The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 22, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, May 22, 1818
Page 4
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.' EEHGE5 0RPHAN3 COURT , .. , Of the Terra of March, 1818, Cath.rioe .'Schuyler, ) . V j V - Administratrix, c. f ol John A. Scheyler Ra!e, voder Sttute. '., " deceafed. : ' t pH Eeonrt order and direct, That Catharine J. Schuyler administratrix or the goods, cnat - UK and credits ul J oho A. Schuyler, deceased, : civ public notice to the creditor of the decs . uent toVrinein their claims and demand! against Ihe e.tate 01 the mid decedent, on or before the , tint rUiy of May, in the year of our Lord eigb - ' teea hundred and nineteen, by pulling up notice , to that eflsct in five of the most public placet in the cciuiity of Bergen, for the ipace of two nionttit. - ui, a advertising toe same lor we uc (pace of time in a newspaper printed and pub' lulled tn the Male ol Kew - Jersey, anom a new , paper printed and published iu tie city of NW' twtt. A ira iraasrnpl ircta me recora. epzSSui. JOHX A. BOYD, Sur'gate. rTJ A.GUTl'WALDT,hsremoidirooi No. 44 to No. 75 aideo - lwie, wliere ne conun - - i ties to maaofacture bis HANO - FORTE3 on an i ,.ntire new anJ imiirevtd coastruction, Iheruult of many years clow. application and study, for ., : examination by coonoiMears of music, be Bat ters himself that they will meet Willi iutirp - h..;. .n.1 m. rit Dublic uatronase i and be uvmuvH) a , " ., i f...i. ..mH.l. ihai his Diaoo - fortcs have met with ftTva Y f - i , snuroval of the most eminent pro feswri of music the following testimonial, of which they kiauiy nave grauieu nun, w ni - ha tilil.lir? Kl ! ' . We, the subscriber, professors of mmic, do certify, that we have carefully examined Mr. J. . A. Gutlwaldt's piano - fortes, which, tbr ingenuity aod excellence of workmanship and uniform brilliancy of tone, we deservedly recommend to public patrol, art. .Messrs. uuies, r.ueune, ivu, AleelZ, U. I niDauii, vnanei uiuert 'r"""l TO LET. on the tame premises, ftnjlll large and commodious store and back room Vljoitung, wiw or without a ironi ceuar, np 25 1m FOR MLE, A vervnrbfitable rARM. of 110 acre. la.i iiiirHt uniier cultivation, the residue wood land, situate on the lea shore, a quarter of a mile . below the narrows, on tl States Island side and ' . short ride from the steam boat Terry landing It a - ivea ft vrv intensive view of the bar aod en wronsof NewYork, within the Narrows, and of bandy Hock and Hi ocean tor prospect is - equalled by nooe. ilia Otle is unquesuoname . Two thirds of the purchase money may remain . secured upon me land. Apply to a. v . u. uuu talnbn the premises, otto W. A. SEELY, 143 Greenwich - street. . TO LET. a convenient new 2 story house, ' adjoining the above, with a garden and about an era of land, f or terms apply as a cove. mil 3 eodtf ffl " fOR SALE, ' SmSI A bouse and farm on Tbrog'i Neck, in (bo town and county of Westchester, fourteen miles from New - York. The farm contains a - bout one hundred acres of excellent land in good "fence,' a large barn and other convenient outbuildings, a good house two stories high, wilb four rooms on each floor, elegantly situated on Ihc banks of the East River ; the situation un commonly healthy j the neighbourhood the most respectable j abundance of fruit of the best sc lection i scale and shell fili in grant variety taken before the 6oue. . tXt further information apply to the subscriber on the premises. T, my 1 Ini STEPHEN B. HOFFMAN. For one or more rears! the following - Houti i at Hanenville, near the five mile stone, ulooraingdule toad. A pleasantl) situated and convenient two story Hotutf and Stable, with a Gurdtn und four a - " i .i . i j j Also - A pleasantly situated and convenient two story House and Stable, with a large Garden . and three acres of land, both of the above places are well stocked with different kinds ol choice Fruit - trees. Alto A pleasantly situated and convenient two story House, with a Stable and two acres of land. or further particulars enquire of JACOB HARSEN, op 28 Ira Near the premises. liaiTl A convenient two story frame house, . with six lots of ground, well adopted lor a boarding school, situated in Broadway, between Eleeckerend Prince - streets. Enouireof ELB. ANDERSON, my 13 121 Np. 4 Bowling Green. knit Si.E OK'IX) LKJiSH, I. nt. in the s. B. a. and 10 Wards; many I oTJvhich are on reeul&ted and paved streets. No money will be required under ten years, if sold, interest excepted. HOUSES. , Several two and three story houses, on which a rreat part of the money remain on mortgage. LAND1NU AT HtU nwiv. . An excellent stand for business, with ten acres of land, pleasantly situated, with a wharf, (tore - house nnd barn. . . COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - Haven, with 40acresof Innd, and a never fuiling stream, upon which 20 millimay be erected, with a sufficiency of water for each. . Apply at No. 2 Greenwich street. jau 13 tf TO LLT, A three - story brick house, opposite the paik in Duxne, aud uext to the comer of Hudson - street. Enquire at No. 2 Greenwich - street. . mv 7 ' twkvl i i i I '11 , UftJ rormlA or to let, tho beautiful place Called Mont - AJta, tcv.a mile, from the City T . 