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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 21, 1818
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iT rMtntrf llouse - J A COTUuy . sw.lsnda. about miles ....... - uennnintr. Esq. and and "rly opposite Weal Point . tne in rootl order, garum KSS cf SSt treesof the best kinds - cription i. not given .because n inclined to purchase will no doubt ' my ETmadt to Mr. James Thompson on , ?Lrrn For the terfl. of sale, enquir e of 55 Wall - street, New York. gf 21 SJawIm 1. A M1LLLKH. w A y w .. j 4 NexptrwutedMiMtrwillhearof anemse - ' . 159 South street. r QfJiTEEL UOJ1HU1XU. FIVE or i gentlemen crvn be tandwmely accommodated with genteel board in a .mall rentable fnnily, whdr. there . a ,4unr chUdren. Th. .itual.on plnt, w. h.D Knote. walk of the haul or custom Uu.e. ThT can be acenrnnodated wiOiecparato roonit, finUhed, on moderate terui, by ap - mvinr est. - A GENTLEMAN it deiirnoi of procuring, for himself and a large family, during the Warner, comfortably lurin.ld Lodgingi, (out Stkedtyf Ww - York. i at Brook yo, or within a convenient ditance from the City Hatl ; in Vote where he would be allowed to provide lv bit own Table, to eat alone, and where the fcmey would attend to the cooking. A Parlour, and at leatt three Bed roomi, mid be required partial alio a tervauta dumber. Enquire at 72 Murray - street. HI TIM umvtTK LODGLYG . ., . ASFfCGLE (ientleman can be aceommoda - Ated with a furnished or unfurnished room, with breakfast and tea, in a tmall and (rented family. Inquire at the store, No. 126 Broadly, may 21 ' ' WJFTZ17, f i I ..n luiiiu. nr nart of one. with a fanii - Jrwho have no children, in a respectablo neigh - rjoraoou; rem iau 'i - - i hk office. mayl 3t OHAM it MOTi,.PHl.NTERS, 0. S BOBLrcG -, w - w i in? I... miiaivmI from Ouehpc a new i i n 1 1. ju. , Jl ork, which they have put to prtn, and Will noriir puonwi, eoum - u "A Relation of the Military and Naval Occurrence doriojr the late War with the United State, awtt aa the Political Hiitory of the Prorince of Lower Canada, fmm the year 11107 to 1615; comprehending; the Admioutration ol EirJame Henry Crai?, acd Sir George Trevor! By Robert Chrii'ie." Tb above work i not cnly written in a neat tau correct ityle, but i (tenerally tree from thoe illiberal remaik that but too frequently tarni - h - (i the pen of the political hittorian. The work from a British aht' - cl - rei(l;sit at Quebec, and it it preiumed ill he read with contidera - kle io'ereet, etpecially heie, by those gentleman of tbe American Army and Navy, who o brave riigoaliaed themelve in tle late war. . It Will make about 250 page, 12ino. and told tl each, inboard. my 2 3t DEMETRIUS, a Kustian Romance, in two volume, price 11 75, for Mle at No. 3 Wall trett,by C. WILEY CO. Id pre, and will he rmblitied in a few day, by C. WILEY t CO. The Uatcbelor and tbe Married Man, or the Equilibrium of tbe Balance ol Comfort, a novel in two volume. Alto, aa elegant edition ol Lalla Rookh, with the illiKtrotiooi, from deaign by Wettull. S. M.VGEE t SON, oniwsite the Bank Caftuo jlonse, corner ol Pine A William - atrcet, oflV r for tale a general a - virtnieot of CRocrRiaa. (on a reaionahle term j a any in Jiew - iora; q ;iraoDg which are tbe foi - . ton ing : q Cognac Brandy liollnndaod Am. Gin. Sweet Oil ; Jamaica Spirit Imperial, 1 Hyion, f TEA of the latctt Yoong Hyion, andf importation.. Souchong, ) , Ioai and Lump, ) Havana, SUGAR, Muscovado, Mace, Clove, Cinnamon, Natmegi, Alapice, Caatile and tSrown Soap, kc. tc. wyl'J iw LONDON PARTICULAR MADEIRA WIN E. 10 pie of aoperior flavour, ub - ject to debenture. for ale by my $0 lw 83 Perl - treet - HARDWARE, CUTLERY, &c. IRVING. SMITH U HYSLOP. No. 143 Pearl J i tree t, havu received by ihip Importer, Jame nioaroe. and ntlteriate arnval irom Liverpool, 137 cuk nod cae Birmingham and Sbelfield Hardware, which they offer for ale at hw price, for cah or approved credit, cobtiitiog of Ivory full buck and aelftip table and deert kuive and fork ' ; Fin pen, iporfiman1 and pocket knJve Do tcisior and razor; do on card ' Cait tteel cbiiael, goage and plane iron, handioiaely attorted Hillingtoo aw, (teelvard. ipectacle Iron pot and box coflee mill Drawing knivet, file anorted Fine plats and batibery ttock lock Iron and tutannia table and tea rpoon A variety ofbrai cabinet furniture Tinned and plated taddlery Needle iuio knitting pin, pocket book Powder flak and itiot belt Rat and nwiie trap . H. II. L. and bott binge, wood crew Iron and bruit wire. Knob, clotet and cheat lock fine pad, cupboard and till do iroaand bra caodlettick, gimblett ' Coit and vent button, carry comb Park and mix'd pin, tc. . Alto, a few cue tteel moaaU d fowling gun 50 invil