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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 26, 1818
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UA1BER 4976 TUESDAY, MAY 26, 1818. NaVULIAM - STREET. ,.Mf3 n'WOLF, Junr. bat removed irom o i jVS"iet lo54 Soutb - .treet.aod oCers for ,ale st rerooni toulb American Talrow II fooTcl'an St. Petersburg Hemp, Jew belts first quality Riissm Duck ; Ger - boxes, entitled todraw - bacst. . i0 Ibi. Green Coffee do t5 boies China table .ctts 172 piece, each . ) 10 hhdi pure Spirits , .. . . Put. Has. ' ... ,j a - v fit i. .1 l.s. J1 r. IT ravin " i t .rtu nrtif - les. case ol new auu nes1"" - w " ' LaJiM'CworicboxM and dxessins cases, very tie - Writing desk elegantly gilt and plain Gilt and painted card racks, Fan racks vSnmX candle screen., painted in a .uperier manner, with gilt 1 lra haadIs ' Backgamon board. Malino and morocco work baskets Gentlemen', (having apparatuf, Tonche. and dreeing ciu complete Morocco and mahogany urtable desk. A few Russia lealher do. very superb Some very elegant portfolio, with gilt lock, and rilSanttr Silt border, and plain Morocco, Rus - S and roan pocket book., of variou. descnp - Sorn wallets, of Russia and Morocco, with many other article, too numerous to mention. For .ale wholewle and retail, by N. SMITH DAVIES,' jj No. 151 Broadway. ft' - lH PLAift etc. no iaic uu.iki. - jO.CKw'b. - India B,ock Tin . . , , . - 8 000 II - . Iron Wire, assorted from No. 1 to lJt lor .ale by ANsON G. I HELPS, p30 rront ,lee, rjOH Si ABRM. WILLINK ii CO. ctfer lor J 'sale ; , , ,. 35 case, superior Bengal Indigo Several. cak .malls, particularly desirable for bleacher, and paper maker. 4 caik. hardware A few bale, ca.siwerc. and .balloon's, .bawls. p 20 IVs ESS and PRIME ruitN. ano an i.a iVl barrel., .aid to be a very superior let, will be sold from the vessel at the iowe.t market Price. - AP,Jyto C0RNEUUS nUBp,5. LYNCH, un. (at No. 40 William - street,) . has on hand the following WINKS and LIQUORS, .elected with judgment by himself, which he offers at wholesulo and retail, war - , anted pure, as imporhd ,?hhPU ( Madeira, from 3 to 13 100 hhds - years in wood. 40 qr casks ) ' Old Madeira, iu bottles, fiom S to 20 yean Cliarapaigne, Burgundy, Claret audSauterue, of very superior quality n wXnmM .I... I .;.luifi 7 tian old , 7 do Sherry, niuo years old, and free from Boracha taste Port, in pipes and bottle. Table wine, for its quality, the cheapest in ' America TencriAe, in hhJs. . Old Brandy, do. Rum, do. Gin, not reduced 600 demijohns, containing five gallons each SO groce wine bottle . JI. B. Those in the trade, and country deal - art, will find it to their account, to supply themselves with wines and liquors at the above establishment, as they will be certain to obtain arti - rles of the first quality, at the lowest prices, aud pur a Imported. my 9 gm TO BH LEASED, ON favorable terms lor a long term of yean, 4 lots of ground on Broadway, 200 feet deep, extending to Crosby - street, between Hester and Grand - streets. S lots in Water - street, near Catharine - mark. 1 lot in Water - street, between Fulton and Barling slips. ' Also, several other lot. in the 5th, 6th, 8th and 10th wards. For particulars, enquire at No. 30, Chatham - street. may B Richmond end Lvnchbunr manufactured TOBACCO. M fXCC, now landing from sundry ves - jLv" . O sels, of the following qualities and brands: I 63 kegs Shelton k Williamson, 8 hands, 1, 2, 3 145 do r. Miller ic on. u 38 do J. P. Ege, 8 45 do George Fletcher, 8 108 do John Coders, 8 Hi .U Tt R Rml ft 1,2,3 1,8 1 A "J 53 do P. Holts & Co. 8 61 do Anderson, Blair k M'Keage, 8, 122 do Jesse Hare & Co. m do R. Hughe. Si Co. U 1,2 63 do R. Cantor, 8 1,2 45 do F. G. Crenshaw, 8 1, SI do R. Pntton, 12 2 87 do J. & P. Labby, 81 do II. Starr. 8, & lady's twist 8,. half lb rolls Most of the above brand, are well known and approved of in this market, on accouutof the quality, and uniformity of the different numbers by which the qualities are designated. For tale by CORNELIUS DU B019, apXO JO r ronl - slrept. J w .J kes. London White Lead in oil 30 barrel, do Dry White Lead H tm Red Lead 30 barrels Bristol Red Ocbre 90 do Venetian Red ; X ton. Cne Litharge 80 hogsheads Whiting 60 cask. Paris White ; ? hhdi. Verdigrii 50 tierce, t renh Yellow Ocbre 5 kegs Vermillion 4 casks Prussian Blur, 4001b. Crome Yellow ; Patent Yellow Hpaniib Brown, Vr neti.m Red, Yellow, VINOIL. Black, I Verdigris, 1 Lampblack ; Ivory Black i Purple Brown Spirits Turpentine ; Lintseed Oil 400 boies Window Glass, assorted For tale on the lowe.t terms, for cash or at hort credit, by PETER SU1ERMERHORV fc SONS, tny 1 243 Wster - strecL Ulli.VUUU.iM ti tllUt FltCLU (iOUW, OH COHSIOSMBNT. THE subscriber h;ue received hy t! Ilcrcn - les, and other late arrivals, and oiler for sule bJ Ihe pat kafe, 40 casks ot Birmingham Hardware, consi.ting of most ot the staple articles in the l.n.v W casksofGlesofcvcrf description 6 do oi'Kenrons warranted hand, paonel, tenant, SHshj lr. saw. 6 cases of do. mill, pit, and crocut taw. ALSO, 10 Inns best London boop L. blistered Steel, Ctowler do. AM coiisiiriimert of warranted Halback" j direct from the manufactory of . Halback K Son, of or Kemsrlieid. U. W. ROGERS 1 - Co. JBX?I ? 