Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 20, 1931 · Page 16
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 16

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, March 20, 1931
Page 16
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16 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MARCH 20 1931 SWINE PRICES DROP IN EARLY TRADING DEMAND POOR IN CATTLE MARKET Almost No Sale for Heavy Hogs; Little Interest in Mutton. CHICAGO, March 20. 5)--Swine prices · dropped 10 to 20 cents on scattered trading during the firs rounds, which found the marke poorly supported. Even out-of-town buyers insisted on big concession and they procured choice shipptaj animals weighing from 160 to 18' Iba. at JS.iO to $8.15 and a limitei number of selects at $8.20 to $8.2t Packers were not active competitor in the early trade, having divider 7,000 hogs consigned direct. Tola fresh receipts of 27,000 were sup plemented by a stale contingency o 7,000. Heavy hoga were practicall unsalable during the initial hour. Light cattle receipts of 2,50 were heavier than a week ago an a year ago and brot the week's tota to date 7,000 above last week's fiv day run. Quality was plain an demand .poor, aside from interes manifested in a few loads of spe cialty steers · and heifers. Fres supplies of calves raised the week' total to 14,000, an increase of 6,00 over last week, -and held prices down. , Little active Interest was dif played by buyers in the open mar Jtet supply of about 10,000 live mut tons. Packers received 3,200 on di rect consignment and wanted som more, fat lambs, which they expect ed to g-et in the open market with out any enhancement in price. .Hogs closed Blow, 10-200 lower Cattle tin Ished unchanged and sheep mostly steady. Local Hogs MASON CITY, March 20.--Best sorted lights, ISO to 230 Ibs., $7.30; best medium weight butchers. 240 to 260 Ibs., 57.10; best heavy butchers, 270 to 300 Ibs., $6.90; beat prime heavy butchers, 310 to 350 Ibs., $6.60; best packing: sows, 300 to 350 Ibs., 56.00: best heavy sows. 360 to 400 Ibs., 55.80. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO, ITarch 20. C/P) -- tfiilted States department of agriculture -HOGS 27,000; 7.000 direct: clow; 10@20c lower than yesterday; packing sows around J2 C o2 ow . e . r i b '" h KO-210 lha. 58.00(0)8.15: top 58.25; 220-320 Ibs. $7.10®7.85; .pip! J725«f ack ' i p a c n E MW3 S O - 3 5 7 . 7 0 ; | lEht ^ R hts 110-260 Ibs. S8.000S8.26; light -welBht 160- fh, '?7 «TMM 8 '1 5: ' medlum w «lKht 200-250 « on??i S?*- 1S; . heavy ' W(!| l? ! ' t 250-350 Iba. S6.80®7.60; packing sows 275-500 Ibs. S6.2S W 6.75; slaughter pigs 100-130 - IDS. S7.3S0 .B.OO. ^" ' . - . ; · , . . - . . : . - ;v:CArniE 2,500: calves i.OOO; low priced :?tf" r!!( "^'X bu " c -* T - S5 ® s - 00 w 1 " 1 opHnk- CI; no choice offerings; cut bulls cattle and veal hoic . o c e 075- commnn -'!"; M.«9B! low c?Sir ^SSTr , SnUIs ^ ear «n!;a excluded) good ' . cutter to vealers {milk fed) "" "': jncdlum S5.J'. Btoclier and choice · SHEEP 13,000: eenerally steady: few loads good and choice -wooled lamb* SB an. 59.10. to packers: early top J9.2S paid bj snippers; some held hI B h: choice ewes S5 down So " Mld lambs: Ijlmba . 00 lb 58^8.75; 91-100 Ibs., medium to choic "· 5 "®°- 25: a " we 'Shts common 56.2531 S3.50®5; all wclchts, cull and common S2« 4. feeding lambs, 00-75 Ibs., J765®8.25.' ,, SIOTJX CITYT MVESTOCK. 1 SIOUX CITT. March 20. OPI--U B di partment of agriculture-CATTLE 1.200; calves 200; slow, mo«t steady; good around 1.000 lb. yearling S8.50; Bood heavy bullocks 58.75; mixed loa JT.50; bulk salable 57.25SS8.23. odd lo Hellers J7.50 down; most cows S4,25®5.25 few to 55.35: medium bulls largely J3.75f -4; choice vealers S7.50: stackers and feeder scarce, ilmi. HOGS 12,000, 100 billed thru; light ho to shippers steady to lOe lower; few sale and most bids for other welfjh(s 10-25c !ov er to all Interests; top S7.fiO for cho! around 160-180 lb. lights; 300-100 Ibs S7 i 37.50; 190-210 Ibs. 57.2507.JO: 240-2" Ibs. S7@7.25: 270-350 Ibs. ?8.63®7; pack inn sows weak to lOc lower; mainly 56.15; 6.40; rough kinds down around $6. · SHEEP 3,500, practically nothing don few sales medium welfihts wooled lamb 18,50, about steady; holding best hli Higher for $9 and above for choice offe Ings around SO Ibs. and below; other classes scarce, steady; fat ewes salable 55 down choice feeding lambs eligible aroi'nd $8. OMAHA LIVESTOCK. ' OMAHA, March -20. VP)--U. S. depart xnent OE agriculture-HOGS 15,500, 323 direct; slow; hogs sea Ing 215 Ibs. ana down; steady to lOc lower Ti^kvier weights $10.25 lower; top 57.60 o 170-100 lb. IIshts; early sales 170-215 lb S7.40S7.50; 215-250 lb. butchers $7.25f 7.40: 