The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 20, 1931 · Page 18
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 18

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, March 20, 1931
Page 18
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Page 18 article text (OCR)

18 RESINOL STOPS THE ITCHING OF ECZEMA Don't endurethc torment another day. Jus t get a Jar of Resihol Otnt-' ment and-a cake of Rcstnol Soap from your nearest druggist. Bathe the affected parts'witK the soap and warm ·water, dry lightly, and .apply the ointment. That's all there is to it but you will be amazed to see how quickly the itching stops, the inflammation ia reduced, and healing begins* FOR FREE TRIAlj il* paclcage of Ru£nbl Ointment iun3 Re**nol SO*B write Ruino] ,Depc.6O,B»lto.,Mi MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE Northbound Barges on Mississippi to :. ", Start on March 31 DUBUQUB,- March 20. UF^~ Northhound barge service on the Mississippi river will be resumed here Starch 31; the federal barge lines have announced. The first southbond tow will pass here April 6. ·' 1 ' :-' -. The northbound schedule will he started at St. Louis March,26, with the .barge reaching St. Paul April 3 and returning to St. Louis April 9. Service will he maintained twice each week. Upstream barges will leave Burlington on Thursday and Sunday and Dubuque on Saturday and Tuesday. Going down the river, they will pass Dubuqiie Friday and Monday and Burlington Sunday and Wednesday. -LINGERING 'MID THE LILIES DOCTOR BRINGS GOOD NEWS TO STOMACH SUFFERERS Voices Hearty Approval df New Veg-AH Discovery, and Tells How It Gives Rousing New Vigor to the Appetite; Promotes Healthy Digestion. Consider the lilies and envy them the beauty they are endeavoring to conceal with their own. This picture poem was taken at the opening of the international ;flower show in New York, and shows Miss Nell Roy blending her loveliness with that of the fragrant blooms. TMU ,1 ft [v D °' * etamed to pass expert judgment on the Veg-AIl formula, gives it his unqualified endorscment.TJr. Ochl studied with the famous Dr. Jalcob Fai; noted European medical professor who also praises VeE-All. , "Veg-All Brings Natural Energy," Declares Doctor Oenl Is your appetite, laying down on the job?-Do you hate the sight and thought of food/or do you welcome meals with avid anticipation?'if a languid appetite arid stubborn stomach are robbing you of energy and happiness,; making .you. miserable, and slowly; · · undermining your health, H]ERB IS GOOD NEWS! · Veg-A12--the hew ALL VEGETABLE discovery, has a. truly amazing effect upon the stomach and the appetite! Its',first action in your body' is tt increase the flow of saliva, and digestion is immediately improved. At the same time muscular activity is increased in such a way that greater nourishment is derived from tho food. Your whole system is awakened; to 'new and normal action--circulation is stimulated, and your blood starts carrying 1 new, fresh' energy throughout your system! You recognize this IMMEDIATELY -- feel stronger, more alert, welcome meals with gusto/ and suddenly find yourself "on your toes" and eager to go! ; Naturally, doctors have been the first to recognize and appreciate the great merits of Veg-AIl. Many leading physicians .the world'over have paid Veg-AIl the outstanding tribute · of public endorsement, and among them is Dr. Ernst Oehl. Dr. Oehl is unusually well qualified to advise the general public; in fiealth matters, for he Is a graduate of the University of Vienna, a.specialist In surgery and internal medicine, and'/served for a number of years with the great Franz Josef Hospital pf Vienna, and has a wide private practice. Dr. Oehl writes: "Hearty appetite and sound digestion aro vital factors in maintaining a strong and healthy body. I have found no readily available compound that can begin to com- pare with Veg-AH In promoting these two health essentials. In Veg- A1M find, in excellent balance, a maximum of the natural elements which" tend to improve, tone and nourish the.body. gratifying to find a medicine which acts so positively and so powerfully, and yet is composed entirely of natural, harmless extracts. · · "I do not hesitate to nut the full weight of my professional standing behind Veg-All, and I heartily recommend it to the, thousands who ara handicapped by sluggish appetite and stubborn stomachs which impair health." ;VVhat a remarkable statement! Could higher praise be accorded any medicine? Veg-AU may be 'just what YOU need to help you over the hurdles to health. Make your appetite stop laying down on the 1 job! Pep It up--wake it up, and make it serve you as Nature intended. Enjoy your food-eat heartily, and your run-down improperly nourished body will respond immediately. You'll find new snap and elasticity in your muscles, new strength in your nerves, hew color in your ^cheeks. Annoying aches , and pain's will disappear. You'll sleep soundly at night, and awaken in the morning refreshed and ready for a day of happiness. You -' will find yours elf more popular, and your family will show you more respect, · Don't put off trying Veg-All. Start now--at once. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose! 0et a large, economical bottle of Veg-All from-your druggist today. Start taking Veg-All tonight-and watch the immediate improvement!: . : Take advantage of the following phenomenal guarantee. TAXATION IS NOT DULLTOSOLO (Continued From Fnffe 1. There hasn't been a fresh case o phossy-jaw from that day to this ' ' * ' * - * "TITHEN CONGRESS decided t VV prevent banks from continuin^ to issue their,'own ; currency," pro ceeded the congressman, "it didn' prohibit them from doing so. "They can issue their own bills now if they choose. "But a tax was placed on it- tax too high to be offset by interest on such calculations. That stopped :hem, wit hno further argument. 1 * * * ' . "INCOME TAXATION," said the ·» IllMoisan, "could very easily revent the piling up of the" huge ortunes, of which we are beginning to hear so many complaints in these times of unemployment, due, we are told, to overproduction-: which, of course, means that a few have more than they need and others not nearly enough. "And inheritance levies could break up the, great estates which already have been accumulated, even tho their holders were to dodge taxation" during their lifetimes, by investment in tax-exempt securities. "Our whole civilization c o u l r l readily be altered by resort only to the taxation method. "TF, AS SOME folk think, chain * merchandising is a menace, it is a simple matter," pointed out the representative, "to break it up, by taxation of the multiplication of units, thus avoiding the counter plea of discrimination. Indeed, a few states are initiating it, and it seems to be standing the test of the courts. "Personally, I am not a believer in the taxation of corporation profits. Such imposts are passed on to consumers. Taxes on their shareholders' dividends really reach the source; or, if not, estate taxes reach it ultimately, anyway. "Of course, if the end desired is not merely the raising of revenue, but the accomplishment of an economic change of one sort or another, the taxation rate must be sufficient to accomplish it. A low rate may not do it, but there Is no revolution which cannot be effected by means of the tax fixing and tax collecting power." i . * * * " A ND IF IT were not for customs **· taxation," said the congressman, _"there immediately would be an end to all armies and navies There would be no further need for them, under world free trade. '"Armament limitation? Why armament abandonment would follow automatically, were all commercial barriers abolished. ; "Wars would cease from that Instant. What would there be to fight .about? "But It would have to be a worldwide , system, and that's Utopian. 1 Mass'Meeting Is Colled SWEA CITY, March 20.--A mass meeting is being called to be held in the Legion hal Itomorrpw afternoon to form a community oil company. Two hundred shares of the necessary 300 to'organize; the company have been sold. 1,400 invitations have been sent out fo rthis meeting. again for a fortune," he mutterei breathlessly. "Thank heaven it'll b easier to get out; I can pile som of this litter against the inside o the gate. Well, now I am here, let- have a look round this yard." . (TO BE CONTINUED) $5,000 GUARANTEE 18 ? lak , er !! °« y c £- A " b*TM posted $5,000 as a guarantee that this natural health preparation will sharpen your appetite, improve your digestion and give general tone and strength to the body, or the purchase price of tho bottle will be refunded. You are to be the sole judge of the merits of Veg-All. If, after taRIng half a dozen spoonfuls of Veg-AIl, you do not note an improvement In your condition, If you are not fully satisfied that Veg-AJI la doing: you good, return the partially filled bottle to your druggist and he will cheerfully hand you back your money. ' MAD LAUGHTER * . * . . * ' f * * * A Thrilling Mystery Story By MTLES BURTON 5 SOUTH FEDERAL AVE. PHONE 89 (Contlnned From (Vimle Pace). more, and then ran at it At the first half-dozen, attempts he failed to find a foothold, and slid down to the ground, scraping his hands and barking his shins. But at last his foot found the padlock, and rested there for one precarious moment. Even as it slipped off, he stretched up and clutched the spikes with his hand. There he hung, all his muscles tense, striving desperately to draw himself up, Inch by inch. At last his other hand found a grip. He passed his legs over the spikes, regardless of bruised flesh and torn clothes. In. a few seconds he had dropped on to the surface of the yard. "By gad, I wouldn't tackle that. Daughter Is Healthy Now ' "Mythirteen-year-olddaugh- ter Maxine was'troubled with backache and^pain when she came into womanhood. I knew Lydia E, Pinkham's Vegetable Compound would help her because I used to take it myself at her age; Now! she does not have to stay home from school arid her color is good, she eats well and does not complain of being : tired. We are recommending the Vegetable Compound to other school girls who need it. You may publish this letter."