Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 20, 1939 · Page 14
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, March 20, 1939
Page 14
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14 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE Hogs Generally Steady to Dime Off in Ch MOST CATTLE 25G LOWER Monday Receipts Are Heaviest on Market Since Last November CHICAGO, (ffi) -- Choice and prime sfeei-s were steady Monday, but all other classes of cattle were 25 cents lower under the heaviest Monay receipts since last November. Hogs were generally steady to 10 cents lower in early trade but recovered most of the loss at the close. Fat lambs were slow with indications 15 to 25 cents lower. Salable hogs, 11,000; early trade generally steady to 10 cents lower than Friday's average; closed active with most of loss regained top $7.75; bulk good and choice 170-230 Ibs., $7.50 to $7.70; 240280 Ibs., largely $7.15 to $7.50; 290350 Ib. butchers, $6.85 to $7.10 good 400-550 Ib. packing sows · SB.2S to $6.60; lighter weights $6,75. Salable cattle 14,000; salable calves 1,000; choice and prime steers about steady; all others 25 cents lower; with trading slow anc" many bids 25 to 50 cents down largely steer run; killing quality medium to good; yearlings more numerous; largely $S to $11.50 market; early top weighty steers §12.8o; but some held above $13; all interests in trade; replacement cattle weak to 25 cents lower at $8.50 to $9.50; light yearlings selling up to $10; heifers and mixed yearlings steady to 25 cents lower; numerous loads $8.75 1o $10.25; cows weak to 15 cents lower; fully 25 cents down; veal- ers 25 cents under last week's high time; vealers scarce and steady at $11 down; more cattle here than any Monday since last November. Salable sheep, 17,000; fat lambs slow; practically no early sales; indications 15 to 25 cents lower- compared with Friday; early bids' down more; choice lambs held at $9.25 to S9.3S and upward; initial bids around $9 to $9.15; sheep scarce; indications steady on fe here. ceiols 3,550; ilcnv; early sales to ship pers steady lo 5c lower; Good and cholc 170 lo Ztd Ib. butchers S77.10; early lo 57.15; most packer bids lOc lower; 2: lo 2SO Ib. weights S6.7flft7 fay packers 290 to 330 Ib. heavies bid $G.404i6.70: £Oot packing i-cnvs mainly $5.25: stags S6' down; feeder pigs $0.75'·}7.25. SHEEP, salable receipts 5.500; Jilt early fat Jamb action; undertone 15' 2at* louer; good and choice fed woole skins held around $8.85^9 and abovt load lots recently shorn held aroun $7.75; fat ewes scarce; small lots Ealab! around $4.50 down; choice quoted abov Si.75; small packages feeding and shear ing Jambs fS.SO. . choice ico lo 250 its. S7.loe7.M; 2 230 Ibs. SS.3CKJ7.10; 300 to 360 Ibs. Ci6,75: sows $G{tG.35; few 56.35 CATTLE 11,000; calves 1.000; good to choice strongweight stee Local Livestock MASON CITY--For Monday. HOGS Five cents lower. Good light lights 140-130 53 EO-S SO Good light lights 150-100 S530-640 Good light lights 160-170 S0.80-GBO Good hent light 170-180 57.05-715 Ciood lighl butchers .. 180-200 S7 15-7 25 Good light bulchers .. 200-220 57 15-7.25 Good me. \vt. butchers 220-250 S7"o5-7 15 Good me. \vt. butchers 250-270 s90-~'oo Good me. wt. butchers 27Q-2DO SB 70-G'su Good me. -vvt. butchers 290-325 S6 55-6 63 Good mo. wl. butchers 323-350 S6 40-5 50 Good heavy butchers .. 350-400 S6.25-D35 Good packing sows ... 275-350 SG^O-630 Good sows 350-423 SG.10-C -0 Good sows 42S-500 S6.00-0 10 Good sows 500-550 S6.00-G 10 \The above is a 10:30 truck hog market ior good and choice hogs.) CATTLE Choice to prime steers, heavy 510 00-11 00 Good to choice steers, -heavy s 8.50- 9 50 Medium to good steers s 7.50- 8.50 Fair to medium steers 5 G.50- 7.50 Choice to prime yearlings s 900- g'so Oood to choice yearlings ... S 8.00- 900 -Medium to good yeariinss ... S 650- 750 Good to choice heifers s s'.aa- 0 0 0 Medium to goad heircrs s 7.00- 8.00 ?3ir to medium heifers s G.OO- 700 Plain to fair heifers s 4.00- c.OO Gocd to choice cows, heavy .. s 5 75- 6 25 Medium lo cood cows s 5 J5- a'lo £alr to medium cows s 475- 5.25 Good to choice heavy butis".'.' S(5.73- 6.50 Light bulls . 5 4 7 5 - 5 2 3 Calves, good to choice 130-180 s 7.'oo- 8 00 Ca ves, mod! to good 130-190 s 5.50- 7.00 ^-aives, InJer. to med. 1.TO-1SO S 2.SOd'wn SHEEP Genuine spring lambs, good to c.loicc 70-90 s 7.50- 3.00 Spring Iambs, good to choice - 70-90 s C.OO- 6 50 spring Iambs, medium to good . . . fapring lambs, common ..... 