The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 20, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 20, 1818
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BOYS WANTED. "LKNTINE, Booker, " piy20 1U4 uroauwj, new - TcOOKWANTED. WO M A N w ho ii a good plain cock, and can A prl - M wtiifactor, reference (nou oiAer. need, arplv) wdl W5a situation w Rna11 rby'cahing 49 Warrea - streeL . . may SO ' - v EfrsTTttTSunriay evening, alter 8 o'clock, in XTribWtihtd to it The finder, I. boo. - blJuXi to leavetbe same at Mr. rrocerY store, corner of Greenwich and Van - . Se staers, when a .uitabla reward will be given ' I LLE.V5 Uit of P rizs - ftlillord aud Owes'' iL Road Lottery. in uay ius Sot. 1012. 9H02 mi 4500 500 100 100 100 . .!m..i. r .,. r.nrkwOrtiiotliaref lZrZZh ilawiy. paid. No. ever sold in tuuero - RAN D Road lottery, now orawwg, WAITE'S list of Prizes, 4th day's drawing. No. 8320 tint drawn, f00 1014 6"w pm, 8312, 8278, J?!TP rt;i - T - .h. innate hr R. WAlll. Jbb. 136 Broadway, who sold and PudtlK two hizhest prizes yet urawn, tw. iuju, j,ww .'vr jars, ana on, iwy .on rrr - A Boy wanted. my 20 r" i RAClfiS' HO Broadway, list ol prw T th Milford nd Oweeo Road Lottt - ry, 4 Ws drawing. - Nos. 8320, (1st drawn) 500 VnT S00 : 8344. ind 9(102, JalOO. Dri acrsin on Tuesday next; in drawn nmh.fntitldtoSj000. Tickets and shurc - forsale at ORACIE'S, where prizes at par, and forefgn bank notes are received in pay ineui my 20 GRAM) KOAI LOTTERY. ri H.t.ESHEa correct list oi pf m. 4tri ri IjT drawire - Nos. 83S0, 1012, $a00 each, 82K7, 9082, JlOO each. i;ii.i.K8PiK informs bis friends and the put lie (baton Wednesday the Grit diawn numbe will be entitled to one of the capital pnzes gSOOO. . Fur chances apply as above. my 20 The vnly tvittry, Uotcly,) authorised t.y the slate, bKy - York irakd state luiilki, MF.DICAI. bCIENCE. No. 6. IXnilCH will certainly commence drawing TT in ten weckr, August next. J tie capital prizes are. of rflOO.OOO I of 0,000 1 of 20,000 i of io,m 1 of 5,000 2 of . 2,000 45 'of 1,000 With an abundance ofsmallerones, and lets than two blaukstoa prize. Tickets and ihares, in a variety, lor sale at Hook - store and lottery - office, 05 Cherry, corner ol jamej - itreet, Where the $10,000 prize, being one of the 2d highest in the 4h class ot the above lotteries, was sold in quartern, ana promptly paui. BUOJi - i & STATIONARY. A general assortment of books and stationary as above. . Blank books made to any pattern on the short est notice. Mot of the ancurreut bank paper, now incir eolation, rceied io payment, rU par. my 20 3t "IHOPt'A UUMALS. 5 cases red and yel - V low Patterns 3 cases Company do. for sale by mav 1j P. HEMS1.N It CO. A l'.UOv KUOI . 130 lbs. Arrow Hoot, jut Ll received and tor sale bv GOODHUE & CO. my 16 44 South - street "XT E. HUM. 10 hluls. N.E. Hum, land ins ll . from sloop Adeline, from Salem, at mid dle pier of Coenties slip, for sale by UOOOHjUE k CO. may 16 44 South - street. I J UM, fcUGAIt 4c MOLA&SES 100 pun X cheons Antigua Hun, 10 do. do. old and very superior, 5 khds. 1 tierce and 37 bbls Muscovado Sugar, 80 hhds. best quality Mo losses for retaining', landing from britr Fran ces, fiom Antigua, at pier No. 12, K. K. for stleby GOODHUE & CO. may 16 44 South - street. To SPOtiTSMICJt & MERCHANTS. JOSEPH FINCH, gun - maker, respectfully informs his friends and the public, that he nas commenced bauuess in the store No. 3 Wall street, near Broadway, where he has for sale a very handsome assortment of single and double' barrelled guns, flue hues, fusees, &c. ; also. shooting tackle generally. J. F. still retains his old stand, No. 261 Green wich - street, for the working department and shipping business. Orders left at either place wui ue aueaueu to Wilfl an possible expedition mv 7 D&Clm STATIONARY U SCHOOL. BOOKS, tic iOLL1NS k IIANNAY. No. 230 P.arl. V - street, have made considerable additions to their stock of Engluh statiooarv bv recent arri vals front London ; and have on hand and are daily receiving large supplies of American articles in thislins of their business, which renders their assortment of stationary rery complete it comprises, among oOiers, the following, vis. American and English letter papers, of various qualities do ' do fools cap - do do do do drawing papers, various sixes Folio and bank post Brnlol boards, fools cap and demy, Parchment f, izaou is men giooes Quills, wafers, sealing wax and ink - powder Scales and dividers. Mathematical instruments Ijtdies pocket books and thread cases Wedgwood's 3 glass ink - stands Portable writing desks. Travelling cases, roan Black lead pencils, Slates and slate pencils Witt and press papers Kentish cao and