Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 9, 1937 · Page 3
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 3

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 9, 1937
Page 3
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MAECH 9 · 1937 THREfr GOTH YEAR TO BE OBSERVED r Annivei'saiy of Kanawha Couple to pelebrate on Thursday. KANAWHA -- Mr. and Mrs. Frank Trowbridge will celebrate their sixtieth wedding anniversary next Thursday. The Woman's Foreign Missionary society of the Ka- Mitchell-Floyd CTA to Gather Saturday CHARLES CITY--Members of the Mitchell-Floyd cow testing association will hold their re-organization meeting at the Farm Bureau office in Charles City Saturday. The business to be taken up will include the election of directors and officers for the coming year, hiring a tester and making plans for meetings to be held. All members of the association are urged to attend. Zrostlik Slain Because Gunmen Wanted His Car on planned an "open house" in honor o£ the special occasion. Mr. Trowbridge's illness during the past few weeks wil make it impossible to have a program at the church as planned, but will be j Hon7\vas 'returned" held at the Trowbridge home. ' ·· Relatives a Dows Man Indicted Desertion Charge CLARION -- R. H. Meyer, 55, Dows, who was indicted by the grand jury on a charge of deser- Murdeved Britt Farmer in* Narrow Grave on Wind Swept Hill. BRITT, (if)--A narrow grave on mer's ancient sedan, bearing the Minnesota license plates taken from the first car the bandits stole at Waterloo, was found abandoned near VaUey Springs, S. Dak. Three men were arrested and -- - . ; . ,, L v^iuyti J- 1ILM1M.I.3VJIJ, j. i , UL iji_.*.i..i farmer, who fell before the guns i , h o ha(J escaped f r o m the toys' from Minne- irowbndge home. apolis, Monday morning by Sher- and friends and neigh- £ Roy E . \yilson and County At- bors are invited to call during the hours of 1 to 4 o'clock^in the afternoon. Kentner, Formerly of Armstrong, Dies ARMSTRONG--Word was received of the death of C. B. Kentner, former resident of this place, in Los Angeles, Cal. Burial was in Glendale, Cal. Mr. Kentner is survived by his wife, two sisters, Mrs. William Clow of Mason City and Mrs. Eugene Koeneman of Eldora and one brother, W. H. Kentner of Tama. Mr. Kentner was proprietor of the variety store for a number of years and moved from here to Leon, Iowa. Missionary Group at Fertile Names Head: FERTILE--The Central American and African missionary society eelcted: C. N. Jorgenson, president; Thelan EHhon, vice president; C. E. Eikenbary, secretary and treasurer; Mrs. C. N. Jorgen son, organist. At the Sunday school election Mrs. C. E. Eiken bary was named superintendent Mrs. Lillian Elthon, assistant su periniendent; Leone Park, secre tary and treasurer, and Mrs. Han Johnson, music department. C. E Eikenbary is Bible teacher for th American class. If enough com who desire the Norwegian Ian guagp. a class will be formed. orney Frank Riley. Meyer was rrested in Minneapolis Saturday nt. Meyer posted his bond of WOO. of three kill-crazy bandits on a cold North Iowa highway the morning of Nov. 2, 1935. training school at Eldora seized at Columbus, Nebr. George Bennett, chief o£ Coun- bury--Designating county auditor as county fiscal and purchasing agent and bidder in scavenger sales. Passed by the House: ' H. F. 103--Eliminating 35 per cent requirement for primary nomination. (55 to 36.) S. F. 40--Reducing from 5 to 4 per cent the interest rate on loans rom the permanent school fund. 91 to 0.) H. F. 193--By judiciary--In- reasing rates charged for regis- ration of securities. (96 to 0.) Introduced in Senate: S. F. 266--By Stevens and Mill- jone--Providing penalty for tax- His slayers shot him down be- c ;i Bluffs police, said the youth fore the eyes o£ his wife and his admitted 14 automobile thefts in s m a l l s o n a n d left h i s body ' - · ~ - - - . - - - .sprawled on the highway. Zrostlik forfeited his life because the gunmen wanted his au- ] nection with Zrostlik's murder, tomobile. Iowa and Nebraska, but Sheriff Joe Perry of Pottawattamie county later declared he had no con Shot Without Warning. Another Suspect Cleared. A posse of 10 men raided cabin 40 miles north of Hibbing Vfrs. Noble Funeral Is Held at Riceville RICEV1LLE -- Funeral services or Mrs. Joseph Noble, 75, were icld at the Methodist church Sun,ay with the Rev. Mr. Mack of the ocal Free Methodist church and he Rev. dime Mavis, a former lastor, conducting the service. Jurial was in Riverside