Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 18, 1944 · Page 10
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 10

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, February 18, 1944
Page 10
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Board Proceedings REGULAR JANUARY SESSION Jinutry 31, I9|« The Board of Supervisors o? Ce*o Gordo County. Iowa, met In regular session pursuant to adjournment. There was present Supervisor B. D. Bobbins chalrmin, ia lhe chair, and Supervisors v " . r »n d Henry HHihusen. Absent: None. Motion was made by Supervisor Hltz. h"»n. ""Kided b y Supervisor Steinberg JJ* f Mmpensiticn of extra help in ** various office* ot the courthouse be fixed at not to exceed W.OO per day. Motion carried without dissenting vote Htielmien Whereas, the eilate of Martin Johnnsen is indebted to Cerro Gordo Counly, Iowa, lor personal taxes assessed against Martin Johansen, deceased and jy h « e y. "ie said estate Is insolvent. Now Therefore be It resolved by J!\ e ,. B °? rd .ot Superiors of Cerro Gordo County. Iowa, that the satd de- APPBOPE1ATIO.S- OF COUNTY^BEVENUE TO THE linquent taxes be cancelled pursuant to authority of Section 12781.2, Code of Iowa. Motion was made by Supervisor Hitz!S J I n 'ii *"'"!?'* by Supervisor Stein- «5?i J w l « h S for *oi"B resolution be adopted. Motion carried, all members of the board voting aye. Besulutlaii Wheroas. Cerro Gordo County. Iowa, tftS K . £" ° f * Certificate o f Purchase at Tax Sale on Lot 4 Block S. East Park Place Addition lo Mason city. Iowa, on December 1. 1941. when the said lot was sold by the Treasurer wSlTM G .°v, rjo p° unl y. Iowa, and Whereas, the sale of the laid lot on December 1. 1341, was contrary to the provisions of Section 7244, Code o f . Iowa, and therefore void. Now Therefore, be it resolved by the Board of Supervisors of Cerro Gordo Counly. Iowa, that the County Auditor be directed to cancel the December 1. 1941 sale of the said lot an (he Register of Tax Safes together with ihe Certificate of Purchase at . Tax Sale issued thereunder. Motion was made by Supervisor Steinberg, seconded by Supervisor Hitzhusen that Ihe foregoing resolution be adopted. Motion carried, all members of the board voting aye. Resolution declared adopted this 3ist day of January, 1944. OFFICES OB DEPABTMENTS OF COUNTY COVKR.N'JIENT which b a s k l . r 8 on , , , c r e P ur P«« =" amounts set out in °fi "'. e TM r '° us c °TM«- officers or department heads flt! '" tn * oftic * 0( lr "» County Auditor, and which ** «"* Bokra to eacS SCHEDULE 'FUND ; Genera' ; !| H £ B Expende d 194 3 Expende d 194 3 -? 1 n ? 53 = *=! · ff? I · « s 8 I ' Bnlnnc o 1-1-1943 Receipts 194 2 Qaltmc c 1-1-J94 2 ^F^j*TMTM*}?TM to'*TM'*TM*TM* GcnmfFJXdl Court Expense school ;;';· State Insane County fnsane Slate Institution . . . School Library Fair Grounds Soldiers' Relief " " ' T. B. Eradication , Funding Bonds (Poor? ..... Domestic Animal ..; Teachers' Institute Sec. Road Construction ,.,, Sec. Road Maintenance 'Fine Fund Bangs Disease Eradication^ .!!!!" Co. fnsane Hosp. Construction.. Co. Insane Hosp. Bond Interest 24.438.00 26.000.00 55.000.00 40.000.00 5.500.00 6,030.00 10.000.00 12,000.00 60,000.00 6.000.00 200.00 57.320.00 114,900.00 1.000.00 1.000.00 9,000.00 22,531.74 27,924.78 23,082.25 30.160.06 2.479.03 £.002.97 6,287.62 7.24 80.-iei.19 i.031.14 141.96 18,346.16 112,201.73 10.303.95 535,76 8.564.79 16i.MI.-l9 22.107.11 39.S40.42 15,511.69 60.665.9fi 0,215.07 5.788.67 8.328.60 2S4.30 74.138.43 2,298.80 S8.CC =2,009.37 115,511.21 953.66 954. fjo 7.004.50 7.535.30 TOTAL ?6W,247.00 5*32,523.13 $716,611.32 1.X4I.1: ·Hf2.~i.l-J 19.701.S2 2,264.66 90.52 12.741.05 7,051.01 29.503.73 3.942.14 695.76 08,895.3! 13.653.35 2,16166 8.850.19 1.444.02 ?267,078.10 5124.101.68 103.753.32 . 24.758.2U 40.298.13 40.013.C2 3,235.34 6.009.23 11.970.22 6,009.66 50,014.03 2,957.26 200.00 53,541.30 108.237.19 9,000.00 none 8. 816.94 5134.000.00 147 764 69 25.000.00 2.G25.13 60,000.00 -10.013.62 5.500.00 C.059.T5 24,711.27 13.060.67 79.317.76 6,900.00 \896.76 152.436.61 121,890.54 11.I61.8C 8.850.19 10.360.SS 5105.581.89 164.179.n7 24.2-J1.18 27 ,-00.04 "3C, 460.67 61,115408 3.21S2.52 5.3?7.83 11.913.04 3,045.07 79,528.02 3,917.58 283.94 66,413.75 . 107,048.80 9,064.75 none 12.8IM.S5 16.683.24 6.634.90 1.4U5.6 1.481,17 115.60 7,114.83 4.013.18 30,430.90 5,616.30 554.78 51,427.72 18,800.28 9.401.06 0,385.95 none 1.953.52 5130,5-18.93 198523.25 27.57ii.S6 36,079.23 10.219.72 61.471.37 5,039.54 5,801.45 11.C28.91 151.55 73.096.54 3.705.97 284.94 92.284.02 100,087.25 13,225.04 91.30 0.00 8,435.45 S 16.717.40 none 1.223.45 5.02G 85 2.63u.70 102.82 3.814.52 4.155.9:t 31.476.79 4,209.13 328.50 11.753.07 25.230.24 10,129.08 10,253.25 6,998.50 1,023.37 Fund*'" 0 Fund - Traniier ° r 5W.161.B6 will be made from Fine Fund to School There beinfi no further business to come before the board, motion was made by Supervisor Henry Hitzhusen, secondfic bj- Supervisor E. R. Steinberg, that the board adjourn to meet'February 7, 1B44 R. p. ROBB1NS, Chairman Board of Supervisor^ Cerro Gordo County, Iowa. Attest: ARTHUR HARRIS, County Auditor., REGULAR JANUARY SESSION February 7, 1311 _.. SIXTH DAY The Board of Supervisors of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, met in regular , January session pursuant to adjournment. There was present Supervisor B. D. Bobbins, Chairman, In lhe- chair . and Supervisor E. R. Steinberg and Henry Hllzhusen. Absent: None. Minutes of last meeting read and approved. Resolution WHEREAS. S. D. Moore is indebted to Cerro Cordo · County, Iowa, for unpaid personal taxes assessed in Grant township for the years 1920. 1S22, 1923. 