5 400- 500 Native ewes, good to choice S I 50- ·''·'5 Cull CWCS ... sn~!nc7~nn °° OMAHA LIVESTOCK (.Monday Markcl) OMAHA. tPj-- U. S. department oi agn culture. HOGS, salable 4,600: steady to loc lower, least decline on under --o Ibs »P "vcr 300 Ibs.: top $7.15 for 183 to 210 Ibs.; 170 to 330 Ibs. $7i;7.15; 240 to 270 Ibs. S5.70S7: 260 to 360 lb= Is 40TM 6.iO; sows steady to 5c loiver. $6.25 »f CA'SlJ lmch , a "f ** a « SG-W flown. CATTLE, salable 0,500; Jed steers J cartings slow, weak: heifers weak: cows, bulls weak 1o I5e loivcr; vcalcr* steady; stockers. feeders slow. stcadv° Si 1 S r 'f?.* tMre - J'Mrifnss eligible to sell S3.o«ilo.50; good heifers Ss?i925- bcrf F°"' s S« S *T. cutter trades $4'.5oY,5.75- bulls sc.2^6.50; top vealers S369.30 KANSAS CIIT LIVESTOCK ( M o n d a y M a r k e t ) KANSAS CITY. vf»-- V. S. deparlmcn of agriculture. HOGS 2,000; slow. 5 fo I0c lower tha Friday's average: lop 37.23: good t 260 t . $6.5 strict!' ers 15 li 25c lower: bids on fed steers 25 to 50 off; she slack weak to 25c lower; vealer sjeady to 50c lower: stocker and fecde classes comprising around 60 per cer. of receipts; alow, steady to 25c lower good to choice slrongweight steers $ l l f i i 11.25; fed steers eligible to sell from 58.7! r«10.7j; choice yearling heifers $10: cow- down from $7; stockers and feeders S3 5*10: selected vealers $103 10.50; bulk down from 59.50. SHEEP 7.000; slow. 110 early sales opening bids on slaughter lambs 25c oj more lower; choice fed Iambs held abovi SJ.Ba: undertone steady to sheep. Livestock Markets MID-WEST HOGS AU5TI.V, Mintl--Slcady io JOc lou't-r 140 to 150 Ibs. S5.835V5.13; 150 to 100 Ibs 56.30«i6.60: 160 to 170 Ibs. S6.55S683- J70 to ISO Ibs. 5G.80ri7.10; 180 to 220 Ibs SO 95 5 ~ . 2itl !bs - ' ... ! 3i ° l ° 423 lbs. S5.90S6.20: 425 'to 0=0 lbs. 5o.30Sc.10; 550 lbs. and up S3. i^ I .' U ^?,?,{' EA ' - VIJ| "-Five cents loivcr. 140 to lad Ibs. 55.93«J6.10; 150 to 160 lbs . i$ G ;i 3: 1GO '° "" Jbs - 56.70S 6.75; 173 r ^ £?' S7 f' 7 15 : 16 ° t° 220 lbs. S7.10 "" lbs. SB.65156.80; .270 t'o 29o' ?bs~S6.4!i ' ' '" "" "" "·; 325 COO lbs. S5.45S.5.50. OTTimiYA--Hogs 5c lower. 140 to J50 IS 5 f^ 5 : G ' 35: 15 ° t0 IC ° ""· S6.40W V J° 17 ° lbs ' S5.C005.SO: 170 to lbs. S6.OOSiJ.20; ISO to 220 lbs. 57vi 'V 220 ..' 0 23 ° lb -'- $6.85*47.]}; 2~50 lo ·. , S 6 -' 0 ^! 7 : 270 to 290 lbs. S6.53rj! Ibs. SO.255JC.55; 350 to 40o' ibs!"* S6J5 * G.33. Packers 275 to 350 lbs. $6«6,30- 350 VfTio- ·»' 53 ' s ?- ; * 6i20: 4 r i , to 50 ° lb s. toitf^wSitfiZ'fig^g X"?. : ~?-}.° 2iD )bs - 57.15 ii 7.25; 250 to 2iO_ lbs. $,?J7.10; 270 to 230 lbs. S6.85® .90 to 325 Ibs. 5P.70ge.SO; 325 to '-· *S.53fi6.6o: packing sows 275 Ibs. SG.2jfii6.35; 330 to 425 lbs. 56 10 423 to aoO lbs. $6'ri.6.10. ic: Tone slow to loivcr. steera _ - _ . ° 5 ho j c ? W) 10; medium to good 3i.ixtll.a0; fair S5.2j«,7: common S3(' to so"o r d"si-° 0 l? c --°- lc -° S9S I0: medium ., ,, lbs. S6.60ft6.7o7"2SO to lbs SS.4oSC.CO; 323 to 350 Ibs. SS 30 '£'. ?£, 0tl . I^b'"? 27 ?_ t ° ^.O »S. SG.10 m -p · lbs. 5o.BO S 5.95; 500 to 550 lbs. 5S.B3 COMDINED HOG RECEIPTS ( M o n d a y Jlarkcl) DES MOINES. W-B. s . department f agriculurc. Combined liog receipts at 0 packing planls located in interior own and soulhcrn Minncsola for the 43 lour period ended at a a. m. Mondav vcre 33,300, compared v.-ith 30500 a veek aso and 2G.500 a year ago.' Mod- :rately acti\-e: weak to 10= lower; re. :eipls estimated unchanged lo shade icavier than 10,700 a week a«o Barrou-s and gills. 160 to 170 lbs. good ,rt ..hoi-,. e » m o , ^ . lao , 0 200 ''5 b)sa ^0 55 EUROPEAN GRAIN DEMAND BETTER Dealers Uncertain of Outcome; Prefer to Await Developments CHICAGO, (£)--Evidence o improved European demand fo wheat and corn, with seve'ra thousand bushels sold from do mestic ports over the weekend helped steady the grain marke Monday. Dealers were uncertain abou the outcome of the latest crisi and preferred to await develop ments. Wheat closed V off to ft up compared with Saturday's finish May 68-68y s , July 68Vs; corn % V- higher, May 47%-%, JuK 49'/j-%; oats /» lower to \'\ higher. CHICAGO CASH GBAIJJ (Monday Market) CHICAGO, vp-- Cash, wheat sample grade red CSiie: Ko. 1 hard 73!ic; No 2^ Wlc; No. 3, Me; No. 2 yellow hard Corn No. 3 mixed 4S%c; No ^ yello 471-iSMc.- No. 3, -!G!ie«.ic; No. 3 whi low hile sample grade . Illinois barley maltine 52fi60c nom 'eed 35S42C nom.; sample Rrade 37c (tough). J?S y £'3!