The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 23, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 23, 1818
Page 3
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HjTilfcr immediate .ie.ww foi.dinB limn A m r.TL tow if aPDlud lor loane - iu. fitforimaeowiB . - r . CEO. M. WILSON", ' if 128Wat.r.L ' f.T spartan, and 32 toot on board the srhr. vf.ov f r file low if immediate rPliealiTO is nf board, at 0 Dd 9 K - R' "r l my 23 4 - " P 78 BROAD - STREET. VTjrTvi & a situation, a alesinan aud finisher 'IT io a hmt store, a rentable man, 30 years directed to A. BuriU, will beatumded to. inv23 H1 .U ' 7, i A u .1 ATI'! l A LAD of IS to 17 year of a?e, of respect - able ronnectioos, and who has had some nrawta iu buboes, may hear of ?, " "eouuUngroom by addressing A. at Uw c'ce, r - r.. rkiMi - Ur .vr. , wiiis reieri.ccs j viivv., 11, M V, . . i - ..i.t.i. noio - hrmriiooo: tar ,t L I ' Kjsi . 'jB.Bi j .ii. n,. in the UD. vent ml U exceeu uu.. - v... - - - . per part of the city would be ?,...;.nffice. . ' T23 ,f ' - . n 1'D J 1 I It' r Jr. I . . T. i. . ht. t hnu. tltll lata hli;i I nairieiian' """ . . at the corner o. w - - - , . Brootlf n iw mze m '7 - "u - - . . Keep, it. room. - arransed a. to coabua '7 coo.v.e!r"".: . i ,ui. s will ba ioiu wiui iw? wr 9 - - w . I Trmi Ana flmirlfl the option or inepurcnawav - - ah Uie rest in nch payment, a will be mist ... ' - .... .;rrhj.n. AddIt on the pre - . aiutet to , mV Ti u TTHRP0SITORt, Walheu - tkkt Two haniUome coachrj, Ttrv Lttls uud t one tron. - r d.iuited fur i tfujf I an I levant tdbrry pij, very t li'lit ; one uigiun iiiuery iln. a variety of now i - 0 - .arwl mil . K , n 1 vaminiu. toSa$ to jjiOO i alxi, a ftw good family and Pertooa, who wimH to dispose of their bnrief or carriage, of auy kino, wooia uo wen io .cnu nvinlnltiit. nlUt;lililI)eDt. UK tllH dc'Otaod , UI1H W" 1 " i ii cooiderable. Those who want an advance of caih, can have it on delivery of the article. ; aud .uchaswUJi to sell ana Keep inoir r.orsc?, .c. " eliewhere, can have them aoli by leaving their . . n fi - CIO nl ine iienofiiorv. uiv J 11 NEW WORKS. FOR SALE at tbe Minef vn Ciiculatinit libra - rv No. 265 Uroadwav, fppo.ite the muH'iini, added the g eolosy of Aort: Anntnca, Dy proiei . tot Saml. L, Mitchell, price 3 SO. ft murk! nn Hair, t.w J.ilm Korvlh. Hor. Lord Amher.i' Euiba.ry to China, I to). Ovo. mi. Memoir, ami l ire of David Garri k, by S. Dariea, 2 vr!l S 50. Character, of Shali.pcare'. Playi, by W Haz left, 1 25. lale. of Wonder, of Humour end fentiweut, cy Anne ant I'lumptree, 2 Uoli ' Mnnnen, a novtl, 8 vol. '2 dollar. Mandeville, by H'm. Uooriwin, t 75 Caleb William., 2 vol. 2 doll a i Kntahella, 3 vols 3 do!. - . Rob Roy, ?voU 1 75 ' KnjrMofSt. John, by Mi.. Ann Maria For - ter. 1 75. ' 1'lnriilp, a Spaniel Tale, by Madame de Genii. 7 1 2 reut. " ' Purity of Ikfrt, or woman a. .he. thould be. :87 1Srent. ' - The tuakcr. a Talc, 87 1 1 cenU. The White Cottnee, a tale. 1 dol. letters from the South, t vol.. t 50. ', ibt23 - ;. - - ' " LEr - r in Sniitli Edgars store, 16i Fulton - street, an elegant green PARASOLI.. ' The owner can have it by paying for this insertion. For sale at the same place, a few very superior Dutch damask dining and breakfast clolw. Also, napkins. my 2.i If . 6000 DOLLARS. i IT" The lrt drawn No. on Wednesday i"ct, 5tb drawing of the Grand Road Lottery, will be entitled to 5000 dollar., and the fortnubte po? - etwr will receive the amount ou application at GRACIE3, 146 broadway. Where a few tickets ami share, may be ob ' taiued for prizes at par and foreign bank notes, may J3 2t . 6,000 dollar prize. ON Wednesday next the first drawn number in the Grand Road Lottery, fortheMillord end Owezo Turnpike, will be entitlad to $5000, Only Id days more to draw, and the following capital pntfs are in toe wneei, viz : , $70,000 I $10,000 35,000 5,0f0 ,10.000 I 1.000 . A few Tickets and Shares, warranted undrawn i Bay be had at WAlTE'S Truly Fortunate Lottery and Ex change Office, No. 64 Maiden - lnne. , Whole ticket 14 Qnarters $8 50 Halve. 17 Eighths 4 25 Si item On 2 U, my 23 Whate'er Potosi yields, with all it. mines, Eeluogs not to the wretch, on whom it shines, The dclvinr creature, in the shaft below. Leave, the warm son, for subterraneous woe, And counts but little, on the toil that's past, If the next day sbouM only prove bis last. Thanks to the states ! for better modes pursued, l ne public mingles with the private good, iVot to the rich alone, but to the mean, The discount settles, at a bare fifteen i Who would not give it, aye and double too, To do as some bare done, and wbh to do. To mend conditions ! who would hesitate, The bint is given, era it is to late, Ta purchase splendid prizes of R. Waite. Tha two highest prizes yet drawn in tha Grand Road Lottery, were sold and paid by IL Waitc, jun. 136 Broadway 4C50, $5000, and 3977, 4 1000. The first drawn number on the next uy of dra wujp, will ba entitled to a capital prize of f 5000. Tickets $34 : halves 17 ; quarters 8 au; eijnt 4 Z9 ; sixteenths 3 12 for sale by , R. WAITE, Jan. tny23 2t ... 