The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 25, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, May 25, 1818
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J r 4. - - OHX AfenSi. WiLUKK & - CO. otli - for of ...nor nv RnntTAl Inni20 Several cask small, particularly desirable for bleacher and paper maker 4 casks hardware A few bales cassimeres and shalloon's, sbaw.1. apSO I ESS aud PlU.ti - - J i ami an ua Ifl barrel, U1 W ue a very mikuw iui, win be sold Horn tti vessel at the lowest market prke - g - Applyto couNELItJi. DUB0I3, D" LYNCH, un.(atNo. 40 William - sireet,) . ha on band the following WINES and LIQUORS, (elected with judgment by himself, Which he offers at wholesale aud retail, war - anted pure, at imported ,!! ElTT I Madeira, from 3 to 18 102 hhth l ( yearainwood. 40 qr cak ) Old Madeira, iu bottles, from to 20 years Champaigne, Burgnady, Claret and Sauterne, of very superior quality 7 pipes dry Lisbon, 7 years old 7 do Sherry, niae years old, and free from Boracha taste Port, in piies and bottls Table wiue, for it quality, the cheapest iu Aui'rica . . .. Ttoerifl'e, in lihds. Old Brandy, do. Rum, do. Gin, not reduced 500 demijohns, containing five gallons each - . 60 croce wine tottloa - . . N. B, Those in the trade, and country deal - n, will nod it to their account, te supply them - vct with wine and liquor at the above eela - buihaient, as they will be certain to obtain articles of the first quality, at lb lowest prices, and Dure as imported. my 9 2m Til HIT I.AL.SA'i. ON favorable term, for a long term of year, 4 lot of ground on Broadway, 200 feel doep, extending to Crosby - itrtet, between Hester and Grand - strecU. 2 lot in Water - street, near Catharine - market. 1 lot in Water - street, between Fulton and Burling slips. Also, several other lots iu the Mh, 6lh, 8lh aad 10th wards. For particulars, enquire at No. 30, Chatham - street. may 8 Richmond and lsrnehburn manufactured .TOBACCO. 1 Qfkegt, now landing from sundry ves - XUeO els, of the following qualities and tmndi: $3 kegs, Shelton It Williamson, It hands, 1, 2, 3 i 4b do P. Miller Co. U 1,2,3 38 do J. l'.Ege, 1,2 ) 4i do George Fietcher, 8 1 108 do John Euders, S 1 144 do D. R. Row, U 1,2 S3 do P. Holtz Co. 0 1 61 do Anderson, Blair i M'Keagr, C, 1, 8 1M do Jesse Hare & Co. 8 I'.X) do R. Hughes Sa Co. 8 63 do R Cautor, 8 45 do F. G. Creiishaw, 8 SI do R. Dutton, 12 1,2 1,2 Is 2 t7 do J. & V. Labby, 8, k tadv'stwUt I! I do H. Starr, 8, & halflb.rolU Slostof the above brands are well known and t:trroved of in this market, on account of the quality, an 1 uoiforruity of the difcrcnt numbers bv which Ihe qualities are designated. For sale Ly CORNELIUS DU KOIS, ap20 38 Front - street C p WHITE LEAD, Sc. to. t J .J kegs London White Lead in oil 30 barrel do Dry White Lead 8 ton Red Lead 30 barrels Bristol Red Ochre SO do Venetian Red ; 2 tons toe Litharge 80 hosghead Whiting CO cask Paris White ; 2 hhrts. Verdigri 50 tierces t renrh Yellow Ochre 5 keg Vermillion - - 4 cask Pruisjan Blue, 40fMb. Crome Yellow; Patebt Yellow paiiitb Brown, Vcaetiao Bed, Yellow, INOIL. Black, i Verdigris, ) Lamprilnck ; Ivory Black t Purple Brown - Spirit Turpentine ; LinUeed Oil 400 boxes Window Glass, assorted - For sale on the lowest terms for cash or at s!iort credit, hv PETER SC'HERMERHOR.V tc SONS, my I 841 Water - street. hliHl.UHAM li'bHUrflULU GOODS, ON C05SI01SMERT. THE subscriber have receited by the Hercu - let, and otlier late arrivals, and offer for tale J Ihe package, 40 casks of Birmingham Hardware, consisting of most o the staple articles in the lint. 10 ck of files of every description ( do of Kenvnns warranted hand, pannel, tnaat, sath ftc. saw ! case of do. null, pit, and crosscut saw. ALSO, 1 tons best London hoop L. blistered Steel, 'a consignment of warranted Halbaeks Sirl, direct from tl manufactory of 'C. Halback Sod, of ot Remsrheid. B. W. KOOttUS k Co. Jgll g;5 Peart - street. PLOUR. 800 bbls. superfine Kkhinond , coenuy fliur, branded " Farm Mills ' wUI ;4d to - morrow, from arhr. Molly, and for PAtlt: v. TRIPLET!'. B 22 3t 88 Wall treet. ,od POKK 50 ubts prime Beef 00 Pork, for ale by 1 AuJlLri ti CA1UL.E.IV. 104 Froot - itreet. Brut he DOMESTIC & OTHER WARES THE subscriber keep constantly on hand an exleuive assortment of the following good, Hearth Crushes, fan cy and common rlenn uo no ao Cloth do do do. Weavers do White Waih do Shoe bl Scrubbing de Paint Brushes aad Sash Tool Clamps, 4, i, 8 row Furniture Brushes Hone do Bed ' Cords, Clothe Line Sato Cords, 1 rate Ropes Wronelit and Cut Nails and Brad Which they will (ell wholesale or retail on li bera! terms. CEBRA CUMING, ap28 76 Pcarl - ttrtet. 