The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 20, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 20, 1818
Page 4
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i i i 3 ft ' 1 N CHANCERY. , 15 CHAfiCERT - , ; - - ' STATE or HBW - tOEX. M. ' WnanaMcc of s decretal ordueTltiit booora - .. J blecoorU bearing data the sixteenth day of October last, win oe toia 11 puuuc auction, nu Tontine Cofle House, ia th city of New - York, under th direction the subscriber, none of the roaster of (hit coart, oo Wednetdnif the tntnlh day of January next, at twe've o'clock, at aoon, all that rertaia lot. tract or Parcel of laid, Ran ted in the county - of Delaware, to the atate of New - York, and ia Evan' Patent, tad known by great lot thirty tonr, aed bounded a follow! :be - ' ginning at a (take aad heap of ttoaei near a beech tree, marked no. 94 ana 97 ; neing un Bonne ' corner of lot tlurtv seven ; thence along the north bound thereof outl eighty elegree, wett ine hundred ana twenty eignt cnaia ana u'j'7 ' nil link to a breed tree aaarxea no. hminw , - ..ll - uu.f rniiwr of lot fNa. 33.1 DUtS tier mirt threes thence aJoncthe eart boundi thereof north three decreet, eaat eighty one . ohain, iia iinha loa baecb tree marked No. 31 and 34 tWe long the tonth owed ef . lot (No. 31) number thirty one, norm asmiw" h fitiu - iiof one hundred and lour chlinatoa .take and heap of atonee i : thence aouththirt live cbaina and twenty four liokit n beech tree marked No, ! tbeace north eignty nine degreea, eatt twenty chain to the west - houftd of lotthirty Ive thence along the tame aooth forty low chain and ninety til link to the place of hennaing J coatainisg nine hundred and tortvbln acre and tbjee fourth of an acre of land, with the appurteuance. And alio, all that certain other W, tract, or parcel of land, litua. ted in the county of Delaware, in the state ol New - York, in "Efaw' Patent, and known by great lot thirty neveu, and ia bounded a fol - low i Beginning at n hemlock tree marked No. 37 and 40, being the northeast corner of tot No. (40) number forty I thence along tii north bounds thereof, couth, eighty nue degree, wett 6ne hundred and thirty - tour chain and ten link to a beech tapling narked No. 36 ft 37 ; thence north three degree, eatt seventy eight chain to a Beech tree - with itone round it i thence on the toutb boundi of lotthirty four north eighty aioe decreet, cut one nanareo ana uiiny cnartu w ir.u 1 1 jl I I il i.iM .j - L, . ika.n. nK marked thirtr - teren and tUrrr - eight I thence oo - tlie wett boundi oi lot thirty - eight, touth seventy. . eight chains to the place of beginning, containing one thousand and twenty - four acres and one , fourth of an acre of land with the appurtenances , Mated, uecemoer z, iui7. - ' JAVlES A. HAMILTON, Hee3 law4&dti Matter in Chancery, fttr - The tale of the above property it postpo - ' nedTo tlte eighteenth dar of February next at the eaate hour and place, uaieu jan. i, ioio. JAMES A. HAMILTON, Jkn 1 4awlt - ' Master in Chancerr ; The tale of the above poperty i potponed lo n the lzth day of May next, at the lame uoar ana Place. Dated rei. in, in iu. . - JAMESfA. HAMILTON, th IA . Mauler in Chnncerr ' The tale of the above prP,,r it postponed to - the IJd day of June next, ai ine tame nour aou Jinnee, uatru amy it, iuio. , . JAME3 A. HAMILTON, my J4 lawld Matter in Chancery. At a Court ot Chancery, held lor the ttate ol New - Yoik. at the Chancellor's uweiiiog Houte. in Ibe ci( v of Albanr. oo the twenty - - V third day of March, in the year ol our Lord one thousand eight nuiwireo ana eigniren. Present I be Hon. James Kent, Esquire, Chan i cellor. Philip Schuyler, Philip Jeremiah Schuy - , W, Ktottelaur Schuyler, Stiplieii Van Rcnttelaa., Jr. Philip Church, Peter Cru - . jr and Catherine kit wile, John Church, Jtodnlph Uunaer and Elisabeth bit wife, ' ' Kicbard Church, an infant by Uie laid Phi ' lip Church his Belt friend, Kliiabetli Ham ilton, Alexander Hamilton Morton, lliilip Schuyler Morton, Cornelia L. Morton, ti Uemna Marr Morton, infant br the taid Philip Jeremiah Schuyler their next friend and cainariDO van nentseiaerwaicunie . M. , , John R. Dleecker, Elitaketh Drincki r - ' hoflT, Morri 9. Miller, end Maria his wife, . '' Charles K. Dudley and rJlaiidina hit wife, ' Mnriha ilradftreet, Samuel Bradttreet, ' Thnmat Morris. Tbomat Diddle, John 'Whartoaand William Hale and Catherine f Van llentttlaertjchuykr hit wife. rpHEcomplainanU above named having filed . . JL their bill in tho above mentioned cause for the partition of the following parcel of land, that ' it (o tav a parallelogram in tlie counties of Onei - . da end, in this ttate, on the south side of a patent granted on the second day ol Janu' 'y rr, 1764. to Joseph Worrell and others, comtn'in - ly called Cosby1 Manor, lying along and upon tae south boundary ol the said patent as its bate, being SC chaini and 59 linki more or lessio breadth, and the whole extent of the touth line er bouudarv of the tai - 1 Ditent, i. e. 483 chains ' more or less in length, and Philip Schuyler, one . of the complainants, having made an affidavit an nexed to tlie said bill of the truth of the allegations ; therein contained respecting the unknown owners of (he said parallelogram. It is thereupon. on motion of Mr. J. V. Henry, of counsel for the may be decreed to be aken pro confesto against r.i ' L L " .. ..ji . .u.ii ..1 '.nrW". T"ru,T;'of hi. order be published for three calendar months,! once at least in every ween, in a nrwipnpcr iniu - td in