The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 20, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 20, 1818
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ETEUKe post; NUMBER 4971. WEDNESDAY, MAY 20, 1818. NO. 49 WILLIAM - STREET. r TMMMR rrtT 'ii..hri,r HOPE. 130 toot; Carrie . "2tl00brr, 2 years old, a first rate rff h dan. and in complet order to rt - BIT 4 HKRB1CE and Ut - lls.tUiti.1, t(K Tbe British bri FAVORlTk, J. y tMBeenun. maitrr, to tiil 15th May. - yorp.s..ppyto GE0RG15LACy No. 4 Fulton - slip. A few Horsea will be taken on freight. ap 88 tf ; . " . ....a i Mlllll 1' inn. hll RmOVCd ffOOJ 57 ,e". - . .it, imrii'n Tallow . II .ao8t PetTnbursh Hemp, few Lh. first oaality B - osja eck, .Ger' an Steel m boxes, entitled to.draw ak - - j 'S boxes China table aetti 178 piece, eacb 10 hhds Pure cpint 1 case Platillas. my .vi ' jjvlf GOOD. SIX case of new and elegant fancy articles, ruchas ... , Uaiet work boxes and dressing cases very ele - tVrtoS !" ',?ant,T PU and plaf i nnmtrd card rack. Fan rack Fire and camUe screens, painted In a superior leaner, m a pn ami. ww w jlacktamon board ' . . Malin and morocco work basket Gentleman's shaving apparatus, Pouthes and dressing cabes, complete Mmwco and mahogany purtaUe desk i '. - mi leather do. very superb Some very elegant portfolios with gilt locks and pocket ..... rdUntt. Hilt borders and plain Morocco, ilus - Tiia and roaa pocket books, of various descrip tuml Sohoc wallets, of Russia and Morocco, with ttaay omer iiji - w Huf.'viM w wvuuvu For saU wholesale and retail, by N. SMITH DAVIES, ,p j3 No. 151 Broadway. flMN PLATE, ic. 17b" boxes Tin Hate, as - J. sorted in noo ihi. India Block Tin 6,000 lbs. Iron Wire, assorted from No. 1 to 18, for sal by ANSO; o. rrifcL.t's, ipJO 183 Front street. I0HN A BUM. WILLINK. H CO. offer for J sale 35 caae aunerior Beneal Indiito , Several casks smalls, particularly desirable for bleachers and paper makers 4 casks hardware A few bales cassimercs and shalloon's, shawls. pSO It nn.l PRIMK t UliK 'M and an half IVI barrels, said to be a vry superior lot, will fcesold from the vessel at the lowest market priie. - rApply to CORNELIUS DUBOIS. my o DL CH, )un. (at !o. 4U wnnam - street,; . has on hand the following WINES and LIQUOR3, selected with judgment Hy himself, which he offers at wholerale and retail, irar - anted pure, at imported 60 pipe Madeira, from 3 to 18 100 hbd year m wood. 40 qr cada ) . - ' Old Madeira, in bottles, from S lo 20 year ' CUainpaigoe, Burgundy, Claret and Sauterue, of very superior quality . 7 pipes dry Litbou, 7 years old 7 do Sherry, nine years old, and free from Boracba taste Port, in pipes and bottles Table wine, for it quality, the cheapest in America Tcnerifle, in hhds. Old Brandy, do. Rum, do. Gin, not reduced 600 domyebns conlainioj five gallons each 50 groca wine bottles N. H. 1'hot in the trade, and country deal ers, will find It to their account, to supply them selves with wines ana liquors as ine uo iw tmhtMnt. asthev will be certain to obtain arti cles of the first quality, at the lowest prices, and cure a imported. wy 2m TO HK LEASED, farorabl term, for a lone term of years. vf 4 lots of grousad on Broadway, 200 feet dsep,txtendioz to Croiby - sireei, neiween nes - tsr sod G rand - !treets. 2 lots in Water - street, near Catharine - market 1 lot in, .Vy'atcr:stret, between Fulton and Barliegiltpr. Aha. several other lots in the Slh, 6th, 8th and 10th wards. For particulars, enquire at Jfo, 30, Chatbam street. way H Mr. UALW.T 4i Madaat f.VQUZT, No. 7 .Nussau - slreet, HAVE the honor to inform the public in general and the jUlic of New - York iu particular, that they manufacture and have, constantly on hand an assortment of artificial (lowers, At their store are alse to be found, and lo be dimosed of by wholesale and retail, Perfumery of every devription, among which ire the celebrated Lait h'trsrinat, and the most approved esseaces and pomatums for the com - plexion. . ' Tortoise shell combs and thimbles A complete assortment of worked dresses, shawls, fichus and bands Umbrellas od parasols Merino, knit and velvet ridicule : silk fichus Stockings and gloves for ladies and gentUmen LaJici' claihc garters i'pring and ball silk dress ' Ball do." embroidered with chenille and oroa Mtsd wiih flower ; silk scar6 franplle and silk shoes Lerantuies. Sorences, satiw, taffeta, Lc. ' And in short, every thing connected with the Mt toilette. an 2a lm' Rvtunuitd and Vvhburg manufactured TOB.1CCO. 1 HO f?! now nliu sundry ves - VI J J eels, oT the loUowicg qualities and knixh:. , . 