Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 22, 1944 · Page 11
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 11

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 22, 1944
Page 11
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«~S '' F ' b - 22 ' 1944 11 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE Rationing Calendar " TM ' A I D I M* · V. Grec " sta «"ps 0 u cannfnt'. through Feb '8 I3« shoV, ?«"»» ' "·· Book 8 1. a»d AirSe s amp J. Book 3, good indefinitely. Gasol inb 10 A coupons E ood for 3 calions' B and C (issued prior lo Dec. 1) good' for F "wilM : Re * stamps AB - E3 . CB, Book 4. V-n^fc 4 A !i nB .'!; e ,s nd ?? d stcm p s !n w» r ^ uoofc 4 worth 10 points each £v?rn»n rf'S*? 15 Eive " Ul change for ViJ o- T^J Ked meat st amps. jHi. 21: Blue tokens given In chance for ' H"po n ,^ IU f *»«««« *o3"Ifrnp" i. .: Fourth inspection period Class nrt rp e *P |J '' :s -'. F "'l inspection pe- 'od, Class C ration or bulk coupons rch 13: Fuel oil period 3 coupons ex- »'»« 20s Brown meat stamps Y, z ex- M pfres"' : Gaso " ne A "upon. No. 10 ex- SSS'SS? SSS W.SSS- "r^n^pter^ 0 " 0 " period s nl . C ^. I SJ rc hL ve ±!F Iess F r ve ry 6 months . , appncanls *» war ration Book 4- P at y ° W Iocal b ° ard ^ Playgroutid Vote to Be March 13 SICK IEJVE PUN i.-.; - ~.--^. ..-: -^-- :· ..----_ Mason City Calendar ·x.* «.. .. . Victory b o n d party Teb. 22--Retailers' and dance. Feb. 23--Doctor Jay tional " - · Hi t Movie Menu C "n 1 . t ~^' M J" a: "? e Curie" « n r Tuesdir. PA??r? S£? 5 sllrts Wednwdsj-. 1AL.VCE--"Fu-td Wife" an j "vir-i.,,-,. "Tht U5 n Ai , r f .TM"" "* »"«£?- Tht DeersUyer" and "X«rj v Fl»h t«n" start w e a aesda j.. * *'«"- SIRAXD--"t J a c fr « *«,» i 1S:~ '·""·r Con " u "" e " «»*·· TU«- Po rents-Wives clri»rT^J. "·"«· ifUitiJUV IJv' XlfE SERVICE OF THEIR COUNTRY ^S-JS.-w-wa Sgy^ «V^i HERFlN MASON CITY Time tested paints. Paynes. Order Fuller Products for spring cleaning. Phone 1499-w. Mrs. C. C. Dubois, 504 s Vcr mom, has returned'to her'home- in stock. 3 Holy Communion --··-·" ·"" ' : ^0 and 9-30 a m ---. Wednesday at St John's Episcopal church. The Litany and Penitential offering will be at ':30 p. m., with the rector, Father C. Burnett Whitehead, speakins t° enn t"- The W ° rd for the Impem-! lOc to 25c single roll. No match and pattern. W. R. Mickey, 70? j Delaware, Phone 173. JACK MACNIDER JOINS MARINES 2nd Son of General Enters Service SICK LEAVE PLAN SET FOR SCHOOL EMPLOYES HERE Allows 6 Days Each Year, Cumulative to Maximum of 25 Days A cumulative sick leave plan for all regular employes of the school district was approved Monday night by the school aoard, to' become effective next sept. 1, the start of the next contract period. The plan provides for a sick eave of 6 days a year with pay. In the event that an employe does not absent himself for the fc days, they may accumulate until a maximum of 25 days has been reached. If an employe is away from submit a statemenf^by ^n^at- to"s,mn P h £? ician or Practitioner to support his application for pay duiung the period. In addition to the employe's own illness, the p an covers the sickness or death of close relatives. Office staffs, janitors and engineers are covered as well as teachers, according to the« adopted by the board after sev eral months of study. Ho""rd A OLeary was chairman of the latAH £ olmnl , ttee "' hich f ormu- iaiea the plan after studying those m use elsewhere and after meeting with representatives of teachers* organizations which had Petitioned for a sick leave plan ihe plan continues the G dav allowance which has been followed in the past but will permit an accumulation from one year to the next which has not been possible previously, it was explained. The board appointed 2 kindergarten teachers OH the recommendation of Supt. R. B. IronT Alfas tois Marian Sliarp will succeed Mrs. Irene Simmen at Hardinsr airs Sfer"' J " B ' r " nS Wi " s TM ee * at 9ickfnicTMBoU C of r the n tri°rtaI teachers have moved from Mason Mr. l rons a}so reported t , t h has hired Mrs. Edith Haaheim as his secretary in place of Aliss Marcella Tvettin who has l e f t t o join the WAVES Principal James Rae was au- to right, are Jimmy Max - - 2^!l£!*iA««raS t iS'i«" J ^ Town, Township Chairmen T^l r* » *** -^ Campaign : k ^ .