Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 24, 1934 · Page 14
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 24, 1934
Page 14
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w«$^^ ^ FOURTEEN MASON Ui'f APRIL 24 1934 PRESSBOX (Continued Fiwn Sports Puce) through with an honest effort to improve the game and develop cooperation. La Crosse might give the movement for a unified game oi Uamondball a bit of an impetus if it would." * * * At Fort Dodge, I notice that Willis Hogan, Joe Rossing and Leonard Will are the new officers of the Fort Dodge Diamondball association, and that games will be played at the Expo park diamond under the National Softball association rules. * * * That means 60 foot baselines and a 37 foot pitching distance for the Bodgcrs this summer. Eight teams will be in play in their municipal league. * » * In Lincoln, Ncbr., a paragraph from the Star-Journal registers an opinion in favor of the old rules, thus: * w * "City Softball league managers have turned thumbs down on the new rules as drafted by the' National Softball association. Instead, the capital city clubs will play under the old rules; according to plans ado'pted at the Wednesday meeting of the loop. Twelve teams are enrolled and' Secretary. Jimmy Lewis is seeking four more teams to complete the league." * * s No League I learn that plans for the formation of an Iowa-Minnesota class I) baseball league have been dropped for this year. The baseball backers did a wise thing there from a financial standpoint. Algona, for instance, will play Independent baseball, and will probably earn more in exhibition contests than could be possible in league play. * * * But it's too bad that the "sports followers" who pay for baseball made it necessary to replace the old Intercity rivalry, that used to exist, with an athletic show, even though it he a good one. Produce MASON CITY, April 24.-Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse .12c 10c .6c 10c .6c .6c 5c .12-lSc* ..13-lSc* 28c 26c 28'C 28c 26c .....26c Potatoes, pecjk ;.........SOc "raTOK l S"NOTm^These representative quotations were obtained by calling several downtown grocery stores. Eggs (current receipts) Heavy hens, 4'^ Ibs. and over Ught hens Springs (heavy 1 breeds) Springs (Leghorn breeds).... Stags Old cocks (heavy) Merchants Quotations Eggs, cash Eggs, in trade Butter, Plymouth ... Butter, Clear Lake .. Butter, State Brand Butter, Very Best .. Butter, Dairy Maid Butter, BrooWield .. CHICAGO POULTBT CHICAGO, April 24. UP)--Poultry, .live, S3 trucks, steady; hens over 5 Ibs. 35c; 2bs. and under 16c; Leghorn hens 14% nock fryer* MJP24C. colored 23c; Roclt springs 23T424Q. colored 23c: Rock broilers 2ZS'23c, colored 22c; Leghorn 21c. bare- backs 18c: roosters 8c: turkeys 12g18c; spring duclis 13®16c; old ducka ll@13c. CHICAGO I-BODUCB , CHICAGO, April 24. CW--Butler, 11,349. firm; creamery-specials (93 score) 23M* 24c: extras (92) 23c: extra firsts (80-01) 22K®22..c; firsts (88-89) 22®22',ic; seconds (80-87) 21 %c; standards (80 centralized carloti) 23c. Esgs, 40,948. iveak; extra firsts cars IBftc, local 15?lc; fresh graded flrsU cars 15. .c, local 15c; current receipts 14c. Butter sales. 1 car extras, 23.255 tubs «tra«, 23c; 3 cars standards 23c. Eggs, 50 cases current receipts, 14He. mODUCE FUTURES. CHICAGO, April 24. UP-- Egg futures closed: Storage packed firsts April l"c; refrigerator standards October 18^c. Butter futures; Storage standards November 23%c. No potato futures. NEW IORK PRODUCE. NEW YORK, April 24: (1P1--Butter. 18,119, steady to firm. Creamery, first (87-91 scores) 22(3S24c; centralized (90 score) 23Vj( : ,'ic; other grades unchanged. Eggs. 42,822, easier. Mixed colors, special packs or selections from fresh receipts 18 K f'i20c; standards and commercial standards 17=i@18c: firsts 16^c: seconds IGc; mediums 40 Ibs. and dirties No. 1, 42 Ibs.. 15%c; average checks 14=ic; storage packed firsts 17 J ,ic. White eggs, nearby and mldweatern exchange standards 18S'18iic; other whites and all browns unchanged. MEW YORK roci/nir. NEW YORK. April 24. (.T)--Dressed poultry firm. Chickens, frozen 16®24c: fowls, frozen unquoted: old roosters, frozen 10V=@ 12c: turkeys, fresh 14(8lSc; other grades unchanged. Live poultry steady. Broilers, freight unquoted: fowls, freight 17c: express unquoted; turkeys, express 14®22c; other freight and express unchanged. KANSAS CITY PRODUCE. KANSAS CITY, April 21. UP--Eges 13C. Other produce unchanged. Miscellaneous POTATO MARKET. CHICAGO. April 24. (JIT--U. S. department of agriculture-Potatoes, 305, on track 369; total U. S. shipments 637; old stock, russets slightly stronger, other stock steady; supplies moderate, demand and trading moderate; sacked per cwt.: U. S- No. 1, Idaho russets $1.50® 1.62%; special brand $1.67^-^1.70: U. S. No. 2, $1.25; Washington russets combination grade $1.40© 1.45; Colorado McClures 51.40®)!.45; Wisconsin round whites $1.20; triumphs Sl-25: Mlunesota early Ohlos 51.15; cobblers partly graded Slffl.lO. New stock, steady, supplies moderate, demand and trading moderate; Texas sacked per cwt: U. S. No- 1 B!iss triumphs 52.90 iff 3.10. BUYING RENEWAL RALLIES PRICES Reports of Acute Shortage of Moisture Received From Northwest. CHICAGO, April 24 CM--A quick renewal of speculative buying rallied wheat prices sharply today as trading drew to an end, but .the rallies failed to overcome effects of earlier heavy liquidating sales. Pitiful reports were received from the northwest as to acute shortage of moisture. One leading elevator company at Minneapolis with many rural branches said the crop outlook in their territory was discouraging as there was a deficiency both of feed and seed on account of crop failures last year, and in a great many cases it would be impossible for farmers to re-seed. wheat closed unsettled, %t$iync under yesterday's Ilnlsh, Hay 75«®Kc. July 75",, ®Kc; com unchanged to %c lower. May 44~K®4Sc, July 47^8©Uc; oats UfiHic down, and provisions at 2c to 7c decline. CHICAGO CASH GRAIN. CHICAGO. April 24. UP!