136 Broadway. 6.000 DOLLAR PRIZE. ON Wednesday next, the first drawn number in the Milford and Owrgo Road Lottery, "uicuuue uie innnnnre Holder to a prize ol n.lMlfl imi.l.ARS. There are now in the wheel, and but sixteen i "Jioi drawing, the lolloa - in rich prizes, viz. 1 Prize of 70,01)0 dollars - 1 do 35,000 do 2 do 10,000 do 1 do - 5,000 do Several of 1000, 5000, ic fce. Adventurers are advised to apply for Ticket ad Stisres at ALLEN'S Truly Lucky Office ; 122 Broadway, Opposite tle City - Hotel. "'here the highest prize ever drawn ia Amert - as sold and paid, No. 3220 a prize of : J'WO - alio prize of 50,000, 30.000, 25,000, : W, 15,000, ic. Ac being a greater amount Wtes than nave bcea sold by any other office parity in the wanie time. my 3 A KTIGUA MOL AbdEd. 60 lihd. aew crop cA Antigua Molaes of the very best quality, from schr. Ceiv, at pier No. , and for bT. TUCKER it LAURIES. T "4 99 5oBth. nt. T AfoEiRA WINE. 20 pines, iTA 67 Sottthtreet. by for sale at . CAMBRELENG k rE ARSON, msyig I m M ft WAJiTS a EITJ AT10.1 at WET NURSE, a young woman, with a rood breast oi milk. Apply at ' v my 0 U ' Nn. 30 Whitehall itreet. Kn FLOUR, Ac. - - mI J vf bbl superfine flour, HaxaH's brand 230 do do - do country do landing from tchr. Molly, from Richmond, aud for tale by , ' W.ti S. CRAIG, b'4 Frout - t. IX STORE, 1 S hhds new Richmond tobacco 15 do eld do do may 22 J UM & OLD COP ft a. a pun. uiKh proof J.I and tine navoreu Jamaica Hum, and S UUIb old Copper, for lair hy TUCKER k LAURIES. my 21 : ' - 29 SoiiUi street. ! OLAs&l - .s, SUGAR, c 50 Lhdi. jMo - LV.I - h 1 lihd.. Antipua Rum 5 do choice Antigua Susar .6 do 2d quality Curia do. for .ale by GOODHUE JK CO. mv 21 44botith - ttreet. LOiVDON PARTICULAR MADURA. WINE. 10 pine of superior flavour, sub ject to debenture. Kor sale by JAL - U1J k WILLI AIM?, my 20 1 w 83 l'eiirl - .tre - t - COT ION. 6 bales landing trout .loop Olive Brunch, for sale by - GRISWOLDS ft COATES, mv 21 68 South - street. USTUiM bEKK. 70 bnl. mets aud prime ij Beef, of superior qan nn nr. lust rereirrd ami lor sale ny - e. i I mvOlw WHIT'f LMORE. 110 r ront - Hret t. COPPKR BOTTOMS, c 2000 lbs. Cop. per Bottom., 50 to 30 iiirliei M catk. Wrought Nail., Eng. and Am. C bale. Italian Paper 7000 lbs. London Seine Twine, for sale by CEBRA & CUMING, mv2l 76 Pearl - street. ui.At ii r ILlU i. FRAsLR's wi.o.B - ii.e JLf aud retail copper, pewter, tin' and hct - irou kitchen furniture warehouse, No. 38 Mai - ilrn - Laue, New - York t where may nn had Plain & plan inched block - tin coffee - pot. i o do do bipgent and fdterers Do do do tea and chocolate pots Do do do newest pattern duh covers Do do do sauce and stew pans Do do do tea and coH'ce urn. . Do do do tee cups and boilers' Do do do cheese plates and toaster. W st Is every other article in the copper, pewter, block - tin, and sheet - iron line, ar munuiactnrcd and sold at tlwtr failory, So. fil Fulton - strrol, rour dm - rt uliove ihcirold jtalli?lime!i!, wh re, from their prerent ronvenirnc and acknowledged improvements in the rot tli (Is of Wort nrinliii, tbey are enabled to rrceivc and i scut's all. or - iers iu the tihnve line, on tb ijiorlet uolii. e anO at the mint reduced wholesale pnwf. Ii. it Y . have received prrlatc arrivals on rx - len ive norluirnt ol first rate ttitntua roet"l, bluck - liii, and jtiranntd roods, which, with variety of bird ami hollow waret, they olfir for sale un reaFonahle trrin; . ' my 22 2w 5IM)MU. Ccroun 1st quality flotant indigo, juil receiv ed and for tale by ROGERS & TOST, 51 South - street. LSS1VRF., 40 dnz. scythes, approved brands 4 boecrew augurt 270 boxtn tin plates I 3d IX 10 ba prime green Laguira coflea 100 blibgrouud camwood 84 bundles sugiur loaf paper may 22 4t "111 IN A fILKi A general H - sortineii1 otCan ton Silks, consisting of Crapes, Sursuets, siucliew., tKtttls. 4 - r. lor sale r , II oil If. 4 - r. lor sale hy CAMBRELENG & VK ARSON, my 22 67 f outh .treet. alO TRACK tH.llJfS. O Casks ten link trace chaiui, jurt received and for sale by ANDEKbON K SHEARER, may 22 131 Water - street. - lOTTON k WHEAT ?06 bu'.esof prime UDltind tJolton 556 hushel. southern Wheat, just received per scnrcatiinrine Kogers, and lor sale ny GEO. GIBBS, my221w 70 South - street. 