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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, May 25, 1818
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The tweet and touching linet thit follow, - must readr every heart, not ealtou. to the touch of tvtnpathy.': - . ,i . - . ' I - JtfwtWj Review, October 1817. - f - - - v ODE TO MEMORY. .' " R tUnl - r Naala. a . ' ' "Mia gi vein up uw pi - - - , JOB V. And wfcerwUhef iwtlyjthaiidw t Whose every want he loved to Und I . " Not VrthjMflUjtnorin wide, Where, sweetly lott, be oft would wend J That lorse belov'd he marks do more, Tho tcenet admired ao store shall we, TboteeceoeetrtlorelyMbefcre, Aoi ibe m 6ur j bt where to be ? ' No, no, the radiance not dim, nii nlJ ia riU hit favorite hilL The plenttret Umt were deer to bi, Are dear to life and aatuiw ttill, Dot, ah I hit home it not ae ftir, Neflecled hb prdeni be, . Tha Uta droop and wUwIhnri, . And teem to whisper, " where ie ne . t I lib Wat the pomp, the crowded ball. But where b now thi proud duplay II rich, honours, pleuuret, aU DuUlfnui. - bt where ersth.y - And he, ai tome tall rock that tandt Protected by 0e circling tea, Surrounded by admiring bands, s eea'd proudly ttrotig and where is be ? The chofch - yard bean an added etone, The fireside ihowi a vacant chair, Here aadneH dwelU and weept alone, Aid death diiplayt bit banner there ; Tbe lib b foot, the breath hai fled, And what hai been no more ihall be The well - known form, the welcome tread, ". Obi where are they, and where b he? NEW - YORK EVLKIKQ I'UST. MONDAY, MAY 25. Ctmmstieut Utislaturt We hare amuttd . ounelvet with a cunory perutal of the proceed ing of the boute of auembly tince the politic of thi ttate ha changed hand. Tbe Mirror coo taint nearly eight column of motiont and tpeech es, which are certainly not inch a to imprcu the world with (be truth of what we hare to often beard affirmed, that the people of Connecticut. take them altogether, are tbe beit informed in the onion. The moat frivolout and childiib remark on the meet ridicnlout motiont, couched in uogrammatica and unintelligible form of tpeech, pmentlbemtelretindUgraceful array to every colatan. One great oralor, a Mr. Ste ven, ! m tpeech against Joint committee, ex prretet hbatelf thut i - Of two method relative to the accomplish - ateatctfthe tame object one it pretty tore to be better than the other, and I wbh to adopt the mot prtftrablt method. I go on the ground that if it b At and proper that there should be two brsnrhet of toe legislature, it b lit and proper that theT ahould be teparate and independent 1 would hare the thought ot each independent of tbe other, but if independent mutt they neceaw - rOy differ in tfumghl P Another nyt, M At we have two teniont la a year, it b difficult for mail to become Ugti - Ulan in ix wumlhsS Quite a modctt acknowledgment. - We am then told that a Mr. Foot, who it teem li one of tbe greatett orator and mot active member of the new tcbool, and who, I perceive, b elected M to ttand in nomination for a member of congrett,n " concluded a tpeech by laying in the foflowicg retolutioo." A goote lay an egg, and when the hu done the ritee and goe about her bruin en, but what are we to underrtand by laying in a retolutioa. Tbe IUwde - Mand legilatur, which hai been lately blewed with a timflar revolution in poK tica hat, at wa perceive by the American of thu morning, given evidence of their being of the genuine breed, by turning out tbe former judge of the Cburtt, (at by their conttitution they have a right to do,) and tUeting in their place an equal number of democratic farmer, Who Will be guiuea in weir uecuuxw, uoi vj uue authority of etatute and precedent!, but by their own undent andinp. Tbe lawyer, we prerome, are all to be hung up, with thoir pen and ink - hornt about their necktjaccording to the propool of Jack Cade. The following lound obten nliont are from the National Advocate of Saturday, and ft - ilcct credit upon the editor. It b not tavprbing that the delegation from the ttate of New - Tort thould have a circumscribed inflnenc on the Boor of coojrrest, and with the administration of the general government: for, though they may be, individually, very worthy men, and poMeuiog commenturat talent, yet they are ttrangen penonally, very probably politically their private tuggeitioni and recommendation mutt, at a matter of coune, be very cautiously received ; their attachment to party b undefined; their ducriminatioo un - tetted t their abilitiet imperfectly derclod, and the extraordinary caue, motive, auJ iin - pnltea, which led to their election, and which cannot be concealed, are all calculated to cbex k their influence and catt a tbade on their weight and contequence." The following tooUnce from the tamo editor windt up the article, and I muit coo feu pueet my undentandinr t Until this ttatt ean be wholly and purely republican, until ambitiout and intriguing men return to the rank at private citizens, it it not safe, nor it it to be expected, that the ttate of New - York canpottetteitnera aeciaea or