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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Thursday, May 21, 1818
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1 r. i i - .1 - I i . 7 . ID ' . Farther extracts from Loudon ami GUow pa pen. rciv4 t tix oic of the' Nw - York Erwtaf Tot. - - LONDON, April 8.' iTj - irWwiwy FroX Wednesday o'ooigbt lir coucoutse of lashiooaliUt assembled at Marten, tb beaaliful t of the arl of Chr)c - aoat, near Dublin, to witness a wonderful feat cT activity, performed by baroa Otset, of the lCih Lancer. One btvn ared stone were placed . at a yard apart, ted at on xtreaiity there era wuh blood sbU trioiming ; body richly Sd uanm. iMtUtS&t orniaenled he was to ttae to eacnsraiue, uiamouoi, mneut. ad dron it into aad di - Biount twe houdred timet. Anhor wu lhaUaer;iea,butlheU5Mperlbraiea,wiUi ease, in (orty - fiv niinute. Front the apparent raat of Uaiuiiig of the rider'and bit et.4 beta war considerably in savor of time for neither the vigor nor pliabdity ofthaeoe, (afterward to caiarndy oowjuoiw,) nor the fleetntss and lteaifciefs of the other, were at irt perceptible. ' But When, kflsf a Csw lures, the baron diunouat - v ' ad fcr lb purpose of terettang hi tar ssittAii " tad, whd the boo stood quietly waiting hie anaster's will,nany.pdJs were offered on them. The lord lieateoaul and hii aaiiable aad lovely count wr present, and at the conclusion, her acNacy browned the herculean baroa with chaitet oTvergreen. II wore, on the w occasion, a beautiful yellow Uk jacket, and lilac . bead - drns, tastefully arranged, light net paohv - , toons, on boot and cue spur. An elegant cold coUatioa tu prepared by lord and lady Charle - aaoat i Fro tht Glasgow Chronicle, April I THE ROYAL NUPTIALS., . Marriagt ef the prwttt EUtabtOi and the fruwttf JeuHomlKrg. lutlSif evening in ' ' ' znarruir of her royal bigbnoss Lb princess Eli zabeth (third daughter of their majesties) with Philip Augustus t rcuericK, tn arditary prince of Hum HomDerf,' too piaca at in queen's peJac. Ever nine the hit redaction of bit ' reo biuMow to her royal bi;bneai about two ran aro, a corretiKwdenc ha been kept op, ' i'be ajkiabU and aodearuiy quaUtie of hrr royal bijrhnw ar well known. The aolcawiaatioo of the noptiaU having been finally agreed opon - card of invitation Weriisiued between two and - 1 lbr waeki tinea to the foreign ambajeadoM and aainutisri, will Lbeir uaiei t the lord chancellor, aod rabint minitUrt, with their ladiw i the : lput Mr! manbal of f land j tha great ora - : ri of 'ar, with thoe o( the boneehold of the aciBg and queen, ana or in tvinaior artablifh - auat; Mm luite of too royal duke aud duch - : eww r thalord chief JottJc of the court of kio;' wscli, With pAhdiitiOfuiibed character who wer to ptrionn and aautt at tha aolamniiation of u bmutUj crDVny. A great prof u turn o weaoirtg caae no tteen prepattiig lor mv - tJ weak pt by Mr. Barker, th queen con - . iootloiwfv which war moat liberally diitribtited " to 4ha dinerantroyal aatabliahaMaUia the cnur? ' or yecOeraaT at well u in tn rning to th , company avho wre honoored with being Invited to b precMt; and which liberally zteodU to th. attendant! and other. It va handionialy endowd In two whit papers, xaled op. Th rpleclid ealoon in to queo'i palace, which i contiiered on of th largaet and belt proportioned reomi in London, wa tha place deter - mined on for th eoUmnizaUon of the marriage cerwnoot. An altar wa ordered to b fitted an under th maenificant thron which mi erect. IX tacr as th qneon1! thron, for th puqos 1 of recolvUir th addrenu onon the n,arpi(. nf th(irincaCharlolt andlh duchw of Ulou - cwlnr. The whole wa covered with criuiton vafeet, ornauiaoted with gold lace, from the Ctepel Royal, St. Jamrt'i Palace, nod Wbita - na. napei, witn the cuihion and ttooli. i'he gl communion pint wai from both cliapeli j nad combined together wai one or the met splendid exhibition that ever wai diiplayed upon any timilar oecaiioo j part of it it verv an - cent, havUig belonged to king William, there - T lnn' rwnaraaoiy larg talvn, ordihiiat TicnTy C!.".5"ftJ; of them rejprtcntiug our fLord't Lut Supper with hit DiKiplet, up - .fpropriat ana emuiematical device in th com - rpartmentt. Tber were two immensely large t uagon irom in wnapej iioyai beautifully chat - 0, and a number of ewer. Altoteveralchalicei, or cv( of tolid gold. Each corner bad moat upcrbly gilt tripodt for ii candle. Hi aeren highn' tail cou tilted of baro 0aghtn, baron de Gerniug, haron d Krane, aud lord Stewart. Th company began tn arrive at quarter bafor seven o'clock, and had all aambledbior tight. 