1925 and for the years 1829 to 1S35 inclusive, and for the years 1939 to 1943 inclusive in lhe aggregate sum without penalties of $163.05. and WHEREAS, it appears that the said taxes are not collectible in. -full and that they are not a lien against any real estate, and WHEREAS, the sum of 5127.13 has been offered In full and complete settlement of the said taxes, interest and penalties. NOW THEREFORE Be It Resolved ny. the Board of Supervisors of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, thsSnhe said sum of $127.13 be accepted in "full and complete compromise settlement of the said taxes, penalties and interest. Motion was made by Supervisor Hitzhusen, seconded by Supervisor Steinberg, that the foregoine resolution be S614.049.43 S331.127.53 " S713.2S3.78 SlS6.411.-i5 S793.327.62 SH3.028.67 11, .^"l" wa * TnBde , by Su PervlJOr Steinberg seconded by Supervisor Hilzhusen that the foregoing resolution be adopted. Motion carried, the vote thereon resulting as follows: Ayes. Supervisors Bobbins, Steinberg and Hitzhusen. NaVs none adopted. Motion senting vote. carried without dis Resolution declared adopted this 7th day of February. 1944. Board approved the reports of the following named officials: County auditor's report of Permanent School fund. . Steward, county home, December, 1943. , County engineer for months cember, 1943, and January. 1944. , . of De, , . . Keith Frantz. assistant county engineer. December. 1843, and January, 1944. J. E. Patchen. assistant county engineer, December, 1943, and January. 1944. . Vem A. Mettler, justice of peace. 4th quarter, 1343. Vem A. Mettler, justice of peace annual 1943. C. L, Loomer, constable, annual 1343. - B. J. Brown, justice of peace, 4th quarter 1943. H. V. Wilkinson, justice of peace, an- nusl 1943. Clerk of court, fees 41h quarter 1943. County engineer, highway report for Board approved the official bonds of C. C. Cornell. and Peter Floy, assessors Board approved the official bond of Margaret B. Cooper, deputy county su- ' . , perintendent of schools. The following claims against the County ivas approved and allowed: A. Runyan. R. f. D. No. 3, Mason Slty domestic animal claim 58.00. . , in the sum of - --^ -- -- - - . -- -.. *~.v,.._,» u an; w*ylVlK by the following named persons \vho are entitled to suspension of the said taxes under the provisions of Section «3«U. t-oae ot Iowa. 1939 NOW -THEREFORE, Bi^It Besolved of Cerro 1943 gen- by the 'board of suj Gordo County, Iowa, *ral laxcs, payable la 1944 assessed ·I'lnst the following described real estate and against personal property for the following named persons, be and ^"?, C ."^.t^L^"^ suspended Aitchison. Thomas B.. Lot 7 Block 3 Dickirson i Hays Addition (o Clear y kc - In name oi Thomas B. t Juanita M. Aitchison. Lois 1. 2. g. a and 10 Block 2 Kirtland Addition to Rockwell. Allen, Harvey Celesler. In name of H C. and Bessie Allen. Lot 5 Block 9 In «· E. Francisco's Second Addition to Mason City, Iowa. Allen. Jess B., in name of Buto A Allen, wife of Jesse B. Allen Lot 16 5J. 0ck i 1 paltvlew Addllion to Mason i-lty, Iowa. Anderson. Abraham P.. in name of A P. Anderson. Lol 18 Block 6 K. E. Francisco's 2nd Addition to Mason City Iowa Andrew. John A., in name ot Mrs! Jennie Andrews, 1/3 interest in Lots 3 H'-II" a ? d £ BIO:k w Kna !P' s 2nd Addition lo Thomlon. Iowa. Andrews. Mary E,, in name o! Libble E. Andrews, lhe Wesl 70 feel ot Lot 6 Block 23. College Addition to Mason City, Iowa. Angel;. Eva Eslcil, Lot 4 Block 33 Plat ot South Mason City. Iowa Axclscn, Chris, beginning al s E corner of Lot 21 in Richardson's Addition to Clear Lake. Iowa, thence North along easterly line of Lot 21, 1355 [ C el Ihcnce southwesterly 28 feet lo s W corner o[ Lol 21. thence. S. E. along soulh line of Lol 21. 32,5 feet lo be- Kinmng. Beginning 32.5 feet cast oi N ·n. corner of Lol « in Sub. of N. E! . Sec. 13-3S-22, thence East 1M.612 . , . £cc '- thence southerly 132.40 feet, thence City,' nlng. Barlow, Hannah J., Lot 7 In Frost's Addition to clear Lake, Iowa * lu " 5 Bamhill, Rilcy J., in names of R. J S n \-P.°, SC . B » rnh "l. Lots 5 and 6 Block ». Xirtland. Rockwell, Iowa Barrett. Ida M.. Lot 2 Block 13 H Francisco's 2nd Addition to Mason Ci Eliiab'eth M. Beil'E.nfo^N 0 ^ Block 5In Sub. of Lot 1 in S W "« N w ii ««*- 18-96-21. «.w.i« sec. Bisbce, Frank Adclbtrt, beg at SE. weTterl °* 2^3' ch'Sj""' 2 """'J **aiU\- erly to If.E. comer 'o£ Lot 2 'in Lot 2? thpnri. _*£jMilh «,, *~_..i.._^ -- . ^^J-^ 1 .EoVrcy^ Frank A.. Lots 40 and 51 Jfoyts First Addition lo Ma ton Citv Iowa. In name of Pauline Bourcy. Lo's 39 and n2 m Hoyt s Firt-t Addition to Mason City. Iowa. Bmhm, Ida T., Lot wrvey's Addition tlock 67 Me- - rvey's Addition to Mason City. Iowa Brjilan. S. P., E.'.i of Lot 6 Block 3 Plat of Soulh Mason Cily. low, Brown, Fred C.. Lot s Midland Heights, Mason City, Iowa. Lot 6459 Isl Addition to Midland Heights. Alasort City. Iowa. Bruce. Wm. Bailer, in name of Lena i'-T.? 1 ^ 6 and w - B - Bru «' L" 1 * 1 J. Block 12. Rockwell, Iowa. .Bugbce, Willie Fred, in name of JvUn- P'",, 3 T? d - kW - f- Bu eb«. Lot · 355 Midland Heights, Mason City, fowp und ner sonal at 33 26th S.W. v Burns, Rachael S., in name of J. w Burns. Lots 2 and 3 Block 7 James Foster s' Addition to South Mason City Campbell, Nora Estel, Lots li, . 1S and 19 Bloclt City 13 1-1 Addition to Rockwell; Lots 7, 8 and a Block 10 in Town of Rockwell. Cary. Sarah O.. in name of Olive Cary lone and same person as Sarah O. Carv) Lot 18 Blodc 6 College Addition to Mason Cily. Iowa. Chesbro. Ambrose. Lot 2. and S.!i Lol 3 Block 1 North Plymouth. Iowa. Ch M !. Katlicrine M., in name *i P 1 '"? G - Choale. w ' 4 * leet I- 0 ' B Block 7 Railroad Addition lo Clear Lake. Iowa rin c 's SS S D "b. J """-- N °. r " 1 t lalf - Lo - " sl - ,?"ii?f;.,£!!,«" J A nni «-. fV?» 22 Block 11 . an Addition to Mason -«"w(i the Highlands, City, Iowa. Colloton. Margaret A.. Beg. at a pom! 8 rods North of S.E. comer of Lot ! m E msley 3; Adams Sub. of N E V* s.w.'