13 P - arl - streeL liKEr' and PuRK. 50 hbls prime Beef - 0 do do Pork, for sab? by PALMER & fc' A IDLER, - JM 104 FrotiMtreet. V ANTED, several young L ADIEa as an ...".Police, to the MA.NTUAMAKl.NG - ,A . MIS3 MARSHALL, mj 14 - tf No. 7 Cbf - tmL. DOMESTIC & OTHER WARES. 11 E subscribers keep constantly on band au x. exieosiTD ouuriigcuiui uie louuwing pooat, viz Dutch and Eiiclith Gunny Bags, Popes Head. Crumb Brushes Brooms Duster, or Counter Brushes Hearth Brushes, fan Bellows, I'uncy and common io for Blacksmiths Hall and Entry Mat cy and common Head do do do ('loth do do tit Weavers do White Wash do Shoe St Scrubbing do l'aint Brushes and ran. and I uds Wheel - Barrows Fine Wire Sieves Do Hair do Whips of every description Seine, sewiog, wrapping, baleing and ball Twine Fish Lines "Saeh Tools Clamps, 4,7, 3 row Furniture Brusbe Horse do Bed Cords, Clothe. Lines Sash Cords, Trace Rones Wrought and Cut Nail, and Brad. Shoe k Sadler. Thread Dearborn's Ballan - ces, tic. Which they will sell wholesale or retail on Ii' beral terms. CEBRA & CUMING, ap 76 Pearl - .treet. J 17 t'lHUlJYiJt "IVBACCQta FLOUR, O hhdi old Virgiuia tobacco 55 do new crop do do 66 bbls fine flour 15 do middling do. ForMeby VASQUE6, MEURON & CLEEMAN, Feb 7 tf iu. 72 Wfeiiinston - st. PLAs TEROK I'AKlo lit" AC I t'RY, At the foot of Ilarriion - strcet, North - River. 4 ADHERE manulactured Plaster, forcorui - V V ccs anil other pu'potes, may bis had, warranted ol the first quality, at one dollar and Iwtn - lyju - t cent vtrbujul. The manufactory is conducted by Mr. John Tucker, who has served a regylar apprentice ship to the mawn business. mh2l JOHN BYERS. TIN PLATE. TEA 4jc. 160 boxes Tin J nlnte. assorted ' 12,(HM) pounds tndin block Tin n.tlOO do Iron Wire, assorted 1,500 do old Copper 40 chests Hyson Skin Tea, for sale by A.NSON O. hHELPS, my 6 1i!3 Front - street. LT ARl WARE, CU'ILERY etc. 2 caik. XX bcotrli spring Locks 5 ca.ks dale Locks, I do Steelyard. 1 do chest hhnd Ir s.&C. 1 do screw plates, scale beams, Ac. 1 do hr;iM cocks, tic. 1 do bfll mdal ketlle.and skillets 1 do tin'd pot. and iiuce pans 2 do fine padlocks 4 do Hanbury locks, hingei, &.r. 2 do hammers, pincers, locks, &.c. 2 do I1L hinges, 4 do anvils 1 do hammeis and s'.cdjres 2 do black & bright vices, 2 do files 4 do pocket, pen and double blade knive 4 do sham buck and bone tabic knives 3 do button. 100 do cut nail, and brails, from 3d. to 20J. Also, a large an'! general as'nrtmcnt of goods open on the shelve'), for sale Ht the most reduced prices, by ADAU5K BLACK WELL,. may 7 15 rcarl - st. RUM, SsUOAK U MULAbsLs. 62 puncheons Ilum 55 hhdi. Molnsses 62 barrel, and 6 hhds. Sugar, Will be Ian led on Monday from the hriz Ame lia from Antigua, for nle by litiufcHT liw.i.Ksrit;, 1 12 Front .treet o Who has also for .ale. Havana. Porto Ric and Jamaica Coffee. my 2 CIDi - .R BIUNLY.10 bbl. Cider Brandy, lauding, lor .Me by . ANSON G. PHELPS, my II 183 Frout - street. i ARON SMITH has removed ro 219 broad - Ix. way, 2d door above Vesey street, and of fers ihralc on reasonable terms, War It, whiteand col'd satins Green levantine, louiiine and florence .ilk Black, whi'e, green and light blue rips Superfine white chip flats, with bands and ex tra crow im Elegant crape and fig. tafata nbbon. W hile, black and pink tulle lace Blark Italian lutestrings Plaid, changeable and plain ccl'd do. Strip'd marceline silks, Fine black, white audcol'd bombasine Do. tahinetsand poplins Black and col'd Cantuo cracs fig'd Nankin do 7 - 4 and 8 - t Nankin crape shawls and scarf. Fig'd and plain India mull muslin Do'., mull aud cambric dresses and shawls Incerling and dounce trimming Thread lacoi, edging sad footings Erench lawn, linen cambric and lidkf. Fine 4 - 4 Irish linen Damask table cloths snd napkins, all sizes Black, while and rol'd English silk gloves Castor, kid ami beaver do Best fig'd anil plait' pearl buttons Blue, blnrk, green and assorted sewing silk Black, while and col'd raw silk shawls and scarfs Merino shawls and dreses Satin jane, black and col'd galloons Hat bands, with a general assortment of fancy and stable goods. my 16 2w 1ii4i k DOLLARS TO LOAN ON IU,UVJV - J MORTGAGE, of property in this city. Apply to 16.1. 