wrapon? miDer. Lc. Lr. C. 4c II. have also, constantly, on hand a large od extensive assortment of school, classical and iscsllaneous books ; all of which they offer at - uuioiue ana retail, on iiDerai terms. yl9 D4lC2t . ' Awierkan Insurance Company. - pHE board of Directors have this day declar - ,d a Dividend of fifteen percent, on the "Pital Stock, for the last six months, payable J after the first day of June next, between hoars of 10 and 12 o'clock. By order of the ent and Directors. May 12, 1818. M6 P. HAYT, Sec'ry. r LOST Friday afteiiirjoo, the 15th Inst, between f Washington Hall, Broadway, and the cor - ' altoo and Front - streets, a small old red jr Pocket Book. It coetaioed forty Ave H irs iq bank notes, a ticket ia the last Med - 2"7Il"e Lottery, and a Qearter in the Great Lottery, now drawing, with several other of a e t0 no bod - but the owner. Wbo - LTV". re round U will receive tm Dol - brlS'.f h' i at the Bar of Wash - .WHall. 'n.19tH i(J 41ACEE d St)V, Coffee floats, comer of I'm It Wiltim.atFat. Coffer for tali a general as - HQrUMM 01 CMOCERIU, I OB ft! rSilfl.hll IMml M any in New - York 1 among which are the fof - 1 - "'I, Cognac Brandy Holland and Am. Gin Sweet Oil Jamaica Spirits ImnerlHl. Hyson, f TEA. of the Hun Young Hyson, andf tress' cargo, Sourhont. Loaf ana Lumo. Harana, SUGAR, Muicorsdo, ) Mace, Cloves, Cinnamon, ' Nutmegs, Alspice, Castile and Brown Soaps, he. 1c. my 19 lr CI UN POWDER. A coniUnt supply, from T tlie " Orange " works, (and which is con - sidered equal in quality , to any manufactured in iniscouuiry; lor saie oy JASlESD'WOLF.jun. my 19 54 South - street. 75 LIVERPOOL COAL. Chaldrons from the coal pit. is now ready for delivery on board the ship Justina, Andrew Tomb?, master, from Liverpool, and will be sold n lots to suit purchasers, at pier No. 10 E. River. may 19 5ALTUS, SON & CO. I IVERPOOLCOAL. - 1O0 chaldron of New JLi Pit Liverpool Coal, for sale iu quantities to sun purchasers, irom on ooara tne ship Maria, iapt. nector - street wnart, where or. uers may be left, or at 5'J rme - street. mv 19 4t INUlAfcUGAKae; HYeO.N TEA - .100 bags White Calcutta Sugars, and 25 chests fresh Hyson Tea, said to be very superior, both of I allien are entitled to debenture, and landing from sloisp Huron, 'at Burling' - slip, and for sale by U. G. & S. HOWLAMl. may 19 77 Washington - street. I A.VIAICA RUM. 24 puueheons high proof i anil one navorsa Jamaica Kuru, landing from senr tiarendon, iroro Jamaica, at pier Ao. E. K. for sale by TUCKER LAURIES, . my 16 '29 South street, rpOBACCO, A. RUM, tc - LINSEED OIL. BOSTON 874 kts first nnalitv nmnu - mciured 1 onarco, now landing, ol the lo owing I approved brnnds ; " Geo. Fletcher, D. R. Ross, Shtlton Hi. V illiamson, Anderson, Blair, A - Mc - vease, r. miller Co. r . U. Urenrhaw, J Gibb, H. fctarr, Jesse Hare & Co. F. I'aney Ai Co. Holu & Co. and B. II. Brndy." Also at Burling slip, 10 hhdi. " Spears ' Boston Ruin 20 ktgs colouring for liquor ."rnrf in Store. 3iX) kegs first quality pure Ginger 34 bill, oiess and prime Pork 7 llids pure fc pints, hih 4th proof 0 20 pipes domestic Brandy, good quality 12 hlids Pennsylvania LinsetdOil 17 kres low priced shipping Butter 80 chests Hyson Skin Tea.'C'lotliii r's carcro. for sale oy UUK.a UUBU1S, mv 15 I0t 3G Front - street. G RUCK Kite. XTtfM. ONDERDONK, tun. 191 Front - st. V V comer of Fulton - street, has on hand Wines Liquors, on draught and in bottles Fresh 'Teas, London and American Porter Spanish Scgars, English it American Cheese Cotiee. Sugar. Spices - &c. Together with a general assortment of Groce ries, ol the best ounlitv. Families supplied, and SHIP STORES out up ai me siortesi notice. Also for sale as above, a constant supply GUNPOWDER, of approved qualities. of I my is in CLOTH. 1 case superhue west of England blue Cloth, Sheppard manufactured, for tale at ai uid - snp. my IS 3t nEA, TIN PLATE, BLOCK TIN, &c. kc. a. 4j cnesis nvson uid lea 100 boxes Tin Plate, assorted 100O0 lbs. India block (in 8000 lbs, Spanish do o'OOO lbs. iron wire 100 tierces prime new ric 50 bbls. cider brnncly. For ale by ANSON JV PHELPS, my 16 183 Front street. vra IE HAVANA cUGAR. - CO boxes entitled to debenture, for tale by SILVt,13 K MAUI IfcR, my 13 3t 1 57 South - street. 