The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 21, 1931 · Page 7
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 7

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 21, 1931
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

5 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MARCH 21 1931 MODERN PLUMBING HAS ADDED COMFORT IN LIVING MOTHER'S VEIL BUT NOT SINK IS 0, K, WITH BRIDE Vast Progress Has Taken Place Since Parents Start ed Housekeeping. The 2931 bride may wear her grandmother's wedding veil and her mother's gown, but she doesn't want her grandmother's kitchen ·sink, or even the relatively newer fixture her mother may be'using. , The maternal gown and veil will not feel embarrassed in the living room nor out of place In the bedrooms.. But, in the bathroom and the kitchen, -they will gasp in uneasy astonishment. For "in grandmother's day, these two rooms had but recently taken tip their quarters under the family roof. At that, the pump and the washtubs merely moved inside the woodshed. And iere, too, perhaps, the tin bathtub for a time held its weekly court. Water was still moving by hand freight, ana.'the day of the plumber with his .pipes; and valves had not yet officially arrived. Running Water Required. In mother's -day running water was required to every well ordered E, W. CLARK CO. We Loan Money On City Property Reasonable Terras INVESTMENTS High Grade For Sale We Sell Fire Insurance Phone 404 2M M. B. A. Bldg. TOM SKIPSEY Builder and General Contractor ESTIMATES FREE REPAIRS and ALTERATIONS P. O. Box 654 Phone 450 OFFICE 7'/j So. FED. home. The washtubs had been installed in the basement. The kitchen range was much more than a covered oven or fireplace. And the kitchen sink, though not an article of beauty, was an established fixture. The sink of three decades ago waa a painted iron box with wooden drainboards, and curtains or wood hid : the ; btherwise exposed piping. With such memories, It is' not surprising that the veil and gown are not entirely at ease when the June bride "oh's" and "ah's" over her 1931 kitchen and bathroom. ; Today there are no curtains or boxes to hide the piping; no dingy bathtubs and washbasins--worn out by constant cleaning; no dirty corners behind the bathtub or under the . sink, where in spite oC the housewife's care, dirt escaped her brush and eyes; and no stained or rust-marked sinks. ' Today the piping is concealed in the walls. Sinks are made all in one 'piece so that there are no elusive corners, cracks, or crevices to make cleaning difficult. Moreover, ' they. are made in -rainbow shades of acid-resisting enamel which means they cannot be harmed, by acids or' it-uit juices and will not lose their glossy -.finish. Would Be Surpri.-5ed. What-will surprise the veil an gown greatly, however,--if the ever see the 1931 bride at work-will be her method of cleaning th fixtures, for .these' fittings are o chromium. A damp cloth wiped ove them keeps them bright and shiny They replace .grandmother's' iron pump and mother's nickel' fixtures In spite of the evident embar rassment of the veil-and gown a these unexpected sights, ' the sinl itself will make them ."tare with pleasure. '. j They won't see" a dishpan or. a dishrag. These are insanitary relics of a by-gone age. Instead they wil see the bride washing dishes "in the deep eight-inch compartment of the sink. They will see her rinse the dishes with hot water coming oul of a hose and spray. All solids wil" be caught in the combination drain and stopper; . Or perhaps they will see the bride washing her dishes by merely throwing a switch -on her electric dishwasher--washing . the dishes without touching them except to place them in the_ dishwasher and to remove them." ~ The swinging -garbage pail which moves back and forth under the sink, with its vitreous china receptacle for'the garbage, and the holder for kitchen utensils and cleaning powders, which also swings easily under the sink--these are other features of the 1931 sink that would tiave pleased the June bride's ancestors. And to think of a sink in colors with curtains, table, stove, and A HOME IN IRISH STYLE By I. BUILDER RIGHT ORDER YOUR BABY CHICKS NOW! . 