250-290 Ibs. J7O7.25; packing sow S6.1006.25; feeder pigs S8.50J87; averag cost Thursday 37.19, weight *2.71. CATTLE 2,000 Including 200 calves; kll Ing classes steady; stockers and feedei scarce; fed steers and yearlings S7@8.7li heifers mostly »a.25S-7.50; few lots J7.75'" S.50; bulk beef cows $4.25^5.50- severa lots $5.7596: culler grades S33.75; med lum bulls «.73g4: practical up vealers $7.50; choice lots J85Z8.50. SHEEP 8.000; lambs steady to strong Bhecp steady; feeders strong; bulk fe. ·nooled lambs S8.SO@s.OO; best held abov $9: fed clipped lambs 92 Ibs. J7.7S: n choice ewes Included; feeding lambs up 98.35; mixed fat and feeders at 58.50, SOUTH ST. PACT, LIVESTOCK. SOUTH ST. PAUL, ITarch 20. l/n--U. 8 Department of agriculture-^ CATTLE 2,000: opening alow; early sale sales steady; largely steer run; mixed year lings $8.15; sizeable showing matured klnr held around £81^8.75; common short fer on down to $0.50; the stock rully steady beef cows i4.25fJ5.SO-. butcher heifers $5.2. O6.50; yearlings to 58; cutters J3.75 down medium grade bulls to $4.40 and better bulk S4.25 down; feeders and nlockers shoving lltUo change. Calves 2,000; little actlo lui yet; bidding $5.5008 on good cholc HOGS 13,000; I0-2oc lower than Thurj day's average; bulk 150-225 Jb. welghls S7.SOW7.05j top »7.B5; 225-200 lb. hulchcn S7.25W7.50; bulk 260-340 lb. averages 56 S' 627.25; few bids on big weights down in $8.75: bulk pigs and light lights J7.60: sow,' scarce, largely around $6. .SHEEP 1,200; opening Bales fat native lambs steady, $8.25®8.50r talking weak la SSc lower on fed westerns; asking steady or up to $8.75; throwouts $807; fat ewei S3.50®4; these strong io higher; medium to good feeding lambs $0.50137. KANSAS CITT LIVESTOCK. KANSAS CITT, March. 20. Wl--U. S. de partment of agriculture-. J1OOS 3,500; 030 direct; uneven, 10-15C lower than Thursday's average; top 57,90 on 100-210 Ibs.; good and choice 140-160 Ibs. 57.1507-75; 160-180 Ibs. 57.30lQi7.85; 180200 Ibs. S7.45S7.80; 200-220 Ibs. 57.50® 7.90; 220-250 Iba. 57.45@7.85; 250-290 Ibs. $7.25®7.60: 290-350 Ibs. 57®7.35; packing sows 275-500 Ibs. $6.25@6.7S; stock pigs, good and choice 70-130 Ibs. 56.8507.50. CATTLE 800; calves 200; generally steady; · good yearling steers 58.75. Steers good and choice ,600-900 JSs. 58@10.25; 8001100 Ibs. 58010.25; 1100-1300 Ibs. S 10.25; 1300-1500 Ibs. $S@10; common and medium 600 Ibs. -up 55.25^8; heifers, good and choice 550-850 Ibs. 56.75@9; common and medium 550-850 Ibs. 54.25fp6.75; cows good and choice $4.75^6.25; common anc medium 54@4.75; low cutter and cutte *2.75®4; vealers (milk fed) medium to choice $5@8; cull and common 53.50^5 stocker and feeder steers, good and chol;i (all weights) 54.25®6.7B. SHEEP 6,500; lambs, good and choice SO Ibs. down $8.25@9; medium 90 .Iba. down 57.25^18.25; common, all welghis 55.50';' 7.25;~medlum lo choice 91rlOO Ibs. S7.25W 8.85; ewes, medium to choice 150 Ibs. down 53.2504.75. LIVESTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO, March 20. til 1 )--Official esll mated receipts tomorrow: Cattle 1,000, hog 10,000, sheep 4,000. LIVESTOCK FOKECAST. CHICAGO, March 20.--Estimated receipts of hogs, 11.000; ealUe, 200; sheep, 4,000. Representative Sales CHICAGO, salea as selec agiicultui Steers-- March 20.- tin-- Repreaentatlv ted by the U. S. department o 21 21 22 18 30 38 82 20. Helf 29 15 10 6 10 S 15 5 1289 1125 1250 1100 760 1100 853 £00 667 625 600 650 725 700 900 800 CATTLE. Cows--. 9.60 8.75 8.10 1 8.00 * T.6II 3 7.28 7.00 0.75 1'JOO 1225 1180 1073 1085 ooa 1025 1000 975 1000 800 Heavy-51 338 37 314 64 288 274 67 266 75 233 Mediums-- iO 245 65 237 SI 226 9 218 213 7 · 202 Native iambs-- 3 5 2 £.50 3 8.25 2 8.00 7.75 6.30 6.25 6.00 6.75 HOGS. tights-7.00 56 185 7. ID 71 1S7 7.25 56 181 7.30 9Z . 175 735 68 168 7.4S 34 181 Light Lights-154 149 142 133 0 12 35 07 2 0 S 3 50 84 SO £8 V9 75 101 99 110 71 98 90 09 73 59 7.50 44 7.60 36 7.74 52 7.SO 19 7.90 S.HJ SHEEP. Fed Western: 150 87 1200 01 95 98 225 98 S.fiS Fat Ewes-- 8.5U 26 140 8.15 31 130 10 152 7 160 187 9.23 9.10 550 8.85 500 8.7S 8.00 7.7.1 7.50 3 7.25 6.2 6.0 0.5 5.2: 5.0' 5.00 4. IS 4,5 4.2: 3.7. 3.2o 8.13 8.10 8.1.0 8.15 S.OU 7.90 8.15 8.00 8.10 7.S5 9.25 9,10 9.00 8.75 8.65 5.00 4.75 4. no 4.35 4.00 MASON CITY, March 20. Barley .30c Oats -22c Shelled corn, No. 4 43= Car corn 40c Hog Markets . By THE ASSOCIATED PKESS Hog prices at Iowa markets Friday: CEDAR liAl'ID-S -- Prime hoes:' Mediums 7jp7.15; heavies $6.70@6.flO; lights $7® .1; packers , S5.50@6.10. DES MOINES-- 3,300; steady to lOc low- r; prime lifULs JO. 00 ©7. 30; prime mediums i.7Sjp7.25; prime heavies $6.a5@7; good ackers f5.GOij}.25. OJtXDMWA-- lOc lower; 12D-150 lb«. 