'I Hall, on Uv North River, adjominglordCoar lenay't. It contains 20 acres oi land under im provtmenl. wiiha large garduii ia good condition, a variety of fruit trees, and every convenience a family mav require. For terms, which .are reasonable, aud if sold a long credit giveu if wished, annlv to ' N. S D. TALCOTT, ap0 C4South - st. i ' i TO LKT, ' A spaciousCELLAR,No. 9 Wall - street, uuabieior a nine, viaer vault, or runn .ria ker. Enquire on the premise. . may 12 2w . tVii 6.1 Lt.. A farm of between sixlv and seventy acres, situate oa the west bank of Lake Otsego, and one mile from the village of Coopcrstown. On it are anew stone bouse 54 fee tsquare ; a new farm house, barn, fife. It forms a desirable es tabiishment for a gentleman wilting te retire into the country, aa its situation, as to prospect. convenience to market, sc. is not surpassed bv any in the interior of Uie stale. It will be sold low for cath, on a credit, or exchanged for pro pcrty in mil cut, gooos, ccc. Appiy to II. D tt R. SEDGWICK, my 7 tf Law Buildings, e To Let fir ant or mart yean, The lol'.nwinz houaeahnuaa fin 294 Brteiway,two doors abnve Washington Hall, lvllhAc - ..TmthcI,irifr,"l,),rl - Also, a uiirs . j mu oae rvo. 4l&, insnij street. Also, a ne and genteel two story brick hotSe' corner of Lispeuard and Church - streets, the iV?.a!P' . ,e Vax furth,!r Prticalars, apply;,y. mi,ii,.lfi TO LKT, The ele - ant 3 story house Kn. 1 I . son street, whic h commands a pleasant vir. tiie Park and river. Possession may be had ia a fewda.vs. Aisoior sale, the lurniture ofsaid hou. et i - .e twit 'loamy ; well btted, and suitable to gei.ieel family. Apply as ubeve. . ?"y ," , . WAM Ki). 46 or a es as per fcet 68 the Inrs feet tl less, per 6 less, 56 less, dron 1st 5 less, fee 18 and and or ler. ration deeds. bers. eers. ' I A. I JL room be e gers with P. lic I I - i Hi, a A GOOD female servuit, fc do the Cooking w forbear to descend to particulars s to offer T other work of small . - yand a family, where is recommendations, or to make great to be leather m - lp. None need apply miles they Our patrwis are left to indcoof the S" b"' f Xic? retommeadition from instrucUon both moral and scicnfrAc b iir27 ProTCfnent of the scholars. ."wwwiii nuinvna rui.fii ta)l T. WDPre ' 1 1 . . ' . be ud. Apply at 18 Franklin street. " l p - ' - Kiiai la vi,uuiiBeDaaiyaa. ne In he , by i - v. u. scuoiar, REAL ESTATE. .,, INpdnaaKrofaa order of the honorable f court of chanctry, tinted the 4th day of April, 1818. we, the uodenifiued, trustees of the Mtate of neanr JJorer. deceaseo. wm ...r - ; suction, on Tiiarsday, the Jlhday of way il.. r - ll - .l mtmtm t Lot No. 7 Uoytr atreetDiaeUe feet eighteen feet rear. 56 feet deep on 'hM, "J and 47 feet oa northwesterly sides, be be ame more or less i asd as now e'on "r - u;iu. 4,m.irnnv t Mihiect to a lease wtneb willeenireonthe 1st May, 1828, at a ground rent of 60 dollars per ana urn. . , Lot No. laiyerstreet. 20 feet front, Mrear, feet 4 inches deep on southerly and 61 feet on northerly side, be the same more or less, as aow late in possewiooofCol. Wm. Eetj, subject to lease, which will expire on uie isi maj, . .nin.i nnt nf A) Hollars Der annum. r J Kin inilnvnritreeL 10 feet front and XI irar. Kl rMtdeeDonsoutherlrand64 feettinch - on the northerly side, lie the same more or less, now in the possession of Mr - David Munsoa; subject to a lease which will expire on the 1st .Ti', I0Z4, at a ground rent oi winy sis uuimia annum. l,ol No. 15 Dover street, 25 feet front and 33 rear, 54 feet 6 inches deep on Southerly and Teet 3 inches on northerly side, ne me unit moie or less, as now in posession of Mr. William Shatsel subject to a If ate which will expire on 1st May, 1 024, at aground rent of forty doi iur Annum. Lot No. 16 Doyer street, 26 feet front and 29 6 inches rear, 21 feet deepton .southerly and feet on northerly sides, be the same more or and as now or late in possession oi 101. win. Few; subject to a leaie which will expire on the lstjBf May, 1BZ4, at aground rentoi looouars annum. Lot No. 13 Pell street. 29 feet front and 9 feet inches rear, 60 feet deep, be the same more or as now inlpocscMion of the estate of Wm. Urar. deceased : suhiect to a lease wmcn win expire on the 1st May, 1831, at a ground rent of. thirty dollars per annum. Lot No. 21 fell street, 21 feet front and rear, feet 8 inches deep on easterly, and 58 feet 4 inches on westerly sides, be the same more or as now in possession of Mr. Wm. I. Wal - ; subject to a lease, which will expire on the day olMay, 1824, at a ground rent ol 40 dollars per annum. Lot flo. 25 fell street,:!! leei iront, a leei j inches rear, 60 fctt deep on easterly, and 66 feet inches on westerly sides, be the same more or as now ill possession of John lleyer ; sub - t to a lease which will expire on the 1st May, 4, at a ground rent of 30 dollars. House and lot No. 23 Pell street, 21 feet front rear, and 68 feet 4 inches deep on easterly, 60 feet on westerly sides, be the sane more less, as now in possession of Mr. Joseph But The improvement on the leafed lots to be valued and paid for by the purchaser, at the expi of the lease. Terms of sale, cash, on the delivery of the Any further information which may be required will be given by either of the subscri ISAAC S. DOUGLASS, ADRIAN tl. VAN BOKKF.LEN. The above property will be sold at the Tontine niiee noiise. on