£- 1!a - 3 yellow 88!je; timothy iced 52.833 3,l; nom.; red cover S13(/L !B num.; red (op $3.2569.75 nom. Lard tierces S6.35 nom.- . nom.; bellies 53.12 nom. oose S5.75 Mason City Grain MASON CITY--For Monday o. 3 white oats -- v'o. 3 yellow corn .33 J /'c ear corn 30c ., n . * ouu Vo. 2 soybeans 7Q,. Barley .25-35c 3IO.VDAY G R A I N CLOSE CHICAGO, 1.3*,-- VHEAT-- Iqr 'ay 6! uly 6! ept 6! CORN-- lor 'ay 4; uly 4£ CPI- 50 OATS-- uly ". J7 OY BEAKS-lay E9 uly WE-lay .... uly ept. ... ARC-- lar lay .... Uly .... ept. ... High Cloic .1,3 .68-G3!i .SS'.i .6951,-69 .. C.45 -- 6.G2 .. 6.17 6.30 G.4O C.57 6.75 Public Utility and "industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. SCHANKE CO Telephone 1300, Mason City Choice to prime slcers 1050 lo 1300 Ibs U« : -?,° 0cl to choic: steers. 1000 lbs IP SlOijll: medium lo eoocl steers. 900 bs. up S3-53.50; common lo medium leers, all weight S3 doivn. 3.IVESTOCK FORECAST CHICAGO. :.?,--Official estimated livc- i/iSS" 1 " 15 Tucsda i'-' Catlle 6.000; liogs 12.000; sheep 9,000. Representative Sales 0 7 LiEhl-- . indications 25c . . . salable 8.300: fat lambs stow or more lower: othc- ·woolcd lamb Ebs^^c^rfeis^ SOTJTU ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK Olonday Slarketl ^ ,, Vc-- . . »"vjt, tup satjsage bulls 56.,o: stockcrs and feeders about steady. Calves 2.000; vcalcrs fully site J?»;"i ?. ra « ic . Dl 'OP ?1»: most good vcalcrs S9.50 down HOGS 7.000. salable: total 7 Boo- «W- early sates UO to 250 ]b: 37«7 -,7~ t nri S7.30 on choice 150 lo 220 Ujs:· "-V) tn i'w-'Sow* S6°il' : ?°° '° ^ ll) *' * i; ~' ( °'" St S7ffi7.50. SHEEP 4.(KW salable; total 5.300: tm- dertone weak to 25c lower on f 5 l l,, mb . : indications Mcaay to slaiiclitcr ihccp and |ecdmg lambs at last week's close sa"c SIOl'.X CtTV LIVESTOCK ( M o n d a y Jtarkcl) CATTLE, salable rcceipls 4 600- lotjl ^ Cit1S ,, 5 ' 2 !? ; c ? lvei ' Ml»Mi tccjfptl 100: scattered early sates li s hl ycar!TM E s snd Rood steers weak to loc lower; others largely bid 25c off; fat she stock opcnine weak to I5c lower: some cow bids toe lower: stockers about and feeders ers ut steady; short load eood beeves ' n 'il s«: crad lots S ood ywrlln C 5 SJO 0.2.,; bv.ik medium to j;ood eligible a Si n rlV 31i ^ 5: 5ma " '·"* "«j!im to Rood light wcichU S5[9.23: early bulk common to pood beef cows 5573*675. few S7.2j; cutler frraclcs S4.oO«io.50: choice fm Ib. stock steers J9.SO; few sales mc . ciiirn cradcs S7.75'., S.bO. HOGS, satabtc receipts ."J.OOO; tola! ic~ {.llonclay M a r k e t ) CHICAGO, (/ft--Representative sales: 110CS ^avy-- ^ _ j Medium^ 2 SO 7'.2o!69 231 Te 3U 7,00;7C 243 7.51 [Light Lights-- 19B 7.75.2* ^157 7.3 IM 7.70;30 H9 7.3. 164 7,5o| CATTLE Iffcifcrs-- IMS 13.23'22 ; 1104 i.t.00'35 1454 I2.8.V26 nibs-- [Slaughter Ewes 0.2V 10 131 Si 9.20,11 163 9- 9.15] 93 a!oo; Wo 8.73i 11.00 10.50 10.23 Miscellaneous C H I C A G O POTATOES CHICAGo'.'^-^''!.'^ *-n.%-t*vju. \i-t--u. i. department of agriculture. p ot ai O cs 156. on tract- ''Bo S"L..r- .. S - shipmcp.ts Saturday l.OBjl Sunday -12; oM it. supplies moderate; sacked per cw-L .-.-ho Husscl Burbanks U S Nr i «i i JVI.60: Colorado Red Mcc'l^c, U S Nc? 1. b u r l a p sacks S2.10'.,2 2.V Ncbrailfi' BliK Triumphs M per cc.U U. s No 1 I'^orU, Dakotj BHs, Triumph"' ul U S%i' f t,":. 1 'TM 1 E0 lo K !« cent "^ TM«he', 1 - i 1iS rf SL balrt « k Florida Bliss Tri nd light; nphs _U. S. No. 1. bir. f i n e q u a l i t y NEW YORK SUGAR (Monday Markcll NEW YORK. (^-Speculative buvin,, and European demand absorbed rrotii takmR and hedging in the world =uc-- futurcs market Monday. Prices aro fr"d noon were unchanced to I point uo Scplember was up ·;. ,1 SI.13U and Ji ,v' unchanged at SI.17. f Domestic reamery Package com 18 carst Cons A , 43^ Geo A Hormel A pfd ..".."* 1D4 Geo A Hormcl com . " "4 Interstate Pov.-er 6 pct fid.'. ~u; Interslato Power 7 pct p f d . . .1 Iowa E]ectr' C C ° 6 ' i pct P fd 3D la Elcc Lt £t Pow G pct pfd . 62 la ELcc Lt Po\v 7 pct pfd 70 Ja Power 3; L|sht 6 pct pfd. 101 Pid.. 95 0 lu 1 32 33 54 6.1 72 103 J04 T n iLii 7* -K *· M I U . . 3O la Public Sen-ice C'.v pct p/d £17 la Public Service 7 pct pfd 100 la South Util G pct pfd TM la Eolith Util C!i pct pid"" ^7 Ia South Util 7 pct p f d . . ' . " ' 30 Minnesota P I, 6 pct pid 80 Kovth?r° ta ^ rt '' ' P " » " · · « » SO Ijorthern St Power 6 pel pfd 66 68 northern El Power 7 pct pfd 71 73 n ;'. s ' P?'TM""' Cement com 23 2* Ralh Packing 5 pct p f d . . . . 