The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 25, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, May 25, 1818
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xnCOTT05. ECO Prime Up - fut Mi by foTT fc M,K,XE .60 e - ouin - sireer. T HEcoua.loer.hipof Thorn., fcievenst. & lr,w Looia, uuJer the Crniof Tho. Etr - ki Cn km dissolved on tho lt ifiKtjait, fa ,couUqoeoce of Tho. Stsveatoo retiring 1om ThTblacVandwhiUfmill' bwines will be carried on as usual at the old established, place, N 1 Liberty - street, by Denis Lomn, I hd.p Ileenaii aud Stephen Stephens, who have ent er - id mto partnership undar the firm of Deru. Lo - ta tc Co. who will be lUaiiUful for a continuance of the fovort received by the old oral, and puuc - uallv attended to. Tbomai Stevenson sincerely and respectfully racosamends Ih above persons to all his former customers, sud hopes they will continue their fyron to them. He assures tbem they will be Wrved with punctuality aud fidelity. The business of the late firm will bo fettled by either of the sub - cribers, or by Stephen Ale - ihen, No. 1 I.;hrlv - street. THOMAS ST.TENSO.V, Diay 5 5 lw DENIS LONIN. Utu.w. oUARKK TO LEASE. mllE subscriber will lease a stone quairy, on 1 reasonable terms, to any person or coinpa - TV i u. ,.ts.H In pnirsife U) a profita - Hie Worth River, aud not more iiian .miss from the city. The quality of the .tone is excel - lent and not inferior to the 1 ortland. Builders and stone cuttere would Bud it well adapted to tlieir respective business. Enquire at No. 17 Cold street, or at Spring Gardes, one .H. above Bull'. Fe STEVNS0N. mv5 1w TO LET, That very pleasant situation at Green wich, ip Asylum sinei, consisting g"u uu ..5int dwelling home, in cotopleat repair, labia awl oot - titclim, end ulhcr nul - hoer, a wellof excellent waier, anu i rui, ui giuuuu, laid out in a handsome garden ; containing a variety of fruit trees and flirubbery ; formerly occupied by the subscriber, and lately by Mr. James Bailey. Enquire of WILLIAM W. GILBERT, inytS eodgw Greenwich Lane. WAiNTKD, by a gentleman and bis wife, hnnrd in a respectable private I'jmilv, with a sitting room to themselves l or the upper uartof a tumished nouK. wuuoui Doara ; nooo - lection to keep theirowu lervant. The situation tnust be airy and respectable, and the distance noteiceeding half a mile from the Tontine Cof - W antet', also, a Counting Room and Whole, ale Store : the ground floor would be preferred h r (hi. Edit River, and between Fir Markot ud OlJ SJid. Direct, with terms and other particulars, to P. 3. at Messrs. 1RVLVG, SMITH tt HOLLI'9, l ean sireei. my 3 V JV'e. 2j7 Waitr - tuett. Received by the rhip Venus, frou't London, a va riety of Mathematical Instruments'., lharti ana Books, with tailing directions, spectacles of all sorts at the lowen price. N. B. G. offers likewise for tale a h.'indsome reflecting telncope, with A luagnifying power, rarkwork and finder, in complete order ! re - fraclio telescopes on brass stands, suitable for country houes, betides other articles too numerous to mentiou. may 25 3t UTEAM - BOAl AO J ICE. The anxiety which the owners of the NORFOLK felt to afford every facility aud totteueoce to travellers, Induced them to attempt 10 run the boat four times a week between Newbera and Elizabeth - City ; but, on trial, they find, that although Uu thiag is possible, it would be attended with uncertainty, and occasion disappointment. They have therefor concluded to alter the run of the NORFOLK as fellows : Lear Newbera every Thursday momin?, and arrif at Elizabeth on Friday ; leave Eliza - beth - Citr every Saturday evenins, and arrive at Newbern on Monday morning. STAG ES at each and of the line will run to correspond with the arrival of the boat. This regulation, it is expected, will prevent any delay or diiappointment in future, and travellers are requested to make thsir arrang - menu accordingly. The fare of passengers will be J 15. Children and servants half price. There are good accommodations Ibr horses which will be carried at the moderate charge of 27 5U aacn. The public may b assured, that every attention will b paid to their comfort and accommo dation. DANIEL W. CROCKER. Newhern, May 9th, 1010. styiti 3t FIFTY - ONE ceroons Indigo, 522 bags Coffee, 102 tin. Cocoa, Caracas. 2400 Hides, 1300 Horns. Landiug nt pier No. 1 1 East River, from brig iwuve, anu lor sale ny JOHN HEFFERNAN, 31 South street1 In Store, Lisbon Wine, ia pipes and hhds. r Madeira do in do do aud or cask ; my 19 2w K. l.vniao. e Cerooot 1st quality flotant indigo, jutt receiv - tu anu lor taie ny HOG ER3 fc POST, 51 South - street. 