The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 21, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 21, 1818
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N Oil A N CEIIY. i T. h huiinnbl the tuilset and M - "v"' sistaot justices I the court of ' . ", ecmon plea. and fetttocoaa , v:. tvolOrtu.ce ' ..ttnn of John Duer. of ttotowf Of Go . smo, in the county of Orange - respectfully THATyoir rtittocsri seized mM simple insBt la tnuaa. tot - ether with tit Be yers! ptftm herein after named, of eight equal undivided fori s - igbth parts, the whole tula forty eight equal iuU to bo divided, of, in and to all certain lot, tract, piece or parcel of Kind, situate, lying and being in tbe village ot New - burin, w tbo taid counij 01 wsuim i - . ' onlLaaorth'bjU Ureal celled the eight rod - r treel, oo the east by the Hudson... - , f outO by land former! J beleoeisg Hiram ' Wellerend George Moni - 11, wdoi Ouhy land, formerly Mongin; lo.TOomea Uldeo,, Containing, bin tuppotd,iwo a creeo '?"?.. - " And your petitioner further thewylb, tbatJobo ftutWurd, of the rfate of flew - Jersey, - teiied a aforesaid, of toor owereq u - . .forty eighth parti of the same. KiighiBd. is iWoKio - du aforesaid, offoar other ral eodivided forty rKbh part, of 'r tame. . " . That John Stevens, oi we im? m alM teised at aforesaid, oi mo om ! . That Robert L. Mring - ton of the coentf ef Columbia, in thu tlzv. - uta aimSni, un i. r, - th Mdd Manfaret. are alio tei.a ' uifbmaid.ofoM other equal undivided forty eihtr rmrt rfeofi TZ' '. '.i "' T. ',. And that Edward t. L.ring(on, of the eaid - ...... !i,nhi. and Elisabeth, bis Wile, ia the right of 0 eaid Ert.betas are aUoewdas IIUIIU Fait a.trb , - - j - Aad Ua Cornelia UiBOtont f the city of NrK9rk,reterVanrtij;ti LdTiiwiion, aipw v. vmir tviiii jir ii iiifarmad aod believe . rt irih biucdoia of Great itaia, and Peter Kane, of theeute of - New. Jef. ..;., nrn r nlh Unilaliire of tot . t tlupai Inuteea. - the 0 feler brugli M viogtton, deceaaed, .' aeiwd at aroreauidt 01 lour ouwr equw ' Aid that Aiei ander Robertion, trthe city of - Keir - rork, aod f rancei, tut wiie, m w j. , the laid f rancei, areaiw eeuea tbAtenainlnc Uveal wureqeai owutkkh ; eitfitn nana laereoi... . i y . . . f Ano y"r Petitioner further, bcweth, , that 4) M ViCHtTUU w uv mv - . , ainnikr the eaW aboed ueaceioeti preni"w Amort the eaid eeveral oweore or proprietorj - . u uw lunr, aeoorojjf w - reopeetire ritfhU of, In ana to ine aamc Dcreiore your peuuo - preeutet tpeyVtedaJnoiif the ludaeveral , otvueri or propneion, cx:iu.ut, eerfml aod retpectire riffhli, by commuMoiieri to be appointed by Oiit honorable coert, w pur - act for Ihe partition of landt." And your pett - Woneti M io dutyboeiid, 'Jh! . . . r . i n i : 1 I. ojvui Mainenora, eetannaa ivouiokfu, .nun ,' Mareee, Robert L. Liviugiton and Margaret liit wiiev Edward f. Uviogttoa and Eliiabeth hi wife, Cornelia Livingttoo, Peter Van Burgh - Liringiton, Peter Kane, Alexander Robertion and Frances his wife; ' - " . V ill nl.i..l A lafca nnta Ihnl Pi. 6on of which the preceding ii a copy, will be presented to the honorable the Judsei and Altillaot J etticet of the Court of Common pleM, in and for the county of Orange, on the latt Monday ol MoT next, to beheld at the court home In Go shen, in and for the taid county of Orange, at ten o'clock mine forenoon of that day. or as soon thereafter as couniei can be heard, and an ppli cation trill thereuDon be made for the appoint meat of committiooers to make Partition of the Premises with the SDourtenances in the said Peti tion mentioned and deicribed, according to the prayer of trie eaid Petition, and the directinat ot m 't of th Lejf liliitura of the State of New - York, entitled ' an net for the partition of I audi. V Dated January iu,iut. JOHSOUER. Aleiander Duer, attorney ior pstitioner. Kebl lawtimMay ' - - IN CHANCERY. " . To ton honorable the judges end assistant . . r , justices of the court of common pleas id , and for the county of Orange - fpHE petition of George D. Wickhaffl of the X town of Goshen, in tlie county of Orango, resnertiuliv sheweth That vour petitioner is seized, la lee simple as tenant in common o( one eoual undivided moiety or half pait oi nil that terlain tract, piece or parcel of land, situate, ly. it.g and being in the town of VV arwick, in tte Mn.aoBM a irana vnntsiB cksatt n sari nrri si ai isxi Mat i t. .'.h.. i?;.ii.tiiivi:liininri'Kii mnun - l taialot number fourteen, in the pntenlof Cheete - I VockitCOtUuiniiiK two hundred and sixteen acres! 