·- .». ... dent f G " Harmon , President of Drake university to be the cornmencement speaker here in June. DCS Moines, Jack M , - -- -·--"·«.=, vi i -- jacK iwac- £ider of JViason City, 2nd son of ifrig. Gen. Hanford MacNider was sworn into the marine corps' reserve on his 17th birthday Mon- Q3y. . Young MacNider, a 5-foot 11- inch, IGv-pound hockey and football player for the Milton, Mass academy, where he has been attending school, took the oath from Capt. Raymond J. Gowan His mother stool solemnly by during the ceremony. Jack's brother, Tom, who re- cemly enlisted in the army, has qualified at Jefferson Barrack's Mo., as an aviation cadet General MacNider, who is s!a- turned in the South Pacific area still has one son not in service' Angus MacMder. 15, is attending school at Lake Forest, 111. academy. Jack will return home to await , a call to combat training on the \ west coast, expected sometime \ during March. Son of Former Mason Cityan Gets D. F. C. '°pt h n? be ^». rcc eived here "V""TM G 'enn Vosburgh, 22 son of Claude Vosburgh, now of Syca- ??£% rf', bUt former 'y °f Mason City had been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for ex- ca^lSsX'T " GUSdal - r l h |e\K^men e ?n\\pTSSc e Vosburgh left the safety " ( W s foxhole and made his way-3; time* "oSUded " fie ' d ' ° £ fi " tc ' TM s 40 yards to a place of safely^vhere SromnVl aJ i COUld be administered promptly. He returned to his machine gun just as the enemy vns turning its fjre on a n ^borin| ? ° m ^"L R ?, mov i"S Ws gun from TED WOLFRAM --IVcst Half ire silenced the Japanese guns. Two of Pfc. Vosburgh's uncles Loren and Orville Vosburgh are residents of Mason City. ROTARIANS HEAR MARINE KOCI CN TARAWA ATTACK Family of Survivor Honored at Luncheon at Hotel Hanford Marine Pfc. Lowell "Bud" Koci pi Grafton, one of 20 survivors of whJif 5 ! 1 "J aVe attack on Tarawa, which had a loss of nearly Vfld casua ties in itself, told members flow 7?" C , Iui J, M ° nday hoon at lh e Hotel Hanford, about some of his experiences on the island, where he spent more than 3 days in the most hazardous kind of fighting of "B U ir' Mrs ' Jolm Koci parc " ts Mrs:. Henry Fakfor, other members ins tamily, were present and Town and township chairmen in the forthcoming Cerro Gordo county war fund appeal met at the Cerro Gordo hotel Monday evening to receive instructions and their allotments of territory. Jn charge of the session were y , , Bailev . county chairman hU 1 ?? Wolfra ». Ventura,Tho heads {lie west half of the county east half! WUson . Maaa, City, tte Cerro Gordo county's quota in TM ^ tlomvKlc campaign is S51,- how-n i e r cam P al S n is scheduled to begin March 1 and will be held ^ 1S L f "? ds «? carry on the greal fvnT n S ' n CampS a n d °" ° a "' fionts all over the world. The na OOo n Dnn S ° ° £ l i le drive is S 200 - UUOOOq, a prodigious sum, but small m comparison with general expenditures for this war fn« when measured against the tremendous services given by the Red Cross, heads of the campaign organization pointed out. Rowing are the town chair- Clear Lake, E. P. stillman- Dougherty, George Cook; Ply-' TM"«'. Charles Ciner; Rock Falls Hoc^n an i R sTMSn jeer and Russell Reimer. Thornton Mrs Elmer Christensen an ;. U. ulendon; Ventura Loui GreU and Ferdinand Boehnke Township chairmen are- Bath, John Bodecker, J F Zimmerman, Frank Sturges and Har R£^ J B A S; 9, Ie!u ~ Lake township Kichard Ax, Carl Schiefelbein anc Erym Rosendahl; Dougherty Floy AJnPn nni-1 7?,J -n t _ . J " _ J " K. 3. \rasox --East Half tensen: Goneseo, Henry C oinnun and William Koester; Gi'an El W^T "U 1 ^ J^obson; Grim" W. ,T. Hartfelder, Floy "·-», William and Richard James- Christensen nnd Bob Finson Smith and Jacl il · ^ d hcr son ' s "Purple Heart medal, which was awarded to him by Admiral Chester W j^mitz commander of the fleet, before his return to (he United , . its hind legs. kickin: rOLITICAI. AOVERT1SEME.VT :!, wish to announce that I am a .ioij;date for State Representative ·i «JbUcan ticket. Primary elec- ·j-J June 5, 1944. '' W. H. NICHOLAS 9000 N E W S OIL TREATED STOKER COAL WAGNER COAL CO. PHONE 986 AUCKER KILLED IN ACTION FEB. 10 Sergeant Stationed in England Since November ogu Harold Aucker, son of ATr=; A Aucker, 2418 Adams N ~ w ' was killed