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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Wednesday, May 20, 1818
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i . ; - . I - . '' t rj - . - ; I .. f v I . . ;'' 1 r. , i I ) V - . i , From the Aim Xunihlg Xarann. .; ' UNPUBLISHED 6TANZAS, V ' ' at loaa asaost. . . yii, LCowins axquisil saunas wr addressed ' by lord Byron to uk lady, a to w awuths before . their separation. . i TO JESSY. Thara a mylic thread of Ufa, So dearly wreathed with mine also, - That destiny's ralratlew knifa Moocemcrt vr bothornoe. There a bra, on which the ay V - Have oltafxed with fond delight : By day thai farm their fay supplies, .fad dreassarerteratt through tb oighl. There it a voice whose ton inspire fiarfc thriU of nptur n my breast t I would Mt bear erph choir, , Unless that voice could Joio tbartttl ' There iik (act whoae blujhes UU - ABeetioaHttlMttpoalhtcbtkt Bat pallid ti one fcod fcreweU, . . Proclaims nor low than worth on speak. There is alip which mine bath prett, - And iwo bad rr prast before ; f It vow'dtonakeaiwtlybleet, ; And mine mine only, prast it mora I . , There is a bosom all ry ewa . . Hath nillow'd oft this aching head , A mouth which ami! on ma aloaa I ,4a eye whose taan with mine ara tbad. There ara two beard, whose movements thrill In unison to cloialy iweat; That, pulie to pal, responsi ve still, Tbay both must haava or ccaic to beat Thara ara two souls, whoM aqaal flow, . la g call stream o calmly i on That whan tbay part they part ! ah, no ! ; They cannot part those toal are one I f.rt.,u.tlfl. offimira trrf. f Iulnn aad Glaafowpapen, received at the office o the Kew - Tork Eraoinr Post. - LON'DOV MarrJi91 TFef - . - A tiogular occurrence took place lfare Mr. Jurtica 1 - ark, who preiided on the eriminal tide at thete auitc. : Several had beea bird, when a Bote was cent up to the inl;.f. ti..i . i - .Z .. . . ?":: ,7 . iri.: " h - TL:. . "X. TZST IZiTZ - man'.' wa. John Taylor, and that ho ba3 ZJZJZSFaWI being hufather, who wa. enable to attend, and 1 ... 1 .,;. T. iT .L ' r. ratMkYtwaT. nm.r..nt fc - rV.,1 h. ,i - i,. 1 ii i ,, EtottJS, SJZ ti?ZZXZSlZ r - .;f.7 - 7" 7 ..".' " ucb raiptmubu.t7 under murepreaenUtiou. . : GLASGOW, April 9. Daring the trml of a borra causa, at the Lai. """"""i imi wmi, ,ir. iapenpoiT, a surgeon, wa. examined as follow, by Mr. Clark, ooanwl for the plaint iff: Mr. CUrk Have you been esammed u a witness before ! have. You know than the religious obligations of an oath t do. uo you conaider the oath which you have ta - ken as binding jpoo you, to apeak the whole trnth f I do. Do you believe Sa the holy scriptures ? I ba - lisve io tia 1 ask you, sir, do you believe in th Kiiptnre apoa which you have just (worn to .peak the . truth f 1 do not believe in every part of tliem. Da you believe in th divinity of Christ ? WitueM to the Uarhed Jndj : My Lord, am I . . obliged to answer that queetion .' v. wr. Sergeant raaghan. My Lord, I appre - band th witneai is not obliged to answer uch . Merrogatorie. Mr. tiarroa Garrow. A. you bar taken th objection, it i. my duty to say he is not. I should 1 aat, however, have prevented him from giving an answer if be bad chosen, because the answer . Bight have vindicated uim from the4mputation . which the question conveyed. . Hut, whatever might have been bis answer, whether he declared himself to ba a believer in everv part af the holy sciptures or not, I ihoold, in my address to the jury, hare said, that bis belief or disbelief iu the matters should not impeach his testimony. 1 He might ba equally disposed to tell the truth, Whatever were his relixious opinions. If. how - aver, Mr. Davenport bad the mif fortane not to entertain the tame opinion as he did, he would advise him in future to be more sparing of his declarations oa that subject 1 as such opinions , .delivered from a person whom it must be sui i posed had passed through a regular education, might have a very mischievous effect apoa the mtuas 01 ignorant person.. . JlfC.IHTER LEXT ASSIZES. breach or raoMHE or Miaaiaoc Or lord versus Cola. . Mr. Topping said the plaintiff in this cam Was a Iruly of the age of tO ; she was the daugb - - leroi sir. UrlorJ, a surgeon 01 great respecum t lity and character, who had lived many years at IVarriuglon : her father was a man in extensive business, and who had besides considerable real and personal property. She was one of four children la 1010 her father died, and his wi dow, Mrs. Or ford, who bad connexions in the towu of Liverpool, changed her reiidenc from Warrington, where ih was born, aud went to live at Liverpool, boon after an intimacy com . menced between the defendant1 family and Mrs. Orford, for Mrs. Orford was connected by mar riage with hi family, she being his mother's first cousin. It was therefore natural to suppose that ' an introduction between these families should take place, and that it would encreas so as to v become a familiar aitercourse. The