/.i Sec. 9-95-20, thence West 8 rods thence North 2 rods, thence East 8 rods, thence South 2 rods to beginnW Cornell. Mary. Lots 3 and 4 Block 10 Rock Falls, Denison, Austin 'E.. Lot 415 Midland Heights Addition to Mason Cily, Iowa Dyer, Catherine, East 44 feet o[ West 88 feet of Lots 10. 11 and 12 Block 64 Meservey's Addition, lo Mason Cily, la. Farmer. Cora Belle, y, Interest in Lot 9 in Sub. of N.E. N.W. 10-96-20. Farrell. Louisa Ann, in name of Geo P. Farrell. Vf.'A til Outlet 1 and all ot outlets 8 and 9 all'in Knapp's 2nd Addition to Thornton, Iowa. Felt, Clarence C., Uit 1 in Sub. of Lots 2. 3, B and 7 m Block II in Paul Fell's jlal ot Mason City, Iowa, and beg al Iho S.E. West 5i . t-omcr of said Lot 1. thence feet, thence South 20 07 feel hence East 55 feet, thence North 2007 f eet to beginning. Ferricr, -Jda Mac, In name of George W. and Ida Ferricr. Lots 5 and 6 Block 2. Rock Falls, Iowa. Frommhold, Emma H., in name of errnsn Fromrnhold, Lot 2 in Sub of S.W. V. S.E.% Sec. 34-97-20. Furse, Anna Theresa. Lot 13 Block 3 leaver's Addition to Clear Lake. Iowa Gcliler, Ernest G., Lot 2 Auditor's rep . ,,?' ,f-°* M Ems ley t Adams Sub. . N.W.U S.E.'/., Sec. 9-96-20. Grohs. August E., IGross), Lot · £'£.* £,.·?.' ,Y:... 1Ium ! 0 ' d ' s Addition' to personal assessed Grummon, Flora J.. in name of W A jrummon, Lot c Block 6, Hockwelli Haasc. Caroline S., in name of Frank .. Haase. Lois 13 and 14 Block 1 Home Park; Addition to Mason Cily. Iowa Lot 163 Midland Heights. Mason cily. Iowa flalfpap, Minnie, in name of Chas H Hal/pap. Lots l. 2, 3, and 4 Block' 12,' Town cf Meservey. ., IiaU '... E " lma Srurr.back. in name of Wm. Mmcr and Emma Hall. Lot 19 Seacom's Addition lo Mason Cily. foiva ind personal at 708 S. Jackson Hartwig. William, Lot- i and 6 Block 3, Knapp's 2nd Addllion lo Thornton .o%va. nr 1 ?^' ,^ n . n ? p - in names of Anna Hass, Nellie Wright, Susan Null and Alberine A. AtKlnson, Lot l Block 2, James rosters Addition to South Mason cily. Hawvcr, Hattie P.. Lot 12 Block 33. if. E A. Tuttlc's 2nd Addition to Clear Lake, Iowa. Hellcrl. Mabel May iWhllemorc!, name, ot Mabel May whitcmore. Lots 31 ' , "" II I ' . J ° iner ' s Addition to Rock- . - . Hcubcrger/Emma, Lots 1 and Z Block o'lva 2nd AddlllDn to Tbomton. Hcuschcr, Anna Sclina, l e ii n " wI 't UMller ' J- 0 ' 3 in name of Piersol's Sub. i w ' S.W. N. E. Sec. 3-31-20. Hickok, Alice. Lot 2 Block 13 in Au$ iTM5,?£ °J Lot 14 in E -'i S ' E -'-« =nd E.'.M N.E.'.'i Sec. 18-96-20. Lot 20 ' ° £ Block 2 ' . . . Hill. Edgar Silas. owa"'* AUlIiUon ID Hill. Gcorgiana. Lot 10 except the S. o'.a leet in Sirrine's Sub. of Lots 1 and m Gov'L Lot 5 in Sec. 13-56-22. Hill, Jennie Grace, in names ol James M. and Jennie G. Hill. Lot 10 Block 9 [enneys North Addition to Plymouth, Iowa. Kollislcr. tfoyl's 1st Etiuhclh. Addilion Lots 6 and t o cily 0( Mas a m . o , s , Block 1. Swalcdale, Iowa. Isaacson. Jane, in name of Kcilh G a ' , Janc cT. ' E. S.E. Sec. 21-97-19 8 /cct in sub - ' Lot 6 and « "f Lot 2 Jackson. William, Sr.. in name of Ar- SMPS*? ! " 1 ' 1 - lt21 K °°* "· c c 5 U t d t c d ' L ° l 13 Blcc - Blcck 10 - Hock - a l s Kin'clia. Catherine M., Lol 7 Block 3 College Addition to Mason CilyT low,' i.. 12, Sos. 3 6 a. Swly 90 feet of Lot 11 R. S. Young's Sub. of Lots 9 and 10 and parts of Lots 1 and 2 lying West and Soulh of Lime Creek, .ill m the SuM. of the K w i ot Sec. 11 T. 96 R 20 West of the 511 Long. Vv'tltnic G.. Ltils Block 7. Ea»l Lake Pla o Clear Lake, Iowa. C. 7 ' a ,,d 8 an Addition McCaule.v. J u || a L.. E.I, Lot 5 and all , · , v». Farlln. Isabel, in name of Charles R. and Isabella McFarlln, Lotb 3 and B Block 11. Burchinal. Iowa. Magdeburg, William. Lol 9 Block 3. Beaver AdaiUon to ihe Town of Clear lake, laws. Meinecke. Fred SI., Lot -t In Aud. Replat of Block 3, Allen's Addition to Clear Lake, Iowa. Miller, Addle M., In name of Albert H. and Addle M. Miller, Lot 4 -Block 3, Town of Rockwell, Ion's. MonPleasure, Jessie, N. -H) feet of Lot 5 and W. 18 feel of N. 40 feet of Lot 6 Block 3 Plat of South Mason City Iowa. Moorehead,. Frank T., Lot G+ Hoyt's First Addition lo Maion Cily, Iowa. Moll, Dora, N.!-i o[ Lot 41 in Sirrme's Sub. of Lois 1 and 4 ill Gov'L Lot a m Sec. 13-9C-22. ' Newman, Alia E., In name of- A. E. Newman. Lol ·! Block 8 Dial of South Mason Cily. Iowa. O'DonncIl, Daniel, · int. In Lol 2 in Aud. Plal ol E.'.i S.E. S.W. Sec. 2534-19. Ograin. James N., Luis 34. 36. 37, 3S and 33 Block 1, Ventura Heights. Olinser.- A. M.. Lot I Block 12. Cheney A: Palmeler's South Addtlion to Clear Lake. Iowa. Otlo, Charles, Lot 22 Block 3. John J. Burns' Aodition lo Mason City, Iowa Pahus, A'els- O., in name of Anna fa- hus. Lot 30 Block 24 in Plat of Blocks -il to JU inclusive in Sub. I. oi part of Clear Lafce C a m p Meeting Assn. Grounds. Paraskevas. GEO., Lot 7 Block 1. John J. Burni' Addition to Mason cily, Iowa and personal at 918 ath S W Peters.- Ella L., Lol 18 Block IB. College Addition to Mason City Iowa Piersol Jessie B., Lot 20 Block 11, Rockwell, Iowa, Power, Rachel, in names ol S. R. and Rachel Power, South 49.23 feet of Lot 6 m Aud. Replat of Lot 30 in Emsley^ Adams Sub. in N.W. S.E. Sec. Tescolt, John, E.!s of N.!i of Lot 3 and the t.!i of Lot 6 Block 40. M. ^' Tu '" l: ' !1 - nd 10 Clear . . R47.6 feet of Lot a Maltic. Lot -1 and Ihe West . S.'.i S.t.i, i'. 31-94-22 in lhe Sub of the .. . Reeler. Carrie N. r Lot 2 in Aud. plat ol all that part of Lots n, 15. is and la S e f' I 1 l he M ' Sl - L ' R - B - ^ Aud. Plat of the N.W.'.'