controlling influence in the council of the na tion." What are we to underttaoJby purely rqmi - fcon" t for if there it a word of more vague meaning than any other, it U tlii very word " rt publican." CUy roret will be exhibited every afternoon, during the continuance of the pleasant weather, between " and 8 o'clock, in Broadway, free for any horse and cart driven by a licensed cartmao. The purse to be delivered to the cart that b dri ven the whole length of the ttrcet io the shortest possible time. . Spectators are cautioned not to cross the course during those hour, a the driven will not be accountable for arcideoU, A the public authorilietaratappoted to coun'r - nance the tport, thry are requested to keep the courte clear from bog, which are very danger. eui, and may throw the bortee, aad parUips bruise the rider. Women aad children being a Ins olttacle, are not of to mach moment. N. B. The course will ba free for the entrance of young ge&tlemea in gigs, who may chose to trot at full tpeed in opposite direction. ' This subject will be considered m a mors teri on light m our next. on of it of From tht Bitemort Patriot, My ti.'u 'Hi. 83, the fortunate ticket to which the pre mium - prise of 110,000 wai awarded yeturaay afternoon, in tbe tfurgical Inttilution Lottery, remained cweoU at jJllewA where it sxlght hare been obtained for tbe email lumef one hundred aad fifty dollars, tea mieutee previom to the drawing, no. IX7, a pnie o jjuw, tatned at Allen'. . . ,, 'The first ticket, we are informed by a gen tleman from Baltimore, wai offered repeatedly ( alt, and m often looked at and refuted, became the number wee to low.' It is a food rule . . 4. . . iiiir to refute a ucxei one ooereu, nur io chance a number in your ponewion. It may are a world of weiem regrets. A. Z. A. will confer a favor by calling at the office of tbe Evening Votl, between the hourt of 9 aad I, tomorrow forenoon, or at No. 30 Hedtoa ttreei. between 4 and 7 P. M. The in terview will, of courte, be ttrictly cooodental. rem the Motional IntclKgtncer, May 22. Th; city wai vetterdtv afternoon visited bt one of thoee destructive hail atormt, whicfi sometimes desoUte larre tractt of this eonntrv It exceeded in violence, in tbe eizeof the hail ttones and tbe quantity which fell, any other remembered to nave occurred here A great proportion of the hail atonet were larger than a nutmegs, and wefear that the grain crops and fruit witiun its range have suHered great dam' age, if not total ruin. The window glass ex potted to the hail was general! v demolished, and it will require tome thousands of dollars to repair tue damage of our shattered win dows. The storm embraced perhaps two mile in widtli it approached from the nonht'ett. and went ciT in the oppotite direction. It duration here was about ten minutet F rum the Milledgerille RrJUclor. Dcflruction of Ihn f'hrhav Fillaet. Mr. Pearre ba politely favored u with the following account of the destruction of the Chehaw village" On the tilth, we reached Jimmv't lowo, a part of tbe old Chehaw village; and here we were informed of one of mint infamou out - rag that ever disgraced (he human form - It would even rive a darker ihade to the blackctt ueeil of an J Igerine pirate. . On our near a p. preach to the village we taw a party of mounted warrior, retiring very fast Into the iwamp, and tent on our pilot ahead to inform (hem we were friends, and would not injure them He did not ucceed in overtaking them, but found another party at the landing who bad come in for pro vition. hen we approached the v appeared friendly, but very much alarmed. We enquired for provitlons, having none among u, and were told they had nouo. J hey informed us, thai their town had been attacked and destroyed : that their warrior were lying out, and that thry had only com to get tomething to eat. We were (truck with aatonuhment at the fact ; but could get no information of the cause, or the author of tlii base transaction. All we could learn was, that a party of mounted men, hud entered their town with a white flag, and fired them, while the hand of friendship was extended toiliein : tfmt they had killed old How. ard with nx other men. and three females, an old woman, a girl and a child : that they had burnt all their home ; pluudercd every thing they could lay their hands on, and made a precipitate retreat. Of the cause they were as igno rant a we were. Thcv expressed no sentiment hostility, but relied on tho justice of our gov ernment lor reparation, and teemed to think that would be amicably settled, and here I hope government will not disappoint them. We in formed them we were confident eovernment could not have authorised the measure, and that the commanding general wa entirely unapprised of it ; that general lilascock at the head of the Georgia militia, wa in their neighborhood, and would aoord tiieni protection i and that the; might with tafvty call in their warriors, old men, women and children, which they did. On our arrival at Fort Earlry. we were informed of tho fact. A Mr. Wrtglit, who wa elected iu Sa vannah, to