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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Friday, May 22, 1818
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XEtV - YOllK EFENIHO POST. FRIDAY, MAY 12. . Rffrttniattvet frwm this tint to tin next Cm re. The National Intelligencer, remarking on the past eleclioa, and after mentioning the : foot, that of the present representatives from N. York, in aumber 37, only' three are retained to " toigrots, observer, with such good tense, - hat " scarcely are the members from Uua state iniiiaUd in the rukt and practice of congretiion - . . ai procaodanji, than tbey retnra to their hornet, to make wajr for new comr, who, beforo taey ; can engage with success in legislative I n wett, Ha Mma rnulina la travel, the time rudi - ' aienU to letro. ". There U in ibis frequent and " radical chanre of the ipreentat(ves of that itaU, wiih Wtrtaoe to its interests, and to its '. influence in the general government a phrase - anch seed of late, bat little nndentood a fnlu ' Tt a .: ai! recnncileable, either with the gene ral mteuifence or ue or m uuai ,iSi hff la regard to Hi own interetU." These ob - .. Mmtioo are !be ruult good tense, and preg . pant with tuggtiUooi of the roost talutar j nature The popular doctrine of rotation in oOice, when applied to those which require experience, are not only peroiooui, but absurd. . We under L stand that it it a icttled maxim, in tome of our ' western' counties, that no man iball be permit icq IU rvireicDi uicin u uiv uuhjimi itiatm mi - I wo yean In tucceiiioo ; tie consequeucea are ' obvious. One Lalf the teuion is consumed in t&MM.!n iIia.a vnlaa rj ktniA whirl, Br. rim - ' cessary to the novice before he can act with ad' vantage; and by the time he ii woll initiated, he , ii rery politely told he must make way for another green hand. ' Surely no course of reasoning ran be necessary to eipoco tliii foolish an J ritli - culout doctrine. It i one of the new faugled . notion to which the timet hare given birth, but which mutt, before long, in common with other similar discoveriat of the day, give place to other and better made of thinking. In the business ..of common life, avian who should act in this manner, would be stared at ai an idiot. If we want a pair of shoes, or a hat, or any ' other article of dress, or of furniture, we apply without a moments hesitation to the most experienced mechanic, provided he Kill at cheap aa another, but when we want laws for the protection of our property, liberty and lives, we reject theaMittaoca of those who are able to provide them, because, drsoofh, they have had an ' opportunity to make themselves matter of the subject. We ought surely to feel ashamed ol this. Lattti frtm England. - wfrrived last evening, the ihip Lorenzo, Russell, from Liverpool, which aba left 00 the 22.1 of April, bringing Indon dates to the 18th and Liverpool to the 30th ult. : from a hasty inspection wa have made a few se lection which will be found undor the proper bead. , com if n mr. ATfnw. In cootequence rf information communicated to tbe justices of the police by Mr. Hays, one of loejutiicos, accompanied ny Mr. Hays fend the ower police omcers, went yesterday, rhursday, to a houvi in the suburbs of the city, and arrest ed three men iq a stable in the rear of the house, having in their possesion counterfeit notes. On a.tliorotigh search of the stablo, a book contain ins? a large amount of those notes was found un dor the hay in the loft, and in searching (ho bouse three new gold watches, with heavy gold chains and seals, were found In a drawer of a bureau, which, it is believed, . were purchased wvsias tiiv snuiii howu ii'UWU wi afis,r - i - - - - ititttttt; hlh filth amtwijB si As - stnt Af mnf ..... 1 there it no doubt that a considerable quan - I Itif fiT tHn.JI nnlM liaar. hn rinm it... I .... . '"J " . .. . w wm. me Bi week, vested off in retail stores of thii city, a description ot tiirm la given, that the citi zens may oe cautious in eiamning notes ot that issue. 1 nree dollars f: ovulcnce Ex change Hank, May 1st, 1816 Cyrus Butler, President, 8tcphen Jackson, Cashier. Three dollars Westmoreland, I'ennsvlvania, Greensburgh, 20tli March, 1818 - W. H. Alexander, Preiident, Paul Morrow, Cashier, Bank of Columbia, Ifudaon, five dollars, May 1st, 1314 - Jas. Hyatt, Pre.dt. Geo Kinslry, iuiir. rarrnern - iiannot llucKsUounty, rtnn - syivanw, llulmeville, March 12, 1815 John liulme, PresdL George llar'noii, Caslir. Some of the sume dated Ma. - ch 29, 1815, and March 3, 1815, ten dollars. Also, ten dollars Farmers' and Mechanics' Bank of Pittsburg. Pennsylvania, dated October 17, 1817. John Sui'll, Presdt. G. Lucky, Cuthr. It is bi lieved there were notes on other banks, but which have not yet been found. The citi - stent will be cautiout as to new notes generally . - .The address and activity of Mr. llnj t, in the discovery of this affair, is erv itommeiidable, and tut conduct, as also thfttofthe other oflirert of the police, in aid of the magistrate, when those persons were surprised in their discount and dit - tnbuting office in the hay loff, aighly meritorious. For tht Ntw - York Erening Foit. The act for making provision for the officers,' eailors and soldiers of the revolution, contemplates that the evidence of the applicant1! poverty mu.t be substantiated by the testimony of o - thers, aod that it is also indispensably requisite t the applicant to substantiate his poverty by his own oath. This must sting the souls of feeling men, oho fonght and bled for their country. Men in Hie downhill of life, who merit not onlv a liberal pension, but the voice of sympathy to rnerr uiem tor me lew iays tney have to travel to the bottom of that hill, aod from thence, straight to another