102 Jfl-j R,TH C T i V, Gi g E1 ' pct " W " S ? !C 5 H f= P ° Wer Class A " 2 ='United I.t Po\ver Class B . 2 2"^ United Lt Power pfd in United U . Rys S pct pfd.'.' 70 United Lt Ry S 5.35 pc , pfd 8I United Lt i Ry S 7 pct p f d . . 89 Western Grocer pfd Western Grocer com 102 23 29 32 31 81 91 SO icago Production of Automobiles in February of Each Year THOUSAND Includes Passenger Cars, CARS Trucks and Taxi Cabs 50C 400 300 200 100 1929 1924 1935 1933 1922 '25 '28 '31 '34 '37 9* 'Parity Estimated * Stock List Air Reduc Al Cheni Dy 170 Allied sirs e Am Can SS'. For Pow '? \m Loco 22 Am Rad Sis Am Roll Mill Smelt Re Am Stl Fdrs Am SUB Re£ Am T T Am Tob O Am Wat Wks Anaconda Arm 111 Atcll T SF W YORK STOCKS (Aroiidaj- - M a r k c l l The Associated Press Libbey O K G 48? \ Loews 46Vi Slarsh Field Vi',', 1-lt'. 2!)i: 20 Midcont Pet Alonlgom Vld Nash-Kciv ^«at Bisc I^'at Cash rvcg Nat Dairy Pro Nat Dislill Nat Lead STOCKS' GAINS ARE REDUCED Advances Running Up to 2 Points Chopped in Late Trading N E W Y O R K , 0P) -- Stocks stepped into a fast rally in the early part of Monday's market proceedings but stumbled on the home stretch. Gains, runnin to 2 points in the morning, were chopped down substantially or replaced with declines at the close. Nervousness over the Hitler march to the east and a possible war flare-up in Europe appeared to have waned somewhat. Although it was noticed most traders were quick to cash profits on the runup and adjourned to the sidelines pending clarification of the outlook abroad. Bond Market Landowners Leasing to Oil Prospectors Protected in Bill DES MO1NES, ()-- Landown ers who lease their holdings to o prospectors are protected under bill which the Iowa senate passe Monday and sent to the lowe house. . Senator O. J. Kirketeg (R Bedford, referred in his explana ion of the bill to the extensiv leasing of southwest Iowa land i recent months. The bill provides, he said, tha an oil lease would not be a clou upon the title to the land. Water, coal and mineral re sources protected from waste, un der terms of the bill. Dry o abandoned wells must be plugge to prevent contamination of wate supplies. The bill outlined the procedur in case a lease is forfeited. Reports of all oil operation must be filed with the state geolo ;ist. YORK, if,--The bond inarkel upward Jlonday. wilh eains of [radians to a point or more among fav- Traders atlributed the rise to belief m some Wall street circles that corpor- itc \alues were pushed down much- further by last week's depressing lorelun news than the home business outlook warranted. United States governments \vi strong, wilh advances ranging UD of = point. AinL Leau ^l j n : . i-vtti.. Nat Pow Li 8 Around ^1 or more higher near noon 20-; 5'i p i 7I?a 7 10',i Refin Bait Ohio iarnsdall 151.. Bendix- Av 23»i Beth SU CGVi Joeing Airpl 23^ lorden 18'* Sorg \Varncr 28r» Bridgept Br- 12'« Budd HI/g 5J-, Can D G Ale liii Canadian Pac 4 ','4 Case 84 Caterp Trac -13'i Chcs : Ohio .-143', C i: N W '. Chi M St P I Chrysler- CD! 3 E Solv : Sou -Oil Edison 31 fa Oil 8 Con Can 38?i "on Oiy Del 27'!j 'orn Prod 62^'. Curliss-Wri 0 " Deere Co 1'0-ri Air 6il Du Pont HT '.astman n 2 ·1 Pow ^t Lt 3 : i 'airhks Mors 3,i'a 'irestonc 22'., ·en Elec 3a";i Cen Mot 4Gi tt Gilletle 6=. :oodricll 20!s oodyear 31=i Ct Ko Ry p/d 2J3.1 [omestakc 62- a Hudson G'.-j iupp Mot P e I Cent li^l nt Harvest N Y Central No Amer Av Nor Amer Nor Pac Oliver Farm Otis Elcvat Otis Steel Owens III GI Packard Parm Pic Penick Ford Penney Penn Ry Phillips Pet Proc : Gam Pullman Pure Oil Radio Item Raml Kepub Stil Hey Tob B Sears Roeb Shell Union Simmons Socony Vac Sou Pac Std Brands Sid Oil Cal Sid Oil Ind Sid Oil N J Slew Warner Studebaher 7V« Swilt Co IB-la Texas Corp 42 Tex Gulf Sill 29'a Tim Roll B 1141 1GT 2.1% 50 li 83! 20-. 7 14 ia 28 'i 26 ' 45-. S\ Transamcr TJn Carbide Union Pac Unit Air Li eu 36^ a ior. 55 nt Kick Can 43'i ,t T T --', ohils iVIanv B8 ennecott 35'.^ UiVi 16 Unit Aircr Co Unit Corp 2T B Unit Drue e^b U S Gypsum Oj'.i U S Indus Ale 21% U S Rubber -11 U S Steel 53-1 "Warner Pict 5 s ij West Un Tel 21 West El lit 104(4 "Wilson Co 4 Woohvorth 47'.i. Yellow Truck 17'.^ Youngstown 43^4 Supplementary List f Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS CO Mason City Office in Bagley- Beck Buildinsr. Telephone No. 7 DOW JO.NKS A V E R A U C S Inds. Kails , olal sate ..........:-- CHICAUO STOC!