37 Gunny Eags, Pope Heed Crumb Brushes Bellows, fancy and common Do for Blacksmiths Hall anrl Entry Mats Pail and 'J'uba . Wheel - Barrow Fine Wire Sieve Do Hair do Whip of every de - script hd Seine, sewing, wrapping, baking aiid bail Twine Fish Lutes Shoe II Sadler Thread . Dearborn' Balances, Sc. VIRQIXIA TOBACCO ii FLOUR. bhds old Vinrinia tobacco 55 do new crop da do 68 bbl fino flour li do middling do. For sale by Feb VASQUE, MEURON & CLEEMAN, 7 tf, r No. 72 Washington!. PLAf EROF PARIS MANUFACTORY, At the 'font of Harrison - street, North - River". CllrMKRE manufactured Plaster, lorcorni - V V cee and other purposes, niav be had, war ranted of Uie first quality, at one dollar andlttfii' ty fire centt per butM. v 1 lie mauuiaclory it conducted uy mr. jonn Tucker, who has berved a regular apprentice ship to the u - iiou business. IUl2t JUHTi BrttlS. 'in. PLA'l t TEA iic. li.0 boat Tin J plate, assorted 12,IH)0 pounds India block Tin li.UUll do iron wire, assonea 1,500 du oldCopiM:r 40 chests Hyson Skin Te my 6 V. for g.ite bv ANSON G. PHELPS. ' l!i3 Front - street. HARDWARE, CUTLERY &c 2 cast Scotch pring Lock 5 casks platu Locks 1 do Steelyard . 1 do rhest handlf. aic. 1 do screw plates, scale beams, Vc. 1 do brass cocks, &:c. 1 do bell metal kettles and skillet 2 do tiu'd pots and sauce pans 2 do fine padlocks 4 do Banbury locks, liinpes, &c. 2 do hammers, pincers, locks, 8tc. 2 do 11 L hinges, Ac. 4 do anvils 1 do haninici s and sledges 2 do black & bright vices, 2 lo files 4 do pocket, pen and double blade knives 4 do hham buck and bone table knives 3 do button 100 do cut nails and bradu, from 3d. to 20d. Abo, a large and general assortment of goods open oh ths shelves, lor nale at the most reduced prices, by ADAMS ii BLACK WKLL, may 7 i i - ean - sr. RUM, SUGAil K. MOLfesEs , 62 puncheons Ruin ' , 65 hhils. alolaeses' 62 barrel and 6 lihr!. Sugar, ' . Will be lan'led oil Monday from the brig Ame lia front Antigua, lor sale by uniH iil' fin t vopip " ' , 112 Front street .o Who hn alto for tale. Havana, Porto 11 ic and Jamaica Coffee. my 2 rlDLKURANDY. 40 bbls Cider Brandy, Vy landing, lor aie nv my tl anson g. niF.Lrs, 1C3 Fiont - strtct. DEARBORN'? BALLANCE8, assort'd sizes, with and without apparatus, for sale by CEBRA 1 CUMING, my 13 io rean - sireei. COTTON. 35 bales New Orleans, for sale by LE ROY, BAYARD Ic CO. apSO MUSKETS. 1000 Muskets with Bayonet, entitled to debenture, for ale by HURDfcSEWAL, my 6 C5 South - treet. VAKON bMlltl ha rfunovrd ro 519 Broad - wav, Sd door above Vesey stiect, and oi lers for sale on reasonable terms, black, while and col'd satins Green levantine, liuitinunnd fiorence aillc Blaclrrwliite, green and liphl blue rips Superfine white chip flats wiUi bands and crown Elegant crape and fig. tafnta ribbons White, black and pink tulle lace Black Italian lutc.rings Plaid, changeable and plain col'd do. Strip'd marceline silks Fine black, white and col'd bombazine Do. tabincts and - Mplin lilin k aud col'd Canton crape Cg'd Nankin do 7 - 4 and C - 4 Nankin crape ihawl and scarf Fig'd and plain lmli:i mull muslin Do's, mull andcainhric dr:sses and shawl I n . a r f r cml tl . .1 1 k. - s l.immtrv .Thread laces edgings and footing French lawn, linen Cambric and bdkfs Fine 4 - 4 Irish linen Damask table cloths and napkins, all sizes Black, white and col'd Engluhsilk glove Castor, kid and heaver do Rest fjg'd and plain pearl buttons Blue. bl;u Ic. prernnnJ assnrted sewinzsilk Bhck, white and col'd raw si'k shawls and cari Merino shawl and drese Satin iaae. black and col'd calloont Hat hands, with a general assortment of fancy and nsni goods. mv 10 in 1 i mrdf DOLLARS TO LOAN ON I J,J KJ J MORTGAGE, of property in this city. Applv to IS A.I C G.OGDEXkC. my 7 "43 WalMreet. i w Kmn fco. itiu iiiiiiv iiaiiiua I'm. O cas of cood Q'la.'itv. now on Piae street wharf, unil for mlp iwaimiuhlv. if annlied forth' day hefvre storing. Samples mny te seen and ierms mle Known, on application noi ai:i ingtiin street. G. G. 4i S. HOW LAND, my 13 A bouse and farm m Throw's Neck, in the lown and counts cf Wcstrhesler, fourteen mile from New - York. The farm contain a - bout one hundred acres of excellent land in good fence, a large barn and other convenient outbuildings, a good house two stories hieh, with four rooms on each fljor, elegantly situated on the banks of the East River I the situation uncommonly healthy ; the neishbourhood the most respectable ; abundance