The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 22, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, May 22, 1818
Page 3
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wt vrsfl TO CHARTER, ta A good VESSEL torry about l500 5Hbbu! for voyago ? .Mdfira. Appljr 10 ... ' 20 South - streeL Dulesalc B u - Ac IRAbfcrl'a ' .t .mr. newtcr. tin nod theet - ... . - t - r.hi. No. 33 Mai - ruii Kite sen . i u. i d - Lane, New - York ; where may be had plaiu Si plan urne J piock - i.u v - - i . .i. k:..n.u.l filter do biggeosandfiltercr do tta and chocolate pots do newest pattern dish covers do tauce and stew pan do tea and coffee urns tJo 10 Do Do Do do do do do do lo Do Do , ra cups ana Doners l65 do do cheese phtei and totter . .i .i .i. i., iii.rmmfr. uewter. Willi every ouier i , , i Llock - lin. and tlieet - iroo hue, at matiulactured :T.m, t their factory. No. CI t ulton - strrot, our doors above their old establishment, vherc, from their present convenience and arkuowkdg - eJ improvement, in the method of workmanship, they are enabled to receive and execute all or - ,!.. in the above lino, on the s lwrtest notice ana at the most reduced wholesale prices; ii v ner late arrivals an ex - - I..nrnt nf first rat tutania metal, mods, which, with KIOCK - lIU, aim fay.... - - . vaKety of hard and hollow warts, they offer (r I a..n rMinnnri B Terms. "t JMJIOO. Ceroons 1 at quality flotant indigo, just received aud fir sale by ROGERS Si POST, 51 South - street. 1XS1VHF - , 40 doz. scythes, approved brands 4 boxes screw augur) 270 boxes tin plates 1 3d IX ' 50 bas prime green Laguira coffee 1110 bid - ground canirrid 84 bundles sugar loaf paper . majrjajt j TTfoFFATT'S STOCK ALE For sale at 111 M. 20 Fulton st. by mv 22 3 F.M1S & FLKf KAER. L,lU U 00 bbls. superline Svn inni'iiu I rmmtrv llour. branded " Farm Mills. " will lie landed tu - inorrow. from s:hr. MoPy, and for sale hv 1'AUr. at i iui i.m i, 8(1 Wall street. mv22 3t ZiO TRACK. CH.ilMi Casks ten lick trace chains, just received ami fur sale by - ANDERSON Si SH RARER, mav 22 131 Water - street. j CtOl TO.N tc WHEAT. 206 bales of prime J Upland Cotton . 555 Imshels southern Whea, jtit received jier scar Catharine Rogers, and lor sale tiy GEO. (.IBBS, roySSlw 7C South - street I lik MOLASSKS. .11" Hhds molaiies, of superior quality, now loading from brig Jifon, at pier No. 10 - Forsalby G. 1 II. LEWIS, . trtfSi I 78 foulh - t. IKAIJ and E.NUI.ISH IKO.N. - ifll Uw w - si J York. - hire Lead, in Diss, and 20 tons Kmrlish Bolt Iron, nss'ii. 5 - 8 to 1 I 0 inch, landing from the lleicules, lor sale at C7 South street, hy CAMBRELF.NG it PEARSON, fpy 52 7fJ Siititli - strect. rl'TJON 54 bales .New rlems Cotton, Inndihi! Irom bris Savanimh Packet, from lan New Orleans, at Murray's wharf, for sale by mv 22 w. it i iiaui i . CiO I It'.' imi oaies prime Aiuiiama oi ton, rceiveil persehr. Mo'ninstfur, from Blnk'lv, luuiiing at Dover street wharf, and for sale by R. & C. W. DAVENPORT & CO. mv S2 K V UOOl'ti. 4 cases Lonilnn raiiuere, assorted blacks Hues nd lasbionabie mix. - tmes ,; 2 cases London extra cloths 2 do mn's and women's cc ttrn Hose ? do 4 - 3 lri'h Linens 3 trink 6 4 Caml'rics 1 Ho 9 - 8 4t C 4 India Jaconets, just receivul Cer Venus, and Wiiliarp, irem L'hh'oii, for sa f mniii lz SEW ALL, mv 22 6 - d'u'h - streef. D.MAUED t OK.N. I2(i0 l.ushels Corn, a little damagirdand worthy the attention oi Feed Men bants, tor sale in quantities to suit pur - chasers. Applylay, to my 22 - C7 V iithirgton stre t. ri'OYs;. 4 caM - s Loiulou made Toys, just re J. ceiied per Venus, from London, and i' - rsa!j by . liL'KD sEWALL, my 22 6i Irouth lre t. CHI. HA S - IL.KS A general a - snrlnitnl ol Can tou Silks, consisting of Crapes, tarsnets, tiochew, lldkf - if. tor sale by CAMBUELE.N'G f EAROV, my ?2 67 goiilh street. 'EORGIV lOliACLO. 20 hhds very vJ prime Georgia Tobacco, Inailias Irom selir Uereral Audrew Jackson, from Savannah, and for lale by POTT M'KINN E, ray 22 . 56 South - street. rti pi A t:V.OHh K.1.S COTTU.V. jLXJoJ Bales N?w - Orleans rotten, landing fi'om brig Savannah Packet, lor sale by TOTT & M'KINNE, . tiny 22 50 Soulh - st. 44 ALABAMA COTOA". Bales prime Alabama cotton, landing at Dover - street wharf, from sehr Morninj - Mar, from Blakely, lor sale. Apply at 148 l'earl - t. upstairs my 22 D&C oik TrJiuui. O" Kejrs white starch, landing from sloop Superior For sale by JACKSON Si WOOI.LEV, my 22 3t 75 Wallet. BY SAMUEL ffAV W AKIJ CO. on Wed netdny evening, at fi oVIcrk precisely, at the Ladies .Wtinn Roein, No. 31X1 Broadway, the most vhIuhMo collection of rare Ent;lih and American publications, perhaps ever ollered at public sale in this rity, land n ill be found wor thy of pnr'kutar attention. 