3ke?t,heltoniWillianuon,8handj, 1.2,3 wool". Miller so. X4oJ. P.Ege, . 8 ' 1,2 " do George Fletcher, 8 1 CCdJohn Enders, 8 1 bl). R.Ross, 8 1,2 t HoltiiCo. 8 1 , l Anderson, Blair M'Keage, Z, 1, t "J do Jm, IT.r. r Cn 8 R - Hughes & Co. 4R. Cantor, o F.O.Crenshaw, 1R. Dutton. 8 8 8 1st 1, 1. ' 2 y S.ii P.Labbv. .. . 8.1 IsdjrH twist "Ml. Starr, . ' 8, balflb.rolls t " the above brands are) well known aoJ 4 of in this market, on account of the J;, andnoifonnity of the different numbers ich the Qualities are dcVimaled. . For sale CORNELIUS PU BOH, . 35 Front - etrt c: yJTOy t TOB ACCO 45 bale trim ew4i is.. r ms. ao. RicflInood Tobacco, fit fx toe 'arket,for,afty W H CRAIG, ! lw Vi Froat - tlreet. DOMESTIC & OTHER WARES. ' THE subscribers keep constantly on band an extensive assortment of the following roods, VIJ Dutch and English Gunny Bags, Fopts Head ' Crumb Brushes Bellows, fancy and common bo for Blacksmiths Hall and Entry MaU Fails and Tub Wheel - Barrow Fine Wire Sieves Lo Hair do Whipe of every description Seine, sewing, wrapping, baleing and ball Twine Fisb Lines Shoe it Sadler Thread Dearborn' Ballon - ces, He. Brooms Duster. or Coi iter Brushes Hearth I rushes, fan cy and common Head do uo do Cloth do do do Weavers do White Wash do Shoe ft Scrubbing do Faint Brashes and Sasb Tools Clamps, 4,7, 8 row Furniture Brushes Horse do Bed Cords, Clothes Lines Sash Cords, Trace Ropes Wrought and Cat Nails and Brads Which thy will sell wholesale or retail oa 11 beral term. CEBHA CUMING, ap 28 . 76 Fearl - street. 37 V1RQIMU 'IV ti A CCO & FLOUR. hhds old Virginia tobacco 55 do new crop do do 66 bbls fine flour 15 do middling do. For sale by VASQUE4, MEURON & CLF.EMAN, Feb 7 tf No. 72 Wajliington - st. PLASTER OF FA RIS MAiS Of ACTOR V, At the foot of Harrison - street, iSorth - Kiver. tTHERE manufactured Fluster, forcorni - V V ies and other purposes, may be bad, warranted of the first quality, at mu dollar and iuen - Ijl tire emit per bushel. The manufactory is conducted by Mr. John Tucker, who has served a regular apprenticeship to the mason business. mh 21 JOHN BYERS. C WHITE LEAD, Sic. Sic. J J kegs London White Lead in oil 30 barrels do Dry White Lead 8 tons Red Lead 30 barrels Bristol Red Ochre 90 ilo Venetian Red ; 2 tons fine Litharge 80 bosgheads Whiting 60 casks Pari White ; 2 hhds. Verdigris 60 tierces t rench Yellow Ochre & kegs Vermillion ' 4 casks Prussian Blue, 40011). Crowe Yellow; Fatent Yellow Spanish Brown, Venetian Red, , Yellow, SIS OIL. Black, t Verdigris, J Lampblack ; Ivory Black ; rnrple Brown SmritsTuroentine ; Lintseed Oil 400 boxes Window Glass, assorted For sale on the lowest terms, for cash or at short credit, by Di - 'ri'o ci'nrnMrnunov t - enva my 1 - 243 Water - stn - et. 'JM.N CLATE, TEA He. 150 boxes Tin A. plate, assorted 12.000 pounds India block Tin 8,000 do Iron Wire, assorted 1,500 do old Copper 40 chests Hyson Skin Tea, for sale by ANSON G. r HELPS, my 6 ' ltT3 Front - street. HARDWARE, CUTLERY Lc.t cask Scotch spring Locks 6 casks plule Locks, ldo Steelyard' 1 do chest handles. Kc. ' I do screw plates, scale beams, lc. 1 do brass cocks, &c. 1 do beli metal kettles and skillet 2 do iin'd pots and sauce pans t do fine pudlocks 4 do Banbury locks, hinges, &r. 2 do hammers, pincers, locks, &c 2 do 11L hinges, &c. 4 do anvil 1 d hammers and sledge 2 do black & bright vices, 2 do files 4 do pocket, pen and double blade knives 4 do sham buck and bone table knives 3 do butlous 100 do cut nails and brads, from 3d. to 20d. Alio, a larse and general assortment of goods open on the shelves, for sale at the most reduced prices, by ADAMS & BLA'JKWtL.i, 1 may 7 gl5 rearl - st. HARDWARE U CUTLERY. HE subscribers have just received by the ships James Monroe. M air net and Ann. from Liverpool, ao extensive supply of Hardware end Cutlery, of tveiy description, which they oiler for sale to the merchants from thecoantry, by the Package, or in such quantities from the thelvrs as may oe wanted, at a low advance aaa liberal credit - Tlu if hare alto in Store on Contignmcnl, 100 cnslts best English bottled Foster 30 do assorted Glassware .10 cases English mens and boys Hat i era ' 100 bundles warranted lialback German ' Steel 5 ton do Crawley Steel 10 ton best hoop L. Enejish blistered Steel Tin plates, block plates, Kr. 8. W. ROGERS & CO. my 11 35 Fearl - street. RUM, SUGAR U MOLASSES 62 puncheons