01 land, or tnereauouis. - abo youretiuuiier iur - 1 thar abawtittK, that no is seined as ntbresaid of one I equal undivided moiety or half part of nil that certain other lot, tract, piece or parcel of land, - wvck. and Icaown and distinguished at lot number I three; in the eaid tebdiviaion of great mountain lotnumber fourteen, iathe said patent of Cheese - cot:ks. crn.taioin2 two hundred nod thirty acres of land or rbereabouts. And your neUUooer fur - 4her sheweth. that some person or pertons, to your petitioner ooUntewn, it of are seised afore - 1 said, of the remaining equal undivided moiety ort UUH fciniT. vi emuw iuc miinjy o - aaiciinwucvs mum mw - ' P',f f '"f ;AP1 T0?r fucatiand hereditaments, hetweeayourpetitioo - anil thauidDenottarDersoniubkaoun as a - foresaid, according to the several and retpeclive rights of the several parties aforesaid, of. in. and to the same. Wherefore your petitioner prays, that all and lingular, the said land, tenements ami nereuiiamunit, logeiner wun mo rignui, members, privileges nnd appurtenances tliereun tolbelonijit.g or in any wite jsppertrunlnj;, may be divided by commistioners, to be appoiutud i. .i. k ku i ,!,. vitionsof the act entitled effect for Ihebartition of lands. And your petitioner ehall ever pray, lie.' Dated this sixth day of February, one thou - anad einbt hundred and eieliteen. - T , i . GEORGE J). WICCIIAM. John and A!e'r Duer, Att'ics. ' Be pleased to take notice - that a petition, of wnicn ir.e aoove is a copy, win no preseni - d to the' Judges and assistant justices of the court of common pleas in and Tor the county of Orange, at tlie court house in Goshen, on the last Alondsy ef May next, at tea o'clock, in the forenoon of that day, or a soon thereafter as counsel can be heard. And an application will thereupon be made to tlie said court for the appointment of commissioners, to make .partition of the lands, tenements and bcredila mews aoove oescriBeu, wia u appunenaiKs, according to the nraver of the said netition. and " . xL . .r.f i vv . .. in pursuance ol the act entitled an act for the Slo,IUi - ,ri.n. . I1.I.H C.lh V.h.r - 1H111 .r.. - . - - ' - j, We are, ate. J NO. fe ALEX. DUER. . ' Att'iet for the above named neliliooer. To the pertoa or persons ujknown. interested in tlie above described lands, or whomsoever else n may concern. leb t41aw tl.M in Sly v , BhRGE.N ORPHANS COURT. 1, . . V . 01 the Tern ' March, 1818. ' Ailministratrixj kc. f . of Jobs A. bcbuyler Rule, ander Statute. ' deceaed. . nHE court order and direct. That Catharine ' X Bchoy ler administratrix of tbe goods, cht - cniui. . tell and credits of John A. Schuyler, deceased. Mu naihh. n, ;n . I ' . . . . s' ' . """f toii creunors oi uie dece ....... .A . . l. . : i : , . wvm ,IUEUI UICIIUIUIBI wiu ufuarHji t ""5 uirirtiauei anu oeuanot against me ekiaui oi ine said Otcedent, oor bfir tiia I , we ,r m oar iru cipj. monai.dveS 'the JT? ffe . rerrinud end rmMwhej in crt, of N.w .' York. " A Iriij t'anscr'rjt froui the record. aptasia . JOHN A.BOYD.5'5ate. of Alt or a at es per feet pj i fie tin eel tl ww, Few 1st per . - 0 let, 50 dron lit & Utm. ject lifts, . and and lued deeds. . . Coffee Messrs. eere. where has for joice tune for b Ue ler or out lish, will of . of it it i ; aa I ed 1 1 i i 1 'It - 1 i G - 1 ft Dormaiare or an crder of the LofiOYabta tU 1 court pfchancery, dated Ihe Slrtiday ef April, t8lO, we, the uadertigued, trwtrct of the Ue Henry lojr, deceaKd. will sell at public aectlw, on 1 buwday. tl Sfltbday.of My J - itajiVtheWlowine; real estate J ; ' j Lot iNo.7 Doyer sireet, nineteen feet front aad eighteen feet rerf, 5 feel deep on soulbeniterly aud 47 feet on iJorthresUrl sides, be the same ore er lees i saa now n pw y " William Amutroojr j sehject to a lease which wieipis)the 1st May, 1828, at a ground rent ef 6U dolirc per aaaum. - - - - - - Let No. iJUoTerrtreetOileetfront,Strear, t A inrJiei deeoon soutberlr aad 61 feet oo oortheriy side, be the same more or less, as now late m potsesitoaof Col. Wq. Few, sobject to lease, wbich will ei pi re on me lit nay, ivzt, a c round rent ef40dollaM per entraei. Lot No. taUoyer stoeet, to feet front and ti Mar. B 1 fiaat dcen oo southerly aod 54 feet 6 inch on tte no n Deny side, pe ine I sine more or wu, now in the Doeseseioa of M r. David M union ; subject to a lease which wi!l etpire on the lit Oiay, liizea a fro una rani oi Uiiny s uunw annum. - '.' ijot No. 15 Doyer itreet, 25 feet front and 33 rear, 64 feet 6 inches deep on Southerly and leet 3 tncbei oo noruieny side, m me iawe mote er lest, at now in Doseiiion of Mr. William Shtsel i subject to n Iwwe which will eipire ou in may, i24, at a gronnd reaioi wf y neiiiiuuii. . Lot No.' 16Doyer slreeL Jfi leet front and iO IOC net rear, XI leet drepionisouineri ' feet on northerly lidrs, be the sanie more or ana at now er laie ia pnttettion t sehjtct toaleaie which will eipire on the Of May. 1824, at a ground rent of 16 dollars annum. Lot No. 13 Pell street, 99 feet front and 9 feet inches rear, 54) feet deep, he the tome more or as now Mpouetiion ol ine estaie or m. ftrav. rfnrrklffl : luhlbct to a leK which Will expire on the lit May, ICS I, at a ground rent ol thirty dollars per annual. Lot No. 21 Pell itreet. 