and a better world. Men, on vdi - m, lonj ere lhi., a pension ihoujd have been bntowed, unaccompanied with the galling con diu.m of any oath, but that of siieir service. Men, who finally errted the holy temple of A - merican liberty over the tomb of departed ty - rmerican' lct u'pauta a little, and bthoU what a d.ffcronce tliere is in the power arulgr - mdorof UiU country, t what it vas 40 ?if I h'rh1CRa to no other . oOh. officer - , sador. and Wl,hert of the re - Those who are uograteful to ,ur, B)f .. h no .fault bu oub, all othtr c,ime, ' J" ( Ilu'T,0f h'J,Sn',,; l'rho oU the botoorahle, ,Uo v,rtnous the iWve, but l, - Be?lertrJ rt. - .n. r i . . rt?'1" ' - t on b - - - - - - .w - ..,,. uHit aays, with a numb.r of the youn;, stroae, and healthy officer, of the late 27th L.S?1"TV wiW h'" ' rbimc l and Err - :,a tne,r rer - wentati.s . , , "IMUII,' Im, irem tnc government. Men. who never! rew a tword, or fired a gun, in it. defence Met, wha never left their quartet in the vicinity . ., , mt ,.. enemy eyc0 on the beach :! ,h'Pt" .1 W" Dl. t?,rM lu,0,h or? d of l.Ts IU" TJH nr an C"l ly d at so of I 1 conn try whose commanders are gantUmea, ami ' 1 . r.ii.M. wiioaw renuamen art) coojiu are you content that a aamber of such characters shall continue to draw from the ISlh Jone, 1615, which they have done to Biepre - eoi "y. ' . . . fAm A M line. from the pnolle treasury, uw imw - - rally contribute t which may, with Interest, to the course of twenty years, amouat to upwards f n hunJred thoutand dollars Remember, !.. nrh larors have been confer red, until the pretent tetsum 1 of coojress, on the nooorable ana meruorwut "" w;ii th.r not be a demand that govern .t .KAnl.1 ttnctlv examine into the merit of such claims, ts well a into toe repuiaiion 01 looec - v. .imiiturM are anucxeu 10 uieir papen , h nalnre of their wouodt, the day and date, nl tilaca where the battles were fought f The tnui, is supposed to be eleven thousand five hundred rats, stattooeu on me itianu ai ine umr. . ' . . . . . , . . and mutt have taken these heroes by surprise, at the dead hour of the night. They could not designate any other eround on which thoenenre stent took place, but that on which Tood the butchers, bakers and grocers' shops, m tne cen tre of the garrison at Sandy - hook, commanded by late major ol saw regi - meat, who it also handsomely rewarded with pension for bis meritorious service, in ordering to York, on the 15th June, 1815, the troops, after being mustered on that day, for the purpose of shaving them neatly. Though I can barely see to write, yet I have not lost my memory, ana I thank my God, that no brother officer of mine, at the close of the revolution, was known to be guilty of such conduct. Jlni'jfictr 0 tne luvoivnim. frp Editor, who pay taxes to the general government, will please to copy the abovo, (or the substance of it,) into their papers, coaiafcificATioiv. With a view to the extinruihinz of fires and saving the lives and property of tho sufferers, I conceive if the hook and ladder cooiany were furnished with shear poles to erect, at anv suitable distance from the fire, to place their ladders azaintt. it would be much more conve nient and safer tnan being obliged to place their ladders against honses on fire, in order to use their engioes to effect, when the person on the ladder is continually in danger from falling tim ber, kc. By shear - poles, I mean such ns pump - maker use for hoisting out pumps, kc vis. three poles connected at the top by an iron Kilt, which when erected form & triangle, and will stand firm on the most uneven surface. The poles might have hooks at different heights, in order to ship bars to rest the ladder against, or each pole might be a ladder. 1 his might be placed directly opposite the win dow or place required to be, played into, and I believe would greatly facilitate the extineuitliini; Arcs : It murht also be placed near to any window and assist persons to ecape, or to save pro perty from the devouring element. A Friend to the biiJTireri. LATEST FOREIGN M'AVS. A letter from the house of Lawrence. Willis L Lawrence, of the Slut, eives the following; repre - sentHtion of the market. u Flour dull. A5s lo M; Cotton in regnlnr demand at Xll to 21,ri, and for iipt rior . S2d ; New Orleans SI to 231; Sea Unilx. srarce. 2 (i to 4t 6 about 100 linen have reached the letter price. Best Potashes bin a 6!! ; PearN 66 a 67, not brink ; Tar I'J a 20s ; Turpentine 17 a l'Js ; itice in Ixnid, uncertain, duty paid a Jk ; Bark 17s a 1th; I.iviiiff atun'a 20 Vhi - ilelphix, 3(1, a 2" - 'i : Fluiueed fur sowing, dull at lobarcnm lair request at 7 J to l(M. Six per cent. American Stocks 102A to 103: tuna aiinres t.M a juiz. The sales of Cotton at Liverpool, the week pre' ceding 20th April, were I10UO bagt. Britixli Stocks, April 13. J per cent. Consuls, !.' the London pnpers contain nothinrof narticii interest. The Chancellor hns eiven notice of intention to lay lie lore parliament nil Impor mm mpHinre m iinaiice. A new Tragedy, called the Murdered Maul, as been produced in London 1 he story I founded upon that of Alary Aslilord, the parti irs of whose h' story are familiar to the re collection of every one. Mra. F - !win, of the MritMi theatre, lia late been defrauded out of R8000. by a broker she employed to purchase an annuity for her. A wretch ot the name ot Wm. llmlcy, who had poiicneil his father, mother, and two other persons, was lately aeekitvj a passage 111 land tor America ; but the olricers ot tustice were in search of him, and in hopes of tiki g mm oetorc lie sailed. Liverpool, AnrH 20. Arr. veterlnv. Philin. nolinn, li'oni HHllmiiiri' ; Jane, lercusuii, I10111 hilanehihin '. Dinn, Maxwell, do : tiro. WalMin. Foster, KichmuiiH; Krlsick U'ood; Ki.her, Satau - nah ; Mentor, NnMc, New York. fhc NeHor spoke, April II, Int fi,S5,loii a;, ;tn, brig L'nilv, lliompson, from Philad. tor Liverpool, M tin v 1 he Dido spoke, 2l!lli Man Ii, mi the Banks. the Andrew, from I'liilud. for Liverpool. Jlpril 18. The lliberiiia, Fitr.nilliiun, and Cv - ru, trotard,hotli frouit'linrlcstnn, at the t.'lvde. nr. jtuius iirtar, Clinrleituii , ftjui tlia, tilover, titln. j Spoken, about 19ih Jan. the Milton. Thomas, nfl Bixton, in the Stri'iclilt of Suudn. from K.iliivin. with coffer, for AinMcrdam. y II well, hv Hi. - ( lia. - Cleared, April 1, Shmnrock, M'Knnn, SvHnnoh. and sailed l'Jth ; Kdnnrd, Chitteinlen, Baltimore' I.1VF.KPOOL, April 18. The money market has been kept iU a state of anxiety and fluctuation for some weeks pat, in consequence of a now plan of finance which the chancellor of tho exchequer was understood to have in agitation. Thit scheme has at leugth been publicly developed ; but though it hat been elaborately explained, and officially detailed at considerable length, itia nill very lar from being penectiy understood. Is it not that there it any particular difficulty in the plan itself? The ob ject which it is intended lo answer, and the be nefits which, it is intended to conler on the public finances, are the ercat objects which arc left in ouscurity. A new stock is to bo erected bconng an inter, et of 3 1 - 3 per cent. Those inclined to pur. chase into it, ara to give for every 100 of the new stocK, X. lot) ot the present comols or re need, and XII sterling as a compensation for the additional 1 - 2 per cent, intereit. Ilcro the benefit to the public creditor is sufficiently ap parent, as ho receives an interest ol nearly o per ceut. on the additional sum advanced ; where as the existing 3 per centj. allow an interest of less than 4 percent. l!ut where is the advantage to the nation ? A loan might, no doubt, have, beeu procured at 3 3 - 4 per cent. Exchequer bills ran be issued at le.. than 3 per cent. ; yet the is paying nearly 5 per cent, for the extra sum raised by this subscription, without any visible compensation. Tno objects have been principally mentioned likely to have influenced the minister in this proceeding. In the tint place the alternative of contracting for a large loan after three yean ol peace, an expedient so hutnilialinin itself, mid derogatory to our credit in the eyes of Europe, is bv this means avoided. The transaction borrowing is concealed, and the general scheme lias such au aspect of obscurity, that few per - soas al homo but those immediately interested in it, and still fewer abroad, will take the trouble of comprehending it. In the next rlace, a fund will in this way be irepftred for the absorption of uw o per ccnu. on urn ttock being paid on j a measure w hich is believed to be in immediate eontemplation, and whi:h is expected to produce tho ways aud means of the jear. By transfcr - riii the 5 nr cnnt. th n.v.i. .1 k. ;mirkct price, or ofT..riu; to the holder the alter - Miv. f paying him off at nae. ..f t will accrue, which, it i, hA,! .Si in - than suiSce to rover the charges of the addition more , .un raiu oy way of lor,n in the new stock. nnt .ire me most satisfactory explanations we hav J'1 n 00 ""J important measure cial statement of the new plan sent on Tuesday to the Bank and Stock hxcangei TVumni f 'lMiffi. jysrrtf 14. 1818, It is proposed that books shall be opened at the Raxlr rS I'n.liiiil IhM lb, tnr Ilia DUrDOte Ol receiving the subscriptions of perrons desirous of transferring any sum in even thousands, not Im than fJMOO. 3 ner'cent. consolidated, or 3 oercent reduced annuue. (ucli annuities w oe specified at toe time of sutucnmngj uuo a ww ttock, at the rale of 3 1 - 2 per cent. ; the interest on inch ttock not to be reduced, nor the ttock paid off for ten years from the 5th of April, 1818. Everv suherriber, in consideration of his trans ferrins 100 3 per cent, consolidated, or 3 per cent, reduced Kunuilies. to the account of the commifiooers for reducing the national debt, and of his paying at the times hereafter mentioned, ioto the bank the tnm of 1 1 in money, shall be entitled for every 100 stock so transferred to 100 3 1 2 per cent, stock, to bear interest either from the 5th of April, or the 10th of October, 1818, ai hereafter mentioned. The subscribers to pay the said sum ol XI I w money, by instalmentf, at the following periods : upon uie uay oi suoscuuuig, uj wj deposit . . . On or before June 1!), 1318 July 24, JC1 1 1 1 Aug. 7, Ecpt.4, . . 1 Oct. 1C, 1 Nov. 13, . . 1 Dec 4, . . 1 Jan. 15, 18S9 . . 1 Feb. 5, . . 1 March 5, . . 1 Discount at the rate of two per cent per annum, computed in the usual manner, to be allowed to subscribers on completing the payment of the said sum of 1 1. The subscribers to transfer their stock to the commissioners for the reduction of the national debt, at the following periods : r ifleen per cent from Tuesday the 2tith April to Monday the 4'Iiof May, both days iuclusive (holidays excepted) ; and 85 per cent ou or be fore Tuesday the 2d of June. Persons suhrcribioe not less than 50,000 stock, to transfer the tame to the commissioners, for the reduction of the national debt at the following period : I ifleen per cent on Tuesday the 28th or Wed nesday 20th of April ; anil 85 per ccuton or be fore I nday the 27th of November. (.very person bavins, before I uesday the 2d day of June, completed the transfer of the whole stock subscribed by him, shall be entitled, at soon as the measure hall have received the sanc tion of parliament, to the principal sum of 88 in annuities, bearing interest after the rate of 3 104 percent per annum for every 100 so trans ferred, such interest to commence from the 5th day of April 1IIIR, and shall on the completion of hit payments of JC II in money on each 100 so ubtcribed. be entitled to the further principal sum of 12 like annuities, the interest thereon commcne ou at the same time. Kvsrv Derson who. after the 2d day of June, and before tho 27lh day of November, shnll have completi d the transfer of tho who'e of the stock subscribed by htm, shall be entitled to the prinri pal turn of 881. in annuities, at the rate of 3!. 