05 Those pers - in dt sironi of improving t!ii opportunity for the disposal of private Library's 4c. will please take notice that tby cannot be incrUd in the ratab eue, unless received pre - Tions to X o'clock, on l uesd.iy nut. Pnrtieulars will le given of the Osnks, in the Pi - iic paieri, on the morning of s - ,le, and cata - loSMM mIsi ready atll.e Auctmn Room. m22 5tt JOS'H. DELACROIX having returned to hi e?tablishownt of the VAUXIIALI, re - spctfu!!y informs tlie publi - , that the damages f the firn of but wintr are pow perfectly re - Wrrd. The gardens are in excellent order ; luxuriantly rirh in every variety of flowers. Xntncss and due attention will (he hnpri) de - fTs a cm.'inMion of the patronage with which ehai been honored. A n tlrgnnt duping of FIRE WO R K S. risw deigru, unler the d:rr.tion of Clmtnt utiarrtur, with Music and Illumination, are "Ti - 'parstioo for Tuesday Evtmug, May 2G, tl!iir permiiting.) tf Particulars on Monday. may 22 4t To Lrl at Bloomincdutt, i n.. i t - . '" iirntmi ucsiivui m a couniry rci - UiiIj' Can oh,1'n one on mod' - rate terms, lit - B. bout six miles from town, on the pre - are, a very commodious house, coach - tkr tc - ncxcellent (rrden, well stocked W t 111(1 Plan,J this Spring with vege - ii !?Tf wimis kinds they can either have ril,.l rml. , ""'iur. rur in PP'X No. 11 Pearl - street. For further particulars. my 22 Ssr oe preierretl, there is also several "" orWmre, lrMi other things belong - . Jfi . - e rUce hich will be either rented - - "u ii i ik r.. NOTICE. For the further ftcccjximo - dauoo of the public, the de parture of (he Firefly from ;New - York and Newhurgh will be in iuIuio n tlie following data : Leave New York on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, at 9 A.M. heave" Newburgh on Tuesday, Friday anil Sundny at 8 A.M. The above arrangement will commenc e hy Ihe Firefly leaving NewbuYgb on Suuday, the 24th May. '1 lie Western Stage leaves New burgh immediately after the arrival of the Firefly, my 22 GEN I LEMAx wishes to tcacli in a private x JL lamiiy, l rncn, urawm :aud Music, provi - ded it be in the nioruag. ippiy at No. 21 Wall street. my zz lw' IV 1 r L'Ti 4.r,nl And immediate ixitietiion riven. Two '(ho s, in t!ie bateiuent story of No. 4 1 - 2 Pine - street r?iyt2lw U. bALMKll'.S l'A'lh.XT KAiCOR oTUOi' Yon that widi t' ihave with ease, Buy of Saundkiis if you please ; His Rnz r tflrop's, peculiar luth, 1 bat slinrpi 1 lie Kazor with a tot el G. SAUNDF.ItS r - pertfu!!y st.lkits those no have not got Ins I'atenf Kuzr Strop. :.u i 1 .. l: . . . . to furnish thcmelvej with his new invented Razor Strop, and Metallic Composition, fin gen tleman who onre makes trinl of one nfllie Slrrps now ofle'ed, will ever try any otliers; and such is their formntion, that ever so much use i'l not give the razors that rnnndiies wbirh renders the nest of tberu useless, and nhkh is well known always to lollow the application of all those hi'her - to invented. The above strops are in geneml use in New York, and arc iliMiniiiilie d ffnm all other. Berbers wlio have uid tliein say more in their piaise than I can myself C. SAL'NDERS, ia Wall - street. Alo for sa?r. Razor", Si.ap, and every uten - si! for Shaving, of tt e f!"t quality , with a superior assortment nf l'e':''i:iit - .rr. Hair Powder, tic. from Hmyth's, New L'onci street, London. .V It. The most liberal allowance made to dealers. my 22 'I 'HE Donieitic Mnnu: ir.nrer's A 'ntniii, and L familv directory, in tnc .uts f voaviiu and dyeing ; comprehending a plain system of directions, arrlymi ' theie arts and rti'er hrmches nearly coniie - cied with in the m?ri tcniie ol t. olfon anil Woollen lcnrl : inriudmg m.iny useful j ahles and Drag's, in calculating and lor mmg various kinds and pn't - rnsoi l)ej ined for the imprvs ment of I o ne't ic .Mnnnfac lure by J. 4 - R. Bronton, price $1 50, jiut re ceived and for tale by bULUJS II, mv221w 130 Pcarl - stieet. NEW anil intcrcbting works for emigrants and travellers, recently published and for sale at the Minerva Circulating Library, No. 265 Broadway, opposite the Museum. The emigrant directory to the western and southern states and territories, by V m. Darby, nrice $3 The Western Gazetteer or emigrants direc tory, containing" a description of western state and territories, witii an appendix, containing sketches of some of the wes tern counties of New - York, Pennsylvania and Virginia, a description of the great liortln rn bike Indian Annviles, and directions to emi - Kranta, by h arm. Hroivn, priC'' '& 'is. 1 lie travellers directory ttimiign trie l imed tales, consisting of a geographical ileenp - tioi. of the United Stales, with topographical utiles of the counties, towns, popuUl i;n, Sic. by John Melish, price $2 llo. do. as a pocket book, Y - 50. Do', do with map of the fcutes, on a large scale, 1 he rooiuxes of the United State of Ame rica, or a view of the agricultural, commercial. manufacturing, financial, political, literary, moral, and reliireous capaciu ami character of the American people, by John United, esq. price $3. . A stutesticul view prtlie comn.erce, dt'he United States, its connection with agriculture ind manuFucturcs, and an account of the pub lie debt, revenues and expenditure of the tJ - niteit Plates, by T imotl.y Pilkin, price 2Jj0 All the new publications received us above, mv 2:' i.MO 'UJl.l.AK.S. X' Th 1 - t drawn No. on Wednesday uext, 5b drawing of the Orand (load Lottery, will be rnlitled to 5000 ilollais, and the fortunate pe; - irnor will receive the amount 011 application at GRACIE. 