132 CALCUTTA &UGAR. Bags bright yellow grained sugar 1 15 do superior double boiled do Landing at Coenties slip for saie at 67 South - street, by CAMoRE.Li.NG S PEARSON, mv 15 ' . iriiaa iwiisc;v. :c. rIlMl4U,,C' ,15 P'T L of Irish Linen Gootls, imported per slap lim.l.n Prk.. ..fnii.rVl.iL .,riVi. r, Dublin Packet, and other late arrivals Dublin, comprising a good assortment of 4 - 4 and 7 8 Linens, low priced Do Midling and Fine 9 - 8, 5 - 4, and 6 - 4 Sheetings 6 - 4, 7 4.8 - 4, 10 - 4 Diaper and Damask 3 - 4 Brown Holland and 7 8 Droghedat 3 4 and 7 - 8 Linen Bed Tick 4 - 4 Cotton Check All ofwhish he will dispose of nn liberal terms JOHN KELLY, 149 Peart street, my 14 Sw OLD COPPER. A QTANTITY landing from schooner Claren - il don, Irom Jamaica, and for tale by 1 ULKEK K I.AUKIL9. my 18 29 Soutn street. TIN PLATES, FIRE BRICK. Uc. T W. ROGERS & CO 235 Pearl - street, offer for sale, landing from the ihipTof Chauncey, from Bristol. Tin plates, assorted t blank do do. Stourbridge fire bricks 30 casks best Bristol bottled porter AUo, 16 casks of glassware, constating of tumblers, wines, decanters, white and green phials 18 do. of Apothecaries phials of all sorts, m BENGAL INDIGO. 32 cases entitled to debenture, fmost of which is ol a quality very superior.) for sale in lots to suit purchasers and on a uDerai credit, by ' JACKSON fi WOOLLEI, my 18 75 Wall - street. COTTON YARNA supply of Cotton Yam v irons ih to zz, twist and uluog ol a very su perior quality, suitable for sattioet warps, just received and lor sale by the COMMISSION COMPANY, my 18 D C 148 Pearl - street. BROWN 8HIRTINGS. 1 packages coo - taininr about S0OO vtrds. Brown btiirtines. iw ie oy, ine , i . i COMMISSION COMrAN I my 19 D A i I 148 Pearl - street. CHINESE IVORY - HANDLE PARASOLS. . I & W. ROE fi CO. nm - m TT hr.II. arvl naruol ma - 1 nufactnrers. No. 163 Broad - 1 way, between Conrtlaad ana Liberty - streets, aSsr ior sale aa extensive tueorttneat of PA - RA60LS and UMBRELLAS,! of the best quality and latest fashion, among which are pa rasob with ivory fcaadlas, eo - rraved Chinese figures, snperior to aay ever of - tered for sale in this dry. Orders (com lbs country for the abort articles will receive particnlar attention. trr Umbrrllas nd parasolt neatly bound and 1 by ESS ? I TO 1 1 at be fee r to or t i De and or I r A M - MFJGUTfir CtlAtlLRSTOiW 860 Um hear; freight (or CluresU0 .ippiyio . , anson g. riiixi'o, . 183 Front - street - my 19 Fot Sale, Freieht or Charter, . . Ai The briir HOPE, Pitlsbury. master, Y" V one year old, 186 tons burthen, will stow 2300 bbla. is ill order, and will be ready to receive a cargo iu 3 dys Apply at 67 South street, to ' CAMBRELENO h PEAU30X. may 19 WJATED TO CHARTER, A Brig or Schooner, of about 150 te ZUU tons. Apply to JOSEPH JOKES, may 19 6t No. 13 Greenwich - street tor FUKl' - A U - tRlJiCH. k(To tail ou Sunday, $4tb iust. weather Dermittiniri 1 h. elegant copper fastened at hoonsr J ACOUE MEL PACKET, Dominiclr, master Frfreight of 160 bbU, or passage, apply to n. tAU I llfcl., 34 Soath - strect, orJAS. L. MOSTAUDEVERT, may 19 5t 98,WalUL For LIVERPOOL, (A reeular trader. The fast saiuiur cooDered shin ANN. R. It. Crocker, master, will positively sail on the 25th inst. weather pernaittinsr. ha vine - all her heavy freight engaged. For freiirht of 100 bales of cotton, or passage having exten sive acconiiuoaauons, apply to the captain on ooaru, east siue riy - martcet - wiiarl, or to JAS. - Sl RICH'D LOINES, No. 247 Front - street. N. B. Passengers are furnished with beds and bedding at the ship's expence may is ot Wanted to L'ii.1 H i Kti, For a voyage to Madeira, a good orui, mat win carry I5UU barrels, Apply to TUCKER A LAURIES, 29 South - street. my lo For KIAUSTVN, (Jam), The fine coppered schr. CLAUEN. DON, J. G. Frith, master i will be despatched in a few days. For freight of a - oout lau barrels, or passage, apply to 1 ULKEli & LAUKlEa, may 16 29 South - street. I f FOR HALK, Vf f The fatt ssijing schr SPARTAN. JiSiSt burthen 132 tons, will carry 800 llh. 3 cari uiu, was coppered last summer with heavy copper, aud has hau $1000 expended on her sails and rigging within tne last two months, and is well lound in every respect ; liei at pier No. 9, East River, Applv on board, or to DAyiD G. GILLIES, my 16 2w 76 Broad - st. HjH sal:. The staunch schr FANNY, just arri - Slved Irom Havre, 145 tons burthen, will cany 1 IUU, built at Norfolk in 1815 for a packet between that port and this ; is well lound and can be sent to sea at a trifling expence ; lies pier No. 8, East River. Apply on board, or to UAVU) O. GILLIES, my 16 2w 76 Broad - street. Fur London, The regular trading coppered ship VENUS, N. A'coville, jun. master; will ready Is receive cargo next week, and intended to Kttl about the 6th June, haviug a great part of her cargo ready to go on board. For freight of the remainder, or passage, having superior accommodations, apply on board, at Cof - - house slip; or, to U Rio WOLDS & COATES, - ' 68 South - slreet. Consignees of goods bv the atiove ship are par ticularly requested) to send their permits ' i board immediately. 