41 feet front and rear, feel 0 inches deep on eeiterly, and fib feet 4 inches on westerly sidet, be tlie tame mors or Boo In nnoMjioa of Mr. Wm. J. Wal - i subject to a htase, which willexplre oo the day of May, 11124, at ay round rent ol 40 dollars per annum. , . lAtl no. Zo reil tireei, ji reel tum, a j Inchei rear. 60 feet deep oeeattorlr, and 66 feet inches on westerly sidei. be the same wore or u in ooitettion of John liefer s sub to a lease which will eipire on the 1st May, at a ground rent orsu dounrs. Hoese and lot No. 23 Pell street, tl feet front rear, and 58 feet 4 inches deep on easterly, 60 feel on wetterlv tides, be the same more orleM,aiaoiriiipouetionof Mr. Joseph Butler. : ''''' ' The improvements on the leased lots to be va and paid for by (be purchaser, at the expiration of the lease. - . Terms of sale. cath. on the deliver of the Any further information which may be required will be given by either of the subscribers, t . : J3AAC 8. DOUGLASS, : ; ADRIAN H. VAN BOKKELEV. The above rtronertv will be sold at the Tontine House, on the above - mentioned dev. by rU&n&LI.X tl J1U1UU., Auction - . - my 7 ids - ROOMS TO LET. TWO er three gentlemen and n gentleman and his wife can be accommodated with board, the apartuicnts are large and pleasant, bv applying at No. 20 Veiey street, opposite the cnurco. mv io iwi FRENCH IN 4U LESaONa. v TO THU tUU UC Of Jf HIT - YORK. HAMILTON, teacher of Ihe t'rnuth Ian - guage, regrets that the arrangements l.e made iu Pbiliuleluhia render it imiiottible him to visit their city ibis summer., - lie has reason to believe bis efiorts to change the pretest mode of education are appreciated ty its enlightened inhabitants, and that they will re in the difluiion of a ryttem bv which a lan guage may be learned in the tenth part of the usually bestowed on it ; thus making room the attainment of uicful knowledge in other ranches ol science and literature, at toe ooly period of our lives which we can devote to eur instruction, without sacrificing other interests. bep permusion to inform them, that he has taken a spacious and convenient house, no. 6i South Fifth - street, where be will receive boys under IS as boarders, during the coarse at $34 month, including washing, fie fee. In 4, 5, at far theft 6 months, accordins to their previ acquirements, they wdl be able to read and understand t ranch with as much facility as xaz - they will have actually read under the in mrfia.iB,n.c,5oB - r ituiructor. a number . . . )MaMam. . d s - write it and speak U: cioncy in the Enclub language be lest important. The translating into it from another language uuring i monint, in continual neceuuy oi nraciatibs and discriminatinr the valne of words phraset, soon renders conrpoiilioa in both laaguaj. familiar, and rivet Uicm a knowledge their structure and grammar, whteh it would . . ... , . . ... ... '."" , V.w "uu' either. Tbisb indeed the must iuiHrtaut "JU '"j " o language as it it usually tan - ht iu schooU ; here is attained in a much higher drree, in a murh thorter time, at a much I en expence, and with tha knnwlaiLra of a modern And tirarlirnllv UaWUl laUtltllncOe The expence of the coor.e, excluilve cfboard nail ue course XI uoiiai half the courts 21 dollar, and two month! board, payabU at entrance; alike sum at the end of two month. ' Should he reuiam 2 nioultu more, he part for his board only, At the end of the French coune, say the lit of October next, a coorte or laUn will be comuienc - eJ on lho Jiamato,, ,j,n.m. . The experiments aimJy pj, provelhiitit mybetauKhtoathis . " plan with even greater - efficacy and rsality, (luuu8h I ili Poliar construction and other im"""; , ,u mu gTrar number of writer, and therefore a time rather longer is accessary lor its attainment,) than the rroocn. .... ... Hamilton is atsiited by Mrs. Hamilton, born in America, and ry hit son and three daughteny born ana educated in t ranee, but who have past 18 months in an Engliih school of eminence, to perfect them In Uie knowledge ef that ba gtare, previous to their arrival in America. rbiradelolnn. May 9, 1SIR. nif 1 1 eod3w IMPORTANT TO THK H IH.iC. rHE tutiscrihtr begs have to inform hit A. friends and the public that be has taken a room at the corner of Fianklort aad Chatham - ,tret. near T,rolllao - Htt!, 1TL,j 1 ir - L - Cvv nri'iiu'i, lAfivi,, ' viiere lamuies mav h. .ni;i ,iii .....r. r... j. '.:.nfjr. rr - - " i mij aruiHna servrmit wun Places s cent emen wiihins ser - yants, for travelling, upnlied at tlie ihortut notice ; merchantt with clerks, and clerks with employ; wetnunct with placet; mechanics with lourneymen. h.very information given to stran gers and others, in bis line, who will favor him witn a can. , Families, becoming subscribers, supplied with servants at one dollar par annum. . Also, Books potted, Acconuts adjuitn, r pcrs of every description, rupied with aentuew, correctoetsand diipatch. Pertonal attendance, from 5 to 2 o'clock A. M. and from 3 to 9 o'clock P M. ue natters hirhretl that his asnduitv and liter. Hon to butioess. will gain him a lhare of the pub . - - uc uaimnase. - my 3 tm II. PADELFORD. ARAB1AV IIORKF " b.EB '!0.? iWrftl. unVtU - "a, KrjT faquire of Mr. JQ.NE3, my ijias i and ibe fner the tion (o ses me Uie ry IS DIGESTION c 45orjR STOMACH, r acknowledged by medical writers a 1 owiilaialol stubborn kind, and at all times very dnUceJt of cure. Thiiie sut&mat ry us - trafed In liieditaproinUiii.t of those who jmlor - tenalely suffer under it, as tbey, for the most pan, fad thai after having tried man f things to htJe or no purpose, tbry are at last obliged t ie a nerhaoa lUrsoiaMder of life) Such articles as can at best but palhate the dueasn VT,Z circamstancee, uymtdicine rypableof vo - ving the complaint, mutt sureiy J ""V" highly deservine the sited tioo of all tlnee woo are afflicted with it I such .foajMnabon te N met with in DR. MEAD 3 ANTi - DlfBEP - TIC or 8T0MACH P1LL8 the success of which has never yet beea equalled, for the cure ofdyspeptia in lU most compiicoieu as loss of appetite, nau it V lart burn, flatulency, knawing pam