110 Hhds molanes, of superior quality, now landing from brig Jason, at pier No. 10 For sale by G. Ul. LEWIS, my 22 Iw 78 Sjuth - rt. EOHUIA TOttAJCO. 2t h ills verv JT prime Georgia Tobacco, landing from schr uenerai Andrew Jackson, trom &avnnnnn, and for sale by POTT ft M'KINNE, mv 92 66 South - street. If k AF.iV - ORLr.AMi LOTTO A. AolVflJ Pale New - Orleans cotton, laudin; from brig Savannah Packet, for sale by POTT k M'KINNE, may 22 56 Soutb - st. Qk SFARLH. O vf Kegs white starch, landing from sloop Superior or sale by JACKSON k WOOLLEY, my 22 3t 75 Wall - st. 75 LIVERPOOL COAL. Chaldrons Irom tlic coal pit, is now ready for delivery on board the ship Justlna, Andrew .Tombs, master, from Liverpool, aud will be sold in lots tosuit purchasers, at pier No. 10 E. River, may 19 AA L i US. bO.X n t.O. IRISH LIN E.N, iiv. riHE subsenber offers for sale, 43 packages .1 of Irish Linen GooHs, imported per ship On Mm Packet, and other late arrivals Irom Dublin, comprising a good assortment of 4 - 4 and 7 - 8 Linens, low priced Do Midling and Fine 9 - 8, fi - 4, nad 6 - 4 Sheetings ' 6 4, 7 - 4, C - 4, 10 - 4 Diaper and Damask .1 - 4 Br in g Holland and 7 8 Drogbetias 3 - 4 and 7 - 8 Linen Bed Tick 4 - 4 Cotton Check All ofwhieh he will dispose of on liberal terms. JOHN KELLY, 149 Pearl street, my 14 2w TtAMAGED CORN. ISMU bushels Coin, a U little damaged and worthy the attention of f eed Merchants, lor tale in quantities to sun purchasers. Apply this day, to G. G. A: S. HOWLAND, my 22 - 67 Washinnton street. C? MAGEE k SON, i mi i m onnoaiic uie no k3. . - .1 ti w fl Pwk.'offee Hmttte, romer cf 1 Pine it Witliam - str.'els, y tiloUr off. rfor sale a g aral a - I fUirtment of caoctaiai, V K A I ( reawnable itrms among which are (be fol lowing : Uogoac crane y lioliaadaad Aia. Gin. twmti Oil ; Jamaica Spirit Imperial, ). Hyson, f TEA of the Iatet Yosng Hysoo, and? import a tioo. Soacbooe, ) Loaf aoa Lamo. ) Havana. 5UUAK, Muacovado. ?. Mare, Cloves, Ciooaasoa, nutmeg, Asspice. cauie aod Urvwa Boaps me. r. . 19 !r Fr tale, Ff tight r CLartrr, Tbe brig HOPE, Pitlsbury master. 3)n is a first rata veswl ona year old, aud carries about 2300 bbls. For terms apply to tbe master on lioard at f "ine - vtrent wbarf, or CAMtSRLLEN'G tl PEARSON, my 22 t7 toulh - strect. HJiATt U i O CUAHILIt, ;ul VESSEL to carry about 1500 lblj. for a voyaee to Madmra. Apply U ' TUCKER &LAUKIEH, may ii "9 gouth - .trtet.' , FHUOtt fjor UUtiLteiUA'. 250 tons henw lrci;ht. Wpplvto ANSO.H ti. PHELPS, 1S3 Frnnt - rtreet. my ai ' tor. i.'WJVW, 1 llie slooti GEOKGE WASHING - , ON, Capt. Ilatholl', to sail on the 24th and will take freiirht on moderate terms, if offered immediately. Apply on board, oppo - . site i boutn - strect, or to mav2l t.OODHCE & CO. For AM UERf, . l The ship ANGELICA, Bartlett She - ipard master, lias 2 - 3ds of her canto on board, and will sail within six days. For freight of a part of the remainder or passage, having good aeconimodatkmi, apply on board, went side Burling slip, or to ' N. L. &. G. GU1SWOLD, mv 20 H6 SoutlMtrret. A Brig or Schooner, cf abuut 150 ta ,200 tons. Apply to JOSEPH JUXF.i', may 19 6t o. 12 Greenwich - street Mr FOUT - . - iU rtilACt., vJij(To tail oa Sunday, 24th iaet. weather iiiii, permit tins) I tie elerant copper fastened srhnonoT .1 ACQUE' MEL I'ACKE I , D.innnick, master Frlri;ht of 150 bbU, or par - age, apply to K. CAKTMKL, 34 South - .trrft, or JAS. L. MONTAUDF.VERT, may 19 ot . i6 Wall - st. Fur LllKHPUOL, I 1 .....I. - Vcifa The fast suiting coppered .ship ANN, R. It. Crocker, master, will positively sail on the 25th ifikt. weatber permuting, huvintr all her heavy freight entrnireil. y(r fi - eirl.t of 100 bales of - cotton, or passage having txten sive accommodations, apply to the cxpt.tin on board, east side Fly - market - wbarl, or to JAi. il Ilium LtH.NKS, - No. 247 Front - street N. n. Passengers are furnished with beds and bcddiojrat the ship s expence may IS 6t Fur K.Mii JVjV, Jam ) The fine coppered schr. CLAIIEV DON, J. G. Frith, mat.ter; will be despatched in a few days. For freight of a - bout 150 barrels, r pasuge, apply to . TUCKER & LAURIE?, mav 16. 