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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Saturday, May 23, 1818
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., r . t.u.r ta maior - resieral Dearbcrn, . repoU - hi unprovoked Attack onlha tha - lacier of tiw UU major - general Potnam and amUkiiup om anecuoie ruuuj w u u r Ranker - Hill, by Daniel Putnam, esq. My object, air, l elicit fruiA, and to correct BiUrprieV.atioo t mod if in the course of this lavestigalioa il shell be found, that gen. Putnam mi nut " inactir during the whole ef the acton' at Banker Hill, but that be participated in the danetr ai well as Die glory of that day I hope it will detract nothing Iron your row - gr, v - .k.i... ;t n.nv do frem rour re racily. It. would seem from your ttuemen., that little ' wat done in that action, but by the regimen of s fcUark and Prfed i - tbat it wai tliete ttmt woicd lined the "nilM" and repelled tho repeat - ex) assaults of British veterans. . a... u ih hrava ceoUin hoowlloo - with a detachment on Icr hii command, who first - took powestioo of the ground - wno . iii.V. .. .ln,.ht. and t WboUJ SS ' - - - a .,.,.. irlorv af to any other force ol ; ;U0.W biu.t.y due? The honorable todge Grotvenor, who woi a wounded officer of - that detathmeot who enierwi wd, below o - wh left U at the peace ol ilSX vnr tmier in rank - ad whon .character at acilitea or an offirrrwill never suffer m com - pariawilhyour haU be heard on tb. nib. I0 ' ' . "pomfreri April 20, 1610. s - "My dear sir, - - la conformity U your request, I now ttato what came under my obserration at the battle ol Bunker - Hill, at the commencement of the revo - Tutiooary war, and with aj much precision ai ..." ... i - . I . - . h.. lnt ' possible, at ID uisiauce oi luuiuiai 4 n.ui. nnder the command of rn. Putnam, Wsrt of our regiment, anl a much larger number I' of Massachusetts troops under the command of : col. Prefcott, were ordered to marcn oo ine eve - ' WofthelSthof June. 1775, to BreedVIlill, whet, nailer the immediate auperuitendance of fen. Putnam, ground was Droneo anus rvuv - m formed. On the 17th disposition! were made to ' - . deter the advance of the eremv. ni there wat reaeoo to believe an immedia'f attack wa in - .tended. Geo. Putnam during: the period - wai extremely active, and directed f ritiapany me operation. All were animahd, and Uwir gene - - ral inipired eonfldeoceby hie example. The Kritiih army, harine made diepoitiioi (or laud - " Inj at Morton't Poiot, were corered by the Are ' ofthot and ehelUfrom Copp'e Hill in BoeU.n, ; which it bad opeaxt ou our redonbt early in the . morning, and continued the greateit part of the nest day. ' At thii moment a aeuenmeni oi wur mot , antt (of whicb 1 wat one) and ooe hundred and taranl man. selected the DTeCedinf day from ' '' 1 . . . . - . ' gen. rntnam - t regimem - ;, ton, were, by tbe general, oidered to take post ' Bi a rail - fence oo the left of the brewtworn mat r r - . 1 t 11.. luillfm All. , ran aorm from me rruouuv w B reed'. Hill. Tbi order wat ptwnpUy eircu - . ted, and our di Uchment in advancing to Hi pott, took Bjooe reil - fence and placed it aghinrf mswtber. fat a partial cover) nearly to JV!ytir luvcr. r.i.ii uii - u r 1 fimmwur - utioo was receiveu, uoi, y i worwi inui . Mo this poilionour detachment rema.nfd until a second diviion of Bnlih troop lando.l, whrr thry commenced a fire if inctrjirldarttlle - ryofoevrralroundi, and particularly njainsl the rail - renc J ( men lormfa in roiuiuu, auvanceu 10 the attaok, tiplayed in line at about the diitance of muikettbot, and commenced firing. At this intrant oir whole line opened npon the enemy, . and so precfee and fatal was our fire, that in the m 8 Ci l eoure of a short time thsy gave wa y and reUred light till the close of the war j hi which period in diorder out ol mntket tliot, leaving before u you will be equally entitled to the tame cmolu - many killed and wounded. meul nt half oav or commniiiiinn a nih.. - nir. There was but a thort respite on the part of cfin pf your rank. Tbe same opinion is alio giv - BriUh. at their linet were soou filled up and . by the paymaster - general, who is now with lea agmntl us , wncn wry were iui iu usHire, and forced back with great loss. Ou reinforcements joiuing the enemy. Uiey made a direct advance on the redoubt, and being successful, which our brave captain Kuowl - too perceiviug, ordered a retreat oifhii men, in which he was sustained by two companies under ut commaim w v 0) muitiry empinyuient, and retire to tbe more The lots in our detachment I pritume was tranquil walk of domestic life, la that, or what - nearly equal. Of my own immediate command Ver situation Providence may dwpose of my fuel thirty menandonesubalttru, there were ele - (Ureav, THE REMEMBRANCE OF THE yen killed and woundea ; among uie latter was M.fNY FUIENPSHIP8 AND CONSF.C - mytelf, though not so severely as to prevent my TIONS I HAVE HAD THE HAPPINESS TO retiriog. CONTRACT WITH THE UKNTLKMEN " At the" raU rente" there was not posted any corn save our own under Knowlton, at the time tbe firing commeaceJ ; nor