command a company of militia from that place, which afterwardj, in consequence of nit otuig sick and unable to command, elected the ftrit lieutenant lo command the company, who was regularly mustered into service as the captain of that company, and i now in command of the company in the United States serv ice he (Wright) came to Hartford, reported himself captain in the service, assumed the command of some cavalry and infantry ordered out fur the protection, ol the frontier, obtained permis sion of the governor of this dale, to burn Phe - ismie's an 4 lioponne'i towns, which general Jackson had paned by, and permitted to tand, ana wun mi command wished lo immortalize hi name, (in which I fear he has too fatallv uc - ceeded) went on, disregarding .orders, permis sion and insiruruous - ldi I hMemie's town to his left on the river stopt ten miles hort of tloppone's, and commenced a most wanton and unprovoked attack on the rid oin. the women anil children of a town, the friendship of whose inhabitant to the t.cnplo of the United Flute, had never been doubled finre (he revolution. and whose warriors with (he exceptiou of a few who were out hunting, followed Jac kson to the field, to chastise the enemies of our country who uocraiiy snarid tn the latiguet and privation of me campaign, and ware actually m tho service the United States, when this band, mora barbarous than the lavage Indians, were firing on tneir mothers, their wires and their children, who were remaining at their home secure in protection from the whiter, and participating no solicttudo only for the return of their tons, their husbands and their brother, and anticipating the happiness which that event would bring with ill and while their old rhief, whose silvery hoad and tottering limb, nvsht have Lr gotten pity, even in the most savazc beast of tho loiest. and whose service to the country should have procured the good will or all, itooj exposed tn the Ore of a whole battalion, with the till of peace extended, begging mercy, and nuking the most solemn asseverations, of his peactaUe in - tentious, and that he wished no war. F.vrn after he bad fallen on hi knees, ho held the flay extended, and begged for mercy but inhumanity slopped Dot here he w:n again Cred at, and after they had murdered him, the ornaments were torn trom his ears." From the Kentucky Commmtarnf. Bank Failure. 'I'll Wcoti - r Spectator an nounces, that the Rank in that place stopped payment on the totli ult. The notes of tSe Cnnton Bank are refused in this place. Formerly, this Bank maintained its credit, though it hid no charter ; now it has obtained a charter, but lost its crkdit! BUFFALO, May 15. Jcuct GciTKAO, Esej. hat received U e appointment of Pott Muter in this village, vice Lr&stci Grakuir, Etq. removed. A writer is freely admitted into the National Intelligencer who savs, " tk nttem of commercial tulrutum it noie admitted to hove keen a vision - ill theory." 'I he same writer toys, " what tit - art is so cold at not lo rejoice that the firoctx - ea. measure of a navy prevailed over the ruie.aa - rji tvsieia gun tool teftnee." ni more uian tuis bave ue lederaiisu ever aid ? Uotton paper. LONDON, March 20. A few days ago, a countryman on bis way hosni from Penrith, was alarmed by a load report, sseoningly from a pistol, immediately behind him and almost at the same instant he fell from ba horse to the ground. Some of bis neighbor, travelling the same road, who saw him fall, hastened to bis assistance, aad coave yed him in a stale of insensibility, to a public house at a ty, to on the of at and do. 5 Coi A Co. fx short dUUbce. Here when he recovered bit re - cUetion, be related to them lb circumstance of the report, .which tome of tnem na nezru, adding that be haddbtinctly teen the flash of fire arm at the same time, and that ba believed hina - telf mortally wounded, for be hai felt something like a ball enter bis back. His ineoat proceeded to examine him. but could iierceive no bodily injury be had received, except a slight contusion on the head, evidently the effect of Ins I;.U. After tome time past in vain lurnsue on me nature of the attack, a bve - stander observed, that he believed he had discovered the author of the alarm in a bottle of veott which he pointed to, then foaming over in the poor man's poekeL. J he fermentation of the yeatt had forced out me cork, with the explosion that had excited o much terror and (peculation. From the Portico. FanlAl'enU HitWii of tU Revolution. U gives u great pleasure to be able to announce to the public, that this work it now ready for the pre, and will be publbhed with at little dclsy at the magnitude of the undertaking will admit of. We understand, that trie pro prietor and publbher, Mr. John Hopkins, of riiu.'Kieipnia, nas orcn ai hisiuo uic and expense, fn collecting, for the use of the a.i - a ! I . . - 1 - LI . author, a great matt of interesting materials, consisting of original ttate paper, military or der books, tie. which will furnuh a body of matter suoerior in interest tnd importance, to any which hat ever before been