Rum 65 hhds - Molasses 62 barrels and 6 hhi's. Sugar, Will be landed on Monday from the brig Ame Ua from Antigua, lor sale by ROBERT GILLESPIE, " 112 Frontslreet.o Who has also for sale, Havana, Forto Ric ana j amnira mm e. my x HO SUGARS. Hhds Muscovado sugar, first quality 247 boxes brown clayed do I of supenor qua 45 do white do lity For sale by N. L. 1 G. G RISWOLD, my 11 8South - st. "lUTI.KUY hi HARDWARE 8 casks cast VV kn - ve and forks, assorted - - 4 caiUs - wranffht do do 5 do wroaKht knives and forks with pocket " and nenknit - e. srissors and rators 3 do assorted, of scissors, raxors, pea and pocKetanive 2 (ranks Spectacle - 8 casUs iron Spoor s 8 do trunk Locks ' ' 2 do thumb and Norfolk Lite he 1 do Itanfcery and fine plate Lock 3 do plated Bracket 'J do cHtt Iron Bull 3 do filts. assorted 2 d - Fad l - ocks 1 do round Bolt 1 do irrn Candlestick 6 do Tineil Raillery For sule at very reduced price and a libe ral credit, by' RICHARDS 1 TAYLOR. mayS w 145 Peail - street. IIDtK BRANDY bbls Cider Brandy, landing, lor sale by ANSON G. FHELPS, . lo3 Front - street. my 11 TNCARB0R?I3 BALLANCKS. ssorl'd si - J aea, with and without apparatus, for sole by CLbRA te CUMING, try 13 76 Pearl - street. lOTTON. 35 bales New Orleans, for sale j by LE ROY, BAYARD CO. ap3d. . . - f USKETS. 1600 Market with Bayonets, ivJ. entitled debf - nture, for sle fcy , JJL'RD k SEWALL, By $ 65 Boaut - alrett. WEI LS k UPSON, 155 Pearl - street, hay 1 4ceived by late arrivals, Fine ivory, self - tip and real buck handle knives aud forks - Fine penknives, bolster pistols, fine gun lock English silver watches, plated spoons, lc Ice. oa HARD, Roman vitriol, card wire Cast, hoop L, and shear steel With a large and geuer&l assortment of hard ware, best bneuielU and Birmingham, plated ware, for sale low. , On consignment, received per Ann from Liverpool, 150 boxes tin plates. . my 6 PA TtMT t LOOH CLOTHS. A CONSIGNMENT of first oualitv patent Xl floorcloths, of various patterns, in sheets of Zl by 00 reet, without a seam, just received ana for sal at 85 Front - street, bv CURTIS, CROMMELIN & CO. A person employed to fit the cloths to rooms and entries, if required. Any number of yard sold. may 6 Sw PAINTS, OIL, Sic itc60 hhds. Fari White and Whiting , " 60 bbls. Spanish Brown $0 do Yellow Ochre 16 casks Venetian Red 10 tons dry and ground White Lead 2 do Red Lead 500 lb. Frustinn Blue 2000 lb. Blue Vitriol ; 3000 lb. Oil do - 10 hhds. Copperas ; 6 do 1'umKe Stone 1000 lbs. Gum Copal; 1500 do do Shellac 100 bbls. Ground Camwood 20 do do Logwood and Nicaragua 500 d do Tumeric 5 tons St. Domineo Locwood 2 do Lare Nicaragua ; 2 do Red Wood 30 boxes Eastern Mould Candles . . Linseed, spermaceti and neat foot Oil Black end Bright varnish , 2500 feet 8 by 10 Glass 1500 do 7 by 9 do for tale by RIPLEY & WELD, m y 1 4 1 92 Front, comer of Fulton - st. liasllsfW nDOLLARS TO LOAN ON I J,J JJ MORTGAGE, of property in this city. Apply to ISAAC G. OGDEfl" 1 Co. GIN. 6 pipes Itliode - liUnd Gin, just re ceived, and for sale by GEO. W. TALBOT, may 13 .''45 Fine - street. riANTON GOODS. - 40 i:acs Canton Goods KJ consisting of black ti changeable Sim - hews green and blue do. with wide borders ; black and colon d Canihlets, for gentleman's wear; black and colored Satins, Id and 30 yard piece ; black aud colored Levantines : black frintred Hdkf.: figured pelting Satins ;(out Pongees, suitable lor tailors ; figured head lldkfa. ; plain do; Compa ny yellow i.mmiis ; nmie ao ; ixanuin (.rapes, black and assorted colors, 18, 20, and 22 yard pieces ; cases ol all scarlet do ; licit Canton Crapes black and assorted colors ; cases of all scarlet and rose do; figured Nankin Crapes, black and .Hid assorted colors ; no s. anion do ; i.oncan Craics ; elegant einbroidt red and dnmask Crape Dresses ; Nankin Gauze Crapi;, 6 - 4, tt - 4. and 9 - 4, ; embroidered Nankin Crape Shawls, superior oualitv and colors. 4 - 4. 7 - 4. lf - 4. and'J 4 : uam - u uu , rdjfe 'out ci'tiwis, o.l win, m nuiiciai assortment of FRENCH GOODS for sale at ...I. J.. . . - I It. . I L I 150 Broadway, by my 15 l w rini.tmuunsrM KY HIDES SCOKrEE 600 dry bides, JU - v average weigbl I7ibs. eacn . 