--Cash wheat: Sample grades hard 68V,c. Corn: No. 2 mixed 48c (mainly white); No. 2 yellow 47J,l@48c; No. 2 yellow old 47 : jii8 ) 48c; No. 3 yellow 48c; No. 2 white "IViC; No. 3 Tvhlte 49?ic;. sample grades Oats: No. 2 white 31^@32c: No. 3 white l^tS^iC: No. 4 white 2SHfi?29!4c. No rye. Barley: 40@80c. Tlmotny seed: J6.25®6.50 cwt. Clover seed: S11SS11.25 cwt. Lard, tierces, $5.S2; loose lard $5.75; tel- lies $7.S7. MINNEAPOLIS MINNEAPOLIS, April 24. UP!--Flour unchanged. Shipments, 18,144. Pure bran, $16^16.50. Standard middlings, $14.50 S15. KANSAS em: HAT. KANSAS CITY, April 24. (.p--Hay: 8 cars. Alfalfa: No. 1 extra leafy $16(916.50; No. 2, 514.50ai5.50; No. 1, $13.50Sfl4; No. 2 leafy ?12@13. School Athletes to Try Luck in "Y" Hexathlon Grade, junior high school and iu'gh school athletes will compete Saturday in the Y. M. C. A. Hex- athlon contest planned by the local "Y," taking part in only six evtents on the schedule. A three-potato race, five-potato race, running broad jump, running high jump, standing broad jump and bar vault are listed for the competition.__The_ jhj t.,. put has. .been eliminated this year. Visit in Cottonwool WESLEY--Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kouba, Jr., and Shirley Jean, drove to Cottonwood, Minn., Sunday where they spent the day with her parents, the O. P. Mevolds. | DAILY CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS '··iS--Domesticates S--Una. corda (abbr.) '10--Refusals !12--A weight (abbr.) il3--Object .15--A term for the entire universe 17--Nitrate of potash 19--An Indian's abode 20--Imitation leather j 53--Yale : 34--Those who engage in speculation 30--Large tooth 31--Elder-feminine (abbr.) .'33--Fields for sports 135--Failed to hit j36--Detective (abbr.) i 37--Any glittering ornament [39--A compass point Ho--Mohammedan princes DOWN 1--To cause or make to go around '2--A doctrine 3--An insect :·)--A musical note 5--Bring forth young s--A roof covering JT--A large knife : t--To put a ceiling on 10--A unit of length (Egypt; n--To restore 12--A large plant 14--Church spire 16--Turns up or over 18--Relates 21--Alas (Laiiit) 22--A bay (Sp.) 24--A kind or species . 25--Brings'forth young 26--A thin gauze-like material made of silk 27--Appendages of animal* fSS--A river in France 29--Form of see SO--Manufactured 32--Delightful region 34--A man's name 35--Manager (abbr.) -IS--Nickel ({symbol) Answer to previous puzzU HOG MARKET STEADY WITH RECEIPTS HEAVY MasonCityGrain MASON CITY, April 24.-Barley 30-45c No. 2 yellow old shelled corn ,.34c No. 3 yellow new shelled corn .33c No. 3 yellow ear corn 31c White oais, No. 3, 50 IDs,, or tetter 22 C "WHEAT-Hay July ;ept CORN-May July Sept OATS-May July Sept IlYE-- May July lept : BA.HLET-- May ...... July , Sept. ...... LARD-May July Sept BELLIES-May July TUESDAY GRAIN CLOSE, CHICAGO, April High Low 21. .74'A .75% .44'i -40TS -2""» .28% .29 .38 "ri .40=4 .41-4 5.95 . 6.IT .37=; .39 Closc .75% .7554 .76% -44T1, .471,8 .49 -27% .26 5i .37% .39% .41 5.82 5.90 6.12 7.55 7.87 TIJESDAV OEAIN OFEN CHICAGO, April 24. UP)-- \VHEAT-- May July Sept CORN-May July · Sept . OATS-May July Sept RYE-May July Sept BARLEY-May .". July Sept LARD-May July Sept BELLIES-May July Open Today .27% .28 U .28 ;i .53 Vi .54«i Close Yesterday .471; .49U .23 U .29 .38 il .39=; 5.S7 5.97 6.17 7.90 Close Yr. Ago .67% .68 .691,1 .23=1 .24 .24 !i .47 .47",S .48 0.42 5.55 5.67 6.15 6.30 MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN'. MINNEAPOLIS, April 24. (.T--Wheat: 24 cars, 59 a year ago. Market I',RC lower. Cash: No. 1 northern 76vl@79 : ac; No. 1 dark northern 12, 13, 14 and 15 per cent protein 76{{f80-}iC, No. 1 dark hard Montana 14 per cent protein 77*i(fli79%c: to arrive 77=^ ©79*40: No. 1 amber durum 89© 96c; No. 2 amber durum 88@95c: No. 1 red durum 70@71c; May 73%c; July 73"aC: Sept. 73iic. Corn: No. 3 yellow 41«J42c. Oats: No. 3 white 25Vie26',ic. OMAHA GRAIN. OMAHA, April 24. I.?)--Wheat: Hard No. 2, 69c: No, 3, 67c; mixed No. 2. 70c, Corn: Yellow No. 2, 40Hc; mixed No. 3, 39c. Oats: No trading reported. KANSAS crar GRAB;. KANSAS CITY, April 24. (.T!--Wheat: 26 cars; 4@lV4c lower. No. 2 dark hard 67Vi @75c nominal; No. 3, 67®74%c nominal; No. 2 hard 67V®i75c nominal; No. 3, 70?Sc; No. 2 red 63%®72%c nominal; No. 3. 70c. Corn: 8 cars; unchanged to lie lower; No. 2 white 46c; No. 3. 4511@45Sc nominal; No. 2 yellow 43Vi@43-}ic nominal; No. j $ . - 4 2 % @ 4 3 t t c nominal: No. 2 mised 42V4 I «£42«c nominal; No. 3, 41»1®42V1C nom' inal. Oats: 2 cars: unchanged to Vic lower. No. 2 white 295?29Vic nominal; No. 3. 