defendant. I of the to . - Mr. Cole, whose name was oriirinally Butler, was the son of a person of that name living at f Jvrrpoel. The defendant's father had beeu pace a person of fortune, but of late years had only mi appointment in the port of Liverpool. H was c:i!leil one of the searcher in the customs Mr. Cole had succeeded to a verv lane fortune by the death of an ancle. Mrs. Oiford bad been 00a day taking an tiring in her carriage, when we oeiamiaat availed bun self of the opportunity of disclosing bis sentiments to Miss Orford. Tbu was communicated to both their parents, aud was penecriy satisiactory to both, it was on dcrilood bv lb defendant' mother that her heheen paying his addresses to Mies Orford, ana mat hi addresecs ao paid had received the sanction of both their parent. Th learned eournU then read a letter rrom the defendant, dated Kirkland Hall, March S7, 1817, in which be spoke to Miss Orford of the match as settled An answer was written by the Udy to thi letter : it would speak volumes. Seveml of the defendant' Utter were afterwards produced by Mr. Toppuie;. Io these letters Mr. Col stated that the lads was the dearest object of his affections, and the aautren of bis estate, Siehrlnd Hall ; and con timed mauy directions as to lb intended mamage. The laa ol these Utters was da - UdlstJuue. It soon after, however, uotwith - atandior his enncemrnts to MirrL.r.i edtbe daughter of Mr. Griavhaw, an attorney of rreiton. 1 he Uame i contisel concluill tn craving exemplary damages lor the deirndaul bad a clear income of b000 year. H descri tied his cueot a lovely, sensible, accomplished, prudent and beautiful. Hcveral wi'oesses were then called to prove da hand - wnting of the defendant, aud the inter - 11 was Decaos uie plaintiff bad led a connection with a man 7 yean enr.g that bcnelf, sad who correspnuow ihswad him lo ba a worthier man, ao4 orily W - enrincto badamad with thamaaamrepuia, I Lit aa ailud damaraa. mas ow bate and dubonorahla, well at ftcfcle. He woold take the liberty af tallinf the jury tht U the word, of ha learned friend ware tree, the U - dy had beea a fmae'b - tead ef aloeer by the traeeactioo, aad bar frieade oufht to hare W - ed her truly happy harinj aacapad rach a .014, Whn ther wera called apoa to eeti - maU the uppoed injury by peceoiary djuaar", ba would aak, what lorn aba coold poanbly bar ..,.t.i.H t Could the lurr think it poakble that a mernaga betweca the plaintiff aod the defcod aat could hare beea a happy marriage? Iflbey wera of opinion that it would not, inca wnai naa the Udy loetf Let him look a little more into the Dartiralan of the case, io order to diecorer wbetber wera wae any great ugrea 01 paauoo . . t oa her part: be found that the plaintiff wai a lady of the age of 89, who bad knowa thi boy when be wm a echool boy, going unwillingly to cbooL la 18 11. aha had beard that be bad an - eipectedly come to a cooeiderabl fortune, far which hu rnenfU bad not educated turn 1 bu mind of coone, would be a little intoxicated by inch ao treat. Independent of the dupanty of age m the pratent cue, the young man bad been re preMuted at of a fickle 'dupotilion, aod cona quently nething wat mora probable, than that with in a month after the murage, ana colore the boney - mooa wai ended, the lady wtteadoi plea - tore mizbt bar drank the bitter cup of dctpair, Uut the jury were d cured to beliara that lucn riolenl bold of bar affection had been taken by thu young maa'i penoo, education, and the ami' able qualities of hie mind, that nothiog could hare prevailed upon her to hare renounced her proipecto of bapianew, and that in coneequeace or her ditappointment, the had been arer mca the victim of butty and deepair. Mr. Juitica Bailer obterred. that there had been a contract of mamaee wai beyond aliqaer nojuryuio auy nau receirea ww o. At Wfc.i ; I - t J L I 1 I Ulii flMfrmflnn that m.tuil nf linp. . thft fY oected to have been, the wife of the defendant for hie, with the fortune that the defendant poe - enMt " haveiupponeuncr auu maintained ner P" ,ne w" " " "w 01 ."T D7" - t!,f i. . m'TS ' had .tRk.n PUce. m'fA bT be". the.fou - of uohaiipineu. Upon that lubiect it wai " wr uie iui not for the jury to look forward into the book of Ufe, to dw. whether h would or would not have been a marriage producUve of happinesi. If woman of more advanced are bid trap, for rn!e' ?an anerward. re - j withdraw from hi. promiaa. Why teU haJ b ken off , wer; left entirely m doubt. Wai there any fault in .WWWl on hu bank. What had he done? He had drawn a lady to Kirkland hall, th.trfie might - lb. - t.bUm.nt .he had .'right to eapect would abortly ba bar own. He had gone on a - , pcrloj of , ni00,K'and,r th. eipectntion that the wa to be mUtrex of hi. ettablnhmeut 1 and then, without any reason, he bad married another woman, lie would, Were fore, have no rleht to complain, whatever dam aee. mishl be awarded araimt him. With re - frrence to the amount of the damages, he would