The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 21, 1939 · Page 13
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 13

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 21, 1939
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

I } 1 OUT of the PRESSBOX 8Y AL MITCHELL _ Home-Town Boys a' si F team that Ma^hST ^^S^TS City opposes Wednesday at Joice, and later at New --...pton . . . is probably as far r ? 1 r? Ve -j from the or iewal House ·"avm cult as dusk from dawn. tiul the Davids aren't quite from the usual run of fr*^ir outfits, the kind ,vhieh pf^ue sports writers and the paying public year in and out. * f- u These fellows are some of our| pjaver i n ' t h e own North Iowa boys . . . at least U' 0 " bl ''"S bacl- tluee of whom played with Swca " Lity high school's strong teams of recent seasons. Greg and Artie Deim and Don KTM- i»* _«"**«" ^ TOTBUYlBEsfT TUESDAY, MARCH 21, 1939 YANK STAR TOPS EVERY LIST FOR 1939'S BIG SHOW Joe Packs Fans Into New York Gate With Hoarded Dollars By HARRY FERGUSON March Morning Scene-in Creston ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^[^^·^·^^^^^^·i--^-~_ I. , e e v e , are st the long-whiskered outfit , m y be othel-s neck of the woods. and this -"·.., t arn any team In this locality a. big evenings work · · - I remember pretty strongly the one-man show that Artie put on here nearly five seasons aeo playing all positions for , Esthervillc junior college. \ T. , L a , bom sh owman with a I ^sketball ff his mates match i *JP, and I hear they do, the Davids f, are a tough outfit to beat. { Corwith on Top | Just a few items of interest re) main in the basketball season, bei sides all-state selections . . and * to tie UD the fag ends of the ree- . ,, _ _ ,,.. *** wau Maybe you would go for R 0 1 S e J1 'iou e s!y E "4nf d P °° bab ° there would be plenty '"*'" would Jnh ° w o u d se»!e to- Johnny Vander Meer. But take it 1 " 11 n to they Would be ^ come home with any- h Paul DiM aB- ° ' a g - Knal conference viarj- ' * V, Unal con J"erenc'e standings of North Iowa basket- tall te ams will be published here Horn tame to time. · Corwith high school was a champion this season in the Boone Valley conference, with JUvermore and Goldfield running an even race for second place. , . Livermore, however wnn a Playoff game 28 to at', to .."aim ifigs se^nd honors. Final standTM is a ball player's ball player, WISE OLD HANK We were sitting alone the Tin emnati bench the^the^day when the Yankees came over from St Petersburg to play an exhibition game : with the Reds and we got to S ° £ da * ^«h wi e --- ---...x vxuwuy, me Cincinnati coach who has seen ball players come and go for more yeai-s than shdll be mentioned in this essay -the Yankees "'«-~ *~i_: , ,."·'· practice and out among !he ^TM s as to Charlie Keller or Joe G whether Corn-ilh Livermore Goldfield . luvernc . Itodc ttenu-iefc ". Veriion w. . ji CHATTER: Don Blanchar Pel. . .500 .SOO .nn .JL« - Yankee rookie outEielrt- ... was the better prospect. The voting seemed to be about even and then up spoke Sergeant Gow"Forget about both those guys and g,ve that one who's up there player"."" 5 ° Ut a(W T*"** 1 * « taU We all turned and saw DiMair- gio whistling the ball off his bat driving terrific liners to le f and left center and doing it with such cUSC 3nd fiftlCS trnf 1 Tin Ti Jl Sv^ ed F t0 tv, be TM° l ' ki ng hard.