Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 15, 1936 · Page 14
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 15, 1936
Page 14
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FOURTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, APRIL 15 · 1936 « HOG MARKET STEADY TO 1Q_HIGHER TOP OF $10,95 5 CENTS HIGHER Dealings Are Fairly Active : on Weights More Than 180 Pounds. " CHICAGO, UP)--In the hog runs, trade was fairly active Wednesday on weights above 180 pounds Some lots scored an increase of 10 cents over Tuesday's prices, and a top or. $10.95 was registered, an increase of 5 cents. Packing houses were only mildly interested in the first rounds of activity They divided 3,500 billed to them directly and were only in seed of supplementary purchases at steady figures. ·· It was noted that hog price fluctuations have been extremely narrow this spring, indicating that slaughter supplies have come close Within the last 10 days the average cost of droves here varied scarcely 20 cents per cwt. Tuesdays average cost of 510.61 was only 1 'cent higher than the preceding day. The best steers and yearlings sold slowly Practically all early sales end bids were 25 cents lower. An extreme top of S10.85 was paid for yearlings. Heifers sold steady to 25 ients lower, the best going for $8 65. A bulge in cattle marketings this week has favored the.buyers. Old crop lambs dropped 15 to J.J cents Wednesday and sold barely active to local interests. The shipping demand was also narrow. There were no springers. Killing classes brought prices that were about steady. Hog Markets MIDWEST HOGS. Hog prlce« at midwest market* WednM- d *t'JEDAB RAl'IUS-- Good hogs 150 to 160 llw W 5 5 » . : ° · - . 170 to ISO Ito. 510.05010.30; 180 to MO Ita. 510.30JI10.35; 230 to 250 Iba. S10.256J10.5". 250 to 270 Ibs. S10.0!®10.30; 270 to 290 Ibs. S9.90S110.15; 290 to 325 Ibs. J9.780110: 325 to 350 Ibs. S9.60IS19.S5; good packers 275 to 350 Ibs. S9.05(B9.30; 3SO to 425 Ibs. $8.S5S» "lO: 425 to 500 16s. J8.65®8.90; 500 to 550 Ibs. $8.4563)8.65. WATERLOO-- Ho e s steady to 5c We 11 "Good to choice 140 to 150 Ibs. $9.20(09.50: 150 to 160 Ibs. S9.45W9.73: 160 to 180 Ibs. S9.95®10 : 2S: 180 to 250 Ib.. MO.20eiO.50: 910; 425 to 550 Ib3. 58.6588.95. OTTIJM"'.*--Hogs unchanged. AUSTIN--SteaVy; sood to choice ISO to ·20 Ibs S10.13610.45; 2M to 250 Ibs. 510.10 ",, 10 40- 250 to 290 Ib. S9.S04» 10.10; 290 to 350 Ibs. $9.505^9.80; packing sows. S*» 2,o to 550 Ibs. 58.6041 9.25. COMBINED HOG RECEIPTS. DES MOINES, uv--U. S. department c-I agriculture-- ,, Combined hog receipts at 20 concentration yards and 9 packing plants located In Interior Iowa and southern Minnesota for the 24 hour period ended at 8 a. m. Wednesday were 15.300 compared wilh 15.000 a week ago and 9.800 a year ago. Fairly active, steady to 5c higher, packing sows usually showing least advance; loading Ddicated little chanced. Good and choice light lights 140 to 160 Ibs. S9 30S10.10: light weights 160 to ISO Ibs. «10Sn050- ISO to 200 lb!. S10.30@10.75; good and choice medium weight* 200 to 220 bs 510 30fl.10.75; 220 to 250 Ibs. S10.205S 1075' good and choice heavy weights 250 to 290 Ibs 59.90(510.30; 290 lo 350 Ibs. S9.60«|) 10.25- good and choice pics 100 to 110 Ibs. unquoted; good packing sows 275 to 350 Ibs. SS.90«9.50; 350 to -125 Ibs. 5S.S5»9.3j; «j to 5SO Ibs. JS.60W9.10. PRICES HOISTED IN WHEAT TRADE Increasing Reports of Bad Weather for Crops Has Bullish Effect. CHICAGO, CS--Increasingly adverse weather reports and crop news dominated the wheat market Wednesday and hoisted prices, particularly as dealings drew to an end. A revival of cash demand for wheat to be shipped out of Chicago was a further bullish influence. Late reports told of dust storms Wednesday both in Kansas and Nebraska. Wheat closed firm, 1 cent to l ! ,-2 cents above Tuesday's finish, May 9S@98Uc, July 90%@90^c; corn % to % cent up. May 60%@61c; oats % to % cent advanced, and provisions unchanged to a rise of Mason City Livestock 5 cents. * red S 9.20- 9.50 $ 9.95-10.25 S10.20-10.5U 510.20-10.50 S10.15-10.45 S 9.95-10.25 S 9.85-10.15 S 9.65- 9.9 325-350 S 9.5U- U.S.', MASON CITY--For Wednesday HOGS .Hogs steady to 5 cents Dleh Good light HBhU "0-160 Good lights 1W-1SO Good light butchers . 180-200 Good US'" butchers . 200-220 Good mid. *t Hutch's 220-250 Good med. wt. .butch's 250-270 Cood mad. wt Dutch's 270-290 Good heavy butchers Good heavy butchers . --" ·--- - -^,. Good heavy butchers. . J50-4.00 S 9..J Good packing sows .. 2.5-350 S 8.9.,- s.,5 Good heavy sows 350-425 S s.,o- a.Oo Good big hy...o«» - 125-550 S 8A,- 8.85 Koort bi= by sows 550 and up S 8.3j- B t i j (Tris above is a 16:3b truck h°E market forgood and choice hog*. - The d !«f e f. e to pricf Is sor stort Mi Ions WiA *"£«·) . CATTLB. Steers, good M aolce Steers, medium-v good ».. Steers, lair to Ejedium _-., Heifers, good to choice -Heifers, medium-to good .Betters, common to medium Cows, eood to chslco .. Cows, fair to good «~..... Cows, cutters-..