only observe, that the Jury aught to ba liberal rather than penurious. The jury retired, and, returning into court in about a quarter of an hour pronounced their verdict for the plaintiff Damares Sam Tlunt - verdict for the plaintiff - tatut Pounds. MIV - YUltK Cr ftA - fJVG POST. WEDNESDAY, MAY to. We are pleased to e the following instance lively vigilance oa the part of the Board of Health ; and trust they will not relax in their attentions to the state of our city aod port durtoj ensuing summer. How many years mul elapse before New - York will be rescued entirely from the libellous charge of engendering fatal and contagious epidemic, which do not belong her soil or hsr climate, but which ha. been mputed to ber by certain mistaken, but learned theorists, who have too much false pride to dis card or acknowledge their error, although d monstrated to be an error by the experience of more than a dozen years f Board of Health, 1 New - York, May 19. 1318 S Report respecting the brig Albirator. which arrived on iunday at the quarantine ground trom uenoa, liavmjr excited tome uneasiness. the Board of Health baa thought pi oner to di rect the publication of the following letter from the health officer, in answer to a commu nication to him on that subject from Uie presi ueni 01 ine onaru. The Board of Health, after the mor dilligcnt inquiry, have not been able to d&over that any person who arrived in the vessel has been in the city. It) order of the board or health. J. MORTON, cleik. Quarantine Ground, ' ' May 9. 1318. i Sir 1 received jour letter on the subject of J the brig Alligator last evening, and had but a few minute time before the return of tlir steam boat to write you an answer 1 1 haw also received a second communication from you this morninir on the Mine subject, and I have now tne Honor to give j - qu an immediate an wer to both. Thi vessel arrived at Genoa about seven month ago, via on the 24tli October last, from A ere, in Egypt she was laden on that voy age willi barley, in bulk, some of which wa damaged when she came to be discliargcd 1 necaptamami mate died alter 5 or 6 dy ill nes some time before the vessel arrived at Ge not, under suspicious circuinitsnce 1 thouil one seaman who was no board at that time declares, on Oath, that it waa healthy tt Acre, and there was no plague. During the voyage of 79 day from Genoa to thu port no jienon has been sick on board 1 but the posibility of the cspt .inand mateliavingdied with an infectious disease on the passage from Fgypt, ami the probability of the vessel being still foul from Uie former cargo of barl ey , were circumstanc cs requiring the moat rieif quarantine to be per formed here. All communication, therefore. between the vessel and fiew - iork wa inter dicted the moment she arrived , no person, not even the commander, ba been permitted to go from here 1 the cargo his been directed to be discharged and put into the pnblic stores here the vessel to perform quarantine 30 days at least, and after that to remain here still sub ject to the direction ot the Bosrd of Health In the meantime, aha i to be three ti.iies whitewashed, and otherwise cleansed according to Uw. Every article of clothing U to be washed and ventilated ; the passenger and crew to remain here during the pleasure of the Board of Hedih.and a thousand other particu lars are to be attended to. which I have not time now to enumerate. A list of the crew and . passenger. U inclosrd for your information 1 think K almct impossible that anv af them ( should have been at New - York - none. certain - 1 h bave had permisaion to go, and they have ; been under my eye aim .t perpetually. aient servant, jje WITT. C. I). CoiBur, esq. mayor f.X York. Xkcllfa reurn. W eoce made wplaiir agaioat th DWtbera paper for the habit the? were in, of aiinouncing the successful candidates by their name merely, without designating what party they are of. How ara these who never before beard of these diitaot mdividuala, to UU what ara their politics, or those af the tatoor district which elect them ? the single tact that p oas any interest out of their neigh borhood. The same custom, at this time, pre nil. in thi and most of the eastara state. A to thi (tale, indeed, the emission may ba par doned, from th difficulty sometime of divining precisely to which political party the candidal belong. Adopting the prevailing distinction of th day, w should say that the assembly will consist of 51 Cliotonian, 40 Federalists, and 31 Madiaonians; giving no party a majority. AppraUert ef imported goorfs Tba notorious fraad that bav of lata bean committed with impunity upon th revenue, chiefly by mean of spurious invoice, have called for soma Ugal provision, and accordingly oongres bav enacted a law to meet the evil. Whether it will ba found adequate for th purpose, remain to be seen it is now in the course of experiment Th dim cullies and embarrassments felt id the early at tempts to carry it into execution, bav beea both