Sloop Halcyon, Gardner, 2 clays from New port, wilh rum, nails, dry goods, Lc. to Bur - rill Si Cahoone, and others. Sloop Betsey. Youne. 7 davs from St. An drews, with plaster, to Ward it Bishop. Pas sengers, Mr. and Mrs. nrKenzie. rUll rc.YlUU I TI, May !. Arrived, snip Concordia, Coffiin, 50 days irom Liveri - ool. Spoke April 1, between Holyhead and '1 uskar, ships Mohawk for Baltimore and William (or New York fnm Liverpool ; May 1, lat 41, long. 54, ship Mudora, of and from I'hiladtdphia ; iWay 8, Iht At, long 57, senr vtiiuam, ol riy mouth: Mav 12. lat 43. lone 60. hris Cooerni can. from Boston, 3 days for Russia. Monday morning last Cope Ann N N W 6 leagues, a ship liom lioston lor w umingion. schr William, wmte, vz dayt irom miming ton. RICHMOND, May 22. Cleared, sloop At trea, Pryer, N York. THEATRE. On Wednesday evening, May 27, will be pre' tented a f ragic play, called THE BRYDE OF. ABYDOS. Giafler. Mr. Robertson Selim, . Pritchard Zuleika. Mn. Barnes T o which will be added the farce of WE FLY BY NIGHT. Ferret, Mr. Hilton Performance to commence at a quarter past seven o'clock:. St. Andrew' Society. rrj - At a meeting of tlie Society, at the City Hotel, on Monday Evening, the 25th inst the following Preamble and Resolution were un animously adopted : 'I ht Society having received the afflicting intelligence of the decease, on this day, of ibeir worthy President, Dr. J AMF.STILLARY. and deeply deploring their loss, and being desirous of manifesting, by every mark of respect for his memory, their.sense of his eminent virtues and soc ial and benevolent qualities ; therelore. Resolved. That the Society will assemble at Washington Hall, at fuur o'clock To - morrow f This! Afternoon, (each member wearing the badge of the Society) and from thence tc - company his remains to the place ot ,nter.i.enl and further, that the member . i.l wear crape upon the left arm for one month. JOHN J. TALMER. Sec'ry 07" The members of the Medical Society are reuuveted to attend, the funeral ol Dr. James Til - lary. their tale president, Irom the house of his son io Inw A. D. Duff. Etu.3U8 Broadway, this afternoon, at 5 o'cloca, with the usual badge oi mour;ii''. uy orovr, my ill G. W. EDDY, M. I). Sec'ry !Ly - A respectable iiid 16 years of age, of steady habits, wishes a situation in a countiu; house or wholesale dry good store Enqirre at tins may M V." J - i MARTIN WELLES aad NATHAN r" SAlRE, Attornies at Law, have orvn4 ii." offce at No, 1 IS Pearl strrc't. mrsci1' i& ' be Coa.igocet oi the brig W fZ ' Anjiierm, will confer an obli - ralioa o - Mian., k.. j;.. - .i..... .. . 'ne tlie lutifcribcr as tooa as possible, as said brir will c to load lor the above portimuJ. diattly after N - iar ilnchared. . , ' . , ). C. ilMMEKMAN, my 6 No. 77 Washinetoa tire, t A i r. KICAtS iViUstUiV), KF.W - TORK ISSTITCTfOW. r pills t.ciiiig, if the weather it uleatant. tl. 'iii.T evening, ii me weather it pieatant. tl, MUSEUM BAND will perform a variety of ssug and popularain. '1 he Muhuib will be dioini - ty lighted. pea - nuiiniomtiy TOMORROW AFTERNOON OjT The second stnli jnary prise of 5000 dol Itii will be drn wo. Tlu,e w ho intend to obtain ( bunco fur it, aie invited to apply to Jt. Waits! Juer. Iw'O i;r;advay, wher - r Ihe first capital nriil! of a0H rtulbui was to!d und paid. my ' TO THF. lUBldC. QtT 1 1 rrtsumcd that 1 am fu0 well knowt iu il community to lie deemed capable of be cowing a parly to any fraudulent conveyance nnttvitliftiunliiig tlie assertions conUined iu Juh,! W Pultcrson's late caution to Uie public Tl coiiieyame fn m R. D. Ardento me wai a fair and bona Me tramaction, and I em ready to enter into full covenants and warranty for the titu (hat I may fcive. Purchasers therefore need be under no appithunsinu of the uiiu ditpule that arothrenttm - d by Mr. Patt.'ton. j,ava been sometime absent from town, or. I thould have Hoom - r noticed thut gentltman't advertitemenf .which will probably invite more attention thai, he could have widied, to certain circumttance lately detailed in the Supic - me Court of this statu. T. I I i Knv Wmy 58 3t For JI. IV RE, f he tine fast tailing coppered brig uANN', John A&bford. master; l,ai;.! the greatest pai t of her cargo on board, will positively sail, wind and weather permitting in the course of this week. For freight of a few tons light goods, or passage, having the