^.'"'·"·- Cows, caimers ..-.....~-' -Bulls, heavy - - -- med. to good Calves! infer, to com. 130-190 LA A CBS, Lambs, good lo choice . 70-90 Lambs, medium to good LaBibs. fair to medium f j T.50- 8.50 I 6.00- 7.511 I 4.50- 8.00 S 5.00- 6.50 3 4.75- 6.50 J 4.00- 4.75 J 4.25- 5.00 J 3.75- 4-25 .S 3.25- .3.75 s 3.00- 3.25 S 4.50- 5.25 $ 1.00- *-50 .S 6.50- 7.50 130-190 'S 5*.50- fi.50 5 5.50 down desirable vealere $7f*8; few choice SS.SO: odd head $9; common and medium mostly 5o ®6.50. O.WAIIA LIVESTOCK, (Wednesday ^Inrket) OMAHA, i.Pl--U. S. department of agrf- C HOGS 4,500; strong lo lOc higher; ISO lo 230 Ibs. S10.30ffl-10.40; top S10.45; 235 lo 260 Ibs .flO.lSS/UO.S.I: 260 to 300 ibs. S9.S5W 10.25- 300 to 350 Ibs. S9.65fi.'10; 350 to 400 Ibs $9.5089.70: 160 to ISO Ibs. SlO.lSSi) 10.35; 140 to 160 Ibs. S9.75S-10.30: Pigs $9.50 (y.10; sows S9.259.'!0. CATTLE-5,000; calves 300; 23c lower to 15c higher: steers and yearlings ST.nOiCB: beifers S6.50S7.8.10: cows S5S6.50; cutters 54St5; hulls -$5.75g6; bulls S6.2Sfe6.oO; veal- ers S8..10: .few W. SHEEP S.OOO: lambs weak to 25c lower; $10.23510.60; best held S10.S5. KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK (Wednesday Market) KANSAS CiTr. f.I'j--U. S. derailment ot agriculture-HOGS. 2,000; 90 direct; strong to lOc higher than Tuesday's average: top 110.50; desirable 170 to 250 Ibs. S10.35(iil0.45: few 160 to 300 Ibs. S10.104T10.35; better grade J40 to 360 Ibs. S10.25SP10.40; sows S9S.9.40; stock pigs $10 do- CHICAGO CASH CHAIN. (Wednesday Mnrkrl) CHICAGO, (.-I'l--Cash wheat, No. M Corn U8 Ko 3 mixed 615561'.ie; No. 3 yello' 61V=«»62^c; No. 4 yellow 55@60'.ic; No. yellow 57Vro59c: No. 4 white 60HC; No. white 58ffi59c; sample grade 50«!3S:. OtLtf NO. 3 white 26S27'ic; No. 4 whit 24'; ; 2S*;c; sample grade 20Vi(M3c (head; 27',ic). No. 3. 53 Jjc UP. Soybeans. No. 2 yellow S1c track Chicago Timothy seed per cwf. 52.50(^2.60. Clover seed per cwt. sl1.nOW2l.70 Lard, tierces 511.02; loose $10.15; hellic SIS.10. Mason City Grain MASON CITY--For Wednesda yearlings, mad, to good fair to medium Culls ...... ----Native ewes, good to cfcoice Cull ewes , ............... · Eucks ......... - · · ....... Wethers. 2 yea*s old -- .... WetheM, poor to beat ..... · Buck lamba 51 le 3 *- S 5.75- 6.75 $ 5.15 down Vo-ao s t.ou- a.oo 70-90 5 5.00- 7.00 i 1.00- 3.01) 5 4.00 down $ 2.15- 4.00 S 1.50- 2.!.!) S 1.00- 2.50 I 6.00- 7.00 S 4.00- 7.00 CATTLE, calv SOO: very little -arly on best steers; most bids around lower; she stock fully steady; bulb firm; vealers and calves little changed; stockers and feeders slow, steady; hulk fed steers of Duality to sell S7.505i9; few loads held up to S9.50; better grade heifers and mixed yearlings S7^?S; selected vealers S9@9.50. SHEEP, 6.000; spring lambs lOtfHSc lower- opening sales fed lambs steady; numerous loads unsaid with late bids lower; odd lots sheep about steady: choice 6S lb. native spring lambs 511.50: three loads Arizonas 511.25; top wool lambs to shippers S11.10: others to packers SI0.75$U1. LIVESTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO. I/PI--Official estimated livestock receipts for Thursday: Hogs 6.000; cattle 10,000 and sheep 12.000. No. 3 yellow corn No. 4 yellow corn Ear corn White oats, No. 3 ' Feeding barley No. 2 yellow soybeans .:. ...45 ...43 ,...39 ...19 .25-35 ...55 WHEAT-May ...... July Sept CORN-.May - Julv Sept OATS-May July Scpl P.YE-- May July Sept. BAKJUE1"-- May LARD-Hay July Sept BELLIES-May \VEUNESDAV GRAIN CLOSE. CHICAGO, HiSh Low .90 = , .83-i .61 .61 .60 .Sil .ST-jl .SO"-! .r.«', .59 !i do .98 .90 .89 .BO" .60 K .60 .27 '.I .25 Stock List .NEW VORK STOCKS. (Wednesday Hum limitations) ir Reduction 11*1 Loews 1 Cbem * Dye 200 ^ Maytae mn Can 12-Ui nm Sm Ref. 82'A ran Sugar 53% 166 19 T T mn Tob B mn Wat Wks naconda tchlson ubura viat Corp O arnsdall Avlat eth Steel ordens org Warn Drv Pac ase N W G w M S P i P R I * P hrysler 01 G K :om Solv lomwlth Sou 'OJJ5 Oil onti Can lontl Oil Del lorn Prod lurt Wright )eere pfd Du Pont Gen Elec Jen Foods Gen Mot Gillette Goodyear II Cent nt Har nt Nick Can I T * T ohns Man ;ennecoU KresRt; Lib 0 F 39 V» 83',i 21U is 1 ,; 31 ~:i 20'.; 19=1 3-1 u "6 29% 150 37 69 25 'A S7S 19S l. r '"-i 112 '.i 40'i McKess Rob Mid Cont Pet Mont Ward Morrell Murray Corp Nash Natl Els Natl cash Ees Natl Dairy Natl Dist Natl Pow Lt N Y Cent Nor Pac Oliver farm J C Penney Pcnn R R Phillips Pet R C A Ken Steel Rev Tub B Sears Roe Shell Union Soc Vac So Pac Stan Brands S 0 C"al S 0 Ind S 0 NJ Stew Warn Stone Web Studcbaker Swift S: Co Tex Corp Tex Gulf Sul Tim Roll Bear 6S-1; 19 Vi 20 ',i 31 ',·! 26% 2311 31« 11U ·toil 33 S ·MS 3.1 A .16 'i 12',.; 21 ',-! 