The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 23, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 23, 1818
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MEM NUMBER 497 - i ' taMES D'WOLF, Juor. ba removed from 67 J wt - ircet lo 54 South - .lreet, and clTer for ,J,e 6t cerooos louth American Tallow ' ; . 25 torn clean St. Peiertburgh Hemp, few bcltf Irtt qaality Russia Uuck ; Ger - . . dm Steel in boxes, entitled to draw. ' , - ' - - 'A " " 16000 lb. Creeo Coffee ' . .25 box. Cliina table ill 172 piece e&cb " - JO hbcitpnre Spirit! , . - ,r t cute Platillw. wr 5 '. . Jit.H' fAXCX UOvVS. QX case of new mid elegant fau'7 articlet, O such a " , . ' , li&u work boxes ami drenmj: case - , cry tlo - v gant ' ' ' . ' i Writiug detk;, elegantly gill and , - , . Gilt and painted card racks Fan far!" Tire and candle scrcMu, - pa'1ltJ a uFer,or .: ' manner, with gilt auj coloied handle Birkjamtm boards ' rj i Maline and morocco work basket ,' Geotlemen'Mlwtir apparatus ' " Foaciiee wl dressing cases, mpM - ' - Morocco and mahogany portable dctks i)ilulalcillicrilo.erjiu)irl) Some very t lenut jvftfolios with gUt lccb: an pocket.. , - ; .'" ' ' ' Elegantly jilt border and plam Morocco, Rus - a and roaa pocket bsoks, of various deswip - Spring wailcte, of Rufsia and Morocco, with many other ar'iclo. too numcryu to meution. For sale wholewlc and retail, by - N. SMITH OAVIES, nZ3 ' No. lal liroadway I sortud . b. .Annn II.. Tnrl! riWIt Tin !I 00U lbs. Iron Wire, assorted from Io. I to by 4NSO.N G. I'ilELP - S ,p3() 133 r rout - street. 7i)HN WL,LUK & CO. oifcr tor i al . , t , ' 35 cases superior Bengal Indigo . ' Several casks smalts, particularly deunblc lor bleachers and paper makers 4 casks hardware . . A few bales caisimercs and shalloon's, shawls. apg) : . TTkSoaud tMMtu I'OHk. 34 uud an tall 1 1 bairUs, said to be a Terr superior lot, will be sold from the vessel at the lowest market mv (TAPPlr0 COaNEMWS DUBOIS. trt LVNCii. lun. (at No. 40 S Uiiaui - tircct,) MJ. haionband the followiuj WIXE3 and LIQUORS, selucted with judiwrnt by hiauelf, vnich he oflers at wholesale and retail, war - mUd pure, at importt4 - .mFifT. ( 'Madeira, from S to 18 II,I,U. years iu wood. 40 ff casks J . ' Old Madoira, iu bottles, from 3 to 20 years Chiimpaignc, Bnrguihly, Claret and Sautcnic, of very superior quality 7 pipes dry ld. - bon, 7 years old 7 do Sbcrry, nmu years oiu, ana irec irom Boracha tsste ' ' " Port, in pipoa and Iwttles TsMo wine, for ils quality, the cheapest in America Teneriffe, in hhJs. Old Brandy, do. Hum, do. Gin, not reduced 500 demijohns, containing fire gallons each fiO groce wine bottles , N. 1'. Those in tho trade, and country doal - vll rim 1 It in their account, to sumrtv thetn - lvrt with wines and licjuors at tha above esta - l!hmelt, astheywillbscertani to obtaiu artt - cles of the first quality, at tho lowest prices, aud , pare as imported. ' my 9 Sn TO HE. LKAHKl), ON favorable terms, for in term of years, 4 lots of ground on Broadway, 200 feet re?l. between Iles - ""II .... - (, j tor Mid Grand - streets. . ' 2 lots in Watar - strect, near Catharine - market. I lot in Water - street, between Fulton and Burliog slips. Also, several other bis in the 5th, 6th, 8th and 10th wards. For particulars, enquire1 at .to. 30, Chatham - street. may 3 ' Mr. B.lLI.ETii Madame OOQUST, ' No.,7 Kassau - street, , - . '; HAVE the honor to inform the public in general and the ladies of New - York in particular, that they . manufacture and have constantly on band an assortment of artificial (lowers. At their store are also to be found, and to be disposed of by wholesale and retail, Perfumery of every description, among which are Ike celebrated Laxl f 'trzuial, aud llie most approved essences and pomatums for the com - 4cxioa. Tortois shell comb and thimbles A complete ass(i1meut of worked drcssc?, tluwl, fichus and bands i , Umbrellas and parasols i Merino, knit and velvet ridicule ; silk fkhus lnckins; and gloves for ladios and gentlemen Ladies' eUtic garters C a , .Spring and ball nlk dreves Bull do. embroidorcd with chenille and orna - tneuted with flowers ; silk scarfs Prunelle suid tilk shoes Lcvautiuf r, florencts, satins, tatTctas, kc, And in short, every thing connected with the ladies' toilette. apii Im JUilimond and l.tiuhtmi tnuiivuclvrd " ' TOBACCO. " "IQnk'.?'' now landing fioin sundry vts - jLXJv vl seis, of Uio following iuidilios aad brands : . ' 63 kegs, Shclton Sc Williamson, C band., 1, 2, 3 i 45 do P. Miller is Co. ' 8 .1,2,3 33 do J. P. lk;e, , 0 1,2 1 45 do George Fletcher, '8 1 10S do Jjtin Eaders, 8 1 " 144 dol. R. Ross, ' 8 l,t 53 do P. Holts I Co.' " - 8 ' 1 ' - CI do Anderson,' Blair & Rl'Kcnge, C, 1, 5 IttdoJessulJaratCo. 