10s. per cent per annum, for every 1001. so subscribed, Ihe inle'eit thereon to commence from the 10th day of October, 181ft, and shall, on the comple tion of his payment of his 111. in money on each 1001. so transferred, be entitled to the further principal sum of 121. like annuities, the interest thereon commencing from the 5'h of April, lolH. Every f ervn subscribing 3 per cent. Contois, shall be entitled to interest for one smarter of a year on such consols to be paid on the 5th day of July, in cases the whole or such stock snail oe transferred on or before the 2d of June ; and on the 5th day of January next, in case such trans, fer shall be made after the 2d of June, aqd be fore the. '27th day of November next. The commissioners for the reduction of the national debt to purchase 3 1 - 2 per cent, stock, in proportion of at least 1 per cent, per annum in the capital created, whenever that stock shall be under par. The new stock of 3 12 per cent, to be transferable at par into Irish 3 1 - 2 per cents. F.verv subscriber to have the option off und - incr exchequer bHIs to double the amount of money subscribed by him, and to receive for every 1001. of exchequer bills subscribed 641. 3 percent, consolidated, and 641.3 per cent, reduced annuities, provided such option is declare d by the subscriber on the 2ttth or 29th of April, or the 2d day of May, and every such subscriber shall, at the time of declaring this option, make a deposit at the bank, in money or exchequer bills, of not less than 5 per cent on the amount of exchequer bills subscribed, and the remainder of such exchequer bills shall be brought into the exchequer bill office, on or before the 1st August, 1818, when the interest thereon shall cease and be paid hi mon ey i and in case the deposit shall have been made in money, it will bi - returned Dy tne pay - mister of exchequer bills without, upon the whole amount of such exchequer hills being brought in as aforesaid. The 3 per cent, consolidated annuities, to be created by the subscription, to bear interest from the 5th of January. 1813, but the dm - dends not to be paid until 5th of January, 1819, and the 3 per cent, reduced annuities to bear interest from the 3th ot April, lata. Incase the sum of ten millions of money or upwards shall be subscribed, no exchequer bills, "over and above those which may have been funded by the said subscriber, under :he option aforesaid sliall betiindot before the 1st of March, 1813, at any rate not exceeding 12jI. capital stock in the 3 per rent, cons li - Lduted or reduced annuities fir every 10()!. principal money , and in case of any such funding, the said subscribers shall have the preference of being allowed to subscribe the same, for ten days, to be reckoned from the date of any notice thereof to be tent to the bank, specifying the terms on which such exchequer bills may be funded. From La Utile jiuembhe. FASHIONS FOR APRIL. Walking drtuk cambric muslin round dress, the skirt gored and rather full ; the bottom it finished by a deep flounce of soft miulio, which Ucut m scollops, and edjjed with narrow lace ; thit flouuce is surrounded by a broad piece of - oft muslin, honeycombed, and finished at each ede by mushn scollop. High body, made tight to the shape, and nchly let in with work. Over thit dress it worn a pelire composed of lavender coloured reps silk, and lined with white tarsnet ; it is fastened down the front by wbito silk but - (ms, and is ornamented al tho bottom of the skirt with a rouleau of while satin, which is entwined with lavender - colored silk cord. F.vr.M.ic Drkss. A white eaute round dreu the bottom of the skirt finished oy a large rouleau of white tattin : the rouleau is ornamented at recuiar distances with braids of lemon - coloured satin, and is surmounted by thice bands of le - ninn - rolourfd satin. The body is made plain and higher than they are generally worn ; it it finished round the bust by a tingle fall of blond lace set cm almost plain. Sh' - rt lull sleeve, cona - ued at the bottom by a row of white tattin poiutt A lemon - colnred latin body, cut extiemely low round the butt it wore oyer Ihe - rauze one : it it finished round the wait in tlie French ttyle by tabs, and ha a tmall epaulet which stands up oe the shoulder, of a very novel form .sjecrranami'i Lrtning Vreu. Cattilian rolie of pearl grey sarsnet, tictnntly trimmed with pink tatio, interspersed w ith crape and velvet : tiie petticoat worn under the drrte it finished by a border of fir11 lace, which just appears below the robe ; the sleeves are of fine figured net, with terpentine wavet of rolled pink satin, continaed close to the wrist, from whence depead two broad fnlls of bload mtde to fall over the knuckles. A fichu - 4 Uie finest net, left open in front, and tiirm - Niotrd by a deep Spanish ruff, standing ap a ry.luSbdh Crown turban of white satin, net, acd pearls, with laisals offh latter malirial, rod crowned I tie summit with tl wreath pink fancy lowers, aod pearlt. Pear pearl ear - riogt, wbito crape fan, and white satin shoM. FirtukCrmrt Dren. White aaltin petticot, trimmed round the border with thtvaux - de - friexe crape, over which is a rich ornament of full blown roses i the sleeves tun. ami reacumg near the elbow, terminatinc; by two full rows of lace the body made to display the bust, very low behind, and ornamented with crape