the above - mentioned Mows. FRANKLIN tl MIM'URN, Auction. my 7 Ids ROOMS TO LET. tWO or three RenUKmtn and aeentleman and his wife can be accommodated with hoard. here the apartments are larue and nlcaiAnt. hv pplying at No. SO Vesey street, opposite the nurcn. my lo iwl IMPORTANT TO THE PUBLIC. riIIE subscriber begs leave to inform his friends and the public that he has taken a at the comer of Frankfort nnd Chatham - streets, near Tammany Hall, as an INTEL? urriur.." Where lamilies may supplied with servants ol" every description ; servants wun places ; gentlemen wishing ser vanU, for travelling, supplied at the shortest notice mer,.lmntt Jo, clUks, and clerks with , , , wi,, inurneymcn. r.verv information eiven to stran and others, in hi line, who will favor him a call. Families, becoming subscribers, supplied with servants at ene dollar per annum Also, Books posted, Accounts adjured, ra pen of every description, copied with neatness, correctness, and dispatch. Personal attendance. from 5 to 2 o'clock A. M. und from 3 to 9 o'clock M. He flatters himself thai his assiduity nnd attcn lion to butincts, will gaiu him a share of the pub patronage, ' ' my 2 Im II. PADEI.FOIID ARABIAN HORSE. 1 A TILL be sold at auction on the 23d init. in front of E. Jones' stable, New street, an elegaut Arabian SLED HORSK, imported the last year. Also, a full blood English Mare. Thehorse is extremely flett and delightful under the saddle. The owner has no objection to sel - ling tliem at private sale, if applied for in time. Enquire of Mr. JONES. mv i:itiis btate of New - York, Comptrollers Odice. T .T7HEREAS by an art of the Leii1ture VV entitled " an act to improve the funds and to provide for the redemption of the fuuded debt of tuii state, passed W 1st April 1)118, the Lmmmroiler is authorized to borrow on the crcd it of ibis state, a sum or sums uot exceeding ii the whole, one million of dollars, at a rate ol in terestnot exceeding six er centum per annum, payauie quarter yearly. Now tnerelorc, public .otice is hereby given by the undersigned. Comptroller of s.uil State. in parsuance of the act aforesaid, that he will re - faivB nrnrtnii or ha a - f 1 1 o en ll.a ite ail 1 ujr imo tum majr iua mt " anJ.I."l oi one miuon c ilfilinrt. in no rvnil mint, rroacnrtr hv I hs hrsif j; - - - ; - , - . - - - jr; For the loan or loan which may be made to the State under the act aforesaid, certilirates ol stock will he limed winch will be transferable at the city of New - York, and the in'erest on which will lie paid quarter yearly holders residing in the Southern di to the slock strict and out of the Slate at some Hank in the city of New - York, nnd to all others in the city of Albany. The principal of said Stock to he irredeemable until the first day of January. 1823s and within five ya.iri thereafter the Governmrnt is hound to reueem u u uie oiocauuuiers require me lame to be done. ARCH'D. MctNTYRE. Comptroller. Albany, Mav 7, 1U18, my 1 1 126th CURLED HA IK MAM) FACTORY, 76 Chatham - street. ' rilHE subscriber retunis his thanks to the JL public for their former patronage In the line of his profession, and hopes for their future support. He likewise iuforms them that he has ou hand a constant supply of curled hair, manu factured expressly for matrasses, on an improved principle ; and likewise guarantees the hair sold by him to be free from any impure smell, beio; well scoured, Doued and baked, and being ma nufacturedby machinery, has an advantage over any other hair manufactured in America its very texture and elasticity making it a saving of twenty - five per cent to the purchaser. WILLIAM JACKSOX, N. B. Merchant and the trade in genera) wdl find it to their advantage to call as above, 30 bales of hair ia its rough stat ; 6 bale of long horse - tails ; 2000 lbs of long hair drawn 30 inches, clubbed ; 600 dozen hair sieve bottoms For sale as above. my 5 2m ma mi a rr. - tjv school. VI AMtATTN Female School is at 194 14S Greenwich - street : Ctiamber - street. Mole School, In these schools are taught all the branches which constitute a useful and finuhMl c,lurii - iiiiuiisr?, - niode of the im And r caa are m. of aa cy, fail The not to and well large and tlr.s, " ses r ington near the dar bis of other fee, will .1 the J inn:rnTinrt. KOtIR BTOMACH, 1 8 acknowledged by inerrical writere to be a J. complaint rt etubDom aioo, ana ai very diakult of core. This it sufficiently illustrated ia the disappointment of those who unfor - imij, ntn.r umW ii. tliK - fur the most part, that after having tried many thirp to little no purpose, thrj are at last obliged to use (for perhaps ute remainaer oi wej ut.u ann. at best but palliate tiie disease. Under such circumstances, anymedicioe capable of removing the complaint, must surely be an article highly deserving the attention of all those who afflicted wita u i sucn acommnniion iu " .it), in f)R. MEAD'S ANT1 - DY8EP - TIC or BTOMACH PILLS the success of wl.irh haa never vet been eaualled. fur the cure dyspepsia in it most complicated form, such loss oi appetite, naueo, neon uuru, iuiuh" - knawing paia in uie sioniacn, pain iu uic aide, great costiveness, paleness in the countenance, languor, iowi.ess of spirits, pain in the head, virtigo or giddiness, and disturbed sleep. Whoever applies these pills iu the above disease, according