1fSlVRE, 40 doz. tcythes, approved brands 4 boxes screw augurs 270 boxes tin plates l - 3d IX 60 bagt prisae green Laguira collet 100 bblt ground camwood H bundle tugar loaf paper may 22 4t O O TRA VE CUjI IMS. J Caskx ten link trace chains, just received mm wr saia oy ANDERSON ft SHEARER, ay 131 Water - street COTTON tc WHEAT 206 bides of prime Upland Cot Inn 556 bushels southern Wheat, just received per .uaiiue ivogers, una lor sale ny GEO. GIBBS. v2 lw 7a Sooth - street. MOLASSKS. Hbds molnnet. of sairine naalitv. landing from brig Jason, at pier No. 10 "J G. Jc H. LLWIS?, y Iw 78South - st. 80, STAHCIT. 3 Em, aliti. u i r i pw - tor tale by JACKSON Ii WOOLI.ET, 3t 75Wall - iL Tfiv , "un 1.1. r.., olc. X ?l",brrjber offer for sale, 43 packages luS othrV late am per ship arrivals from 75 cosnpntmg a goo.) assortm iv JTV - 8 Ijnn,low priced assortment of q n b - j o. 5 - 4, and 6 - 4 Sheetings b4 - 8 - 4 - 10 - 4 Diaper and Damask T Brnwn HoIIabH and 7 8 Droghedat 1 "j; - 8 Line. Eed Tick riuhb, wilir!isrofoti liberal term. tljw0Il KELLY, 149 Pearl street. ml J a JO Ale, fit for immediate use, now landing Horn schr Jersey, will be sold low if applied for imnie - . : ' GEO. M. WILSON, toy 2J - - 12B Water - it K p' lous ilater of parb, on board the s br, Sprlau, aud Si tons ou boj.rU the schr, Kauny, ibr r low if immediate application' is niade on board, at piers no. 8 aud 9 t:. K. or al my 23 4t 76 BllOAU - STREET. r ASi T6 aal i UAT10N as Wr.T AUKoK T T youur, woiiitui, witU a good breast ol mux. Appiy ai my SO tit No. 30 Whitehall street, dJJ bbls superfine flour, Ilaxall's brand 236 do do do country do landing from schr. Molly, from Richmond, aud lor sale by W.eCS. CRAIO, 84 Front - st. W STORE, 18 hhds new Richmond tobacco 15 do oil do do may 22 liUMS OI.U COfr1 EK. a nuns. him. IX and fine flsvored Jamaica hum, and 2u00lb oiu copper, lor aaie ny TUCKER & LAUR1E3. my 2 1 S9 Sci'th street, t hON I'AUilCULAR MADEIRA J WISii. - 10 pi pel of superior flavour, sub ject to daUuture. Kor sale by JJJ my 20 Iw 83 Pearl - street - (U) i ABLE IftO v.i5tons o)d sable iron, UnUinp from ship Venus, at Murray7!, wliart, and tor sale by GH1SWOI.D3 & COATES, my 25 68 South - street. 1"EER fcKLNS. Krnm W to JU bales, pack J ed and assorted lnoelv. fit lor the Endith orr rencn maruer, lor sain on iinrni terms, by utu. ii. wn,au, my 23 1211 Wter street. H AiDlliU. 16 cases Miiitrior tienirul Indicro, I 16 ceruona and 7 lull' do. Spanish Plolant Indigo, tor sale ry JACKSON ex WOOLLEV, my 23 75 Wall - street. 'pOBAtJCO. lOOIitidi. prime new Kichnioix! jl J ooacco, 60 do do old do 5D do do Kentucky do 250 kegs Manufactured do i various brands and qualities, lor sale ry WALSH k GALLAGITER. my 23 66 South street llOU'ERAb. 107 bhls. Copperas, landiu;;, KJ lor sate by ru ri m 'R i . t, my S3 56 souUi - stivet. TTIDES, BKAVUtt, UEEU SKLNS, &c M.JL 500 hides 800 lbs. deer skins 1200 do. do. do. trim'd. llO do. beaver 500 fin and raccoon tk'.n now land ing from sloop Katei ii Tradr - , ami fir al? by .IUS. .UilAbtl.N, mv 23 oi o iioverneurs - iaiie. F' LOUK iOO bbls. KicliiiiiJiul Flour, Rich mond mills 89 do country brands 350 do. Fredeiicks'.imp Mountain Flour, selected brands, received per Onlv Daughter, and W'usp, will be landitl this dav, and tor sale bv WALall tt GALLAOIIEII, my 2S 66 South - street. tUt.iU MOOsihVHt: UU.lV - bh'lAS. i IX Thousand prime London Market Mngn - I doie Goat Bains, iutt landed and for sale in quantities to suit the trade, by f ' ' r, iimtrfl nun 67 Washintou street. Who liartjor tale, 20 ceroons fresh tweet f Almonds, outofllie 10 do do bitter ) shell. 10 do Cummin seed I csik Gum Sandrack my 23 rpOBACCO, IJIUfonnd J LOUR A 11 lihds Kentucky Tobacco, lauding; from the ship Mary, Iroin New Orleans 153 salted Hides, landinz from the schrRi - ung Sun, from Fernaiuhoco 140 barrels rucumonii r lour 20 hhds. old, and 40 do new Richmond Tobacco, for sale by ROBERT GILLESPIE, my 23 1 12 Frout street. COTTON. - 205 bales New - Urleans lotion, landing from briir Savannah Parke, for sale by . I'O FT Ai M'KINNE, my 23 56 South - street. MAHIB.I0 JIULJStES AJVD MUSCOr.1. 