in the stomach, pain in the r : - . mLm. in lk rnnnle - i.nranr. lowiieu of smnts. pain in ue head, virliso or ciddinett, and ditlurbed sleep. Whoever app'' ti,M F'" " lh above disease, j - j - nniinir in the directions, will never be disap pointed, as thei baie never been once known to mil in producing n rnuicai auu (leiuuueu. - - Tl, HMofasiiiKle box will convince the most onbelievinr of Uieir efficacy. Tbey will mott tffectaajly remove all tourneta of the stomscn, not merely by neutraimng in acia, nui oyt - that inorbid state of the secretions which gives rise to it, aad at the same time will restore thaffohiliiMiKfl arrant of dieetion. that tote aad vigour which is absolutely necessary t the well being of the animal economy. Price one dollar per box. Korsaleby m ' No. 188 Greenwich - street Where ma he bad. wholesale and retail, a large and general assortment of genuine Drugs Medicines i Sarceons Instruments i Apothe cary's LMats - Ware ; Enghsh and American Patent Medicines. Also, Dyer's ami fuller's articles, Medicine Cheits, ate. On liberal terms. uibSa Sui A home and farm on Throe's Neck, in Luwo and counts of Weatcbeiler. fdbrteen miles from New - York. The farm contains a - bout one hundred acres of excellent laud in good fence, a large barn and other convenient outbuildings, a good home two stories hij;h. with rooms en each floor, elesantlv situated on banks of the Eatt River ; tlie tituation uncommonly faultily ; the neighbourhood the mott reruectabie 1 abundance ol Iruit ol trie bett selec ; scale and shell ash in great variety taken beloie tlie nouie. r or lurtber lolormauon apply the subscriber on the premise. Si Er n EN 15. UOI I MAB. my 1 1m " ' , , ' . , VALUABLE KtMI. EoTAl'fc OK to ALE, IB TIB UTT Of VKW - IORK. r'lVE lots of ground on tlie west tide of Green wich - itreet, between Vestry and Detbrot - streets. 25 by 80. . , . t our do in tlie rear or trie above, fronting on east side of WasbiDgtoo - streel, 85 try uu. Lient no in the block below, between warn ingtoo and West - streets. - in Aionteomerv uonni. 6000 acres of Land in Lawrence's purchase. near East Canada Creek, on the north side of AiouawK. In Franklin County. 15, 163 acres of Land, in the towns of Mount Morris and Dayton. ; j in Lisex Lounty. 7832 acres of Land in the town of Barry more In the Count v of Lewis. IZjO acres of land in Casterland. Chastanis Purchase. In Saratoga County. SGOO acrei in Piilnitri pure baie. , Enquire at the office of the subscriber. 34 Ce dar - street. BEV. ROBINSON. inn 17 tf . For one or more years, the following Ilousee at Harsenville,near the fire mile stone, uiooniingaaie roaa. A plcaiuntlt situated and convenient two sto House and Stable, with a Garden and four a - res oi una. Also A pleasantly situated and convenient two story Monte and Stable, with a large Garden and three acres of land, both of the above places are well stocked with different kinds of choice Fruit - trees. Also A pleasantly situated and convenient two story fioute, with a Stable aod two acres of land. Fur further oarticulars enquire of JACOB HARSEN, ap28 1m ; Near the premises. CHEAP CAoH GROCERY SIORE. Corner of Crand and Rynder - streets, directly onnosite Centre Market. JAMES P. AN DOE respectfully informs his friendt and tlie public in general he bae re moved irom corner oi uioaaway ana neea - ti. io hit pretentitand, where he solicits a continuance of nublic patronase. and borfes bv bis unremit ted exertions to obtain the bctt of Liquors and other articles in his tine of business, tliereby to render the mott perfect satisfection. . ' N. B. J. P. A. keeps constantly for sale a reneral asiortmtut of first rate Teat. Sugar, Cof - lee, bnicei, Liquors olall kinds, etc. kc wnicn will be all disposed of at a moderate advance. my x ia JUS T published, a Discourse delivered at the consecration of the Synagogue of the Chil dren of Israel, in Die city 'of Nsw - York, oo Fri day, the 10th of Nuao, 5578, correipoacung witn the I7lh of April. 1818, by Mordecai M. Noah, Fmi - Just received and lor sale by ELI AS VA LENTINE, 04 Broadway, opposite Trinity Church yard, where alto may be had all Ihe new publication!. my Iz BASiK UMTLO STA TES, May 12, 1818. ARCHITECTS of science and experience are invited le exhibit to the Board of Directors on, or before the Lt day of August next, appropriate designs and elevations for a Banking House to be erected on Uie scite purchateJ for that purpose, bounded on the north by Cbetnut, and on the south by Library - streets, containing one hundred and fifty one feet in width east and west, and two hundred and twenty five feet in depth, north and south. Tbegrouud plan will include an area of about ten or eleven UioutauJ square feet iu a rectangular figure of equal or unequal tides, at may be best adapted to the interior arrangsmeut. The building will be faced with marble, aud have a portico on each frout, resting upon a basement er platlunn of such altitude as will com hint convenience of event with due proportion aod effect. In this edifice, the directors are.desirous of ex hibiting a chaMe imitation of GrecUui architec ture in its simplest aod least expensive form. Five hundred dollars will be paid lor thai J gn which shull be approved, and two hundred dollars lor the next best specimen. By order