ludicrous and perplexing. The law contemplate, that two persons shall ba appointed by the president, whose duty it shall be to inspect and appraise all goods imported, before they are enti tied to delivery ; and th two gentlemen appointed to execute this arduous and difficult office, in this city, are Messrs. Ichabod Prall and Abraham R. Lawrence ; both respectable mer chant. LltyPi Lutt to the 14th of April inclusive ar received at this office, aod ar at the service of any gentleman wishing to consult the same. . from the Aeie - lerfc Daily Adrtrti$tr. TrumktuT Independent. I is well known that th congres. of the United State, have employed col. John Trumbull, of thi. city, to paint several historical pictures, commemorative of some of the most important avenU of the war of Independence The capture ot Burgoyne Tb capture of Corn wallis and, Th surrender of his commission to congress by general Washington, after the peace. The first of these splendid paintings is nearly finithed, and will le carried to Washington at the commencement of the next session of congres. This picture cover a canvass measuring eighteen by twelve feet, and contains no less than forty - seven portraits, thirty - seven of them taken from the life by col. Trum bull, ana the remaining too from likenesses drawn by other artists, the originals having deceased before col. Trumbull bad an opportunity to obtain them. It represents congress in session, at the moment when Mr. Jefferson, attended by th committee appointed for the purpose of drawing tne declaration of Independence and of which he was chairman, U presenting the draft of that now venerable instrument. Th Ken is one of th most solemn, and sublime, that can well be imagined ; and the association of idea, to which it give rise, 1 of th most impressive and interesting character. No inhabitant of this country can view it, without experiencing a deep tens 01 tne bacaru Which the members of that illus trious assembly thus voluntarily assumed of the anxiety, the sufferings, and the triumphal success, by which that most important transaction was followed, Before Uut great and decisive step wa taken, th eople of the states consider - d as only strur?tinz against oppres sion from that moment forward tltej cobieodad or nuiimct. In order to multiply the copies of this nation al picture, col. Trumbull proposes to procure it to be engraved by one of the most eminent artists in Europe, provided a subscription for the prints shall be filled, which will justify him in hazarding the expense. The pic of the plate, tngolher with the incidental charres, will sur pass the sum which oongrem allowed him for the originul. It is therefor obvious, that h must hive a reasonable prospect of remuneration, before he ventures to contract for the engraving. With th view of ascertaining; th .tat of public feeling, and th extant of pobhc liberality, to ward, this specimen of native genius and talents, he has issued propoaau for publishing tb print The subscription, which is honored with the names of th four living presidents of the United states, was pressured to congress the last winter, and subscribed by a large number of the mem ber of both houses, as well as by the head, nl th departments. Uol. Trumbull now proposes to circulate it in this city, for the porpose of af fording an opportunity to the inhabitants of the place of his residence to patronise the work under this consideration. After which, it will be offered to the inhabiuinls of the other large towns, and, as (ar as m practicable, throughout the country. We cannot but cxprnts the hope, that the at' tempt thus making by this eminent artist, and highly respectable native citizen, will meet with a liberal patronage, it must re a highly gratl fying circumstance to every friend to the inde pendeoce ol His country, to posies the real like' ntutMot the distinguihcd patriots who led thi way, by their bold and eulighteotd policy, to ilf achievement. This tan be done in no way bat by multiplying the copies of tins spUodid work Those copies can be multiplied in no other mode, than by a liberal subscription to iheie proposals. CINCINNATI. (Ohio) May S. On Tuesday evening last, about 7 o'clock, a bold and daring attempt 111 mad by the prison ers in tne jail at mis pure to effect their escape .nr. Mius, tne jailer, accompanied by a young man, lr. Williams, bid unlocked th prison door for the purpose of banding in a supply of water, one ol them, with the leg of a chair whir b be had no doubt previously procured for this purpose, levelled a blow at the band of th jailer. The blow had the effect intended, and the door was immediately thrown open. Then ensued a scene of ronlusiio. The prisoners rushed out. mr. mills an.1 Mr. Williams exerted them selvea to stop them, but were toon kuncked dowu. The prisoner, in their eagerness to reacn tne street, and the passage being small, were thrown, literally, heels over head" to the foot of Uie stair. One bad hi leg