1)0 SUGARS. Xt7vF Hhds and tierce and 4 bbls Mar '.el molasses, of an excellent quality, landing from brig Mary at Pier No. 5, North River. ALSO, 14 tierce ( 50 hhds Muscovado sugars From ch Zealous, in front of the subscriber stoi e, fur tale low if taken from the wharf - Apply to O G. & S. HOWLAND, my 23 67 Washington - street. BLOOM FIELD Si FRASER'3 wholesale and retail copper, pewter, tin and sheet - iron k itch - en furniture warehouse, No. 38 Maiden - Lane, New - York ; where may be had nam fit planottbed Mock - tin coffee - pots do do bigjeos and filter! - Do Do Do Do do do do do do do tea aud chocolate pots do newest pattern dish covert do .sauce and slew pan do tea and coffee urns lo e?; cups and boilers tlo f hcese plates and toasters Do Do do wiui every other article in the copper, pewter, block - tin, and sheet - iron tine, at manufactured and sold at their factory, No.' 81 Fulton - street, four doors above their old rstablidioieat, where, from their present convenience aud acknowledged improvements in the melh'xJi of workmanship, they are enabled to receive and execute all order in the above line, 00 the ihorteit notice and at the most reduced wholesale price. B. k F. have received per late arrivals an extensive assortment of first rale tutania metal, block - tin, and japanned good?, which, with a variety of hard and hollow ware, they offer for stdeun reatooable terms. my 22 2w LONDON COA'I'S. JUST opened, and for sale at 23 John - ttreet, a trunk of very ek - ;aiit Drest and Frock Contt, among which is om Extra Tnmu.ed Blue Co - bourc. my 14 ?v ANTIGUA MOLASSES 60 LM new crop Antigua Molasses, of the very het quality, landine ft am sclir. Om. st iver No. !. and lor sale by TUCKER k L AURIES, By 14 23 SouUi - sirvel. A RROW ROOT. 150 lb. Arrow Root, just 1. receivel and for sale bv OOODHUE Sz CO. 44 South - street. may Id Cf.ERK WANTED. A LAD of 15 Jo 17 years of age, of respectable roaaecliosi, and who has lu - i tome experience m batiaes. may bear of a situation ia counting room by aJdrerwig A. at this pScc, with reference tor character, 4.c. - may 23 51 I ' Fc,CIl.iIlLEST0X.S.C. KtyMv j v2jl The fast sailing packet hr. MARIA. rt Latham, matter i will i.i on ins 2'ti lust i or fi ight or paaae, having excel - lentaccximmudatiuuf, apply ou board, west sid Flv nim ittt w lian", or to JOSES&MEGRATIT, may 2J 91 fcouili - st. The very fine tchr. (.EXEItAL A. - JACKSON, Christie, master i will commence loading on Monday, 25th inst. and sail positively on Thursday next. For freight or passage, apply on board, at J one ' - wharf, or to FOTT & M'KINNE, my 2S J6 South - ati eet. for, Mobile and Ht. bltpheh$, The superior fast sailing uew packet schooner MARIA - ANN, capt. LehW - til, (a regular trader) having partol hrr car go eiifagud, will moct with immediate dispatch. For freight or parage, bat ing eleut arcotpmo - dationt, apply ou hoard, e ait side OM - ;lip, or to l'ETERSjf IIF.RRICK, miy 23 29 Coentics - slip. rVJJVTLD iO CHARTER, bi n goou r.asr.Li lo carry aooui liuu jubbis. lor a voyage to Madeira. Apply to 1 LAUnii',?, mav22 29 South - street fhtAGH for UMhLt.MVX. 250 tons heavy freight, pply to ANSON G. I'll LLPS, 13 Front - street. uiy 21 for HArjJV.i, The sloop GEOIUIE WASHING TON, Capt. Itatlmlf, to sail on the 24tl and will take fieitrlit on moderate terras, if otlcred immediately. Appjy on board, oppo sue 44 aomn - sireet.or to may 21 GOODHUE & CO. For ANTWERP, The ship ANGELICA, Bartlett She pard master, has 2 - 3ds of her careoon board, and will sail nithin sis days. For freight of a part of the lemainder or passage, turnup ;ood accommodations, apply on board, west siue Hut - ling slip, or to N. L. ii G. tiRISWOLU, my 20 86 boutli.strcct. H'.iXTED TO ULiUTEIt, A Uiiir or Scliooncr, of about 150 tn ,200 tons. Apply to JUSKPII JOXF..V, may 19 6t, No. 12 Greeiitticli - slreet tor A'lAUSTOX, Jam) The fine copptred schr. CLAKKN' DON, J. G. rnth, master; will be despatched in a few days. For fitilit of a !out 15U baiTi'ls, orpassnc, apply to I Si LAURIE", inav 16 29 South - street. The fa i tailing tchr SPARTAN, 7J burthen Ui'totm. will tarry COO bblt veuis old, w:it coppered last summer with heavy copper, aud In, haiJ $101)0 czpeuded ou her tail: and rising within the last two months, aud u well loiuid in every respect ; lies at pier No. 9, r.att uiver. Apply on board, or to U.1I 11) U. GILLIES, my 16 76 Broad - at. tUli HALL, Tho staunch tchr FANNY, just arrived from Havre, 145 tons burthen, will carry UUUhblt., built at Norfolk in 1815 for a packet between that port and this ; is well found and can be tout to tea at a trilling ex pence ; lies at pier No. 8, Eat River. Apply on buard, or to UAV1D Of. GILLIES, my 