tbe city of New - York and iu the city of . . . . i y. Acor,. M0SSK2NT, He8irter. i mhSOIawSm . ' ' ' Ot Oli SJiut., Between four and five htin lred acres ofiaud. tehr wilh tw0 dwelling houses, l ad sundry out bouses, a saw - mill, and twoorl three fine mill - seats, suitable tor any oesenp - tionol factonef, an compacuj iimniru, i towaofCaaaan, in the county oicoiumiiin, in . .v. - . r... Ij.ii, thi tte, ana aooui .. "'"t V" "3 ."r.! - ! - . - nrie. iiwaTin.. . pari, ii ui (iniuc u"i,'i and will be sold iu divisions to suit purchasers. The water - privileges are tucn as cannoionen or met with, and wormy uie attention 01 manuiau - turers. Joe greater part 01 uui purcnase usow - v tjwy remaia on mortgage several yean. 1 rA. ornroDertv in the city of New - York if desi - ould - ; - 1 ' . , . l accented in exchance. As tbe premises, in part at least, are to be disposed of at all rvxT,tbry will h sold ea vkrx bbaioka 1LB TBBHI. MQliirem . , H. W. WARNER, New York, or JASON WARNER, on the premise, ap 4 UJitJIawSm - IN CHANCERY. Jntih Tt. Murray, i t , au,e "w - 0"' Jsraes 1 . W atson. 1 , r . . . . IN pursuance of a deereUl order of this bo - uonrable court, mad in the sbove cause, will be sold at boblie auction, at the Tontine Coftee House, in tbe eitr of New - York, under the dl - reetioa of the sjubseriber, a one af the mutcrt ol this euort, on Tuesday tlie seeond day or September acit, at twelve o'clock at nona, all that tract ot land putting on the town of Lowville, and Iriae ' the enuntv of Lewis, iw th state afore - cod, being pxrt of rrtat lot No. 4 of Macomb's purxhasc, and eompriset all the lots known oa a certain plan or map made by David 0 ran son and II. White, in the year t8uS, from No. US to 343 inclusive, containing together 15,000 acres of bad, iththe appurtenance thereto odont itis; or any wise appertaining. Dated Jan SO, (Copy) J A MRS A. HAMILTON, - Jy t law4ritds faster in Chancery. Tlie sale of the almve property it postponed to the first day of Mav next, at the same hour and puce. Uared Janxz, IKin. JAMES A. HAMILTON, Jaj)24 lawtMvl Master in Chancery. The sale ofthe above proeriyis postponed to the 30th day of May, ioit. at the same hour and . place.. Dated May lt. 1818 JAMES A. HAMILTON, my S lawtds Master io Chancery SCYTHES. - 33 dotrn, for sale by J. D'WOLF. Jr. Bf 14 64 South - street. complainant's ordered that all purties Interested awer the complainant' hill bled in the aoove ca - by JdMjvh a It for part ble and Lc. and the In the tion O. to nay - 1 I oi . M to or a 1 1 I . Soulhrrm. niilritiafX'tf.TtrL.U. BE it remembered, that on the twenty fifth day of April, ia the forty econd rear of the independence of the United State or America, 1.11m. i. uiont, fll the raid dinncs, naui ocpoMi - ed in tlii office the title of a chart, the right whereof he claim a author and proprietor, in the word andnirarei Mowing, to wit : . A New Chart of Eat Florida aad the Bahama Bank, eiteading from 6t.,8inon' laland to Ha vana, exhibiting IDC tracBt ana aaauin.j vi WiipJaisei and .loop Elite in !8!0 J hip Fran - ci; 18l:hip Albion, 1818, achooner Calbe, - rine, 1817 1 and tcboooer Retrieve, in 1818 1 to - rether with et of current, tide, Ac. and tailing directions for crossing use cane, oy r - nrouoa n Rlnnt uthAf of (ha American Coast Pilot. In conformity to the act of (be congret of tbe United State, entitled an act for the encoar - rement of learninc. br eecurinr the copie of map, Chan ana ooob io ine auiaora aou proprietor of (ucb copie, during the time therein mentioned." And alto to an act. entitled " an act, Mipplementary to an act, ea tilled an act for the enccoaracemrnt of learninc, br (ecurinc the copie of Map, Chart, and book to the author and propHetora of tuch copiet, during; the timet therein mentioned, and etteodinc the benefit tbereor to the art or de igning, encrarlog, and etching biitorical aad otlier print.' m v m. sw w - a a v m Clerk of the noulhern dittrkt of New York, ap 28 lawSw - , BV order of John Garretton, Ktquire, Crt judge of the court of common nlea. in and for the county of Richmond and atate of New - York, notice itherelir ciren to all the creditor! of Chritlian I. Bedell, of the county and ttate a - foretaid, an insolvent debtor, to appear before me at mi ofljee. in the town of Soatlmeld. in taid coenty,on the thirtieth day of May next, at two o'clock in ine aiterooon oi laid uar. to tnew cause, if any they hare, wtiy an nuurnincnt of ine taid intoitrent't estate tnouid not oe made for the benefit of all hit creditor, anil he be dis charged, according to an act ol'tli Legislature of the ttate of New - York, entiled " an act for giving relief in cateiof insolvency" ami the arU amending the ar:e. ltated Kiclimond county, tue 7th day or April. A. V. 1B1U. epniawdw uriKiaiiA I. Bt.i.Mi PVK SALK, A verr oroC table FARM, of 1 10 acre, two thirds under cultivation, the residue woodland, lituate on the sea shore, a quarter of a mile below the narrows, on the ctaten itiann tiae ana short ride from tbe steam boat ferry landing. give a very extensive view of tlie bay and n - virousof New - York, within the Narrows, apd of. Saadv Hook and the ocean f or prospect is equalled br none. Tbe title is uoquestionabln, Two thirds of the purchase money may remain secured upon the land. Apply to A. v.u.t oun tain on the premises, or to W. A. Ec.fc.Li. 143 Ureeowich - streei. TO LET. n convenient new 2 storr house. adioininr tlie above, with a garden and about an acre or land, r or terms apply as odovo. snh 3 endtf TO