« ullcr Bros 8 C it Ecr ord Corp 3 NEW VOttK Clllin TJliN. 23.63 950.000 Baltimore t Ohio convertible Delaware Hudson refunding 4s York Central 5 S . Norlhem Pacific poinls on sale o£ five bonds. Ofi Dclwcen 1 and 2 were Belgium 6. German 7s of '45 and Poland BS Produce ,,MASON CITY--For Monday ; (Quotations by Swift Co.) Heavy hens over 5 pounds .. . 14c Heavy hens over 4 pounds, including 5 pounds 13 C Light and Leghorns . '. ifj" Eggs, Specials Eggs, No. 1 ^ Eggs, Under Grades ......... lie merchants Quotations Eggs,' in trade 12-He* Eggs, cash 12-Hc Butter, Iowa State Brand... 7 28c Butter, Corn Country 2ge Butter, Plymouth OBC Butter. Very.Best ' -6c Butter, Clear Lake -6 C Butter, Bi-ookfield \ .26c Husset Potatoes, peck '.. 345 Early Ohio Potatoes, peck 3'c 'EDITOR'S NOTE--These'rep- resentative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery etf\r-f\f "' stores. SIOUX CITY P R O D U C E Market) e -; Case lots - ncw cascs included. No x- : ?',-· S3 30: traces,. S3.SO; loose E. 2.0. ^. I4e; No. 2. lOc; ccos packed brown flats 10 cents, a case less Butter: Creamery butter, fancy wholc- £jtc 20ij22c ; buttcrfat. No! 1, :0c; Na 2, ' C H I C A G O TOIJLTRV O t o n d a y .Market) CHICAGO. Wj--Poultry live. m G El m Cyan B 23 m S Po Co 11-10 rk N Gas A 2'i soc G El A »1 Bd Slia Ford Mo Erig 4 Lockheed 30^ Niag H Pow s? Pennroad Cp l=" S O Kj- Co 13! Un Gas Co SHOOTS BROTHER ACCIDENTALLY Cow to Be Butchered Lunges Pulling Youth Into Path of Bullet EMMETSBURG-- Howard Stillman, 20, received a severe gunshot wound in tys thigh and lower abdomen when his brother, Charles Stillman, Jr., attempted to shoot a cow which was to be butchered on his father's farm, five miles north of here, Monday. Howard was holding the cow at the end of a rope. Charles had shot tt twice in an attempt to kill it and as he shot the third time the cow '«nsed and pulled Howard into the path of the bullet The youth is at his parents' home in a serious condition but is expected to recover. Iowa Teachers Will Hold Convention at Des Moines Nov. 2-4 DES MOINES, f^-Mi ss Agnes bamuelson, executive secretary of the Iowa State Teachers association, announced Monday the annual convention of the association will be held here November 2, 3 and 4. She said the association plans to have Jan Masaiyk, son of the former president of Czechoslovakia, and Bishop G. Bromley Oxnnm o£ the Methodist Episcopal church Ht Omaha, here lo address the teachers. -- --- . ird Mo Can 20'i Un L i- Po Co ·"; NEW YORK STOCKS Am C SUK Co 8 : Am C 4- F Co 26'i Am Po Li 51, As D Goods 8!i Baldwin Loco I37» Briggs MC Co 24 Bycrs A M Co 0 ! i Cerro do Pas 41'« Clies Ohio 34'i C G W pfd 2'A CMSP P pfd ~, Congoleum 23'* C-W Co A 24'.k Dist Cp Seac: 17*« El Auto Lite 3 1 j Erie R R Co Pi Foster-Wheel 22'.2 Trceport Tex 23 G Am Trans 53 l i Gliddcn Co 19?; Gobcl v, Houston Oil 6 J n Inspiration ir.'a Kroger 23!* Lch Pt Ce 21 Lirj Carb Cp S? Lorillard 22'. Mack Truck 24 Molor Prod 14', Ohio OH a' Packard TVIot n^ Plymoulh '·O', P S of N J 347 Pullman 32'. Purilv Bak 14' R K O 2 Eco Motors 1' St Jos Lead 39 Simmons Co 27' So Cal Edison 25? Spcrry Corp 42" St G fc E 3' T W As Oil 135 U S SmeHcr 54 Vanadium Un Oil Col Un G S: Imp While Motors Worth Pump 24 Americanism: Worrying over the declining birthrate; women rejecting motherhood because babies would interfere with their jobs^ Dubucrue Telegraph-Herald. NUMSKUUU HE- USE. His CABINE.T'WHEN STATEL -7 NCV=lH=l!= MY IN THE. HAS WOUL-D 1 BE. A SUB.-. MARJNE. 7 j !A , ABBOTT "' ,?-. "P- col O"'l 20c. Plymouth Rock 23c hite Rock 22c: fryers over 25= lbs. colored Idc; Plymouth Rock 2Ic, White Rock We; bareback chickens ITOlBc: roosters toms 20c. old 16c. hens CHICAGO P R O D U C E F U T U R E S CHICAGO. r.T5_B«Ucr futures, storage S »T "v. · Alarcti l^*c. - · packed firsts NEW YORK PRODUCE ( M o n d a y Markcll NEW YORK, (,!·-- Bullcr 018.460, firm- Cheese 290.700. steady. Stale, whole milk flats, held. 1937. H)ft23c: liold. 