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Now that there is a car for every two or three people In Cerro Qorrlo county, ft seems as though the re ah oula bo more garages- We can help you plan yours from the faun Ions to the shingle*. Look out! Don't,be mls- 1M by low price quota Uons on prepared roof- Ings. Compare with cedar shingles and you'll see the difference. Our prl re f o r clever ad - vertllng goes to the sect! stare that advertised: "I/ you need ' a dime's worth of seed, get a nickel's worth from us." March 20th tyas the first day of Spring! Now you can go ahead and plant your radishes? Have you eoen the new addition John KHnetob IB making to hla home? A 3 un porch. Good Invest- m e n t , we think. It'* hard enough to yawn that way, tut did you ever try to cough with your mouth closed? L. A. PAGE LUMBER CO. Little Willie's f other took him to Sunday school for the first time one Sunday, and ou the way home. In order .to see if the youngster had learned anything, he asked: "Who was It Wiled Goliath?" "I dunno," oald Willie. "1 was slUtn' on a back seat and couldn't see!" Do It all In one operation with a combination screen and storm door. One of the greatest Joys In life Is to be able to show a fresh collector a .-ecelnted bill. 3 pi-Ins Just naturally means that a certain amount of fixing ha* to be done around the place. We havo the lumber you'll need. If your wife utea your razor to cut oilcloth, here's a swell suggestion: Her powder puff Is great for shining shoes. W E'VE borrowed style features from the English, the Dutch, the Spaniards, the Italians and others, and now comes the home in Irish style. And it is a style that offers full scope for.-the modern trend in. home design and decorating'. The imitation thatched roof, made of specially'bent shingles, the rough stonp chimney, wrought iron .work, stucco and half timbering, and the lofty windows of the studio living room, combine to form a charming exterior. The American, trend provides the attached garage and the clever interior arrangement. The entry way, with one door to the street and another to the garage, Is equipped with a coat closet. On the left the big living room reaches up to the rafters and rough stained boards of the roof. The open air case on the right has a wooden rail on ilectric refrigerator all harmonizing with the color note of the sink! Had Huge Kitchen; Grandmother had a huge kitchen --the family fairly lived in it. lother. had a very, small one^-just' ar^eri6ugh--'to;:f:urn:- ; in;--'Butiv;the 'ride·of 1931 hala v'a · t does not perhaps cover as much pace as grandmother's, but it is lanned for efficiency. In one corner is the kitchen range, the electric ef rigerator is set in a built-in nook, there is a cozy breakfast nook, oomy pantry shelves, and an abun- ance of'space for dishes.' What is more, the bride's kitchen a livable. She will very likely say ometime, "Come ou, let's go out nto the kitchen. It's so pleasant there!" , . . Np one will blame her either. The amily is returning to the kitchen and finds it a very cheery place, be- ause the plumber has put beauty nto utilitarian. fixtures. It is no wonder, then, that the fune bride of 1931 stops longest in ier kitchen and with her delighted "oh's" and "ah's" rather embarrasses her mother's wedding gown and her grandmother's veil. They lave viewed such different kitchens in their day! wrought iron supports. The dining alcove at the rear is elevated a step above the living room, and has charming built-in corner cabinets flanking the triple window at the rear. There's a downstairs toilet room opening off the hall leading to the kitchen, and opposite it a * .small room for the heater, and under the stairs space for the fuel supply. If you want a basement, the stairs descend where the fuel room is shown and the rest of the heater space can be turned into a roomy closet. . :'-; % Uis.tair3 /there' Is/.ope Lbedroom .at· tfaV rear,' with a"bath beside it.' ; A'small window, with a. wrought iron balcony in front, looks down into the studio living room. A door opening frohi the upstairs hall gives access to the large sun porch which occupies the deck above-the garage. If desired a portion of thia space can be equipped^ with awnings and screens and turned into a sleeping porch. The cost depends largely on the type of materials and equipment used. As shown the house is built of frame, with a stucco orv metal lath, but' either hollow tile or common brick can be substituted for the wooden frame. To enable you to get an oxact estimate from your builder I. . have prepared a one-sheet 'blue-.., : print' giving ,compie£e,.plscs; ; 'kn^.".. brief , specifications:'You can db;- '-tain this plan'by sending ?1 to the Building Editor of the Globe- Gazette, asking for Plan No. ·i-S-40. Copyright, Building Dtgtst Hearing Set for Whalen on Charge of Shooting DES MOINES, March 21. U--A hearing will be held Tuesday for James Whalen on a charge of shooting Merle Darnell in an apartment early Friday. Whalen pleaded not guilty on. a charge of assault to commit murder and, in default of $2,500 bail, was confined to jail. Mr. Warburg, New York banker, says business revival needs the help of psychologists and not economists. Perhaps a few buyologists would help.--Brunswick Pilot. FOR ROOFING AND BUILDING MATERIALS Call the FREE ESTIMATES MASON CITY BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. PHONE 955 221 SEVENTH STREET N. E. Save Money By Spending you have often spent money to save it. 