PRim'ERS. GEORGE FORMAN, printer and BooVel - ler, 201 Fullon - ttroet, New - York, offers sale the printiug office, and a considerable of the books and stationary of Aaron For - man, deceased (lata or the Qrm or cmiUi lc Forman, of this city.) The printing omce consuls of Brevier, Ion? Primer, Pica, Great Primer, Double Pica, Dou Englith, Cannon, 6 lines Pica, 13 lines do. 19 line do. Also, the fheet Almanac, in brevier, standing. Flowers, Quotations, Casor, Ac .The above articles are in good order, will be sold low, and divided to suit purchasers. O. F. continues the printing business in all (U variety, performed at the shortest notice, and on meet reasonable terms. Tbe late revised edition of the reformed Dutch Church Psalm Books, and Constitution of said Church, are also offered for rale as above, either sheets or bound, by tbe 100 or single book sixes are !2mo. lllmo. and 5 lmo. ay 18 eodlw CI w ftT - The Directors of Ihe Now York Institu for the instruction of the deaf and dumb, announce, that it is now open for the reception of ptiiiila, at No. 60 .,l - thani, corner or Chamber street, under the supenntenrianre of the Iter. A. Staoshury. .The term of board are $ 150 per annum, including washing ti im - nding ( pupils find their own beds. Tuition $40 per ann. in cluding stationary. Those who are unable to for their tuition will make application to the uncriutendant. thnt their case ruav be laid be - . ' . ' . . - - JOHN B. SCOTT. Bec'ry. m.llr. I J I N pursuance of an order of tbe honorable tjie KMirinirhmi. duiH ih 9dtli iav of A nril. l818.we.thenndersiciied,trusteesof - the estate neary iojer, oecejrcn, "in aeii uuniici nT. . . . . . . I i , - 'ii 1 1 . LI:. auction, on i nursuay, me xuiuaay oi ainy in - 1 lu rnllnuriiirrnl ini I IM o. 1 uoyer street, nineteen leet iront ann eiarliteen feet rear. 50 feet deep on southeasterly . inche. Z.Dm '.tlv .,,', f:l leet 4 incnet oeepon toumeriy ann oi ieci on . . less. a. now late iu iossesiionol Col. Wm, Few, subject to lease, which will expireon the 1st May, llii4, at a around rent of 40 dollars per annum. LntNo. 13 Dover street. W feet front anil 51 rear, 51 feet deep on southerly and 54 feet 6 inch - nn llu nnrllkerlv sidn. Ih llir sme mnw nr I as now in the possession of Mr. David Munson: Isubiect to a lease which will expire on (bo 1st May, 1824, at a ground rent of thirty six dollars per annum. . l.otNo. 15 Dover street, 25 feet front and 33 fot't rear, 54 tett 6 incliet deep on Southerly and oo irni j incueion tsomicny siue, oe uie lane iuoie or his, atnow in iiiotession or Mr. William kL.i. i ... u: - i.. ,...u . : : L" WUI " wui expire on n ' . " ."'.. - ' Lot .No. 10 Uoyer stncl, 50 feet front and 89 reel n mcnes rear, xi leet iltepon Southerly and si itet on nonneriy sines, be the same more or lets, uiu at now or laie in possession ol Col. v m Few 5 subject to a leaie which will expire on the mm amy, lost, ai aground rent 01 10 dollars per annum. Lot No. 13 Pen street, "9 feet front and 9 feet 0 inches rear, 60 feet deep, be the same more or less, as now lufpofspssioa ol (lie estate of Wm. Gray, deceased 1 subject to a lease which will expire on the 1st May, 1811, at a ground rent uf thirty dollars per annum. IxttNo. 21 Pell street, St feet front and rear, 56 feet b inches deep on easterly, and S feet 4 inrM on weiienv iKin. oe me tnine more on inches on westerly sides, be the snine more or M now in possestiori of Mr. Wm. I. Wal - . . i,uri ,A . .link - .Ill - .i ,82 . . . . . d , lar per annum. ' .. n... .... . . . . . . jjot rio. xo reii street, ji leet ironi, a leet incite rear. 60 feet deep on easterly, and 68 leet 5 inches on westerly aides, be the same more or less, as now iu Possession of John lleyerssub - leet to a lease which will expire on the 1st May, iHii. at a rround rent of 30 dollar. House aad lot No. tS Pell street, l feet front and rear, and 58 feet 4 inches deep 00 easterly. and 60 feet on westerly sides, be the same mare or lets, a now in possestioo of Mr. Joseph But ler. The improvements on the leased lots to be va - lued and paid for by the purchaser, at th ex pi - ration of the lease, Terms of sale, cash, on tho delivery of the deeds. Any further information which may be required will be given by either of the subtcri - oers. ISAAC S. DOUGLASS, ADRIAN H. VAN UOKKTIXV The above Drouert v will ba cold attha Traitin Coffee Houte, on tlie above - mentioned day, by ROOMS TO I.S.T. 1 1 v r three adotlemeo and actitleraaa and J. hit wilecan he accommodated with board, where tbe apartments are large and pleasant, bv a pp. ring at IM). St cnr iUect.orp.wita the .mxivj. a Iri Iwl to set near the dar day, the to cy 1 ji ", ..""' .7.1 ' r m , ... i ,u ,., m - hior . ,j renVofte.u;etiV.lBu,;n.lli8' 81 Kround I5DIGCSTI05, SOUR STOMACH, IS acknawledred br medical writer to be 1 complaint ol stubborn kind, and at all timet trr dilficaJt of cure. Thi it tuflicieottv il!u tnted in liw diunooiatmeat of tiiote who UOfoT - tuaately teller ander it, a they, for the moat part, find that after baring tried macr thing to little or no purpoee, they are at last obliged to use (for pernap ice remainaer oi uie - w.a can at belt but palliate the diteate. Undertucb cifcumatance, any medicine capable of remo - riaf the com plaint, must lurely be nn arlicle highly deaerving the attention of alt thoee wno are amictea wiin u I men a comiraauop m - ik im I1U MFIIM A.VTUDYcEl' - TIC or STOMACH PILLS the aucceit of which baa never yet been equalled, for the cure of dyspepsia ia it mot complicated form, ucb