1 C G. OGDRXk Ct. mv7 43 Wall - street. 'lOtiAVLU MAMif. - tViXHW. TIIIE Subscribers be; leave to acquaint their JL friends and the public, that they have removed their Tobacco .Manufactory into their fire - proof store, No. C2 Water - street, where they intend carry 'tag on ihe business on an extensive scale they have on hand a large supply of Pigtail rolls, made of best Richmond tobacco Sweet scented N. Head Ladies' twitt Long cut chewing, in 1, 4, 8, and 1C ounce papers do smokinj u Macuha snuff, in jars and bottles, by wholesale and retail Scented Rappee, do Co Strasburj snuff do do French rapi8 do do Plain fine do da do Scotch snuff iu botllcs and bladders Spanish sepn, mndo of choice tobacco im - portcl 2ycar ayi.and warrauted genuine New - Oilcaus do. American do. Orders from the country wdl be punctually and carefully attended to. may 9 1m I. A 11 au.i. 1AMV WOULLI S. Mirrnr K. - wf Atlantic, a few I trusses oflwv priced Cloth", and Cussimerts, forsalehr JOd. S. HARRISON, i:.,. .nl. i J J fresh Meseiu Lemons, m prime order 50 hoses do dc Oraujcs Now landicg and tor sale by my 13 PETER REMSEN & CO. DRY HIDES S: COFFEE - 600 dry bioss, average weight I71bs. each 300 do do 19 do 200 do do 21 do 25.000 wt. rrtta cc&e, forsMe by U. HENDRICKS, Ktjl ' 37 Btarer - ei. WELLS li UPSON, 155 Pearl - .treet, have received by late arrivals, .Vine ivory, self - tip aud rial buck - handle v knives and forks Fine penknives, holster pistols, fine gun locks English silver watches, plated spoons, 4c. &c. oar rasd, Roman vitriol, card wire Cast, hoop L, and shear steel With a large and general assortment of hard ware, best SbeiGeld ' and fiirmiughain plated ware, for sale low. On consignment, received per Ann from Liverpool, 150 boxes tin plates. my 6 DAIN t'S, OIL, .c. fcu.i.O idids. Paris L White and Whiting 60 bbls. Spanish Brown 20 do Yellow Ochre 16 casks Venetian Red 10 tons dry and ground White Lead 2 do Red Lead 500 lb. Prussian Blue 2000 lb. iil(H) Viliiol;3000 lb. Oil do 10 libds. Copperas ; 5 do I'uiuii e Stone 1000 lbs. Gum Copal; 1500 do do Shellac 100 bbls. Ground Camwood 20 do do Logwood and Nicaragua 500 Ij do Tumeric 5 tons St. Dommsro Lozwood 2 do Large Nicaragua ; 2 do Red Wood 30 boies Eastern Mould Candles Linseed, spermaceti and neat, foot Oil Black and Bright Varnish 2500 feet 8 by 10 Glass ' 1500 do 7 by 9 do lor sale by RIPLEY &: WELD, my I t I!)2 Front, rower "f yiiUon - t. ll'Lit hKAAiJK. JO bairn, landing and ) for sale iy a:vslm t. t'itr.L.ra, nu 5 ioj r roni sircci. rj'EA, TI N t'LATK, BLOCK I L, Ale. he, Jl. 40 chests hson sUiu tea 100 boxes Tin Piute, assorted 10IKK) lbs. India block tin 0000 Ihs. Spanish do bOOO lbs. iron wire 100 tierces prime new rice 50 bbls. tiiler brandy. - For sale by ANSON O. PHELPB, my 10 133 Front street. 'I'OBACCO, LINSEED OIL, BOSTON J. RUM. &c - U7 l kesss first quality nmnu fnetured Tobarco, now lanilinir, ol the lollowiuc approved brands j " Geo. Fletcher, D. B,. Rusk, Shelton 6i W illiamson, Andersun, Blair, 4 - Mc -, f. Miller Co. r .U. tirensliaiv, J oinii, H. Starr, Jesse Hare &l,o. f. Uaney KU P. Holtx Si Co. nod B. H Brady." .Ilso at Burling flip, 10 hhds. " Spears" Boston Rum 20 kegs colouring lor liquor AndiniiWre. 300 kegs first quality pure Ginger 34 hbls mcs and prime Pork 7 hhds pure Spirits, hih 4th proof iJO pipi - s domi'stic Brandy, good quality li hhds Pcnnsylvanir. l.insrc.1 Oil 17 kegs low piiced sbippinv tttitter 110 clients llv.ou Skin I - a. Clothier's cargo, for sale by C'OBNS. DUBOIS, my li Hit .il r rriit - int. ClOPPbKAr:. 10 Ihi. Cnppiid. landing, t lor sale by I OIT d M'MMNE, my 1'i 5u oiiih strvet. HAVANA bUl'AR, l.Vl.LOV,. 50 boxes irwu Hay aim Sugar, entitled to drawback. - 180 cernons tcmh Ameikan Tallow 54 boxes Roll Biiuistonu, and 18 cases Tumlders. I autling and for sale by JAMES D'WOLF, Juor. my li ' oi gixnn siren. G. SAUNDER'S PATENT RAZOR STROP. Yon that wish to ehave with ease, Buy of Sacnuers ii you plose ; Hi. Razor Strop's, peculiar such, That sharp the Hmor with a teuch. - G SAUNDERS respctfully solicits those '. who have not got his Patent Razor Strop, to furnish themselves with bis new invented Ra zor Strop, and Metallic Composition. No gen tleman who once makes trial of one of the Strops now offered, will ever try any others; and such is their'formation, that ever so much use will not sive the razors that roundness which renders the V . - . a 1 ' 1 ! .I I . nest ol tnem useless, ana which wen inmn oi - way. to lollow the application of all those hitherto invented. I he above .trops are in general use in New York, and are distinguished irom all others. Baibers who have used them say wore in their piaise than 1 can myself. 