did I hear of any I other being there, till long after the action I Other troop, it was said, were ordered to join 1 us, but refd'ed doing to. "Of the officers on the ground, ut most ac - live withiu my observation were gen. Putnam, - col. rretcott, and cupt. Knowlton t but no doubt tliere were many more equally brave and meri toriou. who must have naturally have escaped the eye of one attending to bis immediate com - mand. . ' Tbut you bare a brief ttatement of my I he believed not, and commended whom he np - knowledge of the action, without detcendine to I proved not i or that, penetrating as his mind was. by the acrde;ioui pen ol calnmny ; amino, till 'our "mystenout and inexplicable accounts ',be bto( Hunker Hill" found it way iuto the Port - folio, was the pnbhc seiitiineut changed con - minute particulars. To conclude, it it matter of turorite. even of astonishment to me. hit dear sir, that 1 am called on to state my opinion of the character of your honored father, gen. Fotoam, who was ever the first iu public tile, at the post of honor and d.ingcr: and who, iu hi private conduct wa excelled by none. Look but at his services iu the French and Indian war? 1 from 1"j5 to 63, and fiually atthoieof the lutiwi, mid you will need no proof to refute the Calumny ol common deramert. With retpect, I am, your truly, "THOS: GROSVENOR. Col. Daniel Putnam." BrilUh army. Itcontradirt the assertion whiih with military men would hardly need contrad,.!. rail fenr. sr.. ... ken by the direction ofthe committee of safety." 5 !alJ V HMiDUkation, that 8'k. and .V ?r .. " . ' r . , t the " rail fence ;" and it even makes it doubt - r..i :r n.. .u u. n il.. wc.. iUiuj were not wnen uie nring commenreo, col. U rot v emir tUtet clearly, and those who know tbe modest, nas.ummg deportment of this respectable man, and his cautious character, wi.l he sure that he . munm po - iuveiy, oui wnai ne aoows may KJ .,Jru"er! taT ? "T 1 St than winhT ,m,h,cl,,hi,',,,?,0., on tbirdof their number killed and wounded while 4C',.w,:n T l - 'm to have, that you have don.,, oot only to r,en Putnim, . - tM - wutni3l, nolQ w wnom were lo.wn to suffer Vm m coverinr the retreat from the "rail fence." t ,h.w5, that orders were given, and dipoifions for .! Thitt:tcment,fromagentlem - noftruthand honor, ihuVrs ettentially in many poinU from that made by you. It contradict the assertion tlt thrra ai im A.iil ariiliar. nl ii.. ftud rirolie.;i,d.sUficUy. It shew, too, and that Pre7fdwly. either capU Dearborn witl. hi fu.l company," (conustiog at that time of 8C,) were vciy fortunate mescapuig tbe British revo - I I I criui, for di(er,c., a!imwtr than that you c:ul wrap yourself inr - Hence. resort ha - h hsj to , fic,lliou, ui, f th, battle of Cuu - k,r Hill, coupled wi.h which, it is q - iestionabl. - (soce made, by other olBcers than col Ptarkandl'raw'n'f 'h' 'etti - r from one, who lives in retire capt. I searborn. It shews, in fiap. ih.i n - - i.t ment, withont any immediate concern in public your whni statement ofllie Iran. a. iu. '.,. '.I jm,u a iu, mnu m.,, r...lfl - :u r l.' . .. w, uiBi uniormnca r ""r irom 1 shall make no - omment oo'lh. fir, anerdot. by col. Smxll, except that the tircuoutance. - . - r. reiaiea ny gen. Putnam w.thout . tial alteration, soon afiar ih. K.i.i. . - iTTf The gweral effi.r. from ConnecticuL ft. caupmp cf J77i, had each a mS wu l ;u.. i i j . with liMUani - cvloaeU utKlcr then. i I there wai an tnUrriew of the jrUi the linei between Proepect and fiunker - Ildl, at Um req uett of coL EaU, not long eiierwaru. . Ueipeclinj Die death of Warrea, there 1 trifling dltagreemrut ' In the one cafe, we are to andeniaad, that after hafieg eipeodetl ywr ammantitonKluripg the beigm ee wtule the redouu wat hih poieeeu uy u - - nariraiu. vna Ufl roar DoeL and delibero!elT trayerted the field of daughter, to rifle the dying and the dead eftoch portioa of their "gill - cup" of powder, u they had not Deca ipareu u we, when - you raw warren aeau vj u mu im. u. tree! In the other caae, it if averted, (with tome - thing tike tbe appearance of truth indeed) that he JU at the moment the redoubt wat gained by the Britiih that be wae teen by gen. Howe to (a II, and wat yet alive when epoken to by coU Small, after the retreat of the American!. Both ilatemeutt cannot be true. You, per - hij'i, better than I, know ta which the truth be long. ou hay nnJerUken, lir, to inform many who never taw gen. Putnam, and tome proba bly, who never before heard nil name, of the public ettimation in which he wat held at the "commencement of the revolutionary war t" and it it no trivial conaolatioa to tbe writer, after the unworthy meant you have ned to de bate bit character, that be it able to thew from so authentic tource, in what light he wat viewed a( the cIom of that war, by HI M who had the bett meant of knowing, and, tf all other men, the bett talentt for judging of the meriti and wvicn of officer under hit command. ' Let the FATHER OF HIS COUNTRY" be heardfor though dead he yet tpeaketh, and hit testimony will be respected when the name ana cnaracter of tbe subject of this address, nau