2S=jc. Stock List NEW YORK STOCKS. NEW YORK, April 24. VP-final Quotations. Air Kcduct 1005i 1 T T 14% Alleghany 3 Johns Manv 57 ~ - Kennecott 21% Kresge- 20% Kroger 33 U LIB My B 95 Loews 33% Loose Wiles 42% Lorlllard 18% Maytag 41 Al Che Dye 148» Am Can 103 Am For Pow 9Ta Am Pow lt y^g Am Smelt Ee 43% Am Steel Fdrs 20% Am Sugar 50^ A T T 1 2 2 Am Tob B 72% Am Water Wks Anaconda Atchlson All Ret Auburn Aviation Corp Baldwin Loco B 0 Barnsdall Bendlx Beth Stl Bordens Borg Warn Burr Add Canada Dry " .n Pac Case Cerro de Pasco 33 S Ches O 47 s Corp Chi E 111 C N W Chic Gt W Chic Gt W pld C M S P P C M S P f c P p f C R 1 t P Chrysler Col G E Comwlth Sou Cons Gas Cons 01! Conn Can Contl Ins Contl Mot Corn Prod Curtiss Wr Deere pfd Du Pont Eastman El Pow Lt Fox Fl'm A Frecport TCK GenI Am Trans Gen El Gen Foods Gen Motors Gillette Gobel Gold Dust Ooodrlch Goodyear Graham Paige Gt Nor pfd Gt West Sug Hudson Mtrs 111 Cent Int Harv Int Nick Can McKeis £ Rob SV1 21 It Mid Cont Pet 13% 16te M K T ll'i 69 U Mo Pac 451 28 H Montg Ward 31!» Morrell Nash 231i Nat Bisc 43!(, Natl Cash Re A 19 14 VI 29 8 it 18 K 42 !i 25"i 25% 69 13'i 4',i 10-11 6% 02 15 Vs 34 « Hi 75 4 16 2274 35 li 39 H 11% 1614 37 29 li 30 Natl Dairy Natl Distill Nntl Pow Lt N Y Cent N Y N H H No Amer No Pac Oliver Farm Oliver Farm pf 2 1ST!, 32H ·UK 28% Packard Penlck Ford 'Penney Penn Phillips Pet Froc Gam Pullman R C A R K O Rern Rand Eep Stl Rey Tob B Roy Dutch Sears Roeb Shell u Skelly Socony Vac So Pac St Brands St G E St Oil Cal St Oil N J Stew Warner Stone web Studebaker Tex Corp Tex Gulf Sul Tim Roll Bear Un Carb Un Pac Unit Air United Corp U S Gypsum U S Indus AlCh U S Rubber U S Steel 51 Vi Wabash 4ti Warner PIct 7% West El Mfg 40 Woolworth 53'.4 Wrigley 63% Tel Tr 5*i 5Vs 65 34 il 81i 3M. 12 li 21% 43-4 34 50 11' 16'4 28 Vi 21 VK 35* 40 U SW 9% 6,i 25-.; 37K 33 45% 132% 23% OVL 43 5251 23 MINNEAPOLIS STOCKS MINNEAPOLIS, April 24. UP)--Stocks closed: First Bank Stock 8?i. Northwest Banco, no trading. CHICAGO STOCKS Cities service 2" Great Lakes Air TS Katz Drug 37 Kellogg Switch 5 Llbby-McNeil 6% Nat Leather 1^ CHICAGO, April 24. U'l-- " Nat Standard Quaker Dais 1 Swift Co Swift Internat Utility and Ind Zenth INVESTMENT TRUSTS. (By the Associated Press) Bid and asked o nAprll 24: Corporate Tr Sh 2.' 4 Corporate Tr Sh AA Mod .. 2.41 Corporate Tr Sh Ac Ser .. 2.06 Corporate Tr Ac Ser Mod .. 2.41 Dividend Sh 1.27 Nationwide Sec 3.56 Nationwide Sec vtc 1.35 Nor Amer Tr Sh 1.94 Nor Amer Tr Sh 1955 2.51 Quarterly Inc Sh .. -.... 1.38 Selected Am Sh 2.79 Selected Cum Sh 7.14 Selected Income Sh ..' 3.71 Super Cnrp Am Tr A ..... 3.14 U S El L Pow A 13U U S El L Pow B 2.23 U S Ei L Pow B Vtc .. .85 2.3-1 2.54 1.29 3.66 1.45 4.'25 Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LA31SON BROTHJEES AND CO. Mason City Office in Bagley- Beck Building Telephone No. 7 lull lKjlelA ldelall HIDES, WOOL Quotations Furnished by Wolf Bros., Inc., 308 Fifth Street Southwest. HIDES Horsehides ?1.75 Cured' beef hides 6%c Green beef hides 5c WOOL No. 1 clean bright 24c lb. Semibrigot 23e tb. Rejects 19o lb. WOOL. MAItKET. BOSTON, April 24. (.T--U. S. department of agriculture-- Tlie situation in Ohio and similar fleece wools. Especially on the medium qualities, continued weak. Quotations were slightly easier on strictly conblng 56s, H blood Ohio TVOOI at 36-33 cents grease basis and on strictly combine 4SJ. OOs. '.i blood at 35-37 cents. The wool available on the lower side of the ranges being mostly new. Askln? prices were mostly unchanged on the finer grades of. fleeces. Very little volume of any grade of fleeces was moved. DRAWS $25 FINE Johnny Cross. 233 Sixth street southeast, was fined 525 and costs Tuesday morning by John C. Shipley, police judge, on a charge of intoxication. Cross was arrested in the 200 block on North Federal avenue Mondav evening. CHICAGO STOCKS Bendix Corp 18% Lions O H Co 5 E'org-Warner Cp 25^ ~ '" ~ 12» Marshall Fields 18 'A Quaker Oats HO?! Swift fc Co Swift Intl Co 31% U S Gypsum Co 43 % Walgreen Co 27}A Zenith Co 4 Butler .Bros lilies Sen-Ice Co 2"a Cord Corp 6U Gr Lks Dredge 20% Kalamazoo Stvs 5U Key St Wire 19% Lib, UcN i Lib 6ii NEW YORK CCBB Amer Gas El 28',S Hecla Mining Cyanamid S 223s Hi Walker Co Am Sup Pow Co 3Ss Ark Nat Gas A l?i As G El A 1 Can Ind Ak 15!i Can Marconi 2Ti Dist Corp Seag 19»1 El Bb £ Share 17 Y, Ford M of Can 237s Ford M of Ens 7Ts Hud B M Humble Oil Co Niag Hud Pow Pennroad Corp S 0 Ind Co S 0 Ky Co United Gas Co ·U* S 13% 45-4 0% 27 H 16 U Un LI £ Pow A 37i Util Po Li Co 1% Alaska Juneau Am Bank Note 22 $3 Am Beet Su Co llli Am C Fd Co 2S',1 Am Rotl'g Mills Z4 1 .« Amer Metal Co 2454 Am Ra S Co loli Amer Tob Co 71% Armour Co A 6 "a Assoc Dry Gels IS 1 * B'el Hemingway 14% Briggs Mfg Co 18% Budd Mfg Co 7% Byers A M Co 27'.' Calif Packing 29 Caterpillar Trao 33 Coca Cola Co 126 Com Credit 34 S Com Solvents Cont Oil Cr of Wheat Cudahy Pack'g 47U Cur-Wr Co A IQig Doug Aircraft 23"a Eaton Mfg Co "Elec Auto Lite Erie R R Co Fire T R Co 22 First Natl Sirs 67 Foster-Wheeler 20 Gllddcn Co 28 Gt North'n Ore 14 Hahn Dept Sirs OS Houston Oil 27 Hous Oil (new) 5 Hupp Motors yVa Infiust Rayon S3?i Intl Carriers 10 TOBK STOCKS 20% Jewel Tea Co 51'A Kelvlnator Co . 