5.20; 150-170 Its. S6.80; 170-220 Iba. 57.15, 20-260 Ibs. $7; 260-300 IDS. 58.70; 300-350 ba. S6.10; over 350 Ibs. 53.10; good packers 5.65; fair packers J4.65. WATERLOO-- Prime hogs, 180-220 Ibs. 5C.OOJp7.20; 320-250 Ibs. S6.805J'7.10; 250200 Ibs. S0.40S0.70; 290-320 Iba. $6.20(P 3.50; good packers $5.85i0. . COMBINED HOO RECEirTS. DBS MOINES, Ifarch 20. l/V) -- U. S. department ot agriculture -Combined hog receipts at 23 concentration yards and 7 packing., plants located in Interior Iowa and southern Minnesota lor tne hour period ended at 10 a. m. today were 25,700, compared with 22,100 a week ago. Weak to lOc lower, mostly lOc lower trading active and marketing fairly heavy bulk of 170*30 IDS. S7.15O7.40; Ions hau 180-210 lb. weights up to I7.5Q@7.55; 240 2MI lb. -wclents up to J7.50®7.55; 240-2DO lb. -weights mostly $e.70@7.15: big weigh butcher? down to $6.50 and a few to {6.40 Quotations for good and choice: Llgh lights, 140-160 Ibs., 58.75®7.40; llgh weights, 160-180 Ibs. »7.10@7.30; 180-20 Ibs. $7.15@7.35: medium weights, 200-22' Ibs. S7.15®7.55; 220-250 , Ibs. S7«p7,4.1 tcav weights, 250-290 Ibs. »6.70@7.20; 2(iO 350 Ibs. $6.10@7. Pigs', 100-130 Ibs., blank Good packing sows -275-350 Ibs. $5.86(T 0.40; 35Qr»25 Ibs. 55.80®6; 425-550 . HOG FUTURES. CHICAOO, March 20. (OT--Hog September light hogs sold at 59: Grade Offered LIGHTS-March April 9.00 May .8.50 5TBD1UMS-- April 9.00 May 9.00 Sept. 9-25 8.0 8.2 8.5 MISCELLANEOUS rOTATO MARKET CHICAGO, March 20. (.T)--United States department of agriculture--: Potatoes 154; on tracJt 220; total U. S shipments 1.345; unsettled; very few «ale at wide range in prices; trading very ulov and limited; sacked per cut., Wlaconal 1, mostly J1.S5@1.DO; Idaho russets No I. mostly U 85®1.80: few SI.7.1; few bes *2.00; No. 2, Sl,606ri.70; Minnesota russets £1.60; Colorado brown beauties $1.75; retf McClurea -52.0092-20. SlttWEAPOMS FLOUB. MINNEAPOLIS, March 20. unchanged.' Shipments 35,112. Bran 13.50. Standard middlings S18.503'13. NEW YORK SUGAB. NEW YORK, March 20. (VP-- Raw suga unchanged at 3.32c. Raw futuies at rnld day "eel unchanged- to 1 point lower. He T.ned unchanged at 4.40C. HAY MARKET. CHICAGO, ITarch 20. (/T--Hay, 11 cars unchanged. TOLEDO SEEDS. TOLEDO, March 20. I.P--Seed unchanged Crescent Club Gives Nora Springs Play NORA SPRINGS, March 20 -The Crescent club, had charge o the program at P. T. A. and gavi an original play in which all the members and eight children of members took part. The play was "A Character Party" with Mrs. KIsie Adams, Mrs. Bertha Bronson and Mra. Ina Treloar aa hostesses Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Italy, Japan, China, and the North Amer- can Indian were represented in native coatume by groups or individuals. WHEAT FALLS TO NEW LOW LEVEL Displays Rallying Power in Late Dealings; Export Business Dead. CHICAGO, March 20. (/P)--Wheat fell today to the lowest price level since 1895, 'but displayed rallying power in the late dealings. North American wheat export business appeared to be at a standstill, whereas southern hemisphere countries anc Russia were shipping on a large scale. Weather and crop reports both in the United States and Canada were persistently bearish. Wheat closed HO'/lc Jower lo HOVlc higher; com %c oil to H © H c up: oats un. cnanged to Vsc advance, and provisions un changed to 20c down. Country advices today Indicated that the corn movements to terminal markets were over until after planting. Counlry .corn users said they were trying hard to ge cash com, and were bidding over Chicago without results. Eastern Interests were Te ported to have only, small supplies, with an Increase In demand likely to be at the ex panse of Chicago stocks. . . Under selling pressure, wheat soon outdic the season's low price record, bears macli much of the fact that Argentine, Austral Ian and Russian wheat shipments tills wee! totaled 11.179,000 bushels, 3,400,000 mop Uian at the corresponding time last year. Rain and snow making" progress east ward In domestic winter wheat territory supplemented the market effect of re plenfshed moisture supplies in Canada. £rl mary receipts at wheat again were larger 1,209,000 bushels, compared with 925,000 a ·week ago and 91,000 a year ago. Corn prl mary receipts continued to exceed those o: the previous week and year, hut Chicago ar rivals were relatively small. 