of unit of the best k lec - tiiMi ; scale and shell C - h in ga - nt variety taken btl'oie the house. For further information appiy to the (uhtenberon tlie prrmies. my 1 Ire STEPHEN B. HOFFMAN. TO Lt.i , A f - nninitit Ikfn fnr frump honte. .i. mi - . . . .. . - - - j - - - with six lots of ronndrwcll adapted for a boarding school, sitoatcd in Broadway, between BlceckeranJ Priace - itn - et. Enquire of ELB. ASUhltsuft, my 13 12t No. 4 Bwfwig C;rff. p - i ix) i.t. r, A sncinsCF.I.LAR,No. 9 Wall - street, sellable for a Wine, Cider Vsolr, ur Traak Maker. Enquire on the premises nay 12 2w is" MONDAY, MAY 25, 1818. - NUMHKK 4975 NO, 19 WILLIAM - STREET. mm ' r H If : .i . . ; - i - I iMFS DHVOLF, Jor. has removed from 57 T AML3 u " t ..tivHt.and offer for J Front - tut" - ""cerooM loutb American Tallow " S ions clean St. Petertburgh Hemp, few boll But quality Russia Uuck; Ger - iiaoSlfcclioboxe, mtiUed todraw - V . tiLK. , r mnno H. Green Coffee o . . 1 S boxes China table sett 172 piece each i r,,.H Platillas. 5 SIX case' of caw aud elegant fancy articles, tttch a i Ladies' work boxes and dressing cases, very cb Writing desks elegantly gilt and plain i;m and painted card rack, Fan rack and cajulle screens jointed in superior manner, with pit and colored handre Backg - mon board . . Malio and tnotecco work basket - Gentlemen's hving apparatus Pouche and dresieg caws, complete Morocco and mahogany portable desk, tfew Russia leather do. very soperb Soni very elegant portfolios with gilt lock? and nirantly gilt border and plain Morocco, Ru - roan pocket booki, of various descrip - Sarin" wallets, of Russia and Morocco, with auy other article too numerou to mention, for sale wholeale and retail, by ' W. SMITH DA VIES, , ap 23 No. 151 Broadway. fj'IN PLATE, .c 17U boxe Tin Hate, a - 10,000 lbs. India Block Tin - Voooibs. Iron Wire, assorted from No. I to nffibj ' ANSON G.f HELPS, - , ... i 183 Front - ttreet. viz : ' Dutch and Englua Brooms Duter, or Counter I17EI - L6 - k ITSON, 155 rearl - street, hare f T received by late arrivals ' Fine ivory, self - tip and real buck - barjdie knives mod fork Fiue penknives bolster pistols, fine gun locks Engluh silver watches, plated spoons Ac. &c. os haxo, . . Iloman vitriol, car wire . Cast, hoop L, aud shear steel With a large and general assortment of hardware, best Sheffield and Birmingham plated wjj - c, Iir sale low. ; ! On Consignment, received per Ann from Liverpool, 150 boxes tin phite. my 6 PAIN t o, OIL, tc. Kc.M hitdt. Pan While and Whiting ' 6U bbl. Spanish Brown ' ' 2f do - Yellow Ochre 18 casks Venetian Red 10 tons dry and ground White Lead 2 do Red Lead 500 lb. Prussino Blue 2000 lb. Blue Vitriol ; 3000 lb. Oil do 10 hhds. Copperas ; 5 do Pumice Stone - 1000 lb. Gam Copal ; 1500 die do Sbellac 100 bbl. Ground Camwood 20 do do Logwood and Nicaragua 00 d do Tumeric 5 tons St. Domingo Logwood 2 do Large Nicaragua : 2 do Red Wood 30 boxes Eastern Mould Candles Linreed, spermaceti r.d neat foot Oil Black and Bright Varnish 2500 feet 8 by 10 Glas ' 150O do 7 by 0 do for sale by v RIPLEY 4: WELD,, - niy 14 ' 192 Front, corner of Fulioti - itt. GIN 6 pipes Itliode - Iiland uin, just received, and for aale by GEO. W. TALBOT, may 13 ' 55 Pine - street. MEDIUM PRINTING PAPER. F'lVEtiuudred rroms Medium Printing Paper, inanulaclurcd at the Third Rivtrpapermill. ALSO, 100 reams coloured medium SO do blotting do 20 do , writing demy. And ' 20 do writing medium. All from the same mill. For tale, at reduced prices, by T. t J. SWORDS, my 13 ICO Pearl street. J EVYKLUY. sale by my. 14 - 2 case of Funcy Jewelry, for GEO. M. VVlLfcON, I'.'ll Wnter - stiert. m J - r Boxes frosh Mcsiiua Lemons, in prime order 50 boxes do do Oranges ' Now lauding and for sale br my 13 PETER R EM S EN k CO. DliY HIDES & COFFEE. COO dry hides, average weight I71bs. each MO do do 19 do 100 do do 24 do 25.000 wt. green coffee! fr ial8 T II. IJENDRICK?,. may 14 37 iltaver - st. CIO ill 'A YARN low numbers. An as - kartmentel low No's, cotton yam, for sale by the Coaiiniiiiou Company, MU Pearl - street. may 15 iXJbslL'LO MAAUVACWkV. THE Snb - ciibers beg leave to acquaint their friend aud the public, thai they have re moved their Tobacco Manufactory into their fire - proof store, No, 62 Water - street, where they intend curving on the business ott an extensive scale they have on hand a large supply of Pigtail rolls, made of best Ktcbmoud tobacco Sweet scented IN. Head Ladies' twist ' . ' ' 'i Long cut chewing, in 1,4, R, and 1 6 ounce'pa - per do smoking do Macuba snuff, in jars end