The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 21, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 21, 1818
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rrmER jglL - ' ' ' : ' - ' TI1UR3DAY, MAY 21, mts. ? ; V , , . , ; ; : :.m yYqJMEr , km cr moved from 57 I' DOMESTIC OTHER WARES. . i "ITELT fc npsrvr iu i k.. i m nnp ibcm. i " ' ' ' r mm i' janr. has removed from 57 DOMESTIC & OTHER WAKES. k UPSOX, 155 Peart have GLOBE iNSHHAxrr ' JA&trt io54 iooli,..trt,Md o&r. for k - Kl eeroon outb American Tallow " fod'ao St Petersburg Hemp, few . ' " bell, first quality Rw.mD.Jckt Otf. man Steel ui boxes, entitled to draw - .. r'T,M, 1a 5 box! I tvUlUB ... - - i Hi bhds pure Spirit . 1 com Platilin. my 5 - : "xk.IV t'A.SCt GOoJJb. . caaerof now and elegant fancy arUcloa, adw "kboxei ana dreeaing cases, vert tla - Gilt and painted card rack, Fan rack FWWdl.acrecn., " Por "annar, with ffUt and colored baudlci Ricktyatan boarda , ... ' Suiiu. and morocco work baakeU , , , GsaiUemen's shaving apparatus, Poucbe. and drawing ca Uomplete . , Morocco and mahogany portable desks . , A fow Russia leather do. very superb very elegant portfolio. with gdt locks and rienu'Jy C'l borden aud plain Morocco. R.u - t ,i man uocket books, of varioua dencrif - potkets. , sod roan pocket boo Its, siritf wallets, or Russia and Morocco, with ns'y other article too numerons to aneulioa. For ale wholesale and retail, by 10 JL SMITH DA VI EH, tp$ Wo. 151 Broadway. fHX PLATE, itna Aja - i'lalt, a - - 10,000 lb. India Block Tin . 8.UJU It. Iron Wire, aswrted from No. 1 to 1(L im ink b ASaO. o. rutxra. 133 Froat - itreet. JOHN AIUIM. VVIhUSiK 4t CO. oUer for 35 eaten uptrior Bengal Indigo .... Bcveral caika smaita, particulariy deurable for h!eacl.eri and paper maker f 4 caaki hardware . A few talti cauimere and balloon'i, ihawla p20 - : i, I Ksaaud rnl.wt. ruivn. nun w um IV I barreli, laid to be a very superior lot, will he sold fiom tlie vcsiel at tlie lowest market price. - Appljr to CORNELina DUBOIS. my o DLVACH, jun.(atNo. 4i) Williaui - rtrott, ; .haionhand the followinj WINES and LIQUORS, selectad with judgment by himself, which ha offers at wholesale and retail, tear - urd pure, at wporlca ,S I'lfT I Madeira, from 3 to 18 102hha' . I years in wood. 40 qr caaks ) Old Madeira, in bottles, from S to 20 years Champaigne, Burgundy, Claret and 3auterue, i of very superior quality ; 7 pipes dry Liiboo, 7 yrars old . ' 7 do Sherry, nino years, old, and freo rem Boracha tastsi Port, ill pipes and bottles Table wine, for its quality, the cheapest in America, , Teueriffe, in hhda. i . . ' Old Brandy, do. Rum, do. Gin, not reduced 600 demijuhns, conliunin; fire gallons m h , 50 froco wine bottles ' ' ' N. B. Those in the trade, andoountry dealers, will "ad it 16 their arcount, to supply themselves with - wines and liquors at the above eata - tnibment, as they wfll be certain to obtain articles of the first qualUj, at tho lowest prices, and pure as imported. my 9 2m TO Jit: L&ASKD, ON favorable terms, for a long term of years, 4 tots of ground on Broadway, 800 feet deep, extending to Croaby - street, between Hester aud Grand - streets. S lots in Water - street, near Catharine - market. 1 lot in Water - street, between Fulton and Burling slips Also, several other lots in the 5tb, 6th, 8th and lOlh wards For particulars, enquire at No. 30, Chatham - street. may 8 " JUr. BALLET St Madame UOQUET, No 7 Nassau - street, - - HAVE the honor to inform the public in general and the ladies of New - York in particular, wiatthey. manufacture and have constantly oo hand an assortment of artificial flowers. At their store are ala to be found, and to be disposed of by wholesale and retail, . . . Perfumery o( every deicription, among which are the celebrated Lait VxwuviL, and (he mod approved essences and pomatums for the cow - ' pleiion. "7 Tortoise shell combs and thimble A complete assortment, of . worked dresses, shawls, fichus and bands Umbrellas and Darasols i ' Merino, knit and velvet ridicule j silk fichus Stockings and gloves lor lauies ana geuuemen Ladies1 elaatic garters j Surinirand ball silk dresses . Ball dj. embroidered with chenille and orna mented with flowers I silk scare Prunella aud silk shoes Levantines, fiorences, satins, taffetas fcc. And in short, every thing connected with the ladies' toilette. apXa lm iiukmond and Lynchburg manufaeturtd TOBACCO. nQ kags, now landing fram sundry res - J, U i O aels, of the following qualities and brand! - - 63 kez. Slv.lton k Wniiamson, 8 bands. 1, 2, 3 4V do P, Miller Co. , 8 1,2,3 SBdoJ.P.Ege, . ,8 1,2 45 do George Fietchar, .8 . 1 108 do John Enders, . 