offered to the public' Tbe high reputation of the author, and the great desire ol tne puniuiier io give to the mechanical execution an ueperiecnon of which it i susceptible, rive at reason to anticipate a work, which thall do honour to the country. , Valuable receipt for extracting poiion from the wound of a rutty nail I aire a bean, alter split ting it, apply one half (flat side) to the wound, bind it on, let it remain until it comes ou ol ii vii, and the poison will be extracted and the wound healed. h.r KKir.nur. Our correspondent 'peaks only of the properly of the drr bean. We are informed that in it green slate also, the hean rmfscmc valuable qua lities lif rubbing it upou the common, wart, the juice will more certainly ana ips euiiy eradicate it, than any process of witchcralt ever practised. Jtwark jncttcngcr. FilOM OUR VORllESPOmF.NT. Office of the Baltimore Patriot, May 23 noon. The ship Plato, from Bremen, with Mr. Piuk - nry and family ou board, if now coming up the river. Ship Edward, Chittenden, from Liverpool sailed 1 9th April. ship Jarksoo, from Bordeaux, latest from that place and 2 brigs and t schooner. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. Office of the Union, Pbiladtd - ) ptiia, May 34. Arrived, thin Mamille. Woodhouae. 65 dav from Rio Janeiro. Schr Union, Dennett, 10 d.iy from Richmond. Sloop Bailor' Fancy. Balicock. 5 dav from Charleston. Sloop Carpenter Si Son. Avdelot. 3 dav from Norfolk. British thip Achilles, Tail. 19 day from Anti gua. untisi snip Achilles, bhaw, 45 day t Trom Bristol, Eng. Cleared, schr Mftsen&er. Hall, for New - York: sloops gcourge, De (J root, for New - York t Uni - Wright, for ditto. MARRIED, On Saturday evening last, by the KevM. Mr. Tharher, Mr. JOSEPH CARMAN, to Miss bMCL.IKK cTUOCKKY, both of this city. un Sunday evening, the 3d rast. by the KevM. Mr. M'Clay, Mr. CHARLES F. ACKF.RMAN, Miss RUTH PAUL, both of this city. DIED, At Lorntt - Grove, in Jefferson county, Ken. tho 1 3i h February last. General GEORGE ROG ERS CLA RIC, a distinzul'hed revolutionary hero, and remarkable for tho ability and perseverance he displayed, and the hardfliiiw and suffering he endured, iu the early wars ol western country. I hit morning, Uoctor Jamet Till.try, aged 62 years, liis tritnUs and acquaintances and those his soo - in - law A. D. Duff, are invited to attend hit funeral to morrow (Tuesday) afli - rn xm 5 o'clock, ficin bit late resident u No. 3iUi Broadway. EVFJf'.VQ POST Jf.lRIJTE UST. CLEARED. Ship Samuel, Segtr, Charleston Brig David Porter, Shear;, Savaou.ih T C Butler, jun. ARRU'F.D TUIS ntHKAOM, Sh i p Com m ere e, F.vel et h , (of Sale m ,) 1 4 d avs trom Havana, witli sugar and molasses, to John (j.irdner, J Ushorn, Cambrcleng & Pearson, Uaily N - Kiisscll, hlupman K Ijnril, A J litis. llurd fc Srwall. Passengers, Mr. George uveraiti - rand family, Air. George Jutivc, Mr Holmes, and t Poms. Left at Havana, brig Henry. Dutch, fiir.N York it) 25 daya, sell Ga zette, .S'elby, of N York, iliiicharging sell , I.nw, of do. loading ; Nancy, Howe, of Phila delphia, disrharging ; ship Augustus, Oliver, uncertain Perseverance, of do loj Ante lope, uw, lor I'niviuence 3 days t Alpheus Sz .aiicy, Miove, Newport 4 days : sell fiallv. Charleston 2d:i3' i brig Rebecca, Dunrsn, Salem, do do i Dawn, P.mlicott, of do. for St. Pe - tertbiirgh 2 dajt ; Rocpia, Williama, do i ship Mary, Austen, of Salcui ; Ann, D'Wolf, of Boston, for do. 10 d:i ; brig Pallas, Patterson, for iloston, toon ; ship Saradahock, Knapp, for do days ; Augusta, Boston, uncertain i Caroline, liam, do do ; Ellen, Sliillintr. Bremen in 3 days ; 8wsn, Foster, of Newburyport, for Moil - tejjo Bay 3 or 4 dayt. British brig Aun, Forsyth, 13 day from Windsor, N. S. Willi plaster, t Ward 4; RLhnp. Brig Ohio, Carman, 5'J days froni Amsterdam, with dry goods, gin, hardware, &c. to J C Xim - mrrman, De Rham & De Lcssert, J B Graves, JttAMB Tost, J A Willink, J L Plulie, V'a - que, Muronat Co. J M Cox, G 8 Mum ford, D tlarkaon, F Jenkin Si Co. P W Livingston, Karthaus, Reinkks 4: Co. J Aspiiiwall k Son, A'criba U Graves, R Gilaiore L Sons, W VV Woolsev, J W Smith, N Taylor, II 'oe, John - stoo, Ualsey it Co. F VickelbaUfen, Brunell ii the captain, audio order. May 4, experienced a vere gale of wiod, stove in her quarter boards, shifted her cargo, stoie tne Ion; boat, and tore the bolts out of the deck. Spoke nothing. Fasengr?, Mr. J G Broker, captain Johnston and 2 in the steerage. Schr Juliet, ltourette, 4 days from Norf. - lk, with flour and tobacco to Clapp & Hicks and Valines, Meuron It Co. Passengers, Mr. S Stewart and Miss Harriet Seatun. fell Comet, Graham, 1(1 days from Freder - kksbr', w ith, to Wood Si Byrnes, and Walsh Si GalliLher. 