. Sec. 3-91i-i'0 and lot 1 in lhe Aua. Plal of the N.W.Vi ot - - . Sec. J-S6-20 and also . . a strip of land o an 33 feel wide adjoining and being directly, west of Lots H. 15, 16 and 17 in 16% "' ' hl: N ' W -''« Se =- 3- Kice, Mary A.. Lois 7 and 8 Block 32 Swaiedale, Iowa. HusiCll. Maude H.. Lot 5 in the Sub. » ft ,, i a 1 d i 3 Md lhe E -~- a "nki f Lo: 11 In lhe Sub. K.W.V* 3-96-20. Sampson. Oscar J.. m name ol O J ** *' V ^^ HC « h ^ owa Sessions. Harry ? n d , 7 Block -M-20. '° of Lots 5 ., .. 4 in J. L, Harkinson's . Shcplor. Margaret. In name of Claude P. and Margaret Sheplor. Lots 673 and B76, first Addition to Midland Heights Smith. Harvey E.. in name of » E ' . . Smith. Lots -) an'd in B. S. Vounc's t- , . ,., - -··- - ... *»· «j. iwuiiK 5 Sub. of West 2 acres of Lol 7 in Sam anisc-iis Sub. of W.ii of Lot 3J. Hich- Somm. Mary. Lot B Block 2, St. Francis Pork, an addition to Mason Cily, I o ,v a ! Slurgcss Louise. Lot 17, Joiner's Addition. Rockwell. Iowa. Sutherland. Edwara, in name ot Har- A,M,-h° u °\ m ' 1 01 a Block 1. Colloton's Attention to Mason City, Iowa. Taylor, Edna, In name, ot John Taylor, Lot 1. Richardson's Sub. of Lot B Block 1 Plat of North Mason Cily, Iowa. Taylor. Major P.. Lol 22 Block 10. arice. t Ong Land Company's Street Railway Addllion to Mason City, Iowa. TlieU'jn. Matilda, in rumc of Lewis p Thcjsen, East 1C feet ot South 50 feet ol Lot 2 ami the South 50 feet of Lot 1 Block 9 Plal of Soulh Mason City Uatkins. Evalinda. in names of C. J. and Evalinda Watkins. Lois 52 and 53 '·(Th"' 5 Jnd SUb ' ° f lhc ltU7 acr " Watson. William H.. in names of \V H and Alice Walson, East 65 feet of South' 143 feet of Lot 2 In E. t A. Sub. N E S.W. Sec.. 9-D6-20. 57Sy e FlrT'--"·'' E '"--- L6lS 3i9 and Mason Ci Ww u i rl n -? s '"' w " n " 1 " l ' c " 1 '' in namcs of Gc °rec W. Whitney et a), lhc East *0.5 feet of he West; W feel and lhe South 1S.3 icet of ttie West 5B.5 feet ol Lot i in Aud 'l 1 .?* J* 1 l6 i n A u d - PIal of lhc .E.U Sec. 10-96-20. WUlford, CclU E.. Lot 2 East ot Railroad in Sulj. of E,i,i NX.V* Sec 7-9719. Lois I and 2 Block 15, Old Plymouth,. Iowa. Wood. Charles B., m names ot C. B. : \ood et al. Lol 3 Block 13. Rockwell. owa. Lol a except W. 24 fcol of S IB *??. BltM:k ** Pjul Fcll " s p l a l ot Mason P t -AAA-*i- A- * «° l I 6 Blot:k 6 ' Homc Park Addition (o Mason Cily. towa. woodward, Frances B., Lot 2 4 - S J CJausen's Addition to Clear Lake Iowa f2Ui? tckf . L Si- 5 B!ock 2V - Knapp's AtiQition to Thornton, Iowa. Motion was made by Supervisor E. R. atnnberff, seconded by Supervisor Henry Hitzhusen that lhc foregoing resolution DC adopted. Motion carried, lhc vote thereon resulting aj follows: Ayes: Supervisors E. R. Sl«inbcrg, Henry Hltz- . l Addition to Midland Helchti ity. Iowa. ' . , husen and R. D. Robbins. ry Nays: None Resolution declared adopted"" this"flh day of Fcbruar-. 1944. Motion was made by Supervisor Henry Hiunusen, seconded by Supervisor E fl. S(elnberff, thai lhe payment of the claims of the persons as listed irnme- dltely followlnR be ratified, approved and confirmed. Motion carried, all members ot the board voting aye, iarlow, J. D. T transp. and m!g«. $ B3 77 3ehnc, Dale, fox bounty \ oO 3rown Aftencj-, H. C.. insurance « 57 |rown. Lum, indemnity -ij oo Campbell, J. v., bailiff ... ^'J-j Central Slates Elcclric Co" maint .. . 2 M County Treiri^iirer. jurors and wKncs^c* lew 3 j in Lharlca\vorlh. Dr. J. T.. Indemnity .. . , 2 2 0 ChlcaRo North \Vtiiem * Ry'. height *; 5 G , =0.00 S-'.lj i.oa 115.00 37.50 1.00 1.00 193.90 2±!.'J5 B.EiO KM C9.;0 l.OJ 1.30 3.00 ICUti 9.UO 1.00 35 M 7li. 50 473.31 175.00 2,08 1S7.80 25.00 237.73 20 .CO 166.15 33.00 110.40 15.59 3.83 5.00 1.00 6335 63 13 5115 3380 ·« 89 71 go ' 4 6H 02 98 Chicago Rock Island Pacific, freight .. Cromei, F. E.. help, Ireasurer .. Davenport Beslcr Corp., n^ijnr, Dedina, John, fox bounty ,... Deyoe. S. Clyde, assessor . ., Fewins, Frank T.. Indemnity ., Gobeli, llarlan, fox bounty ., Healcy, Gerald, fox boimly .... Hitzliusen, Henrv, supervisor .. Holder. R. E., reporter Iowa Public Service Co., maint. Josv, GUK. fox bounty Kaiser, Dr. J. C.. indemnity Lewis. Lem, ION bounty\ * Lincoln, A. E.. haitlin^ aiarkwardt, Harold L , fox bounty i\I. C. C. L. R. K. Co.. freight Menrs, Alex, fox bounty Moore, Kenneth, fox bounty .. Moore. Dr. B. K.. Indemnity .. Mullen. James F.. bailiff ..' Murphy. Bridget, construction Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., phones O'Hearn, rTank C,, transportation Olio, Edward W., Indemnity ' " ' t-toples Gns i Electric Co.. cas and light Pilalen, uim R., transportation. Railway Express Agency, freight RoObins, R. D.. supervisor Ryburn. James M., indemnity,. Schanke. A. i!.. postage State Tax Commission, use tax SteifiberK, E. R. v supervisor Tail. Lloyd B.. reporter .. Thomas, B, .R., assessor Toner. Anna, construction Western Union TcJegraph Co. telegrams Winter, Leon, fox bounty Wohler, Gerald, fox bounty u On motion of Supervisor E. R. Steinberg, seconded by Supervisor Henry Hitthusen the following bills against the County were approved and allowed and tnc County Auditor instructed to draw warrants in payment thereof. Motion carried, all members ol the Board votinc ave Efckmeyer, H. C., miscL ... s --*--' Grubtn, Raymond J,. mlsek ... Indianhead Farms Inc., miscl. .. Indianhead Farms Inc., miscl. Koeslcr. George, rnucl, McManus. J. R., miscl. AlocJile, ilenrv, miscl " National LUe Co. and Raymonci J. Grubcn, jnlscl. ,. Hyan. T. .C. and Lavinc Jones". miscl Ryan. T. C.. miscl.".".' National LHe Ins. Co. and Ernest Bcehtje. mtsct. BolUr, C. F., grain ", Boomhower Hardware, supplies Central Soap Co.. supplies . . . .'