of the board of directors, JOXA. SMITH, Cashier. mar 14 2awt1 A M.les JVnv - tork - LCturartroiter's VJtiet. sTlUULlC NOTICE is hereby given, that seal L ed proposals will be received at this office until Monday Uie 2ith of May next, for the per chase of Uie whole or of any part of 840, 48 17 10U dollars of Ihe three per cent. Mock ot tbe ruuded debt of the United States, owned by tbis staU. I he block, ir sold, will be transrerred no the first day of July next, at which time, payment must be made ny the percnaser or porcoasers, at the Bankoi New.York m the city of New - York. J7e proposals wiil be opened ou the std Jo'h day of May neat and the best offer or offers will be accepted ; provided the olkrs be such as shall, cousrsteut with tlie interests ol tbe stale, warrant the acceptance ol sny of tbem. If aav o&r or effrrs shall be accented, infer rhatinn tbervof shall be immediately coramuni rated to tin person or persons so ofleriac : and it is expected aod rerpiired tbat sach pertoa er person shall the give talis factor security for the paj mem ai me unni siipniaieo. I i ARCli'D M'f.TYRE, Comptrollcrw Albany, April 87, 1818. ap30 tM5 A A MERINO rH AWLS and cJfc ' tBAXD3.foreal!hy - ay 5 MARCH k LOW, 210 Broadway. j ta, in the at roSTCOAtiTLlItE to PHILADELPHIA wxr or rtwui - Bo ' A NEW Line of Foet Coaches with every coo - veafc - Rce for passengers and baggage, on Springs TH ROUG i i IN ONE DAY. The Post Coach will etartfrom the Coach of - flce, . No.' I Courfland - street. N.. York, every r?undaa ttverDtedl at S O'clock, by way of Newark, Eb'iabetbtown, Brunswick. Princeton. Trenton and Bristol, and arrive at Philadelhia the tame afternoon, at 4 o'clock, j A sec - noVJjne of new Pott Coaches will start tAm Mesne. Vtrtk r ItlAffiin1'. I Sundays ex cepted,) at 10 o'clock in the team Boat Atahm - lodge at Trsnton, and arrive at i'hiladeiiibia, a Steam Boat, next morning at 10 o'clock. Fare K rii - ilirB. t P. 8. Passengers are requested to call and take their seats at ine omcu o. i wcuxubuuv tit N.w.Vorlr. ' United States Man uoacn, lor ruuaaei(iuia, Baltimore aod Washington City, with every . . . i . imii.j.ii:. convenience lor passengers aau oaggage, vu snrinst. The U. a. mail coach will start trom coach office. No. 1 Courtlandt - sL New - York, every day at 2 o'clock, r. in. ana arnve at run adtiphia next morning aioo'ctocK. vuiy o par teneert admitted. for seats in the above named Lines, apply to THOa. WHITFIELD, at the old ettahlithed Coach, and Steam Boat office, No. 1 Court' lanui - sueei, near ine corner oi nruounoj. i - York ; or to A. T. GOODRICH tl CO. No. 124 Broadway, corner of Cedar - street, New - York. rr7 - AJI coorls and baggage ai ine risa oi me owner. JUse.m htu, suaa at i". N. B - Expresses sent to any part of tbe Continent, by ' THOMAS WHITFIELD. my IS ' ' JiXPLDlTtOLM THA YKLLlJiU. LHAlse k STE.iM - iiU.i l LL1t.iSt ton riiiLaexLrniA, Through in one day, and bv Uav - Iirht. N Monday the 1 1th of May instant, n lins of post - coaches and steam - boats between New - York and Philadelphia will be commenced. The passeugers will leave White - Hall in New - York every day (Sundays excepted) at 5 o'clock A. M. iu his excellency vice - president D. V. Tompkins commodious and speedy steam - boat NAUTILUS, proceed to Bristol by the Staten - Island and Woodbridge turnpike, and take tht steam - boat at Bristol at 2 o'cloek, and arrive in Philadelphia at 4 o'clock the same day.. The roads on the land part of this line are turnpiked and in excellent order ; the country and villages through which they pass is elevated, pleasant and healthy, the route is the nearcit at present travelled between the two cities ; the various and extensive views which it gives of the ocean, the bays, sound and rivers between New - York and New. Bruntwick, makes this the most expeditious comfortable and pleasant tour now existing between New - York and Philadelphia.' A second pott chaise will leave New - York every day (Sunday's excepted) at 10 o'clock, in the steam boat Atlanta, from White Hall, by way of ENxabethtown, Bridgetown, New Brunswick, Princeton, lodge at Trenton, take ihe tteam boat at Bristol, and arrive iu Philadelphia IU o'clock. Fare through $5. for teats in the above lines apply at tlie office, No. 118 Broadway. All goods and baggage at tbe risk of the own ers. - . - JOHN N. CUMMING, Newark. J. G CLICK. SONS it CO. Princeton. STOCKTON li HOWELL, Philadelphia. tt Expresses sent to rtny port of tlie United States, by L. BAKER, GUL1CK & CO. mv ii NOTICE. 