aod vice 1 euk bran battery kettle ton Enclith blittered and crowley atexl 50 doi frying pan 0 toot Esiith bolt iron "tether with a very extentfre artortment ol fxw ope, on (be (helve, well cok Mated forlhe "'Mr trade. my Hi eod2w CnFtY - 6i! vi oo. cocoa, . Laraca. fWflide. ,W Horni Uadiog at pier No. 11 Eat River, from brig and tor ale b JOHN I1EKFERNAN, 34 South treetj , , . . In Store, j Wme, ia pipe and bod. Kiri do is do doaadqrcaikt 5H 5w Madeira WINE. 20 pipe, fbcaaleat A1 oT Soothtreet, by CA.uUKELE.NG & PEARSON. II rrm a it - S i II l r. rA I . Ur A I S a oi l UATION a VV ET N UrtaE, luiv a jamxn woisin, a good breast at ppiyat Jig" No. 30 Whitehan ttreeL AVi?UA MOLAsaES. - 60nhdewcrop kdiTS" Molattea, of tbe very beet quality, "J roeicbr. Cere, at pier No. t, and lor v u TUCKER k LAURlEi, 1 'V - p Soth - LIVERPOOL COAU' - ICO cLafdronof New Pit Liverpool Coai. for tale in quantities to mil (lurcnatcrt, imio on Doara ute bip Matin, o&pc nccior - fvreei wnart.wure or der may be left, or at6U hine - ttrett. - KIT Itf 4t Br.rj' aiui fOKK. 60 bbil prime bef 30 do do Pork, for tale by rALMER & bAlDLEll, mj 20 104 FroQi - Mreet. r Ot'i - EE U H fi VLA l ES. 30 bag prime Lguira conce. 270 boxes tin plate l - 3d IX, fur tale by B.OGEKS H POST. my20 5t 51 Stolh - itreet JEWELLERY i cate oflaucy Jewellery, and a few patent Uox Trap, for tale by CEO. M. WlLSOiM, my 20 m Water - treet. BOs'l'ON UEEF. 70 bbl. wet and prime Beei, of luperior quality, iuat received and lor ale by b. li T. WDlTTEMORE. - mySOlw 110 Eront - ttreet. DAMASK TABLE LINENS and SHEETINGS. Received this day b - 4, 7 - 4, 8 - 4 tl 10 4 Dauiutk fable Linen. ALSO, 3 - 4 Diaper and 5 - 4 Sheeting, for tale by JAMES CUMMING3, my SO 3t No. 32 Liberty rtreet. LET'l'ER rAPEK, fOKTEH BOTTLES. A quantity ol iuirior hut pretted Eogluh Letter Paper. 150 groce Porter Bottle, in hampen& crate. received per cnauaccy irom unctot, lor rale by POTT & M'KLNNE. my 0 US south itreeC ROUJfia 1 O LET. A SMALL family, without children, have two room (front and back) to let. The room and tituation are very pleaiant, and io the lower partoi me cnv. Aauret M. ll. attoi office my an ai" IRlali 1 - LNEiV. aic P HE lubtcriber offer forcale, 43 package X of Irish Liaen Gooiit, imported per Wiip uumio racicet, arm outer late arrival irom Dublin, comprising a good assortment of A A V (1 I - I . 1 IIU 'U AJIIiru, lUff lllt.CU Do Mulling and Pine - 9 - 8, b - 4, and 6 - 4 Sheeting 6 - 4, 7 - 4.8 - 4, 10 - 4 Diaper and Dematk 3 - 4 Brown Holland and 7 fj Drogheda 3 - 4 end 7 - U Lineu Bed Tick 4 - 4 Cotton Check All ol whit h he will ttitnote of on liberal term. . ' , JUUM b.r.ULi, I4tf read itrtet, rov 14 iw 1 1 ENGAL INDIGO. 3ii canes eiililled tode - 13 benture, f mott of which is of a quality very tuperior.) for tale in lot to suit purchaKr and on a liberal credit, ry JACKSON U WOOLLEY, mylfl . 75 Wall - treet. I L'jILCVrfA &LG.1K. WfjJmi Bn bright yellow grained tngar " ' 115 do iu()crior double boiled do Landing at Cocntie tlip lur tale at 67 South' tlrcet, by , CAMBRELENG & PEARSON. my 15 L)RUiNEELA SIJOEb. 1 cuae tuperior Pru L nclla Khoet. ALSO, t cato block Bombazine, for tale by MARCH Si LOW, my 19 210 Urusdway. THE GKEATEST DISCOVERY IiS the memory of mau, i universally allowed s. to be Uie c - k:urHlen cordial BALM OPG1I.EAD. Which is a cerlufti and effectual remedy for nervoui ditorden, juveoile indiscretion, low - nest of spirits, fcmttle complaint?, bcad - aclie, debility, lot of apietite, relaxations, indiges - tina. cooeh and colds, billiou catet, coo - tiimptioa, gout in the itomacli, impurities of the blood, weaanett, c ; prepared only oy 8. SOLOIO.Nf M. D. Author of the Guide to Health, and other valua blc work. Ciilead House, near Liverpool. Square, lyioden, w,ll satisfy tbe mott tcropulout inquirer, a to th authenticity of a friend of hi deriving a great benefit from the Cordial Balm 01 unean, in a tevere uitoruer ui 1110 nervous, billiout tend flatulent Kind, wilrt which he had been lone afflicted. Mr. E. Piercy, High street, vouchet fur the lurpriting cure of a centleuiao lone in adetp ite - dine, having' taken five holt let of the Cordial iiuui ol tfilead. 