'my 16 tor GIHRAHAR U. SMsRNA (will sail positively ou the 201 h instant. ITio last sailing srhr hXl'RESb, ho, uiers, uiastcr, hat 3 - 4th of her cargo on board or ircighl ol remaiuder, or passage, having gooti accommodations, apply to the captain on ooara at Agnew's wlmrl. . mav 14 For 11.1 FRF.. Jbe fast - sailing coppered shin ADO' ,iln, tl. Li. t hamplni, mutter, mtended sad positively oo the 21 iuit. can ret accom module 3 more pastengers, and cau take some more freight. Apply on board, at Jones' wharf, to POTT&M'KI.'NE,or my 14 GRISWOLDs At COATES. For LiyLRtOOU The ship MARY - ALMY. PelegAl my. master ; her cargo being nearly all eup:i?ed - will meet lminili:itA ditTiotr - k Vnr ir,Ki .rcn - im having good accouimodaliont, apply on board ai .m. h,r i Townsend't wharf, or to unionuLiig ei cua I r.."?, my 13 68 South - st. WANTED TO CHART EH, A double - decked vessel, of about 250 ,to 300 tons. Apply to . ISAAC F. ROE. my 13 , tf 98 Murray's wharf. For Sale, Erturht or Charier, A new pilot boat built iCHOON ER, ions Durtnen, built in a superior .... ... manuer ol the best materials, sails fast, and may seni to sea wiin small expence. - vpply to N D. k O. GHIitrOLD, my II 86 outb - st. For .Voluntas or Havana. The good sloop GEORGE WASH KG I ON. Capt BotiiofT, having part her cargo engaged, will sail in a few days, will take freiirht for either of the above ports, if off ered immediately. Apply to the master on ooara, opposite No. 44 South - street, to GOODHUE & CO, may 16 For AMSTERDAM, The ship SILENUS, O'Brien, mas ,ter, will be dispatched without delay or irctgnt ol 50 tons apply at 67 Boutb - sC to my o 1Amonr.Lr.iiii at rt,lV3W. fiMFTY - ONEcerooas indigo, 522 bags Coffee, iuz oo. socoa, Laracaa. 2400 Hides, 1300 Horns. ' Landing at DierNo. II East River, from brie Acuve, aaa lor saie ry JUil.i MLr r EKNAN, 34 Soeth street1 In Store. Lisbon Wine, ia Pipes and bhds. M adeira do in do do and or casks my 19 tw MADEIRA WINE. 20 pipes, 67 South - street, by for sale at CAMBKELENG b FEARSOV. may 19 P.? t1hL 6Hif - l CMe wpenw neua oooea. alsv, 1 caw black Boesbasine, for sale iby MARCH B BLOW. my 19 210 Broadway. LONDON COATS. JUST opened, and lor sale at 23 John - street, a tnsnk of very elegant Dress and Frock Coats, among which is one Extra Trimmed Blue Co - boerf. my142w riAVANA SUGAR, TALLOW, fcc. M. bV boxes brown Havana Segar, entitled to arawoacst. 130 ceroooi South Amsricaa Tallow 64 boxes Roll Brimstone, and 18 cases T amblers. Landing and for sale JAMES D' WOLF. Jonr. rerairtd. mj 16 U7tCtt ' I M (Mxm street. ; 8TEI HEN 11. MllNN", No. K4 farl - street. New - York. Durcha.n Lasdi in Urn lllin.' ois 1 erritory, wliicb has ta set apart n the? lute Army. I etters frm Ke country diving a description of Cie patent and the price asked lor acu kii, win ne attended to, II rest paid. . my 15 DiCtf NOTICE. (fir All persons indebted to Waters Furman ana cnaries iiobbs, cior street manure) are re quested to call and settle their accounts with ei tber of tbem, or with D. L. Mead, at the corner of Pump k Eklridge - streets, lorwerly called Third - street, on or before the first day of July next All persons having demands attains! I he id will please to present their accounts for seltle - meni. WATERS FURMAN, and CHARLES DOBBS. my 12 diclmt Ntu York ntnerolent Society. ft?" The uemhers art requested to attend meeting of the society, on Wednesday eveuing next, the 5uth inst. at half past 7 o'clock, at tlie Fulton Hotel, No. 134 Fulton - street, to receive a report of the committee appointed to frame a ciwtmuiion, unaer ine acioi incorporation pass - eo u uw ibsi session ci uie lexisiaiuie. G. FORBES. Ass't Sec'rv. N. B. Members elect are requested to attend ai me same tune. my 19 Zt a VK.RT VALOABLK K8TA.Tr IOR SALSS. Jt Late the property of Ben .jah Strong, ,il Esq. de eased, in the township of Nip, lying on the great sontji road, about 45 miles Irom New York : containing by computations a uoui xjw acres ol laud, more or less ; nearly 1000 acres of which it under cultivation, inclu ding about 200 acres of salt and fresh meadows, winch is cnmpletelv embanked, ditched and drained, for the purpose of being reclaimed. The remainder is invaluable wood land, on wnicn large quantities may he rut annually. On tlie premises is a spacious and convenient Mansion House, with a large bain, hovels, crib, stable. carnage house, gardener's house, worn shop, smith shop, smoke house, ice house, and othei out buildings, replete with every convenience. I nere it also on tne premises; ntiout a mne irom the mansion houie, a new farm house, with a bam adioining. Near the house is a large pond, with a privi lege of a stream of water, nn which is a good saw mill, and