52 '.i 66 17 '.i 16 ' 63 23-":* 19 13 22 Un Carb Un Pac Unit A i r Unit Corp Unit Drug U S Gypsum I) S Rubher V S Steel Warner Pis 85% 132 25 'i " 101 3-1% 70 is 11 West EI Kit 121 \VooIworth 1S Wrlgley 76 CHICAGO Sl'OCKS (Wednesday Final Quotations.) Cities Service 4 i « Swift and Co Hellmann Br Co 12'.i swift Intl Libby McNeil 9Vi Utility and Ind Natl Leather 1"! Zenith Quaker Oats 127^4 Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAJISON BROTHERS AND CO. Mason City Office in Bagley- Becb Bldg. Telephone No. 7 VALUES TIP UP IN STOCK MART Advances of 1 to Around 4 Points in Scattered Specialties, NEW YORK, m--The price scales pped upward in Wednesday's stock market. . Gains of 1 to around 4 points were hown by scattered specialties in rading that was relatively light. General advances ranged from frac- ions to around a point and many ssues were virtually unchanged. Case recorded the widest recovery f the leaders. Westinghouse, du 'ont, Columbian Carbon, jort Tin Plate, American Can and Douglas Aircraft were up 2 to 3. Other issues in demand included ieneral Motors, Chrysler, Goodyear, Goodrich, Union Pacific, Northern 'acific, Great Northern, Consolidated Edison, Electric Power and tight, American Water Works and North American. . At Chicago wheat pushed ahead to close 1 to I 1 ,-: cents a bushel higher. Corn finned % to %· U. S. Gov- :rnment Bonds improved. Many traders were said to have adjourned to neutral territory pending a clarification of the Rhineland and Ethiopian problems. Results of the forthcoming French elections were also being awaited for indications as to whether a sizable slice will be cut out of the French franc. On the home grounds, however, favorable business and industrial portents were seen in many directions. Elmer Hadsell Dies at Northfield Home Klmer VV. Haciseil, formerly of Mason City, died at the I. 0. O. F. home at Northfield, Minn., Tuesday. He had been at the home about four years. Surviving Mr. Hadsell are two daughters, Mrs. Murray Jensen, Mason City, and Mrs. Jens Juhl, Northwood. Funeral services for Mr. Hadsell will be held at Northfield Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Burial will be at Northfield. Lakota Student Home on Visit Is 111 With Fever LAKOTA -- Norman Frerking, who came home from the University of Dubuque to spend Easter vacation at the home of his parents, the Rev. and Mrs. O. H. Frerking, was taken ill Sunday with scarlet fever and the home is under quarantine. The home of the Rev. and Mrs. A. F. Boese of the Lutheran church is also under quarantine, one of the children being ill. Former Thornton Man Now in Blue Earth Elevator BLUE EARTH, Minn.--Theo P. Long of Frost, formerly of Thornton Iowa, has been selected by the board of directors as the new manager of the Blue Earth Farmers Elevator company, to succeed. J. A. Johnson, who recently resigned to accept a position with a grain commission. Mr. Long will begin his duties May 1. Mr. Long has been man- afer of the Frost Farmers Co-operative elevator for the past six years. Prior to the Frost position, he was with an elevator firm at Thornton, Iowa, for 11 years. Pass Other Cars Properly Curb Market NEW YORK. (.T»l--Trading In the curb market Wednesday saw shares swing irregularly with scattered wide gains and losses. Issues up fractions to as much as .'i points -- -' America. ..11.12 ..11.11 ..11.07 .53 .S3=l 11.tin 11.00 WBDKBSDAV to m arm fluctuation.. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK. (Wednesday Market) CHICAGO, uT--- U. S. department of agn- U HOGriO,000; 3.500 direct; fairly ' a«'V °» eiEhts above 180 Ibs.: som« an Tuesdav's average; steady; Representative Soles (Wednesday Market) CHICAGO, iP'i--U. S. department of agriculture--Representative sales: lighter n.ei instances stronger; top Heavy-- 3S 342 62 315 216 254 ediurn Weights-234 10.SO 229 219 207 S10.33- sows S9.50SS.75. . CAITLE 9.000; calves l.aOO; best and yearlinE market very slow: fe- sales'and practically all bid: steers early 25c lower en- sell tirely through list: kinds ot value to sell re- rontlv at S'J downward under a severe pres- "re assuch kinds in much more liberal sup- r"; no very strictly choice offering, Here but sizable run good grade suitable lor substitution purposes; extreme top S10.S5. paid lor vearlings- few loads 59S10; best heifers S8.65- heifers steady to 25c lower; cows Jtcady to easy: vealers 25-50c lower at 59 d 1sHEEP 7.000; old, crop Iambs 15-25c low- .o- barely active at decline w local interest*: sopping; demand narrow; bulk choice wool sains $11*11.25: best held higher; qualities desirable than Tuesday: clippers S3 9io: springers absent; killing clashes »bou steady; choice wool yearlings; best ·wooled ewes S6. ' SIOUX CITV LIVESTOCK (Wednesday Market) SIOUX CITY, (JV-U. S. department ot ag- ^i'-VTTLE. 2,500; slaughter steers and year- Iraia uneven: lower srades yearltnss fairl active fully steeady; other yearlings and steers' slow; scattered sales about steady; Kme bids weak to shade lower: other classes firm- load lots choice 1200 to 1250 lb. becv-ei S9 50ffi9-60: long yearlings held above S9j bulk "$7.25@S.50: tew good S7«?