bottles, by wholesale and retail Scented Rappee, do do Strasburg snuff do do Freuch rappee do do Plain fine do do do Scotch suuff in bottles and bladders ,Spauish tegars, made of choice tobacco imported 2 years ago,aud warranted genuine New - Orleans do. American do. Orders from the country will be punctually aud carefully attended to. may 9 lm I. iN AA K 61 SUW. L.OW WOOLLIES. I UST ree'd per Mercury and Atlantic, a few J trusses of low priced Cloths, and Crtssimerts for sale hy JOS. S. HARRISON, ... . . apt oi rme - sireei. WANTED, several youug LADIES as ap prenUtTs to the MANTUAMAK1NG - BUSINESS. Emiuireof " MISS MARSHALL, my 14 If No. 7 Crdar - street. pllDER BHA.NDV. 3(1 bairtls, lundiug aud V tor sale uy anauii v. rnr -, my 5 183 Front street. rpEA, TIN PLATE, BLOCK TIN, iic. etc, JL 40 chests hyson ikin tea , 100 boxes Tin Plate, assorted 10000 lbs. India block tin IJ000 lbs. Spanish do tKiOO lbs. iron wire 100 tierces prime new rire 50 bbls. rider brandy. For sale hy ANSON G. PHELPS, ray 16 183 Front street. fliOBACCO. J.INbEED OIL, BOSTON X HUM, lie - 74 kep first quality manufactured Tobacco, now lauding, o( the following niiproved brands ; " Geo. Fletthei, D. R. Ross, blielton Si Witlinmsnn, Anderson, Blair, Ic Mc - Keare, P. Miller Co. F.G.Oren?haw, J Gibb, H. f - tnrr, Jesse Hare fit Co. r . Iianey tl Co, P. Holla Co. and B. II. Brady .' .ilso at Rurhn ilip, 10 hhds. "Spears" Boston Rum 20 kegs colouring for li(U r Wnrf in 67(i; e. SCO kegs first quality pure Ginger 31 bbls i! - .7$l and prime Pork 7 hhds pure Spirits hi?;h 4th proof SO pipes domestic Brandy, good quality 12 hhds lYnnylv.!tii.i Linseed Oil 17 krsrs loir iiriced tbiiMiui ' Rutti - r U0 thesU Hjson Skin l ea, Clothier's cargo, for sale cuioo. uurjuia, my 15 lOt 36 Frni.t - street. 1 I AVAN A SUGAR. TALLOW. c. II 50 b. - xes brown Havana buar, entitled to lira whack. lftO croons bmth American Tallow 64 boxi s Koll Brimstone, and ' 18 case Tumbler. Landing and for sale by JAMES D'WOI.F, Junr. ibv 12 54 South strent. i A Ml.KI.NO MiAWLs bud iVIU&LIN Lk lk B AMIS, for tale by my 5 MAKUI bt LP W. 210 Broadway. f iO CALCUTTA SUGAR. Bags bright yellow grained sugar 115 do superior douUa boiled do Landiug at CvenUs ilip for talo at 67 South - street, by CAVDRELENG L PEARSON. my IS 4 j irtB.i.A LUiTUX. h Bales prime Alabama cotton, lauding at Dover - Street wharf, from schr Moriiing - Mar, from Blakely, for sale. Apply t 143 Ptarl - sC up stairs. my 22 D&C HOWN bHIK'IINGS. 4 packages coo - about 50fO yards Brown tnirtiugs (0t" by" COMMISSION COMPANY my 19 D & C . lit) Fcatl - ttreeL ntauMi imrilANS COURT, vainarmo scnuvier. uvler, Aaminuirairu, i s,c. Of the Term of March. 1813. ol Juhn A. Siiiuyler Rule, under Statute, nyler Rule, i aeceasea. ) aMIE court order and direct. That CaCiarioe Schuvler adminitratrix of the roods, chat tel and credit of John A. Schuyler, dece.xsed, give public nolice to Hie creditors of the dece dent to bring in tlieircluims and demands against the estate oi lho said dtcedent, on or belore the first day of May, in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and nineteen, hy putting up notices to that effect in five of the most public places in the county of Bergen, for the space of two months end advertising the same for the like space of time in a newspaper printed and pun - iitneu in uie nuie oi new - jersey, ana in a newt paper prmtea: and published iu tiie city of Acw - York. A true transcript from the record. ap2B2m JOHN A. BOtfD, Sur'gate. TO 1HI INHABITANTS OF NEW - YORK, ASD 118 VICIMTT. . WM. BR VAN, Dyer, Aio. from Loudon, cratefuHv acknowledges the liberal en couragement he has received, from his friends and me puouc, since nis arrival irom r.ngiaua Anxious to merit a continuation of their patron' age aud subiiorl, he has taken' those extensive premises No. 37 and 39 Sprue - street, (late Lit tle iieonre - sireer.) wiiere ne Mis at consnierunie expense erected machinery and every conven lence to ensure their lulure favours. Piece Goods tly'd any laucy color and finished in suuerior style; Ladies dresses, silk, sattin, velvet, 1 damask, moreen, crape, veils, shawls, mantles h.'Iic, bombazeens. He cleaned and dy'd any fancy pattern, chip, straw, ami leghorn Koanet oy'd. Black, for mcurniuir, on shortest notice ; mo reeo funiiture'lean'd, dy'd and water - marked ; hot - pressing, kc. my iu im I ETTER PAPER, 4 PORTER BOTTLES Li A quantity of superior hot pressed English Letter Paper. 