Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 22, 1944 · Page 5
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 5

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 22, 1944
Page 5
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Ban Axis Tainted Gold ALLIES TIGHTEN ECONOMIC NOOSE Gold Had Gone Through '\ Neutral Countries Washington, (B*) -- The allies tossed a new economic noose around the necks o£ Germany, Japan and their sattelites Tuesday, decreeing that they would not hereafter accept axis tainted gold from neutral countries. . The V. S. treasury, acting in concert with England and Russia, A 1V announced it would refuse to take such gold from'any nation and Treasury Secretary Mor^enMiau stated the United States government would refuse to recognize sales of any gold looted by the axis. \ Berlin in particular has been using gold resources to keep for- INCOME TAX Service Bureau 213 FIRST NATIONAL BANK BLDG. TELEPHONE 1026 eign supply sources open, and it was asserted at the treasury increasing amounts of so-called "German gold" has recently been finding its way into neutral gold markets, primarily in Turkey, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal. Ansel F. Luxford, assistant general counsel'of the treasury, said Tuesday's announcement "is for (lie purpose of letting the world know that the title which purchasers of looted axis gold are being given is not going to be recognized as good by the United States, the united kingdom or by Russia." Luxford explained that while Germany was winning on all fronts, gold transfers were not a vital factor because Germany could obtain ample supplies on credit, but, he added: "Since the shift of the war, however, we have been getting report after report of German embarrassment in trying to pay for her purchases." This, he said, resulted from dec- ognition by neutral countries that German credits will be useless when she is defeated. Luxford said one effect of the declaration would be to immobilize virtually all looted gold until the countries from which it was taken can put in claims for it. Quantitatively, the action will apply chiefly to Germany, reputed to have about 51,000,000,000 in looted gold. - However, Japan has taken some gold from'China and Hong Kong "and undoubtedly has bqen working the Philippine gold mines" Luxford stated. Buy War Savings Bonds and Stamps from your Globe-Gazelle carrier boy 92 HEMP CHECKS SENT TO CERRO GORDO GROWERS One Check for 10 Acres Averages $143 an Acre; Overall Average $63 Cerro Gordo county hemp growers have begun · receiving checks for their 1943 fiber crop, Fred A. Cahalan, local plant manager, reported Tuesday. He said 92 checks were mailed from Chicago Friday and Saturday. Total of the 92 checks was $58,170.49, he said, an average of 5632.30 or about S63 an acre. The manager said he expected the crop in the county as u whole to average more than that amount, however. There were 14 checks of the 92 which were for more than $1,000. T h e y included the following, picked at random; 1. 51,331.43 for 10 acres, all graded No 1 fiber except 1 load. 2. $1,432.10 for 10 acres of No. 1 and 2 fiber. 3. 51,233.59 for 10 acres of No. 1 and 2 hemp which had suffered some hail damage, according (u Mr. Cahalan. The'largest check was for $1,473.55, an average of $134 an acre on 11 acres of No. 1 and 2 hemp. "We expect a number of checks to Gerro Gordo growers t LOU TRAVERS For Dependable Tire Repair and Recapping Service on Truck, Tractor, Passenger Car Tires. WE CAN RECAP YOUR SMOOTH TIRES WITH THESE DESIGNS TRU-ARC TIRE BUFFING LATHE GUARANTEES YOU A BALANCED RECAP Tire Recapping and Repair Service is Not a Sideline or a New Venture With Us. It's Been Our Bread and Butter for Years. Our Jobs Must Be Good. TRAVERS TIRE TREAD SERVICE 0!,. In. . ' *' *' Phone 826 'HOOT'S' DAUGHTER--Daughter ot "Hoot" Gibbon "of iiJm lame, Lois lias swapped a cow pony for an Air-WAC uniform and .a jeep. Her father taught her to ride almost as soon as she could walk, but she says the jeep can be rough as a bronco. $150 an acre mark," said the manager, pointing out that none ot the 92 mailed out would reach thai mark. In addition to the 14 checks for more than $1,000 each, there were 36 which »vere for less lhan $500 each, leaving exactly half of the 92 between the $500 and 31,000 mark. Approximately 250 growers stiL are to receive checks in this county, the manager estimated. Fire Takes Landmark at LeRoy, Minn. Le Koy, Minn.