. Cerco Gordo Implement Co repairs Chicago Herald American, "miscellaneous, subscription . . . Curric-Van A'CAS Co., iupplies .. uamon s Inc.. supplies Jacob E, jDecker 6t Sons, provi^ sions, Farmers Co-Op. Co., grain General Mills, Inc., grain ...!.!? Iowa Mutual Tornado Insurance Assn., insurance 3015 Iowa Shoe Brokerage, clothing . .16« James Refrigeration Co., repairs ·'O 60 Kennedy. Sam, grain .. 3 3V/M Kresac Co., S. S.. supplies ' ;/in Kurtz. Co., supplies .. [ y - j y Midland Laboratories, supplie 1 - liy'^5 Page Lumber Co., L. A., repairs 'jj j)4 Parks Fuel Co.. repairs . IM 03 Patiley Co.. Kay K.. repairs U j j Raues Dcpt. Store, Sam, provisions . - , 59 6'j Rcsan Bros. Co.. provisions . . Ill 146 Royal "400" Oil Co., gas and oil - g 75 SU Joseph Mercy HospitaU medical care Smith, C. J.. repairs Sumner. J. A., repairs Western Grocer Co.. provisions Zack Dros. EJcclric Co repairs . . , Svvanspn, Pr. L. \V. t trtNiurcr ineo-ical society . . . Cr-alal Lake Ice Fuel Co. fuel Iowa Mutual Liability Insurance Co., insurance lovva Company, insurance .. , Mason City Cemetery Association, burial Panic Insurance Agency," Insurance Peoples Cas Sc Electric Co light and fuel H. c. Brown Agency, insurance Jake Douglas insurance Agency. insurance . . . . . . . R. E. Holder, reporter "01 el Ce meals Eggcrs Priniins Co.. F. \V. t bar docket Paulscn, Jens, repairs . Paulsen. Jena, repairs . Bogardus, Kay R., D. D. engineer , Addrcssograph Sales Agency '..' ion, Gtcn J., township trus- Barlovv. J. O., mileage proba. ticn officer . . Brun.--, \x r ni.. lownUip trv-toc Buiici. William f.. trustee tor minors Carbon. Carl A., townstiip lru«- tqe Carncs Oil Company," gas and oi? , Carney^Scirlcc Station, Leo P' gas and oil Carstens, A. K., township clerk Clear Lake Mirror, board pro- 13.35 27.80 11.13 63.50 5.77 T5.IO 228.07 103.00 I 213.15 1 17.50 15.26 115.85 1J3.05 44.37 9.00 20.30 265.18 J2.01 6J.39 -1.0(1 Co , ceedings and notices eeding Mo Ph ........ holo Co., office supplies ., CouRhlon. M. C.. rent ... County Recorder, recording instruments Curlcy. Mike J. Jr., township clerk -- .......... . ' Curric Van Ness Co., repairs and supplies .............. Damon's Inc.. office supplies DcGraw, Edward G., township clerk ............. .. Dctcrman. H. C., supplies ...!" Wercks, Mrs. Herman ......... Dorscy. J. M., township trustee rirst National Bank, blanks Fisher, Ruth, H. C. nurse mile- =S.e ...................... Fleming. E. E.. deputy assessor rrantz. Kcilh C., bocks . . affnc.v. J. J., lownship Irm- tce . . Gardner Furnace Co . .. Companv.' ' school 11.84 4.00 103.32 2.23 35.00 jail rc- Ginn and hooks . . Jrattldge. H a r ol d, "township Iruslee ..... , ................. 4.00 9.06 .60 4.00 3.25 30.10 115.00 37.00 2.00 5.50 Gnppen Co.. D. W.. supplies . Hawk eye School S upply Co., supplies , . - . , . , , Hedman Company, olflce equipment Hendricksoti Stamp Works He n rickso n. J. H,. lownsb i p clerk Hitzhuseji, Geor»e. townhip trujlec - . ,. Hogan. Mrs. M. E., board or education Jacoby Battery : Eleclric Co^ 1 Inc., repairs - ,, , Johnson. Mrs. F. E.. help trcas^ liter . , . . , , Kayunay Engraving i Cotor- Plato Co.. blanks Loose Leaf Co., books, supplies, etc Krleder. John, township trustee Lock Co.. S. W.,. office supplies Long. Lorenzo ft*., township trustee . . . . Lustra CorporaOoti of America, supplies MacMillan Company, school books McEachrau, G l e n , township trustee Mason, M. L., rent and phone,. Merkel Co.. furniture Murray, Birdie,- help auto department ., Nelson, Ciarence, township trustee O 'Harrow, Charles, t ownshio clerk Penn«y Co., J. C,. clothing Phalen, Tim R., prisoners board. etc. . . . Prescription Shop, medicine Pritphard Motor Co.. repairs. »as and oil Piuh Co,. J. c,, repairs '. Road Maintenance Bobbins, Frances, help treasurer S. A: R, Chevrolet Co. lac., repairs St. Paul Stainp Works, o/ficc supplies Scroll, Nick, township trustee Shipley .Printing Co., blanks and stationery ...; " Sprau, Fred, township trustee.. C. B. Akers, auditor of state, state examiners 1942 Tenney, H. L,, board of education .. , .. Thomas Machine Co.. supplies. T h o m a s . Hazci V., visiting schools Thompson, Fay, township trustee Travers Tire Tread Service, repairs .. Wilkinson, R. V., board of edti- cailon . . . · Wood, Mrs. Walter, board ol education Wool worth Co., F. V/., office supplies Wocdford-Wheeler Lumber Co., · miscellaneous Yclland Hancs, supplies . . . . Smiley, Dr. Ralph E., ccroncrs transcripts Morgan.: Dr. H. W., coroners transcripts _ , . Smiley. Dr. Ralph E., .coroners transcript Sxvanson, Dr. v L. W,. treasurer medical society Eggers Printing Co., F. W., supplies ;Iowa Mutual Liability Insurance Co., insurance Jowa Company, insurance Llndslrom. Otto, repairs Mason City Waler Department, water Pattio Insurance Agency, insurance , Peoples Gas Electric Co., light and gas - . SEcg Meson City Co.. repairs .. Standard Oit Co.. gas and oil . Western Union TeJoyraph Co*. telegrams Brown Agency. H. C.. insurance Jake Dougias Insurance Agency, Insurance Miller. Florence A., help superintendent , t Amend t Hardware.- maintenance Berry Machine Motor Parts, maintenance . . . Block Coal Co.. %v, G.. maintenance , , Boomhcnver Hardware, maintenance ... ,, J . Brown Co.. Herman M.. maintenance . - . . . Carnes Oil Co.. maintenance Central Auto Eiectric Co., maintenance ".'