1C 2nr 76 Broad - street. tor AMSTERDAM, The ship EILENUS, O'Brico, mas ter, will be dispatched without delay - - r or freight of 50 tons apply at 67 soulh - st. to my 8 CAM BRELENU Si PEARSON. LIVKftPOOL COAL. - HJO chaldron 01 New Pit Liverpool Coal, for tale in quantities to run purrnaters, T"in or) board the ship Maria, C'apL Duplex, at Rector - street linrf, where orders may be left, or at 5U Piue - strteL mv 19 4t Al OFFAT T3 SltKjlv ALE For sale at No. 20 Fulton st. by my 23 3w ELLIS & FLECKNER, HARK16' lOoACCO. a kegs Hams, Manufactured Tobacco, of a sup. quality, landing from schr. Indian Hunter, for sale by N. & D. TA I.COPT, my 21 64 South - street. CJEORGIA TOBACCO 20 hhd prime J Georgia Tobacco, landing from schr Geo. A. Jackion, fcr tale by POTT i M'KINNE, my 23 66 Suuth - ttn - et. PRUNELLA biiOES. 1 case superior Pru oella Shoes. ALSO, 1 case black Bombazine, for sale by MARCH It LOW, my Jio Broadway. , ULL MULL MUSLINS. 10 pieces, sup, LV J. quality, just received and for sale by. PETER REM SEN VCO. ray 21 26 South - street. ROMAN CEMENT. 60 casks Roman Ce aient,just received and for tale by ANDERSON & SHEARER, my 23 i3 Water - street. f N E hundred tons ol Liverpool Coal, receiv - ed I by ship Cantou, and for sale by AKGH'U. GRACTE Si SONS. may 23 C1UPEK10RHY60N TEA. 25 chests, Can - K7 ton 1 cargo. Also, 50 do. Skin do. in store, and for sale by G. G. Si S. HOW LAND. my 23 67 Washinrton - treet. ILOUllei TOBACCO. 100 barrel Flour, u farm mills," 30 hhds. prime new Tobacco, landing from ciiumiers l'uuniiets. anu J names, from men mood, for sale by DIVIE BETHUNE & CO. my 23 02 C. H. Slip. LIOTTON. 131 balet prime Cotton, landing .rrrmfhipt Mary and Savannah Packet, from isew - Urleaua, lor sale he DIVIE JfETHUNE & CO. my 23 92 Coffee House slip. rVbAJJO,COTTOX,SiUEKR - SKIXS. JL 144 hhds prime Keutncky tobacco 103 bales prime New - Orleans cotton, and 917 lbs. of deer - skin J Will be landed on Monday from the ship Mary and tchr Huntress, from New - Orleani for sale at No. 00 Coffee - House slip, by LAIDLAW, G1RAULT & CO. my 23 lot rpoil.LCO. - 20hheU. prime old Kentucky JL Tobacco landing from sloop Mary, from New - Orleans, fur sale by '. & D. TALCOTT, my 23 64 South - street. Lt,lHOKNS l RAW A lew rases leghorn straws, principally high numbers, juU received and for sale by b. MARCH S BROOKS, my23 2t lPearUsf. DLr - RcKlNo. e.c. tt bundles Jjeer saint, I hhds. and 1 is. Snake Root, of sup. qnai. I tt. and 1 hbl. Peanuts lor sale by R. Si C. W. DAVENPORTS CO. my 53 COTTON. 20 bales prime Upland Cot too, landing from schr Undaunted, fr sile by GUI 3 VOLD3 & COAT ES, my 23 68 South - street. TOY'S. 4 casi London spade Toys, jutt rc - rrited sur Vennr. Irrnn London, aad foe tale by ULRD9EWALU mj 2J 0 j 5otb - streeL T OLASStS, SUGAR. c.50 Midi. Mo 1 V.L lfe ' ' I hhd. Autina Rum ' ' 5 do choice Anlii;oa Suar p 4do id quality Culm no. for al l.y tiOODlHKtC'O. mv21 44 South tlreet. 75 LIV ER1WH. I'OAL. Chalilrons Irnm the roal pit. is uow rj - 5 for delivery on board the ship Justin. Abdrt - w Tomh, niatler, from Lirerpoo!, aixl wiUlien l l in lotitotuit purchasert, at pier No. 10 F Kivcr. mar III .SALTL'r, 6HN fi I O. 13 Od'l'Oi bkfcF. 'i'o bins. imt and iriine - I Beet, of superior quality, pint received and or sale by S. & T. W Jil l TK lYlORE. my 20 I 110 Front - street, CIOPPLR H01iO.lS.c JU00 R,.. Cop. J per, iiOin 30 inches 60 cask Wrought Nails, Eng. and Am. 6 hales Italian Fa pur 7000 Ilia. London Seir Twine, frr sale by CEBKA A: CUMING, rny 21 76 Pearl - street. J lUHKEh'in PLATES. 3u bag prime v tJiguira cotlee. 270 boxes tin plates l - .1d IX, fir sale hy ROtiKRS K PlIS'P, my 20 5t 51 Soma ttieet POPLINS. CLOl lld, Ave 2 trunk a..rt - ed Poplins 9 cases extra riier London Cloths 3 do. single and double millM 'sinir ri's, received pvr lale arrivals from l.orl n, lor tale by UlVli: BETH UN E .t CO. my 21 92 home slip. Sm.vcki: . opposite t SON, the Haul. ('olfro Hnusu, corner nl 1'ine & William - streets, off r for saleag' uerHl n J iirtment of (.hoc Knits (on as reaioiiatile tern ns any in New - York) atnmig which aro tho fol lowing : Cognac Brandy Holland and Am. Gin aweel eiil : Jdiuaira pints loiif rial, Hvs'jii. te A of the latesi Young Hyson, and importation. NjucIioii, Loaf and Lump, ) 11 " Havana, . HUGAII, MlMi'fiviidn, 5 Mae, Cloves, Cilili.iiurili, Nutmegs, Al - pn e, t iistile aud Brown tonps, kc. ic. mv If A house, in 1 ri spei.tiitile nei;;lilxrhood rc - ul uot to exceed 300 dollars One