--A landmark of the town, the feed mill which is 50 years old and once milled flou known as "Pride of Le Roy" was destroyed by fire. The entire structure _ near the Milwaukee tracks, was gone in less than 2 hours. Some grain and machinery stored in the building was destroyed. The building was owned by George Lomen of Northfield The wind direction is all that saved a number of valuable buildings surrounding it In recent years t h e ' building had been used for grinding feed but it was unused the past year. Observation on U. S. Political Campaign Made by Churchill London, U.lf--Prime Minister Winston Churchill made the following observation Tuesday concerning the American political campaign: . . . It is also election year in the United States, and Hint is a time, naturally, that a lot of rough things have to be said about Great Britain and when ponu- Jarity has to be gained in that vast community in demonstrating the American effort in its highest form. "We are ourselves accustomed to the processes of election, and I think we should not allow ourselves to be undtilv concerned by anvthinp that should be said or written there in the course of the srent constitutional process which is taking place," Man Who Detested Rationing Takes His Family to Mexico Lancaster." Pa.. W)--Anroti 11. Martin is one of r^nc^istci county's storied plain people--,mrl ho detests rationing. He's never registered for a ration book--doesn't believe in il. When war and points came, Martin and his wife and 5 children began making their own shoes, raising and processing their own sugar cane, and doing without what rationed foods they couldn't produce on their own fertile lands. But Monday night the rugged, 59 year old farmer gave up his l-man fight against coupons and what he calls regimentation. He packed his family and few remaining belongings i n t o a Pennsylvania railroad train and set off for a land where, as he put it. "there's no rationinq and a man can do as he pleases." Hereafter the Marlins ;irc «mnz to farm it in the state of San Jjiis 1'oloKi. Mexico. '·The peons down there." spys Martin, "arc mighty friendly/' Here *** There Goldfield--Miss Betty .Shafte of Rochester, Minn., spent the weekend at the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Shafte. Meltonville--Donald Anderson, 2nd class cook in tho navy, has completed a 16-day furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Anderson, and returned Saturday to Corpus Cristi, Tex., where he has been stationed. He had just advanced to 2nd class cook befare -ommg home on furlough. Nashua--Mr. and M'rs. E L Schoenfcld celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary Friday, their daughter, Lucille, sponsoring a surprise for them. -_, :_.^,^J' James Kielty Rites Held at Sacred Heart Church at Rockwell Funeral services for James Kielty, 83, retired farmer who (lied at his home in Rockwell Fri day following an illness, were held Monday at the Sacred Heart church at Rockwell, with Father L.. W. Klassen officiating. Pallbearers were S. J. nankin, G. A. Bower, James Gaffney, Kd Kennedy, A. M. Geer and Mike Gaffney. Burial was at Sacred Heart cemetery. The. Patterson funeral home in charge. Mrs. Lambert Nelson Services to Be Held Thursday Afternoon Funeral services for Mrs. Lambert Nelson, 60, who died at a local hospital Sunday following an illness, will be held Thursday at 2 p. m. at the chapel of the Mc- Aulcy and Son funeral home with the fiev. Oswald Mall of the St. James Lutheran church officiating. Burial will be at Memorial Park cemetery. The Mc- Auloy arid Son funeral home in charge. Past Exalted Rulers Night Planned for Elks for Thursday Thursday night will be Past Exalted Rulers' night at the regular meeting of B. P. O. Elks No ·57o at the club rooms at 8 p m according to Exalted Ruler Paul McAuley. Past Exalted Rulers w i l l lake the chairs for the evening. R. F. dough, who is home from Washington, D. C.. for the weekend, will be on the program. Report Thieves Took Bell From Church Lisbon, f/P_Burglars stole the bell of the church at Vila Do Paco. It weighed more than 200 pounds, but no one immediately noticed the theft, the local news correspondent reported, not even the old sexton when he tolled for Sunday morning mass, because he is completely deaf. DIES AT AUSTIN, MINN. Clarion--Anton Kovacic, a former resident of Clarion, died at Austin. Minn.. Sunday morning accorciiriH to word received by friends here. He was once employed at the Chicago Great \Vc-slern round house here. Funeral will be held at 9:30 a m Wednesday, with burial in the church cemetery. His wife died several years ago. DOUBLE TALK Washington, (U.R)--Whether or not Mairzy Doats and Doxy Doats