29 South - street. tOU S ILK, The f;ut sailing rhr SPARTAN, burthen 132 tons, will carry liOO bbls. 3 ycum old, was coppered nut with heavy copper, and has hau 1000 expended on her sails and rigio within t:ie last two uionUis, aud is well found in every respect t lies at pier No. i, East River. Apply on boarJ, or lo U.lVII) U. CULLIES, my 16 2w 76 Broad - st. . r)H A.lLft, The stamit h chr FANN V,,fut arrived froui Havre, 145 tons hniiben, will iny liUUDDls., nuilt at ivorloiK in lota lor a packet between that port and this ; Is well found aod can be sent to soa at a trifling eapence ; lies at pier No. 8, East River. Apply n board, or to . UAF1D O., my 16 2w - 76 Hroad - alreet. ,r Fur LOAD' A, JfN r,'Sl'':,r trading coppered ship JjsEiisij - VENUs, N. Acoille, juo. n,aUr; will be ready ta rcceivo caro next wct k, and intended In ail about the 6th June, bavin.' a great pari of her cargo ready to go on lioard. For It - tight of the ri inaiuder, or pawujri', having superior accommodation, apply on board, at Col - foe - house slip; or, to GRISWOLDS k COATES, 68 South - street. Consignees of goods by the stove ship are particularly requested to send their permits on board immediately. , my 16 LAX Tl. .l:., cli laii: n,i:.: - . v A A ii. r 1 1 k mufinWif Ail (i, ufas - TSMTiriM fi Wl" be dispatched without delay For irtightof 50 tons apply at 67 riouth - st. to my 8 CAMBRELENG k PEARSON. J KEF and PORK. 50 bbls prime Beef WJ M do do Pork, for sale by PALMER At SAIDLER. . 104 FronUtreeL my 20 LONDON COA . JUST opener), and lor sale at 23 John - street, a trunk of very elrgmt Dress and Frock Coats, uiuong which i. one Extra 'i rimmed Blue Co - boiire. my 14 2w C1 OFFEE U TIN PLATES. 30 bags prime I Laguira coll'ee. 2"0 boxes tin plate l - 3d IX, fur .ale by ROGERS ti POST, my20 5t 51 Smith - street BI1LVLYGUAM k SHKFFIF.LU GOODS, oa cosmaaMENT. 'F'HE subscriber have received by (he Ilercu - L les, and other late arrivals, and oiler for sale by the package, 40 casks ol Birmingham Hardware, consisting of most ol tbe staple articles in tbe lint. 10 casks of file of every description 6 do ol'Kenyon warranted hand, pannel, tenant, snsnj fctc. taw - 6 case, of do. mill, pit, and croncut saws. ALSO, 10 tons best London hoop L. blistered Steel, Crowley do. Aod a consignment of warranted Halh'ark German Steel, direct from Uie manufactory of J. & C. Halback k Son, of ol Hem heid. B. W. ROGERS Co. I my 11 215 Peart street. J.', LOt R. 200 bbls. snperiine Richmond 1? country flour, branded " Farm Mills, n will uc tanoeu to - morrow, irom schr. iiloiiy. ana tor sale by PAGE k TRIPLET'!, my 22 3t 88 Wall street. IJOPI.I.XS, CLOlliS, 4tc trunks assort cd Poplins 9 cases extra super London Cloths 3 do. tingle and double mill'd Cassitneres, received per late arrivals from London, for tale by OIV1L UM HUNK li CO. my 21 92 Coffee house slip, 4 RROW ROO T. - 150 lb. AiTysr Root, just . - bv received ana lor .ie dv GOODHUE k CO. may 16 44 South - street. MFTY - ONEcerooo ludigo, J? 522 bag CofT.), - 102 do. Cocoa, iCaraca. 2.00 Hide, 1300 Horn. 3 Landiog at pier No. 1 1 East River, from brig Acuve, anu tor aie ny JOHN HEFFERNAN, SI South street ' In Store. Liihoa Wine, in pipe aud hhd. Madeira do ia do do and or lay 19 tw D AMASK TABLE LINENS and SHEET INGS Reoivfd tlas day 6 4. 7 - 4. 8 - 4 C 10 - 4 Damaik Table Linen ALSO, ' 3 - 4 Diaper and 5 - 4 Sheerine, for sale by JAMES CUMMINGS. Ho. 32 Liberty itreet 1 L1VF.RTOOL COA1.. - !00 tlat Jrcn cf Rewl Pit Liverpnl jol, for tale in ((uantities tel iuii iHtrciuufin, iruMi on Hoard tbe Jhtp Maria, Capt. Duplet, at Rtrtor - iret wharf, where orders may he left, or utU Pine - atteet. - ; - wiv l"4t - ..... MOI FA C I - t SH.iCli ALE For udc at N: 20 Fulloiv - st. by , . V , . n.j 3w,. , KU.W it V1.ECKNEB. HAKhiS lXbAt;CO o4 kiK Jlani, Maauf&ctured Tohacro, rfa sup, quality, latidin; frcm schr. Imttan Hunter, for ! ' ' N.& D - TALCCTT, my2t ' 64 tu!Tirtfi.4. , .. f . cooa tvjsrkt). - A WOMAN whoisagood plain cook, aud can produce .atisfactorv referrnce. fnowa other nerJ apply) will obtain a iitut!inn in a .mall family by calling at No. 49 Warrso - rtreet.' KAA away Iruu tha utf:riler im Wedm - s - day, I'J'.h inct. a rotor ci man, named Joa. is about thirty veers of r e. of .mall t'ature. dark color, and down look; had on when he went away, a blue jacktt and corded velvet pantaloon. Whoever will return said runaway", or lodge him in jnil, so thai tbe owner may obtain him, thail L h!cmlly rewardeJ. .Makers nl vessels aud otheia ara forbid harboring or cm - pbyin him under the penalty of the law. r UANCI4 Mv.ll.LM A , maT 19 i W - jllabont, l.o'i? I)and. :oiile. For the further accommo - i!nb .I i..l l;.. 41. c Jgryb.yy partiire ol llio firefly from vin Vnrii an(J Ncwbuijrli will ne in tiiiuie on (be Mlowu.g uuys : Leaie New Yoik nn Mouuav. Wetlnesday and Saturday, at 9 A.M. Leave Nuwhurgh ou, Friday and Sunday at 8 A. M. Th! a'lOve i,rniii;'iiirtit will comment e by thf Firt fly having Nevrburgh on bunday, tli 24th iay. 