-7.50: most beef cofts M®6: cutter grades M®4.; common and medium stockers S7 down HOGS, 2,500; Jairly active on weights_ur- ing 510.25 down; sows mostly S9.10; feedc ·SiEK UP to S10.2S. 8HEEr. 2.000; no early action: underlon weak- best led wooled Iambs held aroun V I - 'asking to $9.25 or above for cholc led clips: other classes scarce; late Tuesda lambs steady lo 15c lower; top wooled skin Sll; hulk $10.60510.85: best clips ·bulk SS.65®9. SOUTH ST. PACT. LIVESTOCK ; (Wednesday Market) SOUTH ST. PAUL. ·L.Tt--U. S. departmcn Of "agriculture-- CATTI.K 4.300; slaughler steers openi 15" to 25c lower; medium to good grade SfiTS'fS; best held around S9; feed stoc about steady, some bids lower: rnediu to "good heifers S6.35f»7.S5; most butch cows $5SJ6; low cutters and cutters S3... 7S5' most butcher cows MS 6: low cutle sna'cutters S3.75SJ4.S5; bulls about stead mostly S6 down: few best tip to $6-5 stockers scarce and unchanged; most steers around 57 down. HOGS 4,700: lairly active to all interest higher Ihsn Tuesday: better Ha Ihs S10.40'M0.60; ton S10.60: 220 Its' S105M0.45; 200 to 350 Ibs. S9. 325 to 400 Its. S9.30S9.S.V, sol so~25T,9.3!;: Pig« «P I" Sll.M: average co Tuesday SlO.O.'i; -weight 2(3 pounds. SHKEP 500; supply meflger; prac.ira nothing done early: underlone weak to Io- tr on '/IsuRhtfr lambs; sellers resisting t dine: fat woolrd lambs Tuesday 510.60 jft pn slmrn Iambs SS.90 rtown. C MAES 2,200; weak tr» 50 eenls HOGS. Li£hti-- 10.45 13 178 10.60 24 ISO 10.75 61 194 10.S5 Light Lights-- 10.85 10.90 10.95 ISO 15-t 160 CATTLE. Heifels-- 10U 764 1111 1271) 930 1120 92 885 30.S5 23 10.00 45 S.50 21 9.25 19 8.65 22 6.35 Cow S.OO IS 7.15 10 17 11 6 93" 95S 7SO 7S5 1045 1260 121, n 790 995 890 10.7.' lO.Si 10.95 10.50 10.60 10-65 S.65 S.35 S.OO 7.25 6.75 6.2.') S.75 5.40 4.35 WHEAT-May July Sept CORN-May July .--· Sept. OATS-i:ay ..... July Sept RIE-May July Sept BARLEY-May LARD-May July Sept BELLIES-May Open Wed 1 day .26'i .26 li ,27U Close Tu'sday . .sa'.i .87 '. .53(4 .51 11.00 111.97 11.00 Close Yr. Ago 1.00'i .99% l.OOli .60 "A .61% .63 12.75 12.SO 12.S2 32 DQ\\ JO-VfiS AVERAGES lulls. Knlls VlHs. /-lo,., 159.61 49.OS 32.60 Total sales" 1.320,000 CHICAGO STOCKS Buller Bros 9^i Marshall Fields -- ' Cord Corp 6=i Walgreen Co Kalamai:oo Stov 69U SEW YORK Cl'BB Am Gas Elcc 38Vi Hud B M t S Am cyanamid B 36-Tt Humble Oil Co Am Su Pow Co 214 Lockheed Ark Natl Gas A fis AS G El A !':« Can Ind Alk 9 ''" Eisler Klec 3% Kl Bd i Share 2.T., I Included: Aluminum company ol Creole Petroleum, Electric Power and Light second preferred, series "A," NilK-Bement- pond. Singer Manufacturing and Wayne F "LOSSCS of fractions to about 2 points were turned In by American Gas and Electric. Bunker Hill and Sullivan. Cult Oil of Pennsylvania. Central states Electric 7 per cent preferred. McWilliams Dredging, New York Steam. Todd Shipbuilding and Pacific. Ford Mo of Can 24 1 ,-: Ford ilo of ttng Niag Hud Pow Niles-Bem-Pond Pennroad Corp S o Ky Co Un Gas CD Un Li Pow Co Util P LI Co 'EW YORK STOCKS id crop Wool SHEEP. Wooled Yearlings-Lambs-- 30 92 90 7.25 5S ' 95 SS 7.1.1 Wooled En-es--- 97 11.10 2t 99 11.00 16 82 10.75 30 Id Crop Clipped Lambs-92 9.50 S3 9.10 90 9.25 91 9.00 110 127 Hi 9.75 9.50 6.00 5.-50 5.25 Miscellaneous OMAHA GRAIN. (Wednesday Market) OMAHA, o-i--Wheat, No. 2 hard II: No. 4 Corn. No!? while 62c; No. 3 yellow 6l'ilg- 63c- No. 4 yellow 56KS61C: No. 5 yellow 55«?56c; sample yellow 50c; No. 4 mixed 55'/.S5Sc; No. 5 mixed aOc. Oats, No. 3 vrhite 24'.ic; No. 4 n-hite 24c. I'OTATO MARKET. t\Vednesday Market) CHICAGO, dPi--U. S. department of agri- -ulture-- Potatoes 91; on track 311: total U. S. sttip- mentji 568: oid stock, slightly weaker, sup- ilics moderate, demand slow; sacked per cwt. daho Russet Burbanks U. S. No. 1. S-'?" 2.10- Colorado McClurcs U. S. No. 1. $2.2050 2.25: Nebraska Bliss Triumphs U. S. No. 1. 52.10: North OaKota Cobblers U. S. No, 1. SI 40- Early Chios U. S. No. 1. S1.35S-1.50; Bliss Triumphs U. S. No. 1. $1.55; Minnesota »ed river section Cobbler? partly graded 51 25- Bliss Triumphs partly graded $1-35; new stock, less than cartels, Texas 50 lb. iacks Bliss Triumphs U. S. No. 1. f 1.900 2.10; U. S. No. 2, S1.30g?1.35 a sack. SE1V YORK SUGAR. (Wednesday Market) NEW YORK. .v--Raw sugar unchanged. Futures 2 to 3 points net higher. Relined unchanged. 3UNrEAPOLIS GRAIN (Wednesday Marketl HHNNEAPOLJS. (.Vi--What 35 cars: 2'j- 3ii cents higher; No. 1 heavy darg northern spring 60 pounds Sl."vls,1.2Kl: M. 1 dark northern 59 pounds S1.12-,.S1.2"jjJS pounds S1.10--!i@1.26-u; No. 1 hard Montana 14 per cent protein S1.14».l@1..16.