110 Uroadway. Where a few tickets and tbnres mav be ob - ' tilled for prizes at par and foreign bauk notes. may ti Ut 5,Kni DOLLAR? ! !! 'THK first draw n number rn Wrdtie.3day next, I in tile Miltord and Owrfi Road Lotteri, will be entitled to a capital prize ol w , Oild - lnr tickets and fchrL, apply at GILI.KS PIE'.S, 1 14 Broadway, opposite the City - Hotel. mv A' l1 Ui.l. MUl.l. !'.l l;,i.Nr. 111 p.te. - i, tup. quality, just rreived and for side by i luli.a Kr..inr.. :e. my 21 South street. LlliMl.VUHAM k SHF.fFlJil.U GOODS, ON COKSIbKMF.NT. I 'HE subscriber have received by the Hercules, and other late arrivals, and ofJcr for sale by the packn' - '. 4U casks ol Birmingham. Hardware, consisting of most ol the staple articli 1 in tlie lin;. I') casks of files of every description C rin of Kctiynns warranted hand, pannel, tenant, snsh, ttr. saws C casts of do. mill, pit, and crosscut saws. Al,0. 10 Inns best London hoop L. blistered Steel, Crowley do. And a consignment of warranted Ilalbark fJcrmrin Ptecl, direct from the manufactory of . c. Halback li ton, orol Kemscheid. - 13. W. ROGER? Co. my II 2 35 Pearl - street. WAN 1 a si I (JATION as vVfc'P NUKsE, a young woman, with a good breast 01 milk. Apply at my SO 6t No. 30 Whitehall street. pOPLINS, CLOTHS, Sic 2 trunks assort - 1 ed Poplins 9 rases extra super London Cloths 3 do. single and double mill'd Cassimeres, received per late arrivals from londnn, for sale by OIVIE BETHUNE & CO. my 2 92 Coffee - houe slip. LIVI.RI'OOLCOAL. I J Chaldrons from the coal pit, is now ready for delivery on board the ship Justlna, Andrew Tombs, master, from Liverpool, and will be sold iu lots to suit purchasers, at pier No. 10 E. River, may 19 SALTL'S, SON Si CO. LI V ERPUOij CUAL. - RiU chaldron of .New Pit Liverpool Coal, for sale in quantities to suit purchasers, from on board the ship Maria, Capt. Duplex, at Rector s'reet wharf, where orders nisy be left, or atoll Pine - street, mr 19 4t 13 O? I ON BEEF. 70 b'lls m and prime beef, of superior quali' v , just recei ved and ile by & & T. Will I TE.MORE, lor sa m20 lvr 110 rroni - sireei. BROWN fcHliiriNtis. 1 packases containing about 000 yards, Crown Shirtings, for tale by, the COMMISSION COMPANY my 19 D Si C 14ft Peart - street. STRIPES PLAIOSs 3u cases domestic stnpes and plaids, making an elegant asaortnKot, for tale low, by the COMMISSION COMPANY, mySIDJrC 143 Pearl - street. COTTON YARN. 1001 irt Cotton yarn twist and fining, from No. 5 to 9, for tale by the COTCyllSSlON COMPANY, my T DJfcC 148 Pearl - ttreet. A RROW ROOT. L50 lot. Arrow Hoot, jutt XX received and for t - .le bv GOODHUE ti CO. 44 Sonlh - street Freight fir Charleston. yii SoO tons heavy freight, pplyto SddU ANUUN G. PHELI'6, my tl 1U3 Frout - tlrect. for H.1 VKE, The ibip ADOMS, capt. Champlin : having been dtlaved iouUinz by the late sloi in, wid not sail until bnwiay next. Hhe can yet accommodate I or 3 mure passengers, and can lake freight of 50 or 100 butts cotton, or ioods of equal bulk. Ker which, apply on board, at Jones' wharf, to POTT&M'KINUE, or my 21 ' GKISWoLiJS Ji COATF - S. rf , tor y.(I WAW, The aloiip CKOItCE WASIUXn - AfexiiTON. Cant. I'atlioll'. to sail on the 24th and will take freight on moderate tt - rm , if i oltcretl immediately. Apply on board, oppo site 4 - 1 South - street, or to mayai t;ooi)iiiiE & cu. For A.Tt Kill, ThCbhip A.M.1.I.ICA, HiirtlettJrhe - Upaid muster, hits 2 3ds of lu r cartoon board, and will sail i'.hin six days. For ' ,re 'B"1 a Part of ll,e reinamdcr or passagr, having - good accommodations, apply on board, uest sulc liming slip, or to N. L. k G. tilMSWOl.D, my CO 86 South - street. H.I.YTi.l) TO LJ.iH 1J - :H !r A Urigor ScliiMHicr, of about 150 to sSik 20u tons. Apply to JOSEPH JOXF..V, mav 19 6t No. 1 1 Greenwich - street. Jh'ir J'uuT - . - i U riil. Lt , (To sail on Sunday, Mill in&t. weather perimttiii") i ne ele - gnnt copper f.itcned se houiier J C(1UK - .MEL I'ACKE I', Doniinick, ma?ter Fmr freight of 1 jt) bt Is, or pasfii je, apply to K. CARTMEL, o4 iiiiiih stiet, or JAis. L. MoN T A UDE V E UT, myl!l5t ecWall - st. fur