a lot oi appetite, nausea, oean ouro, umuicm - cy, kaawing pain in toe tiomacn, pain in we tide, great cottirenet, patcneu in the countenance, languor, lownet of (pints, pain in the head, rirtigo or giddinett, and disturbed leep. rrnoerer nppiict incte pu; in uhi according to the directions, will never be disappointed, as Ihey have never been once known to rail in producing a radical and permanent cure. The use of a aincle box will convince the most anhvlievin of their efficeiCT. Tber Will most effectually remove alltournes of the (tomacb, not mervfy by neutralising the acid, but by correcting that morbid (tale ol the secretion which gives rite to it, and at the tamo time will restore totbe debilitated organ of digestion, that tone and vigour winch it antoiuieiy necettarr iu uic well beinc of the animal economy. Price on dollar per box. For sale by - , No. 18UUreenwich - ttreet. Whera mar be had. wholesale and retail, large and general aMortmimt of genuine Drugs and Medicinet ; Eurgtoat Inttrutnenti; Apotlie - can't Glatt - War : Enelish and American Pa tent Medicines. Alto, Uyer't and Fuller't aiti clei. Medicio Cheitt, Lc. On libornl terms. rob5 Sin fUti Mot:, A bouse and farm on Throg's Neck, io tbe town and countv of Westchester, fourteen miles from New - York. The farm contains a - bout one hundred acres of excellent land in good fence, a large barn and other convenient outbuildings a good house two storits high, with four room on each door, elegantly situated on the banks of the East River t tlie situation un commonly healthy ; the neighbourhood the most respectable ; abundance of Iruitof tlie best selection ( scale and thill fid) in great variety taken facfoic tlie house. For further information apply tlie subscriber on the premises. STEl'Jihft U. UUr f OIAN. my 1 1m VALUABLE HIM I j r.oTAlE r Oil SALE, ll TBC CITT OF BKW - YORK. jMVE lots of ground on the west side of Green wich - street, between Vestry and Desbros - - streets, 35 by 80. f our do in the rear or the a Dove, fronting on theeaat side of Washington - street, 25 by HO. Eight do in the block below, hutween Wash ington and West - streets. in Montgomery uounty. 6000 acres of Land in Lawrence's purchase. East Canada Creek, on the north side of Mohawk. In Franklin County. 15,163 acres of Land, in the towns of Mount Morris and Dayton. in r.ssex county. 78U? acres of Land in the town of Barry more. In the County of Lewis. 1?j0 acres of land in Caatcrland. Chassanis Purchase. Io Saratoga County. SCOO acres in Palmer's purchase. Enquire ut tlie office of the subscriber. 34 Ce - - iliet't. BEV. ROBINSON. mh 17 tf UBT published, a Oiscourte delivered at the consecration of the Svnasogae of the Chil dren of Irrnrl, in the city of Ntw - York, on Fn - the 10th of Nitao, 5578, corresponding with 17th of April, 1818, by Mnrdecai M. Noah, Esq. J ii't received and for sale by ELI As VA LENTINE, 04 Broadway, opposite Trinity Church yard, where also may be bad all the new publications. my IS CUPAKi'NEKbHlP. A NTHONY W. TRAPPAS, ofthe late firm XX of IV. smith Uavies s (Jo. having take in partnership his brother NICHOLAS W PRAPPAN. will conduct tbe perfume and fan nunuess unaerihe nrtnol Anthony w. i rap pan . the store lately occupied by ?miUi I'aviesii Co. .o. lJh Broadway. New - Vrt.l. MA I.I I 'J I (J ' MV A RAJ rAN, IMCHOI.Aa D. TRAPPAN. M INTIIIVVV IU TDlDUISb rn r fer for sale the following articles : Perfume and essences in great varieties ; ceylnn, musk, aby sinian, Mloiunil. KiL'ces transparent. Dalm. verni - cular, alpine, violet and other soap; English lAMhn.U'H.H k PAmnU.I ..t i - ""v,'t " iiiiuii Unink. nf tall 1 t . . i I I : """ " ""') "uiu, uum uicn, work hoxi s. dressing and shavinr cases, aniu - wioiuui, im;iiei imnii, purses, waving boxes, knives, tcissors and rators, warranted good, ridicule clasps and hairs, boot books, nee dlt case; 1 rice work box. pencil case, sealing wax, razor strops, pomatums, opiate (for tlit teeth,) real bars grease, shaving brushes, snuff uuxes, repreteniin rerry and uecaiur, nunia - tnre fiaiucs, maltese buttons, lliiiuhles, pocket lights, durable ink, salt of lemon. Britannia shaving boxes, silver tweezers, cold mounted shell boxes, silver mounted tooth pick cases and win pirns, coiogne water lot an eiceneri qua lily,) Kusneni's dentifrice, coral powder, and I reat variety otothcr articles, al of which are ol (,e latest importation nml warranted good - 1 bey have also on linnd un atsortinent of per himery, tic. of (heir own manufacture, nil of wiiicn ure warranted eenuine. "'' B - sold and mado by ut have our name on iu copperplate. A great aeaocuon made to wholesale purchasers, who will find it iQineir interest tocaiiat arwive. my is i .cm TO LtT, U 'Jfl Forooeor more years, tbe rii..:ii tfllSl ruruueur iuui - , , fct nnrM!0,,ie. near Oie five mile toue. Uloon.inxdale road A ilt asantlv situated and convenient two sto - ry uoue ana sibuib, wuu umut u mu tvui a rrei nf Innd. . , ir". - 1 i : , 1 I ' 1 ... .1 1 . . Also A pleasantly situated and convenient two story Hou'eand Stable, with a large Garden and three acres of land, both of the above places are well stocked with different kind of choice Fruit - trees. Also A pleasantly situated and convenient (wo story House, with a Stable and two acres of IdnU. r W IUIUJCI Wl w utmn viiumiv JACOB HARSEN, ap'20 1m Near Ihe prt rnitts, ARABIAN HORyt. 1 TILL be sold at auction on the 23d intt V V front of E.' stahle. New street, an elecant Arabian SEED HORSF, imported the Matt tvar. Attn, a full blood Enirliih Mar. v irwii j. "iki pmiiir, Tteliorte is extremely fleet and delightful under uie i - iuuie. 