in the up per part of the city would be prcfercd Enquire at this olhce. may s J 11 HM.EAsE OK FOR BALE, That rlrjrant. inoch I'ti l uilt house, situate at the comer of .Sands and Washington streets, Brooklyn Its tizis tliirty - one feet front by fifty feet deep, its room to aiiaue'l as to combine every convonirnre for a genteel resilience. ll will be sold with two or uiorc I1 of ground, nt the option of the purchaser. Terms, one iourlb cash, llio ret in such payuieutr as will be most convenient to purchaser. Apply 011 the premises to C. BALL. mav 23 if CARRIAGES, Kc. r OR SALK, At tuk RsiPusiToRV, Wai.kkr - bthbsit. Two handsome coaches, very utile used ; una strong do. tmted for a tfage ; an elegant tilbery gig, very light ; one t.uhili tilbery do. : a gnat variety ofnow kaud secoud - hand wnggous,! iioin iiO eo .4JO i also, a few good family and saddle bonesT Persona, who wish to 'Iisimwi. of their horses er carriages of any kind, would do well to send them now into this ertahlidimeut, as the di tiltnil is considerable. 'hn?e who want an advance of cash, can have it on delivery of the articles 1 and sin has well to sell and keep their horses, eve elsewhere, can have them told by leaving tlieir instructions at the Repository. my vJ 11 I y AN away from the subscriber 011 Wednet XV day, 13th iost. a colored man, named Joe. is about thirty years of age, of small stature, dark co'or, anil down look ; had on when he went away, a bluejacket and coidcd velvet pantaloons Whoever will return said runaway, or lodge him in jail, so flint Die owner may obtain him, thall be liberally rewarded. Matters of vessels and other are forbid harboring or employing him under the penally of the law. FRANCIS 6KILLMAN, may 19 Wallabout, lonir - lsland. 60U0 DOLLARS. fr7 Tho 1st drawn No. on Wednesday next, 5th drawing of the Grand Road Lottery, will be entitled to 6000 dollars, and the fortunate pos - soiror will receive the amount on application at GRACIES, 146 Broadway. Where a few tickets and shares may be obtained for prizes at par and foreign bank notes, may 23 St 6,000 Dollar prize. ON Wednesday next the first drawn number in the Grand Road Lottery, for theMilford and Owego Turnpike, will be entitled toSiOOO, Only 16 days in ore to draw, and the following f70,00 I $10,000 35,000 6,000 10.000 1.000 A few Ticket and Share, warranted undrawn may be bad at WAlTE'S Truly Fortnnale Lottery and Ex change Office, No. 54 Maiden - lane. Whole tickets $34 I Quarters $8 50 Halves 17 Eighths 4 25 Sixteenths 2 12, my 23 Whate'er Potosi yields, with all its mines, Belongs not to the wretch, on whom it shines, The delving creature, in the shaft below, Leaves the warm tun, for subterraneous woe, And count but little, on the toil that's past, If the next day shou'd only prove his last. Thanks to the state ! for better modes pursued, The public mingle with the private food, Not to the rich alone, but to the mean, The discount settles, at a bare fifteen ; Who would not give it, aye and double too, To do as some have done, and wih to do. To mend conditions ! who would hesitate, The hint is given, ere it it too late. To purchase splendid prizes of R. Waite. The two highest prize yet drawn in the Grand Road lottery, were sold and paid by R. Waite, uo. I JO uroauway 403V, swuu, anu J! 000. i he Iirtt drawn number 00 in next day of drawing, will be entitled to a capital prise of 5000. Tickets $34 ; halve 17 j quarter 8 50: eight 4 25 i sixteenth 2 It for tale by R. WAITE, Jon. my 23 2t V.'A Broadway. 5,000 DOLLAR PRIZE. ON Wedretday next, Ihe first drawn number in Ihe Milibrdand Owego Road Lottery, will entitle the fortunate holder to n prize of There are now in tlie wneel. nd but sixfeeu days of drawing, the following rirl.piizes, viz, - . 1 1 r ...... I rnze 01 ii),! uoiurt 1 do 35,00) do 2 do 10,000 rlo 1 do 5,000 do Several oLIOUU, MM, c. ;C. , . U Pr vera! oLIOOO. 5030. 4c StC. Adventurers are advned to apply lor ' j 1 and Shares at ..I k ..... l I ALLEN'S Trely Locky OfEce 20,000, 15,000, c tc. beiTie a greaier amount of prizes than have been t - ld by any otli.rr oice ia this city in the ame time. niy HYSON ,A ill 122 Broadway, Oppotitc the City - Hotel. , Where the higliest priz, - ever drssTi in cawa Mid and paid, r 'jx1', inn fvsi.l, nr,..i 0 50.030. 3J.00, 2,000, of REMOVALS. 