in action Feb. 10 in England, according to word're- ceived Monday by his mother. He had been stationed in England since last November. Set. Aucker's father is in defense xvork in California and a sister, Helen L. lucker, is in Red Cross work at .eirna, Ala. Another sister, Ruth t. Aucker, is a senior at the University of fowa. PLAN MACHINERY DAY New Hampton--A farm machinery day will be held in the , V £T? mp ' on high ' school farm shop Thursday. Implement dealers in New operating. . Hampton are Slarine Koci was wounded f? ? B u h ° arm ' but came trough the fighting in fair condition alter he had stopped the flow of blood with coral sand, white abidin? his time m a fox hole. He described how they took the seawall and cleaned out the pill boxes on the island and counter attack in the moonlight when he was wounded Imperial Marines of Japan were holding the island when the Americans attacked, according to Marine Koci, who said these men were seasoned fighters ranging for the most part 'over 6 feet tall and weighing 190 to 200 pounds. M. D. Judd i n t r o d u c e d the f??i k L r antl Fa " l er C. Burnett Uhilchcad presided. Charles E. Mnckland spoke in behalf of Ihe Association for the Preservation of Clear Lake and Rob Roy Cerncy spoke in behalf of the Institute for International Understanding Friday evening. B. J. Drummond welcomed two new members ito the club. Leigh H i" r , r , an ' catlf \ raising, and Fred M. Kellog, auto parts and accessories. Guests of the club included Rotanan Ralph Bowen, Forest ~ Lindbeck, W. L. Patton C^T inS -, : ,J le ?. S , ant Va " e ^ · Ko ^» §5«r joSrss. a^ ingum Employment Interviewers Are Needed -_ -_,..,,., s M uuiuieci men to v= V^'S _ Eervice =» inter- of -- *^-*j.i_ini. stri v " ou l e «. C. W. Cowan, the Mason City office anno to^ele^ W - an ha f- been authorized v?«, : - a PP )lc anis for inter- Mewer position in the Mason CHv FARM BUREAU IN DRIVE.FOR MORE MEMBERS IN '44 Campaign Started by 150 at Organization Meeting at Y. M. C. A. About 150 members of Farm Bureau met at the Y. M. c. A. Monday night in an organization meeting !o make plans and start the membership campaign, which will extend f r o m T u e s d a y throughout Ihe week From 5 to 16 representatives from each township made up teams to solicit new members S A. Mafhre, president of the organization, was in charge of the New Location GLASGOW TAILORS 8 SO. DELAWARE ART HEGG, Prop. Phone 456 n,, - . . aon Ottis Albaugh, O. R. Taylor \Vii- liam Millmgton, Lester Milligan E. Moody, Don Gilbert, Bert ^ l S g ? rdncr ' J - w - Hillstrom, and Pvt. Jack Cabanis. DIES TX FLORIDA .Garner--c. H. Nelson was advised recently that his brother '" s - who 1'ved in Tampa, Fla., died Feb. 6 and was buried Feb 8 Hans Ixeison was a resident o£ the Garner community abeul 16 years ago and has another brother iVels who lives at Clear Lake A daughter Mae, was born here and was graduated f r o m the local high school and later attended Grmnell college. Mr. Hanson's wife preceded him in death ... labor or industrial relations nnancial or industrial sell- iri Si law, skilled Iradp^ in /^»i struclion or industrial fields Applicants must have demon stralea their ability to m-et and' fceal with the public. CoUeVor university training may be sub years ^ this c ^P cri «icc « P to tf^A^^SSF* mils. Starting salary is $1,800 a J ear plus overtime. Persons interested may apply at the local fice r before March 1. P. Batlleson. local United employment service inter- iiTj""" ' ne P as ' year, leaves \\ednesday to enter the navy. No one has been named to fill his position. " s FRANK J. ENBUSI Audits - Syc-cms - T.ix Sen ice TAX ATTORNEY CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT Pi"lN»fl Bank Bldg. Phonc 8S2 Melvin Hawke. Sheffield, chairman of the orsanization committee, spoke on the necessity of working through and with organ zed jrroups and R. M. Hall. Han- ontown, spoke on the need of education and organization in the community. W. Earl Hail, managing editor of the Globe-Gazette, discussed lostwar plans and problems Marion E. plson, county direc- "' . of agricultural extension ervice, discussed the program of he larm Bureau and told of T B. control in cattle, alphalfa, lim- ng, fertilizer and other accepted radices which a few years ago