to the directions, will never be disappointed, as they have never been once known to in producing a radical nnd permanent cure. ui of a simile box will convince the most nnhelievin - nt their elBcticr. Tbev will most effectually remove all sourneil of the stomach, merely by neutralif ine the arid, hut by cor - j rectiog that morbid stale ol theiecretions which gives rise to it, and at the same time will restore the debilitated organs of digestion, that tone vigour which is absolutely oecessary to the being of the animal economy. Price one dollar per box. Fornle by No. 1f!8Greenwich - street. Where mar be had. wholesale and retail, a and geutr&l assortment of genuine Drugs Medicines : Surgeons Instruments; Apothecary's Glass - Ware ; English and American Patent Medicines. Also, Dyer's and Fuller's aiti - Medicine Chetts, Ate. On liborel terms. mh 25 2m VALUABLE REAL ESTATE FOR SALE, Itf THE tITX OV HXW - 10RK.' 17IVE lots of ground on the west sideofGreen - wich - stretf, between Vestry and Desbros - - streetr, 25 by 80. our do in the rear of the above, fronting on theeaat side of Washington - street, 25 by ISO. ' Eizlil do in the block below, between Wash and Wcst - streetf . In Montgomery County. C000 acres of Land in Lawrence's purchase. Fast Canada Creek, on the north side of Mohawk. In Franklin County. 15.162 acres of Land, in the towns of Mount Morris and Dayton. in &ssex county. 7832 acres of Land in the town of Barryr&ore. In the County of Lewis. 1250 acres of land in Casterland. Chass nnis Purchase. In Saratoga County. 2600 acres iu Pulmer's purchase. Enquire at the office of the subscriber. 34 Ce - ttreet. BEV. ROBiNSON. mh 17 tf CHEAP CASH GROCERY STORE. Corner of Grand and Rynder - strcets, directly opposite Centre Market. JAMES P. A.NUOfc: respectfully inform his friends and the public in general he ha re moved from corner ol Broadway and Reed - tt. to present stand, where he solicits a continuance public patronage, and hopes by his unremitted exertions to obtain the best of Liquor and article in his line of business, thereby to rentier the most periect salisiaclion. N. B. J. P. A. keeps constantly for sale a renrral assortment of fiist rate Teas. Sugar. Cof fpices, Liiquors ol all Kinds, ac Mc. which be all disposed ol at a moderate advance. iny - i im US T published, a Discourse delivered at the consecration of the Syuazogue of the Chil dren of Israel, in the city of IN sw - York, onrri' day, the Uhh of ftisan, 5071!, corresponding with 17tli of April, 1818, by Mordecai M. Noah, K1. Jii't received and lor sale by LLIAS V A' LENTINE, 04 Broadway, opposite Trinity Church yard, where alio may be had all the new publications. my IX Slnle of JVcin - 1 ork Camplrvtlcr't OJicc. raUULIC NOTICE is heieby eiven, that seal ed proposals will be received at this office until Monday the 2jth of May next, for the pur chase of the whole or of any part of 840, 47U 17' 100 dollars of the three per cent. Stock of the lunded debt of the United States, Owned by this state, Tin! Stock, if sold, will he transferred on the Crst day of July next, at which time, payment mutt be made by the purchaser or purchasers, nt the Bank of New - York in the city of New - York. The proposals will be opened on the said 55! h day of May next and tho best offer or offers will be accepted ; provided the otters be such as shall, consistent with the interests of the state, warrant the acceptance of any ol them. If any offer or offers shall be accepted, infnr nation thereof shall be immediately cominuni cated to the person or persons so offering ; nnd n is expected and required that such person or persons shall then give satisfactory security for the payment at the time stipulated. Atiiti'iJ M'l.M XRt, comptroller. Albany, April 27, 1810. npJO 1M25 PROSPECTUS for riRHSRnr, nv .uBgcmrTioir A MAP OF MEXICO AND LOUISIANA. '1 MIE publication of this Map has been under - X taken with the imnrestion. that it will ex hibit information, highly interesting at this event ful crisis, and the valuable Maps which the author has procured, durinr hisseveral tours through Ale xico, in the years lUOo, 1UU7, 1U1Z, ihij, 1815, 1H16, and 1U17. induce him to beleive that the Man, with even nil its imperfections, will be much the inosi perfect which has appeared before the public. J his ivi np will contain the latest and oest in formation from Uie discoveries and possessions of the American, Spanish. Russian, British and French traveller and navieator and represen ting the claims of their resicctivc governments on the Northwestern coait of America. The Man will include, that portion of North America, which lie between the lsthmu of Da - rien, and the4llth degree of North Latitude, and from the Mississippi River westwardly to the l acme ucean. In size the Map will be about six by five feet, and will be projected on a scale of 40 miles to the inch, to be delivered to the subscribers at fif teen dollars rach. Natches, March 7, 181ft. ap7 tAul HAjYA'S ANiJ - BlLlOUS PILLS. f I11CH have been attended with a degree ol success hishly crateful to the invent or's feelings, in several purts of the West Indies, and Ihe southern nnd ttliililie elates, - ly in New York. Philadelphia, Baltimore, fee. The operation of these pills are perfectly mild. so as to be used by perion in every situation and ol every