05 MRS.Lli'LV KL'a . auemy I'or'yi eng LailH , is removed to No. 14 Fraoalin - tUwU yy at lw . (Cr - JOMft UtUUy.S, Allomey and C0011M Iter at law, has 1 puied hi oiGue at'No. Franklort - ttrret. - . ' my tl Iw ILT JOHN LOKI.WMI G K. AHA Vv attorney at law, hat opened hisoliice al No. 46 Chamber - itreet, near Linadwcy. mny6 4w d jr JuilN I'RUG'IOK, joo. has removed from No. 62 Iteekmaii to'lt O Liberty - street, vhre he still offers liberal aiit't - ipations on property eonsi.;ne J to hi Iricudi in the Mciliteirx ncaii. For further partirnl.irs, ap lr ns a()OVe, or to . ALRAIIAM BELL, my 7jm romer nf Cliff Fu!ton - itt. 1 t MAC Mr'., ftllLNl. vert lo ,o. ri Piue.i,(t. A. t t. tibve Kino mnv 4 tJr.lLR D. fUKCOl' u. urms ins friends . and the puhliu in geixm! liiul he ha removed Lis UphnMi ry Wars - llri:e from No. 115 lo No. J Mai!eu Luii l,ure 1 ofie - rs for sale fun elrgau pHllen.s of I'upt r llai.Kiiigt, jutt rt reivi d by the latest arrivals (rom I ram e, no the moil it - itonalilo run. mv a I in C - LC.GAN 1 eURMTL'llt AT AUCTION. On lVtdinaai, t'tk iutt. . OZr At 10 o'clix k. nl Uie Room ol Chxrles Christian, Mf Futtt.n street, who is with - drawins frmii ,e i;Hhinei P.i,i,,r. nn elegant aMorlii.ent of GAHI.NEi' FliRNII'L'RK, Ihe whole ol which will he warrant! d by Mr. Christian the sair.p as iisold by him at piiatn sale. The lease of tU above i'reinises b.r tale or to fr' - " loySldn NO HUE. OCT I he Ruing Sun Sail Bonis, Nonpariel, and Industry. Iron, the Elizabeth town Point, for New - York, sails Irnm iMarkcllield - street, (where (lie Steam - boat Atalanta formerly t ame to.) at ill oVi.M.k, ol earh day. IVtajju lj J - 2 itnls. l.iKj'.iut al the Sluani bont lloli ll.oi V A N D t: R POOL Ac I'll I LLI Pii my 21 tf .1 mer ican ii.curanre ui.miani. 1 aHF. bo. - ud of Hun tors have tins day derlar ed a Dividend i.l fiftien perewtt. mi the Uapital Stink, for tlx: six iiionlhs, payable on or ntli. - r Hi - tirst ilay ol June next, beiweeu the hours 01 10 mid i o'. loi U. ,j orrti r ol the ITCkl'l. in Mai urn uno, iii - y is, IHltl, my Vi j 1 vy T,. iry. IJRIML LTLAN I To PTti.'. - - 5i7 l.a'lVs, l .n" L lllll ul I'crk - slip, (' rs - ali: fll 17 Niuth - st. l.y piv CI CA.VlliKFLI.NG ,V PEARSON. I'liiyjI E J.ODCIA U. 4 SINGLE Gentleman can he ar onunoda - 1. ted, it Ii a liirnishcd or iliifoi nislied room. uilli breakfast ami tea, in a small and (rciiteel family. Impure at the store. No. 126 Bioad way. ' muy '1 Hilt SAL I:, A country teat, lonueriv owned hvMr. R. I. Arden, eiiiitniiiins; about liltern acrct ol ground, tituuted nn the Last River, short of four miles from ihe city, ll is remarkable li r its pleasant situation and is n very desirable resi dence either sumumr or winter; the l.uildiiii; are good and cninlortihle ; Ihe ground is in Inch orni r, una aiiunnanuy supplied will) n lin.iie olloclion oflruit trees 'mdshruhlierv : then: ore several springs of excellent water 011 (he pirini - sis, und (wo quarries of huililin ttone, wl.uli miuht be worked to treat ndvamnuo. Pureha - seis nre iuvited lo view this situation, anil aii ;ly nt No. I'd Broadway lor teims, which will fit liberal. 'P. ELLISON. my Vi 3w UEJi'l KEL BUARUIMU. I7MVE or six gentlemen can be hapdsnmely m. accommoiiaiea wan genteel board In a small respectable family, where there nro no young children. The (dilation pleasant, within " wiiiuta' walk of the banks or cui - tom lieui. They can be accommodated with separate rooms, handsomely finished, on moderate forms, by np. pivimr at a riue - tirent. may 21 lw I IV SAMUEL HAY WAKI .V CO. on Wed I J netday evening, at 6 o'clock precisely, nl the Ladies Auction Room, No. 3110 Broadway, ine moti vaiiiaiJie couvciion 01 rare r.iigliiii nml Amciiran publications, perhaps ever olleredut public tale in tint city, land will he found wor my 01 parucuinr mieniion. (t5 'i'bote penons desirous of improving this opportunity for the disiosal ol private. Library's 4t will nit ate fake nulii o that Ihev c.inunl 1.0 inserted in the catalogue, unless received previous to 4 o'clock, on Tuesday next. Particulars will he eiveu of the Books. 