ess chevanx - de - frittt. Train of royal purple or Pmssraii blues satin, superbly trimmed witn fine broad lace, and lined throughout with white satin. The hair dressed round the face in riuclets a la Xmon. and entirely divided from the forehead the hair on the submit of the bead raised in two rows of separate traids, twUted round with pearls between these braids is a tiara of gold and pearls, to which are fastened the court lappets of the finest Brussels lace. Earrincs and chain necklace of pearls, white satin shoes, and white kid gloves, omAmented at the tops with a rich em bossment of white sat in. LONDON, March 27. Lambeth - Hreet. - Bulluck - hunlinf, flobbery, kc. Yesterday peorge VarUley, John llowcllt and John Kippoa, three notorious Character!, beinzpartot an extensive eanc. wre brought up in the custody of Durltou, Fortune, and Kos ter, officers belonging to this office, charged un der circumstances ufthe moat disgraceful nature, of which the ibliowins are the particulars : It appeared that some villains, on Wednesday morning last, entered the back part of the premises of Mr. Sheffield, butcher, of High - street, Aldgate, and stole therefrom three fine bullocks I which bad been brought from the country the day previous) for the purpose, t appeared, of creating a riot and crowd, to enable them to commit depredations about the town. Un the evening of tho same day, about dusk, from 800 to 1000 persons, of the most depraved and tnta mous characters, assembled in a field near Stepney Fair, and bad the bullocks secured witb halters round their neck, till an appointed time, when they were let loose and hunted by men up and down through dillerent streets, and the ut most confuiion was raised about the towD, in con sequence of the whole of the gang pursuing them, being armed with slicks, bludgeons, and other weapous, and pelting stones, to the great danger of the passengers ; they took their route towards bitcchapel, and several persoosontne road were tosted bv the animals: a Mrs. Willi ams, who lives in Lambeth - street, was walking aloD" wdh her child in her arms, and wat tosed by it, and she and her infant were injured in a dreadful manner, and conveyed home. .1 por ter, who was proceeding along North - street, Whitechnpel, with a chest of drawers on his head, was likewise tosted, his drawers were smashed, aod himself gored and injured in a ter rible manner, havm; one ol his arms broken ; ne was taken to a surgeon's in a dangerous condi tion. Several other persons were tossed aud materially injured. The villains drove the poor beasts about the town for a length of time, till they became in a ttate of madness, and every person made war for them to past, no cue daring to go before themj they next drove towards Hare - ttreet, Spitalfieldt, on euteriug which, one of the animals, who was more infuriated than the others, rushed into the warehouse of Messrs. Koscier and Jacques, dyers, of that street, being followed into the tliop by a uumbrr of villains who commenced their attack ; the whole of the windows were smashed, and likewise the pan - nels at the tides of the shop, and great injury was done to other parts, as likewise the property. The persons employed on the premises were dreadfully injured by the animal, and were infamously maltreated by the robbers who followed it. At length the men who worked in the shop suc ceeded in turning the villains out,, and mauagrd to tiiui anil noil me uoors ; noiwiinsuuiumg, uie prisoners, and a great body of their companions broke open the place, and acted with the utmost violence with their sticks, kc. : and finding all measures to quell the riot, and prevent them from robbing the place ineffectual, the person in the warehouse who were furnished with fire arms, threatened to fire on the depredators, if they did not desist from their purpose, and bein disregarded, the, after subsequent entreaties, fired upon the mob, and lour or bvo ol the villains received tho contents of the fire - arms, and were carried off from the place bv thoir vile com panions, supposed for surgical assistance. Dur ing this time the other two animals were hunted by more of the mob round the adjacent parts ; aud information having been received of the disgrace, ful transaction at the above office, Uattoo, For tune, and Foster, were dispatched instantly to quell the riot, and apprehend the delinquents On their going to the place, it was in the utmost consternation, but a party of the Worship - street officers succeeded in dispersing the rioters, and Dalton, fortune, and 1 otter, at the peril ofthoir lives, rti.'hed and seized the prisoners, who were ai med with tremendous bludgeons, nod appear ed most active in the affair, and brought them in custody to the office. During the time the mcb was in Hare - street, several persons had their pockets picked, - and tome cut complltely off .4nolBcerofWhitechapel. named Richard I'nn - ket, was knocked down on the ground, and beat by some of the villain! with their sticks and bludgeons, till they almost murdered him, and he now lie! in a deplorable condition at bis residence in Whitecliapel. The two animals liiat were drovo about the street, during Uie transaction at the above warehouse, were with some difficulty taken home to Mr. Sheffield's premises i but the other was in such a dangerous state to be let loose, tint they were necessitated to have it slaughtered in the warehouse, and afterwards conveyed home. The prisoners are all ill - looking fellow", well known by the officers. On be - ng searched, no pn - prrty was found on them, but their s'icks appeared to have been much used in the affray, several witnesses were present to give evidence, which being satisfactory, the prisoneri were fully committed to aewgate to take their