vere experimental projects. v iVlr^ Olson also discussed future projects of the organization, such as control of Banff's disease m cattle, varieties of oats, and other projects. A committee was appointed to make an extensive study of schools and their effect on apiculture to the entire community J. Merrill of Ihe Extension Service, Iowa State college at' Ames, attended the meeting, and P"7" e . Knutson spoke on group health insurance. Earl Dean and W. Earl Hall led the group in community singin" HA VI PRITCHARD'S Keep You Rolling with O.K. RECAPS Pritchard Motor Co. 10P, SOUTH PENV. 2 BOARD SEATS TO BE FILLED ON SCHOOL BALLOT Petition Asks School District Take Over Summer Playgrounds A petition requesting the school board to hold an election on a summer playground program operated by school authorities and financed by a special tax levy was presented at the regular monthly board meeting Monday evening. The board set the vote for the regular school election, March 13, at which time 2 directors and treasurer are to be elected. No nomination papers have yet been filed. Terms of Dr. George M. Crabb, president of the board; t. W. Osmundson, director. ami Allan F. Beck, treasurer, are those expiring on March 20. The last clay for filing nomination papers is March 2, at noon accbrding to Secretary n. L. James. Nominations m u s t be signed by at least 10 voters according to Iowa law. The petition Tor the playground /o(e was signed by more than 400 persons and consequently made it mandatory for the board to arrange for the vote. No op- losilion to the idea was expressed y any board member, however, aud some favorable sentiment was voiced. i The vote will be on the tnW- tion o£ whether the board oJ directors o£ Ihe school dislrict shall be empowered lo levy not-more than a half mill lo finance the playground program. A half mill levy would raise approximately O l l n n n f _...._ i _ . . . . -r ·* Lola Brown Heads TB Association in County ^T^SJSHSi'KIM: eiation at the Grew, Mill Monday evenh\« P " C ' " g ° £ tlle ass °- --- ' ^ \» UMIVA i iii^t a[j}Ji UJX-lIllaLCly $11.000, Secretary James told Ihe ·board, but it was explained that proponents of the program have estimated that only S3,5flO would be necessary to carry on an adif- quate program. The playgroutid work during the summer vacation of Mason City's schools lias been carried on for the last 4 years by a private organization, the Mason Cily Piayground association, organized originally under the leadership of the Mason Cily X M. C. A. The 1943 summer program was financed by a 51,000 allocation by the school board and an equal amount from the city, together with private donations of approximately S400. It would not be possible to get personnel to carry on an adequate program' with that amount this summer, in the opinion of those acquainted with nast operations. Those connecVed with the Mason City Playground association are known to he among those sponsoring the petition School and city authorities, including Ihe police department have been outspoken in their praise of the program, pointiiiR o improvement in the juvenile delinquency record when the ·las-grounds were put into opcra- The city could\ still participate n sponsorship and financing of he project by permitting the use r lt(! parks ' · · coming year to succeed Dr V E Wicks. ·' ' ' Miss Doris Bruce, executive secretary of the Social Welfare League in Mason City, was elected vice president. Florence Sanberg was re-elected secretary, and R. C. Keister, treasurer. A large increase over the previous year all down (he line with all towns in the county going over the lop, was reported by Mrs. Keubeii Xyquist. county chairman of the Seal Sale. Cities anil towns in the couty, their chairmen, amounts contributed and Ihe gain over last year's contributions were as follows: Mason city. Mrs.-Floyd E Johnson, chairman, $3,169.53. "a gain of $799.52; Clear Lake, Mrs. B A Morse, chairman, §860.42, gain 5211.30; Dougherty?