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EQUALITY ASKED BYW.UEMNER Railroad Subsidy Discussed at St. Paul by Official of M. and St. L. ST. PAUL,, March 21.--"All the railroads ask is equality of economic opportunity," declared W. H. Bemner,. receiver for the Minneapolis and St. Louis railroad in addressing a meeting of the Northwest Shippers Advisory board here. "We ask .that this subsidizing of our competitors thru the furnishing of their highways free and granting ttiem the use thereof without regulation, be corrected. We ask that we be put upon a plane of economic equality. Surely a reasonable request. "In addition to losing the haulage of the completed automobile, we are now confronted with the'prob- ability that we will lose a large part of our gasoline tonnage^ thru the constructing of pipe lines from the oil fields into the consuming territories. "I-have heard it said a number of times' that, the railroads had no right to complain of the subsidizing of water transportation and of highway transportation because they were themselves subsidized. Sure we were!" beautifully subsidized. The government gave us--back in the days when it was offering land at a dollar and a quarter an acre out In this great west, and no buyers-land which at that price was worth approximately $125,000,000. ,But the grant was not unconditional. Every land-grant railroad, as a consideration for the grant, entered into a contract with the government to haul government freight and troops, and · the United States mail, at rates varying from 60 to 80 per cent of the regular rates. "These contracts are without limit --that is,' they run on and on so long as the railroads continue to exist. In an everage year the saving to the Government In transportation charges, because of these contracts, is between four and five millions of dollars. "That is not all. In some cases, special conditions were Imposed on particular railroads, as for example, the Illinois Central received land estimated in value at approximately 13,500,000, and that road waa required, in consideration therefor, to pay to the state of Illinois seven per cent of its graaa revenues earned within that state so long as it should operate. I am told that It has paid to the state of Illinois $40,000,000 for the land worth $3,500,000 received." STATE TAKES UP HARSH METHOD Arrests Same Farmer Twice for Objecting to T. B. Test Law. TIPTON, March 21. (5--T state has adopted new methods to enforce its bovine tuberculosis test law. State Agent J. V. Arney exemplified yesterday. When E. C. Mitchell and William C. Butterbrodt, ,Cedar county farmers, appeared for a joint hearing on charges of refusing the state permission to test their cattle, motion was granted for a new trial and the case postponed-indeflnitely. After the decision, Mitchell wns FIRST MORTGAGES LOANS BONDING INSURANCE SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES MASON CITY LOAN INVESTMENT Co. w. i* PA'TTON, M. M. Moen COMPANY General Building Contractors Alteration and Repair Work Phone 837 818 So. President UPHOLSTERING Repairing--Refinishing., PHONE 782 MACKETS 4M FIRST STREET SOUTHWEST'' asked if he would permit his cattle to be tested and, upon refusal, was arrested again. He was taken to the justice court of D. G.tPennlngroth and a hearing was set for Monday Arney -said that the act was u new plan to cope with objectors to the law. The state agent asserted that the law authorizes the arrest of objectors on a new but similar charge each day they refuse to allow testing of their cattle. Conviction on each charge carries a fine of from $25 to 5100. If you wish to hear "Oh yeah!" at its best, tell daughter that dish washing will keep the hands soft.-Wisconsin State Journal. Elva L. Long, Des Moines, Accused of Manslaughter .DES MOINES, March 21. Elva L. Long, president of -the Des Moines Independent Oil .company, was under grand jury indictment today charged with manslaughter as a result of the death of .Martha Stult, 25, struck by a car driven by Long Feb. 18. Long posted a bond of $1,000. ' ; · If these revolts in Peru and her neighbors keep on someone in South America will start a revolution to end revolutions. -- Hamilton, Ontario, Spectator. DECORATING Interior.. ,Exterior BEFORE THE RUSH Every prospect of a busy Spring; We therefore recommend that you have your decorating, both exterior and interior, done as early as possible. Be assured, however, that ANY time you call on Lowrisberry and Craig Bros., your decorating will be done promptly, carefully, skillfully, at a moderate cost. Estimates. 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"For Better Appliances" I I

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