-.l: to arrive JU3?l®1.15»i; grade ot o. 1 dark hard or No. 1 hard Kontana winter 9S ; nc® S1.045; to arrive 97?icigiS1.03S: No. 1 hard amber durum 97"'5C(aS1.12;i: No. i red durum 77Jic; May $1.01%: July 98«c; Sept. 90=;c. Corn, No. 3 yellow 59@6!c. Oats, Ko. 3 white 24'is@26TsC. KANSAS CITY GRAIN (Wednesday Market) K\N e AS CITY. (/PI--Wheat 43 cars; tone u cent lower to 1 cent higher; No. 2 dark bird 99cfflS1.10«: No. 3 nominal 9,c@ S109W No. 2 hard 99c; No. 3. 9Scfi S1.02=i; No. 2 red nominal 99%cffiS1.03; N °Cor'n 's'cars; % to 2 cents higher; No. 2 white nominal 66«®6Sc: No. 3 nominal e^At^eTc- No 2 yellow 67^c; No. ;, 65 No. 2 mixed nominal 63 ! ,4S)65c; No. 3 nominal 61%®63c. Oats 5 cars; unchanged to 1!J cents up: No. 2 white nominal 27,ig29c: No. 3 nominal 2582SKC. Alaska Juneau Allegheny Am For Pow Am co- sug Cc Am C Fy Co Am Pow Li Am Koll'g Mills Am Ra S Co Amer Tob Co Armour Co Armour Co pE 76 As Dry Goods 16- All Ref 32 Bel Hemingway Baldwin Loco Briggs Hfg Co Bendi.t Budd UJg Co Byers A SI Co Caterpillar Trac Cerro de Pasco Ches Ohio C M S P P Pf' Coca Cola Co Com Solvents Cont Motor ,i'.« Cudahy Packing 401i Curt-Wri Co A 1ST' Dist Corp Seas Douglas Airc Kastman Katon Mfg Co Klec Auto Lite Klec Fow U Eric R R Co Fire'ne Ti £ Ru First Na Stores Foster-Wheeler Freeport Tex Gen Am Trans Glidden Co Gobel Gold Dust Ct North'n Ore Graham Paige Gt Nor pfd Houston Oil Hudson Motor 18 Hupp Motors 2Vfi Inti Carriers SS Indust Rayon. 32 Kelvlnator Co 23 .', Lambert Co 22 !i Lehlsh Port Ce 19 Liquid Carb Cp. 39 Lorillard "',« Mack Truck 35 Mathieson Alk 321 McK 4 Rob pfd 43% McLellan stores 13 Minn, Moline Im 10',i M K £ T 9 Mo Pac 3 Motor Products 33 No Amer 29 Ko Amer Avi 9"; Otis Steel Co 1SS Owen III Glass 16211 Packard Motor 11% Park Utah Cop 4S SSVj Plymouth 15'-s 19";^ Proc Gam 45'^4 Pub Ser of N J 4l~'s Pullman -14-Tt Pure Oil Co 21% Purity Bakery 12«i R K O 6S Rem Rand 22.-i Reo Motors 7i« Simmons Co 30'-; 3 VI 29 ,-, 92 5:4 14 U '3=1 54-i 31-'; 13-i 77S 56'j 58 4 4 23 64 iS 165 Bond Market Here and There v»=r bv vear the deadly traffic totl reaches new 'peaks. In the thick of Year by year *·***£ rf ,. fe are ^ Motor v hjcle A d m l n^ «lve of them, officers and members of the A""^..^ MOt b r n V the C 'majorcauses of'automobile accidents. Number Seven Cr i'n'the series: '«"- TM*» *" Prooerly" follows "Pass Other Cars By ORV1LLE E. ATWOOD Secretary of State, Michigan. Vi«-Pr««i*rrt, American Association of Motor Vehicle ,ng is one of the a poor driver, is a dangerous NEW YORK. (.P. 1 --Strength in U. S. government obligations provided the bond market with its sole feature Wednesday. The rest ot the list was quiet and mixed. In the U. S. treasury section demand was most pronounced in the 2"-is and the 3 l .is of 1914 In the second hour these issues showed sains of 3-32s and 2-32s. respectively. Slight fractions were chipped Irom the ·l"i',5 and the 3',is ot 1943, "ID government bond circles it was said that although Tuesday's improvement had served to bring in some buying today, the majority of dealers were staying out of the market in order to reappraise te outlook for both the French franc and diplomatic tangles abroad. A few banks were prominent among the buyers, it was stated. In the corporate division there was a .fair call for a handful of loans. Medium and low priced rails were mixed. Baltimore t Ohio 4,;s and North Western .l-"is were a little higher. 'Action of the foreign group indicated, some said the market's continued uncertain frame of mind. Small gains and losses were about evenly divided. GOVERNMENT, BONDS (Wednesday Market NEW YORK. (.PI--U. S. bonds closed: Treasury 4 J ;is 47-52 11S.S. Treasury 4s 44-54 113. Treasury 3?ss 40-43 June Treasury SSs 43-47 10S.9. Treasury SSs 46-49 105.26. Treasury 5s 51-55 104.12. 40',4 15 U U'5 31'.i 3.1 " 31'.i 52 Vi 6 !i 33 So Calit Edison 27»i Sperry Corp St G £ E Tido Wa As Oil U E inti Alch U S Smelter P Li A X'anadium XIn Gas Imp warren Bros Western Union Worth'n Pump Yellow Truck Youngs S T 54% 91 5»1 22% 16 9 s ; Lamson Brothers Market Letter Produce MARKET REVIEW . Wheat--After a hesitating perioo wheat price" resumed their upfard trend and influenced by the strength in Kansas C,ty__and M southwest. Various state crop reports were bullish nature. Foreign marKc ' s Hides and Wool Quotations Furnished by Wo« Bros, Takes Position in Pomeroy. KANAWHA--Leonard Rasmussen has-accepted a position in the creamery at Pomeroy where he will take the place of Alvin Rasmussen who has been employed there, Mr, and Mrs. Alvin Rasmussen will move on a farm. L. V. Deibler has been assigned to take the place vacated by Mr. Rasmussen on the cream route in Kanawha. Suffers Cuts on Leg. RAKE--Ervin Halvorson received severe cuts on his right leg Monday while he was sharpening a disc. ....25c ....22c ....ISc ..$3.00 Inc., 308 Fifth Street Southwest WOOL Clean bright , Rejects and western Pulled wool and No. 2 rejects ... HOBSEHIDES HoneMdes -.- --· ·GREEN BEEF HIDES Up to 25 Ito -25 to 45 16s ,,..._....