8 1 v 144 do D. R. Ross, : 0 1,2 S3dP. HoUasrCo. 8 . . 1 61 da Anderson, Blair ft M'Keaf, 8, 1, t 1 do Jes?a Hara k Co. 0 ' I'M do R. Hojhe fc Co. ' I,1? . W d R. Cantor,' , ' 8' .1,2 H do T. G. Crenthaw, : ' 8 ' 1, ' 21 do R. Putloc, .12 " 2 7dJ.iiP. Labby, ,t da H.Starr. . CftUdr'twiat 8, k half IbaolU M oit of the above brands are well known and . approved of in this market, - on account of tlie uilily; and uniformity of the diSerent nnmber t7UichtheoualiUenroslrnatd. ' orsalc lw ' - orniPi.iTm nil' hy COR5ELIUS nu BOH?, ' . - 36 Proot - strceL" apiO ft fv x - WHJTE LEAD, 1c. Kc. J J J keg tendon White Lead in oil 30 barrel do Urx White Lead, ... . f tuna Red Lead ' , ' ," 30 barrels Rrufnt Rod Ochre " ' " do Venetian Red ; t ton? 5ae ytharjtr H) bosghead Whiting rvt . W cubs Paris Whitn ; Wids. YerdlcrU i 31 . . l - v ii rvk ... - ,s kes Vermillion - " i: ' cut Pmniss) Blf, 4001b. - Croue YtUowj Patent Yellow - , Spanial, Brown, ....... J enetiaaRJ, f )tlW, OIL. Vtrdmns, J Lampulatk, Ivory Blael , Purp'a C;owd t s. Sl'iriU Tarpentiae ; Liotsccd OU ' . - .400 boxes Window Glass, assorted ' otade on itie lowest terms, tor cash 0 al nTLH SCUERMERnoRN k SOXS, 1 243 Wter - tat. THE subscriber keep constantly on haad an eilensivc assortment of tlie following foods, VII Dutch and EneUsh Gunny Bags, Popes Heads : Crumb Brushes Bellows, fancy and common Do for Blacksmiths Hall and Entry Mats fails and Tub , . . Wheel - Barrows Fine Wire Sieve Do Huir do Whips of every description Seine, sewing, wrapping, baking and ball Twine Fish Line Shoe it Sadler Thread . Dearborn' Balances, Vc Broom Duster, or Counter Brushes Hearth Brashes, fancy and common Head do do do Cloth do do - do Weavers do White Wash do Shoe hi Scrubbing do faint Brushes . and Sash Tools Clamps, 4.7, 8 row Furniture Brushes Horse do Bed Cords, Clotlies Lines . Sash Cords, Trace Rone : WrouRhf and Cut Nails and Brads ' Which they Hill sell wholesaleor retail on liberal terms. CEBUA it CUMINU, an 28 , 76 Pearl - street. Of ytHUIMl.1 TOHACCOilFLOUll. O r bhds old Virginia tobacco 65 do new crop do d ' ' CS bbls fine dour . ' 15 do middling do. For sale by VASQfJEi, MEURON & CLEEMAN, Fob 7 tf No. 72 Washlngton - st. fLAsTEU O' fA 10 3 W A N U K AC'I UR V , At the foot of llarriaon - street, North - River. I'TfHF.KE manulnctured Plaster, forcorni - V V ces and other purpuse, cipy be liar), warranted of tlie first quality, at one dollar and turn - IjJirt cents jier Luulitl. . . ' . i he' wanulactury is conducted by Mr. John Tucker, who ha served a regular apprentice shiptotlieuiasui butiueas, uil.SI JOHN BYERS. rpltt PLATE, TEA ice. liO boxt Tin J. plate, assorted 12,000 pounds India block Tin 8,000 do iron Wire, assorted 1,600 tio old Copper 40 cheat LI sod if Uin Tea, for sale by ANSON G. PHELPS, my 6 . IK3 Front - street. H"AliDWARri CUTLERY &. 2 casks Scotch spring Locks - 6 casks plate Locks, ldo Steelyard ' 1 do chest handles, kc. i I do screw plates, scale bcains,&c. I do brass cocks, A:c. - 1 1 do bell met;d ketlles and ski!ltts 2 da tiu'd pots and sauce pun 2 do fine pttdkicWs ' 4 do Banbury loc ks, hinpes, Sir. 2 do hainmern, pincers, locks, txe. . 3 do 1IL hinges, ke. 4 do anvils ' 1 do larnmeis and sledgca 2 do black & bright vices, 2 do files 4 do pocket, pen and double blade knives 4 do sham buck and bone tabic knives . 3 do buttons 100 do cut nails and brads, front 3d. to COd. Alao, a largo and freuend - aMortidenl of goo da openoa the slielvos, for sale at the aiost reduced prices by ADAM3& BLACKWELL, may 7 X15 J'earl - st. HARD WARE i CUTi.EKY'. THE subscriber have just rateivtd by the ahipa Jumcs,Monrie, Ali;netaiiel Aim, from l.ivenKxjl, an extensive auuuly of Hardware and Cutlery, of eveiy description,, v hicb tliey offer far sale to the merchants from the country, hy tlie Package, or in twh tymnljtira - tmm the shelve a way bt wanted, at a low advance and liberal credit - Thty hart aba in Slort on Uonngtimmlt 100 catks best English bottled Porter SO do a'aurted Glassware "10 cisses Eo'Ush mens and boys Hats SO crates ol stone a Mi Jujrs 100 bundles warranted IJalback German Steel 6 tons do Crawley 8teel 10 tons best hoop L. English blistered Steel Tin plates, block plates, ke. ' . B. W. ROGERS it CO. my 11 35 Pearl - street RUM, SUGAR & MOLASSES. , 62 punctuons Kara 65 hhda. Moliiascs 62 barrel and 6 hhr1. Sugar, Will be landed on Monday from the brie Ame lia from Antigua, lor sale by . ' 112 Front street o Who has also for tale, Havana. - Porto Ric and Jamaica Coffee. my 2 HO ' SUGARS. Hhds Muscovado sugar, first quality 217 boxes brown clayed do of superior qu - 45 dowbitn doS lily Far sale by N. L. 4. G. ORIS WOLD, ay 1 1 - oo soous - st. sTIIDLR BRANDY. 