1 he queen took her station in a most splendid chair of state to the left of the altar, prepared for her recentioo. The different branch! of th royal family took their , fiaiion nccoruiog io uwir rauv. I n archill, ho; of Canterbury and th bhhoo of London anuear - d at th altar, th Utter attending as bUli ef in aiocete anu twin m the cnapel royal. Krery thing beiog properly arranged for the ceremonv tocotnmenc, th lord chamberlain retired and introduced his serene highn th prince tf Hat HomUrr, between th duke of Clarence and Dent tut serene highness was attended to the BJtar by baron O'Naghten, baroa de Ciernin?, anu paron firan.. tut seren manners wis dressed in his geoeral'i uniform, and wore sever - al of hi orders, grand crosses, fee. having ten in the whole. The lord chamberkun retired again, and introduced her royal highness the princess Elisabeth, who was conducted to lh altar by th duke of Clarence and Kent ! the duke ol York appeared to giv her away, the print r. cent not only being absent ia consequence of not , being quite recovered from the slight attack ol tn goat, oat would, it was uudertteod, not hare ba present at an events, owing to - a similar scene having been freah in his recollecton in the marriage of his beloved daughter, the prince's ' k r'r I AO., th. r - av.. ...... k - I ... i I the feoial attendants had the honour to kiss the bride's band. ' As soon as th ceremony had concluded, a signal was given from th palace la Serjeant Cltss, who had received orders from th board of ord - nance, to announce, by th discharge of fort j - oue cannon, th joyous arcnt j aod they wer accord - ingly discharged a few minutes after eight. The toner guas wr also discharged upon th occasion. ' . Aftr th crmooy bad roncluded, her majesty received th congratulations of all th distinguished chartrten present. Tha bride and bridegroom retired t and having Uken off their splcodid dresses, his serene highness appeared in a full ball dress, and her , royal highness io a whit satin pelits and a nun's vil. They, left the pafec soon after nine o'clock in ber royal highness' lanndalet and lour, lor the prince regent's cottag at Windsor. Tb duke of York handed his royal ter to her carriage. n - CfTlaX BHEUEB - The bUowing is a description of the rich and larant dress mad far th wedding of her royal . hjghnet th prince. F.litabelh. raiacKs Ki.iis.aKTH, IitT royef AigAneu' trtddwg drtn. A very rich and elegant aUverUuue, with two broad flounces of the mott beautiful Brussels powt wee, each flounce headed with rich netted r!rhel1 1 bi "J superbly trimm with Bruosels point, the sleeves tarufully looped tip With silver tassels : th robeofnrh sue, lind with wuiu satin, trimmed with Bras - mum ooraareu with silver netted shells to corrrooad with the dress, and f..ti .u. waist with a very brilliant dumotid clusp. Head Z!V,p!,?.5?um? 0,,rico feihers, with a oubuiiu ouaean or diamonds. Ortsr tfrrsses her svyai krftnru. - . wwle tn robe, snperbW , - - - - i - " . ",11 - , ni ricii ly trimmed wuh blood U. bodv f.illy trimmed ZrZZFZ1' .? compel ofvt bssn tac, worn Tr a Ttrv rich aDasket; newaeioriuwu., mndpick It op, ratun. to tlx. Imfet, I wbit tin drwt, tHbroulered withbeadj to cor - A wmrm rirtt hd. taliD UrML mitSVKiJ u ua - ned with iWuoce of Brweele point lace, beaded by a border of rich a tin loawe body aod tleevee compoeed of Bruweb hc, UUful!y ornamented with roe to correfpono. An lranl rich Am red whit wlk drew, with a troad dounc of blond tac headed with a full trimming to eorrpond ef net latin and biond I hod and lef v.ry ( uU, and handoely trinv ned with blond lac. ' ; An elegant rich itriped wMU aatin dreec, with two AVnucM of broad blood lac, each flounce with blood lac, A ru - T rich amber mtia drt, with a laperb border of broad blood lace, headed with an el - pat trimming of patent net and latin ; tloevrt AenpoeU o bioua lan ana nun tuii noay Vrichlr trimmed with blond lac, An alesant Diu aim Oreu. nctiw trunmeu ' ... . ..... round th train with blond lac ahell trimming, tatteluQr utend with bow of whit ribbon. headed with a rich flounce of blood bee I iltevce competed of blu ntm, aod Ttndykci of blond lac A rich gran nd whit ttriptd tat in drett, trim axed round the tram with an elegant trun ming compoeed of oet and aatin, richly edged with blond lac, and fattened with whit aatin rotat; tleevrt taittfully ornameated with a acol - lop ; tnmminr to tot rotpond, A oeauuiui ronton green aatin are, willt a vary rich trimming at tha bottom of nt and blond lac, tattcfully ornamented with rot of oioou lace ana nun ; very lull ileevet oi patent net ana oiona lscej top ol th arN ncnly trim med with blood lac to corrwpond. . Rich whit tatin wvtdinc pelitae, trimmed round with broad Mechlin lac, aod cape full inmmeu to correspond. RIUi whit tatin dret to wear under weddini pelirai'. with full ruff of mutlin lac to corres pond. ; A tunerb Hontton lac dru, Uutefully trim tid at the bottom with feitnoot of lac and bowt of ribbon, full tleevet. and cap of handiom tace, worn over a rica blu taun drM, with full inmmmp of net and rutin. Two very floe ' India mnxlin dreuei,' with Mechlin lac bodi. and flouncet of th nnt oeaatiiui Meriiia lacr. worn over tatin tliot. kit. .. t ' i ... Two flu India tprhrid book mndln dmM. with flouncM of Mechlin lac ; bodiea (ei mi wun aiecniin Joincy lac. A vary fin India lace itrin d mn.lin itM. r..ll .' I m. 1 - " ' mi iiuwani iui uauncei ol er Hna Vln. cienr,tiac, nedu with borden ol blu tatin i tulle body and (leave, rich!. 7 lr OX) India fOrUmd muilU drwaua. rim. uieu oanutomiiy wiu Mecnnn lac. A rich whit silk peliu, trimmed with beautiful blu and whit brocade trimmiW. with full frill and cuff of blond lac; a rich and lrzant wuuv niui