151) eroce Porter Bottles, in hamiiers K crates, received perC'haunccy from Bristol, lor sale by ro i i a MM.t, my 20 5U South street, O'l'ltlt'Eq pLAlDs 30 caes domestic stripes O and plaids, uiakini: an elegant atsortu.tnU lor sale low, by II, e my 21 1HC 14.1 iVarl ttre. t. CI OTTON V A KN. lOOOin Coitoo J arn twist J und fJllirg. Irom No. 5 to f, for Sole by the cu.Yi.tiisciu: t;u..r a a i , my 21 D.V.C 14il Poarhklrei t. kiW - YUHt BOTANIC OAKUKW, MICHAEL DENNIcON. CURATOR. HIS estalilieliiunit is situated at Roie Hill, near Uie ju.u tion ol the Bloommgilule and Hicrn in Roads, it coiiiiireliunUs iilioul live aires of excellent laud capable of the highest improve ments. The proprietor of this heautilul snot has obtain ed a lea of the land for the term of thirty year. Hu has (iiesides Ihe enclosures, shrubb. ry, und other im; rcvi - n.iii' - ) erected one of the largest and most convenient green houses in tlie United irfules. He solicits tiie ilKi.iit to patronize mt effort to render his garden complete in every re - M - ci, uy m rooueraiti nnniKii suotcripuon. lie p:opus that each contributor of five dol - Inr thill be entitled lo receive the value in seeds, dowers, plants fruit, or any otlier produce oft be zarden. Bv such an arcommoda - tiou to him on the part of the public, be will be enabled to procure uie greatest variet y oi foreign and douienttc vegetables, enu iu grainy ueiatie and exnoctalioiut of his friend. - Persons inclining to enter their name as en - cotiragcr of lb design, are invited lo call at the garden, where tlie fullest information will be given. - - my 21 lm premise. LODGINGS WANTED. A GENTLEMAN ia desirous of procuring, for himsell and a large f.tmilv. durine the uiuiner, couiiorrnniy lumisnru Longings, ioui oi ine cjiyoi ,'W - ora,; at vronmyn, or wim - in a coiivciut'iit distuiicr from the City Hall j in a house St here he would be allowed lo provide lor his own 'Table, lo eat nloue, and where the family would attend to the cooking. A Parlour, and at le. - .sl three lied rooms, would lie required perhaps also a crvaats chamber. Enquire at li Murray - street. c.i niySltf O landintr liom ship William, from London, for ale at 92 C. H. blip, by my 21 u,ut. i tiuiK uu. NOTICE. (rt - All persons indebted to Waters Furman aod Charles Dobhs, (for street manure) aiu requested to call and settle their uccounls with either of Uh iu. or wilh D. k L. Mead, at the cor ner of Pump Jt Eldridge - streets, foimcrly called Thirc' - tit, t, on or before the first day of July next All jiersons having demands against theui will please to present their accounts lor settle ment. WATERS FURMAN, and CHARLES DOBB3. myl2dirliiit A, VKHV VALCAULK KS1AT FOR SAI.K, Late the property of Ben:,jali Strong, I liu iiei.caaeu. in me lowuunii oi taiiu, I) tug no the great (outh road, about 45 mile Irom INciv loru ; containing iy compulations u - hiil2500 acre of land, more "r less; nearly 1000 acres of which is under cultivation, ioclu - diris! ab'Ul 2tJ0 acre of Mlt and fresh meadows, which i completely embanked, ditched nnd drained, for the purpoe of being reclaimed. 'The remainder is hi valuable wood land, ou which lare quantities uiay lie rut annually. On the premisct it n sp.tciuus and convenient Ma'i'i' ii House, with a large barn, hovels, crib, tUlile, carriage house, gardener's hou - e, work shop, smith shop, smoke houic, ice house, and other out buildings, replete with every convenience. Tnere is also on the premie r, noout a mile from the mau'ioii liouse, a utw farm home, wilh a barn adjoining. Near ll.e howc is n large prcd, with a privilege of a stream of wMcr, o;i which is a good saw milt, and water suifi'.ii - iil lor a grist mill. The garden Mid orct.ariis are, in Hliich there have I ten t. tctil, wiii.i'i sfw years, a great numl er of yonf s tiees, o! i - vey eprcles ol the best eraited iruit. in t!v in U'rioi, and k'l u Ilie most llourifhing couititii. Al.o, a lue nutery of fruit trtws i nd pldi.ts, sufficient to tx - IcimI an oicliarj ol l'Jl .cie There are few estates liercd for sale, so desirable for either an eiU'rv ive fanner, oi the residence of a gentleman. The farm is capable ol sumiortiiix alanre dock, ar.d being bounded by the south bay, there is an inevhau .Uble source ol manure Iron, tea - wee I. Coats ly In m the iieigfiliourhood, almost daily, to and from the ci ty. 1 be bay also nl.punda witfi arenl variety ui game, fish, oysters and clams and tlie pond and creek with tlie lm: it trout. Kor term anrt further particulars, aplriy to A. H. LAWRENCE, No. i'J Park Place, or on Uie G my 1 1 diclf CHINESE IVORY - HANDLE PAKAsOLS A li W. ROE Si CO. um brella and iara,3l rai - aufacttirers Nd. IfiJ Brotd - wny, 11 ween t'ourtland and Liberty - streets offer for sal an extensive aswwtment of PARASOLS and UMBRELLA, of the best quality and lat"t fash mi, among which ai eja ruols eti:b ivory handles, eo - grared Chinese figtire wierior lo any ever of - J fared tbr sale in Uu c Uy. Orders from Pwcoun try for the above articles will receive particular attention. I Umbrella and parasol nciUj brood aod paired, my 16 - DTtCtt TO LET. Tor one or mora ' vears. the following Houses at Harsetiville,eear ihe five mile stone, Bloomingdale road. , A pleasantly tit us ted and convenient two story House and Stable, with a Garden aud lour a - cresofland. Alto A pleasantlT' situated and convenient two story House and bt able, witti a large Gard. - n aud three acres ol land, both of the above places ro wen siocaea wiw diUereul kiuds ,ol cIiokc Fruit - trees. Also A bleasantlv titnnttt anil eonvenivnt two story House, with a Stable and two here of land, t or further Dartirular enouire of JACOB HARSEN, apSO 1m Near the premises. eOJiMUo'Ai,4JiA, . Lotliu Uie 5. 6. 8. and 10 Wni! man ot vbicb are on regulated and paved street. No money win De required under ten yean, if told, MOUSES. I Several two and three storv houses, nn vhu - h a great part of the inouey remain on mortgage. Lm.ui.i, a i nr. li iiuuix. An excellent stand for business, with b o acres of land, pleasantly situated, with a wharf, storehouse and barn. COTTON end WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - Haven, with 40 acre of laud, and a never failing stream, upon which 20 mills may be erected, with a sulhciency of water for each. Apply at No. 2 Greeuwich - street. jan,13tf sT"! TO LET. vUlll A three - ttory brick house, opposite Ihe para in uuar.e, una next to the comer of Hud, son - street. Euquire at No. 2 Greeuwich - street my 7 MONT - ALTA. For sale or to let. the beautiful place called Mont - Alta, seven miles from the City Hall, on the North River, adjoining lord Cour tenay's. It coniaius 20 acreil laud under improvement, with a (urge garden in good condition, a variety of fruit trees, and' every convenience a family may require. For terms, w hirh are reasonable, aud if told a long credit given if wished, apply to N. & D. TAI.COTT, ap 20 64 South - tt. A farm of between sixty and seventy acres, situate on the si est bunk ol Luke Otoegu, and one mile from .'he village of dxiperstowu. On it are a new stone house 54 feet square ; a new farm hniist - , barn, &c. It form a desirable es tablikhmeut for a gentleman wishing to retire into the country, as its situation, n to prorpect, i onvc i.ience to market, tic. i not urKieed bv any in the interior of the slate. It will be told low fur ui - li, on a crudit, or exchanged for pro perty in thiscity, goods, &c. Apply to ii. u w ii. ei.ubivii ii, mv 7 tf ' Law Buildings. e'J'u Let J'tront or more yruri, The Inllowiiic houses - house Nn. 294 Broadway, two door above Wushiugton Hall, with a coach house in the rear if requited Also, a llirte sloty brick home No. 415, in said street. AIo. a new and ecnleel two si on - hrirk house. corner of Lispeunrd and Church streets, the terms moderate, i or further pui titulars, apply at 4l5Urondway. mhS5lt TO LET, The eleennt 3 ttorv house No. 7 Hud Sou - street, which command a pleasant vievr of tbe Park and river, l' ossein on mny be bad In a fewdav. , Also lor tale, the (urniture of said bouse. It is of the lt quality i well fitted, and suitable to a genteel lamiiy. Apply a above, my 11 tf r V WANTED. , AOUUU fcrna ei vaut, lo do the Cooking aod oUier work of a imall family, wliere is lo oe no outer neip. ivone need apply unlet tliey ran unng a aaiisiaciory recomiwridaliou Irom their lust place ; to sum a one good wugc will lie paid. Apply at 18 r ranklin street, my 5 AVw Funcy GoetU, tic. rriHF. (ubtcribct - s have X. just received by the latest arrivals from Eng - luml, a liainlsoni'! assortment of ladies dressing rases with lock and keys, some of which are of an ""SK entire new pattern and the most fashionable colom , which are cream. blue, morocco and brown, bimi, lauie morocco and rose wood work boxes and gentlemen .havinL' cae, tjhaving boxes and brubhea. Smith At Nepuewa ftmpi" honi7 waters, essences, louih powder, soaps, Ri?ics maps real Windsor do. hair powder, miniature frames, malneiuie buttons, jakei Imoks, pen - knives. scUtors, raaoi t,m eascii, do. single, ridicule glasses and bags, cavehen, rus - penis dentrilice, 4:c. ic Also, by IhcJattst at rival from I ranee, tl.ree cases of genuine perlmueiy, from the