40 bbls Cider Brandy, KJ landing, for sale by ANSON G. PUKLfS, my 11 - , 1U3 Front - street. TEARBOR.N'9 BALLANCEs. assort'dsi - YJ xes. with and without apnarntut, for sale by CEBRA CUMING, my j o reari - nrei. tyO TTON. 35 bales Sew Ortr - nn, for sa!e VJ by LE HOY, BAYARD ft CO ap30 . . i I USKETS. 1000 MuakeU with Bayonets, :tl eotiued to debenture, lor sue riy UURD fit SEWALj, 5 cxutb - treet. my 6 AROJi hMI I'll has removed ro tin Uroitd - sX way, 2d door above Veaey street, and ol fers for aale on reasonable tortus, Klack, wrattand col'daatiua , ' Green levantine, loeiiine and Ihrrnee silk Klnrk. whilx. jrrrrn sill litht blue UDS Superfine white chip flats, with hauls and ex tra crown ' , Klairant crape and ug. tafata ribbons White, black and piak lulle lace Black Italian lutestrings PUid, chitngehbfc and plain co'.'d do. Stri)'d marcehn silks, Kin black, while atvdcolVl borab - ime - Do. labinetsand poplios Black and col'd Cauton crapes ' :' ' fis;M Nankin1o - 1 - 4 and 8 - 4 Nankis) crsp lKivh arid scarfs FigM and piuiu India mull im.siin 1K. mull aiat ranihric dresses and thawls JtlneertKtaiiJa.junoelriiiitriing 1 lirerid lacpa, eilinga and lootings . Ereuch la wo, Jvuu cambric aad bdkfs Fine 4 - 4 IriJt linen y Damaak table cloths and napkin, all siz - 4 Black, whito and col'd English silk g ovts Castor, kid and lev?r do , ' Best ftgM anrprnrrpMkrt rtattons Rlur. tiharlr. rrwn nmt manrted SeWlrlS silk Blck. whilst soul. col'd ra.w i!k shawls and rf ' .t: i v! r .' ' t - T .v Merino shawl nad drere , . - '' - Satia Ltn. h! k m.uA cul'tl raltaoeJ Hatbaads,.avitkici!aital nsaortaunit of fancy and sMile grands. ry. rr io 1 i d k( f "VDOLLA Kb TO LOAN ON MORTGAGE, of projiert io this citv. Ard!vtV ' ta - ' ' JJ' 13.1 A C G. OGDVf ft Ca. my 7 ' ' - . . 48 Wall - sirs'. nUGARS. - 10O hhds Havana Muscovado S O ran. of rood oaialitv. bow on Pu ttreet wharf, and foreakreaaoinbry, if applied lorfht day before si iruu;. tsamptee y ' lerm made kcoca. appricaliM at 67 WasJ; - ingto.'vtKet, G.atS.HOWL - AND. WrELLS - street, ' received by late arrivals, t ma ivory, scir - tip and real buck - handle knives and forks ' Fine penkuiver, holiter piatob", fioe gun locks ujiau suver waicnes, pialea (poona, c. aic, - OS MAUD, ' Roman vitriol, card wire Cast, boon L. and shear steel With a large and general assortment of hardware, bast fcbellisld and Birmingham plated ware, (or sale low. On consignment, received per Ann from Liver pwi, lavuoac tin plain. . ' my 6 P A IN TS, OIL, ke. kc M Paris a. While and WluUng . . , 60 bbls. Spanish Brown - SO do Yellow Ochre 16 catks Venetian Red 10 tons dry and ground White Lead ' 2 do Red Lead 600 lb. Pruaainn Blue ' 1000 lb. Bine Vitriol 1 3000 lb. Oil do 10 blid. Coniiera : 6 do Pymice Stone 1000 lbs. Gum Copal ; 1500 do do Shellac iiw udii.u round uam wood 20 do da Logwood and Nicaragua 600 d Tumeric S tons St Hommee Loewood . 2 do Lara vicaragua j 2 do Red Wood 3U Doaes s.silf m Mould Caudles Linseed, spermaceti and neat foot Oil . uiacK and Sns;ht Varnish 2500 feet 8 hy K) Glass 1500 do 7 by. 9 do for sale by . .. RIPLEY 6i WELD, mv 14 192 rmnt, corner of Fuilnn - st. CI 1N6 pipe Hlode - lsland uin, just rc V ccived, aird fui sale by ' CEO. W. TALBOT. may 13 55 Pine - street. t ANTON GOOUa 40 cases Canton Goods consialuig ol bin; K changeable eiothews green and blue do. wtli wide borders ; black nnd colored Uauitiieis, 10 gentleman's wear; black and colored Sntins, Hand 30 yard nieces .dilack aiid colored Levantis ; black fringed Hdkfs.; figured pelong Satinsjatout Pongees, suitable lor tailors ; ugureo neaniiaaia. ; plain do; Uompa - oy yellow Nankins svhite do j Nankin Craes, black and aaaorted o'lors. 18, s!0, and SSfyard pioceajcaavsof allacrlt do; beat Canton Crapes uiaca and assorted loicrs cases ol all scarlet aud rose do ; guredankiii Crapes, black nnd sud assorted colors; do Canton dii i Coocan Crapes ; elegant emrcidf red and damaak Crape ureaacs ; nanam tjze crape, a 4, 8 - 4. and 'J - 4, ; embroidered Nukm Crape Shawls, superior quality and color;, 41, 7 - 4, B - 4, and 9 - 4 ! Uam a'k do i Cnipe lon (hauls, kc. with a general afjortiiirnt of FRElCil GOODS for sale at 150 Broadway, by 1 my 15 I w f l.'HjRROOK k PETERS, lKY HIDES At OFI'EE, 600 dry hidt, 1711s. each MJ average weigh' 300 do do 1U ' do !00 do do 124 do 25,000 wL green cole, forsale by 11. ULNDKlCKf, may It ( 37 Ceaver - t. . lOl'JUN YAKi4iow numbers. An a - J aartmeut of low So'a. cotton yarn, for salt by tlie CotuiaUiion Conpwy, 14tJ Pcarl - strcet. mav Ij TOli.1 CCO MAJfUt'A C - JTOJli. FWy I) E Subacritiers beg leave to