Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 21, 1939 · Page 15
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 15

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 21, 1939
Page 15
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I! ) c Fi *" :- -- _ Mason City s Calendar ^ooT^i«rZ^~^T^r7~Or^^fF^- i i E. mam ^^^^^^--^^^^-^L^ear To You." S ' "STL* n'n «T ru won f Ch ° 01 P res ents Noel " Leave March 27-Mason City to elect three councilmen. March Zg-31-- Globe-Gazette cook h ° 01 hi F. B\ 9 I I of -J-31--North Iowa building ---- home furnishings show · high school gymnasium. March 30--Veterans nf · nr v ^-tcidns oi Foreien Serf""" 31 E t a g ""^Sp 1 A "' ! 2 ~"Seven .Last .Words «;t T^t, , y P4 bo ' s ' 7; 30 o'ck si. Johns Episcopal church. Here in Mason City Listen WMT 9.-00 tonight. · Hank Hook attended the funeral ot his aunt, Mrs. C H Hook^f fgss^-aaas * Uesday - e e o available at the city hall Abs *t voters ballots UP to 5 "'dock ? Rena R. E, ROBERTSON AGAIN SELECTED FOR PRESIDENT M* of Committees Named and Plans Made to Sell Houses at Auction The Mason City school board was back to its full complement of seven members Tuesday following the installation of Jay E. Decker to succeed B. A. Webster who re? sjgncd last month. Garfield E. e »? Se ?l so too!c tne oa 'h of office the Monday afternoon organization meeting of the school board '. .Decker was elected and Mr rch7ol%i r ^on. Ct a ed we1 k ^ eoan1 ^ ffi£W^*S b y Secretary R. L. j ara e s correct. ·"·£· Robertson, president since Mr Webster's resignation, was reelected to the office and R. £ Wiley was re-elected vice presi dent of the board. The president announced that committee appointments would remain unchanged except that Mr. Decker wou d take the committee assign! merits previously held by Mi- Robertson. Placed on Committees Mr. Decker will be chairman of the grounds committee and will also serve on the buildings and finance committees. After canvassing the vote which gave tne board permission to sell the Jackson school property and three houses on the new Monroe junior high school ' JUNIOR COLLEGE WORK DISCUSSED AT THIRD FORUM Separation From High School Would Raise Cost, Claim A heated discussion over th ;~TM?,. r a , m o r e distinct line o reparation between Mason City- high school and junior college he], he spotlight at the third educa tmnal forum at the Y. M. C A Monday evening. "· u e junior college students pres « the meeting argued tha were not treated » studonfs a) s° pointed out a separate buildinu Prevallin e c o n n them a chance to fee Finances Limited Real Estate loans - Hurt H «P«d, Foresters BIdg. Ph ! 8 4 The mid-week Lenten j-.ui.iicf mi -- -j a continued studv ross of Christ with . the "The Bearer fan »- ·presenting songs, "efcctri" g, ·numbers; acrobatics and tap d InP. Kf\7Tn,iTi«-- thp jTrr-- *·''* ak-nvjui playground addition the members decided to sell tn e houses at public auction on April 8. They also decided to have the houses open for inspection bv prospective purchasers on April 3 and 4 from 2 to 7 o'clock in the evening. Action on the sale of the fer d" 1 S property was de- Architect Karl Waggoner of the firm of Hansen and Waggoner recommended Harry Brown and D fendents on the Roosevelt' and Monroe junior high school pro- £f'L reSpectlvely - The recomrnen- aation^ \vf»m ^ n n » j , dations were board. ^ Attend Meeting a. Larson of the Lar; company, Fort Dodge u i Of 1 tllO ~\Kr.r,*., · , " attended the necessarj^ ar - approved by the Con- EDWARD QUICK VISITOR HERE Son of Herbert Quick Stops to See His Aunts Edward C. Quick, son of Herbert Quick, famous author and former school principal here, arrived in Mason City Tuesday morning to visit with his aunts, Airs Margaret Quick Armstrong and Mrs Helen Quick Dillon, 213 Sixth street northeast. who lives in Los ----·-=, «-·«., is on his wav hom» from Rochester, N. Y., where hp All Time High HIT for Business in County An all time high for the number of instruments filed in one day was reported for Monday by the C ° f Miss Lola Mas °"- Cerro o county recorder The ?4^ f o r m e d ^Sht t h e t o t a l for of 1 «V eal ' t0 3 ' 92B ' an increase ' ° e the same period in ' any, ort Dodge c °. "tractor on the Monroe project' attended the meeting to discuss begin- -----., Decker's. Fri March 24 and 25. Birth Sat ,r- ?