8ch Wm. and Mary, Carwan, 13 days fn.m Frcdci icksburg, witli flinir, to Byrnes, Trimble Co. Sloop Ten Siste. - s, lvell, 1 days from Boa - ton, with lemons, oil, ice. to P Kemsen, and others. Sloop Three Sisters, Atsrater, todays from Alexandria, with fish, to the mauler. Sloop Yisscher, Ingraham, 4 daya from Boston, with tuh, rum ami glassware, to Davis anil Center, of Albany, where the vessel is bound. JtflRlFF.U JIST KFEAtJVXJ, Ship Globe, Paine, 4 days from Boston, iu ballast, io lo S. RohtnMia k Co. Brig Tybee, ColJ, in 5 days from Sarannah, Hli rntto, &x. to T. C Butler, Jr. (owner), Pott tM'Kinnie.S. Randolph, Kelk - vb 51' Bride, Lrth - bridgr, Uedury si Co. sihI LMH. Butler Pas - smircrs, Gen. H. Warren, Rev. R. Holmes, Col. Thomas, Lieut. Tauial, Mnjor Storer, Captain 3 5 N for far Wood, Mr - Donrlttf. O. Holt, J M. IWJr. M. Harris, MeMit, T, 1. Lwmpkint, L. C. foumln, H Good, Mm. Jarksoe, elaaiehter end sett, Mrs. Cuftrnoeeh, and Mrs. Shubrick. Sailed with ship Vulcan, for Liverpool - Left, brip Aine - lia, Moll, and Alonso, Gretii, bolh for New - Vork, in t dy J schr. Rose - io - Bloom, for skv Off Cape KoinmiH - , spoke ship Milo, flora Boston for Chsrlestoii. Brie Ciiieinnatiis, Mudge, from N. Orleans, 30 Have from the Bslit, wiih Snimcco and cottou, to rVilsh It Gallagher, N. tl D. Talcott, aad G. As - pinwall It - Son. Sailed in co. with schr. Mary k fclii, Stone, of bVilon, for Madeira ; and bng Alexanrin - w, of N. York, for Bordeaux, Passeii - er, Mr. Klik and family, Messrs. llusi!!, Rleaiis, and Msyos. . . l!rl IWMnr. Gardner, in C dav fui. W iloiinr ton. with cotton, flour, tobacco and sugar, to Ship - - .... ' ,. - f II. roan U sVord, v. uureisii, uuru at jr - nu, Tnrvi.. unH It. Arnold. Snoke. Msr 19, laf. M 10, Ion. 7fi, 30, ship Juno, r owk - r, iu aays iroin Iloston for Ssvannatt. tmnp iiarrvoo, ini - ebcll, just ar. from N. York. Tbe brig St - Jfr - let, YVitton, was to sail next day for Liverpool, hi iir Eunir. Kafkiu. 13davs from Havana, Willi f urar mihI rolTne. lo G. G. U 3. IIowIhikI. Mini Commerce, Eelilh, of, Salem, sailed in co. for S. York. Left, 10th Inst, .snip union, Brown, nc - York; brir Henry, Dutch, do.; chr. Gazette,; Roque, Wilkins, Salem ; .Montetrjiiieu, Holuies.frBaltirure,in 10; hrias Dawn, Endi - colt, Salem, for Europe, in 2 days ; Caroline, uor - hain, Boston ; Perseverance, Ptiilad. ; Johu Howe, Bosquet, do. Br. brie Hiram, Wiley, 30 dais from Tuiiidad, with mobtssrs, lo A. P. Edwards. Spoke, April 71 !i in M lmr fi.v ifi. Lric Peace, from ew - burvport, fot St Domingo, SI days out. May 7, lat. SG. 52. lone 70. 2. a brie 10 'lavs from J urks Inland, for Providence. The Hiram proceeded yesterday for New - Haven.) Brie Rapid, Smith, 8 day from Bath, Me. with wheal, to G. G. It S. Howlnnd. Sailed in co with schr. Mary It Nancy, for Nantucket . Kri.r Ivflli.Tm lli - iirv. Marshall. Ii days from St. Croix, with ruin, sugar and molasses, to Reade it Depeysler. rswenjerv, wr. noDeri u u. w - peyster, Mrs. and Mi Lewis, MUs Louisa and Emma BnttrUe, and Miss Bedlow anil servant. Left hrfcs James Scott, Ellis, in days, and Hammond, fowler, in 4 days, for New - Vork ; brie I 'oiniiieree, Liltil, loading; ships Virginia and Cline, disrh. : brie Mary, M Pherson, just ar. from Pbilad. May 20th, lat. 34, 4D, Ion;. 70, 30, passed close to slop Diana, of Hnllowell, steering E. N. E. On TLa, lat. 38, 57, lone. 71, 30. spoke srhr. nson, 2iHVlfrom New - London, Lat. :i9, louir, 72, spoke btig Ann Mlna, from New - York. brie Laura Ann, uoiun, 4J aays iroin uiarja, siitli suit and fruit, to N.L.Jk G. GrUwoM. Lcll no Am. vrsscls. Spoke nothing. No news. Srhr Henry. Davis, 0 days from Charleston, with cotton, to S k E Blnnchard, F Depau, G Buck, and Peltier Si Morel. Passengers Mem. Di voe and family, Clark, Reed, Lyon, Babcock, itonerta and snow. Srhr. Mary it Nancy, Hussev, 16 days from St Eustalin, with ruin and molars, to J. Keeler, and others. Left srhr. Mnrillo, Potter, of N. York: brie Mary, of do, jutt arrived, and a number of others not recollected. Schr. Southern Trader, for Castine, sailed in co. Sriioom - r Mary - Ann, Drink water, 10 days from Darieu, with tiinlx - r, for the Navy Yard. Schr. Two - Brothers, De Hart, 11 days from Norfolk, with shingles, to tbe master. Schooner Dauntless, Travcrs, 8 days from Richmond, with flour and tobacco, to Walsh It Gallagher, T. Irvin, and others. Schr. Madison, Sawyer, 8 days from St. Marys, with pine timber and plank, to Wm. It Clias. Por ter. Left in Cumberland Roads, brir Com. Porter, Doane, for New - York in 4 or 5 days. Was boarded by V. S. brie Saranac. Schr. Sophrouia, Perry, 4 day from New Bedford, with plaster and grindstone. Schr. Elisabeth, Tolley, in 5 days from Savannah, with cotton, to J. It C. Bolton. Srhr. Charles Hays, Thompson, 6 days from Wilmington. N. C. with naval stores, to Hyer, tSi enmer &t C o. Sloop Alexandria, Neighbor, t dayt from Cain - di'n, D. w ith corn, toT. Buckley It Son. bloop Hope, Uwens, 'I days trom uamuen, u. with com, to Thomas Buckley ll Son. Sloop Morning - Star, Somcrs, t days from Philad. with bricks, Itc. to P. Care, jr. sloon Vuuiie Carpenter, boiners, b uays trom Philadclnhia. with bricks. Itc. to P. Sloop Victory, Young, 2 days from Philadelphia, . - .!. i i) . : Willi uiiiki, iu i . tmr,ji . Sloop Gleaner, b days from Richmond, with Hour. etc. to inndrie. Sloop Brids' - port, Woodward, in fi days from Charleston, with