age. They are excellently adapted to carry of su - perilous bile, and prevent its morbid secretions ; to restore nnd amend the appetite ; to produce a tree perspiration, and luerehy prevent, coldt which are olten of fatal consequence. A dose never fails to remove a cold, if taken on its first appearance. They are an infa'lib'e pre vend e oi untous anu malignant rever, ants snouiti oe procured lor ue, by every seaman and traveller, Prepared and sold at LEr.'S .Medicine Store, No. 46 Maiden Lane. Druggists and country store keeper supplied on liberal terms. my lb FRANCIS M'GOWAN, No. 126 Fly Market, sensible of the very liberal encouragement he has received since his commencement in business, and feeling confident that no exertions on bis part shall be wantirur to merit a contin uance, informs hi. friends aod the public that no pains orexpence has been avoided to obtain a stock or tne nest liquors oi every description which can be depended oa for their purity. Having mai'e arrangement", while at Charles ton, for a constant supply of GREEN TU RTLE in their season, ne will ne enabled to iurnish soup of an excellent quality. A book will be opened tor subscriber to an ORDINARY, to be on the table every day at a stared nour. Rooms, for private pnrtica, at a short entire, N. B. Soup. Beef - Steaks Oysters, Mutton v,ocp ana tieutac at an limes. ap23 . ta, in the V I A. ry st POST C0AH LINE roit PHILADELPHIA BT WAT Of roWLEt - HOOZ ; , ANEW Line of Pott Coaches with every convenience for passengers and baggage, on SniW. THROUGH IN ONtt DA ' n n ' . . . . al " L. f i tie rost L oacn win start irom me oacuui - fice, No. 1 Courtiand - streeL N. York, every morning, (Sundays excepted) at 5 o'clock, by way of Newark, Elizabethtown, Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton ami Bristol, and arrive at Philadelphia the same afternoon, at 4 o'clock. A second Line of new Post Coaches will start from New - York everv moraine. fSuftdaVS ex cepted,) at 10 o'clock in the Steam Boat Atalan - icxige at ronton, anu arrive ti rnu.iui ipmu, a Steam Boat, next morning at 10 o'clock. Fare 5 dollars. I. 8. Passcnser are requested to call and take their seats nt the office No. 1 Ccurtlandt - itreet, New - York. United States Mail Uoach, lor rmiaaeipnia, Baltimore and Washington City, with every convenience for passengers and baggage, on springs. The U. S. mail coach will start from coacbodice, No. 1 Courtlandt - st. New - York, every day at 2 o'clock, V. M. and arrive at Phil adelphia next morning at oo'clocit. uniy u passengers admitted. For seats in the above named Lines, apply to THOS. WHITFIELD, at the old established Coach, and Steam Boat office, No. 1 Court - landt - stieet, near the corner ol Broadway, new - York or to A. T.GOODRICII Hi CO. No. 124 Broadway, comer of Cedar - street, New - JYork. (KJ - All goods and baggage at we run oi me owner. JOStrH LVUiN, tu.s & tu. N. B Expresses sent to any part of the Con tinent, by THOMAS WHITFIELD. ray 10 KxricDmous traveli.iau. 7 - Y - pSTfta. CILilSK 4 STKaM - Uu.i J LLYKS. FOR PIIILAOELPHIA. Throuih in one d;v. and hv dav - lisht. ftt Monday the 1 1th of May instant, a line of - " post - coaches and steam - boats between New - York and Philadelphia will bo commenced. he passenger will leave White - Hall in New - York every day (Sundays excepted) at 5 o'clock M. in his excellency vice - president D. D. Tompkins' commodious and speedy steam - boat NAU 1 ILUS, proceed to Bristol by the Staten - Island and Woodhridge turnpike, and take the iteam - boat at Bristol at 1 o'clock, and arrive in fhiladelphia at 4 o'clock the same day. The roads on the land part of this line are turnpiked and in excellent order ; the country and villages through which they pass is elevated, pleasant and healthy, the route is the nearest at present travelled between the two cities ; the various and extensive views which it give of tho ocean, the bays, sound and rivers between New - York and New - Brunswick, makes this the most expeditious comfortable and pleasant tour now existing between New - York and Philadelphia. a seconn post cnaise will leave Wew - I ork eve day (Sunday's excepted) at 10 o'clock, in l,. v4 r, n. A 1 1 f II I ' 1 - f . 1 1 hid aibuiii iivbi nuaiiia, irum tvuito nan, uy way of Elizabethtown, Bridgetown, New Bruns wick, rnnceion. looeo at Trenton, take t lie steam boat at Bristol, and arrive in Philadelphia iflnVlnrLv Cora ll.rA..ol. It : For scats iu the above lines annlv at the office. no. i iu d oituway. . i All goods and baggage at the risk of the own ers. JOHN .V. GUMMING, Newark. J. GULICK. SONS 4 CO.' Princeton. STOCKTON k HOWELL, Philadelphia. tt Expiesscs sent to anv part of the United States, hy L. BAKER, GULICK ft CO. mv II NOTICE. (r - Steam Boat Olive Branch will sail every Sunday, at 1 1 o'clock round 'j&laten island, and occasion' ally, ii the winJ and tide will permit, to the hook. This beautiful sail will contribute both to health and pleasure, and is as cheap a re creation as can he found. Parties who mean to partake of this amusement will, if convenient, give in their uames the day preceding, at the office in Marketlield street, north side of the Bat terv. Dinner and Tea on hoard, at the usual prices, fassage Us children null price. my lau SWIFT - SURE MAIL COACHES, FOH FB1I.APELPBIA. Leave new - ork every