- Pearce ' of Mrs. Asa Martin, 425^ Trurd street northeast, born Feb 28- Carolyn Sue, daughter of Mr and of ted southwest, born SSterM"?^ ch 9 , m a s k e 3 and 1 a. m. nightly. P ' m ' contractor at Roose'velt.^vo'ulTbe mi£ e r c i! ty during the week o project arrangements for his autdc7te Ce me 0 e f tin egaC t h o erpl , sae1 nt their case in the matter of altow- ances to be made to teachers for absence due to illness. They sug! gested that they be allowed she days annually for sick l e a v e a s £ present but that the leave be cumulative up to a maximum of 26 Teachers Approved · R. B. Irons reported that Central L "^ P' inc 'Pal Of ££"?' ! h ° ha * bee ". "L *nce -·---"» " iiu *»a sister Mrs K W - D U l l , Mr. Quick has b*en in Mason ^Ja:^^^*^ ^^r^^^s Sgh p t to leave late rtn' · ^ u m e n s file[ i Monday included 117 assignments of corn loans to the commodity Mrs. Sophia A. Tims Rites Held,-Burial at EJrtiwood Cemetery TM -^ ~ · · iv mj naz, utrcn J Feb. 21, is reported to be rec mg and intended to return to work on April 3. The board -ilsn annrnvorl «,,, __i-_., u ""»iu also service s for Mrs A. Tims, 67, who died Streot Soher nhMt.r -" lc , a so and 83 releases of chattel mortgages filed by the Ventura Slate bank. 11 Scouts Approved for Advancement at Board of Review Eleven Boy Scouts were an ?»2, V ? d for adva ncements at the refflllar 1 Tv^onf;« ~ ~f j. * * * c the northeast PROPAGANDA IS DEPLORED Charles City Man OnKGLO; Warns of Devices _ -H M. · will get you --,,., out," warned uark, principal of the City lugh school, in a T --- Forum talk over TTPT o , W a orum KGLO Monday night. n separate building but under cn,,M h T al conditi °ns nothing could be done to remedy it n was pointed out bv thp board members that in order to house the junior college student n another building it would bo necessary to duplicate teachers ties th"? W a " d ° ther *riU- ues that at the present time -irr furnished by the high school! Would Cut Attendance ihis change would require q e To Address Local Masons Series of Lectures Scheduled W.C. Jackman to Talk on "Andrew Jackson" at Masonic Temple o£ interest h o unus "al interest be given at {he Masonic tem- e in Mason City Thursday eve- E W y will be "Andrew vivid review of the r'oVrf" i"' , soldier statesman, resident and Mason, who lived urmg one of the most critical per- ods of our history Mr Jackman is superintendent f r P ±^^ s0a n S ' f n d H 0n ' and one of the fore- m northwestern nost educators swa. This is the first to serve t " Think Calmly -- -j make us bplipvn -i«/i ^ doTf^^r W ^W "rtbe^e o? CIO If «... (H~,,,, ht a b o u t u . Of review the TM e 9 i ) d n p i-Sextet,-ofM Jliss Livergood Bros. approved the seleVuon grade at Jefferson school for the remainder of the year and of Mis! Janet Jones to succeed Mi chel Corrough at Madison Ed McEldoon, chief engineer was commended in a report by the SL^on em C ° al COm P a "y'= «m! bustion engineer, A. J. Cassell which was called to the board's attentzon by Mr. Irons. Mr. CasseH nfV n S P t °, n tour thr "Ugl lanU ^n S earI° system ' s heat - reBorted them ope y ratir, C g I e'ffj cr ie'' r rt- Program Given at Townsend Meeting Townsend club Wo. I held its regular meeting at the P. G and E auditorium Monday evening Ca " ed a «ention to H and Mrs Ert '' r- Cu "nery, and Mrs Ert Crabb, sang "No Night There'' and "Nearer My God to Thee » Mr, Roy Servison accompa^d" aMhe Monday'nTghr 1 ^ at Plymouth Follov.