lAYCItl'OOl., (.V regular trailer.) - Th fast Kuilin;; coppered ship ANN, It. It. ( rocker, master, will positively sil on the25lh inst. wcairer permitting, having all lice heavy freight engaged. Foe freight of 100 tides of cotton, or passage having rxtei sive accommodations, apply to the captain on ooara, east sine r ly - iiiarkct.wlmrl, or to JA6. A; KlCirii t.M.NF.S, No. ii47 Fiont - sireet. N. B. Passengers aie furnished with beds and bedding at the ship s exp. ncc m.iv 13 ot tnr KiMr&'li., Jinn ) The fine copptrcd sclir. CLAKEX DON, J. G. master , will be despatched in 1. few days. For freight ol'a - bout 150 barrels, or passage, apply to I ICKKU fc LALRIRd, mav 16 2'J tsoiith - strcet. Ktli .i.e., Tho fait sailiug m. bPARTAN, burthen M tons, will cat ry liOO lhl... :i old, wa coppered last summer with heavy copper, and has hau jtlu()0 eiiended on her sail: and ri'in" within the hut two months, and ir wrtl ti'tin l in fii 1 1) roped ; lies at pier No. !), Eatt Riser. Appiy onboard, or to lA Hit O. C I LI. IKS, my 16 'Jw ?ti t'.iad - t. Mv .s.J;. A.", The ftatmi'h schr FAN N Y, iu. - t arri ved iron Havre, 14., tons l'ii tbcn, will curry l luu inis., iiuil at iNorioiic in lt:5 lur a packet betwebn Ihal ort and this ; U well foond aud can be sent to sen at a trifling expence ; lii at pier No. 8, East River. Apply n buard, or to IJJiVlU U. lilLLJkii, my IS 2w 7U Hroad treet. , , for L . OnjV, 7 ?Vl ''nc rcSu':ir trading coppered ship Vf MiV v y - nr ft. 01 oville, jun. un - ler; will bo ready r receive rurgo next week, and intended to sail about tho 5th Jour, having a great paitef tier cargo ready to go on board. For height of Ihe reuinindcr, or pasae, having pcrior acconiiiiiHlittioiiy, apply ou board, at Coffee - house slip; or, to CIU6WCLD5 & COATF.S, , (id A'oiii;i street. Consignees of good by the al nvei - hip are particularly requested to etid their permits on board imninlritely. oiy 1G . t';t JtH t.HlMJl., The shin MARY - ALMV. I'ele Al. : t i SiiS - my, matter ; her cargo being nearly all tug - aged, will meet immediate dupidch. For freight of 50 or IrtO bales cotton, or paage, having grKidaccouimodatiour, apply ou boaid at TonLseud's wharf, or to GRlsVOLDS & COATLS, my 13 6f) South st. tVAJS'Tb.l) TO CHARTER, A double - docked vessel, of about iJaO ,to UUU tons. Apply to HA AC F. ROE, my 13 tf 9B Murray's wharf. tor .LVSEERDAM, The ship SILF..NU3, O'ilrien, maj. itiiter, will be dispatched without delay For freight of 50 tons apply at C7 (onlh - st. to my 8 C WIERELENG ii PEARSON. 9rP V 5f fi MAt.EK i, SON, 3. opposite the liiink t'ofl' e House, corner of HYSON I'ine & William - streets, on - r lor s.ile a general as - "irtnient ol choceries, TEA fun as rearonuhle terns as any in New - York) anion: which are the fol lowing : Cognac Brandy I loll uid and Am, Gin, 0 sweet Oil ; Jamaica Spirits' Imperial, Hyson, f TEA of th latest Young Hyson, and? importation. eoucliong, j Loai and Lump, I' Havana, Muscovado, UCAR, Mace, Cloves, Cinnamon, Nutmegs, Alspice, Casiileaad Eruwn Soas, kc. 4c my 19 lw IKIcJl LINEN, nc. r P HE subscriber oflcrs for sale, 43 packages 1 oflrith Lioen Goods, imported per ship Dublin Packet, and other late arrivals from Dublin, comprising a good assortment of 4 - 4 and 7 - 8 Linens, low priced Do Midling and Fine 9 - C, 5 - 4, and t - 4 Sheetings 0 4, 7 - 4,8 - 4, 10 - 4 Diaper andDaroaslc 3 - 4 Brown Holland and 7 (I Drcghedat . 3 - 4 and 7 - 8 Linen Bed Tick 4 - 4 Cotton Check All ofwhikh he will dispose of on liberal terms. JOHN KELLY, 14tf Pearl ttreet. myl4?iv FIFTY - ONEceroons Indigo, ) 62 bags Coflee, 102 do. Cocoa, Caracas. 2400 Hides, I 1300 Horns. ' Landing at pier No. 11 Eatt River, from brig Active, and for tale by JOHN HEKFERNAN, 34 South street In aiort. Lisbon Wine, in Pipe aad hhds. Madeira do in my 19 tw do do and qrcatkt DAMASK TABLE LINENS and SHEETINGS. Received this day 6 - 4, 7 - 4. tt - 4 U 10 - 4 Damask Table Linen. ALSO, ' 3 - 4 Diaperi and 5 - 4 Sheeting, for sale by JAM Ed CUMM1AGS, mj t0 St No. 32 Liberty ttreet. RUM it OLD COPPER. 8 pons, l.igti pmoTi and fine flavored Jamaica tiara, and 2U)0lbj old Copper, lor tale by TLCKER& LAURIES. niySt 29 South street. . lOLA&rjES, tLO.AU, AC 50 hhds. Mo - L lnses I bbdt. AntijiM Ruin - 5 do choice Antigua Sugar 6 dj 2d quality Cuna do.' for sale by GOODHL'E&CO. my 21 44 !oilti - irect. Or.NAhliKGt, UAGOOG, iic. Kc. Jo rinles best b'relitz Ojeahurct ' 500 pieces heavy Cotton bugii 34 bales do do do 4 boxes Riitiia Sheetings 3 cl'i Platillai lauding from brig Jean, from Dundee, lor sale by D. BETHUNF. & CO. my 21 02C. H.Mip. LONIiO.N Wl.f 1 PARTICULAR MAUhlilA 10 pipes of superior flavour, sub ject to debenture. For side ov JALOU It v , ,, my 20 lw : IVarl - treet O'l'itl.N. ti b.ues iaiiding Iroiu sloopUlive V Krancti, lor sale tv GRISWOLDS fi COATF.S, f8 iioulh - stret. riiy Jl 1J AKIUV lObALCO 54 keg llarus. M.iniilacturcd Tobacco, of a p. qnaiily. landiiig tinni tthr. Indian Hunter, for sale by N. ii D. TAi.corr, my 21 64 South - street. ("So7:IEAi"lT.T"rLA'l - ES. - - J0 bags prime J Laguira coirce. 