uouuei. iname WiUI hliuul am. and handtom plume of fcathart. ta wmf - id, plitt. A rich Llac and whit itrloed mi!h n.lly. with French fcldinsj of whit tatin t Mr - hlin lacfrill. Fin India muslin peliM. trimmed with gant Mechlin lace, lined with lilac rannet. I our elerant aatin and tartnet mlH. r hindscmely trimmed with tatin and pliuh trim - mi"Br, miu nanatome lace ruffi. , . me. "eneymera dren, body and A O .... . "y" emwoidereu, and rich trimmingt of white ratin round the bottom ; frill of fin Valenciennes met, co!hr nd cuffj. ' r our Que colored cloth dresses, very elegantly embroidered, with verv handiom. lac CAllnr. An elegant white tomrljr trimmed with burden of blue and white Vlmm,usf' wl,n mudinlMe WU. A fliie India striped muilm morning drest.floun - ces of French Work, trimmed with Valenciennes , worn over a green satin slip. Four handsome boruVml mn.lin A med with Valenciennes lace. . Four haudaoina bordered mmlm.. inm mod with flue work aud lace. . . . Two decant cambric borderail ni;.. med with Valenciennes lace, bonnets, cails, 4c. to corresiwd. JtKllr.YQkK Erumxa posT. THUHPDAY, MAY II. Fraud and ptculalion.Th fact rather hinted at, than dicloitd in the following turn mary of Gen. Tallmadge'i speech on th sub - jct of th navy pension fund, seems to have passd among th current matter of th day with - r t writing that attention to which it is entitled, surely If on half th facts h. ventures, in to brief manner, to stale, orsugg,., b Irue, it is hih time the public mind should b roused to sceu of fraud and iniquity which has been long going on with impunity and without having a - wakened ercn enquiry. Tho navy pension its lid iroports.isa public fund prorided by law fordiwhlrj officers and teamen, and for their families in cas of their being killed in the tervic of their country ; a fund equally the dictate ol humanity and policv, and which onght to b held dear and sacred This fund arises chiefly from tb proceeds ol prizes mad on he high seas, the law havine en acted that one half th money that come into the diktrict courts, vii. th half to which the United State is entitled, shall b strictly appro priated to th constitution of this fund. Out w hear now stated by a member of congress in hi place, that the olficert of the court, that is, the marihalls, clerks, and attornitt, fur it must mean these, contrive by paying over to them tiieir share, to keep the captors quiet, and pre vent them from revealinj the secret of crn demnation, and thus the port destined to the charitable fund is kept lack and never fo's it way there. The clerks of tho different court - , whose duty it was made ty law, had omitted to make returns of the prortediu - s of lb Court?, and he, again, whos duty it was to tee that these officers made such returns, in order to eu - able him to mak hi annual report to congress, mean th secretary of th navy, had been equally negligent of th duty required of him. Gen. Tall madjs, in support of his representation, then states th cat of th Susannah. U appears, that this vsel was adjudged good prise to th frigate Constitution, and on half of tb proceeds, amounting to about $30,000, paid, without delay, over to tha captors. Th captors, of course, wer satisfied, and a to th other half, all wa silanL No Information was, given to th secretary of th nary of th con demnation of th pris i no return, wa made by me cierr. of the court, all was kept snug. Tb $30,000 found it way, w know not whera, w only know it wa not into the navy pension bund t But, by torn accident or other, information Was given to th clerk, of tb fund. who thrupon claimed th 30,000, but, after variotu delsyt, b was glad to erap'resuf This shameful eours of conduct baa boon long going eo, mscbecked it is time it was brought befotw tho public, and wo bop gen - 1 aiimaogv will pruvere with firmness and courag (ill he has developed tb who tccn of iuiquity, and laid It bar In all Us deformity. lUialctJ. That th secretary of th navy cans to be laid before this bouse, report of the state and condition of th navy pension fund, the source from Whence it arises Ut amounts, aod tb maimer in which it it collected specilviog th turns received yearly from each state, from aod afur tha 20th of June, 181 5 and, also, all th information m his possession, benencial to the said fund and in particular, that he slat the sum receiied from tb district coort of each state, th particular case from which they arise, and th slat of tb returns mad from each court tin names ol the persons, if any, in default the performance of their duties ia regard to tb said fund, or in making legal return thereof f and any proceediags bad thereon to enforce performance, and the nator and Urn of such proceedings." - Mr. I aumadg said, in ooenng wis resolution to th consideration of th house, it was a duty for him to state, that the present law required tha secretary rf th navy to report annually to this houso lb Stat of th navy pension fund. This had been don to far at a report ttntm; Ine amount of th fund, and th manner of its ia vttment hi Hoc k, and the names of the pensioners, which wa giving littl or no information. Mr. T. taid be bad this session made an ineffectual