The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 22, 1944 · Page 10
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 10

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 22, 1944
Page 10
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E D I T O R I A L S -We're a Port of the World Scene QNE of our exchanges in an v editorial states that "the choice ol the next president of the United States is the exclusive business of the American people." This observation was prompted by an editorial in a provincial English newspaper, the Yorkshire Post, expressing a hope that President Roosevelt would be reelected. While we would resent any attempt to Influence our election, we are not quite ready to concede that what happens, politically, in other nations is no concern o£ ours. Eleven years ago'the people of Germany went through the motions of a general election. A former Austrian paperhanger named Adolf Hitler was elevated to power. Will anybody say that Americans had no interest in that election? We didn't take much interest at the time--but we have in the years since. A little less than 6 years ago a British prime minister went to Munich and sold his birthright for a "peace within our time" promise from that little paperhanger. . · Will anybody say that the .appeasing personality of that British prime minister was no concern of ours? From this time on, if we're practical-minded and realistic, we're going to be interested in anything anywhere that seems to be sowing the seeds of a future war. CHIP) DELINQUENT Did You Know? By Frederic J. Raskin f." D!'C?' ,. Is " ere ous similarity between the Va "" ous species have identical No 2 venoms. When was Zion's Co-o ercantile Inclitution in Lake City founded? Organized in 1868, it opened for business March I, 1869. What are names ot the sUri In the Southern Crow? Wilikie Visits Iowa 'pWO interesting and perhaps A significant points were observable in Wendell WUlkie's visit to Iowa Saturday night and Sunday. One was his obvious endeavor to court good will rather than hostility from what would be known as the republican party organization. . _ The other was his observation in rather pointed language that the people of America are entitled to know what all candidates for the presidency think on important issues. Since coming into the political limelight 4 years ago, Mr. Wilikie has revealed a disposition to by; pass "organization" p r o c e d u r e whenever and wherever possible. His new approach seems .to be quite clearly one of co-operation. State central committee members, county and precinct party workers and republican governors --even All Landon, a former governor--came in for some warm praise from Mr. Wilikie in at least 2 ol his half dozen Des Moines speeches. Although he didn't mention Tom Dewey, by name, or any other rival, Mr. Wilikie most assuredly was thinking of New York's governor when he stressed the point that aspirants for the presidency should stand up and be counted on important debatable questions. Surely no man counting on a last-minute draft movement to be swept into the nomination could qualify under the WUlkie specifications. It's a matter of common remark that many who went to scoff stayed to praise Mr. Wilikie. For one thing, what other man in public life would end up a talk Look Out Below Opponents of national service for labor and industry would be more convincing if they also opposed it for fighting men. * * * 4^ IV S. *,£ e bum steers rather than the bulls or the bears that count most when you're dealing on the stock market , « * S! : Destroying the axis gangsters as enemies now will save us the postwar problem of trying them as criminals. * * * · A friend of ours who used to be known as a "coal baron" now insists on spelling it b-a-r-r-e-n. Your Health By Logan Clendening, M. D. REDUCING DIETS I THOUGHT last year about this time that I would not have to publish a Lenten reducing diet this year. What with rationing coming jn, and warnings from Washington that we would all have to sacrifice our appetites for our country, and the wails from my gourmandizing friends, I expected to see the population sarink under my very eyes. Pros and Cons Interesting Viewpoints From Our Exchanges An Euphonious Team Wausau, Wis., Record-Herald Two names are fascinating in the new crop of republicans coining up. One is the virtuous and ablf Gov. Bourke B. Hickenlooper, of Iowa, who is very likely going to JAun * or °? e United states senate. Another is A. A. Hoopingarner who is managing the press cam- Paign for Gov. Bricker of Ohio Both seem to be eminent and capable men, and it is a pity that they do not live in the same state and so cannot arise together and ?