and Lidde Lamzy Divey maybe is a liddle senseless, but it does prove a couple of things. Indeedy doz. It is evidence, according to Lyle W. Ashby, assistant editor of the National Education Association Journal, that "people like to be children again." Thadis, he adds, "grown-ups still hke to play." To Psychiatrist Dr. Winfred Overholser. who doesn't know whether does do or don't, the double-talk song is "just one of those curious phenomena that go to show people are human after all." _ Overholser says Mairzy Does not indicate that the whole world will collapse Edy middit or edy other such thing. "A little foolishness served, "is relished by the best of served, 'is relished by the best of pi en." Editor Ashby says Mairzy is no more dangerous to your sanity than Lewis Carroll's "h-illig- bnlhg stuff," although he is not ready to predict any such lengthy and quotable life for Doats. "If people have a good time singing Mairzy Doats," he adds, 'Let's just say ':God bless it,' and make the most of Mairzy. "It's a good sort of release. Cheers people up. You might say it relieves the tedium of being serious about things." Furthermore, Ashby indicates, you cannot be too young or to old for Mairzy. Suppose a sedate white-haired lady should be impelled to whistle Mairzy as she walks down the street or waits for a bus? "Well," answers Ashby. "ied- der." THEY KINDLE Glamour lives in the light of Tavern Candles! them in your own home. Tavern Candles ire hand-dipped, masterpieces of candle artistry. They arc odorless, flickcrlcss, drip- less. . . . And Tavern Candles come in all popular sizes. Ask for your .favorite length and shade! Product of Candlecrafl Studioj, Socony-Vacuurn Oil Company, Inc. TAVERN CANDLES Dpmorvs Wearing of false teeth was common among the Romans. 4 Yanks Bail Out and Knock at Door; Given Unexpected Greeting London, ttl.R)-- Four American gunners, who had baled out o£ a crippled flying fortress, were astonished when they knocked on the door of a home in East Anglia. "I've been expecting you," said a woman, answering the door "Won't you come in?" The gunners, mumbling apologies, walked inside, found the table laden with hard-boiled eggs toast, marmalade, coffe, and a bottle of whisky. "I dreamed last night that a flying fortress crashed nearby and 4 men came to the door," the hostess, a Mrs. Buckingham, explained while the Americans stared in amazement. "I didn't want to see it come true, but I wanted to be prepared." The incident was reported" by the army newspaper, Stars and Stripes, which identified the Americans as T/Sgt. Bradley H Parker, Richmond, Va.; S/Sgts Edward J. Roddy, Chicago; Howard E. Anderson, St. Paul and John S. Rose, Holden, Mass. Cop "Doc" Philadelphia, (U.R) -- Patrolman Samuel Van Gilder studied medicine for 14 months before he decided to join the Philadelphia police force. His fellow patrolmen say it's a good thing. During his ,27 years on the force he has officiated at 17 emergency births. His nickname at the station house is -- you have guessed il -- "Doc." Hold-Up Nets Dime Minneapolis, (U.R)--Inflation had not come for the bandit who came Tuesday, Feb. 22, 1D11 r MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE Vichy Radio Warns People on Cherbourg Coast to Leave Homes Neii- York, W--The German- control ed Vichy r a d i o Tuesday warned inhabitants of the Cherbourg area on the French invasion coast to evacuate their homes i£ their presence in' the district is not essential. The broadcast said those who could not find accommodations outside (he "forbidden z o n e " should proceed inland to a reception area in the Loiret department, where they would be "warmly welcomed." Residents not complying with the evacuation warning face expulsion, the' broadcast said. r. to the door of E. Mcrz. Hand in pocket, the bandit, apparently about 19, said to Morz: "Don't be afraid. 1 only want a dime." Merz, believing the pocketed hand was holding a gun, produced the dime. Tile slickup man took it and ran. Electric Motor Repairing By Experienced Klen NEW AND USED MOTORS BOUGHT AND SOLD ZACK BROS. ELECTRIC CO. 302 Second S. W. Phone 977 IT'S SPRING in Your Heart! Thats what gives you that lilting walk . . . that hopeful song in your heart as you go about your daily duties Match it--with spring in your wardrobe! Here are lovely easy-to-wear and care for, serviceable fashions that will see you through. Visit our Downstairs Store'today! JOYCE HUBRITE DRESSES Gingham they'll adore--gingham that looks good enough to eat and to melt in your mouth. 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