-ing are the awards an s^^---H ^ ^rSna^S' tiremanship, first aid to animals maker at !So lding; Raymond Ro(Je ""' and metal work; Peter Gople- . irnnn UK /~i^^«^ i,_ f .. organ. Pallbearer- were John Robin- ^EUOWSHlF OF PRAYER Doily Lenten Dey O ff Ona [ By DR. GAIUS G. ATKINS . Sultan cTlass , mer it badges, John f;r,f ; ,/V!; oop 23 ' P'ymouth, ,'Vfi « "£ hog and P orlc Pforf- uctipri, Herbert Lund, troop 33 ^orlhwood, farm layout farm home, textiles and weather- Wayland Savre, troop 3G, Osage electricity ;md farm, layout and Charles Solem, troop 36 bsage farm layout. ^-JSe, "? 1 "! 5 were a PP r °ved for al , e ' troop 33 - Northwood .vl.-md Savfe, troop 36 Herbert Lund, troop 33 for life -,, tie - -- sway us to oe lor ot . Warning" hY sUChEm ° t!on ' tortl £ t - o a Th inra!f CUSS l? n On the nee d tor a larger financial program brought out the question of r^- m - bet, rec al f edPr ? hpafBa " d ! sls . the educa'tor s.«H5r=F*K ssa-,ss,='TM;s --~ ,,., 611Lr A ( i i L oi a erouD nf «irce special lectures sponsored bv Benevolence Lodge No. 145 and Harding edge No. 649. The second will be given on WcdnesSay April 25, by Judge B. F. Butler of Waterloo, and the third on Wednesday" May 24, by Robert Y. Ke?r ex' C C U t l \ ' / » C/3 r ... ( r, f -^.. ,, - n · ^ . ' U A ' " *t "j ivuutri L ecuuve secretary of be ''". -.i...,. ulc ^Masonry in" th^ThiHeen^Co^n! AAA IS DEFENSE AID TO FARMER, CLAIM PLANNERS County Committeemen Say Philosophy of Abundance Is Belief A fh e! ' ef tnat fal ' mers are back- ^Irf program as a means defense under present economic -.-.nditions and that they primarily ' believe in a philosophyof aTund- cuHur'e" ^"^ M W °" as a ^- cuituro was expressed by members of the Cerro Gordo county Planning committee at their meet- TM h" S f r , cvcalcd i" the discus- on that larmers are willing to engage ,n free competition but because all other working groups re organized the farmers be- AAA nTMl S necessar y *o Join the AAA program as a means of protection although it is against the°r basic farming beliefs. Compile Survey Resuils Definite trends were shown in e preliminary results of the countywide cross section survey on farming principles which has month g P ' aCe du "' ng the past · tm^ °- £ 1 B ^^onnaires , turned m by the members of the committee. Sixty-seven Dor cent of the persons answering the survey were tenants and seven rtveTleT ""* CWerec1 ' " TM s It was shown in the survey by a 28 to 5 count that there is a definite need for farm tenancy legislation. A 10 to 1 ratio was in lavor of an increased proportion of the AAA payments for soil conservation purposes. Favor Tariffs fr-S" ,' lle ( ? ub J ect of' tariffs and tiade treaties, 21 voted in favor Or nrnTont i i m n_:«r.. _ . ·. . Thesi S D r i e f t Part of a state-wide SDHC3 of lectures arranged by the I C S r V i c e co mmi«e e df t a P , f . 1 e n c e sin state officials would have the that 5 h that there ere was a more scholarships and the part ° Ut in the mect was a need for fact G r T e c o m m e e df t h e Grand Lodge. All lodges within ... tariffs and 23 be-^v = u that reciprocal trade treat- tes; would help agriculture v. u ? ? was a definite trend in the belief that the soil was becoming less fertile but the count was about pnu=ll« rfi.,;j_j 7, wa " Irinnell' coll '1? 2ess ferlite but th, subject will ?^° Ut efquall y divj dcd on ,,,,_- ^^, u r e i n G o v - i lon ° £ receiving financial help om the government to conserve Another interesting fact was noted m the results of the survey, n t , o e s on tne question "Does the confute an undue g o v J S S n u mterference with Iowa farmers?" a Osage - or e le s Fromm of troop 23 for After The Storm the fire You want to be a man of ACTION . . . t 0 w ork and Play with healthy abandon ... but you also want to be SAFE! And you can be! The new scientific truss we feature permits you to LIVE actively . . . f o i[ y SAFELY. Fitted by our :raduate fitter, the truss mlds the hernia securely. No slipping. No binding. No