be no longer remembered. - , "ITead - Quarltrt. Sd June. 1782. M Dear sir Your (a vor of the SOth of May, I received with much pleasure. For I can awure you, that among the many worthy and meritorious officers with whom J have bad the happiness to be connected in service through tbe course ot Um war, and from who; cheerful assistance in the various and trying vicitfitude of a complicated contest, the name of a PUTNAM is not for gotten i nor will it be, but with that stroke of time which skall obliterate from my mind tbe remembrance of all those toil and fatigues thro which we have struggled, for the preservation ana ertabU'hment of the rights, liberties, and ut 'lependence of our country. - 44 Your congratulation on the harpy prospect of peace and independent security, with their attendant bleating to the United Slate, I receive with great tatitfactiun ; and bet; you will accept a return of my gralulations to you on this auspi - ciou event an event, in which, great as it is in L, gOTioUt M jt win probbly be in its rnniMiniinr.i. mm hur. a tn n.i:;nn. ' " J, . - "b" - " iiargeiy iromuie uittingui - ueu part you have con' tributed towards it attainment. But whi, j cootemplate the greatnew of . . r ... . " me onjeci lor wnicn we nave oootonded, and le - itjtate yoa on the happy issue or our toils and labour, which have terminated with such gtbe - ral atufaction ; 1 lament that you should ftel lno nRrat(.fu rcturni of B countr - e j0 wnos. service you nave oxnautled your bodily strength. ana cxpenueu mo vigor ol a youthful constilu tion. i win, However, that your eipectations reiuming iiuorauty may be veriOcd. I hsvc hope they nmy; but .hould they not, your wiH not ba , ,jn;uIgf one llgratilU(Ja' ka, eeo eaperiented in all ages, and republics in particular hive ever been famed for the exer - ciic of thai unnatural and sordid vice. Tne tretary at wr. who it now here. in. forio, mt aM you hsv, ever beeu considered as entitled to full pay since your ab nce from the r.fA nl that .nn m iu. ...; ... n.... the army, empowered by Mr. .Morris for the set tlement ol all their accounts, and who will at tend to yourVi whenever you thall tbink proper to tenu on lor mat purpose; which it will probably be best for you to do in a short time. " 1 anticipate with pleasure the day, (and I trnst not far ofl;) when 1 thall quit the busy scenes OF THE ARMY, WILL HE ONE OF MY MOST GRATEFUL KECOLLF.C TIOSS. "Under this contemplation, aud impressed with the sentiments of benevolence and regard. 1 commend you, my dear sir, my other frieuds. land with them, the interest and happiness ol our dear country, tome Kt.r.riMU ANO PR.O TECTiON OF ALMIGHTY GOD. " I have the honor to be, &c. &c. GEORGE WASHING TO., "To the Hon. Major Gen. Putnam." Here sir, is unequivocal evidence, either that iViuhinzton was a man of guile, who said what it still remained fettered with M the thackels of a delusive tranre," which ' the vrovle were re leaed from wlicn General Tutnam's ephemeral and unaccouutable popularity subsided, or faded away"!! but when did this happen? When were "the minds of the people released from the shackels of this delunvo trance" .' W hen were the cir lcunutanres relating to Bunker - Hill wrd aud ry, talkrd(A in a very UillMent light"? When wa "the unfortunate col. Gerrish" considered '. the scape gout" on whose head was laid tbe cow ArJice of gen. Putnam His name has res'.ed in peace and honour now thirty yean undisturbed cerninK niB - " "J ' wa publicaUoa so mP?.noy r11?'1.''''"' V " ame a UliTi OU OW E 1 .1 0 POSTERITY AND THK VJL'A.11 Y VI VK! s,p3 of TH E RE VOLCl ioN," to pnMisti 1 sui n a oisgracc.ui uoei, and tint too, " williout ,r. nriv.m faelln n - r.iif I " . ' sr this veil is too thin to hide tho mli - iiitv I r ., i. , .u. - .ir. - i...... f , ne trntbt however you may strive to diTui - e ltf thi.:As Commander in Chief " vonr "bed" of military honor "isortcr than 'that , mM na tlrctco himelf oa" - and the cov if WP Dearborn's .ame was eve? foond, T yourself the hero of your own ' ' . ' ried yourseirwith the manJofGod that - wiiiie u c a ti - cav wiicii anj Mini w mu tonly, anil malicioucly, endeavour to cast ditho - aor oo Ms name. " Tbat ou have done to, it the sole cause ol "'' y wh resardioit thew, but that - rtrt KL;. i; . . I . .i . w. in, niriu aaru u,i auc.ii'VDV iqir I kj ronlioue to enT .h blettinr of Hf.4V KN P 'm B1 X"X" COU0, U " wM Alluding to the public dissatisfaction in Con - tne cUmor about half pay and commotatioo. theeT! . haJ,VPY'lly,i: ,,rke ,B Z 1m L0n,i1. b' .V P! I " - auier. wajca auanied turn fmm I service ever fcRer, I .'...I .'