atquaint their JL friends and tlx public, that they have re moved their Tobacco Manuttctery iulo (heir Are - proof store, Ro. 62. WaUr - streeL wliera they intend enrryn on the business on an exten sive scale tiiat navs on nana a larsj uirry - Pigtail rolls, made of best Richmond tobacco Sweet scented N. Head Ladies' twist ' ' ''' Long cot chewing, in 1, 4, 6, and 16 ounce a - per do smokinf do ' Macuba snuff, in jars and bottler, by wMeite and retail Scented Rappee, Straaburg snuff French rappen " do do do do do do do do Plain nu do Scotch snoff in bottles and bladders ft Spanith segars, made of choice tobacco imAlao, a nsw.and genttel two atory brick house', poneuz years a;o,anu warraoicu geu uuiuiut:r ut unpenara anu v - liurcn - strtel, Die New - Orleans de. American do. erma moderate. For further particular a, apply urder iroai trv couutry wui do puncinaiiv and carefully attended to. may 9 1 I. NAAK & SON. LOW WOOLL1N3. n . a few'e a r I... - i futi,. i forialebv JO&. 9. i.AUHISON, npy? oi .rine - airrei. ' ii - - am n. ... . VtAM PED, several young LADIKS as au V V preutices to Ihe MANTUAMAK.l.ij - r BUS1NE3S. Enquire of MISS MARSHALL, 1 my 141 f - No. 7 Cedar - street. JT SLIDER liKANUV. - JJ bHrrels, landing y ,? ' , rny andfuurni,n themselves with his new invented Ra oby ANSON G. PHELPS, r Strop, aod Metallic Compositian. No gen for sale mv 5 1113 Front slrrct. rnEA. TIN PLATE J. 40 chest hi son skin tea a - " - Tir 100 boxes Tin Plate, assorted 10000 lbs; India block tin 1!OJO ibs. Spaniah do rioOU lb, iron wire . KiO tierces prime new rirn 50 bbls. cidtr brandy. For sale by ANSON G. PHELPS, my 16 1!U Front struet ri'OBACCO, LINSEED OIL, BOSTON JL P.UM, fcc - B74 kegs first quality manu factured Tohnrco, now landing, ol the loliowing approved brnnds ; "Geo. Fletcher, D. R. Rosa, Slie.'lou K tVuliBmaoo, Andereon, liiair, t ric - Keace, P. Miller Co. F.G. Orenahaw, J Gihh, n. starr, Jesse nare cu r. I'aney ku. P. Holtx k Co. and B. H. Brady." Alto cl Burling iltji, 10 hhds. " Spears" Boston Hum 20 kc colouring for liquor And in Store. 300 kegs Grst quality pure Ginger 34 bbls mets and prime Pork 7 bhds pure Spirits, high 4th proof 20 Iript domestic Brandy, good quality 12 bhds Pennsylvania Linseed Oil 17 kex low priced shicpiog Butter bO clitikU Hvsoa Skin Tea, Cioihir's cargo, for sale by CORNS. DUBOIS, my 15 tut 3o rnnt - sireet HAVANA SUGAR, TALLOW, kc. 50 boxes brown Havana Sugar, entile J to - drawback. - u 180 ceiouu South American Tallow 64 boxes Roll Brimstone, aod - l!i case 1'unibh - rs. Landing and for Kile by . JAMES D'WOLF. Junr. my i z o ooaun sirru full tALK, Between four and five hundred acres oi ifcid, tcgellier wiOt two dwelling house. and sundry out houses, a saw - ntill, aud two or three fine mill - seats, suitable for any descrin - tioa ol factorin; all compactly situated, in the twt of Canaan, ia the eeuoty of Columbia, in Ibis state, aol about 22 miles distant, from both Albany and Hudson. The land, foe the moat part, a of priaue quality, sand iagaodcaltivatiun, and will be old in diviaion to (uit purchaaer. The wdter - privilese : such as caoaot often be met with, and worthy the attention of manufacturers. The greater part of the purchase money may remain onniortgageaeverai year, if desired, or property in the city of New - York would be accepted ia exchange. - A tho promise, in part at iMtst, are to be stirposed of at asm. sjvEaT. lhy will be sold cavui axasosa - BtK TEJXJ - - - Enqwr of . ,JL W. WARNER, Jfew York, or . - , ' ' J ASON - WARSLR, oa U pfemise. " sp 4 DIG l3a iman k. re stoi M H. rnun w I ! aB1 L'ifecto give notice. ,T . T " ""'oenu oi lour p r cent on the capa - tal slock of the connin, n th ia. n.r.ik. r"?P,d.t0 Stockholder at their Office. No. 55 Wall - street, on and after Ihe 1st day ol Jantt rei t. The Trnhafer book will be elootd oo aisiiuaioul. By order of Ihe board of Dirce "" . KICUAHD DUNN, Janr. my!4dlm ' , , Sec'ry. - Aff UTOR H AWED, l ademy near the city of New - York M. - A single gcutleman, of good ntorats, and ca pabl M teach the rudiments of the Latin, witl thehisherEn - branches usnallv lainrht in academies. A graduate of a colloga in tha lloi - tl Slates wUI be preferred. A pply at the office oiui paper. , , m. 15 VkCU The silli.rrilirr ntfm fur cat hi. vaL'S. iiiiidenctt in tlie town of Fa'rfli hl. itsta r vuuuevucui. k is pleasantly situated, on tlie Boston road, about half a mile from Long Island ouuun. oo nines irora ew lork, and 20 from New Haven. The house and oul - housrs are in excelasnt repair. The Unit yard is well stocked with variety of peaches, apricots, rhernts. pears ana strawberries. There are in the vicinity academies for the education of youth of boll eies. From one tosil acre ol excellent land. at tlie aption of the nurchaaer. nun le hud with thebMae, andthn purchase money, if desired, can - remain on interest. For terms apply 1o ISAAC M. ELY, Eaq. 76 John street, H. York, orwBiBiiDS. 