ud savor to obtain a pension for the widow and infant child of capt. Lawrence. Ha could not. because of th ttat of tha navy fund: be bad searched into that fund ; ho was happy to say the clerk (Mr. Horn am) had riven him every aid. The state of his health had prevented bun from completing the search, and commuoi, eating to this boor Uw result at an earlier day H wa now compelled to say, tha fund was in a bad situation, sod it appeared to be most shamefully neghctcd, if not abused. Mr. T. taid, the fund aros principally from tho on half part of th prize causes ; that the money from prises cam into th srral district courts ; that tin otficer of tha court had kept tb captors qnist by paying over to them their on half : while th charitabl fund belooging to th navy peanonerf, had, as appeared by the absence of all account, been fund not paid over, u not squandered, aad b feared frequent frauds liad been practised. . H (aid, b was informed at th office, that th cUrks of th dis trict courts of tb different ttatet had neglected to mak th return as required by law. They bad paid over money ia soma instances, as if to quiet public enquiry. 1 bat, to remedy thn defalcation, a law was passed in April, 1810, requiring returns from th clerks, and making it th duty of tb judzet to do what they were be fore bound to do to attend to th conduct of th clerks appointed by themselves and the law also enjoined the district attornies t prosecute in case oi ueiauit oi in clerics to make returns and payment. . Mr. T. id h was informed there bad not been a sing Io return mad in conformity to th law, and but vary few of th courts bad mad any payments. Th books ol th navv department, in this respect, wer all in disorder ansl confusion, and gav him no satisfactory in - lormauoo or in state ot the pension fund and must aiwayt be and conbnu in that situation, until proper returns and accounts were enforced. Mr. T. then went into an examination of se veral cases where there appeared good reason to believe there had been irreat defaults.1 if not great Irauds. Amongst the cases aneh - tioned, the Susannah was one, it appeared the vessel was a prize to the Constitution: that the captors had received sn 1815, about gW.OOO for Unir um blf, that no inturnU tion was eiven to the navv fund of the ; and after a loiuj time the clerk of the navy lumineard orthe prise, and claimed the proceeds, and after various defojs he had obtained about 22,000 dollars. The balanec detained under the name nf neutral claim i ( ajenuine claim) taking it wholly fron) the Pension Fund. Mr. T said it was timejtliis house wve their aiteutitm to this subject If the judges of the courts, who annoint Ilirir clerks, bad been inattentive to the performance of their duties, they retired the attention of this house; if the district attornies had been inattentive to these defaults, and bad not prosecuted as required by law, they required the censure of the executive, iftht commissioners of the Pension Fund had been inattentive, ami had allowed this fund to be the subi jet ol! abuse, and the book to stand onen in confu sion, from the want of proper returns, without! apprising the executive of these abuses, witlj a view to their correctinn, then mostcertuiiilyfl they were in fault. Mr. T. said the evils cei - jj laimy required a remedy there was wronu somewhere ; the record of the navy fund eoii nrmeu the dissatisfaction ; and lie hoped th nouse would be willing to attend to the ubt ject, and pas the resolution now submitted. the revolution was agreed to. i Mr. - Philipps benefit, last evening, ni the third he has bad, produced upwards of $1900, A degree of patronage altogether unexampled in this country. From tin Baltimore Ttleeravlt. Dtmnnxu Tho poem from the ueu of A lexis (.uttRphieve, the HiLviau consul, written in Uie Uigbth lauguae, u, as we have tlrtadv ves tured to douomiuato it, a curiosity the poem i iu blank verse, aud it is entitled Demetrius em bracing a very interesting period ol Ru!tiaa history. The oulhor has favored us with a pirual ol bis work in manuscript, and we b - . - e no doubt that Die reader will find his attention rcU rewarded. The peculiar and felicitous a - , pi atioo of the characters and c ircumstances to th.a ol modern times, bas so far deceived some grblle - oien to whom the manuscript has been submitted for perusal, as to make thtm U lieveit was all a work of f:mcy. But Uiey will l.e surprint d slill mare to learn Uiat the great outline, the brw.d facU related in this story are matters of hard, unacconunid;t(iog, unj ieldiug bulory. The author has diawn bis characters wi;h so much force and precision ; be has so happily availed himself nf the cirrumsLmccs pre - euti - d in tb hi' - tory uf Ruviri, and has modernized them with somwli fidelity, that we meet with Aleijtodir and tuonaparte und. r names. Vsi lanuiiarly aoiuaiuted with all the character, al though we have forgotten their christian nasac. We do believe that the au'lior while he wa en ajed in this poem, was hiuuelfiusensibleof this transformation : writing under the impulse of all the strong and iudignant passions excited by Buonaparte's irruption into Moscow, and 'having chosen