broke, another his arm, and another dabbed in tha leg by the dirk of the jailer. Ten made their es cape into the street. By this time the door af uie prison was secured and the alarm given. Seven of the ten have been taken, and a reward offered, by tha sheriff, for the apprehension of ta otnert. Two men v. ho were in jail, ins pected to be robber of tha I armer aad M chanics Sauk, of Pittsburgh, ar (aid to have bean lore moil io tne riot, and oa of them (Jo - sepn Lt. riyuart; na actually escaped. PaiLABarrais, March 19 - McJmch!f Accident .'In thi city, on Sun. day afternoon, the clothes of a fine female nune child, about fifteen month old, accidentally caught on fire while the nurse wat bringing a bucket nf water. At soon a the du 00 vexed the situation of the child, the wrap ped her apron round it and extinguished the lames , but the breast of the infant waa ao badly burnt that it expired in twelve hour. Cncieet. An Indian being amonc bis I white neighbor, ukd fce a little tobacco, to smoke, ou cf there tavwe aorte loose u lii pocket, gava b.ra bandM. Th following day the Indian came back, ef quiring for the lnior. aatinit he had found a quarter of a dol lar among the tobaeco Being told it wa gi - l:.. ka micrbtkeeo it.Le answered, poin ting to ti ia breast. - 1 got a good man and a bad man here and the good man ay it an t Iim . I intuit return it to the owner. The bad uv. hhe rive it you. and it U your own now i the gooa man say, wai noi rifc1" - ' tobacco i your, not the money 1 the bad roan ay, never mind, you got it, go buy ome di am 1 the good man aay, no no, you must not do so ; so I don't know what to do, and I think 1 go to sleep j but the good man and the bad man keep talking all night, and trouble me, and now I bring the money oacx, ijecijnu. . ' From Ih Berkt wnd Schuylkill Journal. Stactdt.'W ara informed, that on the 4th instant, the Rev. Peter Bents, pastor of the L.U theran cosirreralion iu Cocalico township, Lao Miter countv. terminated his earthly existence by hanging himself by th neck to a limb af a tree. It appear mat in in morning o mounted bis horse for th purpose, as was supposed by his family, of taking an excursion through the neighbourhood. ; About noon the horse returned without his rider, which considerably alarmed the family, and an immediate search was proe - coted. Astonishing to relate! about two miles from bis residence, he was discovered suspended from the limb of a tree, hi fast nearly six feet from tb ground, without life. It 1 supposed that he must have stood on bis none to lasren the rope about his heck. No cause has been as signed for thi deliberate self - immolation. He wa considerably advanced in years, and had been an able expounder of the gospel, in which capacity be laboured for op ward of thirty year. NEWPORT, May 16. From Rio Janeiro. Walaarabycapt. Wood, of th brig Catherine, who arrived her 011 Tuesday last in 6J days from Rio Janeiro, that the American commissioner who went out in the Congress frigate, were not presented to the king during their stay at Rio Janeiro, nor were they present at his coronation. Mr. Sumpter, our minister at the court of Draxil, attended the coronation by special invitation. A few davs before the sailinr of th Conrren. capt. Sinclair was presented to the king, at hir request, in consequence of a contention having taken plac in the street between several officers of the Congress and th Police ; the officers having detained a Portuguese tailor belonging to the Congress, who bad deserted from that ship, and th police officer interfered to prevent them. ANNUAL CENSUS Of the humane and criminal institutions in the city of New - York, collected by the attending minister, John Stanford, M. A. May 1, 1818. Orphan Asylum. Boys 74 Girls 50 124 City Alm. - House, Including children out at nurse, White men 264 While women 393 White boy " 371 White girl 527 Black men 33 Black women tt Black boy 19 Black gu Is 15 1384 City - HospitaL Patients 175 Maniac 72 247 Debtor's Prison. In confinement including th liberties 273 BridcwclL While men ' 20 Whit women 14 Black men 17 Black women 15 Boys ' 3 75 112 95 42 19 203 541 18 78 13 660 Penitentiary, Bellerue. White men White women Black men Black woman State - Priwn. While men Whit women Black men Black women Total 3021 N. B. Total luit year 3249 30 - .! 1 Decrease 228 In Supreme Court. May 15. 1818. Ordered, that a Circuit Court and Court oft Oyer and 1 e runner, be held in the county of lhautauque, on Monday the 6th day of July next - By the court. JAMES FA1RLIE, clerk. Sailed this forenoon, ship Corsair, Sutton, for Charleston ; brig Morning - Star, Allen, for Lis bou ; K - hr Spring - Bird, for Halifax ; schr Par severance, for Halifax ; schr Pacific, Gill, for St. Croix ; ship Globe, Duvall, for Savannah : ship Alexander Mansfield, for Liverpool ; brig Thomas, Nsylor, for Liverpool; ship Maria Carolina 1 schr. Export, and ship Ainphion. FROM OUR CORRESP OX DFJTT. Office of the Freeman' Journal, PHILADf.LPHIA, May 19. - Arrived, ship t roiperity, Barclay, irons tne isleol may. Schr Cleaner, Battling, 50 dnyt from St Ubet Ship Nanry, Bray, 44 days from Liverpool. Spoke, April 14, lal 44, Ion 29, ship Minor, - SO days from New York for Newrv. 