13J8 I S f i I S c ; current makes HU-itl^ijc. C H I C A G O PROntj'CE ( M o n a a y Market) CHICAGO. ;r_Biiltcr 8788-s firm- creamery specials (S3 score) 23 V .i 23'/,c : e x t l " ' CLOUD NAMED AIDTOTALLE Former Clerk From Manchester Succeeds Banta as Secretary Albert Cloud, former Manchester clerk, has been appointed secretary to H. O. Talle o£ Decorah fourth district representative, i was revealed here Monday in a telegram .from Mr. Talle now in Washington, D. C. Mr. Cloud succeeds George K. Banta to this position. QUEVL1 FILES $50,000 SUIT Resumes Fight lo Recover for Death of Wife, in 1934 Suit for §50,000 was filed in district court here Monday by Nels Quevli, Lahefield, Minn., in a resumption oi his fight to recover Irom Josephine C. Finn and Frank P. Finn in connection with the death of Mrs. Quevli in 1934 I Mr. Quevli first filed suit in March, 1936, for 560,000 on allegations similar to those in Monday's petition. The first case was dismissed on Feb. 8, 1939, for lack of prosecution. Mrs. Quevli succumbed several days after a fire which destroyed part o£ her home at 224 West State street on Feb. 29, 1934. It was reported at the time that death resulted from pneumonia. The petition filed Monday charges that her death resulted from loneliness, homesickness, worry and sorrow, disappointment and broken heart" because the defendants failed to notify her husband at Lnkefield of her illness and the fire. He asks damages for loss of her social and business companionship and assistance. The petition also recites his belief that his wife actually, was not dead when he was notified and that he might have brought her back to consciousness if he had been notified promptly by the defendants who were his wife's cousins. extras lEtti 22 TO PARADE USED GARS TUESDAY Dealers Report Much Activity o a Lots With Spring Weather AH of the "Used-Car" dealers n the city will unite in a huge 'Used Car" parade on the streets of the city Tuesday to parade some of the values of this spring's stock. The event will mark the leak of "Used Car Week" which started Saturday and will continue through Saturday of this week. The parade will get under way n the business section of the city it 2 o'clock. Outstanding values n used cars will make tip the __,...,.,,.. parade. It is planned by local So.^S^.^ ,1 3 ±=;; " efal f,f lo | et »» of these cars o£f the used car lots o£ the city and into service before the week has ended. "Used Car" dealers reported activity over the week-end in Mason Ciiy with the second day of "Used Car Week" offering mild spring weather. One dealer sold five cars off the lot Sunday. Others reported similar sales and prospects were becoming more num- - - c; standards (M ccntraliretl NEW YORK PRODUCE (Monday Marktt) ' NEW YORK. W-EgjS 23.781: steads'. C C c h s 13 -' ffl6c - sto.Tec ' picked Hides lor,, Po rn i.,nea or IVoir Bru., loc. 308 F i f l h S l t t c t Sonlbwejl Korschldcs r^a , c From ir, lbs, down '.'.'.'.'."'. ............ ,£ Bull Hides .................... Illl ^ T - S, BO.VDS (."Mondav M a r k c O NEW YORK. f,--v S povern bonds closed M o n d a y - £° l TM Treasury 31,s 4B-4D 110.31. Treasury 4'., s 47-r2 I2n 13 Treasury 3s 51-53 105.; Federal Farm MIR. 3s 40 103 Home Owners Loan 2?is 49 102 Home Owners Loan 3s 52 107.31 Treasury 3Us 44-46 11024. Treasury- 2'.is 13-33 104.3. .. A the C. from ihe chimnc}- of E. Lmcicum home, 419 rvineteenth street southeast «ct fire to tlie roof oi the home about 0:43 o'clock- Sunday morning I-ircmcn c.xlinguishcd the blnzc erous each day. is the opportune time to pick up real values in the used car market, according to the dealers. When new cars are moving in the spring there are also bound to be good buys in the used car field. It is the logical time to get real value in used car merchandise. Shute-Stark Team Win 4-Ball Tourney ST. AUGUSTINE. Fla. U.R-- The third time was the charm for Denny Shute of Coral Gables Fla., and Bill Stark of Jacksonville, Fla., and Monday they held the national pro-amateur best- ball golf championship. Shute and Stark, who twice before failed to reach the semifinals came from behind to score a 5 and 4 victory over the Michigan team of Marvin Hall and Chuck Harbert in the 36-hoIe final of the fifth annual pro-amateur tourna- men_ MONDAY, MARCH 20, 1939 AOAH NUMSKUU. POSTTASS.