iron, cotton, and 14 pnmieneers, tn Jones It Megrath, and Vandewalcr, Wheeler It Co. Left the ship lelegrapti, lor i. iorx in z days. May 13, lat. 3B, 21!, Ion?. 71), spoke ship Kime Stales, from New - York lor Savannan same day, spoke brig Grneral Jackson, 13 l iv from Proviclfiici!, R. I. for Savannah May Kd, poke ship Goorge Porter, Id days from Boston, lor Wilmington, N. C ' Slonp I'louphboy, Wntkins, Ildays from Richmond, with coal, tii J. Van Biisuui. Sloop Bi - lsev.SiMiieis, intidavs from Riclunoiiil, with coal, to J. Van Bikhuii. Sloop Ann - Luce, iu C days from Savannah, with cotton, in J. Mngro It Co. Sloop Active, Billow, in 5 days from Ncstbern, N. l with cotton, naval stores and bams, to flyer, Bi miner Ii Co. Sloop Packet, Daskom, IS hours from Norwalk, with .0 pansengt rs. Cuarlision, May 1.1 Arrived, brig Georgetown - Packet, Hewes, Philadelphia. Sell 8lj;ht, Silva,, 6 days. Sloop Express, Hammett, Saannuh 1 day. Sailed in co. schrs Undaunted, Gen. Jackson, and sloop Olive - Branch, for N York, and sloop Keziuh, for Providence, U. I. Cleared, thip Portia, Sillimun, Bordeaux brig ILuinah, Baily, Liverpool i sell South Carolina, Allen, N York , sloop Eagle, Stinson, do. May 15. . Arrived, ship Pennsylvania, Robinson, Phi ladelphia 13 das. Sch Phantom, Thompton, Itaracoa, 6 davt Yesterdny, off the Hunting Island, spoke a brig front Cala's, bound to Savannah. IIostost, May 21. The brig Rival, Prince, 19 days from Mobile for Boston, arrived at Falmouth, (cape cod) on Wednesday last. On the 19th inst. spoke brig; Fame, from Havana for Providencc.'and brig Arcliim'uie.s, from Liverpool for X York. May 22. Arrived, Brititm brig Harriot, Newell, Thaiti, days from St. Johns, N. B. Has on board 40 steerage passengers. Brig Adamant, Gov ill, from Messina, 5th March, and Gibraltar 29th. Left at the former place, ship Ann, Davis, uncertain where bound, tliconly American vessel in port. 13th inst. lat 40, Ion 67, spoke ship London Trader, days from Philadelphia, for Canton, with loss of forctopmast. Brig Agctvuria, Foster,14 dayt from Charleston. Saw two ships this morimig, Cape Cod W. S. W. 10 leagues distant, supposed to be the Liverpool Packet, and Pekin, from Boston. Sloop Comet, Bradley, fiom N York, witli 49,1(00 ipecic dollars. PnovmeaiE, May 22. Arrived, sloops X York, Brown, N York Harmony, Wing, do. Ar. yesterday, slop Irumbttll. Aburn, 121 davs from Canton. Below, brLs Ann, Eldridge, and Fame, Gardner, 16 days from Havana. Pm LanKLPHtA, Msy 2i Arrived, brig Jo sephine, Kilts, 14 dtys front I - aGuira. Sloop Little Bill, M'Alpui, 7 days from Hal ifax. Sloop Only Daughter, Ireland, 3 days from York. Sloop Tabitha, Wilson, 4 days from NYork. RsLTtMoaa, May 22. Arrived tc h IjuJy of tl.c Ijite, Coit, 17 davs from Si. Jago, Cuba. Srh (iov Brooks, Lord. 24 days from St Ja - go, Cuba. Mxy 1 Ith, lat. 31, long. 75, spoke ship Addion, ofl'liibwlelphis, from Charleston UveipooL S A V A N N A H , May 1 5. - Cared sliip Charles, West, Liverpool ; slops Oglethocpe, Jayae, do ; Vulcan. Reed, do; Thorn, Rogerson do. NEW - ORLEANS, May 24. Cleared. Abi gail, Titcomb, Havre ! Schr Alexander, Charters, Kingston, (Jam.) Hunt res, Mathews, New York Kudoxia, Baker, do Nonrutx, May 20. Arrived brig Priscilla Armistead, Cameron, IS daya from Point - Pe - tre, (Guad.) Markets at Point Petre very dull American produce, except Flour, which was 20 per bbl.. - - Sloop Akerly, Cittino, in the remarkable short passage of 48 hourt from Nantucket. tjch Mark - Time, Cart, S dayt from Charles ton. : On SKMirday laat, about 5 0'ciocx, r. ai. Cant Hatters Litrbt bearinjr N c distance a. bout 8 miles, saw a topsail tch in towards the shore, standing front it, with a tmaii part oi her mainsail and jib tet, colors half maat, tlic aind at the time blowing almost a gale from S W and the tea very rough could perciove no particular mark by which to oescrioe tier, although not more than a mile ami a nan am tant in about 10 minutet she ditsppeared, but whether capsized or went down, could not ascertain, and it would also have Deer, impos sible to have rendered her any assistance. Spoke on Monday, ofl Cu rituck, a brig from St. Andrews, bound to Baltimore. Came up, thip Romulus, Peters, from Lon don, reported on Monday. THEATRE. TLis evening. May 25, will be presented, THE BRYDE OF A IS DOS. Giaffer, 'Mr. Rnbertson Seliru, rritchard Zultika, Mrs. Barnes 1 o winch will be ndded the farce ol TURN OUT. Gregory, Mr. Hilton Performance to commence at a quarter pait even o'i iock. P a R T 1 C U L, A R S 09 THK BRILLIANT FIRE - WORKS 00" To be displayed (weaiber peruiittini;) at Viiuxhull Gardens on Tuesday Evening, May 26, witli musical illuminations. 1. The Flying Dragon will return and illu minate the second piece. 2. A star of il.uniin.itipa fires, with a change 3. A new arrangement of changes Versatility 4. .a large coruoined display ol transparency aim r ires reare io ine uioue. 5. The Union of Suns. 6. Large new contradictory Fires." Diamond Cut Diamond." 7. In a Brillient Star, changing to a Sun! 8. A new Piece. The Itosase. 