°t\? S ? , team - What an ^or- gettable fccket it would be- Hicfc- eniooper and Hoopingarner! Set it to music, and it would outshine Mairzy Doats." Hickenlooper a Sure ,,,,,,, Oehvein Register: In Iowa there "All right, friends, if you have any questions, just fire away?" They did and he pulled "no punches. That forthrightness just isn't the way of the orthodox politician. New Worry for Mony UNFORTUNATELY, that incon- w spicuous item tucked away in the news columns, telling of the death of Chester Clark of Fort Myers, Ala., contains few of the essential facts. Clark, the dispatches say, took his own life because of worry over his income tax, w h i c h amounted to $7.50. He was under the impression it was due Tuesday instead of on March 15, so while his wife was away consulting a tax expert, he procured a gun and Shot himself Monday night. Clearly, from the facts revealed, Clark was among the crop of new income taxpayers brought in under the tax legislation adopted by congress a year ago when the Rural plan, m modified form, added mil- Jions of new taxpayers to the tax rolls. These millions never before, had paid an income tax. It was all new to them. And never again, probably, regardless of political tides, will they be exempt from direct pa3Tnent of income taxes. It is the price of Hitler, Hirohito and Mussolini. In 10 Brief Years THE NEW ERA in railroad trans- ·* portation, which began with the first streamliner 10 years ago was just an intimation of the revolution on the rails. The changeover to lightweight cars and all Diesel equipment has been interrupted by the war, but it will continue afterward. The next de- caae of streamlined transportation will probably see operating schedules of 150 miles per hour by Diesel trains on special ballasted trackage engineered for speed runs. I recalled the stories affer the ast war of how the soldiers of we army of occupation going into jermany found it noticeable that :he traditional figure of the fat burgher and hausfrau were conspicuous by their absence, and the Germans were alt thin and svelte. A life insurance official old me at the time that the morality rate in Germany for a time ell off, which he ascribed to the compulsory weight reduction of so many mature, heavy, potentially high blood . pressure subjects. But the old saying that the ·worst tragedies in life never happen applied here. Our g l o o m y expectations of hunger have certainly not been fulfilled in spite of the menace of coupons, the scare-heads of impending shortages, and the temporary removal of chicken and other delicacies from the scene from time to time Making a strictly personal application I have certainly had enough to eat this year. I give all credit to my household, which has displayed great agility in shuffling coupons, but I also give credit where it seldom is offered--to the national food administration. Now, looking around at the contours of my fellow citizens I see no reason for omitting the Lenten reducing diet this-year. If you my esteemed reader, need convincing I refer you to. the pages of a national weekly magazine where the example of Alfred Hitchcock, the movie director is portrayed in photographs. Mr. Hitchcock felt the necessity, or at least the call, to reduce, here in this land in the period of wartime rationing, and in 8 weeks he went from 295 pounds to 238. I emphasize the statement made m the article--"Reducing was Done Entirely by Dieting." No drugs, no trick injections, no appetite killers--like amphetamine-no excessive exercise and gymnasium workouts. That is my credo. I believe 95 per cent of overweights can be reduced by dieting alone. And not entailing any great discomforts or self-sacrifice, as you will realized if you try the Lenten diets to be published daily in this column until Easter. Mr. Hitchcock lost 47 pounds in 56 days. During Lent you have over 40 days and you should be able to shed at least 20 pounds. who doubt Hickenlooper's ability to take the U. S. senatorial £« C " ?'