19% Lambert Co 27 Liquid Carb Cp 34 V4 Loose-Wiles Bis 42% Mack Truck 32 ;i Mathleson Alk 36 McLellan stores 3% Mex Seab'd Oil 36% Min. Moline Imp 4Vi Motor Products 36'i No Amer Avi 611 Otis steel Co 814 Owen III. Glass 87 Park Utah Cop 4"4 Peoples G LI 38i Plymouth Oil 13% Prod Refin A Pub Ser of N J 39 H Pure Oil Co 12 i Purity Bait 17 "i Reo Motors 4 Ta St Joseph Lead 23 Simmons Co 20=4 So Calif Edison IS}, Sperry Corp 10% Tide Wa As Oil 135 U S Smelter 12i Dill P LI A 3^ Vanadium 26 \i Union Oil Calif 17U Un Gas Imp 16 it Warren Bros 12 M Western Myld 15=4 Western Union Worth'n Pump Youngs S T 2 . 1 8 22',, 33% 53% 29 27 vi C. S. BOX1 QUOTATIONS NEW YORK, April 24. UD--United Sattes government bonds closed: Liberty 3?{s 103.31. Liberty first 4Vis 103.29. Liberty fourth 4Us 104.4. Treasury 4Us 47-52 110.26. Treasury 4s 44-54 106.29. Treasury 3?8S 40-43 June 103.19. Treasury 3iSs 46-49 101.7. Treasury 3s 51-55 99.30. PEAK PRICE IS HELD AT $3,95 Cattle Market Active and Top for Average Beeves 10 Cents. CHICAGO, April 24. CiP)--The hog market was steady today, the top of $3.95 prevailing unchanged from yesterday. Receipts of 28,000 were 4,000 more than had been anticipated and topped all figures for a week and a year ago. Buyers paid $3.80 to 53.95 for good 170 to 280 pound swine and $3.50 to $3.85 for heavier hogs. De- sira'ole light weights were taken in at 53.40 to $3.80, while pigs ruled from.$2.35 to 3.00. Outside markets were mostly unchanged to lower in early selling. As much as 15 cents below yesterday's prices was offered at some points for heavy hogs. An active cattle market boosted the top paid for 1,407 to 1,509 pound average beeves to $8.25, 10 cents above yesterday's peak. All medium weight and weighty steers were active and 15 cents higher. Purchasers paid $8.00 top for 1,622 pound average. The bulk of light cattle, however, sold at $6.50 downward. Receipts of 7,500 were 1,500 better than had been expected. Sheep were about steady with receipts of 9,000 topping the estimate, but falling far short of offerings a year ago. The bulk of fat lambs were held at $10 and upward in the face of exceedingly few early bids. Hogs closed 5c higher; cattle strong to a shade higher on active market; sheep steady, bids and few sales fully steady. Mason City Livestock MASON CITY, April 24 __ HUGfl Hog prices 5 cents lower. Best sorted lights .... ...... 200-2JO S3.30 Best medium weight butchers 240-260 83.30 Best heavy butchers ....... 260-300 Best prime heavy butchers . . 300-325 Best packing HOWS, smooth - - 300-350 Best heavy sows, smooth . , . 350-400 53.15 $3.00 52-70 , 52.60 Best big heavy sows, smooth 450-500 52.45 Light lights, talr to good, (140, 160, 180) ....... S2.15, 52.65, 52.75 CATTLE cfioice young steers . , y oo- $i.? Medium to good yearling steers .... 900-1,000 Choice corn fed steers 1.000-1.200 Medium to good corn fed ateera ....... 1.000-1,200 Low grade steers .. Fair heifers .......... 6UO-SUO Good heifers .......... 600-800 Choice to prime heUer.i 600-800 Butchers cows, fa!r to good ... Good to choice cewa ....... Choice to prime cows inferior canntrs ...... ........ Fair to good canncra Good cutter cows .. ........... .. Common to fair bulls ...;... ..... 51. 75-2.25 Fair to s°od heavy bulls ........ 52.00-2.25 Wood to choice bulls . ...... . . .$2.20-2.75 Good to choice calves. 13U-190-. S4.00-5.00 Medium to good calves, 130-190 53.00-4.00 Inferior and common calves ... 53.00 down LAMBS Choice lambs ............ 70-90 57-75-8.25 Medium to good lambs ... 70-90 $6-75-7.75 Buck iambs 51 under grade. Quotations subject to market fluctuations. 53.73-4.SO S2.50-3.WJ 52,75-3.50 J3.5tM.00 $4.00-4.50 .52.00*2.00 52.5U-2.75 J2.75-3.QO . .75-1.00 $1.25-1.50 MIDWEST HOGS Hog prices at midwest markets Tuesday: WATERLOO--Prime hogs 180-260 Ibs. $3.05@3.35: 260-300 Ibs. $2.955-3.25; 300320 Ibs. $2.858)3.15: 325-350 Ibs. $2.80® 3.10: good packers $2.550 | 2.75. OTTU.1HVA--Hogs unchanged to 5c lower: 140-100 Ibs S1.95: 100-180 Ibs. $2.95; 180-200 Ibs. $3.35: 200-210 Ibs. $3.35: 240200 Ibs. $3.30: 260-230 Ibs. $3.20: 280-310 bs. $3.10; 310-350 Ibs. $2.95: over 300 bs. $2.5582.85; packers under 350 Ibs. $2.40@2.70; packers 350-450 Ibs. $2.30® 2.60; packers over 500 Ibs. $2.10U2.40: thin lackers and pigs priced at killing values. CEDAR RAPIDS--Prime hogs 180-200 bs. 53.20: 200-280 Ibs. $3,30; 260-280 Ibs. $3.25; 280-300 lb.s$3.20; 300-320 Ibs. $3.IS; 320-340 Ibs. $3.10. Good packers steady. DIES MOINBS--Unchanged. AUSTIN--Choice light llslits, 140 to 160 is. $2.60; choice lights, 160 lo 180 Ibs.. ^2.95; choice medium, 38U to 200 Ibs.. 53.20: 200 io 250 Ibs. $3.35; choice heavy butcher. 250 to 290 IDS.. $3.20; 290 to 350 Ibs. $3.05; 350 Ibs. and up $2.85; choice packers. 275 o 350 Ibs.. $2.75; 350 lo 425 Ibs. $2.70: 425 to 550 IDs. and-up $2.60. CHICAGO TJVESTOCK CHICAGO, April 24. UP)-- U. S. department of agriculture. HOGS 28,000, including 13,000 direct; market about steady with Monday's average; 170-2SO Ibs. $3.SO@3.95; top 53.95; 290-350 Ib3. 53. 50® 3.83; desirable light lights S3.40®3.80; pigs $2.35®3; packing sows $3@3.15: light light, good and choice, 140-160 Ibs. S3.40@3.80; light weight, 160200 Ibs. 53. 