111 the fiuhlic paper, on the morning of sale, and cata - OKues also ready at the Auction Room. tuyZZblT WER'IM ill. LblCS UAX.E. (TT" This celebrated paintine is ollered for a raffle The terms and parti' iilart may bo known y applying to Mefrt. GOODRICH H CO. No. 124 Broadway, corner of Cedar - street, oopotitc Ihe City - Hotel. my 22 To Ltt at Jiloomnifidule, Anv person desirous of a country resi dence, en obtain one on moderate term, sit, uatcd about six mile from town, on the pre' mises arc, a very commodious - house, coach house, ic. an excellent gut - den, well stocked with fruit and planted this Sprinir with vege table of various kinds they can either have it Willi or without tlie grounds bclongintr to it as msy be preferred, there is also several articles of lumilure, and oilier thing - belong ing to the place, which will be either rented or sold if wished for. For further particulars, spply at No. 11 I'esil - strect. . my 22 2w JOS'H. OKLACHOIX having returned to his Mtablishment of the VAUXHALL, respectfully iiifornii the public, that the damaget of the fire of latt winter are now perfectly repaired. The gardens are in excellent order 1 luxuriantly rich in every variety of flowers. Neatness aud due attention will (Ju hopes) deserve a eoninuefton of Uis patronage with which b bat been honored. A n tlfgan I diiplny of FIRE WORKS, All new designs, under the direction of Cltmtnl J. Delacroix, with Music and llluminatinot, are in preparation for Tuesday Evening, May 26, (weather permitting.) fT - Particulars on Monday. may 22 41 G. SAUNDER'S PATENT RAZOR STROP. Yotj that with to shave wiUi eate, Buy of gAvsjDZRg if yon please 1 III Razor Strop's, peculiar such, That sharps the Razor with a touch. G SAUNDERS respectfully solicits (hose . who have not got his Patent Razor Strop, lo furnish themselves with Ins new invented Razor Slrop, and Metallic Compotitj m. No gentleman who once make trial of one f the Strop now offered, will everfry any others; and sue bis their formation, thai er so nni n use win nm rive the razors that roui dnes which render ll.e best of them usebrst, anu v. men is iveii siwwn y to follow Ihe application 01 an uioie m ir - to invented. The above rop r in ftem - ra use in New York, and tre distinguished from a.l olhtrt. Baibers whi have used fhern tay more in tlieir praiM ihan 1 can "y,, l IVull - tlreeL Also for talc, Razort, Soap, md every uten - .:i. - ihe first uurlilv, with a tup. iororlmciit of Perfumery, llair - Powdtr.SC. from Sruj th't, New Hood tfcet, London. N. Ii. 'i'l most lilera! aUowanee made to derlrr - ray 22" '1 1HL Uonibslic rsnumtmrer s AstiHanidami L ("am ly irc:lory,inthiL. - s e f we'svip; and .eon,Dre;.tmiins a r !au iv tlemof chree - i;ons. hDnlvinJ to these am S3 1 oUr toranebe' ner r coiine:iefi wr.n irrMn in uw maneinciure ' - - - - , Cotfon and Woailrn GoueU t incleding many eseful 1 auie ant) urai'S, in raicmatrng arn Hrr - mini various kiiicit and pattnrnsof gocrts. Designed for the im pro vement of Do res ue M jrnfnc - ture by J. k R. Broirton, j rice $1 50, Jaat received and lor sale ty COLLINS ill ANN AT, Diy?ZIw 2J0 l'tarl - ttreef. FIJBLIC SALES. , By .VILLS, MlXTOJf It Cb. Wednesday, At 12 o'clock, on Hie premise,' N6.6 Park. pLee, a good lian.e House, built for a A'talle, to be.rcnifed w.thin six days afur the ssle. ton luTujixu, it. rjfii E propnelori ol tlie louthern marble qua - "ear King't - Bridije, giv notice, that they have on hand, and are receiving, at the hing'1 - Bridge Marble and Liine - ianl, foot of ttcaih ttretl, ou the liud.on river, an extensive lock of marble lor building, ol the following de - n.i ijtiuiur, vis . AihUr Coping Fuuudatinn Stoo Chimney - liueua Facings Columns Watertablo Steps Plutlorm SilU, Liutels Arehc Also Lime of the est quality. tjr3 A constant supply of the above material may be calculated upoo; and those desirous i f purchasui, or makiog ensnyementt, will apply o tZR. LUDLOW. Feb 1 1 . At Uie Yard. . Mrrrtutntt Hunk, Mai) 5, lit 10. rf The annual elcctiou for Direc tors of this inititution will bo held 011 Tuesday flic 2d day of June nen t, at the Banking House, Istweeu tne Hours of ill and x o'clock. Hy order of the Board of Directors, G. B. VROOM, Caih'r. mayC tj . MCJVAL IXSURAXCE COMPAXK UP THECITYOFJCEW - YORK. The President and Director rive no tice that a dividend ofour and a Aapcr cent, on the eapital tclc of this Company, for six momns, win bemauqonthe lull mst. ami paid on demand to the stockholders or their uttornies, at No. Si Wall - street. myC lm JOHN I'INTARD, Sec'ry. fJCy The new r r.RaY BOATS iroin the lout ol Walnut street, New York, to the foot of Little street, Brooklyn, uenr Ihe Navy Yard, will 1 eminence running ou Sunday, the 17lhiutt., i ei'ims crossing lo Broolifyn from the upper pail of the city, will find the distance niuct( shortened by using this ferry, . mv II " simniriin siettdtMyuf lite f tne ArU. 0 t '' ho lioard if Dirci tors give notice, that the Idiiilh exhibition of this acadeuiy, will te penrd 011 Wednesday next, itftli instant, ami oiiiiniie opeii every day (Sunday rxcsptrd) Iroin 9 in the morning till duk. Ailuiillauce 25 rents. Calnloues VI 1 - 2. By order. ALEX. ROBERTSON, Sec'ry - ' Members and exhibiting in list nro informed, that their cards of aJuinsion aro loft with Ilia door keeper. my 11 Sw I ON I INK COl FEE HOUSE. 