an analogous passage from Russiwi histo ry, be bas modernized the characters and enli - meuls, without being aware of the fact. We sincerely hop that lbs author wUl receive a libe ral encouragement, and we have no doubt that this encouragement will be amply rewarded. From h Montreal Courant of Ma 2. ' Fatal octtfrnt On the SOU) ioitaat, at the mill of Touaaint Potbier, ess. on the river Mas - kinnnga, two man ia his service, Gcorz Carllou and Gorg Rale, passed over the bridge hrtVire th null, in order to proceed from the othe bank of tb river, to fetch a cable from above the mill dam, which it at a small ifelanc about the bridg : instead of returning by th way, trssy embarked ia a bac or scow to crow th rtv - r. They wer io littl txqnaintod with tb proper mod of navigating it, that, oa ou aide, th so rowed at th beaX while on th ather side, tb Bther rowd at th tttra, sp that th bac a fi of aJvancinr, only turned round tndlUire of thear.olywt at mt toore .than aa idle fcur !;,rtsisirot,2thatlh - ' KVswelr - tiken in th chut, which it red by the mdl dam whr th water runs T T L '. ...Mif. ud falls (root a farzbt j about SO fct, dashinf on a taping bottom Urg rocks placod thr to proveut th i Oam do - ,nr UBdermis J. , Charlton was happily saved, having been thrown beyond lb reach of th cataract, and having afterwards got bold of on ol th piers of th bridg from which be was token. Role found himself so situated at th loot of the dam that for me minutes be was seen on his r.,k(in? th Jorc of tho wator which was failing on him, and which al last terminated his neioreauv Bssisiancn wuiu u. nofortunat vounsr man wat a native td Ha wrul ia tb thir of Roxborough ia Scotlar d, and by trad a millwright bis abilities at a workman, together with his regular conduct and rood bebavmr bad gaintd him, not oniy. me es - ini. oui in enur coimuoi m . ivmnn He has left a wife to whom be was married about six months ago, and who was present at tue mournful end of hr husband. I'OUCIIKEEPSIE. May 10, EUelion .Vstrs. It hat for tome dayt past been supposed ihat Mr. Crosby was elected Senator in this District A report from West cheater is just received, however, which states M I LlBiwinnltftita minrit an thiht rnubfv m rising 130, instead of 50 a had been previou'ly supposed. II this report is true, Mr. iseiautou tmrnia is orobabir e'ected r - . . 1 - . ... r, - , .1 I r f tatrai Mmberty cengress oiias tvooooi Ijoae - Island : Uoi. Ktreet ot Doubts ; jawti Stmnt of Columbia John D. Dickinson of Kens - n . . . ., n a r .11 t:mer;ben. BOiomi a v nrnssincr oi niunuj and Mr. Btorr of Oneida, all federalitlt, have been elected representative to the next Congress. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. Office of the Freeman's Journal, ) Philadelphia, May SO. $ Arrived, brig Manufactor, Warner, 86 days fromNewry. Lat. 4 1, longitude 37, spoke .bin Eliza Ann, of N Yolk, 6 days from Haiti more for Liverpool. Ship Reaper, Yorke, pool. 15 days f.tjm Liver. Brig Hannah & Kebejca, 15 dayt from N uneant I Sch Olive Branch, Grsi from .V. York. ch Messenger, Hall, dence. 5 days from Prov Below, brig Apollo.froij London, and a bri supposed the Hazard, froh Greenock. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. Office of th Bjltimor Patriot, ) May llnoon. Arrived, seh Perry, Tstor, 18 day from St. I nomas. Urig ucean, Muon, ol Boston, sail, ed same day for the titrethts. Spoke May i, sen r.nterprize, tram Cbtinc tor Porto Ki co, out SI days. IJtli, otaJape Henry, spok ship Mdo, of Boston, di not learn where bound. Sell Fame, Farringtoi.Jfrom Salem. Bode out the storm of Saturcaj at Annapolis. Sch Post Boy, Brit ting am, fi - om Boston. ch Hope & SallyiAnii, from Boston. Steam - Boat Hotel, leadijg News Room, Norfolk, May 18 9'clock A. M. Arrived, shin WjlliamJltall. (of Baltimore) 30 days from N Orleans, bjund to Bremen put in leaxy. The W left tie Balie on the 12tli April, but the capt. caitot say where or when He sprung aleak he lays also that be spoke a sen. out cannot ecu ler name, where bound, the time, or any tiling else. binp Hazard, ura&tree, r0f Portland.) 46 uays irom uers:. raatenger in the cabin, Mrs Leyne and f.mily, sir l'8rreney and family, Mr and Mrs Dowas and family, Mr Cronan, Mr Martin, Mr. Cox, and 19 in the ateeraee. Spoke, 9th inst lat 89 46, km 6 1, sch , Cordon. 72 hours out from Portland, hound in uu.uaiuupc. Brig Elizabeth, Collagan, 48 days from Hot, terdam. Left, ijrig George Little, Soutliwick of and for Boston, to sail next day. gpoke. Apvji zju, lat W 30, lung 52 47, ship Tele - graph, from Philadelphia, bound to Liverpool OVJ W oays. ech Caiumbia, Appleihwaite, 12 days from St Croix. Left a brig for N Haven, arid a sch tjhr K Island, to sail in 3 or 4 days. British sloop Juliana, Stowe. 