'I be Western Stitge leaves Newburgh imme - diutc'y alter (be arrival ol tbe I irony. mv'Si . , GEN II. KM AN wishes to tench in a private Inriniy, r rtnch, orawnig and iviusic, provided it lie in the uiorniug. Apply nt inySzlw 'No. 21 Wall - street. 7'0 LKT. And immediate possession given. Two rrlio s, in the bafement tory cf No. 41 1 - 2 Pine strtet. niysviw ' 'llr. DonteKtic Mninnru lord's Aiost.uit,(.iiio L t'auiilv Utrei lory, in the arts ol" weaving and dyuiiK ;ruirprt:b(iiiiiiiic a plain systrm ol uirec (ions, iipplyitii; to these arts and etlier branches nearly couiiedM, Willi tlitm in tbe manulactiire ol Cotton and woollen lioodi ; mcluninj: many useful tables nn it Hi alts, in calculating and lor - niirz various kinds and ottt rnsoi' goods. Des - igbed for the itnprov tut ol of Do neslie. Mamifar. turn by J. k IL U ronton, price Jfl 50, just re ceived aod lor sale tv COLLINS II ANN AY, my 22 1 w 230 Pearl - street. A Ftniri Uooi!$, Ue. riHK subscriber have JL just received by the latest arrival tiom England, a handsome assortment of ladies dressing .cases with locks and ke)s, come of which are of un .entire new pattern and the most fasIiionaMe colours, which arc cream, blue, morocco and brown, also, ladies moiocro and lose wood work boxes ana genuemen Smith & Ncpiiewi Xane so:ip, mvciiuvr nu Iwkiiw lL - arM sa,it'I.!eH. tooth powder, aoaps. Hi ges maps, real Windsor do. hair powder, iiiiniaturc frames, malti ease buttons, pocket books, pen - knives, scissors, razors in caaes, uo. single, ridicule glusses and bags.cavelicti, rus - penis, dcntriltcel vc. Also, by the latest arrivals from I, three :,... .r nuin nerrumciv. from Uie first houses in Paris, consisting partly ul eu ae csptnan. eau de niuon de enelos, eau tie meil, ei.u de Pntuiski, eau iouis llilb, eau Napoleom eau de emperor di s Russi s, iir. k. ; plain and aoibcr'd Inven lertrateis. toolti nrusnus, ciotnno iim i..iunil dnreniine. silk and kid Gar tar., iiurses, Cloves, scent hollies in niinia'ure, sponge, ladie. umrlr bni. tortotie stell noses, niouuiou in tilver mirf er.ld : Ibitnbins. (bread cases, fruit knives, tweeters, pencil cases, pocket books, pocket lights, needle cases, of all kinds, rice box, crumb, and all other kinds of brushes. patdons silver tye - neeues, narreu rianpa, auu aetral variety ot oilier an icica in men - uuc, , variety 'iff i bicli they will d their ispoie of, on the most tea - son:ible terms, at llie r fancy and perfume ware house, No. 136 Broad way, nearly opposite Uie City Hotel. ANTHONY W. TR.UTAN II CO. may 19 Iw HJ - WHEATON 4 DA - VIST Fancy Chair Manufacturers, No. 153 Fulton - st. opposite St Pnula Church, offer for sale, wholesale ano retail.a large and elegant as - or I men t of Curld Maple, plain painted and ornament ed in gold h hrnnxejhamboo, plain and Gilt Ball, Rock ing, Sewing, and Conversation Chairs, Sofa. Settees. Loungeei, Music Stool., &c, Order from any partof tiiecontiuentexecutet with iicaUies and uuiiatcli. Old Chair repaired, painted and ornamented my 19 FOR Sf LH, il n coniury i iiiunc aim r vm, uu mccui k L t .1 1 - U. I bank of Hudson' river in the Highland, about 54 miles from New - York, lying between the country seal of Willian Uentming, Esq. and cant Phillips, and nearly opposite West Point The farm contains 121 acres. I he House (which was built in 1305) has 12 rooms, ex clusive of the kitchen, and posescs every convenience necessary for a family. There is also a farm - house, bam, stable ana other out - houses, in good order, a garden and a great variety of fruit trees of the best kinds. A further description is not gnen, because persons inclined to purchase will no doubt view the premise s for which purpose applica tion may lie made to Mr. James lhompon,on Uie farm.. For Uie terms of sale, enquire of "U'M. HENDERSON, 55 Wall - street, New - York. mv 21 2awlm A FA ILN TED INVENTION, For tbe convenience and comfort nf ladies. IT is well known by all ladies Uiat their cloak pint, (as Uiey are called) alias curtain pin, patticularly large one, in a very snort ume irom the weight ol the curtain, and from other caau. weai so large a hole in the wood it. which they are inserted that they become loose, insomuch thaltuev droop and look ill. and more over often tin i drop out To prevent tbi effectually, a pertoa ha invented that which will prevent the inconvenience alluded to : and aoy Is'Iy, ar trtn a tentUman, can be convinced of the I act by applying ui .to. z i;ey street, where Die invention is lo oe sera : the expense i a mere trifle, and cloak pin already in use can, and will be. readili altered to Uie proposed plan. .. n.y 19 Sw MR. LEE'S SELECT' cCHOOl FOR the instruction oi' a six elk clam or bots, ia every oajlmentbf