-- Mor« than 60 IbJ. ...- w Bull Hides ,,...., ·Cured hides half cent more a pottno. ton above prices a cent higher to wnol»- salo dealers In wholesale tots.) al o a . TMre steady hut Winnipeg did not fully ol- low our advances. Export sales of about a million bushels of wheat were reported. rom Winnipeg. Trade in wheat continues to broaden with more friendly suppor t by traders as well as outside Interests. While there is no immediate prospect for a change In the weather conditions in the southwest, if good precipitation should occur within the n«t few lays, a reaction v,-ouid "'^ probable Therefore, we would be careful about following extreme advances. C( , rn _Thcrc was not much change in corn prices Wednesday altnougli late: MASON CITY-- For Wednesday Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse Eggs, current receipts ......... 'J5c Heavy hens, 4 Ibs. and over ---- 16c Under 4 Ibs ................... 13c Cocks ........................ 1Zc Merchants Quotations Eggs, in trade ............ 15-lBc* Eggs fresh ............... M-15C* Butter, Iowa State Brand ...... We Butter, Corn Country .......... 39c Butter, Kenyon's .............. 39c Butter, Very Best ............. «c Butter, Brookfield ............. 38c Potatoes, peck ....... 33c and 45c ·EDITOR'S NOTE-- These representative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery stores. CHICAGO PRODUCE. (Wednesday Market) C H I C A G O . l.Pl-- Butter 7.15-1. weak; creamery specials (83 score) 33=1 ft 34 lie: extras «·'' 33Uc- extra firsts (90-91) 33c; firsts (SS-SS) 32iic; standards (90 centralized carlots) 33VjC. . E-'S -M.7S1. steady: extra firsts local 19»ic cars 20c; fresh graded firsts local 19c. cars 19' -c. current receipts ISVic: storage packed 'extras 21c. storage packed firsts " Poultry live 2 cars. 13 trucks, steady. hens 5 ius. anil less 22c. more than n ·Uc- L»Rhorn hens IS'.-Jc; springs 2u«i-2 Plvmoulh and WJiitc Rock fryers 27c. Moved lo Albert Lea. GLENVILLE, Minn.---Mrs. Nellie Lubiens and son, Ralph, who have been residing in 1 rooms at the Chris Hagen house moved to Albert Lea. Guests From Sheldon. KANAWHA--Mr. and Mis. Marvin Hench and twin sons, Tommy and David of Sheldon, came Saturday to the home of Mrs. Hench's parents. Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Thompson. Mr. Hench returned to their home Sunday and Mrs, Hench remained for a week's visit in Kanawha. Class Is Honored. NORA SPRINGS--Easter Sunday a class of eight girls participated in a catechism recital and received baptism and membership into the Evangelical church. Their pastor, the Rev. J. M. Krafit, was their teacher. The class consisted of Lucile Robinson, Dawn Schmolke, Opal Jeffries, Neva Hedden, Doris Priem, Pauline' Swearingen, Marcella Jeffries and Nina Hedden. A party was given the class Monday evening at the Swearingen home. Are Parents of Son. LAKE MILLS -- Mr. an 3 Mrs. Presthold are parents of an 8 pound, 12 ounce boy, born Monday at the Kingland hospital. This is the first child. Return From Minneapolis. MITCHELL--Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Cady returned Monday from Minneapolis where they spent the Easter holiday at the home of their daughter, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Lampman and family. College Students Home. PLYMOUTH -- College students who spent the Easter vacations here were Miss Eliza Button, Miss pearl Koci Leland Snell of S. T. C., Lau" Peshak of Iowa City, and Miss Dorothy Strand, Cornell. Return From Visit. THOMPSON--Mrs. J. J. Skarp- ness, daughter, Mrs. Alfred Anderson, and infant daughter, returned Saturday after a long visit with another daughter and sister. Dr. aM Mrs. Allen Craig, at Omaha. Visitors From West Side. ROCK FALLS--Mr. and Mrs. TMPROPER passii surest signs of The poor driver driver. Accidents caused by cars on the wrong side o£ the road last year killed 3,500 persons and injured 102-000, according to figures of a member company of the National Bureau of Casualty and Surety Underwriters. Passing on the wrong side and passing a standing street car killed 250 and injured 6000 more These harrowing numbers make it clear that the driver who does not pass properly is a peril to himself and everybody else on the road. According to authorities, improper passing is the result either of ignorance or unjustified haste. It is always inexcusable. Since it implies accelerated speed, the likelihood of a severe collision is greater. The driver who passes improperly usually does so constantly --until Salted by a collision. Avoid being this kind of a road menace by always making sure you have 500 feet o£ clear road ahead o£ you before passing another vehicle. Do not cut out and in sharply. Drive out of your lane gradually, sound your horn, pass and string smoothly back. Pass on ttie left, never oil the right, except where street cars require it. Pass street cars only when they are