cemetery. VIrs. Noble was an old time resi- -lent o'f the community and her seven children were reared on the 'arm on highway No. 9, 3 miles west of Riceville. Trigger hungry, the bandits shot Minn _ 14 days after the farmer' him out of the car without warn- death and arl . es t ea - Earl Blood, 34 ing, before he had time to surren- B]o?d laler was c i cared o£ com der it to them. plicity. The trail of highway robbery Homer Fanning, arrested las and bloodshed which culminated December 31 after a gun baltl in Zrostlik's death began with the w j t h K a n s a s City p 0 Vi ce , wa theft of a sedan from the Repass questioned as a suspect. Fannin Automobile company at Waterloo, declared he was a pal of Alvi a few days before the murder. Karpis, a former kidnaper and Glenn Schmidt, Iowa inyestigas- public enemy, but officers dis- tion bureau chief at the time of prove d his tale and Giemmer the slaying, said he believed the f a ji e d to identify his picture as payer's failure to iroperty. list personal , trio were members of a bandit gang which robbed five North Iowa banks in 1935. Thwarted From Robbery. He said indications were that one of the three slayers. More than 1,000 Hancock county neighbors saw Zrostlik carried to his grave after simple services in the little church where lie was McKinley, St. Ansgar Early Settler, Dies ST. ANSGAR--Lyman G. McKinley died Sunday evening at his home west of town. Mr. McKinley was one of St. Ansgars earliest settlers and the father o£ Harold McKinley, one of the leading vegetable growers. ...... _ ..... __ _ ..... ^ ...... _ _ _ the bandits, in the stolen Waterloo married and to which he _____ car, began a foray on another driving Mien the gunmen cut him Jowa bank on that fateful Satur- | down. day morning--a raid that was thwarted by swift pursuit after the "premature and n e c e s s a r y slaying" of the Iowa farmer. Former Chief Schmidt said he believed the bandits, driving north toward the bank they intended to rob, discovered their stolen sedan was nearly out of gasoline. They stopped it on the highway on the outskirts of Belmond at 4 a. m. Mrs. Zrostlik suffered serious S. F. 267--Bell of Crawford and Murray -- Permitting retaliatory ax on liquor manufactured in stales "where laws discriminate against the alcoholic liquor manufactured in other states." S. F. 268--By Shaw--Changing provisions ot filing of income' tax reports by fiduciaries. S. F. 269--By Kimberly--Granting Davenport, Iowa, title to Mississippi river front land within city limits which have been created by artificial fills. S. F. 270--By Shaw--Requiring insurance companies to file schedules of rates and rules, and prohibiting rebates and discrimination. S. F. 271--By Doran and others --Providing a bounty on fox killei out of fur season. S. F. 272--By Hopkins--Changing provisions on limitation ot the size of school districts. S. F. 275--By Doran--Authorizing establishment of private game preserves. S. F. 274--By Doran--Revising the law on disbarment proceed- to take care of losses in a treasurer's office burglary. S. F. 294--By Stevens and Busted--Creating a state cosmetology board of five members. S. F. 295--By Doran and others ·Changing minimum salary for chief deputy sheriffs to 51,200. S. F. 29fi--By Stewart--Changing provisions on removal of executive officers hired by t h e board of control. S. F. 297--By Hopkins--Raising fees for teachers certificates from $1 to $2. ' S. F. 298--By Gillespie--Requiring payment of prevailing wages on \VPA projects. S. F.. 299--By Moore--Raising gopher bounty from 5 cents to 10 ownership" b e f o r e purchasing articles. S. F. 301--By Kirketeg--Legal- izing a Taylor county expenditure of $800. S. F. 302--By j u d i c i a r y 2 --Legalizing a Cedar Rapids $80,000 jail construction bond issue. S. F. 303--By Mighell and Mason--Increasing income tax rates to 6 per cent on the sixth thousand dollars of net income and 7 per cent on all over $7,000. S. any luiring pawn brokers and second land dealers to "determine legal ents. S. F. 300--By' Baldwin--Re- F. 304--By SehatU--Making member of a credit union eligible for office. S. F. 305--By Murray--Requiring free transportation to high school of farm children living within three miles. S. F. 306--By' Breen--Same as S. F. 274. S. F. 307--By Breen and Bell of Crawford--Including occupa- ional diseases under the workmen's compensation act. S. F. 308--By Hasted, Hopkins and Edwards--Prohibiting t h e sale of beer where food is served. Lehman Funeral Will Be Held on Thursday THOMPSON--Funeral