1 he tpiritt, ttreogth and appe tile of the ycuiie man were vitiblv and very ma terially iiuprove d ; and by cootiuuing the use of it a lew week tourer, lie was, witn OoU't Lies - ting, arid to the great comfort and attonithmeot of lit family and friends, rettored to perfect health. Mr. B. Bootl.royd, of Pontefraat, report of a man in that neighborhood, about tbe age of thirty, who bad Uie apiiearaiice of laboring under that mott dangerou disease the Phthifit Pnbno - nalit, or Contumptioiu tie bad a considerable degree of hectic fever, profuse night sweats ex pectorated much, and was reduced to a state of extreme debility. Haviug had the belt medical advice he could procure, without obtaining relief, he had recourse to the Cordial Balm of Gil - ead ; persevering in the ute of it, nil the unfavo rable tymptoxat gradually abated, and be bat attained a vigorout slate of health. ' Tbe virtue of the Cordial Balm of Gilead, are daily demoottrated, in eradicating tha wont and most dangerous ryttew of uervout debility ; and nothing Uu tended to much to ettablith the lame of this medicine, as its certain success in those complaint which ttrike their root to deep in the conttituuon, and are so latai to the happi net of mankind. For tale in bottle, price $3 each, by HULL k BO WME, 146 Pearl - itreet, New - York ; 6am - i .. .... ik . tr r - np . D. Bull & Co. Hartford; Hall & Weld, Bottoo; North & Roger, Philadelphia ; and by one or more vender in every city or towa u in onion, my 7eTh4tttclaw8t 2e ISPOUTSMEC tl MKKCHjIMV. JOSEPH FINCH, gun - maker, respectfully inform hit irieudi aud the public, that he ha commenced butinert in the ttore No. 3 Wall - street, near Broadway, where he hat for tale a very handiome astortmenl of tingle and doubla - barreUed gunt, fine rifle, fusees, lie. ; alto, shooting Uckle geoernlly. J. F. ttill retain hit old stand, No. 361 Greenwich - street, fur the working department and shipping busiueat. Order left at either place will be attended In with all possible xpeditioo. my 7 D&Ctn STA TluA'A Rt'ti SCHOOL, HOOKS, lit. COLLINS k HASNAY, No. S30 Pearl - street, bava made considerable addition to their itock of English ttatiooary by recent arrivals from London ; and have oo band and are daily receiving large sapphe of American article in thit line of their business, which reader their assortment of ttatiooary rery complete it comprises, among otliem, the following, via. American and Engliah letter papers, of varioos qualities do do fools cap do do do do drawing papers, variont sixes Folio and bank post Bristol boards, (boll cap and demy, Parchmtnt v, iz anu in inca gtobes Quills, wafer, sealing wax and Ink - powder Scale and dividers, Mathematical instruments Ladies' pocket books and thread case WedgwoodH 3 glatt ink - taad Portable writing desks, Travelling case, roan Black lead pencils. Slate and slate pencils Boooet and prett paper Kentish cap and wrapping paper, kc. ic. C. Ic H.bavealto, coostsstlr. oo hsixl a bur aod exteoeiva awortment of school, claancal aod mitcellaDeouebook all of which tbey ofier at wnoieaaie aoa retail, oa nberai tone, may 19 D4tCtt Awttricn Infurmnct Cuifiswy. THE board of Director have tin day declared a Divideod of iiteea oer cent, oo the Capital Stork, for tbe last six caootbt, payable oa or aflrr tbe urtt a'iiy ofjesw next, bettreen the bmir of 10 and If o'chrk. By ftrder of tne Prrudrat sad Directors, May It, 18IH. TH f.llAtT.eoc'iT - . wtrS For ANTWERP, - , yM The thip ANGELICA, Bartlett She - A ' Znard master, baa 2 Sds of Iter cargo on buttrd, and will' sail within ix day. For freight of a 'part of the remainder r passage, having good accommodatiou, apply on board, wet aide Burling slip, or to . . . . X: . S.U& C, GRISWOLO, my20 T , . - 86 South - ttreet. ' - t'rr Aaie, freight tr Charter, The brig HOPE, Pitubury, maiter, one year o'.d, 186 ton burthen, will low 2300 bbl. i in order, and will be ready to receive a cargo iu 3 day. Apply at 67 South street, to CAMBRELENG L l'EARSON. may 19 WASTED TO LHAHTERfi A Urig or Schooner, of about loO to tX - Mpnii tons. Apply to JOSEPH JONES, may 19 flt No. 12 Greenwich - street. PujiT - jtUtHlACn, t$$(To ;iil on Sunday, Sllh imt. weather permitting) 1 lie elegant copper fa.itened scliooner J ACQUE - UEL PACKET, Dominick. master i'rtreixht of 150 bLb, or passage, apply to n. tilt - J4 6ouih - trort, or JAS. L. MONTAUDEVERT, may!9 5t Otf Wall - it. ior LIVERPOOL (A regular trader.) The fatt sailintr coppered ship ANN, H. IU Crocker, master, will positively sail on the 25th inst. weather permitting, having all her heavy freight engaged. For freight of 100 bales of cotton, or passage having extensive accommodations, apply to the captain on board, eust side Fly - nutrket - wharf, or to . JA6. & ItlCll'D LOINES, . No. 247 Front - street. N, B. Passengers are furnished with beds and bedding ut Uie ship's expence may 18 6t ! H' anted to L'H.iH'J'Etiy - For a voyage to Madeira, a good BRlG, thit will carry 1500 barrels. Apply to TUCKER If LAUR1ES, ' 29 Sonth - ttrttt., my 16 . for KlAQs'WK (Jam ) The fine coppered chr. CLAREN DON, J. G. Frith, master t will be despatched in a few day. For freight of a - bout J 50 barrels, or passage, apply to TUCKER & LAURIE5, may 16 ,29 South - treet. XJH UHLE, The fait sailing tchr SPARTAN, burthen 132 tons, will