7th. lat 35. long 55, brig Elenora, 12 days from Boston for .uarumquc. Below, hrig Charlotte Lawrence, Olmsted, from St. Domingo. She lost both top gallant mast in v: gnie 01 Saturday, wbile at anchor at Bombay Hock. The ship Athers, for Liverpool ; Deborah, for Oporto ; liriss Kelicnna, lor N Orleans ; James Coulter, Havana, anil schr Janes Monroe, for i on aa rnnce, went to tea 00 Sunday, 17lli. Cleared, schr Hannah, Hampton, St. Barts loops Union, Barnard, Nantucket ; Victory, So men, NYork. Office of the American. BALTIflOKE, May 18. Arrived, chr Gen Jackson, Hutlett, from Boston. Schr Helen, Bassrtt, 6 ciays from Boston. "poke in the bay schr Five Brothers, from Beaton lor Alexandria, and Fame, Farrington, from Salem, bound up. Brig Abenoam, Moody, 38 day from Isle of May. MARPIED. Last evening by tbe Rev. Or. Cooler. Dr. J. P. Aycrigx, to Mis Jane Gardner, daughter of 1 notes iiaraner, esq. an oiinisriiy. Oa Sunday evenin last, by the Revd. Mr. Maclay, Mr. Jcaish A. Lane, 01 Boston, to Miss Pfrtebe Spinning, of this city. At BridTehamoton. L. I. on Wednesday eve ning. 13th inst the Rev. Jame H. Mills, of Cl.rence, Niagara, to Mia Mary M. Wool worth, daughter of tbe Rev. Aaron Wool worth, U. D. of the former place. iVF - l - POST MARINE list.: Brig ; Diamond, Metdrum, . f Middletown icbr Rebel, Baxter, L .,'?r,U!.l!d Sloop Packet, Collins, Philadelphia Alert - Kearce. Botoo a u R i vr. tt THIS FOREsrOOA. Brig William - Hnry, Stackpole, 31 days from Havre, with dry goods, plaster, tic to C II CaDflman. F I: A Bruokli. F Jeanneret, C Mai - ret U Sons, Curcier. Ravacies & Co. J N Mtj - FVaretfcSon. M Lifflet. intbotS I chaise, Chariot, Wilkes A Co. V Verinet, J La Forge, L Loomis, De Rham k Da Lesaert, Le Roy, Bayard & Co. J B Graves, Lcrita Grave, J B Durand, L S Frelat, B Dtsobry, M & A Bujae, M Isnard, Lenand, S V Boaland, Colombel, Taylor ft wilder, naunman at sa - ker. and Moulot. Passengers, F Jeanneret, miss Jeanneret, J Huguenin, C Hoguenin,. P Linard, P Moulot, A Conroesicr, miss Duncom - mun. in. Galle, and 8 in tha steerage. Left, April 17, ship Manchester Packet, Burk, for N. York the 20th: ship Favorite, Hilliard, for do. 25th 1 (bin Belfast. Bunker, dodo: Alexander, Hitthings. do do : ship Governor Lincoln, from Charleston, discharging ; ship Sophia, Felt, of Salem, from Java; brig Alfred, Kingsbury, from N York, to fml on the 3ikh 1 brig Koxana, wu. liams, for Botton 25th ; brig Cauada, Smith, for Baltimore 20tli ; brig actor, Ourran, naa arrived Ironi N Vork. - British brig Northumbria, Challoner, 45 day rrom Aewcaiue, with pun, coal, paint, leatner, ate. to Day, Downs & Eastburn, F Thompson, lr Pearsall 4i Grillelt April 15, lat 23 14, ion 49 40, spoke ship Repeater, of New Orleans, did not ascertain where bound. Schr Catharine, Yates, 6 day from St Andrews, with plaster, to Smith. Sloop Olive - branch, Bolles, 7 day from Savannah, with cotton, to Cainbreling at Pearson, and 14 passenger. Sailed ia co. with cbr Un daunted, and Gen. Jackson, Christie, both for NYork. Left sloop Bright - Phoebus, for flew - York next day : the bria Amelia, Molt, arrived on Uie 10th; brig Ty bee, from Havre arrived 00 the Bth. AT QUARANTINE, Brig Sea - Iiland, Wheeler, 13 day from Ha vana, with molasses, hides, segar, fruit, &c. to Strong ti Havens. Capt. W. reports the brig Mary, Brewster, to have tailed th 6th inst. aud the schr. Zealous, tha 7lb, both for New - York. Fort of Havana very healthy, and markets dull. On the 12th inst. wa boarded ly the Uueuot Avrean eovernnieut slooDof war Independence - of the - South, under command of lieut. col. J.S. Grimaldi, wailing for the Spanish fleet, which got under way the day we came out. Ship William & Jane, Miller, 34 days from Amsterdam, to II A & J G Coster. Ship Gen. Hamilton, Fellow, from Havre, last from Cowcs, in 44 days, with dry goods, to B Hide, and other. Ship Peniasso, Hitch, 39 days from Carnar von, Wales, to r isn cz tirinneil. Two other ships and a schooner. AKIiiytin CAST F - YEXUfG - . Sch Douglass, Thomas, 9 days from Halifax, with rum and sugar, to Ward St Bishop. Passengers, Mr. Bis nop, merchant, of this city, and 35 others. Left, sch Four Sons, Kelly, for Boston in 2 days. Bostok. May lr. Arrived, shin Augusta, Pearson, from Leghorn, and 41 days front Gib raltar. May 3d, lat 40, long 37, wa boarded from the Buenos Ayreun sch Tucuman, from Buenos Ayre on a cruise understood that tbe captain and five ofticers were Americans, and that they had taken several Carthagenian pi rates treated politely. Ship Bristol Trader, from Bristol, ana SI days from the Land's End. Left no American vessels. The Andrew Jackson aailed 10 days oefore for N York. May 5, lat 42 6, long 51 21, saw a large Island of ice of stupendous inagnituue. 