--Mrs. Floyd Butcher, R. #2, Gridley, Kansas. Lydia E Pinkta's' E Pmkham \l«,l f ,, Lvnn. Mass Iowa Boy Now is Strongest "\yf Y son; Daniel, suffered with J.VA hB stomach and bowels' until he was quite listless and weak," says Mrs. Floyd Wright, 2301' E. Walnut St., Des Moines. "Now it's a different story as you pan see from his picture. He's strong and full'of life. J gave him California Fig Syrup because mother gave it to me. It increased his appetite, helped him -wonderfully. Since then I have used California Fig Syrup myself as a laxative with much benefit." To show how California Fig Syrup acts to build up and strengthen half- stck, headachy, constipated children through yiving lone and strength to weak stomach and bowels, nothing could be more convincing than praise like this. Your doctor will approve the use of this pure vegetable product--as often as an impure breath, coated tongue; listlessness, fcvcrishness or lack of appetite warn of constipation--or to keep bowejs from clogging during colds or children's diseases. When buying, look for the word California on carton and bottle. That marks the genuine. FIG SYRUI* LAXATIVE-TONIC far C H I L D R E N YOUTH GIVEN 20 YEARS IN PRISON Clark, Cedar Rapids, Guilty of Assault to Kill Woman. · CEDAR RAPIDS, March 20. OB --Elmer Clark, 21, Cedar Rapids, today faced a sentence or 30 years in the state penitentiary at Fort Madison on a charge of assault to commit murder. He was sentenced yesterday by Judge F. O. Ellison after the court denied a motion for a new trial. Clark was charged wifji attacking Mrs. George W. Swab in her home near here a year ago and leaving her unconscious in a room after turning, on the gas jets. Mrs. Swab escaped by crawling out of the room. TRIO ASKS FOR VENUE CHANGE Men From Oskaloosa and Grmnell Charged With Assault of Farmer. OSKALOOSA,- March 20. (£0-- Charged with assault with intent to commit mur*er, Joe and Dick Russell of Oakaloosa and Tracy Russell of Grinnell have petitioned for a MARCH 20 1931 HONOR GUARDIAN ANGEL . Hulled as $he "Flyers' Best Friend," Dr. James H. KImbaU, meteorologist of the New York weather bureau, is shown in the center of a group of famous airmen after receiving the gold medal of the IJgue Internationale Des Aviateurs from Capt. I/ewis Yancey, trans-Atlantic flyer. Left to right are: Captain Yancey, Dr. Kimball and Col. James E . Fitzmaurice- · ' · . , - , . . ·· change of venue in their' trial scheduled for Saturday. The trio are under indictment for an alleged assault on Warren White, 50, Rose Hill farmer. In their peti- 'tion the Russells state it would be impossible to obtain an unprejudiced jury in this county.' More than 500 farmers from the Rose Hill district, demanding a public hearing. FOURTH ALGONA SUIT IS FILED $100,000 Damages Asked by Humboldt Contractors in Petition. ALGONA,.March 20.--A total of $100,000 in damages was asked in a fourth suit filed here by J. H. and F. F. Mayer, Humboldt contractors, against the, local board of education, the Union Indemnity company and Proudfoot, Rawson, Sauers and Thomas, architects. The suit is tbe outgrowth of a cancellation of contract on the erection of a new $220,000 high school, on which work was suspended. In this, suit ?50,000 actual and 550,000 exemplary damages were asked. Other suits filed by the Humboldt men total 560,000. In the suit the contractors alleged circulation of,false rumors against them after the contract to build.lhe school was cancelled. The Spencer construction company is now working on the project. This is the time of year when they begin sending you illustrated seed catalogs so that you may sea what the things you planted last year would have looked like if they had come up---Boston Herald. "1 caught my husband playing kiss-in-the-ring," said a woman in court recently. Many a husband has been caught by this method.--Pass- At Currie -Van Ness Co. BABY GRAND 't only *49 50 less tubes Special 10-day Offer A wonderful opportunity to own a real radio at on amazingly low price, on astonishingly easy terms. See and hear thenewPhilcoBaby Grand. It's every inch a Philco, the world's largest-selling radio. . . . Not a midget, but a far-ranging, full-performing radio, surpassing sets twiceitsprice. Famous Philco Balanced Units and PHILCO SUPERHETERODYNE -PLUS 11 TUBES ' Never before a radio like this! Newest, scientific features. Automatic volume coDtroI. Philco Tone Control. Illuminated station-recording dial. Ex- urniture, LOWBOY $129«5O les, tubes HIGHBOY $155.OO feu tube* Small Down Payment -- Easy Terms Undistorted Tone; all-electric, 7 tubes (3 screen grid), built-in electro-dynamic speaker, illuminated station-recording dial, black walnut and quilted maple cabinet. . . . A sensational radio -- don't miss this 10- day special offer. PHONE NOW/or Free Home Demonstration CURRIE-VAN NESS CO. 1 -1 XT T?i _ i* * -- * . _ _ U N . Fed'. Ave. "Maintained by Merit" PHONE 17 SETS SOLD ONLY WITH PHILCO TUBES AT PREVAILING PRICES

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