morning (Suuday'sex - ccpted) at II o'clock, and arrive in Philadelphia next day to dinner. Che publick house are good, and reasonable in their charges. The drivers, horses and coaches are not inferior to any others now running between these two cities. The beautiful country, and the excellence of the roadson this rout, connected with the safety, comfort, and reasonable expences. are beleived to be strong inducements to travellers in giving this line a decided prefer, ence. Tho strictest attention will he observed by the proprietors in giving general satisfaction. All baggage and packages will go at the risk of the owner unless insured and receipted for by the clerk of said office. Stage fare only $5, with a generous allowance of baggage. Parties wishing to travel at their leisure, may engage the Coach on reasonable terms exclusively to themselves, by applying one day previous to starting. For seats apply at Northern Hotel, No. 79 Courtlandt - street, New York. LYON, SONS, k CO. ap 2 Proprietors. MRS SPENCER respectfully informs her frientls, and the ladies in particular who recently called on her, that her apartments are now ready for the reception of pupils for the piano lone ; also, thai she is ucsiorus ol ootain - ingtwoor three more pupils, who she would have no objection to wait upon at their own houses, should it be preferred. The most respeota - ble relerenees can be given. A gentleman and Ins wire may be accommodated with board. my 12 lin White - street. No. 3. SCI ill ES. aj doxen, for sale by J. D'WOLF. Jr. my 14 54 South - street. NF.1F DnESSMG ROOM. A FRUMENTO, No. 1 Wall - street, Just re m.. turned from Italy, has the honour to inform the gentlemen, that be cuts and dresses hair ia the latest style, and in a macner so a to adopt it to the phisiogaomy. He has for sale a quanti ty of RAZORS of the first quality, if they do not please on trial, the purchaser, are at liberty to return them, and receive the money. . He has likewise procured a very fine bone, and engages to restore raiors to a very keen edge and should they not cut he will receive an recompence. Those tenllemrn who may please to honor him with their patronage, may depend on the most particular and respectful attendance. Frumento has just received a few sett, ol the celebrated Manguim Fal Back Razors, war - rantea os uamasces steel oi a superior quality, Amateurs may shave themselves luxuriously. - N. B. Gentlemen who subscribe bytbeaaar ter will have their razors, kc kept exclusively for themselves. . P. S. A good journeyman wanted. Apply I'OSl - - j'.'i' Y:Jata as aoove. inn o u OmON LINE. I sLaa r o it r 11 I L A D E L P U I A . Twenty - five mile land carriage, via New - Brunswick and Trenton. In new post coaches $5 Do. good stages, 4 50 Do. forecastle or fleck passengers 3 50 Connected by the steam boats OLIVE BRANCH and PHIL A DELHI I A. The steam - boat Olive Branch will leave New - York every day. Sun day excepted, from the north side of the Batte ry, at U o'clock A. M. - Passengers will lodge at Trenton, and take the steam - boat Philadelphia, so as to arrive in Philadelphia at 10 o'clock the next morning, in time lo lake the Union Line lfaltimore sleam - hoals. his line has a connection with the bert boats on the Delaware and Chesapeake to Norfolk ; as also those ol the north River and bound ; and their several arrivals arc calculated to cause little, if any delay. 1 bis is a speedy and certainly the most con venient rout, as the passcrgcrs will leave New - York after the bank open, and arrive in Phila delphia beforo the hours of business, without fatigue in travelling or want of sleep, the land carriage being much less than by any other route between the two cities. For seats in the above line apply to WILLIAM B. JAQUES. At the Union Line Steam Boat Office, in Mnr - ketbeld - street, north side or the Uuttery, between Greenwich U Washington - street;, cr to The CAPTAIN on board. 0j - All goods and baggage at the risk of the owner. ap 4 THE aOUJVU STEAM BOAT - LIA'K. F3 The proprietors, with a view of accommodating the Tsya,f public, by extending the line arift, hi ir' i . , V" Norwich, intend makin; - Iff l - aar lf " IMOrwiCh, the experiment with the Fulton, Cant. Law, and this route (if found practicable) will be continued during tne teason. ihe line will in luture be from - ew - Kork to Norwich, as follow : The Connecticut, Capt. Bunker, will leave New - York every Monday, iV tdntsd ay nnd Friday, at 8 o'clock, in Ihe morning, for new - Haven. Ihe rulton, Capt. Law, will leave Norwich at 6 o'clock in the morning of the same slays, touch at jtw - Ijmdon and depart from thence for JVno - Haten at 8 o'clock.' The boat, will meet at JVe - feren, and depart from thence every Monday, iVtdna - day and Friday, at 7 o'clock in the evening the Connecticut lor Yew - x ork. and the I ulton lor Arte - London and Noiuieh. mhl7 NORTH HIVER STEAM - BOATS. (jCr On tho 11th of May, the Boats will commence rrunninefour times a week. .aZaS lOllOW. 