carry 800 bhlt. 3 ) old, was coppered last summer with heavy copper, and bat h.iu J 1000 expended ou lur sail and rigging within tne last two uiouthf, and it well found io every respect ; het at pier No. 9, East Kiver. Apply on boarxl, or to DAVID U. GILLIES, my 16 2w - 70 Broad - it. tOH SALE, The ttanmh tchr FANNY, just arri ved Irom Havre, 145 toot burthen, will carry uuubDIs., built at rvorlolltiu IHI5 lor a packet between that pott and thit ; is well fouud aod can be tent Io tea at a trilling expeuce ; li at pier No. 8, East River. Apply oo board, or to UAVID ii. U IL LIES, my 16 2w 70 Broad - street. Ear LQ.YJJOSf, The regular trading coppered ship VENUd, N. &cxvUle, Jun. master; will be ready t receive cargo next week, aud In tended to tail about tbe 5th Juue, having a great part of her cargo ready to go oo board. For freight of the remainder, or passage, having tu perior accommodations, apply on board, at Ool. fee - house (Up ; or, to GRIi WOLDS & COATE5, btKSoulh - ttroot. Consignees of goodj by the above ship are oar - ucuiarly requefteu to teud Uieir permits on board immediately. my 16 l - or QliiH.iLAAH Si SMHUfA, tr? (will sail poiilivcly oa Uie 20th insUnt,) &?f - The fast tailing tchr EXI'UEbs, bo nier, matter, hat 3 - 4thi of her caroou board For freight of remainder, or patsage, having good accommodation, apply to tbe caplaiu ou ooara at Agnew's wharf. oiay 14 Fcr LIVERPOOL The ship MARY - ALMY, Pcleg Al - my, master ; her cargo being nearly all eugagtHi, will meet immediate dispatch. For freight of 50 or 100 bale cotton, or passage, having good accommodations, apply on board at t ownteou s wnan, or to . GRISWOLDS tl COATES, my 13 68 South - tt. IVAJVTkD Tti CHAHTER. s$5f A double - decked vcskI, of about 250 liij&to 300 tons. Apply to ISAAC F. ROE, My 13 tf 98 Murray' wharf. tor Sale, freight or Charier. A new pilot boat built SCHOONER, 150 tons burthen, built in aiuoerior niauuer 01 uie pest materials, taut last, and may oe tent to tea witn small expeoce. - tf pphr to jr. iv. 4 U. GMSWOLD, y 11 86 South - tt. tor AMSTERDAM, 7 1 The ship S1LENUS, O'Brien, mat - Liiiiter, will be dupatchtd without delay r or Ircight ol 50 ton apply at 67 bouth - tt to myB CAMKKELENG ii PEARSON. 75 LIVERPOOL COAL. Chaldron from th coal pit, is now ready tor delivery on board tbe ship Justlna. Andrew Tombs, master, from Liverpool, and will be sold in lots to tuit purchasers, at pier No. 10 E. River, may l AALTUS, BON il CO. BROWN SHIRTINGS. 4 packages containing about 5000 yards. Brown Shirhncs. for sale by, the CU.MMISSIO.X COMPANY my 19 D & C 148 Pearl - streeL COTTON YARN. A supply of Cotton Yarn from 18 to ti, twist and tilling of a very su perior quality, suitable for sattiaet warps, just rrccircu uu for ntc or ine - - - COMMISSION COMPANY, my 18 D AC 148 Pearl - street TlX PLATES, FIRE BRICK, tic. T W ROGERS fc CO 235 Pearl - street, MJ ' otter tor sale, landing from the ship Chsuncey, from Bristol, 1 in plates, assorted i blank do do. Stonrbridge fire brick 30 cask best Bristol bottled norter Also, 16 casks of glassware, conststing of tuniDiers, wines, aecanters, white and green phials 18 do. of Apothecaries phials of all sorts, my 18 CHINESE IVORY - HANDLE PARASOLS. r & W. ROE fc CO. nm - VT . brella aad paratol ms - autactnrer, No. 163 Broadway, between Court la od and Liberty - streets, efier for sale aa oxtectava assnrtmeot of PA - R SOLS and UMBRELLA', of the best quality aad latett lathiaa, among which are pa raw It witk ivory handles, an - graved Chine figures, seperior to atry ver of - (sred for sale ia tla city. ' Order from the roua - try for the above article! will reccivs particular atteotkm. - X UatbraUai aad raruoli tveaUy benod and rYairrl ayl DTtCSt XJ GENERAL SIGNALS, tRrCB t DOIXAH. FOR SALE, at the (tore of Messrs. TUCKER it CARTER, No. 69 South Ueet, geoera) signal, whereby mrchaut vctiels may comma - nicato by day with the cowavna cutvur, oi the ship, aod at night with four lauthorns. j00 of tbe abo e are now abroad ia diiterrnt vetstlt, and tiie pmprictor it imluced to put them thus low, in oruVr Uiat they snay get into general circulation, mid that every ship oi utter or owner may avail himtelf of a method of commuoicalion, which, ii adopted, will save all thuliue unavoidably lost in tpeaking at tea. Genthinen are requested to call and examine tbe method tlitmtelvts, at the ttore as above ttatcd. i my IU AUC'JIOSf SALE Of ELt.QjiAT MR - N ITU RE. Os Mosnav, C5ra ist. AT 10 o'clock, at the ware room of Chut. Christian, 53 Fulton - street, who U withdrawing from the cabinet business, an elegant assortment of CAltl.NET FUKN1TUUK, the whole of which will be wairanted by Mr. Chri tian the same us it sold by at private sale. The lease of the above