300 do do 19 do 200 do do 24 do 25,000 wt. green coflee, for sale by II. IlhAUKlUKH, may 14 37 Beaver - st. LONDON CLOTHS i CAS&IMERES 5 cases west of Enzlnnd extra super cloths H CBSiiniere. colors black, blues, browns, bottle. mixed, drab, and while, just received per ship Ann, for sale cheap by I. 61 w. ouxuiiri, may 13 lw 61 Maiden - lnne. C10TTHN YAK.N low numbers. An as - aert ment of low No's, cotton yarn, for sale by the Commission Company, 143 'Fearl - street. may 15 oiuAiva. - iuu nnas navana muscovaun ou - O ears, of rood quality, now on street wharf, and for sale reasonably, if applied for this day before storing. . Samples nmy be seen and lerms made known, on application atoi waan - ington - street. G. G. & S. HOWLAND. my is : J OH A CCO MAKUfA C'WH F. THE Subscribers beg leave to acquaint their friends aud the public, that they have re moved their Tobacco Manufactory into their fire - proof store, No. 62 Water - street, where they iutendcrrr)ingon the business on an exten sive r - ale they have on hand a largo supply ol Pij - lail rolls, made of best Kichmotid tobacco Sweet scented N. Head Ladies' twi't Loug cut chewing, in 1, 4, C, and 18 ounce paper do inioluis do Macuba snuff, in jar and bottles, by wholesale and retail Scented Kappee, Strasburg muff French rappee do do do do do do do . do Plain fui do Scotch snuff in bottles and bladders SpanUh seears, made of choice tobacco im ported 2 years a;o,aod warranted genuine ew - Urleaus uo. American Cj, Orders from the country will be punclaally and carefully attended to. may 9 1m !. NAAR & SON. lAMY WOOLLIES. 1 UST ree'd per Merrory and Atlantic, a few . J trusses of low priced Cloths, and Cassimerti, forsale by JOS, 8. HARRISON, ap 27 67 I'ine - trret. "1 IfANTED, several touug LADlES ns ap YT prentices to 0i MANTUAMAKiNG - BUSINESS. Enquire of MISS MARSHALL, my 14 - tf . No. 7 Crdar - strect. 4 ARON SMITH has removed r 219 Brod i'jl way, 2d door above Vesey street, and oilers for sale on reasonable terms, . Black, white and col'd satins Green levaatine, h.uhine and AWnce silk Black, while, creen Jd imU blue ys Superfine white chip flair, with bands and ex tra crowns Elegant crape and fir tafata ribbon Wluie, black aud piuk tulle lac Blsck Italian lci V.rints Plaid, changeable and plain col'd do. Strip'd marceline suks, - Fine black, white and col'd bombasine Do. tabinels and pop.'in BUck and col'd Canton crape . figM Nankin do 7 - 4 and 8 - 4 N .in kin crape shawls and scarf Fig'd and plain India mull muslin Do. mull and cambric dre rses and shawls Incertine and flounce trimming Thread laces, ed - ins and looiirs French lawn, linen cambric aad hdkf . Fine 4 - 4 (rid) linen Damask table cloths snd napkins, all size ; - ' Black, wr ite and col'd English silk glove Castor, kid and oeaverdo Bett fie'd and plate pearl buttons Blue, Tblack, green and assorted sewing silk Black, white and Col'd raw silk shawl aad scarf Mi rlno shawls and drer Fatin Jane, black and col'd galloont Hatband, with a general assortment of fancy and stable good. - ' jsy lo 2w CIDER BRANDY. 30 barrels, landing and for sale by ANSON G. PHELPS, T o i3 front street. Q TO Lfc,T, A Uiree - storv brick home. e - Dnosite the park in Duane, enl next to the corner of Hud - oottreet. Enquire at No. 2 Greenwich - street. my 7 4 aid A farm of between sixty and seventv acres, situate oa the west bank of Lake Otsego, and one asile fratn the villare ofCaonerstown Oa it art a sew stone bouse 64 feet square ; a nc w farm house, barn, fee. It forms a desirable es tablisbinent for a gentleman wishing to retire into the country, as it situation, as to prospect, convenience to market, etc. is not surpassed bv any in the interior or the state. It Will be sold low for cafh, oa a credit, or exchanfed for pro perty in viisciiy, roods, nc. Apply to . 11. D it K. SKDliWIUK, my7tf Lsw Buildings. Q MONT - ALTA. For (ale or to let, the beautiful place called Alont - AIta, seven miles from the Ottjrl nan, onto florin rtivor, adjoining lord Cour - leuny i. ti cooiains zu acres oi lanu unucr im provement, wiih a large garden iu good condi tion, a variety of fruit trees, and every cotive niance a family nay require. For terms, which are reasonable, and if sold a long credit given if witbeu, apply lo N. It D. TALCO I , ap 20 64South - st do Let for one or more yean, The following houses houne No. 294 way, two doors above Washington Hull. with a coach house in the rear if required Also, a three story brick houe No. 415, in said street. Also, a new and genteel two story brick lioiife, corner ol bupeiiurd and Churcii - streeti, the terms moderate. For further particulars, apply t 4li uroaaway. miiratr at Lt.r, The elerant 3 storv house No. 7 fluil sou - street, which commands a pleasant view of! the l ark aud river, t'ossession