moving or when their descending passengers are protected by a safety isle. Pass at a reasonable speed. Stay in line rather than weave through traffic. The good driver observes the above rules. When he passes a car, it is fluid motion, pretty to watch. He does not strain his own nerves, those of the driver he is passing, nor those of a driver approaching. And, If his car is in good mechanical condition, he endangers nobody. days. A family gathering of the demons was held at the Hartkopp home Easter in her honor. Guests From Minneapolis. MELTONVILLE -- Mr. and Mrs. Harold Spence and family of i near Minneapolis visited Sunday with her mother, Mrs. George Demaris and other relatives. Visitors From Ottumwa. OSAGE -- Mrs. Leo Curtis and daughter, Marianne of Ottumwa, are spending two weeks with her father, Ray Simpson, and other relatives. Go to Presbytery. GARNER--Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Knaupp and Mr. and Mrs. John Lymar, went to Cedar Rapids. The men were delegates to Cedar Rap- Heinz Attorneys File Testimony Abstract in Hanging Appeal DES MOINES, (.Tl-- Attorneys for Mario Heinz of DuSuque filed with the supreme court Wednesday an abstract of lower court testimony in Heinz' appeal from the death sentence given him for the lust slaying of his -nephew. Peter David Fox. 6. Heinz is sentenced to be hanged Jan. 5, 1937. His attorneys contended the evidence did not support his first de- rel .Collaster and Ted Ames, Bruce Chilson, Tarpy and Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Brandaw and daughter from West Side were guests at the Winifred Duff home. Mrs. Duff is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tarpy. Return to Van Meter. LONEROCK--Mrs. Lee Estel returned to her home in Van Meter after having spent the past two weeks at the Mrs. Lillian Wortuing- ton home. ids presbytery. The women will visit friends. Visitors From Minnesota. MELTONVILLE -- Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hogan and daughter, Edith, of 4.itkens, Minn., and Miss Vera | Hill of Duluth, Minn., visited Tuesday with Mr. and Mrs. N. Huber. They also visited at Little Cedar, Bolan and Manly before returning home Wednesday. They drove down Visit at Ames. LONEROCK-- The Fred Genriches and Doris Mae Blanchard spent Sunda v in Ames with Mainard Genrich, a student at Iowa State college Vera. Morris spent Saturday and Sunday in Des Moines and gree conviction. Visitor Is Honored. POPEJOY -- Olive demons. of interests in oa'.s Wednesday proved moderately. and prices Ira- WOOL MARKET. ' (Wednesday Market) BOSTON, t.Tl--U. S. department of agri- The new California wools were practically the only greasy shorn domestic lines moving in sufficient "volume to establish market prices, while these transactions were mostly on wools that Had not as yet arrived in Bos- Ion, the business was broad enough to give a f a i r idea of market values. Fine and ',1 blood clips r,f good French combing length were p.timated If be bringing around 7S-SO cents fcoiirrtl basis delivered cart for middle county and northern wools fairly Ircc ol defects. MINNEAPOLIS FI.Ol'R. (Wednesday Market) MINNEAPOLIS, ;.T.'--Flour iinchanccd. Carload lots family patents S6.oOu6..0 a barrel In 97 lb. cotton sacks. Shipments 20.935. Pure bran S1S.50R18.75. Standard middlings sis.50818.Tj. INVESIMEST TRUSTS By The Associated Press. Bid and asked Wednesday: _ Corp Tr Sh .. -- ' Corp Tr Sh AA Mod ... Corp Tr Sh Accum Ser ... Corp Tr Accum Ser Mod Dividend Sh ..... · Maryland Fund Nationwide Sec Kationwide Sec Vtc ....... Nor Amer Tr Sh Nor Amer Tr 3h 1955 ... Quarterly Inc Sh Selected Am Sh Inc ..... Super Corp Am Tr A .. 1! S Kl L A P A t; s KI i. » r 8 u s EI L r vtc .._ Ibs. col- broilers orcaMc" Plvmouth and White Rock broilers 26c. colo'red"25c; bareback broilers ·20@22c. Leghorn 23c: roosters 16',= c: turkeys JO® 2fic- heavv old OucKs 19c. heavy young ducks all 17c- cecsc ir,c; capons , Ibs. up 22c, 2Sc, less thmi 7 Ibs. 27c. Rochester, Minn., is visiting at the Theodore Hartkopp home a few Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. Schanke ana Company, Telephone 1300, .Mason City. Ames. Home From Chicago. 2.62 3.3.1 l.B? 19. IS 1.W i . . 2.90 1.13 LSI 21.06 4.-18 1.91 NEW YORK TRODLTE. (Wednesday .Market) NEW YORK. i.T!--Eggs 41.732. steady; mi'xcd colors, firsts 20!S20v;c: mediumsi 10 Ihs. i g t ' i i g ^ i c ; dirties No. 1. 12 ibs.. i»c. other mixed colors unchanged. Butter 11.601. weak; creamery nigher than extra 3-".. ; .«!33!lc: extra (92 score) 32'i 32lc: firste (00-91 scores) Sl'.jgSI-'ic; ccn- iializcd SO score) 31 Vic, Cheese 272.150. steady: prices tinchanged Live poultry steady. By freight: Clilckms 20c- broilers unquoted; fowls 21^23^0. rooster. 