lUerature aad - i tntt Bccsarv to a liberal education, (the dead languages excepted) "will, be ojiencd on Muadav. the lit day of June next at No. 8 Vrk Pine. N. B. TI orranixAtion of the class will be completed in Uie first week of the quarter, after which no aew m ruber caa be admitted. Those therefore who intend to patronize tbe iostitutiun, are reoeested lo eive If. LEE notice Usrrfcof, before (be end of May, at No. 2 Dey itreet, or, 43 Harrison street , . I Tuitrost 12 dollar per qnarwr. my 19 tw tniilf nil i I - REMOVALS. ' I SM.II I fjfr MRS.LEFtVH.fc'B Academy for young Luu - .es. it removed to No. (4 rraalvha - stieet . my 21 tw - . (r JOS! ill HtDDEN, A'tomey and ("omntllcrat law, hatnendtiiclSice at No. S3 Frarkfort - stiwt. mylltw CLT JOHN LORI - VILU GRAHAM, attorney at law, has cpttied his office at No. 43 Cbamber - street, ner K. - oadwcy. , may 16 4 LLr C. G. C M tDbEKG U CO. have moved their coutiting house to No. 85 Warhington - slrret, wbera they offer for sale 114 hhds New - Oileiint n,ir i superfine Cloths, double milled ke'?evtners, jilnins and telvttsens. J. At U. REN W ILK, have removed to No. 85 vasiii)jrlon - street. ' ,s may 15 lG' JUliN 1 ROC I OR, jun has removed from No. Hi Bxeknian to 106 Liberty - atreet, where be still oflrrs liberal anticipations on pro lan j trntignei io iu. trunls in ine Madiierra - ui.ii u. For further partit nlars, apply a above, or to ABRAH AM BELL, . my 7 1m cortior of Cliff F'dton - sts. tt MACrvil., Mll.Na. veil to No. 61 I toe - strMft. base rttiio - mav 4 1 JETER D. IURCOT intorms his friend and the public in general that he has removed bit U4iollery Ware House from No. 85 to No. 03 Mhiden Lull where lie offer for lc some elegant pattern of Paper Hui rings, just ftceiveil by tin; latest arrival from France, on the most reasonable trm.s. . i .. - my 2 Im ELEGANT FU RMTUKK AP AtCilON. Oss H'tdntiitty, iU inti. fZT At 10 oYl.x U. at the Wurt Room of I. bin les Christian. 511 1 niton si ret L who is with druwine from the Cabinet honors, an rligant assortment of CAM .NET FURMflJRE. tl whole ol which will he warranted bv Mr. Chris tian (be lame as il sold by him at Hivte sale. Tlie lease ol the tibuve" 1 reniists fur ssie or to k - t. ' ' ' my 21 d's ! NO I ICrT " fjQ - The Rising un bail Boats, Nmipariel, and luiitisiry, irom me iumh point, l. i New - York, i.tils from Mai ketliehl - stnt t. fuhi n the t - 'tentn - lioat Atalunta lonueily cmue to ) at 10 oVlick, ot each day. Passage 12 I taut. Loquue uttlie MrMii - hciit lloti ll, ol VANDEUPOOLli PHILLIPS." my 21 If . mrru tin liiruruitte tomtMii ' MIE honnl of Diieotot. have tbi'iHiy derhr L ed a Dividend t.f (,fti en ixrient. op tin Capital Sim k, ' ir the six uiontlis, pnyable nn or niter tbe lirsl day of June next, between ine hours ol IO nnd U o'i lock. I'y nnler ul (lie rrrsideni auu uirecioi. iviuy I'.', IBI". my 16 I. IIAVT, Sie'ry. A MiLLI.EIl WAN 'I ED. A N experienced .Vliller vvillheurof asi eIi;t - ble siluiiliun, by IuiiiiediHlc' nupii' aliuu Ic H.iil'l IHLKS, my 21 3t Ii9 South street. JUl.ViE UrLANUCOl' I ON .417 l.nis, lan ding at Peck - slip, for sale at 01 South - st, by CAMBRELENG & PEARSON. my xi j . ' J'JllVATL LOLWLVU SINOEK trntleman can be act nmmoda - L ted, with a furnished or nnfuroM.rd room. with breukCst and tea, in a sinnN and genteel family. Inquire at the store, No. lib Uroad wav. mav 71 tUH SALK, , A country seat, formerly owned by Mr. R. D. Anhn. containing almt tillecn m res of ground, situuted on the Lust River, short of lour uule iron, the city, u i reuiurkable (or it. pleasant siluulion nnd is a very desirable rnii - di nee either suaime.r or winter; the hatlilirf;. are good aud comiortable ( Uie ground i. In inxb order, and abunduully supnliid with a choke collection ol Ituit trees and shruhhrry I there are several iprincs or excellent water on tbe nremt - ses, and two quarries of buildtnc stone, which ,in.l k. l.Sul I. b,!.,,,!.!,.. T - ..H.l Isets ara invited to view tin siluntion. and an - ply at No. 13 Broadway lor terms, which will be liberal. P. ELLISON, my 12 3w CAUTION, ny The public ara cautioned, that tha vali dity of the doed ol the above mentioned rountry seat, irom K. II. Atdeo, lo Thomas Kill - on, esq will lie firmly disputed, on (lie grouud of its be inga fraudulent comeyauce, made for tiie pur - iioso ol ileleating aiudrment entered nraitut (Ii said R. D. Ardeu, in January (erui last of the supreme court. The subscriber never saw (he advertisement of T, Ellison (ill (Jus dav, or hi woum nave given earner none. , J. W. PATTERSON. New. York, May 16, 1 HI 8. myinct OKA'IFRl. UOAHUIMi. . 