15 day from urks Island. Sailed in co. with a Urge brig tm H.spaniola bound to Philadelphia also, a umber of other northern vessels, names of Inch he did not know. The J. was bound to 'hiLulelphia, but eipeciemin? a aevere srale fcnthe 12th inst in lat 34, was compelled to ay oo 18 hours, Uurine which time had her cuain piaie C irrieo away and sustained some other damage thought it most prudent to put in uere. British brig Shamrock, Marcher. St. Kitts, i8 days Encountered a severe thunder storm otf the Capes, on Wednesday evening last, " riiam , a seaman, who sailed from this port in the brig Woodland Castle, was struck dead by lightning, and every other i. u iaisi' t person on ooaru leit its enects more or less, Sch Ghent, Bissell, St. Johns, Porto Hiao. Market Island produce high t American tow, no sale, ich Tell - Tale, Churchward. N York. Sloop Fair American, Reynolds, from N Haven, via N York, 48 hour, from the latter. On Thursday night last, lat 38, in 13 fathoms wa ter, lost ber main boom, carried away in squall. Aloop Sisters, Winant, from N Yolk - The V. S. schr. Nonsuch, lieut. Claxton. which proceeded for Annapolis on Thursday last to take the President on board, put back on Friday, having snruuir her foremast The sch Hornet went up in her stead on Saturday. sen cornet, owame, oi uaitiroore, lor Havana, having repaired damages, Will sail to - day. hng lien 1'ite, ureddilord. 4 days from Amsterdam. Tobacco, and tobacco items. had not been so high in price at Amsterdam tor the last twenty 3 ears as uhen the Gen. P ailed During a storm which took place off tie Texel between the 21st Feb. and 2d March, four American vessels were lost off the Haacks one, a brig belonging to Richmond, Va the captain ana two ol the crew saved 1 another brig belonging to the owners of the Ohio, ol M lork, the captain (Johnston) and 3 oftlie crew saved themselves in the long boat $ Mup belonging to Uoston, with a cargo of . 1 1 . n - ..A ,1.. I T ..uivuii nu , ,..(, .aiiain iiu cacw ana part of the ergo aved i and a small brig belonging to Plymouth, Mass. the captain and crew only saved In Hampton Roads, shin Romulus. Peter. om London and 4 J davs from Ramsirate. The ship Averick, Manlove, ol Petersburg, with a - ooui ouicrs, ciueny west Indiamen. which had sus sined damage in and about Ramsgate, nau gone up so sxinuon (some ol them towed up by steam boats) to repair: all either dis masted or 1. early filled with water from having mc.r iiciii. uiu iicros siove m oy being run foul of. Paased in cross ng the Grand Banks several enormous Ulands of ice, of an uncom mon height and extent, the extremities of some of them could not be perceived ;be island, extended to the aouth ward a far as lat 42. r - poke, 14th inst in lat S8, long 73, sch. Aurora, (probab.y Avon) from N York bound to Corunna, out 48 hours. CspL Apple baite, wlio arrived on Saturday in the tcli Columbia from St. Croix, state that a report was prevalent when he left thrr of a British fleet of 29 sail having be. n seen off awuan, rorw usco, their object being, it was conjectured to take possewam of the island at security Hr service, rndtred by Great Britain during the war between France and the fcnacr. Some; however, treated the coriec - ... . 1 r 4 Oa lb lth May, afur a severe illness, in th 40th year of his age, th Reverend Doctor John Stkmemmtu processor of pastoral theology and ocietiasti cai history in th theological college at new - ttrvinswick, Hew - Jersey, aud formerly on ol lb Ki 'milters of th Kdbrmed Dutch I hurch in thib city. The death of this excellent aud amia lo man hat excited universal grief. By bis decease, in th prime of lifr, th institution has hwt an acceptable teacher ; bis family ana rela - V ves ar bereaved of their brightest ornament ; and a numerous train of mends very deeply as - fltcted. Tb fruitful trees, the lofty cedars fall, Wbil shrubs and thorus Incumber still the ground. Mysterious arc the paths of Providence ! But wis and faithful all th way of God. KfEMMi POST MARINE LIST. CLEARED, Brig Trident, Thompson, Oporto, Joseph Osborn. Henry, Jenkins, Capede Verds, F. Jenkins (t Son. Mary, Mc leao, . Jamaica. Schr. Bright fhcebus, Smith, C orrituck I'resident. Bedell, Currituck - Sloop Factor, Phillip, Huntress, Bceclier, Washington, Nye, : Olive Branch, Bollct, JefTerson, Smith, Itovcr, Parks, Comet, Cottle, Amelia, bturdevant; Budget, Cillett, Diglitno New Hareo Falmouth (Mass.) Rochester Portland Philadelphia , Baltimore , , , Rochester Savannah T. Barron. BELOW, Ship Thomat - Scattcrgood, Waterman, of Phi ladeh hia, 10 days Irom Canton. Ship West - Point, 36 days from Belfast, to J & W tterhng It Co. 38 passenger. British tliiP Dalmamock, RoborUon, from L.ith. to T Sar'ent. . 4b Dauengors. Ship Lorenzo, 57 days from Liverpool, to Fish k (innnel. Brig Fair - American, 27 days from Bordeaux, to Brown ti Porter, of Philadelphia Brig Jason, SO dayt from Porto - Rico, to Hyer, tremui rs Co. Schr Harmony, 20 day from St. Barta. And t brigs, unknown. The ship Abigail, has arrived at Boston, in 28 iitji sram urvcrpooi. ARRIVED IAST EVENING, Ship General Hamilton. Fellows, from Havre, last from Cowes, 44 days, with drygoods, He to o nwe, r varet ana son, r ixnger, a 010 vc KHUuemare, Larue, Palmer 4lCo De Rham Delewert. J B Marie. Le Rov. Bavard Si Co C Holmes, G V Hersan. C M Sifflet, Peltier and Morell.J JLabouiste, J Gouin, H Colombel, PureleL Mantin. Robartt Co. T VaUnelle. Viel, Richards, Taylor Ac Wilder, J Gaillard, D C 111. . - . ' r f 1 .. . ,r .f r arruunu at, iu Kj uaroH - r, u I sveiuie, valine, A Le'eivre,' L Salle, L Goudain. J B Durand, B Uesobry, Stone k Todd, D L Dodge, Cairns it Rhodes, Vie & Co F V Riviere, F Depeau, C'urceir, Ravesies St Co Dessommes t Bouquet, r i.nfgaray, r M Sheldon u Uo Uurtii & uamb, D G Gillie. H Gatselt & Co Jones k Meerath, C II Lannuir, Frichot ft l.achaise, C King, and to order. Passengers, Mr. and Mrt. Miller, .Messrs. Oelaman. Chard. Chisnin. Reynolds. E Ganty, and 13 in the steerage, W BriEgs, late of in nng r ranees, 01 Portland, lost on the coast of England ; th captain, Roach, and four men drowned, and 4 aavrd. Spoke, May 12, ship Washington, or a similar name. 10 day from Charleston for Greenock. 