water sullicient tor a tsritt mill Theg.irdenand orchards aie extensile, in which there nave Peen set cut, wiilini a lew years, a great nuin!ier of voung trees, o evtry siiectes of ine nest ):raiieu nun, nittuy in (tearing, ami an iu the moil Ui'Uri.'liini; condition. A , a huge nursery oi irust licei ami plauts, sutlicienl to ex tend an otchnrd of 100 acres fhere are ftw estates nlfered lr tnle, so den - rattle fir eilhr an extenive farmer, or fhf reii dence.ot a gentleman. I lie farm it i HpiihieW uif,rtirig alarms LUck, and linns h ui.iled I the south bay, thereis mi LiexhuiistiMt source manure frui tea weed, Bunts iui from th neiglilu urhood, atnKist daily, to and front the ci tv. I he nay aii o'lOiiiids witn agieui variety of game. fish, outers mm clams, uud the P'ti'l and creek with t'ie hmst trout. For lerms and lurthtr particulars, apply (o A H. LAWRENCE, No. S3 Park Place, or on the premises. my 1 d.V 11 Tl,e subscriber offers for sale his residence in thrt town r Fa'ifitld, stale ol Connecticut. It is pleasantly situated, on the Boston road, ahiiblhu'fa mile from Long lolund Sound, 53 milts IrMu New York, and 20 Irom New Haven. The house and out - houses are in excellent repair. Tlie Iruit yard it well stocked with a variety ol iieaches, apricots, cherries, ears and straw be rues. '1 here are in the vicini ty academies for the education ol youth ol both sexes, f roin one to six acres ol excellent land, at l lie option oi the purchaser, can be had with tlie house, aud the purchase money, if desired, can remain on interest. For terms apply to ISAAC M. ELY. Esq. 76 John street. IN. York. or to tlie Hou. JONATHAN ST URGES, Fair - new, Connecticut. . n,y 6 dtecti DAVID ELY. AN ASSISTANT TUTOR WANTED, W N an academy near Uie city of New - York JL A single gentleman, ol good morals, and capable to tear b the rudiments of the Latin, wit) hr higher English branches usually taught hi academies. A graduate of a college in the Uni ted Slates will be preferred. Apply at the ndicc ofthis paper. my la D&i. tf New Publications and Fancy Artir,es. THE American Book Keeper, by 1). Shcyt, Accountant, llonnparte's Letters to Lord Liverpool Trials oi the R'v John Chester and Mr. Mark Tucker, together with the whole case of the Rev. Hooper CuraiMiigs. 1'Im Kiniiraiit's Guide to Uie western and southwestern states and territories, with a large innp ol the United Mates, by wm. Uarby, r,tq. Blunt'i Stranger's Guide to the city of New York. The Economy of Human Life, by Robert Dodilev Demetrius, a Russian Romance ! together with all the new and interesting works, by LLIA9 V ALf.IVl lir., 104 Bmadway, 3d door below Pine street, Pocket b wks and walletts of a superior quali ty ; gold and silver einboss'd papers ; gilt claw feet ; balls ; tiger heads t ornaments i and every srtu le requisite lor the completion of ladies Ian cy work boxes. Visiting Cards engraved and printed in a superior style, at 4 hours notice. my l O A N away Irons ths subscriber on Wedaes. At. day, 13th iust. a colored man, named Joe, is about thirty Tears of ae e. of small stature. dark color, and down look ; had oo when he went away, a blue jacket and corded velvet pan taloout Whoever will return said runaway, or lodge him in jail, so that the owner may obtain him. shall be liberally rewarded. Masters of vessels and others are forbid harboring or m ploying him under the penalty of the law. KANUIS AKILLIAI, may 19 Wallabout, Loag - lsland. SITUATION WANTED. , A MIDDLE aged woman wants a situation as Child't - nurse and Seamstress. The best of reference can be given. A note addressed to A. W. at this Office, will meet with immediate attention. my 19 2t NEW BOOKS. M' EMOIRS of Mrs. Elizabeth Hamilton and Memoirs of the Court of Queen Eliza beth, by Lucy Aikin. Just rece ved and put to press by , MOSES THOMAS, my 19 3t - Philadelphia. A PATENTED INVENTION, For tlie convenience and comfort of ladies. Tis well known by all ladies that their cloak pins, (as they are called) alias curtain pins. particularly large ones, in a very short time, from the weight of the curtain, and from other causes, wear so large a hole in the wood io which they are inserted that they become loose. insomuch that they droop and look ill, and more over oftentimes drop oaf. To prevent this ei - fettually, a person has mvinted tbat which will prevent the inconvenience alluded to ; and soy lady, or ertn a gentleman, can be convinced ol the fact by applying at No. 2 Dey street, where the inventioa is to be seen : the expense is a mere trifle, and cloak pins already in ate can, and will be, readily altered to the proposed plan. my iy 3W MR, LEE'S EELECT SCHOOL, Hi A. - - R : . &c k. . pa,n and amher'd Iaven - af!..,.r.. tooth bruls. cloth do fvety IOR the instruction of ASf.act.ic (.lam or rimre necessary to a liberal educauon. uiMiif In li K m I .H,u.!,nn. I lUf I dead languages excepted) will Monday, the lit day of June next, at No. 8 - N. II. The orcranization of the class will be completed ia ths first week of th quarter, alter which ao new member can be aamweu. j therefore who intend to pairooise the insti tution, are requested to give Mr. LLC notice uiereoi, before the end ofMay, at No. 2 Dey street, or, 4J Harrison street. Toirion 12 dollars per quarter. my 19 2w - - BRANDY 20 pipe. "r by 1 JAMES D'W&LF, jr. 1, - tuiv ine mairiicuoD oi ause s - s - am wr - 1? 