65" Steam Boat Olive J5B.AHCH will tail cverv Sunday, at 1 1 o'clock round Statco Island, and occation - ally, ii the wind and tide will Dtrui - .t. t the hook. Tbil beautiful sail will contribute both to health and pleasure, and is aa theap a recreation as can be found. Parties who mean, to partake of this amusement will, if convenient, give in their names the day preceding, at the otncein Iriarkeiiieid street, noruisiae oiineuui - Sinner and Ten on board, at the usual prices. Passage 8s children half price. my 13tf SWIFT - SURE MAIL COACHES, v VOn; PHILADELPHIA. ' irwn IE7" Lave wew - iorx 1 - S evei y toornine f Sundays ex YrJljcepUd) at Ko'clock, and ar - haHfiin in HliilftrilntiiJh nvt av to uiuoer. X.. .. . . . . . I he pubiick houses are good, aod reasoname in their charges. J (teamen, norses ana coacn et are not Inferior to any other now running be twecn these two citiet. Tbe beautiful country, aod the excellence ot the roadi on uui rout, con nected with the safety, comfort, aod reatonable expence. are beleivcd to be strong inducements to traveller! in giving tnisune a decided preier ence. The strictest attention will be observed bv the propnetori io giving general tatulaction All bnggage and packages will go at the risk of the owner unlets iniured and receipted lor oy toe clrrk of laid office. Stage fare only So, withaeeneroui allowance of beeirnee. Partiet withinz to travel at their leisure, may engage ine uoacn on reasoname terms exclusively to themselves, by applying one day prrvioiu to starting. ror seats apply ai onnera uoiei, no. rj Coartlandt - slreet, New - York. L,IUIN, CU.13, Ul. ap 8 ' Proprietors, MRS SPENCER respectlully informs her friend t, and the ladies in particular who recently called on her, that her apartments art now ready for the reception of pupils for the piano forte ; also, that she is oesiorus oi ooiaio - ms two or three more pupils, who she would hare no objection to wait upon at their owe hoo thou d it be DTeferre d. 1 he most respects ble refereaee can be given. A gentleman and bis wife may be accommodated with board. my 12 In - bite - street. Ho, 3, tJCxTtlEa. dozen, loriuieuy O. . J.D'WOLF.Jr. my 14 54 South - street - jftW DnESSLfO ROOM. A FRUMENIX), Mo. i WaJI - streeL lutt re X . turned from Italy, has the honour to inform Ihe gentlemen, that be cats and dresies hair in the utet style, and u a mamer so as to adopt it io the ptitsiognomy. He bat tor sale a qnaoti ty of RAZORS of the first duality, if they d not please oe trial, the purchasers ai at hhertv to rrtura them, and receive tbe money. He tut I, kr v .a rm ,, r rl A,an f!.. Iim. .hi to it store razors to a very keen ed;e aod should lhy not cut he will receive no recoaipetKe Those genileinea who may pteate to tionor him with their patronage, may depend on the most oasSiertar aad raaneriful alfcun't. - uirft. i , Frumente ha just received a lew setta ol the celebrated Mangnim False Back Reev, war ranted oi uamaacus steel oi a superior jUly Amatrars may shave themselves luxuriously. , N. B. Gentkmea whosubcril bvlheouar tr - r will have their rxzurs, Ac kept cxciu'Svtly for themietves. - P. S. A pod jcameyasa waateJ. Apply oi mjvww. - van is turn - o K U II t U I LAD ELF ill A . Twenty - five miles land carriage, via Sew - Branswick aod Trenton. " In new pott coaches ' ' $i Do. food stage, 4 50 Do. forecastle or deck pasreegers 3 50 Connected by the steam boats OLIVE BUANCH and PHIL A DELPHI A. The steam - beat Olive Branch will leave New - York every day, Suu day excepted, from the north side of the Battery, at 11 o'clock A. M. . Passengers will lodge at Trenton, and take the steam - boat Fluladel phia, so as to arrive m Philadelphia at 10 o'clock Ihe next morning, in time to lake the Union Line Baltimore steam - boats. This line hat a connection with the best boats on the Delaware and Chesapeake to Norfolk ; as also those of the North River and Sound ; and their several arrivals are calculated to cause little, if any delay. - I bis it a speedy and certainly the most con veniect rout, as the pamengers will leave New York alter the banks odcd. and arrive in rhila Jul phia before the hours of buiinefi, without fa tijrue ia travelling or want of sleep, the land carriage being much less than by any other route between the two cities. For seats in the above line apply to WILLIAM B. J AGUES, At the Union Line Steam Boat Office, iu Mar' ketlleld itreet, north tide of tlie Battery, be twceo Greenwich Wathington - ttreets, or to The CAPTAIN oo board (y - All goods and baggage at the tisk of the owner. ep THE aUUJTU STEAM BOA T - J1JV. aw"vyi The proprietor, with a l view of accommodating the ai nana i iis public, byextending the line y " norwicn, inienu maain; the experiment with tbe Fulton, Cept. Law, end this route (if found practicable) will be continued during the season. '. " 1 tus line win in win re oe irom iew - iotb io Norwich, as follows : The Connecticut, Capt. Bunker, will leave New - York every Motidav, Wtdmaiay and friiau. at 8 o'clock, in the morning, lor New - Haven, Tbe Fulton, Capt, Law, will leave JVimrirA at 6 o'clock in tlie morning of the same days, touch at A" ew London and depart from thence for few - Haven at 8 o'clock. The boats will meet at JYtw - tlattn, and depart from thrnce every Moyidav, Wtdnit - day and Friday, at 7 o'clock io the evening tbe Connecticut lor jVw - Fori. nod tbe Fulton for New - London and ftoiwich. , nih 17 JfOHTU H1VHH STKAJA - BOA TS. fr On tbe 1 1th of May. the Boats will commence running four timet a week. A liout wni leave New - York on Tuesday, at A. M ; Wednesday, at 5 P. M. ; Friday, at 9 M. and Saturday, at 5 P. M. of each week : and a boat wilt leave Albany oo Monday, Wed nesday, inursday, and Saturday, atyA. oi. The above arrangement will commence by the Chancellor's leaving Albany on Monday, the Uth May, at 9 A. M. and tlie Richmond leavimr New York on Tuesday, the 12th at 9 A.M.. The Fire - Fly leavet New - York on Tueidav. Thursday and Saturday, at 9 A. M. for New - hurgo, end returni on Monday, Viedoesday and