1 t QinvnrLic ' i 18 WaU - slreet. Also for sale. Rsuoni. Soap, and every uten sil lor Shaving, of the first quality, with a superior assot I mint of Perfumery. Hair - Powder, eic. from Smyth's, New Bond stieet, London. iX. ii. rue mod uuerai allowance raauu io dealer. my Zt I sHE Domestic Manufacturer's Assistant, and fHinilv directory, iu the arts of weuviuit and dyeing ;coiupreherfiiig a plain system of directions, applying to these arts and other oranches nearly connected with them in the manufacture of Cotton and Woollen Goods ; including many useful Tables and Drafts, in calculating and lor - ruiog various kinds and patterns of goods. Designed for the improvement of Do nestic Mwiufnc - tme b J. k R. B ronton, price 11 50, just re ceived and ioi sale hy ....,.., my 52 1 w gJO Pearl - street. LODGINGS WANTED. nr M i I l' VI A N U flittiroiia of nrnrurtnir. m. " bibss.ot ii hum m j y 0 - summer, comfortably furnished lodgings, (out of the city of New - York.) at Brooklyn, or with - ; .1... Ik. I'll. Ilnll . in in a convenient umiunc iih vnj , ... a house where he would be allowed to provide lor his own Table, to eat alone, and where the family would attend to the cooking. A Parlour, and at least three Bed rooms, would be. renuired perbai). also a servants chamber. Enquire at ti Murray - street. myanr . X)li SALE. llD A hoose and farm on Throg'. Neck, in the town and count? of We.tchester. fourteen miles from New - York. The farm contains a - bout one hundred acres of excellent land in good fence, a large barn and other convenient outbuildings, a good hone two stories high, with four rooms on each floor, elegantly situated on ih hunks of the East River : the situation un commonly healthy ; the neighbourhood the most respectable ; aimiHianre ol iruuoi uie neii selection ; scale and shell fi - h in grewt variety taken belbre the house. For further information npply to the subscriber on the premises. my I 1m HlKfllM i. titifr.viA.ii. PUit SALE, A country seat, formerly owntd by Mr. R. D. Arden, containing nooui uueen acres oi ground, situated on the lst River, short of four uijlef Irom ine cuy. n " rrinamauie iur . - s Miooi;. f..wl trsrw s - ifirnhlsr reii. dence cither summer or winter ; the buildings are good and comlortahle ; the ground is in high ...4. - ...I ftKnfidnt.ll ftiiiinlifd with a choice collection ofiruit trees and shrubbery I there are . c ii . i k several spnngs oi cueitem wmi (ncun - e, and two quarries of building stone, which might be worked to great advantage. Parcba - seis are invited to viewthil situation, and ap - PlV at No. 1J Broadway lor terms, wnicn win L liberal. T. ELLISON. UT I 3w UAN awy Irom lbs subtenber on Wednesday. 13:h inst, a colored man, named Joe. is about thirty years of age, of small stature, dark color, and down look ; bad on when he went away, a bluejacket and corded velvet pantaloons Whoever will return said runaway, or ivi, him in iail. so that the owner mar obtain w,. .hull hm libenll rewarded. Masters of rtt!s ami oinert are toroia niruura; ur Dlovinr him under the penalty of the law. may 19 Wallabout, Losnr - Uaod. TO LE7. A convenient two storv frame house. with six lots of ground, well adapted for a boarding school, situated in Broadway, between Bleecker and Prince - streets. Enquire of ELB. ANDERSON, my 13 ISt - No. 4 Bowling Green. e tVH HALf., A very profitable FARM, of 110 acres, two thirds under cultivation, the residue woodland, situate on Uie sea shore, a quarter of a mile below the narrows, on the Staten Island side and a short ride from the steam boat ferry landing. It eives a very extensive view of the bar and en virons of New - York, within the Narrows, and of SaHtiy hook and the ocean t or prospect is equalled by none, - The title is unquestionable. Two thirds of the purchase money may remain secured upon the land. Apply to A. V. D. Fountain on the premises, or to W. A. SEELY. 143 Greenwich - street. TO LET, a convenient new i story house, adjoining the above, with a garden and about an acre of land. For terms apply as above. mh 3 eodtf . . r . GEORGE FORMAN, printer and Bookseller, 201 Fulton - street, New - Voik, offers Ibr sale the printing office, and a considerable part of the looks and stationary of Aaron For - mnu, deceased (late of the firm of Smith k Forman, of this city.) The printing office consits of Brevier,' Long Primer, Pica, Great Primer, Double Pica, Double English, Cannon, 6 line. Pica, 12 lines do. and 19 lines do. Alo, the Sheet Almanac, in brevier, standing. Flowers, Quotations, Can. - , ic. ic. The above articles are in good order, and will bo sold low, aud divided to suit pur chasers. G. F. continue the priuling business in all Its variety, performed at the shortest uotice, and on the most reasonable terms. The late revised edition of tho reformed Dutch Church P. - alm Books, and Constitution of said Church, are also offered for ealo as above, cither in sheets or bound, by the 100 or single book' tho size are 12mo. l.'