0Tmn every department of lUerature and , i be opened a ay 7 54 Eooth - streeL REMOVALS. ; : ii itftMttMnejtMtji , , - - - m? J011 N LOHI Vi KR G It A 11 A Mi attorney at law, bus owi, J iusolhcs at No. 43 CTiauibir - strset, near Hrondwuy. aay 16 4w Or - C.G. BILDHr.Kr U CO. have snod thsir couating house to No. 85 Wrvihingtna - streat, wiser lhy offer for sal 114 hbdt New Orleans sugar superfine cloths, doable soilltd kertevuieres. iilains and velveteens. J. tl K. KEN WICK, naie rmovato.o. to Waehington - ttreet. . way 15 CTJ - jOUN PROC IOH, jun. lias removed from No. 62 Beekmas to 106 Liberty - street, here he still oners liberal anticipations on pro perty consigned to his friends in the Mediterr otnn. For further particulars, apply na above, or to ABRAHAM BELU my 7 Im corner of Cliff Fultnn - sts. (tT - M.VlNb A. iOVV - t.NDliave remov d irom No. 50. to No. 40 Wall -!oinilji; et.iiy - uanb. mv is iw tit MAl.KU;. M1LNL CO. have itiuo veil lo No. 61 Pine - street. may 4 PLTKR D. TUKcor iinorws his friends and the public in general that he has removed bis Uiholstery Want House from No; 85 to No. 63 Maiden Lao' - where lie fillers for sale tome elegau' patterns of Paper Hairing, just received by the latest airivult from Frutu e, on tlie most reasonable, term. my tin LOBE INSURANCE COMPANY. THE Preiilei t and Directors give notice, that a diiideiid ol four per tint on the capi tal stock of the company for the last six month.. win nr pnin in uie oiotKlloiuers si llirir uiore. No. 55 Wall - street, on and after the lt day of Jane next. The Transfer book will be cKed on the list instant, Hy outer ot tde hoard o' Dirtc tort. RICHARD DUNN, Junr. my 14 dim - S"c.'ry. W AN I El). O 1 - . II. . . .!.:. I I a' 7 V'lHiii, eiinrr n wuiie iir luiorru r. iiiiian. who perfectly undentands le r husines. and tan produce an unuxi'eplioiii'il:ie character. ! - u - tin xrson will te alMwe i g"ml wnRe. on ap - ('lying at Zj I'arH - pim e. my !: Iw Tt ihk public. AS this h the in.iHin of the year when the greater part of thoe who mc boilers, &c. can better dispense wilh their business for a short tunetliau in cold weather, this it lo inform those who use boilf r", or distill., or steam - migines, &c, that they can have Ihrrn rc - f et in brick work by a person of experience and practice. He has received the approbation of those who employ ed him in Kontan, New - York, and at the sooth ward, for h great saving of fuel, uentnes' ol the nork, an, I dispatch in busnies. Satirfrvctory re, icreuccs ran be given ai to his ability, to llio who will favor him with llieir commands, byar laying at No. 136 Uroidway, of Anlhu. y W, 1'rappan &i Co. nj' Any other buMiiess in the line ol his prointtion, wid be gi attluby received, my iii iw G1.N RAl SIGNAL, PRICE 1 lull. LA It )RSALE. ht Uie store ot Mestts. TtK KUi U CARTER, No. f9 Soulh street, general signals, wjierett) mtrchimt - esselt may cuinniu iiicntf! bv ilav with the rnninioii colour of the ship, and at night wilh four Innthnril. 500 of the above are now abroad in diff"reiit vessels, end the proprietor is mducrd to put (hem thus low, in older that they may gel into general circulation, and (hat every ship master or owner may avail himself of a method nf communication, which, il adopted, will save all the tune unavoidably lost in speaking ut sea. Grnlleinen are requested to call and examine the method themselves, at the store as ntiuve stated. my 18 1w AUCTION SALE Of EUEGaNTTfUR - .NVWllE. On Modav, 25tb latv. AT 10 o'clock, at the ware room of Chas. Christian, 58 Fulton - street, who is with drawing tYom the cabinet business, an elegant assortment of CABINET FUUNiTl'llK. the whole of which will be warranted by Mr. Chris tinn the same as it sold by him at private sale. The lease of the above premises for sale nr to let may 15 Iw FOU SALk, A country seat, formerly owned bvMr. It. l7. A i Jen. containing about fifteen acres ol ground, situated on (he East River, short of four miles Irom the city. It is remarkable for its pleasant situation and is a