Friday, at 8 A. M. ' my 2 . KtHOIl alld CAIIAVIJAlOUAiMAlWrAOJC - TBREB TIM IS A WF.XK. LEAVES New burgh every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday mornings, at three o'clock, runs through Montgomery, fiioomingburgh, Monticcllo, by White Lake, Coshecton. Mount Pleasant, Great Ecnd, Chenango Point, O wega, llliica, and Ge neva, tocanandaigua. Keturning leaves Canandaigua every Mon day, Wednesday and Friday morning at three clock, and arrives at NewDurgn, tneuiiru ay in tune to take the Steam - boats which arrive in New - York the following moniinp. Uj It aw y be expected thai at all tvnttvhtn tht itram - boals alter their dayi of running, that thu line vul alter mo at to meet ihetu , The whole route will be perfomed in three days, from tlie first of May, until tbe first of November ana trom tbe first or November until tbe fifteenth of December, and from the fifteenth of March until the first of May, in four days and from tlie 15th December, until tlie fifteenth of March the same line will be continued to the city of New - York and run from thence to Canandaigua in four days.' Passencera travelling Trom New - York to Cananduigua, Niagara or Buffalo, can leave N. York in the evemnjr steam - bosts, and arrive in Canamlsigua in three days a distance ofthree hundred miles. The lme is well fumuned with good, new carriages ; good hones, and careful'and experienced drivers. Every attention will be paid to render tlie passage of the traveller safe, easy and expeditious i and it is believed tbat the accommodations on this line are eaual to any line in the state. rrr FAKE from Newburgh to uanandaigua FOURTEEN DOLLARS. N. D. A branch of tlie same line runs three times a week from Ithaca to Auburn, Also, a line runs from Owego Tioga Point; thence through Newtown and Faulted Post, to Uatn, Sic. BAGGAGE, ai usual, at the risk of the owners. - David Godfrey, Blootnngburgh.l R. C. t. John. Mount Pleasant. I L. & R. Manning, Chenango, .Proprie - Ltwucr vjero, suiicb, ' lur. - Samuel Greenlitf, Geneva, Oliver Phelps, Laming, rah 14 d6m , , . : TO SPORTSMEN. FOR SALE, an elegant Fowling Piece, stub and twitted barrel, together with a rifle bar rel, also stub and twisted, to fit In one stock : rold buihed and gold and silver mounted. The lock, roller, swivel and freed ; the pan lined with gold, and finished in the best manner. Tbe a - bove will he sold low, if immediate application is made aiio. m waiKer - street. myvtt BUOAD - TVK W DUBOIS, beg leave to inform Uie public . that he has inst received. rwr hr,.H - ,, - . cbus, and sbip George, from London, a general assonment oi articles in the musical line, asconxst which are some very elegant small Pisnn. rnn and a particularly elegaat rose - wood grand ca bi - u iiwirEuiic, Also the new invented Metronome or patent vell - time beater, with a large assortment of new music, wnicn ne oners lor salu wholesale or re inn, en ine most reasocaDie terms, my u sJSal LLPS IfCil OIXTXEJCT, WTk R R ANTED aa infaUble remedy at ,T T nppUcalien, may be used with perfect safety ou wLinlsa week, old, not couUia:n - a particle ol mercury ,cr any dangerous iaredtenl whatever, and not accompanied with thatssffati - sive smell which aUcbds tb.ajfittcalioa of other remedies.. - ,: . - . ... .,! - ., j.... - ' Tbe above medicine! are prepare j and soli at LEE'S Medkiar Store.' No. 40 Maiden - Iine, Und sold by S. CARLE, roruei of Fultua and i ascr - vrcers. ' ' , . . , ., Dnrgjtsu and ce jntrv fJare tc rrrrs Voppjicd t3mraltcTmi. " " 4' mm I ll4eraix p.tht tw mow to&,Lrt I UXl.4..' DOCTOR HORSE, ftr&erl of the city of UidMia. na?berctt.7facyt'PXt and surgery them. aJL. i. P ly to repeat erCJ tie abuse of MERCURY rash, indjscneuinate, and anA,i Ced ase thereof, btTbeen S"4 live of innWrJT;!? lands ore annually mi - rr,iriiV,.ZTz ence. Tbediseaae we brbw WeV i1' tnl resalta chiefly to thissonrct VVw that a young man, the hope of hi, eo;!wp,trf tbe darling of his PnntX)d & !7i way from all the PpelnynCtaof hV by tlcontequencesofone wirJMded JS! ' and by a direase nol i? iu 0.7? srliich only proves so from neglect . 7 "e" treatmen6'S A geatlemVebte Dr Uent) now perfectly hearty and well hn L! under pbyjician. of generj pUce 'sixHC and rcjatedly sahveu d i when reco nrn Dr. H. (by . grnt'eman'of Si cnSti were carious, and his flesh drorBror" his friends declared be could not posuniT ; two montbt longer. Thousands Mwr&M know with what ease and safety Dr if ! y cates the severest catea. am4 nt. vraji. tutioa. The Doctor'." Soffi cessary to guaid the poblic against the .J B' mercury, and other fatal delsui. i - T , Z1" t Person,, tlrefore, having wnUaclld VT - vote disorder, or suipecting latent poi J, admoniihedoot to tamper with their rrf? lion, or conceal the disorder, tiJI naati? ry s othershaying the remains of aa olS0'" or other impurities of the blood, as wel . Tf.' er complaints of a delicate zu(ureIiL - ?iU'' ex. should remember posterity, and do !?n,rvrC0.nJCl.ieCe.b'.?8 PP& to lJr. II. at hit o i aiu! ... - liihment, No. 64 Water - streeV foVrWL of Old O. to ohtain that lone calculated fc nrerent ,f; - .l3'..","lanf. a - let me claim your serious attention ReInII' luperficial cure U no cure at all; tm! iH? i - . i.: Ana r ateBftsj ithehm a am - uuiu.. vim win ai. - the disorder