15c; turkeys 16g25c; ducks all sections) l-l'Slfic. PRODUCE FtTCRES. (Wednesday Market) C H I C A G O . (.TI--Butter futures closed: Storage standards. November 26c; fresh standards. April 26'.ic. Egg futures: Storage packed t 20T,c; May 20'ic: r e f r i g e r a t o r October 22c. Barlier Shop Sold. CORWITH--L. .1. Schmidt has sold his barber shop to L. D. Sanders of VintTM who will take possession April 16. rslf. April standards. Bid and asked Wednesday: Cent St El fi pet Pf'l 3-'' I""' 1 " Cent St EI 7 pet pfd (?2ri p a r t 11 Cent St P S; L 7 pel pfd l f Champlin Ret la 7 pet pfil .... '·_' Creamery Package com · - . 2-^ Hearst Cons A .'. - · ' - Gco'A Hormel A pfd 10* Gco A Kormcl K pfd 1(1 ., Gco A Hormel com *s.s Interstate Power 6 pet prd .. 2,k Interstate Power 7 pet pfd .. 27 Iowa Electric Co K~. pet pfd 60 Iowa Electric Co 7 pet pfd .. fil la Elcc Lt Pow 6 pet Pfd 70 la Elcc Lt Pow S'.i pet prd a la Elec Lt Pow 7 pet pfd io'c la Pow Light 7 pet pfd 09 la Power Light 7 pet pfd .. 103 u la Public SCrv 6 pet pfd .... 92 la Public Serv 6'.; PCt Pld ·· » 4 la Public Scrv 1 pet pfd SB la South Util 6 pet pfd »S la Sooth Util 6V- pet pfd GO la South Util J pet pid 66 ,, Minnesota P L 6 pet pfd .. S2,= Minnesota P k L 7 pet pfd .. 9il« Northern Et power 6 pet prd so Northern St Power 7 pet pfd SB'/a N W Bell Tel 6!i net pfd .. US 'N W St Portland Cement 21 I'.ath Packing fi pet pfd ..'.... W Rath Packing 7 pet pfd ion Rath Packing com Sioux City G Kl 7 pet pfil SR United Lt ft Kys 6 pet pfd .. ,s U n l t f d Lt *. Rys B-'S pet p f d S« United Lt ff. r.yf 7 pet pert .. * wrMern nrocrr pfd *-* Western Grocer com 7 ^ 73 75 101 105 DJ 96 93 60 6S 85 t'3 SIVi I-.7',* 120 26 101 1112 sr, S 1 * LEDYARD--The following college students spent Easter at the homes of their parents: James Logan ana Kenneth Thompson of Mornmgside; Tilmer Halverson from Luther college, Willis Dyer from Iowa City. Visitors From Michigan. ARMSTRONG--Grace and Earl Gaarde spent Easter wtih their parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Gaarde here. They are attending college at Battle Creek, Mich. Harlgraves Suffers Stroke. DUMONT -- Judson Hartgraves, S3 whose wife was buried about two weeks ago, suffered a stroke at his home Sunday and is in a critical condition. Garage Is Enlarged. BRICELYN Minn.--The office of the Bricclyn motor service garage is being enlarged, according to U H. Linquist, owner and manager. The office and show room were too small and he thought the show room should be enlarged. Seniors Work on Play. LEL.AND--The seniors are working on the class play, "Among the Stars," under the direction of Miss Lucile McGrcevey. Miss Ruth Johnson, will have charge of the juninor- senior banquet. 7,205 Placed in Iowa jobs During March by Employment Service DES MOINES, Iff)--State Labor Commissioner Prank Wenig reported Wednesday the Iowa state-federal employment service placed 7,205 persons in jobs during March, a gain of about 90 per cent over the placements of the same month a year ago. Of the total placements 2,980 were in private employment and Wenig said he saw in this signs of a gradual upturn in private employment in Iowa. In addition to those placed in private jobs the service assigned 1,575 men and women to PWA projects and 2,605 were given jobs on highway construction, schools and public works. The persons given private employment included 1,765 men. and 1,215 women. To Be Saturday. ALGONA--Fred Button of Elmore, Minn., chairman of the farmer-labor party of the eighth district and chairman of Kossuth county, sent word here that the convention will be held here Saturday, April 18, at ths courthouse. The meeting was originally set for last Saturday. Scalded by Boiling Wafer. KANAWHA--Mrs. William Brummund was burned Sunday when she dropped a teakettle of boiling water on the floor, splashing the hot water on her legs. She was taken to a physician immediately. Iowa Prohibitionists Change Platform to Hold Fitch Policies DES MOINES, UP)--The Iowa prohibition party, with Ted Fitch, former paint manufacturer turned evangelist, as its candidate for governor, Wednesday began rewriting its platform to include policies proposed by Fitch. Fitch was nominated late Tuesday at a convention here attended by less than 24 delegates. He announced last October he was a candidate on a "Christian platform," and later said he would seek the republican nomination. Other candidates included: John B. Hammond, former DCS Moines police chief, for United States senator; the Rev. L. J. U. Smay. Correctionville, for lieutenant governor; Frances M. Gordon, Des Moines, state auditor; S. Honess, Winterset, agriculture secretary; W. A Mott, Iowa City, railroad commissioner, and E. B. Dudley, Des Moines, state secretary. Margttretta Noble Buried. NEW HAMPTON--Services wore held Wednesday afternoon for Miss Margaretla May Noble, 64. the Rev. W. D. Spikcr, pastor of the Congregational church officiating. Miss Noble died Monday. She is a former i school teacher.

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