premise for sale or to let mav 15 lw EAGLE TAVERN, , No. 149 Water ttreet, near Fly Market. GEORGE WOOl.OKEDGK, ' SOU IX LAW TO Htt&RT J. HASiKT, RESPECTFULLY anuouori t, that he hit o - peoed the Tavern loriuuily kept by Mr. Jons Mixonit, with an excelieut ustortiaeut ot Madeira, fort, Claret, and oilier wtuus, Luiuort, Beer, aud every other reuuitite in that line of businci. A variety of Relitht will he alway ready, Coffee, Soups, OytWre, Chickens, iic. Ac. according to the sea ion. . If unremitted attention and civility, with mo derate cluirgus will roi'uru the la vol of the pub lic, u. w, pivagtt himseii to eaucavoui to merit them. . Dinner, Support, tic. provided . either in the AuH'ticttit, French, Gcrniau, or Italian style ol cookery. i li. J. IlASKT,oticithiDttmero friends to vitit the above establishment, nrf convince thetntelvet that no more it promised thaa is ie - tended to be perlnrmed. , i: 1 'iayl56t Aeto f'Micatuntt vniEatuy Arlictet. rpHE American Book Keeper, by B. Sheyt, J. Accountant. Bonnourte't letter to Lord Liverpool Trialt ol the Rev. John Chetter and Mr. Mark Tucker, together with the whole case of the Rev. tioopcr cumiumgi. Tlie Emizraut'i Guide to the wettcrn and touUiwesterii ttati and territories, with a large map of Hie 1'iiied tttn, by Win. Vtxby, a.tq. Blunt' Stranger' Guide to the city of New York. 'I he Economy of Human Life, by Robert Doddev . Denietrint, a Ruttian Romance ; together wiUj all the new and intereiing worm, by - 1.1 AS VALENTINE, 104 Broadway, 3d door below Pino ttreet. .' Pocket book and wullettt of a tuperior quali tv ; gold and tiivtr embott'd papin ; gilt claw itct ; nalit ; uger ueaos t omaini - n'i I ana every article requisite for tilt: completion of Indict fancy work boxe. Visiting Curd engraved and printed in a superior title, at 4 hours notice. my 19 ; AN away irom the subscriber 00 Wednes day1,' 13th ioiL a colored man, named Joe. it about thirty year of age, of tmall stature, dark color, aud lown look t had on when he went away, a blue jacket and corded velvet pan taloons Whoever will return said runaway, or lodge him in jail, so that th owner may obtain him, iball be liberally rewarded. Ma.tert of vesseli and others are forbid harboring or em ploying him uudcr tha penally of the law. fK A ft V3 AH, may 19 Wallabout, Long - ltland. SEW DOOMS. . , 1,T EMOinS of Mrs. Elizabeth Hamilton and 1TJL Memoirs of the Court of Queen Elixa - beth, by Lucy Aikin Just received and put to press by - ' MOBK9 THOMAS, myl9 3t Philadelphia. A PATEiJiTEU LWEN HON. For the convenienrii and comfort ol ladies. r T is well known by all ladies that tlwlr cloak pun, (at tlicy are called! allut curiain pint. ailirulorly l.irj;e exut, in a very tliort time. oui tne weighl ol tne curtain, and from other cautei, wear so large a hole in tho wood in whicb they ere n rifd that they become loose. insomuch that they droop aud look ill, and more over oftend - ne drop out. To pievut thit ef fectually, a rM - r - on has invented that which will prevent the uironv'inu - nce alluded to ; aud any i..A.. ... . - . . ... : ... , a i the fact by applying at No. 2 I'ty ttreet, where the inveiiti'n it to be teen : the expense ita mere triflef, and clonk pint already in nte can, and will ItUI.VI cr cr, u Kr.fl.f rfifirf, van iv iuvtiihiu UI be, remiiiy aiterei; to tne proposed plan. Diy 19 3vr MR. LEE'S SELECT SCHOOL, FOR Uie intlructiou of a mfigi.k class or aots, in every department ol literature aiid tcienci necenary to a literal education, (Uie dead languages excepted) will be oned on Monday, Die lit day of June next, at No 8 Park Place. . N. B. The organisation of the clats will be completed in the tint week of the quarter, alter which no new mcm'ier can lie admitted. Those therefore who intend to patroniie the institution, are requested to give Mr. LLr. notice thereof, before the end of May, at No. 2 Dey ttreet, or, 43 Harriton ttreet. Tuition 12 dollars per quarter. my 19 2w BOYS WANTED. A LAD between 14 and 15 year of age, to attend io a book (tore. Alto, one of the tame age, at an apprentico to tbe copper - plate print' iog business. Enquire of E. VALENTINE, Bookeller, my 20 104 Broadway, New - York. A COOK WANTED. A WOMAN who It a rood plain cook, and can lW produce satisfactory reference (oooe other need apply win obtain a situation in a imaii family by calling at No. 49 Warren - etreei. may 20 LOST, on Sunday evening, after 8 o'clock, in Greenwich atreet, between Spring and Van - damme street, a tmall SILVER WATCH, with a ribboa attached to it. The finder it humbly requested to leave the tame at Mr. Walker' grocery (tore, coroer of Greenwich and Vaa - danime ttretrs, when a tuitable reward will be given. iy203t 77k ml hrttry, (iiotelp,) aulhorued