trial. MAKKlKl), At Brooklyn, last evening, by the Rrvd. Ilu - h Smith. Mr. Cornelius W, Stanton, of the ioue of Barharin, Stanton V Co. of this city, to Mis Mary Stewart, only daughter of Mr. William M. Stewart, of the former place. At Stratford. Con. on Tuesday evening, 12th, by the Kev. Mr. Untton. Mr. William f. Hunk er, of thiscity, to Miss Aon Southworth, of the lormer piare. A'fr'K - VIATt" POST .V.1RIJVE LUST. CLEARED, Schr ( laredon, Frith, Jamaica Tucker k Lauries Ceres, Damerell, Bermuda Royal Oak, Smith, Richmond Sloop Liberty, Horsefield, SL Marys F II icoll k Co Bmlgrt, Gillct, Savannah JliJUFED THIS FOREJVOn.s. Ship Mary, 18 days from New - Orleans, to Talm.m & Torrey. Brig fsimrod, Prince, 9 days from St. Andrews, with plaster to order. British sch Speculation, Hester, 1 1 days from Nassau, N. P. with liguumvitas and turtle to J Scott. IS passengers. Sch Alfiera, Nicholson, 9 days from Edeuton, N. C. with fish and staves to order. Schr Only - Daughter,, Lllis, 14 days from Richmond, witb flour and tobacco, to Walsh k Gallagher, Trokes, Davidson ic Co. Beers I Woodholl, B M Myers, T Irvine, and Oakley k Brothers. 4 passengers. Union hoe scbr Jersey, Johnston, 7 davt from ;hilaJcli.!:ia, with merch iodise, to L'llomme - dieu I Brown, owners, and others. ten Kebecca, Read, lOdxit from Baltimore, with cocoa and copper, to Palmer k Hamilton. Sch Latthina, Toler, IS days from P yroouth, .V . with naval stores and staves, to Blunt Jacksoa. nai, Gray, 5 dayi from Suffolk, with thirties to the master. staves, aod tschr Feace. Drinkwater, 2 dayt from Philad. wiih dour and corn. meat, bound to . Haven bchr Mary Jane. Hickman, 5 days from Sof folk, with stare and shineles. to order. Sehr Hiram, Feck, 12 days from Richmond, with flour to RAbhatt, Jr. T Irvine. Off lloc Island. 1 1 davt since. Doke. sloop J Thompson Scbr Zealou', Miller, 15 days from Havana, .III, SUCU IflU nUIIUKI IU U I v L - . , - . i i rDuln. ouiieii ill co wiin senr , :,ioiriso,,, Scbr Thames, Wynant, 10 days from Hich mnnd. wiih flour and tohacco. to Face k Trip lett, D Bethune, J K Keown, T Irvin, Befcrs Woodhuil and W tl SUraig, and Jpassengen. Scbr Maria, Latham, K days from Charleston with cotton, wine, 4c. to Jones ft; aiegrain, t;oddiogton, L. Turner, Stout k flatt, and J TraDnan. - S3 Dajtencert. Schr Catharine lingers, Ketcbam. 8 ds. from Wilmington, (N. C.) with cotton, wheat, tohacco. dry foods, kc. to Ueo. Gibbs, dmith, Blan - chard & Co. II. & W. Geib, J.Mc Bride, Fitch &Urodivin, W. Bulges, J.R. L,nulon, Kohioson k Mead. On Friday lait IaL 37 50, long 74 '20, spoke schr Milo. from Newuort hound to Savan nah. 28 passengers. Left biiei Dover, k Decatur; "'hr's Lady Hop, tiuoeral Jackson, and tioop uaicyon, ail lor ew - ior. Sehr Molly, Somers, 12 days from Richmond, with flour and tohacco to W & S Craig, Trokes. Davidson k Co Page k Triplet, C Dubois, and M Cook. Schr Packet, Jordon,5 days from Havre de Grace, witb coal to J Mordecai. May 19th, lat 37, 49, long 75, 1 1, spoke sloop Traveller, irom iew London bound to i)onoiK. Sloop Wm aod Dorcas, 3 dayt from Milford, fDel.) with corn to T Buckley k Son. Schr Mary Ann, 14 days from Rappahannock, with corn ; was bound to Savannah ; put in here in distress, being leaky and short of provisions. Schr Wasp, K.rwan, 10 dayt from I rederickt - DurgD.with c orn and Hour 10 uyrne, i rininie k Co. and Walsh & Gallagher. Off the Hook, saw schr Jersey, from I'hildd. Yesterday morn in?, off the Woodlands, saw about 200 tail ol vessels standing in, probably ooe half fisherman. Sbr Catharine, Rogers, if days from Norfolk. hchr Betsey, 5 days from do. Schr Jertey, from Philadelphia, to L'flooime dieu k Brown. Schr Fortitude. 5 days from Wilmington N C Sloop Eastern Trader, Fisher. 22 days fiom Mobile, whli cotton and skins, to M'Coun and Tibbctts, and A & G Whitney. Left, sch Don fialoo. for N York in 10 days 7 passengers A passenger reports that rr.aj. Armstrong lett Fort Scott on the 15lh April, and ariived at Mobile on the 2oth, bringing an account of gen. Jack - on having taken on tlie lbtii, Uie town of Micka sucka. Sloop Union, Kennel, 2 days from Currituck, with corn, to the matter. Sloori Susan. Hartley, ft days from Alexandria, with dry goods, fish fic. to Robertson k Kelsoe, and the oiRSter. Sloop Defiance, Chadwick, 5 dayt from Charleston, with ashes, to the master, and 13 passengers, bailed in co. with sloop fcailors - Fanrr, for Philadelphia. Left, ship Telegraph, 'or N York iu 3 days; scbr Henry, uf N Haven, next day. Sloop Liberty. Scull. 12 davt from Savannah. with cotton, iron, beef and pork, to Kelcham &: Weed, and others. Spoke nothing. BELOW, Brig Henry - Clay, So days from London, to Jacob Barker; and several other square rigged vessels, not known. ARRIVED LAST F.VEXVG The fast sailing thin Lorenzo, KusselL 28 (lays from Liverpool, with coal, crates, dry goods, tic. to Fish & Grinnell, owners, Cehra &i Cuming. J.' E. II vic, Barker t Hopkins, Aikin, I'isher L lioddard, Jos Kates, Cornell k Noslrand.T Porter, R. Bach, R. Deepard. C. Caldwell & Co. J wncely, J. Hall, j. !. Kuiley, A. . Norwood, Hicks,' Jenkins k Co. J. Corlies, Leonard k Van - dewnlrr, T. Cook, G. 1 himnior ti Co. J. Ogden, Chrystie, W. T. Russell, J. Howlnnd, Jr. fc. Co and C. Grinnell. New - Bedford. Pawngers, C, Clnvinn, and ft8 in the steerace. Irf - ft ship Ann Maria, Waile, for New - York, in 4 eluyn ; Ganges, Brown, do. do. ; Koliert, Thompson, do. Spoke, olV the N. W. Buoy, ship Free Trader, Saunders, of davs from Savannah for Liverpool Lat. 42. 30, oii the eailern edj;e of the Banks, passed seve ral Klamls ot ire. Shin Triton, Bnbcock. 