10 cars. Outs were easy, sympathizing -with wheat and corn. Provisions responded to values. a drop In hog CHICAGO CASH GRAIN". CHICAGO, March 20. M--Wheat No. hard 79Jic; No. 2 hard 79Vic; No. 1 northern spring 78c. Corn No. 1 mixed 63Vic; No. 2 mixed 0254 @B3c: No. 3 mixed 60@oli4c; No. 4 mixed 59359(4c: No. 1 yellow (old) 65'»irr C8Hc; No. 2 yellow 64c: No. 3 yellow 62i4i?J 63Mc: No. 4 yellow 60'/i©61%c; No. 5 yellow 59i?"GOc; No. 6 yellow GG»i®58\4c: No. 2 white 63Mc; No. 3 white GlHc; No. t white SOlffttc; No. 5 white 5Tc. Oats No. 2 while 32@32%ic; No. 3 white 31 y, 5P32C. . Timothy seed S8.555rS.75. Clover seed S12@19.50. Lard 59.05; ribs 511; bellies $11. MASON CITY GRAIN GralnFutures May CORN-- .r. old uew.... May 'old.....' new..., uly .- ept. IVHBAT-- hf ar. old new.... old new.... 'uly ........ ept OATS-- . Mar. old day old new.... uly icpt. RYE-May old new.... July :.AHD-- Mar. May July BELLIES-May July FRIDAY GRAIN CHICAGO, High .62% . .62% ' .6414 CLOSE. March 20. /V(-- - .66% .79% .Slrl .82% .62% .8214 .30% .32% .32% 9.05 9.20 Low .62 .62 Vi, .63T4 .65 .66!-i .66% .79 H .82% .61 51 Cloae -62 V, .62 Vt .61 --j .65%, .66?; .60 ! .79 Vt .81% .82% .62% .62 « .30% .32 VI .32 l .32U .35% .32% .32% .32 4 -3DW 9.02 8.17 .39% .40 »i '.41K 9.00 9.05 9.20 11.10 11.27 GRAIN OPEN CHICAGO, March 20. UP)-- Mar. old new... May old new.. July Sept. WHEAT-Mar. old... new.. May old... new.. July Sept. OATS-Mar. old... new.. .May old... new.. July Sept. RVE--' Mar. old... new.. old... new.. July Sept LARD-Mar May July BELLIES-May July ...... May Close Yr. Ago. .. .81 «i . .87% . 1.07V4 .' 1.10 VI '. 1.09 H . 1.11 H . .43 ." .43T4 ! .43,4 . A3 . .08 ." .66 K ·'. .75% . '.75«; .1025 .10.37 .10.60 .13.10 .13.22 Close Yes'd'y. .62% .65 H .ee^ . .66% .79% .82 % .62 Vi .62 Vi .30 .32 % .32% .32tt .3214 9.05 8.07 a.22 11.30 11.42 Open Today. .62 .B2V4 .B4VS .79 VS .70* .81% \82 .62V ".62 S .30 y -32H .321 .32} · 32=4 MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN. MINNEAPOLIS, March 20. LPH-Wheat-106 cars compared to 77 year ago; 1 to 2c higher. Cash No." 1 northern 7-»',5@78V£c No. 1 dark northern 12, 13, 14 and 35 pe: cent protein 75Vi«j'78Vic; No. 1 dark harr Montana 14 per cent protein 74V6c; to ar rive 73Vic; No. 1 amber durum 70@74c; No 2 amber durum 68©71c; No. 1 red durum 63c; May 76Kc; July OS-He; Septembe 61 ?6c. Corn--No. 3 yellow Oals--No. 3 white 28©28lie. Barley--32@52c. Rye--No. 1, 34V4539Wc. Flax--No. I, ?1.55V41.59',i. KANSAS CITY ORAIN. KANSAS CITY, March 20, un--Wheat '119 earn; unchanged; No. 2 dark hard noln Inally 70@73e; No. 3 nominally 6907IV4C No. 2 hard 70@70«c; No. 3, 63V4SV70C; No 2 red nominally 72Q73c; No. 3 nominal} 70072C. Corn--106 care unchanged to %c lower No. 2 white 59V4c: No. 3, 53Vin34Vic; No 2 yellow MKc; No. 3, S3VS«?S5VSc; No. 2 mixed Me; No. 3, 50%@52Vic. , Oats--19 cars; up Vic; No. 2 white nom Inally 31134i4c; No. 3, 33!tc. OMAHA ORAIN. OMAHA, March 20. (/TV- Wheat--Hard No. I, 71c; No. 2, 70VS®71c; sample nan C6it?39c; northern spring: No. 1, 71c; dunm smutty No. 2, 64c; No. 4, Olc; mixed smutty No. S, 60c. Com--Whtto No. 3, 63V5c; No. 4, BlVic yellow No. 3, BlHffl'52V4c; No. 4. 49®51r No. B. 48V4c; mixed No. 2, 52Vil3'53c; No. 3, £.l©52c; No. S, 4 Oc. ' Oats--White No. 3, SOVSe, Love stories: A vicarious thrill eagerly sought by those who don't et enough loving.--Midwest Ke- vlew. Market Notes By TICKER TAPE Sentiment changes quickly. A few days ago the backward .tendency of tho Mnarket was attributed to concern over; probable dividend reductions and poor earnings statements for the first quarter. Now a good part of the trading community has' reached the conclusion that .these things have been discounted and that the market Js attempting to look further ahead ' . Whether this proves to' be the case or not, the trading community, the bears and bulls alike, has been Impressed by the manner In whtch the market has resisted the selling that has come Into the market during the last few -weeks. SHORT CO\ r ERIXG IMPORTANT FACTOR Short covering was again an Important factor In the advance. One of the big eastern bears was said to have taken In an extensive line of short contracts N and this provided the basis lor a covering movement .In no small number of Issues. A case in poin! was Aluminum company of America on the New York Curb, which turned In a gain of feme 40 points as the shorts scurried' to cover. One of the Mellon Issues, the stock Is now selHng about 80 times the estlmated 1930 earnings which will-be published a ODD. GENERAL MOTORS LIVES UP TO REPUTATION General Motors,- which has had the habll of going nowhere over a period*ot weeks anc then shooting up sharply, did exactly that 'Thursday, On a large turnover the stock moved up two points to a new high for the year. With 43,500,000 shares of common outstanding, an advance In' this stock always has more than ordinary, effect on sentiment Since the low point'of the year more than $500,000,000 has been added to the rnarke value of the stock o f - t h e big motor com pany. FEELING EFFECT