^The £TM °,* * h ?, Ci ncinnati rookies they are gathered around a bonf ?J scct lon _ an . ere ·' a , d , 0 « rn '''wn street inter- Globe-Gazette Sports to Get DiMaggio! ~ -- C^*C^ iry PITT PICKS NEW Italy's Sons COACH, HAS EYE Lead Way in T~» t'« ±_ ON GRID MESSES Charles Bowser to Go Into Panther Job for New Football Season PITTSBURGH, #}_T he mantle of two men who for two decades mad The All-Staters Take Placesjn Friday n e w TM , last; 1 - · . » = » * - · Eddie Anderson, Iowa's football coach, will make his first appearance before the University f £" v 'a alumni "I" dub April 29 at Des Moines. Prexy Albert Jen-' Xins of Cedar Rapids has called the spring session. . . . * * * Leland "Butch" Harris, former Thornton hffrh school and Luther college pitcher, has signed a Chicago White Sox contract and is traininr with the llose at Bellevue, Texas. . · ·» s 3 Three North lowans were letter and numeral winners during the Joiva State nnll.,o» ---jstling sea- of h e b a i i H the ball and m a moment heads owdy mg '" agreeme n with Gowdy 10 !,-"' 5 , Season s: " t ff Iea S"es that read y to t t f Paychek Win Streak Stretched to 20 on Kayo of Nearo Foe Di- ggio fered ' - lered a foot burn wiiile taking lamp treatments for an i n j ° Last season he got a fete start c cause of a salary squabble with ! . But this season he go and unless Lady tiggest year. NOTHING GOES WRONG inere is nothing he does w °" «« baseball field. He hits often chit ? e h 'J Shhard - He hits in the ciutch and he hifs in the money ^m'^ d ^ S - Cries batlin S ·(i r ·; J.-,, Hls wm is so wlfh r £ chlIJs base '""iners sliriP f Th\ He h , as a Io "g. antelope snide that enables him to cover * oTther llaTulf aS TM V ° uUielde '' ^L thei : e is another factor to - Johnny i - 5 tnng of Consecutive clones had been stretched to 20 m , n H a y i . HS , 3 reEUU ° f his f °^h ound knockout of Art Oliver, 10 , n,fn A efir ° p '"" their scheduled A right hook to the jaw ended the round after 47 seconds. After a fairly even first round, Paychek va°s im, mP i ete K, Charge TM« th u b " tne mincls series seiies l£. d £S ° Ut ° l general Circulation Tournament Scores turnstile. That ^"^"bfl answer. Persons" of l' i^Tnces- try around New York- were ofg- gmg into money that th,ey had been hoarding in old shoe boxes and under mattresses for years to sT. n-w P?" ai "S their money to see DiMaggio play bail. y Globe-Gazette to List Honor Teams for '39 By FRANK JVYE, JK dowa Daily p ress ,\ssociation) D B S M O I K E S -.Although high school basketball in Iowa officially ended with Creston's victory over Diagonal in tho state championship final game, there Tony to Howl for Change in Site of Bout Promoter Says Scrap Belongs Outside New York's Arena PHILADELPHIA, «J.R-- T o ,, y Galento will insist that his cham- Pionship bout will, Joe Louis be held here rather than in New York m-omoter Herman Taylor s a i d Tuesday. cobs ' de cation ' minds coaches and officials plus dis sn^rt 0 " of ,-! ca(lin e candidates fy sport-; editors of I 0 «a Dai y Fress association memhcr news- Papers, will be found on the sports p affc of (he Mawn Cifr Globe-Gazette F r i d a y afternoon. when the team does.Jacobs7 S n'r g o!ngt 0C h a Te d he? f i no r t r lh Wm G»tent? to,o,1 nes worth money to "·· Tony's going to insist tl held here. "And Mike's not going to -a- at close to $600,000." Just try and do it (Copyright 1939, by United Press) T-RHASTRf IN KEG GAMES Coca Cola Loses in Monday Bowling, Inn Tops Score Sheets The fast-rising Tyler-Ryan Fur- nitmes smacked another top- janked foe in the Mason City bowlmg league Monday night nmg three games from CocJ --a, after beating Decker's office n Sundays complete league pro I owa , ftBrBoon Joe Medwick Worries Cards on Long Stay ST. PETERSBURG, Fla made the University' of PiUs- bursh's footfaau (eams °, £ ^ on the nation's collegiate gridirons --Glenn S. (Pop) Warner and Dr Jolm_ Bain (Jock) Sutherland-ell Tuesday to a student of/both, t-hares W. Bowser. Bowser, called "Chisel" bv his oiCNt tricncls siiiL-c his 'jiiel, school days at