caliin newly arranged and fitted up in the neat, est style lor the accommodation of persons desirous ,to have their comforts on board. Apply to JOHN ABttM. WHXINK&CO. my 2b 4t 75 vvaslungton - itreet. For HA VAX A' AH, The regular packet schooner TJN. D.UNTED, N. Blackmail, master. sails on Friday next, 39di intt wind and weather permitting. For freight or passage, ap. ply on board, west side C. H. slip, or to A CVaVT a - l n.m.' A.uuii u. riir.LfS, my 26 183 Front - street. For HAVRE, The coppered fast saillns; ship COMET, Wm. Hall, master, intended as a regular trader, and will meet with early despatch. For freight or passage, having superior accommodations, apply on board, at Pine - street whart, or to GRIoWOLDS 4: COATES, my 28 68 South - tt DUCK H BRANDY. - 5 pipes French Brandy, 40 pieces Ravens Duck, received and for sale by GEO. W. TALBOT, my 26 55 pine - street. M hhds. trood Muscovado Sugar, for sale by . L.. C M. llOMVIiU my 28 88 South - street NDIA BLINDS. For sale by CEBHA it CUMING, my K6 76 Pearl - street. I AMA1CA RUM. 9 puncheons excellent oa - J vored Jamaica Kum, lor sale oy TUCKER LAUR1ES, my 26 29 South street. Hisr.o. - wuiiiuei, iuiiuihk m niuanj 00111. from sloop Warren, from St. Dominco, ana iiL.i - 1 .i . . . 1 i i : ... . ii.. I) . for sale by JOSEPH OSBORN, nv yb 28 Sotith - itreet. WHEAT ti POTATOES. 4400 bnabelt prime Wheat aiH) do Potatoes, received from the Dfatnctof Maine, and lor sale ny G. G. ft 8. IIOWLAND. . . a f No. 67 Washington street. Samples of the wheat mat be teen at J Towt tends & Son's office " my 26 ,1 I OLAa.Si 6. Il hhds. and 14 Uerces lit 1VI vans Molasst - s. now on Uie wharf in frost. of the subscribers store, cargo ol me senr. zealous. Also. 190 hlids. ti tierces and 4 bhlt. Man el Moluses, of good quality for retailing, cargo of the brig .Mary, now landing and will be told; on accommodating terms, if applied for this dsy, by U. ti. az rj. UUWL.AMJ, my SS 7 Washington ttreet , 1lJiliC - .. ALMU.SDs & LEMONS - 210 O hart Sumac. 70 tacks H 8 barrels Almonds 40 barrels Lemons, landing Irom brig Laura - 1 Aon, west fide Burling thp, for tale by ... a. - II I II lll.T r. my 26 86 South - ttreet. r"!L OF CINNAMON. 1 case, just receiv er" ed, t . and for tale by CAMBRELENG & PEARSON, my 26 67 South street. 1 TURPENTINE. 500 bhlt toft Turpentines for sale by - v an riftirsff tv r aT LI. tsc inursr. et vu. my 26 92 C. H. Slip. ST. CROIX RUM, SUGAR At MOLAS&W. 45 hogtheadtJ f . ,:. 103 barrels S 9 hogsheads and R - . - iiin. Molattea 1 1 barrels 149 puncheons Rum. Ru - pivMd iwr hritr William HeoiT. from St. Croix, landing this day at pier No. 11 eatt River, and for tale by ' tlLAUii ol UL. fI.loir.iH my 26 1w 31 Old Slip. ri ERMAN TOYS, bic. 2 catet cor - taining T vita niocrt Tovs. and 1 elreant Vienna - made Piano Forte, with 5 stops and a drum. AL.SV. . 19 catcs Tumblers. 50 boxes Roll Brimstone 100 boxet Steek entitled to drawback, juit landed nnd for sale by. JAS. D'WOLI, Jr. my Vo rio. 91 omiuwucci. .... . kif.a. a iJ L Q hla.C &rt O quality, for sale by JAI KSIIV K ttllULLLIi my 26 75 Wall - street LUCK sHEETINGS A.c.r 40 pieces Rattia U Duck 5 balet do white and Brown Sheetings 6 torn do clean Hemp, for sale by HOYTAi TOM. my 26 end 3t 45 South - street. SPERM OIL., wiAt, c. - 5.iou tm"'r,, mer strained Oil, in barrels, tierces and boos 3000 galls, whale Oil in barrels 10 casks superior Bordeaux Claret,nlKr botttcing 5000 lbs. Whalebone, in slab 100 boxes new spermaceti Candles 2d rppls Kentucky hempen yams . . CO coils cordaice, asturted sites, for sale bf HAYDOCE& JENKINS, mv 26 1w 152 Soulh - street. IRISH UXJS, SHhlLTlAUS AXU Ul - Al'KUS. BY the late arrivals from Dahlia tad Beiia - ti HENRY M'VICKAR Si CO. have re ceived . .. . . 4 - 4 7 8 linens, 5 - 4 sheetings m nan piv - 7 8 lawns 3 - 4di;.pcr 3 4 brown linens, in half pieces ' Russia duck aud table cloths ",e' ? for sale on reasonable terms at No. 67 Puie - st. may S6 ' - ' CA3&IM LlltS. FIVE tiales of Caimcres, fashionable cotorl, inst ivc erv. - d and lor sale by ; AADtaKoUii ctie..i - 'i my 26 gw 131 Water s treet. - M - .i . i . t t' lj iiai. i rnuutiw v - S l.V,IVO.I.l 1 11 al V " T. - .K - . i J J 1 sold Li. IT imnM'ilial. ftD "s ,.v"':r,"vVro iO. aZ fcJalU . 30 clialdron Liverpool New Pit, selected the grate, for sale at above. mj x

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