. , . Central Slates Electric Co., maintenance Cerro Gordo Implement Co., maintenance . . . Clear Lake Independent Telephone Co.. maintenance Corner Drufi Store, maintenance Crescent Electric Supply Co., maintenance Curphy Aulo Supply Co., main- Curric Van Ness Co., mainle- nance .. Hugh Davcy L Son. maintenance Davis Auto Radiator Repair . Dllkehart - Hughes T r a c t o r Equipment Co., maintenance Farm Equipment i Supply Co,, maintenance . Farmers Co-op, Co.. Clear Lake. mainlenance Farmers Co-cp. Society, Rockwell, maintenance Firestone Stores, maintenance . Franklin County, maintenance furlciyli. R. H. Federal Land JUind Bank of Omaha, maintenance Gibbs-Cook Tractor A: Equipment Co.. mainlenance . . . Gisel Hardware, maintenance . Grant Storage Battery Co,, maintenance Gnppen Co.. D. W., maintenance Hathorn Motor Parts Cu,, main- lenance . , . . . . . . . . . . . H y d r a u l i c Equipment Co., mainlenance lut ernat .ona I Ha rvcsl er Co,, iranitencncc Iowa Public Service Co,, maintenance Jacoby Battery Elcclric Co. Inc.. maintenance Jindrich. John C. maintenance Knutson Hardware Co., maintenance Kropman Aulo Supply Co., maintenance Kurtz Co.. maintenance Macks Auto Wrecking Co.. maintenance Northern Oil Co., maintenance , Page 5.- Cryr.e Lumber Co., maintenance Paulcy Co.. Hay E., maintenance Reliable Implement Co.. maintenance R«pa^y Automobile Co., maintenance , , . , . . . . . . . Royal "400" Oil Co.. maintenance S R Ch ev role t Co.. Inc.. maintenance Scholl, George, maintenance "'. Standard OH Co,, maintenance .. Thomas IMUchfne Co,, maintenance Tocpfer Electric Mfg. Co., maintenance .. Wagner, Guy. maintenance Waterloo Construction Co. v maintenance Watkins Cold Storage, maintenance . . . ' - . . Yc Hand Hanes. ma in I ena n ce Ytzen Skelly Station, maintenance - . , . , , . ... Zack Bros. Electric Co., maintenance Iowa Mutual Liability' Insurance Linttstrom, Olio, maintenance . Mason City Water Dcpl.. mainlc- . . . Pnttic Insurance Agcnev, insurance ' , . . ' , . Peoples Gas A; Electric Co,, mij- Sicy-.Mason City Co..- .maintenance . . . . Brown Agency. H. C,. miscc]- laneoui , Jake Douglas Insurance Agency, miscellaneous . Agler, Mrs. Millie, care .[.....'.. Alitz, Mrs. Anna, rent Allie, Mrs. Oliver, care juvenile Amcndt, Mrs. Nellie, care American Optical Co., glasses .. Anderson Lumber Co. fuel Atlas Meat Market, provisions Barrett Bros. Grocery,, provisions Barry. Motile, cave Baric!/ Mrs. G.. care Juvenile Bcckncrs I. C. A. Store, provisions Beloit Children's Home, care at institution Bill's rood Market, provisions .. Block Coal Co.. W. G., luel Bohn T Theo. rent Bowcn Gnipp. provisions .... Can-er, Mrs. BclJe, care Casey Dnig Co.. medicine Central Electric Telephone Co.. telephone , . . Champlin Refininn; Co.. Jurl Christian Honic Orphanage, care at instiusticm City of Mabon City, luir-^c telephone, clc. Com tmm ity C roccry, provii on 3 Cookman Conva'.caccnl home care Comer Drug Store, medicine 1 '.^ 13,83 Ciwler Drug Co.. medicine ... , Q ^ 0 Jrickson. Mrs. Iver. care Juvenile 18.28 Evia Meat Grocerj-, provisions F At F Food Market, provisions Farmers Elevator, Xu«l 2 ' 2 * C??*TM" ^""l^rk'el?' provisions 4.00 ·jiaimnt, r., r.. rent 4.00 Grupp Food Store. Carl provisions Grupp food Store, Carl, provisions . . . . . . . 3.32 Hawver, Mrs. Haitie, rail Hermanson Bros. Dairy, urovi- sions ..- * Hermanson Bros., provisions". Hojjan, n. J,. tran^porlation House of the Good Shepherd care at Institution . .. umphrey Grocery, provisions - G. A. Store, provisions , , , Ideal American Laundry, laundry Jarfies Bros. Grocery, provisions ' A r*. 4.00 4.0Q 42.57 56.00 53.00 4.00 4,00 26.33 63.83 S3.E7 4.00 ' 1.569.35 27.95 501.68 1.7 15.U5 13.43 =2.31} 3.50 . »i Fromm, Mrs. c. H.. real George. Mrs. Virgil, care Graham, E. F.. lent Johnson Gcer, provisions 23.16 Kehm Land Co rent "" Kelroy Fuel . Furnace 'do., fuel 62o,Sa Kunz, Dr. Raymond F., dentist Lutheran Welfare Society, care -..-« juvenile 42.57 Lyons Launderers Cleaners" " c "" laundry McAul«y At Son Funeral Home" transportation and burial McEJdcon Son Grocery, provisions .. . .^r .T JicKinley Nursery, care juvenile Major, William, Hnt . . . . . . . Manly Lumber Co., fuel ... Maynard. Amelia, rent . Meany, Dr. J. F., medicine .. St. Joiepli Mercy Hospital, ho--- pilal Meyer funeral Home, transportation aitller\ West Haven Grocery, provisions " Morris Food Store No. 2 provisions Mullin Grocery, provisions Myers Pharmacy, George, medicine Northwestern States Portland Cement Co., re»»! Obrecht, Orah, rent O'Hearn, Frank C,, investigator's mileage Page Lumber Co., fuel Park Hospital, hospilalization .. Park? Fuel Co., fuel -. Patterson, Mrs. G. L,. care Patterson, L. W.. transportation Patton. W. L.. rent . Penney Co., J. C.. clothing. Penton, W. J., rent . Peterson, Dr/R. W., medicine . Marshall Piggly Wfegfy, prcvi- sitmi. . , . . . Manhall Piggly Wrggly No. 6V provisions Prescription Shop, medicine Raked Dept. Store, bam, provU visions , Road Maintenance, operation o[ tar . .. . .. . . - . . ,, . ; Rockwell Hospital, care Roddy, Dr. H. J,, medicine'".'.. Rodesvald's Grocery, provisicns Haxerud : Son, luel Schalfer, Mrs. Grace Park«r, care juvenile ,, Schcckier A: Sons, F. R.. burial isenneff. John A., rent Shepherd, Ralph S,, rent . Smith, .Y»rs. Hay B,. rent Solum. Alri. Mary, care juvenile Sorum, Marie, care juvenile Depi. of Social Welfare, blind assistance SlebUens Grocery, Sue L., provisions Steriing Coal Co,, fuel Sunny Crest Sanatorium, care at insljtutloi: .,, Sunny slope Sanatorium, care at inslitutiLn . . . . . . . . . Swellta Oil fuel Co.. fuel . Thompson O'Nell Co., piavi=iuns 12.J4 "ihompton . 8ona. A. a., fuel . la.Sa lice. Dr. C. B.. medicine .... Van Gicvenhoi. -Mary, care . . 