0 ' 1 ISO do R. Hughes k Co. 8 1,2 6S do K. Cautor, 8 1, t 45 do F. G. Creu - haw, 8 1, 3 21 doR, Ihitloa, 12 2 in do J. tt P. Labbv, 8, i ladv's twist 1 do H. Starr, 8, k halflb.rolls nlristor the above brands are well koowa and approved of in Ibis market, oa account of the Snality, and auUbruity of the diBeeut numbers f which the qualities are dengnatcd. For tale b7 CORNELIUS DU B013, p50 36 Fvont - strcet. Rrk WHITE LEAD, Sc. fcc. JVJ J fcc - j London White Lead in oil 50 hsm ls do I)r White LtscJ . tons Red Im& iJ barrels I'.ristot Red Ochrss 9 "lo Venetian Rtd s tons Cne Litharge W hosgheads Whiting , Weasks Paris White; S Wids. Verdigris 0 tiercr F leurb Yellow Ochre 5 kegtVetiiuilion ,4 casks PniMian Blue, 40f'b - , Crome Yeiiow; Patent Yillsw pailt Crown, ' Venetian Red, Ytllow, MS OIL. Black, I Verdsg - ii, . ,) Lampolaik ; Ivory Black t Purple Drown cpiriU Turpentine I Litilsetd Oil 400 botes Window Ulass. assorted sale on the lowest terms, for cash or at lJ - tl SCHERHERUORy k SONS, ttIl 243 Water - street i - DOMESTIC MOTHER WARES. 'pHE tutxrriberakeep constantly oa hand an JL extensive assortment of the following good, Dutch and English Broom ' - " Dnster, or Counter Brushes 1 ' hearth Brushes, fancy and common "Head do do ilo Cloth do do do Wearers do ' ' 1 ' White Wash da boe ii Scrubbing do faint Brushes uud Sa.'h Tool Clamps, 4, , 8 row Furniture iiruel.c ' Horse do Btd Cord!, Clothes Line Sash Cords, Trace Rore Wrought and Cut Nails ami L'rvds Gunny Bas, I'oteHadi Crumb Bruthet ' lfcllmri, fiuK.y and common l for Black'nnths Hall and Entry Mats Pails and Tubs Wheel - Barrows t Fine Wire Sieei Do Huir do ', Wliips of every description '.i Seiut, so - wiDg, wrap - pidf, buleiaj; andbtdi Twine Fih Lines Shoe It badltrs Thread Dearborn's , iinUan - ces, Ue. Which ih.;y will sell Iioletale or retail oa li - berul term. CEUKA i: CUMI.NU, apS! 6 Peurntrtet. 07 rjhuiAi.i 'wn.icco a fwvr. O hhdi old Virginia tobacus 55 do uew crop do do - - C6 bblsfineQour - ; 15 do middling do. '' For sale by 1 VASQUEi, MEURON & CLF.EMAN, Feb T 1 tf 1 No. 72 Washington - st. . . PLAsTEUOF PARIS MANUFACTORY, At the foot of Marrison - atrcH, North - River. lA HERE manufactured Plaster, lorcorni - V 1 es and other purposes, may be had, warranted ol the first quality, at one dollar and lurttt' ty Jut cents per buihel. - I'tie manulBctOfy is conducted by Mr. John Tucker, who has served a regular apprenticeship to the mason business. , ' mh 21 JOHN BYERS. 'plN r'LATE, TEA o:c. laO boats Tin J plate, assorted . , , 12,000 pounds ti.dia block Tin tt,0iH) do Iron Wire, assorted l,a00 do old Copper, 10 chest Hyson fckin I'ea, for sale by ANSON d. PHELPS, my 6 - 1113 Kront - street. H"AUDWARE, CUTLERY fcc 2 cask Scotc h spring Locks 5 casks plate Locks, 1 do Steelyards 1 do cliesthnndles.c. 1 do screw plates, scale beams, ic. I do brass tix ks, 4,'c. 1 do bell metal kettles aud skillets 2 do tin'd pots uud saucti pans 2 d.i tine padlocks 4 do lUiibury lucks, hinges, $.c. 2 do lummers, pincers, locks '"c. 2 do ItL hinges, tec. 4 du aiinU 1 do hamme; s and sledges ' 3 do blucfc i: bright vice, 2 do 'files 4. il pocket, pen and double blade knives 4 do klium buck and bone table knives 3 do buttons . , 100 do cut nails and brads, from 3d. to 20d. Al. - o, a larze and geurral lusortmeut of lroods open oci the shelves, for sale at the most reduced prices by ADAMS X ULACKWELL, , mav 7 21 j Pearl - aL UUM, fet'GAlt t AiOJL.ibaiis, : 6 ptinuhenhs Rum " , - 65 hhils. MoluMee ; ' 62 barrels and 6 bhit. Sugar, ' ' Will ta lan led on Mondnr from the brie Amr - Ua from Antigua, tor sale br ' " 113 Front ttreet.o Who has also for sale. Havana. Porto Ric and Jamaica Cofft - .e. ' . my CDt.RBR.A.Nm. JO bbls Cider Brandy, landing, lor sale by ANdON G. PHELPS, my 11 1U3 Front - stroet. DEARBORN'S BALLANCES, assort'd sizes, with and without apparatus, fur sale by CEbRA & CUMING, my 13 7i fearl - strtt. COTTON. 35 bales New Orleans, for sale bv . LE ROY, BAYARD L CO. ap30 . .. jlUSKETS. 