OF,BONUS LOANS There was nothing tangible to-account fo; the strength In General Motors altho reports were current that the company -was feeling the effect of the soldiers' bonus. UnoMfcIa estimates were that, while the dividend may not quite be earned up Jn the first quarter the showing for the first half of the year would b« auf f Iclent to cover the requl re merits' for the period, statistics on new car registrations for the first 28 states to repor for February showed Chevrolet Motor company well ahead of Its closest competitor. RADIO CITY EFFECTS FARREACH1NO Whether it Is the reason or not, the radio building project sponsored by the Rockefeller Interests In New York was mentioned in connection with the strength In stocks such as Johns-ManvJHe, American. Radiator, United States Gypsum and Borne of the stee Issues. Jn the case of the first two mentioned, talk of a merger was-revived, altho Interests In close touch with the situation were not inclined to give any credence to the report. Ludlum Steel moved Into new high ground on the belief that It would share In the business In connection with the radio project. The strength Jn National Dairy Products brot out reports of a possible merger with Western Dairy Products corporation, but this was denied by the former LAMSON BROTHERS GRAIN LETTER GRAIN MARKET REVIEW \THEAT--Altho the tone In our market was heavy today, net price changes were radically nil. Sentiment remained bearish, ut selling was cautious, and came only on ulges. The further moisture over "the southwest and a forecast for rain or snow over arts of the belt for the week-end, together with some precipitation in western Canada, eemed to dismiss any' apprehension that may have been held as to tho moisture slt- latlon In the regions Involved. The snow Jn outhwestern Iowa hit some hitherto dry pots. Export demand for North America wheat gave no Indication of Improving for- Ign buyers being inclined to look /or lower cveJs, due to large amounts ot Australian, Ltgentlne and Russian, wheat put afloat his week, altho Liverpool strengthened on tie reported sale of five cargoes of AUB- rallan to the Orient at a price above United Clngdom parity. The market needa as it has ceded for weeks, a new Incentive to lift irlcea out of their prevailing rut. CQIZN--Light receipts of corn here to- ay seemed to give partial confirmation to he belief In some quarters that tho movement Is over until after planting. Country users were reported bidding over Chicago or the cash article. Western Interests are mdcrstood to have only small supplies on hand and are buying only for daily needs. Any Improvement Jn this respect should be quickly felt In the futures. Sales today were 42.000 bushels while cookings were only L5.000, and all of It from terminals. Futures held within a narrow range, and the cloae showed only fractional net chances. Believe In conservative purchases on breaks for the present. Liverpool due G higher. PRODUCE MASON CITY, March 20. .Cash Quotations by E. Q. Morse, EGGS Eggs (current receipts) I5c POUI.TRX Heavy hens, 4% Ihs ........ Light hens Old cocks, heavy Ducks Geese .......... Mercnnnts Quotations. Eggs, in trade ..... . . . ..... . Eggs, cash Butter, Plymouth . Butter, Clear Lake Butter, state Brand r Butter, dairy Potatoes ...... SSc and 40c a 36o 33c 36c 300 pecu CHICAGO PRODUCE. CHICAGO, March 20. IvT) -- Butter, 8.705 firm; creamery -- Extras (92 score} 29VC standards (00 score carlots) 20V4c: extr firsts '(00-91 score) 28,6@2S)c; firsts (88-8 score) lSVi®lTc; seconds (88-S7 score Egga. 24,664; steady; prices unchanged.i Poultry--Alive, 2 cars, 4 -trucks, easy .fowls 21( i22e; broilers 1V4-2 pounds 36J? 3Sc; roosters 15c; turkeys 25c; ducks 20SJ 23c; heavy spring ducks 27c; geese 15c. PRODUCE FUTURES. ' CHICAGO, March 20. un--Egg futures closed: Storage packed tlrsts. March 21 fee do, April, 22Vlc; refrigerator standards Nov. 25Hc. Butter futures closed: Fresh standards May 28c; storage standards, March 26',4ir %c; do, Nov. 31C. KANSAS CITV PRODUCE. KANSAS CITY. March 20. WK-Produce unchanged. NEW YOBK PRODUCE. NEW YORK. March 20. OPl--Eggs 30. 