*. Mrs. Carl Sundquist, chairman, $38,27, gain, $14.GG; Meservey, Mrs. E. Kampmann, chairman, $C6.41, gain *· $14.71; Plymouth, Miss Aur Cooper, chairman, S75.88, gain S10.ll; Rockwell, Mrs. -R. T Lumsden, chairman, $68 gair 58.70; Rock Fails, Mrs. Hutu Wilkinson, chairman, $75.45 gain S17.B4; Swaledale, Miss Kitti Hemphill. chairman. $41.18. gain So.Op; Thornton, Mrs. E l m e Christensen. chairman. $11923 gain.' $32.1C: Ventura, Mrs. Lerni Stork, chairman, $123.45. gain $35.7fi, and from rural districts $5GC.60, with a gain of $324.13. R. C. Keister. treasurer, re ported a balanccin the banks 01 Feb. 15 to be $8,103.81. Total receipts were'$10,562.16 and tola disbursements, $2,458.35. The expenditures were in line with the amount of income, he stated, am ihou-ed that xvork had been carried on. 'The reason for a tuberculosif association is to find cases in order that the disease may be eradicated," Dr. John Parsons Des Moines. guest speaker of the evening, told the association in ;in illustrated talk on case findings and the follow-up work done in connection with them. He showed that tests given children Doinled to some source of infection and the first place lo go was j-isbt into the child's home. Dr. Kalph E. Smiley, chairman of the medical program in the-county, reported that the tuberculosis work is easier now Iban it was at the beginning of his 6 years of experience with the association, because people understood it better. The medical program at present is somewhat stymied by the lack of nurses, but the educational campaign must he kept up said Dr. Smiley. He emphasized the efficiency of giving information aud tests lo groups, such as industrial groups where greater numbers could be reached at a time. In line with the work clone under the medical program, Mrs Bermce Beale, public hc.ilth nurse m Mason Cily, reported a total number of eO'i days spent doing tuberculosis work, which consisted of case findings including the follow-up ""»·-- ..I.--.-. MRS. LOLA BROWN 1° a , nl »ttier of groups, a total of 2J1 individuals admitted to the clinic service, 102 of whom were new cases, and visits made total- ng 431. Miss Ruth Fisher, county nurse, told of (he comjf y program which included home visiling and health supervision of cases, Mantoux resting, routine school testing, tes i i .. ·-· "~ jvi.uuf lesunff, testing of adult groups and assist- -ng with the educational program by giving talks, distributing literature and showing films. She mentioned 138 patients admitted to clinic service and reported 346 visits to the patients. Members named to the executive committee at the meeting H ei ' e ii D £ Balph E ' SmiIe J-' D r Harold W. Morgan, Enoch A. Nor- S^'w"^^?,' itehcad ' H -' c - Keister! ?! ' Vf. V ^° kS ' Mrs ' Lola Brow » Mis. R. L. Myquist, James Hae D H. Fitzpatrick, Miss Doris Bruce and Dr. L. W. Swanson. Mrs. Lola Brown was named representative director to the state convention to be held in Des Momes, March 30 and 31. On the program committee were Dr Harold W. Morgan and Dr. Ralph E Smiley; education and publicity Jinocb A. Korem and county seal chairman, Mrs. R. E. Nyquist. Dr. i-.. u . invanson was named chairman of the early diagnosis campaign. Re-elected for 3 year term di- ·ectors were Enoch A. Norem Mason City, slate executive com-' mttee; Mrs. C. M. Schumacher, on; R. C. Keister, Mason .'Irs. Carl Sundquist, Dougherty; M,. s . Dorqthy McCarthy, Mason City; Dr. Harold W. Morgan, Lion's Club, Mason City- Mrs. George Senior, public health nirsrng association, Mason City- rank Bowen, Junior Chamber of Commerce^ Mason City; Clarence Ramsey C. I. O. Labor, Mason City; Miss Hazel Thomas, rural chools, Mason City; Mrs. Clarnce Herr, A. F. L. Labor; Mis. - 1 - Lumsden, Rockwell, and Irs. T. B. Ferguson, Mason City. .. D r - V -.E- Wicks, president of the association, had charge of the meeting and introduced the speak! er. ire announced the state convention lo be held in Des Moines . l arch 30 and 31 and stressed that a large delegation should attend. t I '- ~---".^u, IU_ULUU- ' ng lo tiie provisions of the stale ' , .... . m l l k u l . t . v HjailllJ^. Jl£ u-ell as education and supervision Mrs. Bcalc reported films shown Farmers! Opportunity Is Calling Th.s w,.. be-MUST BE-o record'year for crops. Uncle Sam needs every pound of food to help win the war. There will be no "dead" surpluses. Prepare now to plant to the limit and come in now to see us for a crop loan. f UNITED HOME BANK TRUST co. OWNED. AND OPERATED BY YOUR Member drrjii Tll*co Insurance AMD NEIGHBORS

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