270 buxes tin plates l - 3d IX, fir sale by ROGERS H POST, my 2d 5t 51 ikmth - strcet A aw.iv lr. n the subrcriber ou Wcdnes - S.ii - d.iv, ljthiii - t. a colored man, named Joe, is nhoiit thirty years of nxf, of small stature, dark color, and down look ; lnd on when he went awav, a bluejacket and corded velvet pan talooni Whoever will relu.n said runaway, or lodge him in jail, so'.battho owner may obtain him. shall be liberally rewarded. Masters of vcastl and others are liirbid harboring or cm ploying him under tho penalty of thn law. FRANCIS AKILL.MAN, may 19 Wallabont, l.onir - l'lnnd, c lOl'i KIl UOl Tti .Is - . Ai sftJUd lbs. Cop per Hottiims, H to 30 inrlies Gil evfki IVrntight Nails, Erj. and Am. t lHle Italian rnper CKjO l! .'in tt - ir" Tivine, for snle hy CEtlU fi CUMING, mv 21 7d Penrl - street. A CUUK ii A.YJ h Jt. A WOMAN who i; a good plain cook, and can produce satisfactory references (rone others need :trilv) will obtain a ritnntinn in a small family by railing at No. 49 Warrcn - strcct. rn a y 50 I E W EL.I.ER Y. i chcs ol lum y Jewellery, f and a lew patent liox 1 raix, lor sate oy GEO. M. Wli.SO v. my '10 ICS Wfler - strcr t. LONDON CO A 1 DST opr aed, mid li.r srile rt 23 Jolm - street, a I trunk ol very elegant Uress and Frork Coats, aumiig t'.l.i'.h 1.4 oiiii Etra Trimmed Blue Co - bnurv'. mv 14 '2w jxi juk ft 11 Lit:. 4 S li. - i..i is thn sea' - on of the vcr.r when the fi eater part ci thoe who use boilers, can tn - tti r Ji - peiife with their business lor a short liiiic - thm in rold weath.T, this is to inform those who tire boilers, or distills, ortlcatn - eiigines, fir. that they can have tbeiu r - set in brick work by a ui experience and practice. He has received thn approbation of those who employed h;m in Itctton, New - York, and til tho southward, furhs great saving of fuel, neatness of the work, and dispatch in buinci. Sat iM'actory reference! can he given as to his ability, to those, who will favor him with their commands, by applying nt No. US Broadway, of Anthony W. Trappnn fi Co. fXy Any other business in the line ol his profession, wul be gratefully received, my 19 lw tuit A. - r. - ., , . . r - II s. - .si Acomiirv seui, iiirnxny nwncu nvnir. R. O. Arden, coiitaininz about lilleen ncies of grmi'd, silimled en the KaM Kner, iboit ol lour miles from the ity. It is remarkable lor its pltiant situation and is a very desirable residence eithei summer or winter ; the buildings are good and rnniforlable ; the ground is in hiiih order, niul ahtinduntly supplied nith a rhoi e collection ol Inut trees andsl.rulibery ; theru are several springs of excellent water on the. premises, and two quarries of building stone, which might he wnikcd to great nclrnnlage. i'urch 1 - seis are invited lo view this situation, and apply nt No. 13 Broadway lor turns, whiih will lie liberal. - T. ELLlsON. my U 3 iv C.1UTIOX. (U Tho public are cautioned, that the validity of tho deed ol tku above mentioned country seat, from R. D. Arden, to Thomas Ellison, e. will be firmly deputed, on the ground of its ba - in.; a fi - audulcnt conveyance, made for tho purpose of defeating a judgment entered gaiut the said R. D. Arden, in January term last of the supreme court. The subscriber never saw the idvertiscineiit of T. Ellison till this day, or he would have given earlier notice. J. W PATTERSON. New - York, May 16, 1818. my 18 fit A m tnran A tajtmu nf Ihe Jim .i rli. S"JMI E Hoard 01 Directors give notice, that the X fourth Exhibition ol (his Academy, is this day rpeiieu. and will continue open everyday (. - utidajs excvpieiij irom V in tlie morning till dusx. Admittance 25 cents. Catalogues 12 1 - 2. By order. ALEX - ROBERTSON. Sec'ry Merolwrs and Exhibiting Artists are informed, tnat their cards of admission are left with the dnor - keper. my 5(0 2s 1 1 EEF and POK K 50 bhls prime Beef IJ JO do do Pork, for sale by PALMER iibAlDLER, 104 Front - slreef. my 20 UKJ'lt.t.L JiOAIiVLVU. FIVE or six gentlemen con be handsomely accommodated with genteel board in a small repertahle fnmily, where there are no young children. 