£?' j 1611 ' 6 " 3 "! governor, has a slight edge on his able opponent, Henry Burma,' also running the Danger in Disintegration Davenport Democrat: Each of those newly-created autonomous Russian republics will participa in foreign affairs, dispatches sa Might Avork--if they don't sta to there » memorial to Sun Y«t- en In this country? A monument to the Chinese hero ^unveiled in San Francisco £ Are the ears any indication that a dor U a food watch do*? Generally speaking the best ivatch dogs are the ones with up- 1'ight ears. , ' baSfeed? 18 emperor 'ConsUnUae He is said not to have received baptism until shortly before his QC3tn*k What is the oriria ot the word OBSERVING Siwmy of Wor Effort ·^--- ,am sure you will find food .for thought in this item ,,* , . out of lhe current issue of Safety Speaks," monthly publication of the Iowa State Safety hnt Fr0n J-i the T* Uat ' k on Fearl "arbor until Jan. 1, 19W, United States war losses--killed, wound- f 10 ^ ssins antl captured--totalled 139,858, according to the office of war information. In the same period the nation's toll on the home - of implying that wartime activities on the home front can compare in dan- hfm*?" 1 . a S, tual fl «hting on the battlefront. The comparison is offered only to show the tremendous waste of -manpower from accidents and to point out the need for greater effort in preventing these accidents. cn 32,078 , 3,595 wounded. 32478 missing, and. 29,707 captured " spank? is to he e " ect sound made by the it .._. action. How larje an estate did the late Ute Edsel Ford leave? It was valued at $66,000,000. What countries spent the most money during the lint World Great Britain spent the most Next came Germany, followed by France, the United States Russia. Italy and Austria-Hungary «n. ,,._ jjajj^g The name is Turkish for mountain. Did Michelancelo sign his sculp- Th e only piece signed by the sculptor is his Pieta which stands ^ frtmt to11 es dead and 9,500,000 injured m home accidents and 54,000 dead and 1,900,000 injured in traffic accidents. Accidents to workers alone; on and off the job, have tailed .94,000 and injured 8,800,000. Time lost to wartime produc- Uon through these worker accidents totalled 800,000,000 man- days-- enough to have built 38000 heavy bombing planes'" ' AMo« Mm! tn to have found him at last In fact I have an am\pun'ce- »{?" r i° m him " He Wants the "independent, progressive republican candidate lor the presidency of the United States" His name is Richard G. Harris and he haiJs from Knoxville Tenn rural route 7. ±=n n ., wiThT- thfe picture he inclosed with his announcement, it's easy to see that lie's in the very best Daniel Boone tradition. Among the promises made by him are these- Returning all of our fightine ^America 11 ° W ' belon « in «s 'back Fortifying our nation against all foreign invaders. Putting the manufacturing and agricultural 'industries in progressive conditions. «6"a And, most important of all, if that's possible - "eliminating all Sfcrfp "f i' te ?^ hout the u " ited States at least 60 per cent." There, folks,,is a .man among men--a modern Moses My one fear is that we, the people, won't get to him before his keeper docs. --v-Those Russian Names .suspect that Northwestern university language teacher, J. G. Tolpin, would have a bit of difficulty in selling us idea to radio newscasters that Hussian names are easy to pronounce. More than that, he .points A U * H 1 ?! 1 " 03 ? °* ^em have an o American equivalent. from Bye (Zhitomir) throuih newly captured Eagle (Orel) to- ,, Rovno Illinois is - ,, .