9 The oranre Tree (new) the oranircs cnangc to noses. 10. The wheel of Colors red, blue Si white 11 rancy Piece. 12. A large piece of Mechanism, America. Europe Asia Africa revolving round. Cara - tuerce. 13. The Fan Sun. 14. An elegant new piece The Flower Vase. The tree in Chinese Fire. 15. Atplsodid new design, jn honor of the PretiJi .tit. Combining Transparence and illumination. 10. A grand salute of Air Fire, of every kind. The mutic will be select harmony, and the illuminations tastefully displayed throughout the gardens. Admittance 50 cent door open at 6, music at 7, and the fire - work at half past eight precisely. Ticket may be had of Messrs. G. & R. Waite, Maiden - lane, aud at tbe gardens, may 95 21 AMERICAN MUSEUM, mkw - tork lastiTtmoar. HIS Evening, if the weather is pleasant, the .L MUsEUM BAND will performs variety of! t : I I : i'l lit uicnnig imu airs, l uc iriuscinu will oe handsomely lighted. my 25 3t NOTICE. fT The Consignee per thip Chauncev. from Bristol, are requested to tend their per mits on board, at pier no. 12. 1 hose goods not permitted will be sent to the public store in five dayt from this date. my 25 CORPORATION NOTICE, fjy - Tbe owner or owners of the mahogany and other article at present inruruhering the ground at the Albany Basin and its vicinity, are hereby notified, that unless the said incumbrances shall he removed on or before tbe 3iUli inst. they will then be sent to the public yard, and so much of the same will be sold, as shall be sufficient to defray tt fine of live dollais ; and will be o continued to be sold, to defray a like fine, and the of tale, agreeably to thu ordinance of the common council. J0. M'CO'VIB, Street Commissioner. Street - Coiiumssiunnrs Oliice, I Mylr:3, 1813. my 25 (Pj - We, the undersigned, take Ibis opportunity ol publicly expressing our high str.?e of the polite and unremitting attentions we teceived from captain Leetr, of the ship Samuel, durin; our short passage from NcMry, rt tivuiity six dnys, and of hearing ft small tt slin.oiiy c f his, mnsttny conuur.i anu uuvvcaried exurtions as a cMnmander. Thomas Nicholson Thomas Fletcher John Nicholson, Robert Ross John Bennett, Henry Ward. myza it; CillLti LiW. ny On Friday last left his place of board in Oak - street, a boy named John SIcitb, aged nine years, dressed in grey jacket, black vest with boll hutton. and brown pantaloons, and lias not since been heard of excepting thai he was seeu about the docks, on the cast river, at 12 o clock oh the day be disappeared. Information rf. - i'ectiujr hii is anxioufly soli cited hy a widowed mother, to be left at No. CO Oivision - strcet, orb? dold street. oiayZi It" Ut Aiulrrws Hiociety. ijj' The memoers are reqiiested to meet at the City Hotel, This Evening, at 8 o'clock, on special business. fly order of the Vice Presidents, my 25 JOHN J PALMER, Scc'ry. 4 The regular trading coppered thip j5i VENUS, N. Scoville, iun. master; will be ready te receive a cargo in a few davs, and is intended to sail about tho 6th June, having the greatest port ol her.cargo ready to go on board. For freight of tho remainder, or pas - a;c, having superior accommodations, apply on board, at CcQ'ec - house slip ; or, to GRIi : WOLDS & COATES, CSSouthfUcct. Consignee who have not yet tent their permit on ooard, are requested to send them immediately . m y iS For tale, Freighter Charter, jriiv The brig HOPE, Pillsbury, master, pburtben 1U0 Ions, one year old, and a 6rsi - rale vesl it ready lo receive a cargo. For term apply to CAMBRELENG & PEARSON, my 25 C7 South - street. tVjjriKD IO FREIGHT, A good VESSEL, to carry about 450 to 500 I bis to Bermuda. Wpplyto TUCKER Si LA L1 PIES, i '29 ooulh - st. tor Kale, freight or Cliarlcr, The staunch schr HI RAM, Peek, matter, burthen about 1000 bbl. is in readiness to proceed immediately t sea, is veil found, and ber sails and ngtjij; in good coudition. For terms, apply on board, at Piue - tt. wharf, GBISWOI.D3 k COATES, mv 25 6K Sonth - t. tor YKrV - VRl.H.1iS, fcfryy The brig HOPE, Lawrcuce, mater, toil iu a few days. She is a very substantial fait - sailiug vesjel, not two years old ; will lake what freight mpy immediately offer, aud can accouuklal a few passengers. Apj ly no board, at Dover - atrett wharf, or to J. II. LAWRENCE A: CO. my ?5 1 w 65 Pine - street. UPLANH COiTO.N. M bales tury prime Upland Cotton, landice; from sclir Undaunted, west tide C. H. s'ui, lor sale hy GRISSVOLDS COATES, try 25 6 South - street, For Sale. Freight or Charter Tho thip ORRIS. W. G. vJZ ter, 249 too. barthen, win baTea'aTf" i cargo in a few day. Tba ship iu, !! u.wgu.oawwuayi. Tba ship k . - - - . w. .v .a, lppiy IO U. k J . MEYEB my S3 lr 129 Washiagtontree ( W t.t: 1BON. - 25 tons Pol oldS, GRISWGLDSsi CfiATPo - ro g5 Ca South streeL landins from liri - r ;,.,,.,'. , 'lut, leans, lor sale bv Tx. Vi Ti my ! - - ia4vv 1 A. 6 a . .t . 64 3outh - $(rte(. - L 800 boxes tin plates T,t casks Traces Br;::Bre'iNf9'doub,canJ,reb,e ' t,r. . . 'ii Water - treeC If no hare in Here, a Patent and common Carolina and Virgin Sheet Brass of all site Bra and copper Wire London made pocket Book and Wallets Ladies work Boxc fcc. ' . 