1 he situation pleasant, within one minute's walk of the brinks or custom house Thev can be accommodated with separate rooms. handsomely fini'hcd, on moderate terms, by ap plying :t 37 Pine - strret. may 21 lw 77ir mill IntUry, (inlely.) ttnlhorvtd by the tlale. iNtW - IORX CRAM) STATS I.OTTKRT, MEDICAL SCIENCE. No. 6, WHICH will certainly commence drawing in ten weeks, Aogust next. The capital prizes are, I 01 jiieavaaj 1 of 50,0110 1 of ' 20,000 1 of 10,1'tMI 1 . oi" 6.000 2 of 2,f)0 45 of 1.000 With an abundance nfrrnalleroncf, and less than two blanks to a prise. Tickets and shares, in a variety, tor sale at Dook - slore and lottery - office, 85 Cherry, corner of Jame - ttrMt, , Where the 10,000 prize, bmog one of tbf 2d highest in the 4ih clast of the ahove tottenet, was sol J 10 quarters, ana promptly puu. A general assortment of books and stationary at above - . ... Blank books made to any pattern on U toon est notice. . . Most of th oncurreot baolj paper, now m cir culation, received in payment, at par. my S 3t , tn es is 01 ry REMOVALS. 05 - MRS. LEFEV RL'i Academy for young lvalue, is icuuicu iu iiv, i - r rwiKiia - atrvct. mv f I lw ' ini w ii 1 1 1! ti. a t. trtkA i si., i CoutwJlcrht ii ' titotfice tSo. 23 r ranvitirfiirKPi, ui j w i i w 0j - JOHN LOKI WKi; GRAH AM, attorney at law, has opsucd hit t No. 43 Chaoiber - strel, near llioidAuv. way 16 4w JV C. G. s.Mr.DUtMf GO. have moved uinr couuung uouie 10 .o. 03 tvatnmgroo' street, where theyotfrr lir'sal 114 hhds New. Orleiuis sugar ; superfine cloths, double milled Ker.ayon.res, pbius and velveteens. J. & K. KEN WICK, have rernovsd to No. 85 - ttret. may 15 a?' JUtlX PKOC JOK, jim. has icnioved from .No. C2 Feekmaa to 106 Liberty - street, where tic slid ptters liberal anticipations on pro - peny ron.iifd to bit Inrn.t m Ins Medifeira' iie:iii. or I'ur'.hci particulars, apply as above, or 10 A hit A HAM BELIj, my 7 Im corner of Cliff Fulton - sis. tt MAt Ml, .Vll.NE ic CO. ved In No. 61 I ine - strerl. have n mo may 4 I.) U l. I l llCU l' inlonns his friends M. ntid the iillie in reurral ttitit Le has remo ved I U t.tinstery Ware llou rm No. 85 to Nu. C.l Maiden Lane where be i tiers for sale some elegau' pattern ol I'npr r Hangings, just received by the laieit arrivals from Frnnce, on me ninai re 'soimnie lernis. my Im LLr.liANT Ft UMTUIK AT AUCTION. Oi H'tiuoiiaiu'i'lli trill. OCr At 10 o'clock, at the Ware Room of Charles I hristian, 511 r ulli - n street, who is with drawing Iroiu tliu ('atiinet bwvne,, im elegant assortment t CAMlAET FDRMTI'RE, the wliole ol nbii'ti will lie wnrranti it bv .Mr. Chris tian the snme as if told I y turn it pnvate s do. The lease of the khnvn i'reti.iv t fur sale or to let. mySldts NO 1 ICE. Or The Rising Sun bail Ro!, Nnnpariel, andliidiistiy, fioiiithe Elii.Jetli town Point, li.r. New - York, sailif.oui Mnrketlield - slrcet, (wtierc the oleatn - boat Aliilunla lonneriy came to,) at IU o't.locK, ni eacn nay. - ;isngi w l - X cents. Enquire at the Steam - bnnt I lot, II, of VANDKRPOOL& PHILLIPS, my il tf lean li, Minuet Cnyur. rlHE bimrd cf Dun t'n have tins day deelar L ed a Diiult nd i.l liltecn per ci nt, on til' Capital Stoi k, lor the lust ix m - nillii, payable on or niter tie - Inst day ( Jui.e next, between the li'iurs ol it) Hurt I. 1 '1 lot K. liy older 01 tin - President and Directors. May 14, ISIrt. jiiyjfi P. I1A YT, S. c'ry. GEN. HAL S1GNAO. PHICt 1 Doi'LAR f, 'OR SALE, at the time 01 Messrs. TUCKER I1 A: CARTER, No. ff3 Soulh street, general signals, wncrepy raercnatu vessels may rninmu r it ate by nay with the couitiion coloirs ol tlie ship, and at night with four tliorni. 5t'0 of tne above aie now abroad in different vessels, and the prnprieior is induced to put them thus low, in order that (hey nmy gi t into general circulation, and that every ship master or owner mnr avail himsell of n luelhod ol communication, which, if adopted, will save all tl 'line unavouhhly it in spcukinc nt sea. Genlhiiirn aie reinn uted to call find examine the method tin luselves, at the store at above slated. my 18 v LtH)lil.(ia WAN I ED GEN I LEMAN is desirou of procuring. iTl. for liiiiiscll and a larce fiimily, uurirur the summer, comlortably lurmsheil Lotlgiugs, (out of tlie city of New - York.) at Brooklyn, or with in a convenieni ui'iance irnm ine wuy nan ; iu n house where he would be allowed to provide lor bit own Table, to eat alone, nod where tlie lunn'y would attend to ihe cooKing. A fnrloiir, and at least three lied rooms, would be required perhaps also a servants chamber. Enquire at 7f Murray - street. uiyi'ltf I OST,nn iiuiidiiy evening, niter I) o'clock, in 1 J liieeliwu li street, iM - tn een Spring Mid Von damme stn ets, a small SUA ER WATCH, lb a ribbon attached to ll. i he finder is hum bly requested to I' - ave the snmont Mr. Wnlkr't gromry store, corner 01 t,reentvnli anf Van - (isiiniiio streers, when a suitable reward will be given - my :it lo 4'lt(MA.V fi .VLHCU.1A"J'fi. JOSEPH I'INtTI, gun maker, respectfully Miliums his friends and the public, that lie has commenced bifinesf in the ttore No. 3 Wall - street, near Broadway, where ho ban for aalu a very hand ome assortment of single and double - barrelled gms, fine rifles, fusees, Uc. ; also, phcMiting