ainful pressure. Call today it our private fitting room. f d a n n IP ^j" diana legisla act!cn in the Inure relative (o the and M r h n a I n g fl ash ington. Mrs. Shelton gave guitar selec- r^M 1 ^ Insh chara cter and bull f^ght skit was presented by Asa L Bnar and E. W. Lilley y organized orchestra of gave several selections. GLASS SALE (UJJ hete. f^ Savt,/ ffBRIEH PAINTS OIL TREATED Franklin Co. Nut WOLF BROS. COAL CO. PHONE 1J48 .i-r / ^vo-^^-^-l Go^offorct a*d° U xfolenle h ° Vah " moment of clear insist'he hirt another vision O £ the Divinl Fo^ the most part Mother Earth is through with her fire a ? ef and her earthquakes, but we continue them n our souls and our society We" in^ hqU ^ eS WUh our bomb! ;^" am ,u ?« world w ith our S ^ M ?? % the S° d "^violence and not to the God of gentle ness and quiet inward change. « e distrust the still, small voices of persuasion, the rtVNrnJ . . . i l T _ i. * i l i v ~ Plymouth, was approved gold eagle palm. Dr. A. H. Chilson, Plymouth commissioner of the districr pre^ sirtod. He was assisted by the fol- ^" S ^ , e Lon ffro;k and Ger- td Goplerud of 'OsaHe- A =; nd of North w e - ' -' - " ell and Charles Frank Cole Fined $25 and Costs Here id^cKtsTM 6 ' C " y ' Was fincd $ ^ 5 Laird Tuesday on a charge ^Mn- toxication. Cole was arrlsted by ^ern 0 J o n n a l 0 e a I P O O l h a H M o " d ^ j ^ rrom Willow Creek After Breaking Through Ice the avei A near the South ian the grant provides. List Advantages rii^, C ° n(neCt!on with n a TMng the disadvantages under the present eSlnH £in , andal ^"ditions, several advantages were If-*- l pointed out that "-- " : «h=* «, · · w s Pointed out Wiat the junior college proEnm prepared the students for the" -studies and adjustments they would meet in colleges The series of four educational forums is under the sponsorship of the Jolly Time club and the ; " C ^L S ?; s '°? wm be held ' - - ..,,,.,,,, residents of TM*'~*""- "J bar ses that float up netwo'rnfc'anafs 3133 "" 6 CaP " aIs Discuss Labor Exchange Another important question discussed m the meeting was the cor- Whilf no an d 8 efinite ab sta ^ £ °° dS set up, it was the concensus^? the group that an equal exchange of labor for goods would mean a laige production. h n11 ^u s t t h e °P, ini °n of the mem- oers that regular meetings v;ere necessary and information from persons ln the county was important in compiling recommendations for county farming. ° n C ° st -j "·»» "piessea by on person who pointed out that th ih-,t Yh* ?h ° vn in f h e discussio that the junior college was fcil fillms? n *,,!·,,,;!,, 5 .was lul Mlvc selves. ° f our we have truly bui G ° d a "TM Christ . nnrthV "."""· l vn ° speakest not - earthquake, wind or fire bui ever through the sound of gentile stillness forgive us, we beseech idee, all our mishearings of Thv Holy will. Enable our spiritual tt^fcnfall 1 voice we ^^ hcard ^t^TESHhl rightly Visitors at Sheffield SHEFFIELD -- Mr. an d Mrs Dorsey Skinner and fa m "l y , DuJ buque, came Friday for a Sto%r. hW m °' her ' Mrs - i , arres te°* in the 100 Beaumont drive at 6 Monday evening and " was arrested at 24 , . ar sarts Corn Country, Brookfield ' -^ """" a round Sliced 2 Fb Pk Butter23cBacon 25^ T-Bone Steak Veal Chops T*«».J M^ ^ _ Beef Roast Pork Roast Today's Biggest Clothing Values n « now on - aiorcd to your individual measurements. Over 500 patterns to choose from. H EGG'S Glasgow Tailors New Location--Z6 2nd St. N. E. CLEANING SERVICE . Here 's dry cleaning that sparkles wirh perfection--cleaning that makes your garments new and lovely! ODORLESS CLEANING Band Box Cleaners Phone 349 SJ.OI, With Conff^tnc. Wh t r e True N?ypnalTeaCp.Mkt CHEESE BACON . 18* z c I-lb. Layers Bacon Ends FISH 5-lb. Box Round Bone Lean Pork Steak, lb Perch Fillet Haddock Fillei Sable Fish, 1 ^·WM lb. 1 5c SPECIAL LUNC P H'HERRING, lb. -^ · rorK Hamburger Sausage

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