1 A Boat will leave New - York on Tuesday, at 9 A. M ; Wednesday, at 5 P. M. : Friday, at 9 A. M. and Saturday, at 5 P. M. of each week : and a bont will leave Albany on Monday, Wed nesday, i nursaay, and eaturday, at a A. M. The above arrangement will commence bv the Chancellor', leaving Albany on Monday, the 1 1th May, at 9 A. M. and the Richmond leaving New York on Tursday, the 12th at 9 A.M. The Fire - Fly leaves New - York on Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday, at 9 A. M. for New burgh, and returns on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 8 A. M. my 2 Nkwuuhoi! and camamaiuua.mail - 8taojc' TURKS TIMES A WEEK. LEAVES Newburgh every Sunday, Tuesday, and 1 hursday mornings, at three o'clock, runs thronch Montgomery, Bloomingburgh, Monticetlo, by White Lake, Coshecton, Mount Pleasant, Great Bend, Chenanso Point. Oweca. lthica. and Ge neva, toCanandaigua. it c turning leaves Cananuaigua every Mon. day, Wednesday anil Friday mornings at three o'clock, and arrives at Newburgh, the third day in time to take the Steam - boats which arrive in New - York the following moniinp. fXj It may be expected tluil at alt limn irAen the itiam - bcali alter their dayt cf running, tliat thit line will alter to at to meet litem. The whole route will be perfomed in three days, from the first of May, until the first of November and trom the first of November until the fifteenth of December, and from the fifteenth of March until the first of May, in four days and from the 15th December, until the fifteenth of March the same linew'll be continued to the city of New - York and run from thence to Cananduigua in four days. Passengers travelling from New - York to Canandaigtia, Niagara or Buffalo, can leave N. York in the evening steam boats, and arrive in Canandaigua in three days a distance of three hundred miles. The line is well furnUhed with good, new carriages s good horses, and careful'and experienced drivers. Every attention will be paid to render the passage of the traveller safe, easy and expeditious ; and it is believed that the accommodations on this line are equal to any line in the state. nrr FARE from Newburgu to Canandaigua FOURTEEN DOLLARS. N. U. A branch of the same line runs three times a week from Ithaca to Auburn. Also, a line runs from Owego Tioga Point: thence through Newtown and Painted Post, to Bath, Kc. , , BAGGAGE, as usual, at the risk of the owners, David Godfrey. Bloomingburgh, E. C. St. John. Mount Pleasant. I L. tl R. Manning, Chenango, lProprie iiutner nere, itnica, ; tors, Samuel Greenliff, Geneva, Oliver Phelps, Laming, mh 14dGin TO SPORTSMEN. IP OR SALE, an elegant Fowling Piece, stub and twisted barrel, toeether with a rifle bar rel, also stub and twisted, to lit In one stock : gold buihed and gold and silver mounted. The lock, roller, swivel and freed ; the pan lined with eold. antl finished in the heat manner. The a - pove will be sold low, if immediate application is made at o. 35 Walker - street. my 'J tf i 126 W DUBOIS, bess leave to inform the public . that he has just received. Per hri Knr - chus, ar.d ship George, from London, a general ujiurinieni oi amines in me musical line, amongst which are some very elegant small Piano. Portl and a particularly elegant rose - wood grand cabinet Piano - Forte. Also the new invented Metronome or patent self - time beater, with a larze assortment of new music, which he oilers lor sale wholesale or re tail, on the most reasonable terms. my8 LEE?S ITCH OINTMENT. WARRATED an infallible remedy atone v T application, may be osed with perfect saictyon inlants a week old, not contains; particle of mercury ,cr any dangerous ingredient wnatcver, and not accompanied with that offen jivesmei; which attends the application of olher remedies. Trie above medicines are Prepared and sokl at Lf.t,'5 Medicine btore, Ho. 46 Maiden - Lane, and sold by S. CARLE, cornet of Fulton and Water - stroets. Druggist, and country store keepers supplied on uoerai terms. jan xlj 4' I A ilMtnbg : PtfcStl km. kow to dirting ,U lwtii f,i. (I. - . J:tr 51,1 DOCTOR HORSE, WrL .aiemberof the facalty of pi.vrix and surgery there, deem, it Ddi ly to repeat omeoMerTllid' ""n - nuunaie, and unomii7 TrfcMWn7a and are annoally mercurialized oit 'of i?V ence. Thedisease we have in rie " I :?x,: - tal re that i ' f mould De snitcf.1 - way all the Drosnerfa lpt? by the consequence, of ore SIT ""' and Ly a diHase not in it, cfX which only prove, so from neglect or inm,4 treatment.'' A Keofleuiac, (late Dr K P" tient) now perfectly hearty ami wal I hi u n' un.ler physic., of 'generi pVactTcl', ' v a," and repe?ledlyalivat,d; wlfen reco,uu ffi Dr. II. (by agftnllemaa of tl.i. city) his h, - were carious, and hi flesh droppine from ' bis friend, declared be could not powilTm'!" ; t wo month, longer. Thousands exVerX,., know with what en.e and 111 ' cate the severest cases. nrH ..f1, eradi - tutioa. Tie Doctor', plan (adwrtri!? admrnishertnot to tamper with thelcoMl;r tion, or conceal the disorder, till paat reeo ry ; omersnaving uie remains of an olrl 7. or oOicr impurities cfthe blood, wwel a.Jf' er complaint, of a delicate naW; in J' jcx. should remember posterity, and do to their conscience, by inakinir ann'lL.. - to Dr. II. at hi. old and respcctaEFe T lishment, No. 64 Water - rtreet, fow hmt? of 01d - ?lip, to obtain that prompt SVl"' lone calculated ti prevent disclosure AnH I let me claim your s.vious attention - Reae!! a superficial cure is no cure at all ; unless the b,r sinessis radically done, you will certainly the disorder break out aerniii niit, j. . , ,' .l,aT liSnity. at scwe future period perhaps S, be too late or