may be bad la few days. Also for sale, the - furniture ofsaid house. It is of the best quality; well fitted, and suitable to a genteel laruiiy. Apply a auove. ray 1 1 ii j o Ltr, A spacious CELLAR,No. 9 Wall - street, suitable for a Wine. Cider Vault, or Trunk Maker. Enquire on die premises. may 12 2w ' ORSE FOR SALE. A strong linndsome dark bay MARE, 8 rears old ; warntnied sound in every respect ; her gaits are eAy, ami trots well. She is suitable either for the saddle or pi?, and is to be seen ut Mr. SLOWLF.Y's Stable, in John - street. For further particulars, pply at IQt I'eart - street. my Id rO'l' I'ON. 30 bales of prune Upi!i.i't Uot I . : A . I If...... Iroin savan' nah. and for sale bv - JUiiiM Kr.LiL.1, Ma rean streev. my 14 lw ' li. bAVNDKK'S PATENT RAZOR STROP. 1 SAUNDERS respectfully solicit those U. who have uot got hi Patent Raior Strop, to furnish themselves with hi new invested Ra - sor Strop, and Metallic Composition, tin geo tleinan who once makes trial of one of the Strops now offered, will ever try any others; and suchu their formation, that ever so ioo h use will uot give the rasor tkat roondnest which renders Uie best ol warn usetqss, and whicn is wen Known always to follow the application of all those tii'ber to invented, I lit above strops are in genera m in New York; adBie dlstimaiwied troni ail others. Barbers wlto have uwd them say wore in their praise Uian I do myseii. O. SAUNDERS, 18 Wall - street. N. B. The most liberal allowance mado to eaters. my 1 1 TO 1HB INHABITANTS OF NEW - YORK, i AND ITS VICIBITT. WST. BRYAN, Dyer, &. from Ixmdon, rratefully acknowleriees the liberal en couragement he has received, from his friends and Uie public, since Ins arrival iroin England. Anxious to merit a continuation ol their pntron - age aud support, he has taken those extensive premise Nos. 37 and 39 Spruce - street, (Inle Lit tle George - street,) where he has at considerable expense erected machinery and every conven ience to ensure their lurure favours. Piece Goods dy'd any fancy color and unified in superior style; Ladies dresses, ilk, satlin, velvet, damask, moreen, crape, veils, shawls, mantles, pelitaes, hombaseens, lie. cleaned and dy'd any fancy pattern, chip, straw, and lecborn bonnets dy'd. Black, for niournins, on shortest notice ; mo reen furnitures clean'd, dy'd and water - marked ; hot - pressing, ate. , my IB Im PROSPECTUS FOR rUBMSniHG BY tVBSCRirTIOlT A MAP OF MEXICO AND LOUISIANA. 'I'HE publication of this Map has been under - L taken with the impression, that it will ex hibit inlormation, highly interest mg at this eventful crisis, and the valuable Mnps which the au thor has procured, durine hisseveral tours th rough Mexico, in the years liJti, iwjv, iuiz, iuij, IlilS, 1816, and 1U17. inrlure him to beleivethat the Map, with even all its imperfectioni, will be much Uie most perfect which has appeared before the public. This Map will contain the latest and best information from the discoveries and possessions of the American, Spanish, Russian, British and t reuch travellers and navisators and represen tinR the claims of tlicir respective governments ou the Northwestern const of America. The Map will include that portion of North America, which lie between the I. thrum of Da - nen, and the4l'th degree ol North Latitude, and from the Mississippi River westwardly to the Pn - irtc Ocean. Iu sire the Map will be about six bv five feet, and will be projected on a scale of 40 mile to the inch, to he delivered to the lubsctinert nt lit - teen dollars each. Natcbes, March 7, 1B18. ap7tAu1 DnKssvra room. 4 FRUMENTO, No. I Wall - street, Just re II . turned from Italy, bas the honour to inform the rrntiemrn, uiai ne cut and dresaes bair in the latest style, and in a mar - ner so as to adopt it to Uie pmsiognoniy. He bas lor sale a niauu tv of RAZORS of the first quality, if they d, not please on trial, the purchasers ait at liberty to return them, and receive the money - He has hkmiie procured a very fine hone, and eng - ige to rettore l iiori to a very keen edge end soiuld they not rut he will receive no recomence. Ttise gent ieiuea who may please to honor l.ini with liieir patronage, may d.peod on the most piisicnlar and respectful attendence. Frameuto has just received a few setts of tbe celebrated Manguim FsImi Ba - k Rarors, warranted ol Dansoscus steal nf supeeior qunlity. Amateurs may shave themselves Ijxunomty N. U. Geellemea whoeubscntie by lite quarter will have their.razors, x. kept escluMvtty for thcmselve. - ' , P. S. A good journeyman wanted. Apply a above. b tt U MEDIUM PRINTING PAPER. FIVEbnndred ream Medium Printing Paper, manufactured at the Third River paper null., - 100 ream coloured medium 20 do blotting do 20 do writing demy. And 20 do writing medium. All frocath) same mill. For sale, at reduced prices, by T. k J. SWORDS, my 13 160 Pearl street. Hoadtlock Uloves, Uotfii, - kc. THE tubscriber has received per Venus, 10 trunks best Woodrtock gloves, assorted. 