-- imagination a little rolpm, but it means flat Illinois is the Indian word fo the prairie So let's iake the ivhieh means city, aiso' g:ad U a 1 nd gorod, which are variations fike town burg and ville. You get Stalin's town, Lenin's town (Stal- '""··-- and Leningrad) and New grodiVo"^" provinc ; Nova - Melit is something sWeet, like honey, or a song (Melitopbl ) Vehkie Luki is Mr.TTolpin's favorite example. "Velikie"' " said, "freely translated r great; 1 Luki means Luke, name, or sometimes onion. Hence, you have your choice Great St. Luke or the Great Big union, depending on whether you are a religious 'person or a gour- Speaking, of food, there are the .owns of Minsk and Cherkasi. Minsk also means pigs. Cherkasi means long-horned cattle " T h e . greatest Americans have i^ ,,,,,, ytullun , ciations,' Tolpin said. "They are so confused by the names that :hey don't stop to think maybe they are in the dictionary Most of the common Russian trouble t h e with pronun The Day's Bouquet To THE HI-Y CLUB AND Y. M. L.' A.--for sponsorship of a series of recreation events, providing dances and games for high school and junior college students. A number of these dances have been held with attendance of- several hundred at each. The success of these is a good augury for the community youth center to come M «°" City Globe-GoseMe . A" A. W. 1EE NEWSPAPER Issued Every Week Day by the Tuesday / February 22, 194/ ' LOOM1S . . . · - - , Clly Edllo) L. OEEB - Aavtrtlslnj M»r! M matter c* at Mason .- ,, -'ress is exclusively entitled to 'he use for renublicatmn ot all news StS'Y'nTS-""' '" " Or not °««TM£« freiwed in this paper and ahc Hie local news published herein. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Jon City «n? ciuY tfk" by 1 "wS' f«2 OttlsUe 1W Mil, Zone-Per "ear SW° ouWV"* , 3 .TM nths a.-1 «""'· -·' OU .£^_ M " 01 ' r. ll - »na Cle.r l^k r, 510; V mlh SI. /I ke nl t ly »«i /t w,tMoTMM,,,,.; « «,,,," cif; OBUU. .f th. c.m« DiMricu'Trji ..sto.oo)] .·?? r · -- WP^.WB wi iae Carrier Div P.?*"" ? lr * n ? CIc " *·»*« 3 er year by carrier ?er week by ,, -- -. ^i vi i »-j' uuii L sta regarding -- and treating -- eac other as foreigners. Church and Politics Decorah Journal: Religious free dom should be recognized as cardinal principle in free govern ments. The less that the churc and politics are mixed the better for the world. Charge It to the Japs Ackley World Herald: The yel low Japs are responsible for mil lions of American men fighting i te tS ^..' he r^-.P Europe Two Contrasting Viewpoints . . La , Cr osse Tribune: G e n e r a says he is «;-«j Vic" J0 " c " Benin tired of the war and wants to fin ish it off. Hitler must be tired o it, too, but he dreads to see th end. Advertising Sumstton St. Louis Dispatch; With all thi talk to the effect that mairzidoats and goatzidoats, the Quaker Oa1 People might like it known tha ooyzidoats and girlzidoats too. Out of Order Creston News-Advertiser- Th nomination of MacArthur ha never been taken very seriously and should not be considered a all. Bombs Ahead for Tokyo Daily lowan: Bombing of Japan proper (including Tokyo and Yo kohama) will be underway by th time the western front collapses. We Shouldn't Even Judge There is one striking advantage to dieting just now--it saves wear and tear on the ration book. Most of the foods ordered do not require points. There is no reason why the candidate for the sylphlike figure should apply for special privileges to his or her food rationing board. The diets are calculated to supply full daily requirements of' vitamins and minerals. Why should you spend $4 for a bottle of vitamins when you can get what you need in an orange, an egg, a carrot, a tomato, and a slice of buttered bread? tenJen Reducing Diet «,Hh nch M? n ~; 2 cups 0 '~ !lcr "lews Mase with milk, 6 oysters; 2 soda crackers- 'a^^Ti-Tsr-S Fountain Inn Tribune: Forciv one another? The strange part i that we have the gall even t. judge one another. Editorial of Day U. S. A. vs. AP .the. strangest decisions on in TJ. S. judicial history is the case of the United of America vs. the Asso- Press. A 3-judge courl down a decision that "the AP does not monopolize or dominate the furnishing of news reports, news pictures or features or dominate access to the original f°^ r 5 es ,, ot n l ws ." b "t decreed that changes its \ . bouillon or consomme U dulrcd! h K yaw s that membership is not denied an applicant because of competitive reasons it shall be judged as violating anti-trust laws The AP belongs to ils members for competitive reasons or any ?. the r. They built it, they support it and to quite a degree they compete with other newspapers be- n a "f e