services for C. F. Lehman, Thompson, who died Sunday, will be held Thursday afternoon at 1:31) o'clock at the house and at 2 at the Methodist church, the Rev. A. G. lleddle officiating. Leave for Arkansas. KENSETT--Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Boyelt accompanied by Emery Boyett, left Sunday for Little .Rock, Ark., to visit relatives. eye injuries and in one eye. still is partly Band Presents Program. BELMOND--The Belmond high school band presented a program Sunday afternoon at the school ~ . ~ . ~ ·· i---^ auditorium. Harry Keller directed from Des Moines. ACTION ON BILLS IN STATE LEGISLATURE There the killers waited, pistols I ln S and a machine gun covered by a Passed green cloth in their hands, for the I senate, next north-bound automobile to approach. Held Up Hunters. DES MOINES, (#)--The follow- Into the cold North Iowa dawn drove a party of duck hunters the band. ring Shoes are ring Shoes were introduced or by the Iowa house and Introduced in the house: H. F. 318--Committee on tax reduction--Repealing the $2 old ,this- season. Bright, cheerful creations, that" Break sharply"·"away' from 'winfer styles, and herald the advent of a colorful season in footwear. The "Charl" is a stunning new gabardine with leather trim to match. A Rice- O'Neill creation in grey and brown. Priced .75 The bandits waved them down, leveled guns at them and demanded their car. The driver, Neil Dart, readily surrendered his automobile, and he and J. C. Brugere, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Pusey and the Pusey's two children, Pauline, 10, and Richard, 5, were left shivering beside the highway while the bandits appropriated their hunting guns, and transferring to Dart's coach, roared oft to the north. The three men were careful to wipe o££ all fingerprints from the stolen sedan before they aban- . done d it... _ . . - ' - · , £v; .·.··...·;.- ' ,. · -" Saw Car-Speed By. , ' Zrostlik 'and His wife were -finishing the morning chores at their age pension tax. H. F. 310--By Maniece--Allowing payment ot salaries to school treasurers. H. F. 32C--By Johns--Empowering the railway commission to fix reasonable rates for rural electric energy. H. F. 321--By Craven--Providing a penalty of $500 for failure to list all properly under money and credits tax. H. F. 322--By Rice- -Recjuiring public hearing on all local budgets which show increase, and to require specific listing of all increases. H. F. 323--By Reilly--Provid- It's one of many exclusive new models that instantly appeal to women who admire and wear smart/ good fitting shoes. The Men are B r e a k i n g into Light Colors Too .. * Styles with snap and vigor in combinations of tan and brawn -- light and dark grey -- camel, elk, and solid light grey. Priced $5 ,, $£.50 This is the Dress-up Season Get Ready for EASTER Nichols Green "Where the Good Shoes Come From" farm one-half mile south o£ highway intersection where the farmer was murdered. They saw a car--Dart's car-roar by their barnyard. Zrostlik said to his wife: "It must be one o£ the neighbors going out to pick corn." The young couple and their son, Clarence, left the farm then to drive to an All Souls day mass at St. Wenceslaus' church in Duncan, a few miles north. They had been married in that church three years before. . Saw Wrecked Car. Down, over the hill, at the intersection, (two miles northeast of Britt) Zrostlik sighted the car he had seen speed by his farm. It was wrecked. Three men were standing beside it. Zrostlik'slowed. None of the men spoke. Suddenly a tall dark man with a scar on the side o£ his face raised his pistol and fired through the windshield of Zrostlik's car. The young farmer fell over the steering wheel, mortally wounded. Blood streamed from the faces of his w i f e and child, cut by the flying glass. Dragscd From Auto. "Get out of there!" the bandit leader shouted. "I can't," Zrostlik murmured, blood on his lips. Ruthlessly, the bandits dragged the dying farmer from the car and Hi re w his body on the highway. His wife and son, stunned and injured, fell weeping on him. Again the gunmen--a murder to their score even before the robbery they had planned.was committed--roared oft to the north, this time in Zrostlik's car. Mrs. Zrostlik ran screaming to the farm home of Harry Schmidt, nearby. Enter Grcmmer Home. Near Woden, a few miles north of Britt, Eppo Gremmer, another farmer, was breakfasting with his family. An hour a f t e r Zrostlik's death, the three killers sauntered into his kitchen, guns drawn, and demanded