Johnstown. l4 was named aionday night by the Hoard of inistees that at the same three-hour closed session appointed a committee of seven o investigale "all phases" of the iy situation at Pitt, new head coach left high m April of his senior year, -- - ·, to go overseas with the ambulance service; He entered Pat in 1919 an d displayed equal adaptability in the classroom and on the gridiron. As honor student, he played guard, tackle, quarter- uacK- and center under Warner Drops Gridiron lobs Graduated in 1923, he went to Oiov-e City, Pa., college, later becoming hoad coach, .served three seasons as an assistant und Sutheranci at Pitt, then went to Bowdom as head coach. He gave up football after the 1831 season anct?'bus- - t l m e t0 h ' S (insur " to the Pitt staff in 1935. He resigned as first assistant to Sutherland after ihe 1937 season, remaining out of the ffamc last year. In naming the committee of seven, the board acceded to a request of Chancellor John G Bowman of the university and Mayor «-. D. Scully, himself a trustee who in an open letter asked that the board try to remove "any cause of criticism." .,,, ., Alumni Head Goes While the board met, Don F Saunders resigned as secretary of the General Alumni association declaring he had become "increasingly unsympathetic to some policies M the University administration. Sutherland resigned be- ^f'rt e - 5 a i d ' thc syste '" ot "«?- n «dministrat,o n "had resulted int L i tlons which, for me, are Bowling Test Jersey Marksman Tops List at A. B. C. With All-Events 1,898 m ' (U ' ia -Wnlle t h e sport of bowhng is believed to have originated in England and ater taken over by the Germans- its aces m the American bowling congress are of Italian descent ,,-» OSf ',? f ,. the game ' a headlines i-i , Ital i"n ancestry, includin!' ilwaukee's Hank Marino Cleve? ' " ' ' Y° l j k ' s if °^ Falcaio and Brooklyn's Andy Vanpapa. Monday another Italian shot up among t|, c boulin ff leaders when Jimmy Agrcsla of Elizabeth, N. j., soared into the lead Hi the all-events division with a total of 1,898. The Jersey KCE Jer went to the front when he counted 668 in the team event, W7 in the doubles and 603 In the singles. Booster teams again took charge ?t the big pm c i assic . Tuesday and it was likely the leaders would remain enthroned. Chicago Tribune No. (i topped ti " e96 teams on Monday night's HOLY FAMILY TO DRAW SUITS FOR THURSDAY GAME Maroons Start Toward Chicago, Play Eastern School at Nationals One Mason City basketball team will draw on its suits again this week, to face the toughest s c h e « k e r e d «,---.. place in the main event with a 2.B30 total, garnered from games of 364, 985, 381. recruit a coachiner staff and start belated spring practice. Al! of (Sutherland's assistants were re- heycd of their duties after he ho ??« onli '-'"' 0 Ambers of the 1B38 varsity remain, Halfback Dick Cassiano and Tackle Dick Koncfsky. Bowser was given a three-year S7 inn I, 3 repuled ^lary of 57,000 while Sutherland's salary generally was understood here to have been $13,000 , career lloly Family hieh school, competing In , nc Na ( iollal CathflUc intersdiolaslic basketball tour- .lament at Loyola university, Ch.cago, left Mason City Tucs- 'fay afternoon «n its long trip. Tournament play begins f o r tiie Maroons, who won third Iowa hon- H 6ason v l Iosing on 'y ° n «, The Ma- Southeast high school of Philadelphia at 1 p. m . Thursday. The Maroons have worked out this week at Clear Lake hij-h school setting their plays for the large Loyola university court The entire squad, Coach Leon ' ' r : the trip. WRESTLING RESULTS By United Press Basketball Marshall-Swift vs. s of the s , Loujs ° ! 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