119.1T 48.00 53.00 32.00 7,50 25.00 7.00 50.00 9.00 31.48 7.00 10.50 9.30 7.50 33.00 2-1.00 22.00 10.58 48.00 6.00 7.00 8.00 4.00 134.10 34.07 88.65 18,00 18.50 7.00 8.00 7.00 5.75 1C ,00 30,00 7.00 7.00 75.00 7JS.40 16.00 '15.00 35.00 26.00 41.25 7.00 27.50 c *' ta j n indebtedness, the said bond executed to her by pUintlif. to First National ?1» ln . Warre a- °* Warren. Illinois, and failing to pay lhe Indebtedness thereby secured, satd · bond security was foreclosed and sold for valuable consideration to plal/iiHf u h o now owns same AH i «- pe o ll °5 (urther alleges that said Ada}) E, Bawden executed en March 20, £ a , j purporting to convey her undivided one-half intend ,,, said dt- scribed real estate to said defendant, Nella P. Cnndey; that said deed was executed w i t h o u t consideration and executed and received without right, and it is vow and a cloud upon plaintiffs right, title, and Interest in said real estate; that said deed was executed by said Adah E Bawden lor the purpose of hindering, delaying, and defrauding her creditors, Including plaintiff, and attempting to deprive him o: his Interest (n said real estate, and was received b* said Nella P, Grindcy yv-ith knowledt-c cf the right? of plaintiff therein and of her mother's indebtedness to plaintiff and ot the purposes in executing said deed as aforesaid Said petition asks that said deed to' Nella P. Grmdey be decreed^ null and void and of no force or effect and fraudu- i iL.vJ? 1 l he 5arae ** set aside; that Plaintiff's right, title, and interest and ownership thereof be established and confirmed and his title be quieted against all claims and purported rights of defendants and each of them as of date April 18, 1931; that the plaintiff have judgment for costs and such other and further relief as may be equitable. Said Court convenes at the Courthouse in Mason cay. Cerro Gordo County. Iowa You are notified to appear befcre syid Court wilhm lv;c:il- day* from and attcr the service of this notice upon you. and unices you so uppeor. your dcfaull will be entered and decree rendered against you for the relief demanded in Ihe ueli- tton. THOMAS H. HICKS, Warren, Illinois BREESE CORNWELL, 408-10 First N'at'l Bank Btdg. Mason City, Iowa ATTORNEYS FOR PLAINTIFF. \vass. Mrs. J. E., cure 76.27 . _ ^ Wolf.' Abbott" E.7 rent 70.00 Yelland Hane*. office supplies Young blood, J. B., rent . Larson. Christine M.. rent 6.20 Su'anspn, Dr. L. \V., treasurer .Medical Society, ccntract 29.St Cr-slal Lake ice Fuel Co fuel . . . . '' 3.37 Alascn City Cemetery Association, biiriul 112.W SUnmrij oh Co., fuct and car y.95 expense \\ ti. 1,^1 n Union Telegraph Co., tejegrams Pliaien, llm il., transportation ±.66 Stam. Dr. N. C., physician Insanity cese , . . . . . . . . 7.36 Dakin. Da, C. E., physician in. sanity cases 4.43 Fitzpairick. D. H., attorney insanity cases 2-*. 87 ,4.83 AlcG'uite, J. P., witness insanity Scmvartz, Airs., witness insanity Fi^hni, Minute, witness insaniCy catu . . . . line*. Wm., iviiiicjs tn^nity Buck. Mrs, Wm., ivitncss insanity case Kenward, Mrs. Vordie, u-itness insanity cosse . Schultz, Mrs. John Al., wilne^s insanity case , MulLm, N.iomi, witness insanity case Reynolds. Bobby, witness insan- 6.S9 154.50 4.1)0 45,00 B.OO 47.01) 85.00 0.00 9.00 9.00 15.0J 15.00 152.80 37.4D 7.50 ec.-ju 130.00 7.50 12.1W Hj-UJ liJ.5tJ iba.iij 275.50 14.00 3.37 14.00 1.50 1.1GG.OO 8.54 35.00 21.75 .39 13.JJ2 3.00 15.00 15.00 2.50 2.10 2.10 2.10 2.50 2.50 2.50 lly case . Reynolds, Donald, wilnc=s insanity case 'Ihcrc being no further business to ccme before the Board, motion was- made by Superx-isor E. R. Steinberg, seconded oy Supervisor Henry Hilzhusen, lhe Board adjourn to meet February y. 104-i. R. D. ROBBINS, Chatrman Board of Supervisors Cerro Gordo County, Iowa ATTEST: ARTHUR HARRIS, County Auditor. 2.81 1.18 1.31 2.50 211.23 10.10 867.67 LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL STATE OF IOWA. Cerro Gordo County. ss. In District Court. No. 5102. January Term. 1944 To all whnm it mi- concern: You are hereby noli/led, that an fnslru- mcnl of u-rilinF! purporlins lo be the last \ \ t l l ant! Testament of Rose K. Minclte, Deceased, dated AugusriSth. 19^2, havint: been this day filed, opened and read. Wednesday the £Ircl day of / February. 19-S4. is [Lxcd for hcnrltic prcof of «ome al the Court House in Mason Cilv Iowa before the District Court of said "Countyi or the Clerk of said Court: and at 10 ?i Cl °? S" M " 0( thc riay abovc m *"- tionca alt persons Interested are hereby notified and required to appear and show cause, if any they have, why said instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of said deceased. 17th at ig« at Mason Clty » Iowa * February S. H. MacPEAK. Cleric of District Conn By MARGARET RtLEY, Deputy ORIGINAL NOTICE In the District Court of loxv» in and for Ccrco r.ordo C o u n t v STANLEY T. H. DOBLEH, P l a i n t i f f , vs ADAH E. BAWDEN and NELLA P. GRINDEY. and LESLIE GRI.VDEY. her Husband. _ , . . ,, Defendants. To Adah E. B^w-dcrt and NcUn P. Grindcy and Leslie Grindcy. her Husband- You and each cf you arc hereby n o l i - , tied that there is noxv on file in lhe office ! . . of the Ctcrk of the District Court of Iowa ! ^ · * ' | n i .ind for Ccrro Gordo County, the -, 0 -, j petition of plaintiff in the nbovc-c'ntitlctl · CAUSC. .nllcging thnt Ellen Dobler at the time cf her death and since prior lo Juno 12. 1916. was the owner of: West Half of Southeast Quarter w!i SEU). Section Thirteen (13). Township Ninety-five (D3 Norlh Kan go Twenty (20|. West of the Fifth Principal Meridian, Ccrro Gordo County, towa; that she was, during all of said lime, of unsound mind and incompetent to transact business or execute a will: that en ."i nc 3 £' 191S - P^'iKf and defendant Adah E. Bawden. anrt their spouses executed a written conlract which ), a part of the petition and xvhich 7.S5 3J.67 10.00 JO.OO 12.00 13.00 10.20 10.34 36.00 42.25 4.