by tlte elate, Nxw Yoaa Grard State LorrEJir, , MEDICAL SCIENCE, No. 5, YTfTHICH will certainly commence drawing T Y in ten week, August next. 1 be capital prize are, 2 or of of of of of f 100,000 50,000 20,000 10,000 5.CXIO ' 2,000 45 of l.uuu With an abundance of smaller ones, and ten than two blanks to a prize. Ticket aod shares, in a variety, tor sal at Bookvetore and lottery - cffice, 85 Cherry, comer of June ttreet, Where the $10,000 prize, being ono of tbe 2d highest in th 4th class of the above lotteries, wat told ia quarters, mod i - rouii'tly paiX BOOK it STATIONARY. A general assortment obooki and ttatiooary a above. ', . Blank books mad to an r pattern oo wo taorv est notice. Mod of tho anrorrcnt tank paper, now ut sir - eolation, received in pay meat, at par. y CO 31 .. ItEMOVALS,; f - ii ir " frr JOHN LOKlMr.tU;tUHAM,ltoav at Uw, ha opmd his ofSc at No - 43 Chwaber - itlreet, near liroadwvy. ' may 16 4w fr - mit il kULllUklif1. Arl II kBu ...t their coo ii ting bouse to No. JIJ Washingtoo - ttreet. where they offer tor ode 1 14 hhd Nw - Orlcan u jur ; luperfine cloilis, double milled Imuhium. itii.a n. I i'.Ii..1i,.im . J. Si R. REN WICK, have removed to No. 85 lV..i.r . . . ? QTt JOHN fKOCTOU. inn. tiaa removed from No. 62 Beekman to 106 Liberty - street, where be ttit offer liberal anticipation oo property consigned to hit IrUnd, iu the Meditcrra - otuu. For further portit itlam, apply as above, or to , AUIIAHAM UEL.I, my 7 Im corner ol Cuff is Futtoo - ets. OCT NLVIi8:TOWN8K.VDbaveremov - ed irom No. W, to No. 40 Wail - streetdadioiniag the City - Bank. my 1 lw 1ft MACK1E, MILNE . CO. have remo ved to No. 61 fine - ttreeU . may 4 1" JETER b. TURCOT iniorin hi Ineod aod the public in general that be ba removed l it Upholstery Ware House from No. 85 to No. C3 Maiden Lium where he ofl'ei for ale ome elegau paliern of I'aper Hailing, Just received b tUi laiett arrivals front Frauce, 00 the mott reasonable term. my t lm LAN Us. OCT STEPHEN B. MtNN, No. t2 Pearl - ttitd, New - York, purchaw Lands ia tho IUia - ois Territory, which has been set apart for the late Army. Letters irou the country emni - a description of the patrat and the price atkedfor eat n i r, tvr.i ne atieadea to, tl rust paid. . uy Is DltCtf NOTICE. 0irM AB wrctiedebted to Water Funaaa aod Churk't Dobb. (for ttreet manorel are ra - qoeated to call aad settle their aotoentt with ei - tiier of thetn, or with I). r L. Mead, at the corner of Pump k Eldridite - itreet, foraiertr called Third - street, on or before the first day of July next All person having rtrniuud against them wm pieate to present luvir accowiu lur teu went. WATERS FURMAN, and ' CHARLES DOBB3. my Hdtt 1 mt - Ati Hark htHttoltut Socittjf. ftr The meuilicrs are n nueited to attend meotmg of the society, on Wednesday evening next, the 2tlth imt. af half past 7 o'clock, at 0 r uiiou noifi, io. uu r unoa - iiaci, to receive a report of the committee appointed to frame a conttitution, under Ihe a lot inrorporauoa puts ed at tlw last st tiioa of the h - eitlatnr. . e G. FOKBES. Ati'lBec'rr. " N. B. Member elect are requeued to attend ai uu) tame time. my iy xi V ' ' : iAiti jONCOAT8. JUST opened, and hr tale at S3 John - ttntet, a trunk of very elegant Drett and Fmt k Coat, aniorg which it one Extra Trimmed Blow Co - houu. ! mv 14 w vANJED, AS Cook, eilUr a while or colored Woman, who pt - rfeclly omlentundt her hutiness, and can produce an eocxcepuoiialile tharactiT. Sue h a person will be allowed good wages, on an - pivmg ai l rarx.piare. my io iw TO TDK PURLIC. AS thit It the'ieatonof Uie year when the greater part of thoto who nte boilers, &c. can belter disptinie with their butintwt for a short time than in cold weather, thit Is to inform those who use boilers, or ditlillt, ortteam - engioe, fcc. that they can have them re - et in brick work by a person of experience and practice. II hat received tbe approbation of those who employ ed him In Boston, Mew - York, and at tb couth. ward, for h great "saving of fuel, nearnea of tbe work:, ana dispatch in butinete. Rat U factory re ference can be given as to his ability, to those who will favor him with their commands, by applying at No. 136 Broadway, of Anthony VV. Trappan It Co. VO Any other business in th line of hit profession, will be gratefully received, my 19 1 w - - FOR SALE, A country (eat. formerly owned by Mr. It . L). Arden. confainins about fifteen acres ol ground, situated on the East Kiver. short of four miles from tbe city. It is remarkable for its pleasant situation and is a very desirable resi dence either summer or winter ; the buildings are good and comfortable ; the ground it in luuh order, and abundutitiy supplied with a choice collection of fruit trees aod