..oi;na nf Hi ktaefita cf a ff C ttWtTOr OMBt, vluotaieiy SJIUU au smria w i ) - .mm ono. rt has no Dersonat kaowettlse of you i and who, ihoogli contUntly with the army of the rvvoivuuw iraaa 'v, ..j - . iT base beard your name, tin announcea department. His impressions of your character from that woe to we prcseBt, u wv . .1 - ' . . r . .hi.uIi.. liee iron nuuuc nninion uu n'J injiu iiu J or private animosity. It was aot necetsary la aor cutw tscaasci f v js,Ww - " j , bas it in any case been done, bat by comparison with the character yoa have uujutily asiailed, ana in see King a motive ior uie nam a. - ... - ir: Jnina ,Im .a iKina haa Me.taDed nit pea ,i .u wu.h " t , 'y "a r - ' bordering on severity, the provocation most . : . i ,1,., (n..ill aral. be .lion ed, the hlame, if any. will rett not oa him but .. - uii There it yet one more pastHge to notice, and I imVC'lOUe I BIIUUCI ll UM UCVIU.HUR k. t - I 'nl Praarntt. aa havinfl been IinuVlim w wv.. - ' & made " at tte table of the late Governor Bow - doin." . 1 ' It it not possible for ma to prove that CokHiei Pretcott did not make sur.h declaration. But l h. itroved il.:it what vou alleee to hove beeo aid by hi.a could not lie (rue. it it well known that Colonel rretcott sustained a high and honor - i.i.MuiatlA. ...I tKt h aru. u.!l ar.nuaint - SWIV 11.1'IMHIIV.I - " " - I ed with Gea. Patnani, and most have known the opinion which the ditingoithad men ol the revolution entortained of hit individual character. It niuit, therefore be left to the public to decide, whether it it mott probable that Col Prencott made the assertion wbkb yotj have imputed to him tor whether, like many other representations you have made, it hat no foundation in fact. - . a . I .1 . . . . I .. ur n..nt many oincrroi - siiinrnui mt juur ww . - k .l - ..r.ilA.1 . Ki. I .m - a.arv And dlS - U, IIVUVDU tU.W ILIUXUH , nui . aw " ' J gulled with the pollution of ill paget, and as my whole object bas beeo to vindicate a slandered character, I batten, to gh e you the name of ,. Brooklyn, Connecticut, 4th May, 1818. NEW - YORK EfENINQ POUT. SATURDAY, MAY 23. A libtUer pwithtd. Tbe able and conclusive vindication of Geu. Putnam' character, by hit ton, from the remorselets attacks of Gen. Dear born, will bo read with pleasure by every ge nerous heart. The tourii - marlial We are not yet prepared j to examine this subject to tbe bottom, and to declare our opinion, in a very plain manner, a we have long intended to do, of what appears to us the most arbitrary and opprewive conduct, ever practised in any country under color of law. But, although for tatisfactory reason, we thall pott - pone the examination, let it be understood that it is only a postponement not 'an abandonment of the cause. Possibly, we may, after a thorough investignticn, discover the fault is in the law, and not in the execution of it, if to candor will demand of a the acknowledgment of it, and Justico aliall be tatiafied in carrying the blame, for great blame there it, to the right account. In the mean lime, we have juit received the following information : That the courts - martial are still in session at 1'ou.rlikrepsie : An order wat issued, we are told, requiring the court to close its pro - J cctdingj, and be dissolved on the first ofthe present month ; but, by a subsequent order, tbe lime was extended to tho 1st of Jnne And we undrrtt ind that another order has issued to them to recousider a certain class of cases. Mixwell, as judge - advocate, has already re ceive:!, at we are informed, one thousand dollars in advance. His actual attendance has been a - bout 45 days ; in more than half of which, lie merely came into court, rpened it, and then ent away to attend his district - attorney's busi - uess. lie claim, it a taid, to be pa - .d bis salary since he was first called out, about four years. But it is a question, by no meant settled, whe ther any member of tbe court will be paid for more time than while he was in actual service. The tuarshall and hit deputy have collected considerable sums in the district where the court is uow sitting - , upwards of 6000. Qut of this sum, he has bteu authorised to nvike ad vances to the court. Two of them have accord in - !j called on him, but he had nothing lefi. Do the people of this country wish moaey to be in this way collected from the hard earning of the poor for the purpose of rewarding tbe officer.1 of thv government for such useless ter vi ces Methinki it would be much hetter.if govern ment would furnish thcmselret with tile money they want for this or any other purpose, by collecting it from delinquent pay masters and quarter masters, and district clerks, than by wring - in; it from the pocket of the militia. More anon. tjud taxation Under tlus bead the Colum bian contains a eomplaiul in writing of the pre sent mode of assessing the taxes, signed E. C. Gcnet,aod by him laid before the last grand ju who, however, did not aa upou it, under au impression, he says, that the object in view re quired legislative aid, but which lie Hunks was erroneous. He new projioscs to bring the sub ject before) the common council, and preparatory to so doing, he addresses tha citiicm. Tbe fol lowing cxtruct is given merely for the purpose of eipliumu more particularly hi views, without mt.uing to express an opinion ou the subject : " Tho personal etate in the city of New - Vorlc has been valued in round sum for Uie year Il7, to 20,9W,000, and the city auj sUle lax on personal estate hare amounted for the same year, collectively, to $97,000, and as it is Known inai me aggregate capital or the incorporated banks