remedy. Don't you oinZJ - the streets miserable, mutilatej being., even a hit nfnoaenn If ir fo. ni.T wl"10 li,ni . ar, V " - "Wd O. Tak, I beseech you. Warning, Dr. H's. character for skill and af,,M, - .. . erity being universally known in this city, .T 1804, guarantee to patients that delicacy anu crery hitherto unknown, and having confined hi. practice for year, past, eicluiively to the cureil diseases of the blood .ystem they may safel veal - JultingDr ' Hm0,t advantage. Gleet eradicated in tw or three weeks Strictures removed withoul bougie, or any other instrument ; ami all dcbilitie.: likewie all old ulcer?tioi!, fcstula' to. A plurality of otTice. are provided, and so lit, ated that patients are not exposed toeach other' ohiervation. Open til) half past 9 inthe evenin" AI! person concerned are invited to be free ii calling, and sneaking with Dr.H. whicli is free of cost. And here the Doctor cannot avoid the expression of gratitude for innumerable recommendation, and for the decided preference (it is presumed with just cause) longiven him by a judicious puhKc. N. B. All letters muit be post paid. Dr. Buchanan. Aug 27 Ijt NEITHER (ID ACKER NOR IMtOSl - TION DR. EVANS superior method of curing a certain Disease, is now universally acknowledged in this city ; his mode of treatment is perfectly mild, safe, ex - peiuuous. aod nis coargii reasonable. In every u stance he warrant a cor.. and will return the pay if be does not perform agreeable to contract. There are many persons in this city and its vicinity, laboring under various chronic diseases, such as cancers, old inveterate ulcers, scrofula or kings evil, fistula, diseases of the urethra, bladder andkidnie, old complicated complaint, of a certain nature, bilious and other obstructions, rheumatism, 4cc. which they consider incu rable, they can certainly be cured (in geoeral) oy appiVHie, at ai. w nwg w - uittu oiore, no, o PerU - nlin. havine practised in nlAn,. hospitals in Europe 12 years, under some of tin first Surgeons and Physicians in the world, ati made those obstinate disease, his constant studs for 30 rears. Oct It 7 The subscriber bavin; recently returned , from England with an important improvement en Ihe artificial spring LLU, he lakes this method of informing his friends and the public, that all Uioie wno are so nniortunate as to be In want ol a leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by applying at No. 77 Barclay - street, New - York. Jan 22 WM. FURV1S. HYDE - PARK IN bl'l 1'UTlON. A SELECT und private Classical School is established at Hyde Park, Dutchess coun ty, state cf New - York, under the. direction and instruction ol DC.: jam in AL.L.K.IV, u. u. u. The institution is designed to unite with a clas sical and English Education, Uie modern languages. The classical course will comprise the Latin and Greek Languages, Ancient History and Geography, Mythology, Roman and Grecian Anli - ' ine cjigiun course mil comprise cngum Grammer, Elocution, Elements of History, Khe - torick, Geography, Penmanship, elementary and practical Mathematics, and the outlines of Nat - . ural Philosophy. Modern Language will comprise the French, Spanish and Italian. Moral and relizious Instruction will be atten ded to, as youth is the most proper time to '.a - culcate and fix those principles of virtue and piety, which ought to direct and influence the conduct of future life. The pupils of the Institution will be members of the Principal's family, aud under his immedi ate care and government, rarucuiar aueouu will be paid to their morals and manners. The government will be strict, but mild and parentalits aim shall be to give habits of order and industry, and inspire a generous emulation. The institution will he furnished with a Libra ry, Maps, Globes, and select Philosophical Apparatus, the use of wliich the pupils will be taught, and made familiar with the most important and striking experiments in Natural Pbiloso - phy. These will bo considered as rewards ol good conduct and attention to study, and constitute one of the most interesting sources ol a - musement and recreation. It is known irom " perience that much useful knowledge may w thus incidentally communicated. The terms are three hundred dollars per annum, payable quarterly washing included. Classical students who study the modern languages, will be charged 10 dollars per quarter extra for the same. ... ' The students find their beds and bedding. 'Ihe number of students is limited. .eBlle" men theretore who are desirous of placing tbeir sons in the institution, will please , to make an early application. . ............ All letters relative to ine insuiuuoii. edto the subscriber, Hyde. Park Post Office, Dutches. County N. Y. will be promptly attended to. BENJAMIN ALLEN. The summer term wil! commence on the S0tn of May. my a aw HORSK FOR SALE. IM.rieiX - T aaHrile Horse will be Mid J cheap by a gentleman about to leave town. Apply atthU'office. ntf 4 NEW - YORK : PRINTED JtXD PUBLISHZD MICHAEL BURNRAM k CO. No. 49 WlM.IAM - eTRMT orrosiTB tb - Bask Corrr.K - HorsB. suits chiefly to this source. "What , tessary 10 guaro uie punnc egainst the at,. mercury, and other fatal delusions, held rnrVk ' Prrsons, therefore, having contracted a 7 V", f av lanrrlAfi - . aa wi. I . . Dtle

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