9iUKul.3, air wy .6rla;ctl DAVID ELY A VKRI VALUABLE KSTATF SOR ALK. Uiie the property oF Ueiiujah Strong', Esii. deceaaed. in Ihe townahin of lalin. lyiu; on Ihe great south road, about 45 miles I row new xork ; conUimu by coinHilaiionsa - boat 2500 acres of land, more "r leas j nearly 1000 acre of which ia under cultivation, inc ba aing auout svai acres oi suit and rrerh meadows, which is completely tmhanked, ditchrd and drained, for the purpose of being reclaimed. The rciuainucris in vaiuanie wood land, on which larga Quantities may he cut aanuully. On the f reiwae is a spacious and convenient Mansion louse, wilh a larice bain, hovels, crib, stable. carriage bouse, garuVnera houie, work shop, juiui iiiui), iuokb oouse, ice nouae, and oilier uui Buiiunii, repiei wiui every conveuiencu. Ttiere is also on the premiaes: about a mile from rh mansion house, a new farm house, with a burn uioiuin. Near Ihe house is a lane nond. with a nrivi legeol stream of wnter, on which is a good saw niiu, and waier suiutieui lor a gnat null. The garden and orchards are extensive, in which there have teen set out, within n lew years, a great number of young trees, of every species of me uni Kiniieu iruu, uioauy m Hearing, anu ai In the uioat nourishing condition. Alao. a laree miraery of fnsit trees snd plants, sufficient to extend an orchard of 100 arres. Ihcre Te few eitatea offered for aale. ao desi rable for either an extenive fanner, or the resi dence of n gentleman. The farm is capable of supporting a large clock, and bviiu hounded by the south hay, there ia hd inexhauatihlu source ol manure from sea - weed. Boats tilv from the neighbourhood, almost daily, to and from tlie city. The bay alao abounds with a ereat variety of game, fish, oysters and chins, Had the pond anu erven wnu ine nut at trout. . For terms and fartlitr particulars, apply to A. H E A WHENCE, No. 23 Park f lac, or on the psaam. - " any 1 1 aaiou FOR SAL K, A farm of between sintv nnd sn - enlv f. rituate no the west hunk of l.nir niMvn Mid dM iolo iron the villns - e of CoonerstounT tanw - aw ... Uan - an rtx. q'tinre , - n (ic arnwuse,usrn, kg. ii lornis Oeairailo tit tauliihuient for a gentleman wisliiog to retire Luuuiry, as lis suuinou, to profpect. rmminiefir. n i - .' . . . To Lei f'r one or more vrnn m. ... r - . f J no lollowinr houses hmm Nr. BO 1 oroMiway. two doors above Wash nrlnn llil wilA a coack house in tlie rear if rnaui uiree orj ontK noute no. 4it, in said street, nun n 'JO LLTt Gr ille decant 3 alorv hnnut N. 1 il..,i iireei, wmcu commanda a pleasnot vi 1.'arU aod river l'osaoaiion may be ha IKW oi had in anvil " ,ur fureonaia nouw. JU - ; ; 7. , ' ' " " w tnteel family. AddIv as above. iimi ih?ii iiiinnivi wn nititH i.t - 1 1 If G. Savndkk's PATENT RAZOR STROP, SAlHHDh.K.3 respectfully solicil tliose wno have not got his Patent Kuxor Strop, who once make, trial of one of the Strops r tf.t.A m. .11 I . , . .1. v.w, ,. r,c,,i, .1. j oiuer.iand suoii it lormation, mat ever aomm h use will not the razors that niundaeas uhii h renders the u.em uaeicss, and which is well known al to follow the application of all thoa e hi'her Vtented. 1 he above strops are in genera t L - 1 orll an" are distinguished from a! Itfe. Barbers Who have UX d them tav n.nri. I;, n. : - . .1 , i i. ut piuin; matt t uu myseil. G SAUNDERS, L 18 Woll - slreeL 9. Hie moat liberal allowance made to my 1 1 I TO TDK 'HABITANTS OF NEW - YORK, I" VICIfllTT. Y1. BRYAN, Dyer, ;. from London, i eratefullv arlriuu - l..i.... k i:i.. i "O J ivu.c. II'IUI EH cj.'nent be ha received, from hi frienda hii puouc, since ma arrival from England. Als to ment a conlinuation of their patrons' support, he has taken those extensive Ps No. 37 and 39 Spruce - street, (late Lit - llfge - street,) where he has at considerable e erected machinery and every cooven - ie ensure their future favour. , Piece Goods dy'd any fancy color and oi min uperjor.lyles LoUie dressea, silk, twelve!, damaak, moreen, era;, veila, srj mantles, ptli - sca, bomhazeena, kc. eland dy'd any fancy pattern, chip, straw, ahorn Bonnet i dy'd. t, for mnuining, on shortest notice s mo raniture clean 'd, dy'd and water - marked ; hMnff, e. . mm id tu, sjreai in uuwc t . - park aoa - ICII barelwen al f succt - sa highly g (Sura, in several pu attended with degree graieiui to Uie anvent - nra. in several parts