The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 20, 1931 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, March 20, 1931
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MARCH 20 1931 MADLAUGMTER ^"jrit^T vr fcnrhwi. MUOH AAKWTWK--cdrnuo^j. »» A THRILLING MYSTERY STORY + by AMLES BURTON , I CHAPTER 39 · Could Ibbotson and the Funny Toff be one and the same man? Now that Dick came -to think oj it there was no, reason against this . supposition. He : had not reeognlzeJ the .voice which had spoken to him in the house In Creek Street, but he had guessed at the time that the voicfe was probably assumed. Theru had been something unnatural about it, as tho the speaker had adopted different tones from those he. nor mally used. And as to the laugh, .he reyer remembered Having heard Ib^ botson laugh/Perhaps he reserved that expression of amusement. fo his dealings with hia agents. That they 'was .pretty obvious from the name by which they referred to him. Eunny because he laughed, Toff because- his speech was that of ah educated man; The laijgh itself was enough to inspira anybody with dread of the name. How did this theory fit In with the robbery at 321'Park Lane? Almost exactly, Dick decided^ It would- be a very natural move on the part of 'the Funny Toff to stage such a drama, in order to divert any possible, suspicion Irom himself. He could have dropped his' keys at the Eres club purposely. The sttjry of the telephonic message he could have invented himself. The mock robbery itself would be simplo enough. It merely required tviro agents. One, the mail dressed as a chauffeur, to steal Dick's car, anJ drive it tb the door. The other; perhaps one of his own sons, to enter the house, provided with Ibbotsotfs pwn.keys, arid remove the-rubies. There was only the smallest degree of risk attached tc the^whole operation. The man dressed as a chauffeur, who was probably the lorfy- driyer, had probably been ignorant of the identity of .the man he drove; or of the fact that he was assisting to burgle his own. employer's house. By the time the train arrived at Wells, Dick had convinced himself of the correctness of his theory. Ho had no'intention of staying mori than one night at the Anchor an'] Hope, and he determined to confide his suspicions to Sir Edric immediately on his return . to Ixmdpri. Whether Scotland Yard would eye;.' succeed in collecting enough evidence to prosecute on any of the many charges lying to the score of the Funny Toff seemed doubtful. Dick realized that his inspiration had come to him rather too late. By now the members of the gang were dispersed, bfeybnd a doubt, and the Funny Toff was not a man to leav : 3 incriminating evidence lying about But suppose, by some extraordinary stroke of luck, Dick were able to find some clew connecting Ibbotson with the murder of Inspector Brooks! ''Dick fouHd the landlord of; the Anchor and Hope waiting for him at .; the'station. "Glad to see you again, ^m^rin^Ba^^^Tmiy.-.'.T-ye got. tfc» Urap outside, with the young horse ii it Perhaps you'd like to drive, sir? He's a bit skittish." Dick took the reins, and the young horse, started off at a spanking pace out of the town. The long climb up the slopes of the Mendips curbed.his ardour slightly, and they reached the inn without mishap. ; "We've put 'you in the same room' as you had before, sir," · remarked the landlord. "I'm sure you'll find it comfortable." ' ''I'm. sure I shall," replied Dick. "Unfortunately I can't .stay very long this time. I'll gpt you to drK- me in to Wells ,tp catch the 4:10 to- iriorrow evening. But I hope to come down again later on, and make rather a longer stay." '.. . As soon as the bar opened, Dick took up his position by the fire, hop ing that the old man whom he ha seen oh his previous 'visit migh come in. He was not disappointed and the two were soon egaged in desultory conversation. "Last time I was here, I rode ove much doing there, from what I can see." - :';. . "No, sir, thera Loiidbri chaps have given up, by the looks of it," replied the old man; "Young Andrew Pierce, him that works for the council on th roads, was tell^g me-a night.or two back that he thot they'd taken-'their gear away." "What made;Win th'lnk that?" Dick asked. "Have any of thera been db.wa to the place lately?" '1 couldn't say that for sure," the old man . replied cautiously. ' "But Andrew saw a lorry coming from there, one morning a few weeks back. Andrew says it had a cover over it, like as if it was loaded up. As soon as I .hears It, I reckons they've given th,e place up as a bad job, and were ·; taking away every T thing that would fetch a bit of money. Anybody could have .told th?m that they.; werd only chucking; away good money on a place like that. "Twasn't likely that the worlt- injf would be shut flown while there