562; steady. Mixed colon, regular packed extras 21%@2z',4c; storage packed extra (Irst 22@22"/ic; firsts SHi©21%c. Butter 10,269; firm. Creamery, higher than extra 30ff30V4c; extra (02 a« 2B«c; first 88-91 score) 27®20c. Cheefle, 109.SOS; steady. NEW YORK rour.Tnv. NEW YORIf, March 20. lA'r-- Poultry-Dressed steady, unchanged. Poultry--Live easy: broilers by frelghj 32c; by express 255?37c: fowls freight 22 if24c; express 2t«?24c- Mrs. Upham President of Fredericksburg Club FREDERICKSBTJRG, March 20 --The Idle-A-Whlle club held an annual business meeting with Mrs Florence Upham. Officers elected were: President, Mrs. Alice Upham; vice president, Mrs. Marie Mueller; secretary, Mrs. Edith Smith; treasurer, Mrs. Eva Schulz. BEARS MADE TO RETREAT AGAIN Take Advantage of Dividend Doubts Which Caused Early Slump. NEW YORK, March 20. #-Bears were again forced in retreat in today's stock market, after taking advantage of dividend doubts which caused momentajy unsettlb- raent. .Pivotal industrials were well supported. By early afternoon,' shorts began to cover in the rails and this group turned upward. Drops of 7 points in U. S. Industrial Alcohol, and 2 In National Cash Register, the latter penetrating new low ground, were accompanied by a sagging tendency all around for a time. Allied Chemical rose 4 points, however, and several issues pushed iip 2 or more, including New York Central, Baltimore and Ohio, McKeesport Tin -Plate, Weatlnghouse Electric, Stone and Webster, Drug Inc., Worthington and Vanadium, National Surety shot up nearly 10 points to the year's best price. Montgomery- Ward, Sears-Roebuck, Associated Drygoods, Safeway, Radio, Goodyear, American Can, Southern Pacific, New Haven and duPont were among issues that gained a point or more. U. S. Steel and General Motors moved narrowly. Bears found no assistance in the overnight news of a 594,000,000 gain in weekly brokerage loans, the largest upturn In nearly a year. The drops in U. S. Industrial Alcohol and National 'Cash Register looked like bear selling on the basis of expected dividend actions. National Cash Register directors have deferred action on the quarterly payment- Credit continued In excessive supply, with call loans freely offered outside at 1 per cent. Later the official rate dropped to one per cent, the lowest since June 3, 1915. Curb Market NEW YORK, March 20. W~A few curb stocks were active and higher today, but tile general market was more indirfcrent to the proddlngs or the bull faction than on Wednesday. As-has been the case all week, specialties provided the bulk of the strength. Noranda uines was up 3 points, but wus unable to lold the topi altho It continued to trade Drlskly. Aluminum compajiy of America moved erratically, selling above 200 and (hen dropping Into the QQg. Zonlte encountered realizing-, but Driver Harris, Walgreea and ouElaa Aircraft met fair demand. There was little or nothing In the utility division where moderately higher pricea served chiefly to encourage proflt-taklnp. Natural gas Issues found favor and United js which had been quiet for some timo, ra^oved up about a point. CiUea Service rcaumecl its rise and reachcci 20, a new high for the recovery, only a fraction below Its year's top. Interest dwindled when the shares encountered, resistance at the beat level, however. Goldman Sachs came forward again as .he leader of the Investment group and made a new high. The asset value of the stock, according' to an of/fcial announcement, was more than $15 on March 13, an advance of $2.83 since Dec. 31. Gall money renewed, on the curb at 2 per cent. Bond Market NEW 'YORK. March 20. /P)--The bond market -displayed a somewhat firmer tone today, altho U. R. government issues sagged. Changes in domestic groupings were large* ly small and inconsequential, but there was sufficient demand for high grade listings to give active liens, a slight upward trend. In- qulry was unimpressive In the roils,' but Industrials did fairly well and the utilities, after yesterday's rise Into new high ground, retained their gains. · New financing for this week, totaling 574,630.000, naturally showed a sharp drop from.the previous week when two.large rail, road loans were sold, but the volume was around the average for the year to date. Several large Issues are nearly ready for the market, among them a 560,000,000 f tatlnti of Consolidated Gas or New York The. drop in Income tax receipts, with UK probable effect on the treasury deficit at the end of the fiscal ear, and Uie demand for loans on veterans" certificates raises' tlio question of government financing- in the near future and therefore Influences outstanding Liberty bonds and treasury Issues sagged under comparatively light ojferingj The new 3%* ahowfng a email fractional loss in company with seasoned listings. Some of the Industrials rallied rather vigorously, particularly Lortllard Vs and Sinclair FLpe Line 5s, up nearly a point. Investment demand "for the rails was slow and changes In the group were mixed, altho such losses as occurred were minor frac- .ttons. " Inquiry In the foreign group continued to taper off, but sales were, easily absorbed. Convertibles tended to ease. Baltimore and Ohio 4',isl Missouri Pacific 5V4s and Lau- laro Nitrate 6s lost about a point. · CtOSINO nOND QUOTATIONS. NEW YORK, March 20. ;n-- United States government bonds closed: Liberty 3Vis 101.24. First 414s 102.23. Fourth 4V4B 103.25. Treasury 4',ls 111.20. HIDES Quotations Famished by Wolf Bros. 308 Fifth Street Southwest. Horse hides S1.50-S2.00 Cured beef hides Green beef hides Ames Junior Chamber of Commerce Formed AMES, March 20.