of the West ladies. jsmiuitm una nnaaie Btairs, parttcuMr - l!W York, Philadelphia, Vltimore, ke.. tttratirm W titmtm mil. .m - - i - ;i.J ivu,ruim.a iu uijkci,c. is not surpasaed bv I any h Ihe jatctior ofthe state. It will be sold j low far cash, on a credit, or exchanged for pro - 1 1 prt.lntlu.c.ty,od.,&c; , Ar,lyto ,7tf tm d ii I 7 i tiuiuims;.. I will n i . i i in at or five be hue on by - long r or i.. i ran " ment u MIM f siuca which ton, in oup Mm A as "'mi ta al N. fhnn. Tcrnon K.uf 1U mw 1 erms public's money interest An wnu, never mvmMmA Appiy jan sny7 calied Hall, Unay's. "UKr "r manuiarcured in America its rery texture and elasticity making it asavmof wenly - fiv per cent lo th purchaser. VR ' WLlFaM JACKS0.V. , Nl B Merchants and the traiL, in aeneral find it lo theiradeanfa be used by person in esery Mtaattoul provemnL with a largo girdeu in good codi - . wiry are excellently I lion, adapted to carry of ra - oience a family may require. . For term, whirh Jtt' ?.nd ,'Mf f N Laulada, aad it Hs morbid aecrction ; ar reasonable, and If sold a Wcradit r;,L if M,MU'PP Hirer aaatwardly lotiw ie appetite; to produce wished, apply lb ? " S PVfic hereby prevent colds " ' W K n " ' In tMxe the Map will La about six by ire Lrf, t!'th nr. , w.t rnLli . i i - : i , " ' - ' ' I In iv. xr 1 1 tit rniw t sue the Man .. ' . . : i Vnua, aad prevent e and amend the rsniration. and i rcoiteaol fatal consequence. A dose I 1 to remove a cold, if taken on it oral iuee. 1 wry are an Infallible preventive sand Mahgaant Fever, and should be t - foruse, by ewrr aeassaa and trasreller. al and soid sit LEa,'dNedicioeto, Na. VUJ. auiiuble . en aane. urag - itis and country store sL - ppl.d ca liberal traii. my 16 ker. MEOILM I'RINTI.Vfi PPPR. 171 VE hundred ream Medium Printing Paper, m. Miouuiuciuieu at uie I lura ruvsr paper uuii ALSO, . 100 reams coloured medium 20 do blotting do ' ' " ' ' 20 do writing deray. And 2U du writhe medium. All Irora Ihe same mill. Forsale, a I reduced prices, l,y T.k J. SWORDS, nyl3 . . fl0 Pearl street T,,T,,y'9d"0fk 'lor' aotlu, ke. HE subarnber has received per Vmir, 1 0 trunk best WoodMotk gloves, asaorte d. 1 caae Shepherd's but West ol England black aud blue broad cloths and casaimart 1 trunk cotton hote 100 doaen Rowlnud's genuine JVaeassar od, and A lot of lead pencils. GEO. M. WILSON, 14 1211 W.ter - st. JEWELRY. 2 caaea of Fancy Jewelry, lor ale by GKO. M. tvit sntf' my 14 pTjj W.ter - street. 20 O LKMOfoi. kc. . Boxes fresh Messina Lemoni, , t .. prune order 50 boxes do do . Oranges : Now landing mid for aula i y y 13 PETER REMSEN U CO. etalwof New. York, I (LomVilrrilUn flAW. ( WHEREAS hy at) act of the Legislature entitled " an act tu iirnrov ruii and to provide for the rtdemplion of Ihe fuuded debtofthi state, pnsaed 21st April IUI8, Uie voniiiiroiier is auuiorued to borrow on Ihe cred ivi ui lime, sum or sums noi exceeding in Uie whole, one million of dollars, at a rate ol in. teres! not exceeding six per centum per annum, payable quarter yeurly. Now therefore, nublic Notire is htrrhv - lmn by the undersigned, Comptroller ofaid Stste, pursuance Ol the set aloremiH. Ihnl l n ,li ccive sealed proposes at his ollice ia the city of ........ j, , , ucsunj uie zoiu msy instanl, lor the Whole or BnV nnrt of a Inun nCr,n tiMllmnnf oonara, io ue paid into Uie Treasury by the first find if 111 Its ts..m.t . For Ibe loan or loans which may be msde to the State under the art fVKiiil. r.rtiiu atock will lie issued which will be tranifornhl ine citv or iNew - Toilf, and the interest on which will he paid nuarlrr mrl in n. .i - b holders residing in Ihe Southern district and out me oinie at some uank in Ihe city of New - ui, nnu to an oincri in uie my ol Albany. The principal of said Slot h In l irriln, - ,!,!.. iiiiiii ineorac dav ol Januarv. Illzrli uml w ihin years Ihereaftttr the Government ia bound Io redeem it if the St ockholder require the same to done. ABCII'D. MclNTYRE. Comptroller. Albany, May 7, 11)111, mv 1 1 titith .TKl JO L,JT. Vnial A convenient two storv frame house. witn six Iota of ground, well adapted for a boarding school, situated in Broudway, between Bieecker an J Prince - streets. Enquire of ELB. ANUF.RSOX, my 13 124 No. 4 Bowling Own, CUHLU HA lli MAMJt'AVTVHX. 