!mo. and 2 - lnio. mav 18 eodlw CI w The Directors ol the New York Institution for the instruction of the deaf and dumb, an ounce, that it is now open for the reception of pupils, at No. 56 Chatlmm, corner of Chamber street, under the siipcrintt'iidnnce of the Rev. A. O. Stanshury. 1'he terms of board are JloOper annum, including washing & mending ; pupils to lind tin ir own ucas. t union 4U per ami. in eluding stationary. 1 hose who are unable to pay lor their tuition will mnke application to the supermteniinnt, tiiht im - ir case may ne laid ut - fore the board of directors. JOHN II. SCOTT, Bec'ry. my 1 jeod 2w c2v HARDWARE, CU'ILERY, fcc. RVING, SMITH &i HVSI.fJP, No. 142 Pearl I street, hare received by slniis Impoitcr, Jaim:s Monroe, and other late arrivals Irom Liverpool, 137 casks aud cases Birmingham nod Hhclheld Hardware, which they oll'or for side "at low pri ces, lor cash or approved credit, cniisirMiis; ol Ivory lull buck nnd self tip table Will desert khivc. and forks - Fine pen, sportsman,' and pocket ki.lves Do sensors and razors ; do on cards Cast steel chisscls, gouge, and plane irons, handsomely assorted Millington saws, steelyards, spectacles Iron post and hox coffee mill Drawing knives, files assorted Fine plata and banbury stock locks Iron andJutannia table and tea soons A variety ofhrass cablactlurniture Tinned and plated saddlery Needles and knitting pin pocket books Powder flasks and shot belts Rat and diosso traps fi ll. L. and butt binge, wood screws Ircn and bruss wire, Knob, closet and chest locks Fine pad, cupboard and till do Iron nnd brass candlestick., gimhlets Coat and vest buttons, turry combs Pack nnd niix'd pins, ic, Also, a few casts steel mounted fowling guns 50 anvils and vices ' 1 cask brass batter kettles 30 t..ns English blistered andcrowley steel 60 doz frying pans 40 ton. Ensiish bolt iron Toecthcr with a very extensive assortment of goods open on tne .Helves, well calculated lor the southern Irani'. my iu eonxw FRECH IN 4 LESSONS. TO THE PUBLIC OFMAV - YORK. HAMILTON, teacher of the French language, regrets that the arrangements he has made in Philadelphia reuder it impossible lor him to visit their env this summer. He has reason to believe his efforts to change the present mode of aducation are appreciated by its enlightened inhabitants: and that they will re joice in the diffusion of a system by which a lan guage may he learned in Uie tenth part of the time usually bestowed on it ; thus making room for the attainment of useful knowledge in other branches of science and literature, at the only period of our lives which we can devote to our instruction, without sacrificing other interests. He begs permission to inform them, that he has taken a spacious and convenient house, no. 5 South Fifth - street, where he will receive boys under 15 a. boarders, during the course at : $24 per month, including washing, &c. ic. In 4, 5, or at farthest 6 months, according to their previous acquirements, they will be able to read and understand r t ench with as much facility as F ng - litb, they will have actually read under the immediate inspection of their instructor, a number of the best works iu the French language they will write it and speak it : nor will their proficiency in the EnglUh language be less important. 1 he translating into it Irom another language during 4 months, the continual necessity of ap preciating ajid discriminating the value of words and phrases, soon renders composition in both languages laminar, ami gives them a knowledga of their structure and grammar, which it would be impossible to acquire by the exclusive study of either. This is indeed the must important advantage derived from the study of the latin language as st is usually taught in schools ; here it is attained in a much higher degree, i" a much shorter time, at a much less ei penes, and with it the knowledge of a modern and practically useful language. The expence of tM course, exclusive of board, will be 4U dollars, including books, taper, &c. ,Vc. This expence will in no case be augment ed ; half the course 34 dollars, aud two month's board, payable at entrance ; a like sum at the end of two month. Should he reina.n 2 mouths more, he pay. for bis board only. At the end of the I rench course, say the 1st of October nest, a course ol latin will be commenc ed on the Hamilton system. The extierimant already made prove that it