--The Ames jun- ir Chamber of Commerce is now a functioning organization -with a membership ot over 70 young bus! nesamen' of the city, a constitution and a set of officers as the result of the organization meeting held at the Sheldon-Munn hotel here Wed nesday evening. Mayo Is on Program of Kossuth Medical Group ALGONA, March 20.--The medical Kossuth county will hold a meeting at the Atgona hotel Friday evening. Dr. Charles Mayo, Jr., of Rochester, will be the speaker. STOCK LIST NEW YORK STOCKS ' NEW YORK, March 20. U)-- ¥lnal Quotations. Air Reduc 102^ Kelvinator egheny ov Kennecott AI Ch Dye 189 Vi Kresce Allls caal life 38 Kroger A m , C a n «. ,, 127; * -^'"SH Po« O A£ c^Ar* s a a« * My B Am For Pow 47 /, Loose Wiles 15 28 V, 271 33S 17 Yt SO'A 6 OV, SiVi . Am Rad St San 2155 Hack Am Roll Mill 33^4 Math Alkali Am Sm Ref 52^ May J S Am Bteel Fdra 2«% Mex Sea Oil Am_SueJlet 5714 195 120(4 74 VI SOU A T T Am Tob B Am Wat wka Anaconda Arm of :il B Atchlson All Ret Auburn Aviation Corp B O Barnsdall A Bendlx Av Beth St Borden Borg Warn Brlggs Burr Add Cal Hecla Can Dry Can Pac Casa Cerro de Posco 27": Ches O mi, Chic Gt W Chic Gt W pf C * N W" . C R I fc P ' Chrysler Coca Cola Col Fuel Ir Col G E Col Grapho Coml Solv Corawlth So Congoleum Conspl Gas Contl Can Contl lus Contl Mot Corn Prod Cudahy Curtlss Wr Drug Inc Du Pont Eastman E] Pow r, Eng Pub Ser Erie Flsk Fox Film A Freeport Tex Genl El Gen Foods Gen Motors Gen Pub Ser ' Cll]elto Gob el Gold Dust Goodrich Goodyear Gran Paige Granby Gt No Ry pf Gt No I Ore ctf Gt W Sugar Grig Grun Hahn Houston Hudson Hupp IU Cent Ind net Int Comb Eng Intl Har Int Nick Can I T T Johns Manv 1C C So Mid Cont OH M K T Mont Ward Morrell Mot Wheel Nosh --. .. Nat Bis 10 !4 Nat C Reg / 209 V- Nat Dairy Nat Lead Nat Pow L Nat Tea N Y Central NY NH H Nor W No Am No Pac Oliver F Oils St Pac G E Packard Para Pub PaOie Pentck For Penn Phil Pet Pills Fl Proc Gam Pub Ser N J Pullman Hadfo _. ,, Rad K O 14 Vi Reading 20 Vl Rem Rand . Reo Rep Ell Rey Tob B Hoy Dutch St L San F Sears R Shell U Simmons Sinclair Skelly So Pac So Pr Sug So Rail Stand Brds St G E St Oil Cal St Oil N J St Oil N Y Stew Warn Stone Web Stutle * Superior 'Oil Tex Corp Tex Gulf Sul Tim Roll B Union Carb Unit Alrc 4Vi Unit ClK 20 IS Unit Corp U S I n d Ale U S Rub U S smelt U S Steel Vanadium ·Woliasll Warn Pin W Mary West Air West E ITfg Willys Ov Woolworth Wrigloy 41 26tt 37V 17 « lay, 20% 27« 51 187 Si 74 Vi 12 24 76 *. 30 ·!. 22 Vi 28 ^ 9Vi 37 »f: 12% nays 6K 24 Vi 38-Vi S9!4 25 25 45V1 11 ·}; 10% 103% 59 y, 48 V- 4 8.1% 106 »» 172^4 60 48% 30V 37% 21*1 3174 9 41?i 10 88-1, 82 29% 50 Vi 124 V, 43 62i,i 21K 89 S',i 56 80 13S 87% 15 SIM; 10 « 46 V4 58% 12 31% 69% 84 H 51% 27 W 23 * 78 W 23 52 38 K 36 67 "it 754 19 32% 52 M 20 SH'A 45 K 46^ 22*; 20% 50% 25U 1V1 30 52 58% 68% 3611 654 30 « 63,S 20 24 148K 70'A 17 U 73 Vi 4 34 57 5i 20 37 .i Yell" Tr 70-A. Young S W ·10 CHICAGO STOCKS. CHICAGO. March 20. Beatrice Cream 70 Mid-West Utll Cent Pub Ser A 10 J £ Cities Service 20Vb 9,i 4M. 31 .v 85 7% B5 Vi 7Rii 1454 28 Cont Chic ctfs Gr Lakes Alrc Grfgsby-Grunow Insull Ut. Inv Kelt Switch Llbby IfcNell Majestic H'hold iSV, 6Vi 12 5(4 M-W Ut 6 pfd Nat Stand Quaker Oats Swift Co Swift Intl Unit Gas U S Gypsum Utll Ind Zenith m-- 24*4 100 33'i 159 Vi 29 VI 3 fi ·JS»i B-K SUPPLEMENTARY LIST OF STOCK QUOTATIONS Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO. Mason City Office In Bagley- Beck Building. Telephone No. 7 NEW YORK STOCKS Abt Po t Pa Co 12 Kelvinator Corp 15 Am Bank Note 69 Lambert Co 87VS Am_Beet Sugar 4 j,iq carb Corp 4SV4 Am Car Fdy 36^i Louisiana Oil 4 Am. Metal '21V. Math Alkali ·"·" Am Tob 118% McK Robb Am Z L, S 7 Arm Co B III ITi Otis Etecl Assoc Dry GJs 29%-Pathe Exc Baldwin Lo ' 27Vi Pills Flour Brlggs MIE Co 22V4 Oil Co Bums Bros A 18 Pur Bak Corp Best Co 44W Readln E Co 78 Burr Add llach 28% Kco Grande Oil 7W " Nev Cons Cop 13% ~" ~" 15 2',4 3414 fl Bush Terminal 28 Butte_Coii Z 2 Com Credit Com Solvents Cont Motors Cont Oil Cudahy PacH Curt Wrl pfd David Chem First Natl Sirs 5,1 FlsJc Rubber General Mills 49 Houston O new 12 Indian Ref 4 Reo Motors 9 St Joseph Lead 25% 22 Sen Ret Sirs lOVi 20'/i So Cal Edison 53 4 Std Brands 209ft 9 t Superior Oil iy t 4814 Tclau Corp 21 7^ Tobacco Prod 3% 20% U S Re Imp 34 Vanadium 70% Wabash Ry ley, West Myld ]6Vi Western Un 135VS Wrlglcy Jr Co 78 ft NEW