6"iJ" The coimiiiili f for managing the sfUir "I ihe 'I onfirie t 'oiti e House, eive i.utice. that a Dividend ol Seventeen Dollar ier share, Ibr the year 1 ailing the 1st in,t. will be paid the pro - pro tors 011 or niter Ihe ll'lli iuit. at ill liroad - trs - et. mv 13 lm NOTICE. (IT The Coiihiirncrx per ship Canton, Cspt. Uogeis, from Liverpool, will please send tlieir permils on lioaid the thip, at pier No. B,E. R. All eiioils not peruuUed ill 3 day, must be sent to the public store. my 23 4t IUUI. FRANCIS. 07 All person arc cautioned against ere - litinir. any of the Crew of the llritidi briir Prune is, Capt. Tannant, as 110 debts of their contracting; will he paid by the master or con - signers. may 16 'or Enilaml, rm Halifax, (A'ora Scotia.) Q Letters lor hit Britannic Majcity'i packet rancu Freelinc will be received at the Post Office till Wednesday afternoon, the 3d duy of Jim". P. W. MOORE, Agent. my l 8 1 UO 'The copartnership heretofore exiilmfj helween the su'isi ril.ers, under the firui of W. W. ti A. (jioeshei ek, is this Jay dissolved by uiu - ' lual consent. lUlh.May, IH 1 3. WM. W. tiROESBEECK, mv 19 Iw ARM. GROJCSBLECK. BANK OF U'TRJA, (iJ A semi - annual dividend of Emir and onm ItalJ f,rr cmt upon Ihe capital stor k ol tho Bank, has h. en declared, payable Ihe 1st of June next, stockholders rrsidiug in Ihe city and its vicini - y, can rtreive ineir uivniunas at Ihe Mechsjuc' Hhii k may 19 I w l.VVO.V 1XSUHA.YCE VOMi'.Vfr Office No. 50 Wall - street, CTT Will receive appliealionsfor saarins riiks, and for insurance on lives, annuities, tc. between the hour of 10 A. V. and 3 P. M. daily. SAMUEL A. LAWRENCE, president, WM. J.. VAN WAGEN'EN, secretary. iuiiKCTona. John Oothout Jamts Doorman ItaacG. Pearson, jr. Henry Major Henry Thomas Samuel A. Lawrence Charles King Robert Benson, jun. James Boyd, jun. Balthazcr P. Mnlick John Richaud Charles Rhind James Rtnwirk P. Schermerhom, jun. John Jnoee Joseph Smith Jamct Strong my 19 lm THE ALBINO fjyT Presents his compliment to the Ladies and Gentlemen of New York, and informs them that he hu taken rooms nt Washington Hall, where he will be happy lo receive their visits, 1 om 9 A. M. to 3 P. M. and from 4 F. M. till 7. Tickett 50 cents each, to be had at the bar. my 20 lm t urluneairurt JiEW Lutteru Officii a$ vtll ai OLD ones. fy Yesterday altrrnoon ticket No. 8320 in ll... ... u. A I ...I.. a ; 1. m.j. UK vncv imiwi iwiiEij. iiu urnwuig in UIIS rily, came up a prize or $500, being the First a...... . I.... 'I'l l. . ' i 1 j . . mown imiuuci. j ins rntniiK.a aiisuiu n eMTTH'b newly established Lottery and Fx - change Office, 170 Broadway, and might have been purchased, had application been made there lew minutes t - efora the d rax ins; rnmsien - ced : a presage of what is to follow. Adventurer are advised to make early application lo the above otlice, lo provide themselves with tickets or shares previous to the next day' drawing, tt it it possible Diet fl first drawn nsmber, which will be entitled to $ AMJ0, will remain untold at laid office, unlets pure hated previous to that lime. my 20 i;t ir y Alephcn P. lnioiue and Gilbert ljme - iton Thompson, have formed a roonettion ia their profestkni:d business Olfice No. tl Wll - tlrcet. 8. Jones, junior, counsellor at law, keeps hi nftir - e at the same place. may 23 !U (Lr - WILLI.VM PAXsiON I1ALLE1T, atr tnrney at law, has opened his office at No. 8 Bcukoiao - streel, two doors from I'earl - stresl. my 23 3t family, Fn neh, Drawing and Music, provi - , ded it be in the morniug. Apply st my 22 Iw No. 21 Wall street. TO LtT. Ami immediate potsettioa rivet). Two nftios, in the basement story of No. - 14 1 - 2 Plot - Stre - L my 22 lw NOTICE. For the further accommo - 'datioa of the pu'dic, Uie de parture of the firefly 1 roes rTcTxrijNew.York end Newberry will ie in luiu.e 00 ihe following day WjlMnlaff ,ive nt iw ji . U ' .TUfllUUT, - - - J and bftturday, at9 A.M. - Iave . - ewon,n Tueidsy, Friday end f?unday at 8 . . ' Fir8yltain3 Newburgb &adyt " "VWesfefwe - leee fevrs NewtHirjh Inuae, dislcly'after tie ariivol ol Ue irefiy. my 2? . ; I - ? I ir lib 1: it r - I .1 . I r

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