was any ore lBft." But the latter part. of the old man's speech was lost .on. Dick. Surely-Oils.'bore,,out what he had suspected when he. Identified the frgments of mud. in the packing- case! The lorry observed by Andrew had doubtless tie en carrying the body of Inspector Brooks. Andrew Pierce. He made a mentai note of the name. Perhaps ne Yould be able to' remember the \ date on which he saw the ,lorry. He might even have caught sight of the driver, and tie able to recognize him froin the photograph found in the tobacconist's shop. A chain of evidence might thtis be forged, link by link. Could it, Dick wondered, ever tie stretched as far as Park Lane?. Next morning Diok breakfastec early, and announced to the land lore his intention of/walking across tiTe moors until it was time to return and catch his train. He meant to explore the disused workings; even thougli he had to climb' over the wall in order to do so. A horse would be a useless encumbrance; he would have to be left outside, and might possibly reveal' 1 his presence. 'The sky was dark and lowering when he set out, in marked contrast to the brightness of the previous . days. During the night the wind had risen, and iVad now blowing in great gusts from'the southwest, as though trying to drive him from its path. The infrequant clumps of trees bowed before It, their wildly-waving branches semi aphorlng strange messages against the horizon. .Atid the clouds, piling tier upon tifer, threatened to burst In a downpour should the fury of the wind ab'ate. Dick rather welcomed, the gale. It was exhilarating to battle with It* to keep one's course in Spite of. .all its efforts. He was a rapid walkef, and he covered the f ive or. six ifejles from the'inn to the deserted w'brky ings in uijder an hour and a half, MUGGS McGINKIS Quite .Natural! , MOSSSI .y*. SHOULD HAVE. E^UCS VAST NICHT! sue c*j OP HER 6030 marcs VAST Mienr STRlkE Ate DEAD. IF f\ QXJLDMt HAVE. KNOCKED #£. E\fcS OB: WrrU A STICK TH' WoMDeRS SHE. WAS WORKUV « SFbokS AMD FIUW aSWi.'Aa AROUflD TW' RxM.McA «AHDsntyrs wwrtw MESSAGES OMA'SUIE= -AMD JUS* USTEKl T8 TfUS t ^fci) ME UKiO-E DARREU. UAAft? WELL JOS'WHBM ·ffl 1 fARTVS satlM' DULL sHe eer's E*RReU.'S SPIRIT WVttV ETHER =AMD FIRST THING UlE KNOW HIS SPlRtT R»»Ht IMTR' ROOM = W£ CANV SEE KMOWJ AUNT Ttssie SAVS IM ViF re's vfoo.uMcte."DEE:. PUSH OVER A TABLE OR SOMETHING* SEE? i and a look at those working out Nordrach way, that you told m about," Dick remarked after while. "There doesn't seem to b He did not walk directly up to , but /climbed the hill behind, surveying the country thru hia fleld- flasses. Not a soul was in sight. H^ came boldly down the h'lll-, and walked up to the gate, of trie yard. a spite of the general'air bf Mg- ect which bunk over the.plftce, the ;ate was thoroly sound, and was secured by a massive padfpck. Dick 'shook bis head as he looked at it. There was not the slightest chance of f orotng It, that .he could see at a glance. He took a. few steps away frohj it, a3d considered the wall. It was built: ot stone, faced rod pointed, arid was surrounded yy aa Impressive rqW of Broken Dottles. Hopeless to · attempt tb scale that. No, the' gate'was his only chance. . This was at ' least twelve feet high, and crowned with spikes. But there was just one chance for an agile man. If he could get his foot on the padlock he might just be able to. reach the spikes with the tips of his fingers. He rbtreated from the gate onqe (Tutu to fust 18, Column 4). FORLORN FIGURES Bjy CLIFFORD McBRIDE Doctor who advised president of orange growers association hot to eat any citrus fruit " r 1 WELL ; 90 HEVP MS. X TA»0£ ME OACTH, IF W T6 J[G6te OP AM 1 OcM/N AND Do Ail KINDS CP CftAiY TRICKS - THEM "WE UTTUE; TABL OVEf5lN.TU' CORNER S.T7kRTS.« 1 «* t: '"' f:w »» m - TU ' WooA AM 1 flMAU-Y FALLS FLKT -OH ite OP rr ALLTO swaHERtMES!! VWAT DO; " YA-miMK - ~ YER UficLE. TABLE MANNERS WAS TOO GOOD !'. ALL SURPRISED! CcpyriRht, 19S1, by Cen.ral Press Association, Inc. 1 . THERE c3OE«5 f US'xT OME.-V/EUL-l'LV. L MOT UooK FER tvlETA\UOR.TO RV VOOR DOC; By McManus © 1931. Inl1 r«lar Serrlee, !nc, Ore»l SHUlB rtshU «« Etta Kelt ( \nW*r Voo SEE in TH»- SI\F \ K p«nnD MS-4-Of PlS, HftttK-- VoO ooieo \.Rvo-\'Oe Please Remit MocAutwrwve OOCLAR. A Bl RD. AMD ME.THCXJHT THEy KV TAUVLTO voo I've SCT TO ser CUE CAM TALK cue HOR.R.V? : DID voo i PLEA-SE : Twey 5AvypOcoAMY I VERVRNE TO BOry THEiE 9 ' THE EWG-U5H YELLOUJ 14 A VELuOuJS-tOHAT f^GQQQ owe. TLL. soy EM CHEAP PROM flARE. BIRD. V£tEy UJEU, BOOOy AtoO MAKE A NEAT PpcX=rr. xHA.T A JOtCE OM OOODV THATV-L B AMD HE HAO THt ' Strike While the lirori Is Hot v Leslie Forgrave Copyrijht, 13S1. b Centr.l Press AuoclaUon Goodnight! Also-Goodbye! Copyright, 1931, by Central Press Association, Inc.

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