1 case Shepherd's best Westot England black and blue broad cloths and cassimeres 1 trunk cotton hose 100 dozen Rowland's genuine Jtiacassar oil, and A lot of lead pencils. GEO. M. WILSON, y 14 mWaUr - it. FIHUEE Gentlemen. can be accommodated - a. with senerat furnished rooms, break. fast and tea, in a most delightful and healthy situutlun. Please to apply at 260 Bowery. may 14 lw JEWELRV. 2 cases of Fancy lewelry, lor ale by GEO. M. WTLbON. my 14 l?a Woter - stietit 200 LrJUUJVS. fce. Boxes fcesh Mesiiua Lemous, in prime order . 50 boxes do do Orange Now landing and for sale by my 13 PETER REMSEN fc CO. fctnte of New - York, i Comptrollers Othce. T'f 7HEREAS by an act of the Leeislaiurt y V entitled an act to improve the lundi aud to provide for the redemption of the funtb'd debtor this state, passed 2lt April IKill, the Comptroller is audioriied to borrow ou I be i - red it of this stute, a sum or sum uot excetding in the whole, one million of dollars, at a rate ol interest not exceeding six per centum per annum, payanie - pianer yeuriy. now therefore, public Entire is nereby given by the undersigned, Comptroller of id Slutc, in pursiinnce oi die act aforesaid, tliat he will receive sealed rroiios:ils at his office in the city ol Albany, until Tutsdny the 2Cih May instant, fr the whole or any part of a lonn of one million ol dollars, to dc paid into uie i rcasuy py the urn day of July next. , For the loan or loans which may be ronde to the State under the art aforesaid, certificate ol stork will he issued which will he translerahle at the city ol New - York, and the in'crest o which will be paid quarter ycailv to the stock holders residing in Uie Southern district nnd out or the Stale ut some Bauk In the city of New - York, end to all other in tha city of Albany. The principal of suid Stock to he it - rcdeniuhle until the Ural day of January, Jb'i3 j nnd within live years thcrcnflcr the Govermaent is bound to redeem it if the Stockholders require the same to be donc. - ARCfPI). MclNTYRE. Comptroller. Albany. May 7, loin, ISV 1 1 istlilli 'M l I I A ' 4jj3 A convenient two story frame house, with six lots of icroiiiid, well adapted for a bonding school, situated in Broadway, betwoen Bleeckerand Prince - streets, e nquire of ,.. ELB. ANDERSON, my 13 12t No. 4 Bowline Green. CURLED HA IU MAJtUfAC'WHV, . 76 Chathnm - sUect. THE subscriber returns his thanks to the public for their former patrou;ge iu the line of his profusion, and hopes for their luture oiHiort. ilo likewise tnfonn them that hs has on hand a couatant supply of curled hair, manufactured expressly for matrasses, on an unproved principle t and likewise guarantees (lie hmr sold by him to be freo from any impure smell, beinj well scoured, boiled and Imkeil, nnd beiiii; ma nufnetured by machinery, has an advantage over any other hair manutuctured in America its very texture und elasticity making it a savior of I twenty - five per cent to tlie purchaser. WIM.IAM JACKSON. N. B. Merchants aud the trado in ceueral wilt find it to their advantage to call as above. 30 bales of hair in its roucli state i 6 bales of long horse - tails ; 2000 lbs of long hair drawn 30 mcnes, clubbed j 600 dozen hair sieve bottom. I or sals as above. my S Cin WANTED - A GOOD female servant, to do the Cooking and other work of a small family, where is to be no other help. None need bdpIv unless they can bring a satisfactory recommendation from their last place ; to such n one good wages will oepnid. . Apply at Its I ranklin street. my 6 Shcppard'i lent of Kngluitd rlotltt, i. r. A FEW case of extra sitperfrue cloths nucl single rutrimeres of Sisony wool .llin, a few cases of superfine cloths of low er quality, calculated for the country trade, just received1 froni the aiannfiirtory at Uley in En - bnd. Likewise, 1 case of ve - t patterns, from Reste - vin U. Bedford's m:inufariory, Louilon. Orders will be received by the stili'cribers for good from either of the above