imurance and commUnon companies, excl'in - of the branch of the Tiii'tcd itnlcs' bank, amounted, in 1817, to about t wen - y - one millions nine hundred and sixty thotiiand dollar., it murt ba, considering the itn - meuse personal properly held in New - York, beside harr in the said companies, that the as - ei'ment of 1817 ha very lightly touched, if it ibu ioui ueu m aii, uie uauiung capitals. Tbe bodies ofthe two unfortunate men, that were drowned on Sunday the 3d of May, were licked up yesterday morning, and brought to town last evening. The friends of the family ire requested to attend their funeral, from their ulhcr1 honre, A. Crjgier, seuior, to - morrow vAernoon, at 3 o'clock, from No. SI Mott - ttrect. P. 8. Tbe company of artillery, of which .faron Cryggier was a member, are also requested to attend. B&LEica. Mav 15. The k idnapper, Jemigan, sentenced to death in Wayne county, but wIkj escaped, hat been overtaKcn by l)r. Coorpender. and broueht a far as this place, lie will of course be exe cuted. CHARLESTON, May It. A report prtnult a town, (says u gavaa - nab. Morning Chronicle, of the I III Just) that geo. Jacktou after having successfully closed the campaign against the Indiaas, ha inarched wuu i i - a - - - - - - truth of this report, however much to be desired, wants cennrmauou. SAVANNAH. May 11 - SeldicTt.k company of about 75 bealthy looking men, under command of major Jenkins, arrived at thi port yesterday in the brig America. 1 days from Wilmington, IT. C. on their way tn the Creek nation. A similar detachment, un der the command of capt. Dade, tailed from Norfolk, Vir. a few days previous for this port. - Huge TurtleOn Thursday last, a tea - turtle wat caught a few miles below thi city, and brought np to town oa Saturday, which would probably weigh between three and four hundred ponnat. , Fnm the Leiultn Examiner, tJpnl 13. Most extraordinary letter from the Kight Hon - - " orable Geortre Canning:. When we lately noticed the letter addressed to Mr. Canning, we remarked that every sentence of it would make that Riirht Honorable person writhe t much at poor Ogden did while under the kmte or tne surgeon. 4ii o n it turned out, at the following letter from "Mr. C. to the author of that caustic publication will sufficiently evince. One hardly knows how to comment on tuch an extraordinary communication. Mr. Canning9! object it evidently to ascertain tbe writer, who may have powerful reasons for wish in tr not to be exposed to the united power and malice of tuch an administration. We therefore present to our readers the Introductory letter, (which it a reply to Mr.. Canning's) and that of tbe Right Honorable Gentleman, just as we received them : Letter from tlx Author to tit Editor ofthe Ex - ; nnuner. - Sia You are requested to insert in your pa per the Reply ot the Right lion. George Canning: to pit Dublic remonstrance with that gen - tleman, on the insult he lately dared to offer to the people ot England. I am agreeably disappointed. Alter ten day's deliberation, he acknowledges the tribunal, and hat determined to plead. Whilst hit Judges are deciding: on the mer its of li is defence, it shall be my care to pro vide the irentleman with another oppoitunhy of displaying bit taste and talents in the pro - icciiun oi nis cnaracicr. In the mean time, whilst Mr. Lambton is a " dolt and an ideot," lam content to be a " Uar and a olmulerer and an nstmrin,'' according to tbe same inimitable master of the vulgar tongue. I am, sir, your obedient servant. . I he Author of the Jjtlter to the Right Ron. Georqe Cvaanng. MB. CAN X ING'6 LETTEB. Glouceiter Lodge, April 10 1818. Si a I received tally in the last week the copy of your pamphlet, which you (I take foi granted) hud the attention to tend to me. Soon after I wat informed, on the authority of your publisher, that you had withdrawn the whole impression Irom Dim, witn uie view as wat supposed) of suppressing the publication. I since Ipai n. however, tlmt the Damnhlet. though not told, is circulated under blank covers. I learn this from (among others) the gentle man to whom the pamphlet has been indut - triousl) attributed, but who has voluntarily and absolutely denied to me that he has any knowledge of1 it or of its author. To yuu, sir. whoever you may be, 1 addresi mysell thus directly, for the purpose of expressing to you my opinion, that . You area liar and a slanderer, and want courage only to be an assassin. I have only to add, that no man Knows ot my writincr tOYou ; that I shall maintain the same reserve so long as 1 have an expectation of bearing troni you iiiyour own name and uiai I shall not give up that expectation till tomorrow (Saturday) night. tbe tame address wlucii brougtit me your pamphlet, will brniff any letter sate to my hands. I am sir, your humble servant, (Signed) GEO. CANNING. for the Author of a letter to the Jttghl Hoi. Ore. Lnuine . Mr Kidgway is requested to forward this letter to its destination It has been recently decided, by a jury in England, that real estate, purchased by an alen. who afterwards becomes bankrupt, does not pat to astigneet under a commisMon of bankruptcy, but, by tnn general principal ol law that a nation cannot bold real properly, coes to the crown. This derision, however, cannot be considered as settling the point of law. To d't that it mutt be carried betore the King's Bench Daily Adv. The elrirant steam - boat Olive - Rranch. will start from the north hide of the Bettery tomorrow at 11 o'clock, on an excursion of pleasure to Sandy Book, and return in the afternoon. Gax. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. , Office of the Freeman't Journal, Philadelphia, May 2Z $ Arrived, ship AUriana, Donaldson, 44 days from Liverpool. Hritish brig Hazard, Hannah, 42 days Irom Greenock. nrig Pncklington, 19 days from Kingston. Brig Alliance, Patlon, 27 .lays from Trini dad, Cuba. Brig Portiina, Keed. 18 days from St. Croix. Sell Pocahontas, Seybert, 3 days from New - York. HiLTioai, Mav 21. Arrived, Buenos Ay rean brig Independences, Grinalds, from Bue nos Avres and 5 months Ship Benjumin, Trueman. 12 days from Ha - Ecli lloltna, Sylvester, 15 days from Boston. Son George llenry, 9 days from. Gloucester. BrL' Owrc'i, Owner, 30 days from New Or leans. The ship Mary, fir Ji York was aground .t the Ilaiize. The brig Hannah, of Newbury - wort, fur Halt, was to sail in a day or two Spoke at the B.lizc, brig Hannah, 33 days from Newport, R. 1. MAKKIKI). On Thursday evening last by the Rev. Mr. Macla y, Mr. John II. Nelson, to Mist Hannah Ami Gednry, all ol thii city. On the 20th inst. by the Rev. Mr. M'Mur - ray, at the seat of gen. Armstrong, Red Hook, Sir. William ri. Astur, son of John Jacob At - tor, esq. to Mi Margaret Armstrong, daugh ter of gen. Armstrong. C KNlNti POST MARINE LIST. Cl.bAKLU, Ship Adonis, Champlua Havre Pott it M'Kmcie and Griswolds Jc Coates Mary - Almy, Almy Liverpool . Griswolds b Coates Ann, Crocker Liverpool J & R Loines Crig Alert, Frost, Portsmouth Orleans, Thornton, New - Orleans Vande water, Wheeler li Co Sclir Bellona, Higgins, Lubec Polly Ai. Sliy, scull, Cape llenry Thorn, Pintard, Kdeoton Dim a, Bird, AexCay - s Messrs 'f odds Express, Summers. Smyrna A Legfc,t Felicity, Smart, V et ladies A. 8. Haiiett ARRIVED THIS FORK.SUUSi, Sen Dsuntle,, Trave te, 8dayt from Bich - mond, with flour and tobacco, to Walsh aud, T Irvine, and others Sloop AUauUc, W aglom, 6 days from Rich mond', with flour,. tobacco and dry goodt, to Byrnes, Trimble tl Co. W tt S Craig, Bowman fr. Jnlmatnn. and Ifekin St Boolwrieht. ' , Sloop Warren,. Mason, 30 days Irom EU Do mingo, w ith mahogany and n idet, a oraer. Sloop Bright Phoebus, Ketchum, 6 dap from Savannah, witA Cotton and naves, w . iiaraer, BELOW, a fleet of brig. ARItlVKD LAST EVENING. Rhm Canlnn. Rnrere. 48 d.IVS from LivetVOol, with coal, crates, dry good &c. to A. Gracie ii Soot, A. S. Norwood, J. Varey fe Co. D. Stone ii Co. J.Wheely, J. S.Bsiley, T. Hewitt, ,C. Caldwell k Son, 1. 1, it T. Lawrence L Co, S. Brown, D. Wagstaff, J. Grnham Hi Co. G.Bioclcy, Hick, l.nkina LCn Hill Ponham. J. fiackint;, A. Sherman, Squire ii Silliman, Adsms . Blackwell, S. Hurt. lumbers it Berthers. Godfrey it 'I own - send, P. V. Ledyard ii Co. Rogers, Wintliroa il William., Major il Gillespie, B. W. Rogers & Co. J. tf. C. Bollnn, J. Hood, W. Lidderd, H. Thome, Jt. Kagers.J. Watte, J. liacaer. anu U. King, rastengrrs, Mr. W. Liddard, lady, b family. Tlie second day out, tlie Canton carried tway her bowpril. Fr. ship Ville de Rouen, Lepons, 46 Havre, with lo P. Longer. April 13, lal. 4U, 37, long. 11, spoke a ship belonging ta Boston, from New - Orleans. Br. ship Dalmnnnck. Robertson, M days from Leilh, with conl, ele, bo.lles, kC. to T. barjean.. 49 passengers. Spoke, Mny 13, 1st. 41, 1 1, Ion. C'i, slnu r l.clier,7 days irom uaimnore, ior en - nicn Ship Mary, Shaw, from New - Orleans, la Hay, from the Baliae, with cotton, tobacro, Lclolal - man if. Torrev, o ners, Laidlaw, Girault it Co. RiDlev. Center, fc Co. N. 4i f. Talro... S. Coni, Jones JtMtgrath, H.Coit, R.Gillepie,B Oesobry , M. t:rene, Hicks, Jenkins &l .. if. DRiuiwe ot Co. M. L. Davis, Marx it Linsley, and A. Mac Gregor. Spoke, May 16, la.. 39, 42, lmisr. , brig Sedv.Peace, from New York for Sammialia Brir Hannah. Snow, from New York, arrived al the Bullae 2Hh April, in it days. Passensxrs, Mrs. Holland and daughter, Meisis. Reeve, Chester, Sleight, Henry uud Tweed. brig Jean, wurpny, i uy iriu nn - gor, Wales, with slates, to T. Warmsloy. Hrii.M.rv. Rr.ur.ii - r. 6 davs from Hsvana, with molasses, sii'nrnnd hides, loN.ot I). Tslco... (1. (i. tiS. Howland, II. II. Sdiieffiellnt.Co.J. D Wolfe, Jr. J. Lmatti,F. Depau, A. Hamilton, . tj..M . . u...... .ml ..ntnin f - ailett n. uiai.i..iit, n. . . ... in co. with the Spanish fleet for Cadis and Africa, of about 60 sail. Passengers, Messrs. Watson and Lambert. . " ' Fr. brig L'Agues, Vigtn, 103 dayi from Hiivre, with planter and dry gol, to L. Hollier. Spoke, April 9, la). 311, 40, long. 61, ship Pacific, 4 days from New - York, lor Liverpool. 23d, lat 36. fit), long. 60, 30, b.ig New Leader, 3 davs Irom Bos - lunt ior ua.avia. z.sin, mi ou, iii. u., imr. lit William, from SavHiniHli, for Plymouth, hug. ftttsengei - s, Me.srs. Uurano, uiierey, oiiq v. Briff Nimrod. Prince. 9 days from St. Andrews, with, In order. Hr lirair Itesnliiiin... Sterliiiir 27 dav from Tobago, with ruin Ai tupar, .o liooilhuc et f 'o. vn aaiuiday lai, lost nti nininiouii in a ic.cii; gale. S. hr South Carolina. Allen. 9 davs from Char - len.on, wilb collon, rice aic. to darker e. Hopkins, Well fi Vptnn, A. Weyinau it Co. J. Conner, lif lliel tc I ay lor, i. tvrini, j. jeuer jr. : ihi - Him. Joiin &. nieprai i. I.. U. 1 Hrsoiin tt io n. Dev. Vandowatvr. Wheeler & Co. Sturi'esiiSher - man, si ioonm, roil ot iuivibuiu, nnnmu Clark, and A. Watson Pssen - rcr, Rev. Dr. I.e - Iniid, Dr. S. Wright, Mn. K. P Say re, and. children, Mrs. A. H. Beimrlt Miss II. Swin.on, Miss Al. Bieelow, J. Uemictl, l.tq. laity, and i cliil - dren, t. 9. Bennett, Ksq. laily, and child, W h. Krnne.l. t.ra u. Keaneuna lanv, messrs. liiisuu, lliitcliinson. Conklin. Tier. Lawrence, TJmtnfts, Pnmlvne, Mon.aiKten, Olartinet, uanicK, Houston, 'Wickham, Wilson, and capt. Didiver. Schooner . Uoaiie, lUdays irom riymoutii, N. C. with naval stores, iih it shingles, to Blount it Jackson, i Schr. Huntress, Matthews, 21 day from New - Orleans, with tobacco and coilon, to Laidlaw, Girault & Co. Sailed from the Balite, in co. with lnnn t'.iuloia. Kaker. tor N York. Schr. Alsera, .n'liolMin, aavs irom lurenion, N.C. ith fish and stnvrs, to J. Patrick. S. In . Kliza Ann. l!,iriw. from Auawaiitnan, coast of Virginia, with the lemainder of linen naved from .he John M'l'ammun, to Vaiques, Meuron k Clermnn. S lu. Kesnlvu. Watrous. 5 dnvs from Malti more, with ein, coi - oa, di v cood 4iC. .0 W. W. it J II. Tmlil. unit ulhi - r. Sloop Kmloaa, Baker, from New - Orleans, 23 dav from the Brlire, with toliacco and wheat, lo S. Kobiuson. " Sloop I'ollv & Rarliel, GiObrd, 8 day from Rirhmoml, Willi coal, lo W. Dodge Si Son. Sloop Sidlv, Chase, 7 davs from Newtiern, with rom, to Waring it Khnlierfv, and liver, Bremiiei si Co. Passengers, Mrs. Benson, Miss Mather, Messrs.' Lent. Cole, and Mrs. Sullon Alto, tlie rrew and passengers taken from .he wreck of sloop Reguln.or, of Newnem, via. Messrs. Solo - moo, Hawks, Blnnchard and Deniion, Captain Howes, J. Alley, mate, and Banil'ace it Anderson, seamen. Sloop Klira, Week, 6 days from Savannah, with cotton, to J. Mugee ii Co. Passengers, Messrs Trasher, Spencer, Jolnii, Fenton and Warner. Sloop Bright Phoebus, lor flcw - fork, sailed in ro. Sloop Suerior, Storer, 3 days from Philadelphia, wi.h merchandize, to P. Grim, S.elihins it Cow. J .kC. Bolton. Jackson it Woolley, Roeers k Post, Wells ii Upson, Mulden il Montgomery, Smith il Bailey, ana other. . Sloop Cngle, Slinson, 7 days from Chaileiton, with crates, iron, Ike. to Jones ii Mcgraih, and J. J.Cohen. . . Sloop Com. Macdonough, Hurcli, days Irom Snnahill, with corn, to .he niaater. Sloop Boxer, Jarvis, 4 day from Snowhiil, wilh shingle, to the master. - nab, May II. Arrived yesterday, brig Amelia, Mott, N Yoik 12 days. About 5 miles south of Cape Hatteras light, spoke brig William, of Charles. on, m distress, bound to the West Indies, but having sprung aleak was endeavoring to make Norfbrk or the first port. Cmarliston, May 12. Arrived tionp r.x - nress. Hammett. Savannah 1 day. Sailed, in co. willi sloop Olive - Branch, tor N York, and sloop Kexiah, for Providence, It. I. May 14 Arrived Hup leiegrapn, fanning, NYork 14!as. Cleared, sloop Elina, Storer, N Haven, - De - ...uce, Chadwick, N York. Hiciixoro. May IS. Arrived, sch Only Son, 0born. 39 days from Point Pctre,Guad. Left the following American veascls, brig Lydia, Ihitus. Newbun'liort, to sail in 10 flat ; Lion, Freeman, Portland, do ; llaspcan, Allen, Ken - nebunk, when ready i Somers, Witten, Boston, uncertain; tch Commerce, Jameson, Portland, uncertain. THEATRE. Thii evening, will be presented the comedy of THK WILL FOR Tilt DKKD. Old Ha re bra in, Mr. Barnes Harry II are brain, Pntchard Motto, Hilson Acorn, Robertson - To which will be a - lded, the farce of WHAT'S NLXT? i Col. Touchwood, Mr. Robertson Performance to commence at a quarter past seven oVfr k. Atepheu P. Leuiotue aud Gilbert Living - sum Tbomiou, have formed a connection in their prolcssionai biuioesi OL"ke No. Si Wall - llreel. is. Jones, junior, counsellor at law, keep his office at the same place. may 23 3t NO I IC. f3r The tubtcriher being about to leave the city or a sliort period, bns appointed Mr. Pfc - TLK BOLLS(ia Mr. William Cairns' counting room) hi agent, to transact hit sdTairiduriug the time be may be absent. GKO. M WILSON, my S3 It 128 Water street. iLr WILLIAM PAXsO.i HALLLTT. at - torney at law, bas opened bis office at No. 8 Beekmao - street, two doors from Pearl - street, my U 3t C fcOKGIA TOBACCO. 2d luuls piime T Georgia Tobacco, landins from schr Gta. A. Jackson, for talc by my t3 66 Sonth - ttmt NOTICE. ' - : : , , ' rrr Tfii JnnrTaM.jaai r . w v.., iiuui uivviiiwi, wiu pi case icita Int'm permiu on board U.c ship, at pier No. 8,E. R AU gootli not permitted in 5 days, mut bt tor i - uji jxjn, a. v. ; The fast taUing packet schr. MARIA. Peleg Latham, matter : will ai 1 AB I I 2Slb iuL For freight orpaatape, havb - ri lent accommodation, apply oo beard, west U Fly - market wharf, or to , JONES J - MEG RATIL may 23 ...... 9, Souths Fmf S AV a air Tl,. fin. . r...'.J ... ...j ..... .wir.,KAI. 1 i - i - j r.. w... vurnue, . master j will commence loading on Mondav. 9i.h ;. i sail positively on Thursday next. For r...ii . or passage, apply on board, at Jones ' - wlmV to POTT 4i M'KIXNE, 56 South - street for Blakei;, .Mobile and St. UtepAeiu - fft 1 uP"f'r nui taumy Dew nackef' schooner MARIA. ANN ,'"et wen, regular trader) having part of her cj 6""b"6ui ""i" iinaieuiaie dispabk For freiirht or nassape. Iim - ina dabona, apply on board, eat side Old - ilin . , .ir.noa. lli.HK.ICK. may S3 . y 29 Coci.ties.iiin ROMAN CKMEN 1. - 60 cask. RomaaTT BieotjjuctreoeivedandfortalebT ANUtKSOiM tt SHKiiiPs my3 131 Water - .i. ON E hundred ton of Liverpool Coal recerr ed by ship Canton, and tor tale by ARCH'D. GKACIE fc So.V may 23 ' SUPLItlOU HtsOS 1LA. - 25 chetti.Ua" ton's cargo. . vn - AUo, 50 do. Skin do. in store, and for s.. by G. G. & S. HOWLAND my 23 - . c" Waahington - tteaft FLOUK oi TOALCO. - I00 barrtl, Flo farm millt," ,w' 30 hbdi. prime new Tobacco, Usdine (r tchoenen Dauntles, and Thames, Irom Mirk, mood, fortale by uivi;BETHUNE4C0. ' mr 23 a.c.H.siip. Vll. ( IV'1"1'0'"31 bH,e.' P"ne Cottoi, UdjJ, from ship Mary and fcavanr.ah Psrkp. trJZ New - Orleans, for sale by " UIV1E BETHUNE & CO. my 83 92 Coffee Hoee slip. rVOBA OCO, CUT7WT, il JJEEUrSKuiSl JL 144 hhdt prime Kentucky tobacco . 103 bate prime New - Orleant cotton, and 2917 lbs. of deer - tkins Will be landed op Monday from the ship Mary and schr Huntress, from New - tirVeann - for tale at No. 00 Coffee - House slip, by LAIDLAW, GIRAULT & CQ. my 23 lOt . , : ; f IIOUACCO. 20hhds. prime old Kentucky JL Tobacco, landing from sloop Mary, from Neiv - Orlcans, for sale by ' N. '& D. TALCOTT, mv2: 64 .Smith - street. LKGHOrt.N STKAWi. A lew case Leg. horn straws, principally numbers, just received and for rale by S. MAKC1J ii bKOUHS, may 23 2t 165 Pearl - st. DKr.R SkllNb, lie IS bundles lcet saint, 1 hltds. and 1 tt. Snake Hoot, of tup. qnal. 1 tt. and I hid. Peanuts, for tale by R. & C. W . LA V EN PORT li CO. my S3 fvj tW kUM 8 hods, new Rum, landing at 1M Crane wharf, for talc by G RI3 WOLDS & COATES, my 93 68 Somh - street. r - IOTTON. SO bale prime L'pland Coltos, L J lunHittu' fmm arlir I Inslntte if Ctrl few air. (as him GRI3 AOLDS to COAT, my 23 68 South - treet.' OLD bAIILK IRON. 25 tons old sable iron, landing from ship Venus, at Murray's - wharf, and for sale by . GRISWOLDS & C0ATE5; triy25 68 South - street. . ri '0 e. 4 caset London made Toys, just r. J. ceived tier Venus, from London, and for by HURL) tc bEWALL, tny 23 65 gontb - ttreet - DEI. II irKl.Ns. rroin .0 to 30 bait, packed aud assorted loosely, fit for the Engluk or French market, for tale on liberal terms, by GEO. M. WILSON, my 23 128 Water ttreet. INDIGO. 16 cases superior riengal Indigo, 16 ceroons and 7 balf do. Spanish Flotant Indigo, for sale by JACKSON k WOOLLEY, ' my 23 ' 75 Wall - street. ' 'I HiBACC'O. 160 bbdt. prime new Kichautd X Tobacco, 60 do do edd do 50 do do Kentucky do 250 kegs Manufactured do t various brat, and qualities, for ale by WALSH k GALLAGHER, t my 23 - i 66 Sooth street COPPERAS. 107 bbls. Copprrat, landing for sale by PO'l'T M'KINNE, my T3 56 South - street. IDES, RKAVP.U, UEEK SKINS, cVc 500 hides 800 Hit. deer skins 1200 do. do. do. trim'd. UU do. beaver 500 fox and raccoon skintnow landing from sloop Eastern Trader, ami for sale by ' JOS. JOHNSON, mv v 5t 8 Govemeur's - lane. .1 LOCH. 300 bbls. Richmond flour, Richmond mills 89 do country brands 350 do. Predericksburg Mountain Hour, selected brands, received per Only Daughter, and Wasp, will be landed thii day, and for sale by WALall & UaLUUntK, my 23 65 aonth - ttreey FRtH MuG.lUORE MOaT - SKINX SIX Thousand prime London Market Mga tlore Goal Skins,iutt landed and for tale quantities to suit the trade, by . - i " U.G.&B. HOWUSD, C7 WasliHigton - streel. W ho hart jor tale, 20 ceroons fresh sweet i Alinonds, oatoflw 10 do do bitter tlicll. 10 do Cammia teed 'mm" I cask Gum Sand rack - my 23 rH)UACCO, HIDES and FLAJVU - ' . I II t.hiia KMturbt Tnh.r.'n. InndintT ffOH the ship Mary, from New Orleasa . 153 salted Hides, landing iron the tchr Rising Sun, from l'ernambuco 1 ' 14b barrel luchmood t lour . 90 hhilt. old. and 40 do niw Richmond Tt - bacco, tor tale by . ' XVUUt.1.1 UIUUWH1 ' my 23 112 Front street Ct OTTOS . 205 bale New - Orleans Co" landing from brig Savannnh Packet, for sale by POTT ii M'KINNE, J mv 23 oo aovui - ti'" M.ililf.L MOLAiSKS AND XVSVOFA - 1 DO SUGARS. , i lit I Ul.,1. ..,1 and A bblt MaDtl n.nlw.. gt an aarallent n uaJitv. landing fro brig Mary at Pier No. 5, North Kiver. AL.5U, 'JO' UoUusc. 14 bercet CA LKla MnwiLft sinrkni - rvr aast - aw iMiss - wveiw . - - a - ,, From sch Zealous, in front of the subscribers store, for tale low if taken from tlie wharf APPlrU . .V,V u, to. et a. ivi ..' ay 23 67 WaJhiugloa - ttreet. 1 I

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