Tf^t? 0 fiave AP " ew * reports. If AP cannot belong to its own members and elect members or not as they please then it follows that all voluntary associations of business firms must admit all who seek admittance. The doors are wide open. If the court had found that the n a the AP ;s a monopoly then it might be guilty ot violating anti-monopoly laws. But it isn't, and yet the AP is lold to amend its by-laws and let down the bars of membership to all who come asking for it ihe AP .suit smells worse than in the Church of St. Peter Home. Is the original copy of Pepys' cUary still in existence? Six o£ the original volumes are owned by Magdalene college Cambridge, Eng. How many men has Tito, the Jugoslav leader, under his command? * It is estimated to be about 250 000 strong. ' What is the origin of ihe saying Uut it is "too cold to snow?" The Weather Bureau says that if the winter wind is from the northwest, it is cold, and from the wrong direction to give m uc h snow. Does Sulnl Paul refer to pirates? Louisiana, by putting the brown pehcan.on its seal. REMEMBER? From Globe-Gazette Files FORTY YEARS AGO Congressman Haugen is a standpatter. If you do not believe it ask Judge Reed of Crcsco ( Dentists Clack, Beemer, Richardson, Hardy Poole and W. S Hosford, dean of the dental department of the State university leave for St Paul where they will attend the annual clinic of the G V. Black dental club. A number of young friends were entertained at the home of Sam Hoyt on Tuesday evening The event was enjoyed with games and singing. THIRTY YEARS AGO One thousand, seventeen, dol- lari, ninety-six cents was the amount of the check which Commander W. L. Patton of the Knights Templar lodge turned over to the^Associated Charities as ~f the charity ball Theft of 2 horses and the conveyances to which they were hitched within an hour's time from busy Mason City streets where they had been left at hitch racks, was accomplished by bold horse thieves" in broad daylight yesterday. TWENTY YEAIiS AGO In the report of the Cerro Gordo cow testing association for January the Keeler and Hadley herd ^ given first place in the high William B. Wolf, assistant manager of ihe firm of Mier Wolf and Sons, leaves Friday for Minneapolis where he will attend the Winer formal of Sigma Alpha Mu his college fraternity. TEN YEARS AGO Mrs. L. R. Roberts, Eadmar otel, has received a letter from Margaret Ayer Barnes whose lovel "Within This Present" -she eviewed for the Mason City Voman's club last week. Bowling over the better hand- all players of Iowa lo establish imself at the best is the job ac- omplished by Willis Patton of dason City, Iowa, singles cham- icn who recently won his laurels n the Y. M.- C. A. state handball ournament at Cedar Rapids. Clover Couplets By Roy Murroy of Buffalo Center UTTON YOUR BUGLE ie slllj- raisip lh»t Wf pr«j h« cartleu words we Idly nld "5- wtll have liem the CDF that l t a it foe to multiply cor 6eid. 'It !i*Tw ma r 'hVn* 0"° M " eN "" c ic very privilege ro" C »J!i"e. IM be enoff (o jink » ,M»* * l p !be rl|M ), r i r ,., , ht up , Brother, t.lton up jour Up: !!;:^?:^:;;^:?!!^^ are in the dictionary, fn-t * w«*«-.. .-- _:_i- - . * ins ? anc «. »« day the Rus- _, ,,,.,,,, 'er year by mail ... ian front extended along a front Jy mail 3 months By mail l month RIGHT IN THEIR L0615TICS NOW LETS CHANGE OUf? LOCALE SCEMERY'S 6OTJNG KJNDA SPOTTY AROUNP HERE THEY'RE TOSSING IT SNAPPY WITH THOSE S6S, HANK.' FT-ilNKIMG YOUR ARITHMETIC . is GOING-ro HAVE *. TALK WITH SISTER. ABOUT w^ffs»g OUR GOOD FOUTUNE.' WHO PUT IT THERE WU.9E i WSTAS HAPPY i AS YOU.' ,~ LOOK1T CROWD/ DUKE, IF THAT CROWD FINDS OUT YOU'RE RESTOWSlBLf: i KMOW WHUT MEAN, ART/ I'LL BE H1GH-TAILIM' IT BACK ID BOVINA/ WHO THREW THAT BRICK.?/ SOMEBODY OUTSIDE, I RKKOW WAwri? 1 " 101 : - 6uTME?-I RUM AFTER EM£-I DROOL OVEH'EM5AMD WHAT DO I SAME HERE'1 NEVER WON ANY POPULARITt rtSTSEITHER-" VOU AlNT KIDDING* GDMEON- LETS HAVE ASOCA ON · PHONE HASNT RUNG SINCE THE LIBERTY BELU JTHE DEMON SEES ME.' IF I CAN DRAW HIM AWAY FROM BRADFORD- Tf IGNORING BRICK FOR HIS YIPPEE! Af/ T A^i T/f COLONEL. *·£ fJEOE CARKYIH BtQOO PLASMA, OOHATED BY OWLMNS BACK HOME HAK WHERE HE HEAXP

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