7ht, lat 42 7, long 53 49, past 7 more Islands of ice, very large two of the smallist were within 3 miles of us these were upwards of 100 feet in height. 1 1 - 3 mile in cir 10th, lat 42 1 - 2, Ion 55, spoke the ship Triton, of and for N York, from Hamburg, 21 days out all well. 11th, lat 42 13, king 58 8, spoke British Packet Elizabeth, from Falmouth for Halifax, out 27 days. Brig John & Hannah, Atkins, 61 days from Valencia, and 40 from Gibraltar. In lat 57, long 67. passed an liermaprodite brig, which set a signal forward. May 2d, lat 40 14, long 61, saw an island of ice, about 0 feet above water. 7th, lat 58 30, long 50, spoke brig Jane, of Salem,7 days from .V York for Batavia At Gibraltar, April 4lh, brig Alligator, Lake, 26 days from Genoa, arrived 2jtb of March, and sailed same day for Philadelphia. Brig Caroline - Augusta, Wells, 49 days from N Orleans, arrived March 27th in quarantine , brig Robert - Cochran, Gorton, from Wilmington, N. C. arrived April , in quarantine. Arrived between the 20th and 28th, March, English brig Coquette, Newland, from N Orleans. The sch Susannah, of Fredericksburg, wa to sail March 5th, for Malaga, for a return freight to N Yoik. Sch Sukey, Page, 30 days from Para. Spoke April 28th, lat 21 23, long 59 36, sch Catharine Si Jane, If day from Philadelphia for St. Thomas. May 5lii, lat 31 SO, long 66, ship Jane, Drummond, 30 days from Liverpool for Savannah. RICHMOND, May 14. Arrived, schr Fanny It Marv. Hall, from NYork. Cleared, sloopGleaner, Roger., NYork i schr Uauotless, 1 raver, do ; sloop lie try, scanners, do. CHARLESTON, May 11. Arrived, British brig Liverpool, Wilkie, Antigua, 21 days. Io lat 32 40, saw a water spout, a short distance to wiodward, wbich advanced so near, as compelled the Liverpool to go about to avoid it as soon a the spout disappeared, a whirl - wind commenced about a hundred yard, distant, and afterward, paiied her lee - bow about 200 yards, throwing the water a considerable distance io tbe air, and appeared to be about 30 yards in diameter. On Saturday nigbt id inst about half past 9, off cape Fear, she was .truck with a whirlwind, which laid her completely under water, in which situation she remained for about 5 minute was afterwards blown off and did not make this bar until Friday evening last. Brig Aogelina, Sinclair, from Puerto Cabello, (Souln America) 38 day. In lat 32 10, loo 74, spoke brig Samuel, of Bristol, R. I. from St. Ja - go de Cuba bound to Baltimore, 1 1 days out, bad experienced much bad weather, and very heavy gaiei. On tiie 7 th inst. to the northward of cape Roman ipoke brig Americi, of York. (N. U ) Kennard, 36 boors from Wilmington, N. C. with U. S. troops on board, bound to Savannah. The Spanish brig in Savannah River, prise to the Buenos Ayrean ship La Union, was from Havana, hound to the coast of Africa, with a very valuable cargo of good, Sic. NiwroaT, May 16. Arrived at Wickford (in this District) on Saturday last, sch Baltic, Usiley, It days from 1 urks - lsland. Brig Perseverance, Willcox, ol tills port, 13 davs from Havana. Brig Catherine, 'Wood, of this port, 63 days trom Km Janeiro. Brig Neptune, Norris, of this port, 20 days irom Havana. Cleared, sloop B. D. Jones, Cahoone, New York: George, Nickerson, do. Saviassa, May 11 Arrived British brig jane, woodworm, Kingston, Jam. Brig Amelia, Mutt, N York, 12 day. Brig T bee, Cobb, Havre 40 days. Sch Essex, Barber, Newbury port, 23 days. Sch Kose - in - Bloom, Wheaton, New - York 15 days. Cleared, schrs Undaunted, Blackmail, New. York; General A. Jackson, Christie. do: sloop Olive Branch, Bolles, N. York sloop Kexia, Briggs, Providence, R. I Nsw - IUvir.Mav 19Arrived ch Herald. bornam, fet. Barts, Z2 day. Tbe H. expe rienced very rough weather on her passage. .At Mafrld, brig Marfia Ponrt, Stow Ci. ......m ,.v.;.. .v nmtaicantesSeU 1 . Via jf Data, l!:y. 15. Arrived brig Arms :r, fn f 1 Portland, via Norfolk Drinkwater, - Brig Leopard. L.Le, 6 days from NYork PROVPlDLM;.. f R. l.)iArrived, scboone. Janin, from l - altin're; Catharine, from nJZ York ; Katy, do ; Juno, do ; Hester, Savannnh - Henry, Alexai 4ria. , ' Ship Morning Star, Wheaton, NOrleans : bri Abaeljiuo, Biaetow. Jo ; schr. Nancy. Savarmal? Messenger, Phitad ; sloop Aurora, NYork Sat' nn, Hull, Albany. . - . Sao - llABBoa, Msy 12. Arrived ship An. des, Skinner, from the Brazil Banks, with 1000 barrels oiL The Andes left on the Bsnk. m February the following whaling ships belong, ing to this port, Octavia, Post, 1100 barrel, rf oil Abigal, Pot, 500 barrel: Fa Hellen. Fowler, had taken 3 whale and bad made fut to the 4th. Sloop Morguma, Eayre, fro Marhia. - THEATRE. For the benefit of Mr. Phllippa, and th last akhi of bit performance. On Wednesday Evening, May 20, will be are seated, the favorite comic opera of FONTAIXBLEAU. HenTy't .. . , . ...Mr. flalipp. In which character he will tine The Soldier's Bride,' ' Thine am I my blooming fair, l.ov and Glory, and Let