1711 VE or six gentlemen can ba handsomely JL accommodated with renteol - lioard in .mall respectable fnmily, wliera (here are no young children. The situation pleasant, wifbiu one minute' walk of the bank, or custom home. They can be accnmnrxlaU d with separate rooms, handsomely fumtiad, on moUerate terms, by ftp. plvmsr al 37 Pine - street may 21 lw )Y SAMUEL HAY WARD Ai CO. on Wed L nesday evening, at 0 oVIr k jinfisely, at me Ladle. Aurnon kooiii, ivo. nroaflwny, the mod valuable collection of rare English and American publication, perhaps ever offered at public . ic in this city, Iiid win De round wor thy of iinrtii ular attention. (fcj" Those ierin. desirnu of Improving thi. opportunity fur the ofprivate LtbiaryV Ac. will pliase take notice that tin y rnnnot be inserted In (tie catalogue, unless received pre tiom to 4 o'clock, ou Tuesday next. Particulars will be given ol (he Books, in the public papers, on the morning ol sale, and cata logues ills') rcauj bv in n union svwus. . Iy225tt I OsTl. DELACROIX having relumed ui O his establishment of the VaUXHALL, re - spectfully informs the public, that the damages ol tho fire of last winter are now perfectly re paired. Tbe gardens are in excellent order luxuriantly rich in every variety of flowers Neatness and due attention will trie nones! de serve a tonlimiation ol the patronage with which b ha been honored. An elegant duality of FIREWORKS, All new design, under Uu direction of Cirmutf J. Delacroix, with Music aud Illuminations, art io preparation for TuocJay Eveou.g, May 26 (weather permitting.) - fry Particular on Monday. - may il G. SAUNDER'S PATENT RAZOR STROP, You that wish to share with ease, . Buy nf Sa v.idebs il yea please i . Ills RftSir Strop's, peculiar such, That sharps the Razor with a (ouch. G SAUNDERS resprctrully solicit (hose . who have nut got Ins Patent Rsai ftrop, to furnisli ihemselves wilh Ins new iiivenien iva for fctron. and Metallic ComiKsilion. No geo Utmsn who once mains trnl of one nf the Slrops now offered, will ererfry any oibersiann siimis tlieir ronnadon. maiever so 7"'Vr' give the razor K at roumhn - which rendrn Ihe L,.s r il - jm nanless. and whkh is well k - iown al - wny to follow lh opplir.aison "fall those hitherto invented. 1 be above .Uoft are ia genera use in New York, and are di'liogiiished irom ad rrtliers. Bar tr v.i have ased them say more .their praise U.aa I can "JivstiF 18 Wall - slreet , i fo .a in. Razors. Soap, and every uleo - silforShating.oMbelirst qualily, with a snpe - .iini ni of Purfutnery. llmr PowIcr. Ec. Smvlh's. New bond ttieef, London. N. B. Tbe most liberal alUwauce made to dealers. y 'ii 5.000 DOLLARS!!! rfllE fin! drwn nmnuer on Wednesday next, ,1 in (Ue Mihbrd and Owego Roar! lAilltrr, win i enniiea n a csioiai pnae oi s ,m ii. For Tickels and Shares, apply ' at GILLESPIE'S, 1 14 Broadway, opposite tbe City - Hotel. myS23t ... it to 'PUBLIC SALES. Bf MILLS, .VmV CO. ' . . . Monday, A general mazortuient of di - y joodz.,,. Wednesdsj, . At 12 o'clock, on the premise, No. 6 Park, , place, a good frame Uotue, built for a Stable, to be removed within six days after tha tale. MA HULL FOH. hUlLlJLSG. Ac. TH E proprietors of tha southern marbU qua ries, near King's - Bridge, give notice, that they have oa hand, and ara receiving, at the Ktng't - Britlgt MtrUt and Lvniard, foot of Beach - ilraat, on tha Hudson river, im sxteosiva stock of marble tor building, of tha following de - svnpuons, via i Ashlar Cpping - , Foundatloo Stooa Chimney - Place Faciap v Colujuoa v - Watertable . Step Platform Sills, Lintels Arches Also IJms of lb tiest quality. fXT A constant supply of the above material. may ba calculated Uoo j and those desirous of purchasiug, or aaakiog angagemsnts, will apply U EZRA LUDLOW, Feb II At tha Yard. Mtrehanlt bank, May 5, 1BIU. Hy Tha aoaual eloclioo (or Director of tbii institution will ba bald oa Tuesday lb 2J day of June next, at lh Banking House,, between toe noun ol IO and Z o'clock. , - By order of tha Boar J of Director, ' ' G. B. VROOM, Caih'r. mav 5 tj2 ' . ' ' ML1VAL lA'aUR.iAXK LOMfAAX OF Til h CI TY OF A'KW - VO Hit. The I'reaidetH aivl Direclon give notice that a dividend vffeur and kttif per cent, on the capital stock of this Company, for lis months, will be made on the Utb ins!, and paid on demand to the atockbuldcr or their attornics, at No. Si Wall - street ' .. : my 6 1m - .. JOHN PINTARD, 8ec'ry. IO" llie new FERRY BOA I b iroio the loot of Walnut sirtel, New York, to the loot of Little Ireet, Brooklyn, neif the Nuvr Yord, will euuinencc running oa Eunday, the 17tbinst i tr.oiis crossing to Brooklyn Irom the upper partof the city, will find the distance much sboili netf lis; using this leiry, my 14 . v . micriMn stcadtmy vf llie fin ArU. fl 'I he iio'.ird ul Dueclors give notice, that the lourthfxl ilition ot this academy, will ba. pern d ou We(hiesilay next, 20th instant, aod couliuue open vveiy lay (bunday excepted) fi onl 0 io tha muruuiij till duek. - Admittaoca 25 cants. Catalogue. 