(W 22.00 02.00 ZS4.39 13.00 84.10 11.90 contract provided in part that said Adah E. Qflwden should pay to plaintiff $6050.00 within five years thereafter and plaintiff should dismiss his suit to set aside the JIM - ° nis fathcr and which provided 3-QQ further tnat plaintiff should pay to said Adah E, Bawden $6500.00 wlthtn sf^tv days atter the death of ?ald Ellen Dobler. ^ame to be taken from the estate cf said Ellen Dobler. and that the balance or her estate belonjjcd to plaintiff: thai said Ellen Dobler executed no instrument ",IM ·; f '" l " 1 5 s , ald f c a l Property. Said petition "00 f»rlhcr allcg* that plaintiff and said ·\o»h Baivdcii rxnutcd bonds a, ~ccMrilv for lhc payment o( said respective sum's jo to be pild; that said Adah E. Bawden failed to pay In whole or In part her "Id d«bt of SW50.00: that she ailgrV." and convoyiiJ,-aj collateral jecurlty for Compulsory Training Bill Is Presented By D. W. DITTMEK Washington, (U,R) _ 'Chairman Andrew J. May D., Ky.) · of the house military affairs committee Friday called for passage o£ his postwar compulsory military train postwar compulsory m i l i t a r y training bill to give the nation a "big stick" over future Hitlers and Hirohitos. May said both the war and navy departments had · approved the bill, which he introduced last month, and. that its need was made clear in the recent warning by Maj. Gen. Lewis B. Hershey, national selective service director, that "we must have compulsory universal training or be plunged unprepared once every 20 years into war." Hearings on the measure will begin next week, 5Iay said, if it is convenient for army ana navy officials to testify. May's bill would provide for the induction into the army or navy for one year of. every able-bodied citizen or alien upon reaching the age of 17 or upon completion of a full, accredited high school course, whichever occurs first. ' After the year's training, the youth would be listed as a reservist Tor 8 years. During that time he would be subject to additional refresher training if ordered by the president. - Estimating that some 500,000 would be trained annually, May said that "in 10 years we could build up a well-trained army, including 5,000,000 youthful reserves, and we would never again have lo worry about not being prepared to defend ourselves on short notice/' He said he "hoped" the United States would never need such a military force again, but "the mere fact that we would be prepared to defend ourselves on land and on sea would make future Hitlers think livice before startin? (rouble." May declared it might also be a good idea for lhe navy to "cruise around the world from time to time just to let the rest of the world know we have it." Compulsory military service not only would provide national insurance but would build health and character, he said, because "it instills habits of regularity and removes many physical detects that result from lack of proper physical exercise and irregular living." He urged adoption of the legislation now. "when people realize and appreciate the value of having an army capable of defending us." He said he was afraid of a postwar "reaction of pacifism" if congress waited until after the war. Also before the committee is a bill by Rep. James Wadsworth {R., N. Y.), requiring military training for all males on reaching the age of 18, or not later than'3 years after their 18th birthday, at the individual's discretion. 10 Friday, Feb. 18, 19« MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE CORN LOANS SHARPLY CUT Only 3,145 Taken Out in 2 Month Period ' Des Monies, (S)--Iowa farmers took out only 3,1-Jo corn loans in the 2 months ended last Jan. 31, compared with 20,616 loans in the similar period a year ago, records of the state AAA o0ice showed Friday. Agricultural observers attributed the sharp reduction in the corn loans to the fact that the staters farmers are in a better financial condition now than'a year ago, and said other factors in the situation ware the higher market price ot corn and the need of the crop for feeding the state's large numbers of livestock. AAA records showed also that the number of bushels covered by loans taken out in the last 2 months was 3,706,807, against 24,489,464 in the same period a year ago. The amount obtained in loans was 53,005,945 for the last 2 months and $18,673,084 for the Similar period the previous year. Although the loan rate a year ago averaged 76 cents a bushel compared with an average of 84 cents a bushel lhe last 2 months, the market price has been correspondingly higher in recent months than at the same time a year previous. The farm observers asserted that if a farmer needs money now he can sell some of his corn at more favorable prices and obtain the money that way rather than taking the loans. Considerable corn is moving to market now, they agreed, whl?h affects the number of loans. Other farmers who plan to use the corn as stock feed are not taking loans on it because they will need much-of it for their greater numbers of animals and because the carryover of corn from last year was not as great as usual. 3 TRAINMEN DIE IN EXPLOSION Cause of Locomotive Blast Not Disclosed Parkston, S. Dak., ((P;--Three Sioux City, Iowa, trainmen were killed Thursday night when the locomotive of a southbound Milwaukee railroad freight train exploded about one-half mile east of Dimock, S. Dak. The victims, all train crewmen, were riding in the engine cab. Chief Dispatcher A. G. Elder of Sioux City, said the dead were Engineer Charles Manson, 69; Head Brakeman W, E- Pickering, and Fireman Arthur Johnson, all' of Sioux City, Iowa. Bodies of all men were recovered and taken to Mttehell, S. Dak. Elder said the cause of the explosion would not be disclosed until after there had been a government investigation. ; Two cars of livestock were de-' railed. ; Buy IVar Savings Bonds and Stamps from your Globe-Gazette carrier boy. llo il yourjelf with modern equip- mcnl. Save money and time. Sandeiv per day .. .53.00 '· Up to ·{ hrs. 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