30 davs from Hamburg, with dry goods and glassware, to T. Carberrv, and J. Johnston, owners. F. Keirhard, G. Si J . Mover. I. L. Plait. P. H. Montandeii, J. Ferrierr, 3. Rutjgier, J. W . Schmidt ti Co. J. J. Astor k Son, 1). M'Corinick, C. Mairet L Sous, J. Krit - niiin. M. Wercknieister, J. Grav, h. l)odehim, J Mark, C. it H. H. Meier. J. k A. Hitter. Bolh r k Son,J.C. Spreger, C. II. Nestman, Jummel & Co. B. k'lemaii, T. C. Grafl", C. S. Rafiiicsqnc, H. Favrc, II. S. Hiirttis, A. IVrrot, C. Denston, Curtis k Lnmb. Saltus. Son &. Co. K. Bach, I Roy, Bavnrd k Co. A.C'ian - ton k Co. Ditv fres k Sons, P. Larouseilier. G. Ludlow. G. Astor b Co. and F. Overman. FasTiist - is, Mr. k Mrs. Hall, 2 children and servant, S. Reggers, nnd J. W. Schmiiter. Left, April 17, ship American Hero, Lambert, of Boston, repairing; ship Martha, freeman, of New - York. Just nr.; brig Pleiades, Hutchinson, for Philad. in 4; hri't Sally Ann, Hall, Boston, for Havana, unc ; Traveller, Fcr - rier, Providence, for New Orleant,uncertain ; brig Boxer, Copclnnd, of New - York, at Cuihaven, for St. Petersburg. The brig Frances, Groves, had ar. at Copenhagen, irom New - York, the only American vesel that had passed the Sound thit year J hrig Monroe had ar. at Bremen, from Boston. The ship Plato, for Baltimore, with' Mr. Pmkiiev anil familv, sailed from Bremen about lihh April. Ship West Point, Tyon, 34 days from Belfast, with linens, potatoes, and Liv. coal, to J.k W. Sterling to. owners, T. Siiflern, A. Bell, Punlnp ii Grant, G. Johnston, T. Shnpter, Steward k Co. O. Be'hune fc Co. ,1. tiivnn, R. (iivan, W. Shaw, J. Charters, and lo order. Passengers, Messrs. Tims, Oolihin, C. t'lmplin, and .ti! in the steerage Spoke, 17ih inst. offS. Shoal, Br. brig Lord Hill, from Jamaica for Qm bec. The fine fast sailing Philadelphia ship Thomas Scattergivd, Warrington, lliR days from Can - Ion, with teas, silks, kc. to E Thompson eq. of Philadelphia, owner, Smith fc Nicoll, and Smith tt Bailey. Left Jan. 23, ships Phoenix. M'Kih - h..n. for Philad. in 6 days : Pacific. 1 horp, do 30 ; Fl ying Fih, Fitrh, of Boston, unc. ; Para gon, Wilds, for do toon ; Unicorn, of Baltimore, unc. ; Zephyr, ot rrovidenre, from the si. V . Coutt. The ihip Trumbull, for Providence, sailed days before. Shio William. Purringtnn, of Charleston. S. C. AO days from Liverpool, with salt, to J. G. Colin!. was bound to N. Orleans but put in here in consequence of having sprung her main - mast. Brig Archimedes, Bunker, a.i days Irom Liver pool, with salt, coat and dry goods, to I. Wright & Nm, owners, and to order. Spoke, April 17, lal. 41, 12, Iong42r40, brig Caroline, Sewall, of ?eu York, ZtiUvs from IX. Ui leans, lor Ureenock, all well. May 15, lat 38, long 70, schr. Acorn, from N. York, forComnna. Brie Soiuh Amei ica, Hewitt, 37 davs from Bor deaux, wiih brandy, w ine and dry goods, to the rnpt. owner, B Uesobrv, Larue, t nlnier fc Co. A. 0'.'d' - ni 1 Miarpc.l. ?evill, L. Snllier, J. t he - baud, J. B Diirand. M. Roget, S. Pierce fc Co. V.U A Brunei, J. J. libcMiisse, Ca.e fc Itirhniid, Car.caux fc Condom, D. Crauon, P. Lnrausell":er, Lagoereune fc Kivesirr, Curcicr. RaveierfcCo. C. Richards, J. "V. Movnie, and T. Phelps fc Co. Paeiigi'r,Mesrt. M. L.iloimc.fcl' Chninbrllp. Sailed from the Cordovan, loth April in co. Tiih ship Lucy Ann, for Charlrston. ami Amialile Matilda, Mver, for St. Barts. lMt thin Concordia. Adams, just arr. in 4i davt from New - Orleans : ships Thalia, Butler, for I'niladriphia, 3itli April ; Illinois, Funk, for iSt'w York, tin. ; Jackson, liar - sin, lor baiiimore, u;n ; Krisrt uuuavus. Utile, for 'ow Orleans, ready; Christopher, Have: - , for Charleston tilth April ; Helicon, Barnard, of New York, for St. Petersburg, l.i: nnd an Am. ship just ar. from. S. America, name not ascertained. Brig Jason, W illis, IS davs from Point Pctrc. Gaudalnupe, with molastrs , to liver fc Kankin. G. L. Lewir, A. KiKlen, J.J. Latiouisse and fc. Pm - oau. I'senrer, J.Alticott. Lett se - hr. Richard son, Baltimore, in 10 ; brig Mentor, for Marble - bead, in 8 ; Washington, Caldwell, fur Newbury port, in S) ; Priscilla Armisted, for .Norfolk, same day : Maid of the Isles, Norfolk in 15 : brig William, lor do. tame day ; schr. Hcsper, Allen, for Kennrhimk. in 2 ; Somers, IVheaton, Boston, 10 - Hern, Greely, Portland, discharging; schr. Wtshinrton. for Castino. in 1(1. Snrdi. Mi, R lal 2ti. 14, long. 63, 40, schr. Reliance, Caldwell, from Martinique for Cape Ann. Markets duD moMsse - i cents. BrigSavanoah Packet, Fouler, from w Or - SchrFatmas, leant, Ifi days from the Bnliie. with eoti . I tries, pork, and whitkev. to T f n7Z; " Pel - I er, B. W. llogrit It Co hi. k I). TalceaT 5 u.Beeh.mrilo.liotrert fc Kneeland, D r' ther, B. M. Mvws, andJ. R. L.vinrsion . rSST ecrt, Mr. b Mrs. Simniens, J. Cries a V 11 - ford, J. Trumbull, J. Jample, H. M. Feltu, a Crocker, B. Smith, J. Flower, 3 - Smith E ni S" W. blunt, J. Clare, W J. Funer r Wilson jr. ad 14 ihe si! Left, sh snips e.or, lor Uottenliiirp, in S su v et,r BordeH.,,, Tbol. NeW ik 'ark others not recollected. May ULnffih. f..;er' Delaware, spoke schr. Little Frank, Hall 7 i from Cuhastett, on a fishing voyage ' Br. brig Anna, Cleary, 35 days from Dem.. with molasses, to Ward fc Bishop. Utmtr, Schr. Tell Tale, Churchward, 5 davs fmm v' folk, with rum, molasses. fih fu u, . Craig and others la pastengert. ' Schr. Pennsylvania, Clark, 34 davs from Martha, with dve woods and hid,. i p VT.SM't Left no Am. ' tJsels was boardi nn ,L o.,T'.n' by the privateer schr. Rcputiliran, and treai'lH Hl htely. On the outward passage, March 9 i o Moua Passage, was hoarded by a Piratirei Vl,r and robbed of an anchor, ami nm ' - ie pressed two of the crew, uamed Willi. Su.illi and Richard Ooogh. "Ullnl Schr. Morning Star, Hawkins, 2o j... . Blakel.v, with cotton, deer skins, fc, - . lo p 'f m He. rick, A. fc G. Whitney, T. B. Wakeman u "i i l - .UaYe'l ""'I P 0ff ne DoubU Headed Shot, upoke shut Catharin. P... unl5 days from N. Orleans, for Lisbon. ' 7 Schr. f - ' - perior, Cole, 4 das from Norfolk, j,u flour, to Robertson & Kelso. ' a Schooner Feuelon, Mavbew, J5davs fm - v Orleans, fc 20 from the BalirWih cott.. nZ i.N - K Krrnolris. ir mil I f.A n" Messrs, Reynolds, Williams, and in steera,. ' Passed in the rier, April 20, brig Hannah, SioT 27 days from ewport, and Klir. Joseph. Smith' iroiu . - voiiom, witn a cargo of slaves T i ' May II, In, SL 15, long.75, ,ch" Boston for Charleston same day, brie Fair Am. rican, from New York for S vnnnnk 10,1. - 34,40, long 74, 45, tchr. Porter, (or PegrvHl davs from Turks Island, for Plymouth, N C Schr. Undaunted, BUckman, 8 days from S - vnnnah, with cotton. K. to H Thomas. F fc D f.iraiul, hetchain : Weed. J. Bulkley, De Groot' Strong fc Busier, J Croivley, B. Desobrv. Grisi voldsfcCoules, Belli Ti,i,Mon, and J Carv 4 passengers. Schr. Gen A. Jackson, sailed a'co. for New 1 ork. Schr. Iliiruionv.of FnlrfiH.l,l.n;.hrn oi.i from St. Bartholomews, with n,ni..... indigo, fce. lo Deforest fc Son, and J. Andrews,' owners, Jackson fc Blown, A S. Ilalletl, Dunlin fc Grant, fiver. Rremner Ar. I'n f'nnrxt ln.a.. John HefTernnn, Win. W. Thorn, the rapt and j'. nrren. at ni. nans, ApulV'j, schrs. Charles Henry, Tufts, for Providence, uncertain : I inl. John, Stone, from Newbeni, diicharging. AU kinds of Am. produce very dull. Srhr. Gen. A. Jackson, Chrvitir, 10 dayt from Suvannnh, with cotton and' tobacco, to Pott At M Kihne, H. K. Toler and others. 9 cabin rat - senders and 5 - steerage passengers. Spoke ship Hazard, ol Portland. - 14 davs from Cork, for Alex. amhia. AVie - Or&i.. Jlnril 1 Tetter baps un Alt. Inula, Isesire, L'Adcle, forTVonts ; brigs Marquis - of - Wellingtdn, Greenock ; Joseph, Bordeaus ; A - lexnndrew, do. ; Hero, Havana; Britannia, bib - raitnr. Cotton 31 to 31 A cents. ALixsanaia, May 20. Ari ived, sch Liber - ty, Bears, 10 days from Boston. May 14th, spoke sch Elizabeth - Ann, bound to Havana. out 9 davs could not understand her comman ders name, or where from. ich five Brothers, Brewster, 17 days irom Boston. Briar Joseph, Berry, 49 davs from Havre - de - Grace. May 5, lat. 30 40. long 63 30, spoke sch. Montezuma, Houston, 3 days from Bos ton, tor m emen. Cleared, bries Panopce, Crabtree, Oporto K.merald. Rhodes, Providence schrs. bally, Shelden, do; Horus, Nix, N York. I'm LintLriiiA, May 21. Arrived, British brig Friendship, Perkins, 46 days from Liver, pool. Brig Charlotte Lawrence, Olmstead, 16 dip from Tin ks Island. Sch Monroe, Moody, 10 days from St Andrews. PROVIDENCE. May 19. - Arrived, on Saturday last, barque Roborcut, Amith, from Dronthcim (Norway) from which place the sailed on l he Stilh February. April 5, lat. 42,37, long. 57, spoke ship Atlas, from New - York, for Lisbon, in a very leaky condition April 8, lat. 41, 30, long. 5.'), spoke ship Woodrup Sims, sf Philadelphia, for Lircrpnol. As the wind blew very hard, when these vessels were spoken, no further particulars could be learnt. Brig Agenoria, Cole, 13 days from Turk's Island. May 2, lat. 24, 27, north, long. 71, west, ipoko brig Lliza, of Baltimore, from Oporto, bound to Charleston, Bos i o, May 19. Arrived brie Little - George, Southwick, Rotterdam 51 days. British brig Voyager, from Shields, and last from Plymouth, F.. Spoke nothing. frch Lender, Smith, from London, April 11 and Falmouth, 13th. I - eft at London, ship Rockingham, fur XYork, in a few days. British sch. Four - i'ons, Kelly, Halifax 4 days. Cleared, brig Pomona, Hedge, N Orlcant. CnATtr.BHToie, May 14. Went to scayetter - day, sch South Carolina, Allen, for N Yorkj sloop Eliza, Storer, for N Haven. THEATRE. On Fridsy evening, May 22, will be presented. int; UK.x -'d uAucjtr.n. Mnncton, - Mr. Roberttoa Harrop, Pritchard Richard, Hilton Arterwhich, LITTLF. Ri.D RIDING HOOD, OR, A VISIT TO BIV CBASDMOTBia. Lnbin, - Mr. Parker Little Red Riding Hood, . Airs, raraer 1 o whub wiil be added, the melo drama of toe FALLS OF CLYDK. Kcaraitre, Mr. Pritchtrd , then Enfield, Mrs. Barnct Performaoce to commence al a quarter pan seven o'clock. W E Ii TML'LLii fVS UAKE - . m 1 his celebrated caintin it offered for a r "la The tcrait and particulars may be known by applying to Mers. GOODRICH & CO. No. 124 Broadway, corner of Cedar - street, opu - the Citv - Hotel. my TZ iNO'l ICE. (Kr MILLS, Ml NT ON k CO's sole of Uh. ihenware, Londoi Crown Glass, Dry Wt'ite Lced, do ground in o.l, Sheathing Corps't 1 ln a PI - .,o. e..J,al,.,ln Rrmin plnut. St. J lian Claret, lc. will commence tomorrow, half past 10 o'clock. Terms will be liberal and made known at sale. Catalogm t of the eartneo - vi ar. - . will be ready thit day at 3 o'clock. mv , for ttiir, Freight ar Charter, The brig HOPE, Pillibory maitcr. bSheitafirstrate vessel, one year old. aud carries about 2300 bbls. For terms apply to the master our board at, Pine - ttreet wharf, or CAMBRLLENG k PEARSON, tnv 22 " W South - etreet. OP; 11 FLOLR, ke. Li JU bbh tuperfine flour, Haxall's brand &yd! Ar, ln dy ar - nun JJ UV vvauH j landing from tchr. Molly, from Richmond, and for sale by YV. & S. CRAIG, 64 I roui - sw E STORE, 18 hbdt new Richmond tobacco 15 do eU do ck? BHn..ionc.iu; Maria, Adams, Hambur - in Kccpver.v, Barnes, Liverpool, 10; Imogens .Cl: ; iu Vi' , ' er'clt o. ; Ohio, Tobev ? ' Philnd. Brigs Fredonia, Meek, forN. York - 'r1 cinnal., M...lge,elo; Balance, Ha.Uon, for Xivi?. pool, all sailed in co. Ship Marv il,;!.i. ' ashore near the Bailee had got off, 'and sTn - !! co - Also left., N Orleans, brig. Alexander derwm, for Bordeaux, in 2 days ,' Area liSii N. York, I.. 6 : Joseph, Morris, ft,?"'1! f C, Thonimi. Smith, lor Rm,u, c "", id r

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