manufactories. J. II. LAUKH.MJt: tl UO. my 6 2w No. 65 Pine - street. IRANCIS M'GOWAN. No. 120 I ly Mar - A? ket, seotihle of the very liberal encouragement he has received since bis commencement in business, and feeiint confident that no exertions on his part lhail be wantinc to merit a contin uance, inrorms Ms iriendsand the public thxt no pains or expence hat been avoided lo obtain a stock of tlie best li'piors of every description. which can oe depended on lor their purity. - Having mnr'e arrangements, while at Charleston, for a constant supply of GREEN TU RTI.K in their season, he will he enabled to famish sot;p of an excellent quality. A book will be opened for suliscriners to an ORDINARY, to be on the fr.ble every day at a staled hour. . Rooms, for private parlies, at a short notice N. B. Soup, BrefStrriks, Oysters, Mutton Chip and lUli.bti at all time. , apt! BOARDING. FOUR or five gentlemen with their families, or, ten or fifteen sirclc gentlf incn, can be accommodated with hoard and iodnitis at Miurd Vernon Hotel, about Bve nnls trow the city oi New York, on th bank of Inn fc - ast mver, eno one of tbe must ple - uant situations on the island. The rooms are spacious and airy, havine; a Jul - vii - ur or the riweri coach house and st.ibles. ttrius liberal, and every attenlfoo paid, by the public's humble servant. my 4 Im LZIM CAI.DWT.M HtU A.iLE OH TO l.KAHt. LoU in IIm! 5, 6. B, and 10 Wards s man, ofv r. b ere on regulated and paved streets. ,o money will be req - iirtd under ten years, if sold, interest excepted. Hwsi.a Several tweand three story hnoset, en which a ere at tart of the money remain en mortgage. . " LANDING AT RED HOOK. An ercemiitsbiDd for baioe., with vn acres oflaod, pieasaouy situated, with a wtiart, atore - bous aiul barn. COTTON and WOOLEN M ANU FACTORY. Near New - 'laven, with 40 acres of Utjil. and a sever lailins stream, upon which 20 mills fu iv be erecwo, wun m uuiciency or waiersorearn. Appiyai . - ' - a. ZGteenwicrteirett. jaa U U TO LET.,. A dry Cellar, under the h - - u c No. 29 Pfoe - stretL Xtquireof MR. FMKDLS, PROPOSALS. Ofr The aecnt of the btnta - Prison, wilt re ceive proposals untill the $lit instant.for furnish ing lor one year irom trie 1st of June next, the convicts conflmd tticreia, with the following rations, to be delivered at tlie State - Prion, at the contrsctors expense daily, or at such tune aa snau ne agreed epoa. vis. It oz. L - ocoa shells, tor every 100 rations, 3 peck Potatoes do do do do 4 quarts Salt, ' do do do do . . 12 do Benns or Peas, do do do - 3 ot. Pepper. . do do do do l - 2lb sailed Flrh per man, once ft week, 1 gallon Vinraar per 100 rations, do do do ' 1 - ilb salted prime Pork per "'', do do do ' 1 lb. Rye Dour do do per day 6 ex. Indian do do do do 1 - 2 gill Mdastes - do do do do The above to be of good quality and approved by the gent, when delivered. Beel is out men ticned, the reason ol which, the agtat will slat to whomsoever may contract. ALSO. Proposal will be received, untill (he 21st inet. for furnishing the Hospital drpartmnt of said Prison Willi Mtdii ine, Food, and hospital stores, for one year iroiu the 1st oi June next, agreeably to an actol Uie I.esKlaturr. coiici mint the State Prison, pasted the lath ol April 1817. ALSO, Froposals will be received It furniohins from two to three Thousand loads or stone, suitable lor building wall to the 5tute Pris on. At.r.A. tut M.N. ir. Acent. Neiv York Stato Prison OOice, May 4, IttlfJ. my 4 dtni2l ft - Notice is hereby given tuthe st'irkhold - ers ol (lie West Clu - ir - r Turnpike Bead Company, that An ele Ihhi wit! lo held on the ti.ird Mondiiy ot'.M.iy n xt. t ten oVIuck ii. the lore - iKxjn. at tbtT.ouscm David tVi.od, Inu Kfi - mr, nt Mainaroneck, lor the iur'n of tboosiog ihii tern Directors for the said Lonipttnv. : np:l0 ITT NO I K i. in beret ttv n :a the sifck - holilers of (he AsciHtes ut lle J - .r.ry Coispn - ' ny. that a diviikuil h bei.n diclnr i of two dollars rurshiire on the rvpilal oi (be company, width will be paid ou the l - 'tli in - stunt, ut No. I!!l itrondw.iy. . - HARRY CALDVVELf Tiensurer. my 1 3w OCJT Mt rcmilno tnur.iui'e Company ol New York, incorporated durie j the late session of the Legislature of (lis lnte, being orennised anil having comineuced Ixieiness, is ready to rueivo appUi'.ilimis, on Marine Ritques, at their office, No.43 WhU streeU , ni44 2w ' - OIICE. (t7" The muter nnd owner of vessels be loutiiig tutheciiie of Albany and Troy, widi to l.ire a bi:iln, for a number of years ii - )ha NortliRivor side of tin city, for tbe actosomo - ' il;ilionb tbeivi vessels escluthely, for whitha libemlcomprnsatinn will be civun. I ht - subscri - hers are a coninnttee appvint d b - r (he purpose of receiving proJ ossU lor tbe sxmo. And llin propritton of the w liiirves on the North Krvef aie requested to bald lit :lirirpropitftisjf ib(r of (hesubscril trs. stn'ing the situation and their terms, respectively. .... 