first houses in Pari, consisting partly of ran de espehan, eau de niiion de tnclos, eau de ineil, euo de 1 otoiki, enu liuis IDib, eau Naimleon, eau de eoipeior des Rus.ic. Aic. At. plain andamber'd Uven - dti waters, soaps, I.Kitli bruslie, cloth do (very elegant) tforcnline, iik and kid Garters parses irlovt s. s. - i lit botlles in minia ure, sponge, lathes work boxes torloist - shell boxes mounted in silver and gold ; thiiible, thread case, Irtnl kt.ives, taeeiers, pencil case, pocket books, pocket lights, needle casts of all kinds, rice box, crumb, and all other kinds of bru.hes, pardons silver eyc - iirtdles barrels clasps nd a great variety or oilier article in their luie, which they will dipoe of, on the most i ea - onable terms. utUieir fancy and perfume ware house, No. 135 Broadway, nearly opposite the City l,ol2kTONV'Wi TRAP PAN ti CO. may 19 Iw TTTn.s tku l N V EN'l'ION, For the convenience aud comfort of ladies. IT it well known by all ladielbat thtlr Wooi 1 ins they are called) alia curtain pts particularly large one, in a try short time, ! .. ,i . i.uf (mm other irom ine weigui ui uir. vu causes, wear so larxe a I. orau ianKf' i - , . , Monday, I Ik: 11 uaj v. . i I'" !!,3; ..i.,!.,, Ufti - da il will be com'pieted in the firat. week of II quartes alter .. . . .1 n... mrmber can he admitted. 1 bjie inrrclore who intend to patrooiie Uie irtstiUhon, are leuutst. d V) i'1 B""1 surrew, Ufcre Uie end ol May, at No. 2 Dey street, or, 43 Harrison street. Tuitiou 12 doliat per quarter. . , mv 19 2w A COOK H AXlh.lK A WOMAN woo a ooU pm coX, auJ on 1 A, f roduce satisfactory refer ncs (oooe oUier uee - J apply) will obtiuu a silwttioo tn m tmall famiiy by calling al No. Vi VYXtrea - streeu stay 50 A oru - e to Tavern Ktnen amJ art OCT Luc to Tavern Keepers and Gro - eersiroro the Mayor and. Coamufioner of E - cik, will he issued at the Mayor' Office, in th City Hall, between the hour of ten and one o clock, oo the several days, aad for the different wards ia succession, in the order foUowios. viz : kt want - oa the 2d do ' do t 3d do do 4th do do 6th do do Clh do do 7th do m . 8th do do Sib do do ' 10th do do 5th May ' 6th do 7th - do 8th fa 9th d0. llthfcVzthdo T3th li 14th do 15ih fe 16th do 18ln fc 19tb do 20th do ' 21t&22d do All person who know of any objection a - gainst Die granting of license to any of ttiota who now hold them, are respoctfully requested to give iiiformatioo at the Mayor's Olbce, be. fore tlie time for granting them - as above - mentioned ; and those geaileaieo who have take pauis to investigate tliis uliert, and consider it of suOk it ct tnomeut. are particularly invited to assist in luroiahing all tlie information in thti power. By order, . . J. 81 DELL, f. M. Ap87tl . . . . tlLbbt ISsuraNCE CoMPaaY. npilE Pntidutit aod Director give notice. mat un laena oi lour per cent on Uie capi tal slock of the company lor lb last six months will be paid to the fctockholder at their Oihce, No. 55 Wall - street, on and after the 1st day of Jane next.' The Transfer book will be closed on Uie i 1st instant. By order of the board of Dirtc tort. 1UCHAKD DUNN, Junr. my I4dlm Sec'ry. HOARDING. - ITOU Ror five gentlemen with their families, or, ten or fillet n single gentlemen, can be accommodated with bourd and lodging at Mount Vernon Hotel, about five miles Irom Uie city of ' New York, on tlw Lank of the East River, and one of the most pleasant tituution on Uie island. 'The room aie spacious and airy, having a lull view of the river ; couch house und stables. Term liliTal, and every attention paid, by the public's humble servant. mvlm ' EZRA CALDWELL. WIEATO.Vo I TCH Ol.VllM.ENT. '1 'HE long and ucceful use of this ointment ' J. is a Miriictefit recomiaendation, as it hie' reu found to be a pleasant, sale and certain, i - . meily for that ditareeuhle disease in all it sis - 5Ls. It it for sale in the city of New - York, by . A. & W. 11, Post, No. 41 William - street i I. li 'P. t'lark, No. 65 Maiden - Lane ; II. H. Schiolfclin li Co. No. 163 Pearl street; Law rence ti Reese, No. 195 Pearl - street I iluti k Bowne, 146 Pearl street , - R. li ..Murray, 313 Pearl - street ; J. M. Hrailliurtt, 314 Pearl - ttreet ( Jobu Pculord, No. 4 Fletcher - street Duryee At roe, in renn - sireei i Joim J. morruoe, ltf Greenwich - street; John P. Either, 106 Broadway ; WalteiAi Seiimaa, cornel of C'hamber - at., and Broadway, and also inCliUtham - stritet ; and in short it tnuy be piorund at most of the Drag . Stores in this city Alto in Thiladelphia, of b. VVlfl...rMll M. VAhl . n..rtr,. llr...ll t .. m W". , .l,l,n ,,iviMi w, ' Ken, and almost all Ihe druggist in the principal' tuwus in ine vuueu DiBtes. mkkwux, .. - ... W II EATON'S JAUNDICE BITTERS ma be had at Ihe above places. ian 22 6m . 