Fame Sound Uie Trumpet," Lackland, Mr. HiU Col. Epaulette, Prilrh.M Mi, iiolly Bull, Mr.Dariey Ro.a, Mi..JohB,i Mrs. teaser, Mr. Gnuho In act 1, Mr. Phtlinps will ling with Miss Johi son, the duet ' W hen all powerful LoTe." And at the end of the opera, Mr. Pailipp, mi accompany himself on the piano forte m the tie ol " Flora's Wreath - To which will be added, the petit oners of , BROTHER k SISTER, Don Sylvia de Florcs, ' Mr. rhii.ppt Iu which chnracterhe will tine. Robin Adair," and M No more by sorrow chas'd. Don Christopher, Mr. Barnoa Pachcco, Hilsoo f In wbich he will introduce the tone of '. - What's a Woman Like." ' Donna Isidora, Mrs. Darley In which character .he will ting the favorite Echo Sons;, accompanied on the flute by Mr. Meline ; and the new ballad of ." Forget me not," Camilla, - Mrs. Groshoa Rntantlte, Mis Jobnsoa Performance to commence at a quarter nait seven o'clock. THE ALBINO ftfy Present his compliments to the Ladies and Gentlemen of New York, aad inform, them that be ha taken room at Washington UaJI, where be will be happy to receive their visits, f cm 9 A. M. to 3 P. M. and from 4 P. M. till 7. Tickets 60 ceots each, to be bad at Uie bar. my 20 1m (Ti - An Attorney at Law, who studio in on of the most reipeclabl and practical office, ia thu city, add ha. been tome time m practice, u desirous of forming a connexion with a Counsel lor Apply at tins office. may 80 gt Afore eood luck at ALLEfiPS trulg Judby ojiet. Ticket No. 1012, which came ap a prim ef fjOO yesterday, iu the Mil lord and Owego Road Lottery, was told at ALLEN'S, la shares. Messrs. ALLEN'S also have tbe pleasure of sa - oouncing to fortunate adventurer at their cfice, thai No. 662 and 3564, each prises of on thou sand dollars, and 2487 and 2148, each prise of live hundred dollars, and all drawn this week, were all sold at ALLEN'S. Adventurer aa requested to call and receive tbe gold for tlieti prues. - my zu Fortunenvouri Ah W Lottery Qfficu attnliat OLD ones. ' (r Yesterday afternoon ticket No. 8320 is the Owego Road Lottery, now drawing ia Ibis city, came up a prise of 500, being tlie Cnt drawn number. This ticket remained unsold at SMITH'S newly established Lottery and Ex change Office, 170 Broadway, and might im been purchased, iiau application oeen maae out a lew minute before the drawing comae - ced : a presage of .what is to follow. Advtats - rers are advised to mike early application to tt above office, to provide themselves with tickets or shares previous to the next day's drawing, tt it i( possible Uie t the first drawn number, wbick will be entitled to j0O0, will remain untold at su id effice, unless purchased previous to that time. my 20 lit ' A nterican A eademy of the fine Arti. THE Hoard of Directors give notice, that th fourth Kvhihition ol thi. Academv. ia tbl day opened, and will continue open everyday (Sundays excepted) from 9 in tie morning til uusk. Admittance 25 cents. Catalogues 12 1 - 2. By order, ALEX. ROBERTSON, Sec'ry. . Member and Exhibiting Artists are Mont ed, that their cards of admission are left with tat door - keeper. my20tw ,. For ANTWERP, Hfv Tha ship ANGELICA, Bartlett She - " Yr14 master, baa 2 - 3ds of her cargooa hriawl. nnrt will flail within aiv davs. Fof freight of a part of the remainder or passage, having good accommodations, apply on board, west side Burling slip, or to A.1.SU. UKISWUU, my 20 86 South - street I ON DON PARTICULAR MAUHRA I J WINE 10 ninM of aunerlor flavour, b ject to debenture. - Foi ale by my 20 Iw 83 Pearl - .tree BEEF and PORK. 60 bbl. prune Beel 30 do do Pork, for sale by PALMER tt SAIDLER, a my 20 104 Front - street C1UFFEE U TIN PLATES. 30 bap pnma Laguira coffee. 270 boxes tin plates l - 3d IX, for sal of Rnr.FRS & POST. my 20 S 1 Booth - street EW ELLfcRY. 2 case of saney Jewellery, i and a lew paieatuox I raps, mr saw r GEO. M. WILSON, mr SO 128 Water - street. BOSTON BEEF. 70 bbl. me aad pnm Beef, of uperior quality, just rfceired ana for .ale by S. It T. WHlTTtMORN my gu iw 1 1" ' fSAMASK TaBLE LINENS aae I 8HEEi I J i vr.s HM - ivMi this dav 6 - 4, 7 - 4. 0 - 4 10 - 4 Damak Tabl Line. ALSO,. ... S - 4 Diapers and 5 - 4 Sheetii, forl f JAMES ClMMINGS, my 20 3t " s.wrs" - - COTTON. 87 bale prim Upland landing from tbe .loop OUv Btaacn, Peck - slip, and , . ,, rvitn. 78 bale snperior 1 2 screwed JalloonColwa, in tore, for ale at 67 South - street, by - my Zu n..n DMutKLx IT ' - r... Iif.fl'l A PArtK, fUlii S - VrVhi A q uantity of superior hot pressed fcngu" Letter Paper. . 150 groce Porter Bottles, in hampers fi crate received per Chauucey from Bristol, lot - 7 r POTT M'Kl.f.lfi. my 20 66 8oath - streeC A SMALL family, withoat childreo, bavrf room (front Ltd back) to let Tha ros and situation are very pleasant, and ia tM IJT part of tbe city. A dura in. u, at - 7 my tujh - j - x WAN.1S a bit V A ticks, as w a. 1 " a young woman, with a good breast 1 . ... . - T 1 I L mil.' Appryai . 1

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