1 l. D. A note K'lr.rf iion 10 eiuiei oi sue win scrlbqrs, Irfi at Jojeph C. Cooper's, l.rttt'slla ...... ii t. t u m.Am ui:.. .:if 1. m.u.. V...L - oirt. - imft ' - ' ' itRM'!vi v iiirrLr,v . . - - Gr - UiiGS MON l l.ATH, - PKI .R DONNELLY) RIC1ID II. FITCH. B. UUtllNELl., r GURDUN GRANT. hp? - Im - . ft? - J A. CUT f WALD I , rrj removsd Irons No. 4 1 to No 75 .Viidelau", wh re lie rriilin - ues to ui.uiufaciure his I'lANO - FOR I'V.b po an euti'eucw and''ed 'oii'lr(iicth - .i, tie reu!t ofin.iiy yuars cluso up,,lii aliwi .nid etudy, for which he uow has oM.imcd letion fmtesjt. On eaiiniinutiou by toouomcuri of music, he flatters himself that they will oiei with their9 ap - probatuip, hod merit public patronage t and' he fuels proud, thai hi piano - fortes have out with th unanimous approval of the mint cmineni pro fesiors of wutiui th followins tritlraonliil of whicii they kindly have granted him, to meet the publiceye: " Ve, the subscribers, professors of mtluc, do certify, tlml we have carefully esamined Mr. J, A. uutiwaidt's pi.ioo - iortr, which, inr inronu - ity and eacclUnce of workmanship ami uniform brilliancy of lone, we detervedly rotommend to public patronage Messrs. Gilles, Etienne, Rd, Mrolz, C. Thibault, Charles Gilferl." ' ' fi TO LET, on the tame premises, a VtUihrge and conimouioos store and buck room aiijuiuuig, - with or without a front cellar. np2i Im Aoice to Timru Kttptri and Oroeert. (ty Licenses lo T avern Keeiuirt nod Grn' - cr is ini. - i thu Muyor, and Coomiissioner of Ex cite, will la Mined nt th Mnjor'i Oflice, in (be Ciiy ll:t!l, b ttscen the hour gf ten 'arid one o'clock, on tbe several days, and for Ihe differ. ent wards in snccesijon, in (lw older following, VIJ : M 2d M 4th 5th ' Clli Ith Jith 9th ward do do do . d do do do do on tbe do 50i May lh ' - do 7th ' do b'lli fe 9th do lllhfc 12lhdo ' Idthii I4tli do 15th loth do lllth li Itftb di, 20t 1 1 CO do ' do At , do do ,09 do 10th d do 2lstjc22d do All peMons who know of any otyeiti'.ns a - gainrt tbe granlii.g of li enses to inv of those w b now hold them, are respettfn'ly reiuefted to giia information at the Mnyor's 0(!h , before Ui time for grentipjthrw as nhov - mcn - tinad; aiid tbosi, g'il.einrn whibave taken pmus to iueitigrdn luu subitr', and rcijiJet it f sniSciiut mouieit. - ie panhularly mrtertt assist in Juraisbies ad the iuJurioutun is (lair power. By oider, . J. 51 DELL, F. M. An?7tf Vk AMI ATT.V.V r rmale k hool is at 104 143 Jyi. Grcruwich - streel i Male School,. thicibcr - street. la tlitre schools are tai;ht nil Ui brands which ro.itltnle j n?ef - il ar - j fi.iihfd education. We forbf r to descend to particulars ; to offer recommendations, or to make great prrmises. Our patrons are left to rudga of ilii oujiesof iurfructioii boh pwral and teier.hjit, bj the Im - prcvemsiilof Iheicbotsrs. ;iM JGHX W. VlCKHT. WH EATON'S IXCII OINTMENT. rpiElonnandu;cesfiit use of Uii oirfment X i a sufficient rccofa.n.enc'ation - a il I... x - en found to be a bnut, safe and c rtaie tv W MiyipT that dissgre"iUe disease in h - l ii t - 5e. It i ir satem te city of Nsw - Yeri, by . A. t W. U. I'ovt. St. 41 WiMiam - strvr - ti I. 4 T. Clark, Ne. - Hi Mnidou - Iine r If. U. aJiitlilin & Co. No. 101 Pi - nrl - lret ; - re:ice i. Kseo, No. 135 Perl - stirrt t Hull 4t B jwnv, 146 Prarl - slret ; R. U UAiurry. 31 J Pc - jfl - street : J. M. trviiiur;?, Hi Prr - neel ; J"ba Peflford, So. 4. Fi - t. V - t eit ; l - urree U Poe, in Pfarl - sret; J - h i C A rriei.. iH Grveov - icb t;t ; Jot.n P. Fisti - r, H IV' - ad - wny : Walter 4., r.onr of Oeuslw - r - st. wl Utoadway, aad nl'O in Ch.rthe o - slwt j )Td in h.ort it rr.av be prc - rurtd at mosi uf tbe Jt,e St.wir UiiVciiy - Also i it.Jjdelrl.J, or S. itherrll S J Gr Hurre I ,rlh A. Ro crs. end W t 1 - '" "fig"1 U priapal . .i - l'...r ci - if. . icwru u - i.iatmuE, , wrtFATON'S JAl nuivii mi i in - " i ay be bad at the abott ptacea. jaaUGia f 1 1 'l 1 1 r," .'il - - ; r 5. 7 t r. - 1 ' f

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