1 m vwuci ub, uu mujiuw iu h: .u. : . I i : ,: nx uinsi w lc " aj - piTO i w uw require 01 .nr. jtwu. niv I'J Ids ihiap i:asm jkim:k kV siiiht Corner of Grand and Rynder - streets, directly opposite lyclitre Market. JAMES P. ANDOK respectfully informs his friends aad the public 10 general he ha removed from comer ol Broadway and Reed - ct. to his present stand, where lie solicits a cootiauauce of public patrotrar. and bone by hi amremit - led exertion to obtain the best of Liquors and otner article in his line of bwine, thereby to render the mott per feci salisl - tcuoii. N. B. J. I'. A. keep coniDtly for sale seneral assortment of first rate Tmis. Suzur, Cof lee. Hpice, Liquors ol all Kinds e:c ecc which will be nil disposed of at a moderate advance, my 1m MRS tPENCER retpecliully inirm her frTelHIs. nhd the ladit ia particular wbn recently called on her, that ber apartment are now teady for the reception of pupil for tbe piano forte : also, that she h desiorus of obtain - ,'n.tMM IhrMt innre mini ll. who the would bave no onicctioa to wait upon at their own hou set. shou'.dit be preferred. Tbe most respect. ble references can be given. A gratlcmaji and hit wife mav be accommodated with board. ' mrlilx' tv oite - ttreeL. no. J. be WOTCE. . v . . Qr Steam Boat ulivb Bmakcu will (ail every u I. t A,.lAlr Hifind ".t - laU - n Island, and occasion ally, ii Uie wiaJ and tide will permit, to the book. This beautiful sail will contribute both io health and pleasure, and ia a cheap a re creation a can be found. Parties who mean to partake of this amusement will, if convenient, give in their name tbe day preceding, at the odice in MarketfieW street, north side ol tlie itat - Zinner and Tea oo board, at the usual prices. Passage 8s children bjlf price. - : my ijh SWIFT - SURE MAIL COACHES, vna. rnn.Aniti.rHiA. - mm ft7 - Leave New - York 35 r levervinorniucf3undav'iex Ti&tf at 8 o'clock, aud ar - gJ&iJL rive - iu Philadelphia next day to limner. The publick houte are good, and reasonable m their chareet. The drivers, horses and coach es are not inferior to any others now running be tween these two cities, ine oeauuiui country, and tha excellence of the road on this rout, con nected with the safety, comfort, and reasonable expence. are beleived to oe ttroo; inducements in (ravel ers in m ine Mis line a aeciaeu prrier. ence. 1 he strictest attention will ne ODserveu hv the nroDnetora in eivioe geceral saUjIactiou All baarsaire and Dackaget wii! go at the risk of the owner unless insured ana rcci;y;ea ior vj iuc clerk of said office. Stage fare only $5, witba generous allowance of baggage. Parties whbing to travel at their leisure, nay engage the Coach on reasonable terms exclusively to themselves, by applying one day previous to starting. For seats apply at Northern Hotel, No. 79 Courtlandt - slreet, New - York. ap 2 Proprietors. THE r'RAMKLlN FIRE trtblRANCE COMPANY bave their Office at No. 41 Wall - street ; where tliev are ready to receive applications for Insurance. the CAPITAL STOCK of Haifa Million of Dollars, s all subscribed and paid, or satisfacto rily secured - DIRECTOR, Elisha Tihhits. Philip Brasher. Henry I. Wvckoff. Thomas Franklin, James Walsh, Stephen Whitney, Jos. P. M'Kinne, I'erti Jones, John Adams, Thomas il'irkler. George Oris wold, Wm. Bayard, Jr. John 1'. Lawrence, James Boorman, Bcni. L. Swan, Jobn 1. Palmer, ELISHA TIB BITS, President. J. WOHTH1NGTON, Sec'ry. may6 1m IMPORTANT TO THB PUBLIC. rpilE subscriber bees leave to inform his J. friends and the public that he has taken a room at the corner of Frankfort and Chatham - streets, near Tammany Hall, a an " INTEL$ MULixcr. utricr.." Where familie may supplied with servants of every description ; servants with places ; gentlemen wishing ser - vatila, lor travelling, supplied at the shortest notice ; merchants with clerks, and clerks with employ ; wet nurses with places; mechanic with journeymen. Every information given to stran gers and others, in his line, who will favor him wun a can. Families, becoming subscribers, supplied with servant at one dollar per annum. Also, Books posted, Accounts adjusted, Pa pers of every description, copied with neatness, correctness, and dispatch. Personal attendance, from 5 to 2 o'clock A. M. and from 3 to 9 o'clock M. He flatten himself that his assiduity and atten tion to business, will gain him a share of the public patronage. my? 1m II. rAUKLrOKI). BjtAK trt IT&D HTjI TtS, May 11, 1818. ARCHITECTS of science ainl experience are invited to exhibit to the Board of Di rectors on, or before the lit day of August next, appropriate designs and elevations for a Banking House lo be erected on the (cite purchased lor that purpose, bounded on the north by Cbesnut, and on the touth by Library - streets, containing one hundred aud fifty one foet in width east and west, aud two hundred and twenty five teel in depth, north and south. The ground plan will include an area oi aooui ten or eleven thousand square feet in a rectanru - lar figure of equal or unequal sides, as may be best adapted to the interior arrangement. The building will be laced wun maroie, anu nave a portion oo each front, retting upon a basement or platloroi of such allituue as win comoiue cun - ... vcnicnce of ascent wiin due proportion anu ei - fact. In thi edifice, the director are desirou or ex hibiting a chaste imitation of Grecian architecture in it simple? t and least expeusivo