1000 Muskets with Bayonets, 1.T.L cntitiea to debenture, lor snie ny liURD K SEWAL6, 65 South - Atreet. roy 6 A RON rt.Vl Tri has removed ro 219 lirond - tv. war. 2d door above Vesey itieet, and of lers for ule nu reaaonnhle terms, nlack, white and cord satins . (ircen levantine, iouisine and flors - nce sillc Black, wl.ite, green and lilit blue rip " Superfine white chip flats, with bands and ex tra Elegant crape and fig. tafata ribbons White, black and pink tulle lace ' Black Italian lutestrings Plaid, changeable and plain col'd do. : Stiip'd marcehn silks, Fiim black, white and col'd bombhzuie Do. labinets and poplins . . Black and col'd Canton crapes fig'd iVankia do ... - 7 4 uiid 8 - 4 Nankin crape shawls And scarf ' Fis'd and plain India mull lous in l). mull and cau.bricdressss and iliavrls Incerliog and Ibunce trimming Thread laces, nlgings and footing French lawn, linen can - bric and bdkf Fine 4 - 4 Irish linen D.truask tahle cloths and napkins, all size Black, white and coi'd F.og!jhtiik glove Chstor, kjil end heaver do Best Cg'd aud pluic (earl button Blue, blnrk,gri.fnaiid assorted sewing si'tl Bl ck, white und col'd raw iilit shawls auJ scarfs Merino shawls and drts - es Satin Jane, black and col'd galloon Hatband!, with a general ruiortnient of fancy and stable goods. . ,., . my 16 2w 1 fl llf "feaf DOLLAKa'U LOANON 1 J.J KJ J MORTGAGE, of property iu this city. "Apply tn '" " 1S.J.1C G. OGfM - V t. my 7 43 Wall - street SUGAR3. 100 bhds Havana Muscovado sii - g:as, of good quality, now oil Piae street wharf, and for sale reasonably, if applied for this day before storing. Samples may be seen and term made known, on applicatinn at 67 Washington - street ti. G. KS. IIOWLANU. my 13 A brnise and farm on Throe's Neck, in the lowa and counts of Weslchrsler. fourttra mile irxitn New - York, The farm coutmr:s a - bout one hundred acres of eaodhut lai.d in good frnce, a large burn and other cooveMfnt outbuildings, a good hiU! two storie liigh, Miur rooms 00 each fl.inr, elegantly situated 00 the bai.k ef the Fast River ; llie sits - ttiia cs - coromoniy healthy ; the r.eihhourhocd the most respectable ; abundance of tiuit of the best selection ; arale and shell fi - h in great variety takes he lore the neute. For farther information pj lj to the ibscribrr on the premise. rr,y 1 1m STEPHEN R. HOFFMAN. TO Lk.l loovenipni wn ttocr irin iwwir, - ' I . ., 11 f i - Jr... t... v.l - wiiii iuh ui grvunu, wen auajjiru iwi w. mg school, situated in Broadway, ltwccn Uleeckeraod Prince - strt - Ws. F - eqnireof t.LB. ANOERoON, tmj 13 12t No. 4 Bowhnir Gtyyw. Q - . TO hUT, A spac;ouCF.tLAR,No. 9 Wa - strw, smtaideforaWioe, Cider Vault, cr Trunk Maker. Enquire en the itemise, ay 12 5w SATURDAY, Vy ELLS k UPSON, 155 f earl - street, have recetvea by late arnvatf, - Fine ivory, sell - tip and real buck - handle - knives and torks . Fine peuknives, holster pistols, fine gna locks English silver watches, plated spoons, JcC&C. o HAID, Reman vitriol, card wire Cast, hoop L, aud shear steel With a large aud general assortment of hard - wars, best Shatfiedd and Birmingham plated ware, tor sale low. . ' On consignment, recoivcil per Ann from Lircr - po"l, 150 boxes, list plates. say 6 MIVlo, OIL, &c. White and Whiting iic.iO Jihd. - Pari CO bbls. Spanish Brows - - - . '. ' , . 20 do Yellow Ochre 16" casks Venetian Red ' , , 10 tons dry and ground White Lead ' do Reef Lead 500 lb. Prussian Blue ' '' - 3000 In. Blue Vitriol ; 3000 lb. Oil do .10 bhds. Copperas 1 6 do Pomue Stone 1000 lbs. Gum Copal 1 1500 do do Shellac . 100 bbls. Ground Camword 20 do do Logwood and Nicaragua " 500 d J do Tumeric ' . 5 tons St Dominzo Lotrwood ' rt ; 2 do Large Nicaragua ; 2 do Red Wood ' ' 30 noie Eastern Mould Candles - Linseed, stiermaretr and neats foot Oil Blaeic and Bnght Varnish . ' 2500 Irtt 8 by 10 Glass ..IjOOdo 7 by 9 do for (ale by , RIPLEY 4 WELD, mj 14 " 192 Front, corner of Fulion - st C1 IN. ti pipe Khode - liiluna oiiv, just rc I" ceived, and for wile by . .,. - , . GEO. W. TALBOT, . may 13 . 55 Pinetreet MEDIUM PRINTING PAr'ER. FIVEhundrud realm Medium Printing Paper, manufactured at the Thud Kivir paper mill. ALSO, 1 100 reams coloured medium ' : 20 di blotting do 20 do writing demy. And ' 20 do ' wrinnz medium. All Irom the same mill. For sale, fit reduced prices, by T. et J. SWORUS, my 13 luu l enn street, J EWELRV. - 2 cac . Fancy Jewelry, for sale by btu. r. viLSvJi., ov 14 ' 1 - it Water - street. l J J Bcxcs fresh Alvttiua Lemons, in " prime order - 0 boxes do do Orange Now lauding and fur sale by my 13 PETER REMSF.N Si CO. DRY HIDLS ii COFrEE. tOO dry hide, average weight I71bt. each 300 do do ' 1!) . do 2U0 do do . 