may be taught on this plan wuh even greater efficacy and facility, (though irom its peculiar construction and other causes, it i. necessary to read a mucn greater number of writers, and therefore a time rather longer is necessary lor its attainment,) than the French. Hamilton is assisted by Mrs. Hamilton, born in America, and by bis son and three danghters. born and educated in t ranee, out who nave past 18 months in an English school of eminence, to perfect tnem in the knowledge ef that lan guage, previous to their arrival ia Amencs. Philadelnn., lay 9, mm. T """" ("ion ON. 131 baM prime Cotion, landing J from shins Mare sod Savannah Pocket, from New - Orleans, Kr rait ov P1VIK BETI1UNE ft CO. mj ?3 ?? Coffee Uouse .lip. C CYTH ES. - 33 dozen, for sale lv J J. D'WOLF, Jr. nay 14 64 Soulh - street. JO LtCT, SiM trtM MP siAa ssr ass, mm vkaa rllAtmni liuuies at Harsenvill,near the five mile stone, Bloomingdaie road. ' A pleasan'.l) situated and convenient two story House and Stable, with a farden and foar a. cres of land. Also A pleasantly sitaated and convenient two story House and Stable, with a large Garden and three acres of loud, both of the above place, are well .tocked wiu different kinds of choice Fruit - trees. . Also A pleasantly situated and convenient two story House, with a Stable and two acres of land, t or further particular enquire of no JACOB HARSEN, p2H 1m Near the premises. fja 'GK OH iU LVAbL, s4ii Lots in the 5, 6, 8, and 10 Wards ; many oi which are on regulated and paved streets. No money will be required under ten years, if sold, interest excepted. HOUSES. Several two and three story houses, on which a great part of the money remain on mortgage. LANDING AT RED HOOK? An excellentstand for business, with ten acre. oi iana, pieasanuy situated, wiln a wharl, storehouse and barn. COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY. Near New - Haven, with 40 acres of land, and a never inning stream, upon wniciizu mills may be erected, wrth a sufficiency ol water for each. Apply at No, 2 Greeuwich - street. Jan l:l tf 10 Lr.T, A three - story brick house, opposite the park in Duane, aud next to the corner of Hud son - street. Enquire at No. 2 Greeowich - streot. my 7 rl MONT - AL I A. mlJ For sale or to let, the beautiful place caned iviont - Altn, seven miles from the City nan, on me norm uiver, aajomiuir lord Cour tenay's. It contains 20 acres of land under im provement, with a large garden in good concli lion, a variety of fruit trees, and every convs - nience a family may require. For terms, which are reasonable, and if sold long credit given if witutu, appiy to N. r D. TALCOTT, ap 20 ' 64 South - st. t BALK, A farm of betwoen sixtr and seventv acits, situate on the west hank ol Lake Otsero. nnd one mile from the village of Cuoperstuwn. - On it Rre a new stone house 54 feet square ; a new farm house, barn, &c. It forms a desirable es tahlithment for a gentleman wishing to retire into the country, as its situation, n. tu nronect. convenience to market, &c. is not surpassed bv auy in the interior of the state. It will be sold U' for (vh, rn a credit, or exchanged for property if) UiuCi'y, goods, fee. Apply to II. U II. fcr.lJti WILK, my 7 tf Law Buildings. As sizblliTAA'r UlVil WAJUkl), IN an academy near tho city of New - York A .itiirle geiitlomnn, of good morals, and ca pable to leai h the rudiments oftlis Latin, with tho higher English brancbus usually taught in academic.. A graduate ol a college in the uni ted Slates will be preferred. Apply at the office of this paper. ' my 15 D&Ctf frith ' "uhkcriber offers tor sslc his rest - WjsJdcnce in the town nt Fairfield, state nf Connecticut. It is pleasantly situated, on the Button road, about half a mi Iw from Long Island Sound, 55 miles from New York, and 20 from IMew Haven. 1 lie house and out - houses are in excellent repair. The fruit yard is well stocked witii a variety ol peaches, apricots, cherries, pear and srrawnerne. J iiere are in (lie vicinity academics for the education of youth ol botn sexes, r rom ono to six acres ol excellent laud, nt the option ol trie purchaser, can be hnd with the houie, and the purchase money, if desired, ran remain on interest, ror terras apply to ISAAC M. ELY, Esq. 76 John street, N. York, or to the Hon. JONATHAN S PURGES, Fair - bclif, Connecticut; my odxrti . MHU tl.l. To SPOHTSMKX U MKUCtUmn. OSEPH FINCH, gun - maker, respectfully ' ' informs his friends aod the public, that he has commenced business in the store No. 3 Wall - street, near Broadway, where he has for sale a very handsome assortment of single and double - barrelled guns, una rifles, fusees, tic. t also, .hooting tackle generally. J. F. still retains his old