shrubbery there are several apringa of excellent water on the premises, and two quarries of building stonr, which miht be worked to great ndvantnge. Purchaser! are invited to view this situation, and ap ply at No. 13 Broadway for term, which will be liberal. , T. ELLISON. toy lz 3w CAUTION. ffj3 The public are cautioned, that th vali dity of the deed of the above mentioned country scat, from R. D. Arden, to Thomas Ellison, esq. wdl be firmly disputed, on the ground of its being a fraudulent conveyance, made for tha pur pose of defeating a judgment rnlered againtt tbe tatd K. U. Arden, in January term hut of th tupreme court. The tubtcriber never taw the advertisement of T. Ellison till thi day, or ba woum nave given earner notice. J. W. PATTERSON. New - York, May 16, 1818. my 1 8 6t 0T VVHEATON It DAVIS, Fancy Chair Manufacturers, No. 153 Pulton - tt. inim l. tit I'..,!, f I ' ' a mm i vm.i t. oiler for sale, wholesale aad retail,a large and elegant assortment of Curld Maple, pium painteo ann ornameot ed in gold Is hroase, bamboo, plain and Gilt Balls. Rock. lug, Sewing, and Coaversa - fioo Chairs, Solas, oettee, Loungeet, Marie Stool. fee. Order from any part of thecontinestexecatei) vain neatoewana uitpaicb. Old Chair repaired, painted aod ornamented my iw - Vrw .Fiwry Gdt, Ue. fin HE subscribers have JL just received by tli latest arrivals fvoro Eng land, a Handsome assort' merit of ladie dressing cases with locks and keys, some of which are of an entire new pattern md the most fashionable colours, which arc cream blue, murocco and brown, also, ladies morocco and rote wood work boxes ana genuemens thnvimr cases, ahawne - boxes and brushes Smith h. Nephews Naples soap, lavender and honey waters, essences, tooth powder, soaps, Ki'ges soap, real Windsor uo. uair pvwucr, miniature frames, maltreaae button., pocket books, pen - knives, scissors, raxors in cases. Oo. single, ridicule glasses aud bags, eavehen, rus - penit, dentrince, Arc. &0 Also, by the latett arrived (mm t ranee, three cases of g'eaa.oe perf.nry, from first noutta in Paris, coasisting partly ofeu o espjhsn.eaa 1 oSdeTncloJre'a. di mesh eao. Potostki, eaa I.ouit l!Hb, a Sf"A,K!!? des Rutties, eic. k. po aiMJamber'd lavea - der waters, soatoombreshet, ckHhdo (very elettMl) floreDtiae. silk and kid Garters, per, clove, icent bottle ia miBiatore, spoogea. ladie Lrir w,m. tortoisr sfll boxes, mounted ia silver aad gold; Humbles, thread cases, frtnt knives, tweeter, pencil cases, pocket books. mrket lirht. needle cases, of all kinds, rice Lk. crumb, and all other kinds of brushes. pardon silver eye - needles, barrell clasp, and a great variety of other articles ia their J me, which tbev will d is pot of, on the most rea ionahle term, at tbeif fancy and perfume ware bouse. No. US Broadway, nearly opposite the City Hotel. ... A3THU.NI TV. 1 n.VrrAiX K LU. t I PUBLIC SALES JJjr MILLS, .VAYTOuV L CO. Saturday, ' At 1 1 o'clock, la of their anctioa store No. l4UPrl - tlret,at60dayicrlit, " 6 tout best Loudoa dry white lead, 400 kegs . do do ground in 01L 231b each, 8 cats sbeath - " oeppw. tO, c 14 ox., 150 boxes tin platea I1 X, W cask Baidcj't Locduu lirowa btoot, . it) fine order. - ? ., , The above are aa entire Invoice, wlected ka . iMtdoo witb much care, and worthy - tho alien - lion of dealer. - Also, 41 case St. Julisa rKrvl. 1 ' '. ',' MA RULE tOR HUILULSG, e. TIIE proprietor of th toothers BMU - ble qsa tie, near King's - Bridge, give ootk, thsi they have on band, and are receiving, at tho KittgfBriig Jarbl' tmd Lime - hviL, foot of Reach - it real, on the Hudson river, an exteativo lock of narble lur building, of the follow in da - turiptions, rui . Atblar Coping ;' ' ,vv Feu acta tioa Stone Chimaey - Piectt Facing Columns ' Watertablo Step Platform Sills, Luiteb Airbc Alto LitM of tbe best quality. try A constant sbddIv of U abora asatsTiall - may be calcoltvted opoa; and those daairoa of puixttattag, or aaaknig enragemeats, will apply to ,1. . EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 11 - - . At tbe Yard. . Merchant Bank. Mmy 6, 1818. rj3T Tha anaoaielectioa for Director of this uMtitatioo will bo hold en Toeedny Die td day of Jon next, at tho latdtiog Hows, betwMw ma noun or io ana s o'clock. - . By order of the Hoard of Director, : - - 'i 'O. B. VROOM, CashV. ' aaavS tjt " t . ' - . v MUTUAL iXSURASCtt LOMPAJit Of .. THECtTYOFfEW'iORJC. . , Tho President and Director giye notice that a dividend of bur and a half per cent, on tho capital stock of this Company, fur si months, will be made on the 11th insL ami paid on demand to the stockholders or their altoruies, at No. Si Wall - itreet, .i, my 6 lm JOHN PINT ARD, See'ry. (fir The new FERRY BOA l b irom tb loot of W aloat street, New York, to th