13th, spok brig miiiajg, v uav irom Charleston lor uordeaux, Off Egg Harbour, spoke ship William. atiip William & Jane. Miller. 84 davs from Amsterdam, with gin, cheese, dry good, silks, &c. to 11 A ti J G Coster, owners. Scriba and Graves, i W Schmidt & Co. J Sparrs, and the captain. Ship Montesquieu, sailed 7 days be. fore for Isle of France 1 brig Texel, for Boston 1 ship Helvetius. for Canton, sailed in co. Celt in the Texel, ship Medrbrd, Myers, tor III. I . , I I " ,.. . r f fc, - r 1 i iiiuiicijiui rcauy snip unon, lur n sora, in 15 days ship Patterson, of Providence, fur Batavia in 15 1 ship Zenopbon, Lord, undergo ing repair ship Potomac, for Batavia, in 10 or 15 ship Pactolus, from Batavia, discharge inr. The brig Ohio, for N York, sailed 16 days before. April 15, off Camperdown, spoke ship Integrity, KIderkin, 155 days from Can ton for Amsterdam. Brig Sea - Island, Wheeler, 13 days from Ha van a, with molasses, hides, segars, fruit, &c. to Strong & Havens. Capt. W. reports the bri. viarv, Brewster, to hare failed the 6th inst. and the schr. Zealous, the 7th, both for New - York, Port of Havana very healthy, and market dull. On th IZihinst. wa boarded by th Buenos Ayrean government sloop of war Independence - 01 the - south, under command of ueut. col. J. a Gnmaldi, waiting for the Spanish fleet, which ot under way the day we came out, Bosioa, May 18. Arrived, British brig Prince Cobourr, Hutchinson, 31 day from Cork. Left, ship Swanwick, of Philad. and brig Adam, Adam, for Boston or NewiorK. The Prince Cobounr was bound to Quebec, and was to land 95 passengers at Halifax on wnicn port 13th inst. the passengers took possession or the brie - , drove the officers below, threaten, ed to throw them overboard if they made any resistance, and brought the brig into this port. BOSTON. May !. Arrived, brig Sarah Ma ria, Cole, 18 days Irons Havana, fcpoke, 16th inst. lat 40, long 69, ship Achillea, 69 days from linttol Tor Philadelphia. Bru: Texel. Thaxter. 33 davt from A miter dam. Knalisb ship Hamilton, Baxter. 37 days from Liverpool. Left. 10th April, the ship Washing, ton, Killeran, from N York, disc. Spoke,Apnl 12th, lat 51, long 8, ship Olive, Ellsworth, 45 aays irom a I or a lor Liverpool. Richmond, May 15. Arrived sch Sea Lion, Butler, from New - York. Sch Hazard, Hall, from Boston. Sloop Henry, Hand, from N York. Cleared, sloop AtLntic, Woglam, NYork, THEATKE. Oo Friday evening, May ti, will be presented, THE IN.N - KfcEPER's DAUGHTER. M one ion, Mr. Robertson Harrop, . , Pritchard Richard, Hilsoo A Iter which, LITTLE RUD RIDING HOOD, OR. A VISIT TO ail ChASDMOTIIK.. Luhin, Mr. Parker little Red Riding Hood, Mrs. Parker U u.:,l I. J I 1 ii. , . r . I 1 v truuu win ue aauru. uie niriu urasn 01 sue FALLS OF CLYDE. Kenmure, Mr. Pritchard LllenEoneld, Mr. rne l'eriorojanoe to commeac at a oaarter past tejven o'clock. (tr MRS. LkFLV HE'S Aradtnivlorioune Ladies, is removed to No. 14 Franklio - itreet. my 11 tw trJOslAH HEDDtiV AibToev and Counsel ler at law, baa 1 petted hit oihee at No. 23 ranaion - tireru my ti iw DEAF and DUMB. Crr Th election for Director of the New - York loititation, lor the initroctii of the) Deaf and Dumb, will take plac oa Friday next, at o'( lock, P. M. at the Institution. No. Chat ham - street. JOHN B. SCOTT. 8ecrv. Kftl It SPLENDID CUT OLAJseS - lVA&E . AT AVCTIOST. ftJ - Will be sold, tiimorrow. al tha Loca - Rooot. No. 233 Hr.iadwav. the matt anlradiS collecUoaof RICH and ELEGANT GLASS WARE ever oflLrad lor (ale iu this citv. Cat. logue erenow ready, aod the room open, fbrex - aminatiua of the goods. Sale to commence at iu o'clock precisely. ixvAUa ruaui s v - c. ytl 137 Water - street. ELEGANT FURSTTURE AtfAUCTIOw 1 On W ednttdaf, nth ntt. ' ptT At 10 o'clock, at the Ware Room of CharUl Christian, Stt Fultoo street, who is with drawinc front the Cabinet business, an le.n, assortuTent of CABINET FUKMfL'RE. th. whole of which will be warranted by Mr. Chris, tian the same at if told by hituut privatn sale Tlie lease ol the ahov ireoiiset for sale or to n.yaidU AT AUCTION. BY S. PAXTO.V & CO. O - morrow at 10 o'clock, on the svjra. nouse stoop, juo Miltbrdsnd Oa. Lottery Tick rU, in lots to suit purchasers All sums over $200, approved notes at 50 dav. n.y21 , 3 NO! ICkT fj - T The Rising Sun SaU Boats, Noapariel. aad lodustry, fiom the Lhzabeth town Poii.t. for iMijw.York, sails Irom Marketueld - ttrtct, (where the bteam - boat Atalauta lormerly came to ) at 10 o'clock, ol each day. Pataag 12 i. ceni, Lnquiie at the Steam - boat HottdL of VANDEKPOOLii I'HILLirs my 51 If ' FlitAGUTfitr UMRLtXJOJfT 2j0 tons heavy freight. Apply in' ANSON G. PHELPS, : 133 Front - street. my SI ForHAFRK, The ship ADONIS, capt. CbampUn , having been delayed loading bv th. lut,! storm, will not sail until Sunday next Sii can yot accommodate 2 or 3 more passengers, aad can take freielit of SO or 100 bales cothvi ioodt of equal bulk. For which, apply on board, at Jooes1 wharf, to - POTT & M'KINNE, or my 21, - GRISWQLDSfeCOATEgj , er. Fur HA PANA, . T,,e ,oor GEORGE WASHINC. AaaTON, Capt. BathofT, to sail on the 24th aiidwill uke freiglit on moderate terms, if offered immediately. Apply on board. 