85 @ 3. 95; medium weight, 200250 Ibs. 53.75Ci'3.95; heavy weight, 250-350 Ibs. S3.6033.90; packing sows, medium and good, 275-550 Ibs. 52-S5®3.35; pigs, good and choice, 100-130 Ibs. 52.20®3.40- CATTLE 7,500 ; calves 3,500 ; medium weight and weighty steers very active to 35c higher; SS.25 paid for 1407 and 1509 lb. average; 1622 Ibs. 58; yearling and-, light steers steady; balk light cattle selling at 56.30 downward, in absence o£ any considerable number choice offerings; other killing classes about steady; general market ruling fairly active : slaughter cattle and vealers : Steers, good and choice. 550 to 900 Ibs., $5.75®7.75; 900 to 1100 Ibs. S5.75@7.75; 1100 to 1300 Ibs. 56.75@8.25; 1300 to 1500 Ibs. $7@'S.25: common and medium, 500 to 1300 Jos. $4,50@6.75; heifers, good and Choice, 550 to 750 Ibs. $5.25®6.35; common and medium S3.50@iO.2a; cows, good. 53.75 (5-4.75; common and medium S2.85©3.75; low cutter and cutter $2@2.S5; bulls (yearlings excluded) good (beef) $3.35 S 3.75 ; cutter, common and, medium $3@3.60: veal- ers, good and choice S5P6.50; medium 54 @ 5 ; cull and Common $3 @ 4 ', stocker and feeder cattle: Steers, good and choice. 500 to 1050 Ibs., $4.75@6; common and medium S3.50@5. SHEEP 9,000; indications around steady on desirable fat lambs; bulk held at S10 upward , but exceedingly few early bids ; sheep about steady; spring lambs scarce . \voolsd ewes $5(j?5.25: clipped ewes §3.25 @'3.75; lambs, 90 Ibs. down, good and choice. $9.S5@10.10; common and medium S7.25@9.85; 90-98 Ibs., good and choice, 59,73® 10 ; ewes, 90-150 Ibs. . good and Shurson to Speak at Dows Mission Session DOWS, April 24.--The Lutheran Women's Foreign Missionary society of the Eagle Grove circuit will hold a convention at the Dows Lutheran church Wednesday. The Rev. H. 0- Shurson, national treasurer, of Indianapolis, will give an address in the afternoon and evening. Hog Markets COMBINE!) HOG DES MOINBS, April 21. U'l--U. S, department o£ agriculture-Combined hog receipts at 22 concentration rds and 7 packing plants located in in- .erior Iowa and southern Minnesota. Cor the 24 hour period ended at 8 a. m. today were 16.0UQ compared with 15,tOO a week ago and 13,400 a year ago. Very uneven, mostly steady, some yards 5c lower and others lOc up; loading moderate. Quotations follow: Light liphts 140 to 360 Ibs., good and choice, $2.60 ££3.25; light weights 160to 180 Ibe. $2.30C» ; 3.45; ISO to 200 Ibs. ?3,2S3i'3.55; medium weights 200 to 220 Ibs. .$3.25$3,55; 220 to 230 Ibs. $3.20® 3.55; heavy -weights 250 to 290 Ibs. J3.05Q' 3.55; 290 to 350 Ibs. $2.0'S'3.40: packing -sows 275 to 350 Ibs. 52.65^2.95: 350 to 425 Ibs. $2.55@2.85; 425 to 550 Ibs. $2.40 ©2.75. STOCK MARKET CLOSES SPOTTY Only Scattered Specialties Ignore Declining Trends in Commodities. NEW YORK, Aprh 2«. C/TJ--Spotty prices prevailed in quiet stock trading today. Selling appeared in some of the oils and metals. Industrials and rail leaders were narrowly mixed. Some specialties were firm. Coca Cola rose more than 2. Jeneral motors was fractionally higher and Consolidated Gas ruled unchanged. U. S. Smelting lost U points. American Telephone, U. S. Steel and Socony Vacuum eased moderately. Transfers approximated 1,250,000 shares. Stocks generally displayed resistance to sagging grains and slumping silver prices, but only scattered specialties were able to ignore the declining commodity trends. Silver futures and the bar metal dropped around 1 cent or more. The dollar was steady in foreign exchange dealings. 2 o'clock P. M., at the front door of thw Court House in Mason City. Ccrro Gonlo County, Iowa. I will proceed to sell the .me In satisfaction of said execution, together with all lepal costs accruing. Dated ut the Sheriff's office In Alasoa ilty, Iowa, this 18th day of April. 1034. J. M. ROBERTSON, Sheriff of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, By ELSIE RAMSEY, Deputy Sheriff. HUGH H. SHEPARD, Attorney. calves 2,500; fully steady; good to choice $4.50F?5.50: mostly lower grades J2,50it;4. HOGS 4,300; mostly steady; better 170 tc 260 Ibs, mostly 33.40ft3.50; top 53.53; heavier weights and medium grade hogs down to $3.15 or below; better J30 to 100 Ibs. unevenly $2.75 3.00; desirable slaughter pigs $2 2.50 or above; packing sows 22.70^3; average cost Monday §3.33; weight 216 IDS. SHEEP 1.200; 784 direct; salab'e supply Includes two loads wooled lambs held over from Monday; small number fresh offer- Ings; nothing done early; packers talking weak to lower early on fat lambs; Monday's late bu'k fed wooled Iambs S9.75; 90 Ib. fed clipped lambs 5B.25; 68 lb, range feeding Iambs $8.50. OMAHA LIVESTOCK, OMAHA, April 24. of agricultur S. department HOGS 11,000: opened filow, scattered early sa'cs 5-lOc lower, later trade active -and teady with Monday; 180 to 280 Ibs. $3.30?T 3.35; medium grades down to $3.10. top 53.40 paid, $3.45 bid and refused for choice 210 to 230 lb desirable 280 to 340 Ibs. $3.10 !tf3.30; few 290 lb. weight* up to $3.35; 140 to 170 Ibs. $2.7533.25; feeder pigs salable S1.50Si)2; packing sows $2.70@2.SO; few big weights down to 52.50; average cost Monday $3.17; weight 237. CATTLE 8,500: calves 300; fed steers and yearlings uneven; weighty steers and medium welKhls steady lo strong; yearlings