70 Chatham - street. THE subscriber returns his thanks to the ' public for their former Datronarc In the of his profession, and hones for their future support, in hkewiae informa them that b ha hand a conatant supply of curled hair, manu factured expressly for malrasaer, on an improved principle ; aud likewise euarantees lbs hair sold Imiu in b free from any impure smell, being r,. unU uuu,u uiu Dana, ana Deiog manufactured by muchinery, has an advantage over 30bale, ia it. rous - h .t.:7r Th I : r hom - talls , 2000 lb. of ion hair drawn no liiches, clubbed J 600 (Joxen hair sieve M'orua. phis as annva. - 6 ... WAV I t 11 Aouuii rimale servant, to do Ihe Cooking and other work of a imnit - ..,..i... i , J, bring a Bntifnclory recouunendalion from 'VMM., iiciu. none neeoAnnfw ha u.i iB9t piut e ; to tucti a on good wage. pun,, nppiy ui iu r rank in alreet. Biy6 , ,.',... LMUNvib fil'GOWAN. No. IS6 Fly nlar' - kt. aeoaible of the very liberal tncouruge. lie ha rectivtd sinco hi commencement io business, and feeling confident that no exertions oia pun snail ne ivantiog lo merit a continuance, informs hi. friends and the public that no a. . 1 - 1 . 1 . . ... r( - ui.o nu ncen avoided lo omntn a oi loo uest iiouort of every description, can be depended on for their purity. lor a constant supply of GREEN TURTLE their season, he'ivill b. enabled to furnish of an excellent quality. """"S itit'io arrorigenienra, wnne at lhnrtrs - vvm win urn uittEDfin inr till nsat rvrsi , w. lul. .:n I a S . OUUIARy, tube on (La I a bit! evcrr i'uv.l - u HUM I .tml .,,. " B. Soun. fleer - sie.U.' o i. " M..V L" iwviuit ur jiivqii nnn pi. r anrnff an i - ua ill ..i. " .7" i77:.r ' r - "" ! time,. i apW . ' bOARDI.MU. ITtOURorlivegaatkruen with thrir familir, or, ten or hlieen sinele conlltmen. can !. . be I accommodated with board and lodging at Mount , SVAiSI j 1 roe, way and i J. Ik i . - towns towns .1 I tjuiei, aooui uve miles from Ihe cite ol i. .. t ,i. i - . 1. . fOK SAM Oil TO LKAstY. Lota in tlie 5. 6. !1. and 111 Vurt. - . watch are on regulated and paved street. No VArlr m It... I, .... I. r . I . I - ... - oofthemostpWntiTnio rooms are spacious and airy, having a full ofthe; coach bouw ,d sUbles. - libera, and every atutiitionnaiiL hv th bumble servant. P ' ft VVall.?s,hV. IjlJ rl .t' 41 calirt foHr Mdjr to ' The CaTita nftr " r nn , Haifa Million of " f" ""M paid.or laUifacto - - will be required under Un years, if sold, Wn. excepted. John HUU3L3. i James voorman, , ceverai two and tbrt story houses, on which neV pan oi ine money reuiiun on morbrage. i.. l.A.M - ll.Mi AT Rr.I) HOOK. XCeUentsland for hiuinM. with ...... pxiasiuuy situatwi, with a wharf, store i.; V". . . . ... aitu oani wJtT)? . failimr, stream, upon which 20 n.illsmay be M. k . .m.K.: u ...r k , "" - - " u wtuieioiiauu, anu a A wmi - iti.j ui wattrr ittr cucu. ai Ae. 2 Orecnwtcb - strect. 13 tf hitut lllu - ui TO LET. A three - atory brick house, opposite the in Duaua, and next to th. comer of Hud - strect. Enauir at No. 2 Grrcuwich - street. All IVT.A1 A Forsale or In leL lha b - antlfcl u of ll. awMrim a - ra a s a ra s inrniaiiinaa 1 X' in, lormatioo aw. a - . . - Mont - AlU, ven snile. fr City Frwh travelier. and on the North River, adjoining ford Cour - Mmgeclaisn of their res.oirve governoienU It contains 20 acres ol land onder am - 10.!? ""rthwestem coast of Aa.erica. I. ,:. , 'iTT I fiT.i7 . 1 "inaoisn, r - naiiaft,' liritiah and a varietr of fruit tre. an.t I "utsnca, winch Uet ixtM u.t I,n,aiua oi D. xl ' s a, , ino 64 Sonth - st. - ' - 'L ? - - ' TO J.F.T. ' ..r . Nab A spacioa CELLAR.No. 0 Wallir.t tor a Wl. n.i.. l.., .. - r ... 'If - the im fl Fmr m till twernisst o. tri?L..,, VJn ML SWtDEi .J "y3 in t af fcCr "0 'Vs , teftby given to uv stock - holdrra of ihe Aasociatc ofti.e Jeraty Cuapa - i ny, that a dividend ha been declared of lo dollar per aharo on tho capital itock of company, which will he paid on the ifth instant, at No: IHI Drondway. . j IIARKY CALDWtLL, TreafUtcV.' iwy 1 3w - :':. . . . ' - NOilCK . .. ,. ffc7 Tit mastics and owner of vemU longing to the otic of Albany and Troy, wtits lo hire a basin, lor a' number of year, oo I ho North Rivur side of this city, for the accoanuo. dalioii of tl.eso vessels exefusirdy, 4or wluchs liberal compenttiun will be giieu. The subarri - ber are a corumitti e appoiiiled fur the nurnneit ' of receiving proposals fur th saw. And thai proprietors of '..a wharves on the North Rive; are requested to band in their proposal to either, of Ihe subscriber, stating tho situation aud tbtnf terra, respectively, i - '.. - N. 11.. A r.otc alhlrea d to eillirr of the ub scribar, fell at Joseph C. Cooper's, Lent's Ba sin, or at R. S, L. Reed's, Coiaties tlip, will b attended to. , . ; , Ncw - Ywk, 25th April, 131ft. V - . , . BRNUM WHIPPLE, " ' ' ; GEORGE MONTEATiT. ' ' - "' , PETtRDO.XNF.LLY, RlCHl). II. FITCH, I , - - B. BUSUNELU - m . .GURDON GUANT. . ap 25 ! . ' ' .. , - HtMUMAUr,. .. v. - Is" J. A. GUTTWALDT. has reanoWhW No.44toNo. 75 .Vaidto - laos. where haooutin - ua to nianufactur his PIANO - FORTES oo an entire new and unproved enustruction, the rsiulk of many year cloen applicatioD and study, for which, h now has obtained letters patent. Oa examinalioa by ctatnak - seur of music, lie flat. tar iiimscu max they will meet with their approbation, and merit imbUc natronaM i ianJ ha foci proud, that hi piauo - fortes have met with the unanimous approval of the most eminent professor of music th following teatinioaiala tf which thry . kindly have granted biia, lomctt the public ey : .A . ,. . " We, th mbroriberr, professors of muic, Io certify, that w have carafully examined Mr. J. A. Guttwaldt' pianofortes, hich,kr ingenuity and sxctllouce of workmanship and aaiforn b'iUiaucy of lone, we deservedly reeoounrnd to public patroaage, Measra. GiUas, EUeune, 4. vi t - r fi'i . : i . . 1 1 n i f r . , ..i - it, t HiuHwii, vuitrtoa uiucfri, '. . (nib, T0 LEl' 00 Ujo Pp,Blla lanisj large and commouious slur and back room adjoining, wiUj or without a frout cellar, ... apZ5 lm ,. . . . . jYohc lo Tavtnt AVirra and Uroctrt. DrT Licenses to Tavern Kweners ami Gro cers Iroiu tun Mayor and Commissioner of Ex Cise. will heiaiuud al thn MnvorU aiffi. - in th. 1 c,"y Hall, between - th Lours of ti - n and one o'clock, oo the several dny, and for the different wards in succession, io the unlet folljiving, 1st 2d ' ai 4th 5tlt 6lli 7 th 8tb flth ward .do .., do"1 dn do do ; do do do - on the 'do - do , ! do,, , do ,do do . do , rlo Sth ' May ' 6th ' - - sits 7th ' ,; do ' ' 8th k Clh do i 1 lib It 12th rlo - . 13th at 14th do - 15ihl lfithdu . Hiihatldlhdo . 20th rto 10th do do 21st &22J cio AU persons who know of anv nliwrtirmi a. gainst th granting of license to any of thote! who now hold them, ara rrspectfully requested to giva information at tlie Mayor' Office, be. fore the tin for grauling theiu as above - mentioned ; and tho gentlemen - who have takea pain to invcalagate this sabiect, ami consider it oi sufficient moment, are particularly invited to assist in furnishing all tho inforaiatiuq ia their power. JJjr ordnr - - Ap27tf "" ' ?' SlDELL' F: M - Tti far a ui'iinrf ii . " . WI - "2" "mw? IM - i.ChT"r. "r" ! J,,a, fn these school are laueht all th a,n,i.. which constitute useful and finished duration. We for liea r to descend to narticuUn , i r. - rtcommendatioOT, or to make grant promise. Our - palron ara left to luds - a of tl., r inatrnclioo both Mora and teunt fx, by Uit iea - provauMtof Ui scholars. .v . , ; ALBERT PICKRT. ap99 ,4,, JUUN IV ViCKk.'by WHEA'luA'rt I I't.'ll )I.J;rjIrvi THE long and sucteaafui use of (hiolnfmeot i as tutucient - . it t... - , . . , oetn fownd to txa ulAiftn muC . ... i f . , . ,7 ' " w vwi uu f3 - medy fi.r that disagreeable disease in aU ils sta - I S B m I ' al m. ... f. . I .... rencn K Kem, No. 195 Pearl - strett ; iju Bowntf, 146 Pearl - treet r R. it L.Murusv. - !lit rlVt. J m L,' la iffi t'J'fU0. I hb. "tX'M ) ,ury in Fearl - street i J..ho t M....:.... ,.7T Graenw icli - rtreet i Joiin 1' Fi.le. nit: nL... i Walter k Seamau, cornel of Clwinbrr - st. Broadway, and also in Chathaaa - stret - t I autf i . . . - ,, riiiu ,aor7 "aaya procured at n.oilof fhe Dmsr ?iorein imscny - AUo in PLilailehihia. ,.fs' Withn.l A Rn.". K it . " - - J - "ilnrioil .HtriO At fiO i . li,.'a l"ciry oi iew - Xork, hy A. k W. R. Foal. No.4l W;!i,...t. J. f T. Clark. Nn. fl - . M:.l...T7 "... ociiieuenn to. Wo. 133 r.arl. .., ... iiu'i.i aq me urogsui m Uiepruicii - itl in llu lln l.l Kii.. ' in the United StaUs, (.IKEUISB, WIIEATON'S JAUNDICE BITTERS aaa had at thai ahov place. jn 22 Cm . HUN KLIN DIBECrottl. Elisha Tit.hitt. Henry I. Wyckoff. Geors Griswold. Philip Ursafier, Thomas Franklin, Jamci Walsh, Stephen Whitney. Jos. P. M'KiWiei , . Peres Jones. Bayard, Jr. T. Lawrence, - r - wao. John Adams, i f, - . . 1 1 Tlioioa fl'trkley. l Iiumtj t.. - 1.. . ELI5HA J.WORXHIAC'JSJN.sJc'ry;. mnv6 1m PROSl'ECTUa" .?"?" .cVscnirrio, WAT W MKXJCO 4ll I nm.n r . VIE poblicaiion of Uii.Map hai been under - taken With Ilia mtM.U k., :. .Intorxnatian, kighl, Intttinr ItM. ii. una ine vaiuhk. si,u !.... ., h.. jk j..r - au - Map, with even all iu inirwrfeeuZlTiiT.. .1.17... . " P8"1 ha nmared bt - rnlMll'U? contain the latest and best in - front the discoveries and " 7" "i' L""7?,."r .Ma J" A - FbeMap wau include lii .t portion of North ... h, to bs delivered lo Ihe subscribers al fifteen dollar a acb. wm oe projfcisa so a a aie or w - hrs. Murrh". IBI8. apmil IXJJ.k.1. . . .tk. t - . m. ii u 1U4 Pcarl - iUiaL A - ' - 'h ' " '. . . - ; ' ;v - i:. . i 4 : :.1 t "I - . '! J.

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