-? SE..VJ.U. NQAH=I A USTTElfa, OK AN SMFTY STOAV=ia-l, IS A TATOO ARTIST ~T , UU.1AN ' IOWA. KE. ToCWf VOUa. PAY TO ·""All- TOUB. NOT1OMS To NOAH PASTORS HOLD LENTEN RETREAT Gathei- at St. John's Episcopal Church for Meditation Service M i n i s t e r s of Mason Cit Jhurches assembled in the St John's Episcopal church Mondaj morning in a Lenten Retreat. The Rev. C. Burnett White lead, rector of St. John's, alte extending a welcome, opened tht service with prayers of penitence The Passion of Christ as re :orded by St. John was read bj he Rev. Walter H. Kampen, pas or of the Central Lutheran church and president o£ the min- sterial association. Gives Lenten Purpose In the meditation on the cross he Rev. Oswald E. Mall, pastor it the St. James Lutheran church itated that: "The Lenten season las one purpose which is to bring 0 mind two words, 'sin' and 'Savior'. These two words are important to all who would knov -iternal life. The good works o. iur lives must proceed from a leart filled with faith in Chris esus as our Savior," The Rev. Raymon Ferguson of he Grace Evangelical church de- ·lared that "the cross is the center )f the Christian religion. Even as -he cross of Christ became the -entral theme of the 12 disciples teachings so the ci-oss became he symbol of all for which Chris ived and died. The cross on which -hrist died is the revelation o he great love of the Father Goc or His wayward children. The i-oss also teaches God's eterna ondemnation of sin and that the :onsequence of sin even as its iresence in man's heart made it necessary for Christ to come into he world that the world through lim might be saved. The Son oi God, Christ Jesus, is the only way -· Salvation." Tells Impression. The Rev.-William Galbreth, as- ociate pastor of the First Metho- ist church, spoke of the one in- reasing impression upon his life nd ministry as being the "im- ortant note in any service we as ministers in the church have to erform is the Word of God. The utstanding and the last wish of le Master was His stated desire This do in remembrance of me.'' Father Whitehead spoke to the ninisters as 'he saw them before im "as men who have taken upon ourselves the mission of present- ng the true picture of Christ to he world. "If ever there was a time in the istory of the world when God eeds men," he continued, "that ime is now; men strong and cour- geous to grip with the problems f today. I envy the disciples one hmg and that is the occasion vhen Christ girded Himself with towel and washed the feet of ach disciple. When the water ripped back into the basin I am ure each heart knew great pur- ose, each heart felt great humil- ty. The Christ, the God Man who vould take upon Himself the irdle ot service to wash the feet f those who were in ail reality His servants taught humility. Needs New Dose 'Our world needs a new dose f humility. Who will give it to our parish if you do not? "On the morning of the cruci- xion the Christ bearing His ross stumbled and fell. A stron^ nan emptied Himself of a'great :rength as He spent His life here or all those who are sinners even ! we all are sinners, that He light serve." Closing prayers were led by ather Whitehead. The benedic- on was pronounced by the Rev Ir. Kampen. The service was nder the sponsorship of the Min- terial association. Tuesday morning the clergv ·ill convene at the public library 1 discuss among other matters lans for the Passion services of loly Week, the union Good Friny service and the Easter mooing sunrise services. ive From Hospital t Woodward Escape DES MOINES, W)--Iowa high- ay patrolmen were asked Monay to look for £ive inmates of the ate hospital at Woodward, Iowa ho escaped there Sunday. They ere George Vozenilek, 21; Ray- iond Trammill, 18; Irvine Pat_n, 19; Robert Tierney, 16, and arl Voight, 16. "It was not Germany that at- cked America, but America ermany."--Hitler's speech. No back in those days the sinking of -···Inps was considered an attach Fountain Inn Tribune. BROWNS LEAD SPRING PLAY Same Old Grapefruit League Sees Wobbly Boys Back on Top NEW YORK, C/PJ--It's the same old grapefruit league down in the citrus belt, folks. You can tell by that fact that the St. Louis Browns, last year's champions, are setting the pace. After the 16 major league clubs have played -56 exhibition games the Browns are on top with six victories and no defeats. There are three other undefeated clubs--the New York Giants \vi(h five victories, the Chicago Cubs ivifb three and the Washington Senators with two. Fred Haney, the new manager of the St. Louis A m e r i c a n leaguers, wasn't interested in getting such a fast start because he sensed an ominous connection between the Browns finishing first m the 1938 grapefruit grind and seventh in the American league But playing the Philadelphia Phik every day, he has had no choice and is resigned to wishing he could keep on playing them all summer. The Giants, who were bartering for power during the winter, have scored 53 runs in their five games and Manager Bill Terry is so wreathed in smiles the baseball writers hardly