'I ''HE HUNKLIN KIKE iNblKANClv L COMPANY have their Office at No. 41 Wall - street ; where they are ready to,' receive J ' applications (or lustirance. , , The CAPITAL STOCK of Haifa Million or Dollar, is all subscribed aud paid, or tuf acta; rily tecurcd" Elisha Tihhiti. Henry I. Wyckoff, George Griswoltl, Wis. Bayard, Jr. John T. Lawronce, James Doorman, Ueni. u. Swan. John I. Palmer, SIRKCTORI. Philip Brasher. - Thome Fraqklia, Jame Walsh, .' , Steihi Whitney, Jo. P. M'KinlMi. f ere Jones, i John Adam. Thomas Buckie. ELISHA TIDBITS. Pre.itlenf. J. WORTH1NGTON, Sec'ry. mny 6 lm imToktan T to the' public;. MIK iiihscribrr bra leave to inlorm hi friends and the public that he bat takrn room at the corner of Frank fort and Chatham - streets near Tammany Hall, oa - un" INTELJ CiCbixcb urricr.." wnsre laaiiiic may he supplied wilh Krvanti of every description ; servants wilh place i gentlemen wishing ser - j vunts, for travelling, supplied at the shortest . notice ; merchant with clerk, and clerks with employ ; wet nurses with place ; mechanic wilh journeymen. Every information given to stran - , geisand others iu his line, bo will favor like with a rail. FamdiM, berorping subscribers, supplied with servants al one dollar per annum. Abo, Book pirdt - d, Account sdjuited. Pa - ' per of every description, copied svilb oeatnefs, cwTeclneu, and diipatch. Personal attendance, Irom 5 lo 2 o'clock A. M. and from 3 to 9 o'clock P M. He flatters himself that fait assiduity aad attea - lioo to brines, will gam him tear ol the public patronage. my 2 lm H. PAl)ELFORD. Blnte ol New - York, . I Complreller f 'rlice. t . 7 IlERF.ASby aa act of the Lcgislatare entitled " aa act to improve U fund and to ifonde for Ihe redeuipliou of Uie funded ; debt of this stale, passed illtt Apiil Itlltt, U C'ouiptroiltr it authorized to borrow oo Uie credit of this ttate, a sum or sums uot exretdmg io Uie whole, one million of dollars, at a rate of interest not exceeding sis pcrceotuia per annum, payable quniter yearly. '. - .. . Now tnerefore, iHihlic Notice it hereby crfee by Uie siideriigned, Comptrolier of sasJ bute, iu pursuance ol the net a'oresnid, thai lie will receive sealed proposals at his office iathe city of Albany, until luesdiy the CClti May instant, for Uie whole or any part ol a loan ttfott million of - dollars, lo be paid into the Treauiy by the erst day of July next For Ihe loan or loans which may be made to lliet tale under Ihe act aforcssW, ortilirate - s ef stock v,ill befucd which will be trwwferable at Ihe city or New - Ymk, and the iinereet oa l.i.A will he paid qortrr early to. Uie stock, bolder KHdmg m U eoethern district and out ofU - e Mate at ome Bank in tlie city of New .1 n H .tl,.a in I C1IV Ol AIlianT. ... " 1 JIB, B ,IU MU wn. - y - - - j which thi v are interied tin b come loose, , 1 lle pri,irjpal U ail tlocK to ne irmirnsani a niMllilt ill. and more - ..i'.u tint da vnf Jaoetry. 1823; aad wiUiia. over oftentimes drop out. To i.rcveiit Ihit rl - firf vtf, Urealter the Go.erousent i bound to ' feLfuiilv. a person Ims imeuleiT lhat whi h will KArvm u a Uie tt xkholders require the tame to prevent Uie locoMemence alluded lo ; and any d.t adv, or ertn a grruo, - - . tlwlact by api.lvii.g a No. 2 Dey lrec, where h. iut'louj to bjseeo s the e., I jucfj trifle, and cloak pm ahead, u. u.c t an, and will be. readily ulle.ed tolU pro,?rd plan. lay 19 3 . ins . - Kl.r.Cl oC'lllXlJ i - sni' the infructioa oi asi. - k h - ass o F os b. E7rliti Mf" " L rU t - I"'' educalMHH (the rJ?c4d) wd t - - - - - AKCH'D. MclNTYRE. CotDpUoUer. Albany, May 7, 1818, my ll IJtilii ' , , - ftyWHKATON 4 DAVIS, Fancy Cbear Manufacturers o. 153 Fultoo - eti opposite 6t. Paul Church, ctier tor kale, wholesale and retail.a large and elegant assortment f Cm Id Maple, plain painted and oraasaeat - ed in gold As bron re, bamboo, plaio and Gilt Balls Rocking, - ewioK, aod Cerrt - Uoa Chaus. Sofa, bettees, Louneeet. Music S tools Ate. Orders from nee trail of the continent executed villi aealaeMoad, duilcb. Oid Chair repaired, painted aod ornaaaeaUo. tuy 19 ' rorTirh.t. aiH f - . prJy jj Gl LLE4 - SH., ' 14 Broadway, oHut Uie Citj - ilotel. mt JU3t - ... . ; ,; t j !' J J." P t t 1 , 4 i i! ti . . i 'i r. ! 5 ivr i - i h' ; t , ' i ii ' ; ' t ; ' - i V - 1 ' - ! V. l t ' - i r

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