12 1 - 2. By order. ' ALEX. ROBERTSON, Bec'ry. McmlM - rs Aud exhibiting artist, ara informed, (hit their card of ndmusioo are left with tha doorkeeper. my 14 2w 'PONTINE COFFEE HOUSE. frT" The cuinniiiti for aianirinsr the sffjln of tiie 1 oniiie l othe House, give notioe, that a liividend ol sevwilecn IMlur tier Niare. for theyiar ending the ltiiit will be paid the pro. piii lot on or afur (he l'JJi init at 24 Broad - itreit. , , my 13 Im UHUi FRANCIS. frj All persons are cautioned against cre diting any ofllic Crew of the' llritlsli brig Francis, Capt Tannant, a no debt of their contracting will be paid by the master or con - . aignecs. may 16 ICr All iH - rsonshavii'it any claim azaiiistlhe estate of the late Juhn s ilham, deceased, are requested to present Uses same to either of the subscribers, at No. fctf EAit - Rotgert, or 270 Cherry street. - jvhii HDUtiE, Kxecoter, LI.1ZAHEIH WILLIAMS, Executrix. my 18 Iw .. t . .. Fur England, tut hultfax, (Nora Sralia.) (XT Letter lor hi Britannic Mnji - sty's packet r ranri Frceling, will be received at the Post OnVetill WeduesilH ultcrimnn. Juno. T. W.MOORE, Agent (CT" The a.oparlneisliip heicloloisi existing oriwcrn ins uus( nuers, unurr ine arm Ol w. w. ti A. droesbeerk, is (his iluy dissolved by tau - tualcoustut. lUtli .May, 18111. WM. W. GROESRCECK, my 19 I w ABM. GROEbBEECK. BANK OF l'l ICA, ftr A semi - annual diviilcml of four nnd ant Itnlj ,er upon Ihe repitul stock of Uie Bank, nun men aeciareu. pay ante inn u i oi jane next. Sicckliohlers resiilmg in ihe city aod ill vicinity, ( an receive tiioir dividend, at (lie Meehauic'i . i. inn may iv iw ' VAflQJV LSSUHA.YCL LOMFAATY, Olhca No. 56 Wall - .tieet, 'XT' Will receive applications for marine risk. - and for insurance mi live, annuities, Ate. between the hours of 10 A. it. and 3 P. M. daily. SAMUEL A. LAWRENCE, president. WM. J. VAN W1GENEN, secretary. WIHBS TOSU. ' John Oothout Jams Boor man Isaac G. Pearson, jr. John Richaud ' Charles RhioJ Jame Renwick P. Schermerhorn, jun, John Jones Joseph Smilh James Strong my 19 1st Hi nry Major Henry Thoeia. Samuel A. Lawrence Chxrles King Robert Bensoo, jun. James Boyd. jun. BalUiszer r. iieliclr THE AL1UNO ftr Ptesents his compliment to the Lidiea no'lGeiitleinenof New York, and informs (he, thai he has taken rooms at W ashingtun Hall, Where he will he happy to receive llmir rssits, f oin 9 A. M. to 3 P. M. and from 4 P. M. till 7. Pickets 50 cent each, tu re bad at the bar. my if" I in v turltuuftitvurt ALW vfVerjr iJfuei ttvxhai Jl.u onei. frT - Yeterdav atlcrnoon (i.kel No. 8320 in (he Owegj Road Lottery, now drawing in this city, came up a prize of $'iO0, btina tbe first drawn number This ticket remainer unsold at SMI i'H'S newly established Lottery and Ex - thai ge Oflice, 170 Broadway, and saigbt have bet a purchased, bad application been made there a' few minutes before the dinning commenced : a presage nf what it fo follow. Adventurer, are advised lo make early application lo Uie above other, lo provide themselves with tickets nr si, .res nrr - vious (o Ihe nesldav's d rail l. a il is possible Ihet (he first drawn omuber, winch will be entitled to Jf0uO, will remain unsold at aid office, uulca purchased presiou. In that time. "T."'" H t.HlAVl.LMi'H hAAAu. fl"? Thi. ctlebraled painting is offered fork ralfia Tb terms and particuUrs may be kuowa y applying to Messrs. OOOUKICH si CO. No. 124 BroaJssay, corner o cenar - tireei. ihe City - Hotel. my 22 'Jh Let at lilmmmudmtt. KMf .ii Any person ucairous oi a - ccmniry rest ,.M . . l . ate, can on tain one oil moderate term, ait - ated about six mile from town, on the pre mise are, a very comroouiaua bouse, coach. house, Ave. an excellent garden, well stocked wiUi fruit and planted tin Spring wrtb vege tables of various kinds i Uiey can either have with or without the grounds belonging it ss may be preferred, there is also several article! of furniture, and other things belonging to the place, which will be either rented or sold if w ished for, For further particulars, apply at No. 11 Peurl - irreet. my 22 2w 13 RUN ELLA efiO. lease stipenorPra - Bella Shoes. ALSO, - 1 rase black Bonibazine, for tale by M ARCH LOW, my I'i JIO Brosidsray. i.Y!. qn, jaat rtceived aad T . i By 2t S Swuthtreet.

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