very detirable reii deuce either summer or winter i the building.. are goon anacomiorinnie I ine ground is in lusli older, and abunduntly supplied with a chime cllei tion of fruit trees nnd shrubbery ; there ar several springs of excellent water on the premises, and two quarries of building stone, which mikht be worked l'i grout advantage. . Pnrch.i - tets are invited to view this situation, and ap ply at NO. 13 U road way lor terms, which will he liberal. T. ELLISON. my 12 3w . . CAUTION. XT' The public are cautioned, that the vali dity of the dead ol the above mentioned country seat, from R. D. Arden, to Thomas Ellison, esq. will be Armly disputed, on the ground of its be ing a frauduleht'conveyance, made for the purpose of defcatirlj; t judgment entered against ths said R. D. Ardeu, in January term last of ths supreme court. The subscriber never saw the advertisement of T. Ellison till this day, or h would have given earlier notice. J. W. PATTERSON. New - York, May 16, 1818. my 18 6t ftV WHEATON A DA - V - la, Fancy Chair Manufa turers, No. 153 Follon - st omiotite St. Pauls Chtrih. ofl'or for sale, wholesale and retail.a large and elegant assortment of Cnrld Ms pie plain painted and ornament ed in gold Is bronze, bare boo. plain and Gilt Balls, Rock tug, Sewing, and Converse, tioa Chairs, Sofas, bettees. Loungees, Music 6lools.fcc. Orders from any part of tbecontinentetecutec wim neainent anu uisnsicn. Old Chairs repaired, painted and ornamented my 19 New Fancy Goods, Uc, THE subscribers hsve just received by the latest arrivals from England, handsome assortment of ladies dressing cases with locks and keys. some of which are of an entire new pattern nd the most faaliionable colour, which are cream. b.ue, morocco and brown, also, ladies morocco and rose wood work boxea and gentlement shavim? case., shavinir boxes and brushes, Hm th At Net, hew Ninies SOSP. iircmicr ami honev waters, essences, tooth powder, sosps, Hi, 'get soaps, real vvinusor u. ... jwv., miniature frames, maltresse du., iy. books, pen - knives, scissors, razors in eye., o. Single, ridicule glasses snd Dgs,Mvenen, rum - penis, dentrifice, Uet. kc n t, - ii. lutiuf anivalt from r nncf, Uiree cases of genoine perfumeiy. from (he urtt tioates u - ... Z....tir narilv of en de espehan,eaa . mi, rt , . . - u . . . . ninn. A, nclo. eae ds meil, eaud Potoitki, eau Louis 18th, eae Napoleon, eau d eiaperor , , - , , . , - . . leraull tl irentine, sn winrii, inrwi, onlr'o i.j;.. . u,ltoitt boxen, tuo anted in silver and gold; Humbles, thread cases, fruit knives, tweeters, pencil cases, pocket books, pocket lights, needle cases, of all k'mds, rice box, crumb, and all other kind of brushes, paidons silver eye - needles, barrel I clas, and great variciy oi otner inicin to uicir tine, which they will dx,poae of, on the most rea sonable terms, at their fa? icy and perfume ware bouse, no. 1J5 Droadary, nearly opposite the City Hotel. ASTHOXY W. TRAPPAN" k CO. msy 19 lw B9 MUJ.'i, JtH.IVff ft CO. .. ; '' ' ' To - atorcow,' . ; " "' ?'. "At hall paUOoVK - .li at their audio i room, 1 18 Pearl ttreet, a c nril arsrrf me't of Ftsflcls and Ettgtiil.t!r toi , :,mo:g ahirb 'u - e, ' 1 case ttoa tl.i rad iacn, ) do 7 8 Hd 8 4 me ' rino shawls, 2 bales ht herd's best s.iperflna London cloths, 1 case silk bultocs, aueiaiiol - lam tblrtior, t do tjgire - i and dm wing mucins, 1 do blk. sewio; r;:k, 1 dogreeo cotton umlrel ' las, 1 do Irish linen, I Jo mu'.liu collartlr, 1 do lungees hdks, 2 Jo can nerr and csseinettt, 1 ' do 6 - 4 tnncy tordsr'd shawls, 1 d i ivory and ' wood slick fans, I do printed cambric i.dkf, I do '0 - 8 and 6 - 4 mnlin, IObose artihti - ul Bowers, I do brown American shirtings, and a numwer of . other articles. Also, 1 case patent ocket lights, 1 do land - ' scape Frew h paper hanging. , - Also, X cues Umle lace bands front 10 to 60 lines. Satarday, ' , At 1 1 o'clock, m from a their auction store, No. 148 Pearl street, at M) days credit, 5 tons best I ondon diy whit lead, 400 kegs do do ground in oil, 38lr each, 8 cases sheathing copper, 20, 22 & 21 oi., 150 txes fid plates 1 - 3 X, W casks barcley't London iirown sroai. in fine order. The above are an entire Invoice, selected ia Loudon with much care, and worthy the attention ol' dealers. Also, 41 catssSt. Julian claret. ' .MA RULE tXJii Bt lLUING, Ar. fT II V. proprietors of the southern marble qna 1 JL ries, near King's - Brklge, give stotics, that they have on hand, and 'are receiving, at the KMiCs - Bridge Marble and lAme iard, foot of Urai b - sirtet, oft the HnAton river, an exteuiive stock of tnarbl lor building, of ths followin d Kriptions, vis : Ashlar Coping Watertable Foundation Stone . Steps Cbimney - Piecet) Platforms Facings Sill, Lintels Columns Arches Also Lims of the best quality. OT - ' A constant supply of the aliove matsrials may be calculated upon ; and those deiroui of purchasing, or making engagements, will apply EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 1 1 At the Yard. Merchants Bank, May 5, 1818. 