stand, No. SCI Green wich - street, for the working department and shipping business. Orders left at either place ill be attended to with all possible expedition, my 7 DftfJIm lOl iOiM YA UN. KHJtXbCoiton yarn twist KJ and hi ling, Irom iso. t to y, (or ie nj the COMillSSfU L - OiVlf An I , my 31 D&C 14!.' Pearl - street. NOTICE. ttfr All persons indebted to Waters Furman aud Charles llohbs, (for street manure) are re quested to call nnd settle their accounts with ei ther "I tliem, or witn l. sr L.. .'viead, at uie corner of Pumn & Elilridirc - streels. formerly called Third - street, on or before the first day uf July next All persons having ilemauds against them will please to presei.t ttn - ir accounts for settle ment. WATERS UlllA. - i, and CHARLES DOBUS. my 12dAclmt A VK.IlV VALl'ABI.K S.STATr fob. SAl.lC, Ijite the property of Hcn..jali Strong, Etn. deceased, la the township of Islip, lying on the great south road, about 45 niiic - s Irom txew lora ! coniaining iy coinHimuoii - bout 3500 acres or land, more or lets ; nearly KMiO acres of which is under cu.tivaUon, inclu ding about 200 acres of .all and fresh meadjws. which i. completely embanked, ditched and trained, for the nurnose of belli ir reclaimed. The remainder is in VU.uaUIS WOOU I ana, ob which larve ciuantities muT he cut annually. On the i a anacious and convenient Mansion House, with a large bam, hovels, crib, stable, carriage house, gardeners bouse, work shojs nniih aiion. smoae nouse. icb iiouk, auu vmc. mil huildinss. renlete with everr s - nvenience, There is also on tle premises; auout a mile from the mansion house, anew farm Uuse, with a baru adiotning. Near the house is a large pond, with a privilege of a stream of water, on which is a good aw mill, nnd water siilficienl for a grist wi'' - - Th. ..rri.n and orchards are rxttnsivt, whicn .. . .....! a lew vesrs, a inert UBB i'een " - - . ncrt nave neen m., - ' i reat number of young tree, of every I'? 1 ae b.rst grafted Iruit, mostly in bearing, and a if n the most flourishiug cow itmn. Also, ,a lar ,e the " " ' - rfc. and r.lanl. suflkient to tx tend an orchard of 100 acres. There are lew estates offered fr sale, o desirable I - r either n extensive farmer, or the f resi - denc. of a gentleman. Ti e f.;r,n cnpable of w - 'run a large stock, asd ben bounded by C"h bay. tliere i an inelhau.lihle wurceol uTf.,i . !. Boat idv from the TshhourlKsod. eirnorf daily, to and from the ci - tv Tl e hay also abounds with a great variety of same, fish, ny.ter aad clnrus, aad the poad and crtea wiui uw mi u - Vnr terms and furtlvr imrttcalars, apply to A. H. LA W RENCE, No. 8J Park Plac, or on the premises - my si uoi.cii LANDS. fr - i - 8TEPHF B. MU.N5 . Iso. 328 Pearl street, New - York, porrhases Lands in the Illin ois Territory, which has been set apart for the late Arm, letters irom we country aivinr a descriptiosj of tlie patent aad tK price asked lor each Vot, will be attended to, it vast paw. inyliD&CtC gotten to Tartrn K trptrt and (inter. Orr Licenses to Keener and Gro cers from the Mayor and Commissioner of Excise, will be Mined at the Mayor's Office, in the City Hall, between the boors of tn and ana 'clock, on the several davs. and for the differ - - eat wardsia succession, ia the order foUowist, Tis . . 1st ward e the 6th May Jd do do 6th do 3d do do 7(b do 4th do do 8th h 9tk do 6th do do . llthtt ltthdo 6th do do 13th It 14th do 7th do do 15th4il6tbdo flth - do ' do IBth Az Ifrthdo 9th do do 90th do 10th do do tlst ft Kd do AU persons who know of any objections a gainst the granting of licenses to any of those who now hold them, are respectfully requested to give information at tlie Mayor's Office, before the time for granting them as above - mentioned ; and those tentlemen who have taken paius to investigate this subject, and consider it vi sunn irnt moment, are particularly invited l assist in furnishing all the information ia their power. By order, ' ' J. BIDELL, r. M. : Apt7tt . GLOBE INfcLhAiNCr - CUAiPaaY. "' THE Presidei t and Directors give notice, that a dividend of four ner cantontba n. lal slock of the company for the last si a months, will he paid to Uie Stockholders at theii OuVe. No. 55 Wall - street, on and after the 1st day of J one next. The Ttnusfer book will be closed or the f 1st instant. By order of the board of Directors, t RICHARD DUNN, Junr. my14dlm " Sec'ry. BOARDING. FOUR or live gentlemen with their families, or, ten or filieen single gentlemen, can be at cominodated with board aud lodging at Mount Vernon Hotel, about five miles from the city of New York.ou th bank of the Esst Kiver, aad one of the most pleasant situations on the island. 