and llht steers slow, steady: she stock slow, steady; bulls active, strong to 15c higher; vealers steady; stockers and feeders scarce, steady; fed steers ana yearlings S5.50SF6.75: several loads weighty steers $7(57.40: choice 1345 lb. weights S7.50; heifers S4.50fr5.75: beef cows; cutter grades 51.75® 2.65; medium bulls S2.S5W3; heavy beef bulls 53@3.25; practical top vealers $6; stockers and feeders S4.505.65. SHEF.P 12.000. including 1.150 direct; also 14 cars fresh shorn Iambs 81 to S8 Ibs. SS8.20: and 3 cars led wooled lambs 88 Ibs. $9.85; bought to arrive: lambs uneven; spring lambs steady;-fed -wooled lambs tending lower; fed clipped lambs and shorn ewes strong to 25c higher; early sales native spring lambs dow s from S10.25: early packer bids Jed wooled Iambs $9.50 down, one load to yard traders $9.85; fresh shorn lambs $7.50'5'S.20; shorn ewes $3iS4. LIVESTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO, April 24. (.T)--Official estimated receipts tomorrow: Cattle, 10,000; hogs, 21,000; sheep, 7,000. Representative Sales CHICAGO, April 24. .D -- U. S. department of agriculture-- Representative sales: HOGS. Light-- 3S 195 195 187 NOTICE QV SHERIFF'S SALE STATE OF IOWA, Cerro Gordo County, K5. To L. JJ. HulsebuN anil Ella Hulaebua, ami to whom it may concern: You arc hereby notified that by virtue f a special execution, to me directed, anil ssued out of the office of Hie Clerk of the District Court of the State of Iowa, vtthln and for Ccrro Gordo County, upon a udgment rendered in said Court in favor or 3. W. Bates. Superintendent of Banking of .he Slate of Iowa, and Receiver of the Farmers Savings Bank, of Sleservey, Iowa, and against 31, B. Ilulsebus and Ella bus, for the sum of Forty-three hundred thirty-four and 49-101) Dollars, debt, ani LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE STATE OF IOWA, Cerro Gordo County, ss. Tn Collins Mursden, and to whom )t may .concern: You are hereby notified that by virtue of a special execution. t'J me directed, and Issued out of the office of the Clerk of the District Court of the State of Iowa, within and for Cerro Gordo County, upon Judgment rendered In said Court in favor of Ray Seney and against Lois Collins Marsden. for the gum of Thirteen hundred forty-six and 29-100 Dollars debt, and Thirty-five and 32-100 Dollars, costs, and Fifty-three and 46-100 Dollars, attorney's fee, I have levied upon the following described real estate to-wit: Lot Number Seventeen (J?) in Bloek Number Three (3) In Parker's Fifth Addition to Mason city, Inwa. and that' on Uie 21st day of May, 1934, at 2 o'clock P. M.. at the front door of the Court House In Mason City. Cerro Gordo county. Iowa, I will proceed to sel the same In" satisfaction of salrt execution, together with all legal costs accruing. Dated at the Sheriff's office In Mason City. Iowa, this 18th day of April, 1934. L. R. BOOMHOWER. Attorney. J. M. ROBERTSON. Sheriff of Cerro Gordo County. Iowa By ELSIE RAMSEY, Deputy Sheriff. NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE STATE OF IOWA. Cerro Gordo County, ss. To IV. C. BcWlng, and to whom it may concern: you are hereby notified that by virtue of a special execution, to me directed, and Issued out of the office of the Clerk of 'he District- Court of the State of Iowa, within and for Cerro Gordo County, upon a Judgment rendered In said Court .in favor .of E. W. Clark Co., and against \V. C. BeJding, for the sum of Two thousand thirteen and 63-100 Dollars, debt, and Sixteen and 40-100 Dollars, costs, mid Sixty and 14-100 Dollars, attorney's fee, 1 have levied upon the following described real estate to-wit: Lota Four and Five In AV. C. Pelcl- Ing'tt renlat of Lots No. Four, Five, Sir and u part of Lot Seven In Emnley and Adams' Subdivision of the Northwest quarter of the Southeast quarter of Section No. Nine, In Tomishlp No. Ninety-six North of Range Twenty, West «f, the Fifth I*. M. accordinc to the recorded plat thereof, In Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, and that'on the 21st day of May, 1931, at 2 o'clock P. M., at the front door of the Court House in Mason City, Cerro Gordo County, Jowa, 1 will proceed, to sell the same in satisfaction of said execution, together with all legal costs accruing. Dated at the Sheriff's office. Mason City, Iowa, this ISth day of April, 1934. J. M. ROBERTSON, Sheriff of Cerro Gordo County. Iowa. By ELSIE RAMSEY, Deputy Sheriff. F. W. CHAMBERS. Attorney. Seventeen and 05-100 Dollars, costs, an! Eighty-three and 29-100 Dollars, attorney'." fee, i have levied upon the following described real estate to-wit: JLot J, South Half or Lot 2, North 25 feet of JLut 3. nnd the Nurlh 29 feet of Lot 4, all In Block 2. Kausvllle, noiv it part of the Incorporated town of Meservey, Iowa. and that on the 21st day of May, 1934, ^t 2 o'clock P. M,, at the front iloor.of the Court House in JMason City, Cerro Gordo County. Iowa, 1 will proceed to sell the same in satisfaction of said execution, together with all lepal costs accruing. Dated at the sheriff's office in Mason City, Iowa, this ISth day of April 1934. J. M. ROBERTSON, . Sheriff, of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, By ELSIE RAMSEY. Deputy Sheriff. MARTY BUTLER, Attorneys. NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALK STATE OF IOWA, Cerro Gordo County,. BS. To whom It may concern: You are hereby notified that by virtue or special execution, to me directed, and issued out of the office o£ the Clerk of the District Court of the State of Iowa, within and for Cerro Gordo County, upon a Judgment rendered in said Court in favor ot E. W. Clark Co.. and against the real estate hereinafter described, in the case of E. W. Clark Co.. vs. Hattie I. Griffin. Roy E. Griffin, Ruth Griffin, et a), for the sum of Eight hundred eighty-seven and 54-100 Dollars, debt, and Thirteen and 10-100 Dollars, costs, and Forty-six and 63-100 Dollars, attorney's fee, I have levied upon the following described real estate to-wit: U)ts Forty-nine and Fifty In Midland Heights us laid nut and platted fi South Half of Southeast quarter of Ser- tlnn sixtwn (10) Township Ninety-six (96) RnnKC Twenty (20) West Fifth f. M.. (,'errrt Gordo County, Iowa, and that on the 21st day of May, 1934, at 2 o'clock P. M., at- the front door of tho Court House in Mason City, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, I will proceed to sell the same in satisfaction of said execution, together with all legal costs accruing. Dated at the Sheriff's office i n . Mason City, Iowa, -this ISth day of April. 1934. J, M. ROBERTSON, Sheriff of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa. By ELSIE RAMSEY. Deputy Sheriff. F. \V. CHAMBERS, Attorney. NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE STATE OF IOWA, Cerro Gordo County, ss. To I*. I*. WHllams, al*o known as Peter 1*. Williams nnd Peter WHllama» and to whom It may concern: You are hereby notified that by virtue of special execution, to mo directed, and Issued out of the office of the Clerk of the District Court ot the State of Iowa, within and for Cerro Gordo County, upon a Judgment rendered in said Court in favor of Erailie KoBsack and against P. P. Williams, also known as Peter P. Williams and Peter Williams, and judgment in rem against the mortgaged premises hereinafter described and against all the defendants named In this action, for the sum of Thirteen hundred twenty-five and 63-100 Dollars, debt, and, Twenty-two and 85-100 Dollars, costs, and Fifty-three and 26-100 Dollars attorney's : fee. I have levied upon the following described real estate to-wit: The East Half (E'/=) of Ix)t Six (G) In Block One !)» T. S. Roberts' Addition to Mason City In Cerro Gordo County, Jowa, according to the recorded plat thereof, and that OR the 2Ist day of May, 3934, at 2 o'clock P. J.t., at the front door of the Court House in Mason City, Cerro Gordu County. Iowa, I will proceed to sell the same in satisfaction of said execution, together with all le^al costs accruing. Dated at the Sheriff's office in Mason City, Iowa, this ISUi day of April. 1934. J. M. ROBERTSON. Sheriff of Cerro Gordo County, Jowa. By ELSIE RAMSEY, Deputy Sheriff. HUGH H. SHEPARD, Attorney. Heavy-21 350 70 306 62 274 59 201 Medium-73 237 60 226 i5 216 .2 203 3. 65 3.80 3.90 3.95 63 70 51 173 Light Lights-72 151 SS 146 3.90 3.90 3.90 3.S3 Steers- 21 14 40 IS 46 24 23 1509 1622 1310 1075 1S82 108S 1145 1057 3.90 4.00 4.00 3.95 CATTLE. Hellers-- S.25 22 1062 30 S36 23 7-10 15. 916 Co*.vs-2 1250 8.00 7.85 7.-10 7.15 6.85 ·' 6.00 J 5.40 920 SHEEP. Fed West'n Lambs-- Wooled Ewes -250 89 10.00 11 131 50 90 10.00 4 161 220 91 9.85 Clipped Ewes- NOTICE 01? SHERIFF'S SALE STATS OF IOWA, Cerro Gordo County, ss. To. E. J. Russell, nnd to whom It nmy concern: You are hereby notified Uiat by virtue of a special execution, to me directed, and issued out of the office of the Clerk of the District Court of the State of Iowa, within and for Cerro Gordo County, upon a. Judgment rendered in said court in favor !'of Mae L. Hogan. and against E. J. Russell, and a judgment in rem against the mortgaged premises hereinafter described G-2r» a nd against Uie defendants E. J. Russell: 6-00 Harry B, Russell and Netta Russell, his ."j.2;j w ire; Elmer E. Russell and Audrey Russell, 4'5'J his wife; Ruby Russell Grow and S. A. Grow, her husband; Bessie Russell Donel- 4.25 son and George Donelson, her husband; 3 - 5 0 Clyde H. Russell and Sylvia Russell, his 2 -"5 wife; Luella Zerbte and Ernest Zerble, her 2.00 husband. Cerro Oordo County, Iowa. Merle Roberts and Ruth Roberts, his wife, for the sum of Ten hundred fifty-nine and S2-100 Dollars, debt, and Thirty-sis ant! 00 30-100 Dollars, costs, and Fifty and 60-100 420 C'ipped Lambs-- . 9.75 5 9 -t 12S 146 160 3.75 3.50 3.25 , choice, S3.75@4-50; all and medium 53^4-50. weights, common siorx cixr IJVJBSTOCK, SIOUX CITY. April 24. I.W--C. partment of agriculture-- S. de- CATTLE 4,000; heavy and medium -weight beeves and better grade Jong yearlings steady; talking 10-15c lower for others; heifers 5 iow; other fat she stock little changed; stockers and feeders about steady; car choice 1150 Ib. beeves 57.25; choice around 1030 lb. vearlings held above 5~-35; few loads $6.757: bulk salable 55.50^6.50; good 700 lb. heifers SB.2!i; choice held above J5.50; most beef cows S2.75®4: lovr cutters and cutters mainly $i.7a2.50; few good light stackers ?5.35. HOGS 7,500; steady to 5c lower than Monday's average, mainly a packer market; early top S3.40; bulk better grade ISO to 