foot of Little tlrect, Brookiya, near the Navy Yard, will commence running oa Sander, tb 17th int. , Person crowing to Brookiya from th upper part of the city, will find tho dittanc much tiiorUmd by using tbii ferry. : , iny is r - . .imrrtciax siealrmy of thi UntArlt. ft - The Board of Director give notice, that tli fbartb exhibition of thit academy, will be peoed on Wednesday next, KOlli instant, and coaunne open every day (Sunday excepted.) from 9 in tbe morning till datk. Admittance Si cents. Catalogue 12 By order. ALEX. ROBERTSON, 6ec'r. Members and exliiLiiiug artists are In (orated, . that their cards f adwurioo are left with tbe door keeper. ' - my 14 ttv , ION 11NE COr FEE HOUoE. ftfT" Th com rait let - for manacius; the aflaira. of the Tobtine C offee House, give notice, that a Uivideau oi Bevetiieea uoiur per snare, tor Uie year eading the 1st intt. will be paid the pro - prittor oo or afUi the 10U Inst, at 24 Broad - ttreet. "J u set i UKtti FRANCIS. ' - rr All person are cautioned SB - tinrt cre - diung any of tho Ore' of the Uritith brig Francis, Capt. 1 annant. a no debt or Vnttr oonUacting will be paid by the master or coo. signee. . . may 10 - All pertoss havinij any claim agaiattUu etuieof tle late John V. itliams, deceased, are) re(uested to resnt Ute sums to either of tho subscribers, at No. C9 Eatt - Rutgers, or 270 Cherry street. JOHN KOOKE, Exerotor, ELIZ A BE i ll WlLLIAMk Executrix. mylUlw ' for England, rsa Jastrs. (A'm Srolut.) ftj - Letter for bit Urilaonto Mnirtty' pack' et Fruncit Freelmg, will be received el the Pott OiliceOJI Wednnduy alternooo, the 3d day of June. T. W. AloOKE, Ageul.' my 18 L ft7 The conarfnertiiip hereWlor existing between the aubacrihert, under th tirm of W. W. U A. Ciroethceck, ii tint dny tlittolved by nm, - tualconnut. 18ih May. 1818. WM. W. GKOESBEECK, ABM. GROESBEECK. myl91w BANK OF UT1CA. - . rtr - A tesai - suinaal dividend ol Ftm mnd ttu hay per cent upon the capital dock of tha Bank, nas Deen aeciarou, payaow too isi di nvoe sim Stockholder residing in uve city aad if vtcint ly, con receive their dividends at tha Mechanic' Bank - may i n UA'IOS ISSUHASCE COMPASY, Office No. 66 Wall - ttreeL rxT" Will receive applications for marine risk, and for Insurance on lives, annuities, tic. be tween tbe hour of 10 A. M. and 3 P. M. daily. SAMUEL A. LAWIIKIMCK, president. WM. J. VAN W AO EN EN, secretary. uraxcToai. John Ootbout Jame Boorman Isaac G. Peartoo, jr. Henry Major Henry Thome John Richand ' Char 1m Rhmd James Rsowtck ' P. be lie rut er horn, Jmy John Joor ' Josrph Smith ; ": Jam Strong my 19 Ita' 8amuel A. Lawrence Charlst Kiog . Robert Benton, jun. Jama Boyd, Juo. ;, Balthazar P. Mehcll THE ALBINO 0C Pretenl bi complionents to the LadUa aadGeotlemes) of New York, and Inform ttiem that be ba taken room at Washington Hall, where he will be tieppy to receive their visits, 9 A. M. to 3 P. M. and from 4 P. M. till 7. Tickets 60 ceats each, to be had at the bar. raySOlra ' Uj An Attorney at Law, who it u Jim io oa of the most respectable aud practical oEce ta thit city, and has beea some lime ia awclietv ' deeirou of fonniug a ootiuexiuo with a Counetl lor Apply at this office. may tO t VLD met. , . (tfy Yetlerday ailrreooa ticket No. KSOm a stnni now drawimr. m this rity.csme np a prise of fj0, beinsj the first a.'1. n,.mSr This ticket remained unsold at umi'I ii'H newly established Lottery aad Ex change Oflice, HO Broadway, and might bs beea pen hated, bad application been made tiiert a sew miasfe before the drawing cotamre) - ced : a pretage of what is to follow.. Advent - '. rer are advised to make early apphcatioa to tho abov ct&ct. to provide tbemtelve with tickets or share previous to lb aettdav't drawing, aa - it it possible tliet Uie firtt draws aamber, wbick will be entitled to XJOUO, will remain oasoUJ at said cQice, aolcs par chased previoas to that - my tO 8t American Aemdcm of the line Jirt. THE Hoard c4 Directors give notice, that tho fourth Exldbitioa of tint Academy, is this day otiened. and will continue open every day Sunday excepteo; irom 8 ia tn morning uu dusk. AdiaitUacs 15 rents. Catalocaes It 1 - t. By order, A EX. R0BER1 SON, See'ry. Members anc. Eahibitins Art) sit are inform ed, that their card of eduiistioa are kft with the door - keeper. , - - - say tv , INDIA sCGAK fc HY?ON TEA 100 bags White Ctlonrta Sugars, ami 23 heMfrii l!vv.n Tea, said to be very superior, wi. are rnUtled U debuiuirr. aoa j.nuW &o.loHuro. VBurling, and - oTMl. la. et a. ' - 77 Washington - street msy 13 . , - ; ?i i' :, - I - I r r J! 1 - ' . ( Ir . , - 1 v.l V ' i ' r' i . ' ' i - i ' . i . ! ! , 't i Si. '. - i'i ' t . - A Ml - hi,' 1: i . f - i .r h i'.'i Vr

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