tackle generally. J. F. still retains his old stand, No. 201 Green - wir b - street, fur the working department and shipping buiups. Orders left at either place will be attended to with all possible expedition. my 7 D&Cltn KKW - VURK BOTANIC AKOF - M. MICHAEL DENNIiON, CURATOR. HIS eatablii - huient is situated at Rno HiU, near the junction of the Blooiuingdale and Harlem Roads. It coiupreheiidt alxut five acres ol excellent laud callable ol the highest improve merits. The proprietor of this beautiful spot has obtained a leae ol the laud for the term cf thirty years. il - has (besides the enclosures, thrublnry, and oincr uuf roveincni1; rrecieti one 01 iiih isrgesi and roust convenient green houses in the Unted States. Hu solicits the citizens lo pauonize his en rts to render bit garden cwmplel in every rt pect, hy a moderale annual subscription. He propntet that each contributor of five dol lart thill be entitled lo receive tlie value in seeds, flowers, plants, fruits, or any other produce of the eardeu. By such an accoinutoda lion to him on the part of the public, he will be eunblcd to procure the greatest variety of foreign and domestic vegetables, and to jratuy the taste ami expectations ni nu irienm. Persons inclining to enter their names at en couragors of the design, are invited to call al tbt garden, where the fullest ioiurmalion will be given. my 21 Im A MILLLER WANTED. A N experienced Miller will hear of aocllic: - JTV ble tituation, by immediate apnV ation (0 CL.AI I HICK 5, my SI 3t 159 South ttreet I JKIME UPLAND CO 1'TON . 117 balet, lan L ding at Peck - slip, for sale at 67 Soulh - st. by CAMBUELENG ii PEARSON. lay tl O lindinxirnin ship William, frcn Iaiduoo, tor sale at i c. II. Slip, by my il D. BETHUNE ft CO. PRIVATE LODGIN G. ASlN'tilJl Gentleman cn be ccommod - ted, with a furnished or unfurnished room, with breakfast and tea, in a una!) and genteel family. Inquire at the ttore. No. 126 Broad way. may 41 WA.STLU, i'.V, A nni.ll hoii - e. or nart of one. with a fami ly wuo have 110 children, in a respectable ntigh - horhood; rent 150 to 200 dolhirt - Eoqnir at the orfir. 3t ORAM Si MOTT. PRINTERS, BCKI.lie IMP, I TAVE just received Irom oenec, a new ll .,,k.l.irh they have petto press, aad will idnrtly publish, entitled v a Rpiaiionof the Military and NavalOccir - rencet dunnx the late War with the United Slates, swell a the Political History of the Province of Lower Canada, frt mtiie year 1B07 l8l5icomDrcbeodinc the Administration of Sir James Henry rsie, and Sir Georr Fre - yost By Robert Christie " Th ahnve work m not only written in a neat and correct style, bat is generally free from those illiberal remaik that but too frecraentlv tarnish the pen of the political historian. The wcrk irom a liniitb, suioect, resident at Hiehec, and it it presented will be read with considerable interest, etpecially beie, by tooee geotleiuan tne American Army and aavy, who so brave tign - inzea uiemteivtt tn the late war. it win max aooui Zj'j pages, iioto. no iwi at ft each, in boards. tsyStSt ut it PUBLIC SALES. By MILLS, MIXTOX & CO. . Saturday, At 1 1 o'clock, in frout of their auction stork, No. MS Pearl - ttreet, at tfO days credit, , 5 tons best Loudon dry white lead, 400 kegs do do ground in oil, 2111 bt each, 8 cases theatb - ing copper, 20, ii 24 01 , 150boxet lio pla't 1 - 3 X, 90 casks Barcley's Loudon Brown Stout, in fine order. The above art an entire invoice, selected in Loudon with much care, and worthy th attention of dealers. Also, 41 f. s set St.' 3 ulian claret Alto, 30 crate a - sorted earthenware, 98 boxes London crown window glaat, 10 by 8 to 14 by 10 inches. Monday, A general assortment of dry good. MRUl.K tOU tILILhtMj, e. ril II E proprietors ol the touthern marble qua i JL rirs, near Kiug's - Bridge, rive notice, thai they have on hand, And ar receiving, at the KttigU - Bridge Marble and Ltme - tard, foot of Beach - strett, on th llmlson river, an etuusive stock of marble lor buildin, of the Jollowioj de scriptions, vix : Atniar Watertable Steit Platformt Sills, Lintclt Archtt Coping Foundation Stone Chimney - Piecet . Facings ' Column! Also Ijme of the best quality. rjT?' A constant supply of the above mat trials may b calculated upon ; and those dewroat of purchasing, or making engagements, will apply to EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 11 At the Yard. Alcrchanii hank, May 5, ItJUJ. TT The annual election for Directors of thia institution will be held on Tuesday fbe 2d day of June next, at the Banking House, betwtca the hourt of 10 and 2 o'clock. By order of the Board - of Directors, ' G. B. VROOM, Cash. mav 5 tj2 MUTUAL iJS'bUHAMJIL VOMFAJM Of I UK CITY OF fFJf - YORK. I he President and Director give notice that a dividend of four and a haf per cent, on the capital stock