24 do O - . Alifl ttl. vrrvn VnfTi'p. far hv H. HENDRICKS, may 14 37 Boaver - st ClOi lO VAHN low numbers An at - lertmcutoi low No's, cotton yarn, for sale by the Comniissioit Company, 143 Pearl - street. may 15 . , JOU.i CVO Jd.iAUy. - t C'iVHi: f IIIE Subscribers beg leave to acquaint their JL friends and the public, that they have re moved their Tobacco Manometer? into their fire - proof store, No. 62 Water - street, where they intend carry ing on the buswetron an exten sive scale they haveoa hand a large supply of ' Pigtail rolls, made ol best KtcJisnona tobacco - Sweet scented N. Head ' Ladies' twbt Long rut chewing, in 1 , 4, 8, and 16 ounce paper do . smoking . do Macuba tuulf, in jars aud bottles, by wholesale and retail Stedled Rappee, do do Strasburg snurf do b French rappee do do Plain fme do do do Scotch snuff in bottles and bladders Spauuh segars, made of choice tobacco imported 2 years ago,and warranted genuine New - Orleans do. - American do. Order from the couulry will be punctually and carefully attended to. may 9 1m I. NAAU. Si SOX. LOW WOOLLI.NS. 1UST ree'd per Mercury and Atlantic, a few trusses of low priced Cloths, and Cnssi meres, forsaleby JOS. S. HARRISON, ap27 b ruie street. WAN li.O, several youn - LADIES us ap prentices to the MAN TUAMAKING - BL'SINESS. Enquire of MIS3 MARSHALL, my 14 tf No. 7 Ctdar - strert. C11DER bttA.NUY. - J Lairds, landing and ; roralcby ANaON v.. PHELPS, sny& 1 S3 Ff wit street. rpEA, TI. PLA I F, BLOCK TIN, Jic. kic. JL 40 chests hyson skin tea 100 boxes Tin Plato, assorted 10000 lbs. India block tin 8000 lb. Spanish do b'OOO IU. iron wire 100 tiercts prime new rim 50 bols. cider brandy. For'sale by ANauN G. PHELPS, my 16 ' 183 Front street. 'I'OUACCO, LINSEED Oil., BOSTON X RUM, &c 874 ki - i; first quality manufactured Tobacco, now lamlitig, ol the billowing approved brands ; Geo. Fletcher, D. It. Ross, shelton ii W'jlliauison, Anderson, Blair; 1 A?c - Keage, P. Miller Co. F.G. Orenshaw, J Gihb, It. Starr, Jesse Hare fi Co. F. I'anty ii Co. P. Uoltz ii Co. and B. II. Brady." Also Burling tli, 10 bhds. "Seara" Bosloo Rum 20 kcs colouring (or liquor And in Store. 300 kegs first quality pure Ginger 34 bbls mess uud prime Pork 7 bhds pure Spirits, high 4th proof 20 pipes domestic Urandy, good quality 12 bhds Pennsylvania Lintrtd Oil 17 Leg Iu priced shipping tiutter CO cheat Hyson Skin Tea, Clothier's cargo, forsaleby CORNS. DUBOIa, mv 15 lOt 36 Front - atreet II' AVANA SUGAR, TALLOW, kz. - 50 boxes brown Havana auar, euuuca 10 uiawuuife. 180 cerooiis fcoulh American Tullow - 54 boxes Roll Brimstone, and 18 casts 'liiiuliltrs. I.itndinsnad for sale by .. JAMES D'WOLF, Junr. ny II 34 ootlin ain - ru 4 - 4 .VEiUNO SHAWLS and MU&UN BAM3, for sale by my & M ARCH ii LOW , 210 Broadway TQk CALCUTTA SUGAR. .oji Bags bciglit yellow graiucd 115 do superior double boded do Landioe at Coentio slip kr sale at 07 South - street, by ' i;AlEUL4.k.Ms ii. It. A US U.S. mvlS ftrrr Bale prime Alabama cottoo, landiugat Oorer - ttreet wharf, from tchr Morning - Mar, from Blakely, for sale. Apply at 143 PtaH - sU upstairs. . , my y - vt BROWN SHIRTINGS. package containing about 6UU0 yards, ilrowa bLirtings, f0rMle by - COMMISSION - COMPANY n - y 19 D C US Fcarl - ttrect MAY 23, 1818. TO Tut v INHABITANTS OK NEW - YORK, '' ' ARD IT VICISTITT. T1TM. BRYAN, Oyer, He. from London, y gratefully acknowledge the liberal encouragement he ha received, from bis friends and the public, since bis arrival from England. Anxious to merit a continuation of their patronage and support, he has taken those extensive premises Noe. 37 and 39Spru e - strect, (late Little (seorge - etreet,) where he has at considerable expttisa erected machinery and every couvea - n to ensure their future favour. Piece Goods dy'd any fncy color and finished in superior etyler Ludie dresses, silk, saltin, velvet, duinnsk. moreen, - crar, veils, shawls, mantles, iwlisses, bouibasrens, Vc. creued and dy'd any fancy pattern, chip, straw, aod leghorn BonoeU dy'd. Bljtck, tor muuinins. on shortest notice: mo rree furnitures cleau'd, dy'd und water - marked 1 noi - f ressiog, ate. ' my IB Ins LITTER PAPER, PORTER BOTTLES. A quantity of superior hot pressed English Lett Paper. 1& gruce Porter Bottles, in hampers ft crates, received per Cuaunccy from Bristol, lor sal by rO'FT i M'KINNt, nr SO - 1 .56 South street. S'i'RU'ES PLAIOS 30ciisetlonH!stictrnie sjnd plaids, making an elegant auortiuent, tor wie low, ny me - 1 COMMISSION COMPANY,' . iby 11 D4C 148 IVarl - atrcet. C10TTON VARN. lOOUln Cotton yam twist ) and filling, from No. 6 to 0, for tale by the tvU.viuaaiu3i ciMirAii s, tuj 21 D&C 113 Peurl - stret t. a'BW - TORK aoTAKIC OAROKIS. . MICHAEL DENN1&ON. CURATOR. HIS establihhuient is situated at Rote Hill, near the juaction of the Rloomiiudale and IJanem Roads. Jt comirtheiids about live acres of excellent land capable ol the highest improve incut. The proprietor of this beautilul spot Ims obtain ed a l use ol the land fur the term of thirty years. He has (betides the euclos urea, shrulih. ry, aud othtr improvement. - ) uretted one of live targesi and most convenient green bouses in the United Stales. He solicits the citizens to paitoniza his t IJ.irts to render bis gardeu cuiplut in every re - pect, by a moderate annual subscription. He uiopoets that eachcontributor of Ave dollars shall be entitled lo receive tbc value ia seeds, (lowers, Hunts, fruits, nr any other pro duce of the garden. By such an accommodation to hiui on the part ofthe public, be will be enabled lo procure the greatest variety of foreign auu oomciic veiames, aim to grainy me ium and expectation! of hit friends. Persons inclining to enter their names at en - courai - 'crsof thedeji'ti, are invited to call at the garden, where tho fullest ioluimation will be given. my 21 Ira . LODGINGS WANTED. L GENTLEMAN is desirous of procuring, for himself and a large family, duriiiK llie summer, comfortably furnished Lodgings (out of tin; city of New - York, ) at Brooklyn, or within a convenient distance Irom (he City Hall 1 in a house where lie would he allowed to provide lor his owu Table, to eat alone, nnd where the family would ulttnd to the cooking. A Parlour, and at least thrte lied rooms, would be required perhuus also a tcrvsmls cbarulirr. Enquire at 72 Murray - strett. - my 21 If , j ORAM 6i MOTT, PiUNTLRc, . ' - No. 5 euui.iau - iLir, , I TAVE last received from Uuebcc. ft sew xli work, which they have put to press, aud willthartlv tsublish. entitled vAReiouonni Hie Military and avau sccur - fciittt cturinii the lutu Wr with the United States, at well at the Political History of the Province or Lower Canada, irom Hit year 1807 to 1815; comprehending the Administrations ol sir James nenry 1. raig, and sir George Pre yosl Ry Robert Christie." The above work is not only written in a neat ana correct style, but is generally free from those illiberal remaiks that but too frequently furnish es the pen of the political historian. 1 he work is fimu a British subject, resident at tubec, ann it isirrsumcd w iil be read Willi considerable interest, especially heie, by those gentleman of the American Army and Navy, who so bravely signalized themselves in the late war. It will make about 2 iO pages, 12oio. and sold at f I each, in boards my 21 3t yiAl.! f.l nt.. ow Begs rtUned 6altt;tre, O landins lrim thip William, from London, for (ale at blip, by my zi. . . u.ut.i iiu - r. t i;u. , vNOTICE. fjrir All pertont indebted to Waters Furman and Charles Dobhs, (for street mauure) uie requested to call and teille tlieir accounts with either of them, or with D. k L. Mead, at the corner of Pump & Eldridge - ttreett, formerly called t hird - street, on or belore Ine Drtt day ol July next All persons having demands against them will please to present iheir accounts for settlement. WATERS FURMAN, and CHARLES DOBBS. myl2dclmt a VERY VALl'ABLB KITATF fOR KALI., Late the property of lleniijali Stmtig, Esq. deceased, in the towutiiii) of Klip. lying on the great south road, uboui 45 miles lioui INt w lorn ; containing by computation a - bout250O acre of land, more or let; nearly HUH) acre of which i under cu tivation, inclu ding about 200 acre of (alt and fresh meadow, wtueh is completely embanked, ditched and drained, for the purpose of being reclaimed. The remainder i 111 valuable wood land, on which lare quantities may be cut aut.ually. - On the Premises is a spaci us nnd convenient Mansion ouse, wdh a large barn, hovels, crib, stadia, carriage bouse, gardener's house, work shop, smith shop, smoke houe, ice how, mid otlcr out buildings, replete! with every convenience. There is also on the premises; about a mile from llm ru'uvioa bouse, anew faiui house, with a buru adiomin'i. Near llie houe is a large pond, with a privilege of a stream of water, on which is a Ocd saw mill, and wafer sufficient for grist mill. l lie garden and orchards are extensive, in which there have been set out. within a lew years, great number of voune trees, of r vorv specie 01 the best gralted fruit, mostly in bearing, and all iu Hi uiosl flourishing condition. Also, a Urge nursery of frmt trees and plants, uflkienl to ex tend an orchard of 100 acres. There are few estates offered for sale, so deti - rable ( cither an extensive farmer, or the resi dence of a gentleman. The farm is capable of upporting a large clock, and heimr hounded by the south hay, there t an inexhaustible source 01 manure from sea - weed. Boats ply from the neighbourhood, almost daily, to and from lire ci ty. 1 he bay also aoounoa wnn a great variety of game, fish, oyster and clam, and the poud and crick tvilh the must trout. For term and further particulars, app'f to A II. LA WHENCE, No. 23 Park Place - , or on the premises. ' ' my lldxcir CHINESE 1VORY - HANOLE PARASOLS. G. Si Vf. ROE & CO. nm brella and parasol ma nufacturer, No. 163 Broadway, between Courthmd and Liberty - trcets, oiler lor saie an extensive aesoilnieot of PA - RASOLS and UMBRELLAS, olthe best quality aud latest fashion, among wliieh - are pa rasols with ivory handles, en graved Chiocte figursa, sujcrior to any ever ol - fired for sale in this city. Orders from tlie couu - liy for the above ai tides will receive particular aitcnboo. - , : ' , ' ny Umbrellas and parasol neauy pounu arw repwrcd. my '? u.i.zy ISO. TO LtT. A dry Cellar, under the h'si No. 20 Pnw - .trett. Enquire of MR. SMEUES, my II M IJ4 Pearl - fUtet. i iifcRGEN ORPHANS CoL'Rl'. Of ina Term of March. 