1'he rooms are spacious and airy, having a full . view of the river coach bouse and stables Terms liberal, and every atteution paid, by ths public's humble servant. my 4 Im FZRA CALDWELL. wiieaton's, nui " aHE long sod successful use of this ointment is a sufficient recommendation, as it baa been found to be a pleasant, snfe nnd certais remedy for that disagreeable disease in all its tta - 5es. It is fur sule in the city of New - York, by . A. ii W. A. Post, No. 41 William - street; I. i T. ( lark, No. 65 Maiden - Lane II. H. Schieflelin & Co. No. Iftt Pearl - street) Law rem e k Kutse, No. 195 Pearl - street ( Hull ft Bowne. 146 Pearl street : R. Hi L.Murrav. 311i Pearl - street tJ. M. BradhursL 314 Pearl - street John Penford, No 4 Fletcher - street Duryte Mc foe, in Pearl - street i John C. Morrison, 18tf Greenwich street ; John P. Fisher, 106 Broad way i Walter! benmen, - corner of Chamber - st. and Broadway, and also ia Chathanatreet t anil in short it may be procured at most of the Drur Stores in this city Alto in Philadelphia, of S - Wilberell k Sons j George Hanell , North ft Rogers, and almost all the druggist, in the principal town, in the United States. uxrwist, WHEATON'S JAUNDICE BITTERS may be had at the above places. jnnS26m 'I Hit. rKANKLlM FIRE tNaL RANCH L COMPANY have their Office at Ne. 41 Wall - street; where they are ready to receive applications for Insurance, The CAPITAL bTOCK of Haifa Million ef Dollars, is all subscribed aud paid, or tatisfacto - rily secured v BIBICTOSIS. Elisha Tihbit. Henry I 'Wyckoff, George Griswold, Wiii. Bavard. Jr. Philip Brasher. 1 bomns Franklin James Wnlsh, Stephon Wbimey, In.. P. M - Kipr.. Perrt Jones. John T F awrsM, J nines Boormnn, Beui. L. Swan. John Adam. John 1. Palmer, ( Thomas Owkley. 'IIBBI IU President. ELIMIA J. WORTHINGTON, Sec'ry. may 6 Im MR. LEE'S SELEC1 SCHOOL, iOR the instruction of a sihui.b class or 1 dots, in every department of littraluri and scievct nccufsary to a lilierul education, (the dead languagis excepted) will be opened on Monday, the 1st day uf June next, at No. 8 Park Place. N. B. The orcamsation of Ihe class will be completed in the first week of the quarter, after wnicn no new memner can dc aainiura. i nos the reloro who intend to patronise the institution, are requested to give Mr. LEE notice thereof, before the end of May, at No. 2 Dey street, or, 43 Harrison street. Tuition 12 dollars per quarter. my 19 2w A COOK H'AA'J kit. AWO.M A N who is a good plain cock, and can produce satisfactory references (none other need apply) will c in a situation in a small family by calling at No. 49 Warren - street, may 20 i ITT" WlifcA lOiN StlM - VIST Fancy Chair Manufacturer, No. 153 Fulton - st. opposite St. Paul Church, offer for sale, wholesale and retail, a large and elegant assortment of Cnrtd Maple, plain painted and ornamented in gold ti bronte, bamboo, plain aad Gilt Balls, Rocking, Sewing, aad Conversation Chair. Sofa., Settees, Loungees, Music Stools, kc. Orders from say part of thecontinentcxecuttd with neatness and dispatch. Old Chairs repaired, painted and ornamented. myi H,. RtK.X OKHHANa COURT. Of the Term of March, 1818. Catherine Schuyler, Administratrix,' Ac. f , ol John A. Schuyler Rulr, wder Ststute. deceased. 1 ' I II E court order end direct. That Catharine: I Sc huyler administratrix of the goods, chattels and credits oi John A. Schoykr, deceased, ie public notice to the cre ditor of the decedent to bring in their claims and demands against ihe estate ol the said decedent, on or before the ort day of May, the yesr or oar Lord eighteen hundred and nineteen, by pattsng sjp boticesr fo that effect in five of the most pvblic places in the county of Bergen, lor the space ol two month. - , and advertising the same lor the UK , spce of time in a newspaper printed asd pab - usrien id i p,r pri, k . .pjfjj iihen in tne siaie oi itrw - jeracy, ana us skwh noted and published ta tlie city w Rsw - true transcript rrom tne record. p5Mra juh i a. rivs ts, rssr gate. TO THR INHABITANTS OF NEW - YORK, ASD IIS VICINITI. WM, BRYAN, Dyer. &. from London, rraUfullv Mkaowledees the liberal en couragement he has received, (rem his friend and the public, sine bis arrival Irons uigiaaa. Anxious to merit a ccchassatios) of their patroa age and sepport. be has take tbnse extrtssiva premises 7io. Si and ropvuce - sim - w, ths George - street,) where be has at tonsvterabks expease erected machinery aad every coavesv ience to ensure their feture favours. Piece Goods dy'd W''F Sr.isOed ia superior stylet Ladies s.ttin, velvet, dima - k. shawls, Bsantlrc, pelwses, obsww, ckrned aad dv'd ary P - hot - rwwing, .c - 18 Im me i " k r . ' i - rt ' 'hi ' ?' "t I lr. L - I . is if

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