of thit Company, fur six mouths, will be mad on the 11th intt. and paid ou demand to the stockholder or Uieir tittorniet, at No. 5'J Wall ttreel. mvii lm JOHN PINT AMD, Sec'ry. UZT ' be new FERRY BOA'l S Irom toe foot of Walnut if reel, New York, to the loot of Little ttreet, Brooklyn, near the Navy Yurd, will commence running on Suuday, the 17th iotL Person! crossing to Brooklyn from the upper part of the city, will find the distance much shortened by using Out ferry. mv 14 stmt nam sicitilrnty of tlie ttntAru. lXf The Board of Directors rive notice, that the lourth, exhibition of thu academy, will b - penrd ou Wednesday next, 20th instant, and continuo open every day (Sunday excepted) from 9 in the morning till dusk. Admiilnnce 95 eeiils. Calulogues 1? 1 - 4. By order. ' ' ALEX. ROBERTSON, sec'ry. Members and exhibiting artistt ar infoiweJ, that their cards of admission ar left with lb door kei - er. ' my 14 tw TONTINE COFFEE HOUSE. The committee for managing the affair of tl Tontine Colb e llou - t, give notice, that ft Dividend of Seventeen Dollar er thare, for tlie year ending the lit Inst wiJI be paid the pro prietort on or after the lilth iulL at J4 Bruad - street. my 13 lm . BRIO FRANCIS. (y All perioni are cautioned against credit ing any of the Crew of the British brig: Francis, Capt Tsnnant, a no debt of their contracting will bt paid by the matter or coo - sijrnee. may 16 It 7 - All iiersvns haviriK ai.y clHimt teams! the estnte of ihe late John W iiliamt, deceased, are requested to present the tame to either of the subscribers, at No. ti'J Kast - Rutgert, or 37U Cherry street. juiiiv n'jUKt f.xerator, ELIABE'1'H WILLIAMS, Executrix. my IU lw ' For England, via Halifax, (Nora SroliaA (tpT Letters for his Britannic Majesty's packet It rancis Fre.eling, will he received at the Pott Ollic till Wednesday atternoon, the 3l day of June. T. W. MOORE, Agent. my 10 (tr" 'Ib copartnersliip heretofore existing between the subscribers, under the firm of W. W. Si A. Groeibe - erk, is tint day dissolved by mutual ct.mvot. lilth May, IBIfl. WM. W. GROESBEECK, my 19 lw ABM. GROESBEECK. BANK OF LTICA. A semi - annual dividend olFeur and one affper half per tml uoii the capital stock ol tlie Bank, hat U en declared, payable the lit of June next. Stockholders residing in the city and ill vicinity, run receive their dividends at the Mecbtnic't Rank may 19 lw IWHLV LYSL'RAJS CL COMPAJS I, OlOce No. 50 Wall - street, rXy Will receive applications for marine ritkt and for insurance on lives, annuities, Sic. between the hours nf 10 A. M. and 3 P. M. daily. SAMUEL A. LAWRENCE, president WM. J. VAN VTAUENEN, tecretary. DIRECTORS. John Oothout Jamct Boormaa Isaac G. Petrson, jr. Henry Major Henry Thomat Samuel A. Lawrence Charles King Robert Boiton, Jan. James Boyd. jun. UaltbazerP.alelick John Richaud Charles Rbind James Rtnwick P. Schertnerhora, Jim. John Jones Joseph Smith Jam Strong my 19 Ira THE ALBINO ftjy - Presents hit compliments to the Ladiet andGtotleaienof New York, and informs them that he has taken rooms at Washington Hall, Where he will be happy to receive their visits, f,om 8 A. M. to 3 P. AT. and front 4 P. M. till 7. Tickets 50 eroti each, to be had at lb bar. my SO Im fortune fanntri ALU' i - oUrry OJieet as tttll a Witty wnw. frr Yetlerdtt afterooon ticket No. 8320 in theUwego Eoad Lottery, now drawing in tin city, caiuc up a pm 01 s - juu, xmnm uie unt drawn oiimfier 1 his ticket remainednnsold at SMITH'S newly established Lottery and Ex change VUce, 170 Breadway, aad might bav been nurrtased, had applicalioa been made there sew Diinutet before the drawing commenced : a presage of what it to follow. Adventurers art idrised to make early application to the above oAce, to provide themtrlve with ticket tharet previous to the next day' drawinc. a it possible the! the first drawa number, which will be entitled to 4 .000. wilt remain nsold at said office, attic purchased prvioas to that tiase. my XO Bt LANDS. ftfr 8TEPHES B. MUNN, No. 825 Pearl - ttret, New - York, nurcbaset Landt in the Illin ois territory, which hat beea et apart lor IM lass Array, letters from the country giving a detcriptioa of the patent and the price asked for tarb lot, will he alleoded to, if Post paid, my 15 DUCtf NOMCE. frt - All pertoMiodebted to Water Farmaa audT:barlet Isobbs, (for ttreet manure) arere - quested to call and tettl their accoaatt with either of them, or with D. L. Mead, at the cor - eerof Pnmp EWridge - ttreets, Jonoerrf cafled Third - street, oa or before the first day of Jely oxt All person bavin demaadt gaintt them will pleas to present their accounts for etttf ' WATERS FURMAN, a&d CHARLES DO BE 3. ay II dftclat V ( ' : H ii. ' ! 1 i IV; 5. . M I r L ; I - .!,' 1 : 3 ' 1 s i'' . 1

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