YORK CORK QUOTATIONS Amer For P Co 29 Hecla Mining ' 7 Amer Gas El 82 Hudson B M a S 6V Am Sup Pow 1SV5 ' Nlag Hud 14% Ark Nat Gas A 6 No Araer Avlat S, ABSOC G El A 23?; Can Marconi ' 4 Deforest Radio 6 Pennroad Corp - 7" S O Ind 32-1 S O Ky 22 2'6 United Gas 5S 59 Un L P A U S Dairy Pr A 62 Duront Motor Elsie r El El Bd t Sh ,, ,, i,,!.,, i Ford Mo of Can 28^ Vacuum Oil 55 Ford Mo of Eng 18-y t Walgreen Drug 26V. Fox Theaters A 5^ CHICAGO STOCKS Allied Mo Indust 2ti Hart-Carter Co 10U Aub Auto Co 209^ Key St Wire 13 Bendlx Av Cp 24'.4 Morgan Litho 6=4 Bors-Warn Cp 304s Nan Leather -;; Butler Bros 6K Natl Standard 3S^ t Cont Chicago Cp 954 Quaker Oats IS9V, Chicago Invest 3- i Unit Corp ay. Cord Company 1014 U S Gypsum 48% Gt akes Alrc 4v* Utll Ind Corp 8'i Grlgsby-Grunow 5^1 U 3 Ra Tele 33V. MINNEAPOLIS STOCK First Bk Sk Cp 22-% MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN MARKET CASH SAT.ES Flax iKi'.l to 160',, Two Fires Extinguished by Firemen at Coulter COULTER, March 20.--Fir0 originated from sparks from the chimney, damaged the roof of tlie George Baker residence. The damage was covered by insurance. Tuesday morning fire was discovered on the roof at the Chris Winther home. The fire department extinguished the blaze with little damage. An American race horse always wears spectacles. America always gets in first, of course, but there is still time to equip one of our aristocratic racing greyhounds with a monocle.--The Humorist, London. Pershtng described the lucky fel- ·lows of the A. E. F. as "engaged in healthy, interesting exercises in the open air, with simple diet." Sherman waa wrong; war is health.-The New Yorker. Plus 3 cents tax per gal. GASOLINE, 8 gals. $1.00 Again Saturday and Sunday Only --Highest Test Gasoline in Mason City-- 71 GRAVITY We said we never would sell this class of product at this very low price as long as the Low Test Gasoline price remained at 12%c plus tax; as we mec this low test price decline with our 60-66 Hi Test Gas. We will now, however, give you your choice of Gasoline at the SAME price Saturday and Sunday ONLY. Buy o£ Mason City's Home Owned Station STAR OIL STATION 17th St. and So. Federal Ave. I WHITE STATION WITH Across From Fairgrounds | GEE EN TRIM Iowa Medical College Graduate Praises Vitalex 1 TTT. jijiv jrri[t i mvjj-iiivw, nu n,-^f^j*a,r~TvTM* Graduate Kookuk Medical College 1001, Keokuk, Iowa "Combination of 3 Vitamins Remarkable Discovery" Says Dr. Sattler, and furthermore goes on to say: "I have seen a great many formula during the past" thirty-eight years part of which time I spent in clinical research in Berlin, Germany; but never hefore have I seen a formula so far advanced as that perfected by the I. S. Johnson Pharmacists for over 110 years. Formula Remarkable HeEp to Sick Anemic, Weak and Run Down My medical experience tells me that the Vitamins B. C and D are necessary to. the every day diet of people .hut the usual person lacks them. Thousands suffering from usual body ailments, all can find relief in this new discovery, Vitalex. Many peoplij are not acquainted -with the wonderful properties of .these vitamins which impart pep and energy to all who take them. People of mature years gain new youth and vigor. Vitalex is an excellent blood tonie containing properties which improve and strengthen the red blood corpuscles. Vitalex while not being a weight increaser improves the appetite and helps anemic people become robust, sttong and gain rflesh. Vitamin- ized Vitalex brings you the four tilings necessary to be strong and healthy. These are keen appetite, healthy digestion restful sleep and regular bowel action. Vitalex Iowa's Largest Selling Medicine Over fifty thousand bottles of Vitalex has been sold in Iowa in the past four montlis. A great tribute to Iowa's approval of the country's greatest medical discovery. A Free Trial To fill lowans! The Johnson Laboratories want you to know this wonderful discovery. Take this coupon to your drug storo and if you Hon t feel, look and sleep better after seven days use of Vitalex you can get your money back. Thousands of bottles sold but never a dissatisfied purchaser. The Formula Cascara Sagrade--laxative. Nnx Vomica--nerve building. Ginger -- Rhubarb -- Gentian, Stomachics (strengthening to the stomach)' Juniper--Bachu--Uva TJrsi, diuretics (strengthening to the kidneys) Licorice -- Flaxseed -- demulcents , (soothing, softening, prevents irritation.) Dandelion'-- Stillingia -- Sarsaparilla blood tonics and alternatives (make for improved health and complexion.) Valerian--sedative (to relieve pain.) Vitamins B, C and D. 102 No. Federal Ave. BRADY DRUG CO. Phone 198

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