'iv.,, - . 1U I.UA.V. at U"1' TOWN & BENSON. Wall.",:;,, lJtk uoujjsjijm 7Vi,t.iA..,.. LAGe'inocik,Per 'h,'P h Rich tcollop'd aud traight tewed muun trim - do flounces, sewed, elegant patterns do tamborcd figured India bock nuuliut do sewed figure J lenoes do tambored cirij;cd mulls Fine plain jaconet muslin Drawing uiuslin fur dresses Striped ginghams, B'ck tewing silk 1 a trass hdkf, low priced Imitation cottou shawls Linen threails, njorted, fine numbers Stout linen bed tick and dowlas flat cu ' Alio in tlore. 50 firkin picklod fine herrings, put up for fami. iy use tor saio on reatoaanie terms, at No. 2 Sluat - lone. may25 7t WM. TODD & CO. K5 KiV l LCKV TOBACCO. - I04 Tn. bacco, of an unusually prime duality. lected in Kentucky, received per brier Cincin - iut us, fi om New - Orleans, and for sale by ii tiALUAGHEIt, my 25 66 South - street LOUNCfcb tc ThlMMLG3. - 4 c - se ele - eant Muslin Flotiucet and Trimminirs. hut received per ship Independence from Greenock, and Cor sale by i5UUHMAi Si JOHNSTON, my 25 57 South - street RUM to MOLASSES. IUJ puncheons very fine flavored Tobago Rum 82 bhdi. and 17 tierces tuperior retailina Mo lasses, landing from the hrig Resolution, at pier No. 12, East River, and for sole by GOODHUE & CO. my 95 44 South - itreet LOAr aUGAH Ac 15 liliris and 100 bbl. 1st and 2d quality loaf Sugar, in handsome shipping order 3 Duds and 2U ddii lump Migar 20 do mnlasset Rum, in bright new easka 15 bills white Sugar, for sale by ie oiiK - iit iui biiic uy JACKSON te WOOLLEY, 75 Wall sUeet. tnf 55 RU M. 14 puncheons N. E. Rum, landing at Crane wharf, from sloop Juno, for sale by UIUOIIUljUgill.UAlI.3, my 25 63 South - street. LEAD AAD IRON., fT WENTY ton pig lead, of a superior quali - J ty, and SO tons assorted English iron, landing from ship Hercules, for sale by CAMBRELENG Si PEARSON, may 25 67 South - st . U OilN MEAL. 100 hbds. h O'J lbls. kioj dried Yellow Corn Meal, fresh from tt mill, for tale by TUCKER Si LAURIE9, my 35 29 South - street. ' pHILADELPHlAUHISKEY. - 3ihhdt.lan - L din; ut Old siip, for sale by JACKSON & WOOLLET, ray 25 75 Wall - street PRUNELLA HOES. tOO pairs PruneUa Shoes of superior quality, just received and for tale cheap bv "JEWET&HALSEY, No. 2 Maiden - lane, near Broadway, may 25 3t CO l I ON. V FEW hales of Upland Cotton, 57 boxet X Mould Candles 200 qr. boxes Spanish Segars, for tale by S. & E. BLANCH ARD, my 25 6t 35 Burling - slip. USCOVADO SUGAR. 80 hbd. good a v L Muscovado Su;ar, for tale by ' N. L. Sc G. GK IS WOLD, my t5 6 Sonth - etrect HFDCUll, or CAKTMKN't LICKHSKt. CAR TM EN'S LICKNShS will b renewed at the Mayor' effice, City Hall, commencing on Wednesday, the 27lh of May inst. at It o'clock at noon four classes each day, until Saturday, the 30th inst inclusive, end recommence on Monday, the 15tb day of June next, at the same hour and place, nod continue four classes each day in succession, ("Sundays excepted) un - til tli whole are renewed. lit, id, 3d, 4th classes, Wednesday, 27(0 May 5, 6, 7, 8 do Thursday. 2ttth do 9, 10, 11, 12 do 13, 14, 15, 16 . do 17, 18, 19, 20 do l, 22, 13, 24 do 25, tt), 87, 211 do 29. 30. 31, Zi do Friday, 29th do Saturday, 30th do Monday, 15th June Tuesday,. 16th do Wednesday, 17th do Thnrsday, lDth do Friday, 19th da 33, and 34, do N. Ii. Those who ncelect to report them selves and have their License renewed at above, will be considered at having relinquitned tbe same. By order, my 25 to J5 J. PrDELf .. F. M. r jl WO furnished rooms to Let, within three JL minute walk of thcCity Hotel. Enquire at 302 Broadway. . mv 25 lw flllllS i to forbid all persons from harboring X or trusting my wife Rachel, a I will pay no debts of her contracting, she having left my bed and board wit bout aay provocation. " . NICHOLAS F. HAGEUMAM. may 25 3t MINERS I'hree men in the prime tn tiie, just arrived from Scotland, brongbl up Irom their infancy to the profession of miners, iu all its branches, such as boring and sinking pits 'or i oat, iron, owl ether mineral, exexvatios rock, cutting runals, Sic. being well versed In tlie theory and practice of discovering Mineral, Coals, &c. Their character for morality, to - . bnety, integrity and anility m their proieuu are a"ttetrdby tome of the most respectable gen - ttriiiui cxi J u lUIUIitvi hi itii L' w I hey may beconsulied at G. Thorrn's beed Store, 21 ftawau street, at any nour irom w th morning till 9 in the evening, or l'y letters (post paid) directed to Pattigrcws 4: ArchaiJ, at the above store. They hutena obiectioo to go to any qnater. where reasonable eitcouragev uient is eiven. suy 25 3t 5WA UoUait on H'eUnctiluy and ld,Uil dolUn next week: rri HE first drawn no. in the Milibrd and J. Owego Road lottery on Wednesday next, at 4 P, M. will be cnti;lcd to gSOOO, and next week the first drawn on the 7th day of draw ing, will he entitled to the capital prize of $10,000. For tickets and shares, apply at GILLLSPIE'S 114 Broadway, oppotite City Hotel. nr 25 2t

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