37 The annual election for Direcigrs of this institution will be held on Tuesday Bis 2d day of Juno next, at the Banking House, bstwts ths hours of 10 and 2 o'clock. By order of the Board of Directors, G. B. VR0OM, CashV. may 6 tj2 MITVAL 'INSURANCE COMPANY Of 7 HE CITY OF NEW - YORK. 1 he President and Director give notice that a dividend of finer and a half percent, oti the capital stock of this Company, fornix months, will be made on the 11th inst. and paid on demand to the stockholder or their attornietu at No. 51 Wall street. ' my 6 1m JOHN PI NT ARD, Sec'ry. The conartnerxlup between V. VER. MKZ ft LAFOKGUE it this dsv dissolved. - Vlayl3,1RIU. V1NTROUX VERMEZ. my 14 tit; (O T l new r ERKY BOATS irom the loot of v nlnat street. New York, to the loot of Lit" lie street, Brooklyn, near the nayy lard, will commence ruuiiing; oo Sunday, the 17thlnst. rertone clotting to brookiya ire toe upper part of Uie city,, will And the distant macb shortened by usuig this lerry. , toy 14 . Wmcncun Academy of the tint Arts. X - The Board of Direc tors give ootirs, that the fourth exhibition of this academy, will be - peoed on Wednesday neat, 20th instant, and v continue open, every day (Sunday excepted) from 9 iu ths morning till dusk. Admittance VS rents. Catalogues 12 1 - t. By ordor. ALEX. ROBERTSON, Sec'ry. Members and exhibiting artists are informed. (hat their cards of admission are loft wilh the door keeper. ' my 14 Sw - 'PONTINE COFFEE HOUSE. (r The connnittoe for managing the sfTsirs ol tli Tontine Coffee House, give notice, that a Dividend of Seventeen Dollars per share, for tlie year ending the lit inst. will be paid the pro pritlors on or after tlie 19th intt. at 24 Broad - ttreeL my 13 Im BRIG FRANCIS. CCJ" All persons are cautioned against crediting any of the Crew of the Brit ish brig Francis, Capt. Tannant, as no debt of their contracting will be paid by the master or con slgnees. msy 16 (K - All persons having any claims against the estate of the late John Williams, deceased, art requested to present the same to either of the subscribers, at No. 69 East - Rutgers. or 270 Cherry street. JOHN ROOKE, Execetor, ELIZABETH WILLIAMS, Executrix. . my 18 Iw For England, tin Halifax, (Notm Seotia.) (r Letters lor his tiritanutc Majesty's packet ) ranci Freeling, will be received at the Post Office till Wednesday afternoon, the 3d day of June. T. W. MOORE, Agent. my 18 ftT" The copartnership heretofore existing between the subscribers, under trie firm of W. W. ft A. Grpesbeeck, is this day dissolved by mu tual consent, win may, mm. WM. W. OROKSBEECK. " ABM. GROESBEECK. royllw BANK OF UTICA, ft - A semi - annual dividend ot Fur and sue hsufper ernl upon the capital stock ol (be Bank, has been declared, payable (he 1st of June next. Stockholders residing in (he city and its vicinity, ran receive their dividends at the Mechanic's Bank. mayllw VNI0N INSURANCE COMPANY, Office No. 56 Wall - street, fXy Will rsceiv applications for matin risks, and for ioturanca on lives, annuities. Ax. between (he hours of 10 A. M. atvd 3 P. M. daily. SAMUEL A. LA WRENCE, president. WM. I. VAN WAi.ENEN, secretary. piaccTons. John Oolhout Jasaes Boorxnaa Isaac G. Pearson, jr. Henry Major Henry Thomas John Ricbandl Charles Rhind Jans Renwick P. Scbermsrhom, jua. John Jones Jesrpb Smith James Streog my 19 la Samuel A. Lawrence Charles King Robert Beuson, jua. Jamas Boyd. jun. Balthaxer P. M slick EAGLE 1 AVEkN, No. 149 Wstsr street, pear Fly Market . GEORGE WOOLDREDGE, US IS LAW TO HSXAI M. tfASSBT, ' RESPECTFULLY aanouncea, tbat he has o - penrd the Tavern lormrrly kept by Mr. Jtmti MixrefK, with an excellent assortment of Madeira, Port, Claret, and other winess Liquors, Beer, and every Hiir reqsisite in tbat tins of basineis. A variety of Relishes will be always ready, Coffee, 9"ps, Oysters, Chickens, A:c. Ac. according to tlie season. If unremitted attention and civility, with moderate charge will prorsre the favors of the public, G. W. pledges himself to endeavoer to ment fJu - 'aers, Suppers, Ac. provided eittejinlU Ame.kao, Fanch, Gem - o, or Itahan style ot ctokery. , . . II. J, H AM at, solicits his numerous nseads to . vist (lie abos srttablisnnieBl, ana cow roc j unrivcs thai no more is promised than fs ia - ' leaded te be pen'otmed. ylCt ' ! E I f'r f A I. - !. - r - "f

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