0nne, site 44 South - street, or to may 21 COODHUB k ca For SA FANNAU, The packet schr ARIADNE. PsndU. ton, master ; will clear out this dav. ami sail krst opportunity t can take some morh - eihl, aod accomniadate a few more passengers, if &. plication b mad immediately on board, at Pine - trett wharf, or at 68 Soulh - st. i my 21 GR1SWOLD8&COATES. COTTON Y A RN . lOUOIb Colion ) am twist and filling, from No. 5 to 9, for sale by the COMMISSION COMPANY, my 21 D&C 148 Pearl - street STRI PES PLAI OS - 30 cases domestic stripes and plaids, making an elegant assortment, for tale low, by the COMMISSION COMPANY, my 21 PIC 148 rearl - street ' RUM it OLD COPPER,. 3 punt, high proof and fine flavored Jamaica ft am, and 2j00ib old Copper, for tale by TUCKER Si LAURIES. my2l 29 Sooth street.' - i OLASSES, kl'GAK, ic 60 blidi. M6 - 4.VA lasses . . . 1 bhds. Antigua Rum ' 5 do choice Antigua Sugar ' " 6 do 2d quality Coha do. for sale by GOODHUE ti CO. my 21 44 South - street. (JALTPETRE. 50 keg refined Saltpetre, O landing fmm ship William, from London, for aleatUtC. H. Slip, by my 21 " D. BETHUNE k CO. SNA BURGS, BAGGING, tic. he. 30 bale best Strelitz Osnahure 500 piece heavy Cotton Bagging 3 - t Dales ao ao ao 4 boxes Rusaia Sheetings . , 3 do Platillas landing from brig Jean, from Dundee, for tale by D. BETHUNE tt CO. ' my 21 92 C. 11. Slip. POPLINS. CLOTHS, tie.t trunks assorted Poplins j . . 9 case extra tuper London Cloth '' 3 do. (ingle abd double raill'd Cassimerei, received per late arrivals (roes London, for sal by ' DIV1E BETHUNE & CO. , my 21 ' 92 Cnffeo - hoe slip.' - ' CIOPPER BO I TOMS, arc 2000 It. Cop. ' per Bottoms, SO to 30 inches CO casks Wrought Nail, Eng. and Am. 6 bales Italian Paper. 7000 lbs. London Seine Twine, fcr sale by J CCBRA & CUMLNG, my 21 76 Pearl - street. C'OTTON 6 bales lauding from sloop Oil Branch, for sale by live UKISWUliUS S CUATES, my 21 68 South - street ARRIS' TOBACCO. 64 kegs Harris; JLJ Manufactured Toharco, of a p. Quality, landing from schr. Indian Hunter, for sale by N. fc D. TALCOTT, my SI 64 Boath - ctreet. PRIME UPLAND COTTON. 87 bales, landing at Peck - dip, for tale nt 67 Sonth - tt by CAMBRELENG ti PEARSON. my si . M ULL MULL MUSLINS. 10 pieces, sip. quality, just received and lor sale by PETER REM SEN k CC u. toy 21 26 South - street BIRMINGHAM b SHEFFIELD GOODS, ok coasioaatE.iT. THE subscriber bnveieceived by tha Here - les, and other Icte arrival, and oflcr for sal by th package, u casatoi rjirmingnam naro ware, consisting of mott ol the staple article ia the lint. 10 casks of files of every description 6 do of Kcoyon warranted hand, panne), tenant, sash," kc. taw 6 case of do. mill, pit and crosscut saw. ' ALSO, 10 tons bett London hoop L. blistered Steel, Crowley do. And a consignment of warranted Halback German Steel, direct from the manufactory of u c. Halback a son, oroi Kemscneia. - B. W.ROGERS It Co. my 1 1 235 Pearl - treet . HXW - TOBK BOTASIO OIDI. MICHAEL DEN.MSON, CURATOH. ' HIS establishment u situated at Rot His, near the juartioa of th filoomingdal aad Hwrlem Roads. It comprehends about flv arret of excellent land capable of the bignet improve ments. The proprietor of this beaotilul snot hat bias ed a lease of the land for the tens of thirty T,sr He bas (beside the enclosures, thrabbtry, aod other improvement) erected one of tlm JjS and most convenient green boose ia th United Slate. H solicits the riUzeru to rrorJse - his efforts to reader hit garden camplei ia every ( pectby a moderate antual Mihscnpucw. - H propose that eachcontribator of ve eol - lara ah - ill be entitled to recur tb valee m seeds, Ihwers, plant, fi sits, or any other pro - dace of the garden. By socfa a acceoda - tion to bins oo the part of the pabh, be wiD enabled lo procure the greatest variety of foreign and domestic vegetables, and to gratify theUst ana expectation oi nis menus. r ? tn ntr their name at ctv conrager of th design, are invited to call at the garden, wher the luUwt uiofmaaoa givn. my 21 1 , THE Minerva Circulating Ubrary and I Book and ataiiosanr it or. No. 265 Broadways oppusit th Museum, where may b bad ah new works, immediately on puom. - Classical and school book Miscellaneous and theological works . &tatiouary and blank books, of every desenp - tion A great variety of children's books ' Famdy, school and pockt Wbles, The book J mmon prayer in every variety of size ao binding, Watu' psalmi and bynus, Th wore" Dutch church psalms, iwignrs - r Rippcn's and Uaclsy'i selection, .c. , may SI

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