270 Ib. weights $3.25^3.35; nothing done on heavier ·weights; good 150 to ISO lb. averages S2.75©3.25; sows 52.75^2,85; feeder pigs up ti S2-50, SHEEP 2.500; nothing done; salable supply fed lambs; packers talking 25c lower or around 59.50 down for wooled Jambs; hold- tnp best wooled olferinps to S9.75 or above and choice clippers above $8.25; other killing classes scarce: 700 wooled lambs 95 lb. averages bought to arrive 59.75. steady: late top wooled lambs mostly 59.75; load choice clippers $5.15. SOUTH ST. PAO. IJVKSTOCK. SOUTH ST. PAUL. April 24. .T«--U. S. department of agriculture-CATTLE 2,300; steady to strong on better prade steers around 1100 Ibs. up, supply limited · others and lower srades little changed; demand indifferent: she stock and bulls steady; pood yearlings and llRht weight steers 55.70^6.50; long fed heavies held above 57.25: common lo medium yearlings 54^5.50: lo^'er prarte heifers $35I'4.50: pood beef cows $3-75^4.25; common to medium 52.55^3.50; cutler cowr $2.35^3.75; low cutters $1,7552,23; desirab'e bulls 52.60 Ti 3; stocUfirs and feeders steady, common - - NEW YORK, April-24. (.P;--Curb stocks drifted through an uninteresting market today. Changes were mixed but oil the whole narrow, although a few thin spots bobbed up. Group movements were Indistinct. Aluminum of America dropped 2V!i points on Its first appearance of the day. Lake Shore Mlocs met profit taking on yesterday's 2 point rise but was well supported and recovered its. loss. Pittsburgh Plate Glass sagged a point. Otherwise, changes for the usual leaders were mostly of fractional proportions. Curb Market , Dollars, attorney's fee, I have levied upon the following described real estate to-wit: :tot Number Four 4 In Block Number five (fit In East Park Place Addition to Mason City tn Ccrro flordti Counts', Iowa, ncconJltiff to the recorded plat thereof, and that on the 21st day of May, 1934, ut NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE STATE OF IOWA, Cerro Gordo County, ss. To Fanny M. Barber and C. H. Barber and to whom It may concern; You arc hereby notified that by virtus of a special execution, to me directed, and issued out of the office of the' Clerk ot the District Court of the State o£ Iowa, within and for Cerro Gordo County, upon a judgment- rendered In said Court In favor of John Meier and against Fanny M. Barber and C- H- Barber, for the sum of Thirty-nine hundred thirty-four and 59-100 Dollars, debt, and Twenty-three and 65-10(1 Dollars, costs, and Seventy-nine and 35-100 Dollars, attorney's fee, I have levied upon the following described real estate to-wit: Lot Four (4) In Block Five (5) Purdy's Addition to Mason CHy, Iowa, nc- conllnK to the recorded plat thereof, all located hi Mason City, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, and that on the 21st day of May, 1934, at 2 o'clock P. M., at the front door of the Court House in Mason City, Cerro Gordo County. Iowa, I will proceed to sell tne same in satisfaction of said execution, together with al! legal costs accruing. Dated at the Sheriff's office in Mason City, Iowa, this ISth day of April. 1931. J, M. ROBERTSON, Sheriff of Cerro Gordo County. Iowa. By ELSIE RAMSEY. Deputy Sheriff. if. E. LAIRD, Attorney. Bond Market NEW YOKK, April 24. CrTi-- Repeating the trend of the previous day. bond prices were decidedly mixed today, with U. S. governments at slightly higher levels and the general run of secondary issues Inclined to sag. Trading was quiet during the first halt ot tho session. - j Some treasury loans moved up from 4-32: to I2-32s of a point and others registered smaller gains. A few sizable gains in the rail group contrasted with numerous losses from fractions to a point. AHeghany corporation, Baltimore and Ohio, Great Northern, New York Central, Nickel Plte and St. Ixniis-San Francisco continued reactionary tendencies, although losses were limited. Missouri Pacific ."n were sparingly offered at moderately higher prices. There were a fair number of utility and industrial issues at moderately better levels, These included Bethlehem Steel 5s, up a point, and Detroit Edison 4%*. Standard OH of New Ydrk 4 '/is and Youngstown Sheet and Tube 55. up fractions. Postal Telegraph M and International Telephone Ss were traded a shade above the previous closing prices. Skeletons of six giants, one of them six /eet nine and one-half inches tall, recently were unearthed at Moncalieri. Italv. AUCTION SALE! APRIL 26, 1934, AT 10:30 A. M. SHARP Lund Sales Stables ON NO. IS--EAST SIDE OP CITY We have a good assortment of livestock for this sale--60 horses, 75 head of cattle and 100 feeding pigs; several brood sows; 3 registered Holstein nulls; a few springing cows and heifers; 3 extra good Polled Hereford bulls, both registered; Z purebred Guernsey bulls. We also have some farm machinery and furniture. Bring in your good horses as we have some buyers here this week for all other classes. Also have buyers each week for your killer horses. Lunch on the grounds. These sales will be held everj- Thursday. Bring anything you have to sell. WE INVITE YOU TO ATTEND TERMS, CASH STABLE 3758 --PHONES-- RESIDENCE 3836 Ora Bay-less. 3B82 -- AUCTIONEERS-- Jack Dorsey. Plymouth

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