treatment for the injuries they had suffered ' when they wrecked Dart's coach. The astounded Gremmer family was held terror-stricken under the bandits' guns while the three men washed their cuts and bandagec them with dishtoweb and rags. One of the men did all the talking. Pie demanded what he wantec in a clear sharp voice, his pisto leveled at Gremmer. Broken Telephone Wires. On leaving, the gunmen tool Gremmer's only weapon, a shot gun, and jerked out the telephone wires. Northward again the bandits dashed,'only to be swallowed up in the chill November morning. Despite a dragnet that brought state agents by airplane to the quiet community, and enlisted posses of county, city and state officers as well as citizens, the trail of the bandits vanished. Stolen Car Found. The last traces of the killers were found 13 days later when Grem- ing for the installment payment of delinquent taxes. H. F. 324--By Moore' of: Woodbury -- Establishing minimum standards for relief and appropriating 38,000,000 for direct dole. H. F. 325--By Moore of Woodbury--Providing for transportation of children residing within 3 miles of consolidated school districts, H. F. 32G--By Rasmusscn--Eli- minating requirement that legal action must stipulate term of court in which case is to be called. H. F. 327--By Rasmussen-Legalizing judgments and decrees where action failed to name terms of court at which cases were to be called. H. F. 328--By Rasmussen--Rewriting laws governing actions ings. S. F. 273--By Baldwin--"Legalizing construction of a Dubuquc, Iowa, swimming pool. S. F. 27G--By Gillette and Doran--Authorizing purchase of an Iowa State college experimental farm costing $44,000. S. F. 277--By Corwin--Changing provisions for management of public utilities by a board of trustees. S. F. 278--Byers and others-Authorizing a $125,000 appropriation for construction of sewer disposal plants at Arnolds Park and Spirit Lake. S. F. 279--By Kimberly--Requiring election before franchises can be granted in special charter cities. S. F. 280--By Shaw--Legalizing f i l i n g of original notices. S. F. 281--By Augustine--Giving state railway commission administration of all common and contract motor carrier with certain exemptions. S. F. 282--By Augustine and others--Exempting oil stations from the chain store tax. S. F. 283--By Hill--Changing requirements oil eligibility lor old age pensions S. F. 284--By Bell of D e s Then: Stone Steins..NOW: Sclilitz"Steinies' n beer that recalls the delicious- i i e a s of the finest old-time beers poured into the cool depths of old sloue s t e i n s . . . treat yourself today to Schlitz in ncw"Slcinie"Brott'n Bottles. Brewed of the world's finest ingrcdi- e n l g . . . inidcrPreciBC Enzyme Control ... SchliU brings you, nil filer and sum- JOS. SCHLITZ BREWING CO. nicr, unvarying uiiilbrmily of flavor. Yomcon'lliavc to cultivate a taste fur Schlits. Yon like it on first acqiiniur- o n c e . . . and ever after. Enjoy it today, w i t h health benefits of Sunshine Vitamin D .. ."in "Slciuic" Brown Bollles. Also available in lUc f a m i l i n r Till Brown Bottle and Cap-Sealed Can. MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN Copyright K)!7,)gl. Urchin; Co -- fa The Beer That Made Milwaukee Faiiious for injury to persons or property to require burden of proof of contributory negligence shall rest on defendant. H. F. 328--By Hoegh--Providing for issuance of state patent to John Batie of Lucas county. H. F. 330--By Moore of Wood- Moines--Legalizing- a -Concbrdia Iowa, school 3evy. S. F. 285--By Pelzer--Limiting requirements on real estate titles. S. F. 286--By Schadt--Raising the Oakdale sanatorium superintendent's salary to $2,500. S. F. 287--By Schadt--Changing municipal corporation damage statutes. S. F. 288--By Schadt--Changing city zoning law provisions. S. F. 2B9--By Schadt--Authorizing cities and towns to license electricians and regulate installation ot automatic heaters. S. F. 290--By Guernsey and others--Providing a state teachers' annuity system. S. F. 291--By Bell of Crawford and Bell of Des Moines--Permitting liquor commission to carry insurance on stores and stocks. S. F. 292--By Gillespie--Permitting boards of supervisors to contract for medical and dental service for the poor. S. F. 293--By Dewey--Authorizing Henry county fund transfer Cut Food Costs . . . Still Hove the Best to Eat Of course you ore interested in reducing the cost of your foods, and you would like to have the best to cat, too. 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