break out again with redoubfid !' lenity, at some future period ; perhaps 0 Zl be too late for remedy. rDon't wXV l . the streets miserable, muttlnted beinrT 22 even a bit of nose on their face . W "'HSVU I beseech yen I BTuTajjj P' - H. character for skill an if sfubbem t. ziiij uc.i.5 um.eji.jij uown in tluscirv 1804, Ruarantee to patients that deucaj ciecyhitherto unknown, and having confined Si practice foryeari past, exclusively to tWS diicatet of the blood system. th,l IZztf? culate on lh mcit decided advWrV'rf ' tutting Dr. H. , . . H " ' Gleets eradicated in twa or lhM ,u. ? Strictures removed without bougies or an voik. er mtlxunient i nnjl all debilities s likewfie Si old ulcerdtrons, fittura's fcc. A plurality of oftcet are prorWrdraid s tit, ated that paheuts are not exposed toeach other's observation. Open rill half past 9 In the evening. All peisoos concerned are invited to h r.. i calling, and speaking with Dr. H. which, is irtn oi cost. Ann nere uie uocior cannot avoid the expression of gratitude for innumerable mendationt, and for tbe decided preference (it k presumed with just cause) long gitea bun h judicious public. ', a. ii. aii letters most oe pott paid. Dr. Buctanan. ""..;:. Aug27 IV .. - - ' '' NLITHLH qUAC KKRX Jt OR LVftifi - ' .JIUA - .. . i t DiU. EVANS supeitr method of curing a can. tain Disease, isnow uarvet sally acUaowleriged in this city ; his mode o? treat meal is perfectly mild. safe. ia ipeditious, aod bis cb - Vfii (reasonable. In every 4 - 4 1 'stance he warrants a curt, ' innd will return the pay ii be Jdoes not perfoxa agreeable i'o contract . ..... j ills IUH.W. ninaji UOBcrVCO There are many persons In tbis city and its vi cinity, laboring under various chrome disease, such as cancers, old inveterate ulcers, scrofula or king evil, fistulas, diseases ef the are thru. bladder and kidnies, old complicated com plain ti of a certain nature, bilious and otntr orntrao. tioai, rheumatism, vc. which they consider inr first Surgeons and Physicians in tbe world, stst made those obstinate diseases bis constant ts forSO years. Oct rl IT3 The subscriber having recently rr'urni from England with an important improvement aa the ariiuciai spring Lt - G, be takes tbis method of informing his friends and the public, - that alt thoie who are so uufortunate as to be in want of a leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by ap plying at No. 77 Barclay - street, New - York. - janzz wm. ruiivis. HYDE - PARK INaTlTU'noN; - A SELECT and private Classical School it established at Hvde Park. Dutchess cosa - ty, state of New - York, under the direction aad instruction oris&a j Aaiia, l. l.. ia The institution is designed to unite with a clas sical and English Education, the modern laogua - - ges. . Tbe classical course will comprise the Lstia and Greek Languages, Ancient History and Geography, Mythology, Roman and Grecian Aati - I""!" - .. .... . jr..t. ine xjigiun course will comprise uk"" Grammer, Elocution, Elements of History, Kbe - lorick. Geography, Penmaasbip, elementary and practical Mathematics, and the outlines of Aet - ural rhilosophy. - - M odt m Laneu ages will comprise tbe Franco, Spanish and Italian. . , - Moral and religious instruction wm u mended to. as vooth is the most proper time to in culcate and fix those principles of virtue and pie ty, wnicn ougm io uiieci ana uuiww duct of future li fe. - V The pupils of the Institution will becieabers of tbe Principal's family, and under Lis row. i - ate care and government, rarticuiar a will be paid to their morals and manners. .The government will be strict, but mild aad parental - its aim shall be to give habits of order aad industry, aud inspire a generous emulation. . The n jlilutinn will be furnished with a Libra ry, Maps, Globes, and select Pbitosophic Apparatus, tbe ate of which the pupils wiUhe taught, and made familiar with tlie most import ant and striking experiments in Natural P0!0 phf . These will be considered as rewards w good conduct ana nucnuon iosiuuj, - - .iitute one of the most interesting sources ol a - musement and recreation. It is known from ex - oeiience Umt much useful knowledge may. thus incidentally communicated. ' ' ' - ' The teims are three hnndred dollars pel annum, payable quarterly wasliiag included. i . I.;... i .,..7t,.i. JhA .tn.i the modem la - guasct, will be charged 10 dollar pet 1uartef extra for the tame. " . .. Tlie students rind their bedt and nepair. 'Ibe number of sludenUis limited, yew" men therelore who are dcirous of placing w tons in the insUtotiau, will please to mane a early application. , ..Mw(U. All tetters reiatite to me lnsiiiuuun, ed to the tubsenbtr.' Hyde Park Pt OtSc'i Dutcbesi CouutyN.Y.winrrm)mptly atteoa edto. - BENJAMIN AUE5. The iiimmcr term wil! commence on the - w j ' of Mav. - awy Z HORSE FOR SALE. " ''"j. PLEASANT saddle Hore wiH be l cheap by a gentleman about to leave tow Apply ..k , r - f - mff NEW - YORK: v - PRLTED AND PUBLISHED - " f ; MXCUAIL BURJfHAM ft C No. 49 tViLLiAf - eTmBj - rtWr TF", - ir .ftsn Corravtc - Hoetc - raole, tney can nrauiiir d cureo tin geMran by npplvingatDr. EVANS'S MedicalSura. Me, 9, Peck - slip, having practised in cxteithe hnsnllals in Europe Is years, un&r acme of aW

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