form. Five hundred dollars will oe paid lor that ue - sin which shall be approved, and two hundiod lullar for th next best specimen. By order of tbe beard ol directors, JONA. SMITH, Cashier. may 14 2awtlA Stale of Aeie - jVerlt Comptroller's Office. PUBLIC NOTICE it hereby given, that teal - ed proposals will be received at this office until nionaay ine zjui 01 mav nexi, ior ine pur chase ofthe whole or of any part of b40, 47li 17 100 dollars of the three per cent, clock: ol Ihe funded debt of tbe United States, owned by this slate, I he block, 11 sold, will be transferred on the 6rst day of July next, at which time, payment must lie made hy the purchaser or purchasers, at the Rank of New - York in the city of New - York. The proposals will be opened on the said 25th day of May next and the best offer or offers will be accepted ; provided the offers be such as shall, consistent with the interests of the state, warrant the acceptance of any of them. . If any offer or offers shall be accepted, infor nation thereof shall be immediately communicated to the person or persons so offering ; and it is expected and required that such person or per son shall (hen give satisfactory security for the payment ai ine lime siipuiaica. AKitru irji 1 litt, comptroller. Alhapy, April g7. 1818. apSO t,Vlg5 ril RLMOVAL. X HE DRAWING ACADEMY of J. Mil BF.aT. associate nf tbe Academy of Arts of New York, author ofthe "Voyage fjtloresque a l'lle de 1 ranee, Teneriffe, et au Capde Bonne - Ksper - ance," is removed lo No. 2U Alaiden - iane, corner of Green - street, where he respectfully tenders his service! to the citizen of New - York, Teacher in the Art of Drawing, and particular ly of Landscape l'aintinr. i iiavmg oecn cuoten mna appoinieo py uie French government to accompany the expedition ii' , 1 , . ! ,. 01 discovery round the world, under the com' tnanu 01 rapt, tsaudin. 10 the capacity ot land srape painter hit bavine been commissioned by the same government as professor in tbe school lor the mints, to take view in diflerent paruol uie Aip aad 01 the ryrennees arc the recom mendauons which he oilers to toe public. my 14 iw BERGEN ORPHANS COURT, Of the Term of March, 1318. Catharine Schuvler, Administratrix, &C f o( Jobn A. bcbuyler Rule, under Statute. deceased. rpilK court order and direct. That Catharine J. Sciiayler admini'tratrix of the goods, chat tel and credits ot John A. Schuyler, decerned, eive public notice to the creditor of the dece dent to brint in their claims and demands asaintt (he estate of (he erxid dtccdent, on or before the brst nay of May, in (he year of our Ixrd eigh (een hundred and nineteen, by putting up notices to that effect in five of tlie most public places in tbe county of Bergen, for the spate of two months, and advertising the tame for the like space of time in a newspaper printed aad pub lisheJ ia the ttate of New - Jersey, and in a news paper printed and pablishcd in (be ci'j of New torsi, a true transcript iroia the record. ap88m JOHN A. BOVD, Sur'cste, A A MERINO SHAWLS and MUSLIN fat t a A D3. for sale by my 5 MARCH LOW, CIO Broad stay. 1 CtaBJBBBff TTWrilJ J - 3eij 9 ftr J O It flilLADELrrllA. Twenty - five mile land carriage, via New - Brunswick and Trenton, i In new post coaches ' Do. good slages, 4 50 Do. forecastle or deck pattcaeer 3 60 Connected by the steam boats OLIVE B RANCH and PHILADELPHIA. Tbe tem - boat Olive Branch wUl leave New - York every day, Sunday excepted, from the north aide of the Battery", at 1 1 o'clock A. M. Passenger will loJge at Trenton, and lake the steam boat Philadelphia, so as to arrive in Philadelphia at 10 o'clock Uie next morning, iu time to take the Union Line Baltimore steam - boats.' This line has a connection with Ihe best boats on the Delaware and Chesapeake to Norfolk s as also those of the North River and Sound ; and their several arrivals axe calculated to cause little, if any delay. This is a speedy and certainly the most convenient rout, as the passengers will leave New - York after the banks open, and arrive in Philadelphia before the hour of business, without fatigue in travelling or want of sleep, the land carriaee being much less than by any other route between tbe two cities. For seats in the above line apply to WILLIAM B. JAQUES. At th Union Line Sleaio Boat Odice, in Mar - ketfield - strcet, north side of the Battery, between Greenwich ii Washington - streets, or to The CAPTAIN on board. All goods and baggage at the risk of (he owner. ap 4 TH SQUA'U A TJ - U1 M BOA T - L1JM.. . wen - The proprietors, with a A" View of accommodating the li'i .wtiuvJry public, by extending tbe line liTaisitwffifffSlH'1' Norwich, intend making the cx;ii'i,i:iit hiiii the' Fulton, Capt. Law, and thii rouie (if found practicable) will be continued during the season. The lino will in future be from New York to Norwich, i.s follow : The Connecticut, Cnpt. Bunker, vi lli Ki - v" New - York every JU outlay, Wtdnaduy an! F.iday, at 8 o'clock, in the morning, ' - r .vw Haven. The Fulton, Capt. Law, will, l.;uve .Yorvieh at 6 o'clock in the morning; of tl same days, touch ht jYru - I.omlon and depart from thence for JVetcHavrn at 8 o'clock. The boats will meet at JVtw - Hartn, and depart from thence every Mtmdau. tt'tdnn - day and Friday, at 7 o'clock in tbe evening the Connecticut iut A'eic - i'ork, and tbe Fulton (or JS'tie - Z - ofidou and j'oncich. mh 17 JVVHTH UIVEK STKJiM - HOA TS. fjr - Outhe lltii ol May, the Boats will commence gprt running lour times a week, as follows : A Boat will leave New - York on Tuesday, at A. M ; Wednesday, at 6 P. M. ; Friday, at 9 A. M. nndSaturffsj, nt .i P.M. of each week i and a boat will it nve Albany on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 9 A. M. The above arrangement will commence by the Chancellor's leaving Albany on Monday, tlie 11th May, at 9 A. M.aud the Richmond leaving New York on Tuesday, Ihe l?th at 9 A.M. The Fire - Flv leave' New - York on Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday, at 9 A. M. for New - burth, ond returnson Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at II A. M. niy 2 iMtttbUHbH HUM IAMAMIAIOUA MAIL - STAOK TIIREK TIMER A WUK, LAVES Newhurgh eve - :3efi. LJ rv Sunday. Tuesday. and 1 hnrsday mornings, at three o'clock, runs throueh Monignnitry, Blooniinghtirgb, Moutirello, by n hite Like, co - hretun. Mount l leasant, tircat iiend, Chenango Point, Owega, Iti.ica, aud Ge neva, to(,anandaigua. Retiirnintr leaves Canandaijnia every Mon day, Wednesday and Friday mornings at three o'clock, and arrives at JNcwuui - gn, the third day in time to take the Steam - boats which arrive in New - voiK tne following nionunp tj - It may be expected thai at all limit when the tUam - Vati alter Ihttr aayt of rmunxng, that ftu line will alter to a I meet thr.m. The whole route will be perfumed in three aya, from the first of May, until the first of Novmber and Irom the first ot November mil the fifteenth of December, and from the fifteenth of March until the first of May, in ur dsvs and from the 15tb December, im - 1 the fifteenth of March the same line will be continued to the city of New - York and run from thence to CanaiidaigUH in four days. Faaseneer travelling from New - lorn to Canoniiaigua, Niagara or Buffalo, can leave N. York in the evening steam - boats, and arrive in Cananddigua in ih ee days a distance of three hundred mdes. The line is well furnished with good, new carriages! good horses, and careftil'and experienced driver. Every atten tion will be paid to render the passage ol the traveller safe, easy and expeditious ; and it is believed that the accommodations 011 this line are equal to any line in the state. fTT FAKE irom Newburgh to (Janandaigua FOURTEEN DOLLARS. N - B. A branch of the same line runs three times a week from Ithaca to Aubarn. Also, a line run from Owego Tioga Point; thence through Newtown and Painted Post, to Bath, He. , BAGGAGE, as usual, at the risk of tlie owners. David Godfrey, Blooiningburgh, E. C. St. John. Mount fleasant. L. & R. Manning, Chenango, tProprie - Luther Gere, Itbica, 1 tors. Samuel Oreeoliff, Geneva, Oliver 1'helps, Laming, mh 14 d6m TO SPORTSMEN. TOR SALE, an elegant Fowling Piece, stub M? and twisted parrel, together with a rule bar rel. also stub and twisted, to Gt in one stock gold bushed and gold and silver mounted. The lock, roller, swivel and treed ; the pan lined with goiu, end nnisnea in ine oest manner. 1 ne a - bove will he sold low, if immediate application 11 made at 10. 90 wamer - stteer. my y tt f JLZO 17 DUBOIS, begs leave toinionotbe public VV . that he has just received, per hn H - - . chut, and shin George, from London, a general assortment of articles in tlie musical line, amongst wincn are some very elegant smal! riano - Fortes, ann a particularly elegant rote - wood grand cabi net Piano - Forte. Also the new invented Metronome or patent rlf' - time beater, with a large assortment nfnew music, which he oners lor sale wholesale or rc inn, on ine most reasooasie terms. my 8 LEE'S ITCH OIKfMEXT. A R RAN TED an inSdlible rtncJv at one application, may be used with perfect aletyoo inlants a week old. pot contam - n? particle oi nstrcory,rr any dangerous inredint m uaieve.r, awl not accompnueU w:th (hit oflon si ve smell wbidi atlrnds tlie applicUiou of other rema.e. The a hove me.tfinrs ar prrparedni sold a1 LF.E'5 Mcdirin Store. No. 4ft Maidco - Lnne, and sold by S. CARLE, coraci of Fullou and ater - rrett. 1 rngits and conntry jiere keepers sopf rei on uoerai termi. : .imi wrm I A sJjJOtaUg pabliekaow hew t!i.tingtitt u DOCTOR HORNE,f,n,erl, , of the eitr f Londc... an ...Vn0r be faculty of thvU, iaad.urgery there, deenMit& 111 "l"5" "oiBe - OrrTstioo. rash. indiscriniinnt. .j . w. UiX.lLL.IJHV - sands ore II v n.H.nFi.i:Zr.. 'V luo - e - TnediwThwekykwow;1 tal reu!U chiefly to tbi. wtirce Whala n. thai ; a young man, tbe hope, of W, ctryP.Z! the darling of hi. parent ould he itcL T way from all the prospect and eniovmrfi V by the conscouence. ofci; and by a disease not in .1. own6 fT which only proves so from neglect or treatment. A gexdleman, S(lfte Drff dent) now perlcctiy heaiy and well, had bL under pbyticians of generj practice,' sUyeaJ and repeatedly sahvut, d ; when recoim7n& Dr. II. (by a gwUeinan of thi city)hi. T, were carious, imd his flesh droppioa ifrom ijT bU friends declared he could swtJb?? ?m t wo months longer. Thousand. know wfth what ease and .afety Dr? H cate the iievereit case, and confirm the V - vnTT t - Uon. TteltoH.plan (adye.) ccary to guard the rHihlic against tbe aheV!; mercury, and other fatal delusion, held forth Persons, therefore, having contracted s rtX rate disorder, or suspecting latent noiso admonished not to tamper with theirconiiiu tion, or conctal tlie disorder, till pajt sn. ": ry others having tlie remain of an MdWl' or other impnritie ofthe blood, awll.7 er complaint, of a d.Ucate nature; k oS jex. should remember posterity, and do jusu?. to their conscience, by making appucaZI lo Dr. H. at his old and resrrtabla lishment. No. 64 Water - street, four houJ of Old - jfip, to oMaiu prompt ZZZZ? lone cakulated t'o prevent cAsdosure. Ad u let me cla.m your.eriou atteiitjon - RemerX, a superficial cure 1 00 cure at all ; unless Tthebi! siness is radically done, you will certajnl Ihe disorder break oat again with redoubled m hemty, at some future period ; perhaps tlea rfl be too late for remedy. lm't you otteuZZi! (he strueU miserable, mutilated hf ine, iXi! fven a bit of nose on their face I Take w! beseech you. waruuig, Or. H'. character for skill and stubborn int. gn ty being universally known io this city .in 7804, guarantee to patient that dtlicaxiX! crecy hitherto unknown, and having conCned hi practice for years past, exclusively to tl.ecureol disease of the Wood syiUm, they may aafef veal, rulnie on the most decided advanujrM iraZ suiting Dr. II. 0 " - Gleets eradicated in twa or three weeks. Strictures removed without bougies or any other instrument ; and all debilities 1 iikewi. ill old ulcerations, fistula's 4tc. UJlewl" m A plurality ol offices are provided, and so sit, ated that patient are not exposed tnrh nii.t. observation. Open till half past 9 in the evenine. ailing, and speaking with Dr.H. which i ir of cost. And here the 1 loctor cannot avoid the expression of gratitude for innumerable uiendations, and for the decided preference (it it presumed wun just cautei long given him by UU1L.KJU IUIJI1L.. a. a. All letters must be post paid. Dr. Buchanan. Aug 27 1v E1THEH qU.1Lh t.Hl' XOH IMtOi,!. "Till. EVANS' sunensi 'method ofcurinerarer. tain Disease, is now universally acknowledged in thii city ; his mode of trentmenl is perfectly nuM, safe, ex. peoiuous. and his chars. 1 reasonable. Iu every u,. Stance he warrant a cure. and will return the nsvifka does no't perform agreeable ilo contract. iiw.iiifcw..vv.w omoja unserved. Tliere are many persons in (his citv and it. vi 1 ' k . . .Ini.l.,1 .M - M. 1 cinity, laboring under various ' chronic disease, such a cancers, oiu inveieraie uirers, tcrolula sucn at tauL - ci., lu.ciciaia uiicrs, Kruiaia or king evil, fistulas, diseases of tlie urethra, bladder and kidnics, ofd complicated complRinU of a certain nature, uiuous and otner obstructions, iheumatisju, Ac which tiiey consider incu - rable, they ran certainly be cured (in general) hy applyin? it Dr. EVANS'S Medical Store: No. 9, l eck - slip, having practised in exteiisivi hospitals in Europe 12 years, under some of thi first Surgeons and Physicians in the world, an made those obstinate diseases hi. constant study for 30 vear. Oct II fTT" The subscriber having recently returned from England with an important improvement oa the artilicial spring L.KU, he takes this method of informing his friend and (be public, that all those who are so unfortunate a to be in want M leg, or arm, they rait be accommodated by ap plying at No. 77 Barclay - street, New - York. 1 Jan 22 WM. PURVIS. II YD K - PARK INbTITUTlOiN. A SELECT and private Classical School M established at Hvde Park. Dutchess coun ty, state of New - York, under the direction and instruction ol Br..MJAMlIN AULh. - V, L. L.. u. The institution is designed to unite with a classical and English Education, the modern languages. The classical course will comprise the Latin and Greek Language, Ancient History and Geography, Mythology, Roman and Grecian Au ... . ... . .,;.u j ne r - ngusn course win comprise jik,,,u G rammer, Elocution, Elements of History, Rhetoric k, Geography, Penmanship, elementary and practical Mathematics, and the outlines of A'at - uial Philosophy. Modern Languages will comprise the French, Spanish and Italian. Moral and religious Instruction will b atten - ilnd to. n vouth is thu most' proper time to Ul - culcale and lis those principles of virtue and piety, which ought to direct and influence tbe conduct of future life. The pupils ofthe Institution will be meaiDers ofthe Principal' family, and under bis immedi ate care and government. 1 aiwuiar uimu will be paid lo their morals and manners. Th , government will I strict, but mild and Pa,f" tal its aim shall be to give habit of order ad industry, and inspire a generous emulation. The institution will oe lumtsned wun a t.iui - ry, Maps, uiones, ana seieci i iuiosojiniuai "k - paratut, the use of which the pnpilt will b taught, and made familiar with Ihe mott import - ;int and ttnxing experiment! 10 tauiraj 1 uu - v - ph. Tlrcte will be considered a rewaro w good coouuci ana aiienuou io iiuuj, ttilute one of the most interest inn sources ol - musement and recreation. It is known from exr peiicnce that much useful knowledge may Urns incidr - ntally commnnicated. Tbe terms are three hundred dollars per M" num, payahle qaarterly washing included. Classical students who etudy the modern languages, will be charged 10 dpllar per quartet extra for tbe same. .... Tbe student hnd their bed and oeoiuw. I im Biimhrr of students is limited. Gentle men thteiore who are desirous ol placing tbe sons in the institution, will please to maxe early application. . . : All litters relaUve to the institution, "a?'' ed to the subscriber, Hyde Park Post Office, Dutc!.ess Couuty N. V. will be promptly "' - ed to. BENJAMIN ALu.. The summer term wil' commeace on '"v . of May, wfSSw HORSE FOR SALE. . . A PLEASANT saddle Horse will be oi" heap bv a gentleman about to lav town. Apply at tnisolacc. NEW - YORK : PRINTED WJVO PUBLISHED XtaiAKJ. BUJWHJM CO. - j 4'J utiAV - srasiT orroit tb No, 1 Kasx Corrrr. - Hoi;B TitSfl r't4 n ."si.i in

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