recognize him. The fact that the Giants have been battling the Philadelphia Athletics and their own Jersey City farmhands hasn't subdued his enthusiasm. The first 10 days of the exhibition season produced some showy baseball, including a half dozen extra-inning sessions, five shutouts and one no-hit extravaganza. The no-hit job was contributed by Whitey Moore and Hookie Gene Thompson of the Cincinnati Reds. There have been many excellent pitching performances. Bob Feller, the Cleveland Indians' speedster, made his first start Sunday and was credited with a victory over the Athletics. He gave one hit in three innings. The Athletics, in fact, got only two hits in the entire game. The day before, however, the :eams netted 24 hits and 31 runs between them. That's the way the -yrapefruit gladiators operate Oh, yes, the New York Yankees lave won four games and lost our. tioward Streams to Be Trout-Stocked CRESCO--During the next two weeks, prior to- opening of the trout season April 1, the streams of Howard county will be stocked with a fresh supply of adult trout. The county will receive a portion ' of 80,000 trout to be distributed by the Iowa State Conservation commission. LADIES AID MEETS KIESTER, Minn.--Mrs. Wiliam Luebke, Mrs. Donald Ki:i- kade, Mrs. G. C. Bek, Mrs. E. F Pirsig and Mrs. Clark Kinkade vere hostesses to the ladies' aid of he United Brethern church at the church parlors Thursday afternoon. LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OP SHERIFF'S SALE "TATE OF IOWA. Cerro Gordo Counly, SE. 0 lltlcn M. Miller. L u k e B. Miller and Charles 31. Collins, and to ivhom U may concern: You arc hereby nolifled Mint by virtue 1 a special execulion. lo me directed nd issued out of the oflicc of the Clerk t Hie District Court o£ the State oj owa. within and for Ccrro Cordo ounty. upon a iudrsment rendered in iald court m favor of Delia Brennan and eainst Helen M. Miller. Luke B. Miller nd Charles M. Collins, for the sum of ixty.Nlno Hundred Eighty-Five and 13. 00 Dollars, debt, and Fourteen and 10- M Dollars, costs, and One Hundred me and 86-100 Dollars, attorney's fee nave levied upon the followinc described real estate, to-wit: Lots Si;: (61. Seven (7) and Eioht CB| in Block Twelve (12, South Malm Cily. Ccrro Gordo County. Iowa nd that on the Uth day of April 1933 t 2 o clock P. M.. at tile front door of he Court House in Mason Cily. Cerro onto County Io,va. I will proceed to ell the same in salistaction of «aid cxe- ulns' IOKethCr W i l h a " Ic « al TMsls ac- Bate! at the Sheriffs office In Mason ity. Iowa, this Hth day of March. 1533 ,,. ... . TIM R. PHALEN. Sheriff of Ccrro Gordo County Iowa w o~i.?ir'° Kilmsc i'' fcnuty Sheriff. . XV. Schilling, Attorney. Cerro Cordo County, sj «MT h . 0 .' Do ' n r rc " "J Mllirea O'Don- ntll. Ms wile: Joe O'DonncII and iva hi s witc: Din ? ea , o Ilonnrll. jinile. and -Iliry O'Don- ne«. slnjle, and to whom it may concern: * You arc hereby nolliied that by virtue 1 - spc ^''" c.\enilion. lo me directed ih^'r? ?"L°^ thc ot ' icc 0[ 'h= Cl^rk the D.slrict Court of the SUce of a ivithii. and for Ccrro Gordo °id Cr, 1 '. P ° n f -i ud « m '"' rendered in id Court m favor o[ Bridcct Hozan ary Hogan Cahalan. Catherine Hogan ullen. John Hogan and William Hosan ubstiliilca plaintiffs, for .Mary Cahilan Admmistratrix o[ the Estate it Wl" im HoKan, deceased, and against Hu E h Donncll. and Mildred O'Donnell his He: Joe o- Dontlc11 a n d Eva o . Donn ^ -·, u i f c : Daniel O Donncll. smclc anrl avy O'Donnell. single, dcfcndanlj. for c sum of SiMccn Tliousanrt Eighty, pht and 60-100 Dollars, debt and Th.rty.Two and 30-100 Dollars° costs nd Tivo Hundred and R3-IOO Dollar^ prncys fee. I have levied upon the "TM-!"S djscrihcd real estalc,°".^ : The Korlhwcst Quarter iNw,« ot Scclion Twenty-Three (23). Ton-njhin v""i l! '"% Fo . l i r ! i"' RanKC N 'n««S U»n Vest of the Fifth (5th p. M ccrro' Gordo County. Iowa, except the riiht- '-«? .of "1= Chicago. Northwestern n?y d irr. Pan "' *" ln COTO G ° rS ""' TM Ae Tth day of April. 1S3S 0 clock P. M.. at the front door of e Court House In Mason City Ccrro ordo County. Iowa. T will proceed to H the same in satisfaction of said cation, TM, h ,,, !c?alf ^ °"vl, at l il c - s l"'"'* "'«« in Mason . loivfl. this Tth day of March 1S3D TIM R. PHALEN" Sheriff of Corro Gorrfo County. Iowa. i ,. IE1C """"icy. Deputy Sheriff. inn i Mason, Attorneys.

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