1818. Catharine Schuyler. AcuiinittrHlrix, 4c. f ol John A. Schuyler Ru!e, Under Statute. deceaae - d, ... V rMIE court order and direct That Catharine X Scbuvler administratrix rif the that - tela and rtmAit . Ink. 4 - ...... ..... 1 " " ' "111, . .JV.IU 111, VJ , , I ILL l, give poblic notice, to the creditors of tlic dece - dent lo bring m their claims and demands ngiinst Hie estate 01 the said decedent, on or rcore the first duy of Muy, in the year of our Lord elgh - ecu uiuiuren aua nineteen, by puttuitf up notice to that elfect in five ol the must pubbc places in tho county of Bergen, for the space of two months, and advertising the same for the like space of time 10 a newspaper printed and pub lished in the state of New - Jersey, and in am - us - pnr printed aud published in the t ity s I New - Yoik. A true transcript from the record. apgHVm JOHN A. HOV l, Sur'gate. HKMOy'SL. 07" J A. GUTTWALDT, has removed Irom No. 44 to No. 75 .Maidtu - lane, where he coutin - ue to manufacture his PI ANO - FORTES on an entire new and improved construction, the result of many year close application, aud study, ftr which be now has obtained letter pnUnt. On examination by cotwoiataun of Binsic, he flutters bimsolf that they will meet with their ap probation, and merit public patronage ; and be (eels proud, that bis piano - forte have met' Willi the unanimous approval of the most eminent pro fesrors of music; the following testimonials ol which they kindly have granted him, to meet the public eye: " We, the subscriber, professors of music, cY certify, that we have carefully examined Mr. J A. Gultwaldt'i piano - forte, width, lor ingrnu ity and excellence of workmantlslp And tiuillrm brilliancy ol tone, wo deservedly reiwrnmeud Iu pulilic palroaagv. Meurs. Gilles, i.tinitie, hu. Mcotz, C. Thibault, Charles Gilfurt." JJ, TO LET, on the same premises, H&il lrs,: s"' commouious store and back room adjoining, with or without a front cellar, ap 2' Im . For one or more tears, the following llocses at Har nville',near the live mile (toue, Bloomindalu road. A pleasantly ntu. - .ted and convenient two story House and stable, uiin a Guidon and four a - cres of l.iiid. . Also A pleasantly situated and convcnitat two story House and Stable, wilha LirvGnrriVi and three acres ol land, both of the above places are well stocked with dillereut kicdi of choice Fruittreet. Also A pleasantly sit nu ted and convenient two story House, with a Stable and two ncrttof land. F or lui tlu r partii ulr enquire of JACOB HARSE.v np23 lin Near Hist premises. kt Lots in the 5, 6, II. and 10 Wards ; roay of which are on regulated andpeved streets. o money will be required under ten years, if sold, interest excepted. . 1 - . iieiusr.3, . Several two and three (tqry bouse, on which great partot tne money remain on nertgjge. - LANDING AT RED HOOK. - ' An excellent stand for business, wills ten arret ol laud, pleasantly situated, with a wliarl, slcro house and bam. 1 ' ' COTT ON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, . Nenr New - Haven, with 4(1 acres of land, and a never lading strenm. upon which 20 Mill may be erected, wim a tuniciency er water lor eacn. Apply at No. 2 Gccnwich - treet limlSlf i'O LET, A three - story brick bouse, oppotil tht pant in Uuaiie, aud next to the corner of Hud. ton - street. . Enquire at No. 2 Grecuwich - ttreel, my 7 , ' T'vJll ' MONT - ALT A. tenJiS For sale or to let lb beautiful plate called Monl - Alta, sevco miles from the City Mall, on me north Ulver, adjoining lord Lour teuay'. . It coulains 20 acres ol laud under im provement, with a large irardcn iu rood condi tion, a variety of fiuit troci, aud ovcry conve nience a family may require. For term, which are reasouable, and if sold a long credit given U wisnco, apply to ' N. & D. TALCOTT, ap 20 . C I Soutli - st. ton SALK, A farm of between uxt ity and seventy of Lake Otsego, tciua, situate on the west bank 01 and oue mile from the village of Cooicrtown. On it are a tie w sic nous 54 Ki t square 1 a rw w farm douse, barn, :c. 11 tortus a desirable es tahlithuient for a gentleman nishing lo retire into the courdry, as its situation, as to prospect, convenience to market, tic. i not surpassed hv any in the interior of the state. It will be sold loi'v for cu - li, m a credit, or exchanged for property tn Ihiscity, goods, ic. A &.jtf 11.1) U II. EEDGWTCK, mv 7 tf Law Buildings. ' To Let fir one or more years, l ne loijtiwinc niuset iiouso .vo. ?: t Broadwnv. two doors above Waslnngion II ,11. with a coaib house in the rear if requiird Also, a thrte story brtYk houwj No. 416, iusnid street. Also, a new and genteel two story brn It house, corner of Liipc - UHrd aud Clmn h slrtcls, II. e terms moderate. For further purlicuUrs, apply nl 415 Broadway. nd25 If lit l.h.T. The elegant 3 story bout. No. 7 Hud - sou stieet, which commands a pleasant H tl the Park anu river, rotittsionmay ic una iu a icw days. , , Also for tale, the furniture oftaid borne. II Is of the Lett Duality ; well httud, end tuiiubie ion genteel family. Apply a abc - ve. my II tt WANTED. A GOOD fern! errant, to di the Cookfrg and oilier work of a small family, where 11 to be io other help. None need apply antes tliey can bring a tifactjry recommei datioo frota their last place ; to ih h a one g wd wages will Uepnid. Apply at 18 Frauklin street, my 5 - " Hold up foe Mirror lo 'aure. LET thoe who are afflicted in the following manner, reflect on the caue that havoc nrion the - whaleeome aprvetile. and power of life ; - ! isorde; cd u - mach, dry cough, weakne in U.e voice, lioars - ness, .bonnes of breath upon the lcat exer - cise, and relax - fnei .f tins whole ay ern. - . Tlsoe afflicted with rlne, languur or the evc,weakne of tight or memory, should .1.. . - .x.. mncLIrr Lirinain advice, that "rjuth U .important pcriiKl r fa!f ibiut contition., and that " notnmf; it w ne 1 J..1..1 , much a nrematui - e exctsv" the foundation of a happy old age i a pood contiV lution in youth 1 temperance, ami moderat on at that g"e re pattports to happy - hair. IheCotdial Balm of Gil Cad, prepared by f(r. Solomon, fiilcaddlouae, near Uveruoul. : universally acknoalcdpeil to be Peculiarly efficacious in all inward wanting, los of appe tite, indigestion. !rpisiun of tp'irit, trem - blior or ahaktnr of the hand or limba, nitt - nate couerha. tbortnea of breatli. ik! consump tive habit. Sold by HULL & liOWAK, UO pewl - etreet New - York, and by one vrnder mi every tuwn m the I'niun, my 2 f 4t S3 h 1.1 st at I l 49 WILLIAM - STREET. " NOTICE. loimi.g tothciUea of Albany and Twt. wiU ... " iii, iui uumucr 01 years, oa uio North River side ol'Uiis citv. lor u inn - Aii. ' dation of these vessels excfusively, for whicb vieuuiiiaiiun will ne (,'ITeri tt SU Off C Tiber are a ccn.mitte anouinled ihr tt Mum - ' of rtceiwng prof - asals lor the tame. And tho proprietor 01 the wharves on the North River are requested to hand in their pioposalstu cither i f the suLscr.Uers, stutiiig the situation and tbtir terms, respectively. . . - . N. B. A note ntldrrssed to rithrr of the sub scriber, lell at Joseph C Cooper's, lint's H - sin, or at K. K L. Reed's. C entities Slip, will be attended tu. " , Wew - York,J5tb April, 1818. . . 1IARNUAI WHIPPLE, GEORGE MONTEA'Uf. ' ' , PETER HONNfcLLY. . RICH I). H. FITCH. B. BUSI1NKLU GURDON GRANT. ap 25 lm A utur. lo Tartm Ktrjitri and Oroeen. CO" Licenses to Tavern Keeper and t.'ro - . cerslromihe Vayor and CeminintiotH - r of Excise, will be issued at the Mayor's Office,' in tbc .y nan, net ween me Hours of ten and onu o'clock, 00 the several day, and 'or the dlffer - via : 1st ward , on the . Sd ,. du .do 3d do do 4lli li) do 1 5th tli ' 1 do 6th do ' " do 7tli do , do 8th do ' sirs Vlll do 1I0 v . 10th du - do : fith .May, ... ,th.. Uo'..Sf: 7th de,; , tab ft 9th do'. IlihA: lithdo , 13:h& 14th d . 15th .V Itithdo ' inth St 1'jthdo 2utb p do . If 1st & f ' ! da ' All person who know - of any ohkctiu. a - gainst the gruiiitig of lu tnses loenyef tliote who now hold the in, ure rctee.tfu1ly tequeitcd to give information at the Mayor's Ollice, be. lore the time fur granting them as eb'ive - incn - tiuncd j nnd thine gNlemen who have taken panis to investigate tlrfs suhjert, and cdiisidit it of sufficient ni ir.ent, are particularly invited to assist in furnishing all the information ia their pen or. . By order, . . . J. Si DELL, F. M. Ap27tf ' ; . GLOLE LiUitA.Cr. COMrAAV.." " 111 E Presided and Dirtctois gne notice, . (hat a dit idend of four per out on llie capital stock of the company tm the last six months, will l raid to (I t Str - ekliolde rs al (heir OSee. No. 65 Wall - street, on and after the 1ttdavuf Jane text The Transfer book vni.l he cl:ti'd on (he lst instant. By order ol The l.nrl of Directors. . lilt. HARD DUNN', Jm;r. oiy 1 Id Im . , - . Stc'ry. BOARDINft IpOURorfivegi - iillemen with their foitiiliet, ' or, (en orliiiee.n iu - le gentlemen, rna bv accommodated with oo.vnl mid iedging at Mc.uut Vernon Hotel, ubout (ivu milet iroen the city 01 New York.uo th; bank of tho Last Hirer, and one of the most pleasant tituaiiout on the isluud. I he rm.uH are limrtnuti and airy, ha vine a lull view ol the river; coach hoimi and si.ilil.t - - I'rrnii lilM:rul, uml every attention paid, by the public's huniblu teivunt. my t mi i.,ka v;ai.iivvi;i,i,. WH EATON'S HLli UINTMFNTT" rrHE bmg and tucccsaful use of this ointment J. - it a tullicient icKommeiidatien,' as it ha been found to be a pleasant, iiv suid cerluta te - nietly for that disagreriihle disrate in all it ta - i;et. It is for ale in the city of New - York, by J. A. W. R. Pott, No. 41 Williau - ttrret; f. U T. Clark, No. 85 Mi.ideu - Lane ; 11. Ii. Schitil'clio U Co, No. 1J3 learl - slretti l aw rence ti Kcese, No. 195 Pearl - tret ; Hull k Bnwne, 146 Pearl ifrre t ; R. ti L. Murray, 313 Prarl - stroet t J.M. Brndhnrst, 314 Pearl - street ; John Penford, No. 4 Fleb her - strert ; Huryee Ac Poe, in Pearl - street j John C. Morrison, l.'IO Greenwich street 1 John P. Fisher, 100 Rrdad - way 1 Walter Si Seaman, cornel of nnd Broadway, ind also in Chatham - street : and in short il may he procured at most of Ihe ih ti .Stores in (his city Also in i'hilmiclnhia. of S. Withered X Sons 1 Geortre Hartcfl . Nurlh ii Rim Kcr, and almost al Hie lirv'gisl in tbeptiucipal towns in the United States. - i.iricwur, Wf I EATON'S JAUNDICE TITTERS mar be had at the above placet. 1 jan 22 rns 'MHE FRANKLIN FIRE INSL RANCE . 1 COil PAN Y their Office at No. 41 W all street f where they are ready to receive npplicati'Kis fnr liisiirntM . - T h CAPITAL SI'OCk of Haifa Million of Dollar, i all subscribed and paid, or satisfactorily secured 1 DIRECTORS. . , Elisha Tibbit', Philip EraLer, Henry I. Wyck1 ff, 'Ititwuat Fmnklia, George Griswold, James Walsh, Win. Ravurd. Jr. Sleuhen WhiLi.rv. John T. Lnwrwnce, I Jot. P. M'KicJie, Jatnet Doorman, I Pert Jour 1, Ul'IIJ. L rwia, John 1. Palmer. (John Adams, ' Thon1.1i Buckley.. 1 a ilRliir.S, Pr. ti.l. at. ELISHt J. WOP.TIilNG l ON, Scc'ry. may S Im IMPORTANT TO 71 IE iLULlC. 'IIJE tuhtcribr.r beet leave lo inform hie .L Iriendt and the pu die (hut he hat tukea a niom at the corner of Fianklurt and Chatham - stretts, tienr I mmany Hall, ni an" I IS 1 I.IGENCE OFFICE." Whtue fr.miliet may he tiMlied with ervnnl oferery df rit tion ; wrvani with I'lace ; gentlemen wishing servants, for travelliig, cpp!ied al Die shortest nulite t merchor.ts with clerks, and clrrlts tvilii employ ; Wet nurses with places; mechanics with jnuriieyiiirii. Every inlormatien given to strin - j, rs and others, in bis line, who Hill favor Liui with a ran. Families, becoming subscribers, topj litd wltli servnuts at on dollar per annum. Also, - Book! pMte.1, Account adjuded, Pa - tiers of every description, copiod viilh neatnet.', correctner - , nnJ dispatch. Personal :t - ndane, 5 to 2 o'clock A. M. and from 3 to 9 o'clock P. M. ' He fljtlert liimself thai bit tstiduity and attcn - , tion lo business, will gia him a share of thf ub - lio .treeage. If. PADFLFORD. Statu of New - Vori. Comptrollers CCcc. ( f trHEtEAJby an act of the legislature V V' cniilbd "nn act to improve the fund - j ,n - r.i.i.ii - ii.r Ihe redemption of the funded .i.i.t i Ihia dale. rfsfd lsl Apil 1818, (he Comptroller is authorixed to borttrw a Ibe credit ol this state, a sum or sum cot exceeding it the ttbob, one million ol dull - It, nt a rate ol in. rest aut txreedu sn r er cal3Ut per annum, rtyiiLle quarter Jtarly. . Now therefore, ptjh.ic Notice it Icrehy giveii hvthe undertigoto, Comp'.roller ofajid State. J ' . . . . r . J .1, . 1 . 1 1 numiuurc ri tne an wmai.i, nm miiii. reive ttraled proposals at bit ofike is Ure City of Al;ny, tuilit 1 itetcuy n ain itiay iDMaae, lor tbi w bole oruey part of a kraa of one million of doi;r, lo be paid iutalbe T rcasaxy by the first JK yor u oj of kaM w;)i(it nay made , tlicFtateuiidvr ti e act aiitrtMa, ccruueme o vli wid be issih - J whirit will be transferable the city of '.few - York, and the interest cm which will be paid qtn'tc r ytaily to the itock - residirtg idVk - Sooth, rntti'liict nd cut vftlsc State at sswe Bank in the c'y. Yjisu